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By Polo Field on June 3, 2013 - 13:38

Last week we asked what is your best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far?

I really liked Agent Hush's answer:

My #1 strategy is communication. Sometimes I'll flash a power card on the screen so that my teammates know that I'm waiting to use my power card for a combo. Also, if there are two snowmen within my range, I'll move towards one of them so that my fellow ninjas know that they should attack the other one. However, the GREATEST key to communication is to know how far your teammates can move, how close they have to be to attack, and how hard they hit. NINJA VANISH!

Very good strategy Agent Hush!

As for this week, with the announcement of the Disney/Pixar Monsters University Takeover coming to Club Penguin. We want to know...what is your favorite subject in school and why? Leave your comments below (50 - 75 words please!)

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



I like math because you need math for a lot of things But who need math when your learning about scaring.


My favourite school subject is definitely history! I've loved it ever since I was a kid. I enjoy learning about the past of the world, whether it's about my town, state, country, or anywhere else in the world! I just find it really fascinating to find out about major events and the roots of how we came to be as a civilization. I guess that's why I like Club Penguin history so much too!


My favorite subject is writing. I love writing because you can write about anything, anyplace and anytime! Once my pencil is in my flipper, I start writing about fish kingdoms, fashion shows, and puffles! When I write, I broadcast my imagination. That's why writing is my FAVORITE subject! Write away!


I can't wait to see Monsters University in the cinemas in 3D.


Lunch and snack because it is just eating and drinking.


My favrote subject is p.e. because I get to not just sing but play instruments it is awesome

Lucy 10at10:

Me too!High five! ;) =D



Xd :

P.e is some thing you do out door like running and stuff I do it at school it fun but take water it got hot


Pe?i thought was running and doing exercise


Right on sister


My Favorite School Subject Is Math Because Its Fun To Learn About Adding,Subtracting,Multipling And Divison And Also I Go To
A Speical Class For Math That Is Called Math Talent Pool And WE DONT SWIM IN A POOL!


I totally agree with your liking of math!


Lol! Haha

Ack :

Dude math is awesome we alredy know that




Right man you have done your lol


same!! i think thats the best comment XD


I totally agree Ethan285!


LOL :D :D :D :D


My favorite subject in school is Art , because it's fun to draw , paint , and create. Also you can show your style of drawing , and every drawing or painting is different . You can make crafts , draw , paint , sculpt, there are many things to do . And that's why I like it.


I like one of my school clubs choir I like it cause I love music and competing with other schools

Halloween 22:

my favorate is art because I LOVE doodling and sketching out stuff in like Puffles and Club penguin. This is my chance to let my imagination spill out of me in pictures! That is why art is my favorate subject.


Me to you can make cool crasinson and you can be fam but ya art is cool. A nice you can make cool thigs I having dinre bee


Lunch is not a subject.Subjects are like Math's,History,English,Reading,Science and Writing.

Not Subjects PE,Art,Lunch.


Me too it is so easy


Lol XD


Oh wow






Toataly Agree With You! :)

Waddle On!



Rosie 35515:

Me Too But I Love To Read! It's Being My Obsession! Now That I Read So Much I Read Super Fast! And You Now What Guys?? I Would Like To Have The Blue Rare Book To Wear It! Sometimes I Really Like Math Just Like Joseph58297 High Five Joseph! Well I Have To Say Something About The Bugs In CP Its Because When I Play In Water Dojo, It Won't Let Me! Thats All! I Have Something For Everyone:


I like Reading Also! Its really fun. and it is true with the bugs on the water dojo! and you are right about club penguin


Me tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mewmewmowmow :

I. But I think you talk too fast lol


You guys are so right! All those subjects are fun! Both reading and writing transport you to another world and math is just really fun!
I still love music though...


I love reading to. Have you read the giver or the hunger games series? The giver is about a boy who lives in a community that has no color, no real family's, you are assigned a spouse, you can only have two children, one boy and one girl, and when you have lived your whole life and in the house of the aged they release you. At the release it is a happy occasion when they tell the persons life and quietly murmur the Preston's name until they are released. You can't keep one so lighter is released


Both of the series are awesome!!!!! I have read each hunger games book 4 times and have read Gathering Blue! Margret Peterson Haddix and Suzanne Colins Rock! You shopuld try Gregor the Overlander!!!!!!


I love reading i only missed 3 questions on my big test




FLIPPER FIVE!!! Reading Is Soooooooooooooooo awesome! It's So fun to read! Can't wait to read our Monster University Textbooks :)


My favorite subject is dismissal, because I can get away from work. But if that didn't count probably social studies because my teacher makes it fun also I think it's kinda interesting.


