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By Daffodaily5 on May 6, 2013 - 04:01



You guys submitted so many amazing super hero names to the last Featured Fashion! Do you all have super-powers of creativity? Because that’s what it seems like to me! Here are last week's heroes:



And here are some of my favourite names:

Dome C thought the super hero dog, 0vicky, should be named Prowess!

Chills16751 suggested Emperor Pegi  should be called L.A.S.E.R. (Light, Action, Sonic, Emperor, Radioactive)!

Both Firecaster and Flippy01h suggested the name Frozen Rainbow for Houdini2!

I loved Rainbowy483’s name for Pingwan2004’s superhero: The Master of Shadow. Mysterious!


Totally brill names! Everyone whose suggestion got picked has been given 1000 coins. This week, we’ve got two more super heroes for you...


Poppycat125 is ready for action! Her colour-coordinated outfit and those comfy Puffle Trainers were a great choice. Both heroes and villains will be stunned by her amazing style!

Never fear, Plicky1 is here – and is ready to fix up any damage the villains’ robots have done. With his hard hat and construction power gloves, the city will be repaired in no time!


Comment below with super names for Poppycat125 and Plicky1, and once again, the best suggestions will get 1000 coins. Why not tell us your super hero name, too?


Until next time – byeee!


- Club Penguin Team



the purple one should be called the mrs dark laser and the other one super construction man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the penguin on the right shalld be called constucto hero and the one on the left salld be called the dark spy please choose this comment i never get chosen


I agree. Plicky should be constructo hero.


nobody gets chosen but lucky people. some people will probs never be picked.


Hey I have been told that my costume is awesome. I made a really cool costume for the marvel superhero party, Super Dog the crime fighting hound that has been trained by sensei and the EPF to fight crime. With Super Dog around no villain will escape the paws of justice.


Smart idea!!!


My super heros name is captain ameridog......


My superhero name is Super Cat Girl because I love cats. I think the first penguin should be called Blueberry Blast because she is purple and her gloves can blast! The dude should be called Ultra Jackhammer Dude because that hard hat can't get anywhere without drilling!


I think that Poppycat125 should be called The purple ray and pilcky1 should be called Construct-o-man, my super hero name is Wild dog wonder.


popycat's super name could be.......The Blaze...or....The Phantom. :D


I love playing on

mii is cool:

i think the second one should be THE RECONSTRUCTER


Poppycat125 should totally be called:The Purple Fluffer


Poppycat125 got to be PUFFLEWONMEN and Plicky1 got to be AGENT CONSTRUCTION SHADOW GUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- love dreamer4e the best and THE BEST DREAMER AND agent GTG PENGUINS ;) -DREAMER4E


mine is puffle woman for poppycat125 too!


i think that poppycat125 should be called L.A.S.E.R G.I.R.L (loyal,active,super,extreme,rare gorgeous,incredible,ruthless,lazerbeamer!)


COOL Nice name anekeclub, good use of words and letters. i rate 10/10


When will the treasure catalog be updated because i get the magazine every month and it is hard to choose something as my free item because there is not as many things as there could be to make it more fun for the players.
waddle o
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waddle on cp!!
waddle on cp!!!
waddle on cp!!
waddle on c
waddle on-
waddle o


I think Poppycat125 should be called LaserWave (she is wearing the girl laser suit and telekinesis gloves) and Plicky1 should be called Shadow Constructor! These names are totes cool! Please pick these Daffo please :)


Blu 29:

Poppycat125 should be called Sonic Gal and Plicky1 should be Captain Construction


I would call Plicky1 The Fixing Phantom, Prowls around in the shadows,anonymously Ridding the town of destruction!!! DADADA and Poppycat125 should be called Sonic Red! She can shoot sonic blasts out of her gloves and blind villians with her stunning red hair!! Oh, and THOSE OUTITS ARE TOTES BRILL ;)


Please!!! check out my "Environmental balance" Ninja outfit!!!
Stay Brill!!!!!


i think the one with the hardhat should be called c.d. for construction dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Crazy Head:

Awesome choice of names and also great choice of power gloves.


The guy with a helmet should be called Mr. Fix it and the other one F.A.B. for Fighting, Adventurous, Beautiful


i like that. but i think she should be called "lazer red head"

Hey Its Kait:

I think Poppycat125's superhero name should be 'Puffle Protector', and Plicky1's superhero name should be 'Builder of Justice'.

As for myself, I don't know what my superhero name is going to be but it's going to be really cool. Thanks!


the girl Shadow Gal Clone the boy Mr. Constructo!


Awesome !


i want you penguin i want it what do you want it for

Waddle puff:

Plicky1 should be called:Super Fixer
poppycat125 should be called: super puffle lover!


So awesome! Congrats to those who won the featured fashions! These super hero fashions are off the hook!
Once again congrats to those who won.

Waddle on,
- Jake70238


Plicky1's super hero name could be......Super T.C.M.!!! (Super Town Construction Man !!!

Have a Waddle-ful day!


