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By Polo Field on June 25, 2013 - 13:22

Last week we asked, what is your favorite summer activity and why?

Aly71's answer is awesome! My favorite summer activity has to be surfing with my family, why you ask? Surfing brings my family together so we can have laughs and fun instead of fighting for the front seat in the car LOL!! So we have laughs by when i fall my brother laughs his heart away and fun by just seeing that huge wave coming for you and then you start paddling and jump up and then you feel the breeze in your hair and the thrill of balance so thats my activity!!!.

As for this week, above are some of the personalities that can be seen in the new Monster's University movie recently released.  Which personality from the Monsters University characters do you relate to and why?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

-Club Penguin Team



im the talker because i talk alot


my is the naturel one because he is cool and awesome and part of ok. also he never got out in the game.

play puffle:

my is the nature one beacuse it was strong and breave and have not go out.


Yello friends and penguins!i think I'm the speed demon because when I run I run as fast as lightning(I think LOL)!!when I race my friends I beat em and it takes a bit for them to come to the finish line so I sigh and sigh and sigh till he comes back!so when they come then i race him back to the starting line it still takes a bit so like I said I sighed till he came!then after I won (victorious) he always say good race!so we usually go for some ice-cream or something else I pay because I won!


I think I am the shy one. most of the time at school I don't play with other kids. so the shy one is my match!


My favorite is the overcheiever Why you ask? cause hes the funniest one in monsters inc. and he does funny stuff.


I could be the gym rat. Exercising or playing an interesting sport, count me in. Exercise on!


im the talker!LOL


I'm the talker, because I school I can't stop talking! I talk about the most pointless things! I even distract others because of it and they get shouted at with me xD


I'm the shy one because whenever I meet someone new i dont talk that much and I just really want to leave the room but with my friends and people I know I'm an oddball because I just pop random stuff like EXPLODING PIE :PWhich makes people think I'm really funny I would say the list goes on and on cuz I hang out with the big monsters on campus,the over achievers,the elusive ones,and the social butterflies so I guess you could say I'm have a big wacky personality. :P But Im mostly odd ball:P


I'm The talker because I talk a bunch in my house and everywhere. And everybody calls me The Talker.

snowy bird76:

I'm the natural because I'm not good at math and I like sports such as soccer


I'm the mature one because when we eat cupcakes at school, some kids make frosting mustaches! But I don't do that.


I am definitely the Overachiever because whenever I'm given a hard task, I always strive and I never give up. Why? 'Cause giving up doesn't help at all.


i think i am all of them but none of them cos i talk a lot and i am an odd ball and i am all of them and i am also none of them cos some times i do not act like that cos i am me i have more then one thing to me but i also am nothing like them in a way and i am really a talker that is all bye!


this is my opinion related with 4 monsters, the talker, the natural, the shy one, the loud one. I am the talker because lots of people say I talk a little to fast. I am also usually just natural because I am sometimes just relaxing and not worrying about anything. The third thing is that I am the shy one because I usually will hide because I am shy but it only happens when new people say hi. The finale is I am a loud one because once yelled at my mom but I never realized I was yelling at her.


I think I share a personality with Mike because we're both so determined to do our best in school.

P.S. Monsters University is a great movie! I saw it after the day it came out :)


i think im the naive one because i around the island i do silly stuff and meet new friends and get hiper about new things :)


I fit the mature one + the odd ball. In school I'm quiet but I'm crazy around my brothers.


Oops, Waddle On CP!


I think I relate mostly to Mike Wazowski. We're alike because we're both pretty smart and maybe a bit under-estimated. I have top grades in my class and people think I'm smart. I wouldn't call myself one of the "cool" kids, but I have a group of friends who love me for who I am. ;] Did I mention we're both awesome? LOL


For me I would be the princess I'm not that much spoiled I'm just have good manners eat properly I say excuse me and I do not have servants like really? LOL. Anyone want a cookie?


I am 100% plain out weird! I would probably be most related to the odd-ball. I do random things at random moments. I could be in my room playing club penguin and then just let out a whale noise. Or i could be in the middle of a parking lot and just scream at the top of my lungs "C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G SONG IF YOU DON'T THINK I CAN SING IT LOUDER THAN YOUR WRONG! IT WILL HELP IF YOU JUST SING ALONG! BUM BUM BUM!'' My weirdness is completely out of control, but I will always love it!


that's so hallarious


im the shy one because i dont have any friends



I'm the shy one. I will never talk to a teacher. Whenever people i dont hang out with so much talk to me i just nod slowly or walk away.

I never go into the store alone to get stuff. Btw Username: Cheezie5 :) Waddle on!


i am definetly (excuce my spelling) the talker, witch makes me THE LOUD ONE because i love to talk and plus, im so loud. i also think im the odd ball because in so enthusiastic and crazy and fun.


I think I would be Mike (the overachiever) cause in school I always got the good grades in class when the teacher asked a math question I would raise my hand and answer it the teacher always picked me and belived in me. After two days of doing an important test I got my report card I would always be the strait A student and I was always the smallest student also I would be pushed around and I got picked last to do stuff like mike but I have courage


I would consider myself as Sulley! Sulley is a natural and he just does what he is best at- without studying. For example, I skipped a grade, so I am going into the grade one grade ahead where I SHOULD'VE gone, and I still receive straight-A's on my report card! I also was the runner-up for my school's spelling bee. Waddle on!


I would be the princess because I am a dancer and I just love to show off and she looks like she likes to show off. I'm also the talker because I talk so so much it's not even believable.


I am a perfect Prinsess. :D


I'm the odd ball. Why you ask, because my brother describes in one word, whic RANDOM


I relate to Mike Wazowski the overachiever,because I overachieve my goals and try my hardest to do the best I can do.


I'm the Social Butterfly! I love talking, helping and making sure everything is right around Club Penguin and in real life!
Waddle On!


I'm the odd ball,the loud one, and the talker!!! I always say weird things (usually vegetables and fruits for some reason....) and I have many weird talents which are kind of hard to explain :-D. But, I'm always an overachiever, too, since I want to get the highest grades possible in school :-).


I really relate to "The odd ball" because im quite odd i have a imagination that usually runs wild and goes off course, people then say im odd


Hey CP! I would have to say.."The Naive One", AKA Squishy! Now why? Well, lots of people called me "Naive" at school, because I was so innocent, and guilable. Easy to fall for jokes, never got in trouble. Then it got worse, and became bullying. Lets not go there! But, mostly I said I'm Squishy "The Naive won!" And this scare games I will be..#TeamOK!


I'm the princess because thats what my grandparents call me and because I love team PNK and that is DEFANATLY the team im going to choose! Waddle on! ;)


im like the princss cuse i make stuff like me so im kinda a dive my not like well i know me and my friends are her so i guass i can relate somehow i guass the princsss acts like a princsscuse princss


Honesty I'm the social butterfly! Why? Well I include everyone and make sure everyone is happy. I love to talk and be with my friends! Some people might think I'm OVER social! But that's good! You can NEVER have enough friends and social time! I'm also like the princess! I'm always glamed up head to toe! I love wearing sparkles too! So I think I'm mostly the Social Butterfly and Princess!!!


