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By Polo Field on May 22, 2013 - 10:50

Last week we asked, what's your favourite part about being a ninja?


I really liked Kkcandy3317's answer: 

One of my fav part about card Jitsu is helping other penguins how to play if they just started the game. When my friend greengirl32 started, she told me she was having a hard time with the fire element so I helped her by playing card Jitsu fire with her. And then she was doing super duper well!! After I felt really well!!! Now I think helping other penguins are what true ninjas do!!

I agree KKcandy3317, sharing your knowledge to help others is a great part of being a ninja!

This week we've got a question for those of you who have had a chance to hone your elite skills in Spy Drills! What would your ultimate spy gadget be? Leave your answer in the comments!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team




The ultimate spy gadget would be a button on the spyphone that when pressed, activated a camouflage hologram that turned you into a pile of snow, a short tree, or a brick wall! Then, I could hide in plain sight and listen in on enemy plans! and even sneak up on Herbert!


I really could use anything. An Elite penguin uses his/her's surroundings to help them like in many missions. So I would just use my surroundings or have a machine to help me find something useful or have options of some items. Ex: grappling hooks, Nets, and many other things. But it would lower the fun! So it be nice for just something to help find things in your surroundings!


MY ultimate spy gadget would be with a navigation,some of herberts plans from his spy gadget and it will have laser,water powers and fire powers,and snow powers too,can call on it has a puffle gadget that can make the puffle come to you and also it will have a ski jet button to activate the ski jet.


I think the best spy gadget would be a pair of glasses that would be disguised as regular glasses. I call it, Spy Glasses! Penguins would be able to look at photos, see top secret files, take photos (like if they see Herbert), call fellow agents. And the best feature would be that you can change disguises! You could be an ice cream man, store worker, a regular penguin or ANYTHING !!! Perfect for any penguin !!


Mine will be a robot that is very good at being a ninja and can help anyone. [it will help us defeat Herbert] The EPF can use it too. Anyone can use it. Herbert can use it for nothing that would harm us. If Herbert gets it then he cant do anything with it. It will have cool things. If you are good at fire but bad at water then it can help. If you are good at Water but bad at fire it can help. This will be a very helpful robot to use.


Haha love it


Hi Polo Field! I think that my favorite spy gadget would be a problem siren. The siren would go off if there were problems with penguins that need to be solved. I like helping my friends if they have a fight by seeing both of their sides of the problem. Waddle on!


a time machine or a grappling hook!!

Waddle on CP!!!


If I had to choose from all the spy gadgets, I would say that my ideal gadget would be a little propeller! You could press a button on your Spy Phone, and it would just pop out! It would be great for getaways and just to have fun with on the weekends! Wheee!


Omg!!! It would be to have those mind earasers like in Men In Black3!!!! U could earase Herbert's train of thought while he was doing an evil plan! And make him think he is not evil he would think he was good! U could even make him think he is a unicorn!


My perfect spy gadget would be a whistle that would call ANY puffle. The puffle can communicate with klutzy and klutzy would tell the puffle his plans!!! The whistle also has a button on the side that can clone the penguin or puffle into anyone or anything!


I think it would be a spy suit, with an attached phone, (wave to open phone) , Herbert and villan tracker, (suit turns red when villan or Herbert detected) And, a laser and if you dance , your penguin sticks it's chest out, and a red laser shoots out! Best Fishes, Speedy2515


I think that it would be cool to have time travel and be able to text Rookie and G! and play games like maybe.. hmm... Whack A Herbert! :D
I really wish those would be added! :D



I think that the most epic spy gadget would be a remote control that can pause, mute, or fast-forward! If you were late for school you could rewind time and then be to school super early! I think it be the perfect spy gadget!


My ultimate spy gadget would be a time stopping device. For example if Herbert caught you and was about to use some dangerous device on you you could use a time stopping device and escape from Herbert.


A lipstick laser: to undo locked doors
Sword brush: brush there hair off
Camera glasses: to take pics
Pear phone: contact people


I think I would have a very accurate map of the island and SUPER AWESOME hearing device that shows me on the screen where I can find people who are in danger in club penguin!Who knows?Herbert could always be planning someone!


I think being able to see any part of Club Penguin on the spy phone would be awesome. That way, if Herbert tries to pull any more of his tricks, we could be able to see where he is and what he's doing whenever we want. WADDLE ON CP!!!


My ultimate spy gadget would be a rubber fish that can shoot fire, control the minds of penguins, teleport you to anywhere, and detect lies!


My idea is it will let you go back in time to the older parties or future parties (previews). I think that would be really cool.


I think that we should have a watch with a force field, a laser, and lock pick. Most importantly , we should have a cloning device, a spy car(that looks normal) the power of invisibility and morpher.


A set of wings so i can fly around and air attacking herbert!
and other villians of course and ther would never see it coming! waddle on club penguin! snugglekins4 out!


My ultimate gadget would be, a tracking teleporting gadget! All you have to do is throw a small chip on there body and on your EPF phone it shows where they are! I Would use it on herbert so he doesn't make another bad thing come to clubpenguin


Mine would be like another update of The Spy Phone. It would have a: time machine, lasers, video camera, x-ray vision goggles, suspect searcher, parachute, VERY-fast-flying airplane, invisible cloak, magnifying glass, a disguiser, a caller and texter (just like a real phone), an item tracker, heater and cooler, an alarm, a VERY-fast driving car, a tool box, a power source (for like electrical things, and stuff like that), a grappling hook, a helper robot or puffle controller, and a TV screen.


BEST IDEA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.- U don't know me, so don't ask.

Bounty hunts:

Wow thats amazing


my is a Herbert tracker so you could find Herbert if he's planning evil and nasty things


A gadget that can make penguins fly! LOL!

Kiki 1415:

Nice one!


I would have a Suit that could do any thing and make anything on my body when I think of it


I think the ultimate spy gadget would be something where you could have x-ray vision or read minds! I think all of the gadgets are really cool, but being able to read minds would be very handy with a certain polar bear...


Mine would be to teleport to past parties.


That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the new parties but the old parties were a lot more fun!



green ball27:


Nacho Frio:

You know, the cell phone already has teleport...


Well, for me the ultimate spy gadget would have to be the ability to go back in time and fix the past. A lot of mistakes have happened in the past and maybe we could prevent a lot of things from happening. Example, the bombing in Boston. I would want a gadget that would help families in need. That's the ultimate gadget in my opinion.


thats a very kind thought but isnt it better we try to stop what will happen in the future so that we are ready for whats in store (not supermarket or groceries shop) for us??