Hello me superhero names its a todormen


the one on the left should be called dark red the one on the right should be called s.f.f supar fast fixer


Wow! Cool Costumes Guys!


Those are awesome names for the 4 penguins! Here are my names for them:

Poppycat125- Supersonic Redhead!

Plicky1- The Construction Shadow!

My superhero name is The Black Lifter; because I'm a black penguin with telekinesis powers!

Tymek Sk:

Poppycat125- Puffle Laser
Plicky1- Work-guy Hero
These costumes are awesome! Waddle on!


Plicky1 should be called S.C.P.(Super construct penguin).


i think poppycat should be called power gal and plicky can be called constructator!


Poppycat125 can be Fashona; Stunning villians with her awesome fashon and all,
Plicky1 can be Blue Builder; repairing the city when it needs o be repaired

Noisy Honey:

I think my super hero name could be called Electronic Stormer because I can electrify robots and I do a storm if I get very angry!

Waddle O
Waddle On
Waddle O


what does that even mean that dosen't make any sence to me bro:)

Noisy Honey:

Sorry mate I mean Eletronic Storminator


I think Poppycat125 should be called the "The Violet Vigilanty" . Plicky1 sould be given the name "The Black Builder".

Brakeless Ck:

I think Plicky1's superhero name could be Constructor-Guy because he fixes most of the city from the supervillans's robots.

;) -Brakeless Ck


I think the correct spelling is Vigilante. :-) Great name by the way!


Awesome style guys.!!waddle on cp


perl gal and ficsr guy!


I would name Poppycat125 the "Glam shadow"


Poppycat125 should be called the SONIC RUBY!


plicky1 should be called jackhammer hero. I would be called princess of power!


Poppycat123: The Purple Puffle Protector!


Hi daffodilly great fashions there and I can't wait for the new fashions to appear. You can also check out my costume and congratulations to those who were chosen this season. Poppycat125 can be called Radiant Relic Woman and Plicky1 can be called The superhero of fashion ( because this a fashion topic ). My superhero name is ' Rainbow Reel '. I really hope to win 1000 coins so I guess these are my best best best suggestions that I could think of so bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disco Mickey:

Hi! I think poppycat125 should be called Miss flash. And plicky1 should be called the cape builder. Hope you pick my ideas and the marvel super hero party is going great! Plus I got membership just yesterday! XD!!!

Waddle On!

Wester123 :

Wester the Great


I think that Poppycat123 should be called code purple and Plicky1 should be wet suit toughie!


For Plicky1 I thought of: Dr. constructo!!


For poppycat125 maybe the fliyin'n'stylin


that sounds cool!


poppycat125 should be sonic fire or twilight fire
plicky1 could be shadow miner or the shadow cleaner


I think that Plicky1 should be called ''The Dark Destroyer!''


I think Poppycat125 should be called Sonic Bird, and Plicky1 should be called Builder Cape.


Poppycat125 should be called Power Queen and Plicky1 should be called Captain Fix.


Poppycat125 should be named Laser Queen, and Plicky1 should be known as Penguin Caution.


Poppycat125 should be called red head,purple body.


My superhero name is Robo Man.


Plicky1 sould be called bewilder


P.S. when will the marvel party end? its been 4 days since it's ending date.


Plicky1 should be Fix-it guy! Fixing your world since today! Poppycat125 should be Sonic puffle boom! Hero of puffles and boomness!


Poppycat125 is Purple Girl!


for the first one, the hunter girl and for the 2 one, the super hippo.
please choose me i have never been chosen before.
your friend,



Im Very Epic:

Hiya CP!
For Poppycat125, I think the PERFECT superhero name would be Mind Amethyst.
Thats because amethyst's are usually purple, just like her outfit. I Added MIND into that because she has the Brain Shock Wave superhero gloves on!
For Plicky1, I suggest Mechanism Man, because with his construction power gloves and hat, he looks like he's trying to help save CP!
Thats my ideas! waddle on CP!


poppycat125 her super hero name should be purple fire and plicky1 his super hero name should be fix it guy. and mine would be water girl


Poppycat125 could be called Fashionista, Plicky1 should be called the unstoppable fixer.


Cool! Love Them! (First Comment!)


I think you would like to see Fluff0205 He's looking like he's ready to repair and It also looks like He has dent trackers and then he rebuilds them! I think he looks perfect for this party! Hes the eye in repair.

Ash kid413:

Plicky the miner!


Hey GUYZ!!! Im just here to say, i absolutely LOVE Poppycat125 and Plicky1 outfits.. THEY LOOK AMAZING!!! Im sure you two are doing a great job helping save Club Penguin island. A name i came up with for Plicky1 woz 'THE AMAZING MINE SHINE! ' or maybe ' THE CONSTRUCT 'O' MAN'. XD


I'll name Poppycat125 Beautikinesis, and Plicky1 should be called Repairo!


I think Poppycat125's super hero name should be Solar Wave because she can send out waves.
I'm the first to comment!

