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By Polo Field on February 7, 2013 - 11:08

Hello Penguins!

One week to go until the Hollywood Party starts! In our last Reviewed By You, we asked what you liked best about the Prehistoric Party. Bookgirl1998 had this to say:

I LOVE dinosaurs so I this party is AWSOME! I love that you can change into dinosaurs and even if you aren't a member, you can still feed them, look for eggs, and collect the dinosaur outfit! My favorite dinosaur from this party is... ALL OF THEM! Only thing I really want is to meet Gary (I haven't meet him yet!). I hope you guys keep making cool parties like this! :D

If you didn't have a chance to meet Gary in January, you'll have another chance to meet him at the Hollywood Party! Speaking of the Hollywood Party...

If you made a movie starring your penguin, what would you call it? And what would the movie be about? Tell us all about it in a comment! We’ll pick one comment to feature next week. If your comment’s featured, you’ll get 10,000 coins to spend however you like!

Until then … Waddle On!

- Club Penguin Team



I'll make a movie called the Saranormal. It's about five silly friends on a adventure to save Sara, who's been gone for 7 long days.
She's been captured by Shadow, a quick and fearless robber of penguins. 28 penguins are in his deep cave which he holds the sercret
Princess Sara. All they want is there pretty friend Sara. But then as they see weak Sara, she is dropped my Shadow in to a hole.
Which she becomes a minion of Shadow and a ghost who hates all of her friends. They need to fight the Princess in order to save her. Will Shadow win Sara? Or will the five friends will?

Axel 112:

My movie name will be "Axel 112 and the rescue of the antique puffle".
My movie is about herbert invents a machine that controls puffles minds and when he activates the machine suddenly appears an very old puffle with a bear the antique puffle (the color of the puffle is rainbow), and that puffle was the first puffle that created all puffles and if he is out of his habitat all the puffles will die.
So I will go on an adventure with PH to save the antique puffle and save all puffles destiny.
I hope you like it.
Axel 112


Hi penguin team! I would make a movie called... ATTACK OF THE GIANT ANCHOVIES! Or a magical movie called The Giant Penguin! and there would be penguins and thousands of....... SHARKS!! Yikes! They Would Have To Watch Out! I wonder if there could be a magical fairy penguin if i find one that is. Penguin Team I Hope You Like My Idea For A Movie! Hope You Like It!

all from only penguin

guide cp:

if i made a movie i wold call it (card jitsue and the dragons of wisdom)! it would be about four brave ninjas in a quest to find the dragons who are about to be captured by herbert the pro bot and klutzy. the place would take in a new area called the mountains of mystery.Sensei tells the ninjas about the dragons of chines new year then the four young ninjas go to the tallest mountain but when they see herbert and the evil villans they hide to hear what they are talking about. herbert:Oh Klutzy i have found the perfect plan.klutzy:click ashure we will defeat the EPF agents.when they get out of the cage they see them going in a mystiriuse elevator to a mountain.then they see dragons in thir hands.the yound ninjas find herbert aand dissapear mangeing to get the dragons as herbert loos at his hand he sees that there is only a puffle.the ninjas put the dragons back in the cave actualy a diffrent one far away from the mountain and they go back to sensai.Sensei:what have you done today my fellow grasshoppers.ninjas:yes we saved the dragons from herbert.Sensei:well done i promote you with the charm of the sensei.THE END! hope you liked it


My movie would be called 'The life of Herbert'. My penguin and friends would star as EPF and PSA agents. It is about Herbert life when he was younger and his plans (that we have defeated him on :)) It starts with him sitting down watching a penguin eat a fish pizza, he then orders a vegetarian one but wears a disguise. Hes sees the agents laughing and having fun and it reminds him of when he was younger. Then is goes into his life. It ends with the agents defeating him and he is sent away on an iceberg, he enters and leaves club penguin in the same way :). Then at the end, a rainbow puffle emerges from the iceberg and Herbert makes friends with it, he then learns to love puffles.

Waddle on CP
Eggy Em xxxx


my movie would be called perfect song its a little like the movie pitch perfect but more kid like! it would be about my penguin in a talent show and shes trying to impress the popular girls. with her friends by her side she might be able to do it!! and of course there will be ACTION RoMaNcE and drama!!!


If I could make a movie, it would be: All the penguins have dissapeared! 5 puffle friends go on an adventure to try and get the penguins back! It's full of adventure!

chock mima:

I like more of sci-fi I would like a time machine like the prehistric party

chock mima:

I would also like a EPF movie about they rebuild the EPF and find herbert and clutzy and finally keep them with NO escape and they find other things to fight and try to fight them.


I would make a movie called ''A Penguins Life'' and it would be about a penguin and the everyday life. It would be about penguins and the parties . Cadence Gary and other penguins would be in it!!!!!!!


I liked all the events and continues to improve every day for the penguins continue having fun more


I liked all the events and continues to improve every day for the penguins continue having fun more


If I Made A Movie About Myself It Would Be Called Celebi251 Saves The Day!


I wrote a story once, The Girl With The Spiral Notebook. It is about a girl who meets this shy, creative girl who always seems to be scribbling in her notebook. She becomes friends with the creative girl- until she finds out what is really inside that notebook of hers..
Waddle On,


Hi, Star9010 here :) Hope you love this Movie called ''Flare Beware'' Its about Flare the daughter of Fire Sensei. Only she doesn't know. Soon Gary he makes a fire machine on accident instead of the snow machine for the Dojo. He accidently drops it on the sidewalk not very far from Flare. But when the evil Herbert gets his paws on the snow machine that Gary makes again from his lost, he makes snow on everything. Then Flare unlocks who she really is and brings the heat up a notch. Finally after all that stuff she finds her fire dad and the fire people from long long ago. Then Flare is hated for melting the snow. Jumbo Tvs are always on the mysterious girl who made it hot. That's how the Hunt For Flare started. ''BEWARE OF FLARE.'' people chanted.So she was locked up for her powers. But why was she locked up for being who she is?And will she get out?Will the people change there minds?
You Decide! But meanwhile... Waddle On!


If I was going to make a movie starring my penguin, it would be called "Penguins In Penguin Island". It would be a comedy about a penguin who is moving from Antarctica to Penguin Island! WADDLE ON CP!

Camofladge 6:

I made a movie and it was called 'The Penguins That Herbert Forgot' Herbert has captured the princess to make his machine work but then MW3 (the saviour)comes to save the princess that Herbert has taken but his side kick Jally runes the hole plan and gets MW3 caught by Herbert so that means Jally is the only one who can save the island..........



Well if I made a movie,
It would definitely be a about a mystery! I really love mysteries so It would definitely be about that!
Probably about a mystery in a school. Like, 5 kids who have to figure out this, massive secret.
A little action, and a little romance. So 5 kids who have to go on this quest (Action) to figure out this secret (Mystery) and they have to all stay together whenever and wherever so they stay safe (Romance). I would have to call
this movie, Secrets.
A juicy movie name so many people will like to see it!

Spoiled Nina:

I would star in a super hero movie like shadow guy and gamma gal and go to a polar bear portal and find Herbert P. Bear's parents and ask them "why is he trying to take over club penguin"?


yes i would so make a movie and its gonna be called: WHERE NO PENGUIN HAS GONE BEFORE. its about these penguins that find a superultramega transporter and accidentally get transported to a parallel universe! everything literally everything is basically like alien!!
this movie is kinda based on the dream i had last night. weird isn't it ?




If I made a Club Penguin movie it would be about this penguin going to her igloo then going on the computer and playing some kind of virtual world and being sucked into the virtual world and having to survive danger and waddle along and make friends the movie would be called Survive The Internet -Jaymes2003 waddle on cp!!!!

Forest Starr:

I would call my movie "The Butterfly Penguin and the Golden Egg" It would be about a butterfly penguin with butterfly wings in a purple dress with starlette hair and a golden egg. The butterfly penguin would find the golden egg and it would hatch a golden penguin who would fight a terrible monster.


My movie would be called 'Trapped!' and would be about the mountain expedition where a penguin gets trapped in a mound of snow and has to try and survive in a cave inside the tallest mountain!


If I could make my own movie then I would make it about an evil penguin that wants to join forces with herbert and take over and destroy club penguin.G accidentally looses his morph-anator 3000 and it falls in the hands of the evil penguin and herbert. Herbert and the evil penguin morph them selves into adorable Puffles and take over club penguin with there cuteness. It's up to me to save them. Gary gives me a special devise and I use it. This devise allows me to see where Herbert and the evil penguin are. I then capture them and lock them up!

Waddle on!




If I could make my own movie then I would make it about an evil penguin that wants to join forces with herbert and take over and destroy club penguin.G accidentally looses his morph-anator 3000 and it falls in the hands of the evil penguin and herbert. Herbert and the evil penguin morph them selves into adorable Puffles and take over club penguin with there cuteness. It's up to me to save them. Gary gives me a special devise and I use it. This devise allows me to see where Herbert and the evil penguin are. I then capture them and lock them up!

it's called "Herbert strikes again"

Waddle on!


I would name my movie The Spy who found the Puffles! It would be about my penguin Fluffball840, but my penguin would be a spy and would be under cover. She would be in a mansion with lasers and guards everywhere. She would be on a mission to save 5 missing Puffles who were stolen by an evil king who wanted to take over club penguin! She would duck under lasers and have a boss who contacted her on their secret spy phones. Then she would be caught by guards and be brought to a dark dungeon where she finds the missing Puffles! Then using her spy phone she contacts her boss and her boss comes in a helicopter to save her, but she has to think of a way out. Then she gets an idea. She asked her boss to lower a grappling hook and then with the Puffles she gets out!


It would be called ''Who pun it the club penguin mystry''. It is a who duneit film about a penguin called Loura ( played by Pippanralph ) ,who woke up to find that some penguins had written puns all over her mansion. She then called detective Moonsy (played by Pongo1973 ). It will be a full of joke puns making it perfect for children.


if i made a movie i would call it "iris the penguin"


If I made a movie about Club Penguin it would be called The Life Of A Penguin. It would be about how us Club Penguin penguins waddle around and meet new friends. Waddle On ~solemna


My movie would be about Fashion and Love. "There would be models going up and down a catwalk.A photo boy nearby would fall in love with this model and they'd live happily ever after." It would be called Penguin Love!!