My spy gadget would be a ninja puffle that you could get if you have five or less nedals and whenever you bring him or her near Herbert it would release automatically and start throwing kicks at Herbert!


I think we should have a walkie-talkie where we can communicate with other spy penguins!!! I would also like our spy phone to be able to turn into a hover board or something like that!!! Waddle on!!!
P.S. Invite me! Shyanne12199

epf ninja 10:

yeah,people would like, non-spies should get a hover board too,even non-members


My ultimate spy device would be an invisability device. That way i could sneak up on Herbert and find out his evil plans and stop them!

Kiki 1415:

That sounds super awesome!!!!


nice one




Me too!


A gadget that could sense were Herbert is and could train puffles. I would also want it to turn into anything you like even if it was to help you with games. Trust me it would cool!


mine is a brain drainer that way club penguins enemies would instantly make a enemy forget what it was thinking AND the COOLEST PART a mind reader that way we can read there mind to see an enemies plan that way we are ready for it and that way we can make our plan better. My friend clubpenggy11 came up with the mind reader part .


a hard as a rock robot!would have to sit on it with a cushion and incase someone needs a snack and can eat why battling install some food dispensers and a drinks dispenser with a cup and a cup holder


I think the ultimate spy gadget would be a wristwatch that can : combine all the special powers you have (ability with the fire suit and water suit , cloud bracers , etc) , make you invisible , ability to fly , breathe underwater , summon fire , water , and ice at will to bring down enemies. also : laser-cuffs to put on villains , and keep you updated on EPF missions and whats going on around CP.

Waddle In!


Very good but add more spy drills please? Waddle on!

Big Bart:

I would have one that could shoot infinite snowballs, dispense puffle food, trap Herbert, play music, teleport, and transform into vehicles and stuff.


My super gadget is which you could go back in time where things won't go wrong like rookie sinking the island,a Herbert tracker,an animal translation,night vision,a disguise closet,laser eyes,super strength,jet pack,video survalliance,and a pizza maker.


My ultimate spy gadget would have exclusive games that only agents could get like extreme surf hoppers. Also, it would make pizza and any other food in one second! It would have an agent tracker and a Herbert one. It would have a motorcycle built in so you could do things fast. It would have a disguise kit. It would have swimming gear. It would have an elite puffle whistle. It would have a jet pack , fuel, and gas. It would have a help tracker. It would have night vision goggles. Lastly a map.

red man41860:

mabye apps, because herbert WILL make robots, so these will help, like a deacitvation app and a transporting app to send them in the ocsen! things like these will really help out. (sorry for the mispellings :(

Lake Blue1:

The ultimate spy gadget for me would be a that can turn you into anything you want! It has a built in auto-translator for whatever you turned into! That way you can capture klutzy and disguise yourself as klutzy and find out about Herbert's plans! Then he won't stand a CHANCE!

dragon 1104:

A TIME freezer so we could stop HERBERT before it is to late

chilla gilla:

my gadget would be a anti gravity gadget


I think I choose the M.E.G.A GADGET! That stands for Mega Elite Gamma Android! It can break down metal walls with lazers! It can even pick up some clues on where to find clues in a split second! ZIP! It also has special tools! Like the Teleporter! it makes a device appear for you to fit in! Once your in, POOF! Your transported to the place you want to go! And for some badges, It can tell you where famous Penguin around Club penguin are! I hope you like my gadget I wish that were real.


I think my ultimate gadget would be a gadget that could track down a thief's footprints and have a claw to catch the thief and it could sense if there was trouble starting to brew so that way I could catch the troublemaker.


A feature that's sort of like the whistle to call an elite puffle, but to call one of your puffles!
Also, a feature that helps you locate a famous penguin like Candace or PH, and will let you know if their online and what server!
That would be awesome!


Mine would be a super cool machine that you put in your pocket and makes you have super powers.


It would be cool to be able to send other penguins messages like "Meet me at the EPF agency"!


I think the best EPF Gadget would be, a penguin transformer! you could be any penguin ( or polar bear) in the island! and It would increase your skill at everything! But a time machine would also be amazing!


Is it true that the epf will be finshed rebuilding tomorrow
please i wish to know as well if card jistsu shadow will come out in the center of the dojo


It would be it be able to detect traps and more even from a mile away or pridict the future

Jack black:

I think we should be able to get a rainbow puffle agent who can get us all the tools we need to catch Herbert or maybe a klutzy could help u and ditch Herbert


It would be a helmet and it would have Herbert tracker and the helmet would have glasses and I could see what Herbert's doing and the helmet would be able to read minds Herbert mind puffles mind and penguins mind that way I could know what Herbert wants to do and also the helmet could shoot lasers


I think my gadjet would be a simple metal that can change in to anything I want it to so if i needed a an iron man suit 1,2,3... Boom i got myself a homemade iron man suit


I like being a epf agent because u can stop villians like Herbert

Noah Oots:

A walkie-talkie that would call upon a jet that has a snowball turret to stop the baddies from the air


I think that a herbert tracker with lazer eyes and vision with a lie detector to see if herbert is lying, and, to teleport with just one word and you can call friends and agents to help you and to see in the dark and also go back in time to tell other people that he is coming and to warn the island and go to the future and know what he will be planing next! and a holographic watch to teleport and talk to other agents!

Waddle on!


My favorite spy drill is a penguin tracker to find penguins if they need help.
And a Herbert tracker to see if he's doing something evil.
That's my favorite spy drill.
Waddle on!




I would have animal shape shifting because I could be able to fly, be invisible, and be strong with different types of animals. Also I would become a polar bear when I'm dealing with Herbert so it would be fire vs. fire and if I'm dealing with the snowmen in Card-Jitsu
Snow, I could become a fire dragon (or any other dragon besides a ice or snow dragon) and melt them.

Waddle on CP!!

Crasy daisy1:

I think it would be cool if we could change into other penguins. I have a lot of friends on here and it would be cool if I could be them and they could be me!!!! It would be so fun and be an awesome disguise!!!!!!!

Asin Tairin:

I would have a spy suit its a cool spin off mix of every class of agents it concludes a clothing that can change color according to its surrounding a night vision goggles with infrared tracker and heat vision hacking computer that pops out on my gloves and a lock pick at the end of my fingers , utility belt that has all of my gadgets and a hover board that can retract from my feet .


I think my spy gadget would be a very small phone! And you would be able to call for backup by pressing a button. And a thing that identifys penguins names in seconds! and track other EPF agents near by.

Icybreaks (my penguin name):


super man ye:

Mine would be a headset to talk to other agents, help them, receive information and a laser to burn wires.


