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By Polo Field on February 7, 2013 - 11:08

Hello Penguins!

One week to go until the Hollywood Party starts! In our last Reviewed By You, we asked what you liked best about the Prehistoric Party. Bookgirl1998 had this to say:

I LOVE dinosaurs so I this party is AWSOME! I love that you can change into dinosaurs and even if you aren't a member, you can still feed them, look for eggs, and collect the dinosaur outfit! My favorite dinosaur from this party is... ALL OF THEM! Only thing I really want is to meet Gary (I haven't meet him yet!). I hope you guys keep making cool parties like this! :D

If you didn't have a chance to meet Gary in January, you'll have another chance to meet him at the Hollywood Party! Speaking of the Hollywood Party...

If you made a movie starring your penguin, what would you call it? And what would the movie be about? Tell us all about it in a comment! We’ll pick one comment to feature next week. If your comment’s featured, you’ll get 10,000 coins to spend however you like!

Until then … Waddle On!

- Club Penguin Team



HEYYYY CP!! Im Bellseyboo, but my friends call me Bell. My friend, Iceypink4059 are making a story called, Candy Land. My other friends, Dancerdiva34, Mustache2020, Bobo34369, Hollywood441 Lemon Lime59, and yet again Iceypink4059, the movie is called.... Leg Up.
Candy Land is a play that two normal girls moved to a new town and get sucked into a dartboard leading them to Candy Land. They really get stuck in a story but kinda messes it up a bit, they have no way out, how?
Leg Up is a play that a school is split to downtown and uptown, there is one main bully, Angleica. (Played by Hollywood441) The "nerds" find their way climbing to the top with their leg getting higher.
(P.S. Never been posted! Please post it'll make my day! Thanks CP U ROCK)





if I made a movie it would be about a sketch and whatever he drew it would come to life and he drew a dog to be his partner


I think if i made a movie it would be called "The life of the penguin".It would be about how the penguin develops being Herbert slave, and they try to destroy Club penguin, But Herbert,s slave goes to battle with him and ends up saving club penguin.

Hello Me 123:

My penguin movie would be about a little penguin that is really mean to other penguins, then he meets PH and learns to care for puffles and becomes a better person! It would be all about learning to be nice to other people and treat other people how you would like to be treated!! WADDLE ON CP!!


If I were going to make a movie staring my penguin I would call it The Beavcoon Chronicals. The story would basically tell the everyday life of my penguin, like in Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But one super duper exciting thing would happen, beavcoon11 would get a record deal and move to Penguin Wood. There she would meet Candance and other super star penguins. But not everything would stay on track for Beavcoon11. She would get into the wrong limo one day and wind up at the Penguin House(White House) and become vice president. But then one day she while coming home from Europe she would get on a cruise by mistake instead of a plane. She would wind up in Australia and become a zoo keeper. One day when she was taming a Whale he would carry her to the North Pole. She would meet Herbert and fight him in a epic battle. Beavcoon11 would reign superior and a T.V screen would appear and the director would see her. He would transport her back to HQ and she would become the V.P of the EPF. That would be the end of the movie, that tells the story of the awesome adventures of Beavcoon11.




thats a awesome movie i would love to see it in the movies!


i would make a movie where bentannie is an ordinary pengui and gets recruited by superheroes.He goes on adventures and defeats the evil Dr.Robix.


I think id want a movie called "The Brave Knight" and it be about a knight that needs to save the king and queen from the evil mighty dragon named "Dragor" he lives in a cave and he's purple and black and he breathes purple fire! that can burn a 100 ft. tree in two minutes!
and i would totally want to get a membership if clubpenguin had this even though i always want one! peace :)


i would call my film the penguin the puffle and the end...


I Also Done Another Story Called 'The Puffle Cage' When a Penguin Goes On Holiday And They Ask Me (Jada1108) And My Freind Irus To Look After Them. But They Wasnt Keeping An Eye On The Puffles Because The Smallest Puffle Of Them All (The White One) Gets Captured By Herbert. The Puffle Cage That The Puffle Is Locked In Has Boobytraps All Around It. So They All Each And Try To Get The Puffle Cage. And They Did It. But Herbert Had Hidden The Key To Open The Cage. But When Irus Presses a Button By Mistake. He Activates The Buttons That Is Boobytrapped. They Look For The Key. But They Find so Many (Which Are Fake) Untill They Found The Real Key. The Puffle Was Saved From The Puffle Cage. But Then They Get Locked Inside Herberts Lair And Try To Find Another Key. When They Find The Right Key They Break It And Get Trapped Forever. Untill Irus Find a Death Ray Thats Destroys The Door. But They Find Out Its a Shrink Ray And Shrinks The Whole Of Herberts Lair. But Then I Find a Secret Passage To The Way Out. They Got Out Before They Were Squashed. But They Find Their Selfs In The Past Of Club Penguin. The Puffle Jumped Out Of Jada's Hands And Has An Explore. Then Irus Spots Some Broken Time Machines. Then Jada Has a Plan. If He Kept Stamping On Each Time Machine It Could Send Him Back Into The Present. And It Worked!
But When They Get Back Every Puffle Is Locked Inside a Puffle Cage. But The Worst Thing Of All Was That They Forgot The White Puffle!! But The White Puffle Was Saved By a Dinosaur Who Stepped On a Time Machine and Was Send Back To The Present. But Every Penguin Was Screaming Because There Was a Dinosaur In The Present. But It Was a Nice Dinosaur. He Saved The White Puffle. And Broke All The Puffle Cages And Saved The Other Puffles. And Then Everyone Cheered For 'Irus' 'Jada1108' And 'The Dinosaur' And They Each Got 10000000000000000000000000000 Coins!!!


If I made a movie it would be called "the great adventure of the three d's"and it would be about those 3 girls named danuta,daisy and daniella.They would save spain (club penguin version) from the "great b".Like in the film zorro they would be spanish and have those cool costumes plus those secret places for knifes and other stuff.Aswell they would have fans that there mother taught them to use against the great b so they would take them out and start flipping them and twirling them.They have a house wich isnt that rich for those times and they are keen horse riders and they help out on the final fight where they come in realy elegantly when their horses ride they jump of them and take their left hands out.

thats it thankyou for reading and taking your time bye :)


Hi CP!
If I could make a movie starring my penguin, I'd make an agent film, including some of my best friends! We'd travel to the Human Dimension and we'd have to stop Herbert destroying the Human Race!
It would be called "The Human Herbert" because when Gary made the invention to go from one dimension to another, the machine turns you into the version of you of that species! It's a bit complicated... LoL!
And the agents have to track down Herbert while in Human Form, but they only have a limited time, because Gary's invention will only work for a certain time and if they are too late they will be stuck in the Human World!
It's very long!
See ya!

Cassidy 6635:

Wow! A very dramatic, exiting movie! I think that so good that it could preform at The Stage! That idea is really cool! One question, how did you come up with it? Thats what Ill like to know. I hope I get to see you some day! Maybe Ill send you a friend request! You have the ability to write plots, and everything you'll need to make the perfect movie, You sound very interesting. Your idea is incredibly creative!


Pookie Carer:

Hwi Club Penguin, it's me again, if you don't like my first idea, how about this one, I call it 'CP BACK IN TIME' it's about me Pookie Carer going back in time to when Club Penguin, was Penguin Chat!
Hope you like my ideas and waddle on
-Pookie Carer


If I could star in a movie..... It would be called "We Will Rise Again" and it would star all the EPF agents plus Icetail38. It would be about how the EPF has to capture a new bad-guy. The villain is a blue penguin called Shade and he wants revenge on his family (aka the EPF).

So the EPF RULEZ! Waddle on CP!

~~ Icetail38 ~~

mary clare16:

i would call mine the cakening and it would be a scary movie about a puffle who throws cake at penguins then chases them off the island it would also be a comedy then a penguin (mary clare16) would throw cake at him and chase him off the island then the screen would go black and it would say THE END? because the puffles son will come back in the second movie and throw pies at penguins! it would be called the piening well you can guess the rest! until next time


If I have a movie, I'll call it, "The Vampires come to the Past", it's about a vampire who want to know how the past was, and when the vampire Susan, (starring me), goes with her brother and her twin sister to the past and they fight vs. the dinosaurs and they become friends one of them. Later, they jump into the water to return to the present.


If i had a movie it would be about a penguin that came from penguin chat 3 and sees that his world is gone and that he needs to find someone to help him and then rookie reports him to gary and then the penguin is sent to gary gary sais to the penguin you must have been in the glitch and that if anyone catches you you might bring club penguin down into the deep sea then the penguin turns into a club penguin penguin then he wont bring cp down the end ps if my name sais v its a y


My movie would be called "What happens when you win a penguin play award."
The plot is that my penguin won first prize at the peguin play awards. She goes home to put her trophy with all of her other trophys, when she finds a dinosaur who came to take all of her shiny trophies. The dinosaur captures her and takes her to his cave, where he sais "If you can answer my three riddles correctly, I will let you go home and keep all of your trophies." So my penguin answers all of the riddles correctly, and she is let free. When she gets back to her igloo, all of her friends throw a surprise party for her and they dance all night. The End!!!


i'd make a movie called " the matrix " where i go into a computer and do all kinds of crazy things


My movie would be My Penguin History. I would tell about my first day on Club Penguin and how I got the site and when I became and EPF agent and much more!




I will also make another one called Kidnapped, Its about 2 Penguins (a girl and a boy) Then the Girl goes missing and the boy has to find her!!!!!

Your friend Raikou1000


Hi Polo Field!

Lights, Camera, ACTION!!!!

If I could make a movie with my penguin in it I would call it "Brownielox45 and the time machine!" it would be about how one day I was waddling into the EPF HQ and I see Gary working on a new invention. I ask him what he is working on and he says a time machine! Suddenly the lights go out and a big shadow shaped kind of like a polar bear sneaks up behind us! The polar bear (which is Herbert P Bear) gets into the time machine, but right before he starts it I grab hold of the machine and I travel back in time with Herbert!! I will have to track down Herbert through Club Penguins past parties and maybe even some parties that are yet to come.....

Coming soon to a stage near you!




My movie would be called The Adventure of Reddy and Disco! it's about me and my puffle Disco! We would go through meeting famous penguins and babysitting pookies! :) Reddy becomes a fire ninja and rasies a pookie! she becomes famous and is like Thinknoodles and Cadance!!! WADDLE ON FOREVER CP!!!!!!!!!!


I would call it invasion of the penguins it would be about a penguin who tries to stop the inveaders


if i could make a movie.... hmmmmm iwould call it.... DJMJ234 AND THE ADVENTURES OF CLUBPENGUIN!!
it would be about DJMJ234 and her adventures through time! she would go back to all the parties that happened (even when CP started)! and dont forget her time meeting new Penguins and UNCOVERING SECRETS! seeing mascots, defeating HERBERT,seeing changes and EVEN,EVEN EVEN EVEN Learning something new everyday and making others dreams come true. :)
The Once and for ONLY....djmj234


Well first of all my movies name is Happy Ever After its about a girl who meets a prince and well they live Happily Ever After :D


my movie would be called from princess to pirate and would be about a young penguin princess who runs away deisguised as a male pirate to get abord rockhoppers ship


my movie would be called ninja puffle. it would have a cool white puffle that is dressed like a would also star sensei and the ninja penguins from "don't wake a sleeping sensei." It would be about sensei's pet gets loose and the penguins have to chase it down.

this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Ok if I could make a movie with MY penguin this is what it would b called and a brief summary
Movie Name: "Rocker Chick "

Summary: Scarlet was just like any other penguin she had an almost normal life with a few tweaks. For one every day she went to school she got bullied by Rebeca and her group. She had NO friends and well she felt like an Outsider she dressed a different way
she was what everyone called "weird" but it did not bother her a lot you see she had a journal where she wrote down her feelings and turned them into songs then she would get her ruby red electric guitar and play. Then one day a family moved next door there was a boy who was about the same age as Scarlet and his room window was right across from Scarlet as he was unpacking he heard her sing then he got his cell and contacted his manger. you see the boy AKA Keith was a singer/songwriter and he and his manger where always looking for new penguins and he knew that scarlet was GOOD.

thx for reading and plz NO COPYING THX!!!!


if my penguin was in a movie i will call it 'Super Hero's:Laser Girl'.My penguin would be laser girl who,s just an normal penguin who loves music .Then when she goes to a sience show she was told to come up on stage [by Gary] but as she pours to of the mixstures together theres a BANG!BOOM! and lasers come out of her hands as Gary thinks this is amazing he starts to interview her but as she runs off she has super powers! as she finds these out in her igloo a year later she was known as Laser Girl.Then in the news there was a space ship that chrashed onto the iceberg and it was an evil space robot that captured cadence , Gary and sensei she stops the robot with her laser powers . they thank her of what she did.


my movie would be called dual survival where two penguins got lost in the club penguin wilderness while camping and only had items like a knife a skillet etc.and had to use there survival skills and the help of a puffle to get out alive


Hi guys! My movie would be about a Penguin that just got out of school and gets lost wandering around Clubpenguin's Forests. Then Gary finds me and takes me to his lab to work on some new crazy inventions.Then I meet DJ Candace and Aunt Artic and everyone else in the celebrity penguin world! It would be called: "New penguin on the street"


My film would be called "the last stand".It would be where the best EPF agent ,and ninja and a group of agents stealthily infiltrate herbets base as a last resort as herbet has completely taken over the island with his robot minions.The group are just about to self-destruct Herbet's base again, but find themselves surrounded by robots, led by herbet. The film tells the story of their last stand stand there, but eventually herbet captures them, leaving it at a cliffhanger and thus easily opening the way for a sequel.


If I starred in a movie, it would be called, "Puffle Trouble". It would be about a young pink puffle named Bubblegum who wants to get out of her igloo and see the world, but her owner never let her. Finally, she gets enough courage to sneak away while her owner is out and her friend, Vanilla, tries to stop her but eventually tags along. Then, they would climb the Tallest Mountain, escape the paws and claws of Herbert and Klutzy, and realize that they really do miss their owner. Other adventures would include Vanilla begging for a fish pizza with the white puffle's "adorable eyes", meeting a gang of stray puffles at the Hidden Lake (they're leader would be Fluff, a green puffle), and getting caught in a pickle with some puffle loving penguins! (Sorry I got a little wordy on this. Once I start typing I can't stop!)


and i would be one of the penguins me pangels0002 and meme the kid the puffle would be called fluffy

Green ball27:

I think the movie should be called "Hard Life". Its going to be about this poor girl living in a small town and she hears a contest. She hears that the winner will get $1,000,000. She enters in and has a hard time. If she wins she will become famous and be a superstar but if she dosent.... THE END

:D greenball27 :D


I would call my movie Puffles:What Do They Think?. I would call it it would be a really funny movie. I would be starring as a scientest trying to figure out what puffles think of us penguins. A few of my puffles would be starring in it too. Of course, they would be the stars!


I would do a film about club penguin best parties and about all the fantastic characters like aunt arctic or gary and the best rockhopper because it would be nice to you had gone back in time and heared all of the beautiful and fun things you did through the whole 7 years!!


