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By Polo Field on June 25, 2013 - 13:22

Last week we asked, what is your favorite summer activity and why?

Aly71's answer is awesome! My favorite summer activity has to be surfing with my family, why you ask? Surfing brings my family together so we can have laughs and fun instead of fighting for the front seat in the car LOL!! So we have laughs by when i fall my brother laughs his heart away and fun by just seeing that huge wave coming for you and then you start paddling and jump up and then you feel the breeze in your hair and the thrill of balance so thats my activity!!!.

As for this week, above are some of the personalities that can be seen in the new Monster's University movie recently released.  Which personality from the Monsters University characters do you relate to and why?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

-Club Penguin Team



Think Im the big monster on campus. W
LE. ON!!!!!!!!!!!!


I relate to the personality The Natual because i like to just relax and be cool know what I mean. :)


I 'm the elusive one / randy boogs , because sometimes my explanation is very complicated and my explanation is less clear


I will be the natural beacause i am always relaxed and calm


I'm the goth

Agent 11234:

I'm probably all of them(except the princess).I get good grades, I talk a LOT,I'm fast... well, I think you get the picture. :-)WAIT! I want to show you what people look like after I scare them!:O



i am so the odd ball one, i relate to that because well i'm not there person you would like to hang out with....I'm the only person in my class that likes super heroes and no only really likes me. Well um yeah thats why i relate to the odd ball. :P

ps I cant wait for the MU party!!


I'm the Natural Because i'm normal and it's ok to be normal

Tails Flower T.F.:

I would be the odd ball because I am different than others in so many ways. Most people like chocolate ice cream and I like rainbow sherbert ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate chips on top! Most people will just wear a plain red tee shirt and I will wear a red tee shirt with paint blobs and sparkles and a slash of orange on it! Sometimes I like to wear mismatched socks too! I am an oddball because I am different than others and I am proud of that. My username on Club Penguin is zoeice.


I Love To Do In This Summer Is To Go To DisneyLand!

Jilly Can101:

I think I'm the overachiever because I tend to do a little more than I'm supposed to during school, and that's both good and bad. I'm also the shy one because I'm super quiet and I don't talk that much in class, unless I really have to.


I'm like the Social Butterfly because I'm really social with others and like to tell or text them things like, new clothing items or other cheats for Club Penguin that I know to help them on CP. Waddle on CP!

ClubPenguin 743874:

I'm Sometimes shy :-)



I'm like Art: The Odd Ball. I'm most like him because people think I'm funny and and I can be REALLY ODD sometimes :). I would do anything weird and awesome!
Waddle On!


I like the overachiever because he tries to be his best and he messes big times and is really silly.He lives with Sully(The top scaring monster).He also helps Sully with doors.In monsters inc them both got banished and the overachiever threw snowballs at Sully. He is really silly/funny. The movie was awesome. The overachiever got featured on television.
Waddle on Club Penguin!


I think i am like the over achiever because i cant turn any of my school work in without checking it three times. On test I can barely turn it in on time because i take like 2 minuets on one question just to make sure i am the best. Everything i do has to be better than perfect. I am always trying to do extra credit. That is why i think I am the over achiever.


I think I am the gym rat because I like to go outside, play sports, ride my bike and go to the rec center in the town I live in.

CokaCola 101:

I think I'm the Elusive one (Randall). But it doesn't mean I'm the rival monster to
the main characters in Monsters University. I'm just a really fast person.
Once I ran around my school in only a minute! I think being speedy is really
awesome, and anyone who is really fast like me should be lucky because they can
win races and so much stuff! Waddle on CP :-D


Did someone say odd ball? Cause that's what'd I be! Why? I'm zany like the orange puffle wish I had!!! Just the other day I was dressed like a pirate. NO JOKE. I also don't do particularly what everyone else does. Most don't like a teacher but I do!!! Some may love wearing opened toe shoes but I'll stick with sneakers!!! Next I say some weird things (Gooey, boopity bops bops, urg, noop!!!). Finally, I'm just me and trust me that's really crazy! So someone pass the ball- the odd ball that is!! :P

Robin Red4:

I am most like the " Odd Ball" because I am very wacky and I love jokes and I love to play around! Every day you could see me joking around or laughing away. I am proud for who I am and I love to be odd because I feel unique. My friends love to hang out with me because I can take a joke or two and I am always up and running. I am also an " Overachiever" because I really work hard and I am also determined when it comes to school work and I love how it feels when I accomplish things. Thanks CP!


i think im mike the overachiever!


i always go for overachieving in school!


I describe myself as the shy one and the loud one because when I go somewhere new like for an example a new school im always shy to talk to people and I always end up doing everything by myself but then my mom tells me "I was just like you when you were in middle school and if you talk to people and ask them to play with you or eat lunch with you then you will make lots of friends" but it took me a few days to do that but once I start making new friends I then become the loud one :)


I am the odd ball because you will never expect what I will do,say,or how i will act. But for one im nice.


I relate more to 'The Overachiever' because I like my test scores to be perfect and do not well , but GREAT in school. But I am not 100% 'The Overachiever'. I am a little shy when you meet me but as time goes on I won't be shy to you, and I have a mild case of stage fright. I am also fast on my feet, but then I like to sleep. I am SO FUNNY, so when I am sad other people are sad, too. And sometimes people think I am not there because I am so quiet, but then I talk and people are like "You talk !"


I am the princess because my mom calls me that!


I'm like the natural because i'm fun to get along with and i have a natural talent of art lol


Well I`m the social butterfly pretty much. I have got such great friends that support me a lot. And pretty much the popular one but i`m still pretty nice to girls that get picked on. So yea that`s why.


I can relate to Mike, the overachiever! Like mike, many times I was told I don't belong in some activities, especially because of my height or something! But one day, i realized my dream! I wanted to get the highest grade of my class, and eventually be the best! I did get the highest grade of my class, but i also realized, i'm not always going to be the best! My new goal is to be a pro-surfer! But i'm not a good swimmer! Let's see how this works! XD

Shop Worker:

I would relate to "Mike Wazoski", He is smart and I am smart. But He is determined and focused even on one little thing. So am I, When I set my mind to something, I never give up until I have accomplished that goal, No matter what it takes. Mike is smart, focused, determined, clever, and awesome! I can relate to that.


I'd probably be the social butterfly, because I love meeting new people, I talk a lot, and I can get a conversation started.