If I made a movie i would call it The Revenge of Herbert P Bear. The plot would be Herbert come back to club penguin and teams up with the evil marvel charcters and locks up Directer,Gary,Rookie,Dot,and Jet pack guy. And only polofeld and busnessmoose can save club penguin and Herbert can be vanished from club penguin.


I want to make an awesome movie about life in the Club Penguin,and in he will appears Candence,Aunt Arctic,Gary,Sensei...The penguins are very friendly,and life, here's FUN!!!!!! In this movie its about a penguin who makes a movie about life at Club Penguin,the movie gets a penguin award,and he forgets his friends,but at finale the penguin realizes that friendship is more important than fame.
The End!

Rain bud:

If I Made A Movie For My Penguin It Would Be Called Rain bud and The Big City Chaos It Would Be About penguin who is audtioning for a play but rainbud does to and everyone thinks she does not get the part so she goes back to her modern apartment and the next day she gets a call from the director of play and gets the role then she becomes very famouse and those penguins did not tease her anymore and she makes new friends!


My movie would be called The Escape From Fort Super Power 3. It's about a penguin who finds this cat and follows it to a fort and gets put in a jail cell with 3 vikings, a dragon, and a really agitating puffle named stormfly. They decide to escape from the fortress which is guarded by 700 heavily armed wolves.


if i made a movie it would be called "booboo and the golden dragon" it would be about a puffle called booboo who goes to find the treasure but he doesnt know that the treasure is gaurded by a golden dragon booboo meets some friends along the way too a wolf an eagle and a dolphin and... SENSEI


I would call my movie the battle of DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its about aliens how try to destroy club penguin because Herbert controls them , at the end Herbert fails and runs away.


I think this movie thing is cool! :D

My movie would be about an Italian penguin who was broke. Then the penguin's name was Penguin. Penguin was broke because he could not find a job. He then went to the Pizza Parlor and found a job there as a chef. One day there was a new party that Club Penguin was getting ready for called: The Hollywood Party. Penguin was planning to go see Cadence, Sensei, and Gary! But when the boss tells penguin he has to stay and make pizzas by himself, Penguin gets sad. Penguin then had a total of 988 pizzas to make for the penguins at the party! Penguin finally gets all the pizzas cooked and delivered for the day. He goes home for the day glad he made all those pizzas in time and beat his record! The next day when penguin was off work, he reads the news paper and sees his own name in it!!! He kept reading and found out that he made the most pizzas in the CP history!!! Penguins then start to nickname him: Penguin988. Then Cadence, Sensei, and Gary go to meet Penguin988! Penguin gets so happy seeing his name in the newspaper he forgets all about Cadence, Sensei, and Gary. Although Penguin988 is so excited about seeing them, he is more happy about the newspaper. Penguin988 resumes doing what he does and likes best: Making pizzas!


I would make a movie about this alien and a asturnaut


If I made a movie I would create a movie named "Club Penguin High", it will be about a girl who goes on her first day of school at Club Penguin High and makes new friends, but the cheers don't like her and try to make her life a disaster. The girl will defeat the cheers and she will be the Prom Queen!

P. S. This is a musical. :)


My movie would be called, 'Black, White, and Adventure All Over.' It would be about a secret agent penguin, Dan Ger, who battles an evil villain, Dr. B.A.D., who is sucking up all of the color on the island, leaving only white and black. Who will win? It's kind of obvious, but there's a split second of mystery for you! :D

Love Mickey:

If I made a movie it would be a true story. It stars a girl (me) who really likes Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Her family is a little poor, and she wishes to go to Disneyland, Disney World, and go on a Disney Cruise. But along all the tough struggles, and happy times ,and the worries,wishes, twists and turns, she realizes that your dreams can go free, and you may not expect whats to happen, but you can ALWAYS count on Disney Magic. Because "It all started with a mouse"

P.S.: My movie would be called "Disney Dreams"

Bethanie Gabrielle Tipton (Love Mickey)


My movie would be called "Stand Tall". It’s about a penguin that has problems with bullies like people blocking doors and calling him names. He eventually starts reporting the bullies but takes advantage of the button like saying that someone was cursing even though that person wasn't. She then becomes a bully to other people and eventually people report her. The island then bands her for a day. She then thinks about what she has to do to become the real her again. With the help of her friends, she’s able to stop bullying. Once people realized that she no longer bullies people they start bullying her again. This time with her friends by her side they use assertiveness to end the bullying once and for all. The town congratulates her for doing the right thing and club penguin returns to the happy peaceful and bully free state it was and will be forever more.


my movie woud be called Brady62709's adventure back in time! Brady62709 [me] would travel back in time and vistit club penguin ten thousand years ago, one thousand years ago and ten years ago. Each time period I am in i will have to defeat or overcome some obsticle and I will also learn things about club penguin that no body knew that will help everyone. first i travel ten thousand years back to cave penguin time and learn the ugg bugg language. But the dinos dont like me there so i must overcome fears and have them learn to like me. I learn about new fruit and coffe beans there and bring them back so we can have evev better food in the coffee shop. Next i go back one thousand years into a magical jungle. A rare hot pink puffle lives there along with the regular pale pink ones. their most favorite food is the waggle berry that i bring back with along with the hot pink puffles. But as im leaving the puffles escape and i must find them before the island volcano erupts. [we dont have hotpink puffles now because they became extinct when the volcano exploded. they lived right by it] i manage to finally find them. then i go back ten years. i have all my treasures and puffles but i must hide them and not let these penguins see them. it is tricky and i just barely do it because i end up getting my stuff stolen. then at the end finally get home to 2013 and show everyone my new findings to make CP a better place! it will need a few changes but thats my movie!


if i had my own movie in Cp it would be called,''Discopop26 in: The Mystery Of Missing Music'', it would be like;
One day in Club Penguin, in the Night Club (a.k.a Dance Club), A young 14-year-old girl penguin named Discopop26 was making music,songs, and dubstep music with Cadence.When the Dance Club was closing up,Discopop left to her igloo and to her Laptop and play some music to make her fall asleep on her bed.Then when she noticed in the morning when she woke up, she had music playing in igloo but it was silence.Discopop got up from bed,change her outfit , clean her glasses, and did her hair.When she went to her Dj studio (a.k.a the basement), she notice that her guitar, stage, Dj set, and her decorations were gone.Discopop looked at a poster that said,'' Music Will Be Banned, FOREVER!!!!'', then she remember about the Dance Club,Discopop ran quickly to the Town and she saw penguins crying even Cadence.''My.....Dance....Club.....My......Music'',Candence sobbed.Discopop looked at the Dance Club,it was on fire, like the E.P.F HQ.'' You know what, I'm going to find out who done this!'', Discopop yelled and everybody cheered to what she said.''Agent Dj D-candy is Out '', she said as she ran E.P.F.To be continued.........................
Catch '' Discopop 26 in : The Mystery Of Missing Music '' in theaters near you!


I will call my movie " Geek Chic" LOL!


Another movie I would make would be called "Sporeau: 3 Worlds Collide!" It would be about my penguin, DracoMeteor, going out of her igloo one fine day and seeing that Sporiux, Pokea, and Earth are on a collision course! The worlds collide and everyone on all the planets is transported and morphed! This includes Draco. Draco appears on Sporiux as a Sporeau. The strange thing about the Sporeau is: They all are from penguins. They are all of the three: creatures, pokemon, and penguins. They are prey of Epics more often(Epics were just blown on to all the planets). Draco must find all of the Shards on each of the planets. Sporeau are often hunted by Epics like I said before and, sadly, hunt everything else too. Another thing Draco has to watch out for is she is being watched by the Chaosex... Will Draco collect all the Shards and be able to take up the strength of the chosen one? Also, will she be able to summon the Proteux to stop the Epics and the Chaosex?

Coming to a theater near you on Blizzard!
~ Greg174


My movie would be about five penguins, Marvelfan, Haphord, The Hulk Fan, Aquapeng4, and Hd194, who go on a mission to save Club Penguin. The EPF and most of the rest of Club Penguin (except a few penguins) get taken over by Herbert and join his army. These five penguins are sent by the remaining good penguins to fight the bad penguins. In the end, the five penguins defeat Herbert and get honored by Club Penguin.

Mustang Kid:

How about "The Penguin Of A Million Faces"? In it, I discover my talent...Imitation! That REALLY comes in handy when my sister, Mustang Gal, is penguin-napped! I go undercover as a surfer, a coffe penguin, a newspaper penguin, a chef, and even a robber!
Problem is, the penguinnapper's a good imitator as well, so I don't know who to trust...


I would call my movie "Lost with puffles." It would be about my penguin's airplane crash landind into a deserted island,and all she has are her and her puffles.She has to find a way to survive,but quick,because there are zombies on the island.=) does that sound cool? Hope so.
Durmmy is out!!!


I would make a movie about a girl named Sydney who in a tornado gets stranded on an island and finds an unusual pufffle that takes her on an adventure it would be called the puffle the penguin and their adventure


My movie is about Mighty Marshmallow Man. It is called the Marshmallow villains This is the story:

Once there was a Marshmallow family. Mightly was the Dad, Marie was the Mom and their daughter was Betsy. They were visiting Disney World!! Meanwhile, Hot Cocoa Man and Herbert were planning on trying to get Betsy. Herbert and Hot Cocoa Man dressed up as Mickie Mouse and Minney Mouse. They were looking for the Marshmallow family when they saw them on splash mountain!!!!!!! They hurried up the steps but the Marshmallow family was already down!!!!! Herbert was scared of Splash Montain!!! He did'nt want to go down. So Herbert went down the steps and Hot Cocoa Man went down splash montain. They were about to catch Betsy when the Marshmallow family drove in their Marsh Car!!!!! Herbert and Hot Cocoa Man could'nt catch them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



If I made a movie I'd call it the crystaled mermaid.Its about penguin named Crystal. And she goes the cove just to hang out. Then out of nowhere she sees this blue light. She leans in closer Then....."SPLASH" she falls in then something grabs her and drags her down to the bottem of the the sea. And suprisingly she can breath ..... TO BE CONTINUED.

Please Rate
** Okay


I know the Hollywood Party is going to be cool! Also, in the Hollywood Video (Well, not the sneak peek.) there were a Rainbow Puffle shirt! Someone was wearing it during the video before the sneak peek. I can`t wait to see the new emotes! It`s also the first time that Sensei appeared in 2013! Also... is there going to be a music video in the Hollywood Party?