I wold love to be a famours penguin it would make my dream come true I would be so happy .


The movie i would make is about a evil snowman attack from the snow jitzu party. The penguins you can meet are gary,director,dot,jet pack guy, and rookie. And you can be dressed as a super snow hero who can shoot a powerful snow blast that can freeze the evil snowman villans. Also heres a hint herbert p bear made them and u can meet herbert p bear. You can fight them at forest, epf, and snow dojo. Thats the moovie ill make for club penguin. Waddle on cp.


If my penguin was in a movie I would call it 'The Last Puffle'. it would be a black and white movie it would be about zoebug1114 my penguin would on the search for the last puffle but on the way zoebug1114 would meet new friends, kill enemies,and save the last
puffle .

waddle on



Oh man this is going be an EPIC party just like all the other parties! If my penguin was able to be in a movie it would be all about these crazy adventures she goes on where TONES of wacky things going on, and her & her BFF are in the middle of it!

Waddle on!! -pengymae


If I were to make a movie starring my penguin it would be about my penguin where she accidentally is trapped by Herbert. Then Herbert freezes her. Until one day until the EPF decides to free her not knowing that she is a ninja. When they turn off the control panel that keeps her frozen she breaks the glass. Then she used her cards from card jitsu and then freezes Herbert herself. The EPF telaports Herbert to a desert where he will never harm Club Penguin again. Then the agents admire her skill in defeating Herbert and request that the Director makes her an agent. The Director makes her an agent and then she finds out who the Director really is ( we all do now ). Ever since then she has been keeping the island completely safe with the help of the other agents for 40 years. After that she retired after being in the EPF. She soon became a snow sensei but she never forgot about her awesome adventure with the EPF.
The End

I hope you like it. Waddle On!


Many great ideas because i love writing theater and books so this caught my eye! I would call it Adventures of the Quest! Where in the movie it will have some supence that you cant help waiting for it to hurry up!! Also Some great parts! Alot of action! and a awesome ending or is it a happy ending more supence??? oo :P


Well, if I was lucky enough, I would do a movie about PUFFLE KINGDOM! It would be about the ice berg melting and that puffles will become extinct unless something happenes.......


My movie would be named " Penguin Troubles" and it would be about a superhero ( me ) and the hero would help penguins with trouble.


hi my name is trasey123 and tomorrow february 9 is my birth day and i just wanted to say waddle on cp and thanks for all the nice parties and friends and the nice penguin team people so yea waddle on CP




Hey guys EPIC IDEA!! Really lookin forward to it!
I have a movie idea hope you can pick it :D
Ok, so here it is.
One day in Club Penguin,Cadence is just working on her new song "Puffle Dubble" then she gets tired and takes a break to listen to some music in the lounge.And all of a sudden Herbert P. Bear, climbs the ladder and opens the secret doorway and replaces her mix, with these mixes he likes to call, Anti-Mixes.He goes down the ladder and gets away just in time! Cadence comes downstairs and plays her mixes, and all of a sudden, the mixes start to float and then they make music and it sounded really good! All of Club Penguin go to the dance club and they all shout Music! Music! Music! so Cadence tries out her new mix and does really good! The crowd goes wild!!!! The anti-mix does all good impression of "flipper jiggle". Cadence is losing the crowd! She gasps! :O
She eventually grabs her "secret mix" called Club Penguin Style then she plays it. The crowd joins back to cheering for her! And then then anti- mix overloads and explodes! Cadence wins!! Then the EPF track down Herbert and he goes to jail!
The End
I call it Battle of The Music!!!!!!

rad red2:

If my penguin was in a movie it would be called THE ADVENTURES OF RAD RED THE SECOND. it would be about a world terrorized by the giant octopus big mama. rad red the second would be the head soldier in the CPPF, the club penguin protection force. he would go under water ( almost 6,000 miles deep) and ''get rid of'' big mama. Will he finish his job and defeat big mama?


If I made a movie I will call it ''The golden penguin''.


If I were to make a movie I would make a movie about Gary (he is my favorite!) and I would be the first penguin to test out his new invention. It would be called the DREAM VIEWER 3000 DA DA DA DA. First he would tell me to think of one of my dreams. The dream viewer is connected to a monitor that would allow Gary to see my dream! But then something goes terribly wrong (like always!) and we are both transported into my dream!. Gary being the genius that he is, figures out that in order to get out we have to collect reality tokens
that are found only in the scariest of my dreams. So we are just about to find the last reality token when Cadence, Rockhopper,Rookie,
Sensei, Aunt Arctic, and Jetpack Guy appear right before us! We find out that they were looking for Gary when Rookie tripped on a cord and
transported them to this dimension!

Hope you liked it!
Btw the movie would be called stuck in dreamland

Waddle on!


my movie would be called "never forget" and its about some penguins having a journey to a mysterious island that no one has discovered but on the way there, a massive wave came a crashed them throwing all of them in a different place. The wave crashed them so hard it made them lose their memory. Except for one penguin, which he finds everyone then they actually end up on the island,but the never knew until they got rescued.

-----tiger10895 ;)


if i could star in a movie and give it a name it would be The Babysitters Club It Would Be About four girls Stacey,Claudia,Mary Anne,Kristy(i would be Kristy] it would be about how kristy sees that her mother cant find a babysitter so shes form a club Called The babysitters club with her friends and they find out that ruining a club is alot of hard work! so that is what my movie would be about

Greenie G:

Aww!! That was a good movie i watched not too long ago! (PS I would be Kristy too :)


My movie would be called "Never loose faith". It would be about the group of friends that go on a long journey to stop the mountains to stop the "Shadow mist", the evil guy. What do you think of my movie? I'm pretty sure it wil be good as your idea! :)

Blue Boy 739:

Whoah! I cant wait for the Hollywood party, i'm gonna become famous! By the way, I really think you should check out my friend Loveheart12x's igloo, Shes always coming up with new ideas to make her igloo cool!


I dont really know what this will be called,but its about this penguin who is very poor and needs money and she gets a job at the coffee shop but she was fired after 2 days.she trys and trys,but only gets 100 coins.then,she desovers she's a fairy princess and gets rich by a magical fairy puffle!

wait,it should be called "fluttering for a job"!
and she could be wearing the flutterby! :)
like hunting for a job!
really want the flutterby!
how much?

waddle on cp!!! ;)


If I could make a movie starring my penguin, i would call it " The Regular Life of a Penguin". It would show the regular life of my penguin and what it is like. I bet the Hollywood party is going to be the best! I have been waiting for it ever since i heard about it! Its going to be great! I have always dreamed of being famous on CP. This is going to rock! I hope I meet Candance there....

Waddle on!



The NAME of the MOVIE would be (The chaos emeralds hunter) Whats it about (Me going on a trip to a place called Dusty Desert and then i fined a hiddin door to a castle called Kingdom Valley i went inside it and then i found an chaos emerald and then i learned that it had super powers and then i started searching for the rest of the chaos emeralds so the villans wont fined it before me but then someone gave the last one to a villan and the villan knows how to use it powers and he took all the chaos emeralds from and used the negative side and then threw them away and then my frined told me that i can use the good side and then i got super powers and defeat the villan and i save the world from distruction.)


My movie would be called one on one its about where Herbert takes over all the EPF agents and all that left is the non EPF agents are trying to think of a plan but then it was to late and Herbert already made a underground trap into the mine that left all the penguins in the mine hurt but one to be continue.........

Keitaro 16:

OMG!!! I would seriously make a Pokemon Movie!!My penguin would be Ash and become a Pokemon Master of Kanto,Jhoto,Hoenn,Sinnoh,and last but not least,UNOVA!!!!!And my penguin would go through the actual story of Ash's journey to become a Pokemon Master!Along meeting his friends,Misty,Brock,Max,May,Dawn,Iris,and Cilan!!!BTW I LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE GRASS TYPE POKEMON!!!!!!!!THEY ARE JUST THE CUTEST POKEMON EVAH!!!!
=D =] =D [= =D XD (I think it doesn't matter who wins!)


(= Keitaro 16 =)


I want to make a pokemon movie like yours so it can be like a sequil to it about another trainer trying to get to the pokemon leuge to beat champion ash! Don't forget about Barry and Rickie!


If I made a movie with my penguin in it, it would be called Celebrity Mixup, and it would be about a famous penguin and my penguin looking exactly the same, and one day they trade places and become really good friends! It would be so neat! Thanks for keepin CP so awesome! Waddle On!


My movie would be about a penguin named Icy who really wants to become a country singer. She isn't a very good singer and she can't play guitar at first, but she always stays true to herself. She fights hard to be on Penguin Idol, the place where penguins can become stars. Icy makes it through and puts all her strength into inching closer to the finals. She finally makes it, and she is very scared the day of the results. It ends up that Icy didn't win. Icy didn't care, though. She was very happy that she had been recognized by Club Penguin as a great singer. She realized it did not matter if she had won or not, she was happy and very proud of herself. This experience makes Icy realize that if you try hard enough, anything is possible if you believe in yourself.
Director: Iceburg49003


I would make a movie called The Wizard of Hike. It's about me, Chingu, and how during the mysterious tremors, I hallucinated and got sent to The Land of Hike. There I meet the ninjas and The Good Witch of the Dojo. My igloo landed on The Wicked Polar Bear of the East. So The Wicked Polar Bear of the West wants to take my Rocking Red Sneakers and avenge his brother polar bear by taking my puffle Jet Pack. Along my way to find The Wizard of Hike, I meet Scarefield, The Tin Moose, and The Cowardly Daffo. Together, Jet Pack, Scarefield, Tin Moose, The Cowardly Daffo, and I arrive at Spike City to meet The Wizard. But he sends us back to get the blueprints of the Wicked Polar Bear of the West. He captures me and Jet Pack but Jet pack escapes and calls my friends. So Daffo, Tin Moose, and Scarefield help me out and we throw hot sause on The Wicked Polar Bear of the West and run back with his blueprints while his crab army chases us! When we return, we find out the The Wizard is a fake and really someone named Spike Hike. He says he is going to Club Penguin and I say I want to go with him, but he accidently leaves without me. Then The Good Witch of the Dojo comes back and tells me to tap my Rocking Red Sneakers together and I'll be back in Club Penguin. "There's no place like my igloo," I repeat. Soon I'm back and Scarefield has a brain, The Tin Moose has a heart, and The Cowardly Daffo has the courage to be Queen of the Fashon Contests! Anyways, I'm back with Jet Pack, Uncle Billybob, and Auntie Happy77. Thanks, and WADDLE ON!!!!


"If I made a movie, I would name it 'Superstar Trouble'. People would be jealous, because I'm famous. Then, everyone chases the jealous people and then the EPF gets involved. They would then put the jealous people in jail and support me."

That would be my story.


my movie would be called The Day Of A Miricle.its about a penguin (ME!!!!!!!!)who was abandund at birth.then she meets Sensei and learn the ways of card-jistu(and be the first 1 to learn card-jistu snow).then rosy (the penguin) meets all the other mascots who teach them everything she needs to know.suddenly when she was practicing card-jistu herbert came and kidnapped her.her parents who abandend her read about it in the news paper and came to the resue!!!!! she finds out that her parents....................i cant tell!!!!!!!! its the ending (u NEVER tell the ending of the story/movie) WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THX FOR READING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice Twee:

Hi! Okay so the movie would be called "Ninja in progress" it;s where this young penguin wants to be a ninja. So he goes to Sensei and they start training. Then Sensei gets captured and the young ninja in training saves him to earn his ninja mask.


My movie would be "Alvin and the great adventure!" it would be about me and my friends who get sent on a adventure to stop Herbert from destroying club penguin


hmmmm..... so many choices.i think i would call it Too Many Puffles. i would be a girl and i would have no puffles until i went to the puffle shop. i saw so many puffles and i bought them all but then i noticed i got too many puffles and i couldnt take care of them all. the name of the girl will be rose.


I would make a spoof of Marvel's Avengers (one of my favorite movies EVER), except it would have penguins and puffles. I would call it The Puffvengers. It would be absolutely hilarious! (I make myself laugh just thinking about it!)


My movie would be called "penguin alone" it would be about this little boy penguin named Alvin who gets left home alone on Christmas vacation and then these bad penguins come to the house and try to rob it but Alvin has a plan up his sleeve to catch the baddies forever!


my movey woud be about a tenage pengun whow has her life flash right past her eyes but it changes...
it would be cald (a tenage dream.

Jboy Mark:

If my penguin was in a movie it would be called the Legend of the Secret Treasure. Its about a normal penguin, Jboy Mark
(my penguin) finds a key and wonders what its for. Then he decides to ask around to see if anyone lost a key. Nobody did.
So he puts in his igloo and starts reading a book called "the Legend of the Secret Treasure". Then Jboy Mark decides to go
look for the tresure with the key and the book to read and see if there are any clues about his key. The book said the
tresure was believed to be in club penguin somewhere in the mountans, so Jboy Mark goes to the dojo and grabs a
rope, a safty harness, a water bottle, his key, and his book in his backpack. Then he ties the rope the harness and then
ties the other side to the fence by the ninja hideout and jumps off! And then he swings around rocks and ducks under
branches on his journey in search of the treasure. then after about an hour he sees a tunnel with somthing shiny inside!
He runs in the tunnel and sees a treasure chest! He grabs his key out his backpack and opens the treasure chest to reveal
100 millon coins! Jboy Mark climbs back to the dojo and runs to back to club penguin and shared his treasure with everyone!


If I had a movie starring my penguin, it would be called "The Perfect Picture". It would be about a penguin named Stucco1 who goes on an adventure, to find the one picture left of his father, but ends up finding not as many friends, as he finds enemies. They all know something about his father that he had never known. Something about "he had found the secret". What this secret is, and how his father had come to know it, Stucco1 doesn't know. But soon he'll learn a secret he wishes he had never known...


If I had a movie about myself, it would be called "The Box Dimension"! It would not just star me, but my friends and orange puffle too! Together we would explore the unseen of the Box Dimension and on our way we find something so extraordinary that it changes Club Penguin forever! Doesn't that sound like a good idea? :3


if my penguin would be in a movie it would be called how "Dreams Can Become reality". The movie will be about 5 penguins named Max,Lisa,Jake,Heather,and Mike who all has dreams but than Jake dreams about being a superhero called "The Shadow. But than an evil villain penguin called "Titan the Nightmare" ruins Max's Heater's Lisa's and Mike's dream. So than Jakes dream comes to life and the five penguins turns into super heroes and fights Titan and saves Club Penguin from Nightmares.