Cupcake 1134:

I'm like the social butterfly, beacause I'm always making new friends either in real life or on Club Penguin! xD I also love participating in lots of things, like in school I do lots of activities, and I enjoy throwing or goig to parties, again in real life or CP! I also am like the talker because I ask alot of questions. ;D


I can relate to the loud one because I like being loud

Andlie B:

I would probably be the odd ball (Art) because I like to goof off a lot and play around and I can bend in weird ways kinda like Art


The natural




Okay I am three of them first mickrozawsky (the overachiever ) , (the princess ) ,and finally (the talker) . I love to go on adventures and never give up like I want to fight for my country and these things and jumping over the chairs , and I like to go and act like a really behaved girl and drink tea in the princess way where they stick one finger up and drink , and I love to talk about my school and family and many and I just can't stop !
THANKYOU !(in a princess way)*giggles*


Im like the overachiever because In school I win EVERYTHING, im the cleverest in my school, and I have about a gazillion medals at home! Also Im kinda like the natural because nearly everything I try I'm quite good at it except for making things out of clay! Finally, I'm the speed demon because most of the medals I have are for running, and Im the fastest in my year at that too!


I'm the Social Butterfly cuz i'm sometimes shy and do stuff on my own cuz i know it but random sometimes XD


The personality I relate to is "THE INTELLECTUAL ONE", usually because I'm always the brainiac. Other times I'm called the know-it-all, teacher's pet, and nerd. Honestly, I'm fine with it and I'm happy with what I am. If I related one of the other personalities, I would've wanted to relate to this one.


I would say I'm the natural one.
Because being natural means having a amazing talent, being friendly. Well Sully (the natural one) in monsters university (only part of it only) Sully tries to be the top scarer but then he has to find a team but then his friend mike (the overachiever) has already a team and it's "OK" but then his team has to go the scare games to have team work. Find out when YOU see the movie! (because i have seen it first!)

Sam Tapung :

I Know the Trailer it's LOLOLOLOLOLOLLLLLL


The shy one because I am extremely shy

Pirate Effi:

I would be the loud one because I am LOUD!!!!! But I am the smart one too so I guess I am smoud one ha ha ha ha and I always love to make an entrench and funny one


I can relate to Dean Handscrabble (living legend),because I think really I'm living legend. :D I can relate to Proffesor Knight too,because I'm clever,and to "THE SHY ONE",because I am a bit shy.I like everyone from The Monsters University,every character is cool. :)


If you met me for the first time I can be the Shy One. Once you get to know me a bit better I'm a talker. To be honest I hated being the shy one but I learned that it's cool because that's who I am and I don't want to be anyone else :)

Funky Pepsi:

I guess I am the loud one because once in the class at recess we had this scream competition and everyone was screaming together but when I started to scream , everyone in my class started to stare at me with a weird OMG look. Lol!! Literally their faces were looking like the had seen an awesome unexpected stunt done by me and plus whenever our teacher asks us that who is the loudest in the class , half of the class infact more than half of the class votes for me .

-- Funky Pepsi on C P :)


I look like Mike Wasowski. Because I'm not very tall and have a mini figurine. He is one of the main characters of Monster University. We do look alike and I'm skinny. And I'm pretty damn smart in math. If I was at university I would have him and they're not really scary but a little.


I'm the natural and the shy one ,because im always natural and I'm really shy,I'm not a BIG talker and I also have stage fright.


living legend because i have the roar of the greatest monster


I'm the "Odd Ball" because I'm goofy and odd, but goofy like "Art" so if you have chosen "Odd Ball" your ROARSOME!


I'm the odd ball : art
Art just like me I'm odd but funny at the same time


The social butterfly✌♥


I am like princess because i like to hide my scare and she is cool too. I am also like social butterfly for the same resons.but the main resons are I LOVE PNK.waddle on club penguin


Which personality from the characters of MU am I?I cant just choose one.Im the odd ball because I do all kinds of crazy random stuff,ask anyone.I'm also the tough one.If you pick a fight with me,you're bound to lose.I also have a tough attitude.I'm aswell as the mature one.I can be very responsible and careful (if I want to or I have too).I can also be the loud one if I feel crazy.Those are my personalities from the MU characters.


I'm Otto10000 and I think i look like THE OVERACHIEVER (Mike Wassovski) from the film Monsters University.

chandler127 :

the one with the natural that he a good friend and has good friends and is popular like Sulley is mine I just forgot to put my name thanks


I totally relate to the natural because I do what i like and be myself all the time! There is no need to be someone else because we are perfect just the way we are! :)


I think I relate to the Speed Demon because I'm really quick in races, meaning I can be a quick scarer! Other monsters will never escape from me! Waddle on!




I'm tottaly the princess since I LOVE Pink,Fluffy and shiny stuff!


Im probably the odd ball because in class i'm super silly and i'm always goofing off LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im probaly the sillyest in the class because allways say "potatoes" in a funny voice LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think i'm either the talker cause i talk a lot or the odd ball cause i can be very very very weird sometimes. I cant wait for the Monsters University party. Waddle on CP :)


I like the LOUD ONE!!! Its because its hard to get people's attention when it is very noisy, especially in class. The teacher had a hard time to keep shouting at students for not to be noisy thousands of time. So if the teacher is the LOUD ONE, the teacher just need to shout once and the students will not be very noisy in the class for more than a week. So the teacher will be relaxed. Hope you understand how do teachers feel. Waddle on CP!


The mature one because anyone could trust me at any time
The social butterfly i like to talk to people
The mascot i like cheering for teams that i know


Well,I looks like as a The Natural and as a the overachiever.I looks like as a the Natural because i think that sometimes a thing can be a fail-but no.I just can't now.I looks like as a the overachiever,because usually i study.But he isn't scary.But at the end of the movie he learn how to be scary,because the natural show him!


Well i am related to the Overachiever (mike) because i do very good in school,and i also can answer questions about space and i am really looking forward to the Star Wars and Monsters University parties.

Waddle on cp


I think I would be a couple of different ones depending on how I feel. For example, when I'm really happy, then I'm the talker. Sometimes I feel like the social butterfly, and at some times the shy one. Maybe even the oddball! So I can be a number of different ones at once to make up me!


As you know I am The Princess because I feel that I am treated like a princess each and everyday. What's more I am kind of sassy and beautiful or however I wish to really be a princess.


I'm the like princess


I Am DEFINITELY The Talker, Because, I Said My First Words When I Was Three.
And I Kelp Talking
And Talking
And Talking

*Did You Know?* When I Was Five Years Old, People Called Me A Chatterbox The First Day I Came!!!




I'm the natural, because I was always myself and entertain others.

