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By Chattabox on March 17, 2013 - 15:43

Hey there Penguin Pals!


This month’s igloo nominations were the most colourful I’ve seen! For todays featured igloos blog, I found not three, but FOUR beautiful igloos that I just had to share with all my feathered friends! Check out all these puffle-tastic igloos below:


I stumbled upon Riyita’s igloo whilst online this week and was instantly impressed with the amount of detail and thought put into this lovely Puffle Day Care Centre. So bright and colourful, if I were a puffle, I’d want to visit all the time! smiley


Sunshine6774 said: “I think Cutie24pie’s igloo should be featured, because it has an area for each different type of puffle and it even has room for a puffle walk way! Check it out!”


Katty017 said: “Hello CP, I hope you could look at my best friend’s igloo Narcissak99. It is really amazing with a puffle salon, chill out zone, puffle hanging lanterns, puffle music, disco floor and puffle feeding area! She has a great artistic flare!”


Sylvia35 said: "Cool igloos gyus! I think my friend Sylvie32 should be shown! It’s an epic igloo for puffles! It has puffle beds for all the puffles (20 different types- Sylvie32 is puffle-mad!) and puffle houses for all the puffles and all the puffles toys and a puffle cannon in the middle. It has a puffle bean bag (with the puffle pattern on- naturally) and 2 puffle chairs and some puffle guards at the entrance. You should seriously check it out! Sylvie32 doesn’t have many likes, because no one comes to her igloo. Anyone who goes there is guaranteed to like it. (Her clothes are also covered in puffles)."


I'd like to thank everyone for all the awesome nominations sent through this week! It’s really got me so excited and looking forward to the Puffle Party starting this week! Also, I thought I'd do things a little differently, so for next week I’d love to hear why you think your own igloo design (whatever it may be!) should be featured in our next blog. Let us know in the comments below and keep a look out for our next featured igloos blog- you’re igloo could be in it!


Waddle On!


-Club Penguin Team


nintendo 18:

cool igloos im surprised


Go check out my best buddy Rampage6666's igloo. Its a huge snow globe with a dance floor, a DJ section, an arcade, and even a small puffle play area including an arcade for those little fluff balls. ;D


i think me buddy powero5 has a really good puffle shop


My igloo is all about Puffle-talent!!!
In my igloo Puffles can discover what their talent is!!!
That includes videogaming,ice skating,being a rockin
dj and soo many more plz check it out chattabox plz!!!
WADDLE ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : P : P : P


If u thought those igloos were cool, then u should checks mine. It's a big mess o' things. I've got a cityscape pic, a jumbo t.v., chairs on lava, you name it (I just mean my igloo it has a lot of stuff)! I had to use just the background to fit it all in! I hope u get a chance to checks.

Until then, fellow igloo renovators.... WADDLE ON CP!!

dom pom:

sup penguins whats waddling those igloos were puffle-rific

have you penguins seen last week's mission?

it's super!

till next time keep waddling


hey all you penguins out there! if you want to see an awesome igloo then you should check out my penguin pal's igloo her name is 811cupcake. it is a puffle shop she says. it is not as good as the ones you put on but it is close and nice job guys! please check it out. and can you make a way to walk all of your puffles at the same time so you can show off your cute little pets? i would really like it. who else i excited for the puffle hotel? i am super excited! Waddle on!


That's good my buddy


I would like if you checked out my igloo..........its a airplane!


My igloo should be on the next blog because it's a COLLEGE! I named it Club Penguin University. It has a skating rink and a classroom. It also has an EPF Missiion room! Lastly, it has a lounge and a cafeteria.
I also have a plane-related igloo,but that's another story.... :)


Hi it's nice to see what type of Igloo there are I say all of em' Co34960 Out!

Kallie Jo:

Riyita is my friend on Club Penguin, congratulations Riyita for being featured! The other igloos were epic too, I decorated my igloo for St. Patrick's Day and I've gotten a lot of likes so far :D


I LOVE THOSE IGLOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!:) And I just can't wait to get the rainbow puffle and I think his toys are going to be where he flies and behind him is a rainbow and the other where he makes clouds :) WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!


awesome igloos!! I AM SO JEALOUS!!

Happy St Patricks Day!

Waddle On

<3 Panguini

Reggigas 247:

Those are all awesome igloos!
I think that Silvis32's igloo is the best because it actually has some space.

P.S. BE MY BUDDY CHATTABOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i wish i could be in it but cool iggys

From adamthornhil

Purple Pen 8:

Sweet houses! I love all of the puffle furniture!


WOW! :OOO Thanks so much for featuring me Chatta! :D

PS: Please add me on CP, I send a request! :D

Thanks again!


those igloos look soooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
they are totally all out team puffle!!!

Lenny Thai:

My igloo is based on a very special penguin named 'Businessmoose' he inspired me to make a replica of his igloo. See the moose head? Right were it should be..... see the bosses office? Perfect for a Moose. See the check-in office and other offices? Perfect for Moose Co-Workers! Lastly the Kitchen, my favorite place. Were we can get Pizza made by the boss himself! We also have a Coffee Maker cups fit for a Moose! All in one a perfect igloo/company..... that's why I think I should be in the next featured igloo's post.

Mr Black 12:

Awesome Igloos! The Puffle Party is gonna be so wacky and awesome! Check out Bazooka35's igloo and mine sometime! You guys are so Great! I have a nice home igloo so does Bazooka35. We'd like to see you guys sometime soon! Club Penguin is becoming so Great with you guys! I'd like to see some more Great Stuff next year! Thank you all for everything guys. You are the BEST! Sincerly, Mr Black 12

E Pinguinn:

Plz check out my igloo! I made it to be a 'midnight arcade'. i realized it would be perfect for puffles, because it has an arcade for brown puffles, a pool for puffles who love to exercise (pink puffle), and a diner for zany orange puffles who love to eat! It also has great features for penguins because they get to play around!

Pichu Spark:

Awesome igloos! You should check out my igloo too. It is a puffle circus with tons of fun! My puffles can perform and after the show are pampered. It is high in the mountains with a puffle bridge so the view is great! There is even awesome Puffle Rag-Time music playing! Waddle On! :D
~Pichu Spark


I love all of those igloos. If you come and look at my igloo and like. Please put it on the blog I worked really hard, it toke me an hour to do it.


