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By PoloField on March 7, 2013 - 08:50


Hey penguins,

Thanks for all the LOLs on our last Reviewed by You post, where I asked you to share your favorite joke. There were some great silly jokes in there. I liked this one from Disneyfan318 :

"My joke is, why are ghosts bad liars? ANSWER: Because you can see right though them! =)"

Nice one, Disneyfan318. We added 10,000 coins to your account for having your comment featured this week!

Okay, now it's time for this week's Reviewed By You. By now many of you have figured out that Card-Jitsu Snow is totally different from the other Card-Jitsu games. No more fire-beats-snow, snow-beats-water, water-beats-fire. In this game, all the elements work together to defeat snow villains and restore the balance.

You've also probably noticed that this game is a bit more complicated - everyone on the board has different move and attack ranges, different ninjas have different Power Card attacks, and combos give ninjas extra boosts. So this week we want to know: What's your Card-Jitsu Snow strategy? 

We'll pick one of our favorite comments to be featured on the blog in our next Reviewed By You. If your comment is featured like Disneyfan318's was this week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account!

Happy strategizing... and Waddle On!

- Club Penguin Team



My strategy is to be a snow ninja because they have more cards than the others and they can heal or have a long rage.Then I want to work like a team because we go on the snowmen and destroy them.Well, we can to enter in the bonus round but we can not win it.I try to make a lot of combos, they are good in big danger and they have spacial powers:like the snow shield or the fire 3 moves damage or maybe the water extra damage.So take your ninja and battle with the snowmen.Have a nice play!

Mr No Legs:

Well, it's got to be either hang back to let the others start off or attack the weaker first. Also, has anyone seen a triple combo?

Enter nickname:

My card jitsu snow strategy is be the snow ninja and use my range to hit tank,scrap and sly to hit them even though it has the least damage it means they can not get me except sly and because i have range i can heal ninjas from long distances.And when i use power cards i can get every ninja to have a sheild to protect them from one hit.

E Pinguinn:

My strategy is to keep my distance from the enemies when I'm low on health. I'm usually the water ninja so i prefer to keep my distance because my range of attack is very short.I let everyone else attack first and when they did enough damage, I come in and help them.When they are low on health, i got to protect or revive them first. I usually revive the snow ninja because he/she can boost our health, and use power cards only in emergencies like when I'm surrounded!


My 2 card jitsu strategys are:

Protect the snow ninga because that one has healing power cards.

Keep the ningas as far away from the snowmen as possible but as close enough to attack.

Hope you like my ideas!

from Andreg :D


I can't do this strategy in-game, because people don't now about it, but I'm going to explain you that.
So, water is attacking enemies, snow is healing water, and fire is supporting in attack or when someone is defeated. I haven't tested it in-game, but i thing it will work ;-)

WADDLE ON and please test that :-)!


To attack but stay a good works best for,you can stun enemies so if you wanna attack sly with fire youve gotta use power cards!


Wow!everything in Card-jitsu snow is awsome!My strategy is: 1. Water and snow ninja go for Tank,Water ninja can also go for sly.Fire ninja can go for sly and Scrap! 2.If most of the ninjas have their H.P down,then if your the snow ninja help the weakest one first,then the other.Its best to use TEAMWORK,all the ninjas have their best abilities! 3. if your on the bonus level,then there are ALWAYS 4 of the snowmen.Thats when teamwork comes in handy!snow ninja for the farthest range one.Fire for all of them,while water goes for the most powerful. 4. If Tank is in the round then Water AND Snow should work together.The Water ninja is most powerful so he/she goes right in front of Tank and snow ninja is behind Water ninja so it can heal the Water ninja AND the Fire ninja.The snow ninja in that case could also help the Fire ninja that way!I realy hope this helped!WADDLE ON!! :D


My strategy is that I will pick water and save all my power cards. I will go and cover everyone in the front and try to get behind enemies.
If I pick snow, I will be right next to everyone and heal them if needed since you can heal people without taking any of your health. I go for the simple enemies first, since when they attack, each one attacks once so I try to eliminate as many as possible.
In the bonus round I combo power cards


I Know that this has nothing to do with this but can you please put me onto the next featured igloos, i have a puffle party inspired igloo, my penguin name is sim260!!!

By the way my strategy is doing as much damage to the snow cardjitsu villans as possible for a ninja penguin!


The water ninjs should attack the big heaf snow men and the fie ninja helps him/her. While the snow ninja heals every one who needs healing. If no one need healing the snow ninja attacks. Oh and any one on low heaf should fall back so the snow ninja can heal them.


My strategy is knowing the meaning of your element, ask around, if you have no idea what your element does how will you win? Second of all the big TEAMWORK. If you dont get along with other ninjas, its pointless. Last but not least NEVER GIVE UP, fight with your team, stay strong, THOSE SNOWMEN ARE GOING DOWN.

Waddle On!

Kinshold 11:

Well, I like to be the water ninja most! But when it comes to my strategy I don't use my power to harm enemies (sometimes), I use it to heal my fellow players! I think it it best to work as a team and THEN bring down the enemy. After all, 3 is better then 1!


My strategy it to stay far away from villains but still in range of your attack. If your fire use your power-card when you fight tank and by possibility when someone else is using it. If you are snow always heal other ninjas especially when they are low on health. Try to heal all ninjas with one power-card. Also use your power-card when you fight Tank, when someone else is but use it also if other ninjas and you are running low on health. If you are water also use your power-card when you are fighting Tank, when others are. But no matter what ninja you are try to place a power-card so that you can attack more than one villain.


The best way to win is to have fire and water close to the snowmen, while snow heals from a safe distance.


My battle strategy is i am always closest to the snowmen and i always attack Sly first, because he is like the snow ninja his damage to is low, Scrap second, because he is like the fire ninja, he has medium damage and Tank third because he is like the water ninja, high damage. This is my battle strategy


The snow ninja is the good one for me! Because the snow takes less damge from the snow men. So i like card jitzu snow and the snow dojo looks so cool. I like how you did the work on the snow dojo so much. I bet that penguins will want to go to the snow dojo so much that they want to stay on. The snow ninja has cool power that i have ever seen.


My strategy is using the Snow Ninja to heal the other ninjas. Another strategy is the white target. It can get back a ninja that is down and knocked out. One more strategy is using the Water Ninja. They have more damage. Hiding behind a rock, is the best strategy to protect your health..... almost.



My strategy is to work together with my teammates.If we all work together,we take down ALL the enemies.If we don't work together,then we are ALL doomed.Teamwork is ALWAYS the key to victory.As they say,"there's no I in teamwork."
Waddle On!


My strategy for card jitsu snow is to help the other ninjas stay healthy. That's why I like being the snow ninja, I get to help out. Also another good thing to do is to save your high power up cards for the bonus round(you will need them).


my strategy is to either restore the ninjas healf or to dodge attacks.


My strategy it to play my highest card i have in my hand. i may not always win but most of the time i do
see you next time ;)


Well if your a snow ninja you should stay away from most of the action and use your long range attack (Snow Ninjas should heal their teammates using its power move), A Water Ninja needs to go close to the snow villians (mostly Tank) and attack with their high power stat, As a fire ninja they should stay away at from tank but attack sly and scrap. But mostly help your teammates with the power move since they have extra abilities. A three power move combo should be used a lot in the game.


My strategy for this game is to attack snowmans and heal ninjas and use power cards as a water ninja them if combo with power cards i will give all ninjas damage boost and if i use a water power card i will do double damage to snowmans if i wounded the ninjas or snow ninja will heal me.


My strategy is to be a snow ninja and attack fiercely up close and personal, then the other two back me up and I can heal everyone easily. Then when lots of Slys show up, I back up a little so he can't deal that much damage to me. Waddle On!!


The image is in Portuguese! I think the best element is Water, and Waddle On! :)




I just kinda click around to tell you the truth. I suck at games like that. But clicking usually makes you win! =)

Cookoo 2008:

This is going to be so awesome I am so excited


i like your joke.

1817 Bubble:

My strategy is to use the snow ninja's long range to attack the snowmen from far away, and I have more snow power cards than water or fire. I also try to avoid tank, because his powerful attacks have K. O.'d me a couple of times.

