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By Polo Field on April 11, 2013 - 09:48

Hello Penguins!

It's been a while, so I think it's time for a new Reviewed By You! Last time we asked for your Card-Jitsu Snow strategies. One of my favorite comments was from Sms8, who said:

My strategy is to help others when they are battling the snow ninjas. i hide behind a rock and give them power and when i get a power card i go in front of the snow ninjas and use i. that helps me get power and my teammates. Waddle On!

Thanks, Sms8! I know I needed a lot of help when I was testing Snow. Turns out I'm not very good at it! ;P

As you know, the Marvel Super Hero Takeover is returning to Club Penguin on April 25! We're going to need a ton of Super Heroes to protect the island from meddling Super Villains. So while we're talking about super powers, I'd like to know... What is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe?

Send in your review by posting a comment below. We'll pick one of our favorites to be featured next week on the blog. If your comment is chosen to be featured, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account.

Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



I think Giving is the best one. it gives you power to give,share,and be nice!!
waddle on , cp!


OMG the most epicest awesomest super power in the whole world is to combine all the powers together and be the most extraordinary super hero in the whole galaxy yeah that's the most awesomest epicest super power in the galaxy

waddle on for the epic party






i think it would shadow because you could shape your self like a shadow and steal other shadows


I would love to have infinite lives. Yeah!

Also, I can have the power of defeating the bad by using just a simple move, like jumping or something like that. You can walk, sit, play the computer, and much more and you just stopped a bad guy from causing destruction! :D
Defeating Herbert by just waddling would be fun, right!

Oh yeah, but that would be boring... Well, I might as well stick to my "Infinite Lives" idea. :)

cool boy7941:

i like how thor has the power to make a thunder cloud with his hammer that is who i want at the marvel super herotakeover


I think the most super power is inviolability. Why is because you came never get hurt from a laser or a explosion. You can walk threw walls and no one can not see you.Waddle On!


I think that the most epic power would be to fly because you could be at the beach one day then go to the snow!


I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!


the best super power would be to morph


The most awesome power would be transforming into any monster (even a penguin) an use any type of power like controlling other penguins,oh, and it also makes you invincible and immortal. Waddle on!


I think the most awsome super power will be turning invisible, no one could see you, that's what's so cool about it. If you are playing hide and seek, no body could find you because you are invisible. If you're playing kickball, once you get tagged out, they'll miss because you are invisible. Invisibility is sure one cool super power.


Hi cp!!! The coolest,most epic power ever would have to be to duplicate yourself.I would be awesome because if you had to cook dinner but had to go to work at the same time,you could just make another copy of yourself and then do both,you could also use it to outnumber your enemy,like you could surround them with the duplicates of yourself.That would be awesome! Waddle On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think the best power in the world would be to create pies out of nothingness. I could end world hunger and make sad people happy with my sweet treats. This would DEFINITELY improve the world!


I believe Iron man is the best because he is the only regular human that is one of the main characters and also that he has supercool armor and weapons too!!
and once again this is Qqqq1111 ! Waddle on... man i always wanted to say that!


What is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe? i think the most awesome, epic power in the entire universe is... being able to fly! i would feel free, like a bird!


Hi CP i told you about the super power that would be cool. So I was asking if you can put the black sunglasses in the next CP catalog. I hope you can because I've always wanted those black sunglasses. I hope you can put it in the catalog! Thanks! Bye!! waddle on!


go through time. that would be very cool! i would go to the future to see what it would look like!
i could see what would happen if i don't do my homework and i could help people!

- skully4117


the coolest super power is mind reading because you'll see all the attacks coming


go through time. that would be very cool! i would go to the future to see what it would look like!
i could see what would happen if i don't do my homework and i could help people!

- skully4117


i think it looks abslotly perfect just like in the cartoons but theres one problem his pants look riped i think that would be a beeter idea but every thing else is perfect.

waddle on


I think if you have a laser that only shot villains with a range of 130 feet.


the best super power is super speed because i will be going so fast, super villans will not be able to see waddlw on :) :) :)


Well I Think That The Best Super Power In The World Would Be Kindness Because if Your Nice To Someone They Will Be Nice To You And That Is How You Make New Friends So I Think That Kindness Is The Best Super Power Ever! :) :) Waddle On!


i think all powers are grate
waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp
waddle on c
waddle on
waddle o


I think for Hulk, MAKE HIM SMASH THINGS! And the cool part is, drum roll please... YOU CAN WRECK THINGS LIKE WRECK IT RALPH!I hope this was exciting!


the power to do everything!!!


the power to shape shift is the best power




The best super power would be able to shape shift.

Mini Fry 5:

The best super power is being able to fly. You can sneak up on your enemies, escapee quickly, and it's super fun!

Mini Fry 5:

The best super power is being able to fly. You can sneak up on your enemies, escapee quickly, and it's super fun!


i think the most awsome epic super power in the universe is water and electricity because those are my two most favorite things.My favorite super hero is batman club penguin should put batman on here.


Littledupers :

the best super power to me would be flying because my fav animals are flying animals like a blue jay

Littledupers :

I want to fly!!!!!!


The best superpower would be to have a wand and do spells that could do anything!



I think the best super power is shift shape to turn into anyone and have their super powers!


there are a lot of super heros they all have specialpowers but i like all of them the best is teamwork

waddle on CP TEAM!!!!


I saw a lot of people answer invisibility. Well, my answer sounds almost the same-invincibility. If you're a superhero and you were invincible, no supervillan would be able to stop you. You would never get injured, and because of this, you will probably live a longer life.


