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By Polo Field on April 18, 2013 - 12:51

Hey Penguins,


Last week we asked what you think is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe. Wow! Did you ever have some amazing ideas!! Check out what indigofire14 wrote:


I think the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is invisibility. No sense can be more fooled than sight! Also, when you're fighting supervillains, the element of surprise is on your side. They'll never see you coming. Ninja power! 


Invisibility would DEFINITELY be useful for taking down Super Villains. Well put, indigofire14!



Now we have a question for the agents out there. ALL NON-AGENTS STOP READING. NOTHING TO SEE HERE!


What is Herbert up to?! Tell us why you think Herbert stole the hot sauce, and what you think he's planning next. We'll pick one of our favorite comments and feature it on the blog next week. If yours is chosen, we'll add 10,000 coins to your penguin account.


Thanks to all the amazing elite agents who solved the mission!


Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



I think Herbert is going to explode it in the pzza place.Because he thinks it isn't fair that he doesn't get pizza!Cause , every penguin likes pizza:) :) :) :D Like who doesn't?


Knowing Herbert Percival Bear, he would most likely steal Hot Sauce, well, it's in the name... 'HOT' Sauce. He would use it to burn the snow covering Club Penguin...Or, he would just use it to make a spicy seaweed pizza.

Agent Toystorymatt, code name: M64, over and out.


I'm thinking Herbert was going to use the hot sauce as a weapon, and use it to do something like when he destroyed the EPF base and caused the blackout, taking all of the sun's power.


Hey, Club Penguin! I think that that Bad Polar Bear, HERBERT... Was getting Hot-Sauce so HE could MELT CP!!! OH NO! D:

I... Guess...


P.S!!! OR Herbert wants to make "CP" a PIZZA!

Mtr Tiny:

I think Herbert was going to use the hot sauce to power a new weapon that would heat up all of CP! and he may have begun to redesign the solar generator into that weapon! (rather than building a new weapon)



i think he got it to turn CP into a warmer place. Just like last time he tried to take over CP with the heat ray... he probly did it to get revenge... i wonder why... he is a polar bear!
waddle on!


i think herbert is a evil villian because he had a hard life growing up, he, therefore, would like to change club penguin island into a warm climate, therefore, if he does not fail, he WILL change club penguin island into a warm climate, penguins will not live there, and club penguin will be abanded.

goodbye, penguins

waddle on

clicky Tick1:

I think Herbert was using the hot sauce to turn the island into a tropical pardise. That way, he will finally be warm and sledding, the snow forts, the iceberg, hockey, and most of all, the snow will be gone.


i agree with booglefly358


i think herbert is going to make battle robot to dstroy the island


I think Herbert will wipe or puffles minds next and i think he was trying to destroy the three places he hates the town the plaza and the everday phoning factilty so we could not have the EPF and we would not vist the town and he would have all the vegie pizza!

Agent Flinn:

I think Herbert is trying to use the hot sauce to melt the island, because he always complains how cold the island is and that he wants to make the island warmer. :)

Tanqterr :

I think that Herbert is using the hot sauce to heat up the island. Since the hot sauce is hot (the size of the bottle makes it more hotter)he can make a machine that can heat the hot sauce up even more to melt all the snow and only leave rocks.Herbert will never get away with this!


Herbert is a smart bear. I think he might have used the hot sauce for an occasional snack, as a topping on his pizzas. He'd snack on those once and a while. Klutzy would steal pizzas for Herbert when he got hungry. I think Herbert's next plan is possibly "Operation: underwater". The reason I think that is because when you went into his cave area, it said "flood"/ "drain". He might be planning to flood CP.

you never know what will happen next...
Stay on alert, agents!
-Mumble (Mumbl1118)

Jackie 1414:

I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to squirt it all over Club Penguin. I know because he would melt all penguins and puffles, leaving the island to himself.

Pepper 2015:

I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to make a secret invension. He will invade the island next

Skipper H20:

Maybe Herbert is using it to heat up his lair. You guys all know that Herbert ALWAYS says (complains) that he is too cold.


I think Herbert stole our hot sauce to melt the island into a beach paradise! Too bad the EPF will stop him in time! We've done it before, we can do it again!

Fun Lego:

I think the thing he was fixing was the machine the puffles destroyed in the video "Puffle Trouble". The hot sauce is like the power souce for his machine.


i think Herbert stole the hot sauce because in the picture and on the mission it looks like he might have tried to melt the island. probably Herbert is trying to build a machine to destroy some of the popular rooms like the town,the plaza,the snow forts,and the dojo or he is going to build a boat so he can get off of club penguin.

waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because he was trying to keep his hideout toasty while he tried to rebuild the solar laser. He thinks the solar laser idea was a great plan and is trying to improve it so there will be no flaws. He is so greedy!



He is going to melt the island and make pizza when he is done


I think Herbert did it for 2 reasons
1 is to melt Club Penguin to water, and 2 is so he could make a rocket to get home.

Waddle on!

P.S. Or maybe it's for a giant pizza. We may never know! Dun dun DUN!!!


I think that Herbert will use it to use it as a battery for a second version of a ray to take over the island and have hot sause lasers shoot out of it.


I personally think that Herbert and Klutzy are using the hot sauce to power a machine. That machine will eventually destroy Club Penguin (NOOOOOO!!!!!!!) as in Herbert's wildest dreams. The hot sauce will explode the island and Herbert's wishes will be fulfilled.


- Treet34


I think he was going to melt EPF. Pretty easy to tell he hates everyone's guts.
Post ive never been posted.


I think that he took the hot sauce because he wanted to revive the solar laser, but the hot sauce would turn it into a burning laser and he would try to destroying the island by... well; by literally DESTROYING IT BY BURNING THE ISLAND!



I think Herbert is planning on melting the island, since he always plans on that. But i'm sure he's going to change his mind.


I think herbert was trying to power up his solar laser that he used in operation blackout with hot sause so he can melt clubpenguin! By the way the EPF will NEVVVVER let herbert get away with this.

Amie Pond:

I think herbert stole the hot sauce on purpose because... he wanted to destroy the epf again to take over clube peguin or.. he just wanted the cold changed to warm but why does he try every single time!? he does fail too. please reply waddle on.

Mmm Man12:

I think he was going too send the hot sauce in the sun so it will heat the sun and the island would turn into a tropical paridiase


Attention all Agents! Herbert is planning something TERRIBLE!!! Based on the evidence at hand, here is my theory: Herbert is rewiring his Solar Laser to convert it to a Hot Sauce Shooter! Once he has finished, he will use this device to fire Hot Sauce around the island in an attempt to heat it! This could end in disaster! He MUST be stopped at all costs!

This is Agent Violet3899, signing off! Good luck, Agents!


I think Herbet was going to use the hot sauce to melt the island.




I think that Herbert is going to harness all of the hot sauce's spicy heat, then attempt to turn Club Penguin into a tropical paradise like he dreams of, by raising the temperature. Obviously, he would fail (and probably melt the island if he succeeds).


Ok! This May Sound Weird But.........I THINK HERBERT'S GONNA MAKE GIANT PIZZA MONSTERS! Lol That Would Rock!


I think Herbert was making a heating ray that would heat and destroy the island. Well he was using a highly flammable substance (as shown by Gary), so I'm pretty sure it was about heating the island. I mean, that's like Herbert's life long desire, to destroy Club Penguins!! Herbert did say something about it being a solar ray. So my whole idea was, Herbert was building a solar magnifier ray that was powered by the highly flammable substance (hot sauce), and he used the flood/drying machine to make it easier to dry up the water around, and on the Club Penguin island and other islands on Club Penguin [the game]!! So that was my idea. I hope that was right. And if that was right, I'm happy that the EPF agents stopped him (including me!! (: )!! I know he's planning something, more... Anyways, waddle on!!
-Azgdpurple (that's my penguin's name)


I think he stole the hot sauce so he can melt cp because the place is so cold but a real polar will like cold and he will make a new island called c-c-club Herbert


I think he only stole the hot sauce to distract us from his real plan. I think what he is really gonna do is steal all the puffles on the island!!! We all know he hated puffles before. But when he heard that ANOTHER puffle got created, (the rainbow puffle) he got really mad and now wants to get rid of them all!! I mean, operation hot sauce did come right after the puffle party. I think stealing the hot sauce is a way to distract us from him getting the puffles, all we're thinking about is the hot sauce. It's all a disguise plan.