My friend Lillianlilly has an AWSOME igloo please put hers on the blog.


I think my igloo should be in the next blog because it is an awesome puffle playground! I have tubes going all around through the house all leading to a fenced in area full of toys, houses, and decorations for puffles! It took me an hour to make it and I'm very proud of it. Please look at it! (my penguin name is Clover7373)


My Puffles and I had so much FUN TOGETHER with the Rainbow Puffles while decorating a HAPPY St. Patrick's Day Igloo :)


That makes the 2 of us! ~Alwin5♥


Please check out my igloo i never have had my igloo on the blog and i really want it to be on there very badly! I decorated it for hours because i wanted it to look cool for when i have it on featured igloos. I put all my coolest and rarest items in there and did my (technique) in the igloo to so please feature it on the blog!


Hope I'm the first to comment cos nobody else is on.:P

Connor Sak:

I love Narcissak99s igloo so colorful puffley! Waddle On CP!


Oh thank you so much Connor! I really appreciate it as I put a lot of time and effort into my igloo!


All of them are rainbow-iffic!


My igloo is so awesome! It is complete with tropical trees, cozy couches, and beautiful vines! Check it out!


All the igloos are really cool! I'd like to nominate my igloo, because it is in preparation for the Puffle Party coming really soon! While everyone is waiting for the Puffle Party, I invite other penguins to my igloo for a little Puffle experience before the big party. It has beds for all 10 colors of the current Puffles, posters and pictures of Puffles, an ice rink, arcade, a rainbow road to the clouds (to the Rainbow Puffles!), a Puffle gym, and even access to the game Puffle Launch. It's a Puffle's dream place to be. Waddle on Penguins and Puffles!


Cool igloos! I'd like to nominate my own igglo. It is a puffle show. I put a lot of effort into it, to make the puffle show spectacular :). I hope you like it. Please feature it!

Waddle on!

- Waddles26813


Hello Chattabox! I think my igloo should be featured because it's a puffle store! There are two rows of puffle needs and three cashiers. Buy all your puffle needs at the new puffle store! Only available during the Puffle Party, so hurry on!


I think my igloo should be posted because it has lots of creativity. The theme is a fancy restaurant. It combines old items with new items to make it the most perfect place to spend your evening with a delicious plate of food. Thanks for reading!


I think you should see my igloo


Check out my igloo.

It's so cool!


my igloo has a pet store a arcade and a rainbow pathway. you should check it out you will maybe like it

waddle on




its saint patricks day today did you forget?




my igloo is a puffle amusment park for penguins and for puffles. i designed it myself and it required alot of work.


amazin my membership expired to bad but i am gonna get another one for the puffle party and good luck to PH to be the first to see the rainbow puffle


Hi CP. I would like you to check out my igloo please. I worked really hard on it and spend a lot of time playing games to earn coins so I made this awesome Puffle-Tastic Igloo, it has EVERYTHING a puffle loves, with every Puffle Toys, EVERYTHING FOR PUFFLES! If I were a puffle, I would NEVER leave my own igloo! You should check it out! My penguin is Phineas99 by the way.




these igloos are super awesome!!!!! waddle on cp!!! :D


Those are all great! I'd take my puffle there too!


Wow... the first and third are designed in RARE igloos and that's why I'm saying that They are my favs!
Waddle On!!!

-P.S. If you want to meet me online, I will Always (ALMOST Always) be on "Icicle".


wow those r all so cool. !!!!!!!!!!!


I think my igloo should be featured because it's like a puffle restaurant , neighborhood, play area and it's awesome!


I think my igloo should be posted because it is so fun! It has a big dance floor, a kitchen, a car, and a lot of tables and chairs! There is so much different stuff but it works perfectly together! I have a Puffle launch cannon so my guests can play. In the back their is a huge scene of the city. My igloo should be posted for all of these reasons!


Yeah! I've been to your igloo and I totally LOVE IT!


I have a really cool Puffle igloo! It has a Green puffle trapize OVER A RAINBOW!, a food place, some Puffle beds, and a pinta selling Puffle food and supplies! I think you could check out mine! And Daffo,you could get your puffle,BLOSSEM!


hello guys ur fintastic


Did I ever mention that Sam0222 has a puffle place for PUFFLES TOO??? I was the FIRST one to write a comment so I pretty sure that I don't have to find it! THAT was easy!
Waddle on!


Those were some colorful igloos! But you should really check out my igloo. I call it: Puffle Paradise! With a rainbow (leading to Herbert) and lots of fun toys and activities fit for any puffle, it's puffletastic! I also have my other igloo which is all green! Green grass, green sofas, even green tennis courts! I hope you see it! -Catcat457 Waddle on, puffle fans!

Oz checkered:

Hey there again!

So, I found a great igloo to look at! Slider357's igloo is like a puffle parlor, and what's best is that it is the puffle parlor that is the perfect one for your puffle. So, if you have time, go there with your puffle (if you have one)!

All the best,

oz checkered


I submit my igloo! I put a LOT of detail,and even PH came by! No lie! Green puffles hitch a ride on a Trapize over a rainbow, get some food for you AND your puffles, and get some supplies. Come with your Puffle, too!


whazz up cp i am here to nominate coolman12010's igloo you should check he has his own puffle pet shop he had brill idea of doing that

anyways WADDLE ON!!!! ^SHAN12010^




wow love them all !!!!!! :D


My igloo isn't the BEST, but I like it because while it's simple, it has a lot of color and everything is made to look like the average, organized penguin igloo!


hi cp team i would like to nominate my self for best igloo i think my igloo shoud win because its filled with everything! it has everything from puffle photos to amazing jewels its awesome i would like to win so bad if i did that would be awesome!

waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp!!!!!!


hi cp team i would like to nominate my friend shubbs03 i think her igloo is awesome it has everything in it i think its amazing
waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp!

oz checkered:

Dear chattabox,

My igloo is amazingly a house full of puffle sensation. It has my most favorite type of puffle on the carpet in the center, which resembles an orange puffle. There is also a washing area where there are 3 puffle washers set next to 3 gray beds. On the right of my igloo is the play zone! My puffles can play there anytime they want. There is also a section where the rainbow colors are set next to each other by house and bed. The washing area is also where the feeding area is. There is also a puffle stage where puffles squeak onto a powerful microphone that sends waves to a control terminal. The control terminal then sends radio waves to a show light where it shows what the puffle is saying. (don't worry I'm just making it up) Last but not least, there is a salon! at the top deck in my penthouse igloo, two salon chairs for my puffles are there to stylize them. I hope you send me in!


