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By PoloField on March 7, 2013 - 08:50


Hey penguins,

Thanks for all the LOLs on our last Reviewed by You post, where I asked you to share your favorite joke. There were some great silly jokes in there. I liked this one from Disneyfan318 :

"My joke is, why are ghosts bad liars? ANSWER: Because you can see right though them! =)"

Nice one, Disneyfan318. We added 10,000 coins to your account for having your comment featured this week!

Okay, now it's time for this week's Reviewed By You. By now many of you have figured out that Card-Jitsu Snow is totally different from the other Card-Jitsu games. No more fire-beats-snow, snow-beats-water, water-beats-fire. In this game, all the elements work together to defeat snow villains and restore the balance.

You've also probably noticed that this game is a bit more complicated - everyone on the board has different move and attack ranges, different ninjas have different Power Card attacks, and combos give ninjas extra boosts. So this week we want to know: What's your Card-Jitsu Snow strategy? 

We'll pick one of our favorite comments to be featured on the blog in our next Reviewed By You. If your comment is featured like Disneyfan318's was this week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account!

Happy strategizing... and Waddle On!

- Club Penguin Team


Dj Stores:

My strategy is to give other players power-ups, so I'm kind, and since I'm rather bad at Card-Jitsu Snow, they return the favour if I'm losing. Of course, you still have to co-operate to destroy those menaces known as the snowmen!


I agree! it is nice to help a teammate.


ya! i soooooooo agree it really is nice to help a teammate i really like the idea of it


you know what jessybear i voted for happy77 and she did not win



Yeah that's true :D


that is good for me because I need a black belt!


Good idea! I am not so good at snow and I know that I will need a lot of power-ups!


My stragegy is save the power cards until you or another penguin is low on health. And I also Recommend if you dont have many power cards you should by some CP toys and use the code to get new Card-Jitsu cards. And did anyone notice that i put my stragegy in a reply to make it on the first page. :)

~ Lisa8214~


Hi,do anyone know where is the card jujitsu snow dojo?


go to the normal dojo and it is on the left hand side then click on the bridge to play jitsu


go in the dojo and go to the right door


In the normal dojo, the door to the right

Mini D1:

Go inside the dojo, and go then go to the snowflake door.


I don't think to much about what's going to happen cause if i do i lose sight of what's really important.


I should be a member. I am sick not being a member. If u wanna help,Get a membership card and wright it to me.
I hope u all help. I have been playing for a year and i am still not a member. Plaese please help.


Sky blue709:

my strategy is to also give ALL my power-ups to the other players.I will also go easy on the players but still kinda make it a challenge.know what i mean?ill also let the players in front of me just to be nice!until then,waddle on!:D




My strategy is attacking the enemy,when I have a power card and the others are out cold use it on them,and hit the enemey that is closest to my peeps! Use them yourself and see!
Until then,






i have not played this yet but all the pictures i've seen look great
thanks to every one that is making this game happen xoxo from lolanimi your number one fan :).


I totally agree!! It's nice to do that. So that's what I do!! Add me. My penguin name is Cierra1290 and I usually go on random servers. Unless I'm meeting someone.

-- Cierra1290 <3 ;)


my strategy is when im losing and ninjas fight, i use a combo to sheild all the ninjas. so ninjas don`t lose. so i help and they return help by giving me power when im losing.


I like your suggestoin but please put more.

Furno Dragon:

E P I C = EPIC!!!! i agree. if one ninja is getting beat up by a villian i go help him and whack the villian with my fire nunchucks!


i do both! if my team mates have full health and i dont and they have no more energys ill help myself revive my ninja but.... even if im down and the others are low on health i still help them!


yes i definetly agree with dude a 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%

Deluxe 4:

that is a good strategy but i also like to be the ninja i have the most power cards. youknowwhatimsayin?


Well the best way I see it is the snow ninja may be the weakest but Can attack at a long range so villains like tank can't get him and also he can give a boost to ninjas with low health (That Is A Great Advantage To Us)

cp fan:

I be snow and attack from far away and heal fire and water

snow and fun /mr harry 3:

i think the snow needs to stay at the back and heal fire and water attack the snowmen

p.s all the coins go to mr harry 3!


Nice Post Polo :D


its in spainish thats funny and cool


hi polo


My strategy is to have the Fire and Water ninjas up front while the Snow ninja heals them from behind. That way, the strongest people take down the bad guys while the Snow ninja, the weakest, keeps safe. I also take advantage of the combo attacks. No matter who is playing a power card, I want to join in. Also, keep away from Tank if you can! He'll take you down! When I do take him on, I have the other two surround him so he can't hurt all of us. Those are just a few essentials I have come up with.


same! but the fact that the snow ninja is the weakest is so not true its just better long range


That is true, the Snow Ninja is better at long range. ;)


ya-ya that is really true the the Snow Ninja is better at long range.


This is the same strategy that i use every time i play and our team always ends up winning. My favourite position is the water element :). Great game can't wait till it comes out.


Nice strategy! I agree with you. My strategy is to stay back if you're the snow ninja and when they are low on health you should go and help them. The snow ninja is the lowest of damage, so I suggest you stay back. When the team is down, try to heal them. If someone (enemy) is really low on health, GO BEAT THEM UP! Finally, believe in yourself, help your team, and have fun beating them up.



This is is basically my Strategy!

Great thinking! I could have not said it better myself!

So basically, what Garfieldh2 said!

Waddle on!


Snow Way:

Good idea, that's the way to do it!

opal rose:

My strategy is i move closer to the villan every time it's our turn.then attack the nearest villan. And if i got a power card i use it on him!
I eventually win.


I find that the best element to be on Card Jitsu Snow is Fire because you're range is quite long and the damage done with Fire damages the Snowmen quite a bit. Also, you can move away from Scrap, Tank and Sly when they are getting closer to you! I also find that when using fire the after affect can continue to ruin their health! Finally, get as many power cards as you can because they are very important!


my strategy would be, I would wait and let the other ninja weaken him then go in for the final attack.


I love clubpenguin


my favorite strategy is when you splat the mullet to scrap,sly and tank and when you power up your friends :) for now





Great I Love The New Updates To Club Penguin!I Always Wanted Card Jistu Snow To Be Added Even Though The Others Are Ace!


My strategy is to help others when they are battling the snow ninjas. i hide behind a rock and give them power and when i get a power card i go in front of the snow ninjas and use it. that helps me get power and my teammates.
waddle on


Wow, let me just say, Card Jitsu Snow is AWESOME!!! I love that game, it's so fun! I have a few strategies: (1) Don't just [ick whatever ninja is your favourite, look at their stats. I think Fire is best because it has a fairly good amount of everything. Good damage, good moving, good range, but it's what YOU think is best, not me! (2) Don't just attack, heal others players too! It'll help you unlock the bonus round. (3) Don't always stay RIGHT BESIDE the villains, move away sometimes so they don't attack you as much! (4) Try your best and HAVE FUN!!!
Waddle on!


My best Strategy is to look at the other Ninjas, make sure to not block anyone but instead place myself so they can play their best (example: Water Ninjas need to stand close when they aim but Fire Ninja can stand further away) and to quickly help my team mates when they are in trouble as we are strongest when we work TOGETHER :)


that sounds GREAT please friend me saraapril!


My strategy is to become a snow ninja so I can help other people with their health bars. Also I save up my power cards for an awsome combo! Also I would never fight alone if both of my team-mates are down then I would pump them up again :3. And obviously you have to co-operate and always spread out or stick together either way you, hopefully, would win and complete the bonus round! With this strategy I've completed it fully about 2 or 3 times.



Here are some of my Card-jitsu snow tips! First, if you have a power card, don't use it right away, wait until somebody else puts one down, then you can get a combo! Tips for snow ninjas: Snow ninjas are not very powerful, but can heal other ninjas, so make sure to keep healing others, while keeping a distance from the snow men! And if you are the last ninja left, do NOT try to fight the snow men! Keep a good distance from them until it is safe to heal another ninja. And also, for water ninjas, since you have bad range, do not try to fight tank, or he will be able to fight you back, leave tank for somebody with good range! (And also, tank can hurt more then one ninja at once!)
I hope this helped!


That helped A LOT!!! Thanks!!!


Wow! Those tip are really helping my ninja!


My strategy is to go with fire and go for scrap because he's weaker than the others and water goes for sly because water has attacks that are close to his and finally, SNOW! goes for tank cos both of them are the strongest.