Fauna Florid:

The Princess suits me. I am the most girly girl in my school. I have long hair, and I mostly wear gowns skirts, while my friends have short hair and wear jeans. And I am always dreaming of being a real princess and living in a palace. Though, of course, as Cinderella says, every girl can be a princess.
I might say I am shy, too, but my belief that I am a princess (As Tinkerbell says, all you have to do is believe the impossible!) comes over everything else. Princesses are bold, right?


My favroite party was the ultimate jam because i got to meet alot of famos peguins waddle on cp .


I love the Princess. Because she's really girly, and totally LOL!!!.I really wanna be girly as Princess too! I wanna show my friends my beauty, and inner beauty! Just like the True Princess that always I heard before.


The Natural I guess? I like to be natural. Is it supposed to mean like that?


i am the loud one, come on, you need to have a voice to speak and lead THE BIG CROWD
every leader needs to raise is voice to discipline others and to show that they have selected him as they trusted him
(or cause they did not want to do it themselves) :D.....
anyway i like to be loud


I am like The Talker, because everytime I talk very much every day! One time when my friend was saying us about one boardgame rules I didn't left him to say it and then I stopped. LOL! When they ask me about something I talk too much to say him like the "Whole story of my life"

Waddle on,


The monster tht relates to me would be the natural. I'm a natural at a bunch of things!(except scaring) personally, if the natural wasn't there, I would be the over achiever because I look for to much than I ask for! I mean, I am a monster for who I am!


am the talker because i would always talk when even my mom and dad tells me to be quiet i would still talk also my sisters tell me to be quiet but cant its myself


i think im the talker,because i talk ALOT!! With me friends my family and other people


I am a lot like the odd ball in the city. I love to do silly things. Well my family has been though a lot in the past. Families who has been though half of what my family has been though would fall apart. So I might do some silly things to cover it up. talk to my best friend if you know her. I am also the animal nerd at my school knowing a lot about the craziest critters. That at also means that i am also a shoal butterfly and love to hang out and help others as well.

go man100:

im the talker

Kendall A423:

I think I relate best to the "Overachiever" because people are always saying things like "You'll never make it" but as soon as they see what I can do, I bet they might've changed their minds.


the weird 1 because ghjfghjffj


I Would be the Over Achiever (MIKE!) Because I strive for perfection. I always want everything to be neat and tidy, and everything to be just so. This can sometimes be a problem though, because it can be to time consuming or unnecessary. Also when I set my mind on it there is no turning back really I have to stay committed. Thanks for reading! Waddle on!


the overacheiver Because i am really a overacheiver just like Mike Wazowski I really want to be a best Cartoon Creator And im reading some books too and you know genius......By the way I LOVE CLUB PENGUIN


Coooooooooolllllllll!!!!!!! Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!


what are the costumes for the party going to look like?


I believe I'm the "Odd Ball" why you might say? Well I like to stand out, my personality is what makes me the odd ball! Whenever I get an opportunity, I take it. I'm not shy to be who I am, I am a bombastic person filled with all sorts of surprises!When I'm feeling down, I will sing a song to turn that frown upside down. Plus when there's a spelling test, I'm always excited and not scared, which may seem out of the ordinary.


I think I'm the Talker and the loud one. I think I'm the talker because i love talking about how humans evolve and how they knew the earth was round not flat .I think I'm the loud one because when I do Drama Shows I be very LOUD.


I think I am the Overachiever. I try to be the best I can be at everything and I give it my all! I try to work hard at everything I do!


I'm totally the odd ball. My friends say I'm fun,Awesome and outgoing. I think i'm really different in a good way. I love to try new things, and i stick out in a crowd. I love being an odd ball!!!!


I am the social Butterfly!I love spring and summer and winter!I love to be with my friends and family and when i see a flower on the ground
I like to smell it but i pick some more flowers to give to my teacher XD (BTW I CANT WAIT TO WATCH THE MOVIE AND SEE THE PARTY THAT YOU MADE oh and GO PNK!)


I relate to the natural because I am good at many sports.I also like to make up sports.


I relate to the over achiever because I am always playing sports (unless when I am playing club penguin )and achive them.


I would be the talker. I am usually talking a lot. When my parents are talking to me, I begin my response. Then they tell me that they were not done talking! Sometimes I talk so much, I run out of things to say!


I would say I have to relate to Terri and Terry (the conflicted one) the most because most of the time, I like to stay responsible and be different from the other boys my age. I also like to learn about science. But sometimes when it is dark I, for some strange reason, become much more energetic and joyful.

I also have trouble deciding sometimes. I have too many thoughts in my head at once to make an easy choice.


The personalty that fits me best is the over achiever!If I set a goal I HAVE TO achieve it.No matter is I set my goal in sports or academics I will try to reach for the stars.......For example If I even set a goal to not fight with my sister for a week I will go ahead and make a mood chart or right before a track race my goal would be to practice and keep beating my score form the last time I had raced!Also in Club Penguin I try to collect as many stamps as I can before logging off!New name:Mike


the Natural


The only one I relate with is the odd ball. I ALWAYS get in trouble at school or at my baseball games for trying to make every one laugh. I like seeing people laugh at my jokes because 3/10 people in my class make fun of me. :'(

kibbles rock:

I'm maybe the loud one because i laugh the loudest (my longest time THREE HOURS!!!!)


I'm not shy, I'm the soul of the company and love to joke with people.


I'd say I'm the social butterfly. I always love hanging out with people and having fun as a group. I also do many activities, witch allows me to meet so many new people. I never miss the opportunity to get to know people. I guess that's why I feel I am a social butterfly.


I'd have to say natural, i LOVE to have fun online and out at the park! I might get mad sometimes or jealous, but usually I want to hangout with mah buddy's. But the tricky part of being natural, not everything is going to turn out right. Until then, waddle on ClubPenguin!


Aaron Steel:

My personality is just like "The Talker" and "The Loud One" because I love to talk and I talk a lot! And i'm "The Loud One" because I have a loud voice!

Heart Gal Go:

I am three! I share the social butterfly, natural, and princess.
Waddle on!


I am the Loud one because i am very loud and when i am loud i am annoying so there you have it on who i am out of all of them

Joe Tian:

I'm like The Naive One because I'm chubby and cute


I am like Terri and Terry because my brother and I don't agree on things a lot


I'm accually the speed demon that's what my coach calls me


Mostly shout when I talk I'm like The Loud One


I can t wait.................!i am sooooooooooooooo excited for the monster university takeover!i am well excited for the movie tooooo........!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like the NATURAL and the OVERARCHIEVER the MOSTTTTT.........!

