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By Polo Field on May 29, 2013 - 09:39

Hello Penguins,

Last week we asked, what would your ultimate spy gadget be?

Awesomeguy27's answer was...well...awesome!

What I think would be the ultimate spy gadget would contain everything our current one has, and some other things. First, it would have an extended notification system. For example, if a penguin needed help, it would show up on the screen. We could teleport to that penguin immediately and help them. Second an emergency first aid kit to help me as well as other penguins in case of an injury. Finally, a fully stocked fridge. Come on, some people get hungry on important missions! ;)


A fully stocked fridge would be epic! We all know that food is the greatest fuel for a top agent.

With the Card-Jitsu Snow party in full swing, we would like to know. What has been your best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far? Leave your comments below (50-75 words, please!)

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



My strategy work all the time! What I do is wait for the minions to get close to me, then attack, move far away, wait for them to come to me again, attack, move back to starting spot, wait for them to get close, and then use my special attack move and finish them off!! It helps when other ninjas weaken the minion too... :)


I think that my best strategy is reviving snow teamates and power cards till you really need them! That way you can take down enemies sooner and faster!

Reading Gal1:

If I am a Water Ninja what I do is, if I have a chance, use a power card on three enemies at once. To do that I have to have 3 snow minions lined up vertically in a row and then I click the snow minion in the middle. When I use a water power card it gives off three fish vertically crushing enemies, so it crushing all the snow minions that are in a row.


When I'm a snow ninja I ALWAYS heal my team mates even when they are not that badly hurt. Also when the snow minions with snow snowballs are near me I ALWAYS go behind because there most likely to not see you.


My strategy is that...........
Snow Ninja: stay behind and heal and also take down Sly
Fire Ninja: take down Scrap
Water Ninja: take down Tank


My strategy is to be a snow ninja and hide behind my friends, healing them. And i move around a bit and to gain up powers cards, which i combo with my fellow ninjas! The only time i dont use them in a combo is when im really desperate for health so have to use it to heal myself. And when taking on Tank, i stay two space behind and shoot. For Scrap and Sly my earlier strategy. Waddle on!


My best has been when you are water and you slap the snowman and its like minous ten and its really cool because it helps a lot at least for me and I also like when you are snow and you can help penguins and give them little more power to stay alive :-)I really like this Club penguin party because it involves helping penguins and that is personly my favorite thing to do:-)waddle on


My strategie is too save my power cards that way my team won't lose if we are in trouble.


The best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy I have used so far is that you want to manage the power cards. If you save it for too long, you may not be able to use it if you are a fallen ninja and do not get revived. Although, if you use the power card too early or immediately, you may not have the chance to use it when you need it most.


My strategy is to become a snow ninja and heal every one of my team mates when they lose health. Then with snow's great range of attacks I attack the snowmen from far away without getting hurt and same with my team mates! Also the power cards which I have 15 of right now I can buy with coins and they heal us and attack the snowmen at the same time!!! This strategy calls for a never ending winning streak!!!


I like being the snow ninja to heal my team mates and the snow ninja's combo is a shield which is really useful with the fire combo but would be more useful with all of them!


Mostly I like every strategy because they all can help us in playing the game.
But my most favorite is when we heal our teammates and help them continue the game.
I feel that this month may be the greatest month ever because members and non-members can play it.
My cousin really likes playing Card Jitsu Snow with my member account but when he found out he got so excited and played it with me since it started and we played mostly almost the whole day.
I wish my friends feel the same thing.= D


Well, my stragety is to save the Snow ninja! Ever notice when the mimions go for him the MOST? yup! And try to get combos! Those can REALLY boost your bombs! And for Tusk challengers, Always play him in getting more points toward your Snow suit! And, For Tusk fighters, after Sensei does water, he'll do Snow after! Scrap is the one you should worry about. He does more harm than Tank. And my last suggetsion, WADDLE ON!


Ok so my stratagy is to chose snow on the select page and then save all the power cards you get until you really need them. Then also heal your teamates with your healing ability when they are in the low yellow section. also make sure you by power cards but if you are a non member do everything i said befor this part of my stratagy. THE last part is SUPER important you make sure you take advantaje of snow and fires range if you like water ignor this part of my stratagy

Mr Cow2:

My best strategy is saving up your power card for when you really need them. This will really REALLY help if you if you are the snow ninja because we all know by now that snow power cards heal other ninjas. I recommend this strategy to all ninjas because combos with power cards have added effects! This really helps if you are in the bonus round because there are four enemy ninjas to deal with. Try to use this frequently during your fight with Tusk. Believe me, it help bunches since he's so hard.


My strategy is to use power cards when some one uses them with other players it defeat enemy faster and quicker than normal attacks do not cause a lot of damage to your enemys.


my stategy is if you have some power cards use the highest number card example i have a mighty plugger and i have a thin ice i pick mighty plunger plz pick me to be on the blog!


one of my favorite water stratagies is trying to knock out scrap ( the one with the shirt ) with water and another statagy about scrap is the farther he does his snowball the more damage you take so stay close to him


I have a Card Jitsu Snow strategy. There are three ninjas. Fire, water, and snow. Each one has a different ability so use I use each of them the right way (if there is one). With the snow ninja I try to keep as far as possible from the snow minions, but I try to keep closer to my teammates so I can help them in need. With the fire ninja, I try to get the minions into my range so I can attack. And with the water ninja (my favorite) I keep as close as possible and attack. What do you think?


It depends which ninja I am using. If I am the Fire Ninja, which is usually my choice, I go out to attack, also being the bait to let the other ninjas sneak by. I save my Power Cards for combos and many times I have gotten 3 way combos using that strategy. When I am a Water Ninja, I try attacking more often. If I am a Snow Ninja, I attack, then heal my teammates. I have a lot of experience with this game because I played the beta and got the hat. Waddle On, Club Penguin!


The healer(snow) must stay behind or front if the enemy is weak,fire ninja must stay in the other side on the first round
Water must stay in front so it can protect the others when needed,when im the snow ninja,i heal the water ninja since he takes most
Of the damage,if im the water ninja im gonna protect the ones that have low health,mostly the healer cause he heals us too
If im fire ninja i would fight the the water ninja cause he may be fighting thug or whatever his name is
Waddle on


My strategy is to always have my fellow ninjas' side! I will attack the snow men who attack the ninjas by my side. I will revive other ninjas even if it knocks me out. GO TEAMWORK!


well, I have 2 strategies, first, I use teamwork, mainly teamwork helps because you can all attack the same enemy, second, I choose power ups, if you are a snow ninja you can power up ninjas.


My strategy is to hit the most weakest enemies one the snow team. Then if my allies need healing, i heal them the best i can. Polo Field can you answer this: what element do you play the most on the game? I play water ninja the most :)


i think the best snow strategy is to heal your team mates and then you will have like 4 power cards then make a big combo 4 times!


Well, the strategy I use is to go and attack when you have the chance, and to protect the Snow Ninja! All the snowmen go after the Snow Ninja, but if you're blocking them, the'll attack you. If your health is low, just retreat and if you're lucky, the Snow Ninja will heal you, or he'll just use a Power Card to attack, and heal his teammates. Waddle On!

Sonicboom 68:

I always be a snow ninja so i can heal my teammates.


My strategy is to be a snow ninja because he can heal the other ninjas. I then stay back and keep healing others to make sure they don't go down. It really helps in the bonus rounds because we usually have full health and can take on those minions no problem. That's my strategy!




My strategy is simple:
Protect the snow ninja... who is like tea, healing and helpful.
Rescue fallen ninjas when you have high energy
Thruthenite... VANISH!


My best strategy is to stay out of range of enemies. It helps very much if you are a snow ninja. Then I attack the snowmen from a range.


Well my strategy for attacking is I move around so while attacking to get more power cards, I save up my coins to buy power cards when I can I heal others


The best team strategies for normal snow battles:

Go after Scrap & Sly first.

The best attack formation for Tank is an L shape, like this:
Fire Water Tank
Every ninja attacks Tank, Snow heals everyone, Tank only attacks Water.

Revive/heal > attack

Fight, or move an enemy before reviving.

Save cards for combos or more enemies.

Never give up!

I'll be happy to give more tips! (normal/tusk battle, element use & stamps)


My best strategy well I am really good at being a fire ninja and weird thing because I haven't mastered snow and water yet but I have mastered fire anyway so here is a really good tip when you are a fire ninja because the power cards give extra damage and can stun them only use it when you need it example:when one penguin is down like the water ninja and the snow ninja is to busy healing use the power cards when the snowmen are defeated thats the time you can revive the fallen ninja.The End


My best strategy is to be the snow ninja and keep my team loaded on hp. When I get power cards, I make sure the whole team is in the card radius.