P.S. I like Skyblue60408's strategy. I might even try it myself!


Hello cp, my strategy is to keep my fellow penguin squad safe and defeat all the snow villians to save the day!


I like to read through the ninja powers and use them to an advantage, and also I call my friends and play with them to work out a strategy together.

X Treme Snow:

My strategy is to over load the snow men with snow balls
Ninja On


i think that it should be a little bit like card jitsu water because you can move around the board and defeat the enemies by selecting your card like fire beats sly snow beats the water one ( didn't see the fire and water one) and water beats fire

Luismi C3a:

keep power cards to the last rounds.

Fire ninja vs Sly
Water ninja vs Tank
Snow ninja vs Scrap


yes cool me:

i love the snow beta test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think it is realy cool!!


My is this: I always stay back from enemies and I attack from the back since the snow ninja has a lot of range anyway so that my strategy to survive by being a snow ninja

PS: I love the idea of snow ninja!!!!

Pingui Mex:

if u see the image is in other language,I´m only telling u ;)


for the snow ninja would be cool is that you can freeze the bad guys in big ice cubes that would destroy half of one of the bad guys life.


When i'm a snow ninja i like to hang back attack from as far away as possable and heal other teammates so we don't die and use power cards when teammates are in range to give them some healing AND STILL DAMAGE THE BAD GUYS n'stuff


i think the elements are all awesome. i LOVE the game and i never tried the snow ninja yet. but dont worry, I WILL!


My strategy for card jitsu snow is that I try to stick with the other ninjas so we can all defeate the snowmen at once. Somtimes we all go one or two squares away so we can defeat all the snowmen at once. I am usally the water or fire. Fire beats snow and water can just melt I guess. Well that's my stradegy! Waddle On!


my strategy is... offense is the best defense,and help other is in the battle,allies can help you and are better than rolling solo


TEAMWORK! I tested C-J Snow with my friends, and together, we beat the enemies! Also, I break in with my extreme ninja fire power, and save the day (sort of)!


I use Fire because i got 4 Power Ups on it.I like to figure out their weakness. Happy Easter ! !


I'm so excited for card jitzu snow!!!


i just got new cards from the game.


My strategy is usually when I stay away from the snowman and the other ninjas attack. If a snowman comes to be I either get away if I have low energy or just attack. If the other ninjas are down, I heal them or attack the snowmen. WADDLE ON CP!


My strategy for snow ninjas is that you shouldn't really attack, you should be healing people. If snow ninjas attack they should attack from a distance. Also, Snow ninjas should attack Tank because he walks one square at a time and he can't attack you from a distance. As for water and fire ninjas, I think you should just attack where you can.


Cant find snow demo.


my strategy is hope fully the snow focuses on healing and staying alive water dose aggressive attacks and me fire dose back up and front line if needed and save the snow because they can heal.


Here are my strategies:

Snow Ninja:
This one is pretty good, so it's my favorite. I attack from a long range so I can restore other player's health if they look low.

Fire Ninja:
I attack with combos if possible and I also try to be the first one to attack the villain/villains to weaken them for the other players.

Water Ninja:
I head straight for the villains along with the other players and try to attack first(since water ninjas do the most damage).

Those are my strategies for each ninja for card jitsu snow. Try them if you want!


I choose the longer range characters and attack from the back, then heal other characters when they are harmed.


My strategy is that when all the snow villains are gathered in the same area we all use our power cards.
Also Water beats Sly, Fire beats Tank and Snow beats Scrap

WADDLE ON- Skippah123


My stragety is if im a Water ninja i go close up to the on more alone and attack him and since hes alone its harder for them to come and attack me. Also if im a snow ninja i go aroung to the weaker enimies and attack them and then when my team gets low i go with them in a square with the enimies and use my power card to heal them and damgage the enimies- Waddle on CP!!


My strategy is that when all the snow villains are gathered in the same area we all use our power cards.
Also Water beats Sly, Fire beats Tank and Snow beats Scrap

WADDLE ON- Skippah123


My Card-Jitsu Snow Strategy is to help others, and pick very wise with your moves and know when to use the power cards.


Hello CP! Before I share my comment, I'd just like to thank CP for keeping their minds on 3 different projects(EPF HQ, puffle party, and Card-Jitsu Snow)! Keep up the great work! I can't decide which I'm most excited about!!! My Card-Jitsu Snow strategy is to always pik the fire ninja(cuz he is balanced) and attack the lesser ranged enemies(tank,sly). Thanks again! and as always, WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!


My strategy for Card Jitsu: Snow is that if you and your friends are very good at defeating each other in Card Jistu: Fire, Water or just plain ole' Card Jitsu. If a friend can defeat someone, they could be in front. A small bar penguin should be in the back. A buddy could be able to protect that penguin. Plus, if you have a rock (or multiple rocks) in your level, you and a friend with a small bar can hide back there and refill that players' bar. If you can do that for multiple games, you are able to defeat the snowmen. One tip is... TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!!! If you don't believe in yourself, you could be in big trouble. But if you do, you have the best of both worlds for defeat. Now, what I mean by 'best of both worlds' is that you can believe yourself in life and Club Penguin. If you do, you will make your friends stronger, plus you will feel great. So that way it's the best for YOU, your HEART and your FRIENDS. Don't forget, your friends HEART, too. They will feel happy and that way, they can return the favor and help YOU. Just remember, YHFH (YOU, your HEART, FRIENDS, and your FRIENDS HEART). If you don't forget it... you can still be the best even if you lose. Make sure your friends get the saying. Spread the word. Don't forget YHFH (YOU, your HEART, FRIENDS and your FRIENDS HEART).
Water49296 <3 YHFH


My favorite strategy is to have the ninjas lined up from left to right so that the snow ninja can heal and perform ranged attacks from the left , the fire ninja also does its more powerful attack, and the water ninja on the right uses its close range powerful attack.


My strategy, for Cardjitsu snow, is to keep attacking the snowmen, because over the years when I've experienced other games, I figure
you do better if you attack, not just flee. I also let the others stay back and help, but i don't really mind. :)


My strategy for Card-Jitsu Snow covers different cases:

If I am snow, I take Sly because he is the weakest and snow is the weakest. I usually attack from far due to the snow's long range. I help fallen teammates far from enemies, so right after I heal, I can attack the snowmen.

If I am fire, I take Scrap because he is medium and so is fire. I help fallen teammates but only if the enemies are far, though if I desperately need a teammate, I sacrifice my life for their's.

If I am water, I take Tank because he is the hardest and water is strongest. Unfortunately, water has a short range so I literally always sacrifice my life for a fallen teammate, or, at least, heal my teammates.

Also, I try to avoid power card use in Round 1 unless I really need some because I only have two water, one snow, and one fire. However, if I desperately need power cards, I use them.

:) Waddle on!


my strategy is to let the snow ninja heal you and if you are the snow ninja always move away from the snowmen so you cant be hit and the fire and water ninjas always have to help you so it can work otherwise the snow ninja will most likely die, so you all have to help each other and if any ninjas use a power card try to get all the ninjas and snowmen in the red square. try to stay as far away from the snowmen as possible. and try to get as many combos as possible.


The new spy phone looks awesome it is just like my puffle bye PUFFLES!!!!!!!!:)


my stargie FIRE for the win i dont/havnt played snow card jistu yet but fire even though i dont have the full suit is going to be me also im also seen as fire princess or a fire dragon in cp


First, Card Jitsu snow is my favorite so far :). My strategy is pretty simple. The snow ninja stays back, and tries not to get hit by the bad guys. This is because the snow ninja is the weakest, but has the ability to heal from a far distance. The water attacks the most. Water has the most damage, and health. So they can survive the hits. Fire defends the snow. Just so that way the snow can help keep everyone alive. :) My strategy is simple, and we have made to the bonus level!

I can't wait for it to come out for real! I'm gonna become a snow ninja right away! :D

Waddle on Club Penguin!


My strategy for Card-Jitsu is if you want to be defensive, then you should be the snow ninja and help revive other penguins, and if you want to attack, you should be the water ninja to help your fellow ninjas win, but if you want to attack and defend you should be the fire ninja to help others to win and to stay alive.