Sorry, I forgot to say my movie. (Read my 1st comment to see what I mean.) So if I was a director in CP, my movie would be: Pokemon in CP.


if i starred in a movie on club penguin it would be called " A DAY IN A PENGUIN'S LIFE ON club penguin."It would be all about club penguin and how we act with puffles other penguins how fun it is for children to play.Parents might eeven sign kids up for it after the movie.


If I made a movie, mine would probably be called "Penguins in Paradise". There would be a bunch of five penguins, who were some rather poor penguins, who got discovered. They would be the best band in Club Penguin, and would eventually make it up to the top. There would be lots of crazy fans everywhere, going absolutely wild. They would love the attention at first, but then get a bit discouraged, to the point where they retired and lived the quiet life.


I've always wanted to be in a movie, and I am really into mysteries! But if my penguin could star in one it would be called "The Forgotten Blueprint". The plot would be that two archeologists (Csab6482 & Gary) find an old blueprint for some sort of helmet made out of steel. The date on the blueprint says Dec. 8 1346 A.D. and the name is too faded to read. G and Csab decide to build what is on the blueprints. They test it on everyone but it doesn't seem to do anything at all! After 82 hours straight of testing the last penguin to test the helmet on (Rookie) arrives. Bored, G and Csab test it and nothing happens. As they are about to take it off a voice screams "FINNALLY! THE DESCENDANT OF THE INVENTOR PUTS ON THE ANTI CLUMSY HELMET!!!!!!" G and Csab not hesitating see if it really does take away clumsiness. Indeed it did, Rookie didn't sink the island with a slice of pizza! The blueprints turn into a map and G, Rookie, and Csab venture forth to find out the mysteies of the map................


My movie would be called 'Nerd V.S. World' and it would be about a girl (sorry, penguin) who is a very talented dancer but not very popular at school who has magical powers! But when Herbert and every single CP villain come together to destroy CP, she must face her shyness and reveal her secret to survive! Thx, Nerdypeep


I would call the movie "Try" because I try my best on everything, and if I don't suceed, I will still try again and again until I get it right.


hi cp, if i where to make a movie about my penguin it would be called "the great protectors" its about a very young penguin that is being trained to protect cp! when she is older, she will become one of the great protectors! but during her training, the island of cp is threatened by a powerful enime! all 5 of the great protectors leave lucy10273 (the young penguin aka me.) behind with the elder back at the 'base' or where they live/train. when the greats leave, lucy trains with the elder for the first time and even learns how to control her powers! in the middle of her training though,the greats come back sadly weak and injured. so their powerful enime is still causing chaos in cp! after realizing her fate, she hurries to fight off the enime and wins! theres a twist though...once lucy is about to finish him, he says not to cause hes her older brother and last family member! lucy is soon accompanied by the other greats and they agree to let him stay with them and use his power for good! i hope you pick my idea.
extra info- names of the greats plus their special power - sage has a bow of light/can fly, chase has black wings-can fly/energy blasts , xander can fly/control water-turn it to ice, mia can fly/controls plants, earth and light, and jake has white wings-fly-controls air/ has bow of light AND dark. lucy10273, (my character) has black wings, and controls the dark/bow of darkness+can control shadows.
(u can tell she controls the dark cause she has midnight purple hair.)
(please post mine has never been posted before. thx)


I would probably call it Hollywood Haily and it would be about a girl who is popular in school and gets transferred to another school in Hollywood and then she becomes popular around the world. :)


My movie would be an action packed ADVENTURE MOVIE!

Herbert comes back with flawless (almost flawless) giant robots that obey only his command - by voice. I have to defeat his army of 5,000 ROBOTS. There will be a lot of explosions, Gary, Rookie, and Jet Pack Guy. You can bet it will be a block-buster.


i would make a movie called adventures in the wild about a penguin who turns into a puffle and they all think shes a puffle and he gets adopted but then an evil witch turns him back but hes a oppisite gender then he defeats the witch and goes back to normal

Mackenzie 90:

if i could star a movie of my own about me it would go like this called The Rescue For Rockhopper By Mackenzie 90:
i was in a faraway land in ancient CP i was the queen of all penguins who lived there when my servant McDonald sent me a note saying that Rockhopper was trapped by the evil wizard Herbert p. bear! so i sent all of my bravest knights(witch where all of them!) in order to save them! But they have to cross over the evil wizard's extremely hot lava and his ginormous lava traps to scare away penguins! when i sent them all down to the wizard's cave another note was sent by one of them saying they lost their shoe! i was the only one there so i had to give it to them!
when i hurried in the the evil wizards cave was i realized none of them haven't even moved! They where so frighten by the lava! i hurried and gave him his shoe but after that they still wouldn't move! "come with us!" one of them said "but i-" i started to say but then one of them grabbed my arm fast before i could say anything! as they started to take one tiny step to the stone by the lava one of the evil wizards traps bounced underneath out feet and we went flying through the air and bonked are heads! but one of my bravest knight didn't even flutter! so he helped us all up as he grabbed some of our arms as the rest hung on as we flew through the air past all the stones in the lava and landed on our feet! the rest way to the wizard's bedroom where Rockhopper was trapped looked easy but we had to watch out for his traps! as we all slowly walked to the wizards bedroom as when we got there rockhopper was hanging from a string with a pot of lava underneath him! as Herbert slowly started to untie the string I (Mackenzie 90) pushed the pot of lava away and tackled Herbert into a whole and buried him and the rest of the knights saved Rockhopper! as when we got back to the the castle we all had a big penguin feast in honor of Rockhopper and his favorite food: stinky cheese!


If I made a movie it would be called '' The island that was never there''. Its about penguins who think it is an island but really it is a ghost penguin island that only ghosts can walk on. Then an explorer finds it and discovers the huge thing about it. It involves a penguin explorer, a cave, a monster, a hard-cover book and one really good twist. If it gets made I would totally watch it!


If i would make a movie i would call it "The Lost Penguin." the story-line would be when this heoric savier penguin gets penguin-knapped or is saving cp and dissapears (still debating). Later on, the movie shows the penguin's life and the searchers looking for the hero. Then it ends when the hero is found and saved......but something else is there............


if i made a movie it would be the Penguin and purple pufflr mystery


my movie would be called The Lost One it would be about my puffle Grapey gets lost but returns through the help of the famous penguins such as Candnce and also gets help from people Grapey ever exacped to help her. This movie is about always help others because you never know when you will need the help. Peace out-
if u think something must be added reply it would help me make the movie better


I would name my movie How To Raise Your Dragon. It would be about a normal penguin off the streets named Harold that finds an injured baby dragon in the middle of the road. Then Harold takes the dragon to his igloo and decorates it as a dragons cave with lots of gold for the dragon. At first the dragon is a real pain in the neck and then they really start to bond by going around the island and teaching the dragon Card Jitsu. After that the dragon gets extremely powerful and advanced at Card Jitsu so he goes crazy and destroys the Town with his hot sauce, water balloons, and snowballs. then Harold takes the Dragon to Sensei and Sensei teaches the Dragon that "with power comes responsibility" the dragon understands so Harold takes the dragon home and plays Card Jitsu with him and took Very good care of him and they became friends forever.....

Coco 10001:

Hey!!! If I made a Club Penguin movie, it would be about a rich penguin named Coco 10001 and a robber named kaitlyn0345. But it's very diffrent from a real robb! The robber would sneak in through the Puffle door, walk up the stairs, and looks at all the expensive stuff and says, " Those are some Beutiful socks! " Weird right! Then the girls GIANT ATTACK PUFFLE Named Coco 10001 also ( Because none of her friends owns a puffle costume!) bites him in the butt and he screams like a little girl! But it wasent a puffle that bit him, it was his own pants! Haha! Than he says to the girl " Where is the bathroom? " And the girl screams and calls the police. But she accadently called the hot dog guy and orders the " code red " which is the ultra spicy hot dog with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and some well " odd things " .
Than she throws some snakes at him and he passes out. She kisses him and they get married and live happly ever after. But he dies 5 years later and she becomes an old widow with 25 cats gone crazy on catnip. The End! Ohh ya and it would be called I Am The Robber That Stole Your Socks! Thanks!
- Coco 10001


I would name my movie How To Raise Your Dragon. It would be about a normal penguin off the streets named Harold that finds an injured baby dragon in the middle of the road. Then Harold takes the dragon to his igloo and decorates it as a dragons cave with lots of gold for the dragon. At first the dragon is a real pain in the neck and then they really start to bond by going around the island and teaching the dragon Card Jitsu. After that the dragon gets extremely powerful and advanced at Card Jitsu so he goes crazy and destroys the Town with his hot sauce, water balloons, and snowballs. then Harold takes the Dragon to Sensei and Sensei teaches the Dragon that "with power comes responsibility" the dragon understands so Harold takes the dragon home and plays Card Jitsu with him and took Very good care of him and they became friends forever.....


my movie would be called "mechanical chase" which is about all the arcade games in the nightclub like astro-barrier and they would all become alive,but evil and chase me and j aj 1 while driving my new bmw car. So, in the beginning of the movie I would be dreaming that I was driving the bmw and I was watching the robot become real then right before It started to attack me my friend, j aj 1 would wake me up, and i would say "huh, what" and here is the funny part, after i said "huh, what" and it was right after we had burgers for lunch and I was still very hungry that i thought j aj 1 was another burger and i would say
"burrrrrggggeeeerrrrr" and start chasin him around then we saw the video games come to life, i stopped daydreaming and i would hop into my bmw and thats where the madness begins. And at the end of the movie the astro barrier part shoots it's lazer at me, and gets this close:> from burning my head then, he shoots again, but i find a pan, and it reflects the lazer on the robot, and takes it out! then i remove the batteries just in case! the end.

i luv cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

i would name my movie "the penguin lost in candy land" or "the attack of the super cupcakes!" or "the mustache heroes!"


i would make a movie called ZODS v.s SCRAP. It would be about me fighting the new Card-jitsu snow villian Scrap


Mine would be called "Stuck In The Future". So Poppycorn (my friend) and Candyrox go to visit Gary and see his time machine. They sneak in it and go to 2473 where Herbert's grandson takes over and destroys the machine. They need to find Gary's granddaughter and fix the machine. They defeat Herbert's grandson and save Club Penguin. They go back to the present and everything goes back to normal. Thats it! I hope you like the idea! :)

