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By Polo Field on April 11, 2013 - 09:48

Hello Penguins!

It's been a while, so I think it's time for a new Reviewed By You! Last time we asked for your Card-Jitsu Snow strategies. One of my favorite comments was from Sms8, who said:

My strategy is to help others when they are battling the snow ninjas. i hide behind a rock and give them power and when i get a power card i go in front of the snow ninjas and use i. that helps me get power and my teammates. Waddle On!

Thanks, Sms8! I know I needed a lot of help when I was testing Snow. Turns out I'm not very good at it! ;P

As you know, the Marvel Super Hero Takeover is returning to Club Penguin on April 25! We're going to need a ton of Super Heroes to protect the island from meddling Super Villains. So while we're talking about super powers, I'd like to know... What is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe?

Send in your review by posting a comment below. We'll pick one of our favorites to be featured next week on the blog. If your comment is chosen to be featured, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account.

Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



My Power is invisiblity and flying. Because so i wont able to go to school busses anymore.And my invisibility power so if theres any trouble nobody can see me


I'd say the coolest, most epic power ever in the universe is teamwork, no superhero can defeat the forces of evil alone, and all superheroes must cooperate so that the super villains will be defeated. Like when a hero tried to defeat the enemy alone, but he can't. Then when all the heroes cooperated, the enemy was defeated.


I think the power of invisibility would be SO cool.


last year when i first went on cp i wasnt a member. now i am and the party is coming back bigger and better!!!! my favorite game so far is cp

Waddle On!


i think the most epic super power in the universe is invisiblity. i believe if you are invisable, and you are on a mission or something and you dont want anyone to see you, that would be a very helpful power. i also think flying is another good super power. if you are trapped or soething and you cand figure out how to get out, you can just jump up and start flying.

Those would be my two most epic super powers.

Thank you!!!!


i think that my absulotely favorite best superpower is invisibility


my power will be flying with a belt that shoots bright balls and when it explodes it would have a big sonic boom. WADDLE ON CP


the greatest super power would be to morph in to anything


I think something like a camouflage power cuz we can like hide thru items and look like it

Amie Pond:

woah thats so cool! i cant wait for the costumes and the super hero marvel take over its gonna be so epic!! I<3 clube peguin its so awsome waddle on cp!


Well, I'm a Batman fan myself, so I couldn't say for sure, as he doesn't have superpowers... I would just say quick thinking, and a high level of intelligence. While it's not necessarily a "super power," I would find it much more useful than most powers. If you had a power like electrokinesis, the ability to run at the speed of light, or many other powers, it wouldn't help you at all if you were trying to escape from a captive situation where there was almost nothing in the room, no light, and no clear way to get out. Also, it would help you keep from "going blank" in situations where your body is producing adrenaline. That's why I would probably choose to be a supergenius.


Hey, Club Penguin Team
I think the superpower I would hypnotize villans into let me out of traps and I would wear a cute mask in the color of gold and I would get a black curly girly wig and the teloport suit and black and gold shose and a rainbow puffle as my sidekick .
Your penguin friend, Zuri8910



Maxie 19:

The coolest power ever is the power to have all superpowers


The coolest power would be to imagine something and then to be able to make it real with effort! All your imaginary friends from when you were younger would become real! You could create anything you could imagine with a lot of effort.


Personally, I think the best is telekinesis! Because with the power to move things with your mind can imitate many other powers. as well as it's own perks!

Flying: Find something to stand/sit on, hop on it, and control it!
Extreme Strength: Who needs to walk over something and throw it if you can just levitate it and fling it through the air lots of times?
And many more. Also, the power of telekinesis can help block things, make an escape, get something from far away, even load/fire something!

Waddle on!


Personally, I like the powers of flying, strength, and heat vision.


I Think The Best Super Power IS To shoot Yummy Dounts!!!


I'd have to say that the best superpower a superhero could have, would be to have unlimited superpowers. I mean if you wanted to fly, you could! If you wanted to freeze time, you could! And even if you wanted night-vision, you could do just that.


By the way, WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!


the power of Thor is my favorite super power and I think his power is the most powerful in the universe!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!


I would like to fly! It will be the most Awesome to do that flying with the birds....

reggigas 247:

the power of breathing

sith zekrom:

to turn invisible


Whoa, EPIC costume!
Well the most amazing, awesome, cool, and TOTALLY RAD super power is DEFS the ability to SHAPE-SHIFT!
Scare your enemy away with a LOUD LION ROAR!
Fly away to safety as a mighty HAWK! Or...
Chase after the villain as a speedy CHEETAH!
Yup, shape-shifting is SURE the best.
Waddle on!


The power if your imagination!


wow holk your looking gonna get a costome as good as yours.well thanks for your BIG NEWS. w a d l e


Hi Polo Field! To me the best super power to have is Super Man's powers he can fly, has super strength, super speed, and heat vision etc...
I love them all but I what i mostly love is his super speed, I would use it to get home from school quickly to play Club Penguin :) Well That's what I think...Waddle on! :D
From: Dejia


That's easy! I think the most awesome, epic, coolest super power is.... SUPER STRENGTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the most awesome super power ever would be to redirect your opponents attacks at them like if they punch you you dont feel anything but they do so thats why i think thats the best super power ever


the most awesome super power ever would be to redirect your opponents attacks at them like if they punch you you dont feel anything but they do so thats why i think thats the best super power ever


Friendship!!! Without friends our life would be miserable and dull. We can have fun, laugh, enjoy each others company and they can help us in the most difficult situations and problems! Our friends are very important. Where would we be without them?