If my penguin starred in a movie, I would call it "How Operation Blackout started." I thought of this a while back, and I actully made a script and everything! It would be about me and my friends at a birthday party and all the different famous penguins... Except for Rookie, which he lets out Herbert! its really cool. {Pinkie6672}

Emperor pegi:

Ooh, a movie. I would make an EPF (this is classified) Operation movie! In the end, Herbert Cream soda sticky-bomb of doom would explode on Herbert's controller!


if i had a movie it would be called SHINE about a girl who is bullied but overcomes it and helps people with the same problem


that looks so cool can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


OMG LOL!!!! :):):):P If my penguin was in a movie it would b called "VIOLET RETURNS!" (Dun, dun, dun!) It would b about a villain and his mineons taking over club penguin and destroying everyones hope. But then the new penguin in town (Violet) decides its time to change things. So she stops the villains and bcomes a super hero. So she stops the villains and frees CP and then everyone is soooooooooooooooo grateful of her that they let her rule club penguin and so the terrifying dark CP bcomes a Sunny happy place 4 every1 and CP stay happily ever after...... LOL LOL LOL HOPE YOU LIKE MY IDEA. :) :):):):):) :P:P:P:P:P :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D: I <3 CP.

ONCE AGAIN I <3 CP!!!!! :D




I would make this movie called Magic World it would be about me a young girl who has an secret imaginary world that she dreamed about. And one day she found a key to her world but some one is trying to destroy it so she has to protect it!


I would make spy movie called RISE OF THE EPF!!! :D In it Herbert will summon the computer bugs in System Defender and at the end the EPF will battle a massive computer bug boss that is all in one! FAST AND POWERFUL!!! Will EPF win?? Of course!! Herbert ALWAYS


The film i would pick would be about bullying and how it not good and the title would be 'Look At Your Self'


If I was starred in a movie(which would be awesome) i would call it, New One. It's about a girl from an out of town country but she moves to New York to for fill her dreams. But how will she deal with so much traffic, people, and buildings with almost no land. Soon she earns the money she needs for her family to keep her house. My movie!!!!!!!



if i had a movie i would call it would be called super penguin bros where they save a princess from herbert and dinosuars and the outfits would be a princess outfit and hero's it would be awesome waddle on :) corny3206


dude will there be a dog named yoshi they ride just like in the game


If I made A movie starring my penguin, it would be called "The Sacred Ice Suit!"
Sneek Peek!
Long ago in the sacred dojo, there was a ninja named Missy (Lilypad152). She was a beginner ninja and she lost every nija card battle. But one day, she was training behind the dojo and she felt a cold mist. She fallowed the mist to a frozen dojo, the Ice Dojo! she trained there and became the first Ice Ninja! But, theres a evil force of ninjas that find out about the Ice Dojo, will Missy protect the Dojo from the evil ninjas? Or will the ninjas gets stronger and take over Sensei's Dojo? To Be Continued..

Featured: Lilypad152, Sensei, and many more!

Well, there you have it!
WADDLE ON CP! ;D ~Lilypad152


If I had my own movie it would be called "Invasion". It would be about when a boy named Cam (played by me) wakes up and finds that he can move things with his mind. Then when aliens invade planet earth, he is suddenly wanted and has to go on the run to stop earth from being destroyed! My movie would be a sci-fi / action film. That would be my movie

Orquidea 123:

The story that my penguin will be starring would be a love story, this would be:
there is a new girl in cp highschool that is always happy and sure of herself, in that school is the cutest boy in all the world , but he is alawys sad, because he is followed by all the girls. One day they meet, because they crash in the school, but then when she gets up of the floor she says" sorry" and goes away from him, that..., that the girl ignore him..., that makes... ¡¡¡He got in love with her!!!, and he makes everything to get her love and attention, untill he wins it... or not... no he gets it.

and the movie will be called "Impossible Love"


If i were in a movie i would make a movie with a space squid and we landed on the planet it was on and we crashed into the planet.attacked us for some resonand we found its weakness and we destroyed would call it the space sqiud that attacked.and ill make the space squid who attacked 2. and what happens is that its in a ship it lands on clubpenguin.the EPF will try to stop the space squid but they failed.theb again they attack it a diffret way and it exploded.thats the end of the end of movie 1 and 2


Hello CP! Katlin11 here. I have an idea for a movie! It's called " The Club Penguin Awesomeness: The Revenge of Herbert"
It's about all famous penguins ( Rockhopper, Sensei, Cadence, Dot, PH, Gary, Jet Pack Guy, Aunt Arctic and Rookie) Are needing help of ALL penguins and puffles to stop Herbert and All his Crab assistants! But soon, Hebert tries to kidnap the famous penguins. I (Katlin11) find the famous penguins fighting Herbert. I get the help of my BFF who is Cece8004 to stop him. We fight all the crabs and all the other penguins help us. After an epic fight with Herbert, I get angrier and see Herbert's Club Penguin destroying device. I run as fast as I could and I destroy the device, thus stopping Herbert. All the penguins leave Herbert's evil lair and Cece8004 release the puffles to attack! Then Cece and I destroy all his devices and then we all make it to home and Cece and I became greatest heroes in Club Penguin. The puffles came home and everyone (EXCEPT HERBERT) Lived happily ever after FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES! THE END!!! :) Please like my story CP!
From Club Penguin's biggest fan, Katlin11


The theme of the film would Humor / Animation and called "Field and I" and I even prepared a description for it: Polo Field and Erik8099 are best friends! Until when Field goes to the home of Erik and released several farts! Ha ha ha! It would be funny! I hope I win ...
Polo Bye, I love you!


If I could make my own movie I would let all my friends be it!It would be called, "A Day In The Life Of Cp" directored by me! It would start off with all of my friends at the coffee shop talking about whos better, red or blue!Then we would round up puffles, go and have a dance off at the night club, have some pizza, and go and play a game like ( I made this up) "Herbert Clue"! At night we see a big crowd of penguins together around what looked like...... Gary and Rookie! They would be telling about how the Hollywood party would be and we got their autographs!

Waddel On!

*fastbunny1* :)


if i would make a movie starring me it would be named my '' wonderful cp life''


If I made a movie starring my penguin I,d call it "The Revenge of Jubbyd!" It would be about me facing Herbert when he tries to take over the island againan I try to make him stop and he refuses! That's when I call my hero friends and defeat him once and for all!! Until then penguins



I would totally make a FUTURISTIC MOVIE!!! XD


If i was featured in a movie it would be about how club penguin first started! - 1leesha2

Leila Jang:

I LOVE HOLLYWOOD! :D It will be a best party ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


What I would like to call my movie is "Safer is Better", and it would be about a group of young penguins who just came back from school. At school they learned a few things about safety on the internet, so when they get home, they ask their parents to teach them a little more about internet safety. This is what my movie would be about for ClubPenguin on the week we have Safer Internet Day. Waddle On!


My movie would be called "Mysteries of the Dark". It's about this Ninja of Darkness who comes to Club Penguin every thirty years to curse the island. He controls Club Penguin until he runs out of power, and then leaves. One time, a ninja named Jock (That's me!) decides to put an end to the Ninja of Darkness, so he ventures on an iceberg to track him down. No one knows what happened next. They say it's just legendary...


Here's another movie: Club Penguin Vs. The GIANT Herbert!

About: 10 EPF agents (WHY AM I ALSO PUTTING PB IN THERE? AND 3 POOKIE EPF AGENTS? LOL) anyway, there's 7 penguins who are epf and 3 pookie epf Herbert and klutzy has their revenge by turning GIANT! WHOA! some EPF agents got hypnotize! even the pookies! It's up to the EPF agents to save them! wit PB, stompin bob got dizzy by pookies playing catch while htey turned big! Gary was captured by herbert and the other mascots (PB is safe because in op. blackout herbert forgot to trap them LOL even sensei) anyway, Herbert took over Club Penguin but PB got trapped too. Now the epf agents were the only ones left! (THIS IS A LONG MOVIE o O) lily,bella, and maddy (pookies) Battle herbert by throwing snowballs after getting unhypnotized.
To be continued to my LONG movie

Hope u like it! (sorry if i put pb there...I LOVE THEM) Waddle On! which movie do u like?!

1. Penguin Band Problems
2. Club Penguin Vs. The GIANT Herbert!


I would make a movie called Operation Dubstep. Ok, so Cadence is throwin' a rockn' partay at the clubz and all of a sudden, the power goes out! When the power is fixed Gary and Rookie discover that Cadence has gone missing. The rest of the movie is about a penguin and her puffle, Dubstep go on a long journey to find Cadence. They find her in a cavern filled with crystals. Afterwards they get crowned the Queens of Dub! WADDLE ON CP!!!


Oh really then with the 10,000 coins can non-members buy member items??? Cause it says you get 10,000 coins to spend on whatever you like!

Ink 4:

I would love to be in a movie call, Catching Feathers, it would be about three girls that dont know a thing about each outher, the first girl is shy and she doesnt really talk in class, the second girls is a popular and always has someone to talk too, and the threid girl is the girl that hangs out with a small group of friends and everyone knows but they dont really talk to, and one day the teacher made the kids sit next to the people never in one million years talk to or hang out with. So the three girls sat next to each outher. The second girl was bored so she started to talk to the theird girl and the first girl jumped in laughing and slowly but sherly the girls became best friends forever. So the story is about making frineds :)


If my penguin was in a movie it would be called "The Hidden Talent". It would be about a penguin (me) who moves to a new town. She is really good at sports like baseball, football, and so on. Nobody but her family knows. She is afraid that she will get bullied if she plays those sports. It's up to her to make the right choice of what to do and show everyone that not only boys can play those kind of sports.
Bellyjelly67 :-)

Spoiled Nina:

I would name it "The Penguins Life" because it's gonna be like a person who crash landed in a jungle and like found a city, I would also kinda wanna make a normal picture for the cover and like make it seem it's normal even though it's full of ACTION and ADVENTURE!!! ~Spoiled Nina :D


hey club penguin i hope i will LOVE the hollywood party and if i made a movie it would be named Gbar56 and the SUPER PUFFLES!
It would be about my penguin that is on a mission for epf and i find herbert but he hypnotizes 3 puffles and i have a net and catch the puffles but herbert gets away with a jetpack he stoll and i go to hq and tell gary about the puffles and how herbert stoll a jetpack then gary made a machine that can change penguins and puffles so gary tests it on a puffle to make it the color green and its able to climb up walls and jump high to the clouds and it works so gary trys to do it on the puffles but the machine explodes and the puffles bounce all the way out of hq to the ski village and gary goes to get them with Gbar56 and then they turn Super and go to stop herbert they turned onto tracking mode and found him at the beach on the beacon so Gbar56 Gary and the SUPER PUFFLES go up to the beacon and find him wearing a jetpack the SUPE PUFFLES step up with Gary and Gbar56 then herbert goes to fly away and says bye u little penguins u have tried to stop me and ruin my plans but not on a SUPER SECRET SPECIAL ISLAND with lasers cameras traps and my hypnotized puffle but gary brang super bombs but the SUPER PUFFLES could fly Gbar56 and Gary got on a SUPER PUFFLE and followed herbert and said WHAT!!! you penguins grrrrrrrr!herbert threw a net on Gary and I but the SUPER PUFFLES burn the net into dust then they get to the island
the SUPER PUFFLES turn Gary and I invisible and also themselves then they throw the super bombs at the hypnotized puffles and they turn super then herbert runs in a cave and says if you want me you have to get threw these ultibots 100 of them then gary threw super bombs at them but they didnt get deystroyed so the SUPER PUFFLES threw every thing they could at them and then hypnotized puffles came then the ultibots exploded and made a big bang sound then the hypnotized puffles became SUPER PUFFLES and stoped herbert herbert had know where to go Gbar56 said jail herbert and herbert went to jail then club penguin made lots of new things like a jail a big tower more shops more items and even more and club penguin lived happily ever after The End i hope you enjoyed that story because i tried very hard to make it took me 1 hour and a half Goodbye happy waddleing WADDLE ON!!!!!:):D
plz post never been posted and worked very hard on this 1


Another movie I would do staring my penguin would be called " One Wish". It would be about a penguin named Sissy79700 and she was an ordinary penguin that worked at the coffee house. Then one morning, a misterious penguin walks in and says "Be careful what you wish for". All the sudden, he disapered and Sissy didnt know where he went. Then, that night a shooting star flu across the sky and Sissy quickly made a wish with her friends Purpu554 and Flowers 16, like any other penguin would do. She wished what she wanted most, to be Famos! The next morning came, and something was different. she went to her suitcase to get her close, and it was super sparkly with gemstones on it. She didnt care, cuz she knew it was hers. She opended it up to find super star clothes. She thought and rememberd last night. She was FAMOS!!! Purpu and Flowers knew her wish. They were her BEST friends. Sissys phone started ringing. She answerd it and it was the dircector of the new movie. The best director of all directors, Jacob6207. He told Sissy "We have to start filming in 30 minuts at the stage! Don`t be late." Sissy, Purpu, and Flowers left for the stage. Like usual, the Plaza was crouded. Penguins were takeing Sissys picture untill she got in. The day continued prity much the same way. Another day passed the same way, then a week. Then, the misterious penguin apperd in her path. "Be careful what you wish for", he repeted, then disaperd. Another week, and Sissy wanted her old life back. Flowers had the usual Friday sleepover party at her igloo. Another shooting star passed by, and Sissy couldnt have wished faster or harder. The next morning, everthing was back to normal. Just the way she liked it. ;-)

Went alittle to indept there. Sorry, Cant help it!! Hope you like it!



Hey i would call it The Superstar Because he could do amazing stunts And have a ton of explosians
I think the next party should be OP:puffle If ir is Let me now


i would call the movie runaway because ill try to enjoy my fans and run away fron my my fans but at the end evry one wold get what they what .


cp rox

Enter nickname:

HEY THEY SHOULD make a icecream shop on cp


Crystal 1o4:

If I had a movie then the movie would be called "Crystal's Amazing Encounters" ( with all of you know who's ) that's right Cadence,gary Aunt Arctic, and the Penguin Band are all going to be in this movie! Squee! I can't wait to start filming! P.S. Happy77 if you're reading this right now then please be in my movie!

Calvin U N:

If I made a movie, it would be called "The Fight for the Golden Disk." In it, there would be a fire ninja, a water ninja, and a snow ninja. They would try to find a golden disk before an evil fire ninja, an evil water ninja, and an evil snow ninja can. If they find the disk first, they save Card-Jitsu, because if the evil ninjas get the hand on the disk, they would be the most powerful ninjas ever.


polo this is amazing! I can't wait! come to my place, it has a mall in the back, A MALL IN THE BACK!!


I would do a movie about a girl who is half ghost half penguin. She would have no friends and was very lonely. But when she gets
one, its means the world to her. Sadly here friend gets kidnapped and now she`ll have to use her supernatural gives to save her friend. It would be called Supernatural. :-)

Ally tailor :

if i hade a movie it will be called Fashion disaster it will be about two people one is a total DIVA and one is a new kid at club penguin so the diva is having a fashion show but it becomes a total disaster but the boy comes in and helps and everything becomes right but then there is a twist the new guy when he helps he gets ditches by the girl but everything goes right (again) the girl is named Ally and the boy is named Bionic

Tanks for taking time to read this story (:

Waddle on club penguin!!


If i made a movie it would be called "Bobmunday Against The World"
where my penguin Bobmunday would go around with a sword and a shield fighting bad guys and defending himself and CP
and he would even fight Herbert!