The Excelsio:

I like netural and overchever because they hid the babay and took care of human and made a wonderfull role

Dome C:

Hey Monsters! I think I can relate to The Big Monster on Campus, because I know like everyone in my grade, the grade below me, and the grade in front of me. Well, Scare On Monster's U!!! (See what I did there?)


I like the " conflicted one" Two heads are better than one!!!!!!!! I like to dance and my brother...doesn't! LOL!


im the shy 1 im really shy when i meet somone new i have stage fright and i crawl around when i perform and curl up

~ fusiaberry


i would be the punk but im still not still not fufu pink princes!!!see you in the shadows.....


we count bodys not heads that dude counts as one

1liam 1d:

I think I am the social butterfly because everyone say that I'm really sociable - 1liam 1d


The overachiever because I get good grades.


WOW! So do I! I'm only bad at writing. WOW!


The talker i'll i do is talk and that's why i get in trouble at school all the time


I don't really know but if I could pick anything even if NOT on there I would be the negative one. L O L


i'm mostly the tough one.


cool <3 <3


I think I am most like Mike(The Overachiever) because I am really smart like Mike and study a lot. I also know what I'm going to be when I grow up and I'm not even in high school yet!


I'm 3 of them! I am the shy one because I'm shy around new people but I'm also the overachiever because I do well in school and do good on tests. Finally I'm the natural because I'm good when it comes to friendship.


I have the need for SPEED!!! Running the 600 at gym? No problem. My time was 2:06!!! Most of the time I come in first during our daily jogs in gym around the baseball and lacrosse field!!!! I am so fast, I can run around the world TWICE in 2 seconds!!! Okay, was an exaggeration but you get the point. =D You don't? Well the point is I was built for speed so watch out. You never know if I'm going to pop up just around the corner...... BOO! Now if you excuse me, I have some running to do!


I think im most like the speed demon! Every weekend I go out for a jogging around my town. I always try and go faster everytime! I always race my friends, but often leave them behind! My greatest goal would be to be the fastest runner on earth and I have been working on that for a while now! When I have free time, I run. I time myself and do better. Plus it keeps me in good shape! I swet less then half the people at my school together! Im a proud runner and always will be :)!!

Waddle on CP :)


I think im like the goth, Why? ill tell you! its because I like to prank my siblings by giving them "jump scares", And my fav color is black (Hens the reason my penguin is almost always black), And I like eerie dark themes somtimes. Theres one thing how im not like the goth: Because at night i get startled easily :-P Anyways, B'man, out.




I'm a mix of the Social Butterfly and The Talker.
I love talking about all the stuff I like, and sometimes I get carried away with it, lol.... And I love meeting new friends, and I'm always open to meeting new people!


I would be the socail butterfly. Why you ask? I love being with my friends, family, and new people to meet. I would also be the princess because I'm kinda sassy and I love princesses and I dream of becoming on. My penguin name is Coconut41078.


I would be the socail butterfly. Why you ask? I love being with my friends, family, and new people to meet. I would also be the princess because I'm kinda sassy and I love princesses and I dream of becoming on. My penguin name is Coconut41078.

Matt Green:

I would be the loud one because i can talk really really loud or i would be the speed demon because i can run
very fast because when someone chases me i can run a way fast so i would overachieve in both of them
Waddle on like every penguin says!!!!!!!!!!! before i say any thing the mu-monsters university movie was one of
the best movies there and i think club penguin should put a fast and furious event for club penguin Waddle on :)
the one above mine is the one i made waddle on !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am the living legend. At school, everyone is always jaw-dropping. And if you guys are waiting for what i'm good at, it's art. I can draw anything you ask me. Or what ever I think of. Kinda like Fletcher from A.N.T. Farm, just a little under the level.


I relate to the loud one because my cousin says I talk a lot. My cousin says I ask too many questions too.


I'm more like the overachiever cuz I have good scores on pretty much every test I have.
Go MU!


I'm also the speed demon, well sort of and also I'm like sully because I'm good at being a ninja in club penguin and real life.


I can relate to the shy one and the princess because I am very shy when it come to making new friends, presenting things, etc. I relate to the princess because I can be a diva at times... a lot of girls are. I am also the talker because I like to talk a lot, especially to my friends ( even if they don't listen to me ). These personalities definitely describe me and I am proud of it!


I think i'm the social butterfly,why? Well I'm social with people and I don't have just one thing about me so i'm social with people around me and online also with my friends too! I'm a cheerful person and I love to meet new people in my life! For sure, i'm the social butterfly. ; )


I am related to the overachiever because when my brother sees me get just one 100 on a test, he looks at me and says,"Overachiever." I also try my best at school and I am not satisfied until I get good grades! I am also related to the social butterfly cuz I have a bunch of reliable friends and they talk to me daily at school. Some of you may think that I'm a geek just cuz I try to work hard at school, but I'm not. I say that I'm like 70 percent perfect! I'm balanced and a nice friend to have!


I am the natural because everyone like knows me and I have a really good relationship with my friends. :) :)


I am like the princess because I really like princesses and they have really cool dresses. :)


I'm like he elusive one because 1) Randall is my favorite in both movies 2) he changes color like my pet chameleon 3) he is sneaky, like me when I scare my brother when he is too attracted to my phone.


I would be the Gym Rat because I love PE in school and I love to play sports! I also like to wear a lot of sports wear. WADDLE ON!


I think I would be the overachevier. When I am given something to do at school or my house, I always take an extra step to make sure it is done right. I believe perfect is the right thing to help out people. I am like Mike who studys for tests, and focuses on success. Overachievers are sometimes a good thing.


I'm the natural just like Sully ;3

Dukey3 is my penguins name


I am the talker because I talk my brothers head off


At school I am definitely the shy one because I speak to quietly, don't raise my hand a lot , I am scared to go and read in front of the class, and I don't always talk and interrupt like some other people. Outside of school like when I meet new people for the first time I am shy and don't really express myself. It takes a while to let myself be comfortable and i don't really talk that much at all at first. By the way I am going into 5th grade and i am that shy. (Waddle on , your friend Emem32.)


I could relate to you, Enem32! Im Kinda Shy On The outside But Actually Confident On The Inside. But I LOVE MY FRIENDS And I Could NEVER SPEAK INFRONT OF THE CLASS. i am actually very bright but wont show it. Waddle On!