Be a water ninja cause your combo is doubled and healing all is very important cause they will help you and snowand fire are also intresting cause Fire's stat is normal ,Water's strong stat but slowly moves and Snow's is almost everything but attack. But my real question to you guys is..."Will non-members be able to play ?"...... But you guys are the best! Non or paid......You guys are AWESMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What? That image is in portuguese!


I normally go behind a rock when an enemy is close and when it is far away I take big strides and use my power cards. I normally pick water at the start of the game because it creates more damage!

geronimo stilton:

TRIANGLE ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


its great i tried to play it and i loved it but the one problem that it takes too long to load can you guys fix this problem
waddle on,
rainbowzgirl :)


My card jitsu strategy is to go for the low health enemies then go all together and attack tank! Plus try to keep your power card for until you really need it. and when you don't have much health then run back and if you're not snow just wait for snow to go mend you. Waddle On CP!!


.O.M.G. THIS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPEND IN CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My strategy is ALWAYS use the power-ups. Always attack it using them. For snow ninja, just attack then use then attack and vice versa. I just made it up, but in the future, I will use it, and it can be handy sometimes.


here's my strategy

1.water goes first because it's the most powerful. goes around the back and attacks from behind.
3.snow stays back and heals the others if they have low health.

that's how I do it.

P.S when is the game coming?


I've played this game tons of times, but I still didn't get the hang of it yet. But I believe that the players should work in unity.. teamwork is the most important thing.


I pick sonw ninja alot and I try to stay far away from the snow men, but still close to attack! And I try to do combos with friends.


Secret Gazi:

Since I mostly pick Fire Ninja because his ranges are equal and that means he is a leader and i like to be leader, my strategy would be to go on and just attack. If I know that the enemy is going to attack me, I dont run away because then it would be harder to defeat the enemy. And if im down, I just hope wither Water Ninja and Snow Ninja will revive me.


My strategy is that when the game comes out i will get my friends, invite them to play with me and then one of us will be a snow ninja and one fire and one water and then one element will hide and then the villians might try and get the other 2 elements but then the snow can heal them. My other strategy is think which card is most common and choose that card. If you have a power card use it near the end to get your element to victory! If I am playing on my own with other people not my friends, or if you are playing on your own, use the second strategy. If you cant decide which element write the elements spaced out on a piece of paper and close your eyes and place your hand on an element and that is the element you can choose!


Enter nickname:

I tried to to find the beta test, but I couldn't find it!!


Always throughout the game, I protect the snow and water ninja since snow is thee healer and water takes out villains in very few attacks.


My strategy is to be the water ninja because they have the highest attack, then I move in and attack as soon as possible. If another ninja falls down, I always help them first, because everyone needs to be able to fight if we want to win!


I have a great Card Jitsu Snow strategy. First, pick a strong element. I always pick fire since its my favorite element, but it also does a massive amount of damage to the enemies! Snow is useful since you can heal your allies. Water can also do a massive amount of damage, like fire. Each element is unique! Once you get to the battlefield, don't be afraid to get near the enemies. You'll have a better chance of beating them. If an enemy has about half its health, use a power card. It will beat the enemies quicker if you use one. You could also do a combo. A combo is when you and another ninja use a power card on the same turn. If a ninja is knocked out, get near one and click the "+" symbol on the knocked out ninja. You'll take out an air-pump thing, and will start healing the ninja. They won't have much health, but two is better than one! But if you have low health and an enemy knocks you out while using the air pump, the ninja you were healing won't be healed. Thats my CJ Snow strategy! Now go beat some evil snowmen!


i say go with water becase its power is100 % and about 30% of balence and its great to have team mates on your side to get sly tank and scarp tx cp team.


this are good ideas i will want to use them


I'm always protecting my fellow followers. I first lay back and at the end come in and use power cards. Not so bad!


My strategy is this; Attack (if possible) with a combo of you and one or two other ninja, or use a strong Power Card. Don't forget to use your special ability if in a tight situation!


What did orange puffle say in the candy store?

A: Nothing it was just eating!


were is card jitzu snow is going to be i still cant find it or is it not out yet plz tell me cp till then





why are fish bad at socker becuse thay dot like getting close to the net


My Strategy is to be snow, and stay a little bit behind the others so i can attack from range and if people get knocked out i use my special move to get them up again, and when i do that we always win. they attack i heal :)




My strategy for cardjitsu-snow is to defeat the bad guys first then help my other team mates. Also,will any of the Club Penguin team play this game?

-Waddle on ninjas! :)


My strategy is if your snow, heal your teamates and be as far back as possible near them so you can heal them and so the snow villans dont hurt you.


my stratagy for players is move somewhere different than the other players so that you each attack a villian

please post =)


I love love love! playing card-jitsu snow! It's so fun! I think my strategy is like each player tries to beat one enemy. I usually beat the one with less health first so then you have less enemies attacking you at a time. And also if a player is low on health than either me or the other player will help them get more health back. These are just the strategies I've tried so far but I will try to think of more in the future!

Waddle on! ;)


I use ust about every stradegy.

Cool Burl:

I would always revive my teammates so we could all keep playing and defeat the snowmen. I'm always the snow ninja.


I always work with the other Ninjas and go for 1 villain at a time - ALWAYS boost each other's health by dropping back and then attack again!!


My strategy is to always help a ninja after they get hit and attack whenever i can.
Waddle on CP!


Well, my strategy for card jitzu snow is that i mostly use snow. i use snow because snow heals other players in the game and i have the most power cards for snow. Ok so when the other players join and we get on the battle field, i move up besides the other players or i go move somewhere where there are really far from me. So the EVIL SNOWMAN dun, dun daa, (special sound effect) make their move, but none of them hit us, so we all move up a bit closer. Then the EVIL SNOWMAN move closer too, and they hit a player. so what i do is that i heal that player. i do that because i want most of us to have high health so we can at least get to round 3. so after we did our move and the EVIL SNOWMAN made their moves too, i get a power card, if all the snow man are close together i will use my power card so i can attack them all at once. after the EVIL SNOWMAN felt the wrath of my power card, one player goes down, so what i do is that i get as close as i can to the player whose down and use my blizzard pump to heal them up (that rhymes). So i least keep on doing that and we all keep on working together to try and at least get to the 3rd round.

So that is my strategy for card jitzu snow! Until the next entry WaDdLe On!






I use fire because I have the most power cards for it. (13 power cards)


its going to be cool


my strategy is i just try to destroy everyone but my teammates before i lose :)


I'm so excited to be able to play Card Jitsu Snow! I have been counting down the days for years. I would love to play Card Jitsu Snow with everyone. It is a excellent idea that you thought of Card Jitsu Snow. The gear should be white with snow for Card Jitsu Snow. Well that is all. Kylen14. W A D D L E O N C P !


My strategy is that if i keep clicking on the blue squares and don't hit i save points to a power card and then hit




where are you going to place the snow stone?


I like to wait for them o go in MY range before attacking s that I can have the fist hit! That way, I will still have full power and they will be partially done with it.


My Cardjitzu Strategy is: When I start a game I always play the second biggest card, then on the second I go for the biggest card, then after I play random cards! It really works!


My plan is to help out the other ninjas, while im at it, taunt the opponents, i can take the damage no matter how high it is! I am always ready for a good fight. Now I got a question for you, if you happen to see me, get on over there and help me fight the good fight!

Dark Spyro9:

What I do is always be the snow ninja and stay in the ninjas spawning area and heal those other ninjas when they needed it. it works for me because i give them health (and i may attack the evil snowmen if they need help) and they give me protection.




Cheese: Wanna hear a joke?
Bread: No.
Cheese: Why not?
Bread: Your jokes are so cheesy!
Cheese: Your jokes are too dry!
Bread: Point taken.

Tanqterr :

My strategy would be picking snow because it can help your teammates. If you have a lot of snow power cards, and if your the last person standing, u can heal your friends and give them a shield. The snow element might not have much effect but if can heal your friends, then you have a chance to stop the evil snowmen and restore peace again! Waddle on Cp!


