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By Polo Field on April 5, 2013 - 11:20



Attention agents,


The first ever EPF in-world mission is on now.



Get out there. Pick up clues. Track the thief. Solve the case. Then tell us your favorite part!


Waddle On, agents.

-Club Penguin Team



This is a really cool mission! Short but a lot of fun! I've played it like a dozen times! My favorite part is when you infiltrate Herbert's base and then flood the place! I also like that after you beat the game you can use the binoculars and see Herbert and Klutzy stranded out at sea! I can't wait to see what you guys do with the next mission!


Totally the Herbert HQ flood!


My favorite part was seeing Rookie and Jet Pack Guy during the mission. Even though it was part of the mission and I didn't get the stamp, it was fun seeing farmillar faces on the island. I've never gotten the oppertunity to see famous penguins in game, even on missions. Waddle on CP


I loved it when I flooded Herbert's Pizza HQ! I like the fact that you could re-do the mission and get medals! I hope ClubPenguin make more missions like this every week!




Will there be any more missions? When the EPF is fully restored will there be more missions? Great job with the hot sauce mission. It was fun.


My favorite part was flooding herbert's HQ. I got tons of medals too by replaying it over and over!


My favorite party was when I got the traker and Herbert

Jenx 17:

Hey Polo Field! My favorite part was walking around the Island following Herberts tracks!
Thanks CP team and good work

Jenx 17:

Hey Polo Field! My favorite part was walking around the Island following Herberts tracks!
Thanks CP team and good work!


Whenever I see Herbert and Klutzy, I lure them with a seaweed pizza and capture them with a steel, electrified net!
"Take that! You're under arrest!" I would say. :)


i like about the new mission is following the tracks oh Herbert and i like when i flood Herbert's place my favorite is when i finished then the mission and get my medals so i can cool stuff.I LOVE THE MISSION.THANK YOU CLUBPENGUIN!!




i love the bit when you flood herbert. i was like " hope you can swim!" lol XD


I just started this mission but I love it already!


Polo Field! Did you notice in the last post Ninja was wearing the snow beta hat? :D

Zippo 5000:

I all ready did it. It was AWESOME!!!!!!


the new mission was Awesomes


This was a great mission! The sound effects while flooding Herbert's base were so cool! :)
Waddle on ! ! !




I liked seeing Herbert and Klutzy at the end through the binoculars at the cove! He looked so mad, but now I hope he knows who's in charge. Klutzy just couldn't resist that pizza LOL The new lab is cool too. And Klutzy must have persuaded Herb to do snow-angels at the dock XD Thanks for letting us type apostrophes too! Can we do commas in the future?

Jelly 54322:

I enjoyed this a lot, really reminded me of several years ago when the PSA missions were introduced to CP :)



Oz Checkered:

Hey there!

I want to tell you a secret. Club Penguin always uses the same sound effects. Where else you can find this sound effect is: Card-Jitsu Power card water #10, Aqua Grabber, when used.

Waddle on!

Oz Checkered


Its great i played it lots of times!!! Good job Club Penguin Team.


i like about the new mission is folowing the tracks of Herbert and i like when i flood Herbert's base my favorite part is when i finished the mission and get medals then i can get cool stuff on my spy phone.I LOVE THE NEW MISSION.THANK YOU CLUBPENGUIN!!


thats my penguin name.


this is cool!!!!!!! but i still havent finished how do you do the code on the note


I LOVE Operation Hot Sauce!! It an Awesome Misson! Thanks Cp! :D Look Forward To The Marvel Super Hero Party! This Year! :) -Pinklove8023 :D CP ROCKS!


I really liked this mission. My favorite part was when I flooded Herbert's secret
underground base and saved the pizza.





Lake Blue1:

I LOVED throwing pizzas on the floor and watching klutzy check to see Herbert's not looking, then rush over and eat the pizza. I would throw pizzas all over the floor! He would go from one pizza to the next, eating it all. It's so cute! But he has a big appetite :)


The Best part was in herbert's cave! I can't believe he didn't see me! Doesn't that polar bear know that we have the tool for everything? And blowing up the agent force ISN'T going to work again, not on my watch!


My favorite part was when I met rookie.


i havent finish yet i cant wait to finish!!! :D


Enter commentscant wait to play so excted !!!!!!!!!!!


I am so glad that we are getting missions again! We don't have to wait any longer. My favorite part was using the new tracker to see footprints and foiling Herberts evil plan. It was also funny yet cool how we can throw pizza for Klutzy to get. The new tools; pure awesomeness! Its so cool to be able to redo the mission over and over as many times as we want. Thank you and waddle on!

Moon Dust10:

I would have to say I really liked flooding Herbert's base.
The mission was really fun and I hope the other missions you do will be just as fun. (or even better) XD
Keep up the great work!
Waddle On!
-Moon Dust10


Flooding Herberts base was awesome! Flare helped me too!