I would have the super power of mind-control. This way, I could make the world a better place by having everybody chip in to make it better. For example, if a person was bullying some one else, I would take over the bully's mind, make them STOP what they were doing, and make them donate to Coins for Change instead!

Jade West887:

I can't decide. All of them have a unique power so, I'd pick all.


i guess it would be like shadow guy



I think the best power would be to have the power to have excess to all the powers! That would be that best ever! With that, I'll be UNBEATABLE! The power of invisibility, to teleport, intelligence, and friendship, etc, all mixed together! Maybe even immortality!
Waddle on C.P.!


I would say my favorite could be telekinesis! You can lift up things from far away, or even your self! That would also be like flying! Maybe if you left your car keys in the car, you can use telekinesis to unlock it from the inside! Cool, huh? I bet that'd be AWESOME!


My favorite super power would have to be telekinesis. Why? Because to be able to use your mind to flip a switch, make your bed, or clean your room is pretty amazing. But, I would have to say I also like the power of super speed. Why? Because to be able to move faster than the speed of sound or light is amazing. I would love to be able to run from my house to my school in less than a minute. Plus, with super speed I could win a gold medal at the Olympics without trying! :D


oh i know a super flying power so when super villians fly the super heroes will fly up and beat them up oh and super speed


I think the best super power is telekinesis! The ability to make things fly is awesome! I would make clean water fly to places that need it, but maybe teleportation would be good for that. Telekinesis would be good to trap a certain polar bear I know though, I could make a candle levitate, he would try to get it but I would lift it up so he couldn't reach it, then I would trap him in a net!

Princess1 01:

I think the best power would be: See through things

Because If you were on a mission, you might have to open a door... You would need to know what is inside of that door you are getting ready to open. Also if you got a gift from a Bad Guy, you would know what you were opening!

Red Birdy25:

I believe all powers are nice. When you fly, you could go anywhere you want. Fire, you can heat things. Water, you could cool down things. Earth, you could do stuff with earth. Intelligence, you're very smart. Portals, you can send this here, to over there. Strength, you're the strongest man alive. Speed, you can get there right on time. There's so many more i could think of.

-Red Birdy25


I think I would choose to be invincibe so you could beat the bad guys in the next party


I think I would choose to be invincibe so you could beat the bad guys in the next party


i would say to fly or probably fire lasers out of my hands like iron man P.S. i hope i get picked for the ten thousand coins
waddle o
waddle on
waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!


I think teleportation is the most epic superpower because lets say you were saving someone from a burning building all need to do is teleport in carry the person then teleport out

Henry 55555:

Maybe the best power is time travel you can go to the future and in the past in 1 second you can go see cool things in the future and dinosaurs and caveman in the past


the super power that would be epic is to able to transportation
because i hate it when we walk all the way to that place we
want to go and you want to fast there and not wast daylight
that's how i always feel when i go with my mom.


I think the best is invincibility cause you would not get hurt


i think iron man should be discribed as the leader of the marvel.i came up also a good idea for the party which are 5 levels and the player can move the mouse to move their penguin,press the keyboard to attack and clicking to interact or jump.once all 5 levels are finished the players can enter a arena and fight a upgrade of destructobot.


i think the power to control the elements would be awesome. You would be able to almost anything. if someone tries to hit you, you could use the element earth and make a shield of rocks. If someone is trying to burn you just shoot the flames with water. if someone is if you are trapped somewhere in something you could use fire to burn the the box trapping you. Finally if you were about to be crushed you could use the air element and fly sky high. that is why i think the power to control the elements is the best power.


The best superpower is.......... THE POWER OF THE BETA TESTS! Okay there i'm kidding. The BEST SUPERpower is teleportation because if you were a superhero in trouble with a super villain or a ninja fighting evil snowmen or even a EPF agent trapped by the villain in the latest mission you would want to teleport away from the super villain but close enough to make your next attack move, if you were a ninja fighting three evil snowmen (sorry got to include that cuz the snow beta test is awesome) of course you want to teleport behind them to hit them with snow, fire or water depending which ninja you are without them knowing and finally if you were an EPF agent lets say the evil villain put your spy phone and gadgets in a safe you'd wanna teleport to the safe to get your spy phone and gadgets back right? And its easier to get from one room to another! Waddle on!


I think an awesome power is time travel! You could stop time and go back and forth in time and so on. But the greatest power by
far is caring and loving and helping and supporting each other. And the best thing about that power is that you can do it everyday!


The power to turn into a rainbow penguin and fly while blending in to almost everything!!!!! :D


If you will be able to destroy all evil, cast spells, and have a awesome forcefield!! :)


The most awesome kind of super power would have to be like Rouge's from X-Men. I mean she can take any power and use it as her own! If you had that power you could take as much of a super villain's for hero's power (depending on what side you are on) and use it against them. So yeah its got to be the best power in my opinion.
Waddle on!


i think the lazer beam is the best power of all. You can shoot through walls and of course you can shoot through any thing you like !!!!! Any ways lets say a battle comes with the toughest robot army and then BOOM!!!!! They all blow up into pieces! The laser beam is the master of all the POWERS!!! That's how much i love the awesome LASER BEAM POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The best power is running really fast because you get places quicker!