I think Herbert is making a hot sauce laser and use it as a drill through the town to find something underground; after all, there is a giant shark in a certain iceberg.


i think maybe herbert will destroy club penguin again but the EPF will beat herbert again!!!


I saw something about hot sauce having a power. Maybe that is what herbert wants to have another chance to takeover
Our maybe he wants to shut down the pizza parlor


Maybe Herbert is using the hot sauce as a lazer and is is going to cut Club Penguin into halves.


Herbert is getting the Hot Sauce to try and melt the island because he thinks that there is a beach under the island, if he forgot about that one...


I think Herbert was trying to build a machine in which when he poured hot sauce it would be all loaded up and then he could use it to melt all of Club Penguin and then we would have to move and he could enjoy the place all to himself as then it would be warm. Anyways the agents solved the mission so I guess we are safe.......unless Herbert makes another plan!! Waddle On!!


I bet Herbert stole the hot sauce because he wanted to melt the island using the hot sauce. But he actually put some upgrade on it so it will be a laser for the island. But glad us agents found it. If we haven't, our island must have been melted. And I think his next plan is some of his robots to attack the agents while Herbert and Klutzy works again making a machine to melt the island.


i got two reasons.(1.)i think he will try to melt club penguin since it's made of snow.(2.)he might also try to flood the island because if you guys see the plans he has on the wall you will see water under the island.
-fire34700. Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!!

virat samrat:

i think herbert stole the hot sauce because its to hot and herbert wants warm things and to explode the island he would even use some hot sauce as klutzy wanted to eat the pizza after his plans and he got these ideas as if you put hot sauce to a puffle o and give it to a black puffle you can see its power


Well, I think Herbert tryed to steal the hot sauce so he can make an evil special recipe pizza to take over the island and make clones so he can replace the penguins and with his evil super powers, heat up the island and start living like the upper class. He`ll have servants, maids, butlers, and drivers. He can live in warm weather in style. But what he does not know that the EPF agents are hiding and have to try to stop herbert by doing certain kind of missions. After that he can get his robots to fight us. He`s so greedy and he thinks he`s so smart, so he offers a prize, whoever wins, gets a real solid gold trophy!


We all know that Herbert tries to disrupt the fun from the island.But he is not simply evil,just trying to enjoy and relax himself.The snow which he does not like,the penguins which he does not like,the parties which he does not like(because he also wants to have fun),alll prove he wants enjoyment,and is not 'evil'...
So I think,that all Herbert does is try to attract attention,as he was the center of attention during both Operation:Blackout and Operation:Hot Sauce,and he loved it,or so I think! So I am not trying to say Herbert is good,but he is innocent.


Well, I saw his map, and he had circled specific landmarks on club penguin. Perhaps he wanted to destroy the work that was going on in the 'Everyday Phoning Facility' so we wouldn't be able to fight him as well!


I think herbert is upto updating the Solar Laser I think hes making a new version of it to destroy CP and EPF


well, everyone says that because the hot sauce is flaming hot, herbert will use it to explode the entire place. that was also my idea but here's another one. he is taking all the pizza and hot sauce away to make us starve. Thats like herbert. he is evil in a very polar bearish way.


He is using it as his next laser! It will be fired at Club Penguin and Club penguin will start to have Global warming! oh no agents! Stay sharp!


OR he will flood CP with hot sauce oo


I think he will melt Club Penguin with a Hot sauce machine and OVERTAKE


I think he would use the hot sauce because he wants to melt all the ice on Club Penguin and make the land sunny with coconut trees growing!!!!!




well I think Herbert was going to fry the island (with the hot sauce) to make it warmer and drill hole to get rid of all the houses, penguin and puffles.


well I think Herbert was going to fry the island (with the hot sauce) to make it warmer and drill hole to get rid of all the houses, penguin and puffles.

Sophia 12138:

I think Hebert will turn the hot sauce into something that will make him the most powerful polar bear in the whole world. Then he will beat the EPF and rule Club Penguin once and for all

-Sophia 12138 (P.S. this is my real Cp name )


I think that Herbert is going to use the hot sauce to melt the island and destroy all the penguins as he hates us all
or he could be planning to blow up the puffle hotel and pet shop because he hates the puffles too and calls them pesky


I think hebert was trying to flood the island!
Remember the time when klutzy went onto the switch FLOOD and Herbert yelled at him?
I think he got water from the ocean( beacase it was at the beach) and put it in a pipe to flood!
And remember that bit when klutzy was jumping for the pizza and Herbert yelled no pizza klutzy, we"ll eat when I'm done
I think they had pizza to celebrate when they flooded the island!

Sparkle 9136:

I think Herbert was trying to flood the island with hot sauce or maybe he was trying to burn it down. He must of been doing some sort of crazy thing. He probaly stole the pizza so he wouldn't get hungry or anything. He did hide in a really secret base but thanks to Gary who made the new tracking device the epf agents were able to track him down and stop his wacky invention. A big thanks to the epf agents who stopped his weird plan. Now we have stopped one of his plans there is probaly alot more coming so look out agents.


always be on the look out agents ok


I think why Herbert stole the hot sauce because he might be hungry,cold and trying to salvage the solar laser to try destroy us.He might also try to be making a solar laser to take all the sunlight from club penguin to warm up where he came from.He might also be trying to flood club penguin.Herbert may be smart but he will never be smart enough to beat us! We can do this. Agents let's beat Herbert and Klutzy.Time to beat Herbert.

Waddle on!


Enter nickname:

he is still trying to revive the heat ray plan :operation blackout


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to heat up the Island! Because... It's hot. Luckily he didn't suceed! He obviously didn't give up on his plans on turning CP into a tropical Island :) So we better Watch out! Who knows what that sneaky polar bear is up to next? Wadlle On Cp!!!!!


don't you think that the laser was related to the previous mission:operation blackout


I think Herbert is making a rocket and is going to blast himself to somewhere nicer


I think Herbert was trying to warm up and melt the snow On Club Penguin. But of course it would just melt the island. I think his next plan is going to be Herbert rule Club Penguin again. and make him have half the island with all sorts of warmth. and penguins Who don't swear royalty to herbert on the other cold side.


I think Herbert took the hot sauce to put in his lazer to shoot on Club Penguin and heat things up. And he took the seaweed pizza for him and the fish pizza for Klutzy.


i think herbert wanted to make a huge pizza monster to knock people out with hot sacue and when the penguins woke up they were hypnotized to do whatever herbert says so he could rule cp.



Didn't anyone notice the papers on Herbert's wall? There was an X on a part of the island. HINT.


Oh i know!
I think that Herbert is trying to heat the island with this hot sauce!

Waddle on polo Field!

Ally Light:

Ah,Something related to his past plans? This time he might try to make the island hot. He might even ''penguin-nap'' our mascots again.
I'm guessing whatever he's doing,Klutzy will be some kind of decoy. Anyways, what I think he's doing is trying to take anything hot ( In this case,hot sauce)and make a little resort in his polar bear hide- out and flood Club penguin with lava.Keep your eyes open for anything strange. Even a polar bear can out-smart us....


I am sure that he is trying to heat the island with that evil hot sauce!
And after we will oh excuse me he will govern the island our leader will govern!
Oh excuse me he will definitely govern the island!
Let s prepare to battle!
Waddle on!


Hey CP, I think he stole the hot sauce bottle 'cause remember when he said, "The hot sauce will help with the solar laser," Or something!He might be powering up the solar laser!!