Actually, snow does the least damage BUT has a great range.


the way i play goes like this: i all ways choose snow. it may not be strong but it can attack from far away and i like that because i think power is not needed as much as range. if im too close i can easily be attacked but if im far away i can attack and they cant.


i agree with penganas2 i always choose snow it may not be strong but i still like it and it can attack from far away i like it you rock Cp!
keep posting great stuff waddle on

ozzie cool16:

My card-jitsu snow strategy is to stay behind for a while and then help out.After healing others I can finnaly battle the villains.This method works if you want to really WIN the game.I really cannot wait until it comes to club penguin

Until then....WADDLE ON!


My strategy is to approach slowly and not strike first. I'm an ice ninja in the beta and I choose to wait before striking. If one of the villains hit one of my ninja companions then I'll strike. If there are too many ninjas to handle and all 3 of us are low on health, I use my power card. But that's ONLY if we're low on health and the villains aren't. Because ice ninjas have the ability to heal, I heal my companions instead of striking. If I'm low on health, then before I lose all of my health, I make sure the other ninjas have a suitable amount of health so they have enough strength to either finish the job, or revive me. Either way, I put my ninja team first.


I do the same - But when I am low on HP - I use a power card to save myself...


Will you guys have any parties with rookie? And by the way, why can you not meet jet pack guy? He is the 2nd coolest EPF agent!

Waddle on!


My personal Card-Jitsu Snow strategy is simple. Teamwork!
I love the fact the three ninjas are supposed to work together as a team. What I usually like to do, is have the Water Ninja go right up and attack the strongest opponents, while the Snow Ninja remains a little further back, attacking when possible, but watching out for the other teammates and healing when needed. The Fire Ninja, either attacks, or helps revive the other teammates when they have fallen.


When I play Card-Jitsu Snow, I always choose the snow ninja so that I can attack from a far range. Then I get close enough to attack the villains and play power cards when needed.

Boogle 118 1:

My strategy is to help other players when they need it and also to work well as a team. By this I mean working well together and pumping each other whenever it is needed. I belive that the key to this game is most defiantly teamwork

Mr Cool 59:

My tactic seems to work OK for me, although I still often die :)
I ALWAYS choose snow. I heal and protect the others so they can dish out the damage whilst I heal and sheild them with my power cards and by attacking, but mostly staying and healing.


Well my strategy when playing Snow is to constantly keep my team mates health at 100%! When I have multiple teammates at low health I use my power cards to heal us all back up. If someone uses a Power Card and I have one, I will try and go for a combo but I sometimes see this quite pointless as everybody is waiting for another person to put down a power card and then nobody seems to play one! As Fire, I stick behind the water and attack the target in front of them. I use Power Cards on groups of ranged attackers (To stun them) as then other team mates can quickly get away in time! As a Water Ninja I usually get right up to the enemies. I normally would go for Tank (If he is present) so that he won't move towards the other ninjas who are weaker against him. If a ninjas health is depleted I'd rush to the rescue to help them. If I was a Snow Ninja I would then heal them back up after they have been revived. I LOVE combo's and I try to do them as much as possible. Thanks Club Penguin for making this SUPER AWESOME game!!! =D


My strategy is heading out front and battling the snowmen first when I'm a Water Ninja, because Water takes less damage. If the Water Ninja is down, either the Snow Ninja heals or the Fire Ninja takes over, as Fire is the second strongest. Also, if you don't have that many power cards, save them until you really need them and just attack normally. I hope my tip is helpful to you!


I think that I have two favorite strategies. My first is to play as the snow ninja, and stay as far away as possible from the enemies, since I can shoot really far. Then, I can still heal the fire and water ninjas, but I'm safe. I can also damage the slower enemies, like Tank, since he can't reach me before I move.

My other favorite strategy is to play as the water ninja, and get right in the middle of the enemies, and use some cards. Then, I can sometimes get healed if there is a combo, and I damage all of the enemies, since they center around me. Then, the snow and fire ninjas can damage or heal me, since the enemies are fighting me.

the jid:

I recommend Water 'cos I'm all like GO FOR IT because I care about KILLING THEM not staying alive. I keep the team safe!




I play card jitzu snow and Im always the water ninja!Have you noticed that cute little fish?And the water ninja can summon Mullet from above.But the fire ninja is pretty cool too!Check out his hot sauce power!Oh and the snow is SO cool!He can summon a snow drift and do some crazy stunts!But the bugs dont bother me :)!The whole game is a blast!BUT my favourite part is that we can all team up and work together!Also Tank and the others are sooo cold hearted :(.I wonder if the fire ninja could make them warm hearted :D.I play Card jitzu snow everyday!

Warm regards (probebly not for Tank and the others!!!)

the jid:



I always go Snow Ninja... That is what I am good at!
Now I can never do this because working together with people you can't talk to is hard... But what I try to do is have the Water ninja run in and take all the attacks and blow... The Fire should run in 2nd so he won't be targeted usually... The snow ninja just keeps up the healing and uses a power card when my allies are low on HP (Health)... I try to allow combos - especially Snow and Water... Because dmg 2x and a free hit is pretty important! I scale them like this: Snow - Sit back and stay alive and keep allies alive. Water: Take damage and deal it. Fire: Deal alot of damage but try to avoid it yourself. This is what I do...
As for formation I do this: S FW
(Snow 4 squares back - just enough to reach the closest to front, Fire behind water, and water in front)


i have 10 fire power card so i take fire and use the power cards in the bonus level with that strategy i win every time !!


get the snow ninja to follow a water ninja and smash through the snowmen and the snow ninja heals, the fire element can also follow for backup of the water ninja dies the fire ninja protects the snow ninja as the snow ninja heals the water ninja, thats my strategy and i think its pretty good


I don't know... I am just kinda... Run in to tank than attack the other one! O.o


Add me Thinknoodles sometimes i just attak tank and go up to another one.


my stratergy is to ATACK,ATACK,ATACK AND ATACK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pen Quen22:

Attack is spelled with double 'T' :I Sorry, I have a little problem with spelling :/


My strategy is I call the snow ninja the healer so he rushes in when some one needs to be healed
The fire ninja is kinda like an archer but he isn't very powerful he would go behind the water ninja
The water ninja is the most powerful he would be like a warrior so he charges in

My idea is that you should go for Tank first then sly then scrap

Hope you my strategy can help other penguins



The way i play is by choosing the fire ninja (because all of the ninjas attributes such as speed, defense and attack are the same amount) and then go in and attack scrap and sly then defeat them first then leave tank for last then defeat him and that's my plan when I play snow card jitsu.
From Lolly132


My strategy is to heal all my team mates, so we can got to the bonus round! It's quite impossible to get 100%. =)


ive played card jitsu snow alot but i think if you want to win the game that you should use fire on sly water on tank and snow on scrap it really helps

waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp


I tried all three ninjas, but the one I liked the most was the snow ninja. The reason I like it is that the ninja can attack from far ranges, the ninja can heal his allies when they lose health, and my favorite part about being the snow ninja is that when you get a combo with someone, everyone gets a bubble shield. So the game is sort of different.


My stragetys to be wise about your turn! Try to help others even IF you have low energy! Try to be snow everytime and be fire and water! strike first, dont be selfish, be nice and take a go! Heal your friends and dont use your power cards, use them when you NEED them, dont use them to get the bad guys down really EASY, use them when you have low health and help your friends. Dont be LAZY and make your friends do the work, be helpful and DO the work. And let your friends do work too of COURSE.


I agree with the part where you should save your power cards for when you need them! My teammates always waste them by using them whenever they earn them!


I feel that all members of a team are equally important. You can't win the majority of the time without all three. So I feel that the strategy is, for the fire and water ninjas, they must stay on attack while the snow can be used for attacking, but also used for healing when the others aren't knocked out and I fell that power cards should be used during the end stages or during a combo. Most important though is that everyone must work together as a team.

green n cool:

Hey Polo Field. is the image suppose to appear in Portuguese.
Anyway , my strategy is to approach the snowmen slowly instead of striking straight away so i know what is the right tactics before striking.
Until then....WADDLE ON!


Fire = strength
water = speed
snow =teamwork


My Strategy Isnt Complicated
1, Level Up The Other Players.
2, Work As A Team.
3, Dont Give Up... Or The Other Players Might Get Mad XD.
4, I Recommend You Be Ice Because It The Most Powerful (I Mean For The Cards, Moving, And Other Stuff).
5, HAVE FUN!!!
WADDLE AROUND AND MEET NEW FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Please Post)


my way to do it is as water you go up to you foe(s) & hit the one that hurts the most so you have a easy on all of them.



