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By Polo Field on May 29, 2013 - 09:39

Hello Penguins,

Last week we asked, what would your ultimate spy gadget be?

Awesomeguy27's answer was...well...awesome!

What I think would be the ultimate spy gadget would contain everything our current one has, and some other things. First, it would have an extended notification system. For example, if a penguin needed help, it would show up on the screen. We could teleport to that penguin immediately and help them. Second an emergency first aid kit to help me as well as other penguins in case of an injury. Finally, a fully stocked fridge. Come on, some people get hungry on important missions! ;)


A fully stocked fridge would be epic! We all know that food is the greatest fuel for a top agent.

With the Card-Jitsu Snow party in full swing, we would like to know. What has been your best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far? Leave your comments below (50-75 words, please!)

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



My card-jitsu snow strategy is:

saving snow ninja,because he can heal teammates

and helping other ninjas,because the team is a key


To make sure that the WHOLE Team is strong! If one Ninja is down we will ALL get less progress in the end of the Game so to support and help my team mates is my best strategy no matter if I play as a Fire, Water or Snow Ninja :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!


Here's my strategy for card jitsu snow! I'm always snow and since i can heal other ninja's i don't want to be out so when my health bar is red i hide behind a rock till i i get my power card bar full so i can go to the enemies and my fellow ninja's and heal them up inculdeing my self so we can defeat the snowmen! That's my strategy! Waddle On! : D


Hi CP! I love the Card Jistu party, plus I've met Sensei and got some new power cards! My strategy for Card Jistu Snow is to be a snow ninja so you can revive your team mates. And Power Cards are the strategy to being stronger!
Waddle on everyone!


No idea


Hi CP team! I love being snow ninja! The reason why: I love keeping my friends' (the ninjas') health up so we can all last through the WHOLE battle! And it's really fun to use my powers from long distance (It's easier to stay alive! LOL)
Keep beetin' up the Snow Minions,
Zeldza456 ;0)


Same i got a new power card its called mass destruction and i defeated sensei with it.


how do we enter the card jitsu game? welton 123 speaking


I like that strategy.


My strategy is exactly the same!!!!!!


Same strategy for me!


I buy lots of power cards so I can use them to help out our team


My strategy is to keep my team strong, and make sure I am strong also, so I can help them without "dying". I like playing as each element because they each have advantages. I think my favorite is Fire though, because then I have medium strength in everything :)


Hi penguins


Hi :)



mike :


no no:


Club Penguin Fan :

Well i normally use the fire ninja because mostly if your not a member, you can accually have 2 power cards than just one ! (If your a non-member) :D I hope this helped u all!


The snow ninja is all well and good, but to really succeed (especially against Tusk) I've found that you need to keep the whole team strong and make sure you fulfil your ninja's 'role' (i.e ice-heal, water-take/deal damage, fire-deal damage) and keep the entire team strong. The key for my strategy is teamwork, that's why I play with friends or make friends playing it so you can play with people you know will work well. In summary, my strategy is - Teamwork!

Waddle On! xD


Great comment! I love that idea Saraapril, and that is my strategy. That is how I am so close to being a Snow Ninja! Please add me if you can Polo! You are my favorite CP blogger, tied with Daffo. My penguin name is Aidanfm1. I have never been posted.


my stategy is when your a snow ninja, always stay 2 squares away from that big guy so u can attack hime but he cant attack u it works all the time ;)


my ultimate card jitsu strategy Is helping out other people when someone is healing someone and also being helpful to my teammates and to also to protect them


My Card Jitsu Snow strategy is:

becoming the water ninja because the water ninja can do the most damage so the water ninja can help the other ninjas to not die


My ultimate strategy is when someone is helping someone I make sure the one helping someone does not get hit and I be a good teammate to and I want to heal any of my teammates heal. waddle on my penguin user name is JAKE EB


my strategy is to have fun and heal my friend when hurt of fainted.
my club penguin name is cool kid416


I like your strategy! :) I have many strategies but here’s a strategy for all Snow Ninjas:

-If it’s necessary to attack, attack Tank from a distance so you don't get attacked! :) And attack Sly directly next to him!

-Use Snow Power Cards efficiently by using it when your health is not green, or when multiple ninjas are in your range, or when multiple Snow Minions are in your range!

~Perapin :)


I think my best strategy is to heal the other ninjas so if I get knocked out they should be fine for a while. I also try to make it so when I use my power cards I get as many snow minions in as possable( and if it's a snow card the ninjas.) If I'm in need of health I won't run away but in sted I contuine to fight. Running away won't gain your heath and you need to do your part of the team and thats battleing the minions and learning to master snow so why run from it? Try it! WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!


Yes Saraapril, TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!! :)


My Card Jitsu Snow stardegy is, healing ninjas and getting the gem


my card jitsu snow strategy is called the sneak n think i sneak up and hit em then my other two teamate come behind the snowmen then we all CLASH IN IN NINJA VS SNOWMAN USER sonicthefox2


club penguin is the best game I ever playd.


Nice strategy, Saraapril!




My strategy is simple enough I'm (almost) always a fire ninja. I advance and then knock out minions. when I'm ice follow fire ninja


My strategy is to always saving the snow ninja because he can heal all the ninjas so you can win the battle!


never waste your power cards! say if a snowman is on very low health never use a power card when you can just attack sometimes you can use the power card when the snowman is already dead! waddle on!!!

Cupcakefluf :

Hey cupcakefluf here I love the snow party!!! It's freezing..... But cool!!! Xxx see ya later!!! XxxxxxX


I am always fire ninja. Why? Because I can have balanced everything. =D


In card -Jitsu- Snow, my best strategy is to be the snow ninja. First of all his weapons are awesome. He also has the most range to attack with so you can stand really far away and not be hit witch is really cool. Also he can heal the team mates so your ninja friends can stay strong. What I really like to do is really just use my awesome power cards to heal us. That is my awesome strategy!

Gr8 Lego Man:

My strategy is if I am snow ninja I heal a person who is low on health and if I am any other ninja I heal someone with the pump to revive them and I charge into battle and if I am low on health I retreat. Also, here is a tip: If you are snow ninja always heal other people because almost every time I heal someone, and when I die, they revive me with the pump. ~Gr8 Lego Man


My card-jitsu snow strategy is:
water ninja because he can (double)damage minions and his COMBO also gives the minions (double) Damage!!!!

Iamatrex. (Capital i not l):

My strategy is to be snow element and follow the fire person so if he gets hurt I can heal him! After all, team mates are important. WADDLE ON!


Thanks for the strategy


My card-jitsu snow strategy is simular to Yigit's however I stay behind a teammate and shoot this way some minions can't get me but if teammates need healing I will heal them because your team will be the main thing you need to worry about.

Liallbardly :

We do rock

Nice1015 :

my card-jitsu snow strategy is
using water ninja because its
attacks are more damage


My best strategy is probably to take out Scrap first then Sly then Tank.


my card jitue snow strategy is :

heal other ninjas that are powerful:

use power cards to heal ninjas:

work together as a team:


snowmen are like the water, fire, and snow ninjas are like

sly: same as like the snow ninja

tank: same as the water ninja

scrap: same as a fire ninja


today i got the snow weapons pin(look right across the screen from the place with ice fishing)the last pin was a elemental one at the hidden lake hey it might still be there


I like to snow so I can help keep the team strong. I will do anything to help out a teammate in danger! Even if it means getting hurt.


