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By Polo Field on May 1, 2013 - 06:18



Last week we asked why you think Herbert stole the hot sauce. It's amazing to see what skilled agents like you can come up with - we got a ton of brilliant theories! This is what Echo006 thinks Herbert is up to:


I think that Herbert stole the hot sauce, so he could heat up the island from underground, therefore melting all the snow on our island! I think that Herbert has many plans: he will smash all of our igloos, he will shovel all the snow away and he will tip the iceberg (smile) This will cause chaos, so that's why we need the EPF!


Absolutely, Echo006! Whatever Herbert's up to, we're going to need highly skilled agents to stop him. We've added 10,000 coins to your account!



Now, let's talk robots! Super Villains are busy building their robot forces.


Now we want to know, if you could make a robot, what would it look like? And what kinds of things could it do?


We'll pick one of our favorite robo-comments to post on the blog next week!


Waddle On...

-Club Penguin Team






It is amazing party!!!!! I love you Club Penguin


I would like to have a robot with UNLIMITED strength, health, smartness and Herbert trackers! A Super Sense hearing for HELPP!!! Cries! A arm that can lift up the WHOLE island! X-ray eyes and super speed and a jetpack to fly! This would be the perfect robot!


Name of the Robot: Polar Bot 3000
Manufactured By: Herbert P Bear
Looks Like: Polar Bear Robots
Kinds of things it could do : Try to destroy Club Penguin


my robot would be with strong arms,sturdy head,has two big legs,and can throw very big giant snowballs


This sounds like the ultimate robot! X-Ray eyes AND a jet pack? That's soooo cool!




My robot would have one eye, a buzz light-year helmet and for the body, a propeller body box? seems quite cool so he could float backwards! Daffo your awesome!


daffo what are you doing on the blog


Sounds great Daffo. XD


What about timetravel and a drill and it can fly to outerspace!

a random member:

that sounds so cool i agree that would be cool


My robot would be a Penguin bot that can play every game on Club Penguin ! It flies with rocket boots and plays card-jitsu!



so why come on penguins to club penguin


my robot would have wheels and would not be too big but not too would be baby blue and would have more than two arms so it could perform several tasks at once. it would be able to help me with my homework and tidy up my room for me. it would obey all of my commands.


I couldn't agree more except that this website rocks! : D

the clubpenguiner:

i cant belive this i cant use it please help me PLEASE I BEG


if i build a robot it would have a whole in its mouth to blow fireballs put of.
and my robot would be huge it would have strong arms and a head that can turn a full 360


I would want a flying robot!!

Bad Kitty 31:

My robot will have super vision, a true-o-meter,(In case someone is lying) super strong armor, and more cool stuff. I hope you pick me!





That sounds awesome!


i would like to make a robot with all of the powers of the power gloves and it would also talk and fly!


i hope they have a baribe place.


My robot would be

Name of bot: Botbuscus
Abilitys:Cleaning my room,tutor,cook,transportation
Powered by:77 AA batteries
Manufactured by: Ubatha's Bots inc


a small but powerful robot with laser eyes


i would bulid a big robot thats light purple , powerful and could break buildings!


My perfect robot would have a giant head to fit its giant plans and ways to ruin or fix things (depending on weather you want it to be programed to match your hero or villain status) My robot would have super stretchy arms and legs so it can destroy things or villains from far away. It would have scanning eyes to know if your evil or heroic. It would be made out of a thing that can never be broken so the battle of the robots can go on for years. It would be nice and take care of your puffles. :)


My Robot Would have Oblivion Cannons (which shoot 6 Ft Snowballs; surging with electricity), have Hot Sauce blaster fingertips on the left hand, have three skinny and highly fast (but also electric) legs which have drill-able and flyable feet. Have jet packs on his indestructible titanium helmet which are ten Times better than JPG's. He would have the agility of Sensei and the stealth of Dot. Inside the Titanium helmet is a skeletal Face. His body is huge! His name is Ultron ....


If I could have a robot I would want it to look like a penguin , and it would be multi-colored because Club Penguin is a melting pot. My robot would help Club Penguin fight against Herbert , it would help raise awareness about recycling.MY ROBOT WOULD BE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Pokemaster07 you won! Congrats




:) you rock clubpenguin make misons the hot sauce is soooo easy!




Club penguin is the BEST!!!!!!!


What is a robot anyone hello hello


My robot would be a tiger it could be your pet feed your puffles and even it can do anything you command it to like let's say take my puffle for a walk and it would take your puffle for a walk.



Shae b:


Mr Wwaakk:



I would like mine to be inpenetrable. With lasers and freeze rays.


Lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


Can I come to your party pleaese:(


dude did you know that card jitsu snow is coming out next month!?


i will call my robot garybot it will help me fix stuf

CP Lover 1:

My robot would be big and strong and he should have a perfect Super Power: feeding me with pizza! :)


I would want a robot with a giant head and multiple arms. This robot would be able to predict the future and care for many puffles by feeding them and washing them all at one time with the many hands that the robot have!


I would like to have a robot with invisibility and that could disguise as other stuff and weapons on its arms


A robot that feeds you pizza? That sounds like my kind of robot! Make mine a pepperoni please wink
- Daffo

Pippy Zip:



A pizzatron 3000 in it! Awesome!


Cheese please!




why is it cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool


Woah! If i create a robot i want it to do for good! I want the color aqua and white, the head is shape of a ball , also ill make the robot float! ill make the body shape oval with a core on the middle then the arms are filled with defenders! To protect CP! my robot can do things like protecting CP, Construct buildings, Water the plants , Recycling, And make COOKIES! and most of all my robot help penguins to have fun! Waddle on!


If i built a robot it would be good. It's body would be rectangular and its head kinda oval shaped. My robot would hover instead of rolling with wheels. And my robot would be blue. My robot would be the nicest robot ever. It would start helping people when they need. It would protect penguins and the environment. It would Do everything to make club penguin a better place (or in real life). Waddle on everyone.


I think a floating robot that protects penguins & the enviroment is totes brill!


- Daffo


that would be coolish!!!

18 polly 18:

Hi Daffo. Great idea.


Man, can Herbert just face the facts that we will keep on beating him? If I had my own robot, it would have laser beam eyes, a spatula hand, a water throwing balloon for the second hand, and for the body, a word that has JUSTICE on it, to deliver injustice ! although, I would like if I got reviewed on the web because I haven't and I do suppose my robot seems pretty cool, nearly forgot, for the legs a flipper (penguin foot) and the other side another flipper (penguin hand)


i would want a robot that's so powerful that non can compare and so tall it's head would be in outer space and that is invincible and waterproof lavaproof loki proof thor proof iron man proof and that the armor would be stronger than captain america's sheild it can change into any veichle in a matter of seconds and that can teleport wherever and that could turn into any weopon key lock you name it!!


My robots color would be rainbow,have super strength,unlimited life,invisble powers and run faster than light.WARNING:THIS ROBOT IS ONLY FOR USE OF GOOD.


awesome party and it will be able to fly, be a chef, and be a astronaut


I would probably build a medium sized robot, slightly bigger than an average penguin! It would be black! It should have epic features; Night time vision goggles, invisibility, strength, laser goggles, made of titanium, ultimate armor, speed of light! My robot would help the EPF rather than destroy it!