Waddle o
Waddle on
Waddle on C
Waddle on CP
Waddle on CP!


May 9th


I love your name for Poppycat! O o O


Poppycat125 should be called Purple Red Laser! And Plicky1 Should Be Called Constructo Bluo!

opal rose:

poppycat125 should be calld red ray! And plicky1 should be calld hardhat man!

mr black505:

I Think Poppycat125 Should Be Ms.Puffle! And Plicky1 as Captain Constructor!
Waddle On!


Hello, I think poppycat125's heroine name should be Disco Beam since she has puffle shoes an is wearing purple. So I thought she could be fit with that name. I think Plicky1's hero name can be Shadow Gaurdian because he's got the cool Shadow Guy suit the SG symbol on him and the construction gear to protect us. Hope you like the names! PEACE!!

Black Zoe 16:

Plz post this and I think Poppycat125 should be named "Purple puffle saver" or "Laser light"!

sunny 33430:

i think poppy cat125 should be the red puffle lazer! because with her puffle shoes her red boa and hair and the lazer coming out of
her belt compleates the look!
sunny 33430 (there is a space in the name!) :)


I think that poppycat125 should be the Purple Puffle Woman because if her purple outfit and her Puffle shoes!
I think that plicky1 should be The Hard Hatter because if his hard hat!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Glamazon of doom and Fix it Fred (sorry by accident forgot to put name)


Woman Wonder and Rory Story


Licorice Sheen and Constructive Geoff


playpaws: lava punk girl
zoebug1114: purple dressy girl
poppycat: puffle power
plicky : black construction


Plicky1 should be called "wonder worker"


I think Poppycat should be named Telekenesis Puffle Amethyst-beam because of the gloves, the puffle outfit and the laserbeam outfit. I think Pliky should be named Shadow Constructer because of the Shadow Guy costume and the construction gloves and the mining hat.


Hmm.... I think that Poppycat125 should be "Puffle Power hero", And Plicky1 should be " Captain Construction" .
That's all I got.
Waddle on everyone.


i think poppycat125 should be cp saver and Plicky1 should be super fixer


the first one can be called 'purple lightning'.
and the next one is 'Sonic repairman.'


i think poppycat125 hero name should be shadow flames couse of she has red hair and boa and shadowey outfit


plicky1= fix-it plicky
poppycat125=red sonic


I think Poppycat125 should be the Glamorous glow because she has glamorous fashion and a glowing circle on her costume!


Plicky1 should be called "Fix-it"! Poppycat125 should be called "Purple Nights"! Please post this Daffodaily5!


Heyy Daffodaily xx
Great Costumes ! Poppycat123 Could Be Called Sonic Sunset , Sonic Boom, PPP ( Purple Puffle Protector ) And Plicky1 Could Be Called Fix It Felix , The Fixator , Constructaton Or ...(My Personal Favourite) Bob The Bulider XD !! You Should Check Out My Costume Sometime , My Super Heroe Name Is The Rainbow Resistence x
Waddle On,
Lalokaa13 x

equinox 77:

I think Poppy cat125's super hero name should be Cosmo Puffle girl


I think poppycat125 should be called the purple puffle lover because it seems like she is wearing a lot of purple and has puffle themed shoes from the puffle hotel and I think that Plicky1 should be called shadow builder because he he looks like shadow guy and wears a construction helmet.


Great costumes!
Pliky1 should be: The Shadow Builder
Poppycat125 should be: Purple Gal
Can't wait for next weeks Featured Fashions!!


I think a cool name for poppycat125 is The Supersonic Shocker!because her dress is so into fashion!!!
waddle on!

Gary Thunder:

I think that Plicky1 should have the super hero name Fix-It-Plicky, since he fixes things it reminded me of Fix-It-Felix in the movie Wreck-It-Ralph!


Hi Daffo! Talk about stylin' superheroes!

Poppycat125 should be called Alexandrite because her outfit is different colors, and the gem alexandrite changes colors in different types of light, two of which are purple and red!

Plicky1 should be called The Handyman because he can repair damage to the city!

Waddle On! :)


I think PoppyCat Should be called Powerful Purple because of the strong and bold purple outfit.And Plicky should bemaybe Super City Keeper.
My super hero name is Pirate Police and he roams Penguintropolis catching Villains with his grappling Hook.It is just like an actual pirate hook but more advanced


Awesome fashion's!!
Poppycat125-Hypno woman!
Plicky1-Fixy mixy!


Hey CP,

I think that;

Poppycat125 should be called M.O.B.H.O.S (standing for: mask of beauty, heart of steel!) because she has a great dress sense, but also seems to be really hardcore and brave!!

Plicky1 should be called SeesGreat, because he can see through enemy's bad hearts and fix the damage within as well as the seeing where the damage has been caused around CP with his special glasses. Also, the initials SG are on his belt!!!

Waddle on CP!!!!