I liked the new spy phone and how it makes all these bleeping noises and the new look is juts epic!


SO i was in herberts place and i threw pizza everywhere and the crab klutzy came out and ate i XD lols


that was lol


Finding the thief ???? im not telling you.


I LOVE THIS MISSON!!!!!! I liked throwing pizza!! It was funny because Klutzy made the place flood.

007 Rider:

My Favourite Part Was When I Flooded Hebert's pizza HQ!


My favorite bit was how you can sort of interact with the game..But then again, you guys do that sort of thing a lot...
and i really enjoy trolling Herbert and Klutzy it's really funny!! :D
Also this new mission is a lot like the PSA ones.

You guys did a great job! :)
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rf Thomas 9:

Hey guys, Rf here. I am here to tell you guys my most favorite part in Operation Hot Sauce. IT was the end. Not because all that was done.
(I really like the EPF) It because of the music at the end. I thought it was really good. Thank you guys for the new mission. i Hope to see more missions like this soon!


Throwing the pizza and making klutzy step on the flood button that was funny. But i saw pepporini pizza in herberts hideout but hes a vegatarien and pepporini is a meat?


My favorite part was when I flooded Herbert's base. But my least favorite part has to be the pizza parlor music. it just sounded so darn creepy!!!

Make more awesome missions please!!!!!



Liake 21:


My Favorite Part in the Mission is a Entering Herbert's Hideout in The Beach
Great Job Club Penguin Team! =D

Waddle on!


I really liked this mission! My best part is when i tracked Herbert with the Trace Tracker3000!Waddle on CP


my favorite part is getting the Herbert background and saw Rookie and the jet pack guy.


I've finished! Such a great and challenging mission! I LOVED entering Herbet's cave!


Completed mission got a free background of mission hot sauce and five EPF medal. doing another time!!!!


I loved it ALL! It was soooo awesome! I love the new spy gear; it's better than the last lot! XD Thanks for making this mission, and more importantly...




LOL!!! I completed it before this was posted. :P


Flooding Herbert's Base! Awesome! =D


I haven't played the mission yet


my favorite part was when chasing the footprint of Herbert and Klutzy and also the part when Herbert is flooded.


I'm stoked about the EPF's first in-world mission! I can't wait to crack the case!
Big thanks to the ClubPenguin Team for the new mission and all the hard work :)
(BTW SPOILER alert!!! don't read the comments if you haven't completed the mission yet heh heh)

Remember Agents "Be Resourceful , Be Remarkable , Be Ready."
Stay Frosty Agents and Waddle On!!!


My favorite part was using the trace tracker 3000 and flooding herbert's HQ. Was he trying to rebuild the solar laser from Operation Blackout?Because if herbert does, we'll defeat him. Right? Go Elite Penguin Force!!!!

-Waddle On Club Penguin!

Ninja Andres:

My favorite part is when I flooded Herbert's base and the new EPF phone.


wow ! this OPERATION HOT SAUCE WAS A BLAST !!!!! MY MOST FAVORITE PART WAS ..................................... EVERYTHING !!!!!!!
I really really like everything but there is one part I like the most, it is the part when Herbert was stranded in the water.
This operation made me remember what the spy phone looks like before but I think that new spy phone is better .

Thank you CLUB PENGUIN TEAM for making good and awesome ideas !! I wish that CLUB PENGUIN TEAM will continue on making
good ideas

by the way : when will be the time to continue constructing the EVERYDAY PHONING FACILITY ?

Duncan 8114:



i liked herbert's plot(iv'e worked out what he's gonna do with the rebuilt solar laser,but im not sure what he will do with the pizza.)

Enter nickname:

yum feel like pizza


My favourite part was when I threw pizza on the switch and Klutzy ate it and herbert's base was flooded.


I've Complete The Mission 6 Times - It's So Easy And Fun!



I love the new mission! Especially the part where you flood Herbert's base and you can see the agents in world!
From Lolly132
PS When might the next in world mission be?

Zipe 46:

My favorite part was when we tracked herbet to his base which appeared out of nowhere!
Waddle on!


I didn't had any favourite part, I loved everything! Thanks for a great job, CP!


My fav part was everything but i most favest one is when i see herbert in the water! LOL!


i have already done the mission and the best part was throwing the pizza. waddle on cp


i have already done the mission and the best part was throwing the pizza. waddle on cp

Fire HFB:

My favourite part was when you are following paw AND crab prints. These kind of missions are fun, but I thought the PSA mission styles were better. Anyhow, as always, WADDLE ON CP!!!