I think herbert is trying to heat up the island to make his own paradise just like in the club penguin game for dsi.


i think herbert if trying to over heat the island with the hot sauce so us penguins will die and he will be warm instead of cold and invaiding the epf hq with a giant hot sauce pizza like he did with th popcorn!


I think Herbert will build a crazy piece of machinery to ruin club penguin it will probably lead to another mission or a game. On different occasions , he tried to destroy the ice in the ski lodge and he tried to destroy EPF in operation blackout . I think thought that Herbert was going to turn it into a laser which he would then fire at the EPF and then the iceberg melting it . He will then have conquered Club Penguin! If he carries on it will probably lead to a party....


I Think Herbert Is Trying To Shoot A HUGE Fireball At Clubpenguin! Either That Or He Needs Fire To Power A Machine Used For Evil.

Waddle On!


A: I think that Herbert wants to melt the island with the hot sauce to get revenge on us.
B: Maybe he wants to ruin the Snow Dojo when it finally arrives!

Waddle on Club Penguin!

ash kid413:

i think he's recovering the solar laser to bring back operation blackout and take over club penguin.


I think Herburt was trying to melt the island, and make everyone starve! And when they where done with their plan, Herburt will eat all of the pizza as a celebration! And on he's next plan, I think he'll steal all of our coins! Or, he'll break all of the games and well couldn't play games on Club Penguin!!!!!!!


I think herbert was makeing a ray to heat up everything it blasts. :)


I think he wanted to fuel up the solar laser and then melt the island.heat is energy and energy is fuel right? That would give him the power to fuel the laser and the heat and force to melt the island. Plus, the possibility of explosion from the hot sauce could be something that he wants so that he can destroy Club Penguin.

Hi Penguin4:

I think that Herbert was trying to turn the hot sauce into a giant flamethrower, because he loves making things go warm and all of the hot sauce in that bottle would be hot enough to Heat up CP !!! Waddle On My Flippered Friends!!!


I think he is going to try to steal something else. Cause if he stole the hot sauce, he'll probably steal something else. SO ALL AGENTS BE READY!!!

flyer guy1:

Well...herbert may have finally became good and make a giant pizza for all of club penguin, or he was just planning to melt the island.


I think Herbert was going to melt the island by using spare solar ray parts and the hot sauce while not drowning by staying in the comfort of his secret base.


I think herbert was trying to stay warm under a lake and now he could plan a better plan


i know what herbert is up to he's using his old laser and the hot sauce to make a hot sauce laser and blast it at club penguin to heat up the island so he can turn it into a beach so the penguins cant live there we have to stop herbert at all costs! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to remake his solar laser but instead of stealing the sunlight it will shoot hot sauce to melt club penguin and the E.P.F HQ. He will also make a helicopter from his previous machines powered by hot sauce to look for a warm paradise and to celebrate his victory he will eat all the pizza. The penguins would have to escape in boats and aqua grabber machines. I think he's now planning to steal all our pets, items, pizza, fish and coins.


i think he is going destroy epf when it finish

bannana man5:

he was trying to warm up the island


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because he likes spicy food and he wants the pizza to himself.Next Herbert will make something called a Polar Laser 3,000 that turns penguins into polar bears.He might get rid of penguins forever! :(


I think that Herbert is building some sort of super weapon so he can take over club penguin again! But we wont let that happen now that we have the awesomest EPF agents to protect us!

Yo You1:

I think herbert was trying to rebuild his laser he used in operation blackout because it looked like the same thing


maybe me he will make something more dangeros and mix it with his other evil plans


maybe he will steel all of are puffle black yellow red blue pink purple orange white brown and green and then turn all of those puffles evil and the will destroy cp just a guess


I think why herbert stole the sauce was :
he needed it for fuel for his machine so it could work and so he could use it for other machines. I think what herbert is gonna do next is rebuild his hideout on or somewhere on clubpenguin or somewhere else and make a another machine to destory the epf . and


I think Herbert was trying to use the hot sauce to melt away Club Penguin. Why? I don't know. Maybe he thinks that it will turn Club Penguin into lovely green land.


i think that he was going to use the hot sauce to heat up the island like he has always wanted too


Hey Penguins and Polo Field you ask me why I think Herbert stole the hot sauce well good question
he probably stole the hot sauce because these four reasons; he wanted revenge for all the other times we defeated him, he wants to stay warm, or he wants to blow Club Penguin so he can rule it all, or maybe because he was just bored XD. Just kidding. But those first here reasons are probably it. Ok thanks Polo Field Waddle on and lets hope to catch him next time!

Cman0504 :

I think this time Herbert would go to the Pet Shop take all the puffles put them in his secret lair and then we have to find him and then we have to find him and then we get the puffles back. Next mission is going to be the coffee shop beans all over the place coffee spilled and then the book room books everywhere bookcase fallen on the desk the games are all over the floor and then the printer is broken and says ''OUT OF ORDER '' .


I think he may steal coffee beans from the Coffee shop. until then
Waddle O
Waddle On
Waddle On!


He stole it because he wanted to blow up the island litterally he wanted to cover it in hot sause and take over the island,EPF and the heat then he will conquer the island


Herbert would use the hot sauce to melt all the snow and burn Club Penguin


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because he is going to make a hot sauce that can take over penguins minds ! no one will know because it will look like ordinary hot sauce . also Herbert likes things hot since the island is cold .once Herbert takes over penguins minds he will melt the island and make it a tropical place .


I believe that herbert was going to use the hot sauce in some extremely weird way that is currently unknown to make the temperature extremely hot. Then we could play ice jitsu to help cool down the island. It would be amazing if that happened!


I think Herbert wanted to use the solar laser for a different kind of lazar that used the haut sauce to make some kind of weather so hot that it would melt all the ice in the island. Maybe nest time he will try and create a mind machine to control penguins so he can rebuild the solar laser and have the great life he had during operation blackout.


I think herbert took the hot sauce to use to blow up/melt club penguin!it would also make everything warmer of course.

the next thing I'm guessing he will do will have something to do with rainbow puffles or food,again.


What if herbert was going to carry out an earlier plan? He said something in PSA mission 9 about using puffles to destroy club penguin. Remember mission 6 where the black puffle went on fire because of the hot sauce? Herbert had a map, and it looked like he was going to target the Pet shop. Because of the big pizza parlor incident, nobody would pay attention to the pet shop. Then the black puffles would melt the island.


my sister thinks because hot sauce is warm so maybe he will try to fill club penguin with hot sauce to warm it up!

waddle on


I Think Stole The Hot Sauce So He Can Melt The Island! Then he Will Leave The Island On A Boat Or Something.


I think that he was going to make the whole island melt with that giant bottle of hot sauce, and he stole the pizza so we could be miserable and sad :( or he was making a giant death ray to destroy all penguins and then he would find or build a large boat to sail somewhere tropical! And also maybe he was using the spare parts from the laser in operation blackout to make a giant heat ray that would melt all of Clubpenguin but then it would fail and he would end up burning himself and the rest of the citizens of Clubpenguin.
I think those are 3 reasonable anwers so bye for now

Inutile ;)


I think that Herbert was trying to make something that will burn club penguin because the director said that the hot sauce was extremely dangurous

Mii is cool:

i think he's gonna try to make it warmer because he has always hated the cold but probaly make the club penguin almost sink AGAIN!

dinoboy jr:

I think Herbert will get a crab army and take over the island


I think Herbert was going to use the hot sauce for him to destroy Club Penguin, and to turn it into a place that's warm, and he can live there, and the penguins will leave. It's because it's so hot ,and there's no snow to level it out so the whole island will belong to Herbert, and he'll have the island to himself and no more penguins.

Yo 3001:

I think Herbert wanted to use the hot sauce to melt the island by pumping it through the ice using that suspicious contraption he probably made using the parts from the laser he used during operation blackout. I also think he probably got the idea for using hot sauce for his plan by spying on the pizza parlor then stealing their supply of hot sauce!
he knows how much penguins love pizza!