Be a Snow Ninga and save as many ningas as possible! You my be down, but your fellow ningas could still have great health. And the villans I think have the moves of elements. Here is my idea: Sly = Snow Tank = Water Scrap = Fire Hope this helps! BATTLE ON!


My favorite Card Jitsu Snow strategy is cooperating with my friends so those evil snowmen don't rule Club Penguin!


Nice Post Polo :D


Well I slowly approach each snowman and when one is close I stay in that spot until he move's closer to me and then I strike him with my water power's and then move around him and repeat the process for each snowman!
By the way the picture is in a different language just didn't know if you noticed or not?

cute pepito:

My strategy is to always heal my team's health if they are about to lose and if they are not at low health i just attack tank because sly and scrap attack me most and tank attacks my team mates more.

cute pepito:

My strategy is to always heal my team's health if they are about to lose and if they are not at low health i just attack tank because sly and scrap attack me most and tank attacks my team mates more.

Wipernurning :

The most important part of the game is teamwork. Make sure that you don't let your teammates become overrun. Ensure that you do not allow yourself to become surrounded by the enemies. If you are the Ice Ninja then hold back and heal your teammates from afar. In addition, team-up with the other ninjas when using a power card to defeat the villains very quickly. Remember, if you have to choose between attacking the enemy or defending a fellow ninja always defend the ninja so later you can team up with them. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this as it is unique within Club Penguin. Thank you!


What I do is chose snow,I act like the mage,When a helper gets hurt...I'm there to heal them.I am a trustworthy teamate and will heal my helpers and defeat enemies


Hi Club Penguin!

My strategy is,when a player has lost,and i still have more health,to give them life,so we can defeat the evil snowmans!


My Card-Jitsu snow strategy is to be snow and attack where possible, keeping as far away as possible, healing everyone when I get power cards and trying to stay alive to do so.


my strategy is to move throw without a hit


My strategy for the water ninja: go head on. The water ninja is the ninja that does the most damage so you want to get in as much whacks with your hammer before the snowmen harm your friends. Water ninja equals brute force.

Fire ninja: make sure your attacks are persistent. Attack from as far away as you can to avoid being hit, furthermore go for the slow guys like Tank, he takes the longest to get to you, so you can put the hurt faster.

Snow ninja: attack from a distance and ALWAYS heal your friends when the need it. The snow ninja does the least amount of damage, so you just want to keep a steady stream of health to going to your friends. Attack when you can be make it your main priority to keep your friends, the ones who can do more damage than you can, up and ready to battle.

My overall strategy if to attack the weakest guys first. If you try to get all your opponents down than they can ALL still attack you, if you focus on one and finish them quickly, then there is less snowmen to attack you and your friends.

Those are my strategies for Card-Jitsu Snow Beta.

Waddle On! =)

Enter nickname:

Why is it written in Portugese?


When i play as snow my strategy is to stay behind rocks and then when people need help I add health and of course I help defeat the snowmen but I try to keep my health because I can't be helped unless I use my snow cards !

charliepup77 :

go water snow sucks fire is okay but water is the best goooooooooooooooooooooooo water


I love being the Fire Ninja in the game, so my strategy for that is to fight hard, but move back is your health bar is red. Also, I try to use my power card with someone else's for combos, I love it when all three players use one at the same time! Hope you try the strategy, and Waddle On! -Gummyz1315 :)


Hey Polo! I think that fire is the best! Snow has a large range, but does not hurt the snowmen much. Water is really powerful! But you have to be right up close to the bad guy/snowman. But fire has a large range, a good amount of damage on the snowmen and also and little damage. So I like fire the best. But no matter who the player is I try my best to revive them. Also, obviously I put my team mates first! Also Club Penguin Because who knows what those snowmen would do to Club Penguin Island if we were not stopping them...


My startegy is choose ice ninja then stay far away so that you can hit the bad guys but they cant hit you and while youre doin that you can gain some points for the card

waddle on cp


My strategy is when I'm water, if someone is being hurt I will protect them, because I do a lot of damage. When I'm snow I heal people as they fight and I stay out of the way.


my strategy is to always be a person behind so you can not get hit and revive any fallen ninjas and ALWAYS save power cards and have lots of them so if i was a snow ninja (btw i dont have a lot of cards for any of them :p) i would be behind but close enough to attack a villain like sly or tank or scrap but always have a white ring as well to revive fire ninjas or water ninjas and it will be easier but if people dont attack or move its a lot harder so now if i was water (i only have 3 powers cards for water 3 for snow and 5 for fire) i would move forward but slowly 1 block at a time then while they attack i get power card experience so then i move in then i use the power card and bam hopefully it should be a new round if not just carry on fighting now if im fire thats different i move around getting nearer to the enemies then i STRIKE if i get it then WOOPAH POWER CARD and how much damage its amazing i love cp and everything in it they are cool so my words



my strategy is let the villan come to you and then i move away and STRIKE and of course im fire so it cuases alot of damage. and give power ups and if im losing i hope they give me power ups so yea and if one penguin strikes ill also strike so we cuase double of the damge abd the bam we WIN!!! :)


My strategy is... stay on your feet! there can be a lot of enemies sometimes, so you have to keep on your toes, use power cars wisely,(don't waste them all in the first round) And Snow players should heal their friends OFTEN!!! and also avoid getting hit by tanks overall.
Waddle on, CP!


My favorite strategy is to be a snow ninja. Even though your damage is low, you can heal your ninja friends when their hurt! Especially after a combo, you create a shield around your partners. You also have a great feeling helping your fellow ninjas out!


My strategy is to always choose water (I'm the better at water than the other elements) and work my way up to the enemies. I go for the one closest to me. I stay back a few blocks and wait for them to approach me. I start attacking after that. Once they die, I repeat my strategy. But if I'm low health, I stay near the snow ninja because when they power their power card, it boosts the people in ranges' health. And when I see another player using a power card, I usually save my power cards if I do see somebody using one, and then I use mine to make a power card combo! I only have 1 water power card, but I'm really good at the game. I am gonna get more water power cards and start using them more and more. That is my strategy for Card Jitsu Snow.


My stategy is to stay in the back so you won't lose your heath! ; )


My strategy is to stay in the back to not lose heath.

Green ball27:

Well, if you ask me that, I would say backing up when new villians come. When new villians come out, you should always back away :D They might loose you more power then you already have. I did this once and I was the last one standing. Of course I got beaten :D


First off this game rocks!!!!!!!!! My card jitsu snow stratagey is to work with your team mates. Take your cue from them. If all the other nijas put down a power card and you have one, put it down, especially if the snow villian has a high health bar. If you're the snow ninja use the healing power when ever a team mate gets low. It not only helps them but it also helps you have a better chance to win. Last, but not least KEEP TRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how many times you get beaten keep playing with a little practice you will win.
:) Waddle On CP!


my strategy is to trick the other player by making them think that i'm going to pick something else. for example, if i need ice they'll try fire and melt me but instead ill throw water but i pick high numbers to.


Snow: My strategy for snow is to stay close behind all the other players unless you are the only one left or others are low on health. Stay close enough to attack the enemy, but far away enough so that you don't get hit. Only use a power card when someone else uses one or someone is low on health.
Water: Attacking can be really tricky due to your short range, especially around Tank. Try to stick around to those that don't cause much damage. If you are low on health, retreat and try to stay out of range of any/most attacks. Use your power cards when you need some extra range or others use a power card.
Fire: There's nothing much I can say except that you should constantly be attacking and backing others up just in case(this includes reviving other penguins and attacking along with them). Use power cards when others use them so that you can inflict the most amount of damage.
All: Stay close together. You're a team. Revive others when they need it. Protect others from attacks by standing in front of them(especially if you have low health; enemies will always target the penguin with the least amount of health). Even though you have no way of communication, try and think what the other penguin is going to do and plan accordingly. Use power cards only in the most tough situations. Again, stay close to each other so that when a power card is used, everyone can get the effects of it.


First when I start the beta test I try to find a rock that is the closest to me. Then I wait until the snow villains get some what close to me. When they do so, I attack. After I attack I move to many blue squares [so I get a power card.] Once I get the power card I attack the enemy, usually the other penguins do the same. Then the cycle starts all over again until I get to the next round.


My srategy is, when you have 4 or more power cards move as far away as you can from enimies. You can stock up on power cards and get stronger attacks.


my strategy is to choose snow , because it is really amazing for healing others and for attacking enemies!
When I'm low on health I let the ninjas try to revive me and when they do that i will pay them back by healing them back to full health!


well i am not a member but i now how to get into the fire and water dojo but how do you get into the ice dojo


Hey great news about the beta test! I haven found any bugs yet, But its really fun! Hey how will I know if theres a bug?

