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By Polo Field on May 22, 2013 - 10:50

Last week we asked, what's your favourite part about being a ninja?


I really liked Kkcandy3317's answer: 

One of my fav part about card Jitsu is helping other penguins how to play if they just started the game. When my friend greengirl32 started, she told me she was having a hard time with the fire element so I helped her by playing card Jitsu fire with her. And then she was doing super duper well!! After I felt really well!!! Now I think helping other penguins are what true ninjas do!!

I agree KKcandy3317, sharing your knowledge to help others is a great part of being a ninja!

This week we've got a question for those of you who have had a chance to hone your elite skills in Spy Drills! What would your ultimate spy gadget be? Leave your answer in the comments!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team




a retractable surfboard


more puffles that can do elite stuff

p.s. Gary - Can you invent a time machine so we can go back to past parties?


Hey Canada 8 Ive Got The SAME Idea! Really Cool Right??


I would also enjoy that. If I could use that time machine, I would be able to get a duck floaty I want.


I know rite I wish there was a time machene so we can go back to all of the fashions that they sold a wile ago that we whant


I hope they use that idea.


Omg! Moongletter has the best fashion stuff!you should check her at club I was waiting for this!i can't wait to be famous just like moongletter!BYE


omg i think the same!

Cute penguins:

I would wish that too


Good idea! x :)


me too i would like too get that duck floaty


Wow I was thinking the same exact thing! XD


i had the same idea the last time they asked but i also think that they should bring the old gadgets and puffles back. also i beleive that there should be server jumping because i always miss my friends when they are on

yelow horse:

I totally agree with the server jumping idea because if my friend is on another server, I always have to log out and log back on.


canada8 yeah i realy love that i can go back and never miss a thing but the place i wanna go most is that card jitsu snow dojo lol anyway i would like to add a hmm let me think......................... about a billion years later still cant choose sorry did that for a laugh anyway i got a few options for u here they are .elite puffle shop .epf cargo .herbert tracker 3000 .agent caller .the lunch snacks 300 .gear to capture villans .super wings .the jet pack 300 .explosion maker thats all bye!


I know how good would that be ps wat would the rainbow puffle do?


Me 3


ya that will be cool!!! please!!!!


That would be a cool idea!!!


Gary did make a time machine. You must not have been on for the dinosaur party.

yelow horse:

I think they mean the parties that we've had in the past. Like the puffle party or something.


When he said time machine he meant 1 that would stay 4 Eva on cp



Waddles Jr7:

I would like to have like a gadget that could let me train my own puffle Kitty to be an Elite Puffle! So I can call her whenever!i mean it would save work for PH!and it would be so cool! Anyways
Agent Waddles Jr7, over and out.


Excellent idea!


That is a great idea


awesome cuz i started late and i want to play all the partys


Canada8 that would be cool!!!

Ding Bing:

Wow! I bet the majority of us all were thinking the same idea!




A Card-jitsu card that has the number 50, fire, water, and snow all on it.




You Know what that is a good idea we should hav a time machine nd then if there were party's that happened b4 we aigned up 4 club penguin we could go ther that is the best comment eva


Hey Canada 8 Ive Got The SAME Idea! Really Cool Right??


...he already made a time machine! weren't you there at this year's prehistoric party?


Amazing idea that mean I can go to the party whih was about Club Penguin floating & I could claim a free Jet Pack!


Yeah! I wan't to save the island on Operation Blackout. The music is EPIC!!1

Tazdude 1:

That would be awsome !!!!


An elite puffle would be cool. Also a time machine.


yeah Gary that would be awsome!


good for Gary :).


Why cant i log in , it never works is it blocked?


Club penguin is cool because you can be a ninja


My ultimate spy gadget would be a scanner that would tell me if a new penguin needed help and its location. I love being a tour guide and helping new penguins.


maybe you got band


I would have a invisibility ray so my puffle and I could help everyone secretly...Then I would change back and pretend I didn't do it. :)


I think mine would be a puffle whistle like in Herbert's Revenge for DS , So you can use puffles for missions



Austin 5944:

MY TOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


It's because ur internets not working, that happened to me. Tell me if it says "club penguin is not available" chickflick87


we can already call flare and hes a puffle.


Cool. I agree totally!

TigerzMZ :

That would b so cool plus i hav Herbert's revenge on DS well


I saw a device to track Herbert, like a metal detector but different


me to buddyjosh10 but maybe with a camouflage suit that could see where Herbert is oh and polo field I need you to tell me what time the party is. waddle on


My ultimate spy gadget would be a digital watch with a Herbert tracker,teleportation devise,music,a phone,and mini games to train for taking down enemies to the EPF and Club Penguin




that is a great idea


Great idea


my gadget would be a mascot tracker with a epf party maker with a mascot maker with a ninja tacker and a herbert tracker and a snow ball super mega gun and a coth maker with a super cool tool and a fryer and a FREE MEGA SUPER NEO HEPYER COOL UNLIMED PUFFLE BALL MEGA


like a car will be cool


retractable surfboard


My spy gear would be a grappling hook that comes with a freeze ray!