This is a hard question. There are so many choices out there its so hard to chose. If you were to ask me i would say mind reading would be the best. If you were able to read minds, you could figure out what your enemy is thinking and figure out how to fight against it. Plus, it would be cool to see what other people are saying. well, WADDLE ON!!! :-D



I can't wait! :D The power I'd like is Super Force. You can lift heavy things, fight evil and probably never loose!! It would be awesome (Plus you can show off! Hehehe) Waddle on,guys! ;)


Love!Love is very powerful stuff.It can win over evil,and make cooking taste like the best food in the world.It can also give you the power to help others.

Orion 9:

The best power would be to live forever!!!!!!!!! Waddle on!


Being able to FLY!!!!! Penguins can't fly, so it would be awesmazing!!!!! ;D

Enter blahaha28:

Enter comments
whoa so cool cant wait im going to be captain america with thor hammer

Joey Jazzy:

I think the best super power is teleportation because if you are about to get hit by a bad guy, you can just teleport away and hit it back!


Nice question,Polo.Well I think best is surprise attacks with teleportation.Because that could surprise your enemies.But when your
enemies have eyes on the back of their heads teleport on the top.That'll work.Bye for now...and waddle on!

Bbg Princess:

Yo Polo Field! I think the most awesome of the awesome (VERY VERY VERY VERY awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!) IS..................................................... MIND CONTROL because you could make a building look like a giant Herburt! speaking of Herburt, (heres a joke) What is big white mindless and furry?HERBURT!


I would go with strength and invincibility. Because if I had strength I would've jumped over the pizzas and threw Herbert in the water. And with invincibility I would fly like a super hero and save like everyone in c.p. I think that this years marvel is gonna awesome to. Waddle on penguins & super heroes! :)


I think teleportation would be a great super power to have because you could go anywhere you want without walking. I would love to be able to teleport anywhere I want to.


I'd have to say the most epic super power ever is most definitely the power to talk to animals! Imagine how cool it would be to talk to puffles! Or even dogs and horses and stuff! I wonder what they would think of me or even what secrets they would know haha!


I think it would be cool to have laser power, invinsibility, and ivisibility!!! And I think it would be cool if we had the power to just be ourselves and not think that we have to be something that we're not. Waddle On!!!!! P.S. I love the marvel super hero party!


i hope the meteor comes back because my penguin "got" superpowers from it and is controlled by it so it was like BORN by whatever magic was in it. and my penguin would LOOK regulaur but she is like POWERFUL on the inside but she has a soft side when the heroes lose (she's on hero side) and is truly EPIC for a friend. and the COOLEST superpower is stinging touch (Black Widow) and techtrokinesis and it could like lift things with his/her mind!


I think the greatest, most epic power is invisibility because it can get you out of tight spots such as homework.


one word speed 2 words waddle on

Jackie 1414:

I would have the power to do anything!

Maddie Eliza:

Well that is one simple question! The power of giving! Its what makes our lives go on! It helps us AND others! Even penguins!



The best super power in the entire universe? Super speed and the ability to vibrate through walls like The Flash!


the one i like is for the most epic power ever is spiderman

Bee P:

I think earth would be cool. I mean like, you can control the Earth! Wouldn't that be cool! You can make tornados, make the Earth shake, make lightning,and wind, and,storms,and sand storms and a lot of things. P.S. You could cause rain. This is the best I got! Bee P signing off and of course waddle on CP!! P.S. You can control electricity! :)


I think the best power would be the power to read minds. Then, at the Marvel Party, you will know what your enemy is going to do. So, you would always be one step ahead of them!
Waddle On :)


Teleportation. Think about it? You can teleport behind your enemy and grab them from behind. Then teleport them 5 miles high. Drop them and then they will be defeated!


I think the marvel superhero takeover is EPIC!!!!! My favorite costume is the tornado costume! Clubpenguin should make superhero puffles next year!! Do you agree?




I think the best superpower ever is flight. It's one of the only things science has not been able to bring us. There's a liquid that makes stuff invisible and a super-strength suit. But so far humans can't fly without planes.


FLYING!!! I wish I could fly soooooo bad sometimes, you have no idea... IT WOULD BE SO FUN! PLUS it would make life so much easier. :)


I think it's all super power! It's the only super power packed with them all!

rigbo 24:

hi club penguin fan players,I think the best superpower is shooting lasers from your hand, its awsome because if your far away and you shoot it , it would burn them, I also think the power of loud music would beat the villans because the villans ears would hurt

rigbo 24:

hi club penguin fan players,I think the best superpower is turning into a bunny because the villans would leave of ther cuteness




i know this isnt about the party but when cardjitsu snow comes out will we get a rice hat like sensei? i would love a rice hat please make that a clothes item when snow comes waddle on.


I say the Tornado suit has the most awesomest, epic super power in the universe. it can damage towns and people.


I think the costume is SO COOL! It looks JUST like Hulk.


I think: the power of Transformation


Sky blue709:

i think the best super power in the universe is super strength because u can lift anything and save people on trains heading towards the end of the traks and lift it up


I think the awesomest super power would be to teleport!! you could go from room to room! rock on, clubpenguin!!!!!


I think the most awesome epic super power is EVERY ONE!!!! You could easily defeat any robber or villain. But my ultra favorite power is to have SUPER SMARTS! I could make a super suit with every power! WADDLE ON!


I think Daredevil is the best because he is blind and people think he can't do things because he is blind.


i cant wait for the party its so far away oh well lol. i think that all super powers are awesome but my favorite is probably the power of protection like Violet in the movie The Incredibles where she can protect herself by invisibility and use force fields to protect others. Remember to always protect your friends and fellow penguins do not bully and always keep peace hope and love in your heart. WADDLE ON! :)


The most coolest, most epic-est superpower would be the ability to HAVE ALL known superpowers!!! That counts as one, 'cause you have the ability to get them all, on your own!! Waddle On CP! GO CP!