Son 2728:

I am the odd ball because I am the silly one in house


I Think My Self As The Social Butterfly. I Very Much Love To Meet New People And Befriend Them When I Start A Public Game,The First Thing I Do Is Try To Make New Friends! I Have Lots Of Friends In Real Life And Almost 400 Friends On Here!! I Just Dont Stay With A Group, I Hang Out With Anyone And Everyone! Staying With One Group Seems Lonely And Can Get Annoying. I Will Always Try To Hang Out With Everyone But I Do Know That not Everyone Is As Nice As Others.




I think I'm the overachiever because I have gotton many academic awards and get good grades. I'm also trying to be an overachiever in being nice to everybody but I'm sure all of you are great at it!


I think I would be the oddball one cos im crazy all the time and I stand out in class. Waddle on club penguin

Storm Star:

I think I am a mixture of 2. The Goth and The Talker. Cuz Whenever I am around I just talk too much about horror. The legends and dark mysteries....... cases about the spirits.....OOOO.....just gives me GOOOSEBUMPS. I Talk about it always. And the best part is that I am also a Prankster! Once my big sis came to me and said that she is feeling someone is stomping behind her. I told her dont worry. The next moment I went behind her and secretly I thomped behind her. She got scared! HAHAHHAHAHHA


I would be punk and the talker, cause I like punk style and I talk to much.


I think I am most like Mike Wazowskie [the over achiever] because I always like to learn and try new things in school and at home and even on club penguin! either it's science, math, writing, reading, or social studies, my favorite phrase I say when I am taking a test is...if I try to do my best, and I for sure will beat the test! I am always proud to take home my work and show it to my parents because I always know they will be happy either if I did super amazing! or just totally flunked it.


Im the social butterfly! I have tons of friends first of all. I am a neat and tidy person. Everyone knows me at school. I am a fashionista. Im fun to hang out with but a little shy. Everyone wants to be my friend online and offline! The principal hangs out with me sometimes!!! LOL! Well anyways waddle on!~Webztar


I am related to the over achiver because I get most of my test 100%.
I have read some others and they are good. They're all very good. I think they should all win.

Abundance sun:

I relate to the social butterfly. I'm always cheering others on and encouraging them. I am quite social, I once was on the phone for over an hour! I love talking with others, too, but sometimes I'm quiet.

Abundance sun:

Also my penguin name is Sundancesun.


the talker I really talk a lot at school home here there everywhere I talk in my writing a lot too and I talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk my mom says ''she can talk your ear off'' I love talking...


I am the "Overachiver one" because no matter what I always get full marks in tests! LOL


I can relate to The Nature,The talker, TheOdd Ball, The speed demon , and The overachiever because I'm a big talker , I odd, I can make new friend/ be popular fast,I'm super fast,and I super smart


I'm the odd ball , because i always talk to my self and everyone says that's strange. Also sometimes i go on the Disney World Website and look at rides there. LOL! =) Sometimes in school , some people call me weird but i don't find that offense because i am called that ALOT :D


I'm the natural because I am really good at everything I do. I also make friends quickly and very good at cheering people up. My friends like me a lot. learn things really quickly like skateboarding,doing back flips and dancing.


Im the shy one because I had a rough time in kindergarden and I dont like to talk to people I dont know. My two best friends help me and I was in their class since first grade and im on summer break so I hope im in their class in fifth grade. I got bullyed in kindergarden but im not anymore they helped me. WADDLE ON LOL!!!!!


I'm the Loud one because im very loud and active! :D

Waddle o
Waddle on
Waddle on C
Waddle on CP
Waddle on C
Waddle on
Waddle o



I'm the conflicted one


i think i would be the over achiever because at an awards ceremony i thought i would only recive a couple of awards but instead got thrre times that amount .


I think I can relate to 'The Mature One' because in school I'm pretty mature and I sort a am the teacher's pet O//O I also don't do things that my friends suggest to do that could get us in trouble! I'm also annoyed when some of the kids in my class are acting unmature! That's why I think I'm like 'The Mature One'! Thanks and Waddle on..... or should I say scare on!


I think I'm more like the talker because out of my family i'm the the most talkative and my family has to agree with that........................... always.

princess1 01:

Im an mostly shy! I am not the one who makes friends! People have to talk to me to me for myself to make a friend! In class I will barely raise my hand and im not doing a whole lot at recess! If im in a group with people I dont know I panic and stumble over my words. I get too scared to talk to them and if I do talk to them I start getting really nervous when it gets quiet. I get stage fright and I get scared to perform!


I realate to the shy one because i dont like talking to other people because i am nervous that i might say something wrong kids will pick on me and call me dumb. I also relate to the mature one because i almost never get into trouble. lastly im related to the oddball because when i start talking my friends frown at me then leave. So aside from CP i have not true friends.


Aw it's okay Uglycorn! All you have to do is be yourself! I'm sure you will find a friend in real life someday, it's okay :) we can be friends on club penguin if you want. Just send me the request! (I might not get it there's a glitch where is can't get requests)


I Am Like The Social Butterfly :)
When I Am With Friends I'm Always Random And Always Talking And When A Awkward Moment Comes I Make The Fun Come Back So We Can Be Happy Again!
( I Am A Bit Like The Talker And The Naive One But Mostly I Am The Social Butterfly =D )
Oh And When I Am Embarrassed I Don't Go Red And Hide I Just Smooth Through It And Keep Standing!


I am the elusive one because I can sneak by almost anyone and I will use that skill in the scare games. I wish good luck to every penguin out there!


im a odd ball because im the weirdest out of my friends and im crazy 24/7!!!


I'm kind of a mix between the Goth and the Shy one because I don't like talking to people. The shy one likes sitting down in the background and the Goth isn't much of a social person. That would be the best description of me coming from these characters.


I'm the social butterfly because I go on four diffrent virtual worlds! Also, I'm one of the most well-known kids in school! Also, I hang out with all diffrent types of kids : smart,poplaur, and cool. Waddle On!


I would be considered the Odd Ball because no matter how weird I am, I like to be...ME! I don't really care about what others think of me as long as I'm comfortable being who I am.. an Odd Ball. As odd my outfits may be, I really just throw the comfortable one on! Actually, there's nothing wrong with being what you are. People love you for that!

Waddle On!


I very much like your comment asmi2001 I am almost the same way.


I am totally the social butterfly because i walk in a Restrant with total strangers and i make alot of friend i mean even the watior becomes someone to talk to. lol! i would also be the talker because i talk ALOT i loveeeeee to talk!!!!!!! lol! My favorite thing to do on recess is talk with my bffs!!!


yeah i am like that too!