~ Candyrox8223


club penguin is the best game in the whole universe!!!!!!the best thing about it is that they have all these fun things to do like,have fashion shows,have epic partys,play games,get puffles,and have the best time ever!!!ever since i started playing it i just didn't know what to do but now,i got lot's of items and treasures.I thank all the paople who helped make this wonderful game and i hope everybody has fun at the new HollyWood party!!!!!!!!Thanks for making my world so amazing!!!!!!!bye hope you like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If i could make a movie i would call it 'Clubpenguin Today'. It would be more of like an show. I would be the host and get to interview a bunch of famous penguins like Gary, Aunt Arctic, Candance and mabye even Herbert!!! I would really like to meet them all and get to know them better, wouldn't you? Waddle on Clubpenguin!!!!!


if i made a movie it would be about every famaus person on club penguin and how it feels like to be famaus to the whole time..,........well exept for herbert

ironman j:

my movie will be about my life on club penguin being ironman j how i was a pirate orphan with a curse


I would my movie 'EPF: The Last Stand. One agent is chosen to track down Herbert in the icy sea in a boat. In the middle of the ocean, Herbert jumps on the boat and sinks it with a big cannon ball. They sink down on the boat and Herbert snags the agent. He takes him down to a submarine and demands the EPF acess code. The penguin refuses and Herbert tortures him by threatning the agent by telling him he will swim with an octupus. The agent tells him and Herbert becomes wide-eyed and laughing loudly. Although, Herbert realeases the agent into a pool of sharks where he uses his laser to scare them away. Herbert acesses to the EPF website and takes all of their plans. Next, Herbert sends a huge green laser towards Club Penguin, using the EPF information and technology to turn the citizens into purple zombies. But than the agent leaps from the pool and throughs a nearby pebble at Herbert. Herbert yelps in pain and leaps backward, into the pool. The octupus grabs him and swims away with Herbert never to be seen again. The agent shuts down the laser and turns the penguins back to normal. All the agents congratulate him and Club Penguin is saved from Herbert forever. But than at the end it should reveal that EPF has a new enemy. Herberts son: Harry, a small polar bear with a big brain. Club Penguin will soon have a new threat. Hey this should also be a party like Operation Blackout. That would be cool.


mine should be high school mp.4
there is a dull penguin named ace and he is bad in everything basketball,studies,athlete etc and all schoolmates of his tease him.One night he finds a shiny rock and holds it in his hand......and WALLA he is an awesome student now. Next day he sees all the school mates teasing him he just says "TEASE yourself by teasing me cuz im your school mate!"then he walks away.Everyone gets way curious and during the dodge ball he dodges all the bals and wins!!next during the basketball game he continuosly throws the ball in the basket.....Now u know what it should be about so u can make the rest CP



Hi Club Penguin!

If i make a movie i will call it "Penguins Gone Wild".
There ALL penguins will go to Herberts base and destroy EVERYTHING. Then Club Penguin will be saved! But Then Scrap and Herbert will come and we are going to win! But we didnt because Scrap and Herbert is too strong. Then ALL penguins will make a penguin ROBOT and destroy Scrap and Herbert! Then we will clean Club Penguin because it is the best game EVER! :D

Do you like it?


if i could have a movie it would be called the puffle hunt it would be about ph and she would go and find a stripe puffle a spotted puffle and a glitter puffle and she would discover puffle mountain and there would be a rainbow puffle




Mermaid Kl1:

My movie will be titled, ' What it feels to be a superstar!' It is about a girl who wants to be a superstar but she is a non-member. So, she went to the office to see if she can be a member or not. The director said yes. She was happy. After that, she goes to a sign-up board to be a superstar. The following day, she looked out of the window- a house window- and saw many people around her igloo. She notice that she was then a superstar. She went outside, sign autographs, been interviewed and had been invited to the Penguin Awards. She was nominated,' Once a non-member superstar.' She then won the award. But when she wanted to give a speech, her handphone rang. She tries to stop it but no avail. Then she heard, " Miss Mary, can you please wake up?!" She woke up, just to see her mother, very angry. " You're late for school again!" She was very sad that she was only a member... in her dreams. She did get to be a director! So, she was a bit happy. The End.


Chupeta2 :

i cant pick horror,fantasy,magic,comedy or romance so i'm gonna make a mix up and i calling it "The futures light" I'm Hoping mine to be picked its look like i tried to comment a hundreds times if i was pick. Even if i was not picked i will never give :D.


I would call it Princess Wonder.It's about a princess who is lost but when she finds here way back from a rough trip her name becomes Princess Wonder.


If I made a movie starring my penguin it would be called Life as a Penguin. It would show a penguin's average day life earning money, building extreme igloos, buying new clothes, putting together a new outfit, acting at the stage, playing find four with a best penguin friend, hanging out with friends, dancing, throwing snowballs, sled racing, playing at the lighthouse, solving classified problems, and pretending to be a dog, puffle, movie star, superhero, or whatever else.



I would base mine on my life but only because its weird and fun and maybe she is an E P F agent and she could have imaginary friends


I would love my movie to be a comedy. I just love a good laugh now and then. Mine would be called "The Fashion Show LOL"
It would be a fashion show and everyone comes out in goofy outfits. The fashion show gets super crowded and then everyone else starts to where goofy fashions. Soon the whole island gets dressed up all cray cray.

I could picture it now!

Pixie Penigu:

I would call my movie: The CP invasion.
About Herbert and aliens taking over Club Penguin but at the end of the movie all of the penguins in Club Penguin win the war.

My Penguin would star in the film.


If I made a movie staring myself it would be callled "planet 10" me and buisisnessmouse would become friends and build a space shuttle
and go to space until we crash on the planet 10. We meet a evil alien but we also a good alien named Zoger. Zoger helps us repair our shuttle
and we take him back with us to Club Penguin with us and that wold be it of our adventur unless it becomes so famous that Club Penguin
want's another movie about us. That's it for the movie ''planet 10". Hope you guys would like it Waddle On Club Penguin.


It would be called Herbert is back! After Operation Blackout Herbert plans to blow up an igloo, My PENGUINS igloo. But good thing shes an epf agent! I love your work Polo Field! Waddle on CP!

Lagoona 383:

My title would be called
Club penguin in...the land of the diamond disaster!
Heres how it goes......

It all starts in Gary's lab were Herbert and Klutzy sneak into his secret gadget room.Herbert and Klutzy spot Gary inventing somthing new that make robots come to life! Gary puts the top secret gadget into one of his seurity cages and types in a password to lock it,but Herbert sees Gary type in the password,so when Garys gone,its time for Herbert and Kluzty to strike.....

When Herbert got to his own lab(after stealing the gadget with success)he had it alll planned and made more Herberts!(robot Herberts)but they had special guns and when the robots shoot, a icy little arrow comes at you and in less than a second,you turn into a diamond!

Lagoona 383(my penguin) was a secret agent and also was a kind penguin and a superstar!She was a super star for her.....not her acting in movies.....not more being the princess of club penguin,but of her personallity. She was kind and respectfull and everyone loved her!

Sudently....Herbert and his gang came and he turned all the penguins into diamonds!Exept for two,agent Rookie and Lagoona 383 :-0 . When alll the penguins (exept for Rookie and Lagoona 383) were put in a sack after they had been turned into diamonds while Rookie and Lagoona hid behind the clothes shop.

If Rookie and Lagoona can't save Club Penguin in time,all the penguin will be crushed into machines,but will the two penguins let that happen ? No so they go on a adventure to Herberts lab......

When they're there Herbert spots them and askes Lagoona to challenge him,Herbert laughed his fur off! He didn't beleive Lagoona could beat him only because she was a girl!Well while Lagoona distracted him,poured water onto the robots and they broke without Herbert reconising,but when he does the robots were about to explode!Herbert says he'll be back,he got a string climbed up it to safety before the robots exploded!Lagoona and Rookie ran outside before the robots exploded and hid behind a far away tree!The robots exploded with a big bang but luckily Lagoona and Rookie were safe!They went back to Herberts lab and suprisingly realised the diamonds didn't break,they were so glad to hear the news!Lagoona spotted the book of how to turn the penguins back to diamonds ,re-shoot them with the guns,so Lagoona got one of the ice guns and shooted thepenguins back to normal!

Club Penguin was so happy that they had a party when they got back in celebration of Rookie and Lagoona saving the day

The End!


when are we going to meet gary ( by when I mean the time) also what server is he going to be in. Please reply.


hi club penguin team id just like to say id love to spend those coins and here the name of my awesome movie! : midnight rockers!
i would call it that because i like to rock and party up till midnight,also i like to listen to my fave band on cp the midnight rockers! they play all the time and me and my mates go see them after cp college its a real snapper! it would be about two bands who are face to face with each other and loads of fans are supporting them but one of them stands out of the crowd! lucy she loves matt the lead band singer and drummer and one day they bump into each other on a rainy night and asks her if shed like a ride home in his limo cuz shes having bad luck lately and her umbrellla gets shot with lightning! so she agrees and falls in love with him she then becomes a singer in the band they become world famous and win the game between bands and they live happy and rich with loads of coins!!!! plz i would love those coins right now and thought this up really well thnx cp team
from:funky56789 N0.1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Awesome work! I lovelovelovee the work and sneak peeks!! Spoileriffic :DD I really wait for the Hollywood party,the fashion show last year was a total success! I really look forward to the party. I think my movie would be called "The Star and The Cleaner". Lol. Something like that,it would be really funny! i would love to make it a comedy. See ya!


i cant wait for the Hollywood party :D see you all there:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My movie would be called " Mewmewmowmow the Generous Penguin" she is a superstar that helps all the needy penguins and gives them tons of coins to start an awesome igloo and to get food. she is very famous and everyone knows her.


I am making another movie too. It is called "Hard To Be A Star?" Its about this dragon who wants to be a star and she doesn't think it will be that hard at all but then everyone is afraid of her and don't know her true personality. Will she succeed? Find out soon!


If I Made A Movie It Would Me Called...............I Would Say The Best Friend Story Because I Have Two BFFS Named Sgomez4 And Daisy I Forgot The Numbers.It Would Be About How We Met!Its A Funny,Fun Story!

Heres The Story!