I would have to say.... reviving other ninjas so they can help us win!

Koopa Fan:

My Snow Card- Jitsu Strategy is Just Heal Teammates and Have a Hole bunch a Fun!


ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Koopa Fan


My best strategy is keeping all the ninjas still which draws in the enemy. When they start attacking you, the ninja they strike will be the ninja they will go for. All the ninjas than move into formation. The ninja that was first hit in the front, and the other two close by. In one turn, they realease their attacks at once. They'll be defeated in three turns if you keep it up. As you progress move forward with the snow in the back. When you attack, snow will heal you so you cannot be defeated.




yigit95671 is very right! Sounds like something Sensei would say, few words and very simple. Go yigit95671!!!!!


Ok what yall should do is if you already beat tusk keep on battling him and save the snow ninja -aceofspace2


My Snow Jitsu strategy is to be a snow ninja.A snow ninja can attack from long range and be very stealthy.They can also heal other ninjas when they are at low health.A Snow Ninja is the perfect ninja to be.


My strategy is stay as far away as possible where you can hit the big red snowman because he deals a lot of damage. Also, use the power card when it can cover everybody so you won't waste it.And make sure no one is knocked out because it will be so much faster defeating the enemies. Finally, do not run away from green and blue snow man because it will be easier just to defeat them and get it over with.

mr harry3:

got a 3 ninga combo!


My strategy is: watch your and your teammates health bar and when you get a high power card (example 12 power card) use it also if you have low health go back and cross your fingers to win , good luck ninjas and hope my strategy helps, WADDLE ON! :D


My card jitsu snow strategy: Be snow ninja, help battle, alwase go for thrash if there is 1. But if someone gets hurt badly by a snowman lurk in the shadows and HEAL HEal heal.


My strategy would to have snow hide and heal, fire to attack the larger ones, and water to attack the smaller ones.


true point


I agree with you. That is a very smart strategy. I strive to do that myself. If the snow ninja is on red and in range with a minion and me, I try to get in front of him/her to save him/her.


Making sure the ninjas are strong :)


12 power cards on tank and sly (the easy one for me is tank because he only goes one-block-at-a-time) OH,i forgot, element:fire


My Card Jitsu Strategy is:

Fire Snow Ninja


yes, and the snow ninja should be the one staying back for until the water or fire ninja dies because the snow ninja is long ranged and can revive dead ninjas


i saw your powers they were incredible.


I like to battle so much that I end up loosing:-( !

Seepy 7868:

True that.


That's my strat too lol


Yeah I think you should almost always pick the snow penguin because it can heal teammates and it has a farther range then the other penguins but the one problem is it isn't really strong and doesn't have a lot of health.

cool koop 12:

ya right

Bad Jadd:

My strategy is be the snow ninja and stay out of the fight and heal you team mates


to stay away just a little bit to get your power cards and get to level 3. you will get more points that way

Olus 15:

i ilke those ninja fire nunchucks because its soooooo awsome! and hot XD


My strategy is to always be a water ninja. Their defense, and offense is amazing. I always try to stay close to the snow ninja in case I need help with my health. Sly (Snowman with shirt) is the easiest to defeat in my opinion with the water ninja. So I go for him first. Scraps (Snowman with tennis racket) are a little annoying, so I go for them after Sly. Tanks (Big snowman) are hard to defeat. I go for him last. My strategy changes sometimes whenever there are 2 of the same snowmen. Waddle on!




A little advice: be a snow ninja and never get hurt by Tank again.


water is strong against tank, fire and scraps,and snow and sly.weakness:water and scraps,fire and sly,and snow with tank


Nice strategy flames2179. : )

Caden Blakey:

Mine would have to be: Stay away from tank and stay close to sly to avoid damage.
and heal ninjas with the least health.


My favorite is to be the snow ninja and here is my snow ninja strategy: Go after Scrap and Sly first, then Tank. Keep a distance when attacking Scrap and Tank. Be close to Sly. The closer you are Sly when he hits you, the less health you loose. Prioritize reviving and healing over attacking. Let fire and water be in control of the attacking, while you do the healing. Use the snow power cards often to attack AND heal at the same time. I always get to the bonus when I follow this strategy!


If i was a snow ninja id stay away from sly! And go near tank . But id make sure theres at least 2 empty squares between us, that way he cant attack and i can!


My best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy has been to stay as far away as I can from the snow minions, while still being able to attack. Also, I like to double the use of my Power Cards by lowering the health of the snow minions, while reviving and healing me and my fellow ninjas. Card-Jitsu Snow is so cool!

Agent 11234:

I like to let my teammates get knocked out then... I use a SNOW POWER CARD to revive them because snow power cards give penguins more energy!!! AWSOME!!!!!! Agent 11234 out




My strategy is to make sure all ninjas are up! If a ninja gets down, I try to give them as much energy as soon as possible! So that way, any penguin who is playing card jitsu snow will have a chance to play! Also that way, we beat the enemies faster! :D

Ray Norshine:

I would have to say my best Card-Jitsu strategy would be to pick snow because snow is one of the best parts of the team because you can save other players and give them a boost. Also, snow power cards don't just harm enemies they give other players energy boosts. So the best strategy is to stay back if your snow and let water and fire attack because if their hit you can be there to help them.


I like to meet up with my friends and then plan in the snow dojo beforehand. Then we know what to do when in battle. Each ninja has different skills which defeat a different villain, so the snow ninja can take down tank with his range, the fire ninja can stun scrap with his power cards and the water ninja will use his extra damage hammer to take down Sly. If one of us is defeated, the best battling ninja keeps fighting and the other goes to revive them!


My Best Strategy for Card Jitsu Snow so far would be to hide behind A rock and attack the enemy so he cannot hit me but i could hit him when i am a ice ninja

X Treme Snow:

My Card-Jitsu Snow strategy is: Have the water ninja near sly becouse Sly does better at far range and the water ninja can olny hit a close range.
The fire ninja need to be carefull hit from behind rocks or stones and use power card when other ninjas are not close enouh hit the enemy and stun them
and snow ninjas heal other hurt ninjas.
and make sure you have lots of fun everybody wants to earn every thing but the best part is make sure you fun playing with your friends.
-X Treme Snow

Snow ninja healer:

im usually the snow ninja so if I don't heal(wich I do a lot)my team is basically dead so the snow ninja is very Important.


I agree Firebowl


My best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far has to be being a Snow Ninja and giving health to the damaged ninjas who's health is very low. However, if there is a bad snowman who is endangering the other ninjas I'll step in and help them!

Waddle on Ninjas!

Tymek Sk:

My strategy for fire ninja is saving power cards for a Bonus Round. I can stun enemies andother ninjas can defeat snowmen.

sidy fipper:

cant stun ninjas.


I think that even though the game is card jitsu snow the fire ninja is the best. This is because you can be at least two squas away when hitting, in a combo daze the snowmen and hardly ever get hit by the enemies. My tactic is to stay at least two squares away when firing.