Pichu Spark:

My strategy is to always help my teammates! If one of my ninja buddy's health bar gets low I try and help the best i can while holding my own. :)

Penguin Dunk:

My strategy is to move away from the bad guys. Then when my team is almost defeated I use my power card and defeat the enemys. I also like that you can walk right though the rock because if it was an obstacle the game would be a whole lot harder. The most powerful one you can choose is FIRE because it takes alot of damage and has very high quality power cards. So go FIRE!


I always stay near to one other player, and help them if their down. I also only use power cards when their's another guy close to the bad guy i'm aiming for.


We can win, if we work together!!!!! But if I had a strategy, it would be like this. Water ninja, go for Scrap! Fire ninja, stay away from the snowmen, but stay close enough to attack Sly! Snow ninja, stay at a distance, and heal your team when they need it, if nobody needs healed, then go attack Tank from a distance!! WADDLE ON EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since I'm most often a snow ninja, my best strategy is to take out Tank, which is the heavy hitter. Since Tank can only attack at a close range, your at an advantage against him. If you can, you can get the fire ninja to join you since that element has mid-range. If you chose the snow element, you have excellent attack range and move range, but you lack damage. So that's why this strategy helps.


I have different strategies for different elements.
Snow: Stay behind the other ninjas and avoid being hit. This is because a snow ninja can heal other players, but not heal themselves. The snow ninja does the least amount of damage to the opponent.
Water: This ninja does great damage, but doesn't have that good of a range. You should be trying to attack those ninjas. Since you need to get close to them because you don't have that good of a range, try going behind them if possible.
Fire: This ninja has good of everything. Not great, but not bad. When you are attacking, attack from a distance so they don't damage your health.


Hiya! Okay,my strategy approach quietly and VERY sneaky.Then BOOM attack! Then I help my fellow Ninjas,if one of them loses their strength,I make my way over to them and I help them.There's nothing that means more to me on a game than....TEAMWORK! So,when we beat all the evil snowmen,I just feel like giving my fellow Ninjas a flipper 5! So,that's my strategy! Its a really fun game by the way! You really out done yourselves! Bye! Waddle On Cp! :)


I usually don't fight, but I do try to keep the other two ninjas alive by using my healing abilities. When my health gets low I use a power card, or retreat (which I usually do). This is what I do when I play snow, the reason I play snow you ask? Because I know I can keep my team alive wall I'm alive (most of the time) I don't really trust a new person on that class if i'm a different class (classes are fire, water, snow) because if they don't know that class heals, then the team is pretty much in the toilet if they lose they're health. And it also depends on the others, if they don't work with me or I don't work with them then, well, it just don't work =P.


P.S. And, I usually stay behind later on in the game.

P.P.S. Sly can get a snow ninja bad, he has a long range also, I usually run from him XD (and I advise you to do that also, if your snow).

Little Yoda1:

My strategy is to use fire and get closer to the villains then i strike and hold it up till i'm able to use my power card then i use it were all the villains are standing then i wipe them all out, yet again i also like all the other ones too!


my approach is make sure i have the highest health so i can attack to my heart's content without getting hurt. Also to be waster to whop snowman off their feet easily.


i think you should use the ninja that you have the most power cards for and use only 1 or 2 power cards except if you are doing a combo


My Stratergy is for us all to work together and take one snow villian on at a time. If your snow its wise when your all battling one snow villian if u get the chance to heal your team mates and that if you have a power up you should try to use where you can affect other villians and not just one.


My strategy is wait slowly for the snowman to strike but i move towards them one step at a time then i strike when they are about to strike at me! and also when i got power ups and i have good health but my partner does not i give them the power up so we have a better chance of having victory! then they help me too. That is my best strategy i have!
Waddle on!


Here's my strategy
All Water ninjas should go against the big, heavy, melee snowman (I forgot his name), because they're both close ranged,
All Fire ninjas should go against the middle snowman, the one that throws a big snowball,
All Snow ninjas should go against the skinny little snowman, because they're both really far ranged people,
But all together, stay close so you can get the three combo at once
Waddle On, Club Penguin!


The big and heavy one is Tank, but I forgot which one is Scrap and which one is Sly. I honestly think that the one with the tennis racket is Scrap, but I'm not sure...


My stratagy is like one of Aesop's fables - Slow and Steady wins the race. By that, I mean that I always think about where I'm going to move, if I can attack Scrap, Tank, or Sly within my range, and if I should use power cards or not. I also make sure that my teammmates can attack too and that I'm not in their way. If everyone works together, we can all win and beat all the villains. :)


Straduge? Off corse combos! I know a way to be sterong and powerfl. A combo that you need water and the others.

Hotrod Doyle:

The best strategy in Card Jitsu Snow is to rely on your other ninja pals. They will help you when you need help. They might need help and you yourself might help them. This is a great strategy because it teaches you a lesson. The lesson is to trust your friends. :)


What i would do is wait for a while until it looks like all players have a power card.Then i would wait from them to place it then i would put my power card with someone elses and try to get a combo because i like the power it gives you when you make a combo. i hope it comes soon to regular club penguin Until then Waddle On

Kendall A423:

My strategy is to just have fun and just go with the flow! For me, it's not just about winning or loosing, i just like to play for fun! If i win, thats great, but if i loose, i just get back up and try again. I just play for fun, it's my strategy.


fire and water go across the board doing the dirty work while snow attacks from behind or heals. If it's a tanc, Snow could just take him on because of long range, but if the others, unless they have almost no health, snow would take them out. Also if you have lots of power cards, get the snowman rounded up for water and fire. Snow stays away from tanc and crowd around snowman so they cant get to snow.


i always choose water and stay close to the team unless i get in range of the enemy i attack and spread out(its best to attack the long range first), then when a teammate is down i get as far from the enemy to heal a teammate while the other teammate fights, then we all attack at once, then i wait till at least one of them are using a power card for me to use my power card for a COMBO.if im the only one left then ill heal snow first so that they can heal fire water and snow. if all else fails ill hide behind rocks or get far away from the enemies until i can attack.if i do that i KNOW i can win!!!!!!


my strategy is to go to the furthest place to hit the bad guy and strike then he cant hit me and i always heal people once they have 1 part of the bar left

1purple 2pi:

my strategy is stay the farthest away you can from your opponent, but close enough to hit them.So I always use the fire or ice ninjas, so I can live longer,though I usually use ice.


My Strategy Is to try to do my best to beat all the teams!


My strategy is to make the fire and water ninjas fight up where the bad guys are, and have the snow ninja in the back where the villains cant get them and have them attack from far away and heal the water and fire ninjas, so the strongest ninjas can attack and stay alive because the snow ninja is healing them! Then the fire and water ninja's strong attacks take down the villains and they all stay alive and stick together!

Nicholas 126:

My strategy, is to use the water ninja. Then I wait slowly. Once the snowmen are close together, and I earn a power card, I move into their range and use my power card. After if they're still not down, I attack until they're gone. Then I revive the other ninjas.

Micahdesara :

Wow your lucky man! I wish I had gotten those coins. I am just learning the new thing. It still is hard for me.


When I'm a Snow Ninja, I stay out of range of the snowmen to attack and weave in and out so they can't hit me. If any of my teammates get semi-low health, I heal them. I always save my power cards until they are needed to take out a powerful enemy or they are needed to heal everyone, and I try to use my power cards so they have the most effect (e.g. getting as many snowmen and players in range before I play the card).


I have a specific order in taking out bad guys. First, I deal with Sly, since he can move up the farthest. To stop him from that, I usually step in front of him to keep him from moving to close to the Snow Ninja, who is behind a rock healing us other ninjas. Then I like to KO Scrap with an epic power card and maybe even have a combo. Then we all go for Tank, trying to get him in one attack, because he's the strongest. In the end, we win! I love to work together!


i be the healer and while fire and snow attack i stay behind and heal them if they need it. i sometimes attack but stay away from the baddies and close to my team mates.


My battle strategy is to work together with my teammates. We all take turns taking a hit from the enemies and then falling back to get healed by the snow ninja. We like to focus on one enemy at a time to knock them out quickly and then move on to another. I like to use the power cards to damage villains near my teammates! We all work together to make one AWESOME WADDLING NINJA FORCE! See you on the battle field! -Waddle on - MrPluto975

Alex King Ny:

Well I normally like to choose snow and be able to run and do damage to tanks without taking ANY damage whatsoever or use them to repeatedly heal my teammates, especially the penguins using the water element. That way, I can stay out of danger at all times AND win the game!


i like to work together but if its me alone i like to charge i donk like to run. I go strate to them and attack.