I think I relate to the talker the most because I love to talk ! Whenever I tell a story to my friends about something, its usaully 5 minutes long !!. My mom said I even sleep talk ! LOL. I just can't stop talking !! . Plus talking runs in my family , but I think I talk more than my mom and dad combined ! . I talk on the phone alot and i text alot . I make about 5-7 phone calls a day and send 4-8 text messages a day!!!!!. I talked so much, I used all 500 characters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BYE


I'm the intellectual because I LOVE to solve problems and i love reading and i always correct my friends if they something incorrectly and we all laugh about it(i do it for the humor actually) so yeah there you have it! :D

Bloomcicle :

LOL i have a few personalities, i'm an oddball, the tough one, mature one.. (sometimes) shy, (depends) the loud one, the talker, the princess, (though i rarely wear anything girly, or pink).. i could be the mascot but i never had any mascot costume's before.., and lastly, i am a speed demon, when on my way with somebody they are far behind, and i'm like, "Are you coming?, i wanna be there soon.'' LOL
anyway have a goo-day.. (what?..) XD

Aanandita :

I like the overachiever personality because he's a smart guy and he loves reading just like me but there's a lot of great characters in monsters university



I would be a cross of an goth and an social butterfly. I would be an goth for the dark clothes and I do where chokers and I am I bit shy in an dark way, but then somethings the thing that would make me an social butterfly would be that I do go to a lot of partys, plus i am going into Gr.6 next year so i get to go to the school dances. But how can I be dark or shy well being social, it is because I can't be alone for ever.
Bye waddle on, YOU AWESOME C.P : P

Enter nickname:

Lol my mom thinks im more like the natural but i think im the goth... so i think the natural and the goth is good :) Asking why i am a goth? simple its cause i don't like pink or any of those girly girly stuff and colors i like black and white and stuff like that! :) And i do kinda
think i do act like the natural

from-Dj Powwow


I'd have to say the overachiever because no matter what. I always do what I am expected to do and besides, most of the time, I always do something I can't do after 1, 2, or even 3 times! I am actually glad to be like this because even though I really want to, (sometimes) I never ever give up!!! For those who are less fortunate then me, here's a tip, never abandon your dreams and you will achieve anything! Until then, Waddle on club penguin!!! :)

Raven 10:

Hello! I believe that I'd be most compared to "The Conflicted One" also known as Terry and Terri in Monster's University. I am always feeling conflicted since I always have a lot on my plate even if it is sports, family, school, or even Club Penguin. Everyday, I am at a sport's practice and that usually takes a very long time to end, then I have my family to hang out with and we also travel a lot. During the school year I have a lot to do as well since I always am filled with homework and stuff.


I think I'd be the loud one, and my friends would defiantly agree with me too :P at school I'm always the one blurting out randomness and making jokes in class while at recess I sing songs just to annoy everyone. At the same time I think I'd be the shy one too, since I'm really don't talk much around new people I've just met and like to stay in my room all weekend reading books and drawing.

Waddle On!


Hello! I believe that I am Art, "The odd ball", and\or Squishy, "The naive one". I am very different from my friends. All of my friends seem to do the same things, and have the same likes, but I always choose the opposite everyone else does. They are usually all squirmy, and can't sit still, but I like to relax, just go with the flow.


I would say I am the "Odd Ball" or "Art" because I am not the brightest and I have my own unique way which sets me apart from everyone else.
We are all different from each other but not all of us are "Odd Balls" like me.



I think i could be the princess or the intellectual one because i am really smart and cuz im an PNK girl. BTW, I saw MU today and it was AWESOME!!!!!! I really recommend it.


I think I'm more of a "Natural" like Sully because I am an actress at heart. I never did any lessons but I did a musical and everyone thought I was a pro!!! But I'm also "Naive" like Squishy because I don't have a lot of background in lots of things that I do. But boy are people wrong!!! Everyone underestimated Smoothie!!! And what did he do? ...... I won't spoil it, but he is good! Hahaha! Waddle on Club Penguin and don't let any one stop you!!! (or Squishy! hahahahaha!)

Agent 47774:

mike because I'm very smart.


I can relate to the elusive one, A.K.A. in M.U.: "Randall" Because I am friends with someone, then it always seems that I mess up the friendship.


I think I would be the princess because I'm royal to my friends and nice like a princess should be. I also think I would be the social butterfly because I get to know people really well(even the boys!)

Waddle on,


I am most like Mike "The Overachiever"


I would say I'm the intellectual one because I get good grades in school, and for my final report card I got all A's.


I am like the shy one because whenever I meet or see someone new I am VERY shy, SO SHY I HIDE BEHIND MY MOM! Evan when were out at dinner and the waiter ask me what I want to eat and drink. Sometimes so shy with old family members I don't talk to them.


I think that I'm the loud one, because I'm always talking, I talk really loudly, and i shout a lot. But, I do think I'm kind of a social butterfly because i go to parties a lot, I visit friends a lot, and I'm usually a busy bee. I'm a very loud, yet social, person (or penguin!)

Waddle On, CP


sk8ter chick:

well i ask my mom and guess what she said THE ODD BALL lol i so agree lol i agree because i am me and a get called weird [ alot! ] and i just say, " Oh! well thank you! i love being weird and ODD! because i am me!" they will just giggle and walk away. i dont mind much because i am just acting like me! and dont be afraid to be you, if people make fun of you there just jelous because they are not being them!
waddle on and be your self,
sk8ter chick


I like the odd ball because he said something funny in the movie, "I'm not going back into jail!"


I doubt that Art went to jail. Art is very, very nice. And funny.


That was one of my favorite parts!


i'm totally the odd ball. I always do some crazy things when I play, like singing "do you like waffles" over and over and OVER again..... I think some people got annoyed.....


I think Im a NaTuRaL, because Im not actually a leader but i always follow other's instructions and listen to them.
I just let them do what they want and im still fine with it. I don't think im the Big Boy on Campus or they little shy guy either. Im just.......Natural.


I think that I'm the conflicted one because I'm a twin and sometimes I have to share everything with him. It's crazy! lolZ


My favorite character is The Natural and why because I know about take care of natural and use less bag or plants to keep the natural and the environment clean and safe by using less water and because it's sort of like science and the blue monster is powerful and has good length or string and strength.


And also I'm kind of shy but I have some friends .


Biggmikeg1 here to tell you I'm like the odd ball art.Out of all the monsters I pick the odd ball because his natural talent is to make art I'm interested in art and I've seen the movie and I like how funny how art is so he's ready to get a day started by scarring up and adventure and I like scaring people like my mom so I'm like the odd ball art.
Waddle on


I think I would suit social butterfly because I'm smart and I'm nice and I'm not shy and the princess because I think I'm spoiled and because the princess is on team PNK and my favorite color is pink!!!!


I think I would be the ODD BALL because of all my friends, I am the one who does the strange things. Example: my friends would go shopping and I would go and play a game/sport or do a creative thing. Sometimes I even help my communitie! Also I am the one that has a different opinion to everyone else,and I never copy. As I always say...stand up for what you believe on, even if you are standing on your own.