The coolest power in my eyes is the power everyone already has! Kindness, if you use that you will be able to beat any challenge you might come by in your life. Waddle On!



i cant pick just one! but i think laser vison but also invisibity

see yea polo field and penguins

waddle on cp

boo 5647:

I think that the best superpower is teamwork. If your ever stuck your team might help you. It also helped alot on card jitsu snow to defeat the snowmen.

Cutie Funny:

The power of gravity is the strongest of all! It can pull anything to the ground even a polar bear named Herbert!



Gary Thunder:

I bet telekinises but wait!! I know a greater power! It`s the power of Club Penguin and the power of friendship! :)


I think maybe Invisibility or flying! :D
Waddle On CP!


Well either to fly or teleport! Two Awesome things to do online or in real life!

Waddles Jr7:

I think the MOST EPIC AND AWESOME superpower is to be nice! i mean sure its no power! but if you are nice, NICE THINGS WELL HAPPEN BACK! and you can have friends! anyways WADDLE ON CP!


well i think the best supper power is supper strgnth becuse you can lift bildings and you can yo can crush things


well i think the best supper power is supper strgnth becuse you can lift bildings and you can crush things


the coolest power ever would be to have the ability to freeze time! If I could freeze time, I would be able to play Club Penguin for a year straight without missing any school or sunshine!!! I would also be able to do homework in literally no time at all!


I think the most epic power in the universe would be invisibility. you could be in class and have to turn in your home work but you realize your dog ate it! you would be able to run home and get it with out anybody seeing you leave or come back!
waddle on!


Laser vision


I think the Captain America is cool because it's blue and i like blue. it has a star and it look like the united state flag it's a superhero.


the coolest super power is to breath in space its cool because you wouldn't need a spacesuit. P.S my cp name is sonic4642


Club Penguin Team,

It took a long time for me to decide, but I think I would chose the ability to predict the future. I don't know if this would even be considered as a super power, but it would still be mind boggling. You wouldn't have to make any leaps of faith or take any chances because you would already know how it would turn out! You would always make the best choice from seeing the results of your actions. Achieving your dreams could be way easier because you could see which path to take!

Waddle on!

Navy 999:

The coolest power ever would be turning invisible and flying. It would be amazing to have a bird's eye view of the world without just being inside an airplane. If someone saw me flying, they might freak out, so it would help to be invisible, too. It's also a huge advantage if you are a superhero because you can always fly out of the way of a villain, or just disappear in front of them. And in everyday life, it would be cool to confuse your friends. Everyone can fly in their dreams, and Disney is all about making your dreams come true. Waddle on!


The most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe? FLYing in the midnight sky to see a cave of sparkle Diamonds Rich
super Earth is likely to be just one example of the rich sets of discoveries that await us as we begin to explore the lucky strength diamond.

Waddle on Club Penguin!

Navy 999:

THE COOLEST POWER IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD would be the ability to maneuver water! I would love to be able to swim with the dolphins or communicate with fish, and it would be amazing to be able to breathe under water! Also, it would be awesome to be able to make a huge wave if you're playing at the beach! Waddle on!

Mr Awesome M:

The most awesome power lies within everyone's hearts, it is bravery!
Never forget that the true power comes from your heart.


the most awesome super power ever is being able to shape-shift into anything and have that object or lifeforms powers. This is because you can have any power and disguise yourself so you can sneak into anywhere.


I`m thinking the epic super powerful power is friendship and teamwork. Because we can defeat those nasty looking villains by having a lot of people helping. And it`s not just magic and all, they could be other kind of stuff. Like, how 1 super hero could defeat like, 1,000 evil robots. Impossible. And, please post! YOU GUYS NEVER POST ANY OF MY COMMENTS! PLEASE! I BEG YOU!


the power of flying the power of love like cupid the power to talk to animals but you can turn it off and on you can controle water and breath under water for as long as you want all kinds of magic and all things good!. !)


i think the coolest power is being a club penguin writer just kidding =) (but it is pretty cool) i think the coolest power is being invisible because then u can pull pranks and pretend like your a ghost =)


I think the best superpower could be shooting lightning from your hands so you could defeat your enemies and protect your friends and family! I love my friends and family so that would be awesome! You rock CP! WADDLE ON CP!

-Icecold28 out!


Well I would say it's controlling water because if you can control water then you can control the weather because there's moisture in the air. You'll also be able to heal yourself with water and absorb the water. Wouldn't that be awesome!


The best power in the universe would be. Walk Through Anything Power! If you have this you can walk through walls. And Even Pancakes! The power also comes with Fire Or Ice Power If you have fire you can shoot out fire or.Blast Out Fireballs! If You Have Ice Power you can make ice strings(like spiderman shooting webs) And you can also breathe out ice! and throw small ice rocks. Thats my Idea of the best power in the universe! Waddle On Cp!!


I was thinking about three super heroes when you said the best super power ever. First was Iron Man, he can fly and has these laser beam type things. My second super hero was Thor because he is from a different world, can control lightning and fly. My last one is Hulk! He has super awesome strength!!! Thanks for looking at my comment!! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I recken telepathy is the best because if your losing a battle,you can mind control someone.


i think it will be epic to have superpower i would like to have x ray vision and to fly and to be super strong like a power puff girl


I think it is able to fly. Its so cool that you can fly above others and thats why I love Angel. And I will be realy glad that some costumes would be able for not memberships and that there would be the Angel costume.


My super epic awesome super power is to be a physic.


