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By Polo Field on June 3, 2013 - 13:38

Last week we asked what is your best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far?

I really liked Agent Hush's answer:

My #1 strategy is communication. Sometimes I'll flash a power card on the screen so that my teammates know that I'm waiting to use my power card for a combo. Also, if there are two snowmen within my range, I'll move towards one of them so that my fellow ninjas know that they should attack the other one. However, the GREATEST key to communication is to know how far your teammates can move, how close they have to be to attack, and how hard they hit. NINJA VANISH!

Very good strategy Agent Hush!

As for this week, with the announcement of the Disney/Pixar Monsters University Takeover coming to Club Penguin. We want to know...what is your favorite subject in school and why? Leave your comments below (50 - 75 words please!)

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



My favorite subject would have to be English and Art! They are both such great subjects I cant choose between them! They both get your creative skills running, and they really help the brain! Without creativity Club Penguin would not be here!



My favorite class in school is science because I love learning about animals! And they teach about animals in science!My favorite animal are KITTIES! But I love lunch time because sitting in class learning all morning makes me somewhat hungry... And I also get to socialize with my friends! And when I get home I can do all my homework, read, and hop on Club Penguin!
Thanks for reading! Waddle On!

sonic toad:

school is the best thing in the world we learn about the rainforest movies and more i just love it i go to school everyday
sometimes its cool and sometimes its bad but its nice here is the best thing WE LEARN ABOUT CP ASWELL omg! its nice i just cant help myself


I love tech because we get to use iPads and learn podcasts also we get to make files with apps also we get to use awesome apps for project

BYE: waddle on

Mr Awesome M:

My favourite subject is Science because I like learning about different secrets of the Universe

nick boutros:

I love maths since it comes easy to me, so that will come in handy someday.


My favorite subjects are math and science . i like math because i like to be an engineer when i grow up, i also like science because I WANT

SO , waddle on club penguin !!

Snow buddies:

I'm snow buddies my favourite subject is maths because u need it in alot of things! Such as- at the shops-counting how many times u have scared people and many more! I really love math :) thanks


My favorite subject in school is sience I LOVE SIENCE i even think i'm better than Gary LOL Well i like sience cuz sornce can be funny : when i was young i tought that sience is like you take a liquid and put it in a bottle and it will explose xD that's why i love sience !


I love computer class because every week a man comes and teaches us how to make animations and movies on the computer.Sometimes I also take a sneek peek at the club penguin blog just in case I don't get time later.................


Myfavsub.. subject. Is science. Cuz the world is in science and sciences theworld


My favourite subject is science because my life revolves around science. Science is my inspiration , keeps me going to achieve my dreams , which is to be an astronomer. Other subjects bore me , I only find science interesting. I ace my studies and occasionally get perfect marks for science and maths. I'm certain I can achieve my dreams , perhaps I can also alternate to studying the field of nanotechnology. Thinking about science just makes me feel, the world is vast , and the universe .


My favourite subject would HAVE to be reading because evryone needs to know how to read and you use it everyday. so thats why reading is my favourite AND most import subject!!



Enter nickname:

a school has alot of subjects to learn and grow from but the few ones i love are math science and language and social studies now you ask me why well first (math : it teaches you about things like for example division multiplication angles long division many more things well what im saying is math is important cause you use it in the real world for money basis. now second (science: science is a good subject cause it teaches you about the universe around you and air and i cant say much more cya..

Enter nickname:

My favorite subject at school is lunch because i can eat and play and eat and have fun! oh and play!
also because i meet new friends and enjoy my free time to exercise!!!
from Flower39663


My favorite subject as school has to be lunch because i can eat, play, eat and have fun! Also because i meet new friends and enjoy my free time to exercise!!


My favourite subject in school is maths! I know that for some people maths is boring but is ok for me. I like adding up and multiplying numbers as well as subtracting and dividing numbers. I begun to like maths after I failed my 11+ exam that I took in year six (sixth grade). The only thing that I hate in maths is ALGEBRA!


My favorite subject in school is Science, because we learn many things from it. Reading a small paragraph of Science gets in my mind easily... I feel like without Science the world won't be cool at all because when we don't know about the worth of anything, then it will look useless but with Science the life's easy for me... :)


My favorite subject is art as without it club penguin wouldn't be as fin-tastically beautiful.


In my opinion I would say my math because math makes YOU smart, and you would know everything! do you like math?
secondly, technolgy because I wouldn't be here for saying amazing things about you guys and you guys are the amazing,cool,awesome company that you work for club penguin.And I'm not saying this because of the game you put cool updates to let us know whats happening, and you put club penguin as a game for the children to love.Thank you



My favorite subject is math. It's clearly the way I save my coins on Club Penguin. It helps me with my allowance and with counting numbers for certain reasons. It helps me figure out how to solve geometry puzzles, and helps me know how much time there is left. In Club Penguin, it is EVERYTHING. Coins, items, penguins, rooms, games, game levels, etc. Without math Club Penguin would not exist. That's why math is my favorite subject.


My favorite subject in school is art. Art is my favorite subject because it can bring out my feelings. If I were happy, I would draw a happy, colorful picture. I usually am happy and fun so I draw nice pictures. The kind of art that I enjoy the most and I am best at is sketch. My favourite drawing is a blue dragon which I spent alot of time on! I think that when I grow up I will be an artist! if I get chosen could you send half the coins to a penguin named "thinknoodles"? I am a huge fan of him!

Hq sy ruru:

english is my fav subject lol!

Robert 22033:

My favorite subject in school is math because i know that subject will be with me all the way for my life and its really important to know it.


My fave subject in school is probally sport, or writing. I really love both! I am really good at running and descriptive writing. The only thing I don't like about Writing is that you just do persuasive writing and it is really boring! Don't you think so? Also, I believe that netball is the best sport! I Like swimming and tennis too. By the way, I think CP really rocks! Waddle on club penguin!


My favourite subject for my school is working on my comics with my friend Thomas. Thomas made a comic group name called the graffiti comics company. Where trying to ask our principle if that group can grow. My school name is st catherines of siena melton west.


I LOVE WRITING!!! I Love Writing Because It Makes My Ideas Flow. I Can Put Magic On A Paper! My Teacher Loves My Paragraphs,I'm
The Best Writer In My Class! I Want To Be A Author When I Grow Up! My Friend Davini Can Be My Illustrator. Shes The Best Drawer In My Class! And One More Thing... WADDLE ON!

Rainicorn 12:

My Favorite Subject Is ART ! Art Allows you to activate your imagination and let you run wild! It's Simple, Grab Anything To Draw, Paint, Color or Write With and Start Doodling! In My Opinion, Art opens the doors to express your feelings. Go Crazy! Art Is At The HEART!


My favirot is reading.Its just cool! Stories are like adventures. You never know were they take you!how do you do this?as you reed imagine your in the book.My favirot is tony dritzels is Kenny and the dragon.Its a good tale.
And that's why I like reading.

P.s.I also like social studies!