Hey Polo Field! My strategy is attacking the snowmen, then getting the power cards and use them on the snowmen.

Waddle on!

-Kunal01 ;)


i can't wait until the real thing is out!


Snow ninjas: you stay behind. Stay as far away from the villains, and don't try to attack unless you have a power card or if a villain is following you. Otherwise, stay behind and heal other ninjas who need it. Water ninjas: you do most of the attacking. Since you are the most powerful, you stay closer to the villains and attack when you get the chance. Don't run away unless you have low health. That's where the snow ninja comes in. Fire ninjas: you're the backup. If none of the ninjas are attacking the villains, you do. Also, if any ninjas are down, you're the one who heals them.
Hope that helps! :)


My strategy is to choose the ninja with fire becuase he has the same amount of everything.

Waddle On CP!!!!



i like to work together (im a fire ninja)when the other ninjas attack i help them i get infront of them and attack also i help the other ninjas attack i will use power cards when needed to for other penguins i would suggest picking fire but if your snow give other fighters life when they are running out if your water attack all the time help ninjas to.


i like to work together (im a fire ninja)when the other ninjas attack i help them i get infront of them and attack also i help the other ninjas attack i will use power cards when needed to for other penguins i would suggest picking fire but if your snow give other fighters life when they are running out if your water attack all the time help ninjas to.


my strategy BRUTE FORCE as the water ninja.

Enter nickname:

LOL, the image is in Portuguese (my native language).
But my strategy? I don't have an strategy, but normally i think is: use the Water Ninja.
Oh, and awesome post, Polo!


My strategy is for water and fire to battle them head on. The snow ninja heals and throws long range attacks. They do this until the snow villains are grouped together. Then everybody uses a power card at the same time to destroy them.


My strategy is to attack my enemies like crazy,then I lure the enemies to me,and then I use my power card to lower their health,then I get away from them and do the strategy again,except without the power card because I would've already used it .Oh,then I would use snow for long range attacks.
Until then...


Hmmm, well I would plan out which one I would attack first. I would say get the strongest ones first so you won't get alot damage in the game. I would also say if your the water ninja, don't attack until a teammate is damaged ( the water ninja heals! Hes too valubale to loose!)

So I hope tis advice helps you, and good luck!


My Strategy is for all the players to focus on defeating one villain and move on the other and it all works out at the end

Enter nickname:

could you sell the box dimension portals again for april fools party


My strategy is to go back a couple tiles and get away from villains and go attack when I get my power cards.
I strike when there really about to the villain is about to die. so then i go up on them and attack. when I
get low on life i go back and wait for more power cards. i'm not really of a healing persone tho. any way
I try too use my power cards on the bonus so i don't die with other ninjas plz post meeeee!!!!



My strategy is that I always play the water ninja. I have the most power cards for that ninja and they do lots of damage. I always make sure to go hurt the villains when my other ninja teammates are low on health because I do heavy damage and I always go heal them ASAP when they lose all health. I don't go by tank, he can easily hurt me if I'm close up and I have bad range. I use my power cards when other cards are down and all of the ninjas are low on health. I also sometimes stay back when low on health, and then go further when I get more health or the snowmen are also low on health too. But I always make sure to protect my other ninjas, we work together and to me, no ninja is left behind. When we work together, no snowmen villains are powerful enough to take us down!

Waddle on!
- waddles26813

Mew Mew 124:

My Card-Jitsu Snow strategy is to be a snow ninja. I go in and act as bait so the Water and Fire ninjas can go in and pummel the snowmen. When needed, I heal the ninja that needs healing so that the ninja can go in for a knock-out hit. I also will do some quick damage when all ninjas are healed. That is my Card-Jitsu Snow strategy.

Alternate Fire strategy: I attack when close enough to hit. I protect the Snow and Water Ninja's from some damage. I use my power card to stun the snowmen so the Water ninja can dish some major hit points to those villains while the Snow ninja heals both of us. That is My Card-Jitsu Snow strategy.

From your Puffle loving Fire, Water, and soon to be Snow agent ninja,

Mew Mew 124.


My strategy is to aproach the enemy slowly, I'm usually the snow ninja because if players are weak but not out, I can restore some of them. Snow ninjas are not so powerfull in the game if you think hard about it, but they can certainly help the team. All ways save your power card. It might be tempting to use some times, but use it in complete emergencies! If I'm the only one left, I would battle, if the other players were far enough, I would go over there and help them, then, even though they didnt have much life, they would still do some damage. I have actually used this technique before and it worked!


my staragy is snow ninja goes for tank water go to sracp and fire go to sly


Everyone would have to team up attack at the same time. One ninja after another to get the bad snow man to go down quickly. Thats my strategy


well, a good strategy is to be the player wichs element most power cards u have like me, i use water, then, if its tank, go diagonaly, he cant hit u there, if its sly, be in front of him, snow ninjas are more likeley to use their long-range attacks to attack him, and srap, its usual for him to attak the one who is facing the north, so its good to be in front of him,
also, use power cards, and if u can, DO A COMBO,snow ninjas, use power cards and heal teamates,so when ur up againts tank that will help a lot, also in the combos they shield ppl so its very helpful too, fire ninjas, use power cards, they cast a lot of damage and DO A COMBO AGAINST SLY because sly has a lot of health and if u stun him it will also make him loose X-tra health for 3 turns, finaly, water ninjas, use power cards wich will cause DOUBLE damage, use them against scrap, cuz he doesent have so much health, u could KO him in one go, also, once ur against tank, do a combo, it will cast a lot of damage and in the next hit, it will be much more stronger.

and thats my strategy! hope u like it. WADDLE ON CP! :)


My strategy? Have the water ninja attack Scrap and Sly, but keep AWAY from Tank! Let the fire and snow ninjas take him out from afar. Also, if another ninja is using a power card, USE ONE OF YOUR OWN. The combos are very important, especially in the bonus round. Finally, since the water ninja has a short range, try to have the snow or fire ninja revive the downed teammate. I hope this strategy works! Waddle on!


My Stragigy is to stay back if your a snow ninja cause it shoots sooo long!And i heal my friends to keep them up so we dont
have to pump it up (He he) Then when tank damages the water ninja i heal him and use power cards for
force fields hope this helps!


My strategy is to move in slowly and possibly sneak attack if possible. I use my Power Cards ONLY as a last resort. If one or both my allies faint, i need to revive my ninjas ASAP. I use all the elements and because of that, my strategy changes depending on the element I use.


my strategy is to get snow and use the good range to not get hurt that much also use fire cause it is the best and i be polite and help people back up it is really fun and can you make thinknoodles a mascot please and water i use least cause the range i really like the power cards they are awesome and i beat the bonus round it was hard i did my strategy to win the bonus round a also try to get to the bonus round and win it yep that is my strategy one more thing well i have a secret strategy i get in back of the villains and of course waddle on


My strategy is to go toward the enemy then attack. Then I use my power card on the weakest enemy (the one that has the least health). Occasionally we use a combo!!


My strategy is to go strait to the villans and attack plus i like to switch up my ninja type every time.
ps thank you everyone at disney and rocketsnail for making a great game
i've been playing since 2007 and CP is great

Also thanks For Asking


If I had to choose I would pick them all! They all help and plus if you only had one ninja you would loose! If there was an all element ninja I would be that one.
Here are tips for all ninjas
Snow- Stay behind and don't fight! Your team needs health more than they need extra damage done to the snowmen.
Water- Water YOU are the one who attacks like crazy!
Fire- Fire you stand in a fairly close place to the snowmen but not too close! You are the equal one with everything!
Waddle on!


Well I am a big fan of either being a fire or water or snow! I like the fire cause it REALLY melts snow. I choose snow because when I am playing with younger players and they get hit I try to heal them because we all have to work together right? I choose water a lot because when you mix water and snow it freezes into ice and I think it works best. The other reason I choose water a lot is because I just LOVE the little gold fish swimming around happily and gladly while were fighting around other evil snow men but still saving the day!