Aaron Steel:

My best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy would be this one-
I choose the Snow Ninja and keep moving behind in the back to charge my Power Cards and fill up my Deck. If a Snow Minion attacks me, I keep moving around while attacking it. Then, of course by now my teammates are at low health and the Snow Minions are surrounding them. So I run forward and use my Power Cards to score the 3 Ninja-Combo! And while i'm charging my Power Cards, Water and Fire Ninja are holding the Snow Minions back!


I thought you would like to know,
I was playing Card-Jitsu Snow just now, battling Tusk, the Fire & Snow Ninja had fainted for about the third time(Tusk kept sending us back)I tried to revive them, but Tusk hit me with an icicle before I could finish.At the same time, Sensei was charging a water attack. THE GAME KEPT GOING. Sensei attacked Tusk, and Tusk did another wave attack.It went on for one or two turns, then closed.(We were defeated) It was some crazy glitch. but cool! ^.^


my strategy is to save me the snow ninja and every one else.
i also use my turn to heal my partners in the game.
i also use my power cards to save them.
i also haved a rough time challenging tusk.


as I like water ninja and and I always choose it in card jitsu Snow my strategy really works with tusk I go ahead of all the others and after me the fire ninja And then the snow ,if I have intelligent partners me and the fire ninja will keep attacking tusk as the snow ninja will heal us and when sensei puts a power card we try to make a combo and if the fire ninja falls then the snow ninja will heal him will I keep the villains away and if the snow ninja falls then both of us..........(cont...)


(Continued)....both of us will revive him as he is the most valuable player and if I fall the fire ninja should keep enemys away while the snow ninja revives me and then while using a power card we mostly try our best to make combos as they are more powerful the when only one is put.


The great is:
Dancing strategy! Because I always do that if a snow villain get closed so we are like dancing step to up and then to right and then to down and then to left. And then use your power card. That is easy step that I ever try. I always get to bonus round and defeat all snow minions.

Mr Awesome M:

If I am a Snow Ninja then I will stay back and heal teammates while they are fighting and let them take care of everyone and leave Tank for me, If I am water Ninja then reach Sly quickly and don't let him harm Snow Ninja at the back (as Sly's attack hits harder from a distance) If I am Fire Ninja then then I will aid water ninja in battle and if I we are fighting sly then everyone will stay far from each other and finish him slowly!


my strategy is the snow ninja he maybe can do that much damage to the snow minions but he can heal his teammates and like sensei say
healing your teammates keeps the team strong so thats my strategy helping ninjas by healing fallen teammates and helping them defeat snow minions until we finish bonus and boss battles and thats my cardjitzu snow strategy.


As a snow ninja, I take advantage of my speed and range to hit Tank over and over again. I focus on healing my team who is taking the most damage out of the snowmen. It is important to have a good snow ninja on your team, or who's going to keep you alive? It's very hard to battle Tusk without having a handy snow ninja around to help.
Waddle on, and have a try at the Snow Ninja!


Card - jistu rocks because you can play with sensei and fight tusk and his minions and snow power card heals all teammates and snow is 3 times better because you get to do a attack 2 floors away on water you have to be right in front but the 3 cars power card rocks and water is my favourite
waddle on cp


I always battle as a snow ninja . Because I love to help my friends in battle . I heal them how much I can and I use all my nine snow power cards to heal them . Actually my strategy is thinking about them and thinking that the friendship and the teamwork is the most important in battle . So this , I think , it's a very good strategy to win the bonus round or to win the tusk battle or to have fun with your friends and create a greater friendship . Friends are the most important . ; )


My strategy is to get as close as I can and attack. Since I am a fire ninja, I try to use my power cards for when my fellow ninjas are being revived, or have very low health. I go up to the minions that I want to attack to signal the other ninjas what I am doing.


My team's strategy for fighting Tusk is we all line up in the middle with snow in the back, fire in the middle, and water in the front so we can all attack Tusk and when he uses his blast attack the only one getting hurt is the water ninja who has the best defense, plus with the snow ninja's awesome range the water ninja can be healed no sweat! And the reason we're in the middle is so when Sensei uses his snow attack, we can all get some health back.


Wow everyones strategies are so interesting i'll definitely be trying some of them out. Waddle on guys!


When I am snow ninja, I stay back and just heal or revive all my team, or if they have full health I use snow ninjas long range to attack the snowmen. When I am fire I use my even powers to attack and revive constantly. For water ninja I always attack because he is strategically best at attack.


Keep the snow ninja away from Sly and Scrap and in his range from Tank as Sly and Scrap have a good range and Tank has a poor range.Keep the fire ninja in range from Scrap and water ninja in range from Sly and the snow ninja in range from water and fire to heal them while he's in range from Tank too. Let one player decide when he plays his power cards and the other two should see when he plays them and getting in range with the snowmen they should play theirs.


My strategy is to attack, but get closer then the snow ninja, because then the snow minions attack me instead of him, and since he cant heal his health but can heal me, its an awesome tactic to keep everyone's health up! Waddle on!


My first Card-Jistu Snow strategy is to save all the powercards and use it at once in the Bonus round!! it damages all the snow minions and gives energy to all ninjas!! And second one is- To stay close to one more or all ninjas so that we all can attack. The third one is to stay close to the snow-ball throwing minion,so that the energy does not get too low or i have to be revived.There's no other way!
Till then!
Waddle on Club penguin!
Im saying good luck to all the team members and Happy77!

Ryam812: Fire!:

I got some tips for you Fire Ninjas! Hope you find them useful (Snow and Water Ninja strategies will come in other comments individually)

Fire Ninja: Use Power Cards to stun enemies. Use Power Cards in a Combo and it'll damage enemies for 3 turns (plus stun them) Attack Range: 2 squares
Suggested Enemy: Sly (especially on Power Cards)


Asin Tairin:

My best strategy is what i call symbiosis strategy as we all know symbiosis is a scientific term for living with others , for example " water ninja defends fire and snow ninja , snow ninja heals fire and water ninja , fire ninja supports water and snow ninja " which means every ninja can be used for a greater cause ! that how me and my friends do it .....


A good strategy for snow ninja is to stay as far back as you can from enemies. Whilst using your range to good use.

Another great tip is not to huddle around the melee enemy as he can attack all 3 ninjas if they are in a row.
The best baddie to go for first is probably the one with the tennis racket as he can do alot of damage and has a huge attack range and even when he hits it will damage any other ninja in a circle around the targeted ninja.


If u r a snow ninja then you should get far away from enemies and heal your teammates and also attack slow moving enemies,if u r a fire ninja then you should get close to enemies and attack them and if u r a water ninja u should take care of the fast moving ones as they do lesser damage. U should also save your power cards for combos as it benefits you.

Rocky Girl9:

I usually save my power card for Stage 2 or Stage 3. Never Stage 1! I think it's just going to be a waste if you use it on Stage 1. Plus, if I'm using Snow Ninja, I usually stay behind, so I won't get damaged. I don't attack much with Snow Ninja, 'cause the damage rate is very low.. I only use it if it's highly necessary. I sometimes do Power Card combos with my team too!

Waddle On!


The key strategy to this game is having the tank(water ninja) go on the front lines because it can deal more damage to the opponents. Have the snow ninja at a distance away from the enemies and deal damage or heal teamate. Do use the tips from the loading screen too. Most importantly, teamwork is needed.


first get the snow ninja at the left top corner, then the fire ninja a little away from snow ninja the the water ninja at the front of snow minions, as soon as fire and water ninja are dead the snow ninja should come to the died ninjas and heal with power card then fire and water ninja (snow ninja also if you want) use power card and they minions finished :D


The best strategy is teamwork! Fire attacks, Water sneaks up on enemies and Snow attacks and heals! SAVE POWERCARDS FOR COMBOS! You need to be wise when picking the perfect card to defeat enemies! Another strategy is the art of attacking! Water can defeat harder enemies like Scrap. Fire can take down Tank within a few shots. Snow has lower attacks so would need a bit of help to defeat Sly!


the best


My best tactic is with the snow ninja keep your distance from your enemies and use your impressive range to attack!


i think the best strageghey i used is with the snow Ninga because you can hide h]behind rocks and still fight and you can more further and you can save team mates thats why i like snoww ninga


With the snow ninja keep on healing your teammates to
keep them strong and use your impressive range to attack enemies!


card-jitsu snow is the best and the easiest.
Because you get help from other people and in card-jitsu water and card-jitsu fire you have to be againts other penguins
I cant wait to see the full amulet it will be so cool


my strategy is to take a distance against the enemy and use my long snow ninja range to attack and not get hurt and heal others when they have taken damage and use front line power as the water ninja to defeat stronger foes


my stratergy would be to keep your power cards until a teammate has one and use it also if theres a ice powercard I go there to b e heal


My best strategy is to be a snow ninja. If anybody is running out of lives, I would heal them. If they have properly ran out of lives, then in that case I would revive them like every element can.

