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By Polo Field on June 25, 2013 - 13:22

Last week we asked, what is your favorite summer activity and why?

Aly71's answer is awesome! My favorite summer activity has to be surfing with my family, why you ask? Surfing brings my family together so we can have laughs and fun instead of fighting for the front seat in the car LOL!! So we have laughs by when i fall my brother laughs his heart away and fun by just seeing that huge wave coming for you and then you start paddling and jump up and then you feel the breeze in your hair and the thrill of balance so thats my activity!!!.

As for this week, above are some of the personalities that can be seen in the new Monster's University movie recently released.  Which personality from the Monsters University characters do you relate to and why?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

-Club Penguin Team



I'm a natural at most things in life. Talking to others, spelling, and school are just a few. But not everything is easy so what if I'm good at talking to others to I really have someone to talk to? That question still rolls in my head but glady I know why. It's because I'm an oddball other people have no clue what I'm talking about sometimes. That's why I'm a natural yet and oddball.


I'm most likely like the "Social Butterfly" because, i'm very active ALL THE TIME! I'm also very social(like the social butterfly of course). I make random friends from off the street and on the playground. I'm very shy at first, but it is not as hard as i think. On the first day of school i'm kinda nervous, but make friends easily and quickly. That is why i think i am the "Social Butterfly".


I think i'm like the overcheiver because i'm as smart as him and as great as him.


I'm most like The Talker (Chet,) The Loud One (Brock,) and the Odd Ball (Art.) The Talker, because I can almost never stop! Anything you want to talk about, I could keep the conversation going for HOURS! The Loud One, because my talking can get a little loud, And the Odd Ball, because I can be really crazy at times! Those are the monsters I'm most like!


I'm sooo a Speed Demon because I'm the fastest in my class! I'm in p5 and a p7 (who is VERY fast) is TWO MILLI SECONDS faster than me at sprinting!!!!! I hope you pick me!


ninja spyy:

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ninja spyy:

waDdlle ooonnnn guys


I think I am most like the mom. I am very (maybe usually) responsible and I am vey kind to others. I am also very mature, but in a "motherly way". I think throughly and I take important decisions, regarding people young or old, like a dutiful mom. And trust me, I don't encourage things like soda and sweets. I TOTALLY DESPISE THEM! So I guess I am like the mom in ways!

Homies Peace:

I totally relate the most to being an Overachiver because I always try my hardest to get good Grades and it works! Much like Mike, I know that if you try hard you could make your dreams come true.


I am Deffentally the odd ball!!!!! That's why my friends like me so much lol!! I say random things, Do wierd dances to songs, and just be myself!!! I am also the talker!! I love to chat with friends and family!!! I even love to do speeches in 4H or Write book reports and read them to my family!!! My sister is the loud one. Lol! She DOES NOT have a whispering voice!!! But we all love her XD
Invite me on club penguin!!! I accept all request!!!



I am the "Speed Demon" and the "Oddball' because i am very crazy and obviously odd, :) and I am a fast runner, but an even better swimmer:) I love the MU takeover!

~Waddle On Everybody!


I think I am the mature one because I am very responsible and careful. I think I am the odd ball because I laugh at anything and my laugh sounds like a cross between a rooster cawing and a witch laughing. I am also the shy one and the talker because I talk a lot but if I have nothing to talk about become really shy.

Check Point:

I am kind of like a mixture of the overachiever, the oddball, the shy one, and the talker.
I am good in school, and get good grades, like Mike (The Overachiever).
I am crazy, and wild, like Art (The Oddball).
I am nervous when I am meeting new people, like The Shy One.
And, when I am with my friends, it is rare to hear me stop talking, like the talker.


I'd have to say I'm most like Art! I'm always in a good mood crazy and who doesn't love to keep dream journals!LOL! :). All of my friends think that my personality is funny! Just ask my friend Iceybluejen! She's just like me! Bye club penguin team! Stay Cray-Cray!!!


I am like the Social Butterfly. Why you say? Well, I like to have a lot of friends. I think EVERYONE does, right? And I had to go to a new school and I didn't know anyone there! Also I was kinda shy at the time.....I was also scared. But then I realized I needed some friends. So the next day I talked to ANYONE I saw! And they talked and welcomed me after that! So I learned that yourself, has to make the first move to something big. Now I have many friends! Thats why I am the Social Butterfly.


I'm more like the speed demon because at school when i run in P.E, my gym teachers think i'm really fast.