My startagy is heal the other ninjas when their low ,sometimes I give the snowmen a close approach and then I save my power cards when I have 2 or 3 I use one ONLY by herbert looking snowmen, I have notticed if you use a power card when all the ninjas are by the snowmen the ninjas have a prottection / hard hitting power to atack the snow men and they loose more health. I am realy enjoying the beta test thank you for making it happen and be possible. Waddle On!:) -Cottonpincky-

Yo You1:

My strategy is to attack whenever I get the chance and revive the uncincious players and use my power card whenever i get the chance.I also usally use the water ninja because it does the most damage.


well my strategy is to wait until my teammates use their card then i use mine so it will be a combo or sometimes i wait until everyone health is down btw i love fire ninja




m.imne is to move every time avallable and attack when avalable


I'm having trouble logging on to CP. This message pops up saying 'There is a problem with Adobe Flash Player, Please try again.' I rally want to get back onto CP but it win't let me! :( Can you help?


my joke is what is a rabbits favorite movie?Hoppit.

joey88912 :

my stategy is to move one by one and then keep on hitting SLY first , then do the more weaker ones and last hit TANK , if your a SNOW NINJA first move one spot only each turn stay far away from the villians as possible and hit them , use your power card if everyone has low health or heal them one by one


TEAMWORK!!! the answer is, TEAMWORK!!!


im kind of bad at cardjizu snow becasue on my compter (i dont know how to spell it) its so slow but my strategy is helping my team and beating villains


What Suit Does a Duck Wear? I Don't Know What? A Duxedo!


My strategy is about using Power Cards during Card-Jitsu Snow battles. When you have two or more Power Cards stored in your inventory at the same time, use one and place it at a range that will reach the most villains as possible so it can hit all of them. Also, wait to press the check mark until the the timer is almost done to see if anyone else is using a Power Card. If you see someone else's Power Card prepared, use one of yours and it will create a Combo attack. Making Combos will release the special powers of a Fire Triple Damage, Water Extra Damage, or Snow Shield. I hope this strategy helps! :)


Ooh.. so many things going on! Rainbow Puffle... Puffle Daycare.. Snow Ninjas.. wow!
I thought Rainbow Puffles were only obtainable from hacks!
I would put fire 2nd closest, water first and snow last.
I used to think CP was boring until now.. :D

Waddle On!

Paolo ice:

i dont have one, well i still LOVE it



mighty pant :

Some of my favorite strageties are to revive others!!!!!! They can become an important part later on. Also, strike on TANK first!!!! He is really powerful, and does lots of damage.


My strategy is to watch how far each snowman moves like how sly moves three and attack range of two scrap is two and two and tank is one and one. So that I know the range I wait I go to the edge where they can hit me and then when there right there I attack them. When i'm a fire ninja I try to keep a distance and use power cards when my friends are about to be KO'd. When I'm a water ninja I attack and try to take hits for my friends and use power cards when there is two or more snowman near by or if its tank since you have to hit him a billion times to defeat him. when I'm a snow ninja I just try to heal my friends and use power cards when they are about to be KO'd and heal them especially. To sum it up I think before I attack.


My strategy is to know the pros and cons of the snowmen. Here's a list on them:
Tank is the same as a Water Ninja
Scrap is the same as a Fire Ninja
Sly is the same as a Snow Ninja

I also know where they move most likely.
Sly moves like a Knight in Chess
Tank goes sideways
Scrap goes 3 squares around the board any direction

My last tip is that the Snow Ninja is often targeted. So pick the Fire Ninja.

Waddle On!
Canadago the Water and Fire Ninja(not in Card Jitsu Snow)


I do not believe people need a strategy we can just practice practice practice together or alone but together is better we don't need water closer and fire father all we have to do is make really good plan and a small but good back up plan well a bunch of plans because you never know what an evil snowman has up it's sleeve not even it's best friends know because snowmen can be very tricky! Well to all of us good luck and maybe use your strategy is you really, really need to!
Please take this comment is your perspective!
Waddle on club penguin and all of penguin kind!

Bloomcicle :

see right ''though'' them??.. i think Disneyfan meant ''through'' ok please when your gonna post people's comments can you edit them in case they miss spelled?, it's not a bad idea.


my strategy is use fire because its powerful and beat the weak snowmen and help your friends and all ninja. waddle on :)


My strategy in card jistu snow is to always go really close to Sly, to the corners or really far away from Tank, and to go behind Scrap. I also cooperate with my teammates. I only use my power cards at the bonus rounds or when they are useful.


if the enemy come too close, i back up, when i can, i attack,if my team is down, i try to run till one of them gets up. this is the best game ever. can you earn coins on this? good job club penguin team.


I don't even use a strategy, I just do whatever, it's fun, never knows whats gonna happen! But of course, real reason for everything is too have FUN!!!
----> FUN <----


My strategy is water vs tank fire vs sly ice vs scrap.

AdamL Rox:

My strategy is to work with the other ninja penguins. Instead of having a set game plan I'm going to work around what they're doing, and help them with my power cards. Gotta have a cooperative team if we want to defeat the evil snowmen, right? :)


my card jitsu strategy is working together with other penguins and earning power cards


My strategy is to attack from far away so I don't get hurt. Then, when one of my teammates get hurt, I'll heal them. If we all are low on health, I'll use a power card! If I run out of power cards, I'll go back as far as I can and if a ninja gets hurt, I'll heal them. If a ninja needs to be revived, I'll help heal them while the other one attacks. If both ninjas are down, I'll go for the one farthest from the enemies so I can get a chance to heal them and then I'll go for the other one while the enemies are away. I really like the snow character!




I would also like to have a way to communacate with other ninjas to make the game easier so we can say stuff like ' Go for this enemy! ' ' Attack and I'll heal you! ' etc.


Yeah, that would be an excellent idea. We would defeat the snowmen much faster that way! I hope Club Penguin adds that!


plan it out!

Dark Ninja92:

Fire Strategy:ALWAYS aim for "Scrap" because fire ninjas have medium damage and it will be easy to defeat him.

Water Strategy:Aim for "Tank" because water ninjas have full damage and Tank is the strongest villain.

Snow Strategy:Aim for "Sly",snow ninjas take minimum damage and Sly is the weakest villain,Also DON'T FORGET to give other ninjas more health.



- Dark Ninja92


I think the best way is to power up the person in front and then work your way back. I usually win with this stratagy. :)


My attack strategy is to stay near the other ninjas, so if they get attacked by snowmen, I can help them. Also, they can shield me from attacks as well.


My strategy is to help other ninjas if they fallen. If a snowman defeats them I will show that snowman who is boss. I will use power cards if there's to many snowmans. I will destroy snowmans even though i have a little health. I will also report bugs. I will always use water ninja. Those are my strategies.


Well My Strategy is to go far away from THE EVIL SNOWMEN then my Fellow buddies would go on and atack the snowmen
once they are in low health i make sure their near near the evil snowmen then I would make my move i would use a power card on the snowmen and my buddies also will set a power card then we have a triple combo but then we increase our HP by the POWER CARDS so then we go far way for two turns then the fire and water would fight the evil snowmen while the snow ninja escapes and once we get the snowmen in low HP we go far away and snow finishes off the snow men. I HOPE YOU LIKE MY STRATEGY IT IS SUPER HELPFULLI ALWAYS BEAT THE BONUS ROUND!!!!!!!


My strategy for card jitzu snow is that I try to protect the snow ninja because they have the healing power cards. I am usually the fire ninja because each bar is equal. That way I have a good balance of all the powers. If I am the last ninja up I dont attack,I wait until I can revive someone else. Also, if someone is using a power card I wait to use mine if I think they can finish off that snowman. Sometimes, if the snowman has a high bar then I use my power card along with theirs to get a combo. I think that you should let the other ninjas go first, that way you dont get in their way and you can do what is best for them.

Dome C:

Hey Ninjas! My strategy has to do with the different elements. For Snow: I stay in the background, powering up my teammates, and if i strike, its against Tank, because he can't move fast. For Fire, I attack Sly, because it hurts him the most. For Water, I go for scrap, and I use my power cards when a combo is available. Well, that's my strategy!
Waddle On, Club Penguin!

/Dome C\


Ice against Tank (cause he can't reach ice, slowpoke), water against Scrap (cause those snowballs are surprisingly powerful) and fire against Sly (fire is surprisingly effective against him). Don't let ice go straight to battle (unless he REALLY has to) cause he's weak. Just let be in range of the penguins so he can heal them. And, when a penguin is in trouble, SAVE HIM! Abandon your target to help the penguin so everyone doesn't fall in the first round. Also, when a penguin falls, REVIVE HIM! Never leave a penguin behind, cause then, we have more chances to attack. One more thing, STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER! Tank's and Scrap's attacks can hurt penguins near their target, so, well, what do you think? That's all I have, waddle on.