My robot would be good and be a mix of all heroes and villians in history!


i'd make something like GLadOS from portal 2

Ash kid413:

if i built it it would look like metal sonic :) it would battle herbert! and free club penguin from herbert's plans...

Bri 8:

I would make a robot called Zeta
Skills: scanners, laser defense, repulsion boots
-Head; rounded
- Body; Oval
-Arms: Left; Laser gun. Right; flipper with fingers
-Legs: penguin feet with actual legs


EPF AGENTS ONLY!!!SENSITIVE DATA!!!!!!!!I think the best robot would be a klutzy decoy for the EPF . It would capture klutzy and put him in custody and ask him questions with a better machine this time.Robo Klutzy would track down herbert to his lair and tranquilize him into hibernation.Then the epf would come in and teleport him back to the north pole and set up crab robo ninjas around the island to insure no more polar bears intrude.


that would be awesome!

Pippy Zip:

My robot could transform into a truck and have LASERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :] :] :] :]


I got a white super hero hoodie by finishing the power up mini game and have only seen 1 other penguin with 1. waddle on CP!!!


Maybe a robot like an octopus that was waterproof and had laser eyes and super suction cups and an X-ray visor with super drill tentacles and it has drill tentacles,and it would help the environment!


Well, my robot will have a laser cannon so it can shoot Herbert's bots. It has a water cannon so it can put out fires. It can also ride a skateboard, fly a rocketship, build and repair igloos because it's really smart. It also has a night vision goggles so it can see in the dark.


it could be a big robot that could recycle and keep our island clean and safe.


If i made a robot i would call him evilent 3000 and his super power will was beans!
I know that beans isnt a super power but just think what farts will my robot have!
Oh and it will look like evil penguin which hate snow and loves bean!


I would build a robot that looks like a doughnut that has laser powers to destroy all the bagels in the island... You police officers will sure be happy! Waddle on Cp!


I would make a robot that helps lost animals and finds the best place for them. It also teaches people other languages.


My Robot would have a round shape body like Prototbot 3000 but it would have a square head with lasers! it would also have two toy cars as feet and it would have long round shaped arms and it could turn invisible its name would be the shubbs-O bot 3000


I would construct a robot with a medium head and a big body,it would be made out of iron and metal.
It would have the power of invisibility,and It would fly very high,he will also protect the enviroment and he would repair anything just in 5 minutes.
And he would always be there for every penguin that needs help,he will never give up!


If I could make any type of Robot I would make one as big as a snail, it's power would be to otrack down Herbert, corn,hot sauce!

Paolo Ice:

mine would be a thingamajig that has a bowling ball
for a head and only eats pizza and cookies and igloos!!!
But he can plant trees and he helps out at the recycling

Paolo Ice


it woid have one eye ten leges 15 arms the colour black teh eyes are red

Kato Yee:

My robot would have muscles and a plasma cannon and laser it can also shoot beams out of it's body and is really strong and can freeze stuff! The robot will have a grapling hook too! And a Jet pack with hot sauce bottles!

Paolo Pengy:

I'd make my robot similar to [my alter ego] Knightmare,except he doesn't actually wield a sword.Instead,an Energy Blade comes out of each of it's arms.He also has a Jet Pack that resembles Knightmare's wings and the rest of the robot's body is just an armored version of Knightmare's outfit.It will be nicknamed "KnightMech"! Okay,the nickname was a joke but I was bored!


If I built a robot... It would be good and polite to everyone! Still, it wouldn't mean he won't beat the bad guys! He would be strong, gentle and awesome! His head would be in shape of a pear and he would have arms that could extend and cover the whole Club Penguin! His legs would have Jet-Packs hidden inside him so that he could fly! The Jet-Packs would have infinite fuel! His body would be enchanted with some diamonds, rubies... That's how I imagine my robot!


i think the best robot to vuild is tons of tiny robots that createrd another robots (100 tiny=midium robot) that you can control them what to be (which robot).


My robot would be called DestroyBot 6000 and the things it would do is destroy everything in sight and with the push of a button fix things! Like my button!


I think it would give me anything i recommended!! :D


i think it would have heat vision to make toast and pizza robot treads to get through all the ice and snow hidden lasers up its arm for self defence and claws to calve ice into brilliant famous penguin look a likes


I would build a robot that looked like a human so that it would fit in with the world around. It would protect people, be a sort of policeman/ bodyguard. It would be a bit like another friend because it would be able to have fun.


i would make a robot that looks like a spinosaurus ( a dinosaur bigger and stronger than tyrannosaurus!) It would defeat villains and save everyone, everyday. It would also have a jet pack so it would fly. It would be a sandy yellow dinosaur with blue stripes and a red sail. It would be called Lightning! Lightning would also be able to control ice, fire, water, snow and could move things without touching them


how about a robot that will alarm if herbert does any harm to club penguin


If i could build a robot,i'd program it for spying on Herbert and get to know his evil plans.Another thing I would add is to make it work like a voice auto matted typer for Aunt Arctic and for our heroes at the CP HQ to make the game exciting.One last thing I would add is a bug fixer.This feature makes the Club Penguin Team's work easy in fixing hard bugs in the game.
Waddle On!


I think a good robot would be a one which can take lots of damage and can fly!


Okay, Um, I`m not a villain exactly, but I`ve built one before. I think a robot who is really fast, is pink, and will help with the environment.

Mtr Tiny:

My robot would be an EPF robot with four sturdy legs, a rectangular body, four arms that can stretch very far and can turn its hands into different kinds of weapons It would be very agile and have very good problem solving skills! and also an oval shaped head with two eyes that can shoot lasers out of them and have x-ray and infrared vision! It would be called the EPF Alpha1 robot!It's main purpose is to defeat Herbert! but unlike other robots you would be controlling it from the inside!


my robot would be a puffle-bot and it would use toys to protect club penguin


i would make robot look like an super villain and control him to the super villain headquarters and destroy the same looking villain as my robot and act as that villain and take one by one villain down like a secret agent and we super heroes and win over evil and there would be peace all over the club penguin island.



I want a robot that can survive lots of attacks and that can fly and have special weapons


I want a robot with UNLIMITED everything like health,fuel,power and special features like jet pack or missile launcher!


mine will fly and launch ice

tymek sk:

My robot, Ultimate Tester 3000 would be blue. It would be HUGE like Protobot. And it would have super fire lasers in his eyes! Aww, yeah! BOOM!

Clone 1237:

I would make a robot that has a bowling ball as a head, bulky arms and legs.


Mine would be red (my favourite colour) and would have unlimited strength, power, speed and, of course, cookies! He would have a Herbert and tracker too, because I'm a secret agent and it would help enormously!! He would be oval shaped and would be able to hover!!
Waddle On!


I would like a robot that can do everything at once.


Lol Goldfish!
Name of Robot: Super Saver
Look: Small enough to fit in a penguin's flipper
Special Abilities: It may be small, but it changes its size so that it can help a penguin with whatever problem he or she may have. Also it has a little light on its chest that glows whenever a penguin is in trouble or needs help.


hi i think it will be epic if robots can do what u say like this blow up robot im am going to blow up now he is gone now and go on fire and take stuff and u will have cp if u make him he is robox7 and u will win win win!