Writing!!!! When I get my flipper on a pencil I write stories quicker than Herbert scheming, faster than jet packs on full blast! One time I wrote the story of how Gary Became a Scientist and how Klutzy came to be with Herbert. I LOVE WRITING SO VERY MUCH!!
Bobbob77777 OUT


Wanna know something CP? I LOOOOOOOOVE READING!
I stay up until like 10:00 reading in bed! My teacher makes reading come alive, and she does A LOT of reading!
I read to my mom to, because she likes it. I also love watching movies(even though that's not a school subject)!
I have watched Monsters Inc. and I loved it! I watched it over and over again! My parents loved it to. I'm so exited that the "doors"
are coming into our igloos!


go reading and M inc


Reading takes you to another world


I agree. Reading is a gift from above! On my reading MAP test I'm always above my grade level and in my schools advanced class every year. I LOVEEEEEEE READING! : D


science because I been good at it forever and my lowest grade was a C+ but my favorite part is space because it's has a lot of mysteries

Ash pup:

Same here!

Agent 11234:

ME TOO!!!!

Te Jr:

Me too reading is awesome my fav subject it helps u in math for word problems

Ash pup:

Math is my all time fav subject is math! You use it every day most times with out knowing.


Well i am not a guy but I say I to. Awsome! I like mi. That stands for moster ink. Hahahahahahahah. You make me laugh.


Love math and reading!


The blue book is actaully Not rare. You have to buy a real book and go to the treasure box.


I read so fast that I just finished Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix


Me too! I read so much! I'm now going to 6th grade and I read about 3 maybe 2 levels above my grade level!
(\^3^/) Yay for reading!

Blu 29:

I like Science, Cuz I like to experiment things and try to make things! Like Chain-reaction- thing-a-madohickies, Like a harder way to get a water balloon in a bucket!


my favourite subejct is english...i do not no why?


My favorite subject is art because you get to be free and imaginative for example you could draw your self high in the sky jet packing or deep under water finding treasure. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!




My favorite subject is math because it is an important thing to know and it comes in handy almost every day.


I agree writing is the best subject ever. Because you get to write about anything you want like what are you doing after school and lots of other things. Remember to write!!!!


i know right who needs math when you are learing to scare


Doesnt Sulley look weird in dat pic? I think he should look cute not ugly.
Panguini :)


Sulley's sleepy. He's bored with school. LOL
Aces84311 :)


You go girl

rexy toesker:

I like science the best because it tells all about the whole earth and its nature. I also like it because it also tells you about the dangers of the world so that your aware of your surroundings. And I believe that Club Penguin has a lot of science too!

Bubsey Good:

I agree! And it's nice to learn about how the world now was effected by past events!

Esimo Eaters:

What if you needed to keep track of how many times to roar or how far apart to be from the person your scaring?




I like reding but who needs reeding when you can already read

Enter nickname:

Your answer is TERRIFIC!


My fav subject is reading because it's fun and entertaining. It's the easiest subject and it's the most entertaining!FireNinja Vanish!!!

Waddle On!

abu 4912:

i like maths,English and environmental studies i like environmental studies more because we should keep are mother earth save


I like math too! I was also wondering-on a completely different note-If you can get banned for tipping the iceberg.

Waddle On!


lol i like math to but it gets hard i'm in 4th grade

Ack :

It's easy I'm going to 2nd


Woah Monsters Universtery?! I never knew CP would make a Pixar Movie! This party will be awesome! Can't wait until June 27 and CP what is the team going to do for summer? P.S. I am going to the beach!

Ranroon 2008:

I like english and jims


If monsters didn't learn Math, they wouldn't be genius monsters. Maths is used more often than you think! :)

~Perapin :)


The old history when very few actually documented history is fascinating. :)

~Perapin :)


my fave subject in school is........... DISSMISSLE so i can go home and play clubpenguin

waddle on CP


You go girl


OMG! You have subject as writing? Eh.. You got lucky! ;/


My favorite subject is spelling because you might have to fill out a buisiness report and you can't spell anything wrong.


Ok :/


My Favorite Subject in School Is Definitly History(Social Studies) I Love It Because U Learn About The Earlier Settlers And Indians That Lived In Your State,Country Or My City! I Love To Read The Earllier Blog Posts On Club Penguin so I Can Learn about The Earlier Club Penguin!


I totally love art! Why you ask? Because drawing is a way to express creativity!



I love drawing too! It's so much fun! Since I have a lot of practice, I'm pretty decent with cartoons. ;]


Hmmm, so hard to choose! I have to say i love ALL of them from language to math,or reading to spelling school is one of my favorite places. But if i must choose one, it has to be spelling.Oh wait, reading, no, math SO HARD TO CHOOSE! But choose i must so............
MY FAVORITE SUBJECT IS ................... RAMSPLAUNG (a not thought through mashup!)


