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By Polo Field on April 11, 2013 - 09:48

Hello Penguins!

It's been a while, so I think it's time for a new Reviewed By You! Last time we asked for your Card-Jitsu Snow strategies. One of my favorite comments was from Sms8, who said:

My strategy is to help others when they are battling the snow ninjas. i hide behind a rock and give them power and when i get a power card i go in front of the snow ninjas and use i. that helps me get power and my teammates. Waddle On!

Thanks, Sms8! I know I needed a lot of help when I was testing Snow. Turns out I'm not very good at it! ;P

As you know, the Marvel Super Hero Takeover is returning to Club Penguin on April 25! We're going to need a ton of Super Heroes to protect the island from meddling Super Villains. So while we're talking about super powers, I'd like to know... What is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe?

Send in your review by posting a comment below. We'll pick one of our favorites to be featured next week on the blog. If your comment is chosen to be featured, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account.

Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



I think the power to estimate a move is the best. For Example whena super hero is about to use a move the villain would see it and do the same move to defeat the hero and vise versa.


the most powerful power from over the universe is when hulk say:hulk smash!!!!!!


I 'd think it would be cool to shape shift into whatever you think of! That way you could shape shift into your enemy's weakness. You could shape shift into an airplane or a tiger, the possibilities are endless! It also would be fun too. I wonder what superpower polo field likes the best?!?! Anyways Waddle On Club Penguin!

fire rider20:

the best power would be super strength because if you are in a fight you would need the strength to help you.




Spider mans powers are the the best he can swing from webs and stick to walls


think the greatest power is super intelligence! With super smarts you don't have to wish for the power to fly or have super strength,
You make your own gadgets that let you do so! With super smarts you can figure out challenging puzzles and make sure you don't fall for a trap. With super smarts you are unstoppable! It is almost like having more than one power! Knowledge is power!


super intelligence is the most epic power ever!!!!!! why??? well its simple because if your super intelligent them you can find a way to trap the bad guys and also be able to make super cool plans with your teammates. also if your super intelligent you can find a way to give yourself another super power.

note: whenever someone says would you rather have money of wit choose wit because you can make money using your wit


My user is pipploppink add me if you like people! The most awesomest (Probably not a word) super power I can think of is making sure everybody has a house to live in so there are no more poor people and homeless people. Its really sad when you see homeless people on the streets. Thank you and please pick me!

Peyzo :

for me the most epic power would be elemental powers and the main element for me is water with water powers i can fight without hurting baddies also when i want to drink i could just drink using my water element also one other element power that is great is nature power you can summon vines to wrap up the baddis and even help nature grow with my water element!


I think laser eyes is the most epic power in the universe because you could break metal.

Waddle On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gwen Trinity:

The greatest power in all the world is the power of kindness. Because being kind to others can give you friends that can be by your side when you need them, and they would be able to trust you when THEY need you.


The coolest most epic power is that if you wish something just say it and it will come true,beacuse if you get in trouble you can wish for something and it will become true!!! And if you have an Idea just say it load and it will become true!!!


invisibility, super-hearing, and love!!!


i think the most epic super power is super smarts you can get an a+ on your tests



I think it would be the POWER to heal someone or something! Example, say someone got hurt I could close up their cut! Waddle On!

- Sapphire!


i think the most awesome super power is super strength you can lift anything until then waddle on.


The coolest power ever has not been invented yet. But I just invented it. It s to be able to snap your fingers and have something turn into a fish. Example "Herbert is trying to blow up the island ( As usual ) and the E.P.F agent snaps his fingers Herbert would turn into a fish


I think the best super power is breathe in underwater.


my favorite thing about thte super hero party is , that i just got membership and last time i never got hero thongs i hope i win.


Teleportation definetly!!!


The best super power is super strength. You could just pick up the super villan and chunk him across the world.

