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By Polo Field on April 11, 2013 - 12:48

Hello Penguins!

It's been a while, so I think it's time for a new Reviewed By You! Last time we asked for your Card-Jitsu Snow strategies. One of my favorite comments was from Sms8, who said:

My strategy is to help others when they are battling the snow ninjas. i hide behind a rock and give them power and when i get a power card i go in front of the snow ninjas and use i. that helps me get power and my teammates. Waddle On!

Thanks, Sms8! I know I needed a lot of help when I was testing Snow. Turns out I'm not very good at it! ;P

As you know, the Marvel Super Hero Takeover is returning to Club Penguin on April 25! We're going to need a ton of Super Heroes to protect the island from meddling Super Villains. So while we're talking about super powers, I'd like to know... What is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe?

Send in your review by posting a comment below. We'll pick one of our favorites to be featured next week on the blog. If your comment is chosen to be featured, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account.

Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



I think the greatest super power is to be yourself,
you don't need fancy super powers to show how good you are.
It's how great you are on the inside, how you see the world, not how someone else should see it for you.
Waddle on Club penguin


I think the greatest super power is to be unique and be your own person
Like being one of a kind. Not just because of being smart,strong,fast, or big!
its about being yourself


i think the most epic super power would be super speed. It would be cool because you would get to go where you need to on time,
you would be first to win a race, and you could easily catch a bad guy running away from you!
waddle on cp!!! :)


i like hulk


The coolest super power to me is force field. If you have force field, almost no one can get you! it just bounces off the force field!


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the most epic power in universe is to be invisible.


My Favorite Super Hero Is Black Widow Because She Is Cool!!


my favorite super power is speed because if i'm late for school i'll be as quick as a cheetah my favorite super hero is black widow


Maybe bending.It means you can control water,earth,fire,air,etc,etc.


hawkeye rooks


Hey Cp Team! I Have Cool News And Cool Powers That Are My Opinion. Okay Here Are The Powers: Hypnotize,Flying Ablity,And Invisable Ablity. :) Here Is The News Thanks For Putting The Rare Brown Hair And Rare Puppy Suit Back :D
Waddle O
Waddle On
Waddle On C
Waddle On Cp
Waddle On Cp!

megatron 22:

i think that the most awsome epic superpower is the power to fly becuse if you can fly when you miss the plane you can fly to the plane and get in through the window!


Flying Power!!


I think controlling a element is the best power it's like Thors power but you use your hands and your immortal.


I think the best superpower in the entire world is plain old intelligence. It's really helpful if you can fly or turn invisible, sure, but with a big brain, I think anything's possible. Because then you could design a suit that could make you fly AND turn invisible, all at once! Thanks & WADDLE ON CP!


i have 3 powers in mind the first one kindness idont know why .the 2nd one mind control. so u can get evil on your side and the last one eternal lives so if u get hit u can ALWAYS live.

PS waddle on!


Wow! that looks like an awesome costume! I can't wait for the party.


The most epic power is be able to do many things at once with millions of arms coming from your body. You can fight many bad guys at the same time and do it faster.

Clubby Guy:

I think think it is anti-gravity ability because it irrupts the balance of the universe and stops villains from hurting or doing things to you.


I think the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is being INVISIBLE!!!!!!!! It's so cool that nobody can see you but can feel you that they don't know who you are! Waddle on!


the most awsome power is shape shifting because you could transform into enything you want


I think that the best super power in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE would be "the force"from star wars. I always try to imagine myself having the
force and it would be AWESOME. Just try to imagine this: moving objects by will, floating in the air, moving other people and creatures
(such as bears and bully's at school) ... IT WOULD BE EPIC TO HAVE THAT POWER!!!

Its me78:

I think Imagination is the best superpower!!You just think what you wanna do or build and you just do it!And it would be awesome if you could think what you would want to create and then it would appear(example: I think about building a castle and it appears)!It is also a real life super-power!!It's realy useful and has thousands of uses and possibiblities :)


I would say super strength or flying!

From Rocky73413 :)


woah cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool MAVERL PARTY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the best power is the universe is the power of the mind. If you need further explaining it's quit simple you don't need super powers to out smart an enemy, just look at iron man. Iron man has made a suite of armor that has saved the world multiple times with his own resourcefulness. If a person thinks quick enough they can overcome any thing with ease, that is why I think that brains are the best power.(also a person could make powers)


The most important is to be you because you are very special and thats what your best at.


i think this is going to be awesome


I would have teleportateion and super speed


hmm,I think fire power to shoot flames and make beasts out of fire PLUS not get hurt by lava,not sure if that makes you be hurt by rain though...


I think the best and epic superpower is the TRANSFORMATION. You could transform into everything (animals, objects, vehicles etc.), and take different atributes from everything: for example, your brain turns into a super computer, or you could be super strong. And the best part of being everything, is controling the four basic elements.

Hope you like my power, Alexis0900


I think the most epic super power in the universe is the power to be able to fly at the speed of light so you could help people everywere.


I think the most epic super power in the universe is teleporting because whenever you wanna get something you want you will just teleport to where you wanna go and bam you have what your wanted plus its way faster than flying unless your Superman or some thing!


Hey cp!Great work on that Hulk costume it looks fab!
Well done for the 2nd Superhero Party!
May we also have the power to fly on one costume?It would be awesome flying just like in the Prehistoric Party.
Thanks so much!