I think Herbert used stole the Hot Sauce to melt Club Penguin. Herbert did leave his home in search of a sunny place to live. That big bottle of Hot Sauce was sure to melt Club Penguin because in Card Jitsu when you choose fire and your opponent chooses snow, your penguin uses hot sauce. Since Club Penguin is filled with snow, that bottle of Hot Sauce will melt Club Penguin. So I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to put it in a machine that spreads the Hot Sauce around Club Penguin.

Josh DD:

Once again i think Herbert was trying to destroy Club Penguin again while klutzy the crab just destroyed Herbert,s plan by accident . What i think Herbert,s plan was that he wanted to make a hot sauce laser to destroy Club Penguin so he can be in these back days when klutzy saved his life. Thank You For Reading This Club Penguin Team i hope i win and Waddle On.

Lagoona 383:



I think that Herbert was trying to melt the island with the hot sauce. I think Herbert might try to sink the island to destroy CP or he might steal the one thing penguins love! PUFFLES!!!


Firstly, I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because hes working on some kind of machine powered with lava, but the hot sauce is the equal to that because it's so hot. Secondly, What I think he would do next is capture gary and steal an invention of his to take over cp, but he wont succeed because he doesn't know how to opperate it, and blows it up. And so you (the agent), some rescue Gary whilst (while) herbert tries to fix Gary's machine. :)
Waddle on. :DDD

Mr bluewing1:

I think Herbert is going to melt the island and make his own paradise using a volcano to make a new island. That plan sounds 'Hot'


I think Herbert is taking phase 1 of his plan, to hypnotize the orange puffles then hypnotize all the puffles. :(


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because he wanted to make the hot sauce go all over the island to make it his very own warm paradise.

MR BOB126:

He might have rebuilt the solar laser and made it more powerful with the hot sauce.


Hmmmm.... it seems that Herbert is using the hot sauce to create some sort of fiery device. It could be used to burn down all of Club Penguin. Whatever it is, he's definitely up to no good. In that case, we need all the agents out there pronto!

think club:

I think herbert was trying to burn down the island.The reason i got that awnser was because he hates the penguins and he hates the cold weather so he tried to burn the island down!

-Think Club


I Think Herbert Wanted To Club penguin To Be Club Herbert And He Wanted To Be The Main Of CP
And KIck THe Penguins Out
Waddle on
waddle o


olivort :

i think he was going to use the hot sauce to burn down cp i think he is going to finish the machine he was building and steal the hot sauce so he can try to burn it.


I think that Herbert tried to make some hot sauce laser to melt CP with. Then I think Herbert will try to gather up all the black Puffles and make them heat up his cave with there hot sauces. But us EPF agents will stop him


I think that Herbert was using the hot sauce to generate heat in the machine he was making. also like heat beats snow and that he was trying melt the club penguin into water.

Ice mice5:

I think herbert is making a giant pizza.Then he could be warm.


I think Herbert was gonna turn the epf base into pizza dough and then bake it then he puts the hot sauce on it and puts cheese on it then eats it with klutzy (I've realized that no comments metion klutzy)


I think Herbert was planning on melting the island of CLub Penguin with all of the hot sauce he stored up. Luckily, the EPF stopped him right in his tracks!!!!!!!

Sean Paul08:

I think Herbert was using the Giant Bottle of Hot Sauce to make it explode in the EPF HQ making another agency destroyed like the Popcorn Explosion in the Sports Shop (Now the Everyday Phoning Facility) so the EPF HQ is eliminated so he can take over Club Penguin and possibly melt half the island (If he was crazy enough to do it!) without having the EPF to stop him and get his peace and quiet.


I think Herbert wants to steal the hot sauce because he wants EARTH DAY not to come.He's gonna heat up club penguin!All the plants(And Club Penguin because he doesn't like it)will burn DOWN!!All the penguins will be sad because EARTH DAY isn't coming because of Herbert:(

Well Penguins,
Waddle On!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to flood it all over Club Penguin. As penguins, we love the cold and fun. As for Herbert, he is a polar bear and likes the cold too. So when/if he floods Club Penguin with Hot Sauce, he will be experimenting on it so it will only effect us penguins.


I bet he was gonna use it to burn up the island to get revenge and next i bet he's going to threaten the EPF from rebuilding.

-Waddle On!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce so he could melt all snow in club penguin and make it his own island to rename it HERBERT ISLAND and to rule all pizzas and penguins.


using it to cancel the snow dojo also build the ultimate protobot and his armies to destory clubpenguin


He's plan was to make club penguin hotter then ever , because he hate cold weather but us penguin don't oh and the pizza from the Pizza Party Was Sooooooo delicious


Well the hot sauce is a volitile substance so hes probably gonna heat up the island and thus melting the island (DUN-DUN-DUN!!!) Or hes just gonna melt the H.Q. (DUN-DUN-DUN!!!)



maybe Herbert was building a giant heater underground so the whole island could melt away and he would be all nice and warm underground like he's always wanted!


I think Herbert did it because he wants to end the epf room again as he hate the EPF Therefore,he could continue on with his invention with no interuption and explode the island


I think Herbert was using the hot sauce to make a special type of energy to heat up the island. The reason the Town was circled on the piece of paper was because the Town is the main room and it connects to all the other rooms so CP would heat up quickly.


Herbert Must Be Planning To Super Heat The Island! Again... He Never Learns Does He? -sighs- Oh Herbert. You Dont Know What Your Doing. -smirks-


i think he was using the hot sauce to build a laser so he can melt the island but i think we stopped him (~; harbert will never win LONG LIVE THE EPF!!!!!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce so he and Klutzy could have their own private pizza party. Then he could put his favorite toppings and stuff on the pizza! Yumm!


I think Herbert is going to use all the hot sauce and fire a hot sauce machine to scare all the peguins away while burning the island.


Herbert may have stole the hot sauce because it is a dangerous device.It could melt the island for us penguins, leaving us without a place to waddle around on. I thing next Herbert is working on another evil ( but not a great) plan that ,again,we will stop.


I think Herbert will come back during the superhero takeover and work with the bad guys to destroy clubpenguin and if he does WE MUST STOP HIM


Well, this is herbert we're talking about. He has always wanted to make the island hotter... and now he has some hot sauce... NOT GOOD! Herbert uses natural things around the island and creates some giant device like a drill, or a giant magnified glass... who knows what he could do with everyones favorite pizza topping!

for all non-agents herbert is, uh, a penguin, er, pizza delivery guy. yea, thats it! he LOVES to deliver pizzas... absolutely nothing to worry about... i hope...

W-A-D-D-L-E- -O-N


Herbert's are better than used to i guess he is improving


he stole the giant hot sauce to help his heat ray be completed also to keep EPF agents busy on saving club penguin n his target will be the HQ then he will know every secret file EPF telling penguins there secret identities and also destroying the HQ and club penguin or the EPF agents and penguins will surrender n make him the leader of club penguin.


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce so he can make this machine where he boils the hot sauce ( or something like that ) underground so his feet or whatever stays warm because when was the last time Herbert liked cold feet? Like seriously! LOL



I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because ever since he was living at the Arctic circle he has always looked for a warmer place to live and since he is now stranded on club penguin he want to use the hot sauce to heat him up by using the machine to make a warm bath that he could rest in whenever he was cold.


make some hot sauce dishes?


i think Herbert stole the hot sauce because when i was doing a mission i have to buy a pizza for Herbert cause he was hungry.So i he think stole the sauce cause maybe hes making his own pizza and he didn't know how to make hot sauce maybe.I think his next plan is going to be is maybe hes trying to make the penguins his slaves because maybe he needs more help and maybe he will make the penguin to always be in the dark side and never on the good side.He may need the penguin to help him with cleaning,building,missions and more...


I think Herbert is createing a Robot! That will try to destroy the island!


I think he is trying to burn down the rainbow puffle cloud

waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp
waddle on cp!