Please post, never been posted before...



I think the coolest superpower is telekinesis because, you can hide and attack the enemy and they not see you!


Hey Club Penguin one awsome super power would be turning in to a different animal imagine that!!Or mabye to have laser vision to solve a quest.Thanks club penguin for making such a awsome web site.

waddle on (:

Amie 230:

I think the best super power in the whole world would have to be teleportation! the power teleportation is the best power because you can go to Australia and then in 1 second you could go to Italy!!


I would have the awesome power of shape shifting.So if someone needs help you could shift into the perfect line of defense!


I'd say the best super power in the ENTIRE universe would be mind reading because you can find OUT what the villian's next move could be.



I choose maxminum iorn man!!!


i cant wait for superhero takeover this is probably one of the best things club penguin has ever done. just think superhero penguins against super villian penguins its gonna be an epic battle but we all know good always wins so we need to get out there and WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Of all the posibilites of super heroes it would be 2

1. Super speed
2. ability to fly (like a petrodon from the Dinosaur Party)


Ice mice1:

ice is because you freeze things


Polo Field, I think the best super power ever is getting other people's powers like super speed and get a new power like flying or jumping super high. I hope you like my idea.

- Ghoustx123

P.S Waddle on Club Penguin Team and every penguin :)

rockyy 1c:

the most epic superpower is to pick up a building or anything that is super heavy i chose that because if you are being chased by villains you can pick up a building and dig a hole to hide and then cover the hole so the building doesn't fall my second best superpower is super speed and teleport first i chose super speed because if you are being chased by police or villains you zoom your way out secondly i chose teleport because if are surrounded by villains you teleport out and third best super power is to fly for example if a villain goes up and flys you chase them by flying!

i hope you add 10,000 coins to my account

waddle on club penguin and vanish on ninjas!


Great! I'm Broke I Need Coins! The Best Super Power Would Be A Lighting Storm That Would Put Lasers So The Villans Wont Go To The Heros Team But If Theres A Super Villan That Can Fly I Would Choose A Ice Storm Better!

Ice mice5:

Ice power is awesome because on hot days you can make icy poles and on cold days you could control how cold it would be.

Good Mcgood:

I think turning invisible is the best because you can sneak around and do cool stuff like steal secret plans!


the power of peace and love


I think spider powers would be the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe. You know, like the Amazing SpiderMan. You would be able to just swing around the city without a care in the world. You also could climb up walls and buildings to get away from danger or just show off if thats you're kinda thing. You even could just sit on a rooftop and eat you're lunch or do homework. That is what i think the most awesome, epic superpower would be.


I think the greatest power is super intelligence! With super smarts you don't have to wish for the power to fly or have super strength,
You make your own gadgets that let you do so! With super smarts you can figure out challenging puzzles and make sure you don't fall for a trap. With super smarts you are unstoppable! It is almost like having more than one power! Knowledge is power!Enter comments


Some other good super powers are to be yourself and having fun with your friends and family because you don't need any fancy super power to make you happy, you just need friends and a family who cares about you.


P.S Waddle on Club Penguin Team and every penguin.


I think the greatest power is super intelligence! With super smarts you don't have to wish for the power to fly or have super strength,
You make your own gadgets that let you do so! With super smarts you can figure out challenging puzzles and make sure you don't fall for a trap. With super smarts you are unstoppable! It is almost like having more than one power! Knowledge is power!


the coolest most epic power in the world? So hard! From invisibility to flying, I think it would be being able to teleport from place to place! I could easily win a game of tag with this ability!


i think it is saying please. Awesome power you will earn respect and also get want you want in a way you feel good about it! And being good to nature that power is aweso me you will change the weather! waddle on!


strength and lazier vison. if we had strength we could destroy things like cars,buildings,and lamppost. lazier vision would be amazing we can split things in to two. then one more super power mind reading. the villains can beat the super heroes by knowing there moves. these are awesome powers. i would love to have them.

T tar:

i think the most awesome power would be you could fly breath in water and shoot lasers from your hand

T tar:

the most awesome power would be creating lightning bolts flying you could also breath any where you want like in water

Spoiled Nina:

Well.... The most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is....... EVERY SUPER POWER EVER MADE!!! There's flying, super strength, invisibility, and much more!


The coolest powers or should I say SUPER POWER I could have is most likely teleportaion, flight, and the ability to creat things with my mind!!!



flying or invisability 1 you could do sneak attacks 2 if you were invisable they wouldnt know where to attack 3 if you were flying they couldnt hit you ! sorry if i misspelled some words! <l :D


There are so many different superpowers so it's very hard to pick.But mine would be flying.And I can't wait for the Party!! :D


I think the most awesome, epic superpower in the entire universe is invisibility. Does that count as a superpower? I think it's awesome because a superhero could sneak up behind a villain, and attack! It would also help if the superhero is trying to hide from the villain, so the they can perform a sneak-attack!
~ Jade048


I would have to say Time Powers, like be able to be going so fast in time so it seems like you are in two places at once. He/She could also be able to go back in time and edit things, but, I don't think you would be able to do that, but also good one would probably be freezing time to fix something and being able to edit the frozen time period. The characters name could be Clockwork, because he is all about time.

Waddle On!