Hmmmm.... oh! I know!!! A disguise gadget thingy!!!!

Icybreaks (my penguin name):

Ur funny! :)


I think a laptop that helps you with anything! And it could scan stuff, talk with other agents, notebook, mirror, (you know, look who's behind you) and a clock! For example, there is a footprint, and you can get the laptop out, then you can research on the print, and it's easier then just trying to figure out it by yourself or finding books about the footprint.

Icybreaks (my penguin name):

Wow! That's pretty good too! It's very smart! It makes a mission easier, yet more exciting! I mean, if you got some good clue, it would be AWSOME to easily talk to Gary and tell him. Super secret spy messages! That nobody knows about! That's really cool!


I would want a giant battle suit with titanium armor what ever Herbert throws at me I could take it.


I think my favorite gadget is teleport because we could se our friends and help them pass through club friends are kind and nice so I teleport to them and thank them and help them through The ClubPenguin journey.


I would want a mix of all the old gadgets plus a time machine,a hacking device to get through all the locks and a transformation gadget to disguise yourself as another species or animal


Icybreaks (my penguin name):

WOOWWW! That's actually a really good idea! I hope you get the winning answer, it's just so good and creative! Even better than mine! And I thought mine was good. :)


My ultimate spy gadget would be something that could summon any color epf puffle! With it you could also change into that puffle like in the puffle party. You could also after reaching a certain rank train your own puffles to be special agent ones with the help of PH!

Meg Han1:

I think my ULTIMATE spy gadget would be an epic all-in-one tool. It would have everything a spy could possibly imagine, from penguin trackers to find those naughty suspects and helpless victims, harm and self defense tools for us (gotta remember the spy!), to penguin flipper print matches, and flashlights, help calls (if your hard work isn't helping enough..), a disguise and blend in tool, transportation and time machines, and many, many, many, more helpful tools for the hardworking spies!


Love the new epf phone


best spy gadget would be invisibility, time travel, disguises, tools, teleportation, phone communication, AND HERBER TRACKERS all in one! That way if you're losing a battle, you can call the other agents to help, and they can teleport to you and help you. Or you could turn invisible and sneak up on them. Or you can call another agent, hide when they get there, and disguise yourself as the enemy and run around the enemy to confuse them. You would never lose!!!


What about goggles that can cook a nice fish pizza? (Even top agents need a snack! :) )
Waddle ON!

p.s. When is My Penguin Coming to iPod Touch 4?


LOL Fix It Felix, just LOL, but the spy drills would be that we could have a gadget that we could have a "Make Your Own Gadget" gadget that lets us make our own gadgets for 50 Medals! Wouldn't that be cool? Anyways, tomorrow is going to be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kallie Jo:

My ultimate spy gadget would probably be a decoder, something that could decode things written in any kind of language, even languages that are made up of symbols (like the old PSA code that used to be on the pages of the F.I.S.H. handbook!).


a button that allows you to undo teleports


If I had a special device on my EPF device, it would be a mini laser gun for sure.


If I wanted my an epic device, it'll probably have teleportation,extra tools (like the old phone's did, we could use in future missions),a penguin tracker to track friends, and maybe an alert device to bring penguins attention about something and off course a cool projector beaming out of it!!!


If i had to choose 1 special gadget on my spy phone, i would choose a time machine, so i can visit parties in the past that i might have missed, or see what in was like in the past club penguin. Wouldn't it be cool if you were able to finally get those items you missed years ago? I would think so.

Titanic 101:

The ability to make yourself look like something else. Like when you're stopping Herbert's evil plans, you can make yourself look lie Klutzy, and it would make a great April fools prank.


My spy gear would be the invisability gear. It helps you to sneak around not letting anyone knowing your an EPF agent, it helps you to defeat villains ( e.g. Herbert) whithout them knowing and seeing and lastly it can help you on a game of hide and go seek! It's kinda like a super power! Remember: keep laughing and waddling!(or the other way around)

Waddle on Club Penguin Team!


I think that the best spy gadget you can have is a grapple hook. You can get yourself outta trouble with one of those! Swinging around on a grapple hook like Spider-Man. It could be helpful! Have a flitterific day! Waddles! -Jules


The Ultimate gadgets I would have are some cool Glasses that detect high frequency of "Herbet"! Another one would be a grappling hook shooter, so like on a cool Party mission, you get to catch enemies, coins, and cool power ups ! WOAH!! That could be an AWESOME game to play in the EPF Head Quarters! Srry, gettin' off topic. Ok, the last Ultimate gadget would be Holographic projection screen, so when you have a dangerous mission with extreme security, you can hide instantly !


I would like a Herbert planer so when herberts going to attack that gadget tells you when why and how he will do it


And, I really mean EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!When I say it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite party in spy drills is that you learn things which is hard to do. My first time when i played The nevigator is hard. when i try to play the nevigator again it was easy now for me. i really want to help penguins!Now in spy drills, i try the challenge. i did a challenge without mistakes! i think that being a EPF agent is to keep the island safe and Help penguins


My ultimate spy gadget would be a force field that keeps all bad guys (Herbert,Klutzy etc.) out and all good guys in.It will also fill all good guys inside it with wisdom,knowledge,speed,strength and agility.It will also help find a perfect friend for you so you will never be lonely.And it will make happiness and will stop all wars.Waddle on!!!!!!!

1000 platupus:

I might not win, but it would be a awesome and extreme flying car. It would have a teliportaion divice, a super sonic hearing divice , and it would give me all the lastest missions! But just notice- im just doing this just because im just wanting to be a peguin of the week.

Amythyst Kat:

mine would be a laser that can turn your penguin invisible or a shadow or a ball of light. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Amythyst Kat


This is hard. It would probably be the Ninja Cloud Bracers, except EPF style! They could be glasses or a really cool suit instead of bracers and would make the wearer invisible! The glasses or suit could also double as a Villain Catcher. Type in Herbert's name, and BEEP!, we got him! So much easier than running around Club Penguin trying to grab him!




I think the ultimate weapon would be your brain I mean you don't need a super power to think of what your opponent will do or at least a disguise costume like a chameleon disguise to change how you look each time you stop and then you wont even need to do much just sneak up then boom SURPRISE you get them with their backs turned
WADDLE ON -playpaws


i think the ultimate spy gadget would b somthin that can turn u into mist!! So you can fly and go though walls and detect penguins, puffles, crabs, and polar bears coming near!! And have excellent hearing so u can distress calls and help the person who made the call!! THAT WOULD BE AWSOME!!
P.S, can u add me polo?
waddle on!!