Sophia 12138:

I think Herbert was turning the hot sauce into something that will make him the most powerful polar bear in the world. Then he will beat the Everyday Phoning Facility (EPF) and rule Club Penguin once and for all.

-Sophia 12138 (P.S. this is my real CP name )


I think, he was trying to use the hot sauce to melt the entire island so then our island would end and he would be in control!


Herbert must've made the pipes for pumping his solar laser! How clever! And what he's planning next... Is what's in my opinion, he's going to capture all EPF agents, take away their spy phones, and their map! Well,Well,Well, AGENTS, TO YOUR SAFEST PLACE, TRACK HERBERT, AND CAPTURE FIRST THING! WE WIN!


I think he was trying to make the island burn so he can fiannely can relax


super sequin:

I think that herbet is making some sort of hot armour! making him almost-but not quite invincible! meaning it would make it almost-but not quite (again)impossible to defeat!and those penguins who think he would melt the island WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!a big hot sauce bottle could melt the iceberg but the eintier island!? what are you thinking? you could melt the forest but nothing else sure it has supplied us with pizza for a looooooooooooooong time but melting a island?everyone would have to move to move a new island including herbet and hes not moving and now i say bye bye!

Iheartcp5 :

I think that Herbert will try to get his revenge on the epf and this is how. I think that he will dress up like a penguin and find Gary then he will place a tracking device in his lab coat so he knows exactly where Gary is at any time. Then I think that he is going to kidnap Gary (yes again) and then he will force Gary to make a lazer from his solar lazer. But you are probably wondering how he will power the new lazer. Well do you remember when Gary said that the crystals that were now around the island had very strong power? That is what he will power his new lazer with. He will tell Gary to make the new lazer have the ability to hypnotise penguins so that he can make his own empire. Only the penguins that treat Herbert the best will be able to have breaks. Then he will capture Gary again and tell him to make the lazer be able to turn penguins into puffles. That is what he will use on the penguins that don't obey him. Please post mine never got posted on here.


I think Herbert was going to make a hot sauce machine which can be used for making a volcano . Then he will melt the island but our agents saved the island . Good work E.P.F .


CLASSIFIED INFORMATION. AGENTS ONLY. I think that Herbert was making a laser that could destroy the Everyday Phoning Facility and light all the buildings in Club Penguin on fire so he could be warm. He could also try to destroy Club Penguin and stay in his hideout with all his pizza and be nice and warm. Whatever he was trying to do is now has been foiled again. Good Work Agents, I saw some really fine work out there! Keep up the good work! The Director told me to tell you this, Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready and keep an i on everything



While I was in his secret lab I saw some plans, and his evil diary, that said the following: 'I stole the big (evil) hot sauce without the goofy birds noticing it. Now all I need is ... hmm ... emm ... oh right! PIZZA! Oh, and I need to melt the whole island and then finally get some peace around here. I shall do it under the... um.. the.... theee.... EPF thing! Yes, yes! It's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!' Good thing we stopped him! Now that that's over let's grab fish on a stick, my treat!

Agent Out!

Ice Age1 Man:

I think Herbert wanted to reuse his busted solar laser but he probably didn't have any fuel for it and as the hot sauce bottle was an extremely violent substance, he thought that it would make a superb fuel for solar laser and also strengthen it. It can also be possible that Herbert wanted to explode some parts of Club Penguin with his solar laser and as the hot sauce bottle was a extemely violent substance, he tried to use it. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!

aidon :

i think he did it because he wants to make it warm and i think his next plan is to steal one of the crystals and use those to heat up the place.


I think Herbert was going to blow up the island because that would blow up the EPF.


i think herbert is mad that he never gets pizza so he theartend the penguins if they didnt give him pizza he would take the sauce.

Kevin56578 cp:

I think Herbert stole the hot sauce bottle to try to dry Club Penguin Island so it would be a warmer place for Herbert to live in.


I think is making a machine for thhe super villans.


I think Herbert is making a machine for the super villans.


He's probably going to rebuild the laser beam from 2012 when it got destroyed, but instead use lava to melt the island!


I think he stole the hot sauce so he can put it on to the pizza and I think he wanted to get the pizza because he wanted to get food for Klutzy and himself or he could just use the pizza for throwing at penguins or just to annoy me (I LOVE PIZZA!!) .


I think he's trying to warm under club penguin up


I think herbert stole the hot sauce to make an explosion to melt the whole of club penguin.


WOW! Hervbert is at it again! We must stop him- and fast.
I think he's going to use the hot suace to flood the whole of Club Penguin, I suspect his devise could be a cannon that fires hot balls of lava! (shivers)
Quick everyone!, when the Marvel Superhero party starts us hero's must fight for victory!
Until then...

Waddle On!

Sky 11111:

Herbert could use it to MELT Club Penguin Island! GASP!


I think that Herbert took all the hot sauce and made the laser to try and laser the island, melting all club penguin, creating a sunny, hot paradise (a catastrophe in our eyes) like he tried in the EPF party, November 2012. Good try Herbert but know one can beat the EPF and the smiley, happy, fun community of CP!!!


I think herbert stole the hot sauce to explode it on Club Penguin to make a hot paradise because that is what he wanted all along from the beggining.


i Think Herbert gonna capture the EPF and melt the island




Maybe Herbert wants to steal the hot sauce to use it to melt the ski hill and iceberg. Then we wouldn't have any sled racing or aqua grabber! But if he does, then the EPF will put an end to this villainous scheme!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce so he can spread it all over the island and turn the island into a giant pizza! And then we would be "Pengeroni"


i think herbert will cover the iland in hot sause!


Herbert did mention Puffles a while back. Maybe he wants to make a big fireball out of the black Puffles? It would make heat, AND ruin our fun with Puffles, so i can see him doing that sort of thing.

SM 8:

he tried to mix the hot sauce with lava to make a heat monster so the snow will melt and turn club penguin into club bear!

Mary Sue1:

I think that Herbert stole all of the hot sauce to burn Club Penguin to it's core or power some big machine to do something terrible for us penguins. Maybe he used it to make us really sad and we would stop having parties and stuff. Hmmm... Anyway, Waddle On!
~Mary Sue1


He was trying to melt the island so he can rule the world


I think he was trying to melt CP with all that hot sauce he would be a billionare! (only for herbert) and i also think he was trying to melt the snow dojo! he hates snow so he could melt all of it with hot sauce! and worst than only melting the snow dojo. HE WOULD MELT ALL OF CP! And then he would get some sand and turn it into a tropical paradise then we would have to evacuate to another island and call it cp again! (P.S.) Make a mission that you steal herbert's spy phone and lure him to a trap to trap him forever!
Have fun everyone! -Mario18840


I think that Herbert used the hot sauce to melt all the snow on club penguin and use it to fill a hot tub to keep him warm.
I think Herbert's next plan is to steal all the puffles (rainbow too) and build helmets to put on the puffles to make a puffle army, and attack Club Penguin. No penguins will attack because puffles are too cute and fluffy! And lead puffles will be the stolen elite puffles.

Enter nickname:

I think Herbert was trying to zap the popular places around the island with a heat beam from underground so he could rule Club Penguin (again).
Waddle on, CP.


i think herbert stole the hot sauce because he wanted to 'heat up the island' and destroy clubpenguin. He might've been creating some sort of epic (but dangerous) machine that would explode hot sauce all over club penguin. I think that herberts next plan we be either to steal the chocolate and make penguins crave chocolate and bow down to herbert (but "Never fear, the clubpenguin EPF agents are here!!!") or do the worst possible thing he could do to ruin club penguin... he might ruin the new jitsu ice, defeat all the ninjas, and heat clubpenguin with a contraption to make the sun 10 times hotter! Watch out all agents!!! clubpenguin must live!


Well, I think that Herbert was trying to rebuild the solar laser! I think he got all of the pizza because he was hungry... and the hot sauce? I think he was gonna melt all of the snow. But I thought he had learned that he should NOT melt all of the snow and ice sense that whole geyser thing, you know?