Waddle On!



My biggest strategy is all ninjas but snow the most because he can heal the teammates and with his power-card himself and fire ninja well he is a big hit by when he uses his power-card he stuns the enemies so that they won't attack.With Water ninja nearly both but his attack is worse by that i mean he uses A FISH ATTACK in his power-card and that i say is not good.In the Tusk battle Sensei is way good when he uses his snow power he can heal everyone, infact anytime he uses his powers it's good.


If you got me as snow your in luck because if my ally is on red i will try to get to them then i heal them


As fire-ninja i save power cards most of the time. With their stuns i can let a damaged water-ninja get in for those huge hits, let any teammate fall back and recover with our snow ninja or even stun enemies to secure a safe revive. Stunning the enemy while your snow ninja is down can save the teams skin quite a few times! Remember. Any well-placed powercard can turn the battle.


My best tip is to NOT use power cards on low-health enemies. Say you had a power card planning to be used on something like a Sly with low health. Along him was a Tank, full health. So who would you use this power card on? Well DO NOT use it on that Sly! He's too easy to knock out, so have one of your fellow ninja take care of Sly, and go attack the Tank, since he's more of a threat to your team that you'd want to get rid of.

Good Luck!



My tactic is to always use the elemental approach. For example, if you were the fire ninja, you would fulfil your mission by attacking certain foes. I found out that big snowmen=water ninjas, tennis=snow + bowler=fire. So a fire ninja would attack the tennis one while snow ninja helped attack the big, slow one who the fire ninja was vulnerable to.


My best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far is when Tank (The big snowman) is on and i don't stand too close to him because he cant attack me and i don't stand close to the other ninjas because you can lose some health.The last one is when a ninja has low health i use my power card to give them health and it can destroy a snowman.


i am best when i am hidden away from the snow men and it just hits them and then i can use my power card


My Card Jitsu strategy is to always move and attack, moving allows you to concentrate charging up your Jitsu powers allowing you to use Power Cards to help you team succeed in all battles and to defeat he who challenges Sensei, master of Card Jitsu.


my strategy is to stay strong an fight together . single less chance of being strong but together we are powerful . if we all use our power together properly we surely will win . imagine the power with all sort of ninjas ready to fight .
Violash(club penguin name )




I usually play snow ninja & use my power to heal, wisely. I have 4 power cards so I save them up for when we are in a pinch and when I use them, I make sure my friends and even the enemies are in the square of the power card, so we get healed and they go down :D
I also always stay away from enemies and use my long range, I make sure I don't get defeated or I can't help my pals. while I'm fire ninja, I stay 2-3 blocks away from them & when I'm water, I attack them head on and protect my friends


yI'm usualy always water ninja because when the game came out I tried out all the ninjas. I couldn't be snow because I had only one power card to heal with. I couldn't be the fire ninja because I "died" to fast and had two power cards. When I tried the water ninja I found out I had good defense and offense and a good amount of power cards(4). My #1 strategy is to go against tank first because he takes about half your life , the go for scrap then sly. I have one request: to talk to your team.CP!


My best strategy has been to try to use the power cards when all enemies are inn the same area, and use them at the same time as other ninjas.


My best strategy for Card Jitsu Snow is to always, always save the other ninjas if they are down and I have high health. If I have low health, I use a power card. I also can mostly take care of the Snow Ninja, because he/she runs out of health fast. I play as the water ninja, which I suggest you use, because it destroys snowmen the greatest. It also has five power cards. Also if you are stuck on where to move and have no power card, move a few spaces back and you get a power card.


I will be snow ninja and when there is little health on a snowman i will heal a team mate or go to the next snow man so when the other ninjas take him down the next snow man will be easy.

Waddle On!!


My strategy is to defend the other penguins so we are at the highest we could be. I am usually snow so I defend my teammates and I heal them whenever they are down. This strategy works the most for me


Mine is to keep my energy high until the snow minions become weak. Then, I use it to defeat them nearer the end. In the next round, I'll still have a lot of energy to use. Also, it's important to make sure all the ninjas are strong so those snow minions can be defeated! Waddle on CP!! :)


My strategy is to focus on defeating one enemy first, which is whoever I can reach. If both enemies receive damage, go for the one that has lower health. I would also use power cards for emergency purposes. For the Snow Ninjas, use your power cards when the entire team is getting weak. Remember to use your power cards wisely, otherwise your moves will be completely useless.


I would be the snow ninja and help other and when i run out of helth and somebody revives me, I use my power card and I use them when everybody does it to



For me the best strategy is that first I am the snow ninja because I can heal teammates and also because of my impressive range that helps me keep my distance from the enemies and still attack them while I keep my self safe and I always help teammates and that way everyone has a good health in the game


My Card-Jitsu Snow strategy would have to be (as any ninja) having an arsenal of power cards, and when my other fellow ninjas use theirs at the same time, I use mine to make snow shields, everlasting fire damage, or double damage! They help with Tank and Scrap a lot! I recommend this strategy to you guys, it gets past rounds easily! Any-who, Waddle on!


My strategies is to use power cards when needed, hide behind rocks for shields and to heal, heal my team mates and most of all have fun! You can't win a battle without having fun! Anyways, waddle on Club Penguin! :)


my strategy is i pick snow ninja and always move around and place power cards when others do


Enter commentsMy best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy has been to stay as far away as I can from the snow minions, while still being able to attack. Also, I like to double the use of my Power Cards by lowering the health of the snow minions, while reviving and healing me and my fellow ninjas. Card-Jitsu Snow is so cool!


I think when you are playing with the snow ninja keep your distanstance from the eneamy because you have long range. ( :


Torres 126:

My strategy is to let the fire and water ninjas go after the enemies and the snow ninja (that is me) stays behind to boost them every time they get hit and win power cards. If both ninjas need help and are together I use a power card, even for myself sometimes! This strategy made us beat the bonus round THREE times!!!!!!

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Torres 126

dale wood 7:

what i do is i walk/waddle around not near the snowmen then once i have a power card i attack it IS really easy to do and i helps alot if you want try it out!!!


My element is water, every time I used water I won all three rounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm usually snow so i mostly go to battle tank because i can stay two blocks away from him so he cant hit me because he moves one block. aswell as that i wait till my card bar is full then use it to heal teammates

Dr waddles20:

My best strategy is keeping the team with out Being betan

My best penguin to play is SNOW

Mitchellmfan :

I love Card Jitsu snow and BEST strategy is to be the snow ninja and when one player's bar is yellow I will heal them. And also do defeat your enemies you need to know your enemies so LEARN about them! And lastly, if your penguin is well damaged get away from your foes!


My Card Jitsu Snow strategy is be a snow ninja, only heal ninjas, stay away from the fight,
and use my power cards when their are three enemies and use it only for a combo.


My strategy is to work in a teamwork. That is the idea in this game. We attack a same snowman ninja and the snow ninja heal us. That is the best strategy.


My snow ninja strategy is : I will take cover by standing behind my teammate ninjas if my teammates falls for an enemy attack I will immediately heal them . When my power card is ready I will go for a combo with my teammates and I think this is a better strategy for a snow ninja.

Stryke it out!

The Hulk Fan:

My best strategy is saving my power cards, and using them for combos or when you need them. It is a good strategy because if you use them immediately, you might not win cause it might not be a combo. It also helps because it takes more damage to the enemies.


Mine is too hit Tank with the Snow Ninja because Tank is short distance,on Scrap I used the Water Ninja because the WN(water ninja)does the most and Scrap hits hard two,and last but not least Sly is for Fire Ninja because FN(fire ninja)can do easy damage on Sly like the others but the closer you are the better:).Thats my strategy for the Snojo.

Abby Girl761:

Mine is to hide by a rock and when one of the snow mans come near i'll attack them without them noticeing me!


I think the best strategy is save your power card and then do like dancing step to right to left or to anywhere else. Especially when just Tusk. That is easy to do. And then use your power card when all snow minions is in the 9 red tiles. I always to tell my friend to do that in Card-jitsu snow. And that worked I always got to bonus round. And then.... STAMP!
Waddle On CP!