Geography! Because if you ever go on trips somewhere you would need to know about that place. Also it is so fun!


i looooove science as it it almost everything you see and do plus this is science to =b
and chemesty is awesome


My favourite subject is the picture,with she we can to reconstruct the world and to make she more intersting,funny and beautiful with more playgrounds,more space , more humans and more penguins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject is...... SCIENCE!! You learn about the world around you plants, bacteria, cells, animals too..including PENGUINS!!:D
Science is also the time you do cool experiments and stuff so it's pretty fun. Doing experiments sometimes remind me of Gary..
My penguin name: Pearly122


My favorite subject has to be.. Music! I have an awesome teacher who teaches my class to play different instruments like ukulele, recorder, drums etc etc. Sometimes, we have dance lessons and singing lessons! I sometimes feel like Candence when singing and dancing. Waddle On:D


My favorite subject in school is History. Its really cool to learn about allmthe things that happenend in the world befor I was born. I always end up doing extra reading in my History book. Its AWESOME! My Penguin name is Morlyd. Waddle on!

vanessa 1203:

my favourite subject is biology because it is the subject which help us to know about nature. it is a subject which can teach u many things like about the earth its plants, its animals and god know what not!!! :-)


For me I have to say Grammar cause its a very important thing in life. Even math and science need grammar, but for me grammar and art
are the most important to me cause we may not have the amazing art work The Mona Lisa. Cause I been a artist since I was 4 and I love drawing cartoon characters and super heros. Those are the subject I love.


my subject is computers because it helps us alot


My favorite subject is EVERYTHING because I love learning new things in math, It is really fun in P.E, I love going to music, I love helping kindergarden buddies, I love going to art and painting, It is fun in library to reasearch different animals, I love going outside and playing with my two best friends since first grade THEY ARE THE BEST FRIENDS YOU CAN GET ONE FRIEND KARATE CHOPED MY PENCIL IN HALF AND IT'S A GIRL!!!
You just read a part of my life.


i love protecting the earth


Jake Mac2:

My favorite subject is language arts. I like language arts because we get to write awesome stories in language arts!
It makes my imagination flow! Also, we learn how to spell words right and correct grammar, which is very important if you get a job maybe as an author or another job that includes writing. I love language arts!


My number 1 favourite school subject would have to be art! The reason for this is that I can do doodles and bobs of stuff and pictures. I could also think of things for club penguin and then use the contact us page to send it to you!


My favorite subjects in school is, Science and Social Science. The number one reason i like these two is because they are interesting and easy to understand. If someone wanted to know the world unlike how others know it, they will love social like Rockhopper and if someone wanted learn something unusual than they will love science like Gary. I want to see the world unlike others and want to learn something unusual so like these subjects. Waddle On :)


Enter commentsI like reading. the words going through my head calm me down somehow. Reading can take my imagination anywhere!! The iceberg, my homeroom, Italy, Ohio, a movie set. Comics, Novels, Cereal boxes, i don't care what i'm reading. I just like reading. I'll read anywhere! The car, my bed, even hotels (not the dells though)


I have 3 favourite subjects. Math, Science, and Technology

phoenix 80:

My favourite subject is Maths bcz it is very fun to do plus doing maths canmake our brains faster than usual. Im currently learning algebra at first i didnt understand but now its easy like a pie!! So keep practising maths and be a genius!!


My favorite subject in school is art class. I find it really fun to use different materials for every project and to create something entirely new. Every project is different, so it makes it fun to see what the finished project will come out to! Sometimes I use paint, other times I use a chalk-like tool called charcoal, and sometimes even pottery! With art, you can create anything and everything!


My favourite school subject is history ever since 2010 I had a passion for history like reading horrible histories and the tv show too.
History is about how civaliztion and kings and queens also when new invention were created and I love club penguin history too like club penguin started in 2005. Waddle on penguins!!


I like reading. the words going through my head calm me down somehow. Reading can take my imagination anywhere!! The iceberg, my homeroom, Italy, Ohio, a movie set. Comics, Novels, Cereal boxes, i don't care what i'm reading. I just like reading. I'll read anywhere! The car, my bed, even hotels (not the dells though)

Mewmewmowmow :

My favorite subject is art. I love being able to express myself. I think art is really fun because you're free to do whatever you want and you don't have to follow rules.


I honestly love math. JI think it is just interesting you will always need it. I am not saying you always have fun but, there are some fun games you can play such as 24. There is always something new to learn and it is exciting. I have always had a fun teacher to give me a fun way to look at it. It's is why math is my favorite subject.


My favorite subject is writing, because i like writing bout my life and things i have done! I also like writing fairy tales and so much more!!! Poems i am very good at my teacher says. And i type on my computer at home too!


Science because without science, there would be no technology, and with no technology, where would we be today? Without anything technology! No TV, no computer, no oven, no refridgerator, no oven, nothing to eat off of, no phone, no video games, no sink, no NOTHING! And also, without science, we would barely know anything about, well, anything! "What is fire? How do magnets work? What are stars? What is Bla bla bla? How does Bla bla bla do bla bla?" You get the point. It's realy important.


My favorite subject in school is chemistry. Chemistry is my favorite subject because you get to mix up a bunch of chemicals and you take notes on what happens. Also you can work with a partner and teamwork is the best way to work. When the chemical effect starts to happen you take notes to study for the big test and I love tests.


My favorite subject would be math. I know that many people don’t like math, but here's my reason behind it: it's at the end of the day, it's quiet, and my teacher is really nice. Plus, I love how to figure out puzzles and piece things together, just like algebra! Math is fun, but many people dislike it because they think it’s hard, but in reality, it’s easy once you get the hang of it!

jackie loyd2:

I LOVE to read. I love to read because you can read any kind of book. You can read long books and short books. And you can read about ANYTHING! The best thing about reading is when you get better at reading you can read even harder books which will help you get better grades which can help you get in a good collage.


I have 2 or 3 my absolute favourite is Art because when I was in year one I won an art competition for my age group also because its well relaxing, and it actually gets you going creative mad!. 2nd is Writing because when I go to school it gives me inspiration (the interesting stuff) and some times write about it when I pick up that pen or pencil my imagine nation go's running wild its awesome. 3rd technology because I love the gadgets and things.
waddle on cp


My favorite subject is reading. I love reading because it takes you to new worlds or back in time. What's even better is that the older you get the more books you can read. I also like American history. I love learning about events in our history because it feels like I'm there as the things are happening. I also like math. Learning things like fractions and division feels like a game. Out of all these I can't decide the best one.


Imy favourite subject is defiantly maths because you learn the thing in every day also you need to know maths to create club penguin also I love reading i love the way it takes you to a different place every time


My favourite subject is english, because i love writing stories, especially ones about monsters and fantasy. I write lots for different types of stories in english for my friends!!


My favorite subject in school is a beating, Rosen, but otherwise I want a club penguin Monday frighten children. Next day risuvane.sryada entry of other dimensions. And then weekends through Saturday teaches studied.


my favorite subjects are math, chemistry, and reading, math is helpful in real life situations, chemistry it is fun to blow up stuff and make stuff, and reading because i love to read, i also like art because earth without art is just eh

Gabby Rocks:

My favorite subject is writing. I love writing because you can use imagination and your own creativity. Creativity is so important. It is a way to make something that is not well.......itself, and to be yourself. You can take others to far away places or right in your own backyard.