Its having control over all elements and its nice to teleport where ever you want too ; )


I also recken that being able to breath under water and to see under water with no gogles is awesome


Awsome this is the best super hero costume eva woop woop.


East Or West Hulk Is The Best.Because Hulk Is Powerful In Avengers

007 Rider:

Can You Please Put Anyone Super Hero Costume For Non-Members Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.....


I'd say, to be able to MOVE people/things with your EYES!! That'd be awesome! ~Zippyzam~




COOL!!!!!! Must have mistaken my calender checking.... My favorite super power is being able to fly and have super strength like Superman.... But my most favorite superhero is Iron Man..... What do you think people?



my super power would be: Flying
the power of speed
I can't pick one but all of them are good enough i gs but the most important power is friendship.



i think the most HEROTASTIC superpower of all time would be... flying of course! if i could fly i would fly higher than the birds i would fly in busy places so people can see me and i would rescue people falling from buildings and save kittens stuck in trees i would be the best superhero ever and i would be famous and that is just ONE of the reasons i would love to be a superhero!
p.s i can't wait for the superhero party prepare to see superman!


Dear Club penguin Team,
I've got some ideas.
My first idea is to be able to use magic. The super hero/heroine could summon fire or shoot water with their hands. That would be pretty cool.
My next idea is that a character could be an air elementary. That super hero/heroine would fly over the enemy, using the air to blow the enemy away with the wind, and blowing the enemy to us to interrogate them.
My final idea is that a super hero/heroine can use the power telepathy on the enemy's mind. They could make the enemy go insane or knock them out, read their minds about the enemy's plans and get them to spy on them.
Those are my ideas. I hope you use them.
Waddle On! ~Mickideejr~


It's might be power of time,
We will be able to control time, like pause,play,forward,backward time
Then no one would defeat me


The coolest most epic power in the world is able to have any power by thinging of it!!!
Waddle On Heros!!! (P.S can i meet Aunt Artic!)


I like iron man's armor as it can sustain gigantic amount of damage,it also has blue coloured lasers and many small rockets.He can also fly and can lift heavy weight . HE IS AWESOME!!!

The Jid:

The best attack is probably using thought to move stuff and when you do it plasma goes around it ;-)


Invisibility! You can be invisible and help other people (in secret :P)


I think that being able to talk to animals would be a super epic power because if you were stuck the anmals could come and help you I also think that being able to tell the future (I can sort of tell the future because somethings I just know ) because if you can tell the future then you would be able to dodge your opponents moves because you would know what the were gonna do

superfuri (penguin name):

my favorite power is everything! so i could be the person who would save the universe any time.


I think that the best superpower is the power to shoot webs. After all, who wouldn't want to be swinging around in the city?

Waddle ON!


The epicest power I think is invariability,agility,strength increasement in anger and a power to spy on the enemy wherever they are.


my super powers would be love and looking at other people from a different because you can protect your loved ones from getting into trouble and looking at other people from a different place so then if there in trouble you would know and save them! - happy5696

Ella Glitter:

Well I think that the most awesome power has obviously got to be penguin power ! its awesome being a penguin, and all of the things we can do are epic, so why not penguin power! Even better, penguins can't fly so we can also have a power called penguin propeller that makes us fly EPIC ! Waddle On : D


My super power would to be save the whole environment.


I think the best power would be to teleport because if you see an enemy on a building you can teleport there. :)






Duncan 8114:

the best super power you can get is flying shooting lava out your hans and be able to run as fast as the speed of lite.

ps: i hope you pick me i need the money bad dont have much money for the epic party


The best superpower would be being able to turn invisible so a villain will not be able to see you and you could tie them up with a rope.


In my opinion, invisibility would probably be quite good, 'cos then you can sneak up on super-villains! You would be able to control the invisibility though, otherwise that'd be a nuisance! LOLZ! I would be called Invisi-guin! You can appear at the last moment and surprise the angry mob of villains, and they wouldn't have noticed you were there! The costume would be white and slick, and the mask would cover the eyes with a white stripe. There would be purple gloves and shoes. Oh how I would love the power of invisibility, so I could sneak up on Herbert and Klutzy and they wouldn't even notice!


Great thinking Wishteria! You sound like an awesome, friendly penguin, and I think you should win the Reviewed By You, good job!


it's always iron patriot for me.


The best ever must have to x ray powers so you can see if crooks steal anything so you can report them to the epf and lock them up with Herbert p bear.


It has to be invisible power because you can do anything and nobody would know about it.


wow i cant wait to be a superhero
its going to be epic
i want to fight against criminals
Waddle on


I have to admit that about 83% of the super powers are the most epic in the universe. Didn't you guys ever think about having more than one super power? 'Cause that's actually how I imagine myself: with super powers!

ana 18009:

I think the best super power in his mind reading!!! if the superheroes are fighting the supervillains they can use their mind reading powers to
find out their plan!!!!!


My awsome super is......COMEDY! I Have a group of comedy penguins and they are my friends!
And that's it





I think the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe would be invisibility! I think this cuz being invisible would be cool and you could sneak up on the villian and knock it out or destroy it and it would never know! :D Waddle On Penguin Pals! ;)


Invisibility! Imagine how many tricks you could play on people! :)


i love sonic blast but too bad im not a member :(


i love super heroes and i cant wait till 25 April to come i love the most super hero is iron man and thor i only wished that the club penguin team could make a costume as thor
W A D D L E O N ! !


I think the best super power that suits the Marvel Super Hero party is one that we could turn invisible while we are wearing an invisible costume, and when you where every single piece of the costume, wearing nothing else, then you turn invisible until you take the costume off. You could just be a walking name!