My strategy to win card-jitsu snow helped me defeat Tusk easily! First, if you are a member, you go to the Dojo and look up the Martial Arts book. You can buy 3 new power cards, and they will really help boost your skills when beating an enemy. Also, the best ninja to pick would be snow. I used to think that the best thing in a game is damage, but now it's all about health! I always pick snow, and my team always wins!



Hello all ninjas My favorite element is snow.
And My strategy is like this : i love the snow ninja becuse it can heal ninjas and that what i'm doing.
I'm healing the other ninjas so they can fight becuse the snow ninja does just a little life on the snowmen's.
And when the other's don't have so much health left then i go in with a powercard and save them!!

Waddle on!!


I've played this game for about 10-40 times and there was no bugs or glitches at all! Though I really want to unlock the bonus level every time, even though i've unlocked that level for 2 or 3 times just so hard! I'm now onto video 5 completion so hope it continues with no bugs\glitches! I always use my power cards fast.
Great Job Cp! WADDLE ON - Georgewh2004 xx

ge goo:

I like to be the water ninja and since I have 5 power cards I like to use on each round and if i don't go to the bonus round I will have two cards for the third round.I also try to protect the snow ninja because he/she can give you health. I go after the hardest snowman in the round because I have more damage!
Thanks club penguin team!!!!!
Waddle On!!!!!!!!


I think my best strategy is for example a snowman knocks-out your teammate. What do you do? I would attack the snowman because the other teammate always want to revive someone, so they can get more xp or a badge or whatever.

P.S. my name is Gslider1359

give meh coinzzz.....


The best Card Jitsu Snow Strategy I had was being all sorts of ninjas. I mean I really like how the snow ninjas can heal ninjas and prevent them from having to be revived! For me the water ninja gives more damage to enemies with a power card, so I like that a lot. And fire ninja, I'm so lucky i have 2 power cards! What I normally do is save the last fire power card until later in the game, so that in the last round I can beat the enemies and we would win (I really don't like Tank!)

Niki X Jr:

the best strategy is:
-work together , focus ,& know what others are thinking
-if 1 ninja is down, let one attack while one heals the fallen
-stay connected
-NEVER BACK DOWN!!!!! once u do, the whole team has a harder chance of winning


Peppyputt :

My strategie is saving power cards for more powerful enemies and get more power cards.


My best Card-Jitsu snow stratagey is to become a snow ninja and heal teammates as soon as they are injured, that way no ninjas are defeated. I only use power cards to heal teammates if we are really low on health. Waddle On!


The best strategy for me is teamwork. When you have teamwork any enemy can be conquered. Just help each other out and never give up.

Waddle on! :)


My strategy is:
Be a Water Ninja so I can do lots of damage with a combo or my weapons and Power Cards
When a ninja is down, I move away from my target and heal him/her, even if I get hit.
Save some Power Cards for Combos.
Help a friend even if I am at low health.
That,my friends, is my strategy.

Mr Pepper669:

well i would be a snow ninja and be behind other ninjas then i would heal them when i get a power card i would strike and heal at the same time but when i run out of power cards then i would attack but also try to heal water and fire ninjas must be close enough to me so i can heal them but i musn't be too close to the enemy or the enemy can hit me but i must heal teamates and heal them when they are in trouble i will come and aid them that's my strategy hope you like it and waddle on


My strategy is to be a water or snow ninja. Water ninja because the attacks are awesome. Snow ninja because you get to help the others when their life bar is low and you can boost them back up so in some cases you can get to the bonus round!!


snow- heal other players
fire- use balanced stats
water- attack


My best strategy is I be a water ninja get my power card out and SMASH the snow enemies down in till the next round!


My strategy would be, being a snow ninja! The reason ask? when being a snow ninja you can look good holding snow I right? ;D and you can also heal teammates,care for your fellow penguins you know! Finally, is that if you heal them you make a good deed, they'll thank by saving your butt, plus YOU'LL BE A HERO WOO! he....XD Waddle On! :3


I like to think of it as some sort of chess game with three players on one side. So here's my team strategy/objective: focus on one target to finish the round faster. If you work together, you might as well get to the Bonus Round or receive 1 of the 24 prizes!


my strategy is to be a snow ninja and heal my teamates whenever they are low on health, and snow ninjas have a lot of range so i will go far from a villian and still hit them so i can help my team. :) :)


If your snow attack the fat one. It can't shoot far but takes a lot of damage to defeat. If your fire attack the medium one. They are basically even. If your water attack the skinny one. It shoots far but only takes about two water hits to defeat. Try to stick to this, but if you have to battle other snowmen, do it!

Peng Matthew:

The ninja i be is the snow ninja he hells other ninja's and gets these cool Shuriken's which are awesome but why those the snow
Ninja gets hit by the all the snow ninja's but card jitsu snow is my best club penguin game waddle on


Depending on how many power cards you have, only use one or two per round!


I have two and they both involve me being a snow ninja:
1.Healing my fellow ninjas.
2.Using my 9 Snow Power Cards against Tusk.
Waddle on,ninjas,agents,Aunt Arctic,G,JPG,Rookie,Dot,Cadence,the Penguin Band,Rockhopper,and Sensei!


My best strategy is... when you are a snow ninja and you have fallen. When one of your team members revive you... And if any members are low on health heal them before the minion starts to attack you. Because it will boost your team of winning and defeat the snow minions. But you can attack when the enemy is low in health and you would be able to win.


When I'm a snow ninja i stay in the background to heal teammates and get closer to heal everyone with a powercard. When I'm a water ninja I go straight to the weakest snow minion and attack with all my might. For fire I'm backup for the water ninja. For all of them I save my powercards until there is a combo or to heal my teammates.


my strategy is waiting a long time and getting A LOT of power cards. THEN on the final battle use them all in a frenzy of attacks.Also i look at the element i have the most cards is and pick that one. for me it is water. when using fire keep power cards so that you can make multiple enemies confused. When using snow also wait till you have a lot of power cards to heal yore teammates.


by the way will there be cardjitsu rock


My card jitsu strategy is that water ninja should do the damage. Fire ninja should be a back up damage for the water ninjas and snow should heal when necessary. When there is one guy left all ninjas should attack and beat the current round!!!


mine is when me and my partners all surround the monster we all attack him and win


My strategy is being a Snow Ninja! I mostly use my power cards to heal other teammates, because Snow Ninjas cause really low damage to enemies, and so I can keep my team alive! I mostly wait till someone else has a power card so I can make a COMBO!, which will heal the players and shield them from the next attack! If an enemy is really low on health, then I attack them! I was also able to defeat Tusk easily with this strategywithout any ninjas going down!!! :D


Nice strategy... but I defeated Tusk as a fire ninja but the snow ninja and water ninja quit!

Potatoes r c:

My strategy is TEAMWORK. When we all work together, we do better. If one penguin is down, we are less likely to defeat the evil snow people. Also, when you use teamwork, all penguins are included. There are no superstars, and we all help one another to defeat the evil snow people.


The key, for me, in card-jitsu snow is helping other players. I pick snow ALL the time since it heals. ALWAYS be there for the snow ninja


Hiya! Ezlego here.
I have many stratgies I want to share.

All ninjas and Sensei combo

The fire move, fire card and combos

The water move, water card and combos

The snow move, snow card and combos

All ninjas combos

I hope you like data

Waddle o
Waddle on
Waddle on!


My strategy is to make sure the snow ninja doesn't fight and get injured to much so when somebody REALLY needs help, I can heal them and sort of help chip away at the snow minions.


Keep a good distance from the enemies (not so close so you will loose a lot of energy) heal your friends when they need it so you can make it to the bonus round, and keep playing for a better chance of becoming a full snow ninja!

Blue Kid 707:

My favorite strategy is when I get 3 combos with other penguins


snow will heal, water will attack and fire will revive also attack.






My strategy is to be the snow ninja, and attack until I get a power card! Then, I make sure all ninjas are in the area. I use my power card, attack, and heal my team, too!

Waddle On, CP!



My tactic is to take advantage of tank. Tank can only move one space and a snow ninja can move really far. So, what I do is get near tank and get his attention. Then I move over a few spaces where Tank can really get me. So, I move around the spaces while hitting Tank while I move. I also use my snow power card to heal all my teammates and put a little damage to the snow minions.