I think the most awesome, epic superpower in the entire universe is telekinesis. I think it's awesome because you can move stuff around with your mind! Kind of. If the villain was attacking the superhero they could like get rocks or something, and make them attack the villain without even moving a muscle!!!!
~ Jade048


I think the coolest super power is to do ANYTHING!!!


I think one is laser vision.


Cool!I think i know what super power i'd like to have...the power to turn invisible!!!That will be AMAZING!!!!!!!!With those powers,I could do undercover missions without any enemies noticing that i'm there!!!!Waddle On CP!!! ;)


The most epic super power would have to be the ability to morph into any animal. It would be awesome and useful to be a cheetah in a getaway, a bear in a battle, or even a penguin in the cold! Waddle on Club Penguin!


The power of the brain! If we didn't have brains, where would we be now?


I personally think that super strength is the most ultimate super power in the universe because then if a super villan hits u it will bounce right off ure abbs and the super villan will get scared and run awat then u will be able to punch them away all the way to out of space!


The best power question is really hard because there are so many different powers that are just awesome! But if I had to choose it would probably be shape shifting, it would just be awesome to change into anything you want at command. If I wanted to be a cat, I could be a cat!


I think the ability of triple damage is because if u hit the enemies with triple damage the enemy will just fly to out of space and the enemy will never be seen again and the world will be saved once again thanks to the super heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The most epic super power would totally be having the ability to draw a place and make it come to life! If you wanted to go somewhere peaceful, you could draw your paradise and you'd be able to experience it for real! Waddle (and draw) on CP!


I would say telekenisis is the best because if an enemy is trying to attack you,you can just redirect their attack! Let them feel the taste of their own medicine! or you can control their body if they try to minipulate you! (ps,I hope I get picked! ;)


i think of the most epic super power is reading peoples minds because he or she might have promblem you could give him or her some advice


Teleportation. go anywhere, anytime. rushing to be to work on time? Teleport.


Cool Boy 887:

The most exciting, coolest and BEST super power I would know of is the power of GIVING! You can save lives each day, each hour, each minute and each second! Waddle on ;)


I think the best power EVER is proboly.... well i dont know what is called but where if you touch someone with a super power you get there power and their memory.So you could find out where any base is what any plan is and get any power! I think that power is the best you could have.

Dilan Huss:

mine would be to be able to shape shift because if i tie klutzy to a chair and Herbert does not know i could be able to turn into klutzy and i could see Herberts plans. waddle on penguins


I think that the best power is of friendship and helping others!
I think this because being able to lend a hand in tough times and having somebody else there as well is really helpful and rewarding
- Ella5887


I think the greatest power is to be invincible so you can't die from anything!


No need for such power, but surely the world is always at war. I say if we want to take down the villains, all we need is teamwork, co-operation, and a stronger motivation of fighting for what's right and to protect our island.


Hulk looks awesome! The most awesome, epic super power in the universe would be thor's power, Hulk's power, spiderman's power, and Iron Man's power all combined! Well, I think that it's pretty awesome!


Helping others there is no other way to say how amazing it is to help other people it is a reward in it's self.


i think invisibility is awesome. first, a villain approaches you and you become invisible so the villain can't see you then reappear behind him and attack him from behind. now you see me, now you don't!

waddle on!


i think the most powerful power is the power of helping others that way every one is happy and feels proud of themselves!



The power of giving and/ or intelligence





Yeah, a lot of people like teleporting, telekinesis, flying, and other else.
But the the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe should be
Dimension teleporting.
So you can teleport the other you which has powers and they can help you do your work, because he is practiclly you.


in think the most EPIC POWERS IN THE WORLD is either having super speed, electrokinesis, or fire ball and lightning


cool costume!! :D


I think the best super power is being able to make more super powers.


I think the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is ICE! You can freeze time with your mind using ice to freeze everything, And shoot ice out of your hands/flippers making everything frozen cold! I think that would be the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe!

Waddle On!


shapeshifting! you can turn into anything you want! you could be a velociraptor, a tiger or a bird. If you are surrounded by enemies simply turn into a dragon and eat them (or fly away)

Red Pajama 21:

why cant club penguin do a DC takeover?

and the coolest ever super power would be laser eye that could cut through ANYTHING



I think the most powerful of all is a dark portal because it could destroy them but in a different place in the galaxy. Also It can summun dark minions when you need them.


Be invisible is cool but it could be knockdown for about 10 sec or something.
Flying is what I say.


the power hypnosis. you could stop mean people to do mean things,
you could get help from people who said no when you asked them.
I could go on all day about what you could do but I won't


i know a super power you can control gravity


invisibility or Flying :)


Transforming into prehistoric dinosaurs would be fun! Imagine how much destruction you could do, in fact, you would wipe out anything in sight!


I think it would be epic to have super mind reading powers so you can see through Super Villains mind to read their evil schemes. But some people might want other powers so it is up to them. I just love the Marvel Super Hero Party!!!!!!!

Waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013 - 08:13


I think the best one is future and invisible powers First future u can tell there next move he tihehe ! then invisible to sneek up on them and defeat them !


The most epic superpower would be to be able to spawn any kind of Pizza from thin air!


I think the coolest most epic power would be to read people's mind, because if you were facing an evil Super Villain you would be able to read their minds on their evil schemes. But if other people want different Super Powers that is fine. I love the Marvel Super Hero Takeover party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waddle On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my most awesomeness power would be telekinesis,strength or fly that would be so cool i want to be
she-hulk in the marvel superhero takeover because she is strong but in the girl version of hulk and she is smarter


The epicest power has gotta be super strength! Or super speed! If your ever in trouble you can run away or fight your way to victory! Thanks Club Penguin, Agumon949

Enter nickname:

i cant wait



I think that the most epidemically coolest super -power is hydrokenisis (a.k.a. the ability to control water). you would be able to shape- shift your body/water into useful items like weapons/objects and you can also self evaporate or in other words teleport!