BTW is Klutzy evil?


my movie will be called unaxpected disaster it wiil be about a 5star hotel that they say its so strong nothing can break it but one day something happens guess what in my movie. I LOVE CLUBPENGUIN WADDLE ON

Artemis Wood:

I would call it "Waddle On! A True Story About A Penguin!" I think it'd be awesome to be the star of a show!


if i made a movie with my penguin and other penguins, i would call it club penguin rock camp! everyone gets to sing, dance and show off there talents in a camp and the winner gets to be a hollywood song!!!! but one question.... is a movie like that taken already?


Any kind of movie! Like an movie which you be in arcade games. OR a football movie! OR a movie where someone plants a seed UNLESS he saves it.
Please pick this one! I have a good thing for a question:
What will the new feature be in the Hollywood movie? Would you name your movie? Would you make credits for the movie?
Waddle on!


I'll be showing a movie called "The Famous Championship Shot" which is where a penguin is at a game(parody of Game 6 of the NBA Finals) and he and the Chicago Bulls are expected to win against the Utah Jazz. But, Utah takes the lead in the 4th quarter and then, the penguin attempts to win it all with a two-point shot. But it's 5.2 seconds left before Game 6 ends, and a penguin named Air Jordan(A.K.A. Michael Jordan) is facing one of the best defenders of Utah. Then he shoots. Will he make it? Find out during the party!

Date: February 17

Time: 8:30 PM or 9:30 PM PST

See ya there!


Card Ninja 1:

Hey cp team! I have to say, if I could make a movie about my penguin I would call it: A Day in the Life of a Penguin!

Waddle on CP!


My movie title will be called SPY VS EVIL i just feel like being a spy because you get these cool gadjets that you can use you get to stop evil villans with cool tricks.You get to dodge lasers.You will also be the HERO.

clare m:

if i had a movie and i was starring it i would call it maybe a life in cp or Adventures of cp
if i did a adventure one i would make it about adventures me and my buddies would have to discover mysterys and go places so the parties would just be another adventure place for us to go and we would be called the Adventure Heros Spies or even Adventure power :D it woukld be really cool and if i say one of the mascots i would put them in the movie and one of them could be the boss of the group and the others we would have to save them :DDDD that would be pretty cool i think!

Waddled on CP!




I'd make a movie called The Best Igloo Party Ever. All of the famous Club Penguin characters would be there and all the puffles would have awesome hats too!



if i would make a movie it would be 'The club of the penguin' in this story there will be one penguin (who is adopted) the penguin's name will be Alice Cheeks(girl) .Alice started a club and tries to send pappers for the club. A penguin named Rocky Cheeks(boy)(who's adopted too and looks just like Alice)sees it and joins it. they meet at the snow forts and starts talking when they ask for their names they will see that both of the names end with Cheeks so they find out that they where twins and then they go to find out who were their real parents.................. with the help of the rest of the club members they find Mr and Mrs Cheeks who were very rich! and alice and rocky lives happily ever after with their real mother and father

part TWO coming soon on cp

Waddle on cp :)


Hey polo field !Got a good movie!It is about 10 of them do not want to be in a play,he does not like popstars.But all of a sudden a ghost comes.IT scares the penguin.THEghost will stay till he joins the penguins.Its called Rock Stars -1.hope you like penguin name is snowy41105.

N !
PS;Have a nice hollywood party!


where do we get the camara like the picture


If i made a movie then i would name it "Tip Tip Tip" It would be about Cadence, Aunt Arctic, Gary, and Rookie discovered that someone tipped the iceberg and quickly went to the iceberg to stop the iceberg from tipping. The iceberg tipped while they were on and Cadence, Aunt Arctic, Gary, and Rookie are stranded in the middle of the ocean. They try to find a way to reach land but couldn't. Gary tried to make on of his intentions from leftover tools in his pockets but he couldn't. Aunt Arctic tried calling for help but there was no signal. Rookie tried to fly away on his propeller hat but was blocked my the wind. Cadence tried calling for help on her microphone then dropped it in the ocean. Suddenly they saw land. They saw Rockhopper Island and reached shore safely.


If i made a movie it would be about a penguin who is just a kid who has dreamed about being famous and trys to get on a movie buts thinks he failed but then he gets the role and becomes famous but he cant spend time with his friends and he has a choice friends or his dream? So he goes to see candece and he asked her she said do what he thinks he should do. so he says to the driector i quit and he goes to spend time with his friends because he may not have been able to become famous again but he may not have ever been able to hang out with his friends again. it would be called the choice. p.s. im club penguins biggest fan!


My movie would be about a penguin who has a dream that she wants to be famous and the dream finally comes true! The movie would be called Dreams Do Come True.


I would call my penguin movie "Wishes of the Sky":. It would be about my penguin wishing of having the ability to fly, then one day, she would wake up and have the ability to fly! Then she'll fly up into the sky and discover a flying puffle! Then she'll follow the flying puffle to its secret island and meet tons of other puffles that could fly. Then she made friends with them and she became best friends with the flying puffle she first met in the sky and when she wanted to go back home later on, the flying puffle followed her. Then they were best friends forever.

Also, thanks club penguin, you're doing a great job! I hope to see more fun stuff from you guys. :)

Melody Rose2:

Well there are many different titles for the movie, but if I had to chose... I would choose the title as, " The Attack of the Pizza Eaters!!!!" It's about normal club penguin. Everything is normal and same, until Gary accidently drops some of his pizza craze formula onto the Pizza Palor's fab pizza! Everybody ate the pizza because it was the Pizza party!!! Some penguins weren't there; beacuse they were putting on their costumes whhich were pizzas. Then when the other penguins finished their pizzas, the eating pizza shirt was put on them and they went PIZZA CRAZY!!!! So then when the penguins in their costumes came, the pizza crazy penguins chased them!!!!!!! So then Gary comes by and hid the pizza costumes penguins. He sprayed a formula to change the pizza crazy penguins back to normal on the pizza costumes! then they threw the pizza costumes infront of the coffee shop and the pizza crazy penguins tried to ate it. Once they tocuhed it, they turned normal! they Gary gets thrown with snowballs as a punishment. that would be my title and movie story! I hope you like it!


i will make a movie about a girl in fourth grade, and i will call it "THE CHRONICLES OF FOURTH GRADE" :D



Well, to start off with, I'd really like to make adventure movies. I can see it now: Missygirl156 and the Space Monster of Doom!
Missygirl156 is summoned to explore the space. One fateful day, her spaceship fell - and now she is trapped on Mars!
Suddenly, a terrible creature rises and tries to strike her. Will she escape? She runs between its legs.. and tangles the monster up!
Missygirl156 is able to send a transmission to the Space Exploration Headquarters, and she returns home happily.
See you on TV!


If I ever made a movie, I would call it..... The Cave of Mysterious Secrets! I like mysteries, secrets, and a curious person myself. Anyway, it`s gonna be like this, a ordinary girl penguin found the Cave of Mysterious Secrets! Her name would be Bella. Bella had to complete difficult courses to reveal her friends` secretive secret. Once she heard it, she would be back home, then, when she went to her room, she found a note. The note will say, " Hello, Bella. It`s me, your friend! I guess you now know my secret. But, when you read this word, you will forget what my secret will be!! Ha, ha, ha!" And then Bella didn`t read the next line at all! When she went to school the next day, she purposely broke up with her friend. And the secret was still in her mind. To read the next line, she wrote the secret in her secret diary that she bought with ALL with her allowance. Then, she continued reading the note, "The word is next! Forget!" Once Bella read the word, "Forget". She felt different. Her brain had completely forgotten the secret. She remembered she wrote something in her diary. She read what she wrote. She remembered it! Then, she threw the note into the trash! It would be like that.


my movie would be called crazy penguins it would be about a couple of penguins doin crazy stunts


For the other i would call "A Great Friendship" for my next movie.One day was just waddling around and when the mean penguins saw him they said "Look HA HA HA your not really going to be a cool penguin without anything HA HA HA". The penguin was so sad but a green penguin said "Why Dont u not bother? He Is Just A penguin like you penguins!Why dont u become his friend! Even he is not cool doesnt mean he is different to you atleast you have ur friends"it said.The Mean penguins waddle and roll their eyes.The green penguin said on the other penguin"Are u ok?"The penguin said"Yes and thanks can we be friends?"it said."Sure Why not!"the green penguin said with a smile on her face.The Next Day the penguin seen the mean penguins waddling around again...But! He is not alone with his new best friend together they waddle around.The Mean penguins said "Oh Look the UNcool Penguins are here"with their evil smile.The green penguin said "We are not here for a fight!" "We should all be on peace and be all friends!"it said.The Mean Penguins said "You won this round but were going to tell the mods about you!"they said.I Said "Oh Really well they are not going to believe you because ur mean!".It Was real the mean penguins got the mods to banned us! "What are we going to do!" I said in fear.The green penguin said and her best friend "Its Ok i told them EVERYTHING" I Said "Oh thank you,Oh thank you!We wont be banned" i said with smile.After that the mods thought we were the mean penguins but they ask "Who are the mean penguins" We pointed While The real ones were pointing at us! But were save because the other mod remember the mod said "Someone called and i think those penguins" the mod pointed on the real ones.After he did that the mean penguins was banned!I Said on the green penguin and her friend "Oh Thank you Very much! can we be friends?" "Sure!" They said. This was the most unforgettable day for us!

Waddle On Club penguin team hope you like the story!:)


Hiya ya'll! If i could make a movie, it would be called "Let's Rebuild" In it, a beautiful, young assistant of Gary's (Your truly XD)is helping him make modifications to the time trekker for next year's prehistoric party. Gary takes his break while i keep working. I add some stuff cuz i wanna make Gary proud. However, i screw it up badly, and that night, the time trekker slowly transport the island to the days of penguin chat. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 20th century, era of both world wars, jazz, great depression, blues, MLK jr, hippies, and Penguin Chat 1. 1999 is soooo long ago. The time trekker leaked out the time travelling liquid through a hole i made, and the whole island is bare, with nothing but a public igloo, a broken machine, a bare room, and secret ninjas. All the penguins find themselves waking up on a boring white plain, and everything was gone. All the furniture, buildings, they weren't built yet. Some lucky penguins met RocketSnail, founder of CP. Days go by, and the situation doesn't get any better. Finally, i realize that i did this and i must fix it. All us penguins rebuild the buildings. Time advances on quickly when all the penguins work together. In just a week, the calenders say it's year 2002, reign of Penguin Chat 2. The same thing happens unitil Penguin Chat 3. PC3 is most like the old CP, when it opened back in 2005. We had the beta test party, and danced to the new DJ machine that replaced the old band in the nightclub. Finally, Club Penguin opened, and shot into present time.
PLZ POST! never been posted b4.
P.S. if Macayla28's movie idea is posted, u should read it. I really love her story. It's about a... I won't tell u!
(: M777


My movie would be called Journey to the Hidden Forest. Its about a penguin named Lily and her friend Violet. They hear about this hidden forest far away from the island. So they set out to find this mysterious forest, on the way they run into Herbert. (don't ask how he got there XD) Pretty much its just a great big action filled adventure... I need to make a couple of small changes but that's my idea!


If I had a movie I'd call it puppy adventures and here's a summery about it,!it's about when we find the first puppies in club penguin and their parents were FOUR HUGE DOGS and they were attacking club penguin!when the strike of puppies come,comes adventure!since I thought about this for a while,I will be making a book with this!waddle on!


It would be called "the last stand" A young girl named Desiree star joins the EPF agents, on one mission she meets herbert. she foiled his plans and herbert had told her " Watch your back Agent! i'n gonna get you one day"! Herbert does trick her by kidnapping gary and, in a result she got kidnapped her self. But she finds a way out and, must find a way to stop herbert once again in this Last stand!


If I made a movie about my penguin,i would explain how to become that superstar, show them what you got, and don't do any technical mistakes! Paparazzi are everywhere! get your best pose on the magazine! I would tell how me penguin got famous! Waddle Hollypenguin! XD

spike rock20:

is it possible to make our own dress or own igloo design or own club penguin character? I already made my own club penguin villain for a superhero party he is called big foot he has rally big foot he can stomp 100 penguin at a time he is the size of 20 cloth shops his weakness is his eye his eyebrows are like the big brow from the prehistoric party.


For sometime i got another idea of a movie i hope you like the title i should call it "Journey to the sun and the planets" its all about a brown and peach penguin and me were ready to go on the red plant "Mars" but a black penguin was so jealous he change the rocket to go on the following planets! its Venus,Neptune,Jupiter,Mercury,Saturn,Uranus, the SUN, then Mars! After we got up in the solar system the rocket start landing on the dangerous planet VENUS! We thought we were heading on mars but we didnt but they were out of fuel what are they going to do The peach penguin said "I know! this rocket runs on cream soda right? We got loads of it!didnt you remember?" The Brown penguin"Oh Yeah...Oops..." After we got out of Venus we got on the a cold planet Neptune but we didnt stay there for too long. After the four planets we were heading to the sun the peach penguin panic we panic i said "AHHHHHHHHHHHH were not going to make it!!!" The brown penguin just turned the wheel For the first time it Didnt turn! The brown penguin said " i got an idea" He pulled a giant rubber boat and a giant jet pack?!? we didnt believe it but we did turn to Mars for a job well done! When we got on Earth we told our Journey to the sun and the planets.

The End

Waddle On Cp! ~Sunshine694

I Hope im posted here it will make my day unforgettable! if i did thanks cp you rock!


If I was going to make a movie the name would be " the adventure for the crystal penguin ". The movie would be about an adventurous penguin looking for a treasure with nothing but a map in a strange ,small, creepy island. But he kips finding things on the ground like a hatchet a sord a bow and a couple of things ,he realizes she is NOT alon in the island. and when she finally found the temple mentioned on her map ,she goes inside and facese many traps and dificulties. She finds a room with a stand inside with something sparkely on top ,the stand was surrounded with big statues of old strong armies.She steps forward to the stand and looks carefully to the sparkly item , she realizes I is the legendary crystal penguin. When she finally gets there he graps the crystal penguin and runs out the temple , when she gets out he sees an other penguin. She thought he was there to rescu here but she was wrong he only wanted the crystal penguin. So she ran as fast as she can through the creepy island to find a sea shore she found also raft . She paddled through the water for five days eating only fruits she gathered earlier from the island. On the fifth day she saw a helicopter . She yield until they lowered down a rope she climed the rope after hiding the crystal penguin under her hat. And she went back to club penguin island and became the most popular adventurer in the world .

The end

By: nono293
Adventurer is : nono293


I would name my movie the midnight disaster in fun peng island so this is how the story goes a new island is found in club penguin and then people turn it into a amusement park it is a huge success loads of penguins enjoy it and then a worker for the amusement park hears some strange noises at midnight and he thinks that robbers have come to steal the valuable coins he goes to check but he finds a pufflewolf [werewolf] he looks at the fangs at the pufflewolf and the worker runs away and calls the penguin FBI force the FBI reach the island and 5 penguins tackle the pufflemonster then something comes out of the pufflemonster and it is the head of a penguin he told the FBI he was just playing a prank on his freind. The End it isnt really a movie but just a short thing i came up with!