Not fair! i went to the pizza parlor to eat and then BAM! it was all messed up and i was like What the? And then when i found herbert i was saying youll pay for what you have done to the pizza parlor and i made clutzy push the flood button and herbert said You have ruined everything! And i was like nope i just saved Then it flooded that is my story. The end! (it really happend)


My favest saying of gary is gadzooks! I know thats what he says when he is surprised and rookie what does he mean by mouth burn_y i have never heard of that before?


I know that herbert was working on the solar laser from operation black out i KNOW IT! Because i recognized the holes from the animation


My Favorite part is Herbert's expressions and feeding Klutzy pizza


Hmmmmmm my favourite part would be the new gadgets on my spy phone.


Well I guess it was ok, but it was a little bit too easy. It would be nice to add more things in the future, to make it more time consuming and more of a challenge :)

Agent Rogue :

Bwahahahahaha!!! Flooded his lair and HE CAN'T SWIM! In your face!

taylor cruz1:

hahaha fail herbert we all floded ur base trololol


Little mistake on my comment...


It was tricky when I had to find a way to destroy Herbert's hidout but I got ther eventually!!!


I just like the new ideas of the missions and flooding Herbert's secret base!


I LOVED ALL OF IT!!! But if i had to pick a favourite it would be listening to herbert and kluzty talk then making kluzty stand on the button for me! It was fun to watch herbert yelling at him before he saw me


my favorite part is wwhen you go in to herberts hideout, and when his hide out explodes. I will never forget that. And when the Pizzas are back. The pizzas where yummy, and spicy, deliousious. MMMMMMMMMMMM yummy pizza.

Waddle on cp!

dark gale:

I liked the part when klutzy accidently floods herberts base for pizza.

I'm Lovin' It!:

it's sooo awesome. My fave bit is everyone's: Destroying Herbert's base.


My fave part was when i flooded herbets base,also did you see that when you complete the mission if you look through the binoculours at the cove you can see herbet.


hey polo my favorite part is flooding herbert but whats your favorite part plzzzzzz type back until then waddle on


My favourite part of the mission is when Herbert screaming ;)


the best part was when we got the tracetracker3000 and in the end operation blackout theme song ran


I did it! it was really cool! It would be cool if things like it replaced field ops!


I did it! it was really cool! It would be cool if things like it replaced field ops!





Hi Polo, I loved this mission, almost as much as I loved Operation Blackout. My favorite part was actually seeing the agents sprites! It was so cool! When I went into the Pizza Parlor, I saw a penguin with a jet pack and first of all I just thought it was someone dressed up as Jet Pack Guy, but then I saw he had no name below his penguin and I saw the explanation mark above his head, it was so cool meeting the agents and Herbert. I especially loved drowning Herbert's base, that was fun, and when the mission had finished if you looked through the binoculars you could see Herbert and Klutzy bobbing up and down on the water.

I loved this mission and it would be amazing if you did more missions like these in the future.
Waddle on

P.s The new Spy Phone is amazing!


wait 5 hours to find the secret door in the beach,but was extreme fun,awesome,and yeah SECRET. till then waddle on


My fav bit of all the mission is just meeting up with all the agents again! ^^ G, Jet and Most of all! ROOKIE!

Evie Mcphey:

Mine was when Rookie said: "So tasty... Mmmmm... And so burn-y!" Ha Ha!!! I wish Dot was in it though!!!!!!!!! And my second fav was when i came floating back to the cove on the hot sauce!!!!!!!!! HA HA, classic!


For me it's seeing Herbert though the goggles at the cove then seeing him stranded. (EPIC!!!!!!!!)

dude aye:

i have no idea for me THE WHOLE PART WAS AWESOME!!


I wish that I could have enough badges to buy some spy gear for my penguin on this mission!

Kool Katz3:

my favorite part of OPERATION: HOT SAUCE was following Herbert and Klutzy's footprints


I Loved The Whole Misson! But My Favorite Part Was Re-opening The Pizza Party! I Almost Ate All The Pizza! Lol.
I Love Getting More Medals Its Awesome! I Have Nine Medals So Far! Keep Up The Awesome Work Cp Team, Oh And One More Thing!





I was so excited to play and it was AWESOME! Really memorable. Thanks CP :)

Waddle On!



I liked when you had to track Herbert I had no idea where he was this whole time I guess the best place to hide is in a lake!

Apple Sweet:

I love how i can track the enemy, so sneaky.


I LOVED throwing pizza at Herbert. And tricking Klutzy. In fact, is that him still scolding "If only you hadn't eaten that pizza!!" ? Penguin face: :()


I loved flooding Herbert's HQ with the help of cute, nice and hungry Klutzy.