I dont really have much of a strategy. All I do is attack left and let the other ninjas take the right.I use the same strategy for Disney's Toontown.Turns out I dont play it any more.Anyway since the middle snow ninja monster is still able to attack I hundle back of the monster while the right ninja makes a combo.Its not really hard to understand my strategy.I hope you could understand my strategy Club Penguin Team.

Polo Field And Busniesmoose

Mega spy x:

I think we might have a shot of winning if the snow ninja healed the ninjas that's about to get wiped out by the snow villains. And when the snow ninja is not healing it will attack Tank at least three squares away then it will be harder for Tank to get to the snow ninja. And the fire ninja attacks Sly at least 2 squares away. and the water ninja attacks Scrap at least 1 square away. What I like about my strategy is that its easy. And if any of you penguins out there want to try my strategy might want to wright it down if you think you will forget it. GO CP!!




I would use water, because it cools the villains!! =)

Cools= makes them good.


I really want to play snow-jitsu but I'm not a member... :( I think that if you add more things that non-members can play too, it will make CP a much better place!

It's just a suggestion though.


I have plenty of Card Jitsu: Snow strategies! Here are just a few:

1. Once I get a power card, I don't waste it right away ( My teammates do! ). That way, I can save my power cards for when I need them!
2. If there is a defeated ninja above you, but an enemy in front of you, defeat the enemy. There's a nasty catch to this game; If you're healing a ninja, the bad guys can still attack and hurt you!
3. Stick together: Use defense and planning ahead. Speaking of defense, try to keep safe if you're a snow ninja. Snow ninjas have very low damage, so they easily get attacked.
4. Don't hit enemies too much, or you'll be their only target!
5. Don't fret if you lose, and have fun!

What are YOUR strategies for Card Jitsu: Snow?

Jboy Mark:

My strategy for Card-Jitsu Snow is if I'm snow i attack from a distance so the bad guys don't get me , especially when tank is there so he doesn't get me and I also heal other guys if their low on health. And if I'm fire i get sly cause he is low on strength and I'm stronger so i beat him before he beats me. And if I'm water i think it's best to get scrap cause like fire, I'm stronger so beat him first and play power cards on where you can get multiple bad guys. And that's my strategy on Card-jitsu snow.

Mr Penguind1:

My Stradegy is: 1. Dont move on the first parts. 2nd Wait A Few Turns. 3rd Go to an enemy but dont move. 4. See if Anyone is down (if they are, heal them). If not dont attack. 5th. Attack An Enemy By Suprise.
See you penguins on the Flipper Side!
Mr Penguind1


I stay as a fire ninja and I charge straight for the toughest snowman and I attack them. When a ninja is down I revive them because ninjas always help buddies! No matter if it is dangerous or not!


Here's mine : I pick water since it has 2 power cards and i just move around to get my energy or attack the snowman then step back when its full two snowmmans are ususally by me when i use the attack they lose lots of life

Mr. Agent 100:

My Card-Jitsu Snow strategy is to attack and right then flee. Also, always when available use the power cards. Also, always attack the villain with more lives.


My strategy is to always help the other ninjas and THEN defeat the snowmen. If we don't do that, then there will be a much higher chance of us losing because of the snowmen. Why? Because sooner or later, there would only be one ninja left, and one ninja isn't enough to defeat all the snowmen.


why did the snow man get fatter?

because it got snow on its belly.

Little Yoshi:

My strategy is to approach the enimes as far as I can and corner them and attack them until I defeat them!


Water Ninjas: Since they have the lowest range, they should a fire ninja for backup. That way, the snowman your aiming for would be defeated faster. A good match for Tank.

Fire Ninjas: Try to stay at the maximum range to get the snowman so they cant get you. It would be helpful if you are behind a ninja so you can back them up. A good match for Sly.

Snow Ninjas: Take advantage of your range. Since this ninja has the weakest power, it should stay far way. Restore your fellow ninja's health when needed and when using a power card, make sure that your teamates and snowmans are nearby so you get to restore health, and do some damage on the snowmen. A good match for Scrap.

Power Cards: If you only have a few power cards, try to save them until needed or balance them out so you can use them equally per level. Also, when a fellow ninja gets defeated, heal them at a safe place so you cant get attacked.

Thats my strategy. Waddle on CP!

john price74:

my stratergy is using the water ninja,by weakening him with strong atacks water ninja might be low-ranged but powerful


Well i think the best stragey is: To play your strongest card (Fire,Snow Or Water) So when you have good power cards yor attacts will help your teammates to win the game Ex. I use my fire card because it has 2 pwer cards so I can win the game with players !! Also i really need some snow power cards to me i find it rare to get one so im really want you guys to give to all non members or member to get two power cards (snow) so all can enjoy. Thxs {:


i use fire and my strategy is to defend my team mates and always hit the villaons

Inuyasha Rld:

My strategy is simple, I'll take small steps closer to each villain and attack from the farthest distance I can do as any ninja so when they come at me, they'll have little chance making it closer to me (most of the time), when most of the enemies are close together ill use a power card to do the special power on them so we could make more progress on damage made, if I see a teammate use a power card as well, I'll use a power card too that I've saved up to perform combos (by the way in the last game I played in the test, we performed AN ALL OUT COMBO MOVE TWICE!!! Which I'm saying ALL THREE OF US USED A POWER CARD AT THE SAME TIME TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Plus if I see a ninja close to being knocked out, I'll come to their aid as quickly as I can, or if a teammate comes to their aid, I'll come and attack the surrounding enemies with a simple attack or a power card (depending on how many are around, and what range I can make it in.) If my teammates decide to finish off an enemy, I'll attack another one that's close by to start progressing the amount of damage when we move to another enemy as a target. If I'm a fire ninja, I'll try to use as many power cards as I can to stun any enemies close to me or my teammates (especially if one of us is low on health), and for combos to also make sure more damage is made to those punks. If I'm a water ninja, I'll do most close combat if there's only one enemy real close to me, with power cards, I'll try to do double damage on as many enemies as possible, as for combos to also give everyone else a boost in the amount of damage they can do in one attack. And if I'm a snow ninja, I'll do most attacks from the farthest distance I can do (since that ninja can do the farthest range attacks of all, and give health to those who need it most, as for power cards I'll try to use for healing my allies, and for combos to also shield the next attack on on everyone (especially for those who are surrounded).

im a Mainer:

Honestly my favorite stradegy is being a fire ninja because they are EXTREMELY POWERFUL!!And my favorite Fire Ninja srtadegy is getting as close to either Scap Tank or Sly it all depends on how much life I have left.And when I get the chance when I notice that one other player is using a power card I use it on the same snow man and we create a TOTALLY AWESOME COMBO we usually destroy him!!But if its tank we dont usually destoy him.And my best stadegy is toget out of the snow mens aim.And if I get it just right Ihit Scrap Tank or Sly


my stragety is that to defeat the hardest villian of all ( I forgot his name btw! :P),is that u have to keep the snow ninja away. let fire go first,then water. if fire or water are almost out of health(if its yellow),or both,put them both in the back or at least one of them whoever is the strongest.this is where snow comes in. he uses his healing to save them. Tip:choose your spot wisely.if u choose a close spot to the enemy or enemies, they will easily surround you.then its over,u faint.but ur teammates can help,go way back to heal cuz they can get u if ur close or in the open. I suggest u hide behind the rocks in the back to heal. that means you will have enough time to heal. (hope i get posted btw! :) )


hey i could say that i want the rainbow puffle before the puffle party


I hide behind the rocks so the snow villains can't attack me then, when I get a power card I only use it in the red box if nobody on my team is in the red box. It works, I win every time!