I would make my robot look like this:
It's totaly gruesome head will have a dirty Viking helmet that looks like it just had a mud bath. The face will be so squishy so it can strecth 1000km. The body will be surrounded by a force field to protect it wherever it goes. The legs would be as rought as an elephant and as big as a dinosaur, the same for the arms and hands. It will also have wings to take it to the moon at 1000mph. This makes Herbert look like an ant!
ADD ME Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My ultimate robot would be named ultventor (it's ultimate and inventor mixed)! It would have many arms that retract to just two when the others are not in use. It would be slim and tall. My robot would have AMAZING eyesight. It would also have a tool belt stocked with every modern day tool! It would be the smartest thing on earth! Oh and one last thing! It would be indestructible so even explosions couldn't destroy it. These are all the PERFECT qualities for my inventor robot!



my robot would be really big can fly strong wheels for feet sissors for hands can shoot laisers out of its eyes can build giant wepons to protect the island form herbert and other villians it would be called the cp protecter bot
waddel on


My robot would be a WATER robot!! It would shoot hot or cold water (it can choose) out of the hands and the feet.


I would like my robot to have little tubes that shoots unlimited diamonds to the super heroes for them to recharge their awesome super powered gloves! by the way my robot will be shaped as a star and it will have those tube on every single corner !!

Oh and don't forget the colour !! YELLOW !!!!

Waddle on super penguins !!


if i made a robot it would have four arms two big legs, its color would be black with a red stripes and it would be able to transform into a penguin at any giv'n time!!!!!!!!
P.S. i like daffodaily5s to


Mine would be shaped like a spider because...Well, its a spider what is more scary than that?


Hmm it would be boat and a car but he could help penguins in need like coming home from shopping he could give them a lift!
and save some penguins stuck in the snow!


if i created a robot the robot would have lots of strength, so it could take down the villians. But i think it should be smart, so it wouldnt be able to do anything crazy! it's body would be huge with large muscles, its head is square shaped, and would go all over the island protecting penguins and doing stuff for them. how would they walk, you say? well they can travel in three different ways, it could float, roll, or turn into a camaro. that would be SOOOOOOOOO cool. waddle on! - laina4567


My robot will be called SlyZer3000. He will have a glass round head with metal penguin -ish beak and penguin-ish eyes so it can blend it with other penguins. It will have a slim and rectangular body with a hole in the middle to store blueprints and plans for super villains. It will have claw arms that can be extended up to 5 meters long so it can snatch Villains to safety and snatch penguins to danger! It's legs will be flat and made so it can stick to any surfaces and defy gravity. He is cool!


A flying spider...

- Club Penguin Team


My robot would be able to change to look like anything anywhere. It would also have a jet pack to fly away and can shoot fire on one arm and water on the other. It has incredible strength and just standing on one side of the ice burg tips it a lot. Its name is the shifter 3000 and would be made to serve anybody who knows the secret word to command it.

Handsome Hal:

if i could make a robot i would make it be peaceful and beat up villians and return them to justice and i would also make to help the E.P.F also i would make it be able to fly and drop coins on the island and on villians he will drop water balloons and he would be as he size of an bold eagle and have a square head also it would have a big body and small feet that can make him fly around thats what my robot would be if i could make one.


my robot would be able to levitate up into the air and over buildings and can track down any sense of danger and take them down for justice! also the robot's weapons would be:
*hot sauce flamethrower
*rocket launchers
*laser eyes
*snowball cannon
oh and what my robot would look like is that it has a sort of motorcycle helmet head, robot claws for grabbing enemies a strong,big but light body and levitation legs. this would be my perfect robot.


I think that if I built a robot it should look like me

Rolopolo2 :

My robot could build anything! Also it could shoot bombs or a solar powered laser beam like Ironman! I would roam the earth (not cp.) It would have an super Jetpack and X-ray vision. That would be perfect against almighty Herbert


If i would have a robot i would build my Ultimate-Robot 3000!

It will have a lot of powers,he can be invisible when he wants,he can blast electricity and brainwave power,and the best part,he can make pizza and lot of things!

Yummy right?He can do lot of things!

Waddle on!


My robot would be teal-blueish and it would help me protect citizens on the island. It could fly and would have all of the powers from the Super Hero Takeover gloves, and whenever we need one of those powers he would be able to determine which one is necessary for the job. Also, in case of a high speed emergency he could transform into a wheel-type vehicle. I would sit in the middle of a thin wheel that could go up to 100 miles an hour! ( if necessary)


I woukld mass produce custom robots that everyone in club penguin could design! They couls assist agents, help fight crime, and put out fires! They could even stop that dreadful Herbert! :)


I would make it really small, but very strong. So powerful, it could destroy the entire city with one snowball.

Yaha Toure:

First of all my I want my robot to fly. It would fly and it would be small with a light blue color (my favourite). It would have a lot of powers, like protecting penguins and CP from the villains with laser and huge snowballs. Also, it would help us for our jobs. It would bake cookies, make pizza or mop for us. Lastly, it would protect the enviroment with many ways such as planting and watering trees and flowers and helping puffles.


My robot would be white with a round head and a small yet powerful robot . it would be used for good uses and it fixes the broken things
and breaks all the bad things like machines to melt CP. It will be a very useful machine to club penguin. this robot will be good and i would of course make this robot

St Michael3:

I want my robot to be able to shoot a hipnotizing ray into the water so that the sharks, fish, and the crabs to listen and follow me so the we can take over the island and rule club penguin!! WARNING- this may be what Herbert will do keep an watchful eye!!


My robot would probably have missile launchers and would be able to destroy itself then rearrange it self become normal again or change into a different type of robot


I would like a robot with that's goofy but can fight to so it would have a sense of humor, but can stop crime and it should have a Herbert tracker ,and i would call it Rookie bot. Please post this comment -Keylime890


Hard one. My robot would be kinda pinky-purpley with black spots. It would have pincer claws like Klutzy. Its head would be.. um.. a sqashed circle(not quite oval)and it would have a cheeky cute smile with very pink cheeks. Its body would be the size of a thin tree with little wings sticking out and a little pouch like a kangaroo to store tools and clues to solving missons in.Its legs would be like sticks with rubber on the bottom. Its powers are helping the EPF and saving people.


I would have a robot with 100 arms so it could make milkshakes and take care of puffles and cook and turn the TV on and water plants and use the duster and use the vacuum and set the table and turn on the lights and play on the computer and decorate and put in new lights and draw pictures and LOTS more all at the same time and it would be extra strong!


Wow Echo006 is my friend! We blog together!

Moo mui:

If I could make a robot it would look like a normal mobile phone but when you pressed number 1 it turned into a massive robot a yellow robot!
What it would do is make cake and ice cream for people!!7
Waddle On CP!

Abby Girl761:

Name: Heart Bully 3000! :)
Made By: Villans!
What It Looks Like: Has Big Red Circle In Center Of Body And Spits Out Lava Then Veins Pop Out!
What It Can It Do: OH NO It Can Take Penguins Heart's LOOK OUT CP!

~Signed Abby Girl761 ~


i would make a robot shaped as a ordanary superhero and then take of the costume and it will look like a ordanary villan


my robot would have mind control and would turn invisible when threatened. my robot would also be my personal slave and would have super strength to tip the iceberg!(smiles) then it would take the rest of the day to carry out my every need.(pizza,ice cream,flashlight,microwave,anything!)
p.s. hi daffo!