I think i'm The Princess.Because i'm always very cheerful and happy,and i'm always acting like a princess and I lead groups very well but im still very nice.Also I can't wait for this party!


I think i'm most like The Social Butterfly.Why?Because I like to make new friends and i'm always the person to start a conversation.I also love butterflys and I talk a lot.Can't wait for the party!


I Probably Am The Goth.... Cause... Y'know, I'm Goth! :D


I would be the loud one because I ALWAYS yell when im somewhere lol but maybe mike too because every school year I got straight a's well... mostly XD


I think I am most like ''The Talker'' from ROR because because people say I talk a lot and my sister says that I am annoying because I talk too much.


i would be like the social butterfly cuz i am very talkative yet very shy I only have 2 friends that i hang out with alot but i have about a million friends that i like talk too.. like the ones in my class that i have fun with and stuff. So i would be like the social butterfly and when i walk in the halls i always walk close to the wall like butterflies always stay close to the ground!


i think i am the loud one im nice and loud i am funny and i like to yell my jokes outside with my friends i also talck loud so i can realate to that i love anything that has to do with talcking explaining i love it


I think I'm The Social Butterly because I am very social in school and on Clubpenguin! I have so many friends and I hang out with them almost everyday! I also love calling my friends and texting them too. I just love hanging out with my friends because if I didn't have friends in life, I would be miserable and it wouldn't be fun without them.


I would probably be the oddball, because I'm always crazy. I'll start to do random things at random times, and I have the craziest ideas. My friends think so too. Actually, they think I'm insane...LOL. Or, I might be the social butterfly, because I am ALWAYS talking to people. I'll say "Hi" to random people, and I make friends pretty quickly. :)

-Thanks a lot,


If anything, I am the immature one!


I would relate to the social butterfly because I talk a lot and my friends say that I am chatty because don't . I also laugh a lot while chatting to others.I am not shy to perform on stage or anything. My best friends and I hang out a lot with each other and I am very colorful because I don't like to wear grey, black, and white.


I guess I would be the shy one, overachiever, and the odd ball. :P <3


If there was a lazy or sleepy one I would definitely be that. XD <3

Secret Gazi:

I think I would make a really good Mike - The Overachiever. I am more like him since I do really well in school and I have won many kinds of awards. I get the best grades too! And recently, I got accepted to a really good school and no one from my school got in.

Keitth :

Love it


I would definitely be the Odd Ball because I'm not like the other girls. I like things you wouldn't expect from a someone like me. For example I love being some what dangerous. if you can jump off it I might have already jumped it. One time I was on a trampoline and I hit the edge after a jump, then I go flying forward grab the support bar thing and flip the ground. Also I obviously love to tell stories and be social. You are all totally awesome and may CP WaDdLe On FOREVA!!!!!


I'm most like the shy one cause when I'm around others I get nervous but I'm also like the shy one cause everyone is judging me well kinda LOL and I try to defend myself but I get scared so ya lol


Well I am more like (the princess)she is more my type and any way I'm team PNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):)


I am related to Mike Wazowski [The Overachiever] because im good in studies , I am scared easily and not good in games

Dixie Flames:

Hi random person. Lol , it u ask me i'm more like the social butterfly. I always talk to people I don't know in my school classes, eventualy we become friends . That's how I got most of my friends. Also, if someone is sad don't madder who I try to cheer them up. If u go to my school u know me for sure , I'm friends with younger and older people. I get along with just about everyone. That's how I even hav about 500 friends on CP :-).


My best answer would probably be one of each! It depends on how I'm feeling every day to say which character I'm mostly like. Sometimes I'm shy, sometimes I'm loud and daring, and other times I'm just plain old regular. When it comes to watching over my little brothers, I'm clearly 'the mom'. But at the same time, I can be a loud mom! I can just never name a single character that I am the most like!



hey i am like the speed demon on my bike however I'm not the fastest but i am pretty fast hey whale i have your attention you should make a skateboard for everyone that when you dance you ride it or a skateboard helmet and you dance with your black puffle you both start riding your skateboards on ramps that appear out of nowhere what do think?


The personality i could probably relate the most is the Odd one. I've been told I look and figure things out differently.



Storm Ex1:

I'm most like the Odd Ball because I'm much different than everyone else. I'm always goofy, I always try to make everything seem fun, but that doesn't always help when it comes to socializing. I find myself the last one out a lot and I sometimes I wonder why but I'm not
gonna change myself for anyone but me.


I'm definitely the social butterfly. I honestly can't ever be quiet! LOL, this is honestly really clever, comparing your users to characters in the movie you're creating and featuring in the game. My name is Erriberri, and hope to see Monster University soon!


my personality would be the talker because i talk allot and i mostly talk on club penguin chat to make other penguins happy and also you should put my friend tansypansy on the player of the week because she has realy helped me.


my personality would be the the talker i really talk allot but i mostly talk on chat to make penguins feel better


I relate more to Mike AND Sully cause I'm the best artist at school (Sully) but also smart but not popular (Mike).
So I'm kinda a mix up and a good kind of mix up.
THX :)


I am a combination of the living legend, the elusive one, the speed demon, the mature one, and the overacheiver!


I would probably be THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLY because i say hi to anyone! i could go to Ireland and say hi to a random person! another example of me being social would be if i saw another random person, i would get into a full on conversation with them!! :D :D


im more like the overachevier because i always try to do my best in school and try to go over my goal i set i always acheive the stuff i set and even acheive more than needed. i sometimes achive my moms goals when i help her and most the times she dosnt acheive it and i do XD. some of the goals i set are hard and after a while i acheive them and i NEVER quit on my goals i always want to try to acheive them.


I would have to pick the natural because I like being my self, and it's just better to be who you are rather than someone you're not.


I'm kinda like a mixture of some because in school I'm shy and tough.At home I'm a speed demon when I race with my family i always win.It makes us have fun together and laugh. :) so yeah mixture LOL i didn't think that was possible.When I'm tough in school m protecting my friends.When my shy in school it means that I'm not in a good mood :(. When I'm a Speed Demon I run fast.


I make myself the Talker because I am very talkitive . I also make my myself the Oddball because I am very odd in many different ways. In school I said something odd in class. Everyone started laughing. That made me embarsed in the outside, but not in the inside because i know that i am who i am.


well that's a hard question kinda hmm lets see I should be The Talker because every time I am at school I always talk and i talk so much and sometimes just sometimes or if the teacher makes us quiet i am always quiet until she tells us we can talk again and i go so loud but not that loud than The Loud One.


Hey your making this party on the end of school my schools done im in third grade can wait until fourth grade


I'm probably the mature one because I like being boss, in charge, and "doing things for people". For example, if I was trapped on an island with my friends, I would defend us and get coconuts. I'm a bit of a tough one when it comes to sports, but that's more of an anxious/cautious. Technichly I'm an inmature mature one.