I think herbert was going to make hot sauce lava to heat up the island and make it nice and warm for him. Sheesh.


I Think That He Will Take Over Club penguin With The Hot sauce But i didnt work and i think we would give the hot sauce to the black puffle to take over


i changed my idea i think her bert wants to warm the island but he has a bigger plan after the island countrys after countrys the whole planet until its like the sun or a hot sandy beach day i think that because of the psa missions one said that herbert wants to be warm plus hot sauce is hot

Midge 9:

What I can see from the picture is that he's rebuilding the Solar Laser, which is why he was powering it with that extra explosive hot sauce bottle. I mean it makes sense that the hot sauce could possibly power the Solar Laser, wait what am I saying?! Herbert don't you get any ideas from this post! Well that's all from me! Don't forget to.....
WADDLE ON! From Midge 9


I think Herbert took the Hot sauce so he can make his own Pizza place. Since ours is such a BIG HIT Herbert might be jealous and wants to make a pizza better than ours by using his grandma's secret recipe! Then when he opens the pizza place he will invite every single penguin on club penguin to come to his pizza place and try his pizza so when every penguin he thinks is inside Herbet's Pizzaeria (his pizza place) he would trap us all!!! So long story short Herbert makes pizza place invite us in to try his pizza then last but not least trap us all and try to find a way what to do with us. So that what I think what Herbert did with the hot sauce. The End :)


I think he would use the hot sause for burning the ice so penguins have to swim every where and penguins LOVE pizza and if all the ice melts the pizza parlor will sink and there will be NO MORE PIZZA!
Waddle on cp
all epf agents stay aleart


Herbert is trying to melt ClubPenguin and make it to a beach.


Well, since the base was underwater i think he was gonna send the hot sauce under the snow of the island and make the ground hot (just like he likes it.) But, it would make the penguins feet hot until they couldn't stand it anymore. So we, the penguins would be forced to leave while Herbert relaxes and lives on club penguin. CP Ussername - Speedy2515



Hi, Lovely here so I think that Herbert stole all the Hot Sauce to melt all the snow, then he will make a huge fire out of Hot Sauce, Trees and our buildings, after that he will grow Palm Trees all over the island and he will make it a Tropical Island and we will work for him and he will eat all the pizzas he wants and we wont get food, (dong dong dong!) P.S. his next plan will proboaly be he invites Crabs and Polar bears to attack the island at the Marvle Party.


I think Herbert is going to feed the hot sauce to black puffles and use the heat they will create to melt all the snow on the island.


I think the Herbert is using the hot sauce to make a new hot sauce island! It would be so warm and perfect there, and Herbert could take it over before any penguins decide to live there.
Waddle on, cp!


I bet Herbert's going to make ANOTHER solar laser. But the EPF will win, like always. I also can tell Herbert wanted the hot sauce so he could make another solar laser, just like Operation Blackout.

Girlz Rule 1:

maybe he'll make a hotsauce volcano and melt all the snow. He might turn it into a tropic island paridise for polar bears. THE RETURN OF CLUB HERBERT!!! WADDLE ON!!!


I think he making a robot becose in the trailer it have robot


I think he wants to ruin club penguin he hates us! he also want to show that the secret agents can fail which they didn't luckily.

t m:

i think he is planning on melting the island it is up to us to stop him ;)


It was definitly for melting the island he would make a bomb out of it and set it off in the center of the island and... Ka-boom! club penguin is desroyed and herbert wins, not happening.


TOP SECRET INFOMATION: I think Herbert is using the Hot Sauce because he could be warm in his hideout, so then he could take over Club Penguin. But of course, He failed. I think he is going to try to kidnap all our puffles, and turn them into minions to take over Club Penguin, sense there is Twice as much Puffles then us penguins!


Herbert stole the hot sauce because the hot sauce is so hot that he wonted to melt club penguin or island.


Herbert was gathering the pieces of the Solar Laser and putting hot suace in it blast it out on to CP making the whole CP go on fire! He will try to make us flee to another place so he can make CP so hot!




Herbert probably stole it to burn Club Penguin into the sea, or maybe just to find out who the Director is. The Director told us "Keep it well". That means keep the identity of the Director secret, even from Herbert and Klutzy. If Herbert burns the Ski Village down, the entire EPF is demolished entirely, exposing the secrets of who the Director truly is. Agents, stay alert for any signs of activity near Herbert's Lair or the Cove. Be resourceful, be remarkable, but most of all, be ready! Agent Bricko3 over and out.


I think Herbert is going to launch the hot-sause everywhere and melt all the snow and igloos so he can take over Club Penguin! When I battled him, he talked about a laser that he was using. I hope he won't come back soon but he's always up to no good. Keep your eye out for him! Waddle on Club Penguin!


i think it is some sort of pump. maybe he wanted to warm the island. after all it is HOT sauce.........

red man41860:

he was problebly trying to turn the solar laser into something else, but what? perhaps a cloning device so he can make a robot minon, then clone it to make hundreds more, and thats where the new mision comes in! operation invade! the EPF faces its toughest chalenge as robots atack clubpenguin! however, a new gajet must be added to complete this mision, maybe a a snowball blaster! just blast your way through the robots to get herbert's lair, then blast the guards, and so on. to use it just make it in the lab then put it in your briefcase and turn it on. then click on the robot and boom! you have destroyed it! what will the robots look like? well like herbert, only metal. what will herbert be doing when you get into his lab? well he will be on a light green spinning chair, on a black desk, with a white coffee mug, and a computer that says "ACTIVATE" in red letters, and herbert will be laughing with his head up to the sky. there will be a metal floor with a big, black, bear print in a white circle in the middle of the light green floor. there is a tall red deactivate button and some snow next to you. so you throw a snowball at the button and the cloning device stops. in the room, is klutsy, lying in that puffle bed you find in PSA mision #6 was it?, questions for a crab. after you throw the snow ball, herbert says: what!? nooooo! hey, is that you agent? you've ruined everything! then all the robots fall to the ground and explode! then you escape and save club penguin!

Jilly Can101:

This is a crazy idea, but I think that Herbert is trying to cover the whole island in pizzas, like the popcorn incident. Herbert might use the hot sauce as ultra fuel, and then make like a Pizza Launcher. That would be a pretty fun mission to do!! :)


Herbert stole hot sauce to heat this island again.But EPF agents did not let him accomplish his idea.once again,victory is for EPF


I think he stole the hot sauce because that made it warm in his hideout or whatever he's calling it.
And he probably tried to drain the water away to make things dry, and i think Herbert stole the pizzas to enjoy eating them while creating his "Master" plan. :)


herbert has two plans
1. destroy epf
2. make cp hotter
so he will plan for a solar laser which uses the hot sauce which is so strong that it will destroy the whole island but epf will not allow it instead he harvests the crystals found in the island. to make some thing else.


I think to Herbert was want to build a vulcano and to destroy the CLUB PENGUIN island .


Herbert probably would have made a tunnel under the Everyday Phoning Facility and use the solar laser to blow it then spread hot Sauce tubes under the surface of island then run Hot Sauce through the tubes to keep the island hot forever.

RUBY 250:

when you got to the room where hebert was there was a water switch so maybe he was trying to turn all of the water around club penguin into hot sauce so it would melt and he wouldn't have to put up with the E.P.F any more !!!!


I don't want to be rude or anything, but this was hardly a mission. It was more of a field ops, and I really hope you're:
a) getting a REAL mission (like the PSA missions) again
b) stop this "come back after 6 hours" business - seriously, if I'm taking out the time from a busy day to come a game I really like, why should I be made to wait? And that too for just switching a mere tracker on?


I think herbert is trying to heat up the island because he puts the hot sauce in a machine whith liquid thats fizzing it up then rockets propel the machine into space the it shoots a super strong blast at club penguin melting it instantly.