Blu 29:

A ultimate Herbert-sensor monkey robot would be EPIC


a movable force field!


My ultimate spy gadget would be a hat. It would have lasers, a grappling hook, a spinning thing that would make you fly, and it would make pizza! That would be awesome!


Well I have to say a really big jet pack with 10 other things on it, like helping stuff, if my friend got stuck in some snow I would Use a heat lamp and fly to her and give her a hand! :)


Oh, Oh. I know! The best gadget would be a self-changing machine. On the spy phone, you can save three outfits and when you go to gadgets and click on one, you automatically change into it. Great for hiding!


mine would be a super jetpack with herber tracker and a time jumper so i can go to the summer kick off party and try out the beta for club penguin


A time machine Because you can come back in time to see Herbert doing bad things and my ultimate spy gadget is a digital watch with a Herbert teleport so you can see what he is doing and a metal detector that can get he's plans

Pengu AwsomeCp:

Hey cp team a really cool gadget would be a store where u could buy gadgets like jet packs and stuff and be a equipped for the mission


Something that would repay dragonboy956 as he helped me find my way around the island when I first joined Club Penguin. Thanks, dragonboy956!!!!!!!!


A ninja spy suit with spy tools


Mine would be a super cool helemet that tells me whenever Herbert and Klutzy are scheming

Shaughn :

Mine would be a 11 card in card jitsu




I would want a gadget that would make you be able to have any super power you wanted! I mean who wouldn't want that?

kevin 42:

Hmmm...... That's a hard one! I guess super sonic ray gun.


A lazer beam water fire and snow sword tht is powerful and can defeat Herbert and clutzy and can also be used as a phone so you can get help (not tht you would need it caz the sword is POWERFULL)


i would upgrade the new EPF phone even more so it would do anything i want and had a secret password that only i would know!!


My altimate spy gadget would probably be.....
A knolage keeper, so CP can know everything
For example if someone stole aunt arctics hat
We could turn on the knolage keeper and type in
AUNT ARTICS HAT THIF and it would tell us who
stole aunt artics hat, we could even know how
To prepare for a storm!

Isabel 98765:

The perfect spy gadget would be a small little phone that can fit into your pocket. It can call people, but instead of talking a hologram comes out!! When it breaks down, a little chip inside fixes itself! It comes with lasers, a DNA sampler, and a GPS that NEVER gets you lost! When you lose it, it will transport itself to its owner! It can disguise you and itself into whatever you want when you are on a secret spy mission! It even has a coffee dispenser for breaks! That's a perfect spy gadget!


I think there should be an option where you can sell the stuff you don't want or be able to gift them for a friend even if they are non members.

Placer 34:

Being a ninja is rly fun and I agree I like helping new players when they first start. My friend that was new with this and needed help with the snow element I helped her and now I feel like a good penguin and a nice ninja penguin


Im not a ninja. :(

Cute girl:

I would have a shapeshifter lipstick so it could be a house or a dog


A gadget that teleports a robotic puffle to help missions
Also you should be able to call a helicopter to take you to places
And you should be able to teleport to your friends because I can never find my friends
Finally you should be able to play games on your gadget


I agree with kkcandy3318


The ultimate gadget wqould be laser glasses that can shoot lasers and teleport you without the need of a spy phone,it would be awesome because we could wear our most powerful gadgets!

Doctor 1235:

I think it would be a tool that could make you invisible that way you could sneak up on enemy's like Herbert or Snow Ninjas without them knowing at all!!!


i am very excited to play but i tried to log in and it just wouldnt work




The new EPF is the tomorrow!


it should have lasers and gadgets that can give you superpowers and shoot ropes so you can tie up a villain or something! and one that can give you disguises!!


So is the snow dogo I can't wait how about everyone else


I can't wait!!


I can't wait!:D

lovely 2403:

i am going to log in tomarrow and meet you there


Cool and very good




I think it would be great if everyone could turn invisible!!! Everyone would love that and it would be a good disguise!! Waddle On guys!!!


that should be for halloween+during the halloween club penguin we should have GIANT PARTIES EVERY NIGHT!!!!cool idea right?


If you're a ninja you can buy these gloves that make you COMPLETELY invisible!!(You can't even see the eyes!)
but you can still see your penguin's name.


A glass with the EPF symbol on. Built in is a microscopic glass camera that captures HD pictures. Also it can teleport you by using teleportation bluetooths. It can call and text like a phone. And it can increase or decrease in size and you can have options to make yourself invisible to others while wearing this gadget. It also sends you updates on missions and what's happening at EPF. When you're playing spy drills and other games it also gives you tips and tricks on how to use it and win.


Wow! You're comment will definitely be posted!