Me Peacehope169 Made A Spa Daisy Worked There We Got Loads Of Costumers!Then Sgomez4 Came I Did NOT Know Her When She Came.Then She Wanted A Tan.........She Got Burnt SoI Went To Get A Little Pond In My Igloo Things She Went In,She Felt Better!Then We Were All BFFS!Then A Restaurant....Thats Another Story.We Always Remember The Spa As...........The Spa ,So When We Are Thinking About It We Would Say Remember The Spa?Theres Always A Lol In That Answer!
The End!

I Send Cp Emails Remember Me

Mary Sue1:

My story would be about this puffle who is really shy and is so shy that he hides every day, and only comes out when it's time to eat, and then goes into this cave that he lives in. Then one day, PH comes and gets all of the other puffles in his pack, while he's hiding. So when he comes out to eat, no ones there. He gets really scared, and hides again. Then, a few days later, I come to see if any are left, and I find him behind an O berry bush. Then, I take him to the EPF hq, and we become partners! Later on we defeat Herbert and save Club Penguin!
The End

~Mary Sue1


i would make a movie about 2 brothers superthree12,and zombiebeast9.They were abadoned when they were born,So they didnt know who their parents were.Then one day when they're at the orphanage Superthree12 asks Zombiebeast9 did you see mom since your the older brother?Zombiebeast says no so then when they turned 15 they go and try to find their parents.They did'nt know that they were in Ohio because they had permanent jobs there.They came to Calafornia to take them to Ohio but they did'nt know that they came to Calafonia.Then when they returned to the orphanage their parents were waiting in their room then when they caught up with each other an then they went back to Ohio to be one big happy family.

Please Post :)

pretty girl 1313:

if i made a movie it wood be called the magic door and would be about two penguins and the get want to have a adventure so the go into the woods then suddenly there is this huge storm comes and the penguins have to find shelter. the snow is so strong and thick that they cant even see there flippers. so they feel around for a hole in a tree or a cave, suddenly they feel a something round and smooth. they turn it and notice its a door handle they open the door and find this huge slide twirling so far down that they cant see the bottom. so they go down and find a village filled with talking plants so they meet tons of plants and make friends and they stay there for 12 years they are older now. so they walk around and find this small door and go in it......there are stairs there and they go up they lead to another door and they open it and it is the woods! it is not snowing any more so they go look around they think they remember the place and go to there house. they see there parents and ask "did you miss us." the parents look confused and say "you have only been gone for 10 minutes." the penguins look at there reflection and are back to a kid again.
thx love your work club penguin!!!!!<3<3<3<3



If I had a movie name it would be, "Ice school: Penguins that have fun!". It would be about penguins that have fun at school. It would show different cliques and sports. There would be bullies in which become kind from the help of other penguins. It would show how you can be friends with anyone.(: Xoxo, Shellyiscool.<3

cody and rex:

my movie would be about how scorn (an evil dragon ) came to be it would start with scorns life before he turned evil and in the end he has a BIG CHANGE!


My movie would be called Mighty Marshmallow Man. This is the story:

Once the Marshmallow family was in disney world!!! Mighty was the dad, Marie was the mom and Betsy was the baby. Meanwhile, Herbert and Hot Cocoa Man had a plan to take Betsy. They dressed up as Mickie Mouse and Minney Mouse!!!!!! They were looking for the Marshmallow family when they saw them on splash mountain!!!!!! They ran up the stairs quickly Herbert did'nt want to go down!!!! But the Marshmallow family was already down. Herbert took the stairs and Hot Cocoa Man went down Splash Mountain so they could trap the Marshmallow family. Right then the Marshmallow family was driving in their Marshmallow Car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Herbert and Hot Cocoa Man were to slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE END

Pengiun Name: cappillo05


If I made a movie (starring me) it would be called "Attack of the Sea Monster ." It's about a normal day in Club Penguin, eating pizza, buying puffles, and sled racing. Then, a giant sea monster rose from the sea and tried to destroy the island! Soon a penguin named Jock5656 saw the monster and reported it to Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. The three teamed up to defend CP. They guarded every place, fighting the giant sea monster. Soon the monster gave up and swam back to the sea, never to be heard from again.


My movie would be called "Be Yourself And It Will All Be Fine " Its About A Girl (Michelle1526 A.K.A. Me) Who Thinks She Has No friend in school. She tries to change herself but she never gets friends. Then One Day They Get A New Friend In Class ( Bluestar456 A.K.A My BFF) Who Feels The Same Way. They Become Freind Untill Michelle Wanted To Fit In Even More So she tries to be not herself again Will It Work Or Will She Not Just Loose Her Freind But Herself ?


so mine would be about, how parry met her bff katie67494, her life as a pirate, alien, vampire, secret agent with fire and sun powers, and her relationship with rookie. their is much more to her life trust me! the movie would (i hope!) tell it all!


well when i grow up i want to be a director so the movie i would make is a movie about a girl who has a secret and her secret is that she can turn into a dragon im still working for the script so i can use it! cant wait for this party! im all abut filming!!


My movie would be called "late night at club penguin" Its about a penguin that scares other penguins and keeps then in their igloo forever.

marko luka:

IT would be attack of the robot dino .IT would be about trying to beat the robot dino. hope you like the idea.


I want to be a film director when I grow up, and I have a whole bunch of ideas running through my head. How about a modernized adaptation of "The Prince and the Pauper" called "The Penguin and the Pauper", where a rich movie star penguin switches places with a down-on-his-luck penguin who spends his days working in the Boiler Room. Or maybe it could be done with puffles instead!


I would name my movie wild west! it would be about a cowgirl and a horse who get lost in the wild. at the end a nice cowboy finds them and shows them the way! the out fits would be black pink and white cowgirl outfits! ps i hope you like it


if i made a movie it would be called cyber bully. its about this penguin girl named Erica (played by my penguin) who gets teased online and it spreads trough school. but she dosent know that her best friend Kayla is the one teasing her so Erica goes to a special class that makes her feel good again then Kayla strikes again.Erica tells her parents about whats happening and saying that its Kayla.But her parents dont belive her. so one day Kayla tells Erica that she is the one doing it but it turns out that they are friends again




If I starred in a movie, I would call it Bloom And The Giant Space Squid-LOL!
It would be about an average penguin named Bloom1743, and NASA invited her to go on a space mission.
While on the mission, she encountered a giant... space squid??? She also gets into other silly situations, Lol!
Waddle On!


I would call my movie "The Mysteries Of Moose". In it, Buisnesmoose, along with his buddy Polo Field try to investigate the mystery behind some vanishing penguins. But what about me? Well, I'm the detective Moose and Polo hire, so I have a huge role. WADDLE ON CP!


I would make a movie called "Rigit and Wolf"
It would be about Rigit and her best friend Wolf.They go on many adventures until Wolf gets trapped.Rigit must save him before its too late.The Trapper takes Wolf to the N.Y.C to show him in the carnival ,because Wolf has polka dotted fur.Rigit Takes her first step into the city and has a little help from a few friends she makes on the way.While walking into the carnival,the trapper takes rigit too.Who will save them now?Her friends must combined to save Wolf and Rigit!

Furno Dragon:

if i made a movie i would call it the adventure of Furno Dragon. its about a penguin who trys to find a legendary treasure, along the way, he meets people who want to help him find it. Furno Dragon and his friends have to escape giant spiders, ghosts, and dragons! in the end, they find it and become rich, and they all have a happy and fun life.


If my penguin could star in her own movie it would be called "Alien Star". It would be about a famous movie star that is secretly an alien but doesn't know it until she discovers her alien powers and finds out her alien planet is in trouble! She will need to travel to her alien planet to save it and rule the alien empire as their queen,but what about her career and her life on earth?


if i had a movie starring my penguin i would call it the battle of the elements! it would be about some good water ningas and some bad fire ningas. There would be a good sensi and a bad sensi. they would train the ningas to master different powers. after 100000000000 years they were ready. they ran to the dark world while the sensis flyed. when they got there the sensis greeted each other as they were brothers. the sensis yelled,3 ,2 ,1 GO! the ningas did the best they could. after lots of flames and waves, the ningas were nearly out of power. just then one water ninga said , I SUMMOM THE MONSTER OF SNOW! suddenly, a monster fell from the sky. it hit the ground with a BANG!!!!!!!! there, right in front of there eyes was a GIANT snow monster. it took one look at the fire ningas and blew. then, the fire ninjas where frozen. one water ninga made a wave and hit the frozen fire ningas and they smashed. then, the monster of snow kicked the water sensi and he vanished. the water ningas cheered.then they walked back to the water dojo and lived there for alll of there lives. the end so, do you like my movie? well if you do THANK YOU!!!!!!

from brow97483


if i had a movie staring me it would be called the plazma ball battle!!!! it would be about that my penguin would be chosen to be a plazma ballest. a expert plazma ballest would train me the powers of plazma power. i would first learn to make a small plazma ball and then learn to throw the plazma ball. then i would learn to make a big plazma ball. next, i would learn to make a plazma ball and then make a plazma strike. over the years i would learn new powers. then the last day of my training had came. i was going to learn the ultimate power, the plazma lighting strike of POWER!!!!!! when i had learn't it my master said he was going to tell me the truth. i said WHAT!?!? he said the truth is, i was training you to battle my evil brother plazma ballest. he said i was the chosen one. i said ok [sigh]. i follow ed him to his brothers dojo. his brother said why hello, brother. i said LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!! my master said it is time. i said ok. i walked up to the evil plazma ballest. the evil plazma ballest gave me a strike of plazma. i said AHHHHHHHH! my master siad DONT HURT HIM!!!! the evil plazma ballest said you be quiet! then he shot a plazma ball at my master. i said DONT HURT MY MASTER!!!!!!!!!! i put my hands in the air. i made a plazma ball which shot a line of plazma in to the sky. then, a lighting strike shot from the sky and hit the evil plazma ballest. he screamed AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! suddenly he was gone in a ball of smoke. i cheered. my master said thank you student. in said master you have trained me well. i bowed. he said i must go. what!?!? he said to go. i said ok bye! bye student. suddenly, he was gone. i walked back to my home and lived a dream. the end. so do you like my story? i hope. bye!!!!