My robot would be a GIANT floating robot! It would help penguins, recycle, reach things, and I would even let you have an advantage in games!(:


My robot can fly and would be make in metal!
He will destroy the island
And he will have the electro bast power.


The robot would have a round body, circular head, legs, and arms! He would also be equiped with a snowball canon and some ice lasers! Man, I wish I could my robot on club penguin, THEN NO ONE SHALL STAND IN MY PATH :P! Just kidding, I was use my robot for good. WADDLE ON, CP!!!


My robot:
Name: Robo Big Physical apearance: 30 meters tall, 15 meters wide, black eyes, all black,round head. Abilities: scaring away villains, seeing all town, shooting lasers,high speed,inventing,doing my homework :D


i would build a tiny robot with a small jetpack aan a microscopic camera and call it "spybot 3000 (so it dosnt go bezerk!) and it could shoot small tracking devices onto peoples clothes! WADDLE ON CP!


i would build a tiny robot with a small jetpack and a microscopic camera and call it "spybot 3000 (so it dosnt go bezerk!) and it could shoot small tracking devices onto peoples clothes! WADDLE ON CP!


My robot would have 4 arms and would be very helpful for EPF and normal penguins! Not helpful for villians since it blows up villian lairs! LOL! It would cook/bake anything in 1 second! It can also make real money. It can do much more!


my robot would have x ray eyes,night vision,do my homework,transform into a limo,make my breakfeast,andhave a jetpack!
it would be completely black and pink .


I would use whatever old thing I find on the ground for example i would use metal rock glass antennas or even an old slipper or toothbrush and of course wires to make it work!

From Hobididance1 : )


I would build a Kitcat bot! She would be a crawling feline machine! She would be packed with the hardest steel, the tastiest candy, and the sneakiest steath! She would shoot Kitcats out of her paw, catch fishes for the penguins, and she would have a snow machine that would make club penguin cold again if Herbert tried to steal the Hot sauce! AGAIN. ;) p.s. I LOVE CP! YOU GUYS ARE THE BOMB!


I would make a cute robot butler that you control with a remote! Its body is made of tin and steel. The body is upside down cone shaped, and the point is blunt. The head is 24-karat gold and half-sphere shaped. The sphere has two headlight eyes with video cameras in them. The remote is a rectangular prism. It has a speaker in it that you speak into. You press certain buttons to move the robot. The robot moves on two wheels and has two arms that extend to reach and grab. Comes in colors.


I would like a robot that can make coins and make ice cream. I would also like it to be able to grant wishes and give me club penguin membership for the REST OF MY LIFE! I would like it to look like a cute little robot but on the inside it is the toughest of all!


Good question! Um... I would love having a robot that looks like a REAL girl. She would protect the animals from hunters, help rebuilt a place. She would save a kid from drowning, or find a missing pet. She will do all of that and many more using only one, but the most powerful weapon: her mind.


One of the BEST parties ever! Instead of one robot, why not more? My robots would be molded into the celebs of CP! We would have Buisness Moose back, and a chance to meet more celebs! Again, this was one of CP's BEST parties EVER!!!!!!!!!;)


Oh, your robot uses telekinesis.


So true! The mind is the most powerful weapon.


it would fly,have X-ray vision,and turn into a rocket ship! Yay!!!

Purple Guy15:

If I could make a robot, it would be constructed totally out of penguin steel. It would run on electric power, because we wouldn't want pollution on the island! I would program it to stop Herbert and to help penguins in need. He could also listen to EPF commands to do good deeds and help around. Maybe he could stand a chance against a really super great threat to the island, and he could help us penguins to stop it.


My robot would be little but strong! And have a Herbert tracker, and can make pizzas, play games with you, and have fun with you!


i think the robot should have transform button and it could disguise as a penguin and sneak into the super hero carrier

Tesset :

Name: Saver Bot 1000
Things Does: Saves Penguins, Carries Trash Away,Destroys Bad Bots,Helps Heros And EPF And Flies
Looks Like: Short Arms But Stretch Long,Circled Head, Light Blue And Square Body
Feelings: Happy Mad And Sad
Created By: Tesset


My robot would be big yet good. It would have razor sharp teeth to bite through buildings, take the roof off, and look inside for criminals. It would then put the building back together with tools it has. It would use an invention made by Gary: the Criminal Identification 3000. It would be used to see through disguises. I call my robot the "Jock Bot"- specifically named after me, Jock5656.


My robot would have strong metal, strong arms, be smart, and remember to do things. It would look like a round, oval body, big arms, and the color would be sky blue. The things that it would do is help around Club Penguin and protect us from any danger.

Shop Worker:

My Robot would have layers of metal for armor. With glowing green eyes and a sharp claw on it's left arm, and a blade on his right arm. It would have super speed and the ability to shoot ice, also capable to feel the movement of everything in on the island to track enemies. It would have the colors light blue and silver. My robot would have a round head and then a spiky mohawk, also he would have the ability to jump high. Thats what my Robot would look like and can do.


I would make my robot look invisible and be able to do anything with voice control. Even though this robot would be AWESOME I could never do it because I could never give up being a hero and part of the EPF.


I would make my robot with anything you needed and would ruin Herbert's plans before he thought of them and all penguins would be safe and nothing evil would happen to any penguin ever. I promise


Hi Polo Field! (and Daffo too!) If I had a robot, I would be able to get inside it so I could control it better! It will have growing and shrinking legs so I can go in high and tiny spaces. Aso, it can bend and twist in any way possible! For the arms, there would be sharp claws and a desing to match all fingerprints! Lastly, it will have night-vision and laser-ision so I can see EVERYTHING! Waddle on!


If I could customize a robot... It may have an arrow-dynamic shape, with sprinkler systems. It's use would be to help farmers at the Mine Shack Garden, that could be earth friendly, and take care of crops. Also, you could sit in it and control it, taking a ride through the countryside! Then what better way to cool off on a hot day then run through the sprinkler of this robot? There can't be too many of these robots around!


If I built a robot I would make it pretty and fashionable, but still smart and agile, plus it would be on the good side, not the evil side. My robot would be pink and purple and would always carry around cute accessories. It would help penguins all over the island pick out awesome clothes and look their best! Plus it would carry around a jackhammer so it could help penguins tip the iceberg! And, of course, it would help protect the island with it's awesome fashion sense. :)

Waddle on!


My robot would have stuff all the others dont have, mine would have a wheel for walking,plunger rockets (lol), have a big head like the one with the big mouth looking thing, and a small body, it would do some normal attacks like destroy wave, but it would have plungers make of steel.


i would make a robo spider that made metal wire webs and attacked robbers and attackers or a robot snake that could shock three or four volts if it touched you with its mouth.

HP Fan Woot:

My robot would a mix of the future and nature that can camouflage and use both animal features and robotic features. It would be built as a defense to the island, a helping hand in the EPF and would have a party mode so it can turn into a party animal and it would fit any party going on!


I would make the most epic robot it would look like a germ.JUST kidding it would be 1111000 feet tall it would throw electric snow balls. Its body would be like a giant shield and his head would have four eye and he would have spider legs and giant arms


I luv the robots its not very easy to make them


If I could build a robot, my robot would be pink and it could do my homework. It would also be able to clean, cook, and be transportation, like a car/truck, a boat, and even an airplane/jet.


