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By Polo Field on May 22, 2013 - 10:50

Last week we asked, what's your favourite part about being a ninja?


I really liked Kkcandy3317's answer: 

One of my fav part about card Jitsu is helping other penguins how to play if they just started the game. When my friend greengirl32 started, she told me she was having a hard time with the fire element so I helped her by playing card Jitsu fire with her. And then she was doing super duper well!! After I felt really well!!! Now I think helping other penguins are what true ninjas do!!

I agree KKcandy3317, sharing your knowledge to help others is a great part of being a ninja!

This week we've got a question for those of you who have had a chance to hone your elite skills in Spy Drills! What would your ultimate spy gadget be? Leave your answer in the comments!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team




It would be a super creamy pie maker to throw is Herbert and klutzy's faces, and for me and my friends to scoff our mouths with!YUM!


A sonic screwdriver! ;)


My ultimate spy gear would be something that would make you teleport to people who are hurt. This would be awesome! I would also like one that makes you fly! If they had these gadgets I would never leave the computer!

Snow Storm's:

The best gadget in club penguin, I think, would be a flying rocket that controlled the weather.

Orkney blue:

A robot that can shrink go in your phone destroy enemy snowmen and it has all the elite puffles


My ultimate spy gadget would be a ninja spy suit packed with gear.


The ultimate spy gadget would be... THE HELPER 2000 it helps new penguins get to know about club penguin and help them learn how to play games


The ultimate spy gadget would be... THE HELPER 2000 it helps new penguins get to know about club penguin and help them learn how to play games


Have a suit to make you invisible and no one would know its you!


If I had the choice, I'd choose one that shuts down all electronic devices, mainframes, and other kinds of computers by using a very powerful magnet! This could be used to FINALLY stop Herbert ONCE AND FOR ALL!


I think Gary should invent a invisability ray ! =)

Brakeless Ck:

My ultimate gadget would be dissapearing! Herbert wouldn't even see me! I would SAVE puffles and penguins from Herbert with my dissapearing power! This would be a EPIC ultimate gadget!


Invisiblity so then i can be invisible and catch Herbert and also i could use the gear Super blind that can make Herbert see Black so then we can catch him and investigate on him!


The ultimate spy gadget would be invisibility... Then we can sneak around Herbert's hide out without him even knowing it!!!!!


Spy drills is EPIC!!! it helps me in my maths and I have an important test after half term holiday
Thank you (and waddle on!) CP!


P.S: my tool would be a Repair Tool, y'know my computer keyboard broke so I got a new one


My gadget would proboably be a mind-reader device so I can tell if Herbert or another villian is lying to the elite puffles. It would be a lot easier if you could everyone's minds. Plus, it would work with ordinary penguins as well! Awesome!


i think you shoud make a puffle pad

Snow girl19:

The ultimate spy gadget would be a robot. It would have the epf phone, a drink maker where I could feed my puffles drinks I made to do special interactions with your penguin, you can track Herbert, and a wish maker where you could make wishes for things like jet packs, and one penguin a day gets there wish to come true!
Waddle on CP
Snow girl19


The ultimate spy gadget I would want is a pen. But not just a normal pen, a pen that can be a pencil like In spongebob. The pen would also be like a geeni. It would grant everything I wanted. It would be awesome because since its a pen, I can bring it everywhere like they do on the movies!!!


My ultimate spy gadget would be a monitor that would be able to locate anyone or anything in trouble!

Matanui 2020:

My ultimate spy gadget would be the pizza teleporter so i dont have ot waddle all the way to the pizza parlor !


A time machine in our Elite Spy Phone that can bring us to the past to see past parties, buy costumes we never got the chance to buy before, and let us see future parties. Or if there was this device that can turn us invisible during missions and in public that nonmembers can use to!


A time machine in our Elite Spy Phone that can bring us to the past to see past parties, buy costumes we never got the chance to buy before, and let us see future parties. Or if there was this device that can turn us invisible during missions and in public that nonmembers can use to!


The ultimate gadget would have to be a help searcher. When you select this gadget, a map of CP will appear. You can search around the map with your scroller. If you see a red dot on the map, that means there's trouble. Click on it and you will zoom in. Then you can see what's wrong and immediately go to the rescue! What an awesome gadget!


I think that it would be a device that would be that a suspender with a move that will take you up to a Secret Hideout and play a special game.


My ultimate spy gadget would be is a time machine that can go to any period of time, so if the EPF messes up on something, they can go back in time to fix it.


The ultimate spy gadget would be a watch that can teleport, travel through time and video chat or message. The watch can also turn into a robot puffle that can fight like a ninja. It can also be like a mini pocket tool a mini knife or even transform to swords or any other equipment you need. It can also bring up a disguise and make holograms. It can also scan fingerprints or any other thing. This watch can scan your face and in case anyone steals it it will give them a shock and shoot lasers.


I think mine would be a person completer witch means my own backup agent would apear he would do what i say to do and If I get hurt he would help me. no matter what happens he would be next to me!WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!


A sonic screwdriver. crack any code. open any door. (this is TOTALLY a Dr. Who reference)


I think the coolest spy gadget would be one to track down Herbert, and then penguins could be super stealthy and see what Herbert is up to!
That evil, evil polar bear! >:l

Wadlle On!