I Always enjoy the combos they are for beating snow minos!

Halloween 22:

I think it's best to go after Scrap (the one with the tennis racket) because he's easy to defeat in my option. Sly ( the one with the shirt) is annoying so go for him second. Tank ( the big one ) is hardest so go for him last

Tymek Sk:

My strategy for fire ninja is saving power cards for a Bonus Round. I can stun enemies and other ninjas can defeat snowmen.


My favorite strategy is when snow ninjas can help give power to the other ninjas because they can be behind and the others will fight and the snow ninja gives them power if they get squashed. I also like how you can have a big combo and defeat the evil snowmen. I one destroyed three snowmen with one powercard it was awesome!!!!!

Yo 3001:

I see if I can get every villain and ninja in the same group of nine squares and then unleash a power card to attack all villains and (if im a snow ninja, which I usually am) heal all ninjas as well. Also, I don't revive a ninja unless my health is in the yellow or above or I wont be able to survive another attack from the villains, especially if there are two or more villains within range.


Fire:attack Water:heals Snow:fast I'm usually water so i heal fire and snow


My best strategy in Card-Jitsu Snow would be to stick together as a team. Even if you loose, it's still good practice for next time so you can correct your mistakes! Another tip is on earning stamps. When you play Card-Jitsu Snow your first time, don't try to earn any! You'll get them without warning! Oh hold on! Gotta take care of something with Sensei. Waddle On! NINJA VANISH!


My best Card-Jitsu strategy so far has been to always stay moving ad get my other flippered freiends to corner the enemy by the rocks so when we get to use a special card the enemy is all confined. I love Card-Jitsu snow and LOVE to come up with new stagities! WADDLE ON!

ash kid413:

first ok i think all ninja's attacking the same snowman! or using a power card.


The best strategy for card Jitsu snow is, Snow stays behind to help revive hit penguins, Water goes to attack the snow men. And fire is back up. - song05


tank is the hardest use water dont in front him


The best way to battle or win in Card Jitsu Snow is to move little by little. After that, dig in!!! You should move even if you are right next to a snowman. That way you can get power cards quicker!
Waddle on!



Well my startegy is different for each ninja... Water: Go right up and hit the snowmen and stand in front of the other ninjas when possible. Fire: Stay one block away from the snowmen to attack them. Snow: Stay far away until the other ninjas health starts to go down, heal them then use all the powercards you earned and ALWAYS try to stay behind the others and 3 blocks away from the snowmen. i used 80,000 coins and bought cards i now have 202 cards... :|
Waddle on!


The best way to battle or win in Card Jitsu Snow is to move little by little. After that, dig in!!! You should move even if you are right next to a snowman. That way you can get power cards quicker!
Waddle on!



My favorite Card-Jitsu strategy is if you have a power card, you should save it until another ninja plays a power card so you can do a combo. A better way is to wait til the two other ninjas play a card so it can be a triple power card combo. Also, if your versing the master of snow, you should wait til all ninjas and Sensei play a power card for a combo.


My best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy is all about team work.You have to stick together. Because if everyone gets damaged the snow penguin should use a power card so they can heal all ninjas in the area. Also target one snowman at a time unless he has so little health that one ninja can take him out. It works the best i got to the bonus round 3 times this way. Hope you find this good advise. Go Ninjas!


My best strategy is to use the fire ninja. You make sure you keep a distance from the snow minions and attack. But remember, the battle isn't just about you, it's also about all the other ninjas. So also revive ninjas, because you know you want to be revived to!

Sean Paul08:

My strategy is to have at least 14-15 power cards of each type for each ninja. Also, as the Snow Ninja, I make sure my teammates are alright because they're the guards of the Snow Ninja because the Snowmen target the Snow Ninja First. The Fire Ninja and Water Ninja are like the guardians of the Snow Ninja so I put their needs before mine so we can eliminate the Snowmen.


My strategy for the Snow Ninga would be: If you have noticed, the Snow Ninga has an awesome range. You can attack enemies from far, you can escape quickly, you can even hurt Tank from 3 squares away and he won't attack you! Also, heal your team mates. Fire and Water ninga's are pretty tough, but Tank can hurt their health from HERE: ----------- TO HERE: ----- so you better heal them.
Power cards are great, but you know combos are better. You can heal your team mates, and do damage!


Teamwork!..... and full health. If a ninja lost some health, a snow ninja can help!


the best


I let my snow ninja lay back for cover ups and healing.Send my water ninja at strong minions like tank.My fire ninja is like the special ops group.He come in when someone needs helps or to perform a combo.I sometimes send my snow ninja up for healing when the minions are weak.My card jitsu snow speciality is FIRE!

Have A Chillastic Day!

Sean Paul08:

As the Snow Ninja, I make sure the Fire & Water Ninjas are good on health before I worry about my health. I don't care if my health is low unless it's a Full Health Match. I also carry at least 14 cards of each type. I heal my teammates before I heal myself.

sunny 33430:

OMG! that is eas!y for me cardjistu FIRE! well i tell you why the...FIRE!,THE DANGER!,THE BURNING FLAMING SUPER STEAMY STREAMEY
LAVA!!! i may be a super hot burning fire myself sun-ny get it sun?
well thats it cp!
p.s there is a space between the sunny and the 33430 please dont get it wrong!


if you be snow you could heal but it would not do that much damage so I perfer water


My ultimate Card-jitsu Snow strategy, make sure that your water ninja handles the big guys (you know what I'm talking about), snow ninjas need to handle the guys with tennis rackets because both have long range, and fire ninjas need to handle the average guys since both have adequate range and power. Make sure your snow ninja's healing your water ninja because water ninja's can take the most damage. Finally, make sure you use power cards only when they are needed!


my best card-jitsu snow strategy is working together , defeat enemy and using power card.

Agent Hush:

My #1 strategy is communication. Sometimes I'll flash a power card on the screen so that my teammates know that I'm waiting to use my power card for a combo. Also, if there are two snowmen within my range, I'll move towards one of them so that my fellow ninjas know that they should attack the other one. However, the GREATEST key to communication is to know how far your teammates can move, how close they have to be to attack, and how hard they hit. NINJA VANISH!


Awesome answer Agent Hush!!!


Congrats on getting 10,000 coins! I agree your strategy is WAY better than mine. I'll start using your strategy!


hey agent hush congrats for being the winner!


My epic strategy to Card-Jitsu Snow is teamwork. Without this we can't beat Scrap, Tank and Sly! We use 3 Ninja Combo to beat these enemies and 3 Ninja + Sensei Combo in battle with Tusk, we can win with evil. Come on, people! Use teamwork to battles! And you will claim the Snow Gem! ;-)
Wilkolak122! Over and out!


My best strategy is staying behind a rock, saving energy and earning all the power cards I can. That way, when all my ninja friends are knocked out, I come in and revive ninjas and defeat enemy's with all the power cards and energy iv'e got! Of course, I do come in the game once in a while to help my friends out with battling. When I do that, we usually get to the bonus round! WADDLE ON!


