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By Daffodaily5 on April 8, 2013 - 05:39



Spring is here, everybody - and it’s also the theme, as chosen by YOU! It’s my favourite season by far.  The bees are buzzing, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming (especially Daffodils- they’re the best!). Now I’m inspired to mix my outfit up a bit, so this Featured Fashions also stars yours truly - I hope you don’t mind!


I don’t change my outfit much, but since I’ve been doing Featured Fashions, I’ve seen so many amazing wardrobe choices that I’m ready to change mine too. Thank you so much guys! How do I look?

Daisy317 was nominated by Elodie2003, and you can totally see why! She’s ready to go out and snap some pictures with her Digital Camera, and that rainbow hair is so eye-catching. Brill!


How could it be spring without an outfit like Green N Cool’s? He’s taking his Elite Puffle out to water the plants – and it looks like he’s been helping with the Card-Jitsu Snow beta too. Rock that hat!


Harah09’s outfit is perfect for spring – light fabrics, sky blue colours, and a bow to match her makeup! This girl knows how to work with colour. Love it!


That’s it from me this week! I’d love to know what you think of these outfits, so post a comment below. You’re brill at choosing themes, so keep those ideas coming too. Byeee!


Waddle on!


-Club Penguin Team



You guys should check Fsiggy1's look coz it's totally chill


There is only one word that can describe Daffodaily5's outfit... And that word is spring!

Waddle on!



I was thinking maybe the next theme should be Earth Day.And if you could do that I would totally nominate my BFF, Cool Ice Gal!! She always can think up colors that match,cute and cool outfits,and a really good theme!! She is a true friend,and has some true style!!!!! Thanks so much if you can!!



P.S. Daffodaily5's outfit is AWESOME!!!!!! I wish I thought up of something like that.


The next theme should be super hero!! Speaking of super hero's i'm a super dog and my super power is speed!


Yo daffodaily! I know im a non member but I have sweet stuff unlocked (ex: jetpack, flaming puffle black jacket)! I wear it in sweet taste! check me out!


Hey Daffodaily5!
Check out my sis!
Her penguin is Neonninja27 and she is totally in the superhero mood!
Waddle on! XD


Hiya Daffo!
I would like to nominate my friend Anabelle9856 because she is not a member but she has an awesome outfit!
Yours Truly,
Pelsi ;-)
P.S.Awesome Outfit!!


You should see me and my friend Gtck i'm his side kick! :D


Ryander7 is dressed so cute


playpaws looks like a super hero with her wind and nature outfit you got to check it out


I wish i had those sunglasses and that hair in a bun hairdo.Those are AWESOME,COOL,and FABULOUS outfits.Good job dressing.


Hey guys! You should TOTALLY check out Kendall A423's new superhero outfit! With that hoodie, the background, and the hair, She makes it work!


i bet it will be really cool :D keep on waddling C.P!


cool glasses

i love 1d875:

hi club penguin. I really like the first girl penguins hair. Can you please bring it out soon!!!!

from i love 1d875.

Puffball 007:

Wow, Daffo! Love the outfit!
Maybe the next theme could be EPF? I would like to nominate myself (teehee) and my sister Pufie007

Waddle on!



You penguin have some good sense of fashion!

Belle joy:

I love daisy317 clothes.


I hav a cute hipster outfit for girl penguins and boy penguins, i would like to post them, but i dont know how to...


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Have you thought about submiting your fashion designs through the Fun Stuff 'Fan Art' page Sensi87437? I know the team would love to see your creations!

- Club Penguin Team

Asha Sasha:

My cousin looks like the one on the bottom!They look awesome!


Amazing outfit daffo!


Loved Elodie2003 outfit ; )


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