I think the most epic super power in the world is invisibility because if someone is trying to find you you could just disappear into thin air and you could catch a bad guy right on the spot because they wouldn't know that you are there!!! But you would want herbert to have that power ;p


The most awesome power EVER has to be Invisibility. You can be invisible whenever you want and walk through walls!! Its really great for surprising people for there birthdays or Halloween!!!


I think all super powers are really awesome but if I had to choose one it would be to have super brain power and to have great tactical skills. A team of super heroes and heroines all with different powers would be awesome.


I think that the best power is........ flying and also penguins that can read your mind Waddle On!

Chilly 82970:

The best super power is being the master of time and space! Duh!


Okay, I made a superhero costume a its ironman, thor, water ninja shoes, white cape AND A CAPTAIN AMERICA SHILED.

Cooia 42:

Most awesome super power in the world? What about the ability to call other super heroes?Lets say you were up against a really challeging foe. You could use this super power to call other heroes for backup! It would be much easier to win if you had friends helping you. Waddle on CP!

Blue Flash99:

Ahhhh im looking foward to the Marvel Super hero party!!! This is actully my first Marvel party! The Hulk costume looks great, its actully my hair style from the Halloween party!!! By the way im so excited!!! Waddle Around! :)


My all time favorite super power would have to be the power to fly because then you can help people over seas or up in the sky if their plane was going to crash. WADDLE ON!


I think if your mind can do anything.

e pinguinn:

I think the coolest superpower would be to teleport ! You can get anywhere you want and its handy if u want to go to places undetected!


I think the best super power in the world is love. Love can defeat anyone who insults someone. Love can defend yourself. If you have this "power", you can save the world.


I would like the power to grant wishes. Then I would be able to grant wishes for myself and others! Imagine all the worlds problems I could solve! I could do anything I'd want! Like have a good photo day, or A NEW MINI-GAME FOR CLUB PENGUIN, or anything else!
Anyway, that's what I'd like!


The best super power will be freezing the bad ones like a robber and here's a short story:

A robber had stolen money from a bank and you come with a snow power and freeze him, put him to jail, and when he melted he will be in jail already!

Al Bumble:

I really like the Iron man costume.

weevil robot:

The most awesome epic super power is you could be a ghost! you could walk through walls and be invisible to the world!


i think the best powers are healing, helping animals, and giving.
waddle on.


love it lol

Polka Dots84:

It would be really cool to be super strong. [like the hulk] When u were fighting villains you could pick put very big things and just throw it!
Waddle on!


hey u guys should add flash the super hero he is awesome just to tell u!


the greatest super power huh? that's easy. of course everybody knows what it is. LASER BEAMS!!!! u can shoot anything and the beam still goes! it's that simple. lets just say the battle came already and then,get ready for it and BOOM!!!!! the robots are just pieces of junk!


flight. has to be! humans will never fly, but the doesn't mean super humans can! Flying is awesome and the hero's can sneak up on the villains from above. although all the powers people have suggested, I think flying is a must have power for heros
waddle on!!


I think it is quite good, but also maybe add a item to teleport! if you could, make Iron Man fly just like Prehistoric Party 2013 with the birds!



I think the best superpower ever would be to be able to tranform into anything. If you wanted to go unnoticed, just turn into a rock, tree or street lamp. If you needed to burn down a wall of ice, just turn into a phoenix or a dragon. That is why I think transformation is the best superpower.


The best super power would be telekenisis you can use it to pick yourself up and fly and you can use it to do something without looking away from another thing plus you can also pick up items to throw at your enemies


There are so many cool powers out there! But I think the coolest, most epic power, would have to be one I made up. It is to have any power you want. It works like so: You think of a power you want, corresponding with the situation you are in. Then, you snap your fingers. Finally, you have that power! Isn't that so awesome? Perfect for dealing with villains! Waddle on!
~Catlover5233 .xx.


I say that flying and Thor's Hammer are major cool superpowers!
It would be cool if you defeat a villian, you get Thor costume with the hammer! That would be so cool to see in this Takeover!
Waddle On CP!


Super powers like being invisible can help yourself, but a true power is helping and giving to others! The power of friendship, kindness and many other super nice things are an amazing thing to have. Helping others is something we need to do - it makes people happy, it makes you feel proud and you might even gain a new friend! So, no powers like strength or invisibility for me - I'd prefer the power of friendship! :) -Rosebuddy632


i think the hulk


i think the hulk


Well if i had choose just one it would be flying because it makes you get places faster and if theres a no acsess place and a villans in you fly through the window!

Fluffy a Cat:

I think the most awesome super power would be to be able to be able to fix every bad thing in the world and make everything better! Because you could help other people!


thank you club penguin for all the new costumes i really appreciate it you guys are the best and i want to give a big shout out to polofield and buisnessmoose thank you for guiding every where in club penguin you guys rock waddle on!


The most epic power would be...TELEKINESIS! Imagine if you are trapped in a cage, and you see the key of the cage far away! You use your mind to get the key and open the cage to free yourself! Do many other things you would like to do also without even moving a finger! Just thinking! That would be SWEET! Do everything you want without doing a lot of effort! How cool is that?


i mean super strengt

Mr Smart 333 :

i think the best super power would be love giving kindness helping caring and being with your friends

lilly bug 23:

my superpower would be reading minds or being a quick-runner


The most important power is to be kind and caring to others and thats the power of greatness so be nice to others.