If you are a water ninja try and take out enemies with your high damage and power cards, and target Scrap. Whatever element you are so you can win because he is a equivalent of a water ninja with a huge attack! Then take out Sly to get rid of a long range hitter and finally Tank because he is slow but powerful! ;)


What I do is when a ninja is done or I'm low on health, I hide behind a rock and recover a ninja or run around to earn a powercard! I really care about my team. They always help me so I recover them. That is my strategie and the name of teamwork!


My best strategy is when a team mate is down I heal them if I'm snow ninja, and other team mate that's up would keep them busy with him or me. A other one is when I take the fall by getting hit all the time and my team would move closer to the villain's and terminate them and we should win. This is my strategy's.


depends on the snowman.for sly i split from the main group of my fellow ninjas(due to his specal power to hit every ninja next to you),and for tank i ether wack him diagonaly or get in a line with my fellow ninja!when there bunched up:power card time!


My Card-Jitsu Snow strategy is... battle the right snowman! If there is a snowman that has abilities like yours (for example, the Water Ninja and Tank are similar), they are more difficult to take down. When you find the right snowman, leave the others to your teammates.
Thanks for an awesome game, CP! :)

Cr Beak:

I would say that my best CJ: Snow strategy so far is to stock up on power cards from the ninja catalog to help out in sticky situations, my strategy would also include being a snow ninja, this is where the power cards come in handy, so that way you can heal yourself and your teammates to help keep the battle going!
Waddle on!


Fire Ninja = Stun enemies with the power cards (try to get it in a combo)
Water Ninja = Stay out of Tank's range.
Snow Ninja = Help your teammates by either healing them or attack the enemies.


My strategies:
Fire Ninja: Stun the enemies- When there is a ninja who needs help, make sure that there are no enemies near the ninja, and use your cards to stun the enemies, so that another ninja can revive the one that is out of health.
Water Ninja: Stay out of the enemys range- Since the water ninja has a small range, make sure that you try and stay out of range of the strongest enemy, and use your power cards.
Snow Ninja: Heal- Use your cards when you see that a ninja has low health.


My best Card Jitsu Snow strategy is that when the big bad guy comes to you and you are playing as the Snow Ninja move 3 spaces back and then throw snow at him then he is going to come forward and then you go back and when you are at the edge go to the side and keep doing that!


When someone was right in front of a snowman, I moved behind the snowman and ambushed him from behind! I surprised the snowman and I got hit as well as the other penguin.


Try to conclude who are other ninjas going to attack so that you can hurt other snow minions while they defeat the other. Don't press the tick so early. Wait to see if other ninjas will use a power card so that you can make a combo. Try to his as much enemies with one power card. When one ninja falls it would be great if one ninja would use a power card to distract enemies the other ninja could revive the other ninja. It's what I usualy do. When battling Tuse use your power cards with Sensei.


In the last sentence I wrote Tuse. I meant to say Tusk... Sorry about that...


also my best strategy is helping my friends protecting them if there in their weak point and i use my power cards when its the 3 round or the bonus round so i shared my strategy, Waddle on!

The Waddle Swag:

I help any team mates in need if one goes down we all do.Go water Fire and Snow WOO!


I think the best stategy is water ninja gets the paddle snowman, snow ninja gets tank, and fire gets sly. I think snow is good against tank because he can always be 3 spaces away from tank, when tank can only move 1space.


my best strategy for snow is healing ninjas and staying away from the minions, Water well i protect the snow since she/he is the one who heal us and if he/she is knocked out were in trouble, Fire for fire i help out the other penguins defeat the minions and use my power card if there's too much minions near us or were in our weak point well Waddle on!


my strategy is hiding behind a rock and when a snowman comes closer i trow down a power card. waddle on club penguin!

Cheeze Mad:

Water: Get Behind tank and attack. Fire Stay Very close to sly. Snow: Use My Long distance to stay away from enemies and heal team mates


I Really like the snow ninja because It can move so far and fight from a long distance and also when people need energy or whatever I can give them and also If I have a power card, I can give all of us the energy.


my stratagy is, i race to help the other ninjas, then help myself by bashing a few snowmen! i aim for the long range ones first. then short range. i am thoughtful to help other teammates any way possible so long as im not knocked out! WADDLE ON! ninja vanish!


Hi CP team! I have a totally awesome strategy that never fails for the Card-Jistu games! The the regular one, I try to think of what the other player is going to do then do the element that would go against that. For Card-Jistu Fire, I use my most powerful cards. When I pick a stone, I pick the one closest to the element I want. Card-Jistu Water is pretty hard. I just got to think fast! Depending on the size of the element on the stone, I pick a powerful card. I can't wait to try Snow! :D!


My strategy is for Tank i get in a line Water ninja in front Fire ninja behind him and Snow Ninja in the back Snow ninja heals Water and Fire Ninjas from attack while Water attacks him with Fire intill hes down . For Sly we All go around him and attack him intill hes down, Hes not to hard. For Scrap Water Attacks like crazy my strategy for him is similar to my sly strategy exept we all dont go around hin we get him from the best angle we can get. Thats my strategy Hope you liked it. WADDLE ON!

Fluffy a Cat:

Mine is for snow ninja to stay at the back while the other 2 go to the front an attack the snow minions so the snow ninja can boost their health when they need it. Also I try to keep away from tank so he cant hit but closer to sly. I love card jitsu snow!


Well, being a snow ninja, I would always get in range with the other ninjas and the minons and I would use my strongest power card that I had out if we really needed help and I would use and we would have energy. Plus the minons would be attacked more! :)


My tactic for the snow ninja has been keep to the edges, heal people sometimes and then shoot from distance. Also whenever I use a power card, I make sure all ninjas are in the square to heal them to! Waddle on CP!

Super bird7:

My strategy is to beat the snow boss!

Grande Yoda:

In Card Jitsu Snow I'm the Snow Ninja. It's so cool, 'cause I can attack others and heal my friends! But the best part is that Tank is the worst nightmare for Fire Ninja and Water Ninja, BUT NOT FOR THE SNOW NINJA! As the Snow Ninja I can attack Tank by a long distance and when he gets closer to me I can run to a long distance from him again and attack him again so he NEVER can hit me!

Grande Yoda

rad red2:

my favorite strategy to use would be to mainly use the snow ninja so that i can save up my power cards and when all the ninjas are low in health i will use them in a place they will reach all ninjas so we will get healed so we can beat the snow minions together. and if a ninja faints i will heal myself and go heal him too.

rad red2:

fire and water strategies coming soon.


I always choose snow so my strategy is to stay behind everyone else because I have a better attack range!


Could we have a igloo of the week?


my best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy is to keep the snow ninja alive so he can heal us


My best strategy was to work together to take down the Tanks first. We use our power card combos to do more damage and then even more damage since I'm a water ninja. It's usually me and the fire ninja attacking and the snow ninja laying low and healing us(or attacking from a distance. I now have my snow and fire gems but I'm not too far away from my water gem!

Red 227:

If you're a water ninja and your health runs low, Take some steps back towards the snow ninja and snow can boost your health. If you're a snow ninja, keep distance and help others with health. When everyone is down in one spot, use a power card to revive everyone. If you're a fire ninja, Stick with the flow. Do a similar move that someone els is doing. And for all ninjas in general, a great advice is NEVER EVER swim alone!