NEW Rohan:

i will try the mission now!!!!


my fav part was when i flooded herberts lair


My fave part on the mission was When i floated up with the hot sauce bottle at the end heh heh and when i found otu this strange palce in the ocean next to the beach it was all so cool!! Agent Teddy Over and Out!


that's easy!!First you talk to jet pack guy after that talk to Rookie then we wait for 5 hours.THEN we go to the command room to pick up the device.then follow herberts tracks!

Puffle 109:

hhaahahahahahahahahah that was funny! flooding the base

Lu La:

It was awesome, reminded me of the brilliant psa missions. I loved being able to talk to Jetpack guy and the others. Good job! Only thing was, it was too short! My favourite part was everything! Please make missions!! PLEASE!

Gary Fan 1:

Most definitley the part where Gary says Gadzooks! What are you doing just standing there? Get to work!


I love Club Penguin. It's My Favorite Game.


I can't wait for Rookie to be my friend!

Belize North:

Flooding his base! ha ha! i was standing there throwing pizza at him without him notiing! lol i must have thrown about 20 pizza at him and Klutzy! More missions next month please! I couldent figure out how to flood the base until today

Lulu Kuku:

I LOVED flodding Herbert's HQ! And I LOVED Klutzy, he's SO cute! BUT... the mission was a little short. Can you meet Herbert around the island now?


This was a nice mission! It's great that we have new ones. It went by a little quick (5 minutes with no help), but I hope there are more to come!!! Really cool overall...
My favorite part was when I got to go into Herbert's base. And he is almost TWICE as big as a penguin. I never thought about it! ;)
Also, his snow angel was funny. LOL!
Thanks for more fun CP! U guys r awesome!


Easiest field-op in the WORLD!!!!!


I believe That we should get more medals than 1 after completing it a couple times.. I think we should get like 2 or 3.


I loved flooding Herbert's base and at the end when your at the Beach and you click on the binoculars, and you see Herbert floating out at sea!


I loved flooding Herbert's base and at the end when your at the Beach and you click on the binoculars, and you see Herbert floating out at sea!


My favorite part was when you threw pizza at the switch. Who knew Klutzy was so addictive to pizza?We should bait a trap for Klutzy with it!


i loved the whole mission ! but the favurite part was to track the footprints


my favorite part was when i found the cluse in the plaza and i fooled HERBERT!!!!!!!!!


Could you please make more field-ops for this party? And when the EPF is fixed, maybe field-ops everyday or every other day instead of once a week? Please! The EPF has been gone so long, it'd be nice to have a little bit more of it around!

Waddle On!


Flooding Herberts's base and these are a lot better than Field-ops but i dont like how it took six hours for non-members


I really liked the green circle where you can see footprints of Herbert and his crab friend and I hope to see them again, THOUGH I wanted it to be longer and harder plus I liked the door but one of the clues ( the fur) was hard to find because I found it by mistake by trying to go to the door behind the belt that had pizza on it near the game. but other than that it was great and I hope once we get the old missions up and running again well get a lot of medals too! ( I liked the old missions a lot u know like the ones with aunt artic's missing puffles and stuff! Lol, bye!!)


i love the backround u get wen u complete the misson


Well my favourite part was when I got in Herbert's secret lair and then I threw the pizza on the switch so Klutzy could have a snack poor guy he was hungry and to return the hot sauce for the pizza party so everybody could enjoy some delicious pizza.

Spoiled Nina:

Having a pizza party of course!!

sprinkles 71:

i beat operatoin hot sauce already :D

Ginger 10:

I really like this new feature.I especially liked seeing Herbert and Klutzy.
This is the best mission ever i still cant believe i got to see Jet pack Guy and Rookie.

Tommy 234 56:

I love how the mission is involved with the rooms in Club Penguin, they are better than the old missions! I hope Club Penguin does more missions like this in the future!

Waddle on!


my favorite part that klutzy's tracks are squiggles :D


I LOVE THIS MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fave part was when I made klutzy flood herberts secret hideout!!!:):):):):):):):):)

keep on waddling,


Dj Stores:

I really enjoyed it where we had to use the Trace Tracker 3000 to follow Herbert and Klutzy's footprints. It was like having an adventure! I hope to see that feature in future missions! I would like it if Gary stood there at the Lab in future missions rather than calling us, and it would be cool if the famous agents which currently stand there in the mission actually come in and help us.
It would be great if the missions were a little bit longer, or we have more than 1 task per Operation, like Operation: Blackout with 1 task every 2 days.
Waddle on!

Dj Stores


Can someone make more missions? Like the stolen puffle or someone is lost and we find them.

Agent Frednickels :

My favorite part is when I was tossing PIZZA at Klutzy! PIZZA FIGHT!!!!!!!


I loved this misson because I got to talk to Rockie,Jet Pack Guy,and Gary.