The most cool power is to have super crazyness lolzyz


I would have to say: The coolest super power in the world is, ALL super power in all! I mean why pick one when you could have all?(:


umm.............. SHAPESHIFTING of course!!!!!! i dream about it every night!! i`m always a tiox! (a cross between a tiger and a fox).


I think THE MOST, COOLEST, CRAZIEST super power would be the ability to FLY. Like in the dinosaur party. That was really cool. My mom and i loved that part. So maybe you could make a costume that allows you to fly like the Pterodactyls!!




I think the most awesome superpower is once you see someone doing a ability like swimming your able to copy it and do the exact same thing!


The most epic power? Obviously the power to get more powers!!! Lol i mean seriously!!!

Waddle on!!!!


The Power Of Friendship is a epic one because we wouldn't been able to do any missions or we wouldn't even have Find Four or Macula and to fight those villains too!

( Waddle On! )


I think the most epic power is to be invisible that way the villains never know when you're going to strike next. Or to have a bubble shield to protect you from EVERYTHING!!!!!
Waddle On!

#1 CP fan,


The Best Super Power Ever Would Being Able to Copy Any Super Hero Or Villain's Power When You Are Near Them

Pingu Level:

The best super power is to shoot fire balls! That could be epic in Club <(") :-D


the most epic super power in the world is friendship! with it, we will be unstoppable!

Reading Gal1:

I think morphing into other objects or people would be awesome! So you could capture a person on the villain team, and morph into the villain to get the scoop on the villains teams secrets. If I had to choose another one it would be to freeze time, so while everyone is frozen your team can defeat them or have more time to plan. Another cool power would be to go back in time, that would be really fun. To defeat evil you could take your team before the battle, to plan more.

I just can't choose a favorite! There all to epic, awesome and cool super powers!

Reading Gal1


I cant wait until the party comes. It is gonna be great. I wonder what is gonna happen.


Awesome cant wait to get it! I think the most powerful power in the universe is "Friendship" BTW my name is Domo8789 as u can see


I think the best super power is the power of friendship. My first reason is because friends are always there for you, like cheering you up when your feeling down, or even helping you with homework if you might not understand it. Another reason is anyone can have friends. You don't have to be a certain kind of persin to have friends. All you have to do is be nice to them and accually attempt to make friends. My last reason is friends are not limited. You can have as many friends as you want, offline or online, it doesn't matter. Someone is always in need of a friend, and you can always be a friend. That, I think, is definatly the best super power ever! : D


hero namer:

i think the best power would be to be able to cop cat any other power u see and can do it. the person would be called copy cat. ; D

Thalia K:

The best? Wow, now that's hard. Well, I would say shape-shifting, mainly because it has a whole bunch of hidden powers; flying, changing sizes and speeds... well, it's a power I would sure want to have! Waddle on, yo!


I think the power of kindness is the best because kindness people are nice others like if someone is not liked in school another person will be friends with that not liked person and kindness people can help others like if a elderly woman couldn't cross the street that kind person would help them.


I'd say invisible power because then you could sneak up on bad guys or if you go the dark path I'd say to rob banks with not ever being caught.


well i think the best super power is this power i made up it is called lava barrier when any enemy tries to kill you like if they throw a rock an ice block anything will burn melt on the lava barrier waddle on :) p.s hi


to be super strong and invisible


the best super power ever in my opinion would be the power transform into any animal! i mean how cool would that be? you could fly, swim, breath underwater, or even talk to any animal!

waddle on" superpenguins" from club penguin!


I think is super speed because the supervillans will see you and you be all like over here nope over here and you can make a tornado on bad guys


The best super power is... CLASSIFIED!! Just kidding, the best super power is.. THE SUPER SUPER SUPER POWER OF CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!! And being able to fly. XD w A d D l E oN


i think the best super power would be super strength


INVISIBILITY why because its epic and also I could beat my brother at hide and seek .plus he always would be awesome to win for a change

p.s. I'm Polo Field's biggest fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


The coolest super power EVER in the entire world would be all the powers in the world combined!That way you could be a super penguin and save the world OR rule the world with your EPIC powers!Waddle on penguins!

mr goldman:

If I could have a super power in club penguin it would have it be to be able to fly.

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My fav power is Telekenisis and how you can lift things (and baddies) just by thinking about it. It would also be really cool to be able to control the elements. Fire, earth,water and air and super speed is pretty good.



Probably laser beam control, because when you're against the wall, you can blast the villains with a beam of light! Useful in tight spots!


It would actually be awesome to be invisible, like having invisibility so you can scare your friends on Halloween, or you can make a great ghost movie with your powers!


I think that laser vision vould be cool because you could escape any trap an beat the bad guys. just like how we defeated the bad guys last year.


The most coolest super powers would be SUPER SPEED!!! You can catch all the villain with super speed!!! Also ability to fly, you can catch up to the super villain and catch them. -Anabelja8

jack 1270:

the best super power would be laser eyes and fireball mouth with invincibilty.










i think iron man is the most epic super hero ever and can any body tell where to get a costume of iron man

mmm man12:

The BEST power is to have a AFRO! Also check out my outfit i think it's cool. Also I AM NOT ABSESED WITH AFRO'S but check it out


I think a good power is teleporting :D


i think that a cool wind power for girls so if they 'wave' they will blast evil away from club penguin and also an *earth* power to when girls dance plants and flowers will come out of the ground and if a evil doer goes near the plants it will turn 'good' XD that all i got lol


i think smart would be the best superpower because if you are smart you would have the knowledge to invent other superpowers like flying, telekinesis, and many others. you would also be a very helpful person. you could give coins to donation or give cloths to charity for someone who really needs them. so overall i think having the power to be super smart would be the best

Archmage din:

invincibility , flying and super strength makes awesome.