I would think of myself as the tough and shy one just because I try to act very responsible and ''all that'' in front of my friends but when it comes to showing off my skills I am beyond nervous and will most likely mess up. I could also relate to the odd ball when it comes to P.E. (Physical Education) because sometimes we play Dodge ball and I can get very excited so I start to jump up and down to get pumped up which people might find awkward and bizarre. Thanks for listening! WADDLE ON!


I'm pretty sure that I am the Odd ball
A fat tummy just like me and a ball and something different and distinguished, as to be a change you need to deceive the present and ROAR OUT in the new.

The Talker:

Wich Personality in MU characters do most relatert to and why? I am a The Talker, thats just who i am..


I would relate to mike the overachiver! Because everyone always calls me perfect at school,which I'm not, and I always win everything and overachive things way to much!! I'm defiantly like Mike! In a sports day contest I came first and I also achieved being in my school council at school, I achieved getting the main role in a play and I have to main roles in plays on Friday and Saturday! I waaaaaaayyy overachive things


I should get one!


I'm the Overachiever , because I'm always a leader of the group! I always want to be #1 and I like helping people. If someone bullying , I protect my group from him/her.

Waddle On CP!


I think I am most like the intellectual one because I am very good at subjects like Maths, Science and English. My teachers always praise me because I participate in group discussions and keep sharing facts with the class. I always get full marks in the subjects mentioned above. I love to read books, especially encyclopaedias, and watch shows which have documentaries. I also like to find out why the things that happen around me happen which is why I am so good at Science.


I would probably be The Talker because I never stop talking!


I am most DEFINITELY the odd ball: I have a reputation with classmates AND teachers - with teachers, I have submitted every assignment in a different language (but with the English at the bottom) and with classmates I often just start singing or loudly whispering to my friends across the room! I am talkative with EVERYONE and everyone likes talking to me to see what nonsense I start yapping about!

Cloie Anne:

I'd probably be like the natural because I do everything in my own personal way.
The punk and the goth because I'm kind of a tomboy. The oddball because my friends say I'm weird and different. The mature one because even though I'm crazy I can still be responsible. The princess because I am a huge drama queen. The overachiever because this year I have achieved more than I wanted and as soon as I try out for things I make it in. And the living legend because my friends and family admire me. =D


I relate to the social butterfly because she's pretty (like me in real life and on CP LOL!) and I think she's a member of PNK and PNK is like Pink! So PNK is for girls who like pink! (might not be XD). If she is in PNK (because I'm going to be in the PNK team at the MU takeover!) she will be on my team too! LOL!!


Id probibly be the socal butterfly cose i love a good chat and stuff tee hee my bff wallyneva would be a sinceyone shes on team O K I think?


i think the talking one.My friends and i always chat and i interrupt always.i think that my friends think im a chattter box. IM CRAZY!!!!!!!!


I'm more like Sully


I'm more like suly


I think I relate best to the mature one, but I am also Quiet, and may be seen as the odd ball, so It's hard to say! :D


I'm the highest in my class ever since in prep to grade three( I was evelerrated means I skip grade 2) so I choose the intelligent one....


PS I'm a bookworm......


i'm the shy one or the princess because i'm shy alot sometimes and also i am realy cute, and maybe i will even be the Maskot?


I go for the social butterfly because I love making new friends,I also always invite my friends to play dates and sleepovers like there my brothers and sisters

Starcone :

I am the social butterfly because I love to talk talk talk! If I don't have a friend with me I can get a friend by talking to people who look friendly, sometimes my mom says that I talk so much with my friends that she can only hear my voice!


I fit the talker because I chat a lot at school and home.


i like mike,sulley ,art and terry and terri


I am like mike because I try to do more then the best of my ability .


I am like mike, "the over achiever",because i try to get good grades so i can get into a nice college like mike and sully. Mike over achieves because he wants to be a great scarier, and be good at his job. I want to be a lawyer and i make sure i get good grades.


I would be the odd ball because no one EVER knows what I will say or do next. We were on our class trip and I convinced my friends to go on the merry go round! :) We all had lots of fun. My friends also think I am weird because I never stop SMILING! :) :) I am the odd ball, but being an odd ball is FUN!! :)


I most relate to the Gym Rat. I am most like him because I am always in the gym. I eat, sleep, and breathe sports and athletics. I am always doing something sports-related in all of the seasons. It gives me a way to have fun, hang out with my friends, and relax. If I didn't have sports, I don't know what I would do.


who i relate to well that is easy the social butterfly she likes to talk and so do i and trust me when i start talking i never stop but i love it why because you make more friends by that and you should never hide yourself in you just express your feelings and if you like to socialize always remember to be social with people you can trust and know and that are at your age well now that you know that im a social butterfly for all the readers if you meet me on club penguin i will be talking a lot!


For the MU personality contest, I would say that I am the talker. I am talkative because in each class I take, I can not help but to talk and laugh. My teachers even say that I over socialize and need to talk less! Also, I can talk with my friends for hours about everything! Online (while playing club penguin), I like to help penguins. But, my favorite thing to do is to influence penguins like myself to get involved in the activities around the island like rebuilding the EPF or giving tours.

Joel Roxx:

I am related to 'The Big Monster On Campus'. That's because when I entered my school for the first time I was quite bigger and taller than the others. And one boy even ran away out of the class when I just said 'Hi'. LOL! Anyway I am not related to the 'The Tough One' as I was quite kind and LOL I was in 2nd Standard. :-D :-D Ha Ha Ha Ha.........
Waddle On!
Joel Roxx


I am the Social Butterfly and The Princess! Why? Because I am one of those people who can be serious at one minute and crazy at the other! These fit me because I can be a lot like a princess and I am very talkative. I say hi to random people sometimes! i sometimes don't like wearing dresses and sometimes thats all I need to wear! That was the personalities of MU characters I have.
Waddle on CP! and go PNK


I think I best relate to the "talker." Because I could go on and in forever and never get to the point in my sentence! Some times my mom even tells me to stop talking more than once becuase I keep on talking!!
Ocassionaly I talk to myself in my sleep about crazy random stuff !! When I have kids they won't even have to beg me to read them a story before bed cause I'll already be talking before they can even ask!!


I'm the speed demon because I'm so fast


I'm the talker because I talk a lot


Well what I am most like is THe Princess because like , Im really spoiled and I almost get what ever I want .


the shy one cause im a little shy to people


I would probably be THE LOUD ONE because when I was in second grade I used to make outbursts when the class was quiet.

Ice Fishing Master:

I'm Galexy9845 and the overachiever is my specialty. I like Mike Squazoutski cause he's smart like me. I bet I'll be as smart as him when I go to University!

Waddle o
Waddle on
Waddle on!


I am related to Mike, a.k.a the overachiever because I got the outstanding student certificate twice in second grade.


I`m most like the oddball at my school because i`m really wacky and crazy and I always act funny for some reason and at recess i usually play with smaller kids for some reason and I always say hi to random people I don`t know why I do this and sometimes at lunch I blurt out random things like "DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES" or " I`M GOING CRAZY ". I don`t know why i do that,it`s just random and sometimes in class i blurt out answers to a test and that`s why i`m the oddball at my school.

spike rock20:

I am most like the talker and the overachiever even my dad and mom tells me and people keep on asking me that how do i speak so much and don't get tired. And i keep on achieving more than i am supposed to.