Starman 07:

My ultimate spy gadget would be a Herbert Tracker 3000. It would be like a watch that straps on to your flipper. It would automatically give you a spy suit, night vision goggles, grappling hook, lava proof shoes, and a Herbert or Klutzy disguise. I could think of a lot of things to choose but this is the best spy gadget I could think of. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!

Starman out!!


My favorite spy gadget would a past-present-future machine. That way, we can go to the past to fix stuff that might have changed the future. And, we can go into the future to see if Herbert (or other villains) do something bad and we don't no it yet. Then we can warn the people in Clubpenguin. And it should have tools you can use. Whatever you say, it will come out.


My ultimate spy weapon would be the Indestucto-robot. He is indestructable with unlimited strengh, speed, defense, and amazing lasers.


I think that x-ray glasses to see through walls without going inside is the best gadget.( :

Kibbles rocks:

It would be a ("drum roll please") TIME FREEZE 'APP'!!!!!!! BUT you have to go through three challenges so Herbert and Klutz can't get in (Rookie to):-)


mine is the graveling hook

Icybreaks (my penguin name):

A scanning device updated to the spy phone so you can scan things and scan the fingerprints and track the DNA. I also think there could be an easy decoder in the spy phone so instead of taking forever to crack the code, insert the paper and it will decode it for you. Maybe also a Herbert tracker and it can track other penguins like captain rockhopper or Gary or something. Maybe it could actually work! Also spy glasses that let you see through things like walls and furniture and hidden things.


My ultimate gadget would be something that allows you to shapeshift! You could turn into a powerful lion where strength is needed or a swift cheetah in areas where speed is key. Or maybe a silent owl for stealth missions and a dolphin for underwater ones! This gadget would allow you to become whatever is needed to help penguins in any situation.


Hmm......... let me think.................... Oh!!! I love-AAAAHHH!!!Sorry about that a snow minion almost hit me. Anway I think the best thing about being a ninja er agent sorry, WAIT I MEAN SPY DRILLS is that the metals for buying stuff on your Spy Phone. 'Cos when you do, you can make AWESOME new outfits and just might be on the POTD.


Well here's what I REALLY think, it would be a block, not any block, but you could make it into anything you could imagine. Also, it could be a Herbert Tracker, Villain Tracker, exetra (exetra means "other stuff like that"). It could also give you super powers so you could take down Hebert's robot villains and that robot master dude's totally EPIC and INVISIBLE, practically. Long story short, the block can have any effect on anything you want it to, and turn into stuff. Till then waddle on!!


I think the ultimate spy gadget would be a gadet that could teleport you ANYWHERE!!!
To a certain place, back in time, or even into another dimension (a different game, such as Minecraft or Poptropica)!!!

frankiefun 5:

My ultimate spy gadget would be bad or good detector because then we could tell if a penguin or something was doing something evil end stop them!!!


Mine would be a Small blue circular device that can do pretty much anything, for example: Enemy Trackers, Flying devices, Built in cameras that can scan the island for danger, and Transporters (to transport items, not yourself!). I know it it similar to the spy phone, but another thing about it is that it automatically follows you, so you don't need to worry about leaving it in your igloo!


Well, as herbert is the CENTRE troublemaker, i say we get a herbert tracker that informs us of herbert's every move so that we can stop it!!


The ultimate gadget would be a humongous shield generator and island maker, with the shield we can block any threats trying to destroy
club penguin and with the island maker we can give threats a home so the world safe an happy.


Something to make me invisable so insted of sneeking up behind herbert i could sneek up in front of him XD


Well, for me only one thing can't be the ultimate spy gadget but you gotta be ready for anything. So, if the spy phone had a scanning device that told us details of the unidentified object it would be an awesome extra! Of course I would also carry a grappling hook with me just in case :).

Jolly Pizza:

My ultimate gadget would be.....THE IRON MAN SUIT:D


I would like a penguin celeb whistle so when you need a penguin celeb you can call them like if you need a gadget you could call GARY

don on ice:

The Ultimate Spy Gadget will be P.H. 10000 (Penguin Helper 10000) which will contain many functions like:
1. It will have a radar that can catch any danger around whole island and can solve it very quickly,
2. It can invisible the agents without coming contact with other penguins,
3. A small jet-pack which flies with an incredible speed,
4. Herbert tracker 3000, and;
5. A freeze gun.
These functions can make an Ultimate Spy Gadget.


A laser beam that shoots snowballs and a catapult that fires puffles. A cannon that fires pizza and a fish for when you get hungry!


Yo cp! The best gadget would be called The Ultimate Tracker! It can show you the database of Herbert's current or past hideouts, send alerts when and where there's trouble, and it can also call reinforcements whenever necessary! It can also decode messages, and control
ANY security camera! Plus it can be accessed by an EPF agent ONLY. (Ha ha Herbert!) Waddle on!


The auto-morph 3000- whenever klutzy is near you would morph into Herbert !!