I soooooooooöooooooooo agree with watever u sed i luv it!


My spy gadget would be a spy mini robot with laser eyes, it could turn invisible, and I could have lazer eyes as well. Then my spy phone could cook my pizza and my favorite food. Next, I could say one thing I love, then it would teleport that thing. Kinda a voice command thing. Finally, I could use it to stop Herbert and help my penguin friends out.

Waddle on!



Waddle on penguins and get more coins


i think the ultimate spy gadget would be a fold out computer with a bunch of gadgets downloaded on it that can shrink to fit in your pocket.


Great job! I never thought of that one before.

Waddle on!



Awesome !!!!!!!!!


I do the same with myfriendsandthey do the same back and I'll do they same with new people or people who don't get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this inspires people to help other people in the real world and not on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So get out and help people and don't bully anyone who doesn't get it help them out until they get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim :

Can you be my friend?

Michelle 4857:

A gadget that can make your puffle and you mini so you can sneak into places it would be called a micro-way


It's a good idea. Never thought of it. I like the idea too!


well maybe the new gear could be a jetpack! I love my fellow penguins as much as I love my jetpack!


really good


The best Elite Penguin Force gadget would be a messaging service where normal Agents can contact each other and check other Agent's pleads for backup and help. This way the island would see crime disappear almost over night! Citizens of Club Penguin, you're in great hands!


I love that idea!!


I think it is the spy phone with new tool like the psa one! I did love those tools. I think it shall have the tools please think about the tools. i did lobe it if you had it is the spy phone.


Having the coolest gadgets ever to help you trace down Herbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Add me polo field
Name: coolshawn821

Mr Pepper669:

Lazers,pizza,spy gadgets,teleportation in any room (members only) and the ultimate one yet: the abillity to transform into anything (ghosts,frostbite,reindeer puffle,all puffle colors,elite puffles,road racers and dinosaurs

ninja blackp:

the coolest epf gear would be where the gear could transform into jets and cars now that would be awesome :D


I think the ultimate spy gadget would be one that can alert you where herbert or any other penguin that needs help is located. It would save a bunch of agents time and we could finally capture Herbert and give him what he deserves! Clup Penguin would finally be at peace! I hope...


I think that a cool gadget would be a retractable-rope-jetpack. Then you could fly above Club penguin. And if you see a penguin that needs help, you could go and fly above them. Then you would release the rope, and then the penguin would climb onto the rope, and you fly to somewhere safe. Also, you could fly above villains, and tie them up with the rope and fly to the EPF.


i think every penguin should be able to do that like ones with no membership because i dont think its fair that members get the good things nonmembers want to do cool things too


i agree. i really want to do that.


I think the ultimate Spy Phone Update would be a EPF mascot tracker! It could tell you when Gary, Rookie, and 'The Director' are on. That way it could be more easy to meet mascots! Your phone would ring with a picture of the mascot, and it would tell you the sever. It would be helpful in the field!


I agree with Hiccup659

Budster Bud:

Mine would be super cool laser glasses that can turn into hot mode and cool mode and it would have x ray stuff so you see trough walls!





Too easy:A giant laser beam that scans you to see if you are an agent :/not so sure really that the new EPF is coming tomorrow?

Piiggy2 :


Death Birdy:

Buster Bud that would be extremely cool just being able to burn or freeze dirt or ground with ease. Plus being able to see through walls would let you find hidden areas as well! Great answer Buster Bud!

Waddle On Club Penguin!


i think that best will be a DNA ,that will easier to indentfy the herbeart or other vallians


ummmm? oh how about a grafeling hook that shot rainbow? ar a ningia puffle?


It should be a gadget that creates a robot ecsecly like you and can reaplace you whole you are In mission or help you win Hebert whith it's incredible strength or bring you special cool weapons.


The best gadget would have to be a suit in a box . Their would be a little box that has the ultimate suit in it that has lasers, teleportation device, invisibility and has a Herbert tracker so you know where Herbert every second. That is the ultimate gadget!


I think the best gadget would be fly in the air or shoot lasers from ur glasses!

Epic Rawr:

It should be a jetpack so you could fly in the sky XD or a jetpack with laser and a telescope so you can zap herbert without him seeing you cause you'll be in the sky! 0.0

1 cool17:



A stylish hat and when you tell it to it can change into anything! For example if you shouted "hat,boat!" It turns into a boat!


A tool that turns you invisible to sneak up on enemy's like Herbert


It would be cool if we had an invisibility cape or glasses!
-Waddle On!


I think the most AWESOME spy tool would be a... Camera! You can take pictures of anything!

best fire:

i could think we had a gadget what do us insvible and maked a bomb insvible so we could just put a bomb where the villain is and where his villain machine is so every penguins dont need herbert or bad robots or something


The BEST one would have to be a Earth Day tracker or a Party Room Tracker! So you would know where to join in with Earth Day things! And know where the best party room is!!