Enter nickname:

Hey! The party sounds awesome!!!! I had a question to ask. Can we have another sunken ship party. Please! It was really fun. Its ok anyways. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waddle On!


In my opinion, the most awesomest super power is being able to turn anything into food! If you are sick or can't get out of bed, snap! Your lamp or brother's toy turns into chocolate! Have a boring class and haven't had enough to eat? Snap! Your ruler transforms into gummy! Life is awesome when you can change anything into food....Waddle on!


i think it would have to be invisibility, telekinesis, flying or teleportation. All are very good and can help us with battiling villians
invisibility: they wont know your there!
telekinesis: pick things up without touching it. (most of the time they won't know that it is you!)
flying: easier to get around quickly because most villians are on the ground. (unless their from space and have gravity powers XD!)
teleportation: again easier to get around and it will be hard for some villians to hit you/us if we keep teleporting.

I think these are very helpful!
Waddle on! <3 Maple32

Lacy lue1:

The best super powers ever are flying and being invisible! It's the best for being super sneaky for capturing villains and hiding from danger.

P.s More super lady costumes please! If u can't think of any more then use x-men!

pp.s this party should be different from the last one, better saving/causing chaos and more games, please.



The Power to upgrade others. This way you are able to help upgrade those who in need's lifestyles and because you are able to help your self and the super hero community in order to fight crime.


wolverine power

agent darth plagus:

bzzzzt. agent darth plagus here bzzzzzzk.

Herbert is planning to warm up bzzzzzt island again using the gaint bottle of hot bzzzzzzt.

agents be on your gau...

transmission ended

Dizzy Popper:

I think that the best super power would be kindness. Which relates to Coins for Change. And Safety Internet Day. And The FRIENDship Bracelet at the back of Rockhopper and the Stowaway. And why you get banned if your not nice.

Penguin 6616:

If I had super powers my favorite one would be where you could turn into someone and trick them and you could copy what they did.


I cant decide! But it definitely is either telekinesis or teleportation power. I chose those two powers because if you had telekinesis you might be tied up with ropes and you could just loosen them and be free, but if you had the power of teleportation you could just snap your fingers and you could be away with the item that was stolen to its owner or place. But if you think about it hard, the super power you really have is being you, that is the best super power of all.

PS. Please post me! Ive never been posted before!

Skatery x:

The most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe, would be to throw atomic snowballs, so penguin's can defeat the evil robots, and save the island!


Hulk rocks


HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the marvel party is soo cool


I think the most awesome super power is love! It makes everyone happy, and you don't even have to be a superhero to use it! Thanks CP!





it is mind control power and elctrokinesis


i think that THE MOST IMPORTANT POWER IS using your unbreakable willpower and having a brave heart to confront enemy no matter what


I think that the best power you could have is:
Be yourself. Nothing can be more epic than being yourself, thinking your own thoughts and expressing your personality. It's not about flying, invisibility, or even Super Strength! Seriously guys,

Be yourself.

~Bedelia5, no.1 fan!


Hello Club Penguin Team! I think the most awsome power is teleport , telekenis and be able to breath under water combined !

Thanks for reading!

P/S:Thanks for every thing Club Penguin! You inspired me so much!



I think the most epic power would be Telekinesis because you can just pick something up without using your real hand to pick something up. Waddle On =)


Well, My Super Power would either be.....

1. the ability to speak with puffles

2. Invisibility

3. flight

4. The power to control water!!!!!!!!!

WADDLE ON AND GO POLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


of course ghost


Hi, i think that reading the villians minds is really good beacuse u can have a board maybe and it could show u all of the villians that are on cp island then u could maybe read every single villians mind so u know what there evil plan is and i think on the superhero even thats comming up u could maybe include a police station for all of the evil villians. from whitesnow946


The awesomest super hero power would be the power of friendship! Having a friend means you are not alone! You and your friend are a team (together everyone achives more) and nothing can stop you! (Not even Herbert or a super villan.) Your friends and you can do more things than just one person. Two is MUCH better than one!


I think the most epic power is Telekinesis because you can just pick something up without using your real hand to pick something up. Waddle On =)


I think the MOST EPIC POWER would be Indestructible because you can fight Super Villains without getting Hurt or feel Pain.

Waddle On =)


I think the most EPIC power would be Telekinesis. Because you can just simply pick something up using your mind instead of using your hand's. Waddle On =)


I think the power of INVISIBLE is the most EPIC power because you can just sneak up on a Super Villain. Without them even noticing your right next to them. Waddle On =)


Mind reading! we could read herberts mind to find out his new plans! so the epf and heroes could work together to stop herbert!
Waddle on HEROES!


I like iron man's suit because it looks so awesome!!!!!! GO IIIIIIIIRRRRRRRROOOOOOOONNNNNNNN MMMMAAAANNNN

sailou :

I like hulk because he has got big strong nuckles


I think telekinesis is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe, because if you were tied up in ropes, you could pull the ropes apart or away, and even if you were just making soup, you could cut or mix ingredients without even turning around from the cookbook you can move things with your mind I think this is a really awesome and useful power.