Oh and P.S:
My superhero name is BobbleHatTheBrave, because I where a bobble hat and am (trying to be!!!) a brave superhero!!!!
Waddle on CP!!!!!


i think poppycat125 should be called the purple Ooze

waddle on cp


My club penguin name is the blue arrow you should check him out and i think the purple one should be called purple power and the construction guy should be called con-struct. :)


Wow! Awesome names! Great job, everyone! I just wanted to say, to Daffodaily5, that I think it's generous of you to give newly joined penguins the honor to be on the blog. :D Newly joined penguins are not treated kindly, so it is so considerate to give them a chance. ;) We need to treat everyone equally.
I think:
Poppycat125: Puffle Blaze
Plicky1: The Fixer

With All Of My Sunshine,



Poppycat125 should be called "Scarlet Purple". Because the two main colors in her costume are red, because of her hair and boa, and purple, because of the gloves and suit. Plicky1 should be called "Construction Hero". He has the construction helmet and gloves on, so I think the name sits him well. (: -Jomeanje


Awesome outfits people but now to give them names:
Poppycat123: teleredrovision thats tele-red-row-vision

Plicky1: W.A.M.M thats work and maintenance man

Bri 8:

The first should be called Pourple plazma and I think the second one (the construction man) should be called: the Constructor


the purple one is : super laser women!
the blue one is : builder man!


the first one should be called mistress purple and the second one should be called the digger

yy oh oh:

I think PoppyCat125 should be called Brill Gal and Plicky1 should be could The Constructer hope you like my ideas and of course WADDLE ON!

Pen Quen22:

Hmm, I think that Poppycat125 name could be Bright Puffle Flame and Plicky1 should be known as Quick Construction Penguin!


can i suggest my friend happyfeet364 HE IS AWSOME


Girl should be called Laser Girl and boy should be called Protective Boy because of his gloves and helmet!


I think that Poppycat125's hero name should be The Red Beam.
I also think that Plicky1's hero name should be The Shadow Fixer.
My super hero name would so be The Beam of Truth because my penguin always reflects myself and how i feel :)
Waddle On Club Penguin,

Dippy beak:

I think that poppycat125 should have the super name of the Energizer.Hope you like it CP team,because I like you and club penguin!


I love those amazing costumes. So much creativity! I hope someday I would get to see myself in a blog post of 'Daffodaily5's Featured Fashion'. Waddle on!


Plicky1 should be called shadow fixer and poppy cat125 should be called puffle hero

Kallie Jo:

I think Poppycat125 should be be called the Dazzling Wonder. Plicky1 should be called the Architectural Hero of Justice.

Sophia Snow:

Hiya everyone! (to use Daffodaily5's vernacular)

For the above penguins, I think that: Poppycat125 should be either Crimson Crush or Luminesce; Plicky1 should be The Mender.
Waddle on, my friends!

Dippy beak:

My super name by the way, is Super Afro! I wear a Gamma Gal costume with an Afro!


Poppycat125 - Puffle Nova ( as in supernova )
Plicky1 - Shadow Guy Costruisce ( shadow guy constructs)

Ellie Jr:

Poppycat125 should be called "Purple Puffle Power!" and Plicky1 shall be called "The Fixer"

Dome C:

Hey Guys! Here I am again!
Poppycat125: Purple Passion
Plicky1: The Revovation Rock
Dame C (Me): Element (El for short), because I can control al of the elements in the Periodic Table.
Waddle On, Club Penguin!

/Dome C\


HI DAFFO I think the girl should be called The Mistique Jewel and the guys called Captin Fix It All =) thats it waddoe on

slavi 20001:

I think Plicky1 should called Mr. Worker.
Poppycat125 should called Mrs Super Style because she is dressed up very well.
Waddle on!


I think Poppycat125 should be... Gamma puffle!
and plicky1 would be... shadow builder!


Poppycat125 should be telekinesis puffle rescuer she uses her telekinesis gloves and sonic laser to protect puffles from kidnappers.

Plicky1 should be constructor guy , he uses his construct gloves to fix things and his helmet to make sure his head does not get hurt. He can also fly higher to fix things.


Poppycat125 rock blast
Plicky1 constructor boy
my name is lightning man


Poppycat125 should be named Wonder Penguin and Plicky1 should be named Captain Constructo.


i think that Poppycat125 should be named puffle wonder and Plicky1 should be called Rory jr.

Moo mui:

Purple Power For Poppycat
Builders Best For Plinky!



I think that the pink penguin should be called master of disguise cuz she could be a villan or a hero!


I think that poppycat125 should be called U.S.H. (ultra stylish hero),
And i think plicky1 should be called the miner of the shadows!


Popsicle 35:

Wow those are great costumes! Here are super names for the superheroes!
Poppycat125- Glitztress
Plicky1- Jack Hammer
Waddle On!
( I sent one like this before, forgot to put the Nickname :3)


Wow, these are awesome costumes! I think that Poppycat125's superhero name should be "The Flaming Fashionista" because she has red hair, a red feather boa, and because her outfit is completly stunning, just like a true fashionista! And Plicky1's superhero name should be "The black builder" because he looks ready to fix anything! Anyways while i was in the plaza i saw Flipper6168 and her epic villain outfit! I hope you guys check out her style!