Dome C:

Hey Superhero's! Here's my thesis: I don't want a power that enables me, such as flying, super strength, or super speed. I would want a power that can only be used on the field of battle... If is not, well, then it would cause collateral damage. The power I would want is shockwave power. It can be and electricity shockwave, or a sound shockwave, or basically whatever, but it HAS to be used for good. Well,
Waddle On, Club Penguin!

/Dome C\


I Think flying is the best power! so i would choose flying! and mind reading!





I think that knowing everything would be realy cool or time travel! but I think the most MEGA EPIC AWSOME power in the UNIVERSE is helping others it's what makes us who we are!


The best super-power is teleporting, time travel, and headbutts.


It would be cool to turn into a puffle and spy on your puffle to see if it's eating healthy o_o Turning into a puffle would be osm or making things float :p


you turn into a harmles rabbit to trik the villan but your realy a super fast rabbit wich can also make you so dizzy you will see little flying rokies!


I think the COOLEST EVER superpower is the ability to shape-shift because then you can turn into any superhero with any power!!!!! And you could transform into any animal to create a disguise and defeat the bad guys!!! Waddle on Polofield! :)


The coolest super power ever is to control the elements with your hands (well, flippers in this case!). You could make snow hurtle after enemies, drown them in water and put them in a dirt hurricane! It would be amazing! Waddle on cp!


It would be really REALLY cool to be able to control plants, as you could make massive vines to trap enemies or make tiny withered seedlings regrow!!!!! Also with the control of plants you could create long lasting, sustainable food to help those in need or regrow the rain forests, making ideal homes for all the animals!!!! Waddle on Polofield!!


The best power of all must be teleportation. What would you rather have? Going on a plane flight that would take 8 hours, or be there in 0.00000000000001 seconds?


Well I say flying is because you can fly up high and us other powers


I dunno how to choose out of any of these! XD but ill tell you the BEST POWA'S EVA!!! Soo my favorote heroes are the X-men And my favorote powers from them are, Wolverine's claws, Emma frost's "turning into diamond abilaty", Deadpool's Teleportaition and healing factor ( Wolverine has fast healing also ). And last but not least, Cyclopses laser eyes! His lasers are so powerful that aliens are jealous XD. Soo BYE!


I would absolutely love to have the power to turn into an animal at will! If I did have that power, I would turn into a cat so I could climb trees and see the world in an animal's eyes. It would also be a great disguise, so everyone would think you're just a little cat or dog going about their daily business. If only we could actually have the super power of our dreams!
Waddle on CP!


I think the super power that is the BEST is helping others. I think that because there are so many people out their that are in need, and I think that we should help them when they need it most. There are also lots of animals out there that are possibly threatened or endangered. Everyone including animals deserve an outstanding life to live, and helping others is the greatest power of all because you know when you've accomplished something in life to make others happy. That is why I think helping others is the BEST super power there is.

Cold Guy56:

fire+ majic+gravity

Mr Burgess12:

I think that the coolest super power to own would be lazer eyes. i mean come on! who wouldnt love to melt things with their eyes! Waddle on cp!


i think fighting bad guys and help saving the world and helping others and making people stop being bad or something like that!


Defiantly telekinesis because you could hit a fellow penguin with a snowball for fun!




Awesome! I can't wait for the party! I've got an idea! I suggest that Club Penguin make Star Wars costumes with lightsabers! That would be totally epic! If I were a super hero, I'd want Super Vision, ability to fly, grip below you so you can climb walls and ceilings, powers like that! Waddle On!



I can not wait i mean last years marvel super heroes was really really awsome but I think this years one looks a bit better.O forgot I would love to be a super hero that can shapeshift





I think invisiblity would be awesome! Because you can go to anyone and sneek behind them, then make them scared. It also helps in battle when Herbet and all those bad guys are doing something and you can annoy them by pressing a button then they have to press it again and you can spoil their evil plans! And you spill nasty luiquid on them.



Awesome dude:

YAY I GOT MY MEMBERSHIP AT THE RIGHT TIME (since i got my membership a few weeks before the party)! :D


The best super power I think would be force fields, because if you have a team you can protect the other people in your team so they wont get harmed well they fight.