I think the personality that would fit me best would have to be "The Princess", because I love clothing and shoes and I have to admit I'm spoiled :D but being a princess isn't just about the clothes or the shoes, to me it's respecting your parents and helping others with a smile. :) So I think that's the personality that fits me best :D
~Dejia >^.^< Meow!


I like the Mom lol


I think I would be Mike because I always get A plus on everything never B or C Just A Plus and I am the teachers pet!


I would totally be Mike W. the overachiever because I study hard and I try my best. I love helping people do good not only in school but in other things too like sports and activities and I always try my best in everything I can just like Mike


I would probably the overachiever because a lot of my friends think I'm smart. But I'm also really loud and sometimes niave. If there was a random section I'd probably be that... Oh wait that's an odd ball :)


i am the punk one because I really wear bright colors but a bit of black in their. ppl call me goth but i can be bright or black it depends on that day and my cool feature about me is that my eye color changes by the time of day


Hi my name is Yanuelrocks! So what I would be like is....THE LOUD ONE! Because when ever I talk on Club Penguin I always have my caps on I always like typing like that, and that people say I'm yelling when I'm just talking so that's why I pick the Loud One.


I am like a lot of them because........... I am the odd ball because i can be weird at times
I am like the punk because i don't really care about stuff and ppl call me punk
I am like the living legend because i am good at doing stuff and at karate my master asked who could be the most focus and he called my name
I am like the tough one because ppl who come up to me are afraid of me and i dont threaten but i make a face and they run away
I am like the shy one
I talk a lot and im a princess!!


I start as the shy one then THE ULTIMATE TALKER im writing books to share showing off trophies but then I reach overachiever even though im still chat chat chat chat chatty chat then I go TOUGH and a LIVING LEGEND!!!! Waddle ON CP! P.S who is something I am comment if so!!!


I think i'm the Social Butterfly because I am really nice to people and my friends. Sometimes when i'm in school I can't help but put a big smile on my face and say "Hello!" to random people. So that's why I am the Social Butterfly.

Waddle On =)


I am like a few: Sully, the natural because I am natural at doing a lot of things like dancing. Mike because when I do things I love to make it even better and I do a lot of stuff! And I am also the odd ball and anyone will see that in me especially if you hang out with me and see me with my friends! Go Monsters University!
And Club Penguin too!!!


I think The Talker is best for me. I love to talk. Just ask my sister she would say I talk ton much.


I relate more to the shy one, because I'm really shy in real life when it comes to strangers. I love talking to my friends and family though, so I open up eventually!


i more like speed demon cause i was about the 3ird fastest in my class on field day it was a race and i was third around the field. . . also I LIKE PIE


I think I'm the intellectual one because I am happy, smart, tall, and playful. I also like to scare people! I like to play video games too. I help someone whenever I can. I play whenever I can. I do whatever I can. That's why I'm the intellectual one!


I just LOVE the odd ball 'cause well, he's the ODD one. Why would I like him because of being odd, you might ask? Well, being the odd one brings uniqueness and comedy to the movie! If anybody saw the stinging glow urchin part, you'd see why I laughed SO hard when he was all like, "I WANNA TOUCH 'EM!!! :DDDD" OMG, he is the BEST character, in my opinion. Without him, Oozma Kappa wouldn't be as unique, even though they already are.


I am SO the talker!




If I were one of these characters, I would definitely would be the Odd Ball because being a girl, I love to mess around with my friends and be totally weird! I'm not afraid to do some things while other things totally creep me out. I love to make others laugh, and being with my totally awesome, humorous, yet psycho friends makes me bring out who I really am: an odd ball that loves to make others laugh and be herself with her wild group of friends!


I am the most like Art (The odd ball) or Mike Wazowski (The overachiever) Beacause anywhere I go I'm making someone laugh and I always try wayyyyyy harder then I need to in school and I care about grades.And I know this has nothing to do with the subject but I love the way Boo from Monsters Inc. Says Mike Wazowski!LOL! And Plus I have the biggest obbsession with Mike Wazowski ans Sully But I'm Nothing Like Sully Sorry If I went off topic (ALOT!) but yeah thats MY reason So Bye! WADDLE ON! LOLZ!


I'm like Mike (the overachiever) I'm always the one who answers the questions while others can't.I also always get As A- or A+


I relate to the Princess and Hardscrabble. The princess because I like good manners, good looks and good allowance. Hardscrabble because I have this really freaky stare and it can go on for ages. For this reason my friends (in real life!) have nicknamed me Medusa. LOL!


The natural----- I'm a great scarer...

Ice pop00:

I would be the princess,the mature one and the intellectual one.



I am most like the Social Butterfly! I love meeting new people, especially here on Club Penguin, and hanging out and having fun! Lol. (:


I would mostly be either the shy one or the social butterfly.
Im sometimes shy when im near people but I warm up fast.
And im a social butterfly because I am very friendly and chatty. =)

Waddle on CP



I'm like the overachiever, shy one and speed demon 'cause im smarter than most of my friends, im also very shy and i am quite fast.


the best


I'm the social butterfly because I say hi to everyone or at least smile! I always help the new kids in my class. I also talk and talk! ;) I love talking with people (and penguins!). I'm also a few others, but mostly a social butterfly!


I'm more like the shy one because I always want to do something amazing in public. But then I get shy.


Sweetstar :

I'm am totally the natural. I always am going with the flow and being cool. I am this because I dont really care about winning but I try to do my best. With everyone I'm nice and calm with in less there mean. I always fit in and do my best. This is why I'm the natural.


I think I am most like the Social Butterfly. I am always talking and video chatting with my friends and helping them solve problems. I am also always talking, and I sometimes get in trouble for talking in class! I also really enjoy being around and helping people and I would rather be at a friend's house then sitting alone at my room. Thanks and Roar On for Monsters Universty!

Miley N1:

hi i think i would be the princess because i am am my mommy's little princess and some people say i am nice sweet and funny and pretty.
on cp i am pretty too
some people say i look like my mom but act like my dad
thx for reading i hope you like it
love, Miley N1


I am the overachiever because I'm always cheer people up and giving pep talks. Some people actuality come to me when their having a bad day. I'm happy to help. WADDLE ON!


I think I'm the shy one you never know what I'm capable of until you meet me. If I was a shy monster in Monsters University I would do an occasional scare so know that I'm not a scardey-cat. ;D


I think at school I'm a mix between "The Social Butterfly" and "The Overachiever" because I am very friendly and know many people in school, while making straight A's and being in Pre AP classes.
I could also be considered "The Odd Ball" or "The Talker" because I am very energetic! (:
On a side note, I saw Monsters University the day it came out and I absolutely loved it! The campus on CP looks just like the one in the movie! Go PNK! :D


I relate to the shy one because I am very scared when I am out in public,onstage and anywhere really. I only have a few friends because I can't speak to people. When I read in school I am just silent. I never raise my hand to answer a question. I even freeze up when I'm talking to my parents. I hope that I can open up to people some day!