I would call my movie Waddle up its like step up but it is at collage and there is a girl who is a super talented at dancing but no one thinks so ,so she enters a dance contest and wins but before she reaches the finals she must get past the popular penguins who try to destroy her chance in winning and she also meets some friends who will help her win


what a life it will be about my life on cp


My awsome movie would be called "Five fighters" it's about like the earths about to end but five poeple don't give up escaping and then theres's just one chance to live...

Mr Chilly320:

Hmm, a movie I would make? Of course it would be about a puffle! I would name it "Puffle the Hero's!" It would be about a little orange puffle (of course my puffle Pizza!) and he would go defeat the evil puffle named Raptor. Raptor trys to steal Pizza's brother Painter, and he got him! So Pizza went searching for days to find his brother, while me Mr Chilly320 put posters everywhere to find my two puffles! Then two days later, Pizza was crowned for finding Painter and three other puffles who went missing! The three puffles found were, Skater, a black puffle, Apple, a green puffle, and Brainy, a brown puffle! The puffles were returned home safely, but Pizza was injured in his eye, but Painter kept close to him and stayed in our igloo until his eye was healed!

Zipe 46:

If I was a director of a movie I'd call it Super Pengoo and Mr Table, and it's about a peguin who flys to the moon and meets 7 tables! They tell them about a table who is taking lots of chairs. Then Super Pengoo comes along and rescues all the the chairs and arrests Mr Table. Then the penguin went awy to fly on a chair.

Thanks for the epic party!



I would call my movie Cp Snowstorm We would be in a snowstorm and we would be staying in the boiler and i save the day


I would call it the attack of the penguins by gagethe1 and the star would be Gary


If I could make a movie it would be about fashion and trying to look your best name of movie *wishing* girls name:selena she when she was little she would want to be a princesses then she wanted to be a pet shop owner but when she grew up she wanted to be a fashion designer making amazing dresses and suits but she didn't know how she knew she needed somebody to help her with making outfits she looked and looked but she could not find anybody when she was walking she saw some woods she went into the woods and fell into a hole leading to a amazing place called loveaira it was amazing so many colors she could not belive her eyes but she knew this was the place where she find her real talent not to design but to be and actor while she was there she meet a great friend and her friends name was tori she helped her become a an actor she was so good she played in lots of movies she was the top actor but she still loved designing so she did that in her spear time and sold dresses and acted she had fanily found everthing she wanted in her life and she wrote a book about how to find your talent maybe your talent will be to act


Budster Bud:

If I would be able to make a cp movie, I'd call it Budster Bond rise of herbert. it's where Herbert kidnapps penguin round the island and I am like james bond! can't wait for the new party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


XD :)


Hmm a movie how about a really normal penguin ho wanted to travel araund the world. But she dont have so much money so she go to tv show ,,i want to by millionare"


If I was a Movie star I would name it "War from the depths beyond the earth"
it's about a commoner penguin named Blueninjaice was summoned by the king and was assigned to
join the group to fight against the evil Dark Lordand his minion who is trying to conquer the whole
kingdom, but Blue didn't know all about being a knight so the king decided
to give him a lesson how to become a greatest warrior , he was trained by "Johnny"
it took so long to train him but he made a great success , during the war the Dark
Lord defeated all the forces except Blue, so with all his might he just summoned
the mightiest sword of all, The Excalibur! Blue used the sword and finished the Dark Lord,
After the battle all the people from the kingdom rejoiced when they all heard the news,
so the king named him "The Warrior of Tomorrow".

Hope you enjoyed :D


If I made a Cp movie it will be called, A penguin and a Spy, its about one penguin named CoolB110 that finds out that he's best friend is really a Agent for EPF beyond and go's on a little Adventure with he's agent friend to stop evil Herbert from taking over EPF beyond and Club penguin and the main leader from EPF beyond. my movie maybe will come true : )


I would make a movie called "Meeting the Penguin Band" . It would be about a penguin named Crystal and she would be waddling around when she bumps into the penguin band. She doesn't notice until she looks up at them and she gets so happy! Then the penguins from the penguin band Petey K G Billy Franky and Stompin' Bob sign autographs to her and give her concert tickets to the Music Jam 2013!

Jackie 1414:

If I made a movie it would be called : Superstar On the Runway, it wiuld be about me and my best friend trying out for a fashion show, but I only make it. I get to be on a huge runway show! If I made it I would be exited to show it.




My movie would be called Snow Wars: The Penguin Menace. It would be like Star Wars: The Phantom Menace but it would be with Penguins and Puffles! R2-D2 could be a blue Puffle in a droid suit! C3PO could be a Penguin in a robot suit! Darth Maul could be a alien with spikes on his head! I have another idea. It is Lord of the Rings: The Penguinship of the Ring!


Mine would be called "The hollywood Dream" Where a young boy named Max Wanted to achieve his dream of acting and then he meets a top secret agent who helps him along his journey! And they go to an audition for "Diary of the penguin kid" and he gets the part and then the ghost of acting visits his bedroom at 9:00pm and he has to audition for hes ghostly show "SCREAM" But when he does the best audition he gets so popular and gets recognised by many and then hes secret agent is actually a penguin play award owner and he gets invited and wins the trophy for the best actor in club penguin! And then at the end all of his fans cheer him on as he gets into his limo and drives of with a wink from his eye! Then says " Anything is possible!"

THE END! Hope you liked it! Please reply!


I would name it "The Begining of a New Life" it's about me I move to Hollywood, Califorinia to audition for a comercial get the part then audition for a movie make the part.Then after that I put my hands in cement on the walk of fame that means i made it.


If I made a movie I would call it 'Penguin of the year' it would star penguins in college that do things to win the trophy.The first thing they would do would be an IQ test where 4 penguins will be eliminated.Then there would be 4 groups each of 4 penguins that will find clues to get the treasure.2 teams will be eliminated the penguins that are left would do a dance competition but with a partner.Last but not least the triathon in which they would first swim then ride a cycle and then run till the finish line.Who wins will not accept the trophy because he knows his friend was going with him but he lost on purpose.After many years all the college friends would meet and the winner and his friend will get into a fight that why he lost on purpose.The friend will tell him that while running he saw the winners dad [the biggest man of the country]was happy to see his own son loosing.So the friend thought if he lost he could make the countries biggest man loose.Then both of them would be friends again.


Well myn would be a moovie about a girl called Layla goes missing but one day her freaind called Blue ild be Blue finds a letter from her and at teh end they become queans of a country called Naville.But the forever young



if i would make a movie . . . it would be called ''Temple of cookes and cakes'' and in the movie first the EPF would get a message that rockhopper he was toataly stuck in the temple of cookies and cakes then the EPF agents went to rockhopper island.When they got there they saw a red puffle and it was called Yarr and it could talk! Itsaid ''Rockhopper is stuck in the temple of cookies and cakes! when they got there . . . they saw the cookie cave and rockhopper was in the choclate! They pulled and pulled and then Rookie put the milk on the choclate and it melted then The agents went to the EPF and Yola22 (the penguin agent) went to her igloo and she saw THE MAP TO ROCKHOPPER ISLAND! And it was the end and by the way t could be a mission from the other blog of making a new EPF!


Well, if I made a movie for my penguin I would call it "Funky Fresh" Starring Anybody!!!! It would be about this girl that is just moved to Club Penguin and she has to decide who she is going to hangout with. She decides that she will try the cool kids! So she meets this really nice girl Esmerelda/Em and she kinda shows her around. So Em takes Meg to shop for new clothes! So anyway she becomes really popular!!!! She meets this meets this witch and the witch is jealous so her life turns backwards!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!


My penguins movie would be about my penguins strange addiction of eating all the ingredients before making the pizza when working at the pizza pailor. She never would be able to get to the 2nd pizza because of it.
the movie itself would be called "pretty pizzas"


I have seen many ideas for movie names good job everyone. Although in the game I call my penguin Ruby so my movie would be called "Ruby and the Ruby:A Twist in time" or for my actual user name "The Attack Of The Killer Daisy's"


where do i start? i could do penguin wars which is about a penguin that discovers he can use the force and sets out to find obi wan kenobi. or maybe EPF: the end of a era. its about when herbert went to far, and blown up HQ! but then gary, rookie, dot, and jet pack guy send a call that says we need to climb up the tallest mountain and dysteroy heberts HQ! we then rebuild our HQ. close the tallest mountain and make sure herbert never comes back. then they rename the EPF SCPF (secret club penguin force)


If I got to make a movie, it would be called "The Orb". It would be about a group of penguins just waddling around when all of a sudden, they stumble upon a mysterious orb they all are VERY confused they try to shake it and when that happened, all of cp started to turn back to year 2005 they all have to find they're way out and the only way to do that is to fight the dragons, back in the medival times party and believe it or not, SCORN. There was a portal behind them can they make it? Or will they be stuck in 2005 ruled by dragons?
Hope you guys like it I've been thinking it for hours! :D


If I was to make a movie, it would be called Spinosaurus rampage! It would be about penguins finding a very hungry and dangerous spinosaurus. It finds club penguin and has one thing on its mind... eat

Waddle on!!!


My movie would be called " Every One is a Super Star" ! It would be about a famous penguin like Cadence who helps another penguin follow his or her dream! Then that penguin would go around the island and help other penguins that needed help following their dream , soon enough Cadence sees lots and lots of penguins helping each other and following there dreams. Now every penguin says " EVERY ONE IS A SUPER STAR!! " After all , Its what Club Penguin is About!
Waddle On Cp !


I'd make a movie about a penguin becoming a puffle.
One of his experiments go wrong, turning him into a fluffy orange puffle!
One day, a penguin finds him and they go on an adventure, trying to get him back to his normal form.
I'd also make a movie about a different person on clubpenguin.
The person is not a penguin, but a cat.
Other penguins treat her like herbert, by locking her up.
Until one day, herbert does attack!
The Cat is set free and saves clubpenguin!
She then becomes an amazing EPF agent with Rookie!
There are so many movies I could think of!


I'd make a movie about a King called King Albus whose kingdom is invaded by an evil wizard!


Piga Pi:

I would call my movie 'One penguin, two identities' and it would be about a penguin that is an explorer that accidently stumbles upon a cursed tomb! A mummy then emerges and, angry at being disturbed, curses the explorer to have two identities (one good and one bad), the mummy then chases the explorer away. The rest of the movie is about the explorer trying to lift the curse whilst constantly having their dark side take over at unexpected moments; what's worse is that they can't even remember what happens when they're possesed!


My movie would be called '' Night of the Living Sled-Revenge of the Sled'' It would be when the sled came back and tried to get back at the penguins who locked him in the mad scientists room. There will be action, funny thing to say and the best part of any movie........... A SLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waddle on!


I would make a movie about me (Legoman0819) becoming famous.But right when I'm about to get my award something goes wrong on Club Penguin I have to stop it.Luckily, the movie I was about to get my award on was a spy movie called "Herbert attacks",so i got in the gear and started to save Club Penguin.Later,I realize that it was Herbert,and Herbert was much to powerful for me;So i called my friends Orioles08,Trex6464,Alista78,Beachlover84,Mom10,48618poppop,My unk05 and Dad55947.Together we stop Herbert and save Club Penguin.THE END.
main character:Legoman0819
other actors:Orioles08,Trex6464,Alista78,Mom10,Dad55947,48618poppop,Beachlover84 and My unk05
bad guy:Herbert movie would be called "Saving Club Penguin."
problem:something goes wrong


mine would be called waddle on because i could star cp superstars in it

waddle on !


I would call it The Adventures of Rainley1 because i love action movies!!


If I made a movie it would be called: "Mission possible" It would be about a group of secret EPF agents who need to go on a top secret mission to find the lost treasure of the cove. They think it's too easy until they dig up a treasure chest filled with nothing but snow and a map. The map has a big X in the wilderness and a date and time underneath: November 15 5:00 am. The current time ,according to their watch, was November 15 4:35. They only had 25 minutes! They rush to the place marked and find Herbert there about to launch the blackout on club penguin. They almost are able to disable it until Herbert sees them and they get away just before Herbert catches them. When Herbert launches the blackout they think they have lost and go back to the cove. Then they see something else in the snow in the treasure chest. they take it out: it's a golden puffle wrapped in a map of Herbert's base for the blackout. They then know they will be able to share this with the director and take down Herbert....with the added golden puffle bonus!


Id make a movie called BEHIND the MOUNTAINS when I search for parts of club penguin behind the mountains on the map but....
....Herbert traps me on the way.


My movie will be called "The corage penguin and the Golden Puffle", I will be geeting online to get the characters ,
So right now Im Having Ideas for the movie
Meet me at the action set at the sever White house at 10:00 a.m and 3:00 p.m
My location : Action set
Sever:White House
Time :10:00a.m and 3:00 p.m
I will be the Corage penguin
Other charaters
1. Soldiers
2 Police man
3 cavepenguins
You can bring:
A yellow puffle for the Golden puffle
Police man outfit
cavepenguin outfit (Ghost hunter can be your soldier outfit)
Okay so who wants to be at my movie?
Waddle on!

mighty pant:

If i was to make a movie about myself, i would call it " mighty pant's awesome time at club penguin. " I have had many good times and bad times at club penguin, so i would like to share them in movie mode.


if i made a movie, i would call it "back in the days". it would be about three penguins (in the year of 3000) who are spys. on a mission they find garys old time machine in a dump. they take the time machine to the past- a long, long time ago. then after 12 hours, they find out that was yesterday. when they try to go back to the previous day, they dont go to a time. THEY GO TO A PLACE WITH A GIANT COW DANCING ON ROLLER SKATES ON MARS WITH AN AFRO!
sincerely, pingu69888


If i made a movie it would be called'Alien vr Robot'. And it would be about a 35 armed weapon robot who lands a Jupeter, and finds a Alien who has super powers. Then they get in a war against eachother.


My movie would be named "Superheroes Unite". It would be about several superheroes including Shadow Guy,Gamma Gal, the Green Lantern, and many more teaming up to face Herbert's creation: The Squidzoid Tron 3000000000! With the help of Gary, Polo Field, Chattabox, Daffodaily, Businessmoose, Sensei, and the EPF, they defeat Herbert and the villains.


If I can make a movie, I would call it Alone and Forgotten. It would be about this Penguin named Gabby16180, and she was new on Club Penguin. Everyone was making fun of her because she had no friends, when she when back to her igloo, she sat downed and cryed. Then she heard this sound, it sounded like singing, she went over to the town to see Candance. She was singing her latest song The Party Starts Now. Since she was the shortest, she could'nt see anything. Everyone was making fun of her since she was so small, but one penguin named Brown10girl came and gived her a boost. After that, they became great friends.


I would call it "Dancieaes and the spotlight!" ;)


my movie would be called " Cadence in Hollywood " where Cadence goes to holly wood and meets her # 1 fan, Ayah 147 . they preform together and rock out with the rest of the penguins.