J Teener:

I think that the most awsome,epic super power is the friendship.Because all Super Heroes are friends and they help eachother to protect the earth.If it wasn't the friendship they won't keep the teem and they won't be able to save the people.We must stay together and don't hurt eachother with words or power because every person is different.Maybe that's why the other awsome,epic super power will be "to see the good in the other people"

Barts11 :

With great power comes great responsibility. Responsibility is the best super power.


The most epic superpower is Super Speed, because you can outrun the bad guys, avoid traps, quickly foil evil plans, and eat feed your puffles faster than you can say "WOAH!'. Thanks, and Waddle on!

-Captain Cooky


too me, the greatest super power is not a power at all! it is a stare. You show fear to your enemies when you look them in the eye. They somehow do everything you want them to by giving them a cold stone hard look. lol that would be awesome!


My power would be i can create an epic purple light and electric is around it and then throw it at the evil people and then they get electrical and boom! gone!


how about you just do all of the ones that have powers and make the ultra super power.


i like the ability to fly it is a great help saving and rescuing penguins/people and it is fun ........ you will see a lot of awesome new things


the power to be able to have all the powers in the universe
that would be sooo awesome!!!!!


Hey CP,

The totally, super, awesome, and best, super-power is by far FLYING! Wouldn't you love to fly across the beach and see the beautiful sights that you couldn't see from the ground? If your afraid of heights, I understand that you would want a different super power. Don't you agree that it would be cool to fly? Wings or no wings, it would still be awesome! Thats my take on it! What do you like, Polo? Waddle on!

Wylie107 (AKA: Wants to fly REALLY bad!!!!)


The most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe I would want to have is super speed because I could help people really fast and get to people who need help quickly. Its always nice to help others!
Waddle on!


i think the best super power is alllllllllll the marvle super heros powers made into one!!!! waddle on B)


myfavorite super power is super strangth


I would chose to have the power to have all powers. I could fly,have super speed, x ray visoin or just about anything else! SUPER WADDLE ON!


i liked that you have that beta hat like with the snowflakes its so fun


I think the best power ever would be having the ability to make anything come out of the palm of your hand. All you have to do is close you hand, think want, open your hand, and there you have it! Also, if you wanted to create your enemy's weakness, not a problem! You could create small things like birds, or big things, like trees. You would be undefeated!


I think the most amazing super power is to imagine anything and be able to make it real! All your childhood imaginary friends would become real! And any powers you could think of, you could give to yourself or others. That would be awesome. Waddle On!

Short Leaf:

the power of friendship. if everyone had this power, Club Penguin would be a better place. Waddle on!


Ha-ha I'm not very good at the snow either :P. I have to say the best super power in the world iiisssss............. EVERYTHING! So you can fly to anywhere you want! If you don't wanna fly, you can teleport! You can read criminals' minds to get important information! You have laser vision to blast things! You have supa strength, to lift rocks and such. And all the other super powers!

Well, that's the power of EVRYTHING


Best power ever!

Waddle on!!!

squirrely :

mine is smarts you could build something like a strong suit that has x-ray vision , power of invisibility flying , you could also have like a fire vision or something like that i think it would also be really cool if there was super speed and teliportation. WADDLE ON CP ;)


I'd like to have the power to transform into things so if a bad guy is chasing me and there is a small crack I'd transform into something small and go in the crack or transform into something that can fly and fly away, but if I am in a fight I would transform into a cannon and shoot them.




Flight, invisibility, and to be able to stop time is awesome! You could fly above Club Penguin and be able to see it from above by using jet packs! If you were invisible you could spy on other penguins or trick Herbert by figuring out what his plans are. Waddle on!


the other marvel costumes are very cool but the best is iron man

loula cute :

I think the best super power would be time freezing. If I had that super power I would freeze time before school and sleep as long as I wanted and when I wake up I would play club penguin. Ps I love CP I play it every day and I tell all my friends so they will play too. Please post this I have never been posted

Waddle On!
- Loula Cute


the most awesomest power would be to be able to give a gift or compliment to someone in surprise so they wont know who you are. it would make their day and even make them smile.