I am the overachiever and the intellectual one because I am the smartest in my grade and I literally got only two B's and one C all year! I almost skipped Kindergarten and 4th grade. In preschool I was a genius! In kindergarten I was reading at a 4th grade level. I was overachieving so much I bragged about it!


im the shy one .


i relate to the princess and the odd ball, i am very weird and im happy bout that and i am the princess cause...well i am friendly and nice i am not mean usally LOL and ever sense i was very very very very little my whole entire family calls me princess and i like that i am a weird princess!! even though im 10 i still like my princesses!:D And yeah im weird!!!!!!!! AND IM SO TOTALLY AWESOME TO BE WEIRD!!!!!!! me and puffy17817 me and her r bffs in real life too!! And she is weird too!


I am like a couple of MU characters. I'm a social butterfly because I am always chatting with friends on club penguin and on social media websites! I love to gossip with friends about school drama and stuff. I'm also the talker because people say I talk a lot about hings which I do! And I'm the overachiever because I'm one of the smartest kids in my class and always get good grades on schoolwork! So my life relates to MU characters a lot!


I would also be the odd ball because everyone is way diffrent from me and i say random stuff alot like butter or cool ranch! lol!!


Wasnt MU a good movie?

"How do I become a scarer?"
Mike Wazowski


The Talker, because I'm a chatty girl, The Social Butterfly, because I do lots of social stuff and The Princess, because I'm such a girly girl!


Call me the naive one, that's what my friends call me. I am a child in heart mind and soul. I have a personality that lets me relate to my peers and those younger than me. While there will always be somebody who feels that violence is the answer or age is synonymous with maturity, I will always stand there as the prime foil. I represent those who are afraid to speak up about what we like and don't like, especially if it does not fit the our demographic. I am not naive, they just think that I am.


I totally agree! Is your name on Club Penguin Flamex123456? I would love to friend you!!!!


Jenny 2486:

I am like the over achiever beacause i always get good grades and try to do better than the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


I think best describes me Mike Wazowski because I love learning like him.My penguin is Kris4o1


I think that I am the natural because I always go with the flow and keep cool. i am good with friends and family and I do well in school.


I think I am the social butterfly. This is because I have a lot of friends and I'm not afraid to talk to new people. Okay, maybe I am, but still, once I get to know some new people, they may likely end up as one of my close friends since most of my best friends came after kindergarten. I will also stand up to people if necessary.


I think that I am most like the princess because I'm very girly and I love everything pink! I also get what I want, not by shouting or moaning, by being polite and well-thought-out. As well as this, I think that this is the most relatable personality character for me because I am bright, bubbly and love life!


out of all those monsters i am the odd ball because i do random stuff with my friends which makes me very cray cray.The second monster i am is and the social butterfly cuz i talk to anybody on cp


I'm either the natural or the talker because I talk to everyone I meet, whenever I see them! Plus, I always achieve my goals, and I can scare anyone up to 7 years older than me! It's true! Really helps with annoying people.

Pingui Mex:

I´m totally the odd ball because he smiles every time like me,and hes so funny like my friend and me,so also hes sad sometimes,like everyone XP, and also.........................I WANA TOUCH I WANA TOUCH IT

slsg goalie7:

I am the social butterfly and the overachiever, because what ever i do i am very god at and where ever i go i like to make lots of friends


I'm the natural because i'm natural at things like:building with lego ,playing catching waves,cart surfing,and card-jitzu


People always tell me that I'm an overachiever, but I think overachiever is just a name given to people who work hard and try to do their best. I would say i probably have a little bit of all of them in me. WADDLE ON CP!


I like the overachiever. WHY? Mostly because when people tell him he can't do anything he doesn't give up or feel down.HE STANDS STRONG AND BELIEVES HE CAN DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IF HE PUTS HIS MIND TO IT! Then he shows them what he can do and goes above and beyond ! AND . . . I like him because he's funny. LOL! Can't wait to watch the film and to dress up in the party! YAY!!!


I am the princess and social butterfly because I love making new friends and I used to have my room decorated Disney princess style and would dress up in princess costumes and my mom calls me princess if I tell her to get me something!


I would relate to the Social Butterfly (Carrie Williams) because I love making friends. I attract all kinds of people from different places. I love making new friends I've never met before. I never wanna have enemies. I love being helpful and nice to other people.


Honestly I think I am the the talker I can't stop talking and when I am not talking to my family I am on the phone talking to a friend I have been told to stop talking but I can't!

sea star4:

I think I would be the speed demon because I am really fast at running and writing and much more things. I just typed this paragraph really fast just now!

1234 Blue:

Wow! I want to surf


all, because i am a bit like all and at times like each of them

Abby Girl761:

I would be The Social Butterfly,why? Cos im like very chatty which is basically like social and i have a coloful choice when im wearing multi-colored things so that matches Butterfly,anyway so thats why I should be tThe Social Butterfly


I'm the overachiever like Mike because I go crazy if I mess up anything and in class I sometimes get mad if I get a B


The Monsters University characters i relate to is of course the mom! I chose the mom because i always look up to people. I always get excited and sometimes i over react. Luv CP xoxo


I think i'm mike an over-achiever cause I always like to be ready for everything in my classes and know stuff by memory


I think i'm the shy one because I can't ever talk to someone without knowing them well, if not i'll mutter to them the whole time

Card Ninja 1:

I'm the odd ball. I just like being odd, it's strange. :)

Belize North:

I'm definatly the social butterfly because, I flutter from group to group everyday and friendly to almost everyone I met. I am also a talker. My parents say I speak at the speed of light and at school I've been compared to the most talkative person in our grade.

Belize North:

ps I saw the movie when it came out, and it is amazing!


Anybody else notice that "the elusive one" is the main antagonist for monsters inc.?


I am related to Mike [Overachiever] because when I see stuff that is exciting i really freak out because I am excited and when I really like to study for a lot of stuff and try to get straight A's and be smart


I'm two of them sometimes I'm a princess because I tell them about my self and they follow my lead but sometimes I'm the odd ball because I jump around and I act like crazy!But hey I like being and odd ball everyone should!


I am the mature one because just being in the same room as me just radiants maturity. I help everybody and if anyone hits me then I try to talk it out with him/her.


I don't really relate to just one personality; I relate to a few.
I'm loud, and a talker. I'm intellectual, and an overachiever. I'm also an oddball.
I talk a lot, and I talk very loud, therefore I'm loud and a talker. I also do very well in school; I'm intellectual and an overachiever. But I'm also different, and I stand out; I'm an oddball.
So, I relate to several personalities.

Waddle on!