Hmm Strategy?, lets see, my best Strategy is POWER CARDS because my power cards could take away less or some health from the powerful Tusk and he is like easy to defeat but it takes long to defeat him and getting more items from CJ Snow.


My strategy is to all ways do snow because if snow always gets out first so then i always save power cards because i usually rarely get them. Also i always follow water and fire because if I'm on my own i don't do so well so i hit from behind instead. Finally i just always hope for the best for what the snow ninjas are going to do because you never know that.


I totally agree on the stocked fridge :)

Bluebell 758:

I really agree after eating a good breakfast I'm always hungry two hours later and by then I still have to wait another hour before I can EAT!

Mr Twinkie:

My Favorite Card- jitsu snow strategy is to be the power with the most power cards. That is fire for me. I also like fire because after you hit them with a power card they get dizzy. I count on snow a lot too. Snow Jitsu Rules!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to get coins.(Mr Twinkie)


I think my best strategy would be SNOW: attack from far away you do little damage, but you wont get hurt easily;) FIRE: attack two blocks away from an enemy, behind an enemy, OR right next to him( for extra damage) ;) and also make sure to use that fire power card they do medium damage and stuns enemies for one turn(pretty useful)and those are my strategies! i haven't played water much so i really don't have any for water sorry if was too long please forgive me WADDLE ON CP


My strategy is to attack snowmen far away as possable .It gives you a better chance of not getting hit while hitting a snowman. My teammates help me by following the same strategy so we can win. My strategy with power cards is to get all the snowmen into a 3-by-3 sqaure.


Snow= 2 Squares. Fire= 1 Square. Water=Right infront


The best strategy is to have the fire ninja use power cards as much as he/she can, the snow ninja heal, and the water ninja only use power cards if they're surrounded. Don't let Tank get close to all of the ninjas if they're bunched up. Waddle on CP!


My best strategy is to keep penguins healthy and strong so we can all work as a team! thats why I always pick snow ninja because you get to heal penguins Waddle on Club Penguin!

Nicholas 126:

My best card jitsu snow strategy is to let all my teamates and myself, earn power cards. Then we all use our power cards to defeat the snowmen and get combos.


My strategy in Card-Jitsu Snow is to keep as many power cards for the bonus round and then unleash them at the snowmen!


I'm usually a snow ninja, and I love to keep healing ninjas whenever they get hit. It takes a while, but it's worth it! I also only use power cards when they are needed- like when all ninjas are hurt and the enemies are strong. (combos don't hurt)

That's my Card-jitsu snow strategy. WADDLE ON!!!



My Best part about card-Jitsu snow is that you can work together with friends, and I like It. It's real nice to work together. and that's teamwork. :D Me And my friends work together, And we like that. So It Should be that way:D

super man ye:

Mine is to be a snow ninja so you have a range attack and it's easy to heal teammates! :)


I would wait in my spot in the beginning of the game.After that i would usally get 3 or 2 power cards! i then would strike them on my enemy! waddle on cp!:)

Pluto pup27:

My best statagie would be, being the snow penguin because it's a big responsibility, no ofense but when I'm a different power like water and I'm really low on health anyway...

Waddle on penguins (sorry if u were offended)


Awsome can't wait to send one


I have a few strategies that me and my sister came up with. First off the elements, the water ninja should lead, since he has big damage and low ranger, fire behind water since he has a little more range, and ice behind, so he can heal us. And then how we should strike for the snowmen. We should go for the thin one first, the not-to-big not-to-skinny one second, then defeat the big. Hope this helps, WADDLE ON CP!!!


My greatest strategy is working together to beat the snowman ninjas. When one ninja goes down, the other two come and help that ninja get back on their feet. When me (fire ninja) and the water ninja are running low on power, the snow ninja would boost our power up! Together we beat the snowman ninjas! Talk about teamwork! Without my teammates, I would have never gotten to the bonus level!


I have learned a strategy. If all 3 penguins which includes fire, water, and snow ninjas all combine 3 power cards at once that it doesn't make that much of a damage. It makes it look cool and all but it just equals one regular attack from a snow, water, or fire ninja. Instead of that, I usually like to stock up on lots of power cards for emergencies and for bonus rounds. You never know when you are the only one left defeating 3 huge snow ninjas at once! Waddle On!


trying to hit all enemies with one blow and try to cause the most damage possible! PS: after this party, you guys should give the Boiler Room, Pool, Forest or Cove a makeover! I bet lots of other people would like it too if you did it! Keep on waddlin' on CP!

Geek Squad 2:

My best Card Jitsu Snow strategy is not to play a power card unless someone else does. This way you can benefit from the Combo bonus!
-Geek Squad 2


My strategies were very useful for battles with strong enemies like Tusk or Tank. The easiest way to beat enemies such as them is to strike them with as many power card combos as you can and by that way you will defeat them easier. You must also fight with all three ninjas or you will be defeated very easy by your enemies. I also recommend to you to fight with Tusk more because by this way you will gain more progress - 70% if you win. But if you fight with Scrap, Tank and Sly - 30% maximum


Be a snow ninja they have good range! And in a bonus round give all ninjas health.

Enter nickname:

The best strategy is that when your battling tank its better to move back two spaces until you get a power card but for snow ninja you can attack from 3 spaces

blue belt :

power cards, tips in brown , team spirit and Sensei 's ultimate kindness in battle helped me the fastest snow ninja at least in virtual world.I have yet to challenge SENSEI in card jitsu fire and water. I welcome for a change in SENSEI 'S attitude to help Ninjas.
I am a blue belt Taekwondo practicing way to get Black belt .
bye penguin dudes


The best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far is a 3 person combo. Fire, Water and Snow. I was fire and i used the plunder power card, the snow ninja used the chef herbert power card and the water ninja used the water slide power card. It was so cool! Waddle on!


My first strategy is to buy LOTS of power cards. My second strategy is using my power cards when the other ninjas have a power card so we can have a combo together especially with sensei. My Third strategy is to find the snowmen weak points. My Fourth strategy is to get all the snowmen in a single power card range. P.S My favourite element for Card-Jitsu Snow is fire (My username is D6ave)


My club penguin Card-Jitsu Snow strategy when a snow ninja is hiding form the enemy and healing others. This makes us invincible so if one is hurt I heal them. This everyone not having to wait for being revived.


My best strategy is being a snow ninja. Always stay behind, and let the fire and water ninja fight. If you have to fight, always stay as far away as you can as you hit the snow men.
Waddle on!


My best strategy is to wait until I see at least one of the other ninjas playing a power card, then I play a power card to make a combo. Also, I normally play as the Snow Ninja. The reason for this is if Tank is in one of the rounds, I can attack him from farther away and not get injured.


I think being a fire ninja is the best strategy because you have two cards to use for the second and third round.I can also heal my friends and hurt the snowmen twice as much with my two cards.That is my strategy.


My favorite strategy is saving my power cards for when I only have a bit of life left so I can hopefully do some damage to the snowman before I get knocked out to help my teammates. Teamwork is golden in this game!


