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By Polo Field on June 25, 2013 - 13:22

Last week we asked, what is your favorite summer activity and why?

Aly71's answer is awesome! My favorite summer activity has to be surfing with my family, why you ask? Surfing brings my family together so we can have laughs and fun instead of fighting for the front seat in the car LOL!! So we have laughs by when i fall my brother laughs his heart away and fun by just seeing that huge wave coming for you and then you start paddling and jump up and then you feel the breeze in your hair and the thrill of balance so thats my activity!!!.

As for this week, above are some of the personalities that can be seen in the new Monster's University movie recently released.  Which personality from the Monsters University characters do you relate to and why?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

-Club Penguin Team






Blu 29:

I would say i'm like Mike, Because even if I'm not so good at something like, lets say baseball, I would always try my hardest to get to the top!
Waddle On! or... SCARE ON!
-Blu 29


i am living legend


Im the shy one I dont talk much but like to be shy

crimson perl:

I'm the intellectual one but also shy.I love particle physics! My sister says when I talk about it I give her a headache .


I never went surfing in my life. and am scared of surfing.
I never been to the beach. whats it like there


cool stuff I like it


I think the character I am most like is The Social Butterfly. The reason why I am like the Social Butterfly is because at my school I say hi to random people in the hallway sometimes. Also, if you know me I am not shy at all and I could be friends with someone that I meet off the street!


That's cool, I think I am the complete opposite, I would probably relate more to " The shy one" the most.
It's not that I am really shy, (although people could easily label me as that!) I just never seem to think of anything to say at the time. :) people also might see me as the odd ball, because I don't say much. :)


i like the NATURAL


I have like a weird character that's just me:):):):):)


I'm The Punk and the Speed Demon! I'm a cool, quite guy and I'm also EXTREMELY fast at running. Yeah, that's me.

Meow Me:

I'm going to agree with cctinkerbell! I do the exact same thing! Haha!


I'm most like social butterfly because when I'm in new classes or clubs I make an effort to know them!

Doodle 369 and Cutes 3212:

Well our fav is the mascot it's like the cutest thing in cartoons and me doodle I also like the shy one cutes does too hey I just figured out that we like the same things (giggles)


I have a friend exactly like!


I think im the talker because I talk a lot in class and my friends like what I have to say it can annoy some people its a gift and a curse lol!!


I agree !!! Go pnk our scare squad is #1!


I know right!


I think I'm the princess cuz I lov being important and responsible (Evan if its being the lead roll of Cinderella) but I also lov clothes and fashion so I will totally be her!... :D


I really like The Overachiever


I think I'd be the odd ball because I'm a girl but I love dojos, pools (i don't care if my hair is wet or not)and video games


Pachi Pachi2:

Im shy/oddball/elusive/a speed demon.
Shy: It's obvious: I'm shy.
Oddball: I'm a girl, but I like boy stuff, like Pokémon.
Elusive: I.I.D: Invisible in Dark
Speed Demon: Same as Shy.


I would be the princess because I think I'm everything.


I think that I might be the princess because I'm an only child so I get pretty much whatever I want. But also I think I might be the intellectual and overachiever because I'm known at school for being REALLY smart at nearly everything (except for PE.) I'm a bit girly but not as girly as the so-called 'princess' because I like videogames and creative stuff. I think I might even be a bit of the naïve one because I can be really nice, but I will hold my ground if me or my friends are in trouble.


Not strange or odd at all, my friend.

Little dipper:

My faves r ( i have 2)
-the natual
- And the overanchiever

Foo Moo:

I'm most likely the odd ball because, I don't realy go with the flow of the rest of the world and have...advanced mind set that sets me apart from everyone else. I try to be creative and wacky that also kinda makes me the odd one out too.

Waddle on
(And keep the friend requests coming, they mean a lot)
~Foo Moo
(And my name) ;)

Mikey D8:

I am the (the natural)because I don't study and look at my grades!


Are they asking who we are?


We are asking, " Which personality from the Monsters University characters do you relate to and why?" Choose from the ones listed in the original post and let us know why you relate to that character. Have some fun with it!

Sunset 90 12:

I think I would be a perfect odd ball why because im very odd because sometimes when I go out with friends im like hi and I just stare and sometimes when im board I will just scream and go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok I'm probably going to be the natural as I'm funny kind and a great frend I love all of u penguins out there in the world of club penguin so rock on and enjoy cp whilst your young and free it's about freedom and fun waddle on

Cyprusslider is out peace add me to

Rock on

The End.


Me too!
Waddle on!

Enter nickname:



odd ball


I pick odd ball too because when your "odd" it means you do things your own way and you dont copy people and you just be your normal self.


Thinknoodles you have to say the reason why.


Im just like you think


Odd balls oh yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi think
and im like the talker


i am the oddball as i am the only one who :
1 Dont know how to play football well ( i know that seriosly is bad)
2 is not well at sports (well that is out of limits :/)


I'm totally Mike cuz im like always trying like really hard and getting good grades, but i like suck @ pe

nikester :

i think i would be the social butterfly. My friends think that too. Besides I love hanging out with family and friends. And i like team pnk. GO PNK!!! ;)

Cutes 3212:

I'm kind of like the mascot I am very cute in cp and I really I'm one in the real world it's very fun I do it for lots of schools I act like the character I am so it's very fun so bye

Waddle on !