The most coolest in the universe would be...Telekinisis by the way you can control objects with your mind


The power of Friendship and cooperation! xD


I think telekinesis is the best because with enough power you can do ANYTHING!!!! You could squash the universe for goodness ( or rather , badness ) sake.

Please post.

Waddle on!!!!


I choosed the most EPIC thing i thought of and its the power of the universe!I know what you are wondering.What does the power of the universe do?Simply you can anything pause the world run around the world like flash from the movie flash i think... well lets get a move on.The way of super smarts animals and other humans.One thing you wont like if you are afraid of hights......................................................................... you have the power to grow bigger than normal size. Well i think thats EPIC E E E E EPIC!


I think the most epic super power is your brain! You can think about your powers and demonstrate it!! A superhero/villian has a different brain from other living animals, so they can use thier brains to concentrate their powers!


i think flying as you can fly around quickly and get the bad guys

dark gale:

the power of truth........


I think the most epic super power is shift shape so u can turn into anyone and have their super powers!


the best superhero in the universe is diamond blaster created by myself it should be like he is sending out diamonds like bullets from his arms and creating diamond shields and chains sending out diamonds like anything. It will be super cool if you add this superhero and give it for non members


There are loads of great powers.... Heat vision, freeze breath, flight, shapeshifting and loads more! But I think the most important is being kind and helpful... Doing good deeds for others and not wanting anything in return.


I think spider man should shoot webs when you throw snowballs and the webs cover other penguins and when you dance he jups up and starts swinging on webs.


I think the best power is being invisible.
That way you can see what Herbert evil doing and stop it!
Even DOT 'will want it!
And you could also sneak to a pizzeria and eat without anyone knowing!


I think that psychic powers would be the best because you could make objects move or stop without touching them
and you can teleport or find people where ever they are!


The awesome power i will choose is The Freeze Action! Throw the freezing ball and then the enemies will froze after that hit them and they will be Vanish! Waddle on!


epic. waddle on cp

Kc Sunshine1:

The Most Awesome Super Power Is To Be Like Really Big And Strong And Be Able To Knock Down Buildings Like Hulk


Captin America's Sheild power.


My super epic, awesome power would be the ability to "borrow" other peoples' superpowers. Like let's say I want to fly I, I would touch a a flying person with my hand and "borrow" their power for a short time. I would have a sense telling me if my time is up so I won't harm myself.


love is the most powerful power in the world no love than no unity.


I think telekinesis. Moving things with your mind would be awesomely powerful. You could move something to protect yourself or others, to go on something and move it so you can fly using telekinesis, you don't have to do any written homework because you can just think of the pencil writing it down, there's endless possibilities!


TEAMWORK. That one thing is enough to defeat the toughest possibilities in life.


I think the most awesome super power EVER is SUPER STRENGTH!!! Think about it. You could crush ARMYS!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Sorry, I got a little carried away there...Waddle On!


I Think That The Most Rarest Epic Marvel Superhero Power is Captin America's Shield Power.




I think the coolest power would be to wish for more powers ! :P


Woah I think teleporting powers would be awesome! Or maybe a super strength animation?


I am making a comic about me and my friends and it has super powers and the super power I have is that I can become a piece of any solid object, mimic any thing some one does, and can make things appear that are already there!

chubb chubb:

I think that heat vision would be a cool super power. I also think that I you had like ice or water or even fire powers.


I think the best powers ever are flying , heat vision and invisibility because when your flying you can race through the wind and also you won't get blown away when your battling in fierce weather.

Also when your invisible you can sneak about without getting noticed and it would be handy because the villain wouldn't know you were there!

With heat vision you can make things blow up with fire shooting out from your eyes and you can concentrate on one piece of metal it will slowly melt.

Well thats my favourite super powers!


(BTW the marvel party looks EPIC!!!)


the most coolest most epic super power is shape shifting u can turn into anything u like and u can camouflage in any type of area this power is one of the most epic powers of all!!!!

daniel thedj:

I think the most best power is having control of gravity
because if somebody hard is going to do anything bad to you you could put his gravity up and he will remain in thin air he cant hurt nobody.


My favorite superpower would be super strength and speed. My favorite superhero is Captain America, his shield can block anything! i think it could block a tornado! BTW thanks for adding upgraded costumes! I saw on the logout screen


The power of friendship of course! :)
When a friends in need you can be a hero and help them!
I think that's the best super power there is!
So you can show your friends how good a friend you are!


Definitly darkness, like nightmare, for example, if you are tied up in ropes the ropes turn black and burn, or you throw cursed purple fireballs!


It would be cool to be portal man! I made him up. You get a piece of metal where you type in a place. Then you press a lever and it makes a portal to there. It's pretty cool!


I would say the most awesome superpower would to be able to absorb other peoples super powers! (but the person you absorbed it from would still have theirs, kinda like copy and paste :P) So then you can have all the super powers you would want!


I think that superspeed is because u go ZOOM! And u WILL win in A RACE! zoom on!

Bigeyes49950 :

The most awsome,epic super power would be turning people/penguins into ice and then the ice melted and they got put in a chamber!Waddle On Club Penguin!!!!!!!!


I think the best super power is having all of them! Whenever your in trouble you could use ALL your powers! That would be really cool and helpful, don't you think?

Waddle On!

Ron weasely1:

I think the epicest power is when you damage an enemy how much you hurt them heals the team-mate with the least health and teleports them to a safe place


is there any outfit for ones who are not members?
i mean superhero outfits.
or anything excluding the things that everyone can always have.


iron man is he best hero.