Plicky1 should be called the Shadow Constructor.


I think that poppy cat125 should be called purple shadow laser!


hey club penguin my friend looks brilliant i would like to nominate him for the next fuetured fashions : his name a2a11

Santa Jr:

Plicky1 should be The Shadow Construction Worker


I think Pickly1 should be named Construction Lazer.


I really think Poppycat125 should be Puffle Rescuer
Plicky1 should be named Sonic Constructo.

Oslogirl, a brown puffle lover that is very nice and sweet and her brown puffle is very sweet.


Poppycat125=the colourful beam
Plicky1=the constructinator
streachygirl=the rocky villan (me)


Epic costumes. I think I have a cool name for plicky1, my superhero name for him would be: Constructo. I think it is a very cool name!
Waddle on!

Moshi Man8:

Super Puffle Trainer and Fix it Master Penguin Name Moshi Man8


I think Plicky1 should be named construction hero because the gloves can fix things and he's wearing construction clothes.


Poppycat125 should be Sonic Mind.
Plicky1 should be Mr. Construct.
I have an epic superhero name. I call myself Pirate Lava. I am dressed as a pirate with Card-Jistu Fire shoes, and I wear the fireball power gloves. Epic heroes out there!
P.S. Like my new signature?


Poppycat125 should be Blazing Nightmare because of her fire hair with the spooky dark suit. Also Plicky1 should be Work'n progress because of the construction suit. I would be the ringleader because it sounds cool. I am funhouse34.


Plinky1 is now known as constructor man and poppycat125 should be known as puffle laser striker


The puffle laser and The Fixer.


Plicky1 should be called ", Constructo Man." He should be named this because he has a construction hat and the golves that he is wearing looks like construction gloves. Poppycat125 should be called ", Red Hypnotic Laser." She should be called this because she has a red boa and red hair. Also because she the mask, golves and costume look like a hipnotist. Lastly she has a laser coming out of her costume (Is it a laser?) This is what they should be called. Thank you for asking and reading!!!!

Kc Sunshine1:

AWESOME OUTFITS!!!!!! I Think Poppycat125 Should Be Named Purple Blast! I Think Plicky1 Should Be Fix It Guy! My Own Super Hero Costume I Made For Myself Is Miss America! The Captin America Armor And Sheld And The Black Widow Hair! Waddle On Daffo!


Poppycat125 should be called Violet Flare, and Plicky1 should be called The Re-Constructor. WADDLE ON.


Poppycat125 should be "The purple one". Cause her outfit is purple!


Poppycat125 should be called Blaze with her purple, red, and blue, she looks like fire blazing from a driftwood fire and regualar fire mixed together!


Hey Daffo! Great choices for this week's superheroes! I think Poppycat125's superhero name should be Plasma Gal! And Plicky1's superhero name should be The Blue Builder! Thanks, ~Chingu123


i think poppycat125 should be the blazing nightmare because with the flaming red hair it looks like a fire in the middle of a spooky dream!
I would call Plicky1 the shadow-builder because of his shadow guy suit and construction gloves and hat.
These amazing heroes have fashion like no other.
- funhouse34


I think Plicky1 should be called Construction Hero! HE WILL SAVE THE DAY!


That's cool!!!!!!!!!!


My super hero name is Robolab101


The guy on the right should be called shadow hat guy and the girl should be called Pred women because shes wearing purple and has puffle shoes and red because she has a red wig! Awesome, right!


poppycat125 should be called SONIC BLAST!!!!


Poppycat125 should be called Stylish Purple (with her purple puffle)!

Caitlyn Jammer:

I think poppy cat should be red head rescuer and plinkys name should be building shadow.


I think that Plicky1 should be called Mr. Do Fix It.
I also think that Poppycat125 should be called the Ultra Violet Daisy.


I think Pooh236 should be the next penguin featured, Because he is nice and helps me around places on Club penguin when i first started!

sliver ninja thats my penguin.:

i think for poppycat is piffle hero!


I think Plicky1 hero name should be Super Gear because he fixes stuff.


I think Poppycat125 should be the Style Stunner and Plicky1 should be named the Shadow Constructor!!


Poppycat125 should be called the Sonic Licorice!


I think Poppycat125 super hero name should be puffle saver because she is wearing puffles shoes and she kinda looks like she loves puffle. I think Plicky1 should be named fixer upper because he is wearing a hard hat and he looks like he can fix anything!


For Poppycat125, Super Boa! For Plicky1, Constructo-Guy!


Plicky1 should be called "safety guy'' because of the initials of his belt.

Shop Worker:

I think the the purple Superhero should be called "The Red Fox and the Superhero on the right should be called "The Orange Rock." My idea for a Superhero name is The Red Flame. Check out my player card and see what he looks like.