The gym rat


I am mostly like the high achiever because when I set a goal I reach that goal no matter the cost! (Except For Some Nachos: JK ) For example, when our principal said over the loud speaker that we were having a year-round math competition, I set that as my first goal of the year. When I got home, I raced to the computer and logged into the math website. Throughout the year I aced through the questions! On the last day of school, I was the top 7th Player! And that is my story!

~Waddle On!~


i am the social butterfly because im caring and i like to do stuff with my friends and family members and i love to hang out!


Comment #2: Also Study During The Summer So You Can Be A Over Achiever Like Me!

P.S : Practice Makes Perfect!
~Waddle On Club Penguin!~


The monster im most like is The living legend. Because I like to help people in trouble. Im a hero after all!
Scare and waddle on everyone!


I am DEFINETELY Randall. We are very alike. We both wear glasses. We both aspire to be the best. I can be shy at sometimes and plus, I am very elusive and mysterious. I can sometimes "disappear" when I am shy and when I take my glasses off I am like a different person just like Randy. And like Randall in Monsters Inc. I like to surprise people by suddenly appearing beside them. The main this is that we are both very, very smart.


I would describe myself as both the elusive one and the oddball one. I'm like Randal in a way because of my ability to sees things in a way others cannot. I am also extremely fast because of my ability to see things happen before they actually do. in a way though I'm also an oddball because of my love for ninja. I am also a huge tomboy which makes it hard for me to fit in at school sometimes.


My penguin's name is waddle21923. I would be the natural because I like to party!


I am like mike because he is hard working just like i am I study like him a lot!Only he study's about scaring and I study for tests and school subjects.I am the hard worker!

Pachi Pachi2:

I'm elusive/shy/a speed demon. Mostly Speed Demon, cause I'm fast, but also shy and... almost invisible.
Waddle On!

jacob 90689:

I LIKE skully becase he scare to loud and big


I'm the loud one because I yell a whole lot. It's pretty funny that I do, because in school, I yell so that they can listen. It's a bit scary, I know!


i am most like the social butterfly because I always talk to penguins and say stuff like,"So how are you enjoying this party?" Or,"What would you like with that coffee?" I find things in common with penguins. At school a lot of people smile at me in the halls and I smile back. Yep, based on that I AM the social butterfly.

Bob the king 3:

I'm like sully cuss I scare my friends


I'm like the shy one because I'm fine when I dont perform on stage. I actually DON'T hope I win first place in pre- compotitions unless it doesn't require going on stage.


I think i am a odd ball because i am a girl and i like playing video games wiche is odd p.s please post me i don,t think i have been posted


I am most like the Odd Ball because i'm very odd and different then anyone I know and i'm also a goofball!
Waddle On CP!
Best wishes,

Okon 7:

I think i'm the ood one because I randomely do odd things BYE EVERY ONE BOOGYGALALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-P


I'm like the Shy One because i'm very shy and when people say "Hello (Name)" I just keep doing what ever i'm doing.
I also think the Shy One is like my dog because the are both very furry!
Waddle On CP!
Keep scaring!


I would be three characters. Firstly, i would be an odd ball because im always goofy, and im the shy one because in school i don't normally talk to my friends and last but not least im the loud one because i scream a lot at my sisters...and my dogs. :/ yea i can't think of anything else really. :/ P.S please OH please put this on the question thing!!!

Mr bluewing1:

I say I'm like Mike the overachiever. I'm not so scary, but I am smart, I get good grades, and am very successful. I look small and weak on the outside but have a bright spirit on the inside.

Prince Gassy:

I probably match the talker cause my parents call me a chatter box and it's annoying.
-Prince Gassy

Kiley Kyle:

I think I can relate to the social butterfly because I love to be around friends and family I love to make new friends buts at the same time keep my old friends.

Flower39663 :

I am the social butterfly, well I'll put it this way, I have so many friends and I love to hang out, no enemies at all, apart from a little friendly fight for the last double-choc biscuit! I have friends over all the time and we usually go out on days with nice weather, and make friendship bracelets when it's raining, but when it's cold we simply have some hot cocoa and talk Infront of the TV. Sometimes in class I find it hard to concentrate,because I get distracted easily and have a nice chat!

S A M2:

Hi I'm the intellectual one. Technically, and positively, I cannot miss a single one of my absolute favourite episodes of flora documentaries on channel 6! I also correct people a lot, especially my little brother who isn't very good at speaking his past tense, present tense and future tense in his English. But still, I would always like a cup of tea and a chocolate after school, any day, anytime, anywhere! But I am a person who wants to go deeper into science and how many layers wafers have!


Out of all of these Monsters University characters, I'd have to say that I am most like Mike, the Over Achiever! I am an Over Achiever because I absolutely LOVE to learn, I am a HUGE perfectionist, and I ALWAYS do my very best! I really love school, but don't get me wrong, I love summer too since I have more time for Club Penguin! :D


I'm the mom because I keep my monstrous friends controlled when we go out. I really try not to be a buzzkill, but I can't take messy, or loud. I make my friends do their homework, and don't let us get too weird. (usually I fail at that part) but I really care about them and want whats best


I think i am the overachever because i think too much and at the scare games i always get green


I think, out of all those personalities, I would be the overachiever. Probably because I always try to do my best and sometimes more in my classes. Like Mike, he's the overachiever.

(Penguin name)

P.S. GO JOX!!!!

super man ye:

the talker because everyone always tells me to stop talking and i cant stop talking and making jokes from 1:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. so this comment go on forever but i don't think you want to read that much so ill talk somewhere else


Id say that im the natural one because i play alot of pranks and im pretty cool


Hmm. I Think I'm The Princess, The Shy One And The Natural One. Well, Anyone Has Different Personalities. Well, First Of All, In School, I'm The Leader In The Group. If Someone Tries To Help But Does It Differently, I Try To Cooperate With Them, And We Get High Scores. Now, The Shy One? Definately Describes Me. I Mean, Who Else Sings By Whispering To Theirselves? i Mean, Get To Know Me Better, And Soon We'll Be Friends. Now The Natural One, I Kinda Am The Girl Who Loves Friends. So, Its Natural


I would have to be the social one because whenever I see someone who is shy or lonely I like to talk and make friends with them, because I know I used to be like that and wasn't nice being lonely. And plus I LOOOOOOVVVEEE to talk to anyone and everyone!

<3 Luv maple <3
P.S I'm loving the new party this time, I chose to be on the ROR side even though I don't like it when PNK invade


I think I am the Overachiever


i reakon im the tough one because im a strong person and im pretty grumpy at times and i think that im the tough person and i like black so hes my match!!! :)


Hmm Thats A Hard One !!
Well Im Usually Seen As The Random Girl With A Few Best Mates , But I Guess Im A Mix Of Personalities !
Im A Mix Of The Oddball , The Social Butterfly , The Shy One , The Loud One , The Goth And The Mascot ! Haha :)
I Guess Im Not Too Sure Where My Place Is ;)
Waddle On Guys xx


I think I'm most like the Natural and the Talker because although I get along with people and my goals and etc, I talk A LOT. For example...( yak yak yak...) Sorry, got carried away there. I'm also like the Speed Demon because I'm good at running and always beat my friends at racing.