This is Sinya8 saying something: i also liked reading beacuse i am good at reading

Cool Fact About Me:Likes cookies (True Life)


My favorite subject is reading. I love to read. Its so fun going to the library!!!:)

mistry who:

My favorite subject in school is maths. I have loved it since I was a kid! I'm in the top set so I can learn new things and also I do level 6 maths which is super hard but fun because I learn new things; therefore, I can use this knowledge in a few years time in exams and when get a job.


Hi club penguin my fave subject is geography because my dad teaches it and I think I'm really good at it I can answer almost any capital city question. Many people say I am gifted. My friends are always asking me for advice


PE because you get healthy by doing it. PE is really nice on a sunny day and also you do loads of diffrent things from football to running its really cool!!!!


my favoroite subject in school is math totally because we get to study measuring and talk about qudaulls that is four shapes and the best part is dream box it is math and we get to be on the computers to do dream box my fayoriorte part of dream box is math cause you get way smarter


your pice about writing is soooooooo good i hope you become a writer


My favourte thing is maths and P.E and swimming i go to year 4 and i love swimming eventho im rubbish i still love swimming and P.E and this week we are doing rugby! its prety hard but i do my best!Also i think you should add medals on the monsters unversity party for like in the film you scare and then you go on the score bourd and the one with the most points wins(if you didnt understand you just go through doors like in the film and you scare kids simple!)Waddle on!


My favorite school subject is and will ALWAYS be World History!( particularly European) I LOVE studying the history of Rome, Germany, and England! The reason why I love history is because you can see what happened a very very long time ago! I like to watch videos about history a lot. I love to read about Club Penguin's history! My fav part about CP history is the Beta test!
I heart CP!

stella bloom:

my favorite subject in school is all of them math,reading,writing,social studies,and science,because they're importent subjets and they help you with your tests and quizes.


I agree because writing makes you feel calm. Writing stories is awesome because you can make things up like mythical creatures!

Dead yellow:

Good choice trainman didn't think of that one lol


I like P.E. because you get a good work out and it helps you get strong. I hope I win the contest but until then waddle on club penguin.P.S. I would really like to have the bloggers to accept my friend request.I love your outfit polo field.

Herobrine Minecraft Fan:

My strategy is passing science, it's the hardest thing here in the 8th grade, I once made a stink bomb!, It took hours for that project, I also help my classmates in History, like when we were studying about Ben Franklin, and we made a project about him, also, in the science fair I created an Invisivility Potion and I sort of were disappearing, I love maths too, I love Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, I'm very good at it, my teacher says I'm a very good student, so that's it.


My favorite subject is reading because it is my time to create amusing videos for my family.


I like the last day of school because my teacher gives us no school work for the day.

crimson perl:

Mines science I'm currently writing a physics paper on supersymmetry.

Ice Cuber123:

Neither can I!!! I'm graduating from high school next week, and I totally want to go see it! xD I think it will prepare me for college better than anything else... rofl!


I like SPORT and ART because I like soccer,badminton and many other more I like art because I like drawing , drawing puffles and drawing penguins!


My favorite subject in school is MATH because you need it for when your big and need to pay the bill , taxes and cars you need to know math so you can do the math at work or anyplace like for example if you ever become the PRESIDENT of THE USA you need to know how to tax the other people and see how much money the country has made
Bye for now my name on club penguin is Jisi2002


my fav. subject is realated arts because painting,exersizing,playing music,learning on compputers, and reading books! (: (PLEASE PICK ME) if you want


PE because i get healthier and get bigger muscles. I also like it because I like to see how quick or slow people do things. I am really fascinated by how quick people are at running while some people can go quick with a beanbag on their head. It helps me to get quicker at some things eg:like going quick with something on my head so my team can win the race

Meggie Moo:

Me too!




My favorite subject is Art or Science, because they can be so interesting. Like once I had to draw something blue, and I drew a penguin. Or in science I learned how glaciers work. All in all I can't really pick a favorite though :)


i like all the subjects because those are fun everyday and i home school at the computer


History is an awesome subject! It's real interesting and helps you learn more about yourself and how you came to be here. I also enjoy researching my ancestors (the other day I found my family crest on the net). I also love Geography, because you learn how important it is to preserve the planet for future generations and Philosophy because I am a deep thinker! Without these subjects I would have nothing to look forward to expect Maths-and I HATE maths!


I like gym because I love to exercise and do outdoor things and also because it helps me bond with people in my class i don't talk to that much. Why it helps because if your on a team with them you have to work together as a team and it really helps you get to know that person and you could eve figure out you have lot in common!!!!!

-Ninjapro 800




I would say I love math and ESL! Well I love math because I'm passionate to learn new stuff like numbers and fractions!! I bet that you don't even know what ESL means!!!:) well ESL is a place where you learn a new language like what I mean is that when I came here to the USA I didn't even know one word of english . All I knew what Spanish. Well ESL helped me speak English . And now I know 2 languages and that's pretty impressing!:)


I like language arts because if you are new to any American countries you will know how to speak their language


I really like math because it helps your brain work better and it's fun!

waddle on!


