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By Polo Field on June 3, 2013 - 13:38

Last week we asked what is your best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far?

I really liked Agent Hush's answer:

My #1 strategy is communication. Sometimes I'll flash a power card on the screen so that my teammates know that I'm waiting to use my power card for a combo. Also, if there are two snowmen within my range, I'll move towards one of them so that my fellow ninjas know that they should attack the other one. However, the GREATEST key to communication is to know how far your teammates can move, how close they have to be to attack, and how hard they hit. NINJA VANISH!

Very good strategy Agent Hush!

As for this week, with the announcement of the Disney/Pixar Monsters University Takeover coming to Club Penguin. We want to know...what is your favorite subject in school and why? Leave your comments below (50 - 75 words please!)

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



my favorite subject is technology because we get to play clubpenguin and other games too and we have ipads iphones and more and its so cool what clubpenguin does for us rock on clubpenguin team its great that school can teach us technology and i cant wait for more:D


My favorite subject is science because I wanna be a scientist! Like Gary! Who knows what we could be! It doesn't matter as long as we give our best shot at what we can do!

rad red2:

hmm this is tough i like them all but my two top subjects would be science because a love learning about how things in nature work and how sound, light, bugs, animals, plants, and so much more! My other favorite is reading. I like reading a lot because when you read you learn lessons and sometimes even things from the past that they write about now.

blue pengu4:

Well my favorite subject would have to be science its fun to learn about stuff that may not seem true but is true. In my school we are learning about the digestive system and it is AWWWWSSSOOOMMEEE!

Waddle on cp!

Nicki the Penguin Minecrafter:

Math and Art and Music.Very interesting and least brought subjects.


My favorite subject in school is technology. I get to help the poor on this website to give people rice. I learn how to make reports and play new games!

That's all from me,

Puffle Pal26:

My favorite school subject is, well, everything! In my opinion, being well-rounded in all school subjects is key, whether it is math, science, social studies, english... or even scaring! The more you know, the more prepared you will be for the rest of your life. Being skilled in all subjects is important, so that is why I love everything! WADDLE ON!

artkid01 :

My favorite subject is SCIENCE!!!!! I love that subject caus its fun to do the experiments and learn about the different kind of things you can do in science. My favorite is weather! WADDLE ON!!!


my favorite school subject is that science because you can learn about gas you can learn a lot of things. I also like about everything else. waddle on


my favorite subject is science because we can find out things amazing things by the way it tells us like our body or the world science tell most of the thing that's why i like it and don't forget experiment's waddle on! :)


i love reading you can learn alot of new words i cant wait


Part 1: My favorite subject is Art. Art is very creative and you can paint, sketch, use pastels, oil paint or even use the great outdoors plus some glue! I'd be crushed if art didn't exist! You do need creativity to scare kids and pets or whatever you scare. You do create your very scary roar! Am I right? My second favorite is Science! I do agree with Discopop26 because movies, video games, computers, TV's and all that sort of stuff wouldn't exist.

Polar pop2:

I love reading. I don't mean reading in a book( that gets boring) but I love the work. I know that's weird but I do.i like doing the fact or opinion work the most. I also like journal writing. My teacher makes us read for an hour or so than tells us to write in are journal like we're the person in the story.. It's fun to me. I've never been crazy about anything else.
The only other subject I like is recess but I'm sure every body knows that's what a kid would say if u asked.


Corey Carrington 2nd Grader,
The best subject of school is recess so you can hang out with friends, without friends there is no fun. Friends are there for you when you're hurt, sad, or upset. Sometimes you're gonna need you're friends.

Kallie Jo:

My favorite subject is Science, because it has to do with literally everything! Thanks to Science, I'm able to write this comment, submit it, I'm able to play Club Penguin, and many more things. Science is one of those subjects where you'll never get bored!


My Fave Subject in school is lunch because #1 you get to talk to your friends alot and we talk about ALOT of things and they know about Club penguin too! #2 you get to Eat! some times its the beginning of reading and your stomach hurts because your hungery so i have to wait 50 minutes till lunch. #3 Its right before recess!! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!! By the way, here's an extra tip #4 If You pick the Healthy foods to bring in your lunch box,you will evantully have lots of energy! YAY i love cp


My favorite subject is art! We only have it once a week, and it's very fun. I'm EXTREMELY good at drawing Club Penguins, so I get to burst out my imagination the moment i get all those art things on my desk! By the way, thats why I like the color yellow, because yellow puffles are creative! You guys should make an art room for the university for all those creative penguins and their yellow puffles! Scare on! ;)


My favorite subject is Religion because i get to learn about the world of GOD! its so awesome and interesting and yes i do go to a Catholic school :) with out religion my life wouldn't be complete!!!


My Top #3 favorite school subjects is #1, Gym, because of the sports my school play and my best favorite is, dodge-ball + hockey, its SUPER fun. My #2 favorite subject is Science and Science tells almost anything like space or a planet also we can learn from it and its secrets of the Universe.

6671 Penguin:

So far, I have a lot of favorite school subjects. My first is Math, Science, History, and the best for last the #1 FAVORITE IS............
English. I love to spell. At school once a year we have a spelling bee. I got in #1 place so that's why I like English so mush.

W A D D L E O N C L U B P E N G U I N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject is Social Studies, because I like learning about History and Geography. Also, I love learning about people back then and how they're different from now. And I think it's interesting of why we did things in the past.

Waddle on!


My favorite subject in school is reading because books can make your imagination run wild and it is really relaxing for your brain.
Waddle On!


Part 2: Wow, I feel like I'm living in 1257 right now just talking about it! :O :D


My favourite subjects are Math and Computers. I like using numbers and solving problems. I also like using computers and technology because I am able to play Club Penguin on my computer and video game systems!


Math,writing, and reading! You need math and reading, and Ilike to write.


My favorite subject is science because he's a awesome science teacher. He makes us sing songs that he made up for the topic that we're learning. He also make us do a present about the material that we're learning and he also video tape us doing it. Another thing is that he reminds me of Gary.


I have to say, read is my favorite school subject. But it wasn’t at first. I was once in enrichment, but all the words got scrambled in my head. Other kids picked on me on how slow I was. I didn’t know what to do. Finally I was sent to a different reading class. It helped me a whole lot. Now I LOVE reading. That is why reading is my favorite subject. Waddle on!!


My favorite subject is Mythology


My Favorite subject in school is math, the reason why is because without math how would club penguin be made because of the technology in it. I also like math because you can go on and on like PIE. (not the real pie) and even infinity too. So this is Qqqq1111 and see you guys later!


