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By Polo Field on April 18, 2013 - 12:51

Hey Penguins,


Last week we asked what you think is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe. Wow! Did you ever have some amazing ideas!! Check out what indigofire14 wrote:


I think the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is invisibility. No sense can be more fooled than sight! Also, when you're fighting supervillains, the element of surprise is on your side. They'll never see you coming. Ninja power! 


Invisibility would DEFINITELY be useful for taking down Super Villains. Well put, indigofire14!



Now we have a question for the agents out there. ALL NON-AGENTS STOP READING. NOTHING TO SEE HERE!


What is Herbert up to?! Tell us why you think Herbert stole the hot sauce, and what you think he's planning next. We'll pick one of our favorite comments and feature it on the blog next week. If yours is chosen, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account.


Thanks to all the amazing elite agents who solved the mission!


Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team


Blue Jay88:

I think Herbert was trying to melt a part of the island so it would be easy to take over the island



Maybe he did it because he wanted to make a Hot Sauce-inator!! It would melt Club Penguin and (HERBERT DO NOT READ THIS!!!) we would have to make some secretive backup island. His next plan would be to help take over Clubpenguin like with the Super Villans from Marvel Superhero Takeover.

Track On Agents!



I think that Herbert is trying to make a giant pizza with hot sauce and cover the island with it. He took the hot sauce for that. Next he will take veggies. He might make it somehow though. The whole island will be forced to eat the pizza or they will become evil.


be aware herbert might be in the super hero party wadlle on agents


Next time, I think Herbert will steal something else that's hot, like Hot Chocolate, to put that and the Hot sauce and other hot things together, so he can make it explode over Club Penguin - Like a volcano!


i think hes planning to make club penguin into a pardise with the hot sause


Maybe he took the sauce to make all the pizzas in CP veggie pizzas! He is a vegetarian, so maybe he is a little tired of our pizzas! Doesn't pizza make a good party? He could've also did that to stop our epic parties! Hope I'm right!


I think he wants to flood the island with hot sauce so he can FINALLY have a warm place to live! After all these years, I think he was planning this all along! I hope we can stop him and he can either leave us alone or become friends with us.


I think that Herbert might make a machine that will take the hot sauce that he took all the way to the tallest mountain. Then, digging a hole, filling the hole up with hot sauce, then make a hole in hole so that it will over flow club penguin.


I think he was trying to make a giant fog, or possibly a rainstorm. when really hot things mix with cold things, they make fog or rain. i also think cludzy likes pizza ;)


i think herbert stole the hot sauce because he wants to burn down club penguin and takeover the island


I think Herbert Percival Bear Esquire (how in the world do I know his whole name?) was trying to melt the ice and or make a fire.

I also think that Herbert's next plan will be to team up with super villians and try to destroy Club Penguin during the Marvel Super Hero Takeover!!!!

Waddle On CP!


I Think Herbert Stole The Hot Sauce To Stay Warm. After All, In Card Jitzu, Hot Sauce Is A Fire Item. I Also Remember In A PSA Mission Herbert Saying When Klutzy Saved Him From Drowning, We Was Just As Cold As Before.


I think Herbert Percival Bear Esquire (how in the world do I know his whole name?) was trying to melt the ice and or make a fire.

I also think that Herbert's next plan will be to team up with super villians and try to destroy Club Penguin during the Marvel Super Hero Takeover!!!!

Waddle On CP!


I think Herbert stole Hot sauce because he ran out of it to put it in his Tacos. What I think he is planning next is make the world largest volcano that shoots Hot sauce. :D!


I think that Herbert used the hat sauce to heat up his evil lair so that he could plan his next evil maybe steal all the cream soda so that Rockhopper wouldn't be able to go on any of his adventures!!!

Waddle on CP!!!!!


I think he is going to melt the island with the hot sauce or he is trying to warm the island!

Persephonee :

I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to feul his machine. The machine would cause the volcano in Card-jistu fire to errupt and then all the snow would melt on the island so the penguins would have to get on the migrator and sail to a colder place. If he was really out for revenge then after the moutain errupted the machine could send lava robots after the epf and the penguins who are on the Migrator. The epf would have to somehow get under the mountain to stop it.... Good luck to us agents!

Jilly Can101:

I think that Herbert stole the hot sauce to try and make it rain spicy pizzas! Like when you went inside his secret room, there were a whole stack of pizzas. The mechanical device you saw in the room could be like a Pizza Shooting Machine! It'd be kind of funny if it started raining pizzas... and tasty too! It'd be like the popcorn incident in 2010... LoL!


I think that Herbert is planning to try to melt the island again. I think he's going to try and destroy the EPF once and for all. I also think that he was going to make something similar to the solar laser by using the stolen hot sauce. I can't wait to find out his real plan!!

Waddle on!

-Agent Rudolphgal7


i think he wanted to flud the island then take over the island while we all leave on boats to a far away place and invite polar bears to his new island.



I think herbert was going to make a hot sauce laser! while everyone panics he will trap everyone in hot sauce quicksand! but we will find a clever way to escape


I think Herbert took the hot sauce because it was for burning the Elite Penguin Force room to start Operation: Blackout again. He will also make a machine with the other hot sauce. The machine might be for launching hot sauce in the air for the villains to come and help Herbert. So maybe that`s why there is a Superhero Party going on...BUT Herbert might made a new machine (the one Elite Penguin Force destroyed) and the one that got destroyed was totally fake.


He's trying to fix his solar laser so he can take over the island but the EPF will stop him and keep the island safe. (and we'll have the pizza party too.)

Dragoon Meta:

I think herbert stole the hot sauce because as we did the snow beta test,I think when we have the card jitsu snow party herbert would want to melt all the snow in the party!


i think that he stole all the hot sauce because he needs more of the spice in his pizza:) and also i guess what herbert might plan next is that he will flip clubpenguin inside out :(


i think hes building something for the villains/or hes trying to take the hot sauce
and eat all the pizza to ruin the pizza party/for the water he wants to flood cp

that's my thoughts on this



I think he's trying to heat up ClubPenguin Island from the underground so that he can have his tropical island.




to dry up clubpenguin was his plan


I think Herbert might be trying to heat up the island again. Perhaps he will rebuild the sun laser thingy and make it more powerful with the hot sauce. Then while the island is being transformed, Herbert will be laughing at us penguins on his own private little iceberg eating all the pizza. After the island is transformed into his own little tropical fantasy land, Herbert will force us to make him our king, and destroy the EPF once and for all!

That's just what I THINK he's going to do. Why can't Herbert just wear a scarf like everyone else?
Agent Rye, over and out.


This is just FYI: That statue by the mine shack is herberts statue, from the DS game "Herberts Revenge". Herbert tried to make the island warmer but he miscalculated and actually made the island start to sink because there was a hole, that went through the island! Herbert was forced to help the EPF and save the island. The EPF used herberts statue to plug the hole. This is just in case you didn't know what that statue was :)


I think he was going to ether use it to boil it and burn the island,or use it to make seaweed pizza: ) Gimminits is out,peace!