I would say the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is intelligence. If you had intelligence you'd be able to out smart your enemis and always have the best strategies for whatever comes at you. Thats why I think intelligence is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe.


If i had a super power it would be the power to help friends! If There In Trouble I would step up in front of them and Use My Power To Protect Them!
Waddle On Penguins!


Apparently the most awesome and epic super power in the whole universe is invisibility because while invisible you can sneek up on your friends or enemy's to you

waddle on!


For me I will choose the power of changing body. So you can be anything with powers to defeat the super villains!


I think the coolest power is just being yourself. As humans (or penguins) we have the ability to do a lot of great things which we can be proud of and which other people can be proud of : ) WADDLE ON!


Creativity is definitly the most awsome superpower ever! Being able to create anything anywhere and then destroy what you create. That could actually help in many situations.


I think the most epic power is the power of KINDNESS! It is a power anyone can have, even VILLAINS! And it does good to everyone. Being kind can make anyones day and make the world a better place.


Hmm..This is a tough one.I would say being able to turn rainbow and vanish out of places! :) LOL!


i dont really know.hmm.maybe teleporting!

yeeeeaaaahh. teleporting!


I think the most AWESOME superpower is either flying or force fields because when you can fly, you can see an entire city, and having force fields, you can protect others. Waddle on!


the best power to have is THAT YOU CAN TURN ANYTHING INTO PIE! ;)


Hi i cant wait till the party it was my favorite party and i think the best super hero is thor bcuz hes a god hes tough and awesome i hope u pick me cant wait


the coolest power would be to control every thing and even people.


i reckon the best superpower would be invincibility so you can do anything. WADDLE ON!!!


I think the best power would be flying, because then you can fly fast around the villian, and they would get dizzy. And then you win!
Waddle on!

Didi Pengy:

Ummm....probably something unusual,like the ability to turn into an animal....or into a dragon!
If I could do that,I'd like to be a penguin,I wanna know how they see us....

Mr Awesome M:

According to me the most awesome, epic power lies within everyone you just have to awaken it, it is bravery!
Because a true super hero does not needs muscles or metal parts he just needs a powerful heart!

( P.S. Polo when I checked the comments my previous comment didn't appeared so I made this one if it appears then delete this one or the old one just delete what you think is not better than the other)


I think it would be invisible. I think because you can turn invisible and tackle the person so they don't know where you are.


I think the best super power is all the super powers combined together it would be called the epic power waddle on!


FLYING!! if you dont wanna fly then dont and electric power was in the last time this party came flying would be awesome


Hi Polo!! I think the worlds best super power would be Super Smart!!!!!! You could get out any situation!!! You would know how to run super fast, break codes, good places to hide and so on!!! If I could have any superpower it would definitely be super smart!!! :) WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enter nickname:

Hi club penguin
if I was to have a super power it would be that any thing I say candy and touch it turns into candy!!!
I would touch herbet and make him candy floss and kultzy would be a chocolate crab!!!!!!
Waddle on Club Penguin


frees villens


The most awesome super power, in the WHOLE entire universe, must be the power of kindness and generosity. The power of giving to charity and helping people out : helping an old lady cross the street, giving food to the local old people's home, giving a donation of food or money to the homeless people's shelter or giving ANY type of donation to charity- that's the only REAL super power, and if everyone does this, then we are ALL superheros. Waddle on!


I think the most awesome and epic power a penguin can have is psychic powers. As I can remember, psychic powers can be used to teleport, to carry a heavy object, or to help clean up the environment easily! A good benefit of psychic powers is by helping other penguins carry their stuff if it's heavy, helping animals easily from being extinct, building up houses for the ones without a home, or provide first aid easily by teleporting to somewhere. I tell you, it can be helpful.


My favorite super Power would be the simple power to help others out. We don't need Super Powers to be Super Heros.

Enter nickname:

totally being able to fly. then i can get to places really quick.



Abby Girl761:

I think the MOST powerful, awsome Power is Telekenises.



Dome C:

Hey Superhero's! The most epic, awesome super power in the WORLd would probably be the power to control gravity. That way, you can lift and press things down by altering the gravity in a certain place. And A bonus is that you can fly! Well,
Waddle On, Club Penguin!


I think the best super power ability would be to control others and read their minds like in X Men where Charles Xavier had the ability to do so!
Waddle......wait for it.....On!


The most EPIC power in the universe would be teleporting! It would be epic because if you were late to school, BAM! you will be in school already!(Thanks to Teleporting)! Another reason why it would be epic is because if you climbed something high in a park, and did not know
your way down, and you were scared of heights, you could just teleport!


We did it last year remember?

Rockor king:

I would think the power to bring peace wherever i go would be an awsome power! WORLD PEACE!


in my opinion it would be invisability as i could freak out all my friends


I think that the best super power is flying. It would be so cool to see the world from above. It would also be a great way to help people. I can't think of a super power I would want more than flying.
Waddle on C.P!

Dj Freak12:

The best super power is telekinesis because it gives you the power to move anything from anywhere and fly. you would also have a highly advanced brain, giving you super intelligence. that's three powers in one, so triple the good you can do also I would like to have invisible power so I can mess with the evil villains.

Anyway I cant wait for the costumes to come out I would love to buy all of them and I hope that everyone has a good time like last year.





