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By Daffodaily5 on February 12, 2014 - 05:23 | Comments (39)
Hiya guys!
One of my fave games to play on CP is Pufflescape, so it’s fab I can now play it on iPad!  I personally find it quite tricky at times so I always spend aaaages playing it.  I think I can say I’ve nearly mastered it! 
So here are my tips for you:
- Hold down the arrow keys to build up speed and momentum for your puffle
- Use the opposite arrow key as a brake or to slow you down
- Tap the keys lightly if you only need to move your puffle a little bit
- Click the symbol in the top left hand corner to show a diagram with directions
- If you can’t work out a solution, try swapping bits of scenery around – there might be another way!
- Don’t worry about making a mistake and restarting – your puffle is as patient as you are!

If you have any tips you’d like to share then please leave them in the comments below. Also, let me know if there’s any particular part of the Club Penguin app that you would like to see featured on App Tips next time!
-Club Penguin Team


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By Daffodaily5 on February 11, 2014 - 08:37 | Comments (42)


It's been a great Safer Internet Day so far! We had an epic online party earlier to celebrate this important day! It was brill to see so many of you willing to raise awareness about using the internet safely and with respect. Which reminded me of our Online Safety Pledge! The pledge is a great way for you to make a promise that you'll work with Club Penguin to help make the internet an amazing place for everyone!

You can download the pledge by clicking here! Just print it out, fill in the blanks and share it with your parents and your pals! But don't forget, It Starts With You!

Also, the team has put together a mega printable board game for you to play with your friends and parents, to learn more about online safety whilst having loads-a fun! That's what we're all about, after all! Currrently this is only available to players in the UK, but hopefully we'll roll it out to the rest of you soon. You can download the game here!

Plus you can still take the safety quiz by clicking the clipboard icon at the top right of the screen when you're logged into CP. As I write this, 537667 people have passed it! WOWZERS! Don't forget, everyone that passes the quiz gets the awesome safety hoodie item! :)


-Club Penguin Team

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By Daffodaily5 on February 11, 2014 - 03:25 | Comments (41)


Happy Safer Internet Day! In special honour of this wonderful day I think we should hold one of our biggest parties yet! What d’ya say, eh? You say, “Yeah Daffo that sounds brill! Where and when shall we meet you?!”

Meet me:

On Server: Blizzard
When: TODAY at 4pm (UK time)

Don’t forget to take the Safer Internet Day quiz to get your epic Safety Hoodie item! Just look out for this icon when you're waddling around, then answer all the questions with your online safety skills! 

Byeee and see you soon!

-Club Penguin Team

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By Chattabox on February 10, 2014 - 21:33 | Comments (53)

G'Day Penguins,

The Caveguin Dance Party was pumpin' last week – thanks to everyone who came. There were some pretty awesome caveguin outfits out there.

Did you know…. It's Valentines day this Friday! This week let's have a special Valentine's celebration, I'm calling it the "Hearts for Chattabox" party! Come along dressed in red and pink and bring along flowers, sweets, chocolates, teddy bears and any other wonderful treats you would love from your Valentine.  It's also a good opportunity to send out a few special postcards to your friends, to show them how special they are.

Lets meet at The Cove on the Down Under server at 4pm (East Australian Standard Time) on Thursday 13th February, which will be 6pm for all of you in New Zealand. Don't forget, this is 9pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 12th February for everyone over in the US and Canada.

Waddle On!

- The Club Penguin Team

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By Polo Field on February 10, 2014 - 11:07 | Comments (384)

It's Monday, and you know what that means.... Time for a brand new episode of The Spoiler Alert! 

In this week's episode, we invited a couple of Club Penguin artists to join us to celebrate The Fair! Say hello to Mosski and 5feet2short from the Items team! 



What's the magic word in the video? Listen carefully... ;)

-Club Penguin Team