Red 227:

I think he was trying to make pizzas to through a party on the iceberg and then take the remaining sause and make a bomb out of it and berry it on the iceberg to break the iceberg off the ground and the penguins on it would float away. Nice try Herbert but the elite penguin fools are always ready.

Sarah Rose 9:

I think that Herbert will next try to sink us. Herbert will send everyone a letter saying "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! You have won a all expense payed trip to Rockhopper island!!!! Then it says " would you like to go to sail to Rockhopper island?" everyone would say "yes". Next you would be trapped on the boat because of Herbert so you have to use your spy phone to break away and defeat Herbert!!!!!!

Love Sarah Rose 9

Sarah Rose 9:

I know why Herbert stole the hot sauce. He wants the island so me start to melt. ;)

Love Sarah Rose 9

buckingham2 :

I think he is trying to explode the island so the club penguin island will be finished and he and klutzy will escape by taking his and hot sauce can make great jet pack fuel (gary told us on the club penguin times) if mixed with soda.

thank you,waddle on


We all know how Herbert wants our icy cool island to become a hot and tropical paradise!
What's hotter than hot sauce on our frosty island? He must of tried to heat up the island without anyone knowing!
Thruthenite over and out!


reusing a solar laser, and extreme hot sauce. he was probably planning to melt all the snow on the island to make it warmer. then he would have used the water pump he had to suck up all the melted snow so it couldnt freeze up again


Herbert was rebuilding the laser from op:blackout so the hot sauce must be a key part of fixing it and the extra pizzas were for his victory party with Klutzy.


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to warm up the island and make it really hot,so only he will enjoy the weather and all the penguins that need to be in cold weather will move off the island so he and Klutzy can have it to themselves. Good thing his plan didn't work! ;)


I belive that herbert is going to go to the boiler room. Mix it up with hot sause and make a giant valcano is the disco room. Then distroy club penguin forever.


i think that herbet is going to make a hot sauce cannon to melt all the snow on cp


I think Herbert is going to make a machine and use the hot sauce to send heat waves all over the island! Now that Club Penguin isn't cold, the penguins get weak and Herbert takes the advantage. Then Herbert will team up with the robots and rule Club Penguin!


I think he was trying to warm up the island AGAIN! I think next might be trapping lots of agents and then after he will try to warm up the island and replace the snow with sand and takeover the island like in November!


My idea of what herbert is doing is that he was planning to make the hot sauce machine sooo hot that it would melt the club penguin island!! Thank goodness we put a stop to him. At least for now.


I think he need the hot sauce because i think he want to make a giant pizza and lure all the other penguins out of the island and throw them somewhere far and make club penguin island into the place for polar bear and destory all the other things and keeping warm.

Kk Kylee:

So, well it's Herbert! So we ALL know he's building something evil! probably, hmm. . . OH NO!!! He's steeling the PUFFLES!


I think Herbert is up to making a laser. It would have ultimate fire power to burn the island to a snowflake.


Hmmm... Maybe he is building some sort of gigantic heater to melt all of Club Penguin... That explains the Hot Sauce!


I think Herbert was planing to melt the island and run away in his cave so that the penguins will obey Herbert and the place he will launch the hot sauce will be on the ski hill so he can destroy the epf hide out.


COOL! I know what herbert should be his next evil plan! He Hacks the new EPF Spy Phone. And Agents have to remove the hack on the spy phones!



Herbert strikes again! He stole the hot sause to spill it on our ocean! He would eventully get away, but we can't survive hot sause water.Good thing the agents saved the day! I think his next plan is to steal all of the rainbow puffles , because in the PSA missions, he tried to steal the gold puffle (which was fake) so he could still this new awesome puffle!


I think he might have stolen the hot sauce because he was probably going to melt the island.
And he's probably gonna try and steal all the puffles!

little soxo:

If you can remember,in one of the psa missions,herbert used HOT SAUCE to make a fire.He must be trying to do what once he was trying to do,burn the places in club penguin.[mostly the pet shop and puffle hotel,because hpb HATES puffles.]he might use this to form an aliance with that guy whose gonna be the bad guy in the super hero party!Im out!


He was probably using it to melt clubpenguin island. But that would be terrible! Or he would use it to keep himself warm
Waddle on CP.
Also, will there be a medieval party?


i think herbert is going to................................. (wait for it)......................................... melt the island with all that hot sauce, to get rid of all the penguins and their puffles..... well to try to anyway......., i think hes just trying to melt it all away so that he and klutzy can have it all to themselves and therefore ruler of the island


I think that Herbert wanted to melt the island so he could live on it peacefully without any penguins, and he could also bring his other polar bear friends and they would make us move to there (less cooler) island.


I think so he can make a hot pizza and watch a movie with klutzy and RULE THE WORLD MAH HA HA HA HA HA! ops got carred away XD!


I think he stole the Hot Sauce,to yet again warm up the island,but he could've possibly used it to delay the construction of the EPF (Everyday Phoning Facility,nothing to see here non-agents!!!) even further,or just set it on fire again like Operation:Blackout,or cause some showers of flaming fire pizza!! (of DOOM) And what he's up to next,i'm not sure about,maybe he could team up with the supervillans at the upcoming Superhero Takeover! Or he could wait awhile and unleash another master plan (like Operation:Blackout), i'm not sure what he is up to next,but i'm ready for whatever he throws at us!! --Airbus67535 (Agent A)


I think that Herbert stole the hot sauce so he could keep his place warm.


I think Herbert is planning on making Puffle O's with the hot sauce... I don't know what the recipe to Puffle O's are but i think he would use the Puffle O's to attract, well, puffles to help them take over the island :0 we will stop him!


maybe herbert stole the hot sauce because he didnt want the penguins to have the pizza party and so he was gonna eat it all and give a little bit to the crab because herbert is mean to the crab i think and thats what i think his plan is. ;]


I think he stole it because where he came from the didn't have pizzas. And i remember he never liked meat in his pizza. And i thought he liked cheese pizza, so somehow he knew there was a pizza party and they had cheese pizza, so he stole the pizza just for him. Plus he used the the hot sauce to make it into lava (LOL) so he can destroy the EPF again. I don't really know what he's gonna do next.


herbert is trying to find some hot sauce for his pizza, he probably has no but anyways WE stopper him


simple if herbert cant own the island he will melt the island and ruined it!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because instead of blowing up the EPF in Operation Blackout, he wants to blow up the island and a new operation called "Operation Hot sauce Part 2: The Destruction!"


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to melt the whole island! For him to do that he might have to use a machine. That was probally what he was making during the mission! We'll just have to wait and see!





Maybe because hot sauce has a chemical to make it hot, he will try to use the chemical to burn the island since it is made out of ice. and since he has been talking about puffles he may use them to power his machine. and since puffles are our only pets he could use it to hurt them or make an army of them. it will be hard to beat an army of cute puffles


I think that Herbert is trying to make a machine that looks like him.Since we have the rare and EPIC rainbow puffles he's going to hypnotize the puffles and enslave them :( poor puffles. But the EPF shall ALWAYS rise again.