Life simmer:

Hiya everybody


I think the ultimate spy gadget would be to talk to agents like G and jet pack guy or to be able to put on disguise or finally to have spy skills on your phone. Maybe the spy phone could have 2 pages with gadgets and many more on.


Waddle On CP!!!!


I think that the gadgets for the spy phone are screwdrivers hammer and more items. Oh and Club Penguin Team you guys are awesome!

8hot dog8:

I think the ultimate spy gadget would be an identifier. You scan someone and it tells you everything you need to know about them. Like if they are good or bad, or what they are good at, or what puffle they would be.


I think the ultimate gadget is the teleportation device. You can bust Herbert with the device when he is trying to destroy the island! You can also use the device when Gary wants you to report to EPF Headquarters for a secret mission!! I always want to get to EPF HQ quick because I loooooooovvveee missions.


I would have a mini spy ray that can shoot out freeze and heat rays, so I could melt my way out of trouble or freeze enemies.

chock mima:

u could maybe have a spy car maybe or a flying thing like a jet or something like that,or stealth u could turn invisible WITHOUT your name and u could turn into anything WITHOUT your name so u could be spy on people like agents do!


I think there should be this special suit and you could press W to camouflage with the snow!


I think the ultimate spy gadget would be the teleporting system. You can go place to place and nobody will know where you are or where you went


How about a hoverboard? That would be really useful!


I was thinking a little bolt that turns into a hover car made of snow


I would like a little black box that was voice commanded and could turn into any vehicle I wanted. Also I would want it to be able to attach to my skin and mold to my body forming a protective shell that had a lot of cool weapons that I could spawn on my arms.


I think it would be a robot spy dog that when it smells something it gives you exact coordinates.


My gadget would be a box, but just not any box!! It would have writing on it that says "hot sauce" like it's a hot sauce package! But inside, what it really is is a herbert tracker, a laser shooter, a camera to see what's going on with the epf and the agents!! And that's not all! There's a Big red button which opens a secret drawer and gives you x-ray vision goggles! That would be AWESOME!!!! :D


I think that would be awesome!


I also forgot to put that my gadget is those things combined! YAY!


My ultamite gaget would be a phone that could make you invisable and shoot lasers and track down enemies it can teleport you and it could turn into anything . Club penguin team you rock!!!


I would use a gadget to do MANY things,one button would turn you into an item, another for a jet pack, another for a smoke bomb and other!

fix it felix :

why do i fix everything i touch




My spy gadget would a little cute rainbow puffle, that had a tiny invisible camera on it so I could spy on Herbert and see what evil plans he is up too. Then, my puffle could create a explosive pizza, so I would be able to send it to Herbert, and when he would take a bite.......BOOM! In his face and he would be covered with sticky cheese. Next my puffle could create a mini lazer gun that shot stinky poisonous socks. This would be the best puffle gadget I ever had!

Wood N. Work:

Wouldn't work. Herbert would kick it out right away


Klutzy would beg to keep it over and over again. This would drive Herbert CRAZY!!!! For the rest of his life.......dude be creative and stop hurting everyone. Most importantly, have fun!


That's so cool! If i could have a gadget it would be a disguise button where you click it and you are disguised! :D

Waddle on!


Gee thanks! Wait......was that reply to me or the other guy Pinkieloo?

Waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!


My perfect gadget would be a piffle caller , it could could call every puffle in cp and help us agents fight enemies!!!! That would be super duper awesome!!!! :)


My ultimate spy gadget would be something like when you press a button and then you can transform into a whole new penguin. Maybe you can turn into klutzy when you want to spy on herbert, or turn into Herbert, to get a chance to have a little taste of being a bad guy. That would be awesome


Ok it can be a spy jet


it's a remote that can take control of Herbert's device's and it has a walky-talky built in and it also has a camera i think that would be awesome


my ultimate spy gadget would be invisable power so herbert would not see me or laser vision or magnet to take any thing for herberdts hands or super speed


I think something that could teleport you somewhere, become a laser ray, make you invisible, and track anything all in one would be an AMAZING spy device!

Waddle on, Club Penguin!


The ultimate gadget to add would be a laser or grappling hook because with a laser I could engrave my penguin name onto the ice or cut a hole into Herbert's layer!With the grappling hook I could be a penguin reaching new heights and swing from building to building without being seen also with ease!!!!


The ultimate gadget to add would be a laser or grappling hook because with a laser I could engrave my penguin name onto the ice or cut a hole into Herbert's layer!With the grappling hook I could be a penguin reaching new heights and swing from building to building without being seen also with ease!!!!


My ultimate spy gadget would just have to be super vision! That would allow you to repair anything that is broken, just by looking at it, also repairs Gary's failed inventions!
This would be an awesome gadget that I think would help out penguins and puffles a lot!
Waddle on CP!