My favourite subject is maths. Our teachers gives us a 100 timetable grid and i do two. I am the fastest year 5 in the whole school that why i prefer maths!


my favorite subject in school is math because math teches you how numbers in every day life work like in club penguin whit coins an whit money at stores.


I like art, I do it all the time! I decorate everything; Scooters, buttons (Sometimes I make them) and clothes! I also make people out of clay sometimes. -Smileygrrl


My favorite is mythology because I always liked to learn about Greece and Rome


My favorite think to do in school is MUSIC!!! its awesome it really touches my heart! From Hip-Hop to Pop music is awesome! i would like to be a famous disney music artist when i grow up! music i mean it is just the best!!!!!!! polo field, daffodaily5 and all mascots club penguin is awesome and music is the best i really do think music rocks! so ya...... MUSIC ROCKS HOPE I WINS


i love music too, i mean what would we do without it!! every day when i come home from school i play on my guitar or piano or flute. u here a tune and just fly away with it.
u rock!!! so does MUSIC!!!


My favorite subject in school is computers, and I have some good reasons! My No.1 reason is because my dad teaches it! He is awesome at teaching and is really funny! My second reason is that without this class, many people (myself included) would not know how to use computers. And that would not be good, because computers are really big in today's world. My third reason is that I love going on the computer!


I like language arts because they're fun and easy.

Carly 104:

my faverit subject is math i like math because math is used almost every were around the world lots of kids have truble with math but i dont this is why i like math so this is my fav school subject


Computer classes are very important. They teach you the basics needed for computer engineering, which is a common field for work.


Hi i am littlemate1 and i love P.e. it really fun and im so good at it and this term we are doing skipping and i got in to jump rope for heart witch is helping people with heart cancer witch i care about and its going to be so much fun thank you for reading


Let's see here, my favorite subject has to be gym because you get to learn new games to play with your family and friends. You learn how to play basketball, dodgeball, baseball, and so much more. Then, you practice with friends and family then YOU could be the next Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Tim Tebow. You name it!
Waddle On!


My favorite subject is technology because I love to make powerpoints and help other people! It is amazing what computers can do for us! I wish to run my own company, or get a job with Club Penguin, Microsoft, or Apple!

Zapper Cast :

my favorite subject is science because without it how would we have life on earth? We wouldn't be alive without science!

18 polly 18:

I have 2 favorite subjects in school. 1 is math and the other is French. Those are my favorites because well for French it just comes easy to me like I already know the language. Math is my other favorite because again it comes easy to me and also probability is really fun. Math also runs through my family. Those are my favorite subjects and why Math and French are my favorite subjects.


My favorite subject is Reading because the book your reading can take you to many diffrent times in history, well if your reading about history! You can read about history or just a good book! Your choice! Historical fiction, fiction, and non fiction. Without reading we wouldnt know anything!


Very true. I am obsessed with historical fiction.


My favorite subject is science because it teaches about reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and of course, penguins. Without penguins there would be no Club Penguin!


My favorite subject is writing because when you're writing you can use your imagination. I write about me and my best friend, Gman0210 going on EPF adventures stopping Herbert from taking over Club Penguin. With a pencil and eraser, I can do just about anything!

Waddle on Penguins!


lol SOOOO true!

Enter nickname:

Without science=no technology no technology= no club penguin no club penguin=sadness :(


that would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad

Zapper Cast :

my favorite subject is art! without art we would all be white and be touching random stuff like our houses, bricks,water and talking polar bears!


MY favorite subject is math. I. LOVE. MATH. It really comes easily to my mind and its fun to solve equations and word problems. My favorite part about Math is long division. It's really easy once you get the hang of it. Math is something that you can learn your whole life, because there's SO much to learn! It can help you get into good colleges, and get good jobs! Math is required a lot if you work at a bank or a restaurant.


I like science because I learn from nature and take care of her


My absolute favorite subject in school is math. I love it because we get to learn about things like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Also, math is great because we get to learn pi, 3D shapes, and lines of symmetry. There is A LOT more really fun things we get to learn in math, but these are my favorite things to learn.


So true! I'm a HUGE nature fan. I was going to earn my conservation belt loop in boy scouting when my troop fell apart.


me too!


My favorite school subject is science because it's kind of fun and it's easy to get an A. Plus, right now, in 4th grade, I'm experimenting on bugs' behaviors and animals' behaviors so it's pretty gross, too.


Science because you get to to fun labs and experiment and invent something for people to use in technology like ipads tablets and you learn new things you didn't know before. second math because it's fun and you get to learn a new skill without math will be like hundred people forgot the number's and math problem and math can help us in our life and remember things.


mine is DEFINENTLY recess.'cos at recess you can do WHATEVER you WANT, unless you're being mean to favorite thing at recess is four square NO OUTS.'cos then you can do WHATEVER you want and you won't get out.also, you can talk to people where as in P.E., you can get your energy out but you can't talk at ALL times.sadly i don't do history at my school. till then, waddle on!


Lucky! I'm in middle school now, so I don't get recess :(


You don't get to go outside and have fun wow that sucks


My favorite subject is sport Whit play to a game and move to kicball

Waddle on pouffy4


My favorite subject in school is science, because you get to learn everything about the world around you—and that stuff is amazing!


my favorite subject is socoal studies because i love learning of our countries and worlds history.


My favorite subject is language arts because when I'm the with all my work I chould read my favorite book Gary's aprentis p.s best book ever!!!



i like to sing and dance so i like musical theater i want to become a famines singer or a dancer i want to follow my dream my friend flam12348 is nice to me and thinks it is a great dream pleas pick me becoz i have wrok hard no this i did not say shank time or ya me to like some other pepel did. your fan pip


oh yeah science rules up top


Hey, there, Club Penguiners! I would have to say my favorite subject is reading because I just love to read all kinds of books! The possibilities are endless!
Waddle on, CP!


My favorite school subject is language arts, because I absolutely LOVE to read. I also love language arts because in class we get to do plays and all other sorts of fun stuff! But I really love language arts because of the teachers that teach about language arts because they are so kind and helpful. Without language arts, I would probably be spelling all these words incorrectly!!!


I love math! I'd like to be an engineer and I have to learn a lot of math to be successful! I learned that there were engineers in Club Peguin! It supported me to be one. I'm doing well in math so far! Thanks Club Penguin for making me choose a job that seems interesting!


I want to be a biomedical engineer, but that's WAY different than what you are talking about XD


My favorite subject in school is reading. Ever since I was in second grade I competed in this reading counts ( a online test for books you have read ) comption. I read REALLY big books(like Harry Potter books. I read all the series(;). So i got first place in my class and when they announced the school scores at the end when they were about to announce the top champion I was so nervous that I thought that woudn't announce my name! But they did!!! Plus reading is how you read the cp blog(;.