I am mostly like " The Social Butterfly". I am like "The Social Butterfly" because I usually hang out with my family and friends, relatives and cousins. Also I use mostly electronics to keep in touch! I like to go out and make new friends each day and socialize with them and it makes it fun! My friends always tell me to have fun and spend time with everyone! So this is why I am like "The Social Butterfly"!

-Alynika (username in CP)

Waddle On!


Hmm...I can relate to the social butterfly because I love meeting new friends everywhere, and I kinda think that butterflies are pretty, and a lot of people say I'm pretty in school. Finally, pink is one of my favorite colors, and the social butterfly wears pink and is part of python nu kappa! So am I LOL!!! Waddle on cp!!!


Im Like Art,(AKA Oddball)Because im crazy and TOATALLY NOT NORMAL!!!Another Reason Is That Ill Go Out Of My Way To Do Something Crazy To Make My Friends LOL!!!


Living legend cuz I am a legend :D


i am the overachiever because when things look impossible i am always able to do them...and i do very very good in school.

Homies Peace:

I can totally relate to being an Over Achiver because I always try my best to make the grade and it works! I get straight A's! People call me a know-it-all but I don't care, just like Mike Wasoski in Monster's University. I also have a big dream and will do anything to achive it ANYHING. Because I know ,like Mike, that if you work hard you can make your dreams come true!:)


Living legend because i am very smart.


I would be Sulley, the natural because I am mostly naturally good at everything. Dancing ,singing , swimming ,etc.


I think that I am like.......... THE PRINCESS and.........THE SHY ONE!!!!!!!! Cause I am sweet and caring and love to help people( but mostly animals) and the shy because I am not very sociable and am quite quiet and find it hard to start a conversation! I hope I'm chosen pls pick me! And of corse..............GO PNK!!!!!!!!!!!!


Koopa Fan:

I am The Talker Because I like Chatting about alot of stuff Like Club Penguin And I use the longer way of saying words like: Cp but i say club penguin thats why i am one of the talkers! Waddle On Cp


i like pnk because that is my favortie color and i think she's nice you people the club penguin


I relate 2 the odd ball. I've been told I'm weird, and I'm proud of that. I'm not afraid 2, lets say, eat with my face in front of the popular kids because... I just don't know. I'm an even bigger odd ball because I do things that other girls won't do. Like pick up frogs, worms, and crayfish with my bare hands. I also make myself look wacky in front of other people just 4 fun!!! And another plus, I'm the weird kid in my school.

Sparkle 9136:

I am probably the princess because I am calm and relaxed. My mum who I love always calls me a princess and when she says that I feel very special and loved. I also love the colour pink which is probably the colour a princess would like. I am never stessed and feel relaxing every day


My personality matches both shy and loud, which is completely ironic (hehe). I'm always shy to people I've barely met, and some of the less talkative ones. But with my closest friends, all i ever do is talk with them (a lot) and a pretty loud, too.

Lulu Kuku:

I'm obviously a LIVING LEGEND! And my brothers are THE PUNKS! Some people would probably mistake me for THE TALKER, though...


I think I am the shy one. When I play with my friends in the real world, I am the person who just goes along with the ideas we come up with. So I don't talk much in public. But in CP, I am the Social Butterfly. I don't mean to brag, but I have a GAZZILION friends on CP. People think I am very kind to them. I am so happy that I joined CP because I finally have chance to make real friends. :) So anyway, I think I am the shy one and the social butterfly. Waddle on CP!


IM TOTALLY THE PRINCESS! I Have A Fairy Castle With Magic Flowers! My Bed Is Spred Is Light Blue With Suns And I Have A Drape! It Hangs Above My Bed. It's Pink And At The Top Its Purple With Fake Flowers On It! I Have A Music Box, The Classic Kind, Ya Know The
Ballet Dancer Spins Around That Kind Of Thing! And My Cousin Beth TOTALlY THE GOTH GIRL! She Has Black And Dark Pink Hair That
She Ties In Pigtals And Loves Black Spiders And Also Plays Harp! Thats Me And My Cousins Personality!


The social butterfly cos I can't go a day without being social or texting someone


Well I think I'll be a lot like Mike. I love to be the smartest one in my class. I *sometimes* go out of my way to say my great grades to everybody. Oh, and if your wondering, I usually get 105%s. I love Mike


I'm more of the shy one because i have a hard time making friends and i have a high pitched voice when i'm around an adult. And sometimes i feel like the natural. Because my friends tell me that when ever i do something better then someone else they your a natural. LOL and i'm also a THE SPEED DEMON. I've been betting the fastest boys in my class. I said too much

Short Leaf:

I relate to the loud one because when I talk, my mom always says that I am just a VERY loud talkative bird! and that is just what I am! Online I just can't stop being loud! But sometimes I think to myself, Short Leaf, some people don't like loud things and noises. And because I am very caring, I stop being loud.