I'm deffinitly the social butterfly because I know every kid in my school!

Bobrules 107:

i would definitely have to go with the naive one because when i saw the movie i totally related to him in many ways


I'm the punk I guess! Cuz I act like that a LOT. :)


I am also like the social butterfly because I share almost everything with my friends. I like to meet new people everywhere I go like Florida , California , and many more places.


Mike is my favourite monster he is friendly he keeps people safe he is good friends with sally they are both nice they do stuff together and live together


I have to say that I'm most like Sully. In the movie he something about forget your books and just let our scare out. That's what I do all the like when playing board games. Forget the instructions lets play! Lol! Just like he didn't give up in the movie, I do the same. Just like if I have to join the weirdest kid for a group project, I'd do it and won't give up on them. That's why I think I'm most like Sully. (The Natural)


I think I'm most like the talker because I love to talk! I also am shy to people I don't know. I am an overachiever too. I'm so many things! Lol! I only talk ALOT to my friends and family but, if its the first day of school I won't talk to many people. I get many good grades in school and am a hard thinker. I'm also the odd ball! I'll say, " Maybe she got in a traffic jam, then she and her car got eaten by a dinosaur! We have to save her! " lol hehe.


it has to be the the social butterfly my reason is i am social

Tire 243:

i would be the natural because i get good grades, i'm nice to my friends,i talk a lot, and i set high goals.


I'd probably be the mom because the girls at my school always come to me when they have a problem. Plus in almost every school play I've been in I've been the mom.


Well I'm like The shy one because i don't talk to much when i am not at home. But when i am at home I am like the loud one. But I am also like mike p. because i always get As Bs or Cs on my tests or report card. I never ever ever get Ds or Fs on my report card.

My club penguin name is langone


I am the shy one and the Princess because when I meet someone I am always shy even on the phone. Im also the princess because
when I play tag with my friends I never want to be it



I would be the ood ball. Why? Sometimes I am wacky,sometimes real, sometimes just plain funny! waddle on


Well, I'm mostly the natural and the big monster on campus. I'm really popular too!

Waddle on!


I was born to be the talker. There is no doubt in my mind that I the talker. And I think Mike should "The Born Teacher" .


I'm totally an Odd Ball, 'cause at school I'm a complete tomboy who only hangs out with boys! I play Video Games (which some of the other girls think is weird), Talk about dragons and dinosaurs, and I'm always telling my friends about my latest anime-watching marathon!


i am the social butterfly but most people dont know how i usually am!! i am also the princess because i am a girly girl girl and some people call me princess and sometimes i act like one


I'm the princess and the shy one and the speed demon

I'm the shy one because I don't take part in much stuff
I'm the princesses because I dress and act like one
I'm the speed demon because I'm super fast

I hope you pick my comment
Bye for now


I'm mostly the overachiever I get really good grades in school usually all A's. I am also a little bit of a shy one it's hard for me to say thank you to somebody that did a lot of stuff for me.


polly12282 is my username and im the shy one because i dont talk much to people and very shy to them they even say am shy so yeah thank you for letting me answer from polly12282


I mostly relate to "The Odd Ball." I'm very different from the rest of the crowd at my school, and that kind of hurts my ability to make friends. Lots of people there are pretty much the same, and I refuse to change who I am! However, I often cross paths with another odd ball, and we become friends for life! It can be rough not going with the flow, but being yourself always pays off! That's what I learned!
Waddle on!
(P.S. I'm rooting for OK at the Scare Games!)


I can definitely relate to the oddball. I've always been a little weird, but I think that's what some people like about me. I'm pretty silly around my friends and I have very different tastes, but that doesn't stop me from having a lot of friends. I think that being the oddball is just a way of being special.


I think I'll go with the talker cuz I talk a lot and I talk loud.


Well I think I'm more like Mike and Sulley because if I faili try and try again.Plus me and my best friend didnt get along at first then we became best friends.If one of us wasn't doing so good on something we would go and help each other out with it make them do better at it like Sulley did with Mike in the scare games.My friend doesn't have a club penguin but I am trying to get her to make one.


I think I fit the social butterfly because in my school it is really friendly and I usually make the most friends on the first day and make friends with people that don't even go to my school


I'm the Princess, or the social butterfly because I am the youngest at home and always get treated like one! ;) And at school Since Pre-School I have always been good friends with everyone! :D


I think I'm most like the princess because I'm the popular girl in school


i am a social butterfly!!!!!!


I relate the best with is the social butterfly because I am always meeting new people. I'm never alone when I'm at school because I'm always talking with my friends or hanging out after school. I hope OK wins in the new Monsters University movie (but I already know there going to win). LOL!


I am most like Sulley because I am always trying to do my best at doing whatever I am doing. I loved Monsters University it was a great movie and my favorite character was definitely Sulley. I also really liked Monsters Inc. I am also very independent about what I do. I think that the Monsters University Takeover is great and I play in the Scare Games for the JOX. JOX rule! Thanks for reading and waddle on!


I'm the goth and also probably the odd ball because I'm very different from other people. After all: what kind of a girl likes to learn about eyeballs, graveyards, mummies, and loves to travel and go on tough expeditions(I'm thinking of hiking in the Alps), and knows 3 languages?
I'm also goth because, well, I'm known as "Goth Girl" at school(friends gave me that nickname) and I wear black a lot(my fave colour, lol). My opposite is The Talker :P


I think I would most likely be the shy one because I am very quiet and don't talk a lot.


I think I'm like the overachiever,because I do my best and more at everything .Sometimes when I do laundry I do everyones just for the fun and good of it. Usually when I clean my room I end up clean the whole house.So all I can say is good luck to everyone .


im the princess because my name is Ariel

Dr Freddie P:

I think i can relate to the intellectual one since i am the smartest guy in my class,always using big words and with my nose in books all of the time and always avid and ready to learn


i will choose the social butterfly because i always help people and im nice too friends out there . like my friend couldnt get the key from puffle rescue so me and my friends told her you can do it! we told her just get the puffle then wait for the squid to come! then follow it and go with the flow! then when she came back she walked in the room with the key! so i am somebody helpful


From the Monsters University characters i am related to Mike Wazowski. The reason i am related to him is because i really love school. Whenever i come home from school, i finish my homework so i can play school. I don't think about school everyday or everyday of my life. The reason why is because i have to play some games sometimes. For example, sometimes when a new party comes to Club Penguin, i don't forget about school but i just don't think about it. So that's my story to who im related.


I think I am most like the social butterfly. I am always swimming with my friends or talking on the phone. People are always inviting me over! I am usually at sleepovers or hanging out!


I would be The Talker.Why? I think I talk a lot. I could talk for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries or even forever. It's such an AWESOME thing to do! OMG, is that a squirrel? I like to talk, talking, talking... Did I mention talking? I think Club Penguin is awesome! I made so many friends, and they are all so nice to me, and I wonder, why no one wants to visit me and than I'm really sad, and then I laugh and than is so much better and I make some cookies and eat ...