Ari 8:

My favorite subject is art,computer,and is because its my talent and i love to draw cp stuff,computer is that its fun to help my friends that wants to conect on cp,and the last one is writing because its fun to write stories about cp.:D i like cp alot i make stuff about it and public it waddle on cp!


(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((): catipiller



Pink kellie:

My favourite subjects in school would probably be art, I like art because you get to be yourself and express yourself with drawings or paintings.


My favorite subject is language arts because I can you my favorite book Gary's aprentis p.s best book ever!! :)




My favorite subject is math and reading because they are both key things in your life. There are over 90 jobs with math in them. You have to use it in everyday life. Paying bills, writing checks, doing homework, and earning and using money all require math. For reading, it improves vocabulary and English so when you speak, you use large words. This is why math and reading are my favorite subjects.


Well, I really like Math and art, these are one of the things I mostly do and admire. My teacher says I'm getting awesome grades in Math and in Art, my teacher is a doo-doo head, but I still love Art.


My 1# favourite subject is of course ART! I love art because you can just keep drawing and sketching and there's no right or wrong! Your an artist in many ways and art is fun! Every thing is art and it's just so fun creating master pieces and beautiful drawings! My art teacher always says " never give up everythings art''! That is why art is my favourtive subject!


My favorite subject is reading. That's because reading is used in two ways. The first is imaginative reading (reading fiction books and whatnot) and the second is everyday reading (restaraunt menus, signs on buildings, etc.) I especially enjoy imaginative reading because you can go anywhere, anytime! My very favorite place to go is to Club Penguin while I am on the go, so I can bring my favorite game everywhere!


My favorite subject is math. It's probably one of the most fun subjects too!

Elie Snow:

My favorite subject in school is writing. I love it because if you didn't know how to write then you couldn't communicate on club penguin (which would be one of the worst things ever)! I also like it because I just LOVE to write stories, but without writing, I couldn't write any stories and get to read them to my class! So I love it.


My favourite subject is math because you need math in everyday life and without math you couldn't do important things in life that's why i love math.I also like art because you can draw anything you want and if someone doesn't like your art who cares because it's your opinion not anyone else's opinion for what you have to draw that's why i love art.


My favorite subject is art because y express my creativity and sometimes i can Draw some puffles and penguins


1st- READING: It helps in the future so I could learn better and then have.......

2nd- RECESS: We get to relax and have fun when we got the job done, and then we do......

3rd- TECHNOLOGY: We do schoolwork /games! I think that is an awesome program!



My favorite subject is Social Studies! I enjoy learning about how my ancestors had to live, because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have what I have today! I enjoy imagining what it was like to not have phones, or even a sturdy home! Social Studies teaches you that if you lived long ago, you wouldn't have what you have.


My favourite subject in school is ART, no question! I can draw all day until my hand feels like falling off! My dream is to become a world-famous artist someday, and Art in school will definitely help me achieve that!
There is absolutely no limit to what you can draw on paper, and it doesn't matter if your art comes out lumpy or misshapen, It's my escape from the complicated world!


My Fav subjects in school is social studies. It is the most important because it helps us learn from the past and shows us how tough it was back then. Then the next Fav subject in school is science. Science is very important because it helps us build and create inventions like Club Penguin, Cars and Everyday items. My Penguin Name Is TIGRESS0813

X Treme Snow:

My favorite subject is reading you can be on a tropical island stranded one day, and the next day you could be reading obout a space alien.
oh sorry im in the middle of book now
Waddle On
-X Treme Snow


My Favorite Subject In School Is Reading Cause Like If You Read More You Learn More With Reading When you grow up You Get Better At Reading. P.S Cp Lets Me Read More Thats Why Meh Love Cp. Waddle On -Mardiaz2006


I prefer English because when you learn to have better english it helps your skill of writing things that make sense and if you have good english you can actually write in your free time and sit back and read over again and it sounds machure and sophisticated and you can be proud of yourself for writing such wonderful story


My favorite subjects are science and art. I really like to use the computer and draw a lot.


My favorite subject is Science. Science is my favorite subject because you get to learn about how the Earth is made and what's inside of it. Also if we didn't have science we wouldn't know how magnets work or how fossils are made or how electricity was discovered from lightning bolts. That's why science is my favorite subject.


I love science mostly because of the experiments. We do things like mixing things into beakers and stuff. I also like P.E because my gym teacher makes the games super fun ( and simple, most of the time lol ). P.S today's my last day school!!!!!!!!!! :) P.P.S please post this i've never been posted before.


Mine was on May 31st!!And I'm leaving for holiday soon so I can't go on Club Penguin for a while :(!


I like writing because I can just take my pencil and flot away in my imagination!




My favorite subject is math, because I'm good at it, I entertain, I love, I'm quick to calculate things and advanced things.

Enter nickname:

Magic tree house is awesome when I was in 1st grade I was reading in a 5th grade level!


I like writing because I can just take mu pencil and float away in my imagination!!! :)
Waddle On!


My favorite subject has to be art and music. I draw everyday on my computer and sing everyday. I'm getting really good at drawing and singing.


My favorite subject is recces. I like it because it is so fun just getting outside and out of the chairs and tables or desks. At recces you can do anything outside like yell and scream but at recces you still have to follow the rules at school ( That's a bummer). Waddle On and hope you like recces as a favorite subject Cub penguin.


Well, My Favorites are: Math, Reading, Writing. But my most favorites are: Art docent and Garden docent!
We hadn't had them for a while, but our school has its own magazine!


I LOVE Math,Reading and Writing.All 3 rocks because you need to read every where for example Reading the Comments need to know which one is good.Writing is all over too.Typing is like writing because your writing on the computer.Math is also in ALOT of places too!Numbers is math.Reading and Writing is in math,For example you write a math problem you need to read it if you got the answer right.That is why i LOVE Math,Reading and Writing!My life could not be complete without any of those subjects.


Same thing here


I think my favorite subject is math. I like math because it has lots of thinking. I also like math because there is many strategies you can use to help solve a problem. Math is actually kind of fun when you play some games to find an answer or if you just want to practice some of your math facts. This is 97plum saying he LOVES math and that's why i really like math . I also think FAVORITE part of math is all thinking you do in it. So WADDLE ON!


My favorite subject in school is gym because i love playing soccer for 1 hour.

Clone 1237:

my favorite subject in school is computer class!
I love it SO MUCH! i learn how to do cool stuff on computers like fixing it, making nice presentations and many other things!
and when i finish my work i can play on the computer and at times i play club penguin! waddle on students!