I like to go and heal people as a snow ninja. ( Snow ninja because it has the most range )
and as long as you heal behind everyone you wont get hit as much!



My best strategy is to be a snow ninja and heal team-mates while I'm far away from the snowmen and use my impressive range to attack snowmen without getting hurt.

follow my strategy and you will become a snow ninja in no time



i pick the ninja who who has the most cards and use the strong cards last

1817 Bubble:

My current strategy has been to use the snow ninja's range to attack snowmen from far away. I also try to affect as many ninjas and snowmen as possible when I use a power card. Often the water ninja and I will get a combo, It really helps all three of us!

Mini Fry 5:

Hey Polo!
I love Card-jitsu snow! My strategy is to wait until every ninja has a power card. Then, when we use them all at the same time, the snow villains loose SO much power!
Waddle on!,
Mini Fry 5

Bluebell 758:

I'm always a Snow ninja in Card Jitsu Snow. My strategy is to attack only if you have good health and heal other ninjas, like, as soon as they have only lost a little! This gets them very good strength in case you manage to get to the bonus round!
-Bluebell 758 :D


my strategy is to let my team mates do damage to the snowmen while I stay back and heal them and when they are fully healed I use my snow ninja stars to do a distance move! Also I know to keep ,my distance from the big guy since he can only move one space.


My favorite stagetey is to make one person hide behind a rock and one in front of the enemy and one behind. That way only on kind of enemy can hit each person.Also Dont heal you teammates because you are wasting a possable attack.Last dont stand closer than 2 position near the enemy because i learned it takes a way a little more health.
Waddle on CP


my best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far is to use the water ninja and use the power cards to defeat as many enemies as i can. Also to complete the round VERY FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^


My best card jitsu snow strategy so far has been to stay closer to the left side until I get a power card, and then, I go towards the snowmen and use my power cards. Then, I keep on doing that strategy until we have won the battle. I always pick the fire ninja because of that.
Waddle on Club Jitsu Snow!!!


My strategy is to get the best element you are comfortable with. For instance, i am comfortable with water. Water helps me guide my way through the game. And, i have a lot of power cards in water. the power cards can really help me when i am in a pickle.
Anyway, WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!


My strategy is to mostly be a snow ninja to heal others,
and to save my cards so I can get combos for protection and extra damage!
It works a lot!



My best card jistu snow strategy is to use power cards when you really need to, but try to hit as many as possible at the same time, It also helps to have at least 2 people attacking while 1 hangs back and tries to help. ( I use my power cards on the strongest ones, and try to use combos too).
Waddle on everyone!! :D


well all i do is choose snow ninja


my strategy is to be a snow ninja. Then if my fellow penguin ninjas have low bar... i use my power card to help and heal my fellow penguins (all the time). HEY i must help my fellow ninjas. (SNOW NINJA KICK)!!!!!!!!!


my card-Jitsu snow strategy is I attack the snow man with the lowest health then I go for the other snow man. and some times I use a turn to revive a ninja right after they have fallen. and my penguins name is heidle.


my card-Jitsu snow strategy is I attack the snow man with the lowest health then I go for the other snow man. and some times I use a turn to revive a ninja right after they have fallen. and my penguins name is heidle.


I just wait until all of the the ninjas and Sensie play a power card so I can get a stamp


My best card-jitsu snow strategy is to have snow ninja as the healer and he can attack if it he safe, the fire ninja is useful because of his stunt attacks I suggest he can attack too! As for the water ninja I am 100% that he must attack without him the game won't go fast! The best one is to save some power cards and place it if you REALLY need it and keep and the team strong, snow ninjas!
Waddle On!


My best card jitsu snow strategy is to be a snow ninja and stay at the back but move one place so you still get power card points. Then I heal any ninjas that get hit by minions and use power cards to heal heavily damaged ninjas. My strategy for beating the minions is to have three spaces between me and Tank and I use power cards to beat Sly and Scrap. Thx, BYE!


My best card-jitsu snow strategy is to heal my teammates because teamwork is what's important in this game. Never foget that lesson in your life


Well I have a lot of ninja strategies are to work as a team because alone we can't do as many things as together and to protect my friends instead of yourself because to me others come first


The best card jitsu snow strategy is that you can play with three friends,you can use the power cards you have.You get to choose from water,snow,and fire ninjas to play with.And you can just have plain fun.But what is really epic is that you can COMBOS!And you defeat Tusk the snow master.


My best Card-Jitsu Snow Strategy is when I am a snow ninja I boost up the other penguin's health bar so then their still up for battle and then we can defeat Sly, Tank, and Scraps. And another one is to keep the fire ninja in front, the water ninja in the middle, and the snow ninja at the end. It is a good way to defeat the snow men.

Waddle On CP!


You mean,Water in front, fire in middle and snow last. That is right then everybody can attack.

Waddle On! :)


My best Card-Jistu snow strategy so far is if one player is down, well the other ninja attacks the snowmen I revive the fallen ninja. So if the ninja that is attacking gets defeated there are always two ninjas currently on the board fighting against the very evil snowmen.


Hi CP team! My card-jitsu strategy is to match up what ninjas would be best against the enemies. For example, snow ninja's impressive range ill be useful against Tank's short range. Fire ninja's burn and stun is good against Scrap's large attacking range with his racquet. And Water ninja's powerful attacks are perfect for attacking Sly's low defense. So my stratey will work for all ninjas. I hope you like my strategy. Waddle on!


Hi CP team! My card-jitsu strategy is to match up what ninjas would be best against the enemies. For example, snow ninja's impressive range will be useful against Tank's short range. Fire ninja's burn and stun is good against Scrap's large attacking range with his racquet. And Water ninja's powerful attacks are perfect for attacking Sly's low defense. So my stratey will work for all ninjas. I hope you like my strategy. Waddle on!


My best strategy is to help out the other penguins. You don't have a good chance of winning if any penguins are down. Think about how YOU would feel if you were left stranded for the whole game!
Waddle On!

Red jutsu:

Hiya! Red here! My best strat' is:
Become snow ninja. Or protect him. He is your only way of escaping from nonepic low health.

Fire nunchuckers,
Your nunchucery and balance of power makes you most efficent(ly epic)most wisest choice.
Get out of Evil snowmen's ways and attack out of range of two. Best thing to do.

Snow frost attackers:
Heal every teammate.
Get the most range outta sight.
Best attack option: Tank (Big dude there)

Water hammer:
Runing outta letters!
Here is


I have 3 tips. 1.Never give up 2.moke away from the snowmen they'll come to you along with your team. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!


Sorry to put moke my iPad was being silly my 2nd tip was walk

Red jutsu:

Water hammer:
Do not pick a lot. Not a far range.
But dont not use it any time.
It can be lil' useful.
Use his stregth to pound tank, and make sure to get outta the way, and let snow ninja heal you.
Other note, Please let us use chat in snow!!! It's VERY useful to have it.
Seeya on da stealth mode side,
Red justu, SMOKE BOMB!!!

Archmage din:

My strategy would be water ninja always being with sly and snow ninja being with tank.