I'm like Squishy "The Naive One" because when he's bored he always find something to do, that he's super nice, and that he made them when by getting the "OK" flag in round two!

ali girl1:

the movie was really good

Stella bloom:

The two characters I am related to is the princess and the social butterfly because they are both on team PNK

Cece jessica:

Me Too I'm very social and my parents spoil me which is terrible but it makes the "princess" and the social butterfly!


The loud one because my parents are always telling me to keep it down,and that i am so loud.

Flipper 4233 :

Im olso like the Social Butterfly because I like meeting new friends


I'm both social butterfly princess and goth cuz I'm very popular I dress really nice and one of my BFF's is a goth

Kitten cutey:

The one I like is the princess because I'm like one

yo person:

what do you actually do in club penguin during monsters university


You can play the scare games and earn points to buy cool things like a Mike costume. Have fun and Waddle On!!!!


During the Monsters University Takeover, you try to scare Club Penguin 'mannequins' to earn scare points for your sorority or fraternity. If you get enough points, you can buy Monsters University costumes (: Plus there is some really cool furniture items for your igloo in the June 2013 Furniture Catalog.

I hope that answered your question!

ice the awesome:

u play the scare game and earn points for ur team!


You scare people and get items!



Yeah really cool


Tell me about it


It is cool I am going to see the movie to more row


ive seen the movie already its awesome




I am totally the social butterfly. I see people i dont even know in the hallways and there like,"hey!" Lol! I have so much friends i cant even count them! I have so many friends online and offline. Its mind boggling! And its so crazy that the principal hangs out with me almost ALL the time! And im a neat and elegant person like well, a butterfly. Everyone is so nice and sweet to me. I have some of the greatest friends on earth! And im a fun loving and caring person. Well thats who i am!


I refer to the overachiever because I'm berry small and eleven,but I get get A's a lot as a grade. So yeah thats who i refer to!!!


i am most like the natural because i never get bad grades, always turn in my work on time, and never get in trouble

indy kid too:

i think im like art because im very odd


I'm mostly the oddball and little bit of social butterfly


I don't really know which character's personality fits me. Here are some facts about me. I'm not really a summer kind of person. I like school. I am really smart, and I like reading, and going on my computer.
Which character do you think I'm most like.



This is a good pic of monster inc unaresity have you saw the movie if you did cool .




My personality best matches The Overachiever, because I always aim high for my goals throughout my school years, so take for example I get a 90 average, I'll go for 100 next time! Another reason would be that I'm such a cheery person, sometimes it might be too much LOL! WADDLE ON CP CAN'T WAIT FOR MU TAKEOVER, GO ROR!!


I mostly relate to the overachiever because I overachieve like this essay I am doing I only have to do half a page but I am doing more and I am also like the naïve one because when I am board I always find something to do and I am super nice also I am like the princess because my grandmother spoils me also I am like the mom because I like to cheer people on help others and watch over people also I am like the mature one because I was the only one in my health class who did not say eew.see next1


so I am the naïve overachiever mature princess mom


I'm kinda like The Mom. I try to help people and take care of them. I even carry my friends that are older than me! Its nice to hang back and let people carry you, but when the carrier goes overboard, well, you know... I carry others cause other people may need a break.
Carrying others takes hard work and determination, and a little spark of fun. Just as long as the carrier, you don't need a carrier your self!


Sounds like fun!


I watch monsters university good movie


i hate surfing!


I am the princess and my sister is the shy one because my sister is shy and yeah i am the priness in my family lol


I think i am the shy one cause i was REALLY shy in second grade! Majestic!


All the Monsters University characters are cool, but there are two monsters I relate to. I am like the talker and the loud one because I'm the chatterbox of my class and at my house I talk and scream a lot (NOT ALL THE TIME OK?!?!).

Doodle 369:

I'm mostly like the mom because I really tell people what to do I have a small sister I really tell her what to do I'm kind of bossy but I'm mostly picked for team captin I tell them what to do alot and it's fun that they listen to me it may not be fun with u but its fun to me

Well it's fun a little (giggles)




I think im the talker because I talk a lot in class and my friends like what I have to say and I can talk all day long and its annoys some people its a gift and a curse


I guess I relate to the overachiever because I'm really good at things. I may not be the best at everything but when it comes to what I'm good I'm really good at it. I guess I could also be the social butterfly because I'm happy for everyone to be my friend and I always have at least one or two friends with me at all times (except of course at home).


I can't decide I guess I would be the social butterfly because I'm happy to have everyone as my friend it doesn't matter if they are boy or girl or even a bit weird, everyone can be my friend. I guess I could also be the overachiever because I may not be good at everything I do but when it comes to what I'm good at I'm the overachiever. But I could also be the oddball because I am a bit weird but it doesn't matter all my friends and I enjoy who I am and I wouldn't change a single thing about me.