Oz Checkered


hey everybody i would like to nominate shubbs03 everybody is going to her igloo its great plz go




Hi Chatta! I think u should check out my igloo because it has everything a penguin house would need!
I Have two bedrooms and they both have TVs or computers and bookshelves for some entertainment.
Then i have a piano in the main entrance and a living room with a TV.Then of course i have a kitchen.
then i have a bathroom.(which i don't really need).then i have a changing room.

Well That's My Igloo

Hope this isn't to long

-lily99638 :D


How do you get to make your club penguin?????


a rainbow puffle bed or a rainbow house for the new puffle

y rockhopper:

that is a great idea and plus i herd its his b-day tomarro(3/18/13)


Sounds cool! and HAPPY BDAY !!! lol
waddle on!!!


I think my igloo should be featured since it represents the Stadium! Its a soccer stadium, goals, scoreboard, bleachers, benches, and food! I hope you like it!


Hiya Chattabox!
I think my puffle igloo should be in the next igloo blog because I made a HUGE puffle city with new and exciting decorations!
There is a room or shop for every puffle, such as the Purple Puffle Salon, Black puffle arcade, Pink puffle playground, Orange puffle cookie shop, Rainbow puffle condos!!!!, and also fun neighbourhoods! It is really great, I think you should come and check it out that would be AWESOME!
Waddle on all! -Thruthenite- :)


I would like mine one because its a penthouse at the beach with an arcade,chillax room,kings chair,computer room and fire place.


Hey Chattabox!!!!!!!!! I Think You Should Feature Justinepink1's Igloo! I Think You Should Because It Is Like A Jungle With Volcanoes!!!!!!!!!! When I Went To Her Igloo, I Felt As If I Was In A Jungle!!!!!! p.s. this is a surprise


Hey guys! It's your friend, Thinknoodles. I suggest my friend's, Cutieboi, igloo. It's really awesome with puffles and everything! So noodle on!


Omg, This iggy"s are just awesome!
I wish i has a iggy like that.


I think my igloo would fit in the next Featured Igloo Blog. I tried to make a classic Log Cabin igloo with fancy black chairs and fireplace. I also had a kitchen and many amazing decorations. I would be honored to see my igloo next week. Please check it out and I hope you like it. Thanks!


Hey Chattabox my igloo is AWESOME it has Four Different places to go first I have a Puffle show like the Puffle circus and the chairs are the Fuzzy Blue Couch and Fuzzy Green Couch and Fuzzy Purple Couch. Its awesome and the second place is like a place where the puffles can think their on a rainbows. And there are puffles toys all around the igloo. And the third place is the place where puffles can sleep on the puffle houses and beds after their walk around the island. And the last but not least the green puffle can play on the Unicycle Tightrope. And i have the puffle tube that connect to all the four place witch mean the puffles can visit each place. And i have pictures of the puffles on the walls. And i did not forget about the penguin's for the penguin's can skate on the skating rink that under the puffle bed's and house's. And they can play on the arcade game while their puffles are thinking their on a rainbow. And penguins can buy puffle cookie's and puffle O's beside the rainbow by using the puffle shop shelf. That's all the things about my puffle igloo. I hope you guys pick my igloo.

Thanks Club Penguin Team!!!


Hiya CP! You Gotta See My Friend Purplecake88 Igloo! Shes So Creative And Awesome! Shes A Really Good Friend To Everyone! Waddle On! :)

Raven :

I'm Raventalon2 online, and my igloo could be featured on the next one. My yard is a fail but the inside is well put together. But warning, it has a lot of green puffle items.


that is so cool!!!!!


Wow, these igloos are amazing! You should check out mine as well. Everyone's welcome! It has a lounge area, a DJ/Disco area and a secret waterfall at the back, for those who want to get away from it all! If you're lucky, I might even change it to show you all my EPF themed igloo, which is a secret base for fellow EPF agents. Waddle On!

frost fairy:

IF we are talking about the cool igloo then my friend sudeshna24's igloo should be showned. she gained 35 likes in one day ,day before yesterday.well her igloo is totally like puffle play area i just seriously liked it.


actually my both friend who are sudeshna24 and smiley90700 have a great igloo.their igloo is like .......NO WORDS FOR THEM .


you guys should totall check out mine its awesome

Cutie pinky3:

These igloos are awesome!
I have a new igloos catalog comes out!
I'd love to see the amazing green 4 leaf clover igloo out for St. Patrick's day as it just passed :(


Hey there everyone!
I bet that you MUST vote for my igloo.I call it'Regice53'sPuffle Pet Shop'.It's awesome!There's a bunch of flashing lights(as to welcome you)and many different puffle items to sell and you can have a job here!Pretty cool,isn't it?


Hi!My friend P191539241 has a GREAT igloo!Its random and FUN I could stay there FOR EVER!I wish it was my igloo :D


I would like to nominate Disneydimney's Igloo! It's like a heaven, I would like to have this igloo in real life! :) "Check It Out"


congradulations to all the penguins who have had there igloo showed!
my igloo is a puffle paradise
its got: a hair salon, a bedroom, na o berrie shop an ice rink, food center and some play toys!
waddle on cp
rebeccashine :)

Magnet Mario:

I think you should chose my iggy for your next post because it is a PUFFLE PARTY. It has an arcade, a symmetry line of puffle beds, 5 houses at each side by the very edge of the iggy that is stacked up with the houses, a register area(Which I think it is), mirror of puffle toys, and finally two DJ places. My iggy is very awesome and I think you should put it on this blog!


My igloo is a great and grand puffle mall with an arcade , a small puffle grocery , a reception line and a backyard for flamingoes.
Hope i get in.