Enter nickname:

i want first person missions again because they were hard and i like hard challenges and operation hot sauce is awesome


cool mission


I have obtained 16 medals from this mission :D
I really like how everything the news, top agents like jet oack guy were ON SCENE as penguins!
But... My favourite part was tracking down herbets footsteps and entering his lair and flooding it ! haha

leo peace:

it was superb! I liked the part in which we flooded herbert's lab.

Nicholas 126:

For the Marvel Super Takeover party in April, who will be the mascots? Will it be Aunt Arctic again? Can Rookie come since he usually comes this month for the April Fools Party? Please respond... and waddle on. Also my favourite part about the mission was where we could click on the mascots and they would talk:)

Enter nickname:

polo when is the snow dojo coming


My faviorite part was everything with alot of high tech gadgets trails GADZOOOKS i cant even say it all



I did it twenty times! It was soo cool the best part to me was when I flooded Herbert and klutzy! P.S. I think klutzys cute!



I Loved The New Mission! When Is It The Next Party? Like Any Party!


I loved the mission and I'm even redoing it but I think the analyse could be a little shorter because I forgot about it for a whole day after it was done.


is the feild around u permanent?


Come in agents.My favorite part of it was when you had to throw pizza in Herbert's lair and Klutzy wanted to get some!Also how is a Polar Bear a vegetarian in the South or North Pole? and which Pole do they live on anyway?

Signing out: Agent Pikachu17777

P.S. Good luck at that mission! ;D


my favorite part was when i got trolled klutzy into stepping on the switch. that is what happens when you give a crab pizza :D


IT WAS SOOO COOL!!! My favourite part is when i flooded the whole room in water! Any way I wanted to say that next time make the missions late a bit longer.... because it was easy a bit...p.s I got a member ship yesterday!!!!


Affirmative Agent Polo!
I tracked down the thief.... HERBERT! Not a big surprise if I do say so myself!
The best part of the mission for me was DEFS tracking down Herbert and Klutzy.... I loved seeing their footprints and some of the stuff they did along the way to their fort.... like at the dock Herbert did a snow angel..... I guess even grumpy polar bears can have a little break from taking over the island once in awhile!
Waddle on! (More like 'Track on' to fellow agents!)
Thruthenite over and out!


I totally love flooding Herbert's base it's so funny!!!

P.S. Polo, what are the new villains and heroes going to be?


My favorite part was, all of it!


My favorite part was when I saw that I flooded Herberts base. I didnt figure it out two times but now I know how to do the mission now. Club penguin team the mission was just perfect! (: Walldle on Club penguin!

mahmood boy:

when we flooded herbert!!


i hope the new missions are like THIS i only joined last year so i don't know the PSA missions but i like u get to interact with the characters my favorite part is rookie with the pizza!! this is so fun!


Flooding Herberts base is my favorite part.


My best part was get medals


My favorite part was when i was tracking him down. :)

Enter nickname:

i love the mission a lot i wasn't exited about it because i do not like the EPF missions but when i tried it i was off the hook it made me feel as if i was a real agent in a real mission and my best part was when i was following the foot steps of Herbert and Klutzy best mission EVER!
your most girl who plays CP
-Alhashimi1 (PENGUIN NAME)


it was awesome stopping Herbert! what was with a hot sauge pump.......... ! what a sec! what if Herbert destroy the inland! the hot suage is explosive, after all.................... i wonder if Herbert knew we put the pizza on the FLOOD button? why in the world did Herbert had a flood button?


My favorite part was when Herbert wasn't looking i got a pizza and threw it on the switch
so klutzy went on the switch poor Herbert he drowned
and the graphics were great! I loved this part Until then waddle on!


I loved the mission sooooooo much! the in world mission idea is awesome. My fave part was when I got to see jetpack guy,herbert,and Rookie in sort of real life!


My favorite part was when I saw Jetpack Guy, Rookie, Herbert and Klutzy! At the first time I thought they were real! I tried to add them as a friend :P, I loved the mission as all of the penguins! I hope there's another mission after this one!


I loved this mission! I hope we get more missions like this one!!! My favorite part was when i got to throw pizza for klutzy!


My favorite p[art was using the new spy phone! It was so much fun, espesially using the gadgets!!! WADDLE ON!!

Jack Ice:

Lets see how Herbert is doing PSA if you had pass the mission in 2001 or 2002 I think that it tells that Herbert can not swim lets see how he is doing by now.

Jack Ice:

I herd that Herbert might be fix and upgrading it, he said Solar Laser maybe that why he stolen the hot sauce.


I liked how Rookie was there when you got to the pizza party! The party was full of pizza and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pizza. The mission was pretty fun, but I was surprised about it at the same time. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for the new mission AND for CP!