Ninja 4561:

The overachiever will go for me because you are you, and you, are special! You may not be scary, like some of you may have wished, but the important thing is, you're you.


i am mostly the naive and the natural because im smart and i have fun(my penguin name-jaron168


The natural is cool looking


I think all of them. polo field


I think I'm a The Social Butterfly because I always keep in touch with my friends.Since I have summer classes at my school I get to see my friends all the time. But when I can't see them I either go to their houses,call them,or text them.Thats why I think I'm The Social Butterfly.


that is soo cool!


i think the big monster on campus is cool


go ror and go ok


I'm most like Mike Wazoski... the overachiever


I think I'm most like the natural


Cool but my favorite character is mike


the loud one because im soooooooooooooooooooooooo loud


I'm The Social Butterfly And The Princess

I Talk Too Peeps That I Don't Know In The Lunch Room At School

My Parents spoil Me Alot

And They Are Both On PNK


I am like The Natural.


Asome .................


I would probably be like the princess because I am very girly and I like the colour pink!




I´m the Mascot! :D


Im the natural I always talk to ever one im also like to make teams and like to go to partys and make a partys at my iggy and i like to go to shool to learn and make frends and i like to go to the park with my frends and play ball and just like to hang out.

Liam Jobs:

I love to travel, cos' I ove to fly to other places!
-Liam Jobs :D


I want to travel everywhere.


I like the living legend


I am like the talker because I talk about everywhere.


I'm like the talker because i talk way too much. My sister has to keep telling me to be quiet.




Lol! Me too


Me three! Lol! My sister says "Would you stop talking for once!" XD


The mascot :D


I Can relate To Sully(The Natural) Because I Do Well With My Goals And Have A Good Relationship With Friendships.


I can relate to Sully (The Natural) as well. I do well with my goals and never give up, hence my stubbornness . I keep good relationships with my friends and because of that am usually head of the pack.
I can also relate to Mike (The OverAchiever) because I do well in school and try to make my work one of the best. Plus I recently won at my school's grade six graduation the Academic Award. The Academic award means basically that my grades are best and am an OverAchiever. So I can relate.


Me too!


i would be the princess because im like a princess in my own ways. also because its me and i want to be a princess and i can relate to that :)!!!

Darth Pang :

i relate to the natrual because i make a good relationship with friends and im a nice guy


I am like 'The Mom' because I like Burger King.

St Michael3:

I would be the natural because none of the other topics relate to what kind of person I am and I do everything my own kind of way, do my kind of things, and am the best of the best! (I think anyways)


I think I'm like The Overachiever because I always strive for the best and I'm not satisfied unless I'm perfect. Ask my friends! They know exactly what I'm talking about! I'm so excited for the Monsters University Party! Waddle on CP! ;)


I'm the social butterfly! Why? because I LOVE being with my family, friends, and friends to come!
And I love just being soial! And best of all... I just love being in the sun, and snow!



I am the odd ball because I love to do wacky and fun things such as bungee jumping! Another reason why I think I am the odd ball is because I stand out from others!! By the way can someone get me a beach ball I feel like I have to walk on it!


The talker. Because i get in trouble a lot at school by blurting out! ;)




I think I would most relate to 'The Natural" one! I am good at something that everybody is trying to achieve and I love to be myself and never have to act like someone else! And in the movie Sully said: "You don't have to learn scaring you just let it out." Which is what I do for must of my subjects! LOL!! I mostly relate to Sully we are like brothers! We think the same style =D
-Waddle On!


The best looking personality for me is "THE NATURAL". He is big and very nice looking personality, also I love the blue color that he has. The blue color is one of the most soothing color for the human eye and it would really look amazing at the Monster University movie. I also love his body, fat and tall, which makes his appearance look awesome. That was my review, hope you enjoyed it. And of course, Waddle on!

Enter nickname:

i would be none of them i would be the average joe

Blue Kid 707:

I think I am most related to the natural because i'm the natural scarer from my family and also because I love the color blue!!! I AM SO EXCITED TO WATCH MONSTERS UNIVERSITY!!!


I just want to say that I loved the movie Monsters University, even better than Monsters Inc! I probably mostly relate to Mike Wazowski, "The Overachiever!" When I see a goal to set, I hurry after that goal, and even achieve more, like with stamps in Club Penguin! Thanks for the awesome party! Waddle on, Club Penguin, you're the real overachievers :)




I would most fit the odd ball because i'm not exactly just like others in the world everyone is different one of my most of my weirdest things is that I don't like peanut butter but also sometimes I don't hear things right sometimes I hear stuff that isn't really said. But I don't really care if people judge me. I am what I am everyone has a different personality like me everyone has a hobby for example i like to play games video games,computer games and board games. But everyone is different.


Who isn't the oddball? (I hear things to and I am not crazy- right?)


What you said was beautiful! XD You are so right and thats the way I feel to!


I think I will pick the Talker or the Odd Ball. LOL But how is not odd in some way? I like the look of the Natural, though.


I would be 'The Overachiever' 'cause my mum is always tutoring me to get good grades and I kinda leak through and get the grades. I'm always determined to do something and that's my only goal for a number of days or weeks. I relax for a whiile but then I've got a goal in my head agian.
Waddle On!


I would probably be the odd ball because I say random word ALL the time like awkward and because the odd ball is funny I'm funny to I make my family laugh a whole lot but of course I'm odd because then I wouldn't relate to them but that how I'm related to the odd ball so that means I'm the ODD ball in the family!