If I had a movie starring my penguin, I'd call it "The Bitter Mistake". In the movie, Gary would invent a robot penguin called Sally who is actually evil cause Gary accidently made a mistake by putting the wrong wires into Sally.
Sally sneaked out of G's lab and went into the Dance club.
Sally saw Cadence and the Penguin Band rehearsing and got jealous of their talent. Sally decided to sneak into G's igloo while he was away and invented a pill called the "Singing Failure" pill. The following day, Sally,using her powers,pretended to be Aunt Arctic and went into the Dance Club again. She spotted Cadence and the band rehearsing again and offered to buy them drinks.
Cadence and the PB agreed and they went to the Coffee Shop. Sally went to the smoothie stand while the rest sat down and chatted. When Sally got their drinks, she put the "Singing Failure" pill into their smoothies.
Cadence and the rest drank it and the next day, during their concert, Cadence and the band couldn't sing. Cadence tried to force out a high note, but in vain, "Tzhe parzy xtarts nowzzzz" came out instead of 'The Party Starts Now-ow-ow!" Lolz immediatly noticed it and gave Cadence and the band their favourite foods, Grilled Fish Burgers and they could sing again! Gary caught Sally and destroyed her, making her never come back again, we all hope.


I'd either a)try and recreate cars/cars 2 or b)make a spy movie called secret squad where a bunch of teenage penguins fall down a secret entrance to a spy lair and have to save club penguin from every villen from every other movie ever created

Catie 88:

I know this is late but...
I have an idea for a movie!
Main Roll: Me (Of Corse!)
Name: Star Power
So, my movie is about a girl penguin who longs to be a model/super star like the other girl penguins. The girl penguin is constantly bullied by the other models/super stars. One day, the girl penguin gets a job as assistant to the meanest model/star. That day shes busy looking through papers when a boy penguin comes in, he's an agent! He was looking for the mean model/star, but when he sees the girl penguin (nice not bully) he decides he wants her instead! She goes on and becomes really famous, but shes nice to the mean girls. The mean girls realize they shouldn't have bullied her and apologize, and they go on to be best friends.

Hope you like it!
~Catie 88


My movie's name it's : hurray for the stars


If I made a movie, I'd call 'Revenge of the Galacto-Squid'. It would be about a space squid that loves to eat up planets and has now eaten 5,000,000 planets. Now those 5,000,00 planets are half the galaxy's population and Fresh (the hero) wants to destroy the Galacto-Squid. Will he survive or will he suffer the Galacto-Squid's electrifying death?

Dome C:

Hey Guys! If I were to make a movie about my penguin? Wow. Tough question. It would probably be named "Dome C: Life of Puffles and Extremeness". I think the title is self-explanatory, but it would be about my puffles and the games I play with them.
Rock On, Club Penguin!

/Dome C\


My film will be named "Sisi and Skipper's awsome life!
The actors will be me, Skipper02 and some friends!
It will be for our life in Space!We will be cute aliens and one day we will see the Earth and all of us will want to Exterminate it {but me and Skip no}!!!The question will be "Will we save the Earth or only the people?"


If I made a movie, it would be about trying to make it to Broadway, for a big career. It would be starring me, and I am a Dancer. In the movie, I would have dreams about Broadway. It would be about her amazing journey, and how she gets lost, caught, and maybe even stolen!



my movie will be called ''Herbert 1.000.000'' at this movie herbert is going to clone himself 1.000.000 times . I must find the real herbert with 999.999 other herberts bothering me and searching whole world


I would make a movie called Starpuffle00 and the Silver Puffle! I would be discovering a Silver Puffle with PH and Gary, and then find the Rainbow Puffle along the way!

Waddle On CP!


If my penguin made or starred a movie, it would be a penguin version of The Lord of the Rings. I love Love LOVE The Lord of the Rings movies, so i think i would have fun making or starring in a penguin version of it. And the ring would be shaped like an O berry. That's all i got.

P.S. I think you guys should make a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit themed party. I would spend all of my coins on stuff at that party, even if i had no coins left afterwords. PLEASE DO IT! I would probably cry tears of joy if you did it. And if you do do it you should have costumes for all the main characters of The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. And if you do the costumes, don't forget Merry, Pippin, Sam or anyone else, or it just won't be right. And its Ok if you think i am weird for saying all of this.

P.S.S. And again with the costumes, don't forget Gollum. He has to be there.

Sugar Boy:

Classic Love :)


I think I would call mine "When puffles rule the world" because one of my siblings is a puffle lover well I am to.
10 reasons I would call my movie " When Puffles Rule The World"
1. I LOVE puffles
2. Maybe penguins wonder what it would be like with puffles ruling the world.


My movie would be a spy movie. It would be called 'Global Warming: Penguin Style'. The movie would be about how after Club Penguin started heating up, the penguins had to evacuate. My penguin and her friend, Rockfire (Top EPF agents) would try to stop the heating (with some failed attempts and outsmarting by Herbert himself, who enjoyed the natural heat change) and finally realize that teamwork and the help of puffles would be the only solution! Together the white puffles and penguins combined would re-freeze the island and make it safe to live once more.


i would name it "Penguin Power". It would be about an unlikely trio that is destined to save the world!


i would name it the adventure of space it would be where a penguin gets stuck up in space durring apollo 13 and they have to get back down to gary because they have to get him moon rocks


my movie would be "kiki and the puffle of glaboogle" It would star kiki88679 (ME) and I would go to the everyday phoning facialty(EPF. Who knew right!) and she goes in and the screen comes up (because she's(I'm) not an agent) (Even though I am) And herbert comes up and (switchbox 3000) a trapdoor and kiki finds herself in the world of glaboogle! a bunch of puffles(S300) Come and take her to herebert annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he takes her to the sub-city booglegar where(SPOILER ALERT) klutzy is revealed to control all puffles! to be continued... ( Because I'M BATMAN!)


If I were to make a movie starring my penguin, it would be called:
May the-Forcebewithu. It's about a penguin named Anakin Icewalker training to be the keeper of peace in Club Penguin, with some danger along the way! Be sure to look out for the Snowstorm Trooper!

Forcebewithu as Anakin Icewalker

Lil Giggles as Snowstorm Trooper


Mine would be called "Club Penguin meets SkydoesMinecraft", and what it's about is evil squids invading Club Penguin and say random stuff, and then Skydoesminecraft (he hate squids) and his 1,000,000,000 butter turtles come to CP through a portal, then save CP since butter is EPIC!!!!!! Though it's not the strongest thing in Minecraft. :D THIS ONE'S FOR YOU, SKY!!!


i would name it the life of Elizabeth and it would be about a girl who finds out shes a royal princess


I would have a movie about a penguin who has trouble in school, and get's help from an unexpected source, Gary!


If I made a movie it would be called " Forgotten Lands ". It would be about two penguins on a cruise that got shipwrecked. The two penguins would find an underwater cave that led them to an alternate universe of Club Penguin. And the only way to get out would to be having to climb Mount Scare, the largest mountian in the Club Penguin alternate universe. I can't wait for the Hollywood Party!


If I were to make a CP movie, I would make it about a new agent that enters the EPF named Sam. She is very sweet and smart but what they don't know (Gary, Rookie, Jet pack guy, Dot) is that she is a double agent for Herbert. She slowly fishes out important information that could prove fatal to the EPF. When agent Dot (suspicious all along) figures out what is going on, she goes on a perilous mission to get the data back. Waddle on!



I would call my movie "CP Minecraft Club". It would be about 4 penguins who get stuck in the Minecraft world but they find a way to get back.............................................
PORTAL TO THE NETHER!!!!!!!!! [Instead of the nether, they go to the CP world!]


if i could have my own movie it would be called,"The Otherside of the World' it would be about two penguins named, jamie and miranda and they would always right stories about what it would be like to live on the other side who would they meet what they will see . until one day miranda had a vision of the other side and she painted pictures about what she had seen and then penguins started to get inspiared by her paintings . and soon she got discoverd and became a popular painter.


If I was to make a movie starring myself, it would be called 'The Spy That Cheers'. It would be about a penguin (played by myself) who is on the CPCS---Club Penguin Cheer Squad---- and is very popular but she is also actually a top secret agent. Who saves Club Penguin every time it is in danger. The plot of the movie is the girl has to deal with having two totally different lives without telling any of her friends. She ends up having to save the world again from a crazy alien attack but sacrifice her best friend knowing about her secret.


I would make a movie called, "Mario and Rookie's Great Adventure!" In the movie, Rookie and the Tactical Agent Mario18229 are sent out to investigate Club Penguin when things start to go TERRIBLY wrong: Pizza's are coming to life, all the jet pack fuel has disapeared, and Sensei has gone missing! It's up to our heroes Rookie and Mario to save the day!

P.S. I would appreciate it if you would feature my movie idea! Thanks! :)


Greenie G:

If I made a movie I would call it "April and the Golden Puffle" and make it about a lonely penguin, her name is April. Shes an orphan, but she makes the most of all her grief. Our movie starts in the winter, its cold, and shes outside on the street she sees a BEAUTIFUL Golden Puffle and its cold too the puffle sees her and runs fast as light! She runs as fast as she can to catch up with it but shes not fast enough. She slows down and finds shes in the middle of no where!! She feels really bad, just then she hears a voice she darts into a bush and listens... She thinks "This voice... Its so gumpy, and it sounds....Angry..." She lets out a gasp when she realizes! Suddenly, its quiet... the voice stopped! She shrinks into the bush deeper... but its too late! A hand reaches in and grabs her by the shirt! She struggles to get free, but freezes as she looks into the eyes of the Evil Hubert P. Bear! She screams "LET ME GO!!". Herbet says "Well well well, look what we have here Klusty! A little penguin! Maybe she came with that disgusting puffle." He makes a disgusted face to Klusty. She thinks " Puffle?? OH! Maybe he means the Golden Puffle!! I have to save it!!!" Herbert sences by her face she knows something he says "Do you have anything to say for yourself??" She stays calm and acts like she knows nothing, but on the inside she felt like screaming. He carries her by the shirt after covering her eyes with a cloth so she wont know where she is... IN HERBERTS LAIR!! He takes off the blindfold and locks her up in a cage... She looks around and in the cage next to her she finds the GOLDEN PUFFLE! He sees her look and says "I knew it you were with the puffle"
As soon as he leaves her, she reaches for the backs away. She says politely "Come on Dear its alright! Im trying to help"The puffle walks up to her hand and lets her pet him. He hops into her hand and they both get out! They dash out of the Room and Herbert is bewilderd and The Puffle and April Get out safely and become Best Friends!