My favorite subject is reading. My favorite subject is reading because when I am reading, I feel like I am transported to a whole new world, filled with action and adventure. Readings is one of the best things you can do in my opinion. You even need to read when studying scaring (yes Sullivan, you need to study scaring). Time to go scare. Bwahahahaha


I am also an avid writer. Whenever I'm not on Club Penguin or reading, you'll see me with a notebook and a pen in my hand. I even wrote a little Fan Fiction about Club Penguin Snow before it came out. Writing for me is fun, like another escape from this world. Writing is awesome! Power to the Readers and Writers!


I really like science being able to learn to mix chemicals and learn important stuff you will need in life is very cool.Science is also a really good education becuase in life you need to know what dangerouse things what chemicals to mix, what things you should not mess with.My favorite subjeect is Science becuase it has great education!


I think reading and math would be cool! I mean reading a good book would be fun and some math would be awesome


My fave subject is Art, I love art so much! One thing can you guys put new items in the catolog like diva sunglasses? Thanks!
Keep calm and waddle on! Lol


I like science because you can learn fun new things. You do labs to test something with another. I think it is really fun. You need to know a lots of science for scaring. LOL
I can not wait for new thing.
Bye :D :D

Kty pry rle:

I like p.e LAnguage arts and lunch I like p.e because I excessive and play games I like language arts because my teacher makes songs about them I like lunch because it's yummy X3


I'm with you on that


What i like about school is you learn new things in class like math, and science , in PE you get to exercise , art you get to draw and music you learn new songs and get to see your friends in school and learn new stuff like anything in school you have to do you math and science and english in school and your homework when you get home from school and return it to school when its finished and let your teacher check it and you dont want to get in trouble when your at school


My favorite subject is art! Not only do I love drawing but I love showing who I am! Some people think they stink at drawing but I always say..."So what! If you like it, its fine!" I love ART!!! :)


That is the best one I read!


My all time favorite subject has to be art because it is so much fun

nick is coo:

my favorite subject is writing. You get to write anything in your imagination, and whatever you want it to be. Dragons, cars, monster (maybe a university ). Anything at all!!!!!!

Enter nickname:

I like art because I like to be peaceful and draw

Cp lover 89:

My favorite subject is math because you're learning your number facts and there is math everywhere in businesses, stores, and even restaurants. That's why math is my favorite subject. Waddle on!


I agree with everything but the scaring not needing math. You need math to calculate where you stop toward the child's bed, how long you breathe before scaring your air out, and how long you scare the child and leave the room! That's looking at it from Mike Wazowski's point of view.


My favorite subject is reading, because Xtreamly smart 5th graders (like me) go to a program called enrichment. There we do projects like dissect owl pellets and frogs build bridges out of toothpicks and animation, we also write reports about a bird, a bridge, and a frog, and we also read novels.


Gym because I love being athletic


I love drama it's my dream to be an actress!

Waddle on! X

Ultimate ninja:

I think Math is the best


Science! *echo* I love science because you can make cool concoctions,steam up the classroom, and even blow the classroom up!
Well..... sort of.

I hope you guys have fun while reading the comments!

And greetings to you Polo!
And as always... Waddle on!


I hate math hate it I don't see how you like it but you're right about the scaring

Purple neon:

I think that all subjects are important, but if I had to choose one I think math would be it. You use math for a lot of things like carpeting a floor, and other stuff. I do also sort of agree with Joseph58297, who really does need math when you are learning to scare? Anyway, everyone else has a different favorite subject, because they mean something to you like bring back different memories. I would just like to say I love the idea of club penguin paring up with Pixar. I cant wait for the party!

purple neon:

I agree. I think this movie is going to be awesome! but in the original monsters incorporated [inc], they said Mike ad Sully new each other in 4 grade! im confused


i like reading because reading helps your mind and know better


I love writing as well

cute cuddlys:

yes i agree joseph58297 you need to know when to scare how much scare level to scare at and other stuff
p.s. i like math too but my favorites are listed else where

Hogo :

I like science mmmmmmm


I think it's language arts it's fun and its scary smart to learn. It's important to know your facts in the real world and monster university!


READING IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


I love math and art but between them I love art more because you can express your feelings of how you feel by drawing the art of feelings.So that's why I love art.-biggmikeg 1


My favorite subject in school is Science. Because, EVERYTHING IS SCIENCE! If there was no Science in the world, then none of us would exist, and your favorite subject wouldn't exist either! Besides, Science is so fun to learn! I love it when I get to do fun Science experiments that always cheers me up with joy! Waddle on my fellow penguins!