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Waddle On
Waddle O


My strategy will be giving other people health boosts, so they can heal me back, and then I heal them. And sometimes, I like to fight even though my health is almost down, I have to risk it. But the snow ninjas are always there for me! And water. or sometimes fire too. Well, snow is kind of good. You can still stay far away and still attack, and let other ninjas do it, and you could heal them. I like snow, even though it does less damage, the range can quite far!


omg this is only for epf agents!: Dear agents, There is going to be a spy phone upgrade!!!!!!!!

clare m:

wut i do is i stay back for a bit while others try fight (dont worry not being selfish) then when they are lacking I give them power ups and I help them, when im lacking they might return the favour, and so we will beat 2 at first. Then they might lack so i help them and then they fight and at the end to finish the villian off i use my boost up and we deafeat it together as a team :)


Hello! It was awesome playing as all the different ninjas in Card Jitsu Snow, but my favourite ninja would have to be the Snow Ninja, because he is very fast, and can jump all over the place shooting at the bad Snowmen while also healing the other ninjas.
I think the combination that you made of the three elemental ninjas works very well, as you can have the Water Ninja smashing up the Baddies at close range, the Fire Ninja burning and stunning the enemies with his power cards, and the Snow ninja healing the other ninjas and attacking at long range.

Playing as the Snow Ninja, my strategy is to stay away from the enemies, especially Tank, as if you get knocked out you are almost certainly going to lose. To start off, I would do some quick shots at Scrap or Sly, and then heal my team mates and make sure they don't get knocked out. The snow power cards were very useful, as you could deal some big damage to the snow villains, and at the same time heal yourself and your team mates!

Although I never made it right to the end of a game, I still had plenty of fun playing Card Jitsu Snow. Great job making this!
Waddle On!


I would love to help other fellow ninjas and be kind to other penguins and try to make the other penguins survive and live!Well,I would love to battle those snow villans and then they will never come back all of you fellow penguins and ninjas good luck battling all of those snow villans and every penguin should have a right to do what they want and herbert,clutzy,and those snow villans are getting in the way of that! THANK YOU CLUBPENGUIN, YOUR THE BEST PLEASE PICK ME AS THE WINNER




I think the best strategy ever is a Comand Work!
Thanks to all penguins what played with me!
Together we rock!
Together, we destroyed all villains and open bonus level!
~ Emma3335


I would heal ninjas if I can get to them because every ninja is an important key to win the game


I love using water on the villians because it's so powerful!!!Thanks club penguin!


You know can you please make card jitsu snow free for everyone not like only members can enter there?!?!?


My Card Jitsu Strategy is that I save up my power cards and wait for someone else to use it so we can make a combo. We can be twice (or triple) as strong! It will take a lot of HP from them. Also, when there is a snowman that doesn't have that much HP, I go for that and the other ninjas can go for the other one.


My strategy is that I always heal other penguins (I play as the snow ninja) and I damage the enemies from a far distance so they can't hurt me. It seems like the bad guys always aim for the snow ninja.

Cioco acadea:

I will be a snow ninja and I will let the other elements destroy enemies. When they have low health I will heal them and when snowmen have low health I will enter the battle and destroy them.

Frank Rock1:

My Card-Jitsu Snow Strategy working together. They should work together to defeat snow villans.Even though snow dosen't beat snow our water dosen't beat snow and Fire beats snow they could all work together like The Power of One to defeat another Power of One.If we try to defeat other ninjas the Snow villans would defeat us all.Like sensei says,"Your skills are amazing,but to become a true master you must learn to work together."Sensei was right.So I know if you work together you can help your team defeat the evil team.Like healing,giving shelds,and also make three or two power cards to make combos.Working together makes a way to get the job done,but what you enjoy of working together is having fun!


My strategy is attack boost attack boost


i always pick fire ninja because it has equal amount of everything also when a ninja is down and I'm close to a snowman i heal first then attack that so all ninjas can help

Waddles Jr7:

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My strategy is that the three ninjas work together and help out their friends! If a ninja is fallen, we always go and help him by healing him and bringing him back up! The three ninjas work together to defeat the evil snowmen! By helping out our fallen buddies, we have even more strength as a team, working together! Go ninjas!


I move one step closer to the villain. Then, when the villain moves some steps in front if me... I HIT HIM!!!!!! After, they ALWAYS hit me so, I MOVE AWAY!!! And, it keeps going. Please pick me CP.


Agent Lilylock6... OUT!


My stragety is... get water to sneak up from behind while snow and fire stay two blocks away from the ninja.Then all fire at same time to probaly get the villan to the red or yellow level (it depends on how high the mark is when your about to strike).Try getting combos with your power cards. Keep doing this and you'll fly trough the levels!


I noticed a strategy too!When you are a fire ninja,there is no need to fight Tank because when you are 1 tile away from him and you attack him,it will be his turn and he will move close to you,then attack you!Because of that,being a snow ninja is the best way to defeat Tank because when you are 2 tiles away from him,you can attack him with shurikens and then he move 1 tile but he don't attack you because he does not have enough range.Then you keep doing that,and when you do it really much times,you defeat him!

Cuper cool:

My strategy is to attack and help if the two other players are down. I also wait to use my power cards in the harder rounds and not the easy ones :)


My favorite strategy is rely on friends. If one ninja is down, help him!!!
Waddle On CP!!!!!


My strategy in Card-Jitsu Snow is that I keep on moving away from the "snowmen". When I have the chance, I try and protect my fellow ninjas. I also try to attack the snowmen when I am trapped. I try my best to play, but I have to admit, I SUCK at Card-Jitsu Snow. It's a great thing to help and try to defeat the snowmen and win as a team. If another person is on "K.O", you should try and wait for about 2 moves and then revive them. People can try to do as many "hat tricks" as they can.


what i do is that i just help other players when their health is low,that way,we can combine our powers to fight against the snowmen,and most of the times other players take the time to actually help me when I need the help.This way,we all cooperate and get a better chance of defeating the snowmen:) hope this helps other players....and remember teamwork is the key :)


be fire ninja then go behind a ninja and attack


My strategy is when ever i get a power card stay next to a ninja so it will he get healed and we could do a combo.


My strategy is to work together as a team follow the tips and stay close. Its best If you work as a team, I don't use my power cards if its easy or if I think I'm able to defeat them without it I save it when I truly need it, that really helps my team a lot I love the game Its very interesting, when a snowman defeats my teammate I'll turn the table I will heal him or her and we will defeat them as strong or evil they are we are as fearful and brave with is truly stronger.


Snow: Attack Sly, Heal Fire and Water, Stay away from Tank, stay far away from the battle
Water: Attack Tank, Only Use power moves on tank and scrap, get close to the snowmen
Fire: Stay One space away and attack, go Confuse tank and scrap,
Also try to keep every one alive and watch out for Tank.

One question: how would the ninjas fight Sensei?


Snow ninjas are fast, and have a long range, at the cost of minimal damage. As a result, they are good at staying away from enemies while still attacking them, and healing people (and then retreating to be further away from the enemies afterwards).

Water ninjas deal heavy damage, with minimal range. As a result, a good idea when playing as a water ninja is to get really close to the enemies that are causing you the most problems, and then attack them.

Fire ninjas are the all-around of Card-Jitsu Snow. They are the ones I use most, as I have more fire power cards than anything else. Their all-around stats effectively makes them a jack of all trades, which allows them to do all of the above. Due to the fact that they aren't nearly as good at doing those things as the other ninja types, however, you will need to use a mixture of the water and snow ninja strategies in order to use the fire ninja effectively.

For a few general tips, if you see someone else using a power card, try to use one of your own at the same time. This will result in a combo attack, which will have a special effect. The effect is different for each ninja type, so certain combos can be better used at certain times than others. Also, remember to get as far away as you can from all of the enemies as possible without being so far away that you can't hit them. This will make sure that you are using your range to its max, as well as keeping you relatively safe. Another thing to remember is that, when reviving a penguin, you should try to get far away from the enemies so that you won't get KO-ed while trying to revive them. Same deal with healing.


When I'm a snow ninja in the game, this is my strategy for Tank: Since Tank can only move one square at a time, snow ninjas can attack him and stay out of range. I have actually defeated Tank on my own using this strategy. For Sly and Scrap: If you are about to fall, heal the most wounded ninja or play a power card. Get in range of the card and you will heal! (Try to combo with someone.) I try not to be next to anyone with Scrap of Tank because if they damage you or the person next to you, you'll both get hurt! :( To sum it up, a snow ninja might be the weakest, but they can heal ninjas and defeat Tank on their own, so don't underestimate them. Waddle On!