I'm more like the overachiever and the talker because if you ask anyone who knows me, they'd say I talk a lot and I have high expectations. And what I mean by "high expectations" is that I really have high goals. Ex: I want to be a future technologist.
It's a really hard goal to reach, but like what Einstein said, "Anything is possible if you just believe".


I think I am an overachiever. I think this because I try to be the best I can be. I will do everything it takes to meet a goal or a dream, like Mike. Mike studies hard and tries to be the best scarer. I do the same when a goal or dream is at stake. People also think I'm an overachiever because of my grades. I take it as a compliment.


i am like the overachiever and the living legend because i always aim to come out on the top of things and become a legend among others.Waddle on cp!

Ninjapro 800:

I kind of go with the odd ball because I always do odd stuff you dont see every day to have fun. Like me trying to make a cannon the size of a human! Ps: I love the mu party!

Waddle on.

Ninjapro 800


I think my personality relates to the Talker and the Intellectual one because it feels like there is always a lot of joy inside me, so i love talking also i might be the smartest person in my class i love reading and everything i was doing multiplication in first grade and i basically skipped addition and subtraction now i am in second grade and now i'm doing division i am also the best speller in my class some people might have considered me as a nerd but i like to call myself clever.


I think I relate to Mike Wazouski. I'm always looking on the scientific side of things. I try to make most things look challenging. Even really simple things I can make challenging. I'm an OK member and I love it! See you when they give the trophy!


The Social Butterfly, I think. I'm very loud, I LOVE hanging out with my friends and I'm in PNK! *giggles at corny joke*


I think I would be the princess! I'll be honest and say that am pretty prissy and act up when I don't get what I want. But I'm nice at the same time. Although I try not to act up LOL. And my dad calls me PRINCESS! :) Waddle on!


I think I'm mostly like the goth(sadly) Like her, I kinda express almost no emotion at ALL!!! Unfortunately I barely ever smile at points and have a very flat voice whenever and where ever I announce(like her)... Although on the happy side, I get real excited(like at the end of the movie) at surprising moments! Thanks for reading my looooooooooooong paragraph!


I think I am the talker and so does everyone else . Because I never shut up .I would also be the overachiever because in school I always get every single question right all the time.


Well i would be the odd ball because i'm really wacky,wierd,funny, and creative like the dream journals he gave to sulley and mike

King kong32:



I would be 'The odd ball' like Art because most of the time I am a bit coo coo.And I'am a bit of a living legend on somthings liike how to play ping pong with my feet!Is is just me or does that sound a bit ,well odd?


My one is the overachiever because i strive to do my best like when i want to get a better points in games i just wish myself good luck even though i think lowly of my self i just cheer myself up and just try you don't really have to always win you can just try!


Well I think i am "The Over Achiever" as I am a ranker in class, have a good IQ level,and never give up NO MATTER WHAT.Still i don't know why am I not satisfied with it. I am also "The Shy One" cause I never feel good to share my problems with anyone.I solve them myself.


I Would Be Princess Because Everybody Calls Me Little Prinecss In My Family I Allways Want To Were Dresses And Clips And Head Bands. I Have This Little Golden Dress Which Is Glittery With Patters Of Flowers I Look Soooo Cute In It! I Allways Get Clubpenguin Or Princess Birhday Cards For My Birthday! Once I Got A Belle Doll She Can Sing And Has Her Own Rose Wand It Was From My Friend Megan! I Have Princess Wall Stickers In My Room! I Allways Were Skirts Though My Friends Are Just Natural.


I think I would be the social butterfly because i'm always telling my friends the latest gossip and fashion trends.


Definitely the speed demon!

Zapper Cast:

I am a speed demon because i run faster than my friends, i even write fast! I'm also the odd ball because I say do some weird stuff sometimes!


i am the "odd ball".(whatever his name is)'cos at school everyone calls me weird, and i like it!! i even call MYSELF a jerk. i also am the "over achiever" 'cos i

NEVER give up, until i find out an EASIER way to do what i'm trying to accomplish, that is. scare on Oozma Kappa!!( and JOX) and for the penguins,


my twin:

you r like my twin my fam is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo like that i can surf but not that good lol PNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Overachiever is most like me. I like to overachieve things. To do good in school, over the summer I do really hard math and reading every day. In the movie, Mike wanted to be a scarer so badly, he studied 24/7 instead of going to parties and doing fun things. That sounds a lot like me.