Great igloos Chattabox. You should totally check out my igloo. It is the ultimate EPF hideout. I won't ruin the surprise though so go check it out!


Hi Chattabox,
I am Gustavousa20,
please check my friend Josh Mt igloo its very very cool!!!!!!,
hope u like it!!

Josh Mat:

hi chattabox,
i am Josh Mat,
i been a member of club penguin since 2011 and i really wanted once my igloo to be featured since i became a member if u want to meet me please reply me the timings!
i love cp and thx to the team for making cp!!
cp is fun and educational, as it helps developing a person's speech and vocabulary, etc.
well i have a billion nice things to say,
anywayz thx again cp team!!!!

Josh Mat

Cpcp No1 Fan:

Hi Chattabox,
i want to request my friend Josh Mat's igloo to be feature as its awesome,
Thank You


those igloos are awesome i wish mine could be in it.


Hey Chatta!
Its me again. I just want you to check out my igloo so badly! Its a Puffle Circus where you can see many Puffles perform! It has an awesome arcade where you can play any game you like (maybe Club Puffle! XD)! It also has a Puffle Store where you can buy Puffle cages and Puffle-Os(cookies too!) and to top it all off..... a food court where you can make burgers and eat!!! It is pretty awesome if I say so myself!! XD!
Thanks for reading!

Nicholas 126:

My igloo is a Puffle Hotel. It has MANY features such as, the Epic Cannon(to play puffle launch), A show room, different coloured beds for each puffle,tubes for them and penguins to transport through, a puffle play zone AND a eating zone. Thanks Club Penguin and thanks in advance :)

Mr. Giggle:

Hey there, everyone! I would like you to check out GiggleToons' (me) igloo. It's not as fancy as these igloos, (and all of the other featured igloos) but I think you should check it out.

Waddle on!


Those are all really cool igloos, but I think my igloo should also be on there...I keep changing it, and this time, because it's March, I found the perfect items to make the igloo of my dreams - a puffle pet shop lounge! It upsets me that no one comes to my igloo anymore because I'm not at all popular. But, whoever comes to my igloo, thinks it's AMAZING! I hope my igloo will be featured before the furniture for April comes out!

Waddle On!


I think my igloo should be featured because it has a lot of puffle things such as a puffle store, an arcade, dragons (for some random reason), and it even has the Box Dimension! I doesn't have that many likes because not that many people visit. I hope my iggy is featured.




Club penguin team just to tell you when i was on club penguin they are no secrets on it so the featured igloo penguins plz tell me how did you get those items.I think its from the old puffle party catalog.


My igloo is a PUFFLE DAYCARE!!!or the PUFFLE SHOP!!!

ghada 898:

plz check my iggy its awsome


I have mine will be on the next i'm a great igloo designer to me!


I think my igloo should be in featured igloos, so come and check t out!:)


I am constantly changing my igloo to keep it updated with the latest trends! It has always been a dream of mine to be in Featured Igloos! Currently, it is an amazing HOUSE! It has three bedrooms, a bathroom, a big kitchen, a basketball court, and a POOL! CHECK IT OUT!! :)

Moo Mee:

I have recently renovated my igloo into an amazing PUFFLE HOTEL! I tried making one! It has two rooms, a big bathroom, a skating rink, and more. It uses old items mixed with new. You would LOVE IT!! :)

Prince Pangu:

I think that is a great idea stop by my house its a regular house but in the bacyard a puffle playland for all to enjoy. Hope to see you soon. Puffle on- Er Waddle on!


those igloos ROCK! I think my igloo should be featured because my igloo is a musical heaven. I have guitars, mic's, and my favorite is the drums. I have a DJ platform and flashing lights EVERYWHERE. Even some fire. So if you like music you have come to the right place xD. I'm probably never gonna delete this igloo. It just describer me too perfectly. Thanks! Hope u enjoy it.



Mine is a amazing puffle resort! It has a snack bar, a posh gift shop, a puffle disco party and a swimming pool complete with a pirate ship!!!!
U should def come check it out!! ;)

Rico 7817:

Great igloo nominations, they are puffle CRAZY :D !! My igloo is full to the brim with candy - yum! (lets hope my puffles don't eat it all!)

Mtr Tiny:

Nice Igloos! I'm Definitely Going To Check Out Sylvie32's Igloo. My Igloos Are Pretty Good But Probably Not Featured Igloos Worthy I've Got A Pretty Good Kingdom Igloo You Should Check It Out (At Mtr Tiny) Keep Up The Good Work CP! And I'm So Excited For The Puffle Party!


molly Golly :

My igloo is CRAZY everything is in there including flamingos, crabs, puffle furniture, etc.


I think my igloo is pretty cool. Its an arcade and snack bar!! You can hangout and play arcade games like Pacman and Mario
and when you're done you can chill and order a fishdog or other snacks! Please check it out Chattabox!
Waddle on!


i think for next time maybe we should put in my igloo its an ALL STAR PUFFLE HOTEL




Well my igloo is most popular for fashion show
A puffle stage puffle couch for judges puffleramp
A very nice arrangement for the ones who bring there
Puffles to my igloo !!!!!! U should check it out
I would like to nominate my friend ayush21


Hey ya'll, ChattaBox GREAT JOB FINDING THEM!!! Those are some epic iggys. IT HAZ SO MANY PUFFLEZ!!! I think the first and last are pretty good! Keep comin' back so......



My friend emski24's igloo is great (its not really a puffle theme but its awesome!!!!!)




I think my igglo should be in there because its the ultiment party zone!! It has a skating rink with a stump a pond and grass in it and an epic
lighted entranceway. There is a giant TV and Herbert waiting outside. I have plenty of friendly puffles too witch make it realy cool. If you look at it the music suits it well. I guess its acually a random pary zone!

Waddle On CP!


What is the theme for the next month?


Check out my friend's igloo. It's super awesome. My friend's name is Seeoa.

Shaun 65793:

I think you should check out mine because it's a mix of a restraunt, lounge, and sports place. WADDLE ON CP!!


my igloo has a puffle grooming place and a play room with a food bowl and a bed room for them a little tiny tube and i used my igloo i got in the hallowen party 2012 to make it seem like a hanted puffle igloo id love if you put it on the blog

waddle on -

Blue 28z:

I think my igloo should be featured 'cause with the Puffle Party this March, me and my puffles have built a Puffle Supply Shop! It's got a rare Puffle Tent, lots of food (including pizza!) and nice cozy beds for every puffle :) We've also got posters and pictures, so check it out!