I like science because if we don't have science we don't know what everything is made of

Waddle on


me two (LOL)


My favorite subject is art because you get to learn the meanings of art and learn how to teach your own Art class,also i think art is awesome because you can make things you never could! i hope others have fun with Art class too because its awesome. ~Livj03


Agreed XD


Ohhhhh my favorite subject is math cause ALLL that adding is fun and working out fun problems and helping out my friends!!!! Math is SSSSSSOOOOOOO awesome also math is about more and less.


Music is my favorite because it is fun to do,I get to sing my favorite songs and most of all I can rock on with my BFF 's . Well bye now
; )


I like maths and reading because its kinda fun


Yeah. I like reading and math too!


My favorite subject is History. History is just so, interesting. I am able to learn new things about the history of life. From how everything started, to some of the most recent centuries. History is like a giant book. There are so many things to learn and discover.


I like art because I like drawing,painting,and making new things.


I agree totally! Lol! History is mega interesting, and I think it's really important to know about your past and how the world came to be what it is now. HISTORY MATTERS!


well math and science rock


I love i love social studies because i love lerning about things like the revolutionary war the constitution the government and I like the girls that are in history GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


I'm in second grade and my favorite subject is reading because I like to read, especially Club Penguin books. I learned a lot from the books. In Stowaway, Adventures at Sea, I learned the name of Rockhopper's ship and passed the tour guide test!!!


Cool! I am learning about that same exact stuff.

Blackball89 :

Hi skyla! I don't know if you remember me but I'm on your buddy list. Awesome comment I love it!!!! :) blackball89


My faverite subject is gym. You get to play games and have fun. But best part of gym is free time ( free time is when we get to listen really good.) :) we almost get free time every day but in class my favorite subject is math. I like learning about shapes and angles.


I mostly like all subjects expect Phys Ed... I like music because I love to sing and learn new songs and games like, Charlie Over the Ocean... I like library all because of checking out books and getting to watch videos... I like math but I have no idea why... (I'm typing a lot cause you wanted 50-70 words but i might do more) I don't like history.. I love science because the experiments to explode the whole school....
I will tell you the rest on the next comment if I comment...

super man ye:

I like math because you use it in every subject like counting how many stripes you put in your painting and what page a word is on in the dictionary.

Big Bart:

I really like writing because you can make up fun and creative stories about ninjas, real life, television, knights, space, astronauts, literally anything.


My favorite subject is Math. Why? I love Math because my class got to learn how to multiply, divide, add, and subtract fractions and decimals. The most thing that just fascinates me is formulas. Formulas, formulas, formulas... I could do them ALL day if I had to! I've learned how to convert Celcius to Fahrenheight ( and vice versa ), finding the areas for squares and rectangles, finding the perimeters for squares and rectangles, and a lot more! I've had a blast... Thanks for reading! :-)


I love math too!!! I'm familiar with everything you talked about. Great choice!! By the way you must like English too checks use your really good at it. :) from Blackball89


I mostly like all subjects expect Phys Ed..... I like music because I love to sing and learn new songs and games like, Charlie Over the Ocean... I like library all because of checking out books and getting to watch videos..... I like math but I have no idea why... (I'm typing a lot cause you wanted 50-70 words but i might do more.....) I don't like history.. I love science because the experiments to explode the whole school....
I will tell you the rest on the next comment if I comment.....


I made a typo on, the top #3 favorite subjects. :1


My favorite subject would have to be art I love to show off my creativity and individuality, I always try to help others express their true colors, helping people feel confident in them selves and their art is a big part of art to me I think there will always be art just like there will always be air, as long as we grow, and learn, we will always be able to express our selves, while that could mean dance, draw, paint, who knows? For me I will always be a art lover deep inside, - Febrianne

cool boy7941:

my favorite subject is soo media (library) and gym class cause i like to get a work out and i like to read


my favorite subject is science because you get to different experiments. which you get to learn about amazing cool new facts. you get to know how it all works like plants.




My favorite subject is science! Science is my favorite subject because science is everything! With out science the world would be soooo different! Another reason is that science is MEGA cool! Why? Because with out it you can't do things like defy gravity or rocket into space and even make glowing slime! (P.S. I heard that there is going to be a special club penguin party about card jitsu in 2014 but dont worry club penguin your secret is safe with me!)


It's not safe with me! :D

Watch out for the spoiler below!!

It's Card-Jitsu Shadow


My favorite subject in school is writing, because I have always enjoyed writing ever since I was in Kindergarten. Writing is my way to express my passion into words. I feel so spontaneous when I write. I once wrote a story about a girl named Caroline and her pet puffle.
Her puffle got lost and she went through a whole adventure around the Club Penguin island. she ended up finding her puffle at her igloo. I entered the story in my schools Writing competition. I got second but it was still fun:)


I love writing also it's the best! People like when I use descriptive words.


My favorite school subject is Science and Social Studies. Science is one of my favorites because science has just always been so fascinating to me. I love to learn about the atmosphere and other stuff alike! Social Studies is one of my favorites because to me Social Studies is life. Between Government and Economy its all that is going on now a days. I very much like school and all subjects.


My favorite subject is math! Math is logic! That why I love math field ops game since is about math! Like the game bit and bolts! Math is part of you everyday life! That why math is my favorite!


My favorite school subject is history, and why: It is fun to learn what happened in years past, and why the things happened. It is also fun to lean the old things that people used to do. Hope that is good, in till next time, Waddle on:)


My favourite school subject is Phys. ED because it's one of the only times of the day that I get to do physical activities during school. Phys.- Ed is awesome as well because I get to play against my classmates and other classes. I like when we play dodgeball and floor hockey. Those are some of my favourites!!;) :) :D Phys. Ed + Evanrocks346=FUN!!


my favorite subject is reading. i havent been the best at reading but my teacher NEVER gave up hope in me and now i love to read


my favorite subject is reading. because if there was no books who would be able to tell people about true stuff they do not know? reading is so important.


I enjoy English, because of all the aspiring and amazing things it teaches us. I love to write and make up creative stories, so I use my quick wits and brainstorm promptly to gather up ideas from my constructive brain.


my favorite subject is reading because if there were no books who would share there knowledge with people they do not know? reading is most important.

BIg Red 511:

I love art. We see art in our everyday life. In art we can make anything.You can make the impossible possible. There is no right or wrong answer.In art we can do anything.We can make a flying car. We can make a huge penguin.Anything is possible in ART. Until next time penguins


i like lots of subjects. They're all important like math, its very important when your older. Try your best and never give up!


Well of course, it would be P.E! (Aka Physical Education) My gym teacher is super fun! We always have something to do in P.E! Sometimes we do hockey, protect the pin (kinda like bowling), jump rope contest (to see who is the one who can jump the longest time without stopping), and lots of super, amazing, out of this world games! Everyone in my class can't wait till' P.E, whenever we have it, they always jump around the classroom when our teacher tells us we have it! Waddle On Cp!