Mew Mew 124:

Enviroment power! We could save the water resources and trees! Then the world would be a clean and pretty place to live!


the coolest most epicest power would be able to turn your self invisabel so you can sneek parst the enemy and then you can just supprise attack them or i would say invinsabilaty so that you could not die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


The BEST superpower that i can think of is being able to have every superpower!


the most powerful superpower is our will power because without our will power we can't do anything like teleportation, flying, time etc. my username is awsomeisme10 in club penguin. waddle on !


I think the most coolest and awesomest super power in the universe is mind reading because if I'm fighting with a villain I can read his or her mind to see what is his or her next move. I like mind reading because in math if I'm trying to get the right answer I only read my teachers mind and I get a good grade. So it's a WIN-WIN!! How about THAT!?!? Waddle on Club Penguin! (Are only members gonna be superheroes?)


The best superpower to have would be flying because it's quick, you can get away from danger and loads of other advantages!


i would have a robotic arm or duplicating things because with a robotic arm would do anything and megaman has freezing time and shields and a personal hoverboard/tramplein/dog named rush. duplicating things also because you can clone ANYTHING you want for free.


The most AWESOME superpower would be being able to control everything with your mind, so if you were being attacked you could control the oppositions mind and make them not attack or if you needed a shield, you could make it come to your rescue!


The coolest, most epically awesome super power would have to be shape-shifting, specifically into other animals. You could do so many things as so many different animals! Need to get across an ocean? Fly across it as an albatross! Have to sneak up on an enemy? No one would notice you as a fly! I would mostly use this power to see how endangered animals think, so us humans can come up with new ways to help them!

Moshi Man8:

The most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe would be to trade bodies because you could be someone else for a while.


the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is surely control over people's mind ! We can control the mind of the people who have the intention of doing bad things that are harmful for humanity . There can be good ideas everywhere from people around us and peace can be restored in the world forever . This power also adds that we need not fight with hatred and bloodshed and fill all of them with sadness. All's well that ends well!


The most powerful super power is the power of sharing ! Share this world , its beautiful environment , the wildlife , the land , the beautiful sky with a heavenly feeling . What can be better than the power of nature? Spread the joy of nature on your behalf !


I think the most epic super power would be the ability to move elements. For example, you would be able to move water without it being in a container and without you touching it. Waddle on,CP!


my fave super power is shape shifting because even if you like other powers, you can shape shift into a super hero with you fave powers!


I think that the super heroes will fight the power!!! The last time there was a marvel party, I missed it :( so this time I will be ready!


Herbert power!!! everyone could dress up as Herbert, and at like him too (as revenge), which will drive him crazy. So crazy, that he will be sorry for all that he did to club penguin, and he will re-construct the epf and the pizza parlor!


The Most Epic Awesome Super Power I Can Think Of Is The Shrinking/Invisable/ Flying Power.If You Want To Sneak Out Somewhere You Can Just Shrink And Then Be Invisable And Just Fly Away. What Do You Guys Think!?


I would like every single super power like: fire,, telekinesis,electric, invisibility etc it would be very awesome

PS: can't wait for the party


I think the best super power would be shape shifting. You could shape the form of almost anything or go incognito if you really need to! I could disguise myself as Yarr and sail in the Migrator to meet Rockhopper and go to his island!...


i think the best super power is the power to go on fire like human torch because i can stop bad guys with the fire and make the wourld a better place of course i wouldent set stuff on fire on purpose ther has to be a reson


I think the most epic super power would be... ummm... let me think... umm... oh oh I got it!!! It woul be to tell and see the future and the past, and when you touch people they can see what your seeing, like lets see... umm... oh oh here... like if I whas seeing a baseball game that whas in the past and no one else could see it, you following me here... ok, ok so then once you touch them they can see what you are seeing!!! Pretty cool!!! Right? Cuss I really don't know???


(P.S and PUFFLES!!!)


I say Telekinesis is the best one. Then super speed. 3rd is laser vision.


my favorite superpower is sorcery. since my favorite marvel superhero is doctor strange i think sorcery is awesome.


I think the most awesome and epic super power is to be able to shape shift. You can turn into anyone and use their powers!!! I would definitely want that power! :) waddle on!


I think the best super power is being able to control the weather.


The best power is the power of helping because without help, we would be in a world taken over by Herbert and Loki with no epf or superheroes to stop them


To have all the marvel heroes powers


i think the most epic super power is super strength because you can smash the super villians.


Dear clubpenguin team , i think the most epic power is probally many of them the more powers you have the more you`ll be safe and beat the bad guys(villians) so also teleporting and strength is important cause telelporting is so fast and you could beat 12 villians with strength and teleporting. so hope you like my favorite superpowers. ~amira900

Turkey Mold:

Mario is the hero I like best.He can grow by eat mushrooms and throw fire by getting flowers.He battles a giant monster named Bowser and some times Bowser Jr to save Peach.


well there are a lot of powers, but i don't think i could chose just one so i think i mix them all together!!!!!!!!!!!! to make a super manga power!


Easy! Invisable power so you can sneek up to them and then ATTACK!


that is soo cool i luv hulk his really awesome


I think SHADOW GUY!!!!!;)

Josh52214 :

I think it would be cool to have all of the super powers, super strength, flying, telekinesis, etc. But my favorite would probably be super speed. You could go anywhere in a blink of an eye! You could go over land AND water! That would be super cool!


I think that the most epic super power in the universe would be Invisibility! Imagine the amount of things you could do, without being caught!