My favorite in school is Math.It is my favorite because you always learn things like square roots and dividing by thousands,also because you will always you math in your present and future.Kids do it at school and adults use it for buying items and bills.Also because when I grow up the job i want to do has to do with very good math skills.That's why i think Math should be in portant and my favorite subject in school.
Waddle On!


my favorite subject is IT because you get to learn about internet!

mr black505:

I Love History! I Get To Learn About Sooooooooo Many Great Peppole! That Made A Change In This World! My Favorite Person Ive Learned About Is Robin Hood! Hes So Awseome With His Bow And Arrows! Waddle On Cp! :)


My favorite subject is art, art and once more ART! I'm always waiting for this subject. Then I can draw, and draw, and draw.... And I don't see how lesson goes to end so quickly! I just love painting! I even go to art hobby group and I did art project!


I like everything in school!! :D


my second favorite subject is reading! i like writing and math to, but my first favorite think is art!


science because i love inventing new things like a lighter watch tnx......


my favorite subject about school when we read.Becuse so i c an know every word.


I love all school subjects. Math science ELA reading and lunch espically. Also recess and gym and computers. You learn a lot of stuff and you can also have fun in school.Im friends with the whole school and I like all my teachers pretty much. School is epic soon I'm graduating in about two years I'm In sixth grade.Everyone should love school because one day you'll be really smart and become a teacher maybe a scientist or a mathmatecis expert.Stay in school kids! :)


I love the subject language arts because the spelling bees are super fun and without them we'd all be saying the same thing tgygwrururugyttfg so that is one reason and it sometimes gives fun storys to go with it i'd be saying random words if i didn't have language arts waddle on cp


i like math because you can learn different math like addition and subtraction rounding estimating multiples


i like math because you can learn different math like addition and subtraction rounding estimating


art is my favorite subject because it could be anything you want it to be. even if people make fun of you, it's still the best one at all. so don't
listen to them they are nothing, only you are. Art will always be my my favorite subject, always. ART,ART,ART,ART,ART,ART


I LOVE learning about History because I can learn about the past and interesting things about how people used to live back then and some really weird and funny facts about historic events! Another thing I love about learning the past is that we can learn the mistakes of the people in the past, so we won't do it again! :)


My favorite school subjects are Ela and science those are my favorite subjects and mostly art.


My favorite subject is reading!I love to read!I NEED TO READ!!!You can transport yourself to other lands and with different things to do!We use reading everywhere its one of our most important activities;You read off of road signs,menus,cereal boxes,and even on CLUB PENGUIN!I "GOTTA" RRRRREEEEEAAAAADDDDDD!


I like math because it is fun and some logic puzzles involve math. I also like in math to do big multiplication problems with lattice.


My two favourites are probably Math and Music. I like math because I can understand it pretty easily, and to me, it's a lot better than writing down history notes (in French!). I also really like Music class because I like to sing, and I pretty much listen to every kind of music, especially soundtracks for some reason. :) Waddle on, Gummyz1315


I LOVE art!!!!!! I love to paint and make sculptures!!!!


My favourite school subject is Art. I love it, because it's very fun! I love to draw penguins,puffles and other interesting things. My teacher took from me two drawings of penguns and show them on a school exhibition! I am very exciting. Before I find Club Penguin, I loved to draw dogs and flowers.Today I will draw Penguin Super Hero and his Mega Strong Puffle. I will send you the drawing from the Fan Art page....Hmm...I will draw Mike from Monsters University and he will be superhero too!


without school we wouldn't learn anything and we wll be dum and school helps us play.


My favourite subject is gym because I have two different gym teachers and they teach us a lot of fun games. One of the games that my gym teacher, Mr. B, is tag dodgeball. In this game, you run and if someone tags you when you are running to the other end, you are out. One of the games that Mr. D, my other gym teacher, taught us is pinball. In this game you are in a hula hoop with a hockey stick, when a ball comes near you then you hit it towards the net to score. They are great teachers.


I love art! It's my favorite subject because it lets me unleash my creativity, and and good at it! Plus it is super fun making art projects and teaching people the right way to do it. I love helpinging people get better at art, so they will get better grades, so they get closer to Honor Roll!( All A's)


My fav subject is writing, because no matter where I am, I can always go somewhere else! I can go to Monster Inc., Club Penguin, or anywhere I choose!

Waddle On!


My favorite subject is probably writing, because you can be as creative as you want! That's probably why I love Club Penguin so much!

Kallie 5269:

My favorite subject in school is totally art! I LOVE to draw and create things all my own. It's a good way to work out my feelings without having an awkward chat. Normally when I have some alone time, I draw some superhero or mutant I created. Plus, it lets me work out my creativity and large imagination. A lot of kids at my school aren't creative or don't think outside the box at all. I break outside the boundaries of reality and facts to create fiction and the impossible. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!


My Favorite subject at school is art, I like the create and imagine new world just like you the club penguin team, I love to draw my penguin & penguin friends with our puffles with our favorite Disney Characters!! I really want to be a part of creating new worlds for everyone to enjoy!!!


If Art Counts, I'd say Art, because I love creating masterpieces of all types, Like collages, pop art, abstract, and more! I can't decide my favorite type of art! But I do enjoy The art of Pop art (like the Puffle one in club penguin :p). I haven't made that many, butnI love how it does a color shift on one thing, and I love colorful Art!
Waddle On Random Penguins Who Read My Post!!!


my favorite subject is art because I can paint butterflies and rainbows!!! last year, I was in the art show!!!!!!!! that was so epic!!! btws, my penguin name is pinkcake6543!!!!! please pick me clubpenguin!!!!!!


My favorite subject is recess! That's my favorite because it's fun to have free time to play around and exercise. My favorite thing to do at recess is run around the playground with my friends! My friends are super cool and I love to play with them!! Recess is the best subject in all of my school!


My favorite subject in school is science which consists of physics,biology and chemistry as physics tells about the kinetic and potential energy,chemistry tells us about the chemicals and formulas,biology about the plants,nature etc.My favorite is chemistry.


One of my favorite subjects is writing class. I love writing creative stories with crazy endings. I always get high grades in writing and I always get straight As! I love writing stories because in a story, anything can happen! In a story, a bad guy can take over the world and a superhero can stop them! I love to write all the time!!

Unit G:

My favorite is the internet.I like to play club penguin the most.
My second is reading,because i have lots of books.

yes cool me:

i love history beacouse you learn about the past. (and about wars!)


My favourite school subject is art because it is where I can be different, and express myself through my work. When I paint, or draw, or build some sort of sculpture, people can see that I am a person that likes animals. Art is a necessity of life. Without art, we wouldn't have the wonderful Club Penguin we have today!


My favorite subject would have to be Art because I am a artist and my sister is a great artist and so am I so if i had to choose my favorite subject it would be Art.


Well i am very happy that this cool party is coming ................................
i like all the subjects but i like history more because we can know about the past ,how did all this world developed,what did our ancestors do,what mistakes did our ancestors do and do not repeat these mistakes
thank you


Hi,Polo! My favorite subject is Math because i like sooo much the problems,the multiplying accounts,etc... Waddle on! Att: Cao32


Well i am very happy that this cool party is coming ................................
i like all the subjects but i like history more because we can know about the past ,how did all this world developed,what did our ancestors do,what mistakes did our ancestors do and do not repeat these mistakes
thank you


My Favorite Subject Is... Physics Because Its Fun


I love science alot because you can learn so many about animals like dogs tigers even prehistoric ones like Dinosaurs,flying reptiles I'm also the highest in my class


My favorite school subject is art because it gives you a chance to be creative and express yourself.