Cam Jr:

Greetings my flippery friends!
My FAVE subject is DEFS History! It is great learning from mistakes of the past and making sure
we don't make those mistakes in the future! In my opinion, History sets our life courses!
I am sure Mike and Sulley would like to learn about Scarers's history to get more tips to be SCARY!
Happy waddles,
Cam Jr :D


My favorite subject is social studies, because we could know about the history of Club Penguin!


I LOVE math because it makes you smarter and you need energy from things that are hard for you like math is hard for some pepole
Me and myself just used to have a hard time in math.
But you don't need math to scare!


my favorite subject is reading because there is alot of info you can have or need so if you read books you lear to read,write,and lear to spell
so and if you read books you can look up the stuff you wannt to learn about or write about you can even learn just from your hands to a book so you can also get alot of studying from it for test,learning and even for fun like without reading club penguin would not be hear
so in order for club penguin to be here you would have too read. greaser10

Ninja boy792:

I like school so then I can make new friends and even learn about new stuff! So I can't wait for the party!


My favorite subject is math because I really like adding,subtracting,and multiplication.Have fun working on the party!


my fav subject about school is to read its good to learn about stuff like penguins i really like penguin
waddle on


My favorite school subject would be math, because i really like numbers, and i like to learn cool stuff about them, and i think math is very useful because without it we wouldn't be able to do anything, math normally helps me do stuff in club penguin like counting how many coins i need to save to buy this, or how many coins i will have left if i buy this, and without math, club penguin wouldn't exist, because the cp team will not be able to calculate stuff, and that way cp wouldn't work


My favorite subject is english cause my teacher is nice and I get chosen for many internacional contests.

Ninja boy792:

My favorite subject is every subject, math to help count, science to learn technology and the future, and more things to help with a lot of stuff through life!


My favorite subject is language arts because I've had the same teacher and class for 2 years so we know each other well and we learn stuff too!


I like science. Inthird grade, i enjoyed learning about the solar system and gravity. I also enjoyed learning about the body systems. I remember our electricity boxes... They were the best!!


I think math is the best subject because you can learn all kinds of different patterns and strategies to remember how to solve your math problem. And plus, its repetitive so it gets your head warmed up into shape and has a lot of practice into it! I recommend doing more than five math questions to really get it or asking a parent for help!


My favorite school subject probably would be English. Mainly because I definitely learn a lot, like grammar, writing, reading, and more! English is a main core class in most schools, for that reason! Every time I go into English, I come out with a lot more knowledge! I hope more people enjoy English as much as I do! Waddle on.


I realy love art! art is my hobby and i think im really good at it! i like art because you can just draw freely and learn new things.


i'm homeschooled so I love doing math with my mom! so my favorite subject is math!


My favorite subject is math and in your line of work math is important for measurement and designing.


My favorite subject is math, and I like it because it's the one I'm best at. I'm in advanced math at school at I understand things before most everybody else does. I also know that you use math at least 2 times a day, and you need it in your everyday life. Even monsters need math!


my favorite school subject is art i like this subject because this is one of the times you get to be creative and use your imagination but the most favorite part of art is that you could draw anything last time i drew me in art class it turned out pretty good that is why my favorite subject in school is art peace out penguins


reading because it dosent tire you


My favorite subject is Art. I like this subject because you can draw/paint anything. But I only like subject because I like to be creative and I sure have fun doing it!!!


My favorite subject is art. You get to draw your imagination ! Also drawing scary monsters!

i love Cp!:

I usely don't get picked for stuff like this but I think I can . I like writing because it makes write better and it also makes your arm get exercise! THX IF YOU PICK ME WELL WADDLE ON!


My favorite school subject is math because I love long division, my math teacher is really nice and i'm one of those two kids who get a math diploma!


Hi CP! I like most subjects, but if I had to pick one it would be art. I love art. I print pictures from Club Penguin and color them. Art also bring color to my life as I color a lot of different things. BUT, if I had to pick an educational subject, I would pick Math because I get good grades in math, and also I like the number, equations, and the math things


My favorite subject is definitely science! Science is really fun to do everyday, especially when you get to mess around with new sorts of plants and animals. Science is even more fun when you mess around with it. You can make new discoveries everyday with science. Without science, our lives just wouldn't be complete!


my favorite subject in school is math because i think it is fun and i am relay good at math

waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp
waddle on c
waddle on
waddle o


My fav subject has to be reading. Because I can go from a world of monsters to a world of ninjas in a few words without even leaving my chair! Because of all these possible new worlds sometimes you need to take a break and play club penguin where you can also world jump with out leaving your chair.


My favorite subject in school is math but that does not matter what matters is that we get smart to go to college!

F.Y.I. I like math because i'm really good at it and long division and my teacher is nice to me.

007 jojo:

My favourite subject is probably science and P.E and Tec, In science i love doing practicals, in P.E i love doing sports all together, And in Tec i love finding out how computers are made and how to make my own 3D games and using software as its my dream to make a Triple A game of a game like Club pengiun!

Pencam10 :

my favorite school subject is science because i like to find new interesting things though i am in elementry but i like things for older kids and science is just so fun i might be a scinentist when i grow up.


I love art because you can express yourself while doing it.


My favorite subject in school is Math and Science I like math because you can learn a lot of new stuff in math I like science because it's fun and you learn new stuff like math people say school is boring but it is actually fun in my opinion sometimes it's fun though .waddle on club penguin and nice style everyone


My favorite subject is computer programming because you can make funny videos. You can also make programs to do really hard math problems for you and code messages. When I started, I really appreciated how much work goes into Club Penguin and other games. Waddle On!

Bubsey Good:

I think that Reading is the best subject of all because you can read into other worlds and discover some really awesome stories and Teachers and Librarians at school recommend some really great books!

Sheriff D:

Journalism/writing because I love write my own story's and being able to do what I want to do how I want it. It is fun it's like making your own world and you or any one can be in it. I have made ten story's three club penguin and filled three jornals it's so fun my life would not be complete without writing

- Sherriff D


I love writing because I have a teacher that throws things at us and lets us be rowdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject has to be Biology! Especially Marine biology! I have always been FASCINATED with the underwater world! So many bright colors, Unique fish, and (of course) The beautiful waters!!!
<Sorryif this is not 50-75 words>
Waddle On!!