I loved the mission! My favorite part was when I activated the tracker on my phone and followed the footsteps. It was interesting. xD


I love the new mission! I hope more are made like this!! My fave part has to be flooding Herbert's Base, so funny when he floats up to the top! Operation: Hot Sauce ROCKS!


Is There A Hole Bunch Of Missions? IDK if there is one, but ever time we do the mission at the cove if you look in the benockulers or whatever you say it at the cove by the chair on if you click on the benoculairs or whatever you say it it shows herbert and ever time we do the mission he get farther and farther so im thinking when hes gone mission 2 will ready


My favourite part was the end! Because we got PIZZA!!!


mine was flooding herbert he looked scared haha


The Pizza mission was really fun but I saw that he's building a Laser


I loved the new EPF mission! My favorite part was when Herbert found out that he had been fooled by the EPF once again.


This was so fun! Well, my favorite part was when i had to track the thief! I followed the footprints to his evil lair! Then i saw that the thief was .... Herbert! i threw a slice of pizza to distract Clutzy and he hit the flood button. I defeted Herbert and saved the PIZZA!

po is beast2:

when i walked around looking for herbert and some of the times he fell in the snow.
so that was funny


Herbert, OUT


My favorite part in the mission was flooding Herbert's idontknowwhatitcalled place. It was awesome!! I was like AAAAAAA YEAH!!! Herbert got owned!!

Mtr Tiny:

I Think My Favorite Part Was Flooding Herbert's Secret Base! And Tracking Him Was Fun Too, I Also Like That You Can Redo The Mission. CP Team You Did Great On This Mission, It Was A LOT Of Fun!



Agent Bongi6 Reporting: I liked flooding Herberts base but i was wondering there was no [no penguins] sign anywhere. Will there be more missions in this party and more gadgets that we could use FOREVER? By the way there should be a way to put in clothes of someone that your after without being in a mission. Agent Bongi6 Over and Out........


How often will there be new missions?

Waddle On


I loved everything! But if I had to pick a favorite part , I would pick when I discovered the underground cave!


You should make an in world mission where we can partner with one of our friends to do it! That would be sooo much fun.


i wish we could get medals easier..... Oh and I don't have a favorite part. Although, I do love how the Pizza Parlor was trashed and the music played funny.


i like flooding herbert hq!


i have a ton of medals and i dont know what to do with them. that is why i think that you should add rookie's, jet pack guy's, gary's, dot's and the director's outfit to the spy phone. at least jet pack guy's.


my favourite part was when i threw the pizza at the button and Klutzy went to get it and ruined everything!! that was halarious!!!


I loved following Herbert and Klutzy's footsteps and seeing what they did. i saw Klutzy went in a couple circles!


My favorite part was when we got the new scanner and tracked the footprints! It was really different in a good way, and a really fun mission! There should be more like it!


Probably When you throw the pizza and then Klutzy goes and steps on the "Flood" button. That was Funny!

Pen Quen22:

Polo, how many times are you able to do the mission? 'Cause I saw it gives you the medals and then, if you go to the EPF Command Room, the screen says 'REPLAY MISSION'


I Loved everything When u Go in Herbert's Base. Espically When Herbert Says "AAAAAAHH! Wait a second! What are you doing up there agent!?!!? NO! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!" I Also Like flood Herbert's base. Those Two Things Will NEVEr Be CForgotten

Emperor pegi:

Club penguin, when I played club penguin Card-Jitsu Snow it did not load AT ALL for me!


i liked flooding

Night Sky 1:

I cracked the case. and my favorite part was when the crab pressed the wrong button. And i knew that herbert took the pizza because i fallowed his green foot steps. Wohoo!


it was awesome reminds my of psa missions just a little bit better looks like we wont need field ops weekly we can just do missions now


i like all of it you a tracker and a background!

Cool P Gal:

I loved this mission! I wish that you would get stamps for seeing Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, and Herbert. I want to do another mission like this one.


My favorite part was when you throw the pizza on the switch and Klutzy steps on it and the whole thing fun! Will there be more missions like this in the future?


it was awsome and i was the first one to complete the misson it even said on my phone! :)


My favorite part is when i flooded herberts base. I was like HAHAHAH. That was the best part for me. :) Waddle On!

Enter nickname:

my favorfite part is everything :)


Hi my favorite part is foiling herberts plans with pizza AGAIN! well... also the snow element for card jitsu is coming soon so maby you shoud make a trailer like a penguin looking thru a pair of bonoculars and sees a blizzard coming.


UH OH! Who can survive without pizza, agent bubbles at ur service ; )


I can't pass it I need to Wait 6 hours for the clues

Emraldz 1:

My favourite part was when I used Klutzy's hungry stomach against Herbert to flood the base. Woot!


I love how Klutzy goes after the pizza.Its funny!