Organic Orange:

The best super power is... Super Speed! That way you can easily get to someone in help very quickly and I could Baggie the last squid pizza before anyone else! Waddle on Cp!


invisibility!no question!invisibility


hi club penguin players , i think the best superhero power is to stretch your arms this is a good super hero power because if the villan goes far away you can still attack him


i think the best super power is friendship, Peace, or loyalty!
Waddle on Folks!
BTW i agree with saraapril


The most awesome epic superpower would be, well, i have a list!
01. Kindness-It always brightens up another penguins day !
02. Positivity-When you believe, then you achieve!
03. Strength-Helps knock over buildings and squash the villains! :D
04. Sonic Blast-Helps out when we are in a spot of bother and we're trapped ! D:
05. Fly Power-Get away faster!
06. Grip-Good for climbing tall buildings and if a storm comes, we grip to the floor!
07. Shadow Power- Turn into a shadow when a villain comes!
08. Speed-If you can't fly, you'll need some sort of way to get away!
09. Wiseness-Trick the villains into falling into their own trap!
10. Power to defeat-Let's save Club Penguin !

Snow long for now !


my cool power would be ice becouse i could freise things.


i say the power of having all the powers is the best power




i think the most awesomest super power is controlling people with your mind so it'll be easier for you to defeat your enemies because you'll be able to control them!


the most coolest most epic power ever would be this! if you touch anything you become it! eg if you touch lightning you can zap your enemys!


I think that the most epic is to be invicible!


ummmm so hard to choose maybe i'll get all of them

p.s love cp
p.p.s love the ideas too

waddle o
waddle on
waddle o


I think time control is the most coolest, epic power EVER!! You can control time so the opponent has little time to fight or decide what to do! Once their main times expires, they lose! It is so awesome!


i think speed is the most collest superpower because if your friend is in troble you can just super speed there like sonic the hedgehog


Telekinetic power and the power to shapeshift! Coz shapeshifting's so cool and so's telekinetic powers, Oh yeah(!) and the power to throw illusions from what you want people to see!!!


I think it would be super fast speed just like the DC super hero flash.


To fly!


To teleport from here to there!


To shape shift into things


Super speed!


Super strength!


X-Ray vision!


To touch someone and take there power!


Hey Club Penguin,
When you asked 'What is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe?', you got me thinking A LOT. Because you can ONLY CHOOSE ONE out of MILLIONS IN THE UNIVERSE. And the universe is pretty big. When I thought about how the universe is pretty big, it reminded me how scientists are trying to see what is outside of the universe. So I thought TELEPORTATION would be epic because then you could see what is outside of the universe and discover new galaxies and (if there is) new universes. So I think the most awesome,epic super power would be teleporation. It would be fun and would help scientists (you also might earn a reward for finding a new universe :) )

W A D D L E O N C L U B P E N G U I N ! ! !
P.S. And yes I love science!

Mr happy2400:

I think the best super power is X-ray vision! You can detect if even the most innocent-looking penguin has something dangerous on him!


easy teleporting because you can go anywhere fast and when your not saving the world you can travel around the world !


Good Question!! I have really been thinking about it. I really like all kinds of superpowers. I really like flying, but i like super strength too.
But sometimes it's really hard to pick; like sometimes heroes shoot laser out of their eyes! There are so many choices to choose from. I really like flying. That is my favorite superpower.Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!


Hey Polo Field,!

i think the most amazing power in the whole universe EVER would be to be able to fight back and help people, what i mean by that is like :

Imagine Herbert has a super weapon that destroyed the whole EPF and trapped all the agents but they couldn't get out and what would they do?

Time for the amazing super hero (with the amazing power i told u about)!
My power would stop Herbert by using my fight back weapons (such as light penguin ball and the sock wave of doom)
Then when Herbert is out of the way I would use some more of my fight back powers to break through the metal cage or whatever Herbert traped the EPF agents in!

So what do you think of my super power?


I thang it would be heat vision cus if your oven or microwave brakes you can cook your food with your vision.. and the party is 1 day before my b-day =)

Cie Cie3:

I think the most awesome power is to be able to fly. It is a classic power with many great things about it. If a person or penguin could fly there would be no need for airplanes and cars also you could use this unique power to look for lost people and lost items.


The most awesome power (in my opinion) is sight like Hawkeye's! That way you can see what's going on and where help is needed!


I think the best power is " Empathy". Its where you know when people (penguins) are sad and help them.


I think the most epic power in the universe is able to make bubblegum that makes u invincible because gum is good and you won't get hurt. The hero with that power will be called BUBBLEGUMDUDE.


i think the greatest power is responsibility. Its what makes your mom give you some money for sweeping the floors. Its the best power in the world that makes someone have a big grin on their faces. Responsibility was a character trait for one of the months in the school years. It can be that good. Responsibility shows others you care by doing what your told and being kind to others. Waddle on!


I think the most epic power in the universe is gamma radiation from hulk


i think levitation is a cool super power


so you would need more then just 1 to really protect your self like at least 3 or more like 5 6 7 8 9 or 10 but the most important one is a trap power if your in trouble then just trap that villain and end the madness and save club penguin!so i hope mines get picked until then WADDLE ON!


Awesome! HULK = F-U-N!

Super cool. I cannot WAIT to see more!


With All Of My Sunshine,



The best power would be if you had the power to jump off buildings and never get hurt and you could have super speed.That would be awesome.


the best power is helping other penguins.


the coolest power is to freeze time until then waddle on penguins


I think that the best super power would have to be having super speed. You could get to the villain very fast before they can do evil. Plus, who wouldn't like to travel at the speed of light? ;-)


cool i like hulk but it should have been a hero that can run real fast :)



Moon Powers.


i think the best super power is invisivility. So then you can turn invisible and hear secret conversations. (for good perposes of course) like you can sneek into an evil lair and hear the really evil plan!