If I were to choose one i would say it would be what Iron Man has. He could fly, shoot replusor beams and missiles. Its almost like the ultimate super hero with it.
Yet it could be enough power to keep someone special safe from harm.


Best power? That's hard but the top 5 are probably;
5.Read Minds
Yippee! Can't wait until party! WADDLE ON, CUDDLES140


SUPER MAN ROCKS!! My super powers would be flyingx ray vision laser eyes teleportation and a whole bunch more!


A super power, hmm.
I guess it would have to be invisibility, and the power to make other things invisible, too. I could totally scare people on Halloween, and I would go to the store and take all that I want! :)


OMG YES! LOL Pranks would fun.....


the best power is sonic blast

E Man3501:

SO COOL! I was on for the marvel superhero takeover last year it was AWESOME!!!

Ms Penguin65:

The most awesome super power is flying because you can go anywhere and do almost anything!!! Think about you could go to Hawaii or Rome or even Paris! The best part ? It wouldn't cost anything!! You'd feel so free!!


The best superpower would be the power to encase anyone in a bubble. Once Herbert sees this power in action he'll think twice aboust setting foot on Club Penguin!


hi i think its great penguins are dressing up as super hero's to keep club penguin safe because we all want to be safe.

1 Natallie:

Well,I think flying is a great power that i would love to have!!!Did i say great?I meant...AWESOME!!!! I think if penguins could fly that would maybe make them actually feel like a real bird! I hope Club Penguin will read my comment.


i think creating shockwaves.kitten stuck in a tree? just make the tree shake and then the cat will fall and u can catch it!

problem solved!


I think the best superpower is being able to turn into whatever you want! You could turn into animals, objects, other people, or food (though I don't recommend turning into food. :P)! You could turn into a penguin! I hope you like this superpower too, it's my favorite one! Waddle on!

zapper cast:

i think the best super power is teleport. i think that because you could just scare someone if you just poof right in front of them! helps with April fools day!


You need to tell firefighters about that one. ;]


The super power that seems the best to me would have to be to absorb light that helps you run faster also that lets you copy someone's face so you can be undercover. If I get picked I will have to see this in action right away and see that power on Club penguin that would be very AWESOME I'm very exited. Waddle on!

Short Leaf:

The most important power in the universe is the power of friendship. If this power swirled around Club Penguin, it would be a better


COOL cant wait for now



Simple! The ability to turn into a virtual character so we can actually BE in Club Penguin!




here is a tricky one,
would you rather fly but only a foot in the air?
turn invisable but only for 10 seconds?


I think I would have to go with flying. You could fly as long as you want, but you can only be invisible for a time that some penguins can't hold their breath until.

penguin guy:

my best power would be time travel if anything happens in the past i an go back and fix it.


I hope they have the Iron Man 3 armors.

Sebee 6:

My favorite super power would be to be as fast as flash so when I'm getting ready for school my mom won't have to say: HURRY UP!!!


Web-striking powers will be the best one. Of course, Spiderman can do that and Spiderman is my second favorite hero.

the 99sensei:

Hmmm! I would probably say the power to controll electricity. That way, I could play Club Penguin with out even touching the mouse!
If that is not available, I would have the power to create. then i could create a membership!



The most Epic super power is iron man's blaster


My penguin is Starbattle and I think i got all the costumes last year. If theres newer ones then I didn't get all.


The Best Superpower would be Super Dance!, Super Sing! Super Pop Star! OR Super Happy! :D


I think you should make it possible to get iron mans mask to close WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!


Every single one is the best! Every Marvel super hero has a best power. Even the powers are not epic, they are super! So we should not choose which is the best. We should think every single one is the best!


I think being able to read minds would be the best super power to have because if you're fighting, you can know exactly what your opponent is going to do so you can block/dodge/counter.