Math is allways great. I enjoy working with numbers and puting them together in a way that it makes sense. Things i learn at school often help me in real life, and especially math. Well then here is one of my favourite math jokes- What is 2+2? Fish Because when you put 2 together with their backs they look like fish ;D.
Ok got to go and do homework.
Homework On!


My favorite subject is math, because i really like to use my brain and solve "problems" but you can also use math to almost everything!


Well my favorite subjet of the school is english why i of Chile and there talk spanish but i for years talking english very good so in my school i was learning how to talking english and it was AWESOME so i see videos of speaking english on you tube and thats why english is my favorite subjet of the school

pice out ¡POP!



Art is my favorite subject Because I can create anything and I get a chance draw a drawing that looks like club penguins! So I CAN DO ANYTHING WITH artA


My favorite school subject is choir. It's very fun learning the words to a song, like the song "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars, we sang that last Chorus concert. My Choir teacher also judges how well your behavior, sadly alot of kids in my class has bad behavior and we don't get very far. One time there was a pen on the piano and my teacher said the name of the song called "I can feel the rhythm" and started the music and the pen fell over she said the pen felt the rhythm and we loled. Waddle on!


Math is my favorite subject in school because you need math everyday, I you can have fun, math is so cool because I use St math, and math can also give you fun jokes sometimes.

Sk8er Man2:

My absolute favorite subject is writing because my writing teacher is so nice my classmates and I call her mommy,(She gibes us TONS of candy!!!!!)

Sam the she wolf:

My favroite subject in school was always dismissal! :)

Dome C:

Hey Guys! My favorite subject is science and literature, because I have the same teacher for that, and they are both really fun! Also, I learn so much and I can use my new smarts to help others! Waddle On, Club Penguin! /Dome C\


My favorite subject is history.To tell the turth I really like greek mythology.Learning all about another era`s life and what they did,thats why I like it.I don`t like having lots of homework though.I also LOVE drama.Waddle on!

Haos Drago:

my penguin name is Haos Drago

My favorite Subject in College is Computer Tech and Development because I am learning who to create websites and hope to join in the creation of a site like Club Penguin so Rock on and expand the Club Penguin Experience.
also having with the course is nice too.


I love science and space but unfortunately I am stuck in this without science and space!!!! I am being an astronaut when I am 20 years of age!!!


My favorite subject is everything so I can learn everything!

Kaloyan 007:

Maybe this is P.E. Oh, yeah this is P.E. Because in this subject we are tranning some sports. We are play some funny games. We become strong than monsters in Monster university. This is awesome. :D


My favorite subject is technology because I am amazing with building and making thing also I love computers and iPhones I would love to work at apple,google or even Club Penguin!!!

Waddle on!
-Nicole 9451


it woud be science its so fun to learn science XD


well all the subjects are really important and can decide our future I want to be a scientist a director or artists these all need work so you need to always go to school and do the best you can they reward us kids like with student of the week or something or field trips I really just like to go to school and do my work I think the best would be science and math cause if you don't know them what will or can you be THINK g2g time for school BYE


My favorite subject is art. Because you can be so creative with what you draw, paint, color, etc. Art is a subject where you can express yourself like if you are mad or sad, if your personality is playful and happy or quiet and shy. It's just a way to help express everything. *Hears bell* uh oh better get going, it's almost time for art class!!!!!


My favourite subject is art because without art club penguin would be blank, there would be nothing.

Loogo 131:

My favourite subject is Literacy, I like writing storys and my school is doing about Rainforests, I have wrote many aboriginal storys and one of them includes a penguin! :)


I like gym because you can play fun games and talk to your friends. My favorite game in gym is capture the flag and jail break. Jail break is just like volleyball but you call out someones name on the other team and if the ball hits the ground on their side they're out. If you call jail break, people out on your team come back in. Gym is also called Phys Eds. Gym Rocks!

Fauna Florid:

My favourite subject is Biology. I like it because I like animals, birds and plants. I guess that's why I like Club Penguin too! Though the penguins in CP are not like polar birds, somehow - they are like humans!


im always at the bottom of comments so i never get picked!


My favorite subject is fine because it is good and
You can draw whatever you want! And if you draw a UFO
It's already ugly about it does not matter how you drawing. :)

Cutie Funny:

MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Math is the best and most fun subject! Oh! And I'm very very very good at it!!!!
I LOVE math even more in French!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! French is fun to speak! BUT I HATE whiting. I'm also VERY good at what my dad calls "University math". And he should know (he's a university teacher). It's stuff like logic gates and diodes...


My favourite was ICT but my new teacher has ruined it :(
The best lesson was when we used terrapin logo, it was the first time I'd done programming and it was really fun ;)


My favourite subject is French. Im really good at French and if Herbert try's to find out epf's secrets we can make them French then we can understand them and Herbert can't. Waddle on Club Penguin.


My favourite subject at school has to be DT (Design Tec) You get to design and create your own work and also you get to do stuff you cant do at home. It also helps you learn important things that grown ups have to know such as cooking a meal and ironing clothes. Waddle on and learn CP!!!!!


Its writing Art Gym and math, I love writing because i'm starting to write songs, I love art cause you let your createivaty fly loose I like gym cause it burns off energy I love math because I got an A on it. I AM Cottonpincky I am 10 and in grade 4:) Waddle on club penguin team!


probaly art because i like being creative for exaple randomising costumes on cp! and in class i even draw monsters inc carectars!!!


I would say free time and the end of week play before we go home. Readings cool to cuz I like sitting in a weird way and reading.



i like science best because it is really fun to do the experiments. but thats only if we have the right materiels!


I like free time coz u can play what u like.


My favorite subject in school is History. I have always loved history. I like all of the stories to read about especially the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WW1, and WW2.


My favorite subject is reading. Why? Because reading can take you anywhere. You can travel anywhere in the world or go to any time. You can learn about ancient history or how machines work. You can be anything you want to be, go anywhere you want to go, or learn anything you want to learn, just by picking up a book. And that is why I love reading. Waddle on!


My favorite is Art,because that is only my picture and i will paint that i want.With the Art you can say who are you.There is no need to be beautiful.You needs only to have fun!I like it very much!That is fun too.You can paint yourself too.So Club penguin is painted too and is using some computers ti make it!Well guys you wanted to create club penguin!With Art you made it!For that i like that subject


Are they really making a new school room?
Oh and I have one question there's a glitch with my penguin app I put on the snow outfit and it shows me with no clothing.
Anyway, Waddle on!



I love ICT because i am (well jel!)REALLY good at it.also,i luv Art


the best school subject is science because science is everything about plants,humans,animals,mammals and other things.without science we would still be cavemen and we wont discover anything about the earth and we would still stay at stone age technology and clubpenguin wouldn't have existed


I LOVE biography because you can disect pigs brains and cow pat. In my biograpy you can hold frogs and worms. I killed all my chicens so I could eat them for roast tea. We leant how to skin a chicken and pluck a pigion in biograpy too!:D :P
Waddle on!


I love writing .


My favorite subject is art and reading.
I have tons of books at home and I love reading.
Art is just fun.


Probably science :) It's very interesting because it's learning about the earth, but at a more basic level, your learning about your body at a basic level aswell, it's a very interesting field of work aswell :) there's still so many things to be discovered about it!


my favorite subject is science. I cant describe why but its just like theres a special spark in it. im also stoked about the party!waddle on and rrrrrrraaaaaarrrrrr!