When you said what would be the greatest super power in the universe i think it should be the ability to call all of your super hero friends to help you battle the bad guys and the ability to freeze time so that when you call you super hero friends the people that are not super hero they will not suspect a think in the world.That is what i think should be a power!

Your fellow club penguin user,

Waddle on peguins


The best powers ever is the power of imagination!!!! Imagination is what people use to thing of how to help others. No matter how creative!!!

Peculier Gem:

Well transforming in too anything you want and you have its powers.Even something imaginairy.Hope you like my comment.Waddle on cp.

Best Fire:

Not Fake! I Have A Super Hero Power That I Can Run Extreme
Fast On Real Life So I Think
Thats The Best Super Power!
Penguin Username: Best Fire


I think the most awesome super power to have would be to have a disguise power. It would be cool if members could choose from about six disguises. Some examples could be doctor, cook, spider, delivery man, etc. That way you could spy on the enemy! I think this sounds like a great party. Great job Club Penguin!


I Know! How about a super hero that can speak to animals! He should be able to use any animals ability.

Best Fire:

Oh! And I Joined Club Penguin The Last Day Of This Party


I think that the most epic super power would be the power of wind and storms so you could make storms and tornado's to defeat the bad guys! :D Waddle On!


I think that shape-shifting would be the most awesome power because you can sneak into anywhere when you turn into someone or something else and you have who or whatever thing you ares powers. Also you can be anyone or anything.


Its so TELEKINESIS! You can make yourself fly and more! You can move about ANYTHING you want! Its almost like every single super power but all in one! Of course its not all of the super powers in the world! Real question what power would you have... or something like that. lol



i think the best super power is wisdom.


The power to do anything :3 WADDLE ON


the best super power in my opinion is... size chabging! You could fit in any small space or be gigantic! ive always thought this power was cool! :)

Ms Frozen:

I believe the most epic super power in the whole universe is flying! Since penguins are flightless birds, it would be awesome to see the whole island differently! Waddle on! :)

Forest Starr:

flying, because we can't fly which is unfair :( so the best super power HAS to be flying. We should be able to fly, but since we can't it would be an awesome super power

yes cool me:

can non-members get super hero coustume? hope so!


I think that the most awesomest and coolest superpower would be transportation! When your running late for school you could just transport there! Then you wont have to waste your time driving or walking! The possibilities are endless for where you could transport to! Waddle on!

Sierra Raine:

my favorite super power is the power to transform into different objects.
Waddle on.
~Sierra Raine


It doesn't matter what power it is as long as you can keep your cool and control your powers!


the best power would be to talk to fish and control water it would be cool to have fish help you stop bad guys


I would have the power to control fish and sea life it would be cool to stop the bad guys with sea life

Sunday, April ,2013 - 2:57


The most Epic, awesome, Superhero power is faster than Light and you can Control Gravity with your hands and head. That would be sure EPIC! :)


Will you have any girl superheros? I believe you should have the Marvel superhero Storm. She is AWESOME!!!
She controls weather. You should also get Aurora. She flies and has superhuman reflexes and speed. Oh and Blacklight.....she has the ability to manipulate solid light constructs. Pretty cool huh? Please reply...we NEED girl superheros!!!

E ON!!



i love star wars do the super hero go to the force


Going to the past! If you got to go to the past you can prevent alot of thing from happening, Like a bad disaster! Waddles on!


I think a epic super power is to change your form cause you can listen to bad guy's plan by looking like one of them.



I think the most awesome power would be invisibility because you sneak up on your friends and scare them!plus you would need it
to hide from the enemy. That or flying its awesome as well!Its much faster than using motor vehicle like batman,iron man,etc.Either one is really fine by me.


P.S.waddle on!


It would be shape shifting because you could change into any super hero you want!

girlygirl :

friendship love and family thats the best its perfect who needs to fly when you are surronded by your loved ones and they will always be there for you :D :D :D !


I would choose the power to control your molecular density at will, so you will be able to pass through objects and be invincible. Since you can pass through objects, you can also pass through air having no friction occur you will excell to super sonic speeds. You can also jump super high because you will be so light, since you are so light, gravity will have little effect on you, and you will be able to fly.

Roppy Doppy:

Hey CP!

The best super power I know is a defense force field that can protect the hero or villain from their bad opponent. A defense force field is a purple laser circle that surrounds yourself. So, you can be protected! That's what I think is the best super power ever!!

Hope I get picked!!

- Roppy Doppy


I think the best super power is, super speed!!! Because you can get away from bad guys fast, and they won't see you coming!!!!


I think the most important super power is something that each of us has a chance at having. The power of empathy. Empathy is the feeling of understanding somebody's feelings. I think it is so important to have empathy because if you can tell somebody is sad, you can cheer them up and leave them wondering how you knew. Kindness is key! WADDLE ON!!!


i think heat vision because you can cut ropes and lots of other things


Well,I think that is extremly epic.

I think that the worlds best super power is STREACH power because from the ground you will be surouned but when you STREACH you arms are way above them and you can attcak even more.

waddle on!


I think hypnosis is the coolest, because you can control other people and make them do things. If I could make a hypnosis super power feature at this year's party, I'd make it so you could take control of another penguin and you could make them do anything for 10 seconds, except chat or leave the room your in, and then it would wear off. It would be sooo cool! Waddle on, CP!