It would be cool to get Thor's hammer to strike lightning or throw it and it comes back


I would have the power to see into the future, so I would know what the next party was going to be!


I think that being inviseble is the best power
Enter comments


protecting and flying. you can help friends with protecting. fly to help people to not fall and get hurt.


I would have the time travel power so that I could go back in time and make it so my enemie never existed!!!:P


I think the best Super Power would be to be able to create world PEACE




Hi Polo!
I think that the most epic and awesomest super power is that you can defeat the villains by singing! I really like this power, mabye because I love singing. Anyway, that's my answer to your question. The best super power is singing!
Hope you like my answer!

Waddle on Cp!



In my opinion, I think breathing, no matter WHERE (Space, water etc.), Being unflammable, and being able to fly. They're really the only things that are limited in life. I think that would be epic, because my car is kinda stuffy, and the clouds aren't that much!


In my opinion. The best super power EVER would be the power to move stuff or make stuff happen with your mind! (Telekinesis). I think that is SUPER cool because, I can do whatever I want, without moving a flipper.
Waddle on CP. Club Penguin Forever!


invisibulity is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think the most epic super power in the universe is that when you get really emotional,(Example: mad) and you turn into Hulk!!!! He is very big and strong and he can climb buildings!!!!! He is the best super hero ever!!!! Waddle on, CP!


i think the power of super knowledge because you could learn what your opponent will do and how to defeat him WADDLE ON


I love this party! This was my first club penguin party! I started Club penguin in June, 2012, so this party was on then!! I am really happy that you are bringing this party back. I remember that it was really fun! It will probably be fun this year too!


I think the most awesome super power in the universe would have to be being SUPER fast! Because then, I could get super strong super fast and learn to fly... SUPER FAST! Waddle on CP!


I like strength because you can pick up or break anything heavy in your way


To be able to do anything you want to do!


I think the most awesome super power is suoer strengh because you can lift up like the gift shop until then waddle on!!!


I would want the power to grant wishes magically so I could help people, help myself, or help people by helping myself.


The power of webs so when Spider-Man throws a snowball it turns into webs and, when it lands on a penguin it covers them in webs!!! That would be so cool please put in in the party, thanks;)


Well, I think the best super power would be being able to touch something and know ALL of its contents. Like running up and down isles of a library with your hands out, touching the books. You could have read a book in one second! And, you could touch a box of food, and you wouldn't need to look at the nutrition facts to know what's in the food. Cool, right?!


I'd say the best power in the world would be to keep world peace and stop global warming. It would be awesome because we can finally enjoy the peaceful world we once had:)


I think that the all time best superpower ever would be shape-shifting you could change into anything or anyone. :) Just think of the possibilities! You could turn into a supervillan and pretend to be them and comand their troops to stop attacking the city! What do you think it would be useful for? :D

Rosado Pink:

I think the most awesome super power is time travel then you can change what happen if you lose until you win!


the most awesome and epic super power is [drum roll please] CLONING YOURSELF cuz your enemies wont know which one is the real you pole please pick me ill do anything


In my opinion I think the best super power is telekinesis. For those who do not know what telekinesis is it's a super power that lets you move objects with your mind. Also I like it because you can pick up litter and throw it into a volcano or recycle plant.


Nice Heart83:

I think the most awesome superpower in the whole world would be shape-shifting. You could turn into whatever you want! Like a cheetah!


I think that the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is being able to freeze time. I think that it is cool because if you could, then you could prevent anything that's going to happen to you. I for one, think that that is pretty cool! :D

Jilly Can101:

I think that spreading kindness and goodness in everyone is the most epic and awesome super power! Kindness and goodness is what seems important to me because if we have it in ourselves, we can all make a difference! Whether it's giving to the poor or helping to save the environment, I believe that kindness and goodness is CRUCIAL to have.


It's the power of friendship ;)

jjrad G:



i think the most awesomest power is being invisible because u can prank your friends and if your a superhero then u can use it to stop bad guys =).................................. superthree12 out!