Meme The Kid:

Hey Club Penguin. You guys should feature my igloo on your Blog because it is Laser Tag! The Laser Tag has a line to wait in for your turn and a Command Room to map out your conquest.I also have an MoonLight Airport that I like as well. It features a waiting line, tons of seats, and moonlight windows. Thanks for Considering!
-Meme the Kid


i suggest checking out dance4ever43's igloo its a puffle daycare and its really cool


How could there possibly be a GREY puffle house AND bed?


col :)


My igloo should be featured on here because I work very hard to get likes and stuff like that!I mean it would be nice to win something
for once.And also my igloo is AWESOME and my puffles and everyone else likes my igloo!PLEASE PICK ME!!!


please come to my igloo because I have lots of cool puffle stuff!


Please check out my igloo! It is Saint Patrick's Day themed! Everything in it is green. There are St. Patrick's Day balloons, shamrocks, green lights, and even a rainbow with gold at the end!


I think Alexa451's igloo is sooo cool! It's a puffle 'n' penguin hostpital with a cafeteria! My puffle seemed droopy but when I came back we both had BIG SMILES!!!!!!!!! Go to Alexa451's iggy!


Check out my, Jock5656, igloo- it's a puffle store! There are two rows of all your puffle needs on each side. This store has all a store needs: An entrance, flooring, shelves, cashiers, extras- you name it, it's all here! There are also two puffle carriers at the cashier that you can buy. Stop by quickly, because the store will close down when the Puffle Party ends!


I agree they are very colorful!


Hey Chattabox! Nice Puffle Themed Igloo's! They were very creative! I think my igloo should be featured text time on the Blog because I have a Funny April Fools Day Igloo! Since we are not celebrating April Fools Party This Year, I decided to do a April Fools igloo! It is a crazy dinner table and some animal guests! I hope you like it!
Waddle On, Club Penguin!!


i think mine should be on because it seems so classy and fancy and the first room is practically a puffle paradise.


My igloo should be featured because it's an amazing puffle shop! It has a zone for each puffle and it's pretty epic! :D Also, after four years, I STILL haven't been featured, so please feature me!

Best Fishes,
Frosty793 :)


My igloo theme is always different! I will try to do puffle themed because I absolutely love puffles! Please choose my iggy! Waddle on!


You should really check out my igloo! It's a puffle day care with a check in and an area where puffles can play! I have 10 puffles, and they're very happy. You should check it out. My penguin is Diffanee.

Waddle on CP!


I think that Gramma5466's iggy should be featured because it really sparked me about the puffle party! it has in the 1,000s of likes and i think it should have more. so check it out! please


I think you should check out mu igloo, because I made a pet shop and petting zoo mixed! It has a few puffles, some tubes, supplies and more!


Try Awesome16425's igloo. It's a Puffle Studio!


Try Red Gumball 3 igloo. My best friend has made an amazing igloo for the world. Sneak a peak at it!!


My igloo should be on the blog because first of all, I have the amazing-est Pet Shop there! You can buy Puffle O's, O Berries, and other foods and if you buy a hat or items that will break down, you can return it and we will fix it for free or trade it for another item. Plus, there are every type of puffle bed to choose from! They aren't even that much! They are only 3 coins! They aren't that expensive 'cause, I want every puffle to enjoy their own color puffle bed.

My other igloo is a Puffle Motel (see I changed the H to an M instead of 'hotel'?). It's very cheap, too. One night is 2 coins, for the grand opening it's FREE! It's pretty much all free. There's WONDERFUL room service, five star dining for the friends. Especially, there's an indoor AND outdoor pool (I recommend the indoor since its very blue and its warm.)!!! The dining is as much there is penguins, there is in coins. The room service is free. Everyone can come. BRING YOUR PUFFLES!

My last igloo is a Hangout. You can bring your friends and anyone can come. It's super fun and there is a TV that 65 penguins can see (it's very small.)!!! The chip bowls refill every hour or if it runs out on a scary movie, just go and ask the waitor or waitress. There is no charge to get in it's just for everyone, even newbies!!! You can also bring your puffles for a puffle daycare in the corner of my igloo.

Snow long and have a waddle-ful day!
Water49296 (I like squiggles)!


You should check out my iggy! It is a Pet shop! I have a salon area, puffle play area, food and shelves, and I have a giraffe, hippo, and a zebra that you can adopt! lol. Check it out soon, I still need to make some changes!


You should check out my iggy. It is a Puffle Penthouse! The Purple puffle loves her stage and the white puffle loves her rink! If my iggy would be featured then I would spend all the money of all the puffle outfits and on more puffles!


My club penguin design is in my head because since I'm not a member I can't buy the items in the catalog.
Anyway my design would be rainbow style. I circle of puddle beds in the middle, than on the outside of that puffle furniture and on the outside of that puffle houses. And on the wall I would have the puffle lanterns on one side and on the other puffle painting. Plus tons of puffles all around the house! Too bad I'm not a member so I can only have 2 puffles but I don't mind because I'm a good sport. I'm just lucky to be on club penguin. THX!


wow those igloos are so awesome they are so cool you should put my igloo on the blog its kind of cool i guess.

doctor sub:

I think my igloo is EPIC!! :D its a penthouse puffle party. its magical and fun, you can play arcade games or basketball on my basketball court.there are pink flamingos having dinner in the kitchen and a magical rainbow bridge. you can also drive my spaceship or my cool car :) you can dance on the puffle stage or sit on the fuzzy puffle couch. i worked really hard playing games to earn coins so that i could decorate my igloo :)


check out my igloo its so with stuff for the new party please check mine! oh and my username is the nickname i have for me


you should feature my igloo it a puffle zone it full of fun things to do you shoud see it.

waddle on club penguin team


If I was a puffle, I would visit Riyita’s igloo all the time as well! Hope I see you! I would visit the brown puffle area in Cutie24pie’s igloo. Her igloo looks pretty awesome! Narcissak99's igloo should be a mini Puffle Party after the Puffle Party ends! Sylvie32's igloo looks very awesome! I would take my puffles to party!