I would pick the Elite Puffle, a Freaky Monster Suit (something like a Wendigo from a game called Geomon), and Freeze Rays to DESTROY HERBERT SO HERBERT WILL NOT ATTACK EVER AGAIN! (Sorry about the uppercases, I wanted to be funny. XD


My favorite spy phones will be if I can fly with it.
It would be very cool and to have super powers

Dragon 14989:

What would your ultimate spy gadget be? My ultimate gadget would be friends because they can help you do anything and will be there when needed


I think the ultimate spy gadget would be a force field that turn you invisible for you could sneak up on enemys like herbert


my secret spy gadget would be that it would turn everyone to sleep except you. you could use it go to find Herbert secret cave . it work on animals too.


I would have a bear-inator3000, transforming penguins to look and sound like bears, to make sure herbet isn't sneaking around.

And also, thatks for bringing back the old H.Q music! did you bring it back because of my other comment asking you, cause if so, thanks!!!


My ultimate spy gadget would be an invisible watch and a jet pack that would never need fuel because then we can fly all around and spy on our enemies .And also when we press a button on the invisible watch we would turn invisible.




time travel and why g and the epf go back in time and stop herbert! BEST OP IN THE WORLD


The ultimate spy gadget would be an invisibility power. It would be SUPER helpful for sneaking past enemies (like Herbert), and saving club penguin from his evil schemes. There could even be an on/off mode so you can choose to be invisible or not! That would be a HUGE help to EPF agents. That would be the ULTIMATE spy gadget ever!


Ninjas well...need stealth ability and have ace timing so an invisibility cloak,that has 4 buttons.colored of course,red when make a cloak car come make your walkie-talkie come out.grey= something to get the finger prints off means for a protective invisable shield come out.


The best part is getting to practice what's hard for you. When I first tried to do system defender it was really hard but after I practiced I got better.

Mega Farter:

My ultimate spyphone would have a hebert tracker that can track him anywhere and it would have a laser to break in to metal doors and a telporter that can telport me anywhere and can make you invisible without you leaving a footprint.That would be my awesome spyphone.


Speaking of mobile, I just found a bug in My Penguin! I had 29 sushi and then I went to play the first level in rollerscape I quit and then BOOM! No more sushi! If you remove that bug it would be helpful! Thanks Ryannemily.

P.s. does that mean that I have to earn my sushi all over again?

07 Dolly:

I think having a bunch of friends or a heat senser BUT with a twist showing you where the person had touched he item your looking for!!!!!


Probably Sorry


mine would be a super-cool RADIOACTIVE SNOWBALL THROWING MACHINE!!!! or i mean... a-a- j-jet pack...yeah :|

Te Jr:

a dress that turns into anything, like if u shout "plane", it turns into a plane. or if u shout "boat", it becomes a boat!! that will help catch Herbert and the dress will make u invisible and ur name invisible


A Cloaking Device To Sneak Up On Herbert And Save The Day To Help Penguins Be Safe And A Problem Solve-Inator 3000 Inator!
To Help Penguins When They Have Problems


I think u could turn invisible with like a thing u put on then u turn invisible and turn in to other things to spy on people but if u click on them u can see there name


I think a wrench will come in handy! In this way, you could fix anything with bolts in it! Just like in the P.S.A. missions!


I think my favorite gadget would be a computer that lets you open files track, track Herbert and help you solve missions!

Te Jr:

That is a good idea

Gangiegirl :

The ultimate spy gadget for me would have to be an invisible weapon so if you were captured and your hands were tied, you would be able to cut you and your friends free!


I think the ultimate spy gadget would be a disguise and body shifter gadget. It would let you disguise really fast and transform into other animals fast like a crab to pretend to be Klutzy. This would help learn more about upcoming villains.


Probably a Time Machine watch. That means you can figure out what Herbert is planning on before hand OR if a disaster happens, you can go back in time and fix it!

ash kid413:

being invisible so herbert or robots wont see you! :)


Also, a helper robot might be nice. I would send my helper Robot out to do field-Ops for me and others. So then, all penguins could get spy gear more easily and defeat Herbert!


<3 i love club penguin but it wont work.


i would get like a tiny cube with a microphone on it so whatever you need it will get built inside it and open


I think the ultimate gadget would be a incisibility cloak

Icystorm 9:

My best spy gadget would be a time travel machine because I could go back in time to stop Protobot 10,000 from taking the puffles and Gary in November 2008; I could stop Herbert from trying to take over the island in November 2012. I could also help other penguins find pins that I didn't even get a super long time ago. I could go back to 2005 to see what Club Penguin was like before I joined. I think that would be the best thing in a penguin's whole entire life in Club Penguin!
-Icystorm 9




Hey thats so awesome!!!! i had the same idea but i did not choose it to put in this thingy!!! But that is a really awesome idea!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think the best gadget would be that u can shrink yourself. waddle on cp.