Herbert is going to explode the island making some kind of exploding divice powered by the hot power of hot sauce and have some left over to make himself a nice comfey fire.


I get the feeling that Herbert was trying to rebuild the Solar Laser. That thing was destroyed by the EPF during the Blackout in November. Herbert could be trying to increase the Solar Laser's power to put the island in the dark, and I mean the DARK.


Then he will make a make the EPF puffles obey him by giving them all a puffle o that makes them think he is a EPF agent.

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Hes probably going to try to melt the island...Again. or probably is going to use those materials to make an island maybe? Not really sure but whatever it is we will be alert as always.

Card Ninja 1:

Herbert might be planing to flood the island with hot sauce so the island will melt, or because he wants a L-O-T of pizza! LOL!
(Herbert is not so smart, like at ALL! I actually think Klutzy is smarter! LOL!) Herbert might also be planing to try too make a "boat," or a giant "floaty," so he can "attempt" to float home!


The machine he was working on! It was gonna hypnotyse our puffles!!!


I think Herbert is going to melt the island


I think he stole it to make every agent come for it and when the came while they were picking up the pizza he would press self destruct on a remote control and make every agent fly all the way to Rockhopper island


I dont think he wont melt the island, but he will invent a new gadget!


My idea is that Herbert is upgrading his Solar Laser from Operation: Blackout to probably make the island hot! Probably during an Adventure Party making the island REALLY hot! This might be the cause of a Tropical and Hot Adventure Party also. Herbert might take of the snow of Club Penguin Island with Hot Sauce and probably with lava (Perhaps from the Fire Dojo) also to make his "Paradise" he wished for! Just my idea though!


I think Herbert is trying to do the same thing as he did last time in Operation Blackout. To heat up the island of Club Penguin, but he will make the hot sauce as a fuel for a laser that can melt whatever it touches. No matter what Herbert tries to do to harm the island, the EPF will stop him like always! Waddle On fellow EPF members and all players! Let's stop Herbert again!


i think Herbert is trying to use the hot sauce to destory the the lighthouse night clue and ALL the building in club peguein so he can rule club peugien and make us do stuff for him!!!!Plus he will burn us with the sauce if we dont do what he says :P


i think Herbert is trying to use the hot sauce to destory the the lighthouse night club and ALL the building in club peguein so he can rule club peugien and make us do stuff for him!!!!Plus he will burn us with the sauce if we dont do what he says :P


i think with the help of hot sauce Herbert wanted to destroy pizza parlor or EPF OR to destroy club penguin Or he wanted to melt down cp island he made machine to cancel the Pizza party or he wanted to stop EPF construction work..
Herbert plan are always wanted to destroy club penguin
i think his next plan is to cancel another party or destroy party and he wanted to be a leader of club penguin and he wanted to stop EPF construction work.


I reckon Herbert stole the hot sauce to make pizza of course, for that was the only ingredient he was missing. But not just because he was hungry, oh no he had a sneaky plan on his mind and it was lucky that the EPF were there to stop him before things got deadly. Well he used the pizza he had made to lure all the puffles (I think Rookie would have followed to) into his secret underwater basement and capture them. The the EPF would have to go looking for them and they would all be captured too! Then there would be no-one to stop him from ruling Club Penguin! Thank goodness us agents stopped him before his deadly plan was put into action! Good work Agents!

P.S. Hope u like my theory


Maybe he stole the hot sauce to melt the island and to destroy the every day phoning facility (hq for agents) even worser!!!or maybe he's been trying to make some device that will end cp or whatever that Herbert is up to or helping someone to make his plans defeat clubpenguin and the club penguin per agents those are my ideas bye!


I think he might have stolen the hot sauce because he might try to melt the island or make clubpenguin his paradise .Or maybe make the agent hq destruction even worser.Or he might be making some device to destroy the island.Maybe even try to defeat the epf agents of clubpenguin and defeat clubpenguin. But here's my point why does Herbert hate being cold if he's a polar bear and Polar bears like cold weather and can survive in it?But he might be making a really hot hot sauce bomb and aim it at clubpenguin's main areas the town.But if we work together we can be able to defeat Herbert also keep the island safe and outsmart and defeat Herbert every time he tries to come to destroy clubpenguin.Were not going to get the best of Herbert because we will defeat him!!

CP Fan001:

You know what?
This is the evidence.Herbert stole the hot sauce to rebuild the solar machine and make ANOTHER Operation:Blackout.
But we stopped them.
I hope so


I think he is going to turn us in to poler bears.

Waddles Jr7:

he was going to use it to TRY and make cp his biggest drea when he was actually going to MAKE CP A BIG SWIMMING POOL! (actually, since i like swimming i would try to enter my cp type in 'Club Penguin' be my penguin change into swim clothes and go swimming! it would actually kinda be fun!) anyways BEST FISHES!!
Agent Waddles Jr7 over,and out.


I think Herbert's master plan was to steal all the hot sauce so pizzas couldn't be made. Since the bulk of our diet is pizza, he probably would've thought us penguins would starve. But that isn't going to happen with EPF on our side!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to make the whole island warm , make penguins extinct and build a warm house for himself.But EPF agents should always lookout for some of Herbert's mischief.

Waddle On!


I think herbet was going to unleash lava al over club penguin


Shop Worker:

I think that Herbert is taking all the hot sauce is because he needs it to powerate his machine, In my opinion i think he is trying to melt club penguin island. I think that what Herbert is planning next is he going to plunder all of the piffles


Mayybe....... He`s trying to catch a fish for a pet. (no joke)

boo 5647:

Maybe to make a heating system to heat up the island!


I think that Herbert stole the hot sauce to heat up the island and his next plan would be to make another solar laser and use all the heat of the Sun to make a warm place for him and it cause a snowstorm.


OMG! AGENTS! Look what Herbert just sent to the EPF transmitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Herbert: HA! You pesky penguins don't know anything! All you think about are you puffles! One day, they will be your DOWNFALL! You will NEVER guess what I have planned for you, Agents! I am such a GENIUS! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Well Herbert, all YOU care about is YOURSELF! You are so VAIN! We love our puffles because they are a part of Club Penguin! Without puffles, Club Penguin wouldn't be-

Herbert: CLUB PENGUIN! I KNOW! Why do you think I'm planning to capt- oh NEVERMIND! I will get you back Club Penguin, just you wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no! We must stop Herbert and protect our puffles! Let's hope he's not after our them, especially our new Rainbow ones........................
P.S. Club Penguin, did you like my scenario/monologue/conversation? I made it up all by myself!


I think that Herbert is planning to melt the island from underneath. Enhancing the power of the heat and leftover scraps of the light stealer, it can make a device so powerful, it can spell doom for club penguin. Good thing we stopped him!