I am Blinko6 please post my igloo and my friends igloos Pookyflipper, Gessajoan, Clark1021, and Dutuhess8097 :)



hey hey hey cp its me saraapril i would like to nominate shubbs03 she has a awesome igloo it has jewels puffle photos light kingdom signs its great i would like you to go check it out well as i awlays say



your cp site is epic


I think my igloo should be featured because it has a green igloo( for St. Patrick's Day) and inside it has play zones for EVERY type of puffle! The Black Puffle play zone is near 2 arcade games and the White Puffle's play zone has an ice rink! I haven't been featured for 2 years(no inspiration, I hardly bought anything except for some Christmas decorations, like the Donation Tubes and CFC things[you donate into them, I don't know what it's called]) but now I feel something 'poking me and giving me lots of inspiration. The Orange Puffle has an Neapolitan lamp and a Box Dimension! There's much more. I added some rainbow bridges for the Rainbow Puffles that will exist in the near future.


Hi there Chattabox ,
I think my igloo should be featured because it is a puffle mall where I have a special puffle grocery with an arcade and a small food court and a backyard for flamingoes.


OMG!! You should she Troyella's igloo!!! It's absolutely amazing!! I reckon it should be featured because it's a spectacular show!! It's not really an igloo but it's almost like an ice castle but.. well... I cant't quite figure it out! What do YOU think it is!!!


i think my igloo is a puffle playarea and it should be featured
there are many things in my igloo to have fun with ur puffles

Jasmine 7655:

I think my iggy should be featured because it is fun for puffles and penguins! I think it is quite good for ice skating too!

Waddle on cp!
-Jasmine 7655


Wow well I have been submitting igloos for a long time and now I can submit my own well I think my igloo should be featured as I do a lot of hard works for my igloo, I currently have 10 553 likes my current igloos are a Underwater Park, College igloo and something that I call "epic" I think you should check it out. Thanks

Cool Guy9213:

I don't mean to brag, but I'd like to nominate my own igloo. It's a really cool restaurant with a kitchen, take-out center and a super cool relaxing V.I.P. lounge that has FREE cupcakes, pie, and candy! It has a counter where you can get burgers too. I think it's awesome and hope you do too. Bye CP.


I Think My Igloo (A Water Party) Should Be In The Club Penguin Blog Because I Put A lot Of Work In It And I Think:"If I Were A Visitor Here What Would I Want To Do?" I Add Things That Make The Igloo Look Symmetric And Good. Making An Igloo Means That You Gotta Think Outside Of The Box So I Put A Box In My Igloo :D
~ Ido1010 ~


I'm probably not going to win, but here goes.
My igloo should be chosen because it is simple and basic (Except for the big research laboratory station). and it is jam-packed full of puffles wearing party hats. :)


My igloo is pretty cool.I did try to make it like the puffles home in the forest.Also it has a rainbow going into the mountains for the rainbow puffle. Please feature me. I worked really hard on this house. However else whose reading this i wish you good luck to getting featured!


I think my igloo should be featured because it's very natural. It's a nice place to relax after Smoothie Smashin' all day! My igloo includes a nook for reading and a beautiful garden. You should real check it out!

Waddle On!


All the igloo's are AWESOME I'm definitely going to visit ALL the featured igloo's they are SO cool, my igloo isn't even close to being as cool as though's guy's igloo's! I think all igloo's deserve to be liked, because all igloo's are good, but some igloo's are just plain AWESOME!!! ;D I hope you all have a GREAT DAY cp!!!!


Hello Chatta! I'd like you to take a look at my igloo, because i think it's something special:
My igloo is like a tiny mall, where you can eat an amazing lunch, shop your new clothes and puffle toys, you can come and drink tea in my little ''cozy area'' and rock the place with a jukebox! Like if that wasn't enough, you can even get your fortune told at the fortune table!

So come and have an amazing stay!


You should check my igloo its sweet filled with stuff but special thanks to my best friend Halloween388 for the idea!


OMG not a lot of people come to my igloo but it is SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a puffle store with a puffle play centre inside!!!!! If you love puffles come to my igloo for the most cool puffle superstore EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Wattle on!


Dear Chattabox,

I think you you should check out my iggy because when you come in there's a check in and you can go to stay a night (1 coin),E.P.F training,be on TV ,or the puffle room(puffles can have own room or come with you)!I have never been featured before either.



Hey, can you feature my igloo? It's a Green Puffle Hideout in the forest! :D



I'd like my igloo to be posted on the blog because it's fun when you can see your penguin name in a blog where millions can see it.
And I worked super hard for this. Well, my igloo is a puffle daycare, there's a play zone, a sleep zone, a washing zone, a haircut zone, a dance floor, and ............. Well, you pretty much know about my igloo now. :)


My igloo had everything that I'd need in it. There's plenty of room for my puffles and for my friends! Check it out!


Hi Chattabox :D

I think my igloo should be on the next Featured Igloo's, you have to see it i'm sure you'll like it because it's a Alien Space Battle. It's epic! I have over 20,000 likes. All my friends think it's cool. I've been working on this igloo for a very long time, it's my dream to see my igloo on the Club Penguin blog. Please take a look at it.



These igloos might have more puffle items than the puffle shop! I think you should show my igloo because it is a pufle MAD HOUSE! I have 20 beds (2 for each puffle), 10 puffle houses, a LOT of puffle pictures, a food and water area for the puffles, a puffle stage, and an awesome puffle tube walkway!

Waddle On!


Hey there whoever is reading this (probably Chattabox) check out my igloo! It's like a combonation of my own puffle party and pet shop! With puffles of course!



Hi Chattabox! I think my igloo should be nominated because it is an amazing kingdom! It took about 2 hours to make, and I'm very proud of it! I've been playing for a bit over 3 years now, and I think it's high time I should be featured!

Waddle On, Club Penguin!


hey plz cheak out my house my name is mike8926





check eggabooha igloo

Mogan 30:

I think Sirene72 would be AWESOME at this one. She always has super cool igloos! She has made, Disney world and tons of other igloos!