I think the most awesome,epic super power is super speed.Just because you can probobly be in two places at once,or you can bash into people which makes them trip over.

kixx 99:

if i wore to pick it would probably be hypnotism because it would be easy to defeat your you can just control them


I think the best power would be a power that lets you do ANYTHING!!! -Swbmmm


Hey Club Penguin Team!

If I would choose a epic power I would mix powers!!! I would mix invisibility, fastness and weather.

Asking WHY!? Because you could freak the villains out if they couldn't see you and you could change the weather so fast that they would FREAK OUT IN NO TIME! You could win lots of battles if you mixed powers but the best thing is that... YOU COULD MIX ANY POWER! That is right any power even strength with weather or fastness with shocking!

Waddle On Club Penguin Team! I think the mixing powers would be awesome!


Telekineses, no contest! You would always be able to throw snowballs really far without actually touching it!

agent 514:

the super power which i think is the most epic,awesome and powerful is the power to turn into any fish,shark,crab or penguin anytime we want so that during the marvel superhero party we could fool the supervillains by turning into gary,herbert,sensei or any other penguin,fish,shark,crab to be safe and finish the missions or tasks.


the best superpower would be to just be myself and help other people :) -builderbob72


i think the best super power is lasers , if your hand cuffed to a wall u can use a laser to break or melt the cuffs and its really handy for cooking food with out an oven


İs there iron mans heroes re-born costume????

Pls answer


i think smoke bomb or super teleporting speed because if enimies are coming you coould throw the smoke bomb or punch then a smoke bomb goes out then you could super fast teleport.


My favorite power is super speed.
My favorite avenger is black widow(although technically, I don't like the spider).


I think the most awesome super power would have to be super speed, because if you run fast enough you could run on water. So you can go any were you wanted to go for free.




the best superpower would be to be able to help other penguins in need if they need help :) - builderbob72


Power to eat all pizzas on Club Penguin and get all the cookies before orange puffle eats them :P


I think the most AWESOME super-power EVER would have to be flight! You can get over tall buildings, see bad guys, get to the tops of buildings, surprise villains by flying on them, finding people who are hurt, helping safety people find people in trouble and bad guys and you NEVER have to walk! Waddle on!


I love the super heroes! Costumes are epic! Can't wait to battle the robot's! Boom! Bang! Destroy all robots! Coolest moves ever! Horror over the HUGE rock last time! Can't wait to explore! Boom! Bang! Bet you there is gonna be lot's of heroes! Maybe, we will be able to DESTROY ALL the robot's!


THE MOST AWESOME SUPER POWER IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE IS.... SHAPE SHIFTING!! its awesome because it a great disguise when your doing super hero kind of things such as missions breaking into your arch enemy's base and you can disguise as a coffee shop worker so you get get free coffees!!! so that's my super! waddle on!!


i been waiting for this. i think the most awesome super power is that you can turn into anything you want,because then you can turn into ,hulk,puffles, animals, or penguins and more! waddle on


well i think that if you put on the hulk costume you throw a snowball at a car or something then hulk smashes it


well,i think the best super power is thors Lightning and iron mans lazer blast!waddle on!!8^)


Of course (in my opinion) the best one is invisibility combined with super speed that leaves laser beams as tracks that damage people!


We are gonna need a lot of super heroes for this party! Thanks to CP for making this hapen!





the power of friendship is the best !
waddle on club penguin


i think iron man is the best


I FORGOT SOMETHING!!!when i said thors lightning,i mean electricity that explodes everything!


My most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe would probably teleport because you could go anywhere in the world like Australia or New York and if your about be late for school one day you can just teleport there it would be such a cool super power


I think that the most awesome super power would be of controlling all living and non living things in the entire universe!
Waddle...wait for it...On!


I think the best power(that all of us have) would be of sharing as sharing is caring!If all of us shared then many disasters would have been avoided,and who knows even the two World Wars would never have occured.
P.S-I would really appreciate it if any of the Club Penguin Moderators would reply to my comment.
Waddle...wait for it...On!


i think its awesome being a super hero because you can be either a hero or villan and last year had police and i hope that this year's will be better


Sylvia 4:

i remember this party from June last year, i was new to club penguin at that time, BUT I LOVED IT!!!! Btw my favorite super power could be powers of flying, weather and natural disasters! :D

Cupcake Club:

I think the coolest Superpower would be....... A freezing power! If you could reach out and freeze your enemies then you could just capture them really fast without them realising! Then you could go back to your secret lair, lock them in a cage and when they un-froze they wouldn't know how they would've gotten there! :)


I can't believe how many Cupcake's there are! 1st i have a friend 2nd 3rd and 4th is me you and another penguin! :D thats all i know of.

Millylouise :

The best power everyone is probaly freindship
but if i had superhero power i would want to be a cross power
it would be a cross between flying and super speed also with a sprinkle of strenght on top


iron man

The Waddle1:

I think the best power ever would be to bend your body into anything imaginable(like plastic man).
I think this party will be the best EVER!


id say the best power is teleport if you were playing hide and seek if you someone comeing you just teleport then you woad not be found!


The power to have every power and use them for good!


The best superpower would be the ability to dance forever!

Enter nickname:

Hulk cause when he is angry he is a giant green monster? thing but he is so strong when angry so he must be calm in order to avoid dangers


I think the best superpower is being able to control anything. Like make it fly or something. And with that, what about being able to zap enemies with the powers. Waddle On!!


My super-power would be to shoot laser beams which stop the electrics on a robot or anything else electric for 2 minutes.

Enter nickname:

I like the idea of controlling time, too. I would also like to be able to bend light. Or the thingy where you turn invisible. So then you can POOF! whenever you want!