I think he was trying to use the hot sauce to put the island on fire and he stole the pizza so herbert would be happy because remember herbert loves a seeweed pizza


I think Herbert was gonna make weapons with the hot sauce and try to defeat EPF,then he will use the other hot sauce to make a hot sauce factory and he will have a lot of hot sauce and then he will make a HQ and heat it up with hot sauce and also steal the heat from the island by a machine that is runned by hot sauce.

jackson cap:

I think he stole it because he thinks the island is cold so, he did it to be warm for the first time in his life

and of corse
waddle o
waddle on
waddle on!
waddle on!!


Maybe.. he's plan on Operation Blackout was fail or Maybe.. Hes plan Was Not Fail LOL:)

Waddle on CP ;)



Herbert is using the hot sauce to make the solar laser from the blackout so he will conquer club penguin again.thanks to the new upgrades we can now track Herbert's secret fortress and get the pizza party up running again.thanks club penguin teams for new ideas i hope that you will get new ideas


i think herbert will make a hot sauce powered robot that breaths hot sauce fire on to the island and try to crash the EPF hedqauters so we cant rebuild it again or just blow up the whole island.... then fail like he always does...


I think Herbert wanted to have the hot sauce to fix his machine from operation blackout, because that's what it looks like in the picture. :-)


I think hes Next plan is a GIANT,HUGE,LARGEST FiReBaLl



I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because he wanted to explode warm up the island


I am almost certain that that ball-shaped thing was a stove and he wanted to heat up Club Penguin with it. The hot sauce was the hottest thing so he decided to use that.






I think Herbert is making a machine to spread all the hot sauce around the island to make the snow and ice melt so he could rule Club Penguin and finally have a paradise.


I think he was going to actually create MARVEL SUPERHERO TAKEOVER!

Mr dinla:

i would first like to warn you that only "EPF" no NON EPF STAY AWAY, I think herbert wanted to heat cp down because he hates penguins and any way he gets a bunch of pizza so he is very evil and smart i wonder how many A and Fs he got in his report??
waddle on


Ok herbert was making his ray together, And putting it back together. I remember the plan and he was up to big mistrift, Its impossible for him to win. Because cp will never be beaten and will never be end. Well, thats my idea, so,
Waddle on cp!



well...since operation blackout,we've never seen herbert,i think he was rebuilding his solar laser,and this time,he was using the power of hot sauce.


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because maybe he’s planning a new plan to take over Club Penguin and I don’t think Herbert’s next plan will be bigger than ever!
Thanks and Waddle on CP


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because maybe he’s planning a new plan to take over Club Penguin and I don’t think Herbert’s next plan will be bigger than ever!
Thanks and Waddle on CP


I think he's gonna warm up the island taking out all our penguin friends that is why all our agents including me are trying to stop his evil plan of having penguin island for himself! Good luck agents and well done to all who have stopped Herbert!!!!!


I think herbert wanted the hot sauce so badly because maybe he was going to make a huge volcano and use the hot sauce as the lava and flood club penguin with lava.


mabye he wants the sauce to explode club penguin?


I think he stole the hot sauce to super heat up the island so he finally has his warm island. And I think that weird thinks might start disappearing around the island because he's going to use them for a new invention.


I think that Herbert stole the hot sauce because he wants to melt the island so he can be leader!
So we need to stop him quick otherwise he will melt the whole island!

Waddle On ClubPenguin

Cob Penguin1:

Well, I think Herbert will use the hot sauce to heat up the island and melt all the snow so it's not cold, turning it into a tropical paradise!! Oh no! :O!!

The Waddle1:

When I was in his lair, I saw a poster that pointed to island core.Wasn't that what G was talking about...


The pizza must of been for the celebration party.

waddle on agents!


I think he might be trying to get more heat and melt the island when actually wants to melt all the snow for a tropical place,
'Cos in Herbert's revenge video game he tried to and failed.


He stole the hot sauce to escape from the ice cave!


In the Card Jitsu Snow, the fire ninja will be catching hot sauce bottle. Now the Card Jitsu Snow is coming next month, if Herbert will steal the hot sauce bottle, then there will be a chance for the villains to win because there will be only 2 penguins and 3 villains. And Herbert never wants penguins to win. So I think Herbert had robbed the Hot Sauce Bottle.


i think herbert is making a safe base for the marvel party cause who knows what herbert went through with marvel last year.also he did not let klutzy eat the pizza so that could be stored up food and when we flushed him out in operation hot sauce we could have actually not helped herbert stay safe.everyone herbert has feelings to we cant get rid of him
waddle on and herbert stay safe

lord vikrant:

Herbert discovered a secret chemical. It only reacts with hot sauce. The mixture created the crystals. It is radioactive and can be used to hypnotize penguins and they will join Herbert and destroy Club Penguin!!!! But the EPF will stand against Herbert! My penguin name is Lord Vikrant!


I think that Herbert has to do with the crystals, but not hypnotize the penguins.

Lucy A5678:

I think Herbert is making a machine that heats up the hot sauce even more! Then, he will put it on the island and melt it!


I think he was using the hot sauce to melt the snow from the mountains and all around the island to cause a flood and destroy club penguin! Next he might try to flood it again, so he could drill into the island or push water from the sea into the island with a water pusher1 (because it will fail!)



he is trying to destroy EPF


Herbert stole the Giant Hot sauce from the Pizza Palor to rebuild his Solar Laser from Operation Blackout if you remember


he stole the hot sauce to sabotage his solar laser and melt club penguin! Maybe next he will hypnotize all puffles and try to take over club penguin!

Best Fire:

I know what he is making hes rebuilding the
operation: blackout machine that warmed the island and i am sure he is opgrading it!


I think herbert was trying to heat up the sun and island! The island would melt and herbert will win!
THAT CAN'T BE EPF AGENTS WILL STOP HIM!! BEWARE Herbert Beware! But the hot sauce is retrieved thankfully.

Till then waddle on penguin and float away herbet!


Herbert is need hot soace becouse he wish he can destroj the pizza.But hi dont know EPF agent wil find him.

Archmage din:

I think he is going to make the sauce to lava and make a lava machine to make club penguin a hot place.


Rember Herbert's plan in Op. Blackout and the solar laser? I think he will remake the solar laser but make it 20 times more powerful.


another operation blackout with new suits, objectives and places

K 20 10 2:

I think that Herbert is going to flood Club Penguin Island, then all the penguins would evacuate Club Penguin on Rockhopper's boat. The boat. The second part of Herbert plan is to make water into HOT SAUCE! ........


As You all Know Herbert Is a polar bear from The Arctic circle His Story Was To get away and find a Paradise. He found Club Penguin
and Does Evil Plans trying to rule CP But this one is unusual. Why? Cause If he stole it then Why hot sauce? To have A paradise Melting snow By hot sauce? Make the holes in mountains then Put hot sauce? Turn to a beach

Well That Is he wants Hot sauce because he wanted to rule And thats just his first plan on the list of to destroy Club penguin and build
a Very Tropical Island paradise.
-Jokeypup :D


I think he is trying to melt the island, so it would not be suitable for penguins to live also penguins would be very exhausted (including the EPF), Herbert will then take down Club Penguin Island easily and become a supreme ruler like in Operation Blackout! (Which I wouldn't want it to happen again!)