I like rescess beacuse it is a time to play and relax


My favorite part of school is recess because you get to play with your friends and have lots of fun. me and my friends like to swing, and play tag. I LOVE RECESS!! :D


I REALLY live art and science they are so fun AND they help with life well not really art but science REALLY helps with life


My favorite subject is science. I like science because we learn about the stars and earth also other planets. We talk about when your on earth how you don't feel the earth moving that's because there is gravity! That is why I like science!!


My favorite subject is learning new languages. You can communicate with other people that don't speak English. Even though if your ten, like me, you still can learn new things. From my family, i speak about 6 different languages.

Idaho Cutie:

I like science. It is used for many jobs. If you want to be a doctor, vet, engineer, or miner then science teaches you about bodies, rocks, mechanics, and germs. You can also use science to predict the weather and search for dinosaur bones! It is a very useful school subject. Even the computers you use to play games are a result of science.

Soap Srg:

Math is my fav ! My teacher is the best. He's always cracking jokes and kidding around. He likes us as a class and we have fun while learning in math.


My favorite subject in school isn't really a subject, it's more of a connection. It's art. I love art because that's the class I get to be the most creative in. For example, the teacher let's us use our imagination to make "masterpieces". Also, without art club penguin's designs, clothes, colors, shapes, stores, all wouldn't really "exist" and it wouldn't be very pretty, I guess.

crb thats me:

I love reading, writing, and language arts (English)!!! I love reading because I can read myself into a magical place where I'm the queen, or maybe I own the biggest igloo. I love writing because (this also goes along with reading) I can pretend I'm like Aunt Artic, a author of many stories, and can make a story that I cherish and hope it can be published. in school I'm in the better vocabulary class and I got a award for it.I hate Math. Sorry, but all that stuff with x fractions is hard!! CRB


My favorite subjectb is Mathematics, Math for short.
It's been my favorite subject since I was in 3rd grade. I always excited for it. I like it when I add, subtract, multiply, and divide. I also know a math word called P.E.M.D.A.S. It stands for:
Puntuation, Equations, Multiplication, Division, Addition, aSubtraction. :-)

Melvin 505:

I like social studies, because I guess I'm really interested in Government, economics, and some topics of History! To me, I think trying to find out how the government helps us, and I'm also interested in business, too. Technology is also kind of fun. Ooh, can we learn how to program online in CP? That'd be cool!

Cj jr 99:

I like reading because you need to read or you will fail life. :( Reading is also used every day so that is another reason. W



Sonicboom 68:

Math because I am really good at it. Plus its easy and fun


my favorite subject is well, RECESS, ya i know its not really a subject but recess is awesome! ( :
My real favorite subject has to be art because I love to draw, and the E.P.F or the P.S.A wouldn't be able to
make awesome secret agent plans. Oh and also we wouldn't be able to draw super scary monsters for
an event like this! Waddle On!


To be honest, my truly favorite subject is social studies. I like the fact that I get to learn things that happened centuries ago, and also because I have an awesome teacher. - Kate83501

Paulie Party:

My favroite subject in school is science. Because i learn about how nature works and get ro learn about plants and i also get theto learn about the human body and you basically lots of outdoor related stuff. Science is AWSOME my No.1 Subject WADDLE ON! -Paulie Party


Hello my favorite subject is uummm... Either art,reading,or science. Because I love to draw pictures and sometimes make comics.I love to read books with lots of chapters and my favorite are fiction.And for science I love learning about space and all about the diferent kinds of galaxys,stars,and planets. : ) Bye. ~cokeecoke


My Favorite Subject is Math French and Technology , English ,


Oooo.... And creativity..... ART!!!


My favorite subject in school is definitely math, because it is easy for me and you can get a really good paying job.


All school subjects are good. They teach us important parts of our life. So it doesn't matter which subject is anyone favorite they are all important.


My favorite subject is P.E! So, you can challenge your body by moving around! You can do push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, running, and more! It would be more healthy to get outside, exercise in the outdoors! Its a healthy way to exercise every day! So you can get STRONGER! When you exercise, make sure you drink plenty of water! Don't get lazy, get active!

Mochabel :

My favorite subject is History I get to learn about the past and I can learn about our mistakes. For example the Romans tried to have a system were every had to be of one religion we known that this system will lead to a revolt so our government doesn't in-force this rule. I also like learning about where I came from. My ancestors were Italian so learning about the Romans and Greeks really interest me. I also love to read anything. Finally I love all types of Mythology it's very fascinating.

AdamL Rox:

Art is my favorite subject. I love how creative it lets me be, and it really gets my brain working! I hope my art classes help me learn and become an animator/artist in the future!


My favorite subject is school is science. I really like science because I love all the experiments and all the things that I'm learning about like, world oceans, atoms, animal physiology and much more.


My favorite 2 school subjects are music and science. I like those two because science is fun, and music has things to do with instruments sometimes, and I am a lover of piano.If pianos didn't exsist , then who knows what I would be listening to! :) WADDLE ON CP!!! :D


My favorite subject in school is writing. I love how you can write a magical story, and make a loving poem, or write a play. You can express your imagination. And that's what I love. You guys rock!

Miss Kgbx:

My favorite subject is reading. Because of all the suprises, with all the Oh no's! And jaw dropping things. All the fictional characters, ones you can really relate to, and the ones who sound VERY familiar. Like a troll under a bridge, sounds like Herbert in his hideout.


My favorite subject is history. I love how it teaches us the best and the worst parts in a nations history.

Keep waddling


Hi club penguin! My favorite subject is art because there are no wrong ways to do something and you can express yourself when making art! Waddle on club penguin!!!


My favorite subject would have to be Literature! (Reading) The reason I like it is because you get to go to different worlds every time you pick up a book! I also especially LOVE to act out parts from a book! (I'm an actress so...) Another reason why I love reading is it inspires me to write my own stories. Waddle On!


My favorite subject would be history, history is fun and exciting.You even get to Learn About Different Places Around The World! You can learn about China,Europe,Africa,etc. History Is Very Interesting And That's my favorite school subject.


Writing because it let's you express yourself by writing and making what is truly yours!All about it is you!Add all things that are a at least a pinch of you!Then if you really add all of yourself you'll see a lot of pages!


I Like Most Subjects, But My FAVEOURITE Subject HAS To Be P.E. I Like P.E Because It Increases Your Athletic Ability And Stamina Because, In The Past,I Wasn't Very Fast Or Strong.Now,I Am One Of The Fastest People In My Class! P.E Is Also Very Fun, And Keeps You Living Longer!


My favorite subject in school is science and writing because i have lots of things to write about when its writing time. For science i study gross body parts and study the inside of a human and different things for those subjects. Its lots of fun to have a subject in school! I hope you agree with this and give me 1,000 coins so please read this and think about the deference with my comment and your comment. Waddle on! ;)


I like art because I think its really fun and I just love the colors and drawing the picture!