I think the best super power is the ability to shape shift into anything and have the powers of what you shape shift into :)


I think the most incredible power in the world is caring. Caring is the best super power anyone could ever have because if you care about others they will care about you, you could make so many friends in only one day by simply caring! Sharing is caring so if you care enough about others than you would be able to share your toys and belongings with everyone! Caring is one thing the world absolutely needs and on Club Penguin caring is all around us.Wow aren't we lucky to have penguins and people who care! Waddle on!

Enter nickname:

Actually,I think that the best power in the universe would be to grow bigger in size!!! Then we will not get hurt by any attack and will be able to crush anything!

Waddle On!

Titanic 101:

I think the best power is the power to harness the power of nature.

Terra Blast:

Web swinging is my favorite superpower .I wonder if you can add that on Spider-Man.

Terra Blast:

You can even add super fast running boots for any superhero like how you put super gloves for throwing giant snowballs.


there is more than just one great super power in the world and they are to me giving and helping each other out but if i had to chose a super power it would be to make people stop hating each other and stop every war which is ruining our world!


I think that the coolest super power would be to pop full fridges out of thin air. This could help in several ways:

1st. If you get hungry you have food right there.
2nd. You could help world hungry
3rd. If you see someone being bad, you could drop a fridge on them.


what i think is the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is giving and trying to help penguins around the island,
i have been playing cp for 5 years now and every were i go i try to help penguins, one of my favorite time of the year is winter
that is when the holiday party is on i love it when you can mail hats to penguins on the island cus you are giving and i really like to give them to penguins that just joined cp. when a penguin is sad there is always some thing you can do like you an give a joke or some thing. i think that is epic super power in the entire universe.


I think it whould
be the power of kindness if you don't call that a power then I guess time traveling


I think there should be a power for a super hero called Mr.CP a power to fix things so if cp gets destroyed we will have no big cleanup!


The best superpower EVER for me would be super speed! Homework done? Check. Piano practise? Check. You could do everything so fast, you could have everything done and have loads of time to slow down and play CP. And you could get anything you hate doing, like maths done in 5 seconds!

That's My Opinion.



My penguins name is stargabe112 and I think the most epic superpower is frost breath and lazer eyes


I think time travel because you could start or stop anything


The best power is "super speed"


I cannot WAIT until the Marvel Superhero Takeover! The most epic power would be able to turn invisible...


Well, if I had to choose, I could choose the power to stretch! I would FINALLY be able to do stuff I can't do now and I don't have to get up for some things!
Waddle On


I think it would be either flying or having a power to be very strong!!!

waddle on!


I think strength is the best super power. You can lift up buildings and cars. Lifting heavy things could help defeat bad guys by throwing the car at the bad guy. It can also help you save people, by lifting heavy things off of them if they are trapped.

Cool Ice Gal:

Obviously my superhero's power called The Sonic Scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will make the villians blow up the scream is soo loud!!!!!!!!


The best super power of all? well, I would have to say I want a super power kind of like Kirby's but instead of having to suck them up, I can just touch them and gain their power! Oh, and I want to fly!!


Personally, I find all the hero costumes are all "super" awesome!
it be a pleasure if you can make this party better than the last one!

-Waddle on cp team!

Lucky 'n' Misti (Retliver):


I think super speed is the best power. If you go at a very fast speed, you can make a tornado to stop villains! Also, you can use your speed to propel you in the air. If you know me I am a Sonic fan as well, so well, a lot of the reasons come from him...
Anyway, waddle on!


mine is INVISIBILITY!!! = )


I think the most epic super power is ALL powers combined! It would be soooo cool!! Wouldn't it be so cool to fly AND have super strength too? ;)
Waddle on!


Can't wait Club Penguin is the best game ever!!! I <3 it!!!!