My favorite spy gadget would be the elite puffle one! Instead of walking a puffle(or if you don't have one) you can walk elite puffles! I like this one! Do you like it?


My gadget could do anything you ever wanted! Voice activated for agent use only, could hold all the tools and weapons you need, tracks down anyone anywhere in the world, have an SOS call for puffles to help, has a key that can open any door, any safe, can give you any disguise anywhere, if in case you're cornered, you can use the secret weapon that works only at the last minute, and holds the most delicious snacks in case your hungry!


I think the new gadget will be more elite puffle whistles for more puffles or a gadget to help new agents .


The ultimate gadget would be a shape shifter! If you needed to sneak somewhere like Herbert's secret lair, you could shift into a crab like klutzy!


I think the ultimate spy gadget would be glasses that filmed, could see through walls, had thermal vision, could teleport you anywhere, allow you to see in the dark, and answer any question you had and also shape-shift into anything while looking like regular glasses! That would be super awesome!!! Well, waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!

Jboy Mark:

I think my ultimate spy gadget would be a button on my spy phone and make it a remote to shoot lasers, epicly huge snowballs, and track herbert and a thing to make a cage fall on anything so we can track herbert!


my ultimate spy gadget is my spy phone because I can track enemies, recieve messages, lets me teleport, call for an elite puffle, and other useful tools.

Bumblebe 03:

The spys can track down super villeins like kludzy and Herbert


it could transform into a robotic puffle

Meggy B 11:

I think that we should have a disguise app so that when we are on missions, we can have a disguise like, for example, a rock, a tree, or even a painting for sale! No one would know who it is underneath the costume. You could also play hide and seek with your friends and use a disguise to help you hide from your friends to not get found. Also, for another disguise, we could have a camouflage in the choices!

Waddle on!


Club penguin i think an awesome gadget would be a real looking puffle but its actually a stuffed toy and it poops bombs, fires layers out of its eyes! And it could have a secret camera on its head! That would be cool!! And thanks for the little birthday present cp :)
waddle on penguin pals!


My ultimate spy gears would be to fly turn invidible and be a ghost
Love puppypower05


My ultimate spy gadget would be gloves and I could make two lazers connected to a circle (which is red), and I could freeze any villain. For an example, Herbert. I could freeze herbert with that gadget.
I hope you liked my idea!

Waddle on!


Mine would be a pair of boots that could be different gadgets like a jet pack, a laser, a tracker, and anti gravity shoes.

Cool Joe 180:

They have the elite puffle thing back

Bumblebe 03:

You can track down kludzy and Hebert


I would something like a magnifying glass to see when Herbert and clutzys coming. Also a FaceTimeing machine to see what other agents are doing like rookie to see if he's eating pizza or doing his job. That's what I would do WADDEL ON

Bumblebe 03:

You can track down Herbert and Kludzy


Ultimate spy gadget?.... hmmm... i would have to say a hacker tool. we would be able to hack into Herberts computers and find out what he's doing before is happens. we could even mess up and/or delete his files. think of the possibilities! the entire club-penguin secret-villain info could be right within our grasp! also, we would be able to hack into any robots/machines programming (example: marvel parties) i could go on and on, but im running out of characters. Waddle on Club Penguin!


I think the perfect spy gadget would be an invisibility option that lets you become invisible. That way you can sneak up on Herbert with out him knowing!


I Think Becoming To Go To Any Kind Of Party Even Ones That Haven't Came Yet

Love bunny 662:

Mine would have x-ray vision to see through walls ang give me supper sences when I put it by my ear . It would also transport me to Africa and be filled with unlimited food so I can feed the hungry children in Africa on my days off!!!! Now that would be the best!!!


i think it would be cool if you had robotic hair; you put it on your penguin and you can walk, hold your phone, or basically anything you could do with a flipper!

Bumblebe 03:

You can track down Herbert and kludzy


I think the ultimate spy gadget would be some thing like a guide to show them around the island and tell them things to make them less confused. That would be the PERFECT spy gadget!
Waddle on
<3 adc10296


What I think would be the ultimate spy gadget would contain everything our current one has, and some other things. First, it would have an extended notification system. For example, if a penguin needed help, it would show up on the screen. We could teleport to that penguin immediately and help them. Second an emergency first aid kit to help me as well as other penguins in case of an injury. Finally, a fully stocked fridge. Come on, some people get hungry on important missions! ;)


Awesomeguy27 I like your ideas fully stocked fridge? Lol Try Cheetos puffs they are good and fill u up when your on a mission in fact I'm eatin them rite now :);)


My ultimate spy gadget would be a flying suit so I could fly high above my enemies.

super bob:

the coolest thing ever would be is to have the phone turn into a robot suit :D


A trap-detecter so if I was about to step into one of Protobot's traps, then my Spy Phone would ring. Also if I'm searching for any traps a light will be flashing from my Spy Phone. The trap-detecter can also scan a robot and know what weapons it uses.


My ultimate spy gadget would have a propeller that pops out of the back and wheels that pop out of the sides so that if I needed to retrieve a secret spy message or rescue a puffle that is stuck up in a tree, it could do that. It would also have a built-in pizza maker so that after dangerous missions, I could eat some pizza with the other agents. Finally, my spy gadget would have a tracker that tracks famous penguins/ Herbert and Klutzy. I really wish this was added to CP.
Waddle ON!


The coolest thing I can think of is a morphopuffle! A morphopuffle is a mold costume that has a little laser that shrinks you, then when you shrink you hop into the costume, press a button that zips up the costume, and then inside you can control cool things, like what color puffle you can be and actions like hopping and smiling! The coolest feature is that it looks exactly like a real puffle, even penguins can't tell! Good for tricking Herbert. <3 Sparkles0708


My ultimate gadget probably would be a watch that could shoot lasers, teleports you, makes you turn invisable, and let you have awesome disguises so you can go into a bad guys lair without them nosing your good. Maybe it can come with a built in GPS because I get lost easily. That would be totally AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for listening......




i think the gadget should be a rock that can do anything and stop anything bad


Hi Polo Field!!!
OK, My idea is the we have a gadget that can communicate with Gary, Jet Pack Guy, Aunt Arctic, etc, etc.... This gadget would only be used for questions, or for help when you're on a mission. Waddle On!!!!
P.S. Invite me!! Shyanne12199


A lazer for cutting locked doors!