I'm the talker because, well... I love to talk! About anything and everything, but especially about bridgit mendler, she is awesome!!


I'm the talker because I sometimes talk a lot. I'm a mix of a talker, the shy one and the social butterfly. Sometimes I'm too shy to sing and I have a lot of friends. I also like to talk about bridgit mendler.

Bubsey Good:

The overachiever and the talker. I tend to go above the standards and talk way too much!


I think I would probably be the shy one. When I meet people for the first time I'm really shy, especially around adults, but I do warm up after some time. I also get shy in front of a big crowd, but I love an audience.

mr black505:

Im With you! I Have Stage Fright And Im Shy Around Adults

Raven 10:

I tend to get shy around a big crowd as well.


I know I'm a speed demon. When it comes to speed, I'm there.


I would pick the princess because I'm sassy like most princesses and I love Pink and the team PNK! I have always dreamed of being a princess and having my own castle and everything! Waddle On! :)


i have like 20 friends that are like you but since im the only tomboy they know they try to make me like a princess it gets really annoying


Nice comment, But if your talking about the "Ye olden days" princess they are not sassy :-P But i your comment seems very competitive,
Thats why i like it XP, B'man, Out

Enter nickname:

ill be mike


I would say i'm like the natural/sully because I really don't know alot of stuff but im a natural at stuff like sports and math and I am kinda a talker XP.
Waddle On CP Team.
P.S. can't wait for Field Friday.

Dome C:

Hey snowball6672! I am the exact same way! Starting a sport or a new concept in math, I don't really understand it, but it come easily to me! Its comforting to know someone like me!!!
Waddle On, snowball6672!

/Dome C\


The loud one because in I talk so much that I start talking loud my friends say its cool but to me its a little scary. And when there is an event I get so excited and yell so loud that its crazy.

nicko great:

I am the odd-ball because I do wacky things and can someone toss me a squash I want to make a smoothie LOL! I am a bit like the overachiever but not all the time. I also am a bit of the natural because I seem cool all the time (Unless the teacher tells me to pay attention!) I think its fair to call me the overachieving natural odd-ball LOL.
-PENGUIN NAME = nicko great


I'm the talker because I like to talk a lot and I mean ALOT lol so I am the talker




I'm the shy one, because I'm really shy, I'm not much of a talker, and I also have stage fright.


I also have stage fright

Chandler127 :

Hay I help you be less scared at stuff . to start add me as a friend trying not to be shy then we start for real!

Bailey baba:

I was to but now I am not i love talking just try it


I have Stage Fright too, lol


Strangely when I feel nervous I just smile. I don't do it forcefully, it just comes naturally to me to smile when I feel nervous or bashful.


I relate most to the over achiever, because I am always doing my best and doing more than I have too! I always make sure to do my best projects, and I never hand anything in late! You won't ever see me without a book or computer, studying for my upcoming classes. In the summer, I plan to do a summer arts workshop, to get ahead for the next year! All my efforts to do well land me as the overachiever in my grade!!! WADDLE ON!


I am probably The Talker and The Mature One! Possibly The Odd Ball as well:p


i think i am the loud one and the talker because i always talk loud and i talk a lot


I think I'm like the social butterfly because first of all, I'm joining team PNK! Also, at school and on club penguin, I like meeting new people and making new friends. I saw the movie, too. All I can say to you is... practice as hard as you can and you'll make whichever team you want to be in. Waddle on!

swtor lover:

i am not on there but i am very smart. i also love gary because he is smart and i can get ideas from him. my favorite machine of his is the test chamber which is the thing you use to melt, freeze, and soak


I think I'm the talker because I talk to my friends a lot

Waddle on


I'm the mature one, because where my friends see fun, I see a mess to clean up! LOL!!


I'm the Loud one and the Shy one. The reason why is because I'm always loud with my three friends and whenever someone calls me to answer something, I get shy and start to act really weird. =)


I think I am the overachiever, LOL I really enjoying challenges I put up to myself (even if I don't finish them) but it helps me a lot. I always have an aim, and something accomplish. Anyway, I simply can't wait a minute longer for the MU takeover/Scare games. WADDLE ON CP!


I'm the Odd Ball because I am very random and odd sometimes, and I'm also the talker because there are moments when I just wont stop talking! I'm also the Social Butterfly because I'm like.. SUPER social :P but there is NO way I am THAT girly..


I can relate to Sully,the natural one,beacuse I keep trying to reach my goals.I also try to keep my friendship in balance with my sister.

23 Kitty:

I'm the social butterfly, that's what all my friends say I am and, I'm very social. My penguin, however, is more of a shy gal. BTW, GO TEAM PNK!
- 23 Kitty
P.S. Team PNK will win, no matter what!


if I had to pick just one, I'd say I'm the odd ball (lol). Sometimes I walk up to people and say random things like 'HOW MANY TACOS DID I EAT YESTERDAY?!?!?', then they give me a weird look and walk away. I act like that on cp sometimes too- me and my friend like to go up to people and say 'happy- UN- birthday!', its fun to see their reaction, 'cuz they're all like 'huh?'. If I were in MU movie, i'd be like, bff with the crazy purple guy!