Mogan 30


MY,igloo is just like puffles outback.Well,what i mean is that it is......THE PUFFLE HOTEL i tryed to make it look a like clubpenguinso i haope mine will be in it thank you

waddle on penguins,and we will miss you bessiness moose


Well done! those igloos look awsome!


You should check out my igloo because it's ON FIRE!!! My igloo features a forest... that is actually on fire! I also have a fire station area where all the penguin's rush to put the fire out! I totally think my igloo should be featured :) - Daydude2

dragon 64150:

I think my igloo is cool. its got lots of stuff for all the puffles. I think mines is cool since I have over 100 likes. ive never been featured so please feature me.

Magic Mason:



Cool igloos! I think my igloo should be featured because one, I've never been featured before. And two, my igloo is an awesome v.i.p. hotel for puffles and their owners! At my hotel there are so many activities that you can do so you'll like never be bored! Waddle on!


Hey There, Chattabox!

My igloo is AWESOME because it is telling us the best thing ever.........PIE!!!!!!! I spent A LOT of money on this igloo and I think it will put a smile on any sad penguin's face!


Wow! Awesome igloos guys, great job ;). I reckon you should check out my igloo because it has toys, food, beds, salon chairs, TV's and a puffle 'Wall of Fame' ALL just for puffles :) All of my puffles (Grape, Princess, Surferdude, Kookie, Painter, Firefly, Bouncer, Cucumber, Professer and Snowflake) absolutely LOVE it! I hope that you can feature my igloo :)

Waddle On!!!



I think my igloo is pretty awesome! It's a puffle store and it has a waiting room if you need to wait! Please check it out!


You have to check out my best friend Swirlyxoxo


you should check out Ozverni's igloo its so cool! its full of gold and a big rainbow! along with seats for penguins to watch his puffle fashions show!


check out my friend Ninjadylan07's iggy
it is awesome!
jut like an rcade!
and that is what I think should be the featured iggies!
Waddle on Club Penguin


Hey! If you want to see an awesome igloo for the Puffle Party, Check out my friend Kriskat101's igloo! It is a Puffle Adoption and Day Care Center! Kriskat101 does not have that many likes, ;-( but not many penguins visit it. I would like to help my friend here, So Check out my best friend Kriskat101's igloo if you love puffles! Waddle On!


hi its me hi222 and check out penpal4 and my iggy their awsome penpal4 has a rainbow puffle cafe AWSOME check it out :)


Hey guys! I think the reason my igloo should be featured on this blog is because it is made out of different items from different months' catalogs. My theme right now is 'Hill Railway Station', which is comprised of the train from the holiday party, the wooden platform from the dinosaur party, the shops from the music jam and even the laser railway tracks from operation blackout! People like pretending that the train is moving eventhough it is stationed where I like to act as the announcer. It took a lot of time to make the igloo but it was worth it!


Ok why should my igloo be on the blog? well first of all for us non-members it's hard to get our igloos looking great especially if there's a theme going on in club penguin but I think I've done a pretty good job making my non-membership home looking great! It's got a couch and a chair, two house plants, an EPF style lab table, a welcome mat and a clock. Overall it's very homey and although it may be simple sometimes less is more. So please check it out and put it on the blog!


Those are cool igloos you are going to have trouble choosing wich ones! good luck and waddle on Club Penguin!!!!!


My igloo should be posted! It is so cool! There is an interactive game(puffle Launch), a beautiful cityscape,chairs and couches to hold 17 people! I have a kitchen so penguins can eat all they want! It has a beautiful entrance where you are greeted by a splash of water and a table full of treats. I made it look so awesome! you get greeted by 2 pink flamingos. You can party on my dance floor, eat all you want, take a ride in my spy car, and play puffle launch!


Hey club penguin! cool igloos. Check out my igloo. It's especially made for white puffles. It's a white puffle's winter wonderland!!! It has a sleeping area and lots of room to skate and play of course! Please check it out!


I think my igloo should be featured because it's devoted to puffles! I have a bedding area for each puffles, useful puffle toys, decorations and of course laterns with every colour of puffles!




I think my water theme park should be featured because it's perfect for penguins who love water slides, food and fun! Time to wear your favorite swimsuits, sunglasses and flip flops.



Waddle on Cp!!!!! But you can do it more better than that. :) Enjoy Club Penguin:)


Awesome igloos!!!!!


Hey cp,
I made an awesome puffle hotel in my igloo and I worked really hard to put together this igloo, plus my puffles are relaxing and living the life in my igloo!


I'd like to feature my arcade igloo. It has video games everywhere in the room and you can sit down to play them. It also has neon lights and a DJ area where discs can be spun. Plz nominate my igloo!


guys plz make a igloo shopingdistric contest if you do i have prepared

Ninja 0404:

Hello I'd like to have my igloo featured in cp please take a look at my igloo my username is Ninja 0404


I think my igloo should be featured because it is awesome! All of my buddies love my igloo and would always love it to be feaatured. Right now I have an awesome puffle themed igloo where all of my puffles can play all day and sleep all night. I also think it should be featured because I have more likes than all 500 of my friends.


Hiya! chattabox

Nice iggys But in puffle Party only members can enter the cloud forest
But this iggy claireviv Has a magical Rainbow wonderland for
Non members and members Check it OUT!


lyndianas igloo is epic! she has a ton of stuff.


lyndiana has a realy cool iggi.


Hi I am P117655266 my igloo is a puffle arcade it can be a puffle themed arcade or even an arcade for puffles!
I have used alot of items such as :puffle stages,puffle shelves,puffle chairs,rainbow bridges and of course arcade games.
It is really cool so hopefully you will check it out I would love to be featured on the CP blog.



I think my igloo should be featured I got puffle things everywhere

Boogie720: name is boogie720 my igloo is a puffle carnivaL!my ride is called brown puffle's rocket adventure! also you can have a blast
blasting puflle players 1side is green the other is blue. you throw snowballs at the other team to score points. grab a snack at white's
snow cafe there is puffle os ,hamburgers ,fish,and more.go to orange's fun mirror hall go to the center guess who's ready to be adopted
a orange puffle!get a hat, souvenirs,or t shirts in purples fashion's! well bye! oh polo business moose i wan a be friends with you.
have fun! waddle on.