My ultimate gadgets(since 1 isn't enough) flash back bugs so i know there orgin(or there card-jutsu pattern)
Also,a heli-pack its a back to fly away to the hq
And finally,the protector-gun,one shot at a penguin will make them have a giant hamster ball to help them from danger

Takis silver:

My ultimate spy gadget will be to switch to severs it would help thinknoodles also something like a tracker to find you polo and everyone else like rockhopper

glece 2:

a elite puffle that has cool shades and has a spy hat on its head that has a laser beam in the middle of it and it has the ability to bring in 50000000000 agents with laser blasters in its hand and they say drop the hot sauce herbet and put your claws up klutzy and this
elite puffle is owned by polo field and now everyone is shattering money all over him he is the most popular penguin in history!!! waddle on!


My special spy gadget would be a bad guy senser so I would hunt for Herbert! Also it would be a teleporter so I get to the bad guy quickly! The last one would be an all-proof (even lazer proof) suit so I can avoid traps!! I'm so glad I'm an EPF agent! :D


A time machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also,these will be free because i have no membership,today is card-jutsu snow so thanks

Like johny waddler always says,waddle on


Mine would be glasses that shoot lasers, capture video, track an enemy, turn you invisible, let you travel though time, teleport you, turn into anything, and make a smoothie and give you a massage for long, stressing missions. THAT WOULD BE THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER!

Sarah 5 5 5:

My gadget would be a instant waffle maker! Because agents can get really hungry when fighting evil! It would be awesome!
Waddle on everyone!


I like the teleport button cause when you teleport you don't even have to walk and you can find your friends faster! And use it for hide & seek! GO TELEPORTATION!


I would like a tool that lets you teleport to your friends and or let you teleport your friends

zoom zoom103:

my gagdet would the wind tunnel 9,000 tornado blast hair dyrer its from totally spies and it makes tornados and can last any enemry away


A jet pack to fly over the island and more elite piffle gadgets WITHOUT HAVING TO BE A MEMBER


More elite gear for PEOPLE WHO AREN'T MEMBERS

-waddle on Mom2468


A gadget to help penguins because I want to help penguins be safer

Thanks -waddle on.



My ultimate spy gadget would be a Universal-tool. It would: pick locks, shock villains, hardwire robots, deactivate bombs, and do basically do anything!


Will I be able to play as a non-member on snow jitsu?

What 2468:

My spy gadget would have a pizza dispenser, a button that forms a mech and it shoots all of the elements combined. Also there would be a mini game player. That's my spy gadget


What I would like to have is a pen that has lots of tools inside of it.

Waddle on! - gracehoney05


It would be a tredmile with the phone and you can train while playing a game, a time traveler so you could go to other parties to repair the past kind of thing, a tape recorder thats realy a pen,an ear bud that you can use to see what evil people are doing, a thing to stick on your hand and when someone shakes it they get electricuted, binaculers to see and hear your arch enimies. CLASSIFIED INFORMATION EPF AGENTS EYES ONLY.


Mine would be a backpack but with a push of a button, it will transform into a jetpack with a help-a-penguin tracker, herbert tracker, emergency jetpack fuel, spyphone holder, thief tracker, Distress call button, inventory slot, teleporter, Elite Puffle holder, EPF Command Room communicator, gadget holder, portable time machine and cup holders.


A Herbert tracker that immediately tracks him and captures him and also can fix things And it tracks penguins or creatures in need also it can turn into anything like a potato and it automatically makes Herbert a good bear once he is caught and you can message other players like on a cell phone and you can also message G and it could be any color you want it to be


I think u should add um like a shoot the target game or chase the cat or wut ever that be awesome


Mine would be a tool that makes everything you need how cool would that be?Imagine you're in Herbert's lair and facing his newly built almost indistuctable robots!You need a laser you just type in the tool on the screen and through the holographic transporter and then makes it solid so you can us it!That would be my invention!


I want to have a puffle power! I could become a puffle and crawl through small holes. It would be so fun! You could also be a puffle and do special things like: tool through small holes, do special tricks, and even have penguins has pets! This would be my ultimate spy gadget!



My ultimate spy gadget would be a Suit with x-ray vision. mini versions of the cannons in system defender and a teleporting device. =)


I Would Have A Device That Would Show Me Live Feed Of What Herbert Would be Doing It Would Also Have A List Of Distraction To Distract Herbert And A App That Would Change My Disguise Like From Agent To Pizza Delivery And Agent To Fish and Finally A Time Stopwacth That Could Stop Time And Change The Time I Am In!
Waddle On


My idea of a ultimate spy weapon is to virtually disguise ourselves to be anyone like Gary or Cadence!

~Sonicfly2 for POTD!!
Waddle on!!!


Hey guys,
It's getting close to Fred Friday, isn't it? And if we finish up our work, let's wear party hats! You can use your snow beta hat, or an anniversary party hat(or if you don't have a party hat, you can just be yourself!)!
But first things first: we need to clean up this snow.
Hmm... Where do you think this came from?
Waddle on!


My ultimate spy gadget would be a transporter and a turn into a puffle. You could transport back in time to win wars. My puffle one would turn you into a puffle! The features would be: roll through small holes, use fluff power to hypnotize people, and to use PENGUINS as pets!
As always...



wow! a audio recording system would be nice. then we could record conversations with Herbert and report back to G (when we eventually get back) so he could maybe determine how the angry bear was feeling??? or something like that anyway!!!
Waddle On!

Elie Snow:

My ultimate spy gadget would be a shape shifting gadget! You could be whoever you wanted whenever you wanted! You could even be Herbert and sneek into his lair when he's not there! It would be the ultimate spy gadget for everyone!


I think the most awesome gadget would be a super suit with Herbert trackers and water breathing. It would also have a teleporter to go back in time and into the future and the ability to master all the elements to stop villains and deploy secret robots with cameras! It would also make my penguin invisible. That would be an awesome gadget!!!


I think the best gadget would be an ability for super speed to go faster than others, an ability to change into multiple uniforms already saved so you don't have to go click everywhere on your profile, technoglasses to see a different way on the screen and scan whatever, and a way to interact with other's spy phone such as secret messaging. That would be amazing.

Thank you, and of course, WADDLE ON!!!


I don't need my gagets all I need is my elite puffle I mean whats a mission without your puffle at your side

Fire Ball188:

I would have robot companion that turns into anything , and can make anything (with the right recources of course).

awesome 4290:


-awesome 4290


The best spy gadget would have a zapper ray, ice cream maker, teleport device, mini card jitsu activations, a built in car and a time traveling device. That would be the perfect spy gadget.