Moo mui:

My favourite subject is P.E because I like running around and playing on the mats because its just so fun !
I Also like art because I like drawing sticking and colouring !

Thanks Moo mui!


Well I love reading cause the more you read the smarter you'll be! Also its fun reading book! waddle on

Ausie Kanga:

i like recess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that a subject? oh, ok then.....uh i like science!!!! itslike so awesome cuz u can learn a lot of like super kooooool stuff! ya. science is my fave subject!


My faviroute subject is literacy [English] and spellings.The reason why is like spellings is that i am a GOD at spellings!Plus at the end of the spelling test,my teacher says that i got all spellings right although she never looked at my work!The reason why I like literacy is that it contains imagination and I have a imagination bigger than Monster University!Anyways the other reason is that I sit in the TOP table for literacy,pretty cool huh?So these are my faviroute subjects,Waddle On!


I love science because you can learn about nature and animals and my favourite bones I love science also because we use to go out to investigate things like bugs or we go on a trip to museums where we look at prehistoric bones. I like that subject because I love nature and when someone loves nature they love science and when they love science then they are cool.



My favourite subject in school HAS to be History.But I don't do it very often :(
Waddle On


My favorite subject is PE because I'm the most versatile out there and because I love to train and run


I like technology! Club penguin is invented from it and lots of people have 3DS or things like that!


Band! Music is something that requires an immense amount of teamwork in order to work. You might have someone who is really good at playing one instrument but without other people to play the others, it just doesn't create the same sound. But when everyone is playing together and listening to one another, the sound of all the different instruments blends beautifully! Plus, I can't imagine watching a world without music! There would be no soundtracks for movies like Pirates or Avengers!


My favorite subject is computer applications because of it 'club penguin' wouldn't be here thanks to HTML (which helps us to create a website) and i like science because of it there wouldn't be a computer,a laptop or an i pad to play club penguin WADDLE ON!!!


My favorite subject is math because it helps you through your entire life of school and even in Club penguin because you may want to figure out the total amounts of coins you earned in each game you played or buying something in the gift shop! and i am pretty sure Mike and Sully would agree with me! :)


i like cemistry because there are explosions and other cool stuff!:D


And my favorite subject is technology because all the programs and other things in Club Penguin wouldn't be here and the game will be full with bugs and other things!!!


i like math beacuse i actualy wery helpfull whit your life if you dont know math i dont know how will ppl live in life ?


I love most subjects at school! But my favorite is Science! The reason is I have the best teacher but also, it is fun to do experiments! Maybe I will manage to make a monster before the monsters university party!


my favorite is ICT because learning about teachnolegy helps me a lot coz i be online in CP a lot and my dream is to go to the CP studio and help out many things! so computer is my fav. KEEP ON LEARNING


My favorite thing in school is Drama Club. I had so much fun in it. Me and my friends loved it!

snow and fun/mrharry3:

my fave subject is I. C .T because you get to go on computers!


P.S remember my last comment? give the coins to me mr harry3


My favorite Subject in school is Music, English and Gym. Because I love to sing and here music and play the Piano that's why I like Music. I love English because it is so easy and the rest of my class don't really like it, but if you think that the teacher is nice then you will love it, that's why I love English. Gym it is just fun to run and feel the wind going through your hair. I love really running. I'm really a Sporty Girl. But by Gym I don't like to swim also when I'm a Penguin. I'm Swiss!

Hope Hi 2:

Hi! My favorite school subject would have to be Reading,History, and scaring. I love reading because I love finding out what happends next in a story. I like history because my Dad is a history teacher. Scaring is just awesome! I can't wait for Monsters University.

Hope Hi 2:

Hi! My favorite school subject would have to be Reading,History, and scaring. I love reading because I love finding out what happends next in a story. I like history because my Dad is a history teacher. Scaring is just awesome! I can't wait for Monsters University.

Avalanche 10:

I would say History is my favorite subject. I love learning about the past and how things were different back then. What it was like for people or penguins back in the olden days. I especially like learning about colonial times in history. I like learning what is was like for the people who started the U.S! I have to say history, is definitely favorite school subject!


My favourite school subject is Creative Writing, because I love to write stories and poems.


Hiya! I like ALL my subjects! But i like Art the most, i like it so much because i do home school and i can draw Club Penguin ALL the time! And i love History too, and Science because i like thinking of the many things we can do with it!



Actually, my favourite part of school is when the lesson ends :) But my favourite subjects are Informatics and Maths because I'm very good at using computers and I'm taking exams at the end of the month to receive my computer '' driving license" as it is called and Maths are useful for our everyday lives. I also want to study Informatics when I go to university but first, as far as I'm conserned, I will have to study Maths I think it's nessesary.


My fav subject is maths 'cause you get to learn how to do sums like 4794 + 1552 (the answer is 6346, hehehe) Yeah, so, you couldn't be able to do division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. At my school I've learnt a grid method for multiplication and column addition and subtraction. I also know loads of prime numbers and square numbers. MATHS IS SO EPIC! :D


My favorite subject is art because i love drawing and i'm very good at it! My second favorite subject is drama because i love to act and its sooo fun:D:D:D:D I am very proud of my favorite subjects because they are both fun!!!:D


My favorite subject is definitely scaring.I love to scare everyone especially during Halloween.I come up with new ideas every Halloween.Last year's Halloween was scary with my Cat Eyed-Monster -Slime Penguin .I'm looking forward to Monsters University as it sounds fun and scary.


I really like English,Spanish,Italian and Turkish lessons! I love the fact that i have the possibility to learn many languages and i am happy with it.I take my time and lean the life! :-)


I think History is my favorite because i like to learn about old world history but who needs a university when you learn about scaring?



I think english and RE are my favourite subjects. I like english because that's REALLY easy for me to learn it (I'm Polish). Also, English language will helpm me A LOT while being in other countries. I like RE because I've got really cool teacher. She doesn't make unexpected tests. Sometimes we've got free lessons! I also like art and technic lessons, because i love crafting new things! I like polish, too. But I don't know why... Waddle on!


My favorite school subject is writing, because all you need is a pencil, paper and imagination! When i write my mind goes to a whole different world with magical creatures. Writing is like watching TV, ANYTHING could happen! The best thing about writing is that you don't have to be good at writing for it to be fun and you can write about anything you can think up! Even if other people think it's totally boring I LOVE WRITING and I hope you do too!


My favorite subject is definitely science due to it showing me the wonders of the world and even making club penguin playable. ;)Waddle on!!!!!!


I love history. It's my favorite subject, because I especially like learning about the past. Right now I'm learning about the American Revolution.


math,writing, and reading. you need math and reading, and i like to write.


My most favorite subject is history. I love history because you can learn about the past and what happened back then. If we didn't have history, we wouldn't have much information to predict many things. If someone invented the computer (which someone did) and nobody knew 15 years later, they couldn't make the technology that we have today! There would be no Club Penguin! That's why I LOVE history!
Waddle On!


my fave is math. i am currently learning long division and two-digit by two-digit multiplication. i also like chemistry.


Technology. Its my favourite because you kinda get your mind onto it and never forget the purpose of why we had it. Computers and Laptops weren't as small as this. They were as big as a room. Thanks to scientists, they have found a way to store everything into a small screen to make things easier to run. TV's are now in colour. The 1890's were really that made this world like it is today. We have many items to use now them back in the 1950's. Lot's of club's and sites wouldn't be here today.