Orkney blue:

Im like the natural(sully) and the talker because i talk lots and im natural lol


I think i'm the social butterfly because I love meeting new and friendly people, I have TONS of friends, I love love to play multi-player games more than single-player games, I love to hang out with my friends, and I encourage other people to meet more people! I mean, the more the merrier!!


i relate to overachiever,odd ball and the living legend.i relate to overachiever because you always have to be at the top and be proud of yourself.i'm the odd ball at my family cuz i make my family laugh all the time.i'm a living legend because im the smartest kid in 3rd prim. ! i'm the only one who knows English, Science,biology,astronomy and math!!.It's good to be the smart,the funny and the living legend :D


It looks so cool I love monsters ink


There are two characters I relate to, one is the 'Oddball', because I am a bit quirky and like to be different; and he is also very funny and friendly, which I admire. The other character I relate to is 'The conflicted one' because he (or should it be they????) have a really hard time making decisions, just like I do. (Seriously, I am the MOST indecisive person EVER!)
Also, I have just seen the film for the first time, and it is awesome! Go OK!
Waddle on CP! :-D


I am most like the talker and the social butterfly because I talk way way way to much ( can't stop my self ) and the social butterfly because I'm very friendly and I like to make new friends and I also like to spend time with my family at night playing board games or watching a good movie or just making each other laugh
Waddle o
Waddle on!



I would probably relate to The Princess the most. My friends are always calling me "Princess" and "Miss America". Even my dad calls me Princess sometimes!


Well I can scare very well and know how, so I think I'm The Natural. I always scare my friends with any number and they never fail to scare me! Sometimes some scares me but I more times!


I'm probably the overachiever


i would have to be the shy one because when i get up in front of my class wether its for a presentation or singing i get nervous but i do it anyway keeping in mind that my friends wont laugh at me. I also get shy when my brothers friends come over. When im not shy is when im with some of my closest friends. They make me laugh and we have fun.


I am probably the odd ball. My friends and i are always goofing around!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm the Intellectual one because, obviously, I'm a smart guy. No, not in the smart aleck sense, the smart guy in the sense of intelligent. I'm also the Shy one, because I'm sort of nervous around people- unless I'm comfortable with that person. And I'm the conflicted one, which came out when writing this down, because I wasn't sure if saying that I'm the intellectual one made me seem bigheaded. I'm partially the Living Legend, the Mature one and the Elusive one. Yeah, I'm parts of most of them!

BBG Princess:

i think i'm most like the talker. wait i KNOW i'm most like the talker! i love to talk talk and talk some more!
some ones ( not saying names ) said "has anyone ever told you you talk a lot?" i like talking because its makes me feel
like i'm not excluded but part of a team.


i would be the social butterfly ;]

By Cecedancer18:

I think I'm like lots of the characters in Monsters U. I think I'm like the over achiever because I get upset if I don't get a good grade. I also think I'm like the social butterfly because I like to hang out with my friends. I also think I'm like the natural because some things like spelling and memorizing things come pretty easily to me- it doesn't take too much effort to achieve these things.



im the elusive one cause in with my friend one second then they turn around im gone saying hi to someone. this happens alot in the morning, then later my friends say "you have to stop doing that" but its hard.

waddle on



I would say I'm the princess because my parents spoil me and I act like a princess in many ways!

Smart Red:

I would probably be the shy one and the overachiever. I am always shy around everyone but I always make the best of situations! I always try my hardest too!


im the Princess because I like making every thing perfit but I love OK


im like mick because im smart and a princess because im girly and stuff


I'm JUST like Mike! I always get straight A's and I like, freak when I get something like a A- instead of an A+. But I also am a social butterfly, I'm like "the goth", "princess", "odd ball", mostly all of them! But, mostly Mike. I guess everyone can be just like all of the characters! LOL! Waddle on! :)


I think I am like The Intellectual One, because I am good at all subjects (better than anyone in my grade), and I like to study (especially math and science). This is also why people keep calling me nicknames like "Intellect" at school.




I relate to the odd one, because, well . . . Do I have to elaborate? Take a good look at my name! But, honestly, I've never been the most popular, and my abilities to blend into crowds is VERY minimum. I like to embrace my being odd, instead of pushing it away and trying to act normal. It's just who I am. I wear ducky shower caps and turquoise flower pants to school, and just don't care! If people stare, I'll stare right back! I'd rather be myself and be odd, than be popular and someone I'm not.


I'm probably the speed demon because I can run really fast! I also type really fast too. LOL!