- ayah 147
p.s. waddle on


My movie will be called, The Great Adventure! So, there is a penguin named Caroline. She is with a group of penguins talking about what they are going to do on the weekend. Then, a note suddenly appeared right before her. She picks it up and it read, ' If you found this, and i don't know how, then it's yours. Now, my greatest treasure lies beneath the very snow. Go there and you will find the next clue.' She decided that she will try to solve the mystery. Her friends say, "Hey! You coming with us?" Caroline replies, "Not now, I um need to um... go do my homework!" Her friends say, "Okay, we will be at the Coffee Shop." Then Caroline rushes to her igloo and starts to think. Then she remembers she need to go to the Pet Store to buy some Puffle O's. So she went to buy some. When Caroline comes back to her igloo, she finds out that her igloo is mess. Then she finds another note that says 'We will be back.' Caroline realizes that whoever was looking in her igloo were trying to find the note in her pocket that she found. She says, "This is more dangerous than I thought it would be." But, she is always up for an adventure. Then she heard a door bell ring. She opened the door and a three penguins appeared. Two were holding a box. One said, "You have a delivery." Caroline replied, "I didn't order anything." The penguin said, "That is because it's you!" And put her in the box. What will happen next?


If I made a CP movie, I would call it 'The Secret of The Necklace' and it would basically be about two penguin sisters who fall down an avalanche and get seperated by the fall. One of them would lose her memory and later on find a magical necklace that transforms her life - literally! (She could understand puffles and transform into a snow leopard, puffle or mer-penguin with the necklace.) Waddle on! :D


If I could make a movie it would be about a famous penguin who ends up on another island where nobody knows who he is but the people on the island are very rude and throw him in jail.So he tries to get the people to like him so he needs to start his life all over again.I would call the movie The Miracle.


My movie would be about (drumroll please....) THE ISLAND'S PROTECTORS!! =D. So the ninjas, EPFs and former PSAs are invited to this spa, and they're really excited about it. But Polo Field accidentally releases Herbert from jail and all the newbies don't know what to do. But a very brave penguin called Cakecraving9 gets rid of Herbert and Klutzy and everyone is happy. Also, Herbert's punishment is (drumroll please....) 500 HOURS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE AND HE HAS TO EAT 50 SPICY SHRIMP/SQUID PIZZAS!!! =D!! How COOL would THAT be?!?!?


I would call it "Dawn at Amazon". I kind of made it in my room using the giant tv and remote and cameras. I used stuff from the prehistoric party to make it.


If I made a movie call her "the phone"
A history of comedy is: answer the phone when a penguin makes them prank calls.


Wait, wait, wait! I just had ANOTHER great idea! How about a show called the P Factor! It would be awesome! Cadence would love it!


if i made a movie it would be called the great mermaid quest where a girl finds a mermaid and becomes best friends and go on EPIC advantures!


oh i will record star wars! RETURN OF THE JEDUIN: PLOT: once there was a teen penguin. (fluke penguin-walker) and he saw c-p3o and r2-d2 then the droids were robbed when he found obi-wan kenobi. they teamed up with the droids. and chewie the giant puffle and han solo chewies owner. they are on a quest to destroy the second crab star. they fight darth vader and defeat him. then he decides to be good again. (when he was good he was anakin penguin-walker.) meanwhile princess leia is trying to fight jabba the green puffle. and she gets back to her brother fluke. and marries han solo.

actors: Batman24614. Pete24939. Penny54305.

quotes: fluke penguin-walker: you forbidded my father from club penguin! how could you! darth vader: no fluke. I AM YOUR FATHER! fluke penguin-walker: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! quote 2: fluke penguin-walker: i am a jeduin. like my father before me.

p.s. i changed the sad ending from the movie into a touching ending.
by fans! :-)


if i made a movie on club penguin it would be called "a dream" and it would be about a little girl named cadence and she always wanted to be a dancer. she kept dreaming about her becoming a star. after that week a dance studio opened in the town so she signed up. every Friday after school she went and they taught her more and more everyday. then when she was about 14 she became a really good dancer and became a star! then she wrote a letter to the studio and it read: thank you so much for teaching me Buchbuch! i really know my moves and people think im really good. i hope to see you again some day! and check out my new album "the party starts now" Thanks again!



If I was to star in a movie it would be called "The story of Club Penguin"

It would be about me,having wrote a diary up until this point and tell about the parties,games,and all the fun!



"The Light of Clubpenguin , a penguin's Adventure" A penguin looks for a town because his town sunk so he runs into young Rockhopper who sails with him and meets young Gary who helps build clubpenguin with young Aunt Artic and they meet candace who loves music and dancing and they made a dance club. sensei found card jitsu Gary gets scared of puffle but young PH finds out that they were good pets soon they builded clubpenguin and Rockhopper ,Gary,PH and sensei got older and older soon other penguins came and the penguin who found clubpenguin sailed to a small island and each night Gary,PH,Rockhopper and Sensei look at light and the penguin who founded clubpenguin was standing beside the light every night .


i would make a star wars-like show called Puffle Wars and it would be about ana-puffle (puffle version of anakin starwalker)(he is a blue puffle) who lived in another galaxy and his friend r3d4 robot made by his other friend smarty who is a brown puffle and then meet the bad puffle droids who have distractions like illusions and stuff like fake lazer blasters and they also have lazer blasters and ana-puffle and his friends save the galaxy and they have lightsabers and stuff like that


If I had a movie with my penguin in it...
I would have it go on a adventure in seek of treasure. It would travel through a jungle and make its way through a mystical water land. Along the way it would run into an octopus that would be in the water with fog rising above. In the end the treasure would be donated to the Club Penguin community and the event would be remembered forever in Club Penguin history.
That is what i would do!


Hi guys! My movie would be named "A Star Is Born". It would star me, Cadence, Aunt Artic, Gary and CeCe. It would be a musical about a boy that has a dream to sing. It would take place in a penguin high school. It would air February 14th 2013 @ 8 o clock PST.


If I made a movie about my penguin, well it would be Gingerbread Man in High School or Gingerbread Man in Space. I found this cool igglo that Jetter55 owns. I was wondering if you can put him up for featured igglo. Thnx


If I made a movie it would be called "Singing in the Snow" and there was a lonely, nice Yeti and he would go into Town and everyone would hide from him and he would sing about being lonely but then one penguin decided to talk to the Yeti and ask why he was there he said he wanted friends but no one was ever out, so then the penguin said that she would be his friend and they sang about a new found friendship (in the snow).


I'd make a movie called "Rise of the Elements" where a penguin goes to the dojo and finds out he is the next sensei so he must train in all the elements plus a new element called shadow, and thats how sensei goes from dojo to dojo.

Greenie G:

Hmm if I made a movie I would call it "Snowbiscuit": It would be about a terribly lonely Penguin, and a Famous racing horse. They would meet at a racinging track and she would pet him and instantly fall in love! Looking into the sad injured eyes she said "Im going to buy him!" He had been put on sale because of his leg which was injured in his accident. Suddenly, the penguin gets very sick! She believes she will die... but she thinks of her beloved horse and says she wont give up!! She progresses slowly and her horse as well, they are unseperable! They ride happily! THE END!!!!

Greenie G


My movie would be called " Herbert's Revenge: Hollywood Party". It would be about famous movie star penguins who are in the middle of filming a movie, when one of them notices a a suspicious piece of paper. When he picks it up it reads " YOU ARE DOOMED!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!! He shows it to everyone and they call all the Secret Agents to help them defeat Herbert for like the millionth time. But this time, Herbert almost defeats the entire Club Penguin, when one little penguin saves the day. Everyone is surprised by this because they thought that particular penguin was useless and incapable of doing anything. But when they're proven wrong, they learn to NEVER, EVER judge a book by it's cover.
- Jade048 <3


If I could star in my own movie it would be called "Lilazs the super secret spy!" it would be about a normal penguin (me) that finds out that she comes from a line of super secret spies,and she goes on a wild adventer trying to save the world from being ruled by the evil Calburus and she proves she CAN be a super spy! Clearly, this is what my movie would be called if I starred in it,and this is what would happen.(STAY TUNED FOR "LILAZS THE SUPER SECRET SPY 2!)


I am coolest director :D

I would call my movie is The Curious Life of a Pengu!


If i made a movie i would call it "FLOPPER AND THE ATTACK OF THE TWO HEADED PUFFLE MONSTER" and it would star me ofcourse, my puffles burner (black), bouncy, (pink), and cookie (brown).It would also star my friend ,would maybe have gary, cadence, rookie, shadow guy, and gamma gal.The story starts when partygal is taking a walk with her two puffles when the puffles stop to see some green oose.The puffles both touch it at the same time and turn into one two headed puffle.So partygal runs over to flopper's igloo and knocks.Flopper answers and partygal sais "help! my puffles are strange looking and big and evil eyedSo flopper runs to the plaza to see "i told you it was big" sais partygal005.Flopper runs to the e.p.f (every day phoning phacility) and sees gary trying to clean up kale chips on the control panel.Flopper speaks,"gary! you have to train me! i need to be stronger!" so gary speaks back "i am not very good at training, but i can build a machine that will help"."Thank you so much gary!" flopper would say."No problem flopper after all, you did help out with operation blackout"gary sais." will be in my igloo tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning" Flopper would say."You got it"sais gary.So Flopper goes back to his igloo and lays down.When all the sudden he feels itching on his waist he looks up and sees burner, bouncy, and cookie."Oh hey!" sais flopper "have you guys seen my pillow?" suddenly flopper relizes that his puffles want in."Fine" flopper sais, but only sidekicks.So flopper grabbed his pillow and went to sleep.The next morning he woke up, put on his jacket and answered the door."Hey gary! got that machine?" flopper would say."Sure do!" sais gary,so flopper started attacking the machine and then he went to practice by dancing with cadence.Then he started to train with the officials shadow guy and gamma gal. soon flopper was a fighting machine.The next day he went to the plaza and saw the two headed puffle monster eating the pizza parlor!So flopper began to get angry.He showed his suit which said Ultra guy and went inside with his puffle sidekicks.Flopper attacked at the monster but nothing worked.Suddenly flopper relized something.Pretty soon flopper was running to his igloo! He grabbed puffle medicine and went back to where the monster was still feeding away at pizza. He threw the medicine right as the monster opened its mouth and there! The monster was two little puffles again. Partygal comes rushing over picking up both puffles. She thanks flopper for saving her puffles and the plaza. Then shadow guy game down with gamma gal and they both asked flopper if he wanted to be a real super hero.Flopper was surprised!He was just about to say yes when he looked behind him.He saw his friends looking at him.So flopper said "no i have friends that need me" so shadow guy and gamma gal flew away. Partygal said "flopper? you really gave up super powers for friends?" and then flopper said "yes, yes i did" and everything was back to normal. THE END ;)


i would name it: Star Power
Then the movie will be about a person who is tired of being a bigshot and runs away to a place that she creates herself that she will be free from all the paparazzis and not being stressed of movie work. She will be herself in her own world thats called Star Power.she will get to see the beauties arounds herand she learns that it's important to do your own thing , dont let others lead you lead them and most of just have fun do what you want and in life just have fun and never let go of your dreams


If I were to make a movie starring my penguin, Yoda, it would be The Lord of The Puffles, based off of the movie series The Lord of The Rings. It would be about the young hobbit-penguin, Froudo Basketinns and his companions Slam Grangee, Mairee Blandydoe, Plippen Toke, the sorcerer Garndolf the Grey-Tan-ish, and others. The nine companions (four were not mentioned) would go on a grand adventure to release the One Puffle (a golden puffle) to the wild, for in the hands of Souron, the Dark Lord, would lead to the capture of the other puffles of power, and the destruction of Middle-Club Penguin. Throughout the quest they will journey through many lands and fight many battles against armies of evil penguins, orc-penguins, and penguin-wraiths, all under the allegiance of Souron in the shadowy land of Moredore. There will be a cast of characters and races such as penguins hobbit-penguins, penguin-elves, dwarf-penguins, penguin-ents, orc-penguins, penguin-goblins, and the who-knows-what-it-is Gollyum. This thrilling adventure will be hit with penguins and puffles alike of all ages.

Three Puffles for the Penguin-Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-Penguin-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Penguins doomed to fade,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Moredore where Shadows lie.
One Puffle to rule them all, One Puffle to find them,
One Puffle to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Moredore where the Shadows lie.

Greenie G:

If I made a movie about my Penguin It would be called "Cyber-Bully" (PS i know this sounds sapy but it gets better) About a Girl (me) named Nikky (thats not my real name) She moved to Club Penguin and had a hard time fitting in with them she is really good at Gymnastics but the cheerleaders dont let her addition and teased her saying "Nikky?? Isnt that a BOYS name??" and on top of that she starts getting Cyber bullied by someone and feels like crawling under a rock and never ever coming out :'( But school is school and the next day she finds a outcast just like her named Sophie and they tease her just the same but Nikky thinks "But shes Pretty, Nice and Smart!! How could they be mean to her??" well they become best of friends and they Realized they were jealous! They thought "We dont need them! Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me!" they didnt feel hurt anymore and felt better about themselves.. THE END!!

The Moral of my Story is that "There is Always Light Outside the Tunnel"!!

Hope u like it! ;)
Greenie G


if i made a movie with my penguin in it it would be called: Glitz and Glam. it would be about me and other penguins going to a award show and getting nominated for best penguin actress of the year.


if i made a movie it would be about a twelve year old penguin named Annie who suddenly became an orphan.Then when she's at an orphanage, she discovers what her parents had been doing. They were on a quest for an unimaginable prize. It would be called " The Quest" please vote me :)


That sounds EPIC! I think my movie would be set in midevil times. It is about a penguin named Thadrin who comes to the castle of Club Camelot (lol) in search of adventure. There he meets the famous wizard Merlin, King Arthur, Guinevere, and the knights of the round table. He saves Arthur's life from a mysterious knight. Arthur makes him a knight of the round table in return. Thadrin becomes a famous knight known all through the land and goes on many quests. One day, he is rding through the forest with Arthur and Guinevere when he comes across a young boy. The boy looks sick. Arthur takes him back to Camelot and asks his Physician to help him. When the boy is better, he tells arthur why he was in the forest. He says he was looking for Club Camelot but lost his way. When Arthur asks the boy his name, he says he does not wish to tell. Arthur does not question this, but goes to do whatever Kings do in their spare time. :) Thadrin asks the boy some questions and brings him some food. The boy does not talk much. As Thadrin leaves the room, he trips and drops a plate and cup. They hover in mid air! Thadrin turns to the boy. The boy says he used magic. Thadrin brings him to Merlin who teaches him all about magic and how to use it to it's fullest. The boy grows up and Arthur chooses to make him a knight. At the cerimony, Arthur asks if he can know the boy's name now. The boy nodds his head and says; "My name is Mordred." (To those who dont know Mordred is the infamous traitor who betrays Arthur and all of Camelot) Arthur then knights Mordred. "Arise, Sir Mordred" He says. "Knight of Camelot." The crowd cheers, but Thadrin freezes and looks to Merlin. Thadrin frowns, and Merlin looks scared. They knew that name. Later Merlin is talking to Thadrin in his tower. (Merlin has his own tower) They agree they have to protect Arthur from Mordred. They will do that at all costs. Thadrin tells his best friends Sir Gwaine, Guinevere, Sir Lancelot and Sir Percival about Mordred and they promise to look after Arthur. Later that day, Thadrin is talking to Mordred. Mordred asks Thadrin if he can trust him. Thadrin shrugs his shoulders, not wanting to answer. Mordred sighs and says; "Thadrin, I am your brother." Thadrin's eyes get big and the movie ends. It leaves you wondering what happens. At least, untill the second movie comes out. :) Hope you liek! Can't wait for the party!!