My favorite subject is Math and History I like Math because its just a really fun subject to learn and History because I like to learn about previous president and stuff like that


My favorite subject in school is media becase you get to watch movies loads of movies and make music videos :D


My favorite subject is art!I love to drawing.My second is Man and Nature its easy!;D

gus gus 100:

My favorite subject is science, because you need to research and then you need to be prepared because you can do experiments! GOOD BYE


I enjoy history because you can learn a lot from the people that came before you. I hope everyone looks at history or whatever you take as a fantastic learning experience and to take in to consideration what they did for you and for our country. When you look at history you might actually find something that interests you. I challenge everyone out there who is reading this comment to go and find a old historical figure and learn something new and maybe it might actually pull through in the end.


my favorit subject is reading. because I like working arond my dislexiea and pushing goles people say i cant reach. another reson is because my dad my uncole my gandma and my grate gampa where libraryens soi feel the need to read whene ever i conlike the news paper club penguin books eny time even if its just for 5 minutes and you never know where the book can tack you so thanks for reading mine and read when ever posabol

waddle on
-Sms 430


I LOVE Reading. When I'm at school, my teachers normally let the students read together. I read really well, and that enables me to help other kids read well. I enjoy teaching other kids new words to add to their vocabulary, because it improves their grammar. I feel like reading can give you all kinds of knowledge; from history of your culture to the science of the battery in your parents' car(s)!


My favourite school subject is definitely ICT and English because I really like playing on Club penguin while on the school computer last is English I like English because it like writing neatly with my handwriting pen!


My favorite subject in school is Technology! I really love going on computers or cell phones and seeing how they work. Plus, now that it's the year 2013, a lot of new advances are being developed and I figured it'd be a good idea to learn about them so I'll know how they work.


My favorite subject is music because i love singing and making music and I love preforming for large crowds.


Gym because I think excerising is good for your health and good for inspiration because it could inspire you to do sports and if you play sports you can learn to play and meet and make new friends (: waddle on

I Mawsome:

My favorite school subject is reading because it's like all the other subjects combined. You could read about something that happened a long time ago, and it would be like a history lesson. Reading can help you write, by learning about punctuation, spelling, and how to keep your reader interested in what you're writing about. If you read for fun, it's like recess! WADDLE ON!


i like art and maths in art imagination runs wild and maths is tricky

Dodo Kitty:

Hi there! I don't really have a favorite subject in school because I think every class I take in school are All Awesome! Every class I take in school is helping me be a Great person and get a Great job in the future! The job I am planning on doing in the future is being an Artist! I think everyone deserves to be educated and have a great job in life! That is why I think every class I take in school are All Awesome! Thanks and have a Wonderful day! ~Dodo Kitty~


my favoite is dt becuse you can allways make stuff


My favorite subject is math and science because those subjects are the most you need to learn to grow up. :D



My favorite subject of school is learning and getting smartto grow up and be like the cp team


I like math because without math Club Penguin wouldn't exist, everything is made of math, math also helps the EPF protect the island because they have to hack villain broadcasts with math and in one of the PSA missions you have to use math to divide CREAM SODA (my favorite :D) into three different measuring cups.


I love to read and act. Plus I'm homeschooled so I can read a LOT!


My Subject Would Be art


my favorite suject is drum roll pleaze bum bum bum P E because you get strong but who needs that when your lening about scairing


I actually like the subject SCIENCE as it gives me the opportunity to learn about a lot of things in life. It also gives me a better understanding of the world around me... thts why i'm such a fan for 'G' (Gary)! What's ur fav school subject?


I love writing. It is really fun and it can also be used for the arts amongst many other things.


I don't know if you guys can change anything, but the one who just sent the paragraph about music was me. I forgot to use my penguin name.


First of all *face slap* Ok, second of all, I was not thinking and feel really kinda stupid right now. A lot of other people wrote about music, too, so here's the name I used: Twilightdragon

sorry again...

Greeny 78897:

This is easy! I have 4 subjects that count as my favourite! I.C.T, P.E, History and English (Literacy, Writing whatever) My I.C.T skills have improved so much that I am very fast at typing and all my friends go WOW!


I am in middle school where we get to choose some classes of our own (art, band, language, etc.). My favorite subject would have to be Latin. BEST. THING. EVER. Don't argue. Just don't.
P.S.~ for all u people who still get recess: LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject is social studies.I love learning about immigration and how hard it was to come to America.The pictures of Ellis Island and Angel Island just inspires me.First thing they saw before getting to Ellis Island was statue of liberty.Looking at the way they inspect your eyes is amazing.Later,the textbook should a few photos of old New York.So many countries were working together.Waddle on!

Lolly B:

My favorite subjects are:
1.Art because I get to excuse my hands while producing a piece of art-work.
2.Science because you get to see a reaction from something being mixed with something as well as being aware of whats surrounding you.


My one is reading because I want to be a singer when I am 18


Science because I like physics

Taffy Pengi:

Mine is probably ICT as I get to learn how to work with computers, which is a very valuable tool for the future as technology is slowing making its way into most jobs. It also helps me become a Club Penguin worker when i'm older!
Waddle on penguin pals!


Everything is my favorite. Without them, we wouldn't be smart, and you need to be smart to make a game, LIKE CLUB PENGUIN! You have to go to college too, if you graduate college, you could become what you want! We use these things EVERY DAY! Waddle on!


My favorite subject is writing. It is just so much fun! You can write about anything, a princess, a penguin, or even a normal, everyday person. Writing lets me use my imagination to create amazing stories. Whenever I write, it's like I am in a different world, like I am the person I am writing about. I like writing so much, I even wrote a book! Hope you enjoy writing as much as I do!



Aww man were talking about school now? I just got out! Heh heh. Well I think my favorite subject is band. (Well it's not really a subject more of an elective but still, it's my favorite class.) I like band so much because its at the end of the day and I can relax and play my trombone. Also the teacher is really cool. If I had to choose an academic class I think my favorite would be world history because we learn a lot of neat stuff like the renaissance and the Aztecs.

Paco Vega:

My favorite subject is history because we learn about other people's mistakes and how not to repeat them! The Snow, Fire and Water elemental guardians used to quarrel and we should learn that no matter how different we are, if we unite we can overcome any and every obstacle! WADDLE ON!


My favorite subject is recess because you can just run around screaming, racing down the slides, jump off the swings, do anything you want! You can also play kickball, football, and other fun sports! Don't forget about playing tag, hide and seek, and fun games! Recess should be the best subject, even though you don't learn.


Personally, I like every subject but if I had to pick one, I would say math. I like math because it's fun multiplying random numbers and see what the product is. I also like using drawing and measuring 3-dimensional shapes to see what everyday items are that shape. Basically, math is just fun!



Favorite? That's… kinda hard. Let me think… well, I must say English. Yup! Deffinetly English. Why? First of all we have an amazing teacher. She tells jokes with up, she tells us EPIC stories, and sometimes we can talk about something for half an hour so that most of the class is over. But let's not forget the most important thing… I'M THE BEST IN THE CLASS!!