Chocchip 25:

Everyone likes lolly's right!?!
So I was thinking, the best gadget ever is to make lollies appear out of no wear in your hands!
Lol maybe this comment is random but I had no idea what to to! XD
Chocchip 25 OUT!


I also like the idea of you buying elite puffles in the elite gear and maybe adding a laser that can cut through anything! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!


A sonic screwdriver like Dr. Who to disable Herbert's inventions!


I think a widget to help would be very good because it will help other people with stuff that they need and it will also show other penguins in need so you can help them


I think a widget to help would be very good because it will help other people with stuff that they need and it will also show other penguins in need so you can help them


I think that the best spy phone app would be......... a time machine or a transformation device!!! Like if you missed any party you can go back in time to join it and when your in trouble or need to hide you just need to clip on some wires and think of what you want to transform into!!! That would be really cool!!! Lol


My ultimate spy gadget would be an enemy tracker. We could track down not just Herbert but Klutzy and other bad guys too. It could also change into costumes or tools. say you needed a parachute. BAM! a parachute!this gadget could save club penguin!


my ultimate gadget would be anti gravity arm cannon


I wish they would make like a tracker app so u would know whenever a famous penguin is online.


I want to be invisible.


I think it would be an instant invisibility kit that would be awesome and please make gary invent this


I think it should be 1. shoes that can make you walk on walls, 2. Heat Reader, or 3. Holographic Projector
Vote on it.
Please make one of these a Gadget!
(Hint: Choose the 1st one plz.)
- Coolblue63


A pizza making puffle


My ultimate spy gadget would be a transportation baseball cap which agents can use to transport anywhere at all.It also has a tracker which automatically tracks villains and transports them to you.


A ducky rubber ring so it can do anything like make gadgets and go back in time and if herbert came in looking for it he wouldn't know it was the rubber ring


I think the best thing would be to have super x-ray and infra red goggles to instantly find Herbert.

jay zx9779:

yea more puffles with eilite stuff and how about the rain bow puffle has like some awesome power thats an eilite rainbow puffle or if the rain bow puffle has all of the eilite powers or more spy items


My ultimate spy gadget would be called the Helper Alert. It would flash a red light and make a beeping moise if someone is in trouble or if Herbet is nearby.

Mega cool 11:

Invisibility ray


Hey Polo Field!
My ULTIMATE spy gadget would be an ordinary spy phone, which transforms into a Super-sonic surfboard, a coffee/hot beverage/tea machine.
It even comes with a knife (switchblade) a screwdriver,scissors,pen,pencil,notebook with calendar and time, sat nav, and a special feature which tracks down every enemy and where they are. If an enemy is nearby, it will repetitively say 'Enemy alert [BEEP] Enemy alert [BEEP] Remain calm [BEEP], whilst vibrating. -



My ultimate spy gadget would be a suit that camouflages you into the place you're standing. For example, if you were standing next to a rainbow puffle, you'd turn rainbow. This suit would work on every animal, food, object, furniture, clothing, etc. EXCEPT for polar bears and crabs!
Waddle on!


there should be a grapple gun that we can use around the island like getting to the top of buildings and that stuff


I think that the ultimate spy gadget would be tablet that can trace Herbert and the place where you plug your earphones in could be a bad guy/good guy scanner. There would also be a thing at the top where you can put evidence in and it will scan for dna which is connected to the U.S.B. It can also, like the spy telephone, transport you to one place to another but the tablet can teleport 4 people at the same time


That thing that tells you where people are. I forgot what it's called but I think it's a tracker.

cute man622:

the ultimate gadget should be something that'll stop us from doing mistake.because most of the times herbert escapes because of our tiny mistake.

cute man622:

The ultimate gadget must be a device that keep our identity extremely safe.Because our enemies can use our identity to harm our friends and puffles.Our job is to keep the island safe but we cant risk our friends and puffle for that.Hope other agents think the same.BE SAFE,WADDLE ON.-Cute man622


I wish i could have a bag that transforms into ultimate spy gear and a grappling hook that can carry me to the highest mountain and a gear that can let me hear between walls and a jet pack that can carry me with no fuel! and finally i would prefer a laser wall that can crash enemies into little pieces!


I think the ultimate gadget would be a lock-picker! In case an agent gets trapped in a cage and can't teleport, a lock-picker would certainly do the trick.




I would like a gadget that could let you teleport to a penguin that has trouble and it would give your puffle SUPER POWERS!!!

Waddle on CP, waddle on


a thing were you enter anyones name and transform into them so like say i wanna turn into rookie i would enter rookie and walla your rookie the way to turn back is to a be in the same place as that penguin b press a butten or c enter in your chat bar return normal. WADDLE ON PENGUINS hope ya like the idea ps if you turn into someone famus like rookie you have to buy it with 3000 coins or 40 medels thats all ONCE MORE WADDLE ON CP!!!

mii is cool:

id have a gadget that can turn into ANY gadget i want from herbert trackers to bottle openers!!!