I FOUND IT!!HE TOOK THE HOT SAUCE AND BECAUSE OF THE PIZZA PARTY AND BECAUSE HE WAS TRYING TO MELT CLUB PENGUIN(he thinks he will make it a tropical paradise)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!waddle on


Herbert might be trying to destroy the EPF and then club penguin again after finding out we are rebuilding. It would be possible all he would have to do is steal a black puffle and feed it a hot sauced o' berrie. Who knows what kind of damage he can do we better be on alert.

over and out,

Agent Sholiboy


I take back my comment before after checking the newspaper and the eye witness view of Gary the gadget guy: Herbert took the hot sauce and implanted it into a machine the machine was meant to deliver extreme heat underground to "heat up" club penguin when the room was filled with water the machine probably took in the element and added it to the substance. It probably then implanted the new formula into the ground putting out "seeds" for heating crystals. The crystals can heat things up quickly which may be very dangerous, keep your ears and eyes open.

Over and out (again),

Agent Sholiboy


I think Herbert is trying to take the hot sauce because he wants CP to melt!!!!! The volcano will erupt at the dojo and CP will fall to Herbert.


i think herbert stole the pizza sauce because he wants to melt all the ice on the island so that there is no more club penguin!!!!!!!!


I think Herbert wanted the hot sauce so he could get revenge on the EPF and take over the island and turn club penguin into club polar bear.


He stole the hot sauce because He wanted to make the island warmer for the penguins to get too heated. So once he heats the island the penguins will have to go to another place due to the heatness. Now herbert can take over Club Penguin.


I think he did that so he can make a big pizza and make pizza monsters who will controle Club Penguin


Ok so lets review first he stole the giant hot sauce bottle he might be planing these things first he might be using the sauce to make fuel and make the pro bots come back or using the fuel to upgrade his stuff or he will use the bottle to make club penquin warm up again and the those gem thing might have some thing to do with his plan whatever it is it can't be good anyway waddle on cp! ( please post i never been posted before )


First since his plan (from the first mission) to set off and find a warmer place, I think he must be using it to heat up the island and relax.
And his next plan is to steal the batteries from the coffee machine in the "Coffee Shop". He will make his own coffee machine and make his own HORRIBLE tasting coffee that includes mind control and when you log in, you CANNOT control you'r penguin, then you go into the EPF Command Room and get a gadget to help you control yourself, and you can find out WHY did he do this?


i think he took it because i'm thinking he was going to unplug that machine and trop it on club penguin and when it is on the ground it will go boom and club penguin would be gone


I think Herbert was using the hot sauce to make his old solar laser work again. Gary did say that the hot sauce could be used as jet pack fuel. Also, I do believe that Herbert said he kept his old solar laser. The chances of this happening are actually pretty good if you put all the facts together correctly.


he would steal it to try and warm up the island duh. no offense but seriously hot sauce creates heat so he could mutation-like process to warm up club penguin so he could live warmly.


(CONTINUED) He could be planning revenge on us by trying something else to make his solar laser work again. Or he could make a new item that could actually be a real threat. He's probably plotting his revenge right now! Yikes!


NON-AGENTS DO NOT READ THIS. NOTHING TO SEE. Welcome, Agents. Go to and see what happens!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because he wants to melt the island since he HATES the cold. So maybe the machine he is building is a super boiler or any other machine that can provide heat, also the hot sauce is the source of fuel for the machine. Or he is going to make a rocket with hot sauce so when it goes down on club penguin it will explode with heat and make the island MELT but no matter what its going to be a EPIC FAIL!

P.S Gary said you can build anything I think.




Herbert is trying to heat the island with hot sauce , but the agents found him. when he is out at sea ,he finds something VERY hot , close to club penguin.... an island! But will his plans stop there? Nope! He plans to sink the island, so penguins will be forced to live in the heat , and penguins cant survive in that! Hope you like the idea!


Speaking of Ninjas, the Card Jitsu: Water, appears to be extremely laggy and glitchy. It will not work when I click a card and play on an element, OR jump ahead.


Does Herbert wanna melt the island an make paradise? Because he could melt most of the island or maybe heat it up?

Lulu Kuku:

I think he was going to make something explosive, like a VOLCANO! Why does he hate penguins SO much? And, by the way, the animation on Herbert was AWESOME! And you made Klutzy SUPER cute! Waddle on CP!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce because he's planning to warm up the island again. Either that, or he's trying to destroy the EPF...


No, wait. I changed my mind. He first distracted us by taking the hot sauce, then built a laser to keep him warm. After that, he will do Operation Blackout again. The last phase of his plan: While the EPF's distracted by the Blackout, he'll release the hot sauce all over the island to destroy us! Then he can be free to do whatever he wants because there's nobody to stop him! Oh, and he'll save a little extra hot sauce for himself.


I think that herbert is trying to melt the island like in the second ds game he stole it to distract us to change coins into € the crystals have something to to do with it
waddle o
waddle on
waddle o

Magnet Mario:

Hey guys,
Remember Operation Blackout when the Solar Laser got destroyed? I was thinking that when I was in Herbert's Base(Operation Hot Sauce one): Is that Herbert remaking the Solar Laser with the Hot Sauce? And then it hit me! It was the Hot Sauce that was helping Herbert to remake the Solar Laser to do Operation Blackout again because since the Hot Sauce has so much heat and power to make a machine!


Hmmmmm...... He definitely stole the hot sauce to make the pizza party NOT happen D:. He might have stolen the hot sauce to make a hot sauce-inator! Whoever comes close to Herbert, he'll shoot hot sauce in there eyes! He might do it to secret agents! He might take over the island again! But the EPF with stop him!

Herbert's next plan could be anything. It could even be a veggie-pizza maker! Bleh! Veggie pizza? :O



the machine that he was building was the machine he used to freeze the island so maybe the hot sauces was to power the machine

The Ninja956:

I think Herbert stole the Hot Sauce to make some kind of Hot Sauce super drill to melt the island. I mean did you see that thing he was working on? Too me, it looked like some drill! Why else would there be hot sauce going into it!?!?
Waddle On!


I think Herbert used the hot souse for a super duper plan to make jumbo pizza for him self and "take over"club penguin.


Maybe he is planning to warm up the island with hot sause. He will use a laser made from hot sause and burn a whole in the island. That's what I think he's planning.


Herbet may want to make the island's (and world's) hottest vegetarian pizza! He maybe was going to wrap the island in it to make it warmer!


maybe he's going to rebuild the machine he built in club penguin black out but with more inprovements but before unleashes the machine he's going to capture and turn ALL agents into his minons


I think Herbert is trying to use the hot sauce as a power for a new machine to destroy the Club Penguin island by flying in a jet pack above the island and spray the island with fire from the new machine.


I think he stole the hot sauce because he wanted to be warm. I bet he will want to mine-slave us for Halloween for what we did.
You're awesome club penguin team!



I think that Herbert might be planning to melt the island! That would be HORRIBLE, because I just got done redecorating my igloo!!! Well, that means that us agents must be on full alert and be ready to FIGHT BACK!
~ Waddle on CP!!!


I think Herbert's next plan is trying to melt the island because he stole HOT Sause. Now he is going to find or make a object that can melt the island, but 'a cretain group of penguin that shall be unnamed' will save the day!!!!!!


Uh Uh Oh yeah he needed air and hot air to keep the tempurture down, and relax so he wont get frozen. And about his plan, OPERATION PUFFLE'S YEAH! THATS RIGHT. Ok Or rebuilting the ray to take overr cp and make a black out. But most one i guese it is Operation puffle's. Yes, operation puffle's. When herbert creats his next plan. He make's a hipnotizing ray, so he can hipnotize puffle's. Huge new's guy's.
Oh well, That's all. sooooo.....

....... Game on cp.


I don't think his plan is going to be a 'master' plan. All his other plans failed (besides from operation blackout)
Waddle on CClllluuuuub Penguin


He said salvaged the solar laser and it is a very dangerous weapon unlike soda sticky bomb and popcorn time bombs. Be resourceful,remarkable, and ready EPF.