I think Plicky1 should be called "Hard Worker"


Poppycat125 should be called PurpleWidow. :)
Plicky1 should be called Constructanator! Ya know, like Termanator? XD
Waddle on CP Team!~Partytime604


I think that Plicky1 should be Constructo and that Poppycat125 should be Puffle Fuzzy Furry


Ok so I think Poppycat125 should be called Fashionista Women and her superpower would be helping people with fashion disasters!!! I also think Plicky1 should be named Construction Man because he is a superhero and he helps people construct things! Well I hope I'm picked my cp name is Pluto10500 BYE!


Poppycat125 should be Moonbeam Mistress because of her light style!
Plicky1 I think should be... Shadow Builder Eye! He has those glasses, the gloves and hat, and Shadow Guy's jumpsuit!


PoppyCat125 should be the masked maiden(Cuz her mask!)
Orrrrr, she could be called P.U.F.F.L.E(Proud UnNaiive, Fun, more Fun, Loving,Eepeo!


The names-poppycat125 is ''Puffle Girl".

plicky1 name should be''super hardhat man"

Waddle on
Sincerly, Ezlego2059


Poppycat125 should be call Glow Gal! And Plicky1 should be call The Super Fixer!
Waddle On!


I Thing Poppycat125 should be Ms.Mysterious Lazer Puffle Gal! (Ms.MLPG) :)
Next I think plicky1 should be Mr.Miner!]
-Louissimms21 Waddle On!

Kendall A423:

Poppycat125 should be named Purple Puffle lighting! And Plicky1 should be named Construction Hero!


Awsome names for the winners!
I think Poppycat125 should be Super Red Lady, and Plicky1 should be named Super Fixing Guy! (because of Shadow Guy)
Waddle On!


the first one should be called purple lava, and the second one should be called super fix-it!


I think Poppycat125 should be The Blaster and Plicky1 should be The Constructer. I hope you like my super hero names! Also i would like to nominate Novel5 for the featured fashions and maybe myself. I even made my own hero name and its called... The Burner!


I think Plicky1 should be called Constructo-guy since he builds stuff.


I think that poppycat125 should be called The Super Fashionista and Plicky1 should be called the mysterious blue builder


I think Poppycat125 should be called : Red Laser
I think Plicky1 should be called : Constructor Penguin

Waddle On Cp ....oh and you Daffodaily, I wont forget about you !! :>


Oh yeah and my super hero name is T.H.O.R. (my favorite super hero but with my creation) (The. Hero. Of .Robotics.!)
Waddle On!:)


I think poppycat125 should be called phoenix force, and plicky1 should be called captain construct.


I think Plicky1 should be named the Building Baron!

Dragons Dino:

I think Poppycat125 should be named: "Electro-Zap" And Plicky1: Construction Handy


Poppycat125= Turquoise Cherry
Plicky1= Fix-It-Plicky


poppy cat should be caption fearless puffle and plickly1 should be night constucter man!


I think Plicky1 should be called Fixit Man because he fixes the city with his awesome fixit powers! WADDLE ON CP!


Poppycat125- Red and Purple Puffle Lazer

Plicky1- Tow Construction Helper

... appletree846


I think Poppycat125 should be Miss Marvel because Miss Marvel is like a superhero name, and people will "Marvel" her!
I think Plicky1 Should be Fix it Felix Jr. Jr., because he he can fix things!


i think poppy cat125 shuold be called plasma girl and plicky1 shuold be called the shadow construction man. good will triumph over
evil...... waddle on!


I love the fashion!I was so excited that I tried to dress as Plicky1.Hes one of my favorite penguins!I think i may change my clothes to go green!Plz pick me Coolpeng4507!


PoppyCat should be called The Sonic Ruby. Plicky's name ought to be captain Constructo!
My superhero name would be The Swift Shadow.


plicky1 should be called Bob the Builder

and poppycat125 should be called super puffle girl.


The Purple Girl should be named:

Purple Power

And the Constructing guy should be:


Cool costumes everyone!!


My name one here is Powergirl, I am all purple mostly!


I think Poppycat 125 should be called "dark Laser" and the second one "the constructionator"


hi everyone i think Poppycat125's name should be Laser Flame and Plickey1's name should be Fixer Mixer Thanks for this oppurtunity for writing my opinions thanks. This is a brill idea


I think Poppycat125 should be SonicWoman and Plicky1 should be ConstructionMan. -Rex24580


Congratulations To The Winners!
Here Are My Suggestions:
Poppycat125: Miss. Purple power!
Plicky1: Crazy Construction Man! And Once Again Congrats To The Winners ! :)

Your Friend,
~Purplepal555~ :):) O_0 ;)


Poppycat125 should be puffle hero because she is haft hero haft puffle trianer

Plicky1 should be the build hero because he is haft builder haft super hero
into next week waddle on, greaser10 :)

Hawaiigirl 2:

poppycat125 should be called Little Red Flying Hood and Plicky1 should be The Shadow Miner!