I think I would be the goth and the punk because I love heavy metal rock and dark clothing. That's basically it. I'm also the odd ball because I'm crazy. :)


im like mike cuz im kinda the book worm wait not kinda, I am!

waddle on cp!


i'm the overachiever because i like achieving my goals. once i achieve them i can feel good about it. Rock On club penguin!
P.S. update! tomorrow is the monsters university takeover :)


I'm the overachiever because I always have to have all A's on my report card or I go nuts.


I'm the overachiever because i work hard to get the goal.

Tweety Girl3:

I can mostly relate to the personality of "The Intellectual One". I love reading and going to school and believe it or not I actually think learning is fun! Some people might call me a nerd but I don't take that as offensive! :) Knowing new things can be really cool and you can benefit because who knows, you might end up impressing someone with all your knowledge! ;) Waddle on, CP!!


I think I'd relate best to the Living Legend because I try to be kind to others as I meet them. And I like sharing good things such as respecting eachother and telling others making new friends isn't hard when you're on Club Penguin! I like inspiring people, once they are, I cannot stop smiling and soon, they too, will inspire others and this makes me feel great. So, I think I am the Living Legend. And I hope you too, were inspired! :D


I'm mostly between the intellectual one and the natrual 'cause I'm the top of my class and some how I'm close to being the most popular
XP. Plus I'm good at sports as well so I'm kinda an all-rounder!


I would say the Overachiever, since I work my way up past the boundary.

Bailey baba:

I am going to see the movie tonight and me and my friend can't wait I bet it will be great


I will probaly go best with umm...the tough one because everytime at school i fall alot but i never get hurt and i am good at breaking things like i broke carved wood once(my account is my nickname)


I could relate to the social butterfly, and I know why, I like to talk to my friends, and I like making knew friends, and there's nothing like having friends by your side, and when you can say they are your true friends!
P.S. I could relate to The Princess too, because before I go any were i have to look almost perfect!!XD so that's two of the monsters i can relate to!
Waddle on!


6671 Penguin:

I am the speed demon. Why you say, im one of the fastest kid in my school, and another reason why is because my Dad is also was the fastest guy in his school so its from my dad that im fast. I also like the color purple, its a cool color.

Moo mui:

Im like a few of them but im mostly like...., THE TALKER I always get told off in school for talking to my BFF ( Called Bling693)
today we were drawing and the teacher said STOP TALKING GET ON WITH IT!
So im the talker!


I think I would be The Natural. Everyone is different and we all can think different with others! But acting Natural is the best!! Because penguins should accept others just of what they really are!! You don't have to change to be the popular one or the intelligent one!! You should just do what you think is right, and be yourself. I LOVE art, and nobody should tell me what to draw, I will do what I feel like doing!! I also like Math (which not so many penguins do) But I don't want to change!!!!

Dippy beak:

I relate to Art in every way. Yep i'm a natural born odd ball. I even do a face where I cross my eyes, stick my front teeth out and make a ``Dawr!!`` noise! Making my friends (my hole class in fact!) is what I love to do. Being yourself is the best way to make friendships forever so I will always stick to being the class odd ball! The odd ball is my personality, and everyone in my school would agree!


I relate a lot to the social butterfly I love being with my friends, and family, and future friends. Like on the first day of School I like make tons of friends! Me and my Brother kind of bond together like peanut butter and jelly :) and I love the color Pink!

New Jersy:

Im the natural because I love his dance moves. They are funky fresh. His dance moves are awesome. If I rated his scores for dancing i would rate ten From New Jersy Waddle On!

Rosa Iceberg:

I think the social butterfly would be my choice; I have loads of friends!! I love making friends and I hope to make many more in the future!
Waddle on!!

Miss Pokea:

Between the talker, the loud one, and the speed demon I would have to choose the -- No wait. I'm all three! I'm loud and out going and I'm not shy to speak out. I'm random and fun (as people tell me) and have my own sense of fashion. I'm the quickest person in my gym class and love to run. I have endless energy.. some tell me that's not good LOL! Some tell me to be quiet if i talk to much. ESPECIALLY in the library.


I'm the mature one because I do what I'm supposed to do more than everyone at my school. I don't blurt in class, and I just do my work. One of my teachers even said that I have a "old spirit for a young body". I'm just quiet when everyone else in class is loud. That is why I am the mature one.


I would sort the odd ball!!!! I am different to my friends but in a weird way. I laugh at everything and anything even if they don't find it funny! It can sometimes be a bit awkward but oh well! I LOVE BEING ODD!!!!! See odd right there in one sentence LOL!!!! :-D


If you guys had seen me in real life,you guys will know that I'm more like The Talker because I usally talk alot.And by alot I mean almost always!But don't get me wrong...I do shut up when I'm in school:).(I'm one of the best behavied students when I'm in school).

Waddle on CP!!!


I actualy relate to two monsters, but the personalities have a link. The two personalities are odd ball and the big monster on campus(i am very popular), and odd ball(weirdest student in school! No joke!).The reason they link together is that since i am the odd ball, i get the privilige of being the big monster on campus. Waddle on!


I'm so the social butterfly. I think i try to hard to get friends sometimes. Then there is when I ask if they got invited to a party. I have so many friends I can't count them all. Last my Aunt calls me the social butterfly!!!
- Pinkypinka3


I am most like the Conflicted one, because I'm all about drama whether its my sister or friend. and when it comes to scaring I'm the one most into it


i am the overachiever because i am always trying even if i get yelled at or say that i cant


I'm 'The Overachiever', why you ask? The Overachiever, a.k.a. Mike Wazowski never lose his hope. He always looks at the bright side. He's smart, positive and laughing. He is friendly and courteous and a little goofy on the good side.


im the goth!


So much like the talker because you can always find me talking. My mom says I talk to much.
I am sure that I'm also like the loud one because I am so loud.
I am like the social butterfly because I am very social but not like a social climber.
I am like the intellectual one because I am so smart. In my school I got into the ccp+(college coaching plus program). That is a program for really smart kids who want to get into good colleges.


I am the shy one. Because I am not a fan of going on stage and singing and I like to sing by myself


I'm the Princess because people treat me like a Princess. (well my parents do) and I feel like a Princess everywhere I go and I love pink and act like one. :D


Im pretty much like the social butterfly! You wanna now why now right? Its because I cant stop talking! If I do, I start texting!! Or I video chat! I cant stop socializing! It drives my mom crazy! XD I can become friends with people I've just met! I hangout with my friends all the time!