My language arts because there might be projects that you can do on penguins


I like science the best because you get to discover something in our world, and you get to explore new things, we need some science in our life! With out science we would'nt even know that dinosaurs existed. Most of all, it's fun! You get to make projects and sometimes even pet a wild animal!!!


what subject in school is better science or math

My tiggy:

I have no favorite all are all help us in our every penguin day life's so I love school lunch helps us play reading helps us in lots of things and maths helps us in word problems so I love all of them waddle on club penguin my tiggy


My favorite subject in school is Science because we get to explore the lifespans on Earth. Some which are extinct, some which are endangered, and some weird yet amazing ones. Sometimes, we learn about the stars up in space, it's name and how long they'll be 'visiting' Earth again. That's why I like Gary and his inventions.



My favorite subject in school is math because when I grow up, I want to be an engineer and build things, and engineering requires lots of math!




My favorite subject is art. They say art is not considered a subject more like a special but i say it is truly a subject because you use your imagination and your knowledge to learn history from back in the days but my favorite part is when you can just express your feelings in a piece of art. People may not see what the painting is saying but it truly shows.


my favorite subject is math because i lead new thing like dividing + science is my other favorite because without it how do we learn science in your school and class you need a book for science and math to see the question and you needed to find the right anter to find it and like thinknoodles say noodle on

mickey9908 :

my penguin is mickey9908


I love ART because I get to express my true colours and show my talents ! I also love reading ! I read a lot of club penguin and clarice bean books ! Club penguin rules!!!



-Morgiporgi !


My favorite subject in school is Reading. I love reading because that's the one subject where I can relax and enjoy a good book. I'd always enjoy reading an adventurous book or a shocking mystery.


my favourite school subject is music because I LOVE MUSIC and its mostly my escape in school when im down. i play the clarinet in my school band and its really fun! and because i love it so much, i even know a lot about it! WADDLE ON (never got posted)


I love school, so it's so hard to choose! Maths is my favorite, in Maths we use our brain and also we use it in our daily lives, that's why it's my favorite! It's also quite easy!


My favorite subject in school is science because we learn about how the world works and it me it's very interesting, especially when I learn abbout things that could help me in the future! I hope to someday spread my knowledge to the world.

Raft Man:

My subject I like most in school is writing and science.Its really hard though :/ But I made like tons of foldables and good things.Lots righting and I just like it.If I could,I would want to pay for poor people with the 10,000 coins. :)

Blue Jay88:

Well if I had to choose my favorite school subject it's probably science because you get to do all these cool expirements and I think with club penguins serperior brain and ideas you guys would definatly do a great job to make some cool things happen in the party! If you choose my idea could you make cool new costumes as well like a bunch of different monster costumes like in the halloween party! WADDLE ON CP!


When will my penguin app be optimized for iPod. I don't have an iPad


Hahaha! I love the picher. Did you see the movie. I want to see the movie


My favorite subject in school is Reading. Because it impresses me to learn new words!
Waddle On!

Th3 Hu1k:

My favorite subject is definitely math because it is used in everything u may not know it but it is true. Like when you are building you have to use math to organize stuff


To me personally, history is my favorite subject at school. Compared to other subjects, I have a flare inside of me that sparks up. I find it fascinating to learn about our past, to get a sense of how we grew as man. I think it’s important to be familiar with history because it teaches us about the present, as well as the future.


My favourite subject is Computer Science because it is fun in our practicals when we do new stuff, like when we make animations, or our also teachers also tell us how a computer is made and show us every part of them which is really fun!!! I also want to become a Computer Engineer when I grow up and also try to be on the Club Penguin Team! I think that would be cool!!!!


all subjects!because i like to learn every thing so i am learning every day oh and i forget i play club penguin too,i get A in every test B)


My favourite subject Is math because it works my brain and my teacher makes it interactive and fun!


My favorite school subject is Algebra. Algebra can be applied in many real life situations and every other subject depends on it.


Reading/language for sure! Books can take you anywere. You can suddenly be the first person on mars or the only person who has ever owned a t-rex as a pet just from the couch in you're living room! Life without words would be awfull. Just think about living in a world with no languages. It would be so boreing. Imagine life without books. What would authors be doing with there life! Books can really influence all people and everyone should read more often! Thats why i love reading and language!






My favorite subject is Mathematics because you can learn how to use numbers everyday.


My Favorite Subject Is... EVERYTHING! I like every subject (except Phys Ed) because I find them SUPER FUN! You may wanna ask why I HATE Phys Ed. You see, I always FLUNK it. I hate Sports. But Studying Many Subjects, (including the history of my favorite game, CLUB PENGUIN) Is Very, very AWESOME!


Mine is defenetly math literacy and spelling


My favorite subject is gym because we practice our body and interact with others also put to practice our senses and our physical capabilities, but also because the sport is something that everyone should do with all our friends, such as playing with a ball, is fantastic!


I like reading because I learn new stuff


My Fav subject(s) are Math And Science Math is easy for me but it got hard when i got to 3rd grade but Science is really easy for me its so like fun Math and Science are fun but Math get hard but i still do it :) well thats it for today until then waddle on! :)

~ Punky Who Like Pie XD

~ Punkypie5


My favorite subject is lunch because I can have a break from all that learning from class and spend time with my friends.


My favorite subject is Writing because I am passionate about learning new stuff and I just love to write and listen to the teacher all the time :)


I think my favourite subject in my school is Reading. You know why, Ill tell you why. Its because im a expert at reading and i love books and words. You can learn new words, new laguages. Its very amazing my subjects! Stay good my friends.

Blue Kid 707:

My favorite subject is language arts because I like studying for my tests like Mike in Monsters University.I am also like Sully because I like scaring people for fun:)


My extremely favorite subject in school is Mathematics because it enlarges our mind with numbers and we can also fill our minds with numbers.For your information,almost everyday of our life involved with maths.For example,degrees,celcius and others.


My favourite subject is maths as without maths we couldn't know how much something cost or what the time was!!!


If I was to choose a favourite subject it would have to be Art! Art is like a break from the complexity of Maths and Science (which I love still). It allows me to express myself and create whatever I want. When I place my beautiful long 2B pencil onto that blank ordinary piece of paper I can tell that 'this is going to be a good one'. Even though my art does not always turn out how I want it to look like, I will always love this subject. And this is the reason I love art so much.


My favorite subject is recess and lunch because you eat then play outside.

Archmage din:

my favorite subject would be science because you learn about the world and club penguin wouldn't be club penguin like today.