My personality relates to The Natural because I like to us natural products, live natural and eat natural. Being natural is good for the environmemt.


I think I am most like the over achiever.I study for about an hour before an up coming test.I even take effort to clean my room until I can see that everything is sparkly clean,so I can look good when visitors come xD! A B+ is OK to me,but I reach for an A. This is why I think of myself as an over achiever. -petshopguru


I think I'm most like the SHY ONE, the NAIVE ONE or, the MATURE ONE. I can't decide I'm like them all!




I think I am the natural one. When I first play a sport that I have never played I am really good at it. For an example when I first played basketball I started in the inside a few shots later I was really far out


I'll answer as soon as I see the Movie!


Im related to ''The natural'' because even though i think stuff that i never tried is difficult im always good at it (well sometimes LOL). I always try stuff new and it wasnt so hard. One time I tried some salsa and it was DELICIOUS i mean it was the best salsa ever! This is why im related to the natural. Thanks!


I'm the elusive one and the social butterfly because I'm the smartest of the class (YAY!) and I talk a lot. Also the social butterfly is the prettiest of the class (my opinion)!


Awesome movie right!!!!!!


I'm pretty sure I'm a social butterfly. I just love meeting new people! Because you never know if they will end up being your best friend. I also love having my friends over just to talk and have fun. I actually LIKE going to school, but only because all my friends are there! Whenever anybody invites me to a sleepover, birthday party or well ANYTHING! Three words: count me in!


I'm mostly like the overacheiver.I always get FABULOUS grades!And i'm also the teacher's pet!Also i'm kind of the oddball in my class because i'm not rlly like anyone else.Except my BFF Aurora.We are oddballs just like Mike and Randall!


Well I think I would be like Mike Wasowski. Ithink this because I'm always trying to overachieve and never really let loose and go hang out with my friends. Whether it's school or sports I feel like average isn't good enough and I need to be the best. Then I sometimes think I am and that gets in my way just like Mike


hey! i would probably be the odd ball because all my buds are real sporty and raw in danger while im the guy sitting in the spotlight since i am the expert at drawing i have at least 76 apps xbox wii 3ds games and i am the one who could cheer anybody up with a halarious joke blasting out of my mouth! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!


I think I'm most like Mike because we are both hard workers and we never give up, no matter how hard things may get. Mike had to deal with a lot of people putting him down and not believing in him, that can be very hard, I know from personal experience. But if you work hard, believe in yourself and never give up, you can accomplish ANYTHING! I think being an overachiever like Mike is a good thing because you are working hard towards a goal, and in the end your hard work will have payed off. :)


Why is Monster University taking over Club Penguin ?


I'd probably be the Elusive One. No offense, but I got straight A's almost all year in fourth grade. Now I'm going fifth grade!! :D! Plus, I'm in gifted classes. I don't like math though. :P! But I read a lot too!!


I am the overachiever one

Ashley girl5:

Hi I'm Ashley girl5 and I think I like the whole entire team ok people because I always do good deeds for people and I always cooperate in everything and that shows caring and loving but mostly teamwork and teamwork and niceness is the key to everything so please if u think my comments good please pick mine I always love to share some of my


I would be the talker because my friends keep saying I talk too much.

Zac Efron222:

I'm the overachiver (Mike) because I never get lower than an A+ in my 5th grade class.


Most of the time i'm the shy one...
*At school, when i'm talking with my friends , my relatives and my teachers.
I'm also the loud one...
*At home, when I'm alone in a room or sometimes when I am with my cousin.


I wouldn't call myself a Natural but I am definitely an Overachiever. I do things in school which teachers don't expect ANYONE to do. I mean in studies and having fun. I almost always get top (or near the top) marks in my exams, studies and other activities. This impresses my teachers and other pupils because I am not a CCP (cute, cool, popular) type of person and people don't really expect such good marks from a person like me. I am great at acting and joking too (which no one expects from me).


My personality would be the living legend, as I believe I always show resilience & respect towards online behaviour and at school. Also striving for my best, having a go at all direct activities. Never giving up and always trying what ever is given to myself.


I think that I am a social butterfly because I like making new friends. Thanks for asking! I enjoy the Monsters University Takeover!