If I could get a robot I would want one with a... HOMEWORK machine as a body a cookie oven as a head and five billion coins as arms so I can get a lot of money in cp WADDLE ON CP


If I could make a robot, it would be purple! (My fave color) It would also fly so it could get to me faster. I think I would make it diamond shaped, I mean how often do you see a diamond shaped purple flying robot? It would be my made, while I play games it could make my food and drinks, wash my clothes, make my bed, clean the room, and of course, homework help! Having a robot that could do all these would be totes brill!! Don't ya think? WADDLE ON!!!!


My dream robot would have x-ray and laser vision, a force field, missiles laser guns and other weapons all over, super smarts, evil sensor, jet pack for quick transportation, and the ability to turn into a USB drive (so it could download certain files). It would be over kill.


I would like my robot to be indistructable with super eye sight, that would be cool!


If I could make a robot, it would be purple! (My fave color) It would also fly so it could get to me faster. I think I would make it diamond shaped, I mean how often do you see a diamond shaped purple flying robot? It would be my made, while I play games it could make my food and drinks, wash my clothes, make my bed, clean the room, and of course, homework help! Having a robot that could do all these would be totes brill!! Don't ya think? WADDLE ON!!!!


My Robot Would Be HUGE!!! My Robot Would Have Laser Cannons Giant Bombs Super Strength He Would Be As Big As CLUB PENGUIN!!! He Would Be Able To Pick Up The Island And Throw It!!! Miles!!! Also I Would Be Able To Control Him Because If I Could Not He Would Destroy Me. he Would Also Look AWESOME!!!


id make a servant bot he would fly an do your chours also it would talk and best of all it would make 1,0000000 coins a second. waddle on!


If i built a robot it should be like a Terminator. Well, not like a Terminator that do bad things. It can look like a REAL Penguin and find where Evil Herbert is. Terminator also Super Strong body and arms, X-ray eyes and a laser on its hands. Also terminator can talk and act like a Penguin on Cp, Also can help with EPF/ Missions.


If I ever make a robot it will have a metal round body that is grey, a grey head with red glowing eyes, metal claws for hands and two skinny metal legs. My robots powers are shooting lasers out of his eyes, knowing everyones fear, shoots gears out of his mouth, make his arms go longer to grab things and can chew through anything.


I would build a puffle robot! It will have the power of the puffles favorite activity like It could shoot out of a cannon like the red puffle! Or dive in like the pink puffle! It would be a penguin's best friend!


I'd want a robot that is able to hover and lazer. I could hitch a ride from the robot at any time and lazer vision would be cool to have because if anything was in my way I could just tell the robot to blast it out of my way!


Wow! My own robot hmmm? Well I don't know...maybe a robot that has wheels and has red eyes, and has a drawer and claws to use the claws and put it in the drawer! And it's claws can transform into drills, lasers, and much more! Waddle on Club Penguin I am loving it so far!


I would want a dance-bot. I'd call it "The-Boogie-Tron". It's whole body is a mirror/disco ball, and it would have a funky rainbow afro, and a groovy bow-tie! It would have cool powers like shooting different colored disco lazer lights and dancing uncontrollably! It would spread the joy of dance to everyone on Club Penguin and help protect Club Penguin island, at the same time!!



I would make a robot that is good. it woud float, beat up bad guys, fix stuff, never shut down or break, recycle broken electronic parts to make new robots.


My robot would be an iron woman robot! Only it could do a lot more than the iron man suit. Like shift into animal forms. I would use it protect the innocent and offer help to those who need it. And of course, it wouldn't ask for anything in return!


My Robot I would Have The Ability to help more than one person/penguin at a time. It would have 10 arms so it could Hold more than one thing at once!! It would Have super speed so the Penguin/person in trouble would not have to wait a long time and It would be a good friend, reliable. My Robot could read minds and Fly, One moment it's there and the next moment it's gone !! It would be tall and slender and it would be silver. Trust me this would be the Best Robot your could ever imagine or build!


I think my robot would have a rectangular head and body, while rolling on three wheels that could automatically convert into any item needed. Kind of like a true ATV! It would also be equipped with gadgets like a laser cannon, a teleporter, and a super-strong shield that could withstand anything! It would probably be red, and could assist any penguin anywhere, because it even has built-on wings!


What if the robots go crazy and attack everyone and everything even the villains! Crazy huh. Well I think that might happen....!I JUST THOUTH SOMTHING I THINK THAT HERBERT MADE THE ROBOTS AND TOLD THE SUPER VILLANDS TO UES THEM!!!!! HERBERT MIGHT BE THE LEDER OF THEM!!!!!! And that's what I think

Waddle on



My robot would be on the good side.It would have a laser shooter to make holes in lock doors like a spy.It would have a GPS to track down Herbert.It would look like a penguin but it is a robot.It also will have a party setting so it can PARTY LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!It would also have a evil setting and the one thing all robots need........Self-Destruct Button!!!!!And it would be a AWESOME robot.And if its cover was blown it would have device to make a penguin forget about the robot.That is my robot


My robot would have a kind of rectangular face with two red eyes. It would fly using a hover panel and
would have the power to make lazers and fix stuff. It could teleport and it would have long arms.
As much as it sound evil though it could be used for both sides!
Waddle on,


I would make a robot that duplicates, so it can do my homework and go to school so I can play Club Penguin with my friends all day long!
Or maybe a robot that has a Herbert tracking system, a net, matches to attract Herbert with the heat and a cage! They would be blue, with green flames!


I would name my robot the Needs-Be-Gone-Bot. It would clean up the environment, stop bullying as much as it could, it would coach and tutor kids and adults that need it, answer a phone, and be a friend to those who need one, like we should all try to do! It would also be a form of entertainment by having a television, a radio, anything else you might want for entertainment. It would be black, purple, and brown. It would have flying and good vision powers. Of course, it would have breaks!

Hershy Bug:

I would make a small but powerful robot. He would launch digital box cages to trap penguins. ( Well, evil penguins, that is) It would fly to. But most of all it could send crystal shards out of his robotic body. Caching!


I think Herbert would go against the villains, actually.

Kc Sunshine1:

I Would Have A Robot That's My Favorite Color Which Is Teel And I Would Make It Do My Chores And Make Me Pancakes Every Morning, Pizza For Lunch, Chesseburgers For Dinner And Cake And Ice Cream For Dessert! I Love The Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party Is Great This Year The Team Did An Awesome Job!
Waddle On Polo Field!


If I had to build a robot it would be EVIL!!! It would have a black rectangular body with a green circle on it! It would be able to do what I command it to do! I would make the world MY IMAGE!!!


Id call mine the Superhypercoolboybot 3000! His powers will be flying and telekiniess! :) and He could mind read AND He could feed me chocolate! lol


And my robot could have super strength! and it would have bad guy trackers :)


Robot name: Robo3000
Helps both bad and good.
The weapons would be super strength and X-ray vision!
Also have super (i mean super) speed (but not as fast as Flash)!
My robot would be purple and black.
Its body would be a rectangular and its head will be circle.
The robot will have long big arms and legs.

- Rocky : )

HP Fan Woot:

My robot would a mix of the future and nature that can camouflage and use both animal features and robotic features. It would be built as a defense to the island, a helping hand in the EPF and would have a party mode so it can turn into a party animal and it would fit any party going on! And yes, it would be eco-safe and RAINBOW!