I am really the MU Party!!! I'm the TOUGH ONE cause when it comes to beating me, you would probably give up! Well, I'm not the greatest because I cant defeat Tusk in Card-Jitsu Snow! Anyways I'm the PRINCESS too! I love my way to look like a girly girl! GO TEAM PNK!!!!



I'm going to be The Natural!


THE ODD BALL!!! Obvious reasons.

David 9998:

i like Solly because hes the big scary and the one who saved the little baby girl and i think solly should visit club penguin he can meet sensei and take his mind off his work


im a little of all i would say im a people kind of person but i would say on there i would be the odd ball cause ive always been different i can do the robot im crazy diff fashion style im the that everyone stares at cause im dancing down hallway screaming on top of my longs im me and thats the best thing to be


I am three of them im am the natural the talker and the shy why those three?well cause on natural i have good goals and good realtoinoship with my friends.seconed on the talker cause i go vist alot of places like london,brazil,and georgia and say what i did . and last but not least shy im shy on the frist day of school and im shy to sing on stage but seconed of all i want to be a singer so im going to need help from someone to take off my stage fright.
Thats my personality monster
waddle on!


I am more like the overachiever and the natural ( mike or sully). Plus the shy one. I do things in school bigger than what they expect. I am very shy and get frightened easily. I do NOT like to be in front of crowds. And being natural is just the thing I do. ROAR!!!! GO MONSTER UNIVERSITY!

cool secret1:

I wonder if there is a costum for all the monsters on the pic!?

Cool secret1:

So awesome!!!!
That is so so cool!!!!
I am so happy club penguin though off this!!!!
I ❤ club penguin!!!!


i'm a lot of personalities. I'm really shy on stage, but at the bottom of the stage i'm really a talker. I'm also like the natural since I brag a lot and like to show off. I think i'm most like the princess though, I care much about fashion and sometimes, I think that everyone should RESPECT ME!! I'm real sassy too, and if you met me, I would be sarcastic a lot.


I would be the princess because I act like one I am very picky about things


I'm a perfectionist! Because I always want to do everything right and organized and I love doing this!


I think I am... the natural.Because it is a word that describes who I am.Every time I do something I do it from the inside,and I do it the way I think it is no matter what other people say.Sully in the movie was a natural scarer bacause he just let his talent go and do the rest for him.And I think that when you are afraid or you are shy or showing off something you just have to think you are a natural and you just have to let it go.That is what I try to do everywhere every time.



I think I can relate to Terri and Terry because I have two conflicted personalities just like them! One of them is my Club Penguin personality, which is being silly and saying random things. The other is my real life personality, which is being cute but serious. I think I like my Club Penguin one the best! :)


the personality i relate to is the overachiever because i never give up!


I'm the loud one!!!!! why? Because I'm very loud every day!!!! Ps I love you club penguin!!!!!


I would be the social butterfly since I love throwing massive igloo party's and adding people as my buddy and I always invite people to play with me on club penguin. My brother, (Blackienew) would be the loud one since he loves to talk and hes always telling jokes, also since he yells "hurray!" when hes happy, which is all the time LOL!


I'd say I'm actually three of those personalitys! I'm the talker, the loud one, and the natural. The talker because I talk to my friends a lot, The loud one because I am always speaking, well, loudly. And the natural one because I act natural most of the day I'm at school. That's why I'm all three personalitys! Waddle on!!!


Cool! I wanna be the princess. :)


I know I already I wanted to be the princess. But I actually think I'm personally the shy one. I don't really have that much friends and I barely want to talk anyone. I'm also a nerd.XD So I would consider myself to be the shy one.

P.S. I'm really excited for the MU takeover! :D


A pnk one they are like try to scare everybody and i do that too but they are also like funny look at me i am funny


I would say im the overachiever. In school i get good grades and i try to do my best


Im the overacheiver because I get a A+ or a B+ in school and I get a lot of goals like to win the scare games or defeating Tusk


I'm the shy one. I'm really shy and never talk to people


I'm probly thee social butterfly becuase im allways socializing with everyone.Sometimes when I'm with my friends Kaylen,Shane,Libasse,and Alex were allways making hand shakes and playing games with eachother.I really love being with my friends!!!


I have to say that I am the Social Butterfly, why you ask? Because I love talking to others and making new friends. But sometimes I can be The Talker. Let's just say that I talk to much to my friends about everything.


I like squishy he's adorable

Little Yoshi:

Im the Naive one because im always that friendly guy in the crowd whos awlways loves hanging with friends!!!!!!!!!
-Little Yoshi

Disco Mickey:

I'm the natural because all my friends think I draw really awesome and they ask me, " Where did those skills come from?" and I say, "I just happened!"


I'm definitely the overachiever, because I don't like to be interrupted or bothered when I'm working on homework or something important. I like to get RIGHT down to the nitty gritty and buisness.