Here are some important strategies I use:

1. The best way for ninjas to defeat snowmen is to take advantage of their range. Fire and Snow ninjas should attack from further, since they can. However, all ninjas should attack together for max damage. Snow ninjas must be careful, because if they fall, they won't be able to heal!
2.You should't go too much on the right. Attack snowmen in the middle of the sceen or on the left. When the 2nd round starts, it will take some time for the enemies to come to you, so Snow ninja will heal the others.
3. Don't use power cards during 1st round because it's easier to defeat enemies then. Save them for 3rd or bonus round, when things are getting tougher. All ninjas should use their power cards at the same time to get a COMBO!
4. Last but not least, enjoy the game!

Hope my strategies help!

Waddle on!!!!!


i think using combos is the best because we get extra stuff
and im the snow ninja and i heal the fire and water penguins
and i like it because the snow ninja can attack through far distances


I lay low and hide wjile the other people attack the snowmen.sadly this doesn't always work becaus if they die,I'm stuck by myself.

Enter nickname:

I help other people first. :)


I pick the element with the most cards than i just go from there


My strategy is that when it comes to using power cards, I usually use them on rounds 3 or the bonus rounds. That way it will be easier to defeat these pesky snowmen... I usually play as the snow ninja, it has a full range and movement. Why do I play as the snow ninja and not the others? Well, I like to help the others by giving them more health. The attack is quite low, but it gets better when you use power cards. I suggest to some of you to have at least 2-4 power cards, it will make the battle alot easier.

the 99sensei:

Polo, can u be the snow men? if yes, then how? because i really want to!



Jilly Can101:

My strategy is that when the other ninjas almost wipe out the evil snowmen, I would attack those snowmen like crazy, because when I do that, it doesn't take long for the snowmen to go down.


My strategy is to be the snow ninja, and attack snowmen at a longer range (one of the upsides of being the snow ninja!). If any of my teammates are low on health, i try to help them as quickly as possible and give them a health boost! ~`Waddle on Club Penguin!


my strategy is to get 3 computers and you play on all 3 so if one of you dies then you can keep on playing. ha ha a joke


My strategy is go with the most power full one that has the most power cards then go after the weakest enemy! Then after weakest enemies are dead work on harder enemies!


I used to be so bad at Card-Jitsu Snow until I found that by being the fire ninja, you can attack not only next to you but also a square further. With this I stayed out of the line of danger while charging up the power card meter! I finished all three rounds and all four bonus fiends without falling using this method!


My strategy is to heal ninjas as snow and be the defender. I occaisionally attack Tank enemies from safety, but try and play defensive. If I get a power card, I drop it in the middle of the enemies to damage all of them and heal ninjas attacking from close range.

zapper cast:

since I have 3 fire cards 3 water cards and 1 snow card I save it for the bonus round cause it has the most enemies, usually that is the part where the combos start p.s. my favorite ninja is the fire ninja. fire: i attack as far as i can.water: strong but has a bad range but still great.snow:not so strong and i know why ( the enemies are made out of snow! ).i like his attack range,combo,move, and the special power (the power cards).


my card jitsu strategy is working together with other penguins and earning power cards but i would like to see penguin member on there that locats were they are


do you need to be a member ship to play ice dojo


My strategy for card jitzu snow is that I try to protect the snow ninja because they have the healing power cards. I am usually the fire ninja because each bar is equal. That way I have a good balance of all the powers. If I am the last ninja up I dont attack,I wait until I can revive someone else. Also, if someone is using a power card I wait to use mine if I think they can finish off that snowman. Sometimes, if the snowman has a high bar then I use my power card along with theirs to get a combo. I think that you should let the other ninjas go first, that way you dont get in their way and you can do what is best for them.

Fruit Loops9:

My strategy is that all ninjas attack the easiest villain. The snow ninja should stay back healing the other ninjas while the others take on the villains. When the strongest are left, the ninjas should all use power cards and finish them off. The water ninja is more stronger so he would do the most damage to the enemy.


i just run in at the start and attack and when i get really outnumbered i fall back.I also always use my power card if someone else is so that i get power ups I also try and attack the long range one first and then attack the stronger ones


My best strategy is no strategy! When you have a strategy other penguins will be able to figure it out eventualy. It also cofuses them and they end up losing valuble cards when playing card zitue fire.


The beta test is soo awesome! My strategy is to stay close to the other ninjas, and trap the villians in a corner!!! Team power!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!


My strategy is that my buddies will confront the first snowmen, then I will give my three best power cards to my buddies and we will fight the evil snowmen until they fall! Also, when we run low on HP, the snow ninja will use the healing power cards and then we could defeat the last snow boss! I really hope this works.




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my strategy is to have fun and always helm your team


My strategy when i'm a snow ninja is to always stick close with others it not only gives you cover but you can heal them up if their low on health. I like to be a team helper!

Top Ace 1:

hello fellow agents ace here and polo i think it would be cool if you had these special glasses that lets you identify in the surrounding public whose an agent and how long have they been being an agent and a snowball launcher attached to your phone that you can use in combat and p.s.I would like more problem solving crime scenes like roberys bye
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My strategy is that if you choose the snow element stay away from the villains at first because generally the villains attack snow ninjas first so let your companions drain the villains' lives, after running for sometime, when the villains start attacking other ninjas ,come forward and start attacking but be fast to avoid your companions' lives to drain. This would save the teams health.


i think you should make sure you work properly as a team and think about whats the best way to defeat the villians


Hi Beta Testers!

Listen-I've got TONS of strategys, but my best is awesome. Look, i ALWAYS (Well, not always :P) pick the Snow Ninja. I Don't Care of its low damage. As long as i want to back up, I'm Fine. Water's good too, but you would have to risk getting hit. :?

Now The ACTUAL strategy.......When we start, i calculate. (BTW, this means that their the same bars. 3 BARS, 3 ENEMIES, 3 Ninjas. THEIR THE SAME!! :)) Scrap=Fire. Sly=Snow (But He Can't Heal :D), And Tank=Water. I See this by damage they do and movment. also how far they CAN hit you.

Then, the game begins. I go close-as far as i CAN get them. They Make Their hit. But WAIT-Their TOO FAR :).Thats Why i Move 2 Spaces :)
When i Get A power Card, I Save it, To Do a Combo. THEN we get protected. THEN we could hit Tank :D. Though When No one Uses theirs, We Save E'm For the LAST round./ Bonus Round.
Finally,When Someone Has Low Damage, I HEAL. Its nice, You Should do it, so When you Have Fallen, They Will return The favor-They HELP you. When you have low damage, Use A Power card+ Move AWAY. But You Could Hit Them :D Use Your Last Power Card on low Health. It Give You A Last attack Before You Fall.
I HIGHLY recommend this. I've been To the Bonus Round 10 TIMES! FROM,
~Tues :D Stay Snowy With Rainbow PUFFLES :D


My best strategy is a combo card ! Sometimes even when unexpected it happens. Then we beat up those bad guys. I kinds feel sad for them......NOT!!!!!!




poopy stupid100:

whats cardjitsu? im new!!!!!!


my stratergy is to help the other teamates and use FIRE to melt the snow






on cp


My strategy is to try going the farthest away from the Evil Snowmen. But later, in good timing, I go closer to them. (Most of the time they try for someone else, not even when you're so close!)

But I'd also protect the Snow Ninja because she/he can help with your health.

I think you should pick the Card-Jitsu element which has the most power cards before you start playing.

Don't waste your Power Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from lpsrockz

Waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I play Card Jitsu Snow, I ask my buddies to get on with me so we can have fun and play better because we understand each other better than some random robot dude. What I do to win is if there are like only a couple of villians (like one or two) I tell my friends to surround them, then we all attack. If Tank is playing, then we use our power cards because he's TOUGH! I learned that the hard way. Anyways, when someone is defeated, I tell whoever's the closest to the player to revive him, while the other person attacks. If you are the Snow, you need to WISELY choose when to heal players and also watch your step. If you are Fire, then what I do is on every other turn is I play offense. (So like one turn defense, next offense, etc.) If you are Water, try to be mostly defense for your friends since you don't have a lot of range. The last strategy I have is when you are the last ninja standing, don't attack. (This only works on Snow and Fire. If you are Water, then go ahead and attack.) Instead, try to lure all the villians AWAY from the other fallen players.Then run over to the players and revive them. If there are too many villians, then try to revive other players ASAP, but watch your own health. That's it for now. See ya! -Sparkles0708


The Snow Element is gonna be awesome!I don't know about you guys but I can't wait and have you had a go at the beta try out it's awesome and a few tips for Waddling on happily

Tip 1:To catch a mullet you keep a fish on your line and wait for the mullet

Tip 2:Try out the beta Snow card Jijtsu!