My favorite subject is math too


Me toooooooooo


I like science

add me on cp my name is blakeyboy77 :

I really luv art


i like reading and language because i love learning Japanese words in my reading class


I love maths and loads more subjects


My favorite subject in school is phisical educartion because you get to play a sportwith friends and theres nthing wrong with playing a sport like math you dont use math or social studies or any of those subjects all you have to do is play as hard as you can.


Math it's easy and fun it helps everyone in their life even on clubpenguin !!


It is math because I like learning about patterns/strategys to word problems. Also, because im good at it so when your trying it gives you motivation to keep going. you use math everyday so it never goes away, that is why I never pass an opportunity to learn something new. I wish club penguin would have a geek day and all the games would be math related. Then you can express your inner geek.



Xd :

That is right cuz math is a whole lot of thing


I like math because it is hard


I like writing too there's no rules when you're writing just have fun!


I love math because you can add like 78+22=100 and its really fun to discover new operations and number senteces


Maths and art . Art is because it's fun I love creative stuff and you can build anything your mind does in your head.maths because you can get smart and it's fun I'm good at maths I got one for you Q. 145 +27 A.182 if you got it correct your very smart like me it was kinda an easy one here's an art question Q.what does blue and yellow make? it was another easy one please add me rainbow50504


Hey cp my favroitte subject at school is history because I find it interesting to learn about the past and it good to find out new things a big huge fan of club penguin i have been on for more than 3 years now i love it so much also I can't wait for the scary event that's coming up :) :) :)


My faorite is all because i like everythin and everything in school is awesome!!!!!!!!


I like maths and muisc. And dt and food and everything expect science

Magenta Lama:

Well sometimes you need math for scaring to add up all the scares you need to do or if you need to buy costumes then you add up the price to see if you have enough money. Math is my favorite to! Waddle on joseph58297, and waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite school subject is Social Studies ( History ). I also like writing, and English. Science isn't really my kind of thing. I like Math. I like Spelling, so yeah.



club penguin rocks I love it and I love monsters university cant wait till it comes out

the guy:

yo yo yo yo yo wassup


I like science I love to learn about the earth and animals


My favorite subject in school is Reading class because I get to read and I get a bigger head start for Reading! That's how Reading is my favorite subject in school!

Midnight Emo:

My favorite school subject would probobly have to be English. English is one way to communicate with your friends. Whether it's at home or even online! You see it EVERYWHERE. Reading books, magazines, games.. You could do almost Anything if you know the proper way to speak English! I LOVE ENGLISH! :D

Liam Jobs:

Wow, I like Biology, because I can learn a lot of things about the World, we learn about all types of life and the animals! I like because we learn a lot (with the others Subjects too, LOL!) The animals are important to us! It is cool too because we can learn too somethings about... the Penguins!
Waddle on!
-Liam Jobs


My favorite subject is art so I can express my feelings on a peice of paper. Something weird about when I draw I am better at drawing half animal half people than just regular people!My second favorite subject is math.

Tlast Peng:

Me too :D

ash kid413:

science is you can make volcano's make potions and have a lab rat and be like gary!

Club Penguin Girl :):

Oh math, what can I say?! XD!! I like math, but I like Mike and Sulley better! ;)


This is hard... I definitely love math (especially Algebra), as it helps keeps the brain thinking (:P) and Drama is definitely a lot of fun as well! English class is totally important as well, and I love French as well. Science (Biology and Chemistry) are my life as well :3. SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! I just love school :D


Hi CP! My favorite subject in school is math, because it is quite simple for me. I seem to be ahead of everyone in the class! Other than that, my favorite would be Drama! It's so fun to act things out, especially when they are super funny! Waddle on Club penguin!

Secret Gazi:

My favorite subject is math since I'm really good at it and also you need your knowledge about math for your future plans like getting a job. Also, it is very easy to do. In addition, just a few days ago, I won a medal for winning my school's math league and that encouraged me to do more math. That is why math is my favorite subject in the school.
-Secret Gazi

Josh Zikry:

I love math too.But I hate the Algebra and Fraction.


I think math is too boring, history is OK, but what I really dig is SCIENCE! I love finding out about new things, conducting experiments, and what not. I like astronomy the most.


my favorite subject in school is science! science is so cool! it's like a hole new world with science! WADDLE ON!


My favorite subject is probably math. Everything seems to click for me, thereby being satisfying.


For all u ppl who like math, ugh. algebra is the worst subject ever!!!

Zoe Beth52:

My favorite subject in school is English. I like it the best because I love to write, and it makes everyone think creatively (for example: Instead of using fun, using a more intriguing word, such as enjoyable). It also helps you expand your knowledge of the language, such as root-words and what the word was based on (Did you know the name of the state Colorado was based off the Latin word color?)