YOUR REALLY GIVING US................. 10000


If I created a movie it would be called "Dance Off Duel." Cadence comes to put on a show on Club Penguin. Before her show starts, Rookie comes to Club Penguin too. He has a new green puffle named "Cookie" cause it rhymed with Rookie and he liked cookies. The puffle can dance really well. Cadence wonders why penguins don't come to her show before it starts. Everyone is watching Rookie's puffle. Cadence looks at her puffle and they both have the same idea. She walks up to rookie and says "Puffle dance duel, should we?" Everyone was waiting for Rookie to reply, but instead he walked into the night club. All the penguins flooded the night club. The puffles both dance really well and Rookie and Cadence decide they should team up and become a crew.


Alex 8992:

If my penguin were to have a movie about my penguin id call it life in a cp college. it would be about a penguin ( Sammy apple is what her name would be ) that was going to college and she really didn't fit in but when she met a friend and her freind discovered that sammy apple was a really great singer and she was the only one who knew so she has to convince sammy apple to enter a talent show thats only in there town for a few weeks.

Waddle on - Alex 8992


i would call my movie Return of the Robot Ninjas it would be about club penguin ninjas fighting robot ninjas made by Herbert.Also it would be about a club penguin ninja with all three elements.


I'd make a movie called the CP Gals Show. it'd be about to best friends finding new dreams and making them come true!!!
the stars of the show would be me, Alex31591 and my real life friend, blue blue ble9


I would make a quest of the golden puffle part 2. I think Alaska and Yukon go on another hunt in search of the rare gold puffle in a haunted house!


i think i would make a movie called "A Haunted Club Penguin". Where me and my buddies hear a sound when trying to sleep and go investigate. Then all the areas in club penguin are empty and ghosts are in every corner!


I got a parody called the waddle (parody of the matrix) . and a movie for sensei in his young years here is the plot : sensei is telling
two of his best students a story about his young life training in card jitsu , finding love , fighting enmys , and becoming a ninja and ends by sensei telling that student "if i die you may own the dojo and protect it with your life ." The cast for the WADDLE
ME :main guy, MY puffles the main guy s pets,main guys master Mr braids55,POlo field and buiness moose bad guys. NOW
for the cast OF sensei's life, cast : ME sensei young and old , MR braids55 sensei's enymy and best friend,POLOFIELD and buisnessmoose sensei's student,Happy77 as sensei's love.
since now Waddle on
you friend ,

Pink Bunny10 :

Hi! It would be called The Life Of Pink Bunny10! It would be very glittery and sparkly and it would show my penguin as a superstar!! Im very diva-ish, lol! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!

Hey Cool Me9:

I would have a movie called The Magic Curls and it would be about a girl named Lea who never liked her hair and she tried on these curls that made her look amazing and then she was popular. But evil Liza (aka Super Duper popular) rips off the hair and tries to control the world but Lea got the curls back and burned off their power and it never got seen again.

For Now.......


My movie would be Titanic : A Club Penguin Version! Or Starlight, it will be about a spooky castle on a mountain in the edge of a village! Then maybe a group of friends get lost while camping in a forest and ends up in front of the gates of the castle! The villagers think the castle is cursed! But the friends find out a little surprise.... the rest is mystery :)


My Movie Would be About a Penguin That Wants to Donate to Coins for Change All Year Round, so They Make a Mini-Coins for Change in Their Iggy. They Earn Lots of Coins and it Would Show How it Helps All the Penguins Around the World. It Would be a Great Thing to Watch Because it Would Inspire Penguins to Donate to Charities Even When it's Not a Holiday, in Reallife. I Know it Would Inspire me. :D
Waddle On
PS Please Post!!!!


I think i would call the movie The Igloo Contest with a lot of furniture, pictures, and a lot of fire. I think it would be funny and full of action.


If I were to make a movie, it would be called The Secret of the Iceberg. My penguin would form a secret organazation of EPF agents to discover if it really could tip. SPOILER ALERT: It does tip and the penguins find a lost civilization under it! It is Plub Cenguin, a Club Penguin that existed years ago and still thrives....but they never knew that the other was even there! The EPF agents construct a magical bridge that allows them to access Plub Cenguin at any time. This accidental discovery leads to a long friendship among the two and Club Penguin history changed forever.

P.S. This has been my idea for a party for a long time...if it was a party it would be sooo EPIC! : D


Hmmmm, if I made a movie it would be called 'The Night Creatures'. It would be about me just waddling around in the forest one day on Blizzard, When all of a sudden,the lights turned off and the sky went black. I was VERY alarmed, and thats when it happened a SHADOW ninja hops out of the bushes looks at me and then flips away. I decide to follow him into the dojo hideout.
And then, right near the door I saw SENSEI sitting, but not in his chair. I asked him what happened and he said that HE was beaten in card jitsu by a gang of shadow ninjas. I called the EPF, and Gary teleported to the courtyard he had a bunch of light gadgets, such as lanterns, flashlights and bright yellow lazer. He tried to go in, but it was locked. He got night vision goggles and looked through the walls, and told us that there was a BIG cloud in the middle of the dojo, seeming to be coming out of the black stone in the middle. That was when we realized it, Gary, me and sensei, touched the middle of our amulets and we turned into THE SHADOW NINJAS!!!! We turned to full shadow and walked through the doors. then it was us three vs 1000 and guess what?
We won!!! and all of the shadow ninjas gave up, they waved a white flag and turned to dust and we were up in the courtyard with all of Club Penguin,beyond the stairway. Then we told them EVERYONE not just members could be SHADOW NINJAS!!!!
Oh REALLY SORRY about my past director movies I just realized till' this day that it said YOUR penguin I feel SOO ashamed of myself. :'(


if i could make a movie i would make it about a penguin who gets zapped by lightning and has to go into old cartoons and new cartoons first one pokemon and he has to beat the elite four, the gym leaders and the champion. after that he gets zapped into zelda ocarina of time and he has to save the princess of hyrule castle after that he has to go to sonic and mario at the olympic winter games and has to get ten gold, silver and bronze medals. last but not least he goes into wreck it ralph and has to win a game of sugar rush racing. thank you for reading my story also please review me i've never ever been reviewed i've been playing club penguin since 2008 never been reviewed so please pick me p.s i need a lot of coins i cant do any games like a pro right now so please. p.p.s the name of my movie is game of your lives


If I made a movie starring my self it would be called... (Keers vs. megamorph the destroyer).I would have the power of laser vision and I could fly. Kitty90721was there.She had the same powers.we fought megamorph the destroyer....and......................WE WON!THE END. :D


if i would make a movie it would probaly be called "under ground secret"

there some penguins playing in the forest one penguin moves a rock
theres a passage way the go down it now they are in the hidden
lake they see the water and jump in the penguins become
mermaids!they decide they must keep this a secret.
the end
waddle on cp!!


I would make a movie called stop bullying/cyberbullying because that has been a huge impact on me. I have been bullied before so im trying to stop bullying. Bulling can hurt many people. I hope I get picked! thanks! WADDLE ON CP!!! ;) Love Cp


If I made a movie starring my penguin I would most likely call it "Unexpected Treasure" and it would be about Doll599 and her best buddy, Snowchicken1 trying to meet the famous penguins ,but it is too crowded and they are disappointed at not getting a chance, but later as they waddle around Club Penguin they bump into the famous penguins and they are happy after being the famous penguins` friends!


If I could make a movie about a penguin, I would make it about the adventures of Fratter1, who is at first a grumpy secret agent (details are classified)who, with her cheery green puffle, save Club Penguin from a planned catistrophic revenge (all credit to Herbert). Through out the movie Fratter1 makes a few friends and realizes that there is no point in being close-minded. In the end, Fratter1 and the help of her friends throw an epic party and when everyone goes home She gets a unanimous call about a rogue orca... (Que epic music)



hi again polo field spike hike and buissmoose i think thats your name forgot sorry anyway if you remember from my first story about the old and new cartoons i would also include me spike34737 my friend madd33 and a few other friends that are on club penguin a lot like happy cookie anyway i forgot some bits so this is like an ad for my movie so please listen or should i say read. in a world filled with penguins and snow what happens when your friends and your self get caught in a time controller that zaps you to old and new cartoons. now hold it right there then i would show some parts of penguins having there first pick of starter pokemon travelling the regions having gym battles then some video clips of penguins battling monsters with swords and boomerangs after that clip it would be having snow board races bob sleighing races with marion and sonic there teams vs my friends also me of course lol then after that mario and sonic lose to us and sign us up for racing at sugar rush if we lose we pick a world that we were in to stay at forever if we win we get to go back home or we can pick thank you for listening spike34737 out.


I would make a movie about me and my friends saving the island from Herbert in Operation Blackout with our puffle powers! The movie would be called Power PUFFS! and Operation Blackout. There would be a scene in the movie with Aunt Arctic's secret being revealed......


i would make a movie called "PROM DISASTER"! it would be about three popular girls and a "nobody", competing at prom to win the crown for the school's alpha. When the the shy girl wins the the poplars will do anything to get that crown! and that's when the action begins..

Lucky Pengu8:

Movie Title: The Ancient Puffles

Characters: Lucky Pengu8, A bunch of ancient Puffles and Gary the Gadget Guy

Storyline: Lucky Pengu8 the explorer penguin was adventuring and finds a gold ancient door in a forest and goes on a mission do find the golden puffle key.When she finds the key she comes back to the gold door and opens it. She looks inside and can't believe her eyes. There were gold and silver puffles everywhere! They were shiny and furry and totally cute so she brings the puffles back to Club Penguin and then gives them to Gary to analyze and gary says its okay to bring them to the pet shop so everyone can get one. At the after the credits it would show a statue of lots of happy penguins holding their puffles.

Waddle on and love puffles cause we penguins are the only kind who have the so lets make the most of it! And I say again Waddle on!!!
( '-' )
P.S. Special Thanks to The Penguin Team for the challenge! Loved deciding a movie!!
P.P.S. The only thing I dont like about Club Penguin is that the island doesn't have a statue of you guys! (;>)
Again again I say WADDLE ON!!!!!!! :D




if i had a movie starring me it would me called ''South High Radio''. It would be about a girl named Crystal [ me!] and a boy named Troy who get picked for a radio station in South High. They find lots of stuff to talk about and the radio station goes viral. The president comes to their school to go on TV. Now they are celebs and they go to a big college. They buy a house and get on another radio station. they do the radio station for the rest of their lives and they visit South High every month.


If I made a movie with a penguin it would be a akshin move the star penguin name would be Feltcher the bad guy would be Jake Jake Pat it would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool .

p.s.I plz publshed before :(


I would make a movie about a girl penguin named Skye with four best friends. The girl becomes famous and starts to loose all of her best friends. Then she ruins her career to earn her friends back. It would be called "Famous Girl".
Thanks for reading! Waddle on CP! :D

RJ wilk:

it would be called in space because i love space! and beacuse the universe is full of astrodes i would live on one of them in my movie, and it would have all the mascots in it like gary, rookie and all that, btw it would be based on club penguin making a rocket to go to space :)


Hey Polo, hey everybody! My movie would probably be called "Kokolicious" and it would be about how my penguin turned from just your everyday neighborhood skateboarder to an astounding olympic athlete. Many awesome and epic skateboarding will be included. Waddle on!



Mine would be called "Skateboard Lost" where a penguin who loves to skateboard finds out that all the skateboards in the world are stolen and tries to find out who stole all the skateboards.

Waddle on Club Penguin!


if i made a movie about my penguin, it would be called darkness rise, and about a normal seeming girl named lucy10273 who had a secret and it was that she was one of the great protectors of club penguin! there are 5 great protectors in all and lucy10273, had a special power that let her turn day to night and become a shadow! like her, every great protector has a power like flying, ice weapons, and much more. but with the powers its very dangerous too have power, so they can become greedy for power! (sorry i said power too many times..) and sadly lucy10273 falls for it and becomes greedy for power. she even trys to destroy an take over cp! luckily the other greats stop her from turning clubpenguin into a dark, and ruled island by lucy! soooo thats what my movie would be about. that all surprisingly came to me in my head. lol hope u like my idea. go clubpenguin!!!!!!

Smart Red:

If i had a movie with my penguin in it it would be an exiting adventure called: Stage Rage! When something is happining at the stage and the actors are dissipearing its up to me and my penguin buddies to stop the Polar Bear! But, it turns out that all Herbert wanted to do is to have a change to have a big major roll... or ALL of them this this case. WADDLE ON!