My favorite part is finding Herbert and Klutzy (again, yes I know) and throwing pizza!!!


My favorite part was throwing the pizza to Klutzy because it was the funniest part ^^ .

Cool Ice Gal:

My favorite part was EVERYTHING!!! I loved searching for clues, following the tracks(I think Herbert fell a few times),Breaking in to his layer,tricking Klutzy,but I think the best part was ruining Herbert's plans to save Club Penguin and the Pizza Party!!!(I also liked how Herbert yelled at me for ruining his plans.That was so funny!!) I also earned a stamp after it!! Club Penguin,keep making awesome things happen!! And as for Herbert...Just give up Herbert you're never going to stop us.The EPF is one big team and you're just one person.

Over and Out!
-Cool Ice Gal

Baby Flor:

My favorite part was when Rookie got happy that the pizza party could go on.. :)


I loved foiling Herbert's plan. I have one suggestion though. At the part where you have to unlock the door, some penguins don't know you have to click when the white rectangle shows up. Can you guys give more detailed, specific instructions or at least a how-to or hint button? That way, everyone gets it more easily and they don't have to look it up.


My favorite part of the mission was when I was following the footprints I saw that Herbert and Klutzy made snowangels.


my favorite part was when i threw a peice of pizza and kluzty ate it


my favorite part was meeting jet pack guy and rookie. I wish that they didn't leave after we finished the mission.

Enter nickname:

I loved it! my fave part was throwing pizza! at first I threw it at Herbert - whoops! but I figured it out :)


My favorite part was floating on the bottle of hot sauce at the cove. That was like I saved my life on there!


I loved Operation Hot Sauce!!!!! I loved the part when klutzy flooded the HQ!
P.S. The logo is awesome!
And as always, Waddle On!!!!!



My favorite part was when I got to meet Jet Pack Guy outside of the PSA missions! That was so cool!


I LOVED PLAYING THIS MISSION. It's so fun! My favorite part was when I distroyed Herbert's plans. I just hope he doesn't try another Horrible thing. :)


I loved the whole thing but I think my favorite part was that we had the new tracker 3000 and how when you use it, the little line thing appears and then paw prints appear and you can see stuff that you can only see with the special tracker 3000. That is defintly my favorite part and also,



LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )


Herbert has to give up one of the days.


I did not like waiting 6 hours for just the gadget. LOL. However, I loved doing the entire mission!


i want to have the base for a iggy but pizza and no flood or drain button in it


My favorite part was when you throw the pizza at the switch . klutzy looked funny when he walked on it .


OMG don't you see Herberts re building the solar laser that's what caused the blackout in novenmber we have to stop him


i love playing this game!!!!!!!!!!:D!


My favorite part was when I flooded Herbet's base!



Mr Shrimpy:

i have to say i love this mission there is so may great parts about meeting jet pack guy and rookie, the new gadgets, pizza party,new spy phone, and my favorite saving the hot sauce and pizza


I have two favorite parts. Trolling Herbert and Klutzy and looking through the cove binoculars to see Herbert and Kltuzy.


it was so cool can you do another one?


my favorite part was when you flood herbert's base



Eating pizza with rookie, Of course!


My favorite part Is getting into the Lair!
Its Kind Of Fun Constantly Clicking To Get The Blue Things Straight.
P.S. Plz Post I Never Have Been Before!

Dj Pingy8:

My favorite part of Operation Hot Sauce was the puzzle that you had to solve to open the door and I really liked all the details put into to Herbert's lair! :D


I liked the part where we folllow the trail of herbet and they made snow angels


i love fludding it.


My favourite part was where you have to follow the footsteps.


I love the mission


OMG! like i liked it but if i met them, why did i not get a stamp? well, my favorate part was when i threw a piece of pizza onto the flood button but good thing that herbert claims that klutzy did it. I did not want to be doomed.

007 jojo:

I liked it but it last 5 mins max


My favourite part was when I throw pizza and when is been Herbert flooded away.


This mission was AWESOME!!! I can't believe i met some clone agents. My favorite part was when I tracked the footprints!

Waddle On/ Bezez576:

Waddle on cp keep doing amazing and keep being awesome!!!! ! U r amazing


please come and test card jitsu snow beta

Kiki 92000:

My favorite parts were when I heard the pizza parlor music was so funny and flooding Herbert's HQ as well! LOL! I even liked it when you added the operation blackout music! Cool job CP Team!!!

Waddle on!

- Agent Kiki 92000 over and out!