Mind reading because i can tell when people are lying and also invisibility so i can see what goes on in places when i'm not there. But flying would be awesome!! i could fly to my favourite country for a trip then fly back! Waddle On!!


I would say...
Maybe SNOW lasers,OR Fish Dog Vision!!!
You shoot your laser from the eye and a Fish Dog pops up from nowhere!!!
Perfect for PENGUINS!!!!


Flying Of course! You Can Dodge The Villains And Catch Them From Behind!!! WADDLE ON!

And Remember To Defeat The Villains ; )


Epic good!


well i think the most awesome super hero power is where you can get a fire sheild round you and another one is getting to speak animal language!!!! waddle on clubpenguuin!


I think smashing rocks will be best for hulk. WADDLE ON!!


Hi Club Penguin Team!

I think the most super epic power could be to be able to do mind control. It will help when you are in a battle with a super villain because you can tell them what to do with just thinking.

From your biggest ever club penguin fan


I think that green lantern should be added so penguins can make shapes


It could be mind control. Because with that power you can control anything with just your mind!!!!

Crazy 4 Toad:

The best super power in the universe would be the power to run at the speed of light like Sonic the Hedgehog!

Crazy 4 Toad~~Waddle On!


The best super power in the whole entire universe is the power to take other super heroes powers and use it for yourself but in the end you can give it back. With any power in the universe it must be the best power in the universe and there is no task you can not overcome.


The most extreme powers the first one is being able to control peoples minds like you can make them see stuff in your image and make them do stuff that you don't want to do. The second one is invisibility you'd be able to pull pranks on your friends and if you wanted to you'd act like a ghost to scare your friends at a Halloween party! the third one is knowing what happened in the past and the future, you would be famous for knowing everything in the world! this is the last one, the best power ever is to live forever and you wouldn't die neither so basically you'd be immortal and who wouldn't want to be immortal!!

Waddle on!!!


I like hulk because he is veri big and strong.


My favourite power would be super speed because I could get to someone in help easily and because I could bagsie the last squid pizza before anyone else


The best power that is given to us is helping others!Helping others is good and its not necessary to have a laser vision or some super natural power. It feels good in your heart when you help poor people who are in trouble.Do not use your power to fight others, use it to help others.Till then,




hulk smash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice Age1 Man:

I think that super heroes like spider-man, iron man and hulk would be liked by everybody. Even the cops and thievesthing would be liked.


it is being invisable


i think super strength and shout laser beams


the most epic power is warping time and space, like silver the hedgehog or shadow the hedgehog
then you could do epic things

T Puff:

The most awsome super power is defnelenty FLYING I MEEN WHO DOSEN'T LIKE FLYING!!!!!!


i think being able to turn into all the animals would be cool. like the super hero white tiger has the power of the tiger! ; )


The coolest and best Superhero Power would be fly at the speed of light or run fast or the power of ice( snow ) with this power you would also get a idea of making the snow dojo and the snow ninja!!!!!!!

Waddle On !!!!!!


I Think That The Most Epic Super Power In The World Is Inhabiting someones body and still be in your body at the same time Because You Could Make Your Mum/Dad Do Something You Want!!!!!






sik3nz bro:

my favorite power would be lava man i cant die by lava i use fire for shield and my attack would be lava wave take 50 health away from enemy and if i do 2 lava wave it would take all enemies health and poer from him/her and she must surrender


i think the most epic power in the universe is having invisibility powers because the bad guy won't be able to see you when you start to fight him with your super strength.


i think it would be mind control

Em Prin:

It would have to be ether levitating, X-ray vision, walking through walls, or invisibility! I JUST CAN'T CHOOSE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


It doesn't matter what power you have, or what costume you have, it matters on your heart, Because you could be a villain and use the same powers as a SuperHero would...


flying is the best and most awesome power in the whole universe.1Because you can fly way above the villians . 2U drop down on enemies from above 3. U can catch aeroplanes if they are falling 4 u can fly to a differnt galaxy or planet 5 u can stop meteors from hitting CP
waddle o
waddle on
waddle o


I think that having a weather power would be awesome! We could use wind to take us anywhere. We could summon some rain if there's a big fire around the world. We can make hot places cooler and cold places warmer! That way poor people can have more chances to survive from the cold or heat! By the way, is the Club Penguin office snowing? Waddle on! :)


I think the best super power is your friends. They can help you out. For example, your friend is a EPF agent and you want to became one two. You ask your friend and you became one.


i think the most coolest power is controlling ice and using it this way you can freeze villains and short circuit villains robots :D


My power would be simply a sucking power i could suck up everything and put it back down. I could make thing cooler with my wind on a hot summer day. And my costume would be kind of like a shadow ninja.


The most epic super power would be flying because if you could fly you could fly over everyone and save the day quicker!


The best power would be to be able to move/push/pull things with your eyes. Then you could just lie down in bed and do loads!

Little Yoshi:

I think the most EPIC super power is GIANT LASER BALLS!!!! Because you can knock down villains in a second! Waddle On!