If I could make a robot, it would be called the penguinatron 1000. It would be capable of anything! Shoot lazer beams, freeze other penguins and feed puddles and walk them but not play with em'. That's my job! It could also fly me to places like between the crowd of the town or the darkness of the underground mine! It could read minds of my friends so I know when they're sad. It would also be a complete fashionista so it can help me pick the most stylish outfit in all of Club Penguin!


My robot purpose would be to brighten people's day! It would be lime green, circle shaped, and would hover in the air. It would also have a bunch of balloons to give out to people, and give out your favorite dessert! There would also be a cupcake launcher, and my robot would always have a bright smile on its face. I would also make a screen that transforms people's happy thoughts into reality! This is the robot I would make, because I like to make people happy. Waddle On everybody!!

Enter nickname:

I would make a gigantic ape robot that is so big that it is as tall as the DOJO

18 polly 18:

I would build a little tiny robot. It's name would be R.O.B. It's base would be square with wheels. It's head would be like a rectangle with a screen and two eyes in the screen. It's body would be a square with a power core in the middle. It would be able to do anything. Credit to SSBB for some ideas =)


If I built a robot, it will have lasers, flight, speed, strength, cooking, music, and will follow my every command. I need lasers for parties and discos, I will need speed if I'm late to school, I need flight to see the world above, I need strength if I can't pick up something heavy, I will also need cooking, music, and command If i get bored. A nice, juicy burger with onions with a side of fries with some tunes and a personal fan, you don't get that everyday.


Mine would be a good robot and it is invisible, long,fun and skinny robot that can give you whatever you want! Also it can be a fun loving teacher. And it can make your dreams come true! This is called the pro pro robot! P.s. it can fly!

--- Ryannemily


My robot would be named Saver and it would help me to conquer the other villians in club penguin so that all of club penguin would be safe from evils harm.


My robot will be called the Crystal Bomber.It would have two laser cannons on it looks like a spider.It would be golden and silver.It could use its lasers to blast crystals.It would also have a steering wheel and shiny black wings!Do you agree Polo and fellow penguins and penguinets?Invent On,Mater2928! By the way,shoutout to cornchips3!


My robot would have lasers and be able to fly! And to be able to beat Herbert one hit. But the most important thing of all and NO penguin could live without this...A SUSI BAR THAT POPS OUT!!!. Also he would have a cannon that shoots put red Puffles!


That is a very good question, Polo field. My robot wood be a master of technology. It would have a V-shaped screen with 2 eyes in it. It would have a speaker mouth to comunicate with penguins and other robots. It would carry a backback, flashdrives, and hacking devices with it. Its legs would have springs to move easily. And to defend itself, it would use a high-tech shocking device to stun its oponents.

mr smart 333:

mine would have four arms a buff body a spikey head and jet pack legs

and it is a good one and cares about cp and protects penguins and the enviroment

and its rainbow

it will be the nicest robot ever

defeat villans

kick butt

protect cp

helps people when needed

and thats it



I would make it a robo butler AND a robot that does work for the EPF.
It would look EXACTLY like a penguin so Herbert would be tricked


rockets n its ft & sk8s tht pop out w/ a push of a button, xray vision, laser beam eyes/heat vision, jetpack & helmet w/ button push, built in infl8ables, exchangeable weapons 4 its hands, super strength, adapts when fought, extendable arms & legs, does my HW (its a genuis), ability 2 cook YUMMY foods, wings n case jetpack breaks, propeller n head, forcefield wrists(wraps around whole body tho), belly holds stuff, manual & auto controlled, infinite ammo, solar powered, large gas tank(4 @ nite)


It would have 5 jet packs 45 lasers on its head 15 on its body it would be 500 feet tall and its name would be Called: the mega bot 3000!

Richard1222 :

I think that the robot would help Club Penguin and protect the enviroment! His job would be to help Club Penguin and he would fly, float, jump high, dig fast, Go as fast as the speed of lightning, and would help the enviroment! I would be called: Clubpenguin help X9 enviroment. So it would help you. And would be used for good! And if Protobot came.... he would protect Club Penguin and EPF! He would break up fights and no war! Then Club Penguin would be peaceful and harmless. :)


I honestly don't know why Herbert stole the hot sauce!!!! I guess if I had to come up with an idea I would say he stole it because he wants to completely take cp away I would never want that to happen!!!

Have a Totes fun time waddling
- Need4speed67


If i made a robot i think my robot will be a flying robot and the powers are:helping other people,clean up mess,telport,fights the enemys and
gaurds me where ever i go so i won't get hurt.


My robot would ONLY protect the island. It would defeat ALL evil in Club Penguin. It would help the environment too! My robot would plant trees to give penguins more oxygen through photosynthesis! And, it would help fix the Everyday Phoning Faculty because it is broken... that's the only reason... In fact, my robot would fix ANY building that's broken! It would do good for Club Penguin! It's amazing super power would be ULTIMATE SAVE THE ISLAND!!!! That would save all parts of the island.


my robot named strength will be a tall robot that is tall enough to touch the sky literally and he will be able to lift up the entire island (including the penguins, puffles, buildings, everything) and he will be able to fly and he has laser eyes and he has super strength and he can burp like no one's business! his burps just stun enemies (aka Herbert and klutzy and protobot and loki and well you get the idea) so also he can drink hotsauce and scream soooooooooo loud and cover there ears cya l8r


also he will have long arms and legs and a robot dog head (that looks like a cute poodle!)


I would build the most awesome, epic robot ever! No villain could deny it! It would cause so much destruction, that it could even make stuff explode!!! Plus, this robot can win any game in seconds! You'd get lots of coins! This robot loves hugs. The more you hug it, the more destruction it will cause. It runs on battery. I will call it the BOOMbot. WADDLE ON! (please post )


I would make a robot that dispenses gum! It would have a gumball for the head, a piece of paper for its body, and a little cube with some gum in it! By the push of a botton, it would be BINGO! Bubble gum, right there, coming out of the little robo's trousers! Perfect!

Chilly 82970:

My robot would be able to disguise itself and be armed with the ability to throw snowballs at enemies at top speed. That way. I could use a remote control on it while it's sneaking into the enemies' base. If it gets caught, it'll throw snowballs!


Hey cp
Now, if i would be able to make a robot. I would make it that it had a long pointy tail. With red eyes, and a jet on its bottom of its hip and it would like be able to float. Plus i want it to have long arms, so it can reach stuff for you. And it has a large body. It can help you do stuff. And it can destroy items. Plus i want it to have lasers at each side of its arms.
Until then............... game on.


And hiya daffo. youre just awesome for the cp team.


ahem.... Sorry, I was practicing my evil laugh! YOU SAW NOTHING!
Anyways... My evil robot would run on solar energy and will boogie down! You could command it to do
He shimmy, hula, or even PUFFLE PARTY SHAKE! Then again.... I could build an evil robot..... Nah, I like the dancing robot! :D
Boogie on (i mean... MWAHAHAHA! ...)
Thruthenite :)


My robot will be called "The pengmainer." I called it this because it will be a penguin with a lion mane. ROAR! It will be on it's knees, long legs, SHARP claws, a big mane and penguin tail. The face will be as small as a normal penguin with the same eyes, nose and mouth of a lion. Thank you for asking. The Marvel Party.... Ah... Good times. Waddle on Club Penguin :)


I think a very realistic human/penguin robot would be useful. The robot would, of course, look like a human/penguin. It would only be for girls. HAHA BOYS!!!! Here is the manufactuer sticker:

Name of the Robot: That's up to you
Made By: Penny959
What it does: Each one has a special power
What are some of the special powers: Dancing, singing, karate, flying, invisibility, super speed, smartness, and much more
Good or evil: Maybe good. Maybe evil. Just kidding, it's good!!!