I like when all the ninjas use a combo because it lets you have protection from enemies attacking you, makes the enemy burned for three turns, and you get to do double damage to the enemies on the next attack! I also like battling Tusk because you get to have the Sensei battle by your side by using a power card every three turns! I just think that the Card Jitsu Snow is SUPER DUPER EPIC!!! It's also AMAZINGLY AMAZING!!! And it's also AWESOMELY AWESOME!!!


i did a solo victory with only me and sensei it was EPIC


My card-jitsu snow strategy is to be the snow ninja. I stay back and let the "warriors" which are the fire and water ninja in the game attack the snow minions. If one of the "warriors" need help like healing I heal that "warrior". WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!


My biggest strategy is to let the snow Ninja always take care of Tank (the big guy). He can only move one space and attack someone next to him, and Snow can attack from far away, while the Fire and Water ninjas stay away from him. When Tank is not on the board, Water and Fire do all of the attacking and Snow stays healthy so he/she can heal them. Make sure you wait to use power cards until there's a combo, and use Snow card to heal as many Ninjas as possible! Waddle on, CP! :)


I would agree with you Doctorwho352!


My best strategy so far are in the category of attacking. The Water Ninja is best with Scrap. Believe it or not, Scrap is actually harder to beat then Tank. The Water Ninja is just the same. The Fire Ninja is in the middle, and so is Tank. Tank seems like a Water Ninja villain, but he's mostly in the middle. And the Snow Ninja can go long distances but has low attack. It's the same thing with Sly. So if you can, go for these villains in ninja order.


Who on earth is Scrap/Tank


Scrap is a minion... Tank is a minion... Scrap has the tennis racket... Tank is the big guy...


My is save your power card for a combo or wehen you really need it! I also save my power card and when I need it its there!


My best strategy is: if a ninja has been defeated, I give it more strengh because it's all about teamwork, if one of your team mates are down, you will be less likely to win the match. I'm always snow so I can help my other team mates. If we work together, we will have a nearly definite chance to win the match.


Well, since my favorite ninja is probably the snow ninja, my strategy is to stay away from enemies, heal other ninjas, and use long range attacks to hurt snow men. Lastly, only use power cards if it is NECESSARY, and make sure to hit more than one enemy with a power card at a time.


My Card-Jitsu Snow strategy is: when I have a power card, I will wait until another ninja plays a power card to lay mine down as well. Whenever I am a Snow Ninja and have two Power Cards on hand, I save one to heal myself and other ninjas when I am low on health.


My best strategy is where all of us players line up l in a straight line going down.Then the snow minion's come like that,too.Then,WE ATTACK!We split up,come back together,split up,and keep doing that until we win.


My strategy for card jitsu snow is use fire and snow for tough attacks and to heal the team! ;)


I have tons of power cards, and I'm planning on getting more. I like to be the snow ninja so I can heal teammates when their health is too low. I usually use power cards to heal myself and my teammates. That's mostly what I spend my coins on.



My favorite strategy is to be a backup ninja. So when the other ninjas are down I start attacking.


Mine Is Chose The Ninja You Have The Most Power Cards With! Say You Have A lot Of Fire Cards! Chose Fire Ninja. I Have A LOT Of Snow Cards So I Like Being A Snow Ninja! I Have My Mask. One Question, There's Nine Videos Why Does It Only So Eight In The Progress?
This Is Tesset Signing Out!

Racer R1027:

the strategy for card jitsu snow depends on how to unlock bonus rounds.f or example, if it is the full health one youw ould liketo have the snow ninja revive the fire and water ninja. when the snow ninja is knocked out, the other ninjas revive him/her (or you could just block enemies from attacking thes now ninja).


My best Card-Jistu Snow strategy so far would be all the power cards in combo mode!
The Snow ninjas 5 power cards in combo mode will shield all teammates from enemies!
The Water ninjas 1 power card in combo mode is a power up to your next hit for more damage!
The Fire ninjas 2 power cards in combo mode damage enemies for 3 turns!

WADDLE ON!!! ;) From Rocky73413!


my best stradedgy i've had so far is to defend my pals and also to keep a distince and also to revive them to keep calm and waddle on FROM:candycorn825


Mine is if your a snow ninja I would go back and heal your teammates so they can stay alive. and to get a combo for your teammates can get a shield so the snow ninja has time to heal if needed.


i play the snow ninja, stay away from the snow men, heal the other players while they fight the snow men, and occasionally step in and fight the snow men.


My best snow card-jitsu strategy would be picking the water ninja and only hitting the snowmen with the sleds and staying away from the ones that trough snowballs


My favorite strategy is to stay behind in the first round and heal the fire and water ninjas until they need help, gaining power cards. After I have one or two power cards, I walk onto the battlefield and use them to battle the enemies while healing my friends at the same time! I also ensure to attack at Tank from a far distance, and he slowly gains damage.

Waddle On! :)


Since I usually play as a water ninja, my strategy is to ATTACK!!!!! So, if my teammates have a low health, i go right in front of the snow villains, and give them a smack with my water tank!! It helps my team go through all 3 rounds, and sometimes almost all the way through in the bonus round!!!! It helps my teammates not get hurt as much. :)

~ Jade048


this is actually a idea u should put a chat bar to cj snow because to tell ur team mates that ur going to lose ur health,no power cards or ur going to heal him already so yeah hope u pick me Waddle on my penguins :)


I think you should chose the power card space that deals more damage. Stay cool!;)


My CJ snow strategy is to always be the fire ninja and be like the leader because the stats. are balanced and lead my friends to victory, the snow ninja stays in the back healing us and the water ninja does the major attacks because of all the strength. I do most of the movement moving around the map attacking multiple enemies and then on the last round we all get together and MIX THE POWER OF ARE POWER CARDS AND DEFEAT THE ENEMIES IN THE ULTIMATE NINJA ATTACK


My strategy is to hide and heal the other ninjas when they need it. Also, I like saving my powercards for when: All ninjas have low health,
We are gonna have a Combo, and the dreaded BONUS ROUND. I also help attack when we just about got a ninja down, so we finish him quicker!


My strategy is to give boosts to other ninjas cause my favorite ninja to play is the snow ninja.
The reason why I like helping other ninjas is because I think that if you don't help people than you won't go far. Like in Card-Jitsu Snow if you don't help anybody who has low energy than they're going to get knocked out by Sly or someone.
Waddle On!


I love being the fire ninja so,when I go to attack,I stay about three tiles away(being far away but can still attack.).If it's Sly I'm targeting,I go up really close the protect my health so the snow ninja can take care of the water ninja more.I save my power cards 'till we're in a jam or a ninja has fallen and the other one goes to heal him.Doing that I can attack both and kinda protect the healing guy.


I think the best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far and for the future is to protect the snow ninja(because he or she can heal teammates.) That way the fire and water ninjas can go and fight and keep their health up. But wait, don't let the fire and water ninjas have all the fun. When snow ever gets a Power-Card, they can yous in when ever they want. Also when the snowmen get to close, snow can take them on, one on one. Using this strategy, you will obviously go to the bonus round!


I think that we should do chat so you can tell the other players where to go if not sure.
You can also tell the player to move one space even if they don't know where to move because if you move just one space then you will get a boost and if you get like 5-6 boosts than you will get a power card!