Im Like Squshy In Many Ways Cause Im A GoofBall no one can stop me from doing what im doing I Can do the lasooo and noooo one can say Stop if u can I will say No this is how I am I can step up I may mess up But I Keep Trying! Just Like SQUISHy!!!! ;D


I relate to
The Living Legend: Because I have good grades!
The Mature 1: Because I'm mature.
The Shy 1: Because I am shy in real public.
The Princess: Because I'm kind of like 1.
The OverAchiever: Beacause I like to over achieve stuff.


I believe the social butterfly because i am friendly. I used to be really shy when I was five. But now i say hi to everyone I meet and I have a lot of friends.


I really think I am like the conflicted one, because I often tend to be torn over decisions. However I am also like the intellectual one because I like to make sure my work is correct, and I often like to have discussions over quite advanced things, like chemistry. I am fascinated by the elements.
Club Penguin is my favorite track.


i am a mix of them. i am tthe odd ball , the shy one and the loud one because i am very weird sometimes. im also shy when i first meet ou but when i get to know you i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loud.


What would i be? well thats a very good question i would call my self " the social butterfly" because butterflies are a very big part of my family. its a long story. long story short thats why i would call my self "the social butterfly"


My personalities would relate to the social butterfly because when I am not playing club penguin on the computer or playing on the ipad , I like to play on the street.


I'm squishy, nuts and awesome


I think im like Mike, the overachiver. Im very smart in school and i always try to find the most logical answer for all questions i might be faced with. Also, i might a bit of an oddball around my friends,saying and doing random things. :D




I'm the oddball because i dress differently from other girls and when they rather be shopping id rather play club penguin or Xbox. I also like PE more than music. I would say a lot more but ill pass the letter limit.


I think I'm the overachiever because I WILL NOT stop until I get at least an 100 on anything. The highest grade I've ever gotten is a 200 out of 100 and I STILL wanted to improve! I could also be the elusive one because no one is able to find me except my friends.


I would be the social butterfly because I have friends from every school In my city. I have friends from girl scouts, friends from school, friends from my old school, friends from my neighborhood, and friends from preschool that I still communicate with. I could make friends with almost anyone and make my friends laugh. And that's because I'm super random!!! Lol!!


I am REALLY like the overachiver ,i must say,and the other thing,I AM SO EXITED ABOUT MONSTERS UNIVERSTY!!!!!


I am the overachiever and the social butterfly, because in school I get awesome grades, and when I used to live in apartments we would have to use a local pool, and I would always find another kid to play with LOL! Btw, I was like 5/6. Also, when I moved and had to go to a new school, I had a TON of friends in like a second!

WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My sis is DEFINITLY the princess LOL!!!!



my penguin name is coco 5764. my parents say i am natural that is why i chose it


I am such a social butterfly on my first day of preschool I said to my friend HI Im WANT TO PLAY

Maxx black:

Well, if you know me in real life, then id come down to two characters. The odd-ball because I can get REALLY CRAZY!!!!!!!! And the natural because I'm pretty good at a lot of things (accept archery)

-Maxx black

PSA101 :

Um.....Hmmm.......DOUGHNUTS 0)-0) ughhhh...... Sry! If I had to say I am the ODD BALL! It sounds SOOOOOOOOO... pretty! If you haven't noticed... I'm a cocoanut to the head!!! Lollipop lollipop lollilollilollipop! Do you love candy!? I DO! I had a tbs or sugar today!!!!! &-& sry if I get a little CHOCOLATE crazy right now. I think I made my point I am the Matuuure one -_- hehe I am TOTALLY NOT mature ok!. GOT IT!???!? I asked you a question!! .\ - /. I am Odd Baallllll. Byieeeeeeeeee!


Daffodaily5 can you be my friend I'm Rerewegi4!

think noodles:

go ror and go jox

Small P24:

I watched the movie and it's AWSOME! P.S watch very end it's hilarious however you spell it


I relate to the Overachiever cuz I always try to do my best all the time! If i don't do well I always try harder the next time , even if its math!!!


It's shy because let's say I go to a new school I would now say hi to anybody because what is they don't like me :(


Im also the natural just because I like to party and sometimes sit back I'm a bit like sully


Well I'm most like the shy one because I am shy when i meet new people. My friends think that too.


I think I am the overachiever because I'm always happy to get up and learn about new things at school. I try my hardest to get good grades in school and when you are happy with learning it's something really fun and easy to achieve. I try to exceed expectations mostly all the time. Although I cant do everything correct and exceed in everything I do, it never hurts to try as hard as you can. The thing I want to exceed in is my advanced math class. I hope one day I'm a scientist.

Tiger Chia:

I think I am the odd ball because I like to do things that boys likes and things that they play !!!( although I'm a girl XD) so sometimes my friend will go like WHAT!!!! you're crazy .


I feel related to Squishy, the NAIVE one. Why you ask? Because I don't let myself give up until it's too hard. I don't mess around when the time has come. My buddies will stick with me because I am a loyal and honest friend, as honest as Abraham Lincoln. I don't give up on my friends, even if they are geeks. I won't be mean, and I sure are proud of them whenever, whatever. I will always and enjoy someone who joins us no matter what happens to them, even if our team is dorky and there awesome!


I best relate to both speed demon and the overachiever. I have always focused on academics and, well running. I do seem like The Big Monster on Campus, or Johnny in my school. People follow a little sort of gang me and my buds are in. They all want to be like us. I don't mean to brag or anything.

Waddle (Or roar) on!

Sunny Amber:

The type of personality I would relate to is The Social Butterfly, because in school people say I have a sweet attitude and I get along with people who seem independent easily. That also happens in Club Penguin too. Whenever I see someone lonely or who also seems kind enough for me I would get along with that person too. Waddle on!
- Sunny Amber :)

ninja spyy:

i really love these monsters


I'm either the Social Butterfly or The princess. Why though? well I'm a Social Butterfly because I know a ton of people and some of them look up to me. I'm the princess because when I'm with my friends they say I'm funny, smart and pretty and I sometimes boss people around........but only for their sake!


i think i am like the talker as i talk too much but i am really confused who is like me as i like to be soft too!!!i am like someone who is like me !!!!! but that's the problem i don't know who is like me its cool to be talker, the goth, social butterfly, the sully, the princess ya the shy one too i am probably like everyone i have touch of every monster!! SCARY !


I'm kind of like the shy one because I'm always very shy around every single new person I meet. Sometimes I am shy around my cosins too. But this only happens when I don't see them for a reeeeealy long time. I always wish I wasn't even with any new person I meet when I think I humiliate myself. When my parents are with me, I hide behind them. But after I get to know them a bit, I always come out of my shell. : )

Bianca Bear:

I can most relate to Terri and Terry (the conflicted one) because I always think something but then in the back of my mind I think the complete opposite thing! It can get really annoying sometimes but it can also help me on tests at school!
I can also relate to Mike (the overachiever) because I always have the best grades in my year level. I also think that because I always try to persist in everything and think that everyone can do the impossible!


I probably relate to the speed demon because im very fast as i do loads of races at school and g to nearly every club at school.
waddle on


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