I probably relate most to the shy one BECAUSE **(sigh)*** I'm not very good at talking to people for the first time and for me it's a huge ordeal. When im about to meet someone , for the FIRST time, I think about what I'm going to say , what I'm going to wear, and what my facial expressions will be. But usually I'll only say like hello and do a really weird smile and it gets really awkward. Lol. Sometimes my parents have to say before we go somewhere "don't shy it up" lol


I more of an overachiever like Mike because I push myself in a bunch of things, like schoolwork, singing, drawing, cheerleading, and making friends. Some people say that I should relax a little, but when I try to, I always think about doing something else! :P WADDLE ON!!!


the one im most like is the shy one .i do a lot of things but i never really talked much but when im on clubpenguin i can talk all i want(thanks for fun games and its a good way to meet new friends) im on every day so i know a lot of penguins : ) waddle on!!!


Well, I'm probably a mash up of Sulley (The Natural) and Mike (The Overachiever). It isn't because they're the main characters of the Monsters Inc franchise, it's because other people, including my friends and I view me as smart and a overachiever. (Hahaha) And The Natural as I I'm quite friendly as natural. I'm a person who never shys away from a challange and someone who sets goals for myself. All of these characteristics are fantastic. As one you can be a great person! :)



I think that i'm the speed demon because i'm the fastest one in my family


I think my personality would relate to the social butterfly because when I meet someone I become their friend. For me it is really simple to just say hi how are you or nice to meet you. You can also just smile . Being a social butterfly also has to do with kindness. So I hope to see you around on Club penguin and just say hello


I'm not sure what I am but most people in my class would say I'm the Intellectual One ;)


I'm like mike no matter what I do I have to do it has to be 100% perfect! Why? Because I can't settle for any thing under 93% that's why!



Social butterfly! I'm so social!


how do you scare people?


i probably like Art the odd ball even though im quite normal at school, playtime, hometime i go MAD!!!!!!!! ( My BFFs loveheart 460 would be the talker and Pingo6781 would be the the speed demond Cos Lovehearts ALWAYS Loud and em is just fast


I'm with The natural and the talker! I go all over club penguin and just act normal
like ordering pizza at the pizza parlor, and going to awesome igloos and act how you are supose to, like if its a water park i put on my bathing suit and dive in, and just go with the flow! Also I'm the talker, because I always talk to other penguins and sometimes i talk to my puffles when i walk them! So I'm a bit of both! Your penguin buddy, Wiggly11!!!!!!! Bye!


Hi guys! I think that I'm the talker! My parents say I talk to much, when I am in school I always get in trouble for talking, and I always lighten the mood with one of my jokes!

"How do I become a scarer?"

Thanks everyone for making my comment the winner! GO OK!!! GO OK!!! GO OK!!! :{D


I think I am TOTALLY like the shy one!! If I go to a party even when I know half the people, I'm STILL shy, but my brother will walk to a random kid at the park, and then BOOM!!! He's friends with that kid!! I am NOTHING like that!! That's why I'm MOST like the shy one!!


i think i relate to the shy one and why you ask? because when i meat new people i sorda get speachless and scared to say hi.


Even though I'm a boy, I am DEFINITELY like the Social Butterfly!! I will literally walk up to ANYONE ANYWHERE, and I'll be going over his or her house that weekend!! That's how Social I am!! That is why I am MOST like the Social Butterfly, even though I'm a boy!!


A am totally the talker because I never stop talking sometimes my teachers yell at me for talking so much LOL!!!!! You may never see me not talking.

P.S: I love the new monsters university party is is so cool I wish I was going to that school :)


I would be probably the shy one because at school in class I'm SUPER shy i never want to awenser but at more or with friends I'm totally the odd ball!
Keep clam
Waddle on!
Ttylxox Zebragirl587


I would say I'm related to the 'Princess' personality because I always treat people the way I want to be treated.
I don't have to be a pretty girl, a popular one, or a royal girl to be a princess, I just have to be myself.
Also, I would always be prepared. I'm brave, confident, and smart, like other princesses.
I'm cared and loved by my friends, family, and close ones!
That's all the reasons I can think of for why the 'Princess' personality suits me!
Everyone's a princess!
Waddle on! ☺


i am probably a mix between the shy one and the speed demon.
I can sometimes be shy. like, really, really shy. i am nice when i get to know people. but i can be shy. trust me, it HARD being shy.
anyway, i am SUPER DUPER FAST. sorry, i get carried away sometimes! as i was saying, sometimes, it feels great to just take a long run in the nearby forest. it's great to feel the wind in your hair. sometimes, it feels like i am going fifty MPH. am i getting carried away again?



I am like the odo ball. I am good at dancing. I even go to dance class. One time I had a party of dancing or a dance party. I invited all my neighbors . We danced and danced and danced. I even learned how to do handstand on the walls. We also played the party starts now. And cp Recipes and crafts. It was a good or maybe the best time ever. I love dancing.