I Would Have A Spy Phone That Has Herbert Trackers, A Tracker That Can Track Down Penguins Calling For HELP! Messages That You Can Get From The EPF And You Can Text Them Back! An App That You Can Use To Teleport ANYWHERE In Club Penguin, A Time Machine That You Can Teleport To The Past Parties (E.g Beta Testing, Winter Luau, The Western Party, Water Parties And The Summer Kickoff Parties!) And An App That You Can Use To Type In Codes To Unlock Stuff! This Would Be The Best Spy Phone EVER!


I think my dream gadget would be a Herbert Tracker. So you can know where Herbert is. Also I'd like a time machine gadget (To take us back to old partys and stuff) What do you guys on the CP team think? I think it would be pretty cool....


First, I love the time machine idea because I could go back in time to the PSA and warn them about the popcorn explosion. Then after all that did help us in becoming what we are today. I also would love a mind reader because if the enemy comes at you, you know their every move and can dodge each one, plus if they trapped you you might be able to figure out how to get out! You would also know their plan and what they're anxious about, making it so much easier to put them in a spot of defeat.


My spy gadget would be a traking device/elite puffle. It would be perfect you could track anyone with an elite puffle.


My ultimate spy device...

One, it would have a pizza machine that would give me a piece of pizza whenever I want,
Two, it would have a 'Help Me' scanner that would scan the server to find if there are any penguins who need help,
Three, it would have a super awesome freeze lazer.
Four, it would have a 'Clue Scanner' that would scan clues, pick up finger(or flipper!) prints so I would know who did what!

That... would... be.... DA BOMB.

Enter nickname:

A machine that would make you into your Elite puffle and you could still talk and there would be a shop for elite puffle abilities!

Ice Blast360:

Enter A machine that would make you into your Elite puffle and you could still talk and there would be a shop for elite puffle abilities would be awesome! Oh and you could also go back in time to do field opps and go the PSA HQ!

Ice Blast360:

A machine that would make you into your Elite puffle and you could still talk and there would be a shop for elite puffle abilities would be awesome! Oh and you could also go back in time to do field opps and go the PSA HQ!


My ultimate spy device would be . . . . the power to use . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HYPER BEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It would be a elite puffle whistle gadget and certain puffles track certain villains. Like White Puffles track the snow-jutzu villains, red puffles track Klutzy, and Black puffles track Herbert! It would be the perfect gadget!!

Fauna Florid:

SPY PHONE 5000 - An update of the Spy Phone with a time machine and laser system
- We can go to the past parties and events and enjoy; also stop any of Herbert's plans before he puts them into action.
- We can take peeks at future events and parties
- We can stop time, go to the snow minions and melt them with the laser while they stand still!


I think Gary should make a gadget called the impers-inator 3000 that can help you disguise as anyone, even Dot, and that's what SHE does! I think it would be useful during undercover missions and in an average penguin day! If I had it, I would love to dress up as Polo Field for a day :) Waddle on!


My ultimate spy device would be a clip on to the spy phone so you could shoot lazers out of it, move objects with it and track Herbert with it.


A cool Robot Puffle that will be Ble to do all of this elite stuff and beat Herbert and Klutzy!!!!




I would like to have my rainbow puffle help me around. I would also like to have a jet pack to fly over cp and watch to make sure it's safe. Maybe a boat too. I saw a red light flashing in the distance of the lighthouse's telescope, maybe I could get in a boat and go over to it! I'd love all this stuff and rainbow puffles don't get to do much yet so them helping with EPF agent stuff would be awesome!


It would be AWESOME if we had a time machine so then we could go to old CP!


My ideal ultimate spy gadget would be a multi tool, to customize your camouflaging suit, to really blend in with the surroundings, and that way , it could still be a little dangerous to keep up the excitement. Imagine, if penguins used that to infiltrate herbert's base or the ultimate protobot's hideout... it would be awesome!!


if there anything i like to have,it will be my penguin becoming it super skills(level one,level two and level three),as thehe was a app for super skill i will have that as my ultimate spy device,that way if i need help,i would turn on the device and it will make trace tracker area under your penguin bigger to get hidden footprints farer away from your pengiun, but there are cons(bad things),one-that your super only last for 10 mins,two-it will take 10 mins for the super to recharge after it gone


My ultimate spy gadget would be something in my spy phone would create ten clones of myself so that way if there is two or more villains i could make clones of myself to defeat them both!! And if someone is in danger and another person is falling i could make clones of myself to save them both!! :D And that would be my ultimate spy gadget!!
Waddle On Cp!


Hi i think my favorite spy gaget would have to be a grapling hook and a jetpack which are equally awesome!
Waddle On!



A lazer that heals penguins so they will be safe.

Red jutsu:

A metal detectotron for bot seeking, and an invisibility cloaking device for STEALTH MODE!
Wata on,


The snow ninja:

A gadget that can make us go back time and make us invisible and can make us see where is Herbert

Isabel 98765:

The perfect spy gadget would be a little phone that fits in your pocket. It can call people, it instead of talking, a hologram comes out! It has a TON of things to use it for, like a GPS that NEVER gets lost, a Herbert tracker, and even a coffee dispenser for break times! It can disguise you and itself when you are on a super secret spy mission. When it breaks down, a chip inside it fixes itself! And It can teleport to you whenever you want it! Now THAT would be the greatest spy gadget!!


dear club penguin,

i would like a time machine feature on my spy phone to be able to go back and see the awesome parties and stuff that i missed sure i have been on club penguin for 4 or 5 years but i would like to see what i missed in the years i didn't even know there was a club penguin i could even have some iggy party's with some pengys from the 80's

waddle on - captan7


We could have a gadget that we could spy on Herbert on. That Would be Awesome. We could have a tutorial instead of people not knowing what to do. This would be Great! We might need camouflage armor and need better spy phones with tools. If this was in Club Penguin THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!