Hey check out My igloo its a Easter village it got eggs,Easter bunnies,Huge basket,Houses,Candy factory And more! Waddle on! :)

Psa Fun:

Hey! If u want to see a COOL Puffle Hotel for the Puffle Party visit my friend Poohbear58's igloo. It has a 360 degree theater and a gym and spa. It has a pool. Last but not least it has GOLD!! And the gold is protected by A BLUE HYDRA BOT!!!!



hey i stopped by Ninja 0404's igloo and loved it CHECK IT OUT!

Gotu 11:

Hey,Chattabox,I would like to recommend my friend's igloo.It has 5 sections,4 of them representing the puffle stats and fifth one is a cool karaoke zone for puffles! If I were a puffle,I would hang out there all the time!Check it out if you are a puffle lover.

Waddle On,
Gotu 11


Hey feathered friends! I happend to stop bye Ninja 0404's igloo and I realized how much work he probably put into it. I also highly recommend this because it seems to have a lot of trees to!!! On the other fin.... Check it out!!!

Snow long,

Kit Kat12:

Plz check out


iggy it is so awesome i love it

plz feature it


You should check out 7soccergirl4's puffle igloo! It's nice, warm, AND comfy. Did you see the Box Dimension below? It looks like a place for the orange puffles to live! Speaking of puffles... I was PUFFLE when I got there! It ALSO has dancing music in the background for the purple puffles to dance to! Check it out:


Sadly,I am not a member but i seriously think that my igloo has real potential(as if!). I've got a puffle called Missy living there and i have frequent parties but i only have 3 likes! My igloo needs a major make over! :(

p.s. love you poodle your toats my idol


Sadly i'm a non member so my igloo isn't as fancy as all of them! But it's still quite cool. I have a blue puffle called Missy living there as well as myself! I know i'm not as puffle crazed as some of them but i've still got Missy and that's all that matters!


hey cp! if your looking for a totally awsome igloo, than you've just found it. my best bud pinkrosie1 has the best igloo in the whole entire universe!!!!! her igloo is themed: puffle party/mystic jungle!!!!! its soooo cool! it has a raging river running through the jungle, a puffle paradise spot where any puffle can have fun or just sit back and relax!!! there is a stage where you can rock your little penguin heart out to content! don't forget about the really awsomeking of the jungle throne!!!!! and to top that all off she has tons of laser lights striking the room!! pinkrosie1 would add even more marvelous stuff to her room but you can only have 99 objects!!! : ( : ( it would be really awsome if you could fix it so we could have like 200 items in our room!!!!! i hope you consider her really splendid igloo and my brilliant idea!!! thanks so much!!!!! check her house out!!!!


Well, I have already been in the featured igloos, so I don't want to be unfair. BUT! I did see a REALLY COOL igloo by Baby Mariods. It's the best fair I've ever seen! It has a roller coaster, balloons, even and eating area!


you should really check out my friend guigui's igloo! its a puffle shop with lots of tables and chairs(or shelves and checkout stations,depending on igloo). it even has a big lake with rainbow bridges so rainbow puffles can come down to her igloo!its just too cool!
(b.t.w. my penguin name is amandabyns )


I think you should nominate my friend Rainbow34318 igloo because she has a puffle play section and even a DJ booth for the puffles.
Her puffle play section is huge and she has a snack bar and even a kitchen and pretty much everything blunds in just for her and her puffles. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irish Guy78:

Come to the Puffle Hotel at my igloo!
It has four fantastic areas!
It has a Puffle Play zone, a grooming and washing area, an eating and sleeping area and a Puffle Cannon!
So come to my Puffle Hotel today and pamper your puffle today!

(- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -)
(-~- Irish Guy78 -~- )
(- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -)


i think you should come to my igloo because its a great place for puffles to hang out! It has a house for every puffle, a bed for every puffle, a puffle feeding area, puffle toys and MORE! So PLEASE come to my igloo. Waddle on CP!


I LOVE Blue0456's Igloo!!! Its a mixture of fun arcades, puffles, and hollywood fun!!! This is totally one of the best igloos I've seen yet!!!!!!!!!


My igloo is awesome. It is in an awesome Pirate Ship! It is adventure themed and all my puffles are explorers! There is adventurous music in the background and the ship is on a beach stranded! It has been there for a long time because plants and vines are inside it! There is even a fire, which explorers and adventurers must put out! But if they do something wrong, they must walk the plank, and jump off!! The Captain stands at the top, looking down on the pirates and castaways below! The vines are hanging from an unseen branch above! I am Pjgpjg.


I can't say to much, but iceyjeffrey has the ULTIMATE igloo for puffles! There's a rockhopper ship (for red puffles-and it's BURNING!),and a box dimension! (for orange puffles!) There's ALSO puffle toys! Waddle on CP!

Shaun 65793:

I think you ought to check out my igloo because it's like a tropical resort with a sleeping area, kitchen, garden, tennis court (old item), & mini arcade. WADDLE ON CP


You guys should look at my friend Jack6274's igloo. It has three rooms and a backyard with a water hole for animals. He has got a dungeon with a dragon guarding some treasure, a entire room dedicated to puffles, and a sitting room complete with tower. You guys should really check it out.


Awesome Igloos!!! Seriously, though, check out my best friend Frozytoesy!!!!!! She has an igloo that Hobbit Hole from Lord of the Rings!!!!! She also always super nice to other penguins by being friendly. Gotta love her!!!!


nice igloo i wish myn was up there


You should check out my brother Daydude2's igloo. It's really cool! He has a water slide that goes to all of his rooms in his house! He has an animal room with a zebra, a giraffe, a hippo, a flamingo, and many fishes in a HUGE pond! He also has a ninja room where you can practice your card-jitsu and sword skills. (You can also have some tea with your friends here!) Then in the last room he has a game room! There are two arcade machines, a ping pong table, and a puffle cannon! So cool! :)


WOW, thets cool


Wow, check out this IGGY!! Haruko70339


Um,i just bought a bunch of laser lights!But there not shooting lasers!Whats wrong with them!?Do they even shoot lasers?


On the last pic, I wanted to ask, where can i get that background with all the forest trees?

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