Mine would be a gadget that can track Herbert, very useful tools to use during difficult situations, and maybe a built-in walkie-talkie to communicate with other agents, and also a GPS to track other agents on the mission. Plus maybe a time machine to go into the future and figure out Herbert's next plans! And of course, a teleportation device would be good. And the GPS would be good to track agents who need help! That's my spy gadget! Waddle on!


An Elite Puffle to suit him up as a puffle agent called, Mark Puffle I. Then with lots of blasters with my elite puffle. And when Herbert attacks at my igloo while my puffle is far away, the puffle has very fast roller skates to reachs my igloo and equip a strong blaster to attack Herbert with my own weapon called Skate Jack it pushes Herbert away thanks to my Elite Puffle.


My Ultimate Gadget would be in the EPF, is your ownself,because nobody can help you wile others in trouble ,the only person left is your ownself,and you have to be smart to trap the Villains, save our EPF Agents and stop Herbert's plan,and the more day we can get new Gadgets to catch him,the day more Powerful Herbert's can be,Herbert is going to coming back and Powerful than before.If others agents can't do anything,then is you



I would like to bring my puffle along to do missions or training because in Herbert's revenge they pressed the button so they would be helpful

Waddle on! :)


Probably a machine that is connected to Herbert's inventions and when Herbert uses it to destroy the EPF, well when he presses the button attack, then a boxer gloves will appear and punch Herbert many times until he falls to the water and an EPF knife to aim at Klutzy and throw many knives to Klutzy if he escapes but if not, a very annoying machine will be thrown to Klutzy and capture him to be thrown away out to the sea. And now at last Club Penguin is safe thanks to the EPF and puffles.

superguy505 :

a gadget thats lets you track other agents to do missions together


that would be super cool weapons



My ultimate spy gadget would be gigantic metal robot with laser eyes that could track Herbert or any other terrible villains. It would give you tips on how to play different games or how to play card jitsu, it would also show you around the island and give you amazing tours if you just started playing. That would be my ultimate spy gadget.


I think that the best thing would be a jet pack so we could use them for missions and all that stuff like if Herbert .P. bear ever made a new lab on a mountain we could use the jet pack and catch Herbert and save ClubPenguin from Herberts clutches

- Plum3547


I think it would be a new spy phone that would make not just elite, but intelligent puffles and would ring whenever a penguin would call for help!


I think we should a call . Me and snowy could make things real when we want to by saying the thing . Awesome.


I think the ultimate gadget would be a spy bracelet when u push the button it transforms u in into spy suit and with a belt that turns to slick tracker "sign" and shoes that have power to fly (rocket shoes but can turn to like to element shoes since we're in "Card Jitsu Theme"
water,fire,snow,etc.)If That was created,it'd be awesome! Otherwise,i have played Spy Drills its brill! See? what i did there? Lol
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's a good one, I think mine would probably be a "Last-minute Device". So, no matter what scrape I got into, no matter how many traps I walked into, I would STILL be able to get out of it with the help of this device. Well, waddle on!!


It would be a watch that you could press and you could like has lasers and you can transport. Or, I would have a phone a actual phone were your able to text message each other that would be AWESOME and you could transport!

Bumblebe 03:

Their is a agent spy phone.

Kk kylee:

I think my ultimate spy gadget would be a voice translator because I love animals, and that's pretty much why I play club penguin in the first place!! And cats meow, and dogs bark, and I wonder what they're thinking in their little animal heads in the little animal world, and it would be super cool if they could communicate with us!!!


hey i think the coolest gadget would be a suit that gave you xeray vishin and also lets you fly


My ultimate gadget would be like an iPhone 5. It would have games (free time) and it would have a phone. Also it would have a free delivery app where you can deliver anything and quick. And the gadget could make the user invisible! It would have a scissor, a comb, gear thingy and a glue stick. The gadget could tell what is the penguin dreaming or thinking about just be seeing! it could cleen up the place just like a vacuum cleaner and find secret codes. It could do alot of help to the user. Bye


hi i think having the green puffle come an help you grab a something in the sky and i think the epic won of all is to have the cell phone and call a agent and he will find things you didnt now was there :D


HELP! When I got on Club Penguin I went to the Dojo and Sensei talked to me and gave me an amulet that I already had so when I went into the Dojo, I couldn't play any of the element games because it would warp me back to that same speech in the Dojo Courtyard. How do I play the games?


message so when your in trouble you can ask anther EPF agent to help and maybe you could download apps of the EPF phone ? like the training games !


Maybye an elite puffle ?


Teleporting to the lab, hacking villain base entrances, a robotic cow eating nuggets IN A BIKINI! oh and can we type reason of our reports, for example, if someone reports us and we didnt do anything, we can report them for fake report!


I think mine would be one that would make beams that can shoot fire, ice, aaaaaaaaaannnnd snow!
Waddle on!


and a penguin tracker! you just type in the penguin name, and it says room if that penguin is online, but if offline, then it says "offline!"


wait, dont approve those 2 comments, please approve this one! gadgets that let you teleport, track anyone you want, be invisible, be what you want, and if you turn it on, it shows on your screen, and then a ultimate cuff, then you lock someone up in EPF, then if you dont feel like reporting because you think that penguin doesnt get banned, you can arrest them!


In my elite gadget there should be a tracking device , GPS ,evidence container ,flashlight , latex gloves. It pays to be prepared.And a device in the gadget that can tell us if anyone is in danger. So we can run to the place In case of danger. If we are in a Aeroplane and a an enemie just pushed me then there should be a gadget in which we can fly back to the plane and push him. For example an invisible plane and a dummy so that he thinks Iam falling. I LOVE EPF. WADDLE ON.

Senor Icy:

A regular iPhone with Herbert trackers. It would also have lazers, grappling hooks, and an X-ray vision program. It would also have a program that informed me about upcoming events, missions, and other EPF meetings. There would also be trackers for all of the famous characters.

Ding Bing:

Great idea, Señor Icy! An iPhone with EPF gadgets would be awesome!


It would be a phone with a training room for new spies and a powerful blaster with a built in laser ,teleportation device , Herbert tracker ,and time device so you can see all of the old agent bases!!!


A new spy igloo with everything a spy needs

Sassy347 :

My ultimite spy gadget would be an invisible transportation/ teleportation device that had voice control and would give you anything you wanted

Ash Pingu:

My ultimate gadget is a Help Alert. When someone need Help the. Spy phone will call you to save the day helping your friends penguins!