A mlp:fim character maker 3000 to make ponies from mlp:fim.

Carter T:

My Ultimate Spy Gadget Would Be An Solar Shrink Ray! Then I Could Shrink My Enemies And Put Them In Little Jars So That I Can Bring Them Back To Gary! YAAY! EPF IS THE BEST!


a gadget that would be able to turn into any gadget like any gadget ever invented if the EPF had that we would be unstoppaple


Well to be honest my gadget would be a machine that could do anything, it would be pretty amazing to have a pocket mini gadget to take along with you which you could personalise by decorating it and painting it whatever colour you want to suit your personality.


I go with the time machine cause I miss the partys, waddle on.


I need a gadget which can tell me where many penguins are in trouble so that me and all the other elite penguins can help all penguins well that's what our work is to help all the penguins in need


I would make a gadget called the disguise-atron 2000!
U just press a certain button and scan your eye. The gadget always knows what disguise u need. To other people, u will look like someone else. To u, ur just a regular penguin! Waddle on!!!!!!!!

Tails Flower TF:

Well all spy gadgets are handy but the ultimate one for me would be a spy gadget that turns you completely invisible so no one could know you were there but you could still talk and stuff but invisibly! Hope you like my idea! P.S. I have always thought club penguin needed a device that turned you invisible

flying high1:

mini surf Bord to surf over seas and a jet pack in my spy phone please can you put them in so we can play jet pack adventure and caching waves when we want like ds snow trekker and have exiting mission levels to complete waddle on!


Mine would be a robot tracker to find protobot.

Kiki 1415:

I think the ultimate spy tool would be penguin shoes that turn into skis!

Littledupers :

Well mine would be a transforming gadget and you have to type in what you want it to transform into so if you want a race car you type race car and your phone is a race car!


I couldn't decide on what the only ultimate gadget would be so I'm just going to type them all in. 1.A grapple hook so we can get on top of buildings and go to super-special missions invisibility device to sneak up on criminals 3.a tracker to hunt for secret penguins and go into other rooms and 4.a communicator phone so we can call secret agents by typing in what we want to say and the message will appear in the message section so you could talk from far away places. WADDLE ON CP!!


I'd say a waterproof surfboard with a seat and jet pack attached to it. It would track down enemies like Herbert. There would even be a seat for 2 puffles. When you press a button it turns into a jet pack and it turns into 3 jet packs. 2 for the puffles and one for you. The trackers can see if a ninja needs help. It can turn into a freeze ray and snowball cannon by remote control.


I would like a portable time machine to be an ultimate gadget so if you fail on a mission, you can go to the past to help your past self!


it would be really cool if we can have a gadget called bug fixer it can fix any problome in a few seconds any time on any penguin s problome that would be wiked awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think a time machine would be the best

2Ella2 :

It would be awesome to train your puffles cuz I have like 13 puffles

J. Gwin:

I would like a gadget that makes you invisible and mutes your whole penguin body. Also, it makes you become a ghost. That way you can move soundlessly and unseen, and even if anyone bumps into you, they won't notice you because you are not solid! It would be good for tracking penguins and Herbert!


My gadget would be that your phone can turn into a portable H.Q!!!!!

Waddle on!!


A time machine, water,fire,snow card-jitsu cards, Herbert tracker,x-ray,backpack, board , surfboard , scissor ,comb, wrench, pizza machine ,water,magic,teleportation,and a jet pack!


I think a teleported would help because if people are in danger you can help them really quickly and save the day

Big Flower 3:

I love the new spy phoneand please tell us when the epf building is coming back!

Big A5293:

the ultimate spy gadget would be something like a device that could disguise you as anyone so you could easily go undercover


Maybe your Elite Puffle can get LASER VISION or X-RAY VISION!
-Agent Blue4sq


a scanner for herbert or klutzy that if fond it would put up a laser sheild around it


I think my ultimate spy gadget would be a robot suit that has a wheel on the bottom of it so I can burn the ground around Herbert (and I know he cant swim which is good.)


well my ultimate spy device is so small its invisible!!!!!!!!!!!!you can throw special snowballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and it also has a screwdriver and a laser also a listening device with camera for video footage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus a shield for herbert with his pet crab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waddle on!!!!!


Puffball 007:

The ultimate gadget would be... multi-purpose shoes!!! Shoes with many different uses! It can make you fly as if you were wearing a jet pack, jump really high with super-bouncy springs, and walk on walls on ceiling using suction cups. The shoes can also give you the power of teleporting, invisibility, and hovering. The shoes can also turn into tiny motor boats or cars for any type of terrain.