Math is my favorite subject because everything has to do with math ,well mostly everything.And my second favorite subject is science because it is just well i think it is awesome because you don t know whats going to happen next you know.Wait were you guys asking for only one subject or how much you want because i saw others do two so i did two hope that s o k. ;]


A better question would be, what's your favorite school subject Polo Field? We'd like to know from you too! :)

~Perapin :)

Red Ben 4:

My favorite subject is Maths and science. Science seems so much interesting.Robotics is definetely good

Enter nickname:

my absolute FAVOURITE subject is writing! even though ALOT of people don't like it i do because it gives me a chance to use some very interesting words and descriptive sentences and gives me a chance to express myself and just let my imagination and creativity run wild and i still remember when i was 8 and i wrote a story about club penguin. :) <3 <3 <3


I have two fav subjects. My first fav subject is English. I love to write narratives and read them. Also, when it comes to public speaking, I'm a natural! My second fav subject is Religion. Learning about Jesus is so much fun and I know lots of stuff about God.
Waddle On!


My favourite subject in school is Writing. I like it because you can express your creativity! I once wrote a story about Club Penguin as well! In writing you can write anything! A narrative, a factual piece of information or even a mix of both! I wonder if the monsters at Monsters University do writing? I don't know if you need it for scaring though!



Everything , my teachers think I am a creative writer . I'm brilliant at maths and I love to learn , I also love science it gives me a chance to lean about nature , habitats , mini - beasts and so much more! Art also because I'm super creative!:)

baby mariods:

my favorite subject is art everything is art even the couch im sitting on art means my life and i want to work at cp and help design some parties and stuff and thats my
waddle on cp
-baby mariods
ps where is my llama?

Pin Pin Pon:

My favorite school subject would have to be art! I love learning about all the famous artists before me and I love painting all diffrent types of art! Splatter art, spin board art, water colors, and just plain paint! I especially like painting views of cities and oceans! Just like the view from the beacon and the cove!

Waddle On Clubpenguin!


Hiya Guys School Subjects Sound Brill To Mee!! My Fave School Subjet Is SHOPPING Wait What Err Not Shopping Its Drawing Lol Im Soo Funny I Love SHOPPING Wait Err I Mean I Love DRAWING XD I Like To Buy Dresses Wait What Errr...... I Mean I Like To Draw Because My Fave School Subject Is SHOPPPING lol XD Its Actually Drawing XD But I Still Like SHOPPING More Than DRAWING LOL XD SHOPPING TIME STARTS NOW (VANISHES TO THE MALL) LOL XD.....


My favorite study is Technology and History. No invention come without technology blueprint. And no countries come without a history. You know if no technology, we will not play CP forever and CP will not be there for we. If no history, all of them do not know who the originators of CP and do not know how CP find a great way to popular. Waddle On!


My favorite subject is Social Studies! I love learning about the things that happened in our times past like the pyramids and different kings/rulers

Best Fire:

I like Music becuase my mom is the music teacher and i live turkey and i dont know turkish just norwegian so my can both then i have someone i can talk with

Best Fire:

I like Music becuase my mom is the music teacher and i live turkey and i dont know turkish just norwegian so my mom can both then i have someone i can talk with


My favourite subject is maths, because extremly fun and you never get tired of it, the cool thing is that you get work out answers of different maths like roman nurmerals and all soughts of other cool maths. The worst thing is working out answers. But I still love maths anyone. Just one more thing, Polo Field can you freind request me.


My favorite subject in school is reading. I LOVE it because... I CAN READ CLUB PENGUINS BOOKS! :D And, you can easily writing while reading!! If you read a fact, it will probably have a word you don't know. You can go to the Glossary and look up that word so you can use that for writing!! I just LOVE reading AND writing!!

Waddle on, Penguins! -Tahliajade6


My favourite school subject is English, because I can write very awesome stories about cool things! Its just so fun to write sometimes, I get lost in the words! Without English lessons in my life, I don't know what I would do! Also, I am thinking about my future job, and Author popper into my mind!


Photography would have to be my favorite subject, as I can take images of my perspectives of my world and convey meaning with many techniques and my personal imagination.

Enter nickname:

my fav subject would be art and writing
art is cool and fun
writing is good for making up good storys

thanks club penguin team :D


Im Now Of To School, So Im Just Making A Quick Post! I Love To Write This Is Why I Choose Literacy, I Sometimes Write So Hard That My Hand Hurts, I Go To School And I Worry So Much About The Layout That I Start On A New Page! Don't Tell My Teacher Though! And One Day I Would Like To Work For The Club Penguin Team To Make Books! I Can't Ninja Vanish Without My Ninja Costume So Im Just Going For A Pure, Bye!




I like Geography.I think that's why I am keen to'Waddle on' clubpenguin.Going to the the high mountains around the Dojo,the water body around the iceberg,the town which is a plain and the sand on the beach!!!


well my most favorite subject is math and science one day i will work as a vet i will need science to figure out whats wrong with the animal and math to tell them how mauch they need to pay, but math is the best cause when you get older you need math to count money to pay bills or taxes if you dont give them enough money you will lose mostly everything but if you give them to much you would have no more money. science will help us with medication for sick people or animals also hospitals.


Mathematics is one of the oldest subjects in the history of humanity. It is an interesting game of numbers. Humanity would never have advanced to such an extent as it is now if it weren’t for mathematics. Mathematics is a fascinating subject for people of all ages. Without the aid of Mathematics, our daily lives would have been very very intricate and complicated.


My favourite subject is ICT because in that lesson we know how to use computers (like now) and in school though at school some of the websites are blocked because they are not suited for school and without computers we won't have those lessons or play computer games but i am glad we have them so ya EVERYONE WHO LIKES ICT RAISE YOUR FLIPPER AND COPY A LITTLE OF THIS COMMENT!


My favorite subject is definitely English! I don't live in USA or in Britain and there's no my country on the languages (Finland)!
I love to learn English and talk it with my friends without checking what some words mean. It's much easier when you know what your friend is talking about! My buddy said that he don't need that language, but I think he's wrong! Waddle On CP!


My favorite subject is definitely English! I don't live in USA or in Britain and there's no my country on the languages (Finland)!
I love to learn English and talk it with my friends without checking what some words mean. It's much easier when you know what your friend is talking about! My buddy said that he don't need that language, but I think he's wrong! Waddle On CP!


My favourite subject is science! I like to learn about forces of gravity like pressure of a balloon, learn about the rotation of the sun and lots more! When i'm older, I want to grow up and be a scientist and learn about the world! If so, i'll invent time travel!


i love writing because when you start its like your in a whole new world and you get to write true, fiction and my favorite is writing your own it fells like your writing a book

Figgy2 Socks:

I love art and English! But not as much as I love club penguin! ;P


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