I think herbert stole the hot sauce so he can reativate his solar laser. And I think he will use the hot sauce to bluid a more stronger solar laser to ruin clubpenguin. Its ok we will stop him!!!!


I think he is trying to destroy the island, because, Hot Sauce + Ice = Ice Burning, Ice Burning = Clubpenguin being destroyed

Mr Awesome M:

According to me as the Directer said in the briefing that it is very dangerous and can blast many things up! And since its 'hot' sauce Herbert might be using it to heat up the island and rule the penguins!


I think the reason Herbert stole all those hot sauce is to set up a machine to make the hotness and the stench of the hot sauce to go through underground and ravage and take over Club Penguin making a hot sauce blob monster.

I think his next plan is to make a portal to another dimension and turn the EPF and the penguins evil. And change the course of history by taking all his minions the Epf and the penguins to club penguin in the regular dimension.


I think why because Herbert stole the hot sauce is maybe because he teamed up with the villian's from the "Marvel Super Hero Takeover" and probably it has something to do with the crystals or melting Club Penguin Island and likely destroying the E.P.F. like he did with the P.S.A. ,Or probably because it is a start of his new plans like most likely it will start a new Operation likely an Operation about destroying Club Penguin Buildings or trying to get rid penguins of the island making it yuckier and will likely escape at Rockhopper's Ship "The Migrator" and probably go to Rockhopper Island and will have a likely quest there that find treasure's and get free non-members and member's only item's and coins and ( if they want ) only Secret Agent penguin's stay and solve where Herbert is and stop his plan. :)


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to make himself warm and to make us very sad plus to make something that will aid him to succes in taking over cp. maybe it is an invention that will turn very penguin to a puffle so he will rule over us!


I think he is trying to make a solar laser like November 2012 to try and destroy club penguin like last time. I'm sure agents will be on lookout to track down what he is doing. Whatever his thing looks like i'm sure its bad!


king naick:

maybe this is what herberts plan is ,the crystals which are growing in the forest ,he wants to capture them , melt them with the hot sauce and make something which will destroy clubpenguin. but as ever EPF will stop him


I think that Herbert invited his twin brother to cover up for him during Operation: Hot Sauce and made a big hole down to the core of Club Penguin. He put up all the diamonds he could see and put it on the ground. That's why we could see diamonds! Then, during the Marvel Superhero Party, her would make Club Penguin collapse because there's no more land below. With the help of the villains, they would destroy all of Club Penguin but the mighty superhero Penguins and EPF agents will go together. Gary will invent a machine to for EPF agents. The mighty superhero Penguins shall use their powers! And a new party will happen, the Snow Ninjas will use their powers to lift up Club Penguin. That's when Club Penguin Snow Party come! That's my connection!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because he was getting cold and hungry, so he took all of it from the Pizza Parlor and built a machine to store it all and keep it warm.


maybe herbert is planing to make a laser which probably works with some kind of hot material and then may be he would melt the snow and flood club penguin


I bet Herbert is trying to rebuild the Solar Laser to start Operation Blackout 2

jo jo gamal:

i think herbert stole the hot sauce to fill the solar laser with the hot sauce and then he explode club penguin

Icystorm 9:

He stole it so he can make a solar laser charger. Then he makes the Solar Laser something you can charge. Then, he will try to take over Club Penguin and turn it all into quiet and warmth. But he will fail, because he never beat the PSA for the 5 years they were in business, and he will never beat the EPF, because the EPF is a better version of the PSA!


Technically speaking:-

1) The Hot Sauce is a highly unstable and flammable resource.
2) The Solar Laser was meant to channel the sun rays to one spot on the island.

The Solar Laser had to be heat resistant to contain the rays and (very recently) Hot Sauce (hot). The last time, Herbert had to channel the sun rays. Then, I think, he had to decide (after Operation Blackout) to either try again (and be thwarted again) or to follow the saying: "If you can't beat it, join it" (He always says "Nothing beats sitting down in the rays of the sun")

So, he took the Hot Sauce to use as a flammable fuel in the Laser to not only channel the sun rays, but to capture it and use it in the Laser.

His plans were to create a massive Sun and Sauce- powered gun and shoot Club Penguin with it!

But, that didn't happen.

From Aryanval

king naick:

'herberts new plan is that the crystals which are growing in forest ,he wants to capture them and melt them with the help of hot sauce and make something which can cost harm to club penguin


I think he is using the hot sauce for the robots in the avengers party. I discovered this because when I looked at the video and what he was building in the picture and the robots in the video look similar to the thing he was building.
Best Fishes,
Waddle on,
From Tidus9631


hmmm This is hard i think hes trying to creat a volcana or somthing


I think Herbert P Bear is trying to melt the Island!
It would make sense, I mean he isn't gonna go and make a meat lover pizza is he? What else could the Hot Sauce be needed for?



With all the evidence I have gathered, I can conclude that Herbert stole the Hot Sauce to warm up the island. That's why he combined it with his Solar Laser. He was probably planning on blasting Club Penguin with it. Though he had another reason to steal it. He wanted to cancel the pizza party AND keep all the pizza for himself! Now, with the Solar Laser in paw, what could Herbert be plotting next? Perhaps he could go back into hiding, building his new fortress, and make a weapon powerful enough to destroy the EPF! I guess we just have to wait to find out.


I think herbert was making a hot sauce laser to MELT the island insead of freezing it. I also think he was going to melt the island from the inside. One other idea I had was that he would destroy the island's caves and mines and club penguin would collapse itself into the sea.


i think that he's trying to make a sooped-up boiler to try to heat the island likely sinking it again!

waddle on epf!!!


I Think hes gonna change the climate into a really hot sunny boiling day!!


Maybe he made that machine since club penguin is cold so he could make it hot?


I think that Herbert wants to learn Card-Jitsu... for taking over the island!

Fire rider20:

i think herbert is going to use the hot sauce to melt everything in clu penguin


I believe Herbert stole the hot sauce to fuel his invention and as from the DS video game he wants to make the island warm like a tropical island so he might have been using the hot sauce to melt the island with some heat ray but lucky the EPF stopped him in a recent party with your new spy phone!

Connor Sak:

Herbert got the hot sauce to burn the EPF HQ. Next he will destroy the iceberg!


i think that herbert was planning to pump all the hot sause below the surface and warm it .those pipes support my idea and after all herberts base was underground so the pipes could be drilled easily


i think I know why Herbert stole the hot sauce he wanted to destroy the director and the whole EPF so he can turn club penguin to club Herbert that would be bad very very VERY bad NO IT WOULD BE HORRIBLE that's horrible LITARALLY.