I think Poppycat125 should be named: Fashion Police
I think Picky1 should be named: The Shadow Machanic

I <3 Harry potter:

My name for plicky1 is super constructo or CONSTRUCTION MAN and for poppycat125 is electro gal or The Purple Lady or the Purple puffle or what sunny 33430 said: Red puffle laser
my suggestion to look at the costume is: prncessbre (no I)
Waddle on!

Kato Yee:

Poppycat125 sshould be called Majestic Purple Puffle Lover
and Plicky1 should be Constructerahero!


These are my superhero names!!!
Poppycat125: The Scarlet Sonic
Plicky1: Mending Man
Hope you like my superhero names of alliteration! ;D
Waddle on CP!

equinox 77:

I think that poppy cat125's super hero name should be Cosmo Puffle WADDLE ON

rad red2:

i think poppy cat should be the rocky laser (because her telekinesis powers combined with her lasers equals the rocky laser!) i think plicky should be The Constructor of Shadows. ( his suit is shadow guy and he is a super constructor so i called him The Constructor of Shadows). i would call myself the crystal flame!( i have fire ball power gloves, a red cape and flame shoes with a blue mask and crystal suit).


I think Plicky1 should be called The Super Fixer because he's wearing a helmet and those fixing gloves. Plz i want to win!!


Poppycat125: Supa Purpa Gal
Plicky1: Constructo Man



I think Poppycat125 should be named: Fashion Police
I think Picky1 should be named: The Shadow Mechanic

zoom zoom103:

I think Poppycat125 should be called the dark purple hero and Plicky1should be called constuctro man that's what I think :) WADDLE ON CP


i think that poppycat125 should be" mind reader" and plicky1 should be" the rebuilder".Together they will save pengtropilis and stop that horrible protobot and his allies.

waddle on -pepsiguy3


poppycat125 should be red sonic puffle
sunny33430 should be shadow worker

Waddle on!


poppycat125 should be red sonic puffle
sunny33430 should be shadow worker

Waddle on!


I think Poppycat125's superhero name should be The Sonic Sunset.


For Poppycat125 i think her name would be Sonic R.P.(Red Rescuer, Purple Powers!) I just thought of this because of the red and purple on her outfit and she's sonic, I made it Red and Purple for the puffle shoes. And for Plicky1 his name can be The Caped Repairman! Because he has a cape and he can repair things, these are just my suggestions, so I hope you like them! Waddle On Cp!!

Daisy 144:

I think poppy cat125 should be called Laser Girl or Solar Girl. The laser in her belt makes the name Laser Girl, but it also looks like it something from the solar system, thats were Solar Girl comes in. Plicky1 should be called Construction Destructor. The construction gloves and construction hat really makes the name stand out.
Waddle on CP! Rock on and stay awesome!
~Daisy 144


I think Poppy should be " Puffle Hero " and she saves puffles when there in trouble. Plicky should be " Fixer Mixer Tixer! " hope I win!!!


mine(playpaws):frozen water trainer
zoebug1114:indica (meaning dressy genius)
poppycat125:puffle power caller
plicky1:dark construction or black constructer
please choose me or zoeybug 1114 if she commented thanks


I love Hero Dog but I like them all.


i think poppycat125 should be called Puffle Mind Controler


I think poppycat125 should be called red and purple wonder.
I also think plicky1 should be called captain construction.

zoe potter:

i think the 1# should be called ready red and the 2# should be called fix it boy . my peguin would be called crazy horse girl !! [love horses ] waddle on


i jjoey think this a great idea. i think the name for popycat125 name should be powerdrak


I think that poppycat125 should be called Ectoplasma Gal.


These fashions are awesome. check out my penguin too daffo. i think poppycat125 should be called power puffle princess. plicky1 should be called captain constuctinator. WADDLE ON!


my hero name is the techno hero. it is that cuz im wearing the techy robot suit but im a hero. (i sent a comment with my super hero names for poppycat125 and plicky1 too)


I think the second person should be mine shadow or builder of darkness


For Poppycat125 i think it should be Laser Girl and for Plicky1 umm i think it should be Constructor Man! Well besides that I usally like to call my self CrazyMan ;) Well bye cp


I think Plicky1 should be Construction Guy.
And I think Poppycat125 should be Purple Blast.


Poppycat125 should be called Puffle Plazma
Plicky1 should be called Shadow Fixer

Leila Jang:

For Poppycat125 I think it should be S.O.N.I.C. GIRL (Super Organized New Ice-storm Crystal or something else) and for Plicky1 I think it should be Super Build Constructor! XD I dressed up as Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger games. So I guess I call my self Katniss??? XD

Enter nickname:


Jimmy James2:

The first one should be called Ms. Red Shiny Purple Laser Beam girl, or, for short, Ms. Laser.
The second one should be called something really creative, like Repairo Constructo! Similar to Harry Potter spells, LOL.