My strategy is water ninja i move close to enemies stun double and in combos i help make my team mates stronger and use double to take out my enemies bye double Ps mastered all card jitzu games

Ninja Log:

This stragery is extremely hard to do but will end up with a bonus round complete. First off the snow ni ja would stay back and snip off close range like thwack and if a ninja is in red or close to the red zone and hopefully the current ninja healed would retreat while leave another ninja to fend off for a while until the ninja is good and the ninja swaps places if it has a power card everyone would go into the 3by3 and and a fire card would stun them so no one takes damge after heal so carry on


My strategy on Card-Jitsu is when a lot of full health snow minions are around you, power card time. So it could make damage to a lot of snow minions!


my strategy is to stay behind the rocks it will keep your heath safe so if on other penguin loses ALL their heath you can replace them also get close to as many baddies as possible before using power cards also WADDLE ON!!!!


The BEST Card is the one with Yarr, The ''Pirate Puffle!" When you use him in the ACTUALL Card - Jitsu game, Yarr will blast a Snowball at your Apponent out of his Cannon! LOL! What funny moments! GO YARR! GO YARR! GO YARR! GO YARR!!!!! Yarr is the BEST "Puffle Pal" You could EVER Have! I wouldn't know what I'll EVER do with out him! Again, GO YARR!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON PENGUINS!

Dunk 96:

P.S, I think Yarr is my best pal... Which is MY stratagy! WADDLE ON PENGUINS!


i like Yarr too!!! cool strategy!


My strategy is to save your power card. For instance is both your teamates are knocked out and there are lets say one or two snowmen left you should use your power card then heal your teamates. SAVE YOUR POWER CARDS.



my strategy is if i know that i will not be in the bonus round and am on the last round i will just play my power cards until i run out


I would keep my power card for a fire water and snow combo so we can damage more emenies in gameplay.


i agree


My strategy is to always be snow so I can help people. I stay towards the back so the snowmen don't attack me, and when I use a power card, I try to hit both snowmen and ninjas. I always make sure to use the power cards on myself, so I don't die. Also, I try to use cards at the same time as the others.


My strategy is to save Power Cards when I can, and do whatever possible to protect the Snow Ninja, since they can help you out when you're low on health later on!


My best Card Jitsu Snow strategy so far is to go behind the rocks if you have low health. The enemies can't go on the rocks! So they don't attack! Especially Tank who only attacks when he is next to you. :)

Lake Blue1:

My strategy for a snow ninja is to stay as far away from the enemies as possible, but stay close enough to my teammates so I can heal them when they take damage, especially from Tank. My strategy as a water ninja is to go full on out! Get right up to them and smack them in the face with my trusty aquarium on a stick. As a fire ninja, I keep away from Tank and let the water ninja beat him while I tackle Scrap and Sly. Then, I would wait until everyone places a power card and I will too and COMBO!


My strategy is that the ninja with higher damage fights while the other pumps the downed ninja.(ex.snow ninja is down so the water ninja fights and fire ninja pumps)


My main strategy in Card-Jitsu Snow is more in the final battle SPOILER ALERT!!! in the battle against Tusk I think the Water Ninja should be at the top close part near Tusk to fight, Fire Ninja should be one space away but on a lower side, the Snow Ninja is 2 spaces away and is in between the Fire and Water ninjas, and of course they fight Tusk from there and you should be aware that other ninjas don't have membership so they can't afford more than one power card. That's my strategy.


I'm alway the snow I like to heal people and I don't care about damage for my attacks power I just worry about healing people mainly with power cards and I like to get cards before the bonus because it is very hard to beat it. I also stick to combos if I can and try to move and attack of more power cards. Enemy tips!!! Tank: He can attack in a plus sign and sometime 3x3 if your in 3x3 range move!!! Attack later. Racket: Hit hard!!! Medium range Attack second. Blue shirt: pretty hard long range.


my strategy is ALWAYS fire ninja i get to stun enemies so my other teammates can come up with a strategy I also hit from a three block radius so my damage can be great.I also stop tank from hitting the snow ninja.But I do charge in and use my fire card to stun enemies to prevent them from attacking.


I think we sould have the snow ninja in the back, the fire in the middle, and the water in the front.


My strategy is to switch my ninja every turn each ninja has a different strategy in my mind anyway all ninjas should be in a line one behind the other to attack water in the front fire behind water snow behind fire then ALL NINJAS SHOULD ATTACK also I try to get as many three ninja combos as i can. also always try do surprise attacks on the snowmen plus well basically guard the snow ninjas at all costs.


heyyy guyss!! my best strategy is to be the snow ninja and the whole game keep on powering up my teammates! theres no I in team! we have to all work together if we want to win! anyways thanks for the awesome party! Waddle On!


I find it fairly easy that if you sneak up behind any of the snowmen, they won't attack you! It's like you have a invisible force field around you! For snow, I like to not attack the enemy's, but to give my other ninja team mates more health, because without doing that, there is a huge chance for one of your ninjas going down. I usually pick the fire ninja, because it has a good hit on enemy's, and there like the leader of the group. Waddle On!


well my strategy is too buy a lot of power cards! the more you buy the more its more easier it is too beat the snow minions or tusk! ive help a lot f penguins beat tusk and the minions and team work always works as well


My strategy is to hide behind a rock. Then, wait for a snowman to find me and POW! I spring the trap! My other strategy is to knock out the more powerful snowman first. Then the weaker.


"The amulet does not hold the key, for it is the key"
That's what I tell myself during a Card-Jitsu Snow battle. My strategy is for everyone to team up on one enemy to defeat him, and use power cards to the full extent. When a ninja is defeated, I go straight to help them out because I know they are an important part of the team. Combos produce more positive effects for ninjas and increase the chances of success! I believe it is very important to keep the three ninjas as one team in a match!

Starman 07:

My strategy is to never waste your power cards if you see sly, scratch, of tank low and you have a power card don't use it. You don't want to use it because you may be able to take them out with a regular attack. the only time if the snow minion is low and you want to use a power card is if your the snow ninja. You need to heal the other ninjas. If you heal the ninjas you could have a better chace of surviving longer or reaching a full health bounus round!! Anyway WAddle On CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Umm. For me I have a lot of power cards in water so... I'm just moving around in a lot of safe places and when my card is ready I'm gonna have a super power!!!!! So it will be more fun! And Please Spike Hike can you help me in Card Jitsu Snow coz I'm thinking playing with you is fun :)


i like tuck he is a very good vilan


Hi GUys i use the snow ninja i stay behind and keep everyone full health for the bonus round. So we can get extra coins and earn the snow suite faster!:-)


My strategy is different based on which ninja I'm playing as... Snow: As the snow ninja, you don't do much damage, so when your teammates get hit, heal whoever has the lowest health instead. Fire: No real specific strategy here, as your stats are pretty much balanced. Power cards do help a LOT though, so if you have some, use them wisely. Water: If you're the Water Ninja, you do a LOT of damage, so the strategy is to "go in there and take care of those snowmen!". And that's pretty much it!


I like to try to save two cards, one for healing me and my team, and one for... COMBOS! :D I've gotten more combos than EVER thanks to this strategy. Oh just one more thing... Thank you for the GREATEST GAME EVER!


Mine is, if i'm a snow ninja, I use my Power Card when my life is low, when me the other ninjas are together and the snow minions are together in my range, we get healed they attacked. Fire, I use it when my life is low, Snow must give energy, I stun the enemy and SN gives life! Water, the enemies are together then attack them! That's mine!

Waddle on!


my strategy is :
Let the fire and water ninjas attack the strongest enemy first. Let the snow ninja heal the other ninjas from a long distance. When there is a full combo or water combo ,let the snow ninja attack. Also I like being the snow ninja because I can help others heal. Whenever I use a power card, I make sure it effects both ninjas and snow men. But when there are three snowmen of different types it is better to match up right?


My fav part of card jitusu is that we team up and we stop the evil snowmen and we protect the land of cp that's my fav part and when I team up with me friends its the bomb :P well that's all for today See Yah Soon this is Punky Over And Out Lol

~ Punky


you have to use the snow ninja to heal teammates use the water ninja to get more damage and fire ninja to use his power card to stun enemies
here are some tips to help you

water ninja is best against the long ranged snow minion in a blue sweater

fire ninja is best against tennis racket snow minion

snow ninja is best against the huge guy who does a lot of damage


My strategy of card-jitsu snow is to be a snow ninja and buy and use many power cards. I always like the snow power cards because if we use the card covering range ( 3*3 tiles ) on all the ninjas standing by, we can heal the ninjas and as well as we can attack the snow minions.


My strategy is to play my friends in battle and to face the Snow Enemeys in battle!For example my friends are in battle with me to try to beat the Snow Enymeys!So thats mine so WADDLE ON CP!