I think he was trying to use it to melt Club Penguin because he said it was the most violent substance on Club Penguin.


i wanna meet the mascots now that would be cool :D :)


hiya CP
I think that Herbert was using the hot sauce to put in a giant satellite and to send it into space, and when the time is right he activates it and it fires hot sauce onto club penguin melting the snow and ice but keeps a white puffle captive to cool down the ground, though I don't know why he should bother melting it, there's hardly any rock and dirt anyway its mostly ice.
lucky the EPF stopped him though I don't think Gary has invented a space ship yet.



Greetings Agents As We All Know Herbert Is Up To Something! When I Was Hiding In Herberts HQ I Heard Him Say Something
About A Solar Lazer Beam. No One Knows If He Failed That Plan And Gave Up. Or If He Still Had Some Hot Sause Left To Make
What He Was Making. But If He Strikes Again The Epf Will Rise. So Long Agents.



I think Herbert is trying to cover CP with hot sauce. Yuck!


I think Herbert took all the hot sauce because he doesn't like it on his pizza as we learned in the missions Herbert likes seaweed pizzas.

Gabby Rocks:

i think he is going to use that device and shoot the hot sauce to melt club penguin and take over the island

Austin Coolo:

I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to use it as an ingredient for his invention!
Or it could be to destroy puffles or squirt it all over club penguin!
Waddle on!


I think he's making a heat laser by putting the hot sauce into the laser.


Next herbert may use a lazer wepon

Al Bumble:

I think that Herbert tried to warm up the island with the hot sauce. I think he will go to the fire dojo and take some of the lava.


I think he is either A: trying to make a volcano. or B: he is just really hungry and plans to make some pizza

Enter nickname:

I think Herbert is making a hot sauce laser to dig through the town like a drill to find something underground in the ice; after all, there is a giant shark in a certain iceberg.


I think he was trying to make a solar laser to melt the island . and i think hes going to try destroying the CARD JITZU SNOW party


I think Herbert was trying to melt all the snow on the island. But he could also be using it to warm up the islan so we penguins and agents would evacuate! Well you never know! Sassette707, over and out!


i think he was gonna use the hot sauce to put in the metal thing he was building and make it explode to melt the snow and to heat up the island


Herbert P. Bear is trying to hot up the island so it is too warm to us penguins,
it is the difference to Operation : Black Out, he cooled up the island that time.
And his next mission is to destroy the Smoothie Smash bar maybe.

Waddle on!


herbert might of stole the hot sauce as a heat laser he would blast club penguin with.thank goodness we stoped him!!!
next he might get help from HIS FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dan dan daaaaaan!!!!
waddle on cp nose out!! :D


I think herbert was trying to make a laser which is powered by hot sauce to take over club penguin.


I think Herbert is going to melt the whole island of club penguin with hot sauce and build his own paradise for him and Clutzy.


I think Herbert will put extreme hot sauce in all penguin food

Bob Bob34365:

my idea was Trainman's


Well, he may wanted to use the hot sause to heat up his pizza! Not realy! I didn't mean that! Alright although I don't know what he was planning completely I know he wanted something warm. And was he wants it. *sips tea* He wants a paradise isle again. This is alarming! We must rebuild and be prepared for his next attack. This hobbit is over and out.


a satelitte


I think he was steeling the hot sauce because to make the island explode with hot sauce


I think he's trying to flood the island with the hot sauce, or just warm it up


During the mission Herbert said some things about his old 'solar laser' from Operation: Blackout.
If he was using hot sauce, he would've done Blackout over, except, it would power the Sun to be even hotter, and start melting the island.
But we also have to think:
"Where did Herbert find that cave?" "How did Herbert make a water pump?"

Well, that's all fo -- penguins :)
- Patrick45739


I think herbert stole the hot sauce to make a GGIIAANNTTTT volcano!Then he would burn the island and it will melt all the ice and become warm!I think he did this because he like the warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Herbert could have needed the hot sauce because i think the machine was made of metal. Since the got hot sauce was hot he could have needed it to make the metal stronger. Since this happened after the puffle party I think it would have something to do with controlling puffles to get the EPF out of the way since there are so many of them.


i think he is going to bring operation blackout again except he he is going to melt cp.(because of the hot sauce)

Dmk 66441:

I think 3 things will happen:

1. He burns the island(or something thats flamable).
2. He revives a villan from the past....

Every EPF oprative, stay on your guard!


i think herbert stole the hot sauce to melt the island into a tropical paradice the way he wanted it and get us of the island of Club and have the island to himself and Kluzty and then use the left over hot sauce and make gary to make a pizza maker 3000 and make pizzas with the leftover hot sauce

Snowy15161 XOXOXO


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because he want to melt the island, Waddle on


Well isn't it obvious? Herbert wanted to BLOW UP the EPF again!! He had a map with the EPF headquarters circled, he said this would top the popcorn explosion! He wanted to get rid of the EPF!!! But we won't let him! :) EPF AGENTS READ THIS ONLY, IF NOT MOVE ON. -Cpmonster808

Aaron Steel:

I think he was trying to turn the heat from the Hot Sauce into Energy for a Giant Super Heater to warm up his place and melt the island!


I think Herbert is rebuilding the solar ray from operation: blackout but with the undamaged parts making a devise witch will make the sea... hot sauce and then the penguins will have to move and after that Herbert will live in a hot paradise AKA what is left of club penguin

explorer red:

I guess he is building a heater 3000 to warm up the island to keep himself warm.
So we have to stop him.

jay zx9779:

i think it looks like a lazer like a super villin lazer cuz it looks like it

Super News:

Maybe to make a heat machine, something like that.


He did it beacuse he is awsome. Herbert must rule! hahahahahahhahahahahahah :D

jay zx9779:

he was trying to make a lazer to warm up the island and he needed the hot sauce to power it


I think Herbert is up to his old tricks again. Because I heard him say that he was making another sun light ray to steal the sun light and to power it he is using hot sauce. He really wants to take over Club Penguin. Thanks to the new upgrade on our spy phones we were able to track Herbert's footprints. Now all agents keep a sharp eye out for Herbert!


I think hes making TheHotSauceLavaMavaKavaMaker 3'000

penguin 7486:

i think he is going to burst the whole island with the hot sauce.


I think Herbert was trying to melt the island using hot sauce to its pure stone forcing all penguins to leave
and I think his next plan is to take all the power and color from rainbow puffles to power some terrible machine


I think Herbert is trying to build another laser because when I was in his lare he was talking about how "genius" it was to salvage the wreckage of his solar laser.


I guess he wanted to explode the EPF with the hot souse and with all the penguins in the EPF so he could
rule over Club Penguin


I think he is going to take all the puffles that are wild and make them do his bidding and make them take over club penguin. Herbert took the hot sauce so that he could melt club penguin and use it to make his house warm.


i think herberts going to make some kind of machine thats powered by hotsauce to plot revenge on when we stoped him when he tryed to kidnap the team and heat up the iland AGENT POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think he is using the hot saucce to melt the island. next plan? using crystals to take over the island.