Waddle On ;D

Mr Awesome M:

The best Spy Gadget would be a normal looking watch with it we can contact our team and would have a feeling sensor which will send message to our spy team if I am in a trouble and can't contact them and have a program which can open any security door!


i would have an karate app where it teaches you karate. Waddle on!


Hi! I think the spy phone should be a Herbert Tracker. In the Teleport option there should be a Hidden Place (Herbert's Lair). As mewmewmowmow said there should be an invisability device. That way we could sneak up on Herbert and find out his evil plans and stop them! Also as Shyanne12199 said we should have a walkie-talkie where we can communicate with other spy penguins!!! We also can have a button to transform the phone into a spy suit.
Waddle o
Waddle on


my ultimate spy device would be the puffler3000inator it turns you into your puffle and your name turns into your puffles name and you talk like a puffle and when you meet crime you turn back to yourself

1026 rockstar :

I think my comment didn't go in do here's it again a lazier that heels penguins .so that penguin will live if hurt.

Sisi 125:

My ultimate spy gadet be a clown nose. But if you took on it you analyse all smells.


My dream device would be a jet pack so anytime we could press a button and fly up over club penguin and get to locations really fast while getting a cool view of the city!!


Cool and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lobster 87:

oohh what about a caller device thingamabob that you can call your friends with? but i think the time machine idea is pretty awesome ;)
do penguins eat lobsters, btw? if so...bad choice of name...
Agent Lobster 87, over and out ;)


My ultimate spy gadget would be a time machine so I could go forward in time and stop evil plans that haven't even happened yet!
I would love that.


well i get to sneek up on people to see if they are a bully i will report them or if someone is super duper nice it would be my spydevice that would find clues and could also be a jps


A gadget could be that if you like what someone is wearing you click on it nd get i 4 free that would b awesome

Sharonbye [BEAST]:

I think that it would be cool to have almost all of the gadgets being talked sbout here but i like Shyanne12199's and the time traveler the best and those would be the 2 that i would like to have! Waddle on!!


I would pick new suites and away to get back up or even a jet to fly over club penguin


The Sensei-slator! Half of the things Sensei says I don't understand! Besides, if Sensei saw Herbert doing something, than we can translate what he's saying!


I would have an ultimate spy device which would allow you to see where you are but as a different timeline in history e.g. you look at a person and they look like there from caveman times but not just that they could look like there from any time period possible!

THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would have a spy drill because i can drill into the ground and find more things than just a jackhammer!

Iluvekittenz :

I be alive that the ultimate tool would be a spicy seaweed pizza trap for Herbert and a cute looking stuffed girl crab for Klutzy. This would be the ultimate tools.


An elite spy gadget I would use would be a device that allows me to be invisible and acts as a jatpack.(looks super cool)


I would have a power to help friends! I would show penguins how to do really hard games,show them how to get coins,most of all stop Herbert for being evil in cp! Byeeeeeee!!!


A gadget that could form into anything you want


My ultimate gadget would be a sock that would give you whatever you needed just by thinking of it. That way, if you couldn't move because you were captured by Herbert, you could escape and maybe put a tracking device on him.

Nacho Frio:

I think it would be a pair of glasses that you could use for evrything loke getting info about a penguin or tell the route you should take when youre going somewhere.


I would like :
An ultimate cupcake laser an ultimate telescope banana an ultimate apple explosive an ultimate haircut so i can be cool and an hummm ultimate Iphone 5 ? LOL


Oops! SO sorry about the dashes in my previous comment! It looked better when I typed it...............


my favorite spy gadget would be a flying /invisibility /telekinesis watch! #1 .is because flying is my #1 dream, #2 .is because invisibility is sooo awsome you could sneak up on your buddies and say ''BOO''!!! & #3 .is because telekinesis is you could move stuff with your head. CANT BEAT THAT (Because im lazy and dont want to move stuff myself. : )


I would make a robot that would give you anything that you said and he can help you and he can do anything that nobody can do such as holding stuff with your mind instead of your hands and if you push the button he will give the abilty to do anything impossible.


I would make a robot that would give you anything that you wanted and the robot can give you the abilty to do something impossible and the radar can contact trouble and a penguin that needs help and contact agents and you can playing any game and the radar can contact any bad guys and the robot will give you equipment any time you need's pretty cool huh?i hope it gets picked

Kingcoolness :

My Ultimate Spy Gadget would be one that could track pretty much anything. For example, if you were at a crime scene and there was no sight of the villain, you could just press the button and it will automatically reveal the location. It could also be a great way to track mascots too! =D



hey, did anyone notice that the elite puffle feature was not there in the new spy phone, but in the image up there is a elite puffle feature


my super spy gadget would be: a spy phone it will be called miaows sharp you'll find out why well it has a tool slot with swords bow and arrows and dagers all sorts even axes and all the things u can think of knights going to battle with so there will also be an agent caller it's where u tap a penguin and it'll call e'm where ever they r if they have lost the spy phone the phone will contact e'm throw a little chip it's in their ear only put it on under cover and it isn't done meet me next time


my ultimate spy phone would have a laser cutting blade; an automatic lock picker that analyses and then opens any sort of lock; a enhanced teleporter that instead of me choosing my destination from a list, there would be a map which I can zoom in on and select my destination that way; also there would be a Swiss Army Knife (that has a pair of scissors, a small knife, a comb, a magnifying glass, and a laser pointer) and also a telekinetic ray that lets me remotely pick up and drop things! epic!