Puffly Po:

My super gagit would be a hover board and a Herbert tracker on it


My ultimate gadget would be a camouflage or invisibility gadget so that when we are trying to catch an enemy we won't be seen and we will be able to capture the enemy


I think the best spy gadget would be a multi gadget which would have the ability to transform its self into any gadget you can imagine!!!!!!! :D

Peace out and waddle on fello club penguin players.


Mine would be a device like thing that when you use it, it can help you know what is going on in the enemy's mind so you can destroy his plans !!!!!

The Waddle1:

For me, the ultimate weapon would be a shrink ray, growth ray, lazer, torch.And it's also a jetpack.


i agree with King15199 i'd like a time machine. and i'd like a new gadet called "SuperPhone"

Paolo Pengy:

I think a lie detector would do the job....Whenever supposed suspects say they don't have anything to do with some crime and you're not sure, you can use said lie detector to scan the words of the supposed suspect and see if they are telling the truth or not.

nick boutros:

the ultimate would be a ultimate and cool Herbert tracker AND trapper its the perfect way to catch him!


It would do every thing an EPF agent needs!CCTV vision,gadget features and much more!


Maybe a teleporting device which helps you teleport to places where someone needs help


Hey all!

The gadget that I would like to use would be time machine so that found out important information about club penguins history different missions and to help Gary and the director. It would also be cool to have a gadget which is the size of a mobile phone and it could keep anything you want in there. So you could keep your laptop,books or whatever and all you needed to do was press the picture of the thing you wanted and it would out into your hands! So cool!!!!!!!!


I think we sould have a time traveler so we can go back into past parties as well as buying the clothes from that sertain party WADDLE ON.


It have got many herbert trackers and code breakers! It would be help other Elite Penguin Force agents to tracking herbert! It can show missions and operations!!!


I think that it will be a like a lazer glasses that help you to find herbert and help ninjas i think


A time reverser/time machine On my spy phone so you can fix the mistakes. And so you can reverse the time and make it go back. For fun but it could be used only for special important time's ''when needed''. And if i had another item i would get the itemaspawn so it can spawn any thing at front of you. Used on special time's


I would think of a puffle that can master all the elements and help me in my missions


I think it would be pretty fun/funny if you just pressed this button, on your spy phone, and then whatever room you were in, would go dark, and it would have awesome lights and a mirror-ball, then this random penguin, with an Afro and dance clothes, just pops out of nowhere!(Or Cadence!!) starts dancing, and everyone can see it on their screen (LOL) AFRO!!
I guess this was a very silly idea but WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


It would be a wrist watch that could make you invisible,can shape shift you to anything,could crack firewalls real fast and it has a built in mini jetpack so if a villain is following you(for example Klutzy)you can fly away.Oh and also it can make you travel through time to stop something to destroy the island(if that would ever happen)Thanks for reading this.
Waddle on!


my spy gadget would be a grappling gun ray gun and a watch that travels through time

P.S can you please invent these for everyone? :D waddle on

Rosa Iceberg:

My ultimate spy gadget would be a ntro-freezer, which can freeze things! Herbert has planned many times to warm up the island and turn it into his paradise. If he melts some ice, I could go and re-freeze it! Then I would freeze him so the EPF could capture him ;)


My favourite spy gadget would be grappling hook and detector


My spy gadget would be a multi-function grappling hook . You could use it to travel in time , grow and shrink things , track villains , and 101 more functions !


I think the best thing about being a ninja is to try your best and the best thing to do is have fun


CARD--JITSU:SNOW IS HERE!!!!!!! Ahahahahahaha :D


Hiya! I spotted penguingal66 on club penguin!
Waddle on!


Well the best gageat is to have a invisabilty wist band so that whenever the bad guys strike they don't know what hit them!


Well I'm a super duper EPF member! But I like Dot the most, (even though i can't find her) and she's all about stealth and stuff, so I think the best gadget ever, would be a shape shifting watch! Any time you wear there's a two modes, analog is changing the watch into anything and digital is changing yourself!

cute man622:

the ultimate gadget should be something that we can be invisible,we can track herbert,can run'll be better if we can ask gary and others some'll be cool if we can transform into polar bear.the gadget should have a feature to destroy robots,so we can destroy bots as well.most importantly the gadget should look like a normal item, or else it can spoil our identity.GOOD LUCK TO GARY AND OTHERS ON MAKING IT. :)


its may 23 and the snow dojo is great in all but it causes a lot of lag?!??!


Hi Guys!, I'd like a gadget where you can change into different forms to trick Herbert! That would be awesome! see you later guys!
- Tvwatcher6


My ultimate spy gadget would be called iSpy. It would look like the spy phone with the functions we have now but with more it would have a Herbert P. Bear 24/7 Tracker that alarms whenever he plots plans or even enter the island to do evil, a Spy Drills Game put in it, more Elite Gear and Gadgets, and many many more.


i will make a club penguin catolog copier so everybody can get everything


i will make a club penguin catolog copier so everybody can get everything


my ultimate spy gadget would be a freeze- ray! I could stop villains before they reach me- super duper freeze attack! so cool! (and it makes slushies'! :0 ;)


I think there should be a humanoid connected to the spyphone that could sabatoge machines by Herbert. I'm not very good at spelling am I?


my super gadget would be a glass that gives you tips while playing and shows your enemies next move and it should have an oxygen mask to breath underwater or in in space

pac man4908:

CLUB PENGUIN IM HAVING A GLITCH IN CARD JITSU SNOW IT WONT LET ME MOVE HOWEVER I WANT WHEN EVER I CLICK A TILE IT MOVE TO ANOTHER TILE PLEASE FIX IBEG YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Camera, because you can show proof too people!

Fusiaberry :

I would make a thing called piffle care3000 it takes care of your puffles for you waddle om


I would want a disguise machine to help you blend in with a big crowd or when herbert is giving a speech to dominate club penguin like he did in the last mission!


How do you get puffles to do the elite stuff I've never seen it or done it


a gadget that can give you free forever membership codes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i would have a gadget that would turn me invisible and a replica of me!


I would want a phone that allows you to do anything. It would give you anything you needed anywhere. Also it could turn into things that help you and your freinds. Like if your freind needs help it will help you with just the push of a buttton. IT would be super easy to use and it would fit i the palm of your hand


a great device whould be a device that helps penguins called the penguin helper
if a penguin is stuck in the snow call the rescue penguin but what if they don't see you well the penguin helper can call them
thats a good device


I think the best spy gadget would be sunglasses that sense Herbert and freeze Klutzy.


My gadget would be a little robot the size of a hand that can grab onto locks and decode them. It can also turns its arms into keys!