Awesome guy 111:

I'm the big moster on campus because I'm so popular at my school and I'm the speed demon.


hmm, I think I'm quite elusive, like Randy, so I'm kinda like Randy. I also have glasses, but I don't put them on too much. :)


That is awesome


I like the odd ball


im the ood ball because im crazy and the living legend because I do thangs people only dream of doing and learing kung fu by waching kung fu panda.


the ood ball


well, i would consider myself a talker because no matter what i always have something to talk about and i will talk to ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, and in any situation. if you need someone to talk to I'm the penguin to ask


Best party ever on cp!So so so so cool like Sullivan.


i'd say i'm more like squishy i'm naive most of the time and excitable


I think I should be the princess because in real life in my room I have a princess sign in my room but now my room is being decorated so now it's going into the atic but I still am a princess


Hi. I am dialga2 and I am more like the mature one.


Hi. It could also be said that I'm the speed demon because I am pretty fast.


I'm the over achiever because last school year I got 600 on the CST which is 100% and got 4 principal's honor rolls for each quarter which means I got 90% or more as a average!Everyone calls me a nerd but they'll find out who's doing the right things!


Im like the social butterfly and the talker cause im never afraid too join a conversation or i can like make friends in a fast time i know im like them becauiends tell me (i have a lot)
Waddle On!


I think I'm most like the talker because i never stop! I talk A LOT and when i do its really fast. I get in trouble a lot though because interrupt class and blurt something out as soon as i think about it! but even though my family and friends get a bit annoyed at me, they love me anyway!!!

Enter nickname:

well I love mike wazowski but am really like squishy and art and Im basically ozzma kappa awesome, weird, funny, and more GO OK!!!

mike w 22:

I was the one that posted about mike, squishy, art, and OK

Wow week:

I am two the speed demon and the gym rat becuz I am very active and hyper


I just saw a fishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! In the game,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!$¡$


I relate to the odd ball. A lot. He's really funny and weird and that is just who I am.


i think the loud one because im really loud and really hyper

WerePuffle :

I am definetly an odd ball in very possible way ( and thats how I like it ).



I am like claire cause i like dark colors


The character is mostly like me is i think the shy one.
Because some times im shy in class and shy
when i go to a new school and i dont know
who are they and thats when i get shy
and i dont talk a lot cause im really shy because
im making a new friend and thats when im mostly shy.

Socbasedude :

The mosters university party rocks because in some ways I'm kind like some mosters.
This party is awesome !


I know this sounds weird but i am like the social butterfly and the shy one . Sometimes its really easy to talk to people and sometimes its really hard. Sometimes you feel like you could talk all day, other times you dont want to talk at all. Sometimes it depends on who the person is and how comfortable you are around the person. If its a friend or someone in my family I am definatly the social butterfly, but if its someone I dont know quite as well I am the shy one.


Ok well I think I am the over achiever cause well love club penguin and monsters university but when I go on club penguin I have a check list of things my club penguin has to achieve but always on the top of my list is have fun with my friends! Oh and my penguin's
Name is Lexi10110


I think I am most like the natural, I usually fit right in and i am usually very friendly. I'm never uncomfortable around lots of people and I am always willing to meet someone new. Another reason why I think I'm most like e natural is because I think I am very relaxed and care free. Thanks waddle on! My username is summer4922


When I was in gr.1 I won a race against a grade four!

Nara77 & Limearose & Limearose1:

Omg I'm like the Living Legend BECAUSE I'M SO AWESOME (LOL) and the Shy one because I'm VERY SHY and The Talker which I talk a lot to my close BFFS.


how come class clown isn't on here? thats what i would be


I think I could relate to Art "The Odd Ball" because I love to laugh and make my friends laugh in strange ways, and those who don't like me call me weird. Also, my teeth are quite odd. My top front teeth stick out like a rabbit (which is also what rivals call me) and my bottom jaw sticks back. So that's why my relatable monster would be Art "The Odd Ball".
Waddle on,


I consider myself the oddball. I'm unique, I don't like to copy others. I actually like to be different. I can even say that I'm weird!


Waddle On!

Animal Crosser A.C.:

Congrats overachiever on the epic win!!!


I'm the Social Butterfly!!


I think im a mix of the social butterfly AND the shy one its wierd but let me explain I love talking with people i know about-ish in my class and the other class but when it comes to people my dad wants me to meet im REALLY shy.
so thats the monster(s) I'm most like.
Waddle on!!!! ;3


I think the character I am most like is Art I am hyper active ( sometimes ) and I love are and I even have a book so I don't forget my most coolest dreams WADDLE ON CP.