The Talker


I am the overachiever. Totally!! LOL!! I am trying my very best to get honors in school! That means 80%!! I know I can do it!! Also, more news on the Star Wars party?? :D


I am the Overachiever because I get A(s) on my test and results and most of my friends think i am an overachiever


I am sort of like the princess. This is bcuz I don't ussualy clean up after my self but make my parents do it for me, and I do hav to admit I can be very spoiled sometimes. I also like wearing very girly clothes most of the time when I go to school. I would join the PNK team as well bcuz my favorite color is pink! I can also sometimes be a social butterfly bcuz I talk ALOT and I have to admit I am always hanging out with someone anywhere when you find me.

rad red2:

i am actually about three of these rolled into one! I'm the natural because it never takes me long to get good at something when i start learning. i'm also the odd ball because i'm actually pretty weird most of the time but i don't want to be like everyone els. i'm also the talker because i LOVE talking about really anything. you can ask my sister! she aways says i talk too much but i don't care 'cause talking to people is how you make friends. which i don't have many of considering the odd ball


I am a talker and a shy one. My parents say i am announcer buddy. When I have plays in real life, I get extremely shy.

Thanks for letting me answer!

Neon Rose:

I'm the princess because I love fashion and I'm a little bit of a diva.


I think I'm the Conflicted One. See, I have alot of parts of my personality; smart & oblivious, brave & shy, sarcastic & sensitive, outgoing & paranoid... all of those things are shoved into one body. Because of this, I act differently around different people & in different situations. It's confusing, even for me sometimes. I can't help it, it's just... me. I'm conflicted about my personality, all the parts of me clash. ( Though comes in handy when I need to lie or act. )
Waddle on! :D


The speed demon acts like my friend Armani he's so fast he even beat me with out a sweat!!!!


I'm such a social butterfly! I talk to anyone about anything! Seriously just ask my teache! She calls me queen of the chatter boxes! Wait maybe I'm also the talker!


I am probably the most like mike. I am a HUGE overachiever! I can not and will not be satisfied unless I have mastered my task. I am ALWAYS the first one to turn in class projects and always get an A+. Everyone in my class fights over who will be my lab partner!! XD!

Waddle on!!!


I am the princess!!!!!!!!!!! :) yah!!!!!!!!!


I have a lot, but mine is the overachiever. My other ones r natural, intullectual, and the naive one
Waddle on Club Penguin,
Ninjaaiden13 :)

Mew Mew 124:

IDK, but the Odd Ball. Sometimes I blurt out something about skiing lemons on pink sugar skis that wear neon green hats.

Waddle On!


Mine would have to be the natural because I like to be my self, and I don't like to pretend I'm someone I'm not, and I think it's best to be your self.


I am kinda like the odd ball. I don't like chocolate (crazy right!) and I am so flexible that one of my friends is totally confident that an alien has taken over my body! XD!! I'm ok with being the odd one because my best friend is super odd too. We love doing crazy things that always freak people out.

Waddle on!!!


The odd ball. BTW will we have any other CP related parties this year? Like medieval or uhh some other one XD. Just wondering, also this party looks....well...umm...MONSTROUS!


i,m like all of the monsters


I love Monster University just saying. Anyways,I think i would relate to the ''The Odd Ball'' the most well, because i'm so odd my mom said '' wow kid your a weird kid and funny one'' i make my my friend laugh so hard. Waddle on penguins!


I'm all of them i always get 4's on my report cards(btter than grade level) and i'm also just like really just not a shy one


I'm the loud one and shy one. At my house, i'm as loud as a firecracker! And at school, i'm VERY shy. And the other ones, just don't fit me good. I love my personality!

jacob 90689:

I like ok becase they won the scare game




I am totally the elusive one since I have a bad memory and I am good at hiding things (lol). My friends can agree with me on that one.


I am mostly like the Social Butterfly because I love making new friends and hanging out with them a ton!!!


haha! I'm the speed demon because at school if i'm angry or grossed out by someone I give them my look which is my eyebrows pushing together. :)


I would probably be a mix of the social butterfly and the Talker hahaha! I love to talk and make new friends!


I have a question for the Club Penguin Team!I wonder what will the new RARE items be? I hope it will be the rice hat sensei wears, cause I always have wanted a rice hat for my penguin. please tell us what we could dig out with our puffles i can't wait to find out!


I'm the shy one ,because when I meet someone i don't even talk I just stand there


I think I am mostly like "The Social Butterfly" because I think I am very social with people. I like being like "The Social Butterfly" because that means that I am very social with other people and I get to know others more and to make new friends too. I am also a girl just like "The Social Butterfly." I saw the movie the day it came out in 3D and it was awesome! I will have fun on the 27th for the MU Takeover. Can't wait!
- Pinky Feet 7


I believe that I'm the loud one a talker a social butterfly and lastly a over achiever like Mike.


I think that i am the overachiever because I'm smart


I like Sulley, "the natural one".


I would say that for me I would be either a shy one or an intelligent one; two reasons- at my school I go to I always act so shy I almost don't say anything at all! Intelligent? Please, of course I would be the itelligent one; I gotten so many A's and B's! (mostly A's)
Waddle on!