My Ultimate Gadget would be Spy gear with lasers and lighting and Powerful meadal punches included. This is because These are cool Gadgets GARY should work on


hmmm ok the ultamite (sorry for spelling mistakes) gadget would be a phone which could turn into a robot that u could jump into and control and the robot had heat rays, a nuclear deninator, an EVIL tracker, a pair of spings on the robots feet so he could jump really high and a microwave so u can cook pies while ur on a mission.

A Blue Derp:

The ultimate gadget would be a jet pack that can turn into ANYTHING, including laser glasses with x-ray vision and an invisibility suit, You would be able to fly to heights HIGHER THAN JET PACK GUY!!!


A cool spy gadget would be a shrink ray! Then you can shrink and hide from enemies like Herbert!


Hey club penguin team I think the most awesome gadget would be to have a bank account (J.K.) I mean a bank would be cool but to make an unlimited supply if food!!!, Money or puffle/ puffle food.
waddle on penguins!!!


My gadget will be a phone that transforms to ANYTHING and can track herbert or robbers or any enemies.Also i get to see messages form the EPF or friends and i can send them back.Another thing is that it can turn to a ULTRA STRENGTH AND FAST AS THE SPEED OF SONIC AND LIGHT.Then another thing is that it can shoot very big hard snowballs at enemies and also throw cuffs too.The last thing is that it can transform to a ultra car that is super fast and i can give me anything i want.


I think a Herbert tracker! Track Herbert and Klutzy and use your superduperfaboulousmakabulous spy skills to stop them from destroying Club Penguin!


My ultimate spy gadget would be a pair of pink or blue sunglasses that could transform into anything such as a boat or a jet pack so they would be useful in any situation! They could also work as a communicator so you could talk to a friend or communicate with penguins like the director or Gary. They would also be able to answer any question and do everything a regular spy phone does! And it would be great that all that is disguised as a pair of sunglasses!


Mine would be that the phone gives you the ability to shape shift. So you touch the shape shift app and then it brings you to a screen. On the screen it says to touch your finger on the spot. Then you yell out what you want to be and it changes you to it. For example, if you want to be a slide click the app. Put your finger on the spot and yell slide. Now you are a slide. This could be used for hiding at the dojo or just hiding from Herbert!


That's a really good idea!


Mine would be a gadget that can show all camras off all the cp rooms even your igloo! Most of all it can track down mascots during parties! Dont forget i think it could play missions from the psa!


My best spy gadget would have gadgets!!! It will have a time travel device with super spy goggles to see if someone needs help!!!! And a rocket too boost to get to other places fast. It will have a Herbert trap with extra sticky glue to fix things. And a contact button to contact other penguins who need help!!! It can make you turn into one of Herbert's friends to spy on Herbert. My gadget will do anything for EPF!!


Hi polofield,
If I could invent a spy gadget, I would add a time machine so you could go back to any awesome party you wanted. And a messaging service, so you could send messages to penguins. What about a camera? That would be super cool! We could take photos at parties, photos of friends, photos of anything!
Waddle on,
Randomer13 :)


My ultimate spy gadget would something that allows your penguin to fly! This would let you fly around club penguin whether it be a mission or just regular club penguin. It would be an ace gadget! On any mission you could get places faster or reach things high up, it would be like a superpower! It would even be fun to just use it to chill on the roof, this would be my fav and ultimate spy gadget


I think the ultimate spy gadget would be a time machine to go back to past parties because i fell sooooooo bad for the penguins who miss some cool parties. Another ultimate spy gadget would be a machine to make you a member for a hour or so and you can use it everyday i think that because some penguins are sad that they arent a member so this would help them.

Waddle on,


My ultimate spy gadget would be a belt with a mini computer keypad. You could type in what you needed and it would appear in a pocket in the belt. It would be tiny when you took it out but then it would turn to full size. Would that be awesome or what?!? I t would be so useful! Like if you were hiding in Herbert's lair you could get a net and trap him!

Cool Ice Gal:

My spy gadget would be an INVISABLE SNOW CANNON! I could blast snow in Herbert's face if he's being annoying or to stop his plan! He HATES the cold! So with that I could pretty much drive Herbert off the island! And in winter if it becomes a "Green Winter" I could blast snow over the island! SNOW PARTY WOOT WOOT!!!!


My spy phone could disguise me as a vilan so Herbert wouldn't know who I am, could transform into a futuristic fashionable flying car, it would also have a portel to send me to the future, and to the past, would have secret pouch for new clothing deliveries, and also put stuff in to send back to base.

Ball Puff13:

If my ultaminte gadget was a grappling hook it would be AWESOME I mean like we could just swing it somewhere and then slide over there!!! I know that basicly after all videos it's 'waddle on' so with a grappling hook we don't have to walk and they might not give a lag that much.

SM 8:

to go back in time in a car oh what that's back to the future but still time travel









Tegelman :

I think the best spy gadget for EPF agents would be a tracker to track all villains, plus Herbert and Klutzy.