I am sort of odd ball because I'm funny and wierd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm like The Speed Deamon because I'm SUPER fast.In fact,I think I'm faster than Sonic,the guy Sonic,from the game Sonic.In fact,Am I saying Sonic too muck now?


I like the talker and the mom cause the talker is funny and the mom IS AWESOME


I'm not any of them because I'm a one of a kind guy


I think I'm like The Living Legend because I've been the best jump roper in the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade for four years in a row! People call me Rocky.



Terry and Terri:

I think i'm very conflicted


I think i'm an odd ball


I am like the gym rat,the odd ball,(In a funny way.)the loud one,the talker,the overachiever,and the speed demon.


I'm goth and my costume is her I like her


I don't just relate to one but three.One,the loud one because My shout(scream)can pass what I like to call silent point 3(when your voice goes so loud you can't hear it but three times,girls can usually do it.).Two,the talker because I am a blabbermouth.Three,the speed demon but if you are in my neihborhood you wouldn't call me fast.I used 474 words!(so close!)

ninja spyy:

waddle on


I am a social butterfly! I love to talk and make new friends! At school in the lunch line while I am at my table, I say hi to my friends and sometimes, RAMDOM PEOPLE!! XD One time, I even started a conversation, IN LINE LOL!!!!!!! To prove I am a ''Social Butterfly'' I have 500 friends on Club Penguin!!!! Or something like that.

Mr buder:

I think i am most like the loud one because I am the loudest person at reses and I always

Mr buder:

Am talking in a loud voice


I think I am like Mike, the overchiever, because I am always trying to get straight As I class. I am always trying to complete every goal and assignment. That is why I am like him.


I'm the over achiever because I set crazy goals for my self like going to the national spelling bee .it was awesome.i also set a goal to go to the geography bee I went to state.another goal I'm doing is making the world a better place by cleaning the park.thats why I'm the over achiever.


That is very cool


I think I am like the princess because I think I am spoiled sometimes because I have a TV in my room, and I also have an Xbox.
I also think I am like the Mascot because when I was 8 years old I did cheerleading.

Waddle on!


My friends tell me I must be the Social Butterfly, mainly because I like helping and making friends! I also like helping other people who are really in need. My family approves when I do that, so they call me a social little princess, even though I'm 10! So, I also would like to thank my real life BFF, Erica 80, who I know since I was a month and a half, for making me realize that there's a world out there, waiting for you to help make it better than before!!
-Tirifina, Maia Lacroze ✌❤☺


I really love this party what I like about it is that u can compete in the scare games and it really fun










I think i am a mix of princess and social butterfly, because i am really girly and princess-like and i always make new friends no matter where i go on and off club penguin .

blue buddy26:

I think I am the living legend because I am so cool and awesome.

cupcake 908:

This is the coolest.

Pandee love:

Hey cp I'm more like the princess and social butterfly. I'm like the princess of the school and I always say hi and hello how are you to people!!! I'm so sweet and nice a careful lol... But I'm both cuz they are both me


the mascot LOL


Im totally the odd ball cause in school i usually say random funny things and i pretty much say weird things about weird things L.O.L.

Crazy 4 Toad:

I actually relate to 3 of the M.U Characters!! I'm part of Overachieving my goals(a lot :P), I'm a little weird here and there(very often :P) and I'm a good bit shy around people I'm related to when I'm meeting them for the first time!! :P





can gary come to clubpenguin please clubpenguin team


i think I'm the natural cause im good at whatever i do and im comfortable every where

Enter nickname:

Why didn't they make monsters university first.Because they go to university first then they get a job after university.




I'm mainly the oddball, cuz I always blurt out random stuff, and ocassionly, the conflicted one, because sometimes me and my friends have arguments.
''I'm a dance major!''
''And I'm not....''


odd ball i'm crazy,weird and one of a kind


odd ball


I think I'm most like the social butterfly cause I'm bubbly and chatty and looooove pink also cause I'm preppy and funny! Congrats to whoever wins waddle on!




Hmm.. well in some cases im alot of them. When it comes to drawing, im an overachiever. at school, im a total oddball (once in class i had too much caffine and said that i would be a unicorn cheerleade. most of the time, im shy, conflicted, and elusive. to be honesst, im the most like Randy because in MU he looked all nervouse and insecure. and especially loved when he made those cupcakes SQUEEE!


I'm like the Intellectual one, cause I always get A+ on my assignments!!!!

I'm so smart!!!!!!

Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!


I love Johnny, Chet, Terri, and Terry.


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