I just love EPF missions! My favorite part is when i am in Herberts secret cave where i have to think but also have to be careful!


the art


My favorite part of the mission was...well all of it!! Now I can get more gear >:]


Greetings agents :P
I've completed Operation Hot Sauce about four times already and it was really fun! :) I loved flooding Herbert's base, interacting with other agents (Gary, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie) and it's great that you get to replay the mission as well. I sort of wish it was a bit longer as well, like Operation Blackout. Also, can we keep the music from the Blackout? That'd be really cool :)
I think Herbert's trying to warm up Club Penguin (again). What do you think? Waddle On, CP (and fellow EPF agents ;P)


And another thing; this time, we need to be ready for Herbert and Klutzy. We don't want him to destroy the EPF again. Then again, there are more EPF agents than polar bears (and crabs) on the island, but still we need to.. be... able.. to.... CONNECTION LOST


Did herbert ever learn that he never beat EPF


I loved the whole mission it was so cool


i like that we get to destroy Herbert and his plan ( :


The best part was when I saw all the gadgets! The trace tracker was soo cool!Its great that the EPF is back helping people! The Island is safe once more!


Hey CP!

My fav part was when I flooded Herberts HQ! One thing I was looking forward to is new elite gear becuase I have a lot of medals waiting to be used. But. Not all of the EPF HQ constructions finished so I've still got my hopes up! If there still isn't any new gear after the full construction I would like to be able to transfer my medals into coins maybe?



my favorite part was interacting with aunt arctic a.k.a. the diresctor!


Hey Polo Field! My favourite part was when we saw Herbert in his hideout! epic!

bluey 1024:

my favourite part was when I *snicker* made Klutzy *snicker* flood Herbert's base. I also had my pal Starlow to help.


HEY! It's great! I've loved ALL!
-Waddle On by Jumbopink!
(P.S. When are you making new featured fashions editions?)


my favourite was when herbert was flooded.


my Favorite has to be the pizza party at the end and seeing Herbert fail and float away!!!


My favorite part is when I saw Herbert's and Klutzy's snow angle while tracking them down.

Waddle on Agents and Penguins!


I love throwing the pizza on the switch and I like that when the mission is
complete i like looking through the binoculars at the cove!!!!!



This is agent Sunneyface reporting for dutey saying my fave part was all of it


My favorite part of this mission is when I get to stop Herbert in his cave and everyone gets to have some pizza again!
Please post me, I have never been posted in 2 years :(


I like throwing the pizza so Klutzy would step on the flood button and floor Herbert's lair.XD I hope you make up more fun missions like this for us!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!


This mission was GREAT!!! ^_^ The pizza throwing bit was really fun! I wish I had worn my bathers when the lair flooded! :P I wish I still had the old Spy Phones as a reminder of the good old missions!!! :)


My Fav Part Was Meeting Rookie & Jet Pack Guy(Because I Had Never Before)

Kc Sunshine1:

Hi Polo Field,
My favorite part is when we are in Herbert's layer and we get to throw pizza and then Klutzy would grab it and eat it.

Ally Light:

I liked searching for Herbert's lab
Psst..Is the Sports Shop coming back?


my favorite part was when i flooded Herbert and klutzy and when i looked in the binocular at the cove i saw Herbert and klutzy that was also my favorite part it was so funny i am never going to forget that part. waddle on clubpenguin


it is so much fun ! i could play it all day long !


I only foun one clue


I liked when you got your tracker and you followed Herbert's footprints then finding his lair and flooding what he was working on.


What is that filthy bear up to now?! What could his plan be? Hmm...

Pecky 12345:

My favorite part was flooding out Herberts HQ and getting the cool backround and collecting all of the EPF medals! Could you possibly make it so you can add Rookie and Jetpack Guy, and get the staps for meeting them? I also love the veiw through the binoculars after you complete the mission becuase Herbert and Klutzy are floating away! Actually I enjoyed the whole mission! WADDLE ON CP! XD


Correction. Operation blackout was the first mission.


i did this so many times and got enough medals to get ALL of the comm gear


my favorite part was when clutzy followed the pizza and ruined hurbert's plan. waddle on!


Hello Polo Field this is one of the best mission!
My favorite part was is the pizza everytime I take a pizza and lunch it nowhere and then Klutzy go and eat it!

Waddle on Polo!


mine was throwing the pizza in Herbert's HQ

Piggly wiggl:

My favorite part of the mission was when you got to track Herbert's footsteps.
Club penguin is the best website ever!

Agent p 0910:

My favorite one was when i got a new spy phone


My favorite part of the mission was following Herbert's footprints, cracking the code to the vault, then flooding his hideaway. He was so surprised! It was also cool to see Jet Pack Guy and Rookie! XD




my favorite part about this whole mission was when you could talk to the agents and be on cp looking for clues and it was amazing i hope it will happen again. it was really fun getting the backround and seeing herbert in the binoculars and i now know klutzy likes pizza
p.s. i really wish it was longer and not having to wait six hours for non members but still i love it


This has got to be the best mission ever! ;P


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