Mind control


I always tought that having the power to just be yourself is really cool, after all some people find it really hard to just be themselves and give in to what's called "peer presure" I myself have never had this problem but it is a problem that some people in the world today are having to face it shouldn't be that way and that's why I think that just the power to be yourself is the coolest power in the world and a power that eveyone should have

sorry if there were any spelling mistakes

waddle on! :)


The poof one was mine. I forgot to write my name.


I think the best power is Shadow guys power he is Epic! (please publish never been published on blog before)


cool. i think we should be able to make our own outfits though like design and everything!!




EVERYONE knows that Psychic is the best superpower! Even though it's only labelled as one, it comes packed with all sorts of useful skills. Take Telekinesis for example. The ability to control and manipulate objects at a distance is perfect to stay safe from villains! It's also pretty good for utility work and who doesn't want their bread to be buttered by itself? Then you have Telepathy. You could find out if someone is lying about something, If they are keeping a secret and it can even find out who someone is! Through another Psychic Power you can use your Telepathy to even change someones mind so that you can delete memories and add memories too! Lastly, you have Bi location which means your superhero can be in TWO places at once! =D One form of yourself could be having a drink and a sandwich whilst the other is saving the world! Combined, these powers can be incredible! As an example, You use your telepathy to see what your villain is going to do next. You use a telekinetic grip to keep them frozen in place whilst your Bi location form is ready to trap them in a net! I think Psychic is the best because they are very flexible and have many styles of defeating villains!

Waddle On =D


I think the best power of ALL time is access to Shoot lazers! (by using the snowball!) and chop those super villains! And when we regret it, the power of healing! (by putting the mouse over the damage and press esc!) i hope you enjoyed, now all i can say is,


The best power a super hero can have is, of course, FLYING! Who can be a true super hero without a cape and flying ability? All super heros need a cape! Who said penguins can't fly?


I think one of the best superpowers that we all can actually have is friendship. Being nice to everyone we meet and showing people we care about them and that we want to help with all of their problems.


well iron man of course


The power of Teamwork!

What super power is better than teamwork? It helps you AND the people around you! It will also help when we will have to battle those super villains! Teamwork also gives you strength and friendship, which is very importan!


I think the best super power ever would be ... SUPER STRENGTH . When people are getting attacked by an enemy they could simply push the enemy away causing them to fly a long way. That would be the most useful one , but the one I would truly love would to be able to fly!
Waddle On CP


To fly and to have ex-ray vision! Maybe Gary can invent something?


The most awesome power ever is to move objects with your mind. You can help people build things, you can help get items out of reach, and you can stop crime!



My power is making the world a better place going to school studying, etc.


OMG!! That's so cool! If I had a choice of an AWESOME power it would be.......Super Speed!!! It would be so cool if I could run faster then the wind! Also, I would never be late walking to school! :)

Waddle On!


i think the most awesome and epic super power in the world is to stop time and travel back and forth in time because :
1. if you are in trouble you can solve it easily with time stopped etc
we can use this super power in club penguin so we can stop herbert easily for example: herbert is scheming to blow up the command room again we can stop time and plan a scheme to stop him while time is stopped and as soon as we start time we will be able to stop herbert easily. By travelling back and forth in time would help us by seeing herbert's old plans and new plans and help us solve our present mission


I can only pick one? There's lots to chose from, but if I were to pick one it would be the power to read minds. If you could read minds you could know what the villain is planning then you can get a head start and beat the villain. Sure there isn't any defense with reading minds but reading minds is a smart and easy way to beat a villain! I'm so exited for the party cp! Once again you AMAZE ME!


Robo Robin:

I think the most awesome epic power ever is doing the right thing working together and join forces. If we work together and join forces any thing posible we could change the world. That is what I think of the most epic awesome power ever is.


I think it would be cool if you had heat vision


i like all the heroes!!but I have to say I do like iron man,hulk,Thor,spiderman,captain America,and batman!!i love marvel super heroes and I hope you please pick me!!!!!


I think the coolest most epic superpower ever is shapeshifting, or, transforming. Why? I've always loved stealth. Shapeshifting would be perfect for that because people would never think its me, and i can go undercover in disguise! And for fighting villains i could confuse them with it and defeat them.


The most awesome, epic superpower in the entire universe would have to be all of them combined. If there was a superhero with all the powers in the world, then he (or she) would be unstoppable. Telekinesis, invisibility, invincibility, teleportation, flying, and all the rest. The best super hero has it all.

May Heyy:

Well i think there should 1 power that holds 5 powers the first power should be lots of flaming. fire the second one should be like giant wind storms blowing which makes the super villains be pushed away in the air. Then the third power might be earth quakes with the ground cracking a little.And then the forth power could be broken sharp objects that float in the air and go really fast when you aim the o
object to be at. and the fith one this is my favorite should be giant light orb that you throw at the villains which make them explode. :)

I hope you like these powers and Waddle On!

From your biggest fan, May Heyy

P.S. can you put my comment on the blog? because i never been on it.


The power to be a penguin!


but for best is space power! Three things space camaflage, Rays, And diffrent language.


I think that one of the most epic super powers is to be able to control the elements. It would be so cool to be able to control air, fire, water and earth, and card-jitsu would be so much easier! I also think that powers like helping others are epic, as everyone has the ability to help others, so everyone is a hero!
Waddle on Penguin Heroes!