Lionz lover :3:

I am probably the oddball when it comes to friends and family, and have been told im quiet in crouds By the way i am SO exited to see monsters Uni and go to the party on cp, because ive been waiting for a sequal for AGES :]


I am the shy because I am just shy.


I think I'm a mixture of the Speed Demon, because I'm a VERY fast runner, the Overachiever, because I won't stop until something is PERFECT and I'm actually quite clever, the shy one, because I'm really quiet when I'm not around my close friends, the loud one, because when I am with my friends they always tell me to be quiet, and the talker, because I love expressing my opinions. :)

Crazy 4 Toad:

Dude that's just like me............. O_O


I'm probably "The Princess" because I'm sassy like most princesses and I always dreamed of being a princess and living in a castle!


hmm... I think I can be the naive one


IM THE LOUD ONE!!!!! im Really loud because I LOVE THE DRUMMMMMSSS!!!!!! And I Like it when people scream CAUSE ITS REALLY LOUD I Like Big And Bold And I don't know why I Just Love Loud BA DUMMM CRASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Loud Monster Stomp!)


I can probably relate to Brock Pearson as the loud one. As a Penguin on Club Penguin Island, once I get to Squawkin', you don't get me ta' stoppin'. ;D


hm, i match with a lot. i'm the goth, why? because i like some of the stuff they like LOL the other one is the social butterfly, because i have TONS of friends. and i think the overachiever because i get really good grades, and i dont get in trouble in school so.
thats what i am. WADDLE ON CP!!!


i can not wait until for the monster university it is coming june 27

Mr Cow2:

I guess I would say that I'm the oddball. Mostly because I'm plain silly a lot. I know my friends think I'm that too. Most of the time, I THINK I'm the mature one when I really am not. Nothing really seems to change this because it's who I am! And nobody can change your personality either!


THE TALKER! I can NEVER stop talking, I talk in my sleep, at school, IM EVEN TALKING RIGHT NOW! Im also the Odd Ball, CAUSE IM CRAAAAAAAAZY!


wwwwoooooooaaaaaaawww this party would be great.I can't not wait.


im more like the social butterfly because everywhere I go people always yell over to e from across the street! Also because I meet everyone where ever I go and im always talking to strangers and old people! im also the talker because like I said I talk to everyone I meet and.. well.. IM THE TALKER AND SOCIAL BUTERFLY! and maybe the princess a little bit. at home I get whatever I want because im sorta the only child sooo yeah im the social butterfly the talker and the princess.i used 500 words!


am most like the social butterfly, why because am always with my friends and having a good time.Am always talking or having fun. It makes me happy when am around people and having fun, its something that i love most about me.


i have to say i'm the mum, i always want to have my friends and family to do what i want :P!! at school i'm always bossing my friends about how to play the games!! I just always want to take control, LOL! But it usually doesn't work out, because my friends carry on doing what they want, and my family? they never really let me have EVERYTHING i want :P!!


im a social butter i love to talk and when you talk you make new friends


Id be a natural. I am good at things that I have just started.


i think im the odd ball cuz i had a person tell me im weird but funny.When I enter a room kids just stare at me (akwardly) and im not afraid to tell a joke EVEN if its bad.One time as a little kid i i jumped the stairs...with a umbrella (it did't end well).Also as a little kid i put underwear on my cat's head but my parents didn't think it was funny but it was worth it! somtimes I sleep with the tv on I think it helps me dream(and not be scared)


i think im the odd ball cuz...IM WEIRD i once put underwear on my cat's head and it was FUNNY and i jumped the stairs with a umbrella it didn't end well.i like to leave the TV on when i sleep (IM KINDA AFRFID BUT DONT TELL ANYONE) i once went to the pizza parlour and asked for soup!HAHA i once went to the coffee shop and pretended to be sick.two peguins cured me and and after that i said mission complete EPF out then vanshised.i was undercover! oh and bye bye who ever is reading this



sonic hedge4:

Lol!!!! Going to the pizza parlor for soup


I pick the natural because I'm a natural at things and I like the word NATURAL


Mike because he likes studeing hard and so do I


I'm like tall for my age and my parents say I'm mature, and they work at one of the local universities here in Central Virginia and I have a bunch T-shirts so when people meet me and I'm wearing a t-shirt they first think, "Oh that girl must be like an exchange student at the university!" (I was born in South Korea.) So, I guess you could say I'm the mature one.


I think that I am most likely the conflicted one. It's like there is a war going on inside me: Good VS. Evil. I always share, help, and respect everybody, but when I get real mad I charge in like a bull and have a good fight. Sometimes my head really hurts because I can't decide what to do: go tough or be nice? Then there is the case of my annoying brother!!! Waddle on CLUBPENGUIN.

blue 431:

Hmmm hard but i think the best personality has to be uhhhh (after 9999 years) i know it'll be the natrul


i am the loud one because every day my mom says I'm being to loud.


I'm the Overachiever because I always like to score higher than the average and study! I like to make sure I do my hardest to make the grade;)-Doglovr4


I am like Mike because i have a best friend, I am smart like him (in the movie, he's not scary, he's very smart and thinks up plans) and he studies very hard (I also study hard).


I Think I Am The Odd Ball Because I Like To Do Silly Stuff! I Stick Out A Lot, So Almost Everyone Knows Me! Im Also The Social Butterfly Because I Love To Play With Friends, Hang Out, And Meet New People!

rad red2:

i would be the odd ball hands down! i am the weirdest kid at my school and i actually like being called weird because that just means i'm not like everyone els and thats the exact opposite of what i want to be! i like being different! it makes me feel special in my own way.

sonic hedge4:

good answer,I Could see you like to be Unique


I totally agree.

mr black505:

I Think Im The Loud One! Why? Well My Family(Moms Side) Was Itlain So I Try Not TO But I Always Talk Loud.ALWAYS. Im Also Irish English And No American


I have to admit, I would be the overachiever. I know this because everyone calls me that or something similar. I even had a substitute who gave me a odd nickname because she found out! And what a coincident! The nickname sort of relates to the overachiever in Monsters University!

Sidney 101:

My personality from the Monsters University characters is related too "The Speed Demon " becouse im always good at running at school running activities, and I can always outrun my friends when getting chased at tigtag.


Umm Boo is sweet and a bit like me now best monster goes to smulley he's a big softie really like me ( daffodaily5 make my friend izzy90210 she is shy but really helpfull by shy I mean I have to carry her to birthday paties he he)


I relate to Mike. Why? I'm Mike because hes always an over achiever striving his harding to do one things, join the Scarer's team. Its like me, I try my best and always strive high to achieve my one goal, joining the Clubpenguin team.


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