1) PURPLE HERO 2) Evil Constructor!


poppycat should be BRAINWAVE ecause of the brain wave gloves and the flashy colors would get my attention!
the second guy should be construto.(no reason just came to me)


Dear Daffo,
Poppycat125 should be Purple Girl Picky1 should be Construction Guy


My super hero name should be the hopper. Its because i have bunny slippers of doom!!!! I can jump high or turn into a bunny. With my shield of hope i will stop evil robots ALL over the island! THANKS FOR LISTENING! :)


for poppysat125's I thought it should be named purple fiery! and for flicky1 he should be named laser constructer


Plickey1 should be either SUPER CONSTRUCTION MAN or THE RECONSTRUCTOR. Because he builds and fixes stuff.


Mine would be the "Hoodied Space Ranger" because I have on my Special Hoodie from space.


For Poppcat125 I would say Purple Kitty because it looks like she loves purple! And maybe cats! For Plicky1 I would say Cheeseburger Guy (CG) because random names are the best! XD


LOL!! Cheeseburger Guy!!! XD


Poppcat125: The Purple Fashtonista (superpower: freezing villains with a purple zebra print box trap.

Plicky1: The Shadow of Construction (superpower: rebuilding the city with his powerful gloves)

Waddle On!


Hi! Poppycat125 should be called "S.U.P.E.R. (strong ultimate powerful extreme ready) and Prickly1 should be called "Constuction Shadow". Waddle on!

ge goo:

I think plicky1's astounding hero name should be Captain Hardhat, or Captain Fix it, or even Captain Fix it America.


Poppycat125: Puffle Master
Plicky1: SuperDozer

Bloomcicle :

Poppycat125's super hero name should be, "Ultra Damsel" she's not an ordinary Damsel. (note i got the first part from the name Ultra Violet, but you know.. if it's not enough that's fine.)


I think Poppcat125 could be named Super Violet Riot and Plicky1 could be named Fixing Fury! =D


Enter nickname:

Poppycat125: Puffle woman!
Plicky1: Constructive Shadow!


Hey cp you should make Extreme Jet pack games like in the comics! =)


PoppyCat125 should be sonic blast and plicky1 should be construction shadow!!!


I think the one on the right should be The Dark Jackhammer... you know how he,'s wearing the hard helmet? The one on the left would be the Scarlet Beam. I think mine would be Compactor because i'm wearing the stealth set( you turn into a recycling bin).

Nj 6000:

I think the one on the right should be Sir Destructo

Enter nickname:

poppycat125's is red headed mayhem


Black Nova and Constructo-man!


I think Plickly1 should be construction Hard Head Man and Poppycat125 should be Miss Flash Back

Senor Icy:

Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? A plane? NO! It's C.OM.B.O. Man! (Construction, origination, manufacturer, builder, outlining Man)

Tails Flower T.F.:

Poppycat125s name should be puffle power. She trains puffles to become heros! Picky1 should be Constructoid! Hope everyone gets a fair chance in winning! T.F.

Piki 25478:

Popycat125: Puffle Woman!
Plicky1: Constructive shadow!


My superhero is the robber mask that wraps around the EPF tech visor and the nightclub armor (no helmet) :)


Building constructor and laser lifter because she has telekinesis gloves.


Poppycat125 should be called Super Puffle Girl. Plicky1 should be called hard hatter hero. I think poppycat125 should be called that because she has puffle shoes. she is a girl. she is a superhero. I think plicky1 should be called that because hes a hero and he has a hardhat. W WA WAD WADD WADDL WADDLE WADDLE O WADDLE ON WADDLE ON WADDLE O WADDLE WADDL WADD WAD WA W.


poppycat125 should be snazzycat125


I like plicky1 superhero costume! and my superhero name is the freezer!


Gama Puffle and Super Builder=them


I think picky1 should be safety man


You should wear an ice costume with fire gloves an call yourself Freezer Burn! ;)




plicky1 should be called...


Jilly Can101:

Poppycat125: The Vivid Diva
Plicky1: Mr. Construction


I believe Poppycat125 should be called Purple Vortex, and Plicky1 should be called The Repairman.

Waddle On!


Purple vortex is a good name if I were them i would pick you


I think that Poppycat125 should be named "Miss Powerpuffle" and Plicky1 should be called "The Great And Powerful Construction Hero"! He would help destroy and take apart all Herbert's robots. Miss Powerpuffle would use her strength to save the many puffles in danger. My super hero name would probably be "Miss 'Fro". I love funny things and I also like afros! :)

Waddle on Club Penguin!


it is constructor shadow for plicky1
it is sonic laser for poppycat125


Poppycat125 Should be called Telepathic Puffle Gal and Plicky1 should be called CONSRUCTOR THE TOUGH!!

Waddle On!


First one is Red Puffle Stylish Telekinectic Hero xD
Second one is CoolShades Construction Hero
That's all I came up with sorry not creative :P I just used the things their wearing descriptively like first one the girl wore red ,puffle shoes,Telenkissgloves with suit with boa and. 2nd construction,shades,hero xD
Yeah so um yeah WADDLE ON! P.S I love CP!!!!!!!!!!!!


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