My favorite subject is probably art. I like art because we can learn tons of new ways to draw people and other stuff! I love to draw and it has Improved my drawing skills! Waddle on!


My favorite school subject would be science because it's fun to learn all about what going on around us.
Like all the animals and nature that are all around the world!
It's fun to learn! I know a lot of people do not like school but I do!

sea wars:

I have to pick the most fun part of the day which is recess!


I have to agree with you. By the way in spelling i had to memorze the word Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

Elie Snow:

Lol! I agree its the best!


my favorite subject is math becuase its like a game becuase they add up.


I say art. you get to show your creativity. Sorry if this is not 50 - 75 words.


My favorite subject in school is , History. Because I love to learn about America's past. And all the wars. But my most favorite part of History is when we learned about the Ancient Eygepticans.
<(") Waddle On ! (")>


Totally agree, :-)


My great grampa was in world war 2 and is alive this very day!


My favorite subject is Reading. I read fluently and I have a nice and clear voice. I read long and interesting books. I also learn new words and find the meaning.

cguy456 :


Agent 11234 :

Took the words right outta my mouth!!!


My favorite subjet is music because you get to make pumpin beats oh yeah THE PARTY STARTS NOW!

zoom zoom103:

I like recces, art, math, science recces because I like to play art because I love to creative math because u always need math and scince because its cool to watch stuff explode but not at my grade level WADDLE ON CP :)


I like most subjects, but my favorite is science! I like discovering new things about out planet (and other planets, too!) And getting to make fun and educational projects! I love to learn about animals and plants, and how amazing technology is! (If it weren't for science, Club Penguin would never exist!


My favorite subject in school is math. I usually understand the unit the teacher talks about and do well. I also like to work with others when I can to do a double-sided sheet of math problems, especially when I just want some help but math is just satisfying. Waddle on!


Mine is gym because that way, i get to spend all of my energy and have fun. Sometimes we play a game of freeze tag or we chase each other which usually stresses me out. But its still sooo awsome!


My favorite school subject is science. Science is a blast because you get to learn new things that will definitely help you in laer life also Experaments!!!


my fave subject in school is science because you can do alot of cool and fun experiments for example you con dicecte owl pellets and fake an oil spil. whell thats my reson and till further on peace out and see ya later sincerly huge rockhopper fan( N62703) is my penguin name.


the things i like about school is recess because you get to play with friends and i like math because it can make me smart and the very favorite part is science because you can do the stuff at home


My favorite subject is reading because there are so many stories and places as you read!

Emperor pegi:

My favorite subject in school is math because when I do addition problems it seems easy but when we do problems with more digits it seems harder. But when we use our strategy it really helps and it feels fun to me to use all kinds of strategy to just one problem! And multiplication I use my favorite strategy, arrays!




My favourite subject is gym because its fun to play games with you're class mates and also I like art because I love drawing and painting! :)
Waddle On Cp!!!!!


I really love science because you get to use objects. When I'm in science class I don't get bored like I do in other classes. My favorite section in science to learn is Ecological Science. I am like an animal whisperer to some of my friends because animals really like me.

cool girl685:

My favorite subjects are math science and E.L.A(English language arts).
first math because it helps me to do hard problems and some jobs at home also people that do architecting.
Science because it help me to learn more about the universe and nature.
Last but not least E.L.A helps me to read better and writing and it helps me pronounce words that I need help with saying.


My favorite school subject is Art And music


I mostly like all subjects expect Phys Ed..... I like music because I love to sing and learn new songs and games like, Charlie Over the Ocean... I like library all because of checking out books and getting to watch videos..... I like math but I have no idea why... (I'm typing a lot cause you wanted 50-70 words but i might do more.....) I don't like history.. I love science because the experiments to explode the whole school....
I will tell you the rest on the next comment if I comment.....


I hear you! P.E. is terrible. I'd much rather play a certain game with penguins and puffles.


ninapp2 wow I like all you put in there. I like matte and not because I like science by experiments, not like the story ................... : D!!!!!!!!!!


Probably, my favourite subject is ICT, why? I believe it because of how mind-boggling the smallest of things can do so much, helping make the world better, curing diseases, helping the planet and most of all make life easier and more interesting, maybe that's why I love running my blog and playing Club Penguin so much (penguin name: sammy dowah)


My favorite subject is math. You use math in everything you do! If you know how to do it, you could very well change your world for the better. That's my favorite subject!
Scare on, penguins!


My favorite subject in school is art, because i don't have to have any rules. I can just draw freely. I love to draw because it kinda relaxes me.


My favorite subject has gotta be Art because i like to be creative and be unique one time in art class i painted a picture of me in penguin form like on cp! I also like Gym


I like math but my favorite subject is science.Its just so much fun to test stuff and find out whats happens. and i can learn something.