Stay safe Waddle on and use those tips!

Bye Cp!


I use the ice ninja to give teammates Health and then attack when Teammates need help


Me and my friends strategy is that i am gonna be the snow ninja and water ninja will help the fire ninja to beat the snow man if fire ninja has any problem he will come behind and water ninja will be there, and i have the coolest job i will stand back and give health to my friends when they get hit by snowmans, if water ninja and fire ninja can't do the job then i will come in front and show the master element of snow.

Waddle on cp!

- Rockyiceman1

Kit Kat12:

My strategy for card jujitsu snow is to go really close to the snow men then my buddies will go and stay back and once the snow men are low health me and my buddies make sure we are near the snowmen then we make our move and we would use a power card on the snow men then we have a triple combo but then we increase our energy by the power cards and we all finish the snow men off together. But while i do all that i also help the ninjas that have lost all their energy power up again. ;-)

Kitteno04 ( that is penguin name ):

My strategy is to use the Card Jitsu penguin with the most power cards. Power Cards help heal the penguins, but destroy the enemies. Like if a fire penguin had 5 Power Cards, snow penguin had 10 and water had 8, you'd choose Snow Penguin. It helps heal others to stay alive and pass the bonus round, and it falls down the enemy's energy.
~ Kitteno04 ( P.s. Please reply if u like my strategy! )
Monday, March 11, 2013 - 4:16 USA FL


Whenever I play the game I always start by getting as close to the snow monsters as I can so I can defeat them. I hop away to another player almost out and pump them back to life so we can all play and defeat the snow men together. I ALWAYS save my power up to the end when everyone one is almost out of energy, and at the last minute I defeat the snow monsters and win the game! Then I go to the bonus round and have ever SO much fun!!


My strategy is to hide where the evil snowmen can't get me and let the other ninjas to attack them. When they get low on health I use a power card (because I've waited such a long time) and attack them. Using this strategy you don't lose much health and you can revive other ninjas without getting hit by the evil snowmen.


My strategy is to be the the snow ninja and healing others so you have a higher chance of beating them.
Waddle on!


My strategy is always pick the fire ninja because he dose the most damage against the snow-thingies plus the blast of fire from the power cards is really cool



I can't play it so I don't have a strategy! It just won't load!! I'm sure that it's the computer, not the game.


My stradegy is to well, hope the other player did not pick a card that will beat my card or a higher number than mine.


I always use the fire ninja because his powers are equal. Waddle on CP!


Hey Club Penguin! I have been playing Card-Jitsu Snow for a while now, and I have a few strategies. (1) Snow is the weakest, so if you have snow, you shouldn't get too close to an enemy. But a pro is you have a big distance to hit. (2) Water is the strongest, so don't waste it on an enemy that has very low health. Use it on an enemy that has a decent amount of health to bring the health down. (3) Fire is medium good. It finishes off an enemy very well, and has a spectacular combo. It has a good range too. (4) Try to aim for combos. I mean power cards are tough to get, so when you do get them, use them to a big advantage, which in this case is getting a combo. (5) If a teammate has a power card that will finish off an enemy, aim for a different enemy. (6) When you use your power cards, get as many of the enemies in the range as you can. And the middle boxes in the range box are the strongest. (7) If you can, try to heal your teammates. But of course, if you can finish an enemy off, finish the enemy off!


My strategy is to attack, then let the others attack and then do a combo on giant snow beasts.


Pachi Pachi2:

My strategy would have to be to ALWAYS PLAY THE SNOW NINJA. Even if it doesn't have a good power, it's range is exellent, and it has a decent move bar. Other times, I would play the all-around Fire Ninja. Adding on to the Snow Ninja, if all penguins are in the square for a Power Card, and their bar was low, their HP would get healed! And if there's a combo, the next attack won't hit the ninjas in the square due to a forcefield. For Water Ninjas, I almost never play them; range is low, but power is high.


It will be awesome if the snow dojo was located underneath the island


dont choose snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

waddle on

Rocky Grass:

I love Card-Jitsu Snow! I've earned my Fire and Water suits so I was so excited for this one to come out! My strategy for the game is to be the Water Ninja, because it is the best element and does the most damage. I get close to the enemies with my friends (the Snow and Fire Ninjas) and we all attack at the same time. We also use one of our power cards each at the same time to get the best combo so that the enemies die faster! We always get to the end and beat the bonus round! Thanks for the beta test! I can't wait till we can start earning the snow suit!


why is the pic en espanol


HEY! my strategy is when they attack us i will block them with a force field and then i will attack with fire then a combo

I hope it works! until then waddel on CP!

_ P716471


I think card jitsu snow is going to be so awsome! I love how the game goes where you have to beat the Snow Villains instead of the other penguin users, the cool thing about it is that you can all work together to beat the villains, I am so excited for the card jitsu snow to come!!!!! :D


Simple my strategy is to have teamwork and to have fun! :)

1so Cool:

Here, I'm always the ninja i have the most power-cards on, and that's No.1 to my strategy. I will then move to the farthest square and on next turn, move one. Then, usually the enemy is close so i can attack. If i see someone using a power card, i go close and use a power card if i can, to turn it into a combo move. If i can't, ill attack a near-by enemy. Lost of strategies are used, but over all-and-all, I love playing the game and having fun! Waddle On CP!


My strategy is to stick and work together as a team. That also means you might have to get your players back up. Even if its a sacrifice for yourself.


i want to give my best power ups to my buds then all at once attack only one ninja none of us attack a diffrent ninja. then keep doing that till there is no snow ninjas left and have a igloo party too celabrate!!!! p.s. Pleeease post i blog ALL THE TIME and my post NEVER been accepted! but please i dont care about the money all i want is this to post!! =(
untill then...


My strategy is to go in to attack at the beginning, and then if I'm low on health, to retreat, and wait until the whole party is healed, before doing a triple combo!


my strategy is to use the power card when the other ninjas use them to get combos and i also use the snow ninja because if you get a combo it shields all ninjas if you use the snow ninja.


Simple. Be a water ninja, move up to the enemy, and whack em! TYpically works.


my strategey is to be in a range so the snow people cant harm you but you can harm them and trust the outher players to help you if you get wounded then help em back.oh almost forgot!Waddle On


My strategy is help your friends!If one ninja is down or has low heath you help them by healing them plus if they are being attack by tank,scrap,or sly you help them by attacking the snowman so I think you sould try it out!

waddle on,

Justin 000:

My strategy is ALWAYS get the weak ones first and save some power cards to defeat the snowmen in STYLE.


My strategy for Card-Jitsu Snow is to P.L.A.N.T. Yeah, it's an acronym. Here's what it stand for:
P is Plan. Plan your attacks. Everything will work better if you plan.
L is Learn. Ok, nobody wins all the time, so learn from your mistakes. Some people say " We learn more from our failures than our victories."
A is Architect. This one goes with Plan. If you have to, use grid paper and make a model of the game. Record everything that happens.
N is Never as in Never Give Up. This goes with Learn. Nobody wins all the time, so don't give up if you lose one player or if you don't win one game. Just try again.
T is Teamwork. Sometimes, you just need to P.L.A.N. But, in games like this, you need the T. If you know the players you're playing with, call them so you can work together. If you have no idea who they are, just think like that player. You can't do everything by yourself, now can you? ;)
Now, go make a garden of a game and P.L.A.N.T.! Waddle On, my ninjas!