The End!!!
PS Ive Never been Posted!!! Or not that i know of...You gus should make a search so u can type in ur name at the top and itll show where ur comment is
PSS Im sorry its long i got carried away :)


polo field you should really check out my buddy thinknoodles igloo it is epic.


hiiiiiiiii club penguin i would name my movie-- The Penguin: An Unexpected Journey. it would be like a remake of the hobbit it would be so awesome for CP to have a hobbit themed party i loveeee the hobbit it is such a good movie and it would be AWESOMEEEEEEEE FOR CP to have a HOBBIT. THEMED. PARTY.


I would make a movie called Disaster!!!! and it would be about me ( Doll599) and my best buddy Snowchicken1.My nickname would be D or Ace and my buddy would be nicknamed Snow and the movie would be about Ace and Snow helping clean up Club Penguin after an awful hurricane that passed through and afterwards we meet Aunt Arctic as she interviews us and Gary as he helps with the technology and inventions around Club Penguin Rockhopper would bring special furniture and things for the penguins who lost their igloos and Cadence and Rookie would help Gary clean up too. I am so EXCITED for the Hollywood party!!!! !It will totes cray ,cray as Cadence would say! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!

Corn flake 3:

It would be called island adventure and I would go on a super cool tropical adventure

Corn flake 3:

I would call it island adventure and I would go on a super cool tropical adventure.


Will there be special emotes for the Hollywood Party?


If I had a movie I'd call it "Sophiepink2: The Rise of The Shockwave" and it'll be about how I got my superpower (my hair can stretch, pick up things, transform me into someone else, and make things... and more!) from a meteor and how my hair turned pink (I had brown hair back then O_o)... annnnnnnnnnnnd how my hairstyle turned into a wig called The Shockwave!


My movie would be called "Mystixx:The Movie.

I even have a theme song

Were the gang of freaks
Try to find us
Turn around
But dont look back

Star ZZ33:

If i made a movie about penguins it would be called *ahem* PENGUIN THE AWESOME: LEGEND OF THE LOST LAVA! A guy called Bertiewinkle goes out in search of the Graphite King's lost blue lava! When he finally finds the Grapefruit King tries to sacrifice Bertiewinkle to it! Ends on a cliffhanger with Bertiewinkle being lowed towards the blue lava. All shall be reviled in PENGUIN THE AWESOME 2:ANY LAST WORDS?


I''m making a movie called, "That's Amusement" . It would be a documentary about all the moves on Club Penguin such as hula dancing,
brake dancing and rocking on a guitar. I'm interviewing all the stars and the designers too, Cadence , Polo field, Business Moose and hopefully more! It will rock! Waddle On!


Herbert should be proud he is starring in a lot of pictures! ;)


my movie would be called the ancient sensei and 3 warriors. it will go like this sensei and 5 ninjas are training in the dojo after the lesson sensei says "remember students power and speed is good but peace is much better" when the fire ninja finds a scroll it had a spell on it when they said the spell a sensei appears and try's to take over the island the 5 ninjas stop him and garry has a medal for bravery puts it around there neck


I would have a movie called PopStarz Princess. Cadence and all the other famous Penguins would have main parts. PopStarz Princess would start with a normal princess (Me)who dreams to be a PopStar . The Princess meets Gary and he invented a teleporter for her. She uses it to go to see her fave PopStar (Cadence)and asks her how she became famous. They became best of friends the suddenly Rookie came in shouting Emergency! to Cadence. Cadence ignores him. Rockhopper runs in and does the same as Rookie. Wat? asked Cadence after she had given in on them.We need a girl ideally a princess to replace our main PopStar in the movie PopStarz! Rookie and Rockhopper would call out then the princess auditions and becomes famous! Her dream comes true. Cast: Cadence as herself, Pinklynx (me) as the Princess, Rockhopper as himself, Rookie as himself and the background cast still to be casted. Hope you like my movie.


if I could make a movie starring me,I would call it "A busy day in club penguin". It would be about a penguin named sarah85467.
She gets a message from her friend,gogowinky and gets to star in a movie!but she needs to do so many stuff that she has only 24 hours to do it before she needs to go to the stage.She leaves her iggy and gos to the pet shop to get a puffle!then she models the fanciest styles at the cothes shop,then gets pizza.theres only 2 more hours after that and she gos to the nightclub and she dances for 1hour and 50 minutes!she gets a cup of coffee in 5 minutes then she sees the time and finds out its only 5 minutes before her part gets replaced by.....her friend pieface978!she gets to the plaza in 4 minutes and then she gets in JUST IN TIME!she meets cadence and has a ton of fun!but then pieface978 gets angry and turns into a GIANT SQUID!sarah faces pieface978 and it turns into a epic fight!Will sarah85467 win?or will pieface978 take the prize?only time will tell!

p.s. pieface978,this is not real about you! don't unfriend me!

waddle on cp!


my story would be about A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN EPF AGENT. it would say what a epf agent does, when he is trying to catch a criminal like herbert and klutzy. He would have to escape herbert's traps and save club penguin from turning into HERBERT ISLAND. All the penguins of the island would form a group and stop a rising evil.
until then...............



just forget about the other two I sent and read this one!

its called "the epic CP movie"and its about this penguin sarah85467 who just met cadence and then once cadence gos offline,she leaves the nightclub and finds...Two ruiners 2000s against the places!she gos to the plaza and sees even more!she gets a disabler 2000,and disables the town ones before they ruin it.but,she misses the plaza and it tears up the stage and pet shop! (it missed the pizza parlor lol)then,she gos back in time to when the plaza first opened,and needs to stop the dude before he sets them up!she finds the dude his name is dr. B.O.M.B. and she fights him with her new powers!who will win?only time will tell. and then "the epic cp movie 2"will come when sarah needs to save puffles,and some musical records!then she finds a code that says:records in iggys are banned for a year.and cadance is kiddnapped and banned. she finds a key,and finds the puffles! she gains a magical butterfly puffle! she finds the records,it was dr. B.O.M.B. again!she gains a magical boombox that the butterfly puffle found.and then she finshes dr. B.O.M.B. with the boombox and then that cave crubles and she saves cadence but loses the boombox,and sarah85467 keeps the puffle,but the boombox was never seen again and all the bans on the code goes away!

p.s. plz post i have never been posted before. :)


If I made a movie staring my penguin I would call it "Shipwrecked on Rockhopper Island".
Pixieoak121 was just playing Hydro Hopper with a few of her friends when the waves came in! The small speed boat was said to be safe but somehow blew of course. Poor Pixieoak was stuck at the back atop a red tube hanging on for dear life! Her two BFFS Lilly41405 and Waddles Jr7 wheeled her in right at the brink of time before crashing on a small island! As they crawled out of the boat they spotted jewels and treasures of all kind!They all stood there stunned. A small red puffle sneaked out from a palm tree quietly with a light smile as it said, "Yar!!"
"Waddles?" Pixieoak asked,"Do you think this is Rockhopper Island?".


I would call it "The Secret Talent". And it would be about a penguin with autism who is always being picked on because of her autism. But as she finds her "secret talent", she learns that she's just like anybody else. So then she stands up for herself, and after a few days everyone starts to understand how life can be hard for her and stops picking on her.


If i made a movie it would be called...... EXO would be about herbert creating a penguin made of steel and other metals.everything goes wrong and the penguin attacks CP.Who will save the day?


Red will!

Red: Who said so?
Me: I did


if i could make a movie,i would call it "alternate". It would be about the EPF getting a new system for the fixed hq. Until it was herberts evil plan to turn club penguin into a alternate universe.Everything would be opposite like rookie will be serious. Cadence does not know anything about music. EVERYTHING WILL BE RUINED!!! so i come in and hack the system and save the day! The End.


I would invent a movie where a penguin who lives in India, and you have to move to USA and going on a boat, and there's a storm and jumps to a raft and the boat is sinking ... But stay in the raft 200.032 days and took his 2 puffles: orange juice (orange puffle) zebrita (black puffle). And one more jump and the other fell into the sea puffles and that puffle puffle Richar erea and the pii penguin.


I'd make a movie called "Invaders" about a super intelligent boy who must save Club Penguin from a evil criminal group called the Invaders before they can Destroy and release Herbert!


I would name my movie "I Saw What You did Last Winter".It would be a really scary, silly movie.

Lolo 70679:

My movie will be "Penguin High" Staring Lolo 70679
Its about a penguin Lolo 70679 her father died and lifted her with her mother that's really mean. She went to a school and got bullied So bad. thought the movie she learns how to stand up and face bullies.
P.S ( at the end she opens her eyes and sees it was all a dream, then her father walked in the room)
Thats my movie.. Waddle On Cp =]


My movie would be called "Puffle Troubles." It would be about a girl who just bought the pet shop- but is a secret agent at heart. Once she discovers that herbert plans to capture all the puffles- so she trains to defeat him. Soon, Herbert Kidnaps her it's up to her to use her agent skills to break free before millions of penguins are heart-broken. Does she make it? Does she not?


if i directed or made a movie i would call it (saving the world) its about all the children in asia and africa who get there dreams and
all the hope for there family's


Again This is late but i would name my movie "You Can Do It!" Its like a movie that let you do anything if u believe you can :)


I PROBABLY KNOW WHICH MOVIE TO DO!It will be called,The Jungle explorers,and the movie will be about Jungle explorers,animals,lost penguins,evil monsters etc.!


I would make one called "Good or Evil penguin?"
It's about a penguin that is atacked by an evil penguin while he was defending the EPF. He then has to choose his way: being good and doing a sacrifice for saving CP from the evil force or join them and becomes rich stealing and gets everything he wants. What way will he choose?


I could also make a movie named "Ponxs and the Dream World"
Ponxs defeated Herbert some months ago because he couldn't let him destroy CP. He might be evil, but he has the same plans as herbert: CONQUER CP! Herbert knew that and to stop him, while he was sleeping, he trapped him in his dreams. Penguins got to figure out this and tried to trap him. While in his dreams, he discovered he was trapped in a dream, because Herbert appeared from the sky of his dream and told him that. He's villian gang readed about it and went to save him. Ponxs started planing how to get revenge for what Herbert did. The gang was making a perfect plan: Sell penguins a fake trapping machine that is really a wake up machine. It didn't pass much time before Herbert could figure it out. Will Herbert ruin the plans of freeing Ponxs? Will the penguins figure out that it isn't a trapping machine?' Or will they free Ponxs and get their revenge?