I like TOPIC because because we are learning about the Rainforest and how to save it :)


My favourite subject in school would probably be Art because you can use you imagination to do anything . Painting is really fun , colourful and MESSY!!! When I'm sad art cheers me up right away and you don't even need to be great at drawing!!! In Art I Usually draw Club penguin things like Puffles and Penguins of course! Rock on CP : D!!

FK Valencia:

Well,I have not one,not two but three subjects! My first subject is History because having knowledge is great for your future! Second is Geography because I loove learning about other countries. And finally Science because making models of interesting objects is so much fun! like rocket ships,boats and houses! I hope you like my subjects!

Jenjen1357 and seanboysean :

My favourite subject in school is silent reading because I love books and i love reading club penguin books and me and my friend seanboysean secretly trade club penguin cards under the table (so the teacher doesn't see)

My favourite subject is computer science because I like programming and building websites (I hope to make one as good as club penguin one day)


I really enjoy science. I really like it because I learn new interesting things about our world everyday of the school week! There is so much to learn and explore. I don't think science is a "school chore". It's a very fun way to learn! The experiments are very exciting, I love them so much! The only thing I don't like about them is that we have to work in groups (I am not very group fair) SCIENCE IS GREAT!!!!! Ever wondered why the sky was blue? Science can answer that!


My favorite subject is music and art


My favourite school subject you ask? Well it'd be cheating to say IT so I'm saying Art. Why? Beacause I love drawing or just basically making some kind of art so I can express my feelings and that feels good. Also it's alot of fun! Buuut sometimes it can be a little hard too... Anyway I still do love Art!


I really enjoy science. I really like it because I learn new interesting things about our world everyday of the school week! There is so much to learn and explore. I don't think science is a "school chore". It's a very fun way to learn! The experiments are very exciting, I love them so much! The only thing I don't like about them is that we have to work in groups (I am not very group fair) SCIENCE IS GREAT!!!!! Ever wondered why the sky was blue? Science can answer that!


I love also science


Hmm Thats A Hard One !!
But I Absolutly Love Geography !!
Even Though Art Is Pretty Much The Most Obvious One To Pick Because Its So Fun , Geography Is Important To Know About Our Beautiful Planet , About Where We Live , Other Countries And Their Cultures ;-)
I Live In Spain But As You Can Se I Speak English Because I Come From England And There Are Still Things I Dont Know About Where Im From So Thats Why I Love Geography !
Its So Interesting !!
-Lalokaa13 x


Wow Thats A Hard One But I Like Geography So We Can Find Out About Our Planet And Other Countries !
But I Suppose They're All Important !

Rico 7817:

Music! You get to use your imagination and create your own sounds! Great fun! Maths and science are waaay too confusing...D:


my fave is history and reading i read over 8 books a day! and the book is about 200 pages!


Mine is reading. Reading is very wise and quiet and peaceful,it makes your imagination blast with ideas! I have a blue book item and I write secret books about secret codes on cp! Waddle on!! From superrudey22


My fave subject is reading.reading can take you any place in the woord . It is cool


My favorite subject is math and science. I like science because I will need science knowledge for a few jobs I might want when I grow up. For example: a scientist, a vet, or even a soccer player. If I were to be a scientist, vet, or a soccer player I would also need math. Newton's Laws of Motion and +, -, x , /, & %.


It is around us right now and we're using it right now!!!! Math is my favorite subject because anything in the world can be expressed in numbers ( math). Also I like math for it is has helped us in our technology like the computer your using now to see this . Everywhere , anywhere is math from the people to the buildings to the cars. Without math we would be cavemen eating dirt.
- ♥ Pumpchkin21♥


I always wonder if Mike is Polish because he has "ski" at the end of his last name.


My favorite subject is social studies or SS for short. I like SS because it is fun learning who your country helped us win WW2 and its also cool how who guys have a french part of Canada that was discoverd by explorers in the mid 1700s. That is why SS is my favorite school subject!! WADDLE ON!!!


I like History the best! As some people, the more you learn about the past the more you will be prepared for the future!


My favorite school subject is art. When we go to art, I enjoy making things out of clay. I also like to draw pictures. When we are done with our work, sometimes we get free draw! When I get free draw, I practice drawing penguins and puffles. I get better almost every time! I show my pictures to my friends, and their like," oh my gosh! how did you draw that?" Waddle on!

Waddles Jr7:

Even though I don't like school my favorite is Art because you have to focus! And it takes practice to do the right art! And it is the most relaxing subject! I love to do art especially Abstract! Depending on your mood you can do that art! A lot of times I am bored and I want to do art so I do abstract!
One time I made a rainbow whale!!


I like art because you can draw any thing like a puffle a penguin and anything else I love art
And when I get to meddle school I'm gonna do art or drama class just like in club penguin I always go to the stage and get friends to play super fun


My favorite subject is writing, because you can get creative! It gives you the chance to express your self, and give things a little twist. Not enough action? Make there be! Not as funny as you want it? Make it funny! Who knows, maybe your teacher will like your little twist! Wow! The bell! See you in class!


My favorite subject is art, or music. I can never decide. The earth without art is just eh. But the earth without music is soundless to me.


My favorite subject in school is Reading. I like Reading because you get to learn new strategies and new vocabulary.


My favorite subject is Science! You learn things you never thought that existed. I love how some teachers even make projects like Volcano's or Expirements. Its so cool! Thats all. Waddle On CP!


Oh oh oh! Mine is licteracy my fav! beacause my teachers soo funny and epic XD Waddle on cp!


My favorite subject in school is art. I like art because I can express myself and enjoy it! Art is so fun because you get a break from math and language arts and just get to have fun!


This is hard. I love reading,writing and so many other things too. But if i had to pick one i would pick art. I'm a very arty person especialy cartooning, and mini animations. Without art i would probably die. My second favorite subject is music. I love to sing and play an instrument. ( I play Flute.)



Hi clubpenguin!Its Pikachu17777 about to tell you my favorite subject!
My favorite subject in school is Geography because its like a game!I remember the first time I had geography... in first grade,I even knew where Georgia was(the country,not the state) in southern Europe.Plus without geography, you wouldn't even have a place to live or
Clubpenguin couldn't have a location!If I had to place my favorite country, it would be Canada and the USA!
Thanks for listening Clubpenguin!


my favorite subject is science, becuase I like learning about the earth and animals. one day, are class begged the teacher to do science all day, it was funny. :)


I also love ART! I once made a comic about my favorite game character sonic the hedgehog. i love music, i love much more.

8hot dog8:

my favorite subject in school is science because anything can happen. right now people are bringing back an extinct animal I think is the mammoth. also because you can create anything. :) WADDLE ON PENGUINS!!!


I'm not sure if art counts as a subject, so my favorite subject has to be Language Arts!! It's my favorite subject because I love reading & writing!! When I'm reading it feels like I AM the character, and am experiencing everything the character is. When I'm writing, it feels like the same thing, except that I can control what's happening!! Bye!!
~ Jade048


My favorite school subject is language arts, because english is my first language and because my teacher makes learning a fun time in the last to periods of the day because she knows that we're all tired at the end of the day!

Starman 07:

My favorite school subjects are literacy and grammar. I like literacy because you learn to spell right, you learn to write good sentences, it helps you pronounce words right, and it teaches you to read better. My teacher makes me read and write all the time. When you grow up and have a job you have to fill out a form telling about you basically. You need to know what to right on the form correctly. That is why literacy and grammar are my favorite school subjects.