Laser glasses


My ultimate spy device list:

1. a invisibility suit effect: makes you invisible even when you walk of the fur things Gary has in the Secret Of The Fur effect: if you find fur it tells you what it came from
3.This one is my best one: A EXTREME INSTANT COIN GIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Effect: gives you a instant amount of coins, the range is from 5 coins to 1,500 per day.

until then,


PAXI 1000:

My invention would be a ring with all the super powers in the world so that I can fight crime and save people

EPF agent:

I miss the PSA because its been 3 years with EPF please could we have one last peek of visit to the psa please!!!!


My ultimate spy gadget would be the Herbert-Finder 3000! When Herbert strikes, we would use it to track him down! Also it could be used to find out who did any crime. Like for example, if a bank robbery was done and no one knew who did it, we could use it to track down clues that would eventually lead to who did it.


I would like a invisable laser because if your surrounded put it on your hand before the misson to let the laser shoot at the bad guys so you can escape.






epic blog


my ultimate gadget will be a phone that can control ANYTHING. example : making my couch


The ultimate spy gear is an electric grapple hook that can't electrify the person that's using it. It would be useful as a self defence and also you could use it to climb things too hard to climb. With its electro power we penguins can help each other to stand in the way of evil and protect the defenceless puffles and penguins be safe and protected.


My Fav thing in the Epf phone is that you can go to a place you don't know plus when my friend started cp I said for her to go to the pool but she didn't know where it was so she looked on the phone where it said teleport and then she knew where to go so there was no trouble and now she still uses it!!!!


My ultimate spy gadget would be some x-ray googles, which I could see through objects and could see in the past. I would help penguins know things they forgot or helping them by finding their missing MP3. It would be really fun!

Rockel 3:

My ultimate spy gadget would be a back pack that had everything you would need. It would be able to turn into a jet pack, it would have really cool attachments on the outside, and even have a hidden camera as it's zipper. That would be the ULTIMATE spy gadget!
Waddle On!!!!


My favorite spy device would be all the cadgets in the world and use it on somthing I have no idea what is


It would be outstanding to have a potions make and hold case. There could be a little handbook on how to make the potions. There could also be a case to hold the potions you made. There could be a thingamajig where you make the potions. The reason this gadget could help you is let's say you are running from Herbert the bear. You could make an invisability potion to hide from him. Or let's say a hairball from your puffle is stuck in your drain. You could use a shrink potion to get it out. Kitty:)


I think my best gadget would be to go back into the future and see if we finally beat Herbert. Plus we could see if we have flying cars or something. LOL!


I like the phone


This game is super super fantastic ,cool ,fun and and my cousins have this game and they have fun

Jetpack Gui:

Well, i would like a really powerful jetpack and a freeze ray gun with unlimited ice and lots of ninja stars


My idea is an invisibility device that you wave to set off when you walk you stay invisible until you wave again


the ultimate gadget for me will be with drilling hands that could shake the whole island and enemy tracker
with the super cool satellite that let you see everybody
plus a mega pop-up-anything-you-want machine!!


Hey Polo Field! I would make a super cool backpack that has everything and does anything like make holograms, disguise voices, supply an ear piece to help you hear far away conversations and lots lots more!!! It would help the EPF a lot instead of having to pack a bag of supplies or not have the correct gadget at the proper time!! (real life and EPF)


My ultimate agent device would be a suit and it has a hidden microphone and scanner so you can talk to other agents in your own chat place and scan people to see if they are good or bad and it could be camouflage!!!!


My ultimate epf gadget would include a special tool,text agent,teleport,and ultimate super surprise buttons.It would also include a cream soda dispenser!It also would have a mission creator for other agents to join in! That is my ultimate spy gadget.


I think there should be a gadget for missions that would allow you to tune into conversations. For example, if you needed to hear Herbert talking to Klutzy about some top secret plans but you weren't able to get into the same room as him because he might see you or the door was locked, you could pull out your gadget and tune into their conversation! You could call this gadget the conversation reader or the voice listener. I would really love a gadget like that. Waddle on Club Penguin. You ROCK!!

super bal2:

a gps that`s like a trace tracker!


My ultimate gadget would be a Herbert tracker with a tool kit inside of it and it could be a jet pack too.


My Spy Gadget would be the Nice Inator 3000 to make Herbert care about CP. Then we wouldn't need any of this LOL!


i agree time machine or a spy camera please consider this club penguin or a walkie talkie or texting gadget where we can communicate with other spy penguins or even gary dot jet pack guy or rookie! and more penguins


my ulitimate spy device would be a rc spy car with video shown on remote and it would have night vison


I would like a robot that takes care of your puffles in your igloo while your away so If your busy checking out a new party you don't need to worry about your puffles anfd it should be for members and penguins who are not members for that you always have to look after your puffle / puffles!


an elite puffle which will be available for non members too or something which non members can also use. please?