I am totally like Mike Wazowski and Sully in a lot of ways like I am a student that is very serious like Mike but I love to play and have fun just like Sully and I really want to see Monsters Universty badly and I can't wait till the scare games here on club penguin. I wish all of you who are joining PNK, OK, JOX, and ROR good luck in the scare games I am going on PNK or either OK I hope to see you all of you and make more friends!
-Waddle on! :)


I'm the overachiever because, i always try to focus when i learn. Every single subject I at least pay attention 90 percent. Plus,I really get sad and depressed when i make a really bad grade,sometimes i cry about getting a bad grade. And if i don't pay attention when the teacher calls my name i just totally freak out in my mind. But most of the time,I pay attention,focus,and always do my best!

18 polly 18:

The personality I relate from Monsters University is Mike (the overachiever). I relate to him because like him I don't look like I can achieve a lot but I ca.

18 polly 18:

The personality I relate to from Monsters University is Mike (the overachiever). I relate to him because like him I don't look like I can achieve a lot but I can. Just like him.

the fat cake:

hey thier!! i am like the tough one cause i am never scared well im only scared of my teacher LOL!!!! well any way ya im tough i do karate. see ya club penguin this game ROCKS!!!


im the gym rat because i love to dribble a basket ball at my school and sometimes i play with friends


I think i am most like the overachiever, why? Because, I care way to much about my grades. To me they need to be all A's. I get really upset and sad if i end up with even one B. At school, during class, I I make sure i have all A's. That is why I think i am like the overachiever.


i am the talker because i never stop talking at home but at school i am the mature one you can say i have two personality one at home and one at school.


i think i am a mix of the odd ball and the overachiever because i can get really weird and i start to be a little awkward to be by but i also work very hard to get the best grades and i mostly get the good grades i wanted and i always get extra credit!

Nottaspringchicken :

I'm Sully


Well, i fit Mike Wasowski because I am an underdog and cant run fast like he cant scare! Like in MU he wants to fit in with the scaers! I try to, too. He wants to be cool, like me! He is a nice guy and an underdog and funny,cute, and shy! I am defidently like Mike!


I am mostly like "The Social Butterfly" because in my family, each day I get on to Club penguin and other games and chat! I get up early each morning just to use social media items. Sometimes I use the computer a lot just to look, search and lots of fun websites! I love being social with my friends, family, cousins, and relatives! Sometimes I keep in touch with everything in my family since I socialize with others so that is why I am "The Social Butterfly".

My username is Alynika! Waddle On!


Mine would be the talker. I always talk- wether I'm supposed to or not. It's a bad habit of mine. I talk about when to play club penguin, I talk about arranging plans for things...anything really!

Alec Jr 5:

I think I am mostly like Mike Wazouski, "The Overachiever". I think this because Mike and I have a lot of self esteem! We believe in our selves no matter what happens like if someone tells us we are not fit enough to do this activity. But we still do it anyways! We also both have a lot of goals for ourselves. We always keep trying and we will never give up. The last thing that we are alike is that we are very smart and make the honor roll all the time LOL! Mike and I are alike in many ways


Hehe well I will choose the odd ball. Why?
Because he is funny and I saw the movie and I really like how he move fast and cool. But I will also be the elusive one. Why?
Because in the movie he is in the team that will win on cp! . and because I like being invisible

Waddle on


The best looking personality for me is "THE NATURAL". He is big and very nice looking personality, also I love the blue color that he has. The blue color is one of the most soothing color for the human eye and it would really look amazing at the Monster University movie. I also love his body, fat and tall, which makes his appearance look awesome. That was my review, hope you enjoyed it. And of course, Waddle on!


the princess because i love to dress up like one


Yo Polo! I think I compare to Mike quite a bit because we're both pretty smart and he's kind of the nerd in his class. He also doesn't start out with any friends and ends the year with Sully as a friend, like me. He is also kind of the third wheel with some of his class, like me, but in other parts of his class, he's pretty popular, like me. Waddle on!


the tough one because i am REALY tough


i am the talker cause i talk and talk and talk for hours without stoping
and i just act like the naive one cause i bother my friends twenty four seven and i keep bothering them non stop some times i act like the natural i act awesome not being bad and awesome at being nice


I am like sully because he is nice and cool and shows off a tiny bit


I'm the loud one I'm always loud at school and when I try to whisper people can hear me so I'm a bad whisperer. I'm also the shy one because I'm shy when my family is around.

Puffle Pal26:

I can relate to being The Mature One/Don Carlton. I always try to act mature and wise beyond my years. I can respond to any situation calmly and in a mature manner. Being mature is good when you want to be responsible. It can also help you give kind advice to other people, penguins, or monsters! Waddle on, Club Penguin!


I'm just like Mike. I'm an overachiever! I get good grades and I show them off! I'm proud of being an overachiever!


I like the shy one:)


I'm The Princess. That's because I love anything pink, sparkly (like my name says), and royal. And I SO love princess dresses! Waddle on, penguins! LOL

nicko great:

I am the oddball mostly because I do random things. I am also the overachiever. Then there is the natural side of me that stands out. So even though it is not on the list I am the overachieving natural odd-ball!

-Nicko Great


I am SO the Social Butterfly!I love making new friends and its so easy for me to talk to people!I participate in almost every activity at school and have so many different groups of friends!It may be a tad bit hard to talk to everyone because you never know what they are like until you talk to them and get to know them.But since I can listen (sometimes because of my many friends i have to help them too!) i can make them be my new Best Friend!