My fave subject is gym because its fun to play the games and it gets you active.If you didn't have gym you wouldn't want to go outside that much at home.


My fave subject is gym because its fun to play the games and it gets you active.If you didn't have gym you wouldn't want to go outside that much at home.


You made me hungry with that name!


me too!!!! i love sports

Kimchi Ninja:

My favorite subject is science because its fun when we explore lifespans, electric circuits, etc.
Oh! there's the bell! Bye!
(Real name is Kimchiprince)

Kimchi Ninja:

My favorite subject is science because its fun when we explore lifespans, electric circuits, etc.
Oh! there's the bell! Bye!
(Real name is Kimchiprince)


My favorite subject is art because sometimes we can do what ever we want and we can be as creative as we want! One time I even drew my penguin and people thought it was amazing! It's fun to be creative and dream stuff up and use it in real life.


I enjoy a lot of subjects but my favourite subject is writing. You can tell a story that can involve dinosaurs to monsters
to penguins! Anything can happen and there is no right or wrong. It's a fun and creative way to let your imagination loose!
Waddle on (and keep writing!),


will we be given costumes???

Waddles Jr7:

Uhh to to be rude but are you NOT suppose to give away personal info? You just told us your real name...


My favourite school subject is Art. My favourite subject is art because I would like to be a computer artist when I grow up (just like some people in the Club Penguin Team) and it gives me so many creative ideas to make! Even the most boring things wont be a boring piece of art to show many people! That is why art is my favourite subject, Club Penguin Team!

Going to be a computer artist in the future, Ryannemily.

Enter nickname:

Math is my subject because we need it in life. Math is like nature to me.


Math is my subject because we need it in life. Math is like nature to me.


i like math


My favrote subject in school is Language Arts. I had a wonderfull teacher and many friends. We have alot of free writing, so I write about my experiences in Club Penguin. We read our writings out loud, and whenever I'am called on, I always have something cool to say about Club Penguin. Thanks for reading my comment!

Waddle On!


My favorite subject is writing because you can write anything! I like writing stories the most because you can write about your self as a mythical creature! I also love writing this letter! I hope I can Se MU



My favourite subject is catering because you can let your imagination run wild ,you can dream up lovely dishes and the best part is sharing that greatness with others so they can love and learn new things too
- coolpengu5
Waddle on club penguin


Wow Thats Not Fair !
I Live In Spain And We Dont Do Cookery !! I'd Love To Learn How To Cook Properly Bcause Well Somehow I Actually Burnt Soup ! XD


my favorite subject is science because i do experiments with rocks and things.


Omg In 3rd grade i did that!

lil to the big to the lil:

my favorite subject is science because you get to do expriements like making a stink learn really well from science.It might even make you want to be a scientist or make you a master scientist.


Ya. Science is my favorite too

Goo Goo0410:

My favorite subject is science because you get to learn about the world around us. I also like Gary. :) Waddle On!


I love science too!




wow sensei is on the blog if sensei says i like science


I LOVE writing! I love to write about whole different people and animals! Sometimes I write about exciting things, sad things, SCARY things, or all of them together! It is so much fun! I even create little books when I'm bored!

Idaho Cutie:

You mean composition? SAME! :D

Donut Luv :

I love reading because I love to read about whole new worlds!

Idaho Cutie:

I do too. Reading is Literature by the way. ;) Friendly tip.


Me too....


everthing! because we need all the subject to go to collage and to be smart like you guys and we even need to be smart then that poler bear


You're right not only one you should concentrate on but also the others.


I think you mean Herbert


My favorite subject is definitely technology because without science club penguin wouldn't be here right now even most of inventions we use in our everyday life and my second favorite is art , without art my life wouldn't be complete!!! :D

Zak Penguin4:

I like math because I like to solve math problems it's hard but you get used to it :)

Unit G:



I Understand How Important Technology Is Because We Use It Everyday !
And Omigosh I Totally Adore Art !! ;-)




I agree with Discopop26 TECHNOLOGY IS AWSOME!!!! Good comment Discopop26!!


My favorite subject is the Bulgarian language, because that is my native language and is very easy and interesting.


True!! XD without technology there would be no club penguin!! I couldn't survive without it!!! If there wuz no cp, or cp team, my face would be like this. ;'(


my faverite subject is math I like fractions and you need math for every job n the world. one of my teachers called me the fraction king cause i am so good not tryin to brag ;)


I really like most subjects in school! The teachers are nice and they motivate you to do your best! I like writing to create new world and people. I like P.E. because we play fun games with each other. I like history to learn about well, history! Math and spelling are fun because you use it almost everyday! Science is fun because of the experiments! I also like reading because you get to learn about brand new things you never would have thought of!
Waddle On! -Spongebuns1-


My favourite school subject is Art. It's my favourite subject because I would like to be a computer artist when I grow up ( like some people in Club Penguin Team) and it gives me so many creative ideas to make! Even the most boring things wont be a boring piece of art! Waddle on CPT!