1: use cards when others are.
2: be sure to take out the other baddies besides tank before beating him.
3: try to be ice. if you are ice then stay to the back and keep in mind that you can't heal yourself.
3: if you have double damage be sure to attack with a power card
4: be ice and be sure when you are attacking tank to have two blocks in between him and you.
also.. don't die because not dying is good.
waddle on!
hope my tips helped.


My best strategy is using a snow ninja and if a tank snow minion is there I will use the snow ninja to take first shot or surrounding a snow minion by blocking on the left,right,and in front of it and take it out.Also making the three ninjas in a group and if possoble getting the minions too for i could use a power card by damaging them and healing up.


My best strategy so far is when fire attacks one snowman. Than, the water comes and attacks on the other side. The fire and water push the snowman into the corner while the snow ninja constantly heals his/her teammates. I've tried it many times with my friends, and it works everytime!


My card jitsu strategy is the water ninja attacks Sly, the fire ninja attacks Tank and the snow ninja attacks Scrap.


My card jitsu snow strategy is helping and healing other penguins in battle because if you heal penguins during the battle you will get health back from them too.

that is also how i became a master to all elements and to card jitsu snow.



my strategy is usually to be a snow ninja. Every time one of my teamates loses energy, I go to help them.But, since I try to stay as far away as possible from the snowmen when healing my teamates, since the snowmen usually target the snow ninja. waddle on!!!!!


My Card-Jitsu snow strategy is to always be near the other ninjas and to be close to the snowmen at the same time. So when another ninja gets knocked out, I'll be right there to pump them up, and attack the snowmen at the same time! The strategy works best when I'm the Snow Ninja because he can heal the most, but the Snow Ninja is the weakest, so that makes the game a little more hard, But that's what makes the game fun and challenging!


what we really need is a powerful snow device and to help the others. The device will give them really alot of health for them when there health is red and for water. he could give the others a powerful thing to destroy the snow minions easier and for fire he could help others something so powerful they could destroy the minions easy because whenever they hit the minions in 1 hit they get destroyed. And on the combos if they have the power they can get destroyed by the easy way so they can win.


Mine is not to rush out in frount stay back till u get a card the get them !


the best stragenty for card jistu snow is to move away from the snow minions when at low health so you wont ruin everything for the team also when battleing tusk water in front fire in back of water then snow in back of fire so when tusk move the ninjas back the tean will suffer less damage.

18 polly 18:

My best card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far is when I am a fire ninja and someone is down I stun all enemies with a power card while the other ninja revives the the ninja that is down.

Rasberry 103:

My favorite Card Jitsu Snow strategy is for each ninja to go for the snow minion of the opposite strength. Like the Snow Ninja should aim for Tank, because he is really powerful but can only move 1 space at a time and the Snow Ninja can hit from 3 spaces away. Also the Fire Ninja should go for Scrap and the Water Ninja should go after Sly because the Water Ninja has a very small range, and Sly hits harder from farther away. That is my favorite Card Jitsu strategy!!


I think the best strategy in Card-Jitsu Snow is to wait for everyone to put down a power card then if you have one put it down and make sure it can hit the most snowmen as possible and so it can create a combo!!!!!!


First i pick my ninja with the most power card's because they can come really handy, second i would focus and helping my team mates and attack scrap he is the most dangerous with his good range and good damage and he attacks multiple targets And last but not least I would save my power cards to join in on combo attacks to power up other ninjas and double damage enemy's And that is my strategy to defeat tusk's snow minions. Waddle on cp :)


I have plenty of strategies. Teamwork is first, if one of my partners is knocked out, I revive him, but only if there aren't enemies close by, because he has a small amount of health. Second is power cards, I like to save my power cards for combos, because you can deal more damage or protect yourself, and also for emergencies. Also protect the Snow Ninja, because he can give you health.
P.S.: Card Jitsu Snow is epic!!! Keep the good work, ninjas.

Peculier Gem:

My stratigi is if im a snow ninja, i stay back so if my allies get wounded, i can go ahead and heal them! If im a water ninja i go on and attack as much as i can, the weakest out of the ones not down, they go revive while i fight. Finally, when im a fire ninja, i move around and attack to get my power cards cause i have 7 fire power cards and only 6 water and snow power cards, so i save them then i try to do a combo! Waddle on CP!!!!!!


Best strategy for Card-Jitsu Snow?

TEAMWORK! You have to work together! Also:

Snow - stay back. Job: HEALER
Water - Get out there. Job: ATTACK
Fire - Attack from a short distance. Job: ATTACK & STUN
Also: POWERCARDS-Save them for when you need them. BUT COMBOS ARE GREAT!

And certain ninjas are better at attacking different snowmen.

I think that's it... Waddle on! :)


My best strategy is to save my power cards for the bouns round or the 3rd round. This help alot because when you get to 3rd or bonus round you dont have alot of health left and there are usually alot of tough guys so the power cards make the much easier to defeat!


my strategy to get them behind the back so when they move up the can't attack me


My best strategy is to be a snow ninja and heal everyone up, and save your power card when you and your team mates need to heal up more, if you really need to fight or if there's no healing needing to be done then I fight. It's just like warrior cats I'm the Medicine Penguin and the warriors fight, Medicine cats only fight if they need to., while warriors fight mostly, Sensei is the leader, but there is no deputy in card jistu snow, fire ninjas and water ninjas are the warriors.


So far, the strategy that I've been using has worked out. It's basically to save your power cards until the bonus round, then use them to defeat the four snow minions in a three-way combo! I'm almost half way there. If I know I won't go to the bonus round, then I use my power cards on groups of strong snow minions.

Waddle on CP!!!


I have one for snow ninjas! if you end up facing Sly, STAY OUT OF THE WAY. Let your teammates handle Sly for you. If you face scrap, stay away from your fellow ninjas. If they want to attack, make sure you aren't right next to your teammate! Tank is not the the brightest person you'll meet, so use your long range to beat him. If your teammate is at least halfway defeated, heal them as soon as you can!


being the snow ninja and saving my power cards for when my team really needs it, i mean come on most people are not smart with the snow ninjas healing abilities.


Mine is that you keep Snow ninja out of range because he dies easily. Make sure to have water ninja as a tank, and fire ninja starts out offensive. Save power cards until you need them. Slowly weaken the enemies so they can't do much to you. Then, start to attack all at once. Never put Snow ninja near Scrap.


My strategy is to move behind the rocks then strike! Then, I save my power card until i really need them or until someone else is gonna use their power card so we can do a combo. I always pick the fire ninja or the water ninja because, they do more damage then the snow ninja.


i think my best strategy would be to never go for tank if you're a water ninja, and the best ninja would be fire because it has an equal amount of move, range, and damage.


My favorite strategy is using power cards when your other partners are too because then you get combos which can get awesome things and also sometimes extra damage or heal you and your teammates. That is my favorite strategy to use in card jitsu snow.


snow ninja-heal other people
fire-use all stats to advantage

Tiger Venom1:

My favorite Card-Jitsu Snow strategy is that I love to be the snow ninja because i like to help. The snow doesn't damage very well but with me taking my turns to heal the other ninjas with stronger damage, we always end up winning. Waddle on!


.-. Cool


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