I think the best spy gadget would be a translator so when Herbert tries to pull a fast one on us with a secret code we can understand it! What do you think?


My gadget would be a laser pointer that can teleport what you point it at and can pick up and move oblects!

Corn Flake 3:

my best would be a time machine and teloprter


Even though there all cool I would love them to have these elite puffles too
-Chester ( brown puffle could actually be useful )
-and all the rest of the elite puffles
Waddle on CP


I want a changable phone! It looks like a normal phone then you can set it to be anything you want... It could be a Time Machine, a megaphone/microphone,and even things like a book and a lunch box. (What? Every penguin needs a good lunch and book!) Haha! I think this is the best idea beacause it can turn into anything at anytime! Hopefully it would be free though!

Snowstorms :

So cool!!


Free? Free?!
In the real world you pay for lunch, and books... That must be one awesome 'Changeable Phone'
Can it transform into.. hmmm, a pepperoni pizza? I command your 'Changeable phone' to turn into a pizza machine and make me one pepperoni pizza!


it would be a time machine so you can go back in time and see parties and get the stuff for example the beta party in the begining of club penguin


I would really like if they had a robot to follow you around. It would have a setting to help other penguins find they're way around! It could help you if you didn't have any friends!!!


I would really like if they had a robot to follow you around. It would have a setting to help other penguins find they're way around! It could help you if you didn't have any friends!!!


That is a cool Idea!!!
P.S. Invite Me!! shyanne12199


my ultimate gadget would b an invisibility suit so no can c u


I think we should have a elite puffle whistle that everyone in the epf can have for a gadget


Well, a fish blaster.
Hey!!look behind you a fish!! :D


Well my fave spy gadget would be something that makes ten clones of yourself so if there is more than one villain and two are the most powerful ones you could makes clones of yourself so no one would get hurt and no villain will win! :D
Waddle On!

Kyle Mario:

I think out of all of spy gadgets it must be the sticky gloves. You can actually climb up walls like spider man. So that means I could climb up the entire island! It would be epic!


My ultimate spy gadget would be the same as the one we have now, just with a HELP DETECTOR built in. If anyone was in trouble, the HELP detector would pick it up and tell you exactly where the call came from. It would be really useful for keeping people safe, which is what the EPF agents are supposed to do.

Waddle on CP :)


Ninja kazama:

I really agree with you plus I wish there was a key pad to call Gary or dot or g to help me they are like my role model I wish when I grow up I would work for cp and thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luke 99601:

i think its pretty helpfull because maybe you can get rusty after the new EPF is built so it helps you keep your skills on track

Enter nickname:

waddle on CP cant wait for tomorow


My ultimate spy gadget would be a way to communicate with any penguin from a distance. It would have a tiny antenna for radar usage and it would let out an alarm when a fellow agent has been trapped or captured.


It would be great to be able to write to send messages to other agents, for example to say are the strong agent snowed fast, or to talk privately would like an actual phone.
-VicentasoEnter comments


I completely agree



The ultimate gadget would be a Herbert-detector!

Meg Han1:

I agree, that's very cool!


It would be great to be able to write to send messages to other agents, for example to say are the strong agent snowed fast, or to talk privately would like an actual phone.

Meg Han1:

I wish we could have that, that sounds so cool!


I would have my phone have wheels and talk to give advice on missions and it would have built in spy gadgets like Herbert hide out tracker. It would also congratulate you after a mission .


Mine would be glasses that shoot lasers, capture video, track an enemy, turn you invisible, let you travel though time, teleport you, turn into anything, and make a smoothie and give you a massage for long, stressing missions. THAT WOULD BE THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER!


Mine will be a penguin help tracker!It tracks fellow penguins who need help and epf agents as well.There will also be a mode were you can help puffles,and maybe even a Herbert tracker!Oh and by the way I love the my penguin app!Thank you!


My is a time machine so I can go back and stop villains like Herbert! And if we likes loose a battle we stop them by going back in time and use the future gadgets to stop villains!

Waddle on!


That is a good idea


Enter co would like a Herbert planer so when herberts going to attack that gadget tells you when why and how he will do it and not just for Herbert for all the villans on cp

Ice Breath3:

I think there should be a multi tool that has a million different things like a laser, grappling hook, and all kinds of exciting things!



Kk Kylee:

I think my special spy gadget would be an animal voice translator!! Because I love animals, and that's pretty much the reason I play club penguin in the first place! But we all know that cats meow, and dogs bark, but sometimes I wonder what they're thinking in their tiny animal heads!!

Cr Beak:

My ultimate spy gadget would be a vehicle that can climb/drive/fly over all terrains in Club Penguin, but still have the ability to grow and shrink so it can fit in your pocket, and be big enough to ride!