My best card jitsu snow strategy is heal ! I don't care very much about attacking snowman's because snow ninja has low damage ! What ninja has the lowest health I go close to him and heal him! I only sometimes attack snowman's with power cards but only when my teammates are round or chance of combo !


Really I just try to get behind the "monsters" and wait a few turn till they eventually turn around and "BOOM" that's the end of them
And if we lose its no big deal just remember to congadulate the others players. This is only for fun right


Well, my penguin has most cards on fire. So I usually be a fire ninja. As for strategy, it depends on which monsters appear, and which penguins are away from the computer for some time. Our teams usually block the path of the monsters and try to defeat them and let he snow ninja escape.


My best strategy so far is to go in a group so you can deliver strong and devastating attack. (especially when you're all attacking on the same minion) :) :L :P :>


Well Daffo, my club penguin card jitsu snow technique is to always go for the weakest first, so we can then all focus on the bigger more powerful minions, in addition to that I like to make sure my team are all one so when one is in need the other will aid him/her, due to the fact if we are all against each other we will lose. Finally, another one of my strategies include: we always have a formation and when one of us has put down a power if we have one then we should put it to create a combo.


My strategy: Always keep your team strong, your team is the key if a ninja is down you revive her/he & keep on battling! ;D



The most effective Card-Jitsu strategy I've used so far is basically just team work:
Snow Ninja stays away from the snowman and keeps the other 2 ninjas at full health as long as he can. Playing one of their power cards on all of the ninjas, plus some snow minions heals the ninjas and also lowers the health of the minions.
Fire Ninja and Water Ninja should focus on the snow minions more, with the Snow ninja keeping them healthy.

Lego Luke3:

I always choose the snow ninja, so this is my strategy. If I'm going up against Scrap, I take him out as fast as possible. If I'm going up against Sly, I get in really close, so that he can't hurt me as much (I picked this up from the newspaper, thanks, Aunt Arctic!) Finally, with Tank (who I mainly defeat last), I get as far away as my range will allow. I use my power cards when the team needs healing or when I can do a combo.
Trust me, I have a snow gem
Waddle on!


My greatest strategy in card-jitsu snow is to use fire power cards if both water ninja and snow ninja are defeated so I can heal them without a problem. Then I heal the snow ninja hoping he will use a snow power card to heal and revive the water ninja!



My strategy is to have team work andlet the snow ninjas heal us but at the same time we protect them. This is only one of MANY srategies I have!


as ice for tank i just am alwase 2 steps away from him and ATTACK!


As a snow ninja I like to do this- for tank I always keep my distance and attack constantly, for sly since his attack gets worse at a farther distance and I can't get away from him I get up close and attack, and for scrap well I just don't deal with that dude he's too scary! I do that except when someone is injured to the yellow point then I keep as far away form the battle as I can and heal them. Also I save my power card until we desperately need it and until I can get as many hits as I can.


My strategy is fire because I have three power cards and it's so cool

Icey Roxy:

Normally I rely on my fellow ninjas. Usually they are always coming up with a way to help you out or to protect you. Some penguins just think they can do it there selves but when you get knocked out they may be there trying to bring you back.

-Thanks Icey Roxy


My strategy is saving my power cards and use them when my allies use them.


My strategy is to try and always do snow so I can heal people with low energy. I use my long range attack so I can keep up my health. I try to keep everyone's health up so we will be stronger. When I use a power card, if everyone's health is l will try to fit the ninjas in and the snowmen in the rage so we get stronger and the snowmen get weaker!

Kevin56578 cp:

My strategy is to heal other ninjas when I am a snow ninja.When i am a fire ninja, I try to damage the snowmen and stay away from them,but when i am a water ninja I will attack the snowmen as many times as I can.


my best strategy is staying behind all ninjas so i wont get hurt so if a other ninja is knocked out i can save them and saving your power cards so i can go to bonus level also i use fire ninja because its balenced but most inportantly i try my best and say good job to the penguins i play with and making a plan with them to become a snow ninja.


the best tactic i have used in card jitsu snow fight is that protecting the snow ninja as he got healing power and if you protect him he would even revive you if your dead that the tactic i sue


I love that game it's really fun even though I'm not good at it____/\_____\o/______. Shark atack!!


I think that if you protect the snow ninja you have a better chance of winning since the snow ninja can heal. And over all the game is


I always become a ice ninja or most of the time.So my strategy is to heal all my teammates unless we will knock out the snowmen and if they are helping at least.When i get my power card i try my beast to hit the all the snowman and my teammates.And i try to keep my distance.


And also i always think one step ahead


Best strategy?


Work hard and win!

Each ninja has a certain job. Take that into account.
And take advantage of combos, powercards, and sensei.

And taht's my strategy.

Waddle on!


my card jitsu snoww stragedy would be fire because i love how fire stuns enemys and when im snow and do and combo with water we all get snow sheilds


I would like for snow ninja to attack tank because of his impressive range and water ninja to attack scrap and fire ninja to attack sly then if 2 tanks and a scrap come then I would like snow ninja to use a power card and a fire ninja to use a power card and a water ninja to use a power card then when the bonus round comes I would like all the ninjas to use the same technique of power cards and attacking technique.thanks


My strategy is always to be the Fire Ninja, and always move to somewhere else each turn. When I get a power card, I use it agaisnt the snow minions to sun them so they cannot attack! Cool huh? If you're a member you can buy Power Cards to bolster your skills. I have like 100 power cards!


I think the best strategy is to work with your team. It has to be a team effort to succeed. Snow is the long ranger healer and attacker. Fire is the close range stunner. Water is the close range hard hitter. Use these together, you get a epic battle. Always use your snow power cards snow ninjas to heal you and your teammates and damage enemies. Fire use your power cards to stun for less damage. Water use yours to
make the snowmen run away with terror. That i think is the strategy good day. :D


Well! When someone is in front of a enemy that is just about to go into the ground and there is a space there i move infront of the ninja and defend him or her. and i like reviving ninjas! i usally play the water element so i dont play snow!(on the snow game u choose an element) Even if my live is low i try to revive a ninja as quick as i can and as far as i can go so i dont get any hits from the enemys it usally works! And the ninja get revived! I love the snow element!

Sushi Seth:

Attack the big one from behind. Keep distance from sly (no seriously hes can throw good). And just do want you want with the tennis guy.

Amythyst Kat:

my strategy has been to stick with my other teammates so if one needs healing we are right there and also to help defend as a team because there is ALWAYS safety in numbers.
~Amythyst Kat


When I play, I often go for the harder guys, with carrot noses. This way I can take down the easier ones afterwards and, if I'm not the Snow Ninja, get revived. I also NEVER, EVER use power cards when a snowman is a red range of health. Most of the time the other ninjas and I strike at a red ranged snowman at the same time and with our 3 strikes they're out!!! Anyway, that's my advice!!!
Nicki76, out!!!!


My strategy is to be a snow ninja and heal my team members. When they are fully healed I attack the enemy with the most life and use my power cards on the most minions I can. If i can heal ninjas with my power cards I do that too. WADDLE ON CP!


I always try to be the snow ninja. So then when my friends have low health i can revive them. When all of my friends have low health i try to use my power cards to revive them all.


My strategy would be using a power card because I get to Heal my teammates and attack the villains so we can go into a bonus round or something. Also a Triple Combo would be nice to so we can make a huge attack and get healed with some of those Shield things from Water Jitsu power cards :D.


my strategy is to be water so I can do the best damage to the evil snow dudes. I stay a little distance away so I can attack and not get hit at the same time.

waddle on cp! ;-)


The strategy I call ninja position 1 water ninja in front fire ninja second and ice ninja in back thats true team work. And my name is Gogogo1023


I love to play as the Snow Ninja! As the Snow Ninja, you can heal your teammates. Although you are very vulnerable, the other ninjas are sure to help you with teamwork! As the Snow Ninja you can face Tank alone. Tank can never get you in his range if you keep backing up, and you can get him with your super long range! It's full-proof! Just make sure your teammates know what you're doing :)


I think snow ninjas need to keep away from the battle field to heal and revive fallen water or fire ninjas. Fire ninjas and water ninjas need to take out tank first then scrap and sly. It's best to save power cards for combos!

P.S A ninja never quits!


Tegelman :

My strategy is to watch around me and revive as many ninjas as possible. Also, I stay back behind the snowmen, and use a power card and try to put in in the middle of all the activity so it can work double on the snowmen. ❤


My awesome card jitsu strategy would be :
Firstly when the battle starts be snow ninja as you can be safe and if your teammates are low on energy you can always go near the and heal them.
Secondly inspect all ninjas ( in the card jitsu snow game) and see who has the most powercards and decide wisely.
Lastly if you are low on energy just go back and sometimes the snow ninja can heal you (if you are not the snow ninja).