Chocchip 25:

Best super power...
Hey club penguin, to me the best super power is friendship!
Friends is everything to me!
As club penguin says "Waddle around and meet new friends!"
-Friendship makes your life wonderful, magical, amazing & HAPPY!
-With friendship you can share everything like your favourite things, secrets, games, chatting & style!
-Your friends have the power to help you and take care of you in bad situations.
-Friends have a shoulder for you to cry on, and help you solve your problem.
-I love friendship! Without friendship in our lives, our world would be miserable!
This is dedicated to my friendsplus my BFF!
Chocchip 25!


I think that the best super power is to just be yourself because everyone has different opinions and there's no such thing as perfect!!!

jack T 3:

I think the best super power would be morthing because if there was a locked door you could morth your hand into a key to unlock it another example is if you needed a disguise you could morth into the disguise you wanted


The most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is the power of going through things.You can switch the wires in evil robot & stop the destruction.And the best part is that you can give the villain a sharp blow so that he would lose his memory.Then you can tell him that he is a good man.That would be HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE advantage because he would be very powerful with all that robots.


I think the most awesome power is to control the elements like water earth shadow ice fire and weather

sonic boom85:

are you going to put the gloves like last time.well,if you are.Put fire bolt gloves

Pixie Penigu:

I think that freezing time is the best power in the whole universe!
Its so cool, i guess that way you could live forever!


I think it would be to control fire,water and air. Of course, they'll destroy every villain go earth on go earth day srry for the late comment.
i need a reply for this!

till then


william t 3:

i think mind viseon sould be a power so we can read the robats mind

mr flingy13:

i think the best supe power is strenghth. because it can make you lift up any thing like: buildings,buses,cars and many more

mr flingy13:

CAN'T WAIT FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bobby 2077:

it be awesome to fly!


my power would be to have all the amazing powers that all the animals of the world have.


I think the most BEST super power would be flying and having laser beams come from your eyes!


weather power is amazing you can make lighting and burn the bad guys and make floods!


I think Herbert stole the hot sauce to destroy club penguin by setting it on fire and making it his vacation home, like in operation blackout.


Epic, I really want that! Club Penguin has awesome ideas for outfits and everything!!


I love that coustume I have it lol I love to where it\ I love club penguin I cant belvie in marvel party finally has a come back waddle on cp


Invincibility would definitely be the best super power because you cant get hurt. If someone touched you you wouldn't be able to feel it.




the best power is to have the power to have any power that comes to mind!

ps if i get the coins send them to my penguin agjp!!


Flying Super Strength Fire Bending &Water Bending & Earth Bending & Air Bending & Snow Bending & Ice Bending &Lava Bending

Piplup 127:

I think the best power would be Invisibility. You could sneak up on bad guys and defeat them :D. It could help us in many ways. It could be like only your friends/other superheroes can see you when your invisible. That would be great . =)


Personally, I LOVE telekinesis!!! I am a big fan if Star Wars and I can't stop thinking about "using the force" on bad guys. Telekinesis is JUST like "using the force" except you use your mind!!! I would be able to throw rocks on bad guys like snapping a toothpick!!! May the force be with you ~ Darth Awesomest503


I think for ironman super snowball blast for hulk super smash what about superman???

bluey 1024:

The best powers will be physicokiness for example you can be ablet to fly and move things without touching them. They are physic powers


I think the coolest power in the universe is: Flying! :D You could soar through the air for MILES!! I would LOVE to fly, and I think it'd be splendid to experience it.

With All Of My Sunshine,



The Hulk is the best HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poke Ranger4:

I think that shape-shifting is the most epic super power ever. You can change form and turn into just about anything you want.




I want to be a fairy and my power will be water! I can't. Wait





i think the best super power would be flying!


hey polo I think the most epic super power is telekinesis, the abililty to move something with one's mind. ps will there ever be anything to do with the x-men in marvel superhero takeover thanks.
professor wombat of the EPF signing out

Croods grug:

Hulks smashing is the epic super power


For me,it would really be elements of the world.Water,earth,fire,wind and lightning.And best of all,you can split into five.That way you will be unstoppable.


I think the most Powerful Power in the Whole Universe will be helping one another to stop the criminals.