The best super power is repulser blast magic blast and best super power of all claw.


The coolest superpower would be time traveling because you can time travel and stop the villain before they ever did anything bad!



The Marvel Superhero Takeover will mean Iron Man 3 in Club Penguin. But only members can get the Iron Man suits, I'm not even a member!


I clearly think that strength is the only one I know and I'm pretty sure that's the BEST!! :D


who is the most awesome super,Super Duper awesome power man!


I think shape shifting would be the best super power because you could shape shift loki and control the robots to go back.


The most awesome, epic super power would be, of course, SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEED. I know that you, Polo Field, would probably pick the ones who said GIVING, PEACE, and whole bunch more. But I'm just saying this for a game :D Where kids have fun, not really thinking deeply into the good things humans are supposed to think about. Club Penguin is a crazy, wacky, fun virtual world for kids to hang and stuff, not something like a peace group. Anyway, speed is the best super power out there! Like The Incredibles, Dash basically helped everybody out by doing his part! A lot more superheroes have this power, as well. It's a really good one in my opinion :D Just helpin' everybody out! Cheers!


Enter commentsI think working together is the best is the best super power EVER!!!
We work together a lot in Club Penguin and when we do, it ALWAYS MAKES THINGS BETTER!
so in my opinon thats the best super power and its all thanks to us!
Waddle On CP!

Jay zx9779:

the power of iron man his power is awesome!


I think elemental(each elemental) would be the best superpower because you could use each element like fire.


Well it's not exactly a ¨super power¨ but I think the best super power someone can have is a good heart, with lots of love to give, lots of giving and helping. Only some people ( or penguins ) have this super power ´cause some people ( or penguins ) dont really care about that stuff. I´m glad I have that super power and I hope all you penguins ( or people ) have this super power as well!




hey CP! i think my favorite super power is flying! you can avoid dangerous things, get to places way faster, and it's really fun!
Waddle On!

Mr Safe1110:

I think Superman's Heat vision is good because if you were lost in the woods you could light a fire with your EYES!!
or if you in charge of someones birthday cake/candles you could light them easy!!


i think the best super power is: x-ray vison.


Shooting webs or stuff to walls so you can get to them! That is definitely what Spider-man does and a big smash like the Hulk Smash would be super effective!


I'm thinking that that Ooze guy could be the most awesome power because you can like squirt maple syrup and other sticky products to stop the villans!!

Waddle On!!!



The Control of time and space being able to travel to anywhere anytime in the whole universe being able to see beutiful amazing things things

Evie Mcphey:

It HAS 2 be invisiblity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U can do anything with invisibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sort of :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jam510 :

did you know that the castume doseint cover your eyes?

x0x em x0x:

the most coolest super power ever would be running so fast or walk fast and have electrokinesis and zap things!
that would be so cool!

Mr dinla:

my favorite one is dark force it is just awesome when they launch dark force even though it is evil it is still evil the pure energy is awesome

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!

by Mr Dinla


hey i think the best most awesome super power would be to fly. You wouldn't have to get a car and gas. If you are not old enough for that maybe even not have to bicycle to school. Even better not have to walk anywhere. You could be lazy just pick yourself up (literally) and go where ever you need to go such as the ,mall,store,school or work.


my cool power would be super speed with invisble power and flying power with throwing frozen snowballs i would call it super inflyrozen power :)


The best super power ever would be ALL the super powers ever XD










I Love Mom S:

The power of giving

Chocchip 25:

The Best Super Power In The World Is...
When you have the super power (time control) you can...
-Rewind time.
-Freeze time if you want to be early for an event.
-Fast forward school if you don't enjoy school (BTW I LOVE SCHOOL!)
- Freeze time so you can get to a sale on time!
-& go back in time if you want to redo something you did wrong or what your friend did wrong so you can correct it!



well i am more of a DC lover.and for the best super power i think it would be shape shifting

waddle o
waddle on


I think the greatest power is friendship,love and caring <3


I think the most epic, super power in the universe would be teamwork. We wouldn't be able to conquer something on our own, and support too. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! From Ethan80561.


The most awsome,epic super power is a laser beam that can track enemies and go trough any solid materials


I'm super excited about the upcoming Marvel Takeover!
Last year's party was epic,can't wait too see all the new features.

"What is the most awesome , epic super power in the entire Universe?"
The ENITRE Universe? That's a tough one,Hmmm...I suppose in my opinion,
"The most awesome,epic super power" would be the ability to just be yourself ,
and appreciate who you are :) (I know cheesy right Lol.)

Stay Frosty everybody and Waddle On!!!


I think there is alot of powers for example electricity,acid power,destuction etc but i think the best one is flying because you can hit the bad guys from above.


I think there is alot of powers for example electricity,acid power,destuction etc but i think the best one is flying because you can hit the bad guys from above.




I want that new iron man suit it my fave one


do we need a membership for that costumes?


I think the best super hero super power super ability would be to be able to have what you wanted ,for example , if you wanted the power of invisibility you could have the power of invisibilty for a day and you could change what you wanted everyday.The next day you could have the power of mind reading and choose a different one every day and so on.
Thanks for reading this in advance yours faithfully Fluffy9720


Probably the most awesome power is to read and controls minds. Or the power to move and destroy living and non-living objects using the mind instead of the body.


The power to steal powers, control minds, control objects and control people is the coolest of all.


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