My gadget will be a big friendly robot. He will see people who are mean and he has a school in his tummy. He will take those people and put em inside his tummy. Then after 2 days the people come out. If somebody does not know how to play a game. They can challenge the robot then they will be good at it. Cause the robot is so nice. Then if herbert invented something robot can hide well and trick herbert. Like giving a scratcher from the lottery. Herbert can be so happy he leaves. From 1sark


The most amazing spy gadget would be named as ultra super save destruction !!!!!! It gives the penguin super powers the penguins senses and physical and mental skills will be a trillion times better . The spy gadget can sense Herbert even if he is there in another planet or another dimension it can also hear 'help! and other cries. It can automatically save penguins and puffles when not switched on. It would run on solar power to save electricity. It would also promote hygiene and health.


my ultimate gadget would be a mixz 3000, all gadgets in one, whatever you want is in the mixz 3000,or it can also be a speedz gadget maker-which would be as small as our spy-phone and can create any kind of gadget of our requirements(this device would be awesome if it was made)-and this would be just like a portable gary's gadget room.


My ultimate spy gadget is the EPF boots! These boots are voice controlled,so say what you need and boom! you have it! You can run in super speed and pass through objects wearing these sneakers! The EPF boots can come in handy!

Rosetta R R:

My ultimate spy gadget would be a device, and it would have to be small, that can do many things. It can turn me invisible, track down thieves, analyze evidence and even smells. It would be kind of like Kim Possible's Kimunicator, but even better. And instead of her talking to someone (Wade), the device does everything itself. All she has to do is talk into it what she wants it to do, and it does it! I think that would be my ultimate spy gadget.


If I had an ultimate spy gadget, it would be ultimate binoculars attached to my spy phone-but if I press a certain button, it will unattach itself from the spy phone and transform into a spy jet! The binoculars would turn into a map of the island that shows where I am and where herbert is! And best of all, it would shoot giant snowballs!


If I had an ultimate spy gadget, it would be a small Herbert tracker device-but with the press of a button, it will transform itself into an ultimate spy jet! The Herbert tracker would be a map of the island that shows where I am and where Herbert is! And best of all, it can shoot giant snowballs!!

cool epf agent:

I think the best gadget would be that if your stuck in a sticky situation or if herbert caught you and put you in a cage with a lock you could use a laser that comes out from the top of the phone and some zoom qualities for spying on people! thats my idea untill next time

Waddle on penguins

cool epf agent:

I think the best gadget would be that if your stuck in a sticky situation or if herbert caught you and put you in a cage with a lock you could use a laser that comes out from the top of the phone and some zoom qualities for spying on people! thats my idea untill next time

Waddle on penguins


Mine Would Be An Elite Motor Bike With Herbert, Klutzy And Robot Trackers, A Time Traveller, An Elite Puffle Tracker, A Help Call Hearer And Weapons How Cool Is That?!?!

~Klally Flipperson~


My ultimate spy gadget would be a Laser Lipstick because you can break metal walls but i wouldn't use it for makeup because that would hurt.Waddle on CP

Cutie Funny:

I think that the best spy gadget would be a super Code breaker that could break any code! You could go anywhere! It would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well um... i um... i i i um.. i need help with... um.. card.. jitsu.. water


hi i'm miaow hmm i got a few things to say about cp first for potd it should be........... izzy90210 she hasn't got much on cp but in real life shes awesome waddle on cp and for a new gadget it should be the crac of light this works as a light let me explane how it works first the light pull the light and put the hat thing under the light on r head and u will think of plans of what to do u can even store puffles in there and flich a switch to do ANYTHING um... but but before i go BYEEEEEEEEEE


I can't wait for this weeks winner!!!!!!!!


invisibility cloak! like Harry Potter! so then i could see the enemy and sneak over there silently and listen in on their plans!


hi my gagent will be a herbet tracker to see were herbet is and if it does a loud noise that will men he is here and it will say were hi is
then I might be a agent 1


My ultimate spy gadget would be a gadget that helps you track down enemies! I'll call it the Enemy Tracker 3000! Byeeee!


My Ultimate app on the Spy Phone would be the elite puffle's app you can work alongside your buddies the puffle's! and you can fight the bad guys,access super awesome gadgets and finish off with a pizza reward with your puffle it's so cool!!!


Mine is a little metal box thingy that could provide EVERYTHING you need, from a rope to a Popcornpopperfishdoggrillerandstuff 3000.


A Penguin Invisibility Cloak!


my super tool would be the puffle whistle with all the puffles even the orange brown and rainbow or my super tool would be something that makes me blind in with everything i pass


Today is my birthday. Thank you so much for having the Snow Party on my birthday!! My ultimate gadget would be an invisibility shield!

Abby Girl761:

I Think The Ultimate One Would Be..... A Hat With A Camera Inside Beacuse ↡
If U Were Near To Herbert And U Spotted Him Doing Something Bad U Can Record What Ever Hes Doin g And Use It As Evidence To Show To The EPF!

Waddle On!!
☆ Abby Girl761 ☆ 。◕‿◕。


a gadget with a herbert tracker and it dispenses coins so you can buy new spy gear for club penguin. it will have a time stopper for those speacial missins on fun stuff that got destroyed by herbert in november so herbert won't see you while your stopping him from doing whatever he's doing bad. thats my desighn


yeah and still card jitsu snow is glitchy


The ultimate spy gadget would be T.H.T.A.C (The Herbert Tracker And Catcher) because the EPF can find out where Herbert is, find out what he is doing and capture him!


it should be a Herbert tracker on our spy phone and it tracks where to go for our mission waddle on :)

Rosypoppet :

My ultimate spy equipment would be a small remote with a big purple button to press in the middle called the Herbinator 3000!!! Whenever you press the button the clever device would track down Herbert and trap him, then, at last, Herbert free!!!! I hope you like my idea!!!! :)


I think the best gadget would b somthin that can turn u into mist!!so u can fly and go through walls and detect penguins , puffles ,crabs , and polar bears coming near!! THAT WOULD BE AWSOME!!!
P.S can u add me polo?


More puffle stuff and that you can become invisible would be great!!! Or if you could do games and EPF agents do bonus jobs/game stages which only EPF agents can do. Or EPF shoes what are two mini surfboards and you can zoom really fast!!

rad red2:

hmm this is tough... i've got it!! the anything gadget 2000. it can be anything but the condition is it has to be something that must be used to help other penguins in there missions. thats my perfect gadget. later cp.

Danis 126:

I think that the ultimate ninja spy has to be good and help in trouble at all.

Boo :

You should mack a bucket that saves the piffle ???????


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