While all super powers are cool, i think that telepathey would be amazing. it gives you the power to fly, read minds, and even lift items without moving a flipper! The possibilitys are endless to what telepathey can do.


i think the most awesome super power would be to be able to persuade anyone to do anything

Kiblees rock:



the super power that i like the most is telekinises to move things with the power of your mind and super strength so you can crush things easily also heat vision

Moo mui:

Oh And A really good super power is .........
Being who you truly are.
You all have super powers some for being kind some for being helpful.
But everyone has the personality power (PP) So the best superpower is being who you truly are , being yourself , looking after people.
Not super strength or flying or any other really cool powers being your self is the most imppotant.
So that's my superpower, Being Me being who I am!

I Hope you understand what I was trying to say!
Waddle on
~Moo mui~


I say to myself sometimes, "I wonder what it would be like to be indestructible?" So I think the most awesome, most epic super power in the entire universe would be...FORCEFIELD! I mean, if someone throws rocks at you none of them would hit you. And if you get in a fight, you wouldn't get hit once! And while the super villains can't touch you, they can be touched! You would be invincible, just like Iron Man. Now THAT'S something you would definitely take!

ge goo:

I think the coolest power ever is giving. It comes in handy. I like it because, giving is when you can do things like, give people encouragement and do something nice like, donate money to help charity or the environment any many other things. You can build a house. I found two that stand out they are, you can give love, and you can give your life to somebody so they can live.

Thank you for reading my opinion




WOW i just can't wait tell the second marvel superheros take over.


If you could shape-shift, you could turn into anything, anywhere, anytime. You could even disguise as one of your enemies so you could sneak into their evil lair or something. Although, if I had a second choice, I would probably choose flying.Waddle On, CP!


I dont know if this exists but like this power that heals and defends people . Healing: heals people from their injuries Defends: protects people when their like out of power or if they get injured badly


the best power ever is saying please! You will be nice and this please is really a magic word that you should say all day long.Thats the best power!


CP has everything when it comes to parties! Puffles, pizza, even, marvel! My Uncle would LOVE this! He's the biggest fan of marvel ever! He even has his own room to keep his figures in! That's how many figures he's got!

jess cakes:

i think the best super power ever would be flying!!!! then you could drop in and save the day!!!!!


I think the most awesome super power would be invicability because no mater how much villians tryed to hurt or destroy you,they couldn't do it!


The power of friendship between you and your penguin buddies is the strongest power EVER. :)

Jasmine 7655:

I would LOVE to have telekinesis cuz it's so cool, but my ABSOLUTE FAVE must be invisibility stay. It works like this: You look like u are standing/sitting there or doing what u are supposed to be doing, but actually u are invisible and u can go wherever u like! Be good for school... :-P LOL

Waddle on CP!

Jasmine 7655


The simplistic power of common sense. After all, where would humanity be without it?


It has to be super strength because you could lift up cars and buildings and punch through walls. It would also be cool to be invisible because you could jump in front of people and yell BOO really loud and their reaction would be funny!


None are the best! There cool, but they got bad sides:FIRE is cool, but it can melt the island,ICE is cool, but you can slip,WATER is cool, but it can make a flood,FYING is cool, but you can get hit by a airplane,INVISIBILITY is cool, but you may scare super heros by knocking over things,STRONG is cool, but you may dent your car,STOPING WOLD HUNGER BY MAKING FOOD FROM THE SKY is cool, but have you seen the movie 'cloudy chance of meat balls'? The food you make will get bigger till all super heros are fat then they can't stop the bad-guys.

but if you ask me I like ICE because you can take skating lessons so you don't slip. PICK ME PLEESE

Waddle on!


I would like Iron Man to be the most powerful in the world and universe.


I think the coolest power would be telekinesis because then you can move stuff with your mind! You could feed your puffles without having to move and read without needing to flip the page over! :) it would be helpful AND cool! But who needs super powers when we are all super already?! :D


I think ivisibility power is the most super epic power!Because if you were about to be caught by a villian you could just turn invisible and sneak away! Awesome right?


I think the marvel superhero takeover party should have Green Lantern as a hero.


My favorite super power would be Iron Man's beacause he's got plenty of suits like the suitcase armor and beacause i could shoot some lasers to defeat my enemies and i would have the power to fly! Oh, and i would have LOTS of technology


the best power would be super strength lightning and fire power combined.

waddle on



The coolest is the one is captain America because he uses a shield and use it to defend some bady guys and to stop them.


mine wold be magic and makeing a giant robot in thin air


The power of copying. By Copying other heroes/villains power you will have every super power


I would decently have to say LAZER EYES cos they are so awesome and I've always wanted them.


The Most Power Full Power is Time Because when you use time you can pause the whole world


I think that the best super power in the entire universe is to be invisible. You could be really sneaky then and get the bad penguins busted!
Waddle on,


In my opinion the most coolest power would be of controlling all living and non-living things in the entire universe because you can avoid many dangers.For example: if a missile is headed your way you can simply change its direction and aim it back to the bad guy or you can just make it explode!

-Waddle...wait for it....On!


Cool! Awesome Hulk costume!

Sarah 5 5 5:

I love the hulk costume!
the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is....well all of them!
Just think with heat ray vision you can make a baked potato! And with flying you won't be late for work!
And with super strength you can help someone who is stuck or needs to find something under a heavy object!
The possibilities are endless!
Waddle on everyone!


I think the most awesome super power is the ability to fly,that way you can go into the clouds and adopt rainbow puffles, lol !



flying is cool because Thor and iron man do it.


I would love the power to make it snow! Really I love snow! I was angry when I was in a place that was absolutely covered in snow that I didn't bring my Club Penguin plushes!


the power to save endangered animals and habitats like the poles and sea turtles wold be the best power of all!
Because I would be able to save soooo many animals . Till then waddle on and save the sea turtles! CP rocks!!!!!!!!