My favorite subject in school is Art. I like art because in art we can learn to draw, paint, sketch, and color. The people who created Club Penguin needed to use what they learned in art class to create penguins and club penguin parties for us the players.
Waddle On CP

Sandy Sailor:

I like all subjects expect math. I do not like it because i am not very good at it and it has to many numbers.i like art because i like creating stuff. I like music because i love and i mean love singing everyone says i am good at it and i mean everyone.i like science because i like experiment . I love language arts i like writing.i like reading because it can take you any where.I mostly love all and i can not wait for monsters inc.


I love science and art because in science you get to (in my school we do plants and other stuff) do the test tube thing a ma jiggys. and in art you get to paint unusual pictures (like weird stuff) But as i also do not like : HORRIBLE MATH!! AHHH:() but art and science is fun :D


My favorite subject is math. I like math, because when we do algebra there are always new problems to trick your brain!! :D
However, I also like Social Studies, because we always learn new things!! :)
Waddle On!!


my favorite subjects in school are math and science. I like math so much because its used every day and its used with science! I like Science because science goes with math and I have fun with experiments that go with a subject of science!


i think reading because it can take you to different worlds and you can use your imagination and i just love it and this entire year i read 30 books this year waddle on

Apple 1116:

Math because if you were at the store and you were trying to buy apples which is my nickname you wouldn't be able to se how much it is
Waddle on!


ART!! I LOVE drawing, painting, and other stuff, too!!


My favorite subject in school is reading because, reading books makes me imagine what it's like if I was actually in the book.


I like English. Why? Because everything I read in that class is an adventure. What is life if not an adventure?


I honestly adore science.. With no science no anything! Not even club penguin! That would be awful. Until then



My favorite subject in school is math. It's my favorite because it is easy for me and my math teacher is the best. She makes math really fun. Also you need math in your everyday life.
Waddle o
Waddle on
Waddle on!


My favorite subject in school is writing. Probably because I just have so much fun being creative and writing up an amazing story. Tomorrow is the last day of school and two of my friends and I are writing a story. But since it's the last day of school, and we've been working on it in school, we are going to write it during the summer and turn it into a play! I've never written a play so it will be so cool to actually write a play!!! Waddle on;)

Aop Penguin:

My favorite subject is all of them. Each subject has its own cool attributes -- the satisfaction from completing a complex calculation in math, the joy of seeing an awesome chemical reaction in Science, the pride from translating a sentence in Latin, the amazement at the clues that can come from one word in English, the list goes on and on. I love each of my subjects and look forward to them each and everyday.


I like all subjects but reading is the best.Reading because when yor read you go into a different world it's like you transport to a different universe.Reading is easy to me and its fun.You should try to read every has nothing to do with scaring but it's pretty cool.


My favorite subject is reading.To me reading helped me get to know words better.Also if we couldn't read then when people write to you on Club Penguin you wouldn't know what their talking about.Also reading helps you learn about things.For example new places, History, and lots of others.Plus we couldn't do math or any subject since you have to read the paper.


my favorites gotta be science.i love it because its so interesting how things can do so much to stay alive and how they adapt. not just that but there is so many topics like space, animal adaptations, and other things. I hope you like this answer and WADDLE ON!


I thing science is the best because science is in pretty much everything- everything but scaring! - WADDLE ON!!!


My favorite subject is choir. I can express myself whithout being judged and I love to sing! Not only that but, its an easy class too!


I think my favorite subject in school would have to be Home Ec because you get to learn to cook and bake lots of cool food and you get to learn about the body and other stuff as well too. It's like science with food!

nintendo 18:

i like homework math activitis division subtract and add and do alot of really fun stuff and the best part of school is reading will help you learn to read i like the computer labe its really fun and the libray is really fun theres a thousand of books i read and read and read till we lined up the nother best part is recess i played with my friends on the swing sets and the slides and i really like to play soccer after we lined up again we got inside of scool we did math then reading itwasfun.


My favorite subject is science because you can learn a lot of stuff. And you can learn to blow stuff up sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


I have three. Drama, writing and (If it counts.) technology.
I love drama, because acting things out and playing games that develop trust, is which is a great skill to have, are so much fun! I love writing, because i fell like it is my strength, but my favourite of all three would be technology. I love playing video games, (especially Club Penguin :P)so I want to study technology, because i spend a lot of time with it, so it would be interesting to see how it works!


I like science the most. I learned so much! You should NEVER put a magnet close to a computer! I really like to test things, like what happens if you put a magnet underwater.


Sorry, I used a little more than 75 words. But please don't like disqualify me or anything!

Waddle on!


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