Well,my movie would be called Being Famous since it's the Hollywood Party!This normal girl in high school(character me!)talks to her best friend,Grace(some other penguin)Hey the girl said and her best friend said What?The girl said Wanna join that play!The girl,Sofia points to a poster then her friend said Sure why not!So,they go to the drama club and see other penguins audition for the play and then there turn was next!The other penguin left the stage and then it was Sofia's turn!She sang like never before!Her friend was well not good.Sofia said Good job and her friend said You too!Then,the next day the results were in!The girls came to school and looked at the results!Sofia said i'm the main person in the whole entire play!Everybody cheered but her friend wasn't even in the play!Grace turned around and left.The whole school was spreading rumor about Sofia getting the main part!A couple days later someone famous heard about this so she went to the school!The famous person said to her Wanna become famous with me!Sofia said Of course!Then she was treated so famous!Then after a couple months she was getting tired of being famous and then she said I'M TIRED OF BEING FAMOUS AND I WANT TO BE AT SCHOOL RIGHT NOW!So,she turned and went back to school!Her friend was all alone and Sofia said I am so sorry and Grace said It's okay and hugged Sofia!So it's sometimes hard to be famous!But penguins

Waddle On,
Mika21694(P.S I am a girl)


If i made a movie i would call it '' Club Penguins Greatest Adventures '' It would be about all Club Penguins Parties


If I was going to make a movie It would be about this penguin who get fed up with walking one puffle at a time because she got like 12 puffles and it takes her ALL DAY to walk them all! So one day she decides to get a lot of leashes and walk them all at once. Which turns out to be a very bad idea because she gets dragged along and everywhere by her puffles and they end up crashing into penguins and buildings! She even crashes into Gary, Rookie and Aunt Artic! Finally the puffles tire out right out in the middle of nowhere! But just as our heroin is at her lowest rescue comes via Rookie and quickly coming up behind the rescue party is Aunt Artic who want to interview her and Gary who wants her to help him study puffles as an alternative energy sorce. So All was that ends well and our heroin learns to NEVER walk more than one puffle at a time no matter how long it takes! The movie would be called Never More Than One and I would be the Heroin!
Rock On CP!


ok my movie would be calded the adventer of SUPER LIMEY and the amazing WRISTBAND my bff wristband 119 would haft to be in it it would not be the same without her now the movie would be about its alllllllllll the way back to the superhero party when the avengers and super limey and the amazing writsband end up being invited to be in the avengers they say yes and go of to defet herbert ONCE AND FOR ALLLLLLLLLL

Anakin 71:

if I where to make a movie about my penguin it would be called Quest to Rockhopper island! : it would be about a black penguin (me) and a pink penguin (MY best friend jessie 72) on club penguin looking for clues to a secret cave that leads to Rockhopper island and they get into a lot of adventure's and run for there lives when Herbert P bear finds them in the tunnel to rockhopper island. And the EPF follow the foot prints and they also find penguin prints, and then they follow it to rockhopper island where Herbert is having his dream life of living in a paradise and the two penguin's give the EPF a tour around. Then the EPF would tell Club penguin all about it and everyone would know the cave as " The tunnel to Rockhopper paradise" i would LOVE to see a movie like that! ~BY: Anakin 71 B)

Jilly Can101:

Wow, awesome Hollywood Party!
If I were to star in a movie, I would call it Club Penguin: A Guide to the Game! It would be like a documentary sort of thing, and a penguin named Jilly Can101 would narrate everything, and tell you about Club Penguin! She would give you a tour, try out some games, and tell you about all the parties. I think that would be cool, because you can watch a movie while learning about Club Penguin!
~Jilly Can101~


If i can make a movie i would name it " The search of the lost sea " its about a penguin named Dragonite996 and his puffle Rath finding the lost sea. Legend says " The one who have found the lost sea will seek the treasure " in the middle of the movie they found the sea but its not a sea its a temple! They when inside no one was found they saw a crown so they when to get the crown but there are traps! In the end they got out of the temple they are safe they went back home and never told anyone about the adventure. THE END




My film's name nwould be "Girls from light". It's about 5 girls, with very specials powers: the smallest, Arabella[14 years], has the lightning, Aqualinda[15 years] has the water, Terra[16years] has the earth, Lexy[17 years] has the wind and the biggest, Cora[18 year] has the fire.
When they "discovered their powers", the thought Arabella don't, but shi knew. When Arabella fall in love with a misterious penguin, she made a curse come true. Then she have to save her penguin sisters from the evil Excalibur.
Oh, and Arabella was the powerful even she was the smallest.
First, she save Aqualinda, next Terra, then Lexy, then Cora and the last one, who was stronger than Cora[but not stronger than Arabella], Aqualinda.
Then Arabella save the penguins girls, keepeng his secret from her sisters :D
I hope you like my story[even i think i didn't wrote all correcly, but you'll understand :D]


If I made a movie starring myself, I would make a Rapunzel re-imagining called "Rapunzel and the Shadow Elves." In that movie, Rapunzel's (me) hair grows back and the magic it used to have comes back, making it blonde again. Now, a group of evil elves called the Shadow Elves have kidnapped her parents, the King and Queen of the Sunlight Kingdom. She goes on a quest to protect her kingdom from the Shadow Elves and save her parents before it's too late. It would be a mix between action, fantasy, and horror (and don't tell me why I got the idea for mixing those genres together, because, you know, you'll catch me)! Do you like it?

P.S. I have never been posted, so please post!

By the way, WADDLE ON!


My penguin’s movie would be called “Life in Sunglasses” because they are my favorite accessory and they make me glamorous! I would have a typical life of hanging with friends, shopping, acting, going to parties, and cheerleading!! Who doesn’t love the teen life!

holly happy1:

if i had a movie staring my penguin i would call it "the ballerina princess" & it would be about a baby penguin named danielle who takes ballet lessons & want to be a princess. but the other cp babies in her class are only allowed to be dancers & gymnasts & this means that she can only be a ballerina since she's not very flexible, that is. until she met princess camille of course. princess camille told danielle that in order to be a princess, she had to marry a prince & so there's really no prince in cp right now. but she also said that ballerinas are very similar to princesses in many ways, like for an example some ballerinas wear tiaras & some even wear princess hats. camille also told her that she can be a ballerina princess & that camille can teach danielle how to be a ballerina princess so that her wish can come true. after 6 weeks of practice, she finally achieved her goal, danielle had became a ballerina princess. Princess Danielle & Princess Camille lived happily ever after:


My movie would be called “Penguin Goddess”!! It would have my friends playing roles of greek gods and I would be a goddess with a palace as my igloo and wear long silky dresses going on adventures using my superpowers of being a god with my friends fighting the evil!!


My movie would star me, a huge confused yellow puffle, a random penguin and Gary. It would be called 'The Puffle That Was Tamed' So, I'm just having a quiet coffee when I hear crazy screams outside! As I rush out, I glimpse a big furry ball! It could only be one thing. A giant puffle! Gary the gadget guy is cowering behind. It was one of his experiments gone wrong. A penguin grabs me and yells "RUN!" in my ear, but I don't listen, there MUST be a way to help this confused creature! So he stands beside me and faces the puffle, because that's how considerate penguins are. I quickly rush into the clothes shop and yank an oversized scarf from an box! The penguin is waiting outside and Gary looks stressed. Me and the guy hold one end of the scarf each, and we trip the puffle up. It lands in some soft, snowy bushes. I run up to it and start coaxing it and saying nice things to it, and gradually, it starts to shrink back to normal size. I make friends with Gary and the penguin and I make the puffle my pet.


- Kushbo :)

Duck Dude1:

mine would be a kind of Waddles Bonde movie were there are loads of spy's and bad guys and bank robbers !Herbert could be the master villain master-mind and he could have a massive army of crabs with Klutsy as the commander of them!I would like one part of it to be about space and I'll leave the rest to you guys...


hi cp I would make a movie called Waddle for you lives there are three cool penguins and some bad guys who have guns and the three penguins are on a and the bad guys follow them trying to kill them then whenthe penguins and the bad penguins get to the last building thay surrond the three epic penguins but then thay remember they can belly slide on walls so thay get on there bellys and slide down the wall then the building blows up and thay get in a chopper with turrets and fly away and kill the bad guys-phineas18


My movie would be a about a regular teenage girl named Ginger by day and a super spy by night. She has to face the hardships of school while fighting crime. Her worst enemy would be named Dr.Lunatac and he's trying to take over Club Penguin by putting mind control powder on the all of the coffee beans and pizza dough. Ginger has always hated the fact that she was allergic to coffee beans and wheat but it just might now. Everyone in town will be going after her.


Movie name : „Just call me Herbert”

Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆

Description : Herbert's gone crazy ! He has turned to good and wants to become a friend of all penguins ! He is trying to do good things , but he doesn't know how and he destroys everything by mistake !
The penguins must do something he doesn't like so he'll become a bad guy again !

Scenario : Frozy007

Copyright 2013 Waddle on Studios ®


if i had a movie staring me i will call it keep safe have fun its about a silly boy penguin called cheeky who try' s to ruin sunny's and snowy's game but he din't (snowy is my bff called snow and fun)then cheeky is called funny and he plays with snowy and sunny's game.


My movie would be about a girl in a sweet shop who gets sucked in a hurricane and finds herself in candyland.She then has to defeat a baddie called''Sour Candy'' . its called welcome to candyland the movie!!!


Okay I would make a movie called E.P.F. vs THE EVIL in the start you would see Rookie plays round in the gadget room when he trips and finds a hidden box and on it it says DO NOT OPEN ESPESALLY IF YOU ARE ROOKIE and can you guess what he did?he opened it. Inside there was a big piece of that meteor what hit cp at the marvel party.Rookie thought this was what he used to go to the time of the dinos although poor Rookie could not go in case he messed up space continuism but then he heard gary coming so he graped the box n head outside an he totally forgot about the box and later on that day when we was up on ski hill he roped it ad it fell own the other side of the hill .and guess who catchs it.herbertan he uses it to bring back probot and when there is big fight ith epf vs probot and herbert.


Dear Club Penguin Team,
I would make a movie where we capture Herbert after he's caught stealing blueprints from Gary's office. Then along comes a rainbow puffle (o.O) and zaps Herbert into outer space. He goes to a planet a lot like Club Penguin but its inhabited by aliens. Everyone picks on Herbert. They play pranks on him. Examples- buckets of gunge above every door and hot sauce in his pants. He wants to go back to Club Penguin. He writes a letter to Gary asking him if he can come back to Club Penguin. He promises he will be as good as gold. Gary lets him come back to Club Penguin and Herbert opens a photo studio of his times on Club Zorkon (the alien planet like Club Penguin). He becomes a hero and not a villain. Even Gary begins to admire him!

I hope you like my movie idea!

xxx ;)


If I Were to star in a movie it would be called "A blue life"
It would be about my time on cp(parties,meeting mascots etc)

Waddle On!

khushu pet:

this party seems to be a lot of fun. I will be directing a movie and i would name my movie 'CLUBPENGUIN STARS AND EVENTS' . It will be about a girl who researches things about Club penguin stars like Aunt Arctic, Candence ,Gary and Club penguin super fun events .Over all , THIS IS GONE BE LOTS OF FUN!

Waddle on and HAVE FUN!

By Khushu Pet

Think Candy:

I would like to make a movie called ''CANDY IN ANDROMEDA'' my movie should star me and friend Hellobear2 . GARY and ROOKIE will take parts as spies. they will be called the ''Amazing Spiez'' they will have the super smart Brown Puffle named Attakasin .
And we'll have the brand new ''Flimstar Puffle'' named Filmy. He is cute,smart,powerful and Gold in colour. The movie's is a sci-fci one, hope you love it POLO FIELD.


I wish I could be in a proper movie as that's been my wish for ages! so my movie would be called, 'the danger between Harvey and Luke' which doesn't sound very exciting but I guess I might work. so the start would be in like the night club then Luke and Harvey come in and start arguing about a glass of pop. then they start to discover their powers( which are totally different) and soon Luke starts t go bad and Harvey goes really perfect and they try to save the world in their own way E.G. Luke will make all the humans hypnotized and makes then destroy them selves and Harvey will make everyone perfect and work at the same time doing the same things. As soon as it goes to far, Clutzy (who wasn't effected) makes an army and tries to stop Harvey and Luke ruling the world. And I don't want to spoil the rest! ( Cp can make the rest up!) I Think this will 'probably' be a big hit! (not).


I think if I could I'd make a movie called POLAR BEARS VS PENGUINS. Herbet has convinced his friends and reletive's to DISTROR}Y ALL PENGUINS!!! They invade the light house, the beach and the Dock. The penguins try to take back their land in THE BATTLE UNDER THE BEACONS LIGHT!!! The penguins are losing until Rockhopper comes and releases an army of red puffles. An EPF agent manages to sneek in and discover that Herbet is secretly building a secret wepon called the FREEZER to freez the penguins and polar bears. The agent manages to distroy the wepon and use it to make the penguins and polar bears have peace. The two speacies celebrate together and everyone is happy. Exept Herbet who is arrested by the EPF again.

The end

huggles 13:

I would name my movie "Atomic Penguin", it is about a friendly teenage penguin who is highly athletic and loves almost every single sport that he tries, especially ice hockey and hanging out with his best friends. He is not afraid to speak his mind on any subject, and he dislikes any and all forms of bullying, snobbery, and injustice.
Unknown to most of his friends and family, however, he is also a Galactic Guardian and a defender of the Cosmos, dedicated to interstellar peace keeping and law enforcement. A reason for him keeping his Galactic Guardian identity a secret from his friends and family, is that when in space, he is famous as the Universe's best loved protector and Earth is the only place for him to have a somewhat normal life. He adventures beyond the Milky Way and fights different enemies and still gets back in time for algebra class.


it would be called PENGUIN PRINCESES...SOMETIMES it is about a penguin who is a princeses butt also a spy
hope you like it


i would make a musicall one about a boy who loves a girl and gets picked one but then at the end the bully ends up anoyed and wet when the sad boy gets his girl and he turns out to be the most popular person in school.allso i get to star in it . lol rolf. p.s. club penguin rules so much i bet its the postpopular game ever.


mine is gonna be puffle dobule its about 2 puffles who are secret epf puffles so i love the things you make cp i wouhld make a show called herbert FAILS


I would make a movie called... weeelll I cant think of a name but it would be about a penguin named chappy10293 who goes on adventures in space and goes into different dementions and meets some ailiens that some are friendly and some are nice.


if my penguin was in a movie it would be a awesome sportsman and then he would also have a life as a trumpet player and a huge star!
which one would he choose to be his real life!
it would be called
'life+extas on the side'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he would go to different things all the time and even have to be in different countries by the hour!!!!!!!!!
as he approaches 13 he has decide, but which one does he rely want??
want to find out???????????????
i will tell you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would call my movie the diamond puffle. Everyone would hunt it down and gary would track it down and the diamond puffle teamed up with a golden puffle. They try to take over the world with lazer eyes and everyone descovered they were metal but gary noticed there was off switches but they where to small.Then gary called agents but they hurt them selves trying to break them.Gary called sensei and ninjas came they could not break it.But then the agents and ninjas teamed up and they SHUT THEM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My movie would be called: Take to the sky, which would be about a young girl named Shneckendity who does things HER way, along with a couple of her friends, puppy212 and petships, as they try different ways to fly, and be different while they go along with it. At the end, after trying everything, they are about to give up when they see a penguin handing out balloons. They use all of their coins to buy a bunch of balloons, tie it around their waists, and start to lift off the ground!


If My Penguin Starred In A Movie, It Would Be About A Girl Lonely And Has No Friends And Is Bullied Everyday! One Day She Moves To San Francisco With Her Parents Because Of All The Bullying! (that's How Bad It Was!). She Meets LOTS Of New Friends! But One When Day She Was Playing Outside With Her Little Sister, She Felt Some Tap Her Back! She Turned Around To See A girl That Looked Her Age Standing there! ''Hi'' Said The Girl,''Im Lily! ''umm, Hi!'' .''Im_'' ''I Know Exactly Who You Are'' Said Lily! ''Oh''Said Paris Confused.''Paris Scott From 99 Daley Road , Seattle!'' Whispered Lily! ''How Do You Know?'' Asked Paris. ''Oh Your Mom Told Me'' Said Lily. ''But How-'' ''I Knocked On Your Door'' She Said,''I Knew You Were New To Your Neighbor Hood!'' ''Oh!'' ....... And From That Day On Lily And Paris became Best Friends And Went From Junior High School To University And They Both Got Jobs As Doctors And They Lived Happily Ever After!


I would make a movie called "legend of the rock god" and it would be about me and how I become a legendary rock star!!! I would start out playing the guitar and singing alone me then slowly I would be come the biggest star in he world/club penguin!!!!!! It would tell my life story and show all my songs! It would be funny, adventurous, and everyone would love it!!!!!!! Then in the end it would fast forward to 1000 years into the future and I am still the greatest rock star and my music still hasn't been forgotten!!!!!! =D


i would probably be in an adventure movie called the escape to Rockhopper island! My penguin would be a fearless explorer who would do anything to get to rockhopprer island! and thats a wrap.


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