Waddle on!!


I would want a robot that has stretchy arms and legs. I'd call it the Helper-Round 3000. It could give me pizza, coffee, etc. It could also be a heater or fan.

awsemoess of doom:

my robot can teleport and throw electric snowballs. It will be amazing. Maybe it can say ''Robots Rule!!!!!!!!!!
Waddle on Clubpenguin!


this my robot name: spy robot
it could copy our body, shape and you're life it could destroy everything


it would be albe to do anything a kid would want it to do. it would do stuff like do your homework, or play video games with you. it can fly and has HUGE musles. i would name him bob. you would be able to change what it would look like and be totally cool. it would be the best robot in the world.

rad red2:

this is MY kind of question! first of all it would be a hero bot. i would call it the robo hero 9000. it would be green on the body, both arms would be red and the hover contraption on the bottom that made it float would be black. it would have four arms, the first one would be super long and could stretch all the way across club penguin. the second would be super strong. the third one would be a laser. the forth would be a force field generator. its head would be square.

billybob mom:

since i am a girl i would like to make it good looking and stylish it and my robot would float.
I would name it something like tk3000.
It would have a super-hearing sense and lots of strength.
And it would have a cola holder and a video game XD
it would be able to go in water too
it can even be invisible


Well since I am on the evil side I would do a penguin robot that goes around the island getting the darkest secrets on clubpenguin...... MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!


My Epic Crime fighting robot would have the power to fly turn invisible, multiply plants and nature, shoot plasma beams and fix the environment and damage caused to the city. My robot would have four arms a wheel for the legs, a magical plasma cloak, a head with three eyes and a SUPER MAXIMUM TURBO JET ENGINE BLASTER!!!! My robots name would be Eco-bot. Eco-bot would fly around and fix damage to the city and plant more trees.


i want the robot with no head


Everyone needs a good robot. Mine would have a screen to hear what the director is saying,invisibility control,force field,jet pack,see through wall gogles, herbert and klutsy tracker,a spy phone, tools, traps and thats it for my robot.


Name of the Robot: Smash bot
Manufactured By: Herbert P Bear
Looks Like: huge fist/hand
Kinds of things it could do: smash igloos, destroy billings and dig deep holes


Name of the Robot: Smash bot
Manufactured By: Herbert P Bear
Looks Like: huge fist/hand
Kinds of things it could do: smash igloos, destroy billings and dig deep holes


I think a robot with a water-proof armor so it won't be easily destroyed in water! Plus a half-circle shaped head and a big body, it's an aquatic robot, on the good side, it can fight underwater with force wave missiles and can restore underwater resources! And on the bad side it has destructive water bombs that can cause waves and whirlwind attacks! That's my aquatic robot! Waddle On!


My robot would shoot everything and destroy it and bring stuff to life, and be so giant, nobody could survive!


If I made a robot, it would look like a pile of snow,so it wouldn't be noticed by others. But when the victim would appear, Blizzard Bot would hit the victim with its laser eyes and its iron hands. Its special ability would be reading the other's mind so he would know when and what the victim would do.


i will make it voice activated and with a herbert tracker and a space for my agent wepons . it will also have a tv so i can contact hq . it will have super streath and it will fly and turn into anything like a jet pack a pizza a rocket or anything. and it will get me quick diguses and it will be made out of recycled metal we always have to be thinking and saving the world too well anyways and i can go inside it if i wanted to. well thats all ........................................WADDLE ON !!!!


hiya daffo


Name Of Robot:The-Igor300
What will it look like: Giant Robot From April 28
What it will do: Steal Power Gloves And Throw Big Things
Built by: "The Mandarin"


My robot name will be EPF Omegabot,he can use the power of the good to destroy Protobot 10,000 and send Herbert to the Mars.But,he only destroy UP10K because if he send Herbert we will can't battle with he and it don't be funny.


My robot would have a T.V head so that its eyes and ears could be mine. It would also have freeze ray arms to freeze enemies, not kill. A hidden satellite would be installed in its stomach to track down enemy devices. Heat sensors would be on its forehead to track down living things such as a puffle or a penguin. Its feet would have hoover feet that overs about 1 metre off the ground. On its hands it would have strong magnets to pick up metal things. Finally, it would have Invisibility! Ninja!


My robot I had ideas for ages ago. It would be small, about cat sized, and wide and flat, with a head at the front. It would have camera readers for eyes and six legs (like an insect) with toes so that it could climb and go everywhere. It's job would be kind of like blowing snow to clear paths with a blower at the front. The "eyes" would "see" where it went and where it should blow snow away to. It would also be non-tasty so that orange puffles would not get any ideas of eating it!


my robot would have a 50 feet body hands legs and a 51 feet head and one hand can is a machine gun and the other is a flamethrower and the legs can shoot fire to fly and the body will have ten hundred crystals powering in and the eyes can shoot lasers


I would have a robot that could help with the enviroment! It can have seeds implanted inside it, so they would grow at twice the speed! After they have grown, we can take the robot to the Community Garden, and we can leave the plants there! How does an enviroment friendly robot sound? :)

Waddle on Penguin Friends!! :)

Josh Zikry:

My robot will have laser eye,six big arm,a snowball gun,two legs with fire to fly,radar and a pop corn maker too.(HEHEHEHE).I think my robot will ruin the Club Penguin and the city will be mine!HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


The robot i have in mind is a cute little robot that loves to play with you. It would be exactly like puffles but better. It would take care of your igloo when you're gone, help you track down evil robots on the loose and also assist you in your club penguin school homework. It would have x-ray vision that would be useful for finding clues for the EPF and have a propelled jet pack that is used for extremely dangerous missions like capturing the UP10K and Herbert. It will still have time for you.


According to me, the best robot would be the same as the frist but with your hands with balls with spikes. When will udezac will destroy the earth with your hands or something else and to spin and when to strikeand waved laughed.


That is ADORABLE! It is like a bunny! Cute and adorable, but will eat you in a second if you let it!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!


my robot would have 3 modes attack defense and speed in speed mode it can fly attack mode it becomes huge and in defense mode it transforms into a shield it would have rapid fire snowball cannons on its shoulders which switch to fire ball and water blast would have a wrench on one of its fingers which extend from the finger, so it can fix things and a sword to slice evil inventions in two! it would also feed my puffles in case i forget!


Dear Club Penguin,
My robot have Four Big Arms, Mini Legs, Jet Pack and One Scary Eye.
Oh please i'm non-member and i want to test the robot.


My robot will be able to fly and be as big as a penguin and have long legs and punches. Can say words. Has a square head and round eyes and can shoot fireballs and can laugh scary.


My robot will be able to fly and be as big as a penguin and have long legs and punches. Can say words. Has a square head and round eyes and can shoot fireballs and can laugh scary.


Who says it hasto be a superhero's? My robot idea would be for the superheroes, it would have a hidden camera attached to it to transfer information to the Superhero headquarters, and it would be able to infiltrate Villain Lairs and self destuct when needed.