I think the best superpower would be the power to heal, even though you might not be good in battle and not the strongest, you can heel those who are wounded and spread hope round the town for you stand no chance to against villains if half the police are ill or superheroes injured. I think with this power your team are bound to win. Until the Waddle on.......


the most super, epic and powerful power will be me!!! because I and Herbert will be defeating EPF as a TEAM!!!!! That is the most powerful thing in the whole universe. Herbert is alone so strong and smart, with me he is super, epic, strong and smart!!!!


This is great!:D
I like the Marvel Superhero Takeover

Aaron Steel:

The best superpower would be the ability to have as many clones as you want! That way you could confuse your enemy AND surround him to beat him! It would also be useful in situations where you can choose only one thing out of many!


The best super power ever is...SUPER STRENGTH! It's because you can lift up an enemy-wait no, many of them and then throw them on the ground like Hulk!!!!!


I would want telekinesis, teleportation, and time travel


hulk is the best because of his super stranf


i think the best super power would be to teleport anywhere in the universe!!! then i could go to iguazu falls in brazil, daintree rainforest in australia, jurong bird park in singapore, and anywhere else in the universe i want to go for free and get there in just a few seconds!


I think space-time manipulation is the best superpower, you get to control the space-time continuum, which allows you to time travel, freeze time, and even teleport. Making it very powerful superpower.


i think that the coolest power would be x ray vision. so if your in a building and you come to a door, you could see whats behind it before you barge in.


I think the most awesome, epic super power in the entire universe is healing yourself (or others)because if you get beat down and you cant continue saving the world you can just heal yourself. -fire34700 Waddle on Club penguin!!

go green crew:

we will wear hulk cause we are green crew


I Think The Best Power Is Super Stretchy Because You Can Bulk You're Arms Up And Turn You're Arms Into Wings


The most epic superpower would be to mix and match molecules into anything.

jacob 90689:

I want that costune i like that ' i hope they have that !!!!!

cyber arctic:

herbert took the hot sauce because it is really hot and it will help his plans to warm up the island .


power of freezing penguins would be AWESOME!!!!!


That looks so cool! Can't wait!



I think shape-shifting is the best power because you could turn into anything you want (rabbit, butterfly, flower, ect.)!


I really wana get the iron man suit and outher new ones! I CANNOT WAIT I WANT THE PARTY, I AM TOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neil Pengui:

it would be cool if i could use laser beams and fly and go really fast!

Frodo Dude:

I think it would be some-thing like a 'snow ball enlarger' so you could make snow balls bigger to stop the bad guys!


does anyone yet know what super hero they will choose for this party


I think u should have lazer power eyes. Like Superman!




i think the best super hero is the hulk and his hulk smash! (BEST EVER) WADDLE ON HAPPY SUPER HERO TACKER OVER


I think you should be able to fly and freeze things. Waddle On!


thor because he is real strong no one can pick up his hammer except him and hes the god of lightning and i like lightning

po po 777:

i just started playing so i would say the most awesome power is knowege

fire balls 8:

hulk because he can smash through pretty muck any thing


I gotta say, the robots' make YOU don't dance or wave because THEY do it. LOL

Until then,

Waddle on, penguins!


Cool! I can't wait

x tronation:

I love all those powers but bo-ring i'm more an evil fan POLO LISTEN TO ME! I think the best power is growing to massive heights,controlling the weather and animal powers all those powers together blah blah blah
P.S. can the next party be a star wars party.


I think the best will be super power will be bravery and courage. It dosnt really matter if people dont have flying powers but an everyday super hero is as just as helpful as a comic one .


i think gamma gal is aaosm!!


cant wait


I like that but i think Iron man or black widow


I think the greatest super powers ever are LOVE and FRIENDSHIP!!!!!


For me thor is the best he can defeat everyone. i meaneveryone!!!!!


I think the most awesomest super power EVER IS........................ INVINCIBILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think hulk mixed with thor


I can't wait


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