I'm like the shy because if someone talks to me that I don't know I'll just smile at them and walk away! :D


im the mom because everytime my friends are trying to do thats not very smart at all im always there to say no or dont do that and obviously they will say ''your not my mother'' lol!!


I would have to be the shy one, because everytime someone asks me to be their friend I freak out a little. Although, i'm a little of a talker.


When I'm with my friends,I'm the talker and the loud one!I am super loud and crazy with my friends.But during school,I'm the shy one.I'm super quiet and I had the 2nd most votes for the most taciturn(quiet) student!


the naive one because of is green shirt which is my favorite color, and his five tiny eyes and stubby plus the hat and my favorite team is OK . Also he looks very funny!!!!!


I would say I'm Squishy - "The Naive One". I think I'm like Squishy because a lot of times I think a lot of things are okay and fun to do but then my mom always (thankfully) tells me that it's dangerous. Also I know in Monsters University Squishy definitely loves his mom and that's the same with me. Overall, I think Squishy and I have very similar personalities.



I Am Like The Natural!

Corn Flake 3:

I would fit in as the tough one


I am the mature one because i am be good and i am good making a tv show and I like to eat good food like watermelon and I like monsters university the movie is funny and silly. by mario71106


Mascot and the GymRat.GymRat because I like being exercised and Mascot because it's funny


i think the natural is the best! because i sortve got a headstart because i saw the movie the other day at the end, He starts to cheer up mike then they go back to normal and they help eachother out and did some awesome Teamwork


I'm mostly like The Odd Ball. I'm so odd, people just don't even understand! I don't care if they think I'm odd though! I take that as a compliment! ALLONS-Y!


im the natural monster because i gave up on being the overachiever like half of my class


i am the talker because i talk a lot.LOL


I’m the talker. You can always hear me yammering away, whether people want to hear what I have to say or not. I will talk about anything, as long as it’s not a boring subject. You can always count on me to entertain you with my different accents, different topics, and differents perspectives on things. I’m also the loud one. Always. :D You can never shush me up!!! I will keep doing what I do, nomatter what other people think, because I AM A TALKER!!!!


I have MANY personalities! XD
I'm the LOUD one, the TALKER, the ODDBALL, and the shy one (sometimes).


In the big monster on campus because I get really mad from my brother.


To tell u the truth, I gotta be the natrual. I'm so good at stuff in school


I would be 'the shy one' because I'm really shy when it comes to meeting new people sometimes. Like when I wanna join a group but I'm too shy to join them because they might ignore me or something
But I just hope it'll change :)


I think i can relate best to "THE NATURAL" and "THE ODDBALL" and sometimes "THE OVERACHIEVER" because for the natural one i'm have an all around range in sports, and i can draw really good just by talent (by the way im REALLY trying to make it sound like im not bragging!) and for the oddball unlike most people my age im OFF THE WALL CRAZY!And i do things my own way i dont rally care what everyone else does just to get attention and for the over achiever i have set a goal and i want to go beyond


i have a new idea for getting the bonus round in card-jitsu snow its called green means go and all ninjas must have green health bars to get into the bonus round getting snow ninjas more responsibility may be a concern howabout... beat the heat where three enemies must get burned by a fire power card or big wave where a water ninja has to participate in a combo three times to get to the bonus round lastly muskeeteer where there has to be a three ninja combo toget to the bonus round


I am probably the mature one or the overachiever because I take my work seriously unlike my other classmates but I get it done really fast yet I get it right every time so basically I'm both the mature one and the overachiever.

Cyclones 20:

I saw the movie in theaters so I have to say The Conflict One :)


i probably relate best to speed demon because i love sonic speed and super fast go carts and so on. and maybe the oddball because i watched the trailer for the movie and it was soo funny when the bookcase landed on Sully and he said "That was awesome!" i laughed so hard! WADDLE ON!!!


I like the mom cause she spoils stuff in the bad way.
I still wouldn't like it if if happened to me.

Gabby Rocks:

i am the shy one. it is not as easy for me to make friends easily. yet, i can still be as smart as the naturals.


i think i would relate to the punk:( this is because i don't have a lot of friends on club penguin and anyone talk to i get made fun of lol (jk). However, i take it as a joke, and i still love club penguin. so guys waddle down and scare like a clown for the monsters university party. this party is going to be #swag

sour cherry3:

I'm the shy one


The Natural because I think that's strong...


I would be "The Shy One" why,you might ask? Well,I have a lot of friends and all,but I'm just so shy around my friends and cute boys. LOL! So,If I was in Monsters Inc,I would probably be "The Shy One". Thanks for asking Cp Team! ;)


I would chose mike s team because they have a good team to work together

Foo Moo:

I'd guess I'd fit in as the intellectual one, because I'm always stoping in the store to look at something(like a Club Penguin game card ;P ) . Then I'll take it home and figure out what it is, and when it's something so simple (like a puzzle) and the answer is so simple that I over-look it and the answer jumps right into my face. Then I get a good LOL out of every thing.


I can relate to the Talker as I love to chat with my friends especially on the phone and sometimes when I talk a lot, I start to talk really LOUDLY! Sometimes I am the shy one as I get really shy when I see some new faces but soon when you get to know them I am not really shy in front of them anymore.


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