My strategy :

Let the Snow Ninja stay behind and the Water and Fire attack, because they probably have higher damage.
Snow Ninja comes close to heal other players, and then unleash a super combo at the end with everybody using Power Cards!


This great game card-jitsu snow thanks, what I like about the ninja esque now all rely to defeat the villains, I like both the game and want to go on the air, like the gem of snow and snowsuit thanks club penguin team are better continue doing those great things, and I hope everyone is enjoying this beta test as Ipinguiniando continue thanks!!!


I like snow because I have most power cards and they heal and protect. I like to stay away from tank and attack the others first because they have different attack ranges so get rid of sly and scrap then attack tank from here:
S_ w
f _ t


My strategy is to be snow ninja and then I can stay safe farther away from the enemies. (Especially Tank)


my stratagy is the following. first i move very close to the other ninjas. then when there is a enemy close to us we all attack at once, but if there isnt ill lead the group VERY close to a enemy then KAPOW! the enemy is out. if the group spreads out ill make sure to be in the middle, but not far away.if were all red, i plan carefully. i will always put my fellow ninjas first.


I just played Card-Jitsu snow and hit is the best game in club Penguin!


Is there going to be a snow ninja suit, shoes,helmet, and mask? PLZ make one!!! I really want one.


My strategy is that I heal my fellow ninjas until i get defeated. Then they try to help me then I use my power cards to heal us all, but sometimes the players go missing so then i'm the only ninja left sometimes.


My strategy is that I choose snow so I can attack and heal from far away(range),which is a bi advantage.Also, try to heal the other ninjas whenever possible.Do report ANY bugs to the cp team.If you choose water, leave tank to the snow ninja.Try attacking sly.If you choose fire, you're the best reviver.Try not to get too close to scrap.

Waddle on!


My strategy is saving my card jitsu cards so I can take down the enemies





My strategy is to be the helpful one.If one of those ugly and mean villains hit one of my teammates,I go over there and heal him. Then I go up to the villain and start to attack, but i don't strike right then. I wait awhile for the right moment then I get behind him and attack.I also usually am a snow ninja on so i can go farther out into the field but i only go out if there is a good reason,and if all of my help doesn't work and all i'm reduce to is my power cards,i'll use them.That is my strategy for card-jistu beta and i think its a pretty good one.


If you're a person who doesn't get to involved but want to help, play as Snow for battling Tank because he has a small attack range, but super strong, but stand behind, so you can heal at the slightest loss of life of your teammates. If you're a beginner play as Fire because you'll be able to have decent attack that has range and a hard attack to take those snowmen down and save your team, but Scrap will stuff those abilities if you're not careful. If you're an action packed fighter, play as water because it's tough and personal, but rely on your team to take on Sly. That bugger will stay well out of your range, but still hit you with his well-kept bowling ball. So if you're looking for a game for everyone, CJ Snow is for you!


Card-jitsu snow is awesome!!!!!!


My strategy is to be the fire ninja, use power cards when other ninjas do (for combos), be the penguin closest to the snowmen, and If one snowman is almost finished, attack that one or else it can still attack.
Also, I try and revive a KO'd penguin as soon as possible.
the only other thing is to fight fight fight!


On card jiztu snow, my strategy is to attack from behind when I'm the snow ninja. This way Sly may not see me, and then I can attack! When I'm using the fire ninja, I normally approach them slowly and carefully, then I did minor attacks while I save up for a powercard. Then it goes BANG! On the water ninja, I often try to stay out of attack range so I can heal my fellow ninjas. Those are my strategys and I hope the help other players!


My strategy hmmmm, because I always pick the fire ninja it's the attack and when someone get's defeated I make sure that they stay alive and I do like the attack cards too.


My strategy is to surround the enemy then attack or to use power cards for one element at one time to get the enemys.


how do I get to go on the game


I like to be a Snow Ninja, because of their healing capabilities and long range. I attack from afar, and heal ninjas in need. When other penguins have power cards, I lend a hand by using my own to form a combo. Sometimes, this inspires the last ninja to join in as well. Thank you for making this awesome team experience. Waddle On!


my strategy is to lure the enemies in the mid we surround and attack from all directions with combos used on each other then we finish up with a super powerful card


Simple first move forward close the villans then i will trap them and use a power card . You can use my plan and see if it works like it works for me so signing off and waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my strategy is just to stay hidden- but also be prepared to attack. the first time i played, i got beaten real fast, so its good to save your cards and stay hidden, but when a villian gets close.. ATTACK!!!!


Hey CP my favrotie elment is Water! and Snow Because Water has the Most attack! Aslo Snow Most Rage And also For the suit It could Be Snowey and The Dance move will be Making a wall And Bouncing Around itIf you Like This Please Like me!

Thinknoodles :

im so nuts about it right yes


Hmm... Strategies Are Tricky!! But... What I do is Be Confident in all I do. There Is one thing that everyone should put in- EFFORT
Everyone plays a part
Fair treatment should be used with All teammates
Forever, keep trust in yourself
On the battlefield of Snow, Always Think as if you are battling a black belt or ninja (I am All Ninjas.)
Racing track? No! We are on the battlefield-TAKE it serious
Teamwork Is Very Important.
Thank You...
I hope you all follow this example on Card Jitsu Snow!


Full Gameplay strategy
General :
Wait for somebody else to set down a power card before you use yours. That way , you get a combo. When you're playing power cards , if another teammate has placed one down place yours in a different are. You still get the combo but you get a wider range. This ruled does not apply for Tank. Do just the opposite when faced with him. If you are healing , try to go out of enemy range or else they can attack you and stop the healing.
Snow :
Place your power cards so that their range includes injured comrades ( and yourself ) so you can heal the team as well as damage the enemy.
Fire :
Use power cards often. They stun your enemy so they are useful , especially against snowmen already placed for an attack.
Water :
Take on weaker villains so that others dont need to deal with them. DO NOT FIGHT TANK!! HE WILL HIT YOU BACK!!


well this is not a strategy but {kind of}
my thing is when my team mates loose i pump them up so they can defeat tank, sly and scrap.
ok this is my strategy, i like to hide behind the all different four rock and suddenly attack those nasty snow villains
please choose me cp team

Penguin name: o0ats


My strategy is to think smart. How? I look at my moves to see if it is the right one. if anyone needs healing, i want them to go help right away. Everyone has good balance as well. we need to attack wisely in order to win every battle. Also, we can use our power cards wisely right? I see new cards every second i get one in Card Jiztu.


My strategy is pretty simple. You must get as close as you can to the enemy and then ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!!!!! Also you must use teamwork and you must help each other out when someone is KO'd.

Waddle on PoloField ;-)


my strategy is finding where the villains could attack i hid into a correct position and the come into my own rang but i am not in their range nice huh .


My strategy is to get as close as I can so I can attack the snowmen.

Waddle On!


I'm always the snow/ice ninja, and just heal everyone as much as possible. as use power cards to heal everyone/myself and hurt the enemies. and *cough* run all the way to the back to hide if no one needs healing and i have low health. and watch the enemies get bashed up by the fire and water ninjas. it would be better if we could talk to other ninjas in the same game, though.

Olly H12:

My strategy is that I like to be water ninja and go up front, while I smash the bad guys with my fish tank the fire ninja can shoot his hot sauce and the snow ninja can fire his snow blocks to back me up.

You have made a great game, keep up the work on Card Jitsu Snow!!


I pick snow ninja and then i go behind all the other ninjas and attack the snowmen while i heal the other ninjas!


Whats white and goes up? A confused snow flake! HAHAHHAHAHAHA

Agent Lexie:

My card jitsu snow strategy is to play as a snow ninja and attack from a distance, keep on moving, but moving so they cant hit me, and then i will get a power card! I will use it and move so i could use it against multiple enemies and multiple ninjas inside.

Thats mine, whats yours?

just gone to bottom? its a long way up to see my speech! waddle on club penguin!