My best strategy is being the snow ninja and helping my team mates.When one of them gets hurt,I'll help revive them with my power cards or by adding health.Another one of my best strategy's is,using power cards on low health snow minions and using the power cards to help boost up attacks!


My strategy is to just go up and attack! When I get hurt my very nice penguin teamates will save me. Then, ill save them. We make a flipperific team!! - Monkey87153


My strategy is when both of your ninjas are down and your with scrap you do a loop around him then heal your player or use a 12 power card so it will heal both of them but you need them in 3 by 3 square


My strategy is to be snow . I heal my teamates when their health is low so they are okay . I use awsome cards when ninjas and snowmen are near . Defeating Tusk my team and I attack Tusk together for more damage . If one of my teamates gets damaged I always will heal them .


I love being a water ninja for card jitsu snow because you can save up your power cards so that in the end of the battle, my snow ninja teammate can power me up, and I can defeat all the enemies with my power cards!


I always choose snow, so my strategy is to stay in the back and help people when they are defeated, or to be a back-up ninja and try to defeat the snow minions when everyone else is defeated.


So far, my stragety is to work with team mates. I only chose the nunchucks of hot sauce as a fire ninja! Then I use combo modes with my team mates! I'll counterattack all the snow minions with my nunchucks! If I get to bonus, I go full ninja! That's how I play Card-Jitsu Snow!


My best Card-Jistu strategy is that you should play a ninja that's well balanced in move, range, and damage. I also help revive other penguins if they do fall and I go for Snow Minions that don't have much life left so I can get them out of the way. Also, I use my power cards only when I really need them.


I tend to be all the different ninjas but I prefer snow because I'm really good at healing people and staying safe from snowmen and save power cards for when most needed and I have any gotten me and 2 other ninjas to a bonus round by keeping all of us full health and I make sure no ninja falls by the snowmen. Waddle on!


I think that you should go with the element that has the most power cards, because then you have more chances knocking out more snowmen.and also you should help a fallen ninja if you have a lot of power because the snowmen hit the ninjas who help others first.well anyway by


My best strategy is keeping my teammates encouraged and staying at a close but safe distance from enemies. Even when both teammates are down, I keep going, no matter what the situation! Then, when I get a chance, I STRIKE the enemy. Other times, I "sneak" past, and heal my teammates so we can persevere. The key is teamwork, confidence, and strategy itself.
Waddle on, CP!!


waiting a few turns and then attack and keep the snow ninja safe and other ninjas we need them all :D

Brownie Play:

My strategy is to save my power cards until my fellow ninjas and I with the snow minions are in a 9x9 space (because power cards go in a 9x9 space). I do my ninja class (water, fire, and snow) randomly.



I think that you should never give up! Even if you arent having any luck! Just keep trying and you might win! Another thing! Always keep the Snow ninja at the most health as possible! Or, if the snow ninja is stuck in the snow, Revive him! Or you'll fail the mission way more.
Another thing. How many power cards does each of your fire and water and snow ninjas have. Pick the one with the most power cards!



im snow to my strategy is to help others know how to play they got some EXCELLENT learning from me byeeeeeeeeee! from choccyboccy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The best Snow Ninja strategy I can think of is to have awesome teamwork. Nothing else but them is what it takes to win the game. Make good decisions in the game to make your teammates proud. If you do great, so will they! Work together as a team and try you best! If you win, terrific! If you lose, that's okay, as long as you tried your best. Just say good game, and try again. There's always a second chance. Good luck, and waddle on!


My strategy is to be a water ninja because their weapon is very strong and I love helping my teammates! Also snow is a great weapon because you can heal your teammates and then they won't die each time! I am enjoying the party so much!! It's snow fun!
:) waddle on!


MY best strategy would be... A couple strategies actually! First, for snow- always heal yor teammates when their health is low. Also, use combos as often as you can! Save up your power cards and until you have like, five, in your deck! Finally, use teamwork! U won't get anywhere unless u work together!

Waddle on CP!


My strategy is to buy alot of power cards from the catalog, (for members only) and use one card per level except the 3rd one, USE THE REST!!! ;)


My favorite Card Jitsu Snow strategy is to be a snow ninja and keep my distance away from the enemy. I also try to save up all my power cards for the bonus round. When one of my teammates is close to my enemies, I would get a power card and put it between my teammate and the enemy(ies) so my teammate would be healed and the enemies would get damaged.


If I'm the snow ninja, then I try to stay in the background until someone needs a power up.
If I'm the water ninja, then I try to be the one attacking. When I get a power card(s) I save them for Scrap.:)
If I'm the fire ninja, I try to either attack or help someone else power up.
hope u like it! Waddle on!


is healing penguins a strategy? if so, then it's my favorite strategy. I would let the enemies take all my energy to heal the other 2 penguins!


My favorite strategy when being a fire ninja is when a ninja is about to be attacked by a snowman or snowmen I use a power card to
stun the snowmen so my friend can get away.

Quacky Duck2:

I have found that when I play as a snow ninja, I can act as the glue and hold the team together by constantly staying out of range and healing my fellow team mates, and reviving them if necessary. This way none of us ever go down, and we always manage to beat those frozen foes!


the best way is to to stay behind team mate so if they get knocked out your sort of backup for them and p.s on my penguin the other game should be card-jitsu
from krupali ( thats my penguin name )


My best ninja and strategy is snow not only because it has the most power cards, but I don't like tanking ahead but to be the "back of the pack" and heal other ninja, while attacking if I need to.

Waddle On Everyone


I'm a Snow Ninja, so I keep my allies in fighting shape, and stay behind the rest of my team.


Since I always play as the snow element, I keep fighting and heal people if they have low health. I only use my cards if all penguins have low health and are next to eachother. I also do it for enemies, of course.


Being snow ninja because his power cards really help and saving teammates so u can go to the bonus round I've never been to the bonus round every time I play I always end up playing a solo tusk!


My only best snow strategy is that you need to know your enemy. That way, you can sneak in to attack untouched. Also, if its best for you ninjas, you need to pick out the ninja which is best for taking in damage.


My strategy for card jitsu snow,
A. make sure the water and snow ninja's don't die
B. don't press the tick to lock it in because someone might need help
C. stay alive, if you are low, watch from afar and let snow heal you
Thanks a bunch! Xela732, the coolest of them all!


play as snow and attack tank and make sure as many enemies and players are inside power cards box so they can be healed/damaged.


My strategy is to be water ninja, so I can deal more damage than snow and fire. Water has a high attack power.


my strategy is simple:
the snow ninja causes less damage and has more range and move so he should heal other ninjas with him and only move to help ninjas but not attack, he should be closer to water ninja
the fire ninja has all skills balanced so he can and should attack from one block away from his enemy
the water ninja has low range so he should not run but go near the enemy cause the snow ninja will always help him
and one more thing never to use the power card unless your other ninjas do

epf ninja 10:

when battling tusk, try to get in the last two colalms(the ones that tusk in) and hit tusk and use a power card on him when you have one in the bottom box, I saw a snow ninja did this so before the game start,play as the snow ninja because you can go farer than the other ninjas.


Here's my strategy:
The one in blue is long range, so try to stay away from him unless you want to attack him.
Tank does high damage and has a lot of health so try to attack him as a group.
Last, try to switch it up! It's fun experiencing all the different elements! :)



I love being the snow ninja because I can heal other ninjas and I have more power cards also I try to keep the fire ninja the most healed cause he's the strongest of all the ninjas cause fire beats snow so he would be the strongest. Usually I try to keep away from the snowmen but usally they just come crawling back to me and hit me. And I'll always try to help another ninja if they ran out of exp.


My best strategy: Snow ninja stay behind the water and fire ninja. The water ninja take the damage and he and fire ninja attack. Snow ninja heal them with powercards or just heal them. It's cool because snow ninja protect other ninjas and at the moment they protect other ninja. And always use power cards to make the powerful combo :)


(my strategy is too long but i give good info)my strategy is to line up and attack i`m snow and heal if friends are low other than that attack closest target but we all move out of order and do a combo of every one using power cards(i can see most of cards so i can see through them)

RAVEN 46175:

My Card Jitsu Snow strategy is healing friends & making a move far away:D


My strategy is that I help fire,water AND defeat the snow minions at the same time!!!!(I'm usually the snow ninja.)