Deepak nagle:

I think herbert will mix hot sauce with lot of cream soda and make jetpack fuel .He will use jetpack fuel and will go to the cloud forest.
He will throw all the rainbow puffles and will transform the cloud forest into very large warm island paradise with the help of his magnifying lazer.And he will only allow polar bears and crabs there, not penguins and puffles because he hates them.


Herbert is taking down cp to make a griant island of hottness to make all the penguins leave, so he can take over the island and make robot to help him to do his work for him. I will not leave I will hide and come out of hidding after all the penguin leave and take him down to the ground and have all cp be cold and snowy again.

tornado fire:

The reason i think Herbert stole the hot sauce is to finaly heat up the island


I think Herbert stole the Hot Sauce so he can have a warm place to live and he doesen't care since he always like making crimes. He took it for a few reasons : For cancelling the Pizza Party and Destroying the Pizza Parlor, preventing the EPF to stop the construction to improve their gadgets. And, Creating a warm place. He'll come back for revenge since we destroyed the lazer the makes the island colder. And, In my opinion herbert's next plan is : He's gonna make a machine to hypnotize the puffles and take over the island and do something to destroy the island. And... he may crate another paradise even though G said the island will sink.

Mrperfect 20:

I think Herbert was trying to melt the island probably thats why he was doing his work under water so he can increase the temperature right at the core of the island , But thats not going to happen until we Elite agents are here Herbert you better give up!

Ka ava:

Herbert must have stolen the hot sauce and maybe even apply it with something else which will maybe freeze us


I think that maybe he was gonna try to explode a part of the island since the hot sauce can explode OR he tried to use the hot sauce to warm up the island again. I mean can't he make a heater or something out of the hot sauce?


to salvage his solar laser!

Frosty 51966:

I think Bobby 2077's idea of Herbert melting the island is a really good idea. In the mission it looked a little like he was using the hot sauce to power something, like a cannon or an army of something...


I thibk herbert trided to take the hot sace is because he ran out of hot sace and he didint have enough coins to buy more so he stole it from us


I think he has the hot sauce to melt clubpenguin


I Think Herbert Took The Hot Sauce So He Could Melt The Island Remember In The PSA He Always Wanted To.
I Think He Is Going To Use All That's Left Of His ''Master Plan'' To Make A Giant Burning machine To Burn Club Penguin.


i think his trying to explode the island and whit hot sauce tip the ice berg!!!!!!!!!;)


I think Herbert stole the all the hot sauce to make the tallest mountain erupt to make Club Penguin melt

Waddle On!


i think he was going to use the hot sauce to make a heat device to keep him warm

venom lady:



I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because since it is a very hot substance, he will warm up the island. The boiler he was working on and the tubes leading to it must contain hot sauce that will make the hottest boiler ever. The temperature of that would make the island's snow melt, which would create a very tropical climate, perfect for Herbert to stay in. The reason he had the pizza, I'm not sure.


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce becuse he wanted to warm up the island. And hes going to next is steal all the puffles


That ray gun looks a lot like a heat ray, since there's Hot sauce running through it and red hot vents that steam comes out of. But would Herbert just spray down the island and be done? NO way. This is obviously just the small, island warming conclusion to his master plan!
Maybe he'll make evil clones of the EPF agents, or bring Proto-bot back to life and have it destroy all the buildings, upgrading himself.
Who knows, but whatever Herbert's up to this time, The EPF will prevail.

Stephanine 22:

I think he stole the Hot Sauce to make AN EVEN more POWERFUL laser. Then he will use it to melt all of the snow on the island since he doesn't like cold places.


herbert already said it's a solar laser... so i think herbert was trying to use the lighthouse a his base to enjoy his solar laser do exactly what happened in operation blackout(seal or suck up the sun's energy for some other evil plans). and the town is where his solar laser will do the grunt work...

Club penguin just gets cooler and cooler!!!





he has taken the hot souse to melt the island waddle


he has taken the hot souse to melt the island waddle


I think its a "Hot Sauce Heater" its powered by hot sauce to heat him self up. Oh you Herbert will you ever learn! This is gonna be a fun time defeating Herbert, Operation Hot Sauce is gonna be just training compared to this!
-Agent Pengu73339


he stole the hot sauce to melt the island


Herbert stole our hot sauce and hid it underground.....
After careful investigation, I've come to the conclusion that Herbert P. Bear was trying to MELT Club Penguin Island with the extremely hot substance! Rest assured, EPF agents are on the case.

Agent Pimila1, signing out.


As everyone knows that Herbert wants to make Club Penguin hot and the Hot Sauce is actually HOT! So that's why I think he stole the Hot Sauce!


It's definitely easy. Let me say it in numbers:
1.Herbert stole the hot sauce bottle and mixed it with whats left of the solar laser to heat himself up and make pizzas for himself and klutzy.
2.I think he will be stealing the recycling plant to make robots/machines that will help him conquer the island.
3.He will be disrupting the Card-Jitsu Snow party soon.

-Waddle on! Ciao!

long odds:

I think he is going to turn the epf into a giant pizza

Enter nickname:

he stole the hot sauce to melt the island
and make his house warm


pause time is the best super power


I think he wanted to make cp hotter!


I think he was going to spray all of the hot sauce up ( because his base is under ground) to melt the beach and then all of the hot sauce will spread and melt the island! But if he did succeed the EPF would of found a way to stop him! ( Like normal)


I think he is going to make a machine from his broken parts and destroy Card-Jitsu and use some of the hot sauce to invent it.


i think that herbert's plan is...


he stole all the hot sauce becase he wanted his place to be warm he hates the cold he almost flood cp one time!

i think hes going too drop things all over and makes kluzy a robot so he dose not get hurt and so he can drop big rock too make cracks in cp ice and water starts flowing slowing and make a robot hypnotyze penguin non epf angents dont look any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but epf agents have glasses to save them non epf members need to look for them.

handsome hal:

I think Herbert's plan was to eat all the pizza so the penguins didn't have anything to eat.


Maybe Herbert Wanted To Use Hot Sauce To Make The Island Not Cold Anymore!