Will all the costumes from last year come back this year?


hulk is green like being good to the economy many say he is angry he can be but he can be funny as-well
i don't have much money i have been been upgrading my igloo with some new items finely
Hulk is so cool i wont to have his outfit but i am a girl


I think the best superpower is invisibility because the villain can't see you and then you just come and do some sneak attack!!! It's also fun to fly too!

Waddle On,



i think the most epic super power eva is water & freeze power so u can make water float and then freeze it into place xD


i think it is flying and
shape shifting also the
power of strength
like hulk


THE MOST COOLEST MOST EPIC MOST POWERFUL SUPER POWER IS...[drum roll pls]HYPNOTISING!!!So if that pesky yeti Herbert P. Bear comes to our place with another one of those devastating plans,it will not work.It wont work because of EPF,it wont work because of the Hypnotising Man!He will hypnotise Herbert P.Bear and will control that old yeti to get out of the island!!!


i think to be able to smash super well like the hulk is the best




The most awesome/epic super power would have to be. . .
Mind control
Emotion control

Both are really cool because with mind control you can get someone to do anything you want and with emotion control its even cooler!
My fail mustache face. . .
Waddle On !


My favorite would be to have the ability to throw sticky slime at villains and to teleport like agents do.
WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN TEEM AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The power of helping each other.Without that power penguins would never help each other out.Like when your sad penguins help out by saying whats wrong.Also I help out by being friends with all the nonmembers and be super nice to them.I treat them like best friends.That's my super power.Helping and friendship.Waddle on Club Penguin.(any nonmembers who read this can friend me.


I think that the most useful power is transforming into anything! its good because your enemy wont know where u are and then u can sneak up on them! waddle on club penguin!!!!!!

Enter nickname:

I love CP


The power of 'giving'. Giving helps us all EVERYDAY! It's what time some people take out of their lives to help others that makes us humans(and penguins) so unique!

Mtr Tiny:

I think teleportation would be nice, because if a super villain Were charging at you or shooting at you you could just teleport out of the way, and you could teleport right behind the bad guy and attack him and then teleport away before he could turn around and attack you. and if you were trapped with evil robots all around you you could just teleport away. So that's why I think teleportation is the best power

cutiepie 089:

That is a very hard question! But I think that the coolest power ever would be super speed because I would be able to do things quicker and play clubpenguin before bedtime! The secend coolest power ever would be being able to see through walls because I could spy on people!!


Thinks. Awesome no not awesome It's superb awesome epic LOL !!!!!!!!

Mtr Tiny:

and P.S. Captain America is the best avenger!

Enter nickname:

My favorit superpower would be to throw sticky slime at villains and to teleport like agents do. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN TEEM!!!!!!!!!!!!


Superheroes are go! The most epic, awesome super power has to be Noodle Super Speed Strength Power! You can fly while shooting Noodles through your penguin eyes - EPIC! (As you can tell, I like noodles...) Not forgetting, you can have super speed and super strength! Noodle on, Penguins - I mean, Waddle on!


I think super strength is the best super power cause then nothing can stand in your way {even a giant robot]


i would want the power of mental transformation. If someone was doing something wrong, i could make him be a good guy. And if he went to jail, i could make him have a good attitude.


A power that I would have is mental telepathy so I could read
the bad guys mind and know the evil plot before the villains
do it.

My penguins name is Zoebug1114 and I hope you pick me!


Willpower; it helps overcome our wants, and leaves some cookies for others!


id rilly like a pow were you can fly and then you can be iron man flying

Snake 0000:

To me, I think THE MOST EPIC, AND AWESOMENESS POWERE IS.... Being to teleport and heal instantly, sort of like Wolverine and Deadpool (2 Marvel super hero's) combined. To me that would be epic! Wabble on CP!! >8D

Enter nickname:

the most epic power in universe is to be invisible


I would say laser eyes!


The best super power,flippers down is time travel.If you get defeated then you can think of a new strategie,go back in time and defeat them!Also you can get new or old penguin clothes or furniture!


I am from Club Penguin/CP and if I coud have any super power it would be telekinesis. I would choose telekinesis so when we battle Herbert
P. Bear we can lift Klutzy, Herbert, or simpily just lift things to foil their evil plans. It would be great! But the most important super power is to
be able to not be afraid and be your self. Everyone has a super power, just don't be afraid to show it.
Wadle On Super Penguins
Penguin, Elephants, Turtles Penguins, Elephants, Turtles




The power of "helping others" is the greatest power of all time!
It makes us kind and an amazing thing!

From Rocky73413! :)


The power to absorb any kind of attack and can take in the power and bounce it right back at the opponent without taking any damage from it.


For the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe would be invisibility!

From Rocky73413 :)


to control the enemy and make them attack the enemy's team

me22 :

it would be epic to teleport so when theres a bank robber you can teleport to the door when there escaping and stop them and when your a kid and you cant drive


I think flying, no....
Mabey fire charge. That would be awesome!!!!!!!
Trowing fire at the bad guys, it will stop them!:)


I think the best super powers are flying, talk to all living things, and be invincible!
Waddle On Club Penguin!


I think that the best power is intelligence, because the world needs intelligent people to solve the world's problems and to make new inventions that make life easier.


i think the best power is to love for other "penguins" and puffles like are own to make club penguin a better and safer place


The coolest superpower would be to see into the future and read people's minds


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