The PERFECT spy gadget would be the Agent Conect-atron 3000! It would allow agents to have FULL access all E.P.F. tools from there Elite Spy Phone! That includes System Defender, Spy Drills, files, Etc. Even if they were trapped in the woods or in a trap by an evil poler bear!


Mine would be sunglasses that has a hidden camera, shoots lasers, turns you invisible, tracks signals, lets you travel through time, can turn into anything, let you fly, give you super-penguin strength, make you look AWESOME, and makes you a smoothie and gives you a massage. THAT WOULD BE THE BEST THING EVER!


Something that can capture Herbert. He's been getting away for over a year now. Gary really need to build something more useful -_-.


I say the teleport icon. Its so awsome and easy to get around! plus helping new agents get around is easy and simple. Thats why i do that to! being a spy on club penguin is incerbly fun and awsome! And if had to pick a certen gadget it would be Purse'o-bot were it tranformes itoo anything!!!!!!!!!

Dee Jaay:

My gadget would be that if my puffle ever ran away I would be able to track it by some gadget on its collar connected to my spy phone. Then I won't have to buy a new one!!!


My Spy Gadget invention would be a Protection Force Field 3000! I'd use it to protect the world of Club Penguin from danger, or any kind of harm! That way, Herbert has no capabilities of hurting us.


My Gadget will be a body changer for an example we can all turn into Klutzy's and pretend to be Herberts Minions. When we finally learn his secret plan we would report it to the EPF right away.


The perfect gadget on the spy phone for me would be that the spy phone could shape shift into all sorts of stuff. If their was a giant snow monster attacking the island the spy phone could shape shift into a huge heat laser. I would use the giant heat lasers to melt the giant snow monster. It would be so epic! Or if Herbert was escaping the spy phone would transfer into a car and I could chase after him!

Waddle on!


I think my ultimate spy gadget would be a spy phone ( like we have now ) that can take us to past parties or in the past for penguins who weren't here for it like me!
Waddle o
Waddle on!


time travel and your own robot whistle the robot would help all the time and invisibility powers Herbert would never see you NEVER i hope... waddle on


The ultimate gadget would be a superpower giver!!! With this I could get any superpower I want and could give superpowers to my friends, so we could beat herbert and take him to jail!!


Mine is a time machine so we could go to the future to see what Herbert has planned then try to stop him from thinking about what he has planned in the future!

Agent PuffleBro, out!

Jaynebr :

I think the ultimate gadget would be some thing that can turn you into mist!!So you could fly and go through walls and detect penguins, puffles , crabs and polar bears that are coming near!! And have excellent hearing so you can hear distress calls and help who ever made the call!! That would be awsome!!
P.S, can you add me polo?


my ultimate gadget would be a decoder so if we get secret messages we can decode it


if i made a ultimite spy gaget it would be a call for help so you can call for help if you cant do or figure out someting and have a camoflacher so you can blend into stuf.


I think my spy gadget would have a botton to travel back in time. I would also have a laser and a hologram so I can see if my friends are in danger, and a botton to make potions. Another thing I would put is a botton to shrink things. The last thing I would have is a switch to make me invisible .

That is what my Ultimate Spy Gadget would be like. I hope you like my Ultimate Spy Gadget would be like. WADDLE ON!!!!

Purple Madal:

If I had an AWESOME SUPER COOL SPY GADGET?! Mine would be a disguise giver. That way if you're on the job, that old furry bear, Herbert can't stop you; Because he'll never see the difference!


My ultimate device would be able to track Herbert, shoot lasers, generate snow, have an automatic tour guide installed into it for new penguins, have a bunch of mini games exclusive to EPF, able to send private messages to other agents, have a map off cp just in case u need plan an escape, have data on every single penguin ever, a stun gun, and a disguise generator for sticky situations, it would also come in three colors, blue for the joker, green for the nature lover and red for the warrior.


Pretty cool! Can it time travel? Your device has a pretty good chance of winning, have you met sensei yet? He has a cool background, I think we played each other in card jitsu water, remember Sunday last week? You were the blue penguin who beat me and I was the red penguin who kept making the snow bigger and bigger(it was my first time LOL!) and then before I could accept your friend request I accidentally clicked no but you were gone :( so i sent u one, anyway I know u will win so good luck!!


its a pretty cool design, seen mine?


My gadget would be a potion that gives you laser vision, X ray vision, and the power to move things with your mind.


My ideal gadget would be able to sense laser security traps, detect criminals from miles away and AUTOMATICALLY trap them, STOP hackers from entering the EPF system, and scan rooms for suspicious activity with the touch of a button! I think these features would be really useful!

Archmage din:

My ultimate device would be a teleportation watch with a villain tracker, jetpack on my back and a phone in the watch.


The most awesome gadget to me would be well there are lots but mine would be a helper by that I mean when someone is having a hard time with missions or elite penguin stuff all you have to do is press the helper button on the gadget and you will be partnered up with any penguin that needs help.That would be the awesomest gadget.


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