Hmm i don't know! But I would truly love a Kingdom Party! I mean everybody on cp loves Kingdoms right? So... We should have a Kingdom party!


well the amazing spy gadget will be an awesome gadget that u can use and I call that the awesome gadget which turns u into a cyborg penguin and blasts your enemies to the other side of the map

cool boy7941:

a camaflash suit


I think we should have a star tracker so we would know when all the famous penguins like aunt artic and rockhopper and candance are out so we could friend them. Not to mention we could track Gary and ph and many more penguins!

Club sandwich:

So true


My ultimate spy gadget would have weapons that would block Herbert to enter the EPF room and and invisibility device that way i could sneak up on Herbert and find out his evil plans and stop him!


a big cannon


It would be a pen that could be a tazer, and many other gear


can we all get a free forever member ship and all the items (note:give all the penguins a forever member ship and all the items not just me) pleas


Ya that would be great.

pengy 138:

my ultimate spy device would be an telekinesis suit. so that i could smash herbert's evil plans

pengy 138:

my ultimate spy device would be an telekinesis suit. so that i could smash herbert's evil plans


An invisible suit and when you walk you can not be seen!


A time machine that could... Turn invisible,shoot custardpies out ,have a frige , Herbert alarm ,And produce coins fromThin air!


The ultimate gadget can be a giant claw in the spy phone also i can't use my club penguin Nintendo game code can you help please?

Bounty hunts:

I would love to invent something that help me save penguins from herbert's machine! I want a super agent suit that saves penguins it would lightnup a force field and can be a grappling hook in case penguins are trap in a burning buildings and also can be a night vision so if herbert in planning to steal the puffles at night at pet shop we can easily identify him! And lastly i want to have comoflauge so that if enemies like assasins cannot detect us and we can save penguins freely! Thats all!

Pierr Demon:

My ultimate spy device would be a time-traveller suit. With this i could go at any party i have lost! -and buy their thingies!!! -only by being a member, and dancing.


If there was new elite gear it should be for all penguins cause nonmembers only get an ear piece.


rockhopper,candance, rokkie,herbert,aunt artica and jetpack guy plz add me and and the other famus people i forgot

Super mom:

I think it would be a gaget where you could have a secret headquarters only you and your friends can enter :3
Yay a


Gary could you make a time machine because I would like back to the past and see historic stuff that we cannot see in the new fashioned club penguin thanks


I love it too!!


I better stop commenting, But mine would be... Invisibility and night vision...


A invisibility button. I like pushing buttons!


actually i think that there should be a awesome puffle elite maker so that puffles will help in missions !! also i think they should make a time machine:)


Mine would be a small pair of earrings and when there was trouble they would flash and I would then be able to know when there's trouble. Also I could be able to click a button that says enlarge so I can know when missions have come in.


Invisasble spray

metal 17:

A special transporter that has the possibility to go to the famous penguins and moderators home and can meet them any place!!!


I think its a time machiene. made out of a out of a delorian.


a device that can make you win a fight/win a misson


A watch that makes and designs anything that comes from your imagination and the watch is full of gadgets like a freeze or heat ray
Or invisibility cloak. And it can transform into anything you want!


it would be cool if it was a laser gun!iwould sneak into igloos!

The Duke 08:

I would get a shrink ray so I could shrink my penguin and capture Herbert


My ultimate spy gadget would be an invisible collar, that when you put it around your neck, your face would look like a whole different person.


i did it and it is cool


my gadget would be a puffle with 2 buttons on it one that turns in to a portal to the future and 1 to the past but the puffle is fluffy on the outside and it looks just like a normal puffle and it follows me were ever I go


when do the elite puffle come out on the spy phone. that day do it come out

Luigi Stachi:

Please put a server jumper on there.
Waddle on

Agent Luigi out


my ultimate spy gadet will be a hologram to put it and distract whatever is there


I think my spy gadget would be a detectable device so I could track down herbert and stop him and also rescue penguins in need of help. Also the gadget would have a analysis so if there is evidence of a robber or something it would analys it and find out who did the crime. And it would have a costume gadget so I can go in disguise when I need to. And it can transform into anything I need it to be. Like a jet pack hover board or helicopter time machine and you can teleport I AM Seth3012 on cp


um a machine to go to past parties AND stealth armor

mette okka:

a time machine!
it would be great
please read this comment
waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My gadget would be be a time machine because when herbert ruins the world you could travel back in time before herbert ruins the world

Mr cool679:

time machine so we can go back in time for past parties plus membership machine


My Tracker!! It can track any bad guy! It will tell you which place they are so you can stop thier plan.
-Rock On

Zhiken :

My is the member one that you see foot left behind

Matan 5000:

My favourite part of being a ninja is the new actions you get.


my frend lidya9488 is a good frend fiend her and she is loving paoguoin
git her to be your frend ok ok .


Rookie give me measseage like 2 times and he go to MOSNTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i have a spy device.i keep my work up too.So,i Play psa missions go to Fun Stuff ok? bye look for me on cp.pinkypie0739=]


is it okay if you can make another secret island


an elite puffle caller that will help you in a certain party, like in some sort of obstical course. XD


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