Herbert Might Want To Turn Club Penguin To A Really Warm Place Using Hot Sauce!
(But Using Hot Sauce Would Be Kinda Strange If U Want To Warm Up The Island)


it could be a robot or ULTIMATE PROTOBOT 100,00!!!!!!!!! :) xD

Enter nickname:

Maybe herbet was planning to team up with the villian in the superhero party and get the robots from the trailer to shoot the hot sauce at the penguins. Pingu91527


The reason I think Herbert stole the hot sauce was because Herbert would goes to the ski hill and makes the hot sauce into some kind of lava which will burn everything and destroy club penguin or he would use the amount of the hot sauce make it into a rocket and fly away from club penguin


I think Herbert is so evil he might have been planing to destroy the island with hot sauce or turning the island into a tropical island and have nice refreshments with pizzas filled with a chunk of hot sauce!


i think Herbert would use the hot sauce into the machine because he would use it as a cannon blast and melt the whole club penguin is land because the hot sauce is VERY VERY HOT!!!!!


hey i was thinking what if herbert knew it was like fire so i was thinking he was making a hot sause laser to sing the island and next he wil use the spy phone to hack the epf

Enter nickname:

maybe herbert was heating the hot sauce as a heating system ?


to warm the island and have a meltdown


I think he is trying to make a super-ultra mega explosive volcano so that the hot sauce with burn up all of the snow and it'll be too hot for penguins to live on so they'll go somewhere else like the iceberg and club penguin island will all belong to Herbrt p bear!

ethan cat 84:

I think the lazor is for to activate a army of crabs that will rule clubpenguin and block the sun and clubpenguin would be a wasteland.
Then your penguin will have to do lots of miny misions and then a big one.

until then : waddle on cp :)


I think he stole the hot sauce because he was hungry :)


I think he was trying to try and make the island a tropical sauna or something.
maybe he is going to try and take teh drietcro (unscramble the letters) and threaten us in stead of fighting us cause he is the biggest chicken in the entire world. ; P


I think Herbert's plan with the hot sauce was to make it so everyone went into the pizza parlour to Investigate.
Then he'd melt the floor in the pizza parlour and everyone would be in the water. He'd restore the floor and do it again to other penguins one by one till club penguins underwater!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because.... He's making a pizza machine, so he can make ONE BIG pizza and cover Club Penguin with it!!!! Run!! Or, get your napkins!


We all know that Herbert's plans are pretty ingenious but all of them are ending happy ( for the penguins ) because of the EPF.........
But , what could the EPF do if Herbert would Join the villains at the MARVEL SUPER HERO TAKEOVER for more power ? Would Herbert destroy the island or would he fail because the Mandarin and Herbert would haggle for the leader seat ? Until then.......waddle on!!!!


I think Herbert stole the Hot Sauce to get the power of it, and make a Hot Solar Laser to warm the sky! Like the one in Operation: Blackout... Maybe this Herbert's Plan would be named "Operation: Caution HOT!" Also, Herbert stole all the pizzas, he maybe got all vegeterians pizzas and normal pizzas for Klutzy!

Hmm... I'm Searching information for Herbert's next "big" plan now...

Keep safe,

Agent Mario6354


Herbert stole the hot sauce to melt club penguin!Fire beats snow! FYI:EPF AGENTS,KEEP STOPING HERBERTS MASIVE PLANS!


oop! forgot to enter nickname. maybe herbert was heating the hot sauce as a heating system ?


Since Herbert's main goal is to warm up the island, he was probably planning to use the tubes to channel or move the hot sauce around certain place in the island slowly warming them up. It might take days or maybe even weeks, but it would never attract the EPF's attention. The island would heat up and nobody would notice, because it's a slow process like global warming.Too bad he kept too many clues or he would have suceeded.

dark shadow:

I think Herbert was trying to heat up the island with a hot sauce powered machine


i think herbert is going to use the hot sauce to burn clubpenguin because its a dangerous substance


In my opinion,Herbert stole the hot sauce to launch it with the solar laser(now a hot sauce cannon)in the middle of club penguin(as seen in a drawing in his desk)and melt all the snow and ice,and turn club penguin into a tropical paradise,and any penguin who refuses to bow down to him will get sprayed with hot sauce!


i think it is leading to a giant robot for operation puffle

hollie may:

I think Herbert was trying to flood or burn club penguin with hot sauce. I particularly think myself that he wanted to destroy Club penguin once and for all. He was probaly thinking this time his plan would definatly work because he set up a really secret hideout base but thanks to Gary and the Director who helped make the secret traking device. And also thanks to the agents who helped stop Herbet's wacky invention. At least the pizza place is now repaired. (smiles)




Im sure why!!!!!!! Why are the penguins using hot sauce ???? For pizza !!!!!! Im sure that Herbert used the giant hot sauce bottle to use it on all the stolen pizza and for a huge epic pizza !!!!! Why should herbert be bad all the times ?? Maybe it was made with love and peace for the penguins !!!! If that was just a plan to destroy the island or it was true i dont know but Its sure that YOU ( the one who is reading now ) would beat him !!!! Trust Me!!!!!!¡!¡!¡!¡! Waddle ON!!!!!


i think he want's to have a black puffle as a pet


I think that Herbert did it because, he's always wanted to rid Club penguin of fun, cold and most of all penguins!!


He'll probably penguin-nap the director soon and leave the EPF with no direction. However the EPF will always protect us all from any villany!!


I think Herbert's next plan will be is to trap the penguins in a huge pizza and it has lazers on it so you can't escape! By ckeith1 my cp account name.

cool 4 pg:

I think herbert is planning to build a rocket powered by hot sauce to fly into the sky and steal all the clouds so it cant snow in club penguin anymore :(



EPF AGENTS ONLY THIS MESSAGE IS TOP SECRET REPEAT THOSE WHO ARE NOT AGENTS MOVE ON...I think Herbert P Bear was trying to warm up the island with the hot sauce, that or something else...Waddle on agents. P.S And Herbert might try to steal those crystals that are appearing up on the island...

Pengu Dude:

I think Herbert Is trying to construct some kind of super fire weapon made from the solar lazer , and hot sauce. LOTS of hot sauce. It would most likely cause a heat wave and melt all of the island's snow. Waddle on, and remember fellow agents, be Resourceful. be Remarkable. And be Ready.


I think that Herbert was using it to build a mind control machine that would make all the puffles hypnotised.I also think he was using it to build another solar laser.But i think it will come for operation puffle dont ya guys think?waddle on,


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to melt the island! He never liked how cold it was, and tried to ruin our parties! Speaking of parties, maybe it has something to do with the Earth Day Party Or The Super Hero Party Coming Up! Maybe he's gonna be like a new super villain! And Have a Robot Army! Or Team Up With Someone! It Would Be Really Hard To Stop Him Then! And Maybe Herbert Will Have A Base! Like The Opposite Of EPF! Im Getting Myself worried Already! Waddle On!

Cupcake Club:

I think Herbert's plan (That will probably fail) is to heat up the island by making a giant machine to hold the hot sauce and slowly drip it in to the island, heating it up bit by bit, melting all our wonderful snow bit by bit. He will never get away with it!!! :D

Cute man622:

I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to make it explode all over the island! Because it's hot, it'd heat up everything, Herbert likes the warm. I think that's why the Town was circled on a piece of paper on the wall where he was working - because it's in the center of the island and the main room. I think he's going to continue trying to heat up the island.

daniel thedj:

i think Herbert will make a machine which will spread the hot sauce in the clouds which the clouds will rain with hot sauce so it can be hot in club penguin.


He probably wanted to melt the club penguin's island with that much of hot sauce! but we all know.....he failed :)

WADDLE ON !!!!!! CP ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flying high1:

i think he wanted a solar laser as hot as the sun! to melt the snow all over the island becuse all since the beinin i don't know much but the sistum defender and the misson meadle has give me this informashon and then after the snow was melted he woad proble try and drystoy us next! thanks for reading and
waddle on and thanks suport team


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