As water, I like to get in and attack Sly an Scrap up close and personal, while trying to keep Fire ninja on the opposite side of Scrap, so only one of us can get injured. I really rely on Snow to heal us and provide shields and Fire to stun with their power cards to get us out of trouble. Snow is awesome to play--heal and attack so sweet and is the best for attacking Tank since he can attack from a distance at each turn and not get hit when it's Tank's turn. It' a slow dance but safe.


my stratergys would be well:

.ALWAYS help the snow ninja by blocking paths from the snow men

.save power cards and wait untill another ninja is planning a power card then add yours

.player on no health? go right next to them click on them and spend a turn pumping them from the snow

keep the team strong by following my team tips:

fire ninja: combos will lead to damage to enimies

water ninja: on combos 3 mullets will drop on the enimies

snow ninja: on combos you will heal all of team


My strategy is that when I have a power card, try to use it on all the enemies. I mean, if you only used a power card on one enemy, that would almost be wasting a power card. And always try to make power card combo's, because those are AWESOME!! Waddle On!

Dragon`s fire:

My strategy woud be:
if i was a snow ninja i would heal the others and attack tank because when i attack he may not be able to touch me, if i was a fire ninja i would attack scrap, if was a water ninja i would attack sly, and if i had a power card i would wait until someone use one of their to create a combo.

Laggann 12:

If I were the snow ninja I would keep a far enough distance from the enemy, but still be in range to attack them since the snow ninja takes a lot more damage than the other two ninjas and has the farthest range too. If I were the fire ninja I would be defending the snow ninja at all time since the snow ninja takes more damage and that I would attack any enemy in range to keep the snow ninja safe. If I were the water ninja I would go all out, just keep attacking like your life depends on it.


.......hi. My stratagey would be snow:heal team mates on combos and other ninjas do different stuff but my stratagey would be save power cards when They tr needed so save them for when u see another penguin placing a card somewhere use urs and see what happens...bye


I say water and fire because they do tons of damage!THEY ARE SO POWERFUL...


I would be snow ninja because he has HUGE range of attacks so I could attack snowmen from far away. Then, when my team mates are damaged, I can heal them!!! Also I have 15 snow power cards so I almost never run out!!! This counts as a never ending winning streak!


my strategy is if your the snow ninja try to hang back and heal your teamates and snow power cards can heal to so use it to heal your teamates and watch out for sly snow ninjas that guy always wants to get you snow ninjs and try to use your good range to!


My strategy for card-jitsu snow is to be a snow ninja. Then I'll will try to get all my teammates really close to Sly to take him out first. Then, we will spread out around Scrap so that his long range can't hurt all of us at once. My final strategy for Tank as a snow ninja is to let the fire and water ninja to go on opposite sides of Tank to avoid his three square attack range and to heal whatever ninja tank hurts.

- Jamc59473

Bri 8:

My strategy is: I always play as snow, and aid ninjas when they need healing, and I only use my power cards when someone else does, so we can have an super ninja combo! when I am fire, I tend to not be as careful as snow, I run to the battle field and start attacking, retreating when I am at low health, and I use my power cards when all the enemies are in one place. for water, I have priorities, first the long ranged, sly (i think) when I am close, he does less damage, next is tank he is strong.


my strategy is to be the ninja type that you have more power cards on so you have more chance of combos and can do extra damage. I always play as the water ninja because I have 4 water power cards. :D

Pangy Guin:

My best strategy is to stay alive. Whatever you do, try to keep your health bar as full as possible. then, when your teammates are down, hit enemies, and when you have made sure that no enemies can harm you or a fallen teammate, revive them.


Well, if I,m a snow ninja I try to heal the fire and water ninjas so they can focus on the damage while if they get hurt /i can heal them. If I use and snow ninja power card I try to do it where it hits the snowmen and the ninjas so the ninjas can be healed(including me) and so that the snowmen will get hurt. If I am a fire ninja I try to get in the way of the snowmen so that they cannot attack the snow ninja. If I am a water ninja I focus on damage and protection. If I'm a ninja I focus a lot.


My favorite strategy is being a snow ninja and being able to heal my buddies. I make sure I have my power card so I can heal my buddies when needed. Nobody can win without a snow ninja ;)
Waddle on!


I love the new snow dojo and my favourite person on club penguin is sensei.I love the club penguin team and I don't want the money im just want to tell the club penguin team and sensei that I love what they did to club penguin it is amazing and I especially loved the dojo the club penguin team and sensei are the best.I have never seen a special penguin before but it doesn't matter. Club penguin is amazing and I hope all the penguins have a good time at the dojo hpe I see you one day. Waddle on


My strategy is to play as the snow ninja.I have 17 power cards for it.I use power card combos to heal ninjas and get shields for them.If I don't have a power card I just heal them with the special snow ninja healing ability.The Heal 15 stamp pursuit is on,and the Master of Snow is going down!


One of the strategies is to team up with others and to believe you can do it and stay concentrated on the screen also do not stay really
close to the snow man plus use your cards with other well bye


My best strategies are first of all guarding the back and making sure the enemies don't get back there. Another strategy would that if someone's life is low I would do my best to take over. And last but not least depending on the range I would do my best to heal someone but not fall down at the same time.


My strategy is to always be snow ninja so I can heal the other 2 ninjas. I try to use my power cards at the same time as the other ninjas (or at least 1 of them). I always move and attack/heal in a single turn to charge up my power meter faster. And with the coins I earn (yes, you do earn coins in Card-Jitsu snow) I buy more power cards to use (members only). WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!


In my opinion, I think that the best strategy, is to use all strategies! What I mean is, I tend to be the Snow-Ninja. I then usually get behind a person in need of health, and heal them!. Also, I have a side plan. With the visual cue of going behind a penguin, they figure out that "Hey, this penguin got behind me, he wants to retreat, so I should attack". And to finish off my strategy, I go near the final enemy (Usually the big ones) then they follow and we all give one final blow!~Spider2458


Well! My strategy is when your a water or fire ninja in a battle, keep a fair distance but make sure you can hit them!!
Then if you have a power card and someone else does make a combo awesome!!
Waddle on penguins!


I think healing teammates and I hide behind a rock when my health bar is red, then when I get a power card I would jump out and use it!

Mario Bro9:

My best strategy for Card Jitsu snow is having the snow ninja go up into the front to make the first attack, and once the other ninjas catch up with him, the snow ninja heals himself and all of his teammates while at the same time, the other ninja's use their power cards to do magnificent damage to their opponent. Once everyone is healed and has a barrier, everyone does their best to attack, and defeat the enemies before they could attack, leaving me and my teammates unharmed.


My strategy is:
On the first round, when everyone's health is low, I will use my power card to boost everyone's health at the same time everyone else is using their cards to create a combo. I repeat this strategy, as well as staying as far back as I can so I stay full health, and at the same time be close enough so I can help fight.


my strategy is that i heal people when im snow so there stronger, and it helps us get a bonus round when it says you must be full health, and when i use a power card it heals us even more, and then if i get a combo, it protects us from 1 attack!!!!!

waddle on!


My best card-jistu snow strategy is:
Always being the Snow Ninja to heal people and attack minions from a certain range+and use power cards when other ninjas use them so ninjas get healed and have a bubble shield when they have low health and when there's Highly-damage minions.


To me, different elements have different stradegies.
Fire-assist the other elements
Snow-stay away from snowmen but use our range to heal teamates as much as possible, especially with power cards.
Water-attack.attack, attack attack.use our amazing damage to destroy the snowmen


My strategy is to always be fire because you are fighting snow WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My strategy is to protect the snow ninja because it can heal us.
Also to use power cards in the same turn than a teammate to do a combo.


My strategy is always to pick snow because i can save the other penguins energy and mine too by using the power cards that i have. I do that because i wanna help them get to the bonus round round because maybe they never been to the bonus round before. My goal is to help them get to the bonus round.It's not about the CP coins you can just get more coins by playing the fun games that CP made you!
Waddle On!


my snow strategy is help the snow ninja.also i'm always the water ninja because he can take less damage and more damage for the snowmen.also i use my power card with the snow and fire ninja for much damage.and wen someone is dead i cancel my hit and help the revive.
p.s. i love to revive also i love helping others

Jo Jo banks 1:

I waited and listened to the snow and respected it when my teammets r down I lead the snow minions away that is my strategy


My BEST strategy is to always be snow so I can save my team mates to defeat all of the enemies. Everyone works better as a team... am I right? Also, I try to get a lot of power cards. Last, I try my best to get COMBOS! YAY!!!!



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