Maybe hes going to make a machine again to rule Club Penguin(AGAIN!).So he decided to make another machine to do something bad is happining again.And I think hes gonna make lava or something.

P.S:Save Club Penguin again and destroy that machine!


Herbert stole the Hot Sauce so he could Burn the Island making it his Paradise because we all know that Herbert hates the Cold. If he burnt the Island it would become Hot like what he has always wanted! He also wanted to burn the Night Club to stop all of the 'Penguin Party Nonsense' just like in the short video 'Puffle Trouble'!


i think that bcause he stole the hot sauce he will go underground and heat up the island because he loves the warm so i think it will be something like oparation blackout

plz post=)

TailsFlower T.F.:

I think hes using the hot sause to warm things up.

jackie john:

he is going to use a machine to cover the island with hot sauce so its hotter p.s: if I get picked I might not be on because I do not have my membership


I think that he'll make the hot sauce explode all over Club Penguin and that's why had the town circled in the piece of paper which was on the wall. Isn't that right? I think it is!


He must have planned a pizza explosion like the old popcorn explosion. He must've thought that the EPF HQ is stronger than the old PSA HQ and will not be demolished by popcorn!


He wanted To create a mini solar flare on the scale of CP so all the snow would melt.
If you actually thought for a second herbert , then maybe you would Understand that the island IS practically made of ice and snow and that Melting it would wipe out everything?


Hot Sauce... It's hot... Hot enough to melt Club Penguin...


Herbert might of known the way to make jet pack fuel.He could destroy the island. Next he might next plan on destroy the E.P.f.But using the crystals that are sprouting out of the island.


I think he's trying to make the hotsauce get into the snow as he wanted to melt the island into a tropical paradise. I think he still hasn't learnt his lesson on making the Club Penguin Island sink in the Herbert's Revenge Video-game. So the conclusion is that herbert is trying to make the Island into a tropical paradise. Hope this is the right answer! :)


hes probally making a dooms day device like the solar cannon

Jet fire18:

Hey PoloField,

I think Herbert P. Bear to do the following things:

1st: Herbert as we all know is a Polar Bear bent on doing EVIL things to get what he wants (some people might even call him a BRAT) and for know he wants a tropical island (I know this because I am an agent so I reviewed his profile) so he is going to do all that he can to get a tropical island which means he was going to try to use the hot sause to make club penguin his own personal tropical ISLAND!!!

2nd: As we all know Herbert is a POLAR BEAR which means we are his PRIME source of food, since the hot sauce is really HOT (obviouly HOT is in its name) he could use it to cook us as penguins or to top us with the sauce as dressing, and since there are billions or trillions of penguins around club penguin he would have an unlimited food supply!!!



There can be MANY things that Herbert can do with it.
Let's go through the possibilities one by one.
1) He loves it. And he did that to get it's recipe and might be having some right now :D
2) With the help of the Amazing hot sauce, Herbert decides to build another Pizza Parlor, let's call it Polar Parlor for now, which will be famous with new recipes, dishes and types of pizza and we'll be at the disadvantage of not having any Hot Sauce. That way, Herbert wants us to close our Pizza Parlor as his Polar Parlor became more famous. Such a meany.
3) What if wants to disturb and trouble us by taking our Hot Sauce away, things won't be the same without it. :(
4) What if in the cold oceans, far away is another island like ours with penguins and Herbert wants to sell our Hot Sauce to them and get something he wants in return! That is Evil! Might those other penguins invade on our island someday?
5) Hot Sauce is superr Hot! It can well even help cook up some Super hot evil plans! Herbert likes it warms... Hot Sauce is hot! Doesn't that sound suspicious?? it can be used for many plans, from building a machine with the Hot Sauce that will heat up the island or using the hot sauce to make some laser to burn down our igloos or shops maybe? Or trouble our fellow penguins or puffles? wait! What if he is using it to INVENT a new type of puffle that is better at controlling fire even more then the black puffle? What if that puffle starts destroying our island? It might be evil! With super powers!!! Scary!
6) He is such a bad, bad bear. Maybe he was hungry, stole the sauce (Muwhahahaha! So evil! according to Herbert) Maybe then he had his pizza and went back to work! Maybe the Hot Sauce has no connection at all!!
7) Maybe he loves it and who knows, what if he is allergic to it? He might be taking all of our Hot Sauce away so that, if he can't enjoy it, neither can we. So mean.
8) What if klutzy is the master-mind of this plan? What could be going through his crabby little brain? Maybe a tremendously evil plan that we have no idea about? That can happen. Maybe it's for turning Club Penguin into Club Crab!! Hot Sauce for getting more crabs here?
9) What if the lava that we get is actually Hot Sauce?? Dunno this just sounds tremendously evil.
10) What if he is turning lava into Hot Sauce? When it erupts, the island will be burned down through it's hotness!!
11) Herbert is going to turn the Hot Sauce alive!!! It will spread and swallow the whole island!!
12) Herbert is making a hot sauce collection ready for display. :D
13) Herbert is gifting the Hot sauce to a bear friend who loves it.
14) Herbert is up for a real big nasty evil plan! The stolen Hot sauce is just a distraction! HE knows we need it back and will search for it while he works o his super evil plan....
15) He is going to start the "Herbert.P. Bear's Hot Sauce Production'. He needs our sauce for recipe and will make copies and sell and become rich!! Then he'll buy the island and make us go away and make the island warm and nice for him!
16) What if Herbert is on our side now?? What if the Hot Sauce has become something poison due to the mutation of the crystal things found in the forest research?? What if he is trying to protect us from it's effect?? Maybe he's a read good bear, after all..

I know my ideas are a bit far fetched but when you need ideas, you need to run away with your imagination and guess what I got those ideas right now typing this article, I keep on getting new ideas so I'll make sure I add them in ASAP.
Thanks for reading this, I hope you like me ideas! I like them! If we had to do missions on these, it would be fun!
Thanks, Waddle On, Catch you later C.P
P.S- I hope I submitted my entry in time, I would like to get the prize :P
Thanks anyway! Bye :)

Jet fire18:

sorry have corrections:
-I think Herbert P. Bear WANTS to do the ff things:
-1st....tropical Island!!! (continuation) He will use the Hot sauce to power his solar satellite and, or use it as the fluid to melt all the snow in club penguin SO he can have his very own TROPICAL ISLAND!!!


Titanic 101:

I think that Herbert wanted to make a device to make it rain hot sauce to melt all the snow
waddle o
waddle on


I think that Herbert could've been making a laser out the old Solar Laser to melt the island, using the gigantic amount of hot sauce.
No wonder it is so dangerous and volatile, although edible…


I think that he is gonna use the hot sauce as a heat ray. Why? well penguins who know or dont know herbert hates the freezing tempature.(weird) anyways he also like the beach so he thinks that if he can melt the ice there will be a beach. So that is what I think is going to happen based on the pic


herbert will melt the island because i saw the hot sauce flowing like a river so....i think herbert will make club penguin warm and the snow in club penguin will melt and herbert will now be happy because herbert likes the warm.

Ice Puppie:

he is working with lava; i think herbert is planning on destoying another building like he did to the everyday phoning factory in november.

Enter nickname:



i find the answer simple he might have wanted to do two things at once- use hot sauce to warm up the island and stealing the hot sauce wold also disrupt the party! So he did a two in one according to me.


I think Herbert was using the hot sauce to make a little island paradise for himself where it is warmer, and to suck all of the hot out of the hot sauce so he could make his home warmer.


I think Herbert would mix the hot sauce and water to make lots of water vapor so no penguin could see. Then he would steal Gary's best projects and combine all of them to make a SUPER WEAPON!! I hope its not true though...



I think he wanted to blow up club penguin or something




Hey penguin camarads!

I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to do a poison pizzas for the pizza parlor costumers!


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