My strategy is to work as a team so the damage doe is more and if someone goes down then one can heal that penguin while the other defends the one heal (tried this strategy somehow) works better than all the others that I tried


can you make the card jitsu fire for non-members too? please beacuse I think w are all dying to go there witought the partys


My strategy is very simple. The snow ninja should distract the villans while the fire and water ninja attack from behind. If you get hit, make the snow ninja and the water ninja get their attention. Than, the fire ninja should sneak up behind and use his power cards. Hope this helps guys. Until than:




i like the game because i already beat water and fire


Can non members play this? I'd love to play this! I don't know where it is though.... .-. Anyway, I think, when you help a friend in need when they are dying, you shouldn't get hit by the snow monsters. I think i should be a little more faster. Thanks club penguin!
~Rosetta298~ <3


My strategy is to keep an appropriate from each of snow mans which is:

1)Remain at least 3 blocks away from the bulky one as he can move one block at at a time.

2)The range of Roger Federer-type snow man is same as the fire ninja so it is difficult to tell the distance as the range is in diamond shape.

3)The range of the bowler snow man is almost across the battle field so eliminate it as soon as possible.

Plus, when another player is using his/her power card and you have your power card, check the snow man's health because if the health is high you can use your power card, but if the health is low your card will be a TOTAL waste.

Well i have not used the strategy yet so I am not sure about it.


My strategy is using the snow ninja so I can help the other ninjas keep health and at the same time defeat the snow men. And if none of us get knocked out by the enemy,then we get the bonus level so thats why it's important to keep good health.


Each element should attack a different villain. I also think that you have to help a fallen ninja. Also, you can't use up your power cards right away. You need to wait until the time is right, and when you are in a pinch.

Hope all ninjas succed! XD Waddle on!


My strategy is to distribute the health, like if one player has a red bar and we have green bars, we split it up so we can all keep fighting. Also i like to stay far away while attacking because that way they cant get you as easily.


i love the new game i thought it was going to be way diffrent well im sprised i was wrong if you guys can tell us more that would take us to a holl diffrent bit of fun waddle on from vampire756
p.s. i think the new game is AWESOME


My strategy is snow heals all ninjas when they will die soon, fire and water will attack but sometimes snow will help too. But whenever one of the ninjas uses a power card get one from your deck and the other ninja will get a powercard ITS TIME FOR ULTIMATE DEFENSES! That is my strategy.


My strategy is to go with snow so you can attack from far away and help your teammates when they need it.



Staediva :

My joke is: Why did the billionaire put money in his stew? Answer: Because he wanted to make it rich


My strategy is you should pick fire because fire is balanced not everything is full like water and not ever thing is so small like snow so that's why you should pick fire.


Ahhh Yes, Card-Jitsu Snow! I have Beta Tested it and it is great! My strategy is that we go up to the villains very slowly, then we attack the one were the closest too. Choose the best person too. When you have a power card, try to make sure everyone else is using it too so you can have a COMBO!! Combos are great! When you have a combo you get to do extra damage and get shielded from the next attack from the villains. Well, that's all I got!
Waddle On CP!
Prisscilla (penguin name)


Umm use what you have well ?!

waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp
waddle on cp!


it is aaaaammmmmzzziiinnnggg


Choose Snow ninja,attack till very low health, then hide and heal other players. Works every time. :)


This game is unlike any other Card-Jitsu, so I have my own strategy. I usually be brave and venture forward. I often lose a lot of life, but I take out one or two enemies. When my life is low, I use a power card. This usually tempts other players to venture forward to. They then help me get my life back. We all then work together to surround the enemy and attack them from all sides. This always works, as long as you can predict the players next move. If they are water, they tend to stay further back. If they are fire they come a bit closer. And if they are water they come really close. This is how I predict player's next move. Team-work is the answer!


Mine would be Fire


Hi! My Strategy in the game is picking the right ninja and making sure I have enough power to defeat the enemies

-Waddle On Snow84858

-P.S. Really Fun Game To Play I Tested It I Love it!


WOW! This is starting to be an RPG I played before.


where is the snow dojo? did i leave to do tons of stuff come back and POOF its gone!




when i'm playing i'd try not to get hurt


My strategy is to make sure you keep on eye on your health, you need to be smart especially you need teamwork.


When playing, let the water ninja attack, fire ninja attack behind them, and the snow ninja stay far behind and heal the ninja with the lowest health. This always allows me to win Card-Jitsu Snow.


SUPER LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER DUPER FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO THE PENGUIN SHAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my strategy is to play as the snow ninja stand back and snipe the villans if a person is beside tank give him health because hes about to get hit hard.if someones KO then dont revive them right away kill all enemies aroud so its safe so you dont revive someone and the next second there KO again.heal players if there heavily damged.if everyone is around each ohther including the enemies use a power card to heal your teamates give them shileds and get the enemies health down so you can attack.
1attack as a team
2take out tank last so you can attack full force
3use power cards
4get away from eniemes if health is low
5if your the last man kill all enimes or just leave 1 lef than revive teamates(if snow give them health after you revive them
those are my tips hope they help.follow them and win.


Im usualy snow and whenever im on the side i go in front of the rock and when im in the middle i go strait forward :-)
hope this one makes the test for whoever uses snow :-D
Keep waddling Folks :-D
Your friend,
Buddyboy699, :-)


my strategy is to help and use combos


First,you need to pick a person to fight the enemies. Second,then you need to pick another per son to fight for the second round.Third,just keep switching with a person and when someone dies let a person bring it back to live and the other person will fight and then keep helping and switching with people! That is my strategy for snow! Rock on cp!


First,you need to pick a person to fight the enemies. Second,then you need to pick another per son to fight for the second round.Third,just keep switching with a person and when someone dies let a person bring it back to live and the other person will fight and then keep helping and switching with people! That is my strategy for snow! Rock on cp!



bluey 1024:

awesome I agree to be water

bluey 1024:

my strategy is if a ninja uses a power card an enemy is not allowed to attack next turn and if it's a combo an enemy is not allowed to attack for 2/3 turns + there will be a special effect.


well i have the FIRE skill


I think that using my highest numbered card for my first move, helps me to a handy boost.
I am a black belt ninja, and I have defeated the Sensei many times.
After I have took my first move, I tend to look at what colour card I have, and, depending on what mood I or you am in, I will choose either to have 3 of the same elements or, I will do all different elements.

Thank you Club Penguin,
I would love to be mentioned to all of CP (Club Penguin)

Waddle on happily my fellow penguins

Master tra:

My strategy would be for all teammates to stay close and fight one enemy at a time, so the teammates won't lose as much energy than they usually would and able to defeat more enemies.


my stratedgy is helping other players with healing attacks and to keep the snow monsters away from the cardjitsu ningas

TR C0C0:

How do you hit a snowman??? I tried playing card jitsu snow , but i failed at hitting the snowman and lost every time >.< Pleasee reply! I need help!


IT IS SO fun to work together.

Piplup 1237:

My strategy is and im happy to sharing it with everyone so my best strategy is always pick the element snow then always stay away from the villians and if one of your team mate is hurt or losing hp .. HEAL THEM keep on doing this and have tried this way loads of times and it always gave me success it also got me in to the bonus and now im a fully snow NINJA!!! hyaaaaaaa!


my strategy is that the snow ninja should play a safe game healing other ninjas while fire and water ninjas attack the enemies.
If any one uses a power card the other people should also use (if they have one)because if this happens there will be a combo which will make the snow men lose some of their life.


i think protect the snow and fire but still have fire ready for battle and have a snow healer

Mini D1:

My strategy is to be a Water Element, and then just attack enemies until you have a power card, then use it on the other enemies.

134robinson (GOD):

Enter commentsi'm always snow ninja and i know the ranges of the snowmen, so i just make sure i stay near the back, out of there range so i can't get hit. i then wait for my teammates so go and attack them and when they loose health i use my long range to heal them. i only attack if i'm the last one standing. if i get hurt then i use power cards to heal me, my team and hurt the snowmen.
This stratedgy workd extremelly well, especcially on the bonus round.


can i be a fire ninja a snow ninja and a water ninja


I've taken down Tank by myself as the snow ninja once when the fire and water ninjas were knocked out. I noticed that Tank can only move up down left right and as the snow ninja, I had a long range so... Every turn, I eluded him and gave him a blow. Since the snow ninja has the weakest attack, it took like 6-9 turns but I got no damage at all! :)


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