The most epic power is friendship ! My best friend is kokomo4

waddle on club penguin



i love helping others and also non-members should be able to buy some clothes plz change the ones non-members can buy and the beta test was so much fun waddlw on


Nice one Sms8! The best super power that towers over all the other ones is definitely to fly.Waddle on.


the coolest power is of course... drum room please *drum rolls*
flying is awesome since it can take u anywhere!!!
Now of course!!
Waddle On!!


Mine is the power of friendship!
when you help others you feel like you can do anything. :)


awsome i cant wait for the new advengers party the costume party and the best super hero power is to save the world or universe from a evil thing or person and to help others.


The most awesome superpower to have is lazer vision because it can very useful such as if you want to have BBQ you could just heat with your lazer vision.



i think the most awesome superpower would be have super strength


the best power is the force u get to control things and even trick the villans


I would agree with teleportation.That's because you could get to some place easily,fpr free,and stealthily.Also,nobody could catch you!


my favorite super power is being invisible!! so u can sneak up on your friends! = P


waddle on!


With out a doubt my favorite super power, well I have two, Would have to be.................... Flying or being able to turn invisible. Those are my favorite they are cool. Well i wasn't at the last year super hero marvel take over:( so i'm glad its returning I cant wait this ( I bet ) will be so much fun!!! :DDDDDDD I cant wait. Well that's all i have to say.

Waddle on CP team. :D


An awesome super power is invisibility or flight!


Hi! I can't wait until the MARVEL PARTY!! Which MARVEL superheroes are good and which ones are bad? Anyway, back to the the question, which superpower would I have? Definitely SHAPE - SHIFTING!! YEAH!

artkid01 :

i think that the coolest super power EVER would be the ability to control the weather. you could bring rain to areas that have a drought and you could cause a hurricane (or a tornado for that matter) to hit the super villains base. it would be AWESOME!!!!


Hmmm, that would kind of be a hard one. I'm not really interested in super powers and all of that stuff. I would say that the ability to be able to remember things from when you were a few months old. Basically, the ability to remember everything! This ability would enable you to remember something the first time you learn it! It would be very helpful in the outside world! Thank you for listening!
~ Akonbaby8


The power to control and read minds!


Well, The coolest power would be to make as many wishes come true even yours because you could wish for MORE superpowers so you can have as many superpowers as you want!
Can't wait for THE PARTY! But I wish we could create our own superpower for THE PARTY! I would love my idea of a superpower. I think that the other ideas are better. :( Hopefully you like my idea!
I LOVE Club Penguin!


I believe that the power of kindness is the greatest, most powerfully epic super power in the entire universe. Why? Because without kindness, our lives would change for the worse. Without kindness, we would not have friendship, love, care, or helpfulness. Everyone has the ability to be kind. Whether it's a hello or just a smile, we can make someone's day or life better! To be someone who cares about our world, to make it better, without needing cool costumes or super gadgets. Its to be the person who will continue the kindness on Earth. You have kindness within you, so use it! Waddle on!


The most awesome epic super power is invisibility. That way super villains cant see you


money think about it batman iron man have a lot of money so yes money



I think that flyteleporstrengthbrainawesomegiver (Fly-telepor-strength-brain-awesome-giver) is a super cool super power!!
Because you could be able to fly, teleport, be really clever and giver-to-da-poor all at once! So you can be a super super hero!!!

littlelivi11 :_:


can u guys make a non member coustom this year please because some non-members want a couston and put a boy on and a girl one and by the way awesome costume u got there


the best super power I think is something we all ready have ,friendship because without that there would be war and other nasty things


Iron man it the best power, cause he's just pure awesome


The BEST power would be to help the world in danger and help people from sickness.


i would LOVE to have a power.let me think...... TRANSFORMING and um........uh...DISAPPERING !


I bet the best power ever is always energy like would energy you can shoot it everywhere and it can destroy almost everything! So the best super hero I think has got to be Iron Man ;)


the best super power would be to teleport because you wouldn't have to walk every where and you would never be late for school!


The most epic super power is to not be afraid of anything. You wont have to get over your fears by doing it!


Mine is totally moving things with your mind or also known as telekinesis. it is so cool to move things with your mind. you can move people too.


you should add superman and also batman these are some good heroes plz at lest add batman it will be amazing and joker should be added to

Punk Hazzard:

The best super power ever is reality-warping. I mean, c'mon, who doesn't want all of space and time in their palm?

Joen 493:

The collest, more epic power ever would be Light power. It could be the most strongest one ever! You can travel nearly half as fast of the spped of light, and can destroy things with your electric powers! It would be so cool!


Hey CP Team, i think the best power would be the power to instantly activate world peace, so that if any wars or fights stardted i could stop them immediatly!

Waddle on!


I think the power of lightning would be cool

Pamma 1:

I think flying would be the most EPIC super power! Because you could fly around anywhere and you could do sneak attacks on villains!


I think the most awsomest superpower is telporting.


I think flying would be so cool because you could see the world and you wouldn't have to walk anymore!


the best super power is strength because you can keep your enemies away


to me, I'd like to electrically teleport by turning into an electric orb!!!!!!!:)


Hey Polo! I think being invisible would be a cool epic power because no one could defeat you!

Rock Out3606:

The coolest super power would be if you clap, it will destroy all vilians instantly! I wish that could happen. :)


Huh this is hard but I think that controlling the storms are really cool! Think about that if your fighting a villain you could summon electricity and shock them! It would be AMAZINGLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully the bow comes back!


i think the best power would be to control stuff and for example i could make a tv explode or make a ring float
or mabye making a glass tip, that would be awsome and also it could be cool if we could fly by levitaing ourselves and those stuff





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