I would make a movie called ' My Life ' and it would be about a normal girl who gets a horse for her 12th birthday and they win all these competitions that make them all famous and they get into the olympics.After that the girl starts to become a famous olympian,singer,acter,model and horse rider but will have to leave her old life behind. Will she be able to cope with the pressure?


Hmm that's a tought one. I think my movie would be about an agent who is on a mission and gets amnesia. After waking up from a coma, he stumbles upon the Dojo and becomes an ninja. Then he finds out Sensei has gone missing and a new master has come, not showing his face. The new sensei then orders the ninjas to attack EPF, and the main character is able to kidnap the Director. The Director would recognise the ninja/agent and try to get him to remember. In the end the main character remembers and defeats the new sensei, who is Herbert. (who was expecting that?)The movie would be called "Operation: Ninja"

Moo mui:

Mine Would Be Totally Random Like A Fruit Shoot Meets Ready Salted Hula Hoops Then They Go To Mc donalds And Nearly Get Eaten Then They Get Stuffed Into A Bin And Go To The Dump And Meet Lots Of New Freinds Like Walkers Crisps And Coke A Cola!

Please Let Me Win!

Moo mui:

Well Mine Would Be Called STUPID PENGUIN Where My Penguin Goes To A Hotel And Wants A Bath Then 2 Days Later She Sees Water Coming Through The Roof And Sings ITS RAINING ITS POURING Then The Hotel Person Comes In And Shouts ITS ITS FLOODING RUN!!
Then My Penguin Ignores Him And Carries On Singing But Then She Opens The Bathroom Door And It All Came Gushing At Her Like Like Like Well A Angry River Then She Gets Kicked Out The Hotel!



Hi All,
I would call my movie "The New Kind Of Famous". It would be about a girl named Carmen who moves to Hollywood after collage and wants to make her big break. She barely has money to pay the rent for her apartment, so she really struggles. At an audition she meets a guy named Jake. Jake is really nice! Carmen messes up during the try outs, so she does not get the part. Jake does not get it, either, so they had a really bad day. Next, Jake and Carmen go to a new audition for a movie. They meet a girl named Lil (aka Lilly). They all do well, they will actually be AWESOME! Soon they all become wonderful friends, like bffs! One day Carmen checks her e-mail and finds out that she got the part! Will Lil and Jake be jealous and left out of the lime lite? If you pick me, you can find out!


I'd call my movie........ The Amazing Spider-Penguin!


If Welcome To Candyland does not work, then there will be a romcom called forbidden <3's about a water ninja and a fire ninja who fall in love and run away from their families because they a enemies.They then have a baby in a shelter in a old public shelter but the kid has multiple powers that bring the families togerther.


Can we have a MLP Party?
Everyone is a pony (non members can be Earth Ponies and members can be Unicorns and Pegasi!)

(I think you may have to ask Hasbro first though)

Pink pink2112's movie idea:

My movie would be called pinkpink and the road of stardum
It would be about a girl named pinkpink2112 who had wanting to be famous for her whole life and when she had the chance she blew it and then took a long advanture to try to get what she dreamed of to come true but on her advature she hits lots of problems like golden penguin gards and evil famous penguins that makes her almost change her mind! but she didnt.. she found some friends on her way..pinkylegs march1904 dooda5 tried to help her but they also had some problems of there own. it was hard to get away from the gard puffles and also finding the one and only wizerd thinknoodles who tells them how to be famous... they listen to him.. but on the last step.. they had made a mistake and all the penguins started to be mean to them.. they new this was not right so then they had to fix that problem witch made there advanture dangerous and loger.. after facing a few more puffles and problems they had found a way to fix there problem.. first they went to sensei who helped them by scaring for the mean penguins then the went back ot thinknoodles who was with chrisdog98 and with coolpool who where practicing and sping on the penguins from the crystal ball. they walked in saying they made a mistake but dooda5 stayed back with sensei to help him.. they did what they needed to with thinknoodles then had a request from thinknoodles and his wizerd friends,, they asked to get senseis hat.. they were afraid to say nno.. but they knew it was wrong because sensei was helping them.. but they did it and sensei was ok bhut they felt bad but they did it.. then thinknoodles helped them fix there problem and help pinkpink2112 become famous and it was a happy ending for all.. but you wonder about sensei what happened to him and his hat..well time for you to be aunt artic and write your own ending
comment ur ending plz :)

Super Dude:

I would name my movie "Club Penguin: The Way It Works"


I would make a movie called 'My Cheerleading Career' and it would be about my cheerleading life with a little bit of bling, a little bit of action and a whole truckload of drama! And it's kinda like something out of those High School movies. Here's what is is about:
The summary of the movie is about when a little penguin called Tish joins the cheerleader team-with thousands of other cheerleaders
who don't seem to respect her. And now that she is a cheerleader, she has to face tough stuff and huge parties like the cheerleaders, and then she meets two new friends…


If I made a movie I would call it Bellatrix And The Magic Begins... The movie would be about this young penguin called Bellatrix (as you might of guessed!) who dreamed of being a witch but little did she know that one day her dream would turn into real life. She must face a path of truth and lies or die because the great dark wizard stands in her way to success she must defeat him to save the world of destruction... Hope you like it!

Wadle O
Wadle On
Wadle O

By Bellatrix3049


If I had. Movie named after me... it would be ....... SUPER PENGUIN POWER :3 peeve out penguin :D


If my penguin was starring in a movie, I would call the movie Unbreakable. It would be about evil faries who put an unbreakable curse on a penguin named Superfamous when she was a baby. Superfamous couldn't have fun because of the curse. Then she goes on a quest to find the fairies and make them break the curse. When Superfamous finds the fairies they refuse to break the curse. Then, on her way back home, Superfamous makes friends with another penguin. They become BFFs and they had fun together. Superfamous notices that she and her BFF had fun,so that meant that Superfamous's curse is broken. Superfamous learns that friendship is the strongest thing.


How about THIS for a movie!? It's called "New York Penguins" and it's about three penguins who were on their way to Antarctica but lost the map and ended up in New York. I think it's based off of another show but i don't remember which one. Anyway, the penguins are trying to go home, but they have to avoid certain things like wild animals and zoos. What do ya think?

adrita12345 :

my movie name is Cadance and the stars and cadance i want you to know i love you!!!!!!!!!!!! plz add me and today is my birthday


If I could make a movie I think mine would be about a girl named Blossomlove7 and her two friends 10Lucylove and Daisyboo they always used to hang out with each other till one there are the cheerleaders who dont talk to people like Blossomlove7,10Lucylove,and Daisyboo because they are geeks.So one Daisyboo and 10Lucylove are fed up of being name called because they get straight A's so they turn into the cheerleaders but when it came to Blossomlove7 her friends didnt wanna talk to her anymore cause she is still a geek her friends are popular now and and are on the penguin BLUE cheer leading team the BLUE cheerios.Will 10Lucylove,and Daisyboo change?Will Blossomlove7 change?Or will they ever speak again?
Blossomlove7 ADD ME

Agent Kr:

If my penguin were the star in a movie, I would call the movie "Herbert Strikes Back".

My penguin's name would be Kate Renolda, known to the agents as Agent Kr. Herbert is back, and he's stronger, faster, and more evil than ever! They find out that Herbert plans to melt the island! And when the agents make a plan to stop Herbert, he captures all of the top agents, and traps them in his secret lair! Will the agents be able to stop him? And how will they save the others?

This movie will have comedy, action, drama, spying, and, above all, EPIC WINS!!!


If I had a Movie,I would call it The Lost of the treasure.It's starring only me!The movie is about the cruel queen Queen Crullea.She threw all the diamonds into a hidden place.Deelee Dishine is going to get the diamonds and give them back.Her pink puffle Gemlia and black puffle Dubbie is good at finding diamonds!Deelee is off for a great adventure...meeting famous penguins along the way.....If you want to star in my movie,add me and if I accept your request,go to my igloo.We will practice it out!And there are many characters!I introduce you Queen Crullea,Deelee Dishine,the famous penguins,Gemlia and Dubbie!Thanks.

Yours faithfully,Ariamia123


It was a dark and stormy night... Just kidding! "Adventures of the Rainbow Puffle"
One day PH was on a safari in the forest not knowing she would find a new Puffle, her Elite Puffle at her side she noticed a strange Puffle looking creature it was the rainbow Puffle PH and her Puffle were so full of joy! She went back to Club Penguin Island she said "I think I have found a new Puffle the... Rainbow Puffle!" Nobody thought she was telling the truth!the next day: Gary said "I know she isn't telling a lie, however you will need proof you found one or else no one will think it's real." Gary was going to help her find one in the wild... but they couldn't! Then I found one myself I told Ain't Arctic she told me that she would send some EPF Agents to find some
bring them back. Then they found 100 rainbow puffles in a week! It was amazing everyone would want one so they found more, then Gary said "It now looks like puffles are like dogs they can be cross breads." so I did some research on puffles went on a safari and I found puffles like half Red half Yellow! I went back to Club Penguin told them my discovery and I gave them to Gary to find more about puffles now we know more about puffles!

That's my movie


I would make a movie called, " Sonic6351 and the rival, master of elements". It's about a penguin called Sonic6351 and he has a rival. A master of elements, he always challenges Sonic6351 and always won. One day, the rival challenged Sonic 6351 once again. He tried his best, and finally wins. He says, "Yes! I win! I'm a master!". Then he becomes a friend of his rival. Then they live as best friends. The end! :D hope u like it I made it with lots of creativity and hard work! Add me Sonic6351! Bye


If I had to make a movie I would call it " The Goat and Vampire." It would be about a goat. He is a baby goat and he is all alone. This vampire finds the goat. They meet and then become best friends. One day the goat would get upset. This is because he wants to be a vampire too. So he begs the vampire to turn him into a vampire goat. The vampire refuses and the goat persuades him to finally turn him into a vampire goat. In the end they live happily ever after


its already 2o14 i was wondering if u all know why penguin lodge is it has member items and non member items I've been on it a lot btw I'm the one who made penguin lodge but with different name


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