I like reading because everything around you is quiet .


My favorite subject in school is computers becuase it helps me know lots of computer things and a learn how to type different things
on the computer and I can help my friends if they don't get something and I get to go on Club Penguin sometimes and play with my friends in my class! And we tell each other which server to go on and we like plaing minigames together. WADDLE ON CP!!!!


My favorite subject in school above all is spelling! I know you might be thinking "WHAT?!", but I'm serious. The reason I like spelling is because I have a connection to spelling from when I was little. Once when I was 2, my parents caught me spelling out liscense plates in Spanish! So I think the best way to find your passion is to look into your memories and find yourself doing it. :)

Madden puss:

My favourite subject is history as I enjoy learning about what happened, how it effected our society and past affairs. It fascinates me how long our world has been going on and every new thing I learn to do with history the more interested I become in the subject. Many people would think history is very boring, but I am like a sponge and I am designed to soak up all the information I can. I really like history and it is my passion. This is why it is my favourite subject. My name is Sea Sea Down.


Hi CP my favorite subject is GEOGRAPHY!! I loved it since the day i learned it! I like it because you learn about earth and what is good to do for it like recycling and well i think we need it so much because its important so i think its awesome you learn how inportat earth is and how much you need it. I LOVE EARTH AND GEOGRAPHY!


Hi CP! My fave subject is probably German or Latin because I love discovering new countries and languages and traditions and everything! AND you get to go on school trips!
But I must say, despite what most people think, I quite like Maths because you get to draw circles and rectangles and even though it can be annoying sometimes it's cool because I love any excuse to draw! Waddle on, CP!


My fav subject in school is definitely art. I love art because I really enjoy painting and drawing and I'm really good at it too. I also like art because you get to be as creative as you want and I get to use my imagination to come up with crazy but absolutely amazing pieces of art work.


My favorite subject in school is art because I get to express myself onto a piece of paper. Even on CP I can express myself with what I wear or how I decorate my igloo. I think CP is where people can express their self in because art isn't just drawing and painting you can take it to a whole new level in telling others on how you feel.

Luke 99601:

My favorite subject is English because there are many cool things to learn in reading I'm in the sixth grade and I'm in Greek mytholegy reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Its very interesting. so










Pinky Puffle:

My favorite subject is Drama because you can become somebody else, and its so much fun, considering your not writing or sitting down all the time. Also you can be creative, and in my last group performance, it included throwing toy puffles at my friends XD


My favorite subject is math because I like adding,subtracting,and multiplucation.Waddle on!


My favourite subject has got to be Art. I enjoy drawing, as well as I like observational drawings. I mostly draw Club Penguin themed pictures without giving away that it has a small hint of Club Penguin spices! I also enjoy Batik, which is basically special wax and dye to make all sorts of patterns on fabrics. All you do is practice your design, then draw it on the fabric lightly with a pencil.
I really like Art, because I hope when I'm older, I could work with the team. Art is very important!


My favorite subject is English. Writing stories allows for creativity, and without that nothing would be possible! Waddle on!


My favorite subject is math because you get to learn new stuff everytime you do the math. And you get to sometimes play math games and their really fun! :)
You should do math everyday to learn more even in the summer! :)
Do MATH!!!
Waddle on!


• ~ Second favourite subject ~ •
I really enjoy reading. That could be extremely important for (possibly) working as a moderator/blogger for UK when I'm a little bit older.
You would need the skills to understand what people are saying, and if anybody is using offensive words,or words I don't like the sound of. Maybe even foul words. I certainly wouldn't like to see that type of behaviour. But I'd really hope if I actually did get the job, I wouldn't have to permanently ban anybody.


My fave school subject is...ALL OF THEM!!!Math is fun and easy, reading is great, science helps you learn about the world and space, and social studies is good for learning what went on before you were born. The special subjects are great too. They are all very fun.


My favorite subject in school is math. It's a very important subject that you need all your life. It's also fun too! Sometimes when my teacher shows us a pie graph he ACTUALLY brings in a real pie! Also I love to play math games like when we name all the prime numbers, and If someone says a wrong number or repeats, the whole class has to start over. I love gym and recess but math to me is the best!


Man This Is Hard. Im Going With Math. Math Was Really Hard At First, But Now Its My Second Or Third Highest Grade!!! I Really Like Learning About Space, But Nothing Beats The Math In Scaring!!! I Really Hope We Get To Meet Mike And Sully On The Island So They Can Teach Me The Math In Scaring! Waddle On Club Penguin!


My favorite subject is science when you learn about the body because you are learning YOU!


Hi cp. My favourite subject is pretty much math or drama 1. Math is fun and easy to me its something I enjoy. 2. Drama it is super fun and easy.
P.s sorry that I didn't choose one I love both of the subjects!


I like math because, its really important to learn and very fun. you can learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more..... I just think it's really mind also has reading involved too. I do very good at it and get A's and you can also use a calculator for problems you don't know... well sometimes. just not on tests. that's what my favorite subject in school. :) penguin name: danny2012


I like social studies cause I love to learn about what happened back then and stuff , I just love it. :)

Dead yellow:

I really love physical education also I LOVE science and Maths lol and playing with friends at playtime ( football, reading comics together) but out of all of them it'll have to be READING!!! I love reading and as always waddle on hope I'm picked!


well my favorite subject is art Because you can be creative and do good scary monsters! and good to be creative it can be funny clowns to funny buildings! think if you don't like art but like music (i like music also) and you had to do a music note for a school play art is what you do its fun!(thats what i think :) )



LOL! Scare on would of been better though.

New Jersy:

The only thing i like about school is recess. I like recess because you can do anything you want. You can play lots of fun and awesome games. I go to recess at school and i usually play games that cub penguin should put on the website ; ) WADDLE ON !


My favourite lesson has to be Computer Studies because you get a chance to explore the world of computers and learn how to use different programmes on your computer. It's also probably something that the coders at Club Penguin do so I found that pretty neat!


Music!!!!! I love music because i like to sing and hear music.And of course it is a school subject which make me feel good!!!


My fav school subject is Science! It's like being Gary the gadget guy doing research! I love finding out information about things I don't know already. I love to learn new things about things I know already! It's soooo cool! I hope there's a science lab in the Monsters University party! Waddle on!


I like science because you do crazy stuff like discover chain reactions electricity and how things may be like from another view. Plus, you get to do some science experiments to find out stuff, in MU you may need science maybe to whip up a scary spell or create useful scaring stuff. Until then Waddle On!


Music!!!!! I love music because i like to sing and hear music.And of course it is a school subject which make me feel good!!!


I like math because in math you get to solve problems-- I know grade 6, 7, and 8 without being that age


My favorite subject is art I love art when you do art its so peaceful and your expresing your self .


I am very anxious to see the film Monsters University :)
I would love if they put in Club Penguin would be the maximum :D, I would imagine as geneal and if put suits WWWWOOoowwww puffles and penguins around Club penguin SUPER and full of monsters go to the University, but I think it will be better than that :)


My favourite subject in school is art. because I want to be a artist or an animator someday!
by the way so excited Monsters inc . us back thank you Disney and Club penguin for the party!!!!!!

Waddle on!

glece 2:

my favorite subject is all of the subjects because with out them club penguin would not be even here so that's why i appreciate it.


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