My strategy: Choose snow, don't attack but just heal from a distance. Keep moving and on rounds 3 and bonus... use you charged up power cards from the movement! Always works for me ;-)

Enter nickname:

Well My Strategy is to go far away from THE EVIL SNOWMEN then my Fellow buddies would go on and attack the snowmen
once they are in low health i make sure their near near the evil snowmen then I would make my move i would use a power card on the snowmen and my buddies also will set a power card then we have a triple combo but then we increase our HP by the POWER CARDS so then we go far way for two turns then the fire and water would fight the evil snowmen while the snow ninja escapes and once we get the snowmen in low HP we go far away and snow finishes off the snow men. I HOPE YOU LIKE MY STRATEGY IT IS SUPER HELPFULL I ALWAYS BEAT THE BONUS ROUND!!!!!!!


great idea remember on never wake a sleeping sensei part of the show sensei says in order to become true ninja you must learn to work as a team


I think it's best to stick together and work as a team! And that's exactly what this game teaches us! :D

The Waddle1:

Ok,heres what I do.I let the water ninja(my faveourite) go first.He has the most power but the least range, so,he has to be the closest to the villian.Then,on the south side of the villian,is the fire ninja,but not to close and not to far away.Last but not least its the ice ninja,coming from the north,as far away as possible.Thats what I do.



Hey, Polo! :P Great fan! How do you get to get on Card Jitsu Snow??
P.S. I was on FieldFriday and I added you, but I'm not your friend... :( Can you friend me? :D (Ryam812)

Waddle On!


my stategy is: only go close up to the villian if YOU have anoth health to be hit, if you or a team mate has a power card or if the villian needs only one more hit. be careful goodluck x

Evie Mcphey:

I usually use the fire ninja because it is all even in every category, and if one player is nocked out, i try to distract the villain while the other player saves him, and sometimes it's the other way around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D


I know its to use power up combos.
Each player must try to get all a power card but that is difficult.

Ana 18009:

My strategy is to make all the ninjas attack the opponents exept for the snow ninja cuz it has the fastest healing power. Sometimes the snow ninja attacks from a far place and uses its power cards to hurt the criminals and to heal the other ninjas. This games really rox!!


well i think it' s amazing but i would choose fire because it' s proborly like a all around type so im really enjing the cards jistu snow i think like wow so ill give it a 10 out of 10!

waddle on ! 10ben28~ =D


I don't know which strategy is my favourite .I like all of them .

Maxi Tornado:

This would be so simple, but noone follows it! 1row 3column: ice-fire-water! This would be so simple to stand behind each other based on the attack ranges but noooooo, every1 has to go after their heads -_-. My personal tactic is to stay behind avoid getting hurt and healing other, if all players are yellow hp i throw in a special card! I would go with water but i only have 2 cards while i have 4 at snow and only 1 at fire X(((((8


My strategy for the most awesome game I have played at club penguin is simple. Though snow is the weakest and attacks with very little damage I would get them to stay back. The fire and water ninjas charge at the evil snowmen and when they are dramatically losing health the snow can revive them with its magical healing properties. The snow ninja is also excellent at long range so that is another reason why it should stay far back from the menacing monsters. I hope this works for penguins all over the globe and that they a wonderful time beta testing this great game!!


My strategy is the snow ninja becuase the water and fire ninja need healing thats more important that we can win and we can have more cards when we play clubpenguin because when i play this game they gave me the cards when we won so ya bye guys waddle on !!!!!!!!!!


I would go on the match the same time with my friends; we will work together and help each other on attacking the snow villians who were attacking our fellow ninjas!!! Waddle on CP!!!


Card Jitsu snow is a complicated game but still with a strategy we can play it well. Here are the strategies for different ninjas:

Snow ninja: This guy has wide range, can cover large distances and can heal even if not knocked out but loses more health when attacked but low defence. He should be used to attack enemies with small range like TANK and should be used to heal other ninjas when health is low and he should also use his power card in such a way that all the ninjas including him come in its range because it heals them and also creates a shield which protects us from one attack .

Fire ninja; This guy is balanced but he can't heal. He can be used against any enemy but should be careful with CROW and TANK because if he is in range to attack TANK, TANK can move forward in his next move and attack him and CROW attacks for a large range so he should be careful not to lose a lot of life in the process of reaching into CROW's range, his perfect enemy is SLY . His power card can stop the enemies from attacking for 1 or 2 moves so he should use his power card when many enemies are in range of the power card.

Water ninja:This guy has low range but high attack and defence. He should be used against any ninja. He should be used against enemies according to our priority that is he should be used against enemy who need to be taken down first. This guys power card should be used when many enemies are standing together or when the enemy and all the ninjas including us stand in the range of the power card because the next attack causes more damage.

Thank you and WADDLE ON.

Cool Boy 887:

My strategy is to go near the villains and get them and if all the other players need healing, I go far from the villains and heal them. I also combine power cards with the other players! it really helps out.


The best strategy I would pick would be healing other players when their down. When a player gets knocked out, you should walk to them and heal them. It only takes one turn, then your in again!


qeshten: the snowman fell down what did he get. Anser:He got a carrot


My strategy is to try out all the ninjas and see which one is the best to use for a playing style.
Since I'm a more advanced player, I chose snow because it's a challenge, yet it's fun!
But then again, snow and fire have only one power card, so it's not good for some playing styles, but more advanced players would like them!


My Card Jitsu Snow strategy is to choose fire element, stay near others, and be near enemies. Every turn I move to get bonus energy to the Power Card. Then, I get another power card. I use them when someone else has one, and then use another one on that same enemy! Good strategy, right? Because I could get a shield on Fire+Snow, and/or double the power of my next attack! And the power card stuns the enemies I've hit too. That's my strategy. What do you think about it?



I usually do the snow ninja and when i do that I always am the one running around healing the other ninjas :) it really helps me keep everyone alive since the snow ninja has very good range and agility. Once when i did the healing strategy i beat the entire game even the bonus round! Snow ninja: my favorite. Fire ninja: second choice. Water ninja: my worst choice. Keep up the good work Club Penguin Team! Also I never really press the ready button because if someone decides to use a power card i couldn't do a combo since you can't change once you are ready. Lastly, sometime i do this strategy is: Snow ninjas Aim for Sly,snow ninjas take least damage and Sly is the weakest villan.



My Card-Jitsu Snow Strategy is when your almost out of health you try to get back as far away as you can so Scrap,Tank, and Sly have to go back and try to get you.You also have to be careful because Scrap, Tank, and Sly are going to come after you. It would be useful if you are snow because snow has the power to heal. So you can heal yourself.

Mini Fry 5:

Hey Polo!
My card-jitsu snow strategy is to work as a team. If one of my teammates is down, I make sure to save them before defeating the villains. Each of your teammates can pick one villain to beat so time goes by faster. Each ninja gets points so everybody should work as a team!

I hope you pick my strategy!,
Mini fry 5


I think the best strategy is save your power cards!

Short & Sweet,

Little Yoshi:

My Element is fire because you move farther and stun enemies!


Hey everyone! I found out a very good strategy using the Snow element. Use ur ninja to go as far away from the enemy as u can but still be in range (about 3 squares away) and then u can attack. However, be careful of the guy with the tennis racket!!! He can shoot as far as your ninja. Also I noticed each of them are like our ninjas. The big one is like a water ninja. Tennis racket guy is like snow and the last one is like fire, I hope this helps/helped,
Cheers: Quack444 who loves CP and would like to keep playing forever! Waddle on CP! and all you in it! :)


when a villian is behind me use a power boster card and it will make them loose their energy


The penguins seem to be looking a little different lately...... :'-(


My strategy for Card-Jitsu Snow is to stay as far away as the villians as possible, and, sadly, never save my teamates. If you try to save them, the villians will definitely attack you. But whenever I get kicked in the ice, my partners save me. They're so nice!!!


my stratige is to take out sly first with my water ninja then i go after tank with my fire ninja and final i go after scrap with my ice ninja.I try to go after one villan at a time on after another then i go from there


My startegy is to be snow and attack from afar and wait for the others to get power cards and then do combos.


my strategy for Card-Jitsu snow is to help my teammates when they want me to so everyone can work together to defeat the evil snowmen.


My stratige is to go after sly first with my water ninja then I go after tank with my fire ninja and final after that I use my ice ninja to beat scrap.I my stratige is to take on one at a time then i go from there


I like to be a snow ninja even if I don't have any snow power cards!I always run away from the snowmen so water ninja and fire ninja can attack them.When they get low on laff I heal them!We mostly win the battle.


I have strategies for all three ninjas:
Fire: Go for Scrap and Sly and use power cards in combos or on their own but try and hit most of the villains.

Water: Go for Tank and use power cards mostly on their own when you get them but try and hit most of the villains.

Snow: Heal the other ninjas from a distance and use power cards last and try get the ninjas in range and use in combos only if your team has nearly full HP.

Also you should pick the ninja which you have the highest amount of power cards for.
-Waddle on Club Penguin


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