Waddles Jr7:

Well i think mine would have like powers! so when it is spying on my friends or Villains it would turn invisible!
most importantly Herbert!and it could do my chores!!! or it could fly! so it is a better transportation!
and laser eyes so it can destroy Herbert's inventions!!!!!!! anyways


I think it could be fat and have a jet pack and 4 arms and jump high and could crawl.


My robot would be a recycle-bot. I'd call R-Bot 3000! It would have four arms for twice the recycling! It would have a storage bin to store the trash and then it would fly to the recycle center and dump it all in! Plus, It would clean up your igloo and watch T.V. with you!


I love that root!!! It watches tv with you AND cleans for you!!!! Can I have one?


My robot would have the powers from the gloves, shoot lasers, fly and have a villan tracker.

emperor pegi:

Mine would be a short fast but a giant claw That could make it climb things! It would crush through roads and steel!

Mr Wizard3:

What would your giant claw robot be called?


MY SUPER ROBOT Would be able to fly with jet packs, and have the ability to become a superhero and so that no villains remembers who they are she could race the memories of penguins and other robots. That way they would become super heroes. My Robot would be able to change her appearance by using paint and clothes. So that she looks different every time. My Robot's name would be Everything Bot. AND MIND YOU IT'S A GIRL!


I would totally make an awesome robot if I could!!! I would model it off of my penguin!!! And while the robots around now are villains, mine would work for the heroes!!!

Chicken Puff:

Name: Iron Bot
Occupation: Villian
Task: Destroy Iron Man and the world
Created by Herbert


it could be invisible ,mighty, huge ,with giant would be so big that when he roars all the earth will move!
it could do all the super gloves and villain robot power together.even superman cant win it because it is made from all the superhero weaknesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello! If I could make a robot I would make
It with lasers, super big arms, two legs and a
Jet pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be awesome!!!!!!
Agent Splosion, out!!!!


I will try to make a real one!

P.S: heros can use robots to disoy overs.


Mine will be a Midget robot that has a secret camera on its eyes
with lotts of ooze in its arms so it will shoot it out.
Its weapon is a double spike ball on the right arm and a super bomb on the left.
When its lives go down its spikes on the balls shoot out into tiny robot spiders that multiply!
watch OUT! it gets big when angry!!


My Robot Would Have A Round Head That Has A Diamond On It That Can Steal The Heroes Powers And The Body Would Be Square With A Oven In The Middle So U Can Have Pizzas While Doing Your Villain Work!
The Legs Would Be Like Claws That Can Rip Up Anything Its Walking On!
The Hands Would Be Big And Strong So The Robot Can Throw Things Easily!


I would create a good robot, not a evil one. It's name would be Cutie pink, and it would be able to create pink storms to destroy villian's evil inventions. It would also be very sparkly and pink. :) It would also be able to vanish to hide from villians and creep up on them! Villians never notice that. Cutie pink can also fly really fast! She also is a very calm robot. Cutie pink is always eager to save Club Penguin, too.
She helps the super heroes save the day. She doesn't panic as well.


My robot would be a medium-sized robot that has big arms, a smart head and it can fly. What it would do is help in construction and of course, if it's attacked it would activate its security system (a bunch of lasers). It would also be fast so it can build quicker. Useful, right? P.S. Can you give me that goldfish?


Robot Name: Freezer 3000
What the Robot dose: It recycles, destroys villains, watches over the island, it has a jet-pack, it helps make schools and playgrounds for children all around the world, it donates to coins for change, it would have a Villain and Herbert tracker (Lets face it Herbert's plans backfire to many times to call him a villain!) It would just be plane awesome! Oh also! It would be had from COMPLETELY RECYCLED MATERIALS!!!
Waddle On! ~Packoo

Dj Stores:

My robot would be as tall as me and be able to do all my chores for me, apart from playing Club Penguin, of course. It would also be able to transform into a car, or bike, or a private jet! It could also wake me up in the morning!


My robot would have flying power ( Jet packs ), then some extreme stomper feet, then blast magma out of his body, but his most biggest super power is: you cannot defeat it when its attacking the most powerful it can.


My robot will be called SlyZar3000. It's head will be oval and made out of glass. It will have penguin beak and penguin eyes so it can blend it with other penguins. It's body will be rectangular with a safe in the middle so it can store important files for the Villains and Herbert. It's arms will be extendable up to 5 meters to pick out villains from dangers of being defeated. It's legs will be flat so it can stick to any surfaces and defy gravity. This robot is (course :P) evil. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!


I love the robots its so fun to make them! If I where to make a robot it'd look like a giant mechanical ninja and it'd be able to fly, move really fast and shoot lasers from it's visual sensors (aka the robot's eyes)! and it'd be called . . . the E.N.R. (Epic Ninja Robot)!


My Robot would defend Club Penguin and be SUPER STRONG!!! He would have Herbert's favorite food with him and would lure him away from the island!


My robot would be pink and sparkly, with laser crystals for eyes! It could fix destroyed areas, feed puffles (very handy!) and basically, just do good! It also doubles as a disco ball, transforming into a small ball, then switching the laser to "disco", spinning around! A purple puffle fave!


my robot will have the powers to destroy what he stare's at and he would be called the destroy-bot 3000
he will also defeat Herbert at any battle and he can also look through stuff and track penguins



My robot will be called, The Mederecks its these indestructible robots of any look and sizes each of them can deflect any temperature and any attack i would use it to help the EPF to protect the island and stop Herbert and his up to no good plans.

Waddle puff:

mine would give you anything you want E.G give me a jetpack and it will give your one!

i would call it I.T.E.M B.O.T 3000

And it would turn into anything you like and answer math questions E.G 1+2=3


my robot will be designed to transform to penguins,herbert and even klutzy!it will have a strong shield,and it will be used by the EPF.also,it has laser eyes,can use the ninja elements(snow,water and fire) to defeat all kinds of villains!also,for a side effect,whoever saw the robot attack a villian,good or bad,is gonna forget the memory,so the robot's identity will be hidden!


Mine would be sometimes nice sometimes evil. It would have a hill shaped body and long ears it would have small feet and breath fire. Waddle on


My robot would look just like a penguin,and would be good at being a great friend! It would have a jetpack 5 times faster than a cheetah on roller skates with an airplane engine! In addition,the smoke would be eco-friendly! The robot would also help save Club Penguin from pesky villains. Lastly,the robot would do some of my chores like walking the puffles and she would also so the best thing ever,but me pizza from the pizza parlor! Now THAT would be the best robot! Waddle On!! :)


If I could make a robot I would make an EPF
Robot that has a built in spy phone and gadgets

Waddle on


It would have a awesome robot head with one red eye and a body that runs on hot water and a wheel and last but not least Long arms


my robot can pick up trash around the island and recycle it and it would be called the recylemotron3000 and to keep cp clean of pollution and it runs on solar power and the more sunshine the more clean club penguin gets and when all the trash is gone on cp penguins will be so happy the end

smarty pants:

i would like a robot that threw nets and had laser eyes


I would build a robot so powerful it could destroy herbert and the villains also I would build a robot for all the agents so they can use it to go on missons and the robot can be added to their envintory so the could wear it when they want to and if Gary improves it I could get accses to make it a gadjet and put it on the spy phone as a gadjet so thats all.



it would be a puffle robot with the abilities of all the puffles combined and be a robot used in the epf for missions


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