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By Polo Field on June 3, 2013 - 13:38

Last week we asked what is your best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far?

I really liked Agent Hush's answer:

My #1 strategy is communication. Sometimes I'll flash a power card on the screen so that my teammates know that I'm waiting to use my power card for a combo. Also, if there are two snowmen within my range, I'll move towards one of them so that my fellow ninjas know that they should attack the other one. However, the GREATEST key to communication is to know how far your teammates can move, how close they have to be to attack, and how hard they hit. NINJA VANISH!

Very good strategy Agent Hush!

As for this week, with the announcement of the Disney/Pixar Monsters University Takeover coming to Club Penguin. We want to know...what is your favorite subject in school and why? Leave your comments below (50 - 75 words please!)

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



My favorite subject is math because you get to learn about cool stuff and without math I would not be ready to teach math when I grow up.


My favorite subject is history, because there is sooooooo much we can learn from those who gave everything to dicover new things and save the things they loved and a lot of things in the world would be different if people would just study history and learn from others mistakes and sucesses well thats why i love history ! waddle on C.P.


My favorite subject is Language Arts, because you can learn how to write stories, and share your writing to people. You learn to express your self when you, read and write. =)


Hello club penguin team! I'm liv3210 and my favourite subject is Math and art I just can pick which one I like better. I love math because you have to use your brain and think carefully and you also have to learn new techniques, it's great! I adore art ecsuse you learn new skills, about different artists and how to make your art work look affective. You learn how to harmonise, blend, about tints, line drawing and colour weel. Thank you!


My very very very favorite subject is science. Why did I pick that? Well I picked it because you can explore in science and use the microscope! Without science my life is terrible. I am a science geek!! So please I hope you change your opinion everyone . I would die if science was not around!!!


my favourite subject is math because i love multiplication.


My favorite subject is music because i really do love when everyone works together and makes something thats a couple of instruments into something so beautiful. and without art club penguin would just be a blank screen!

waddle on cp


My first favorite subject is math because math is the subject u would mostly use in your life to solve problems like bills and taxes. My second favorite subject is writing because writing stimulates your mind to being a good writer. My last favorite subject is art, art is so creative and u use your mind to think of interesting ideas.


My first favorite subject is math because math is the subject u would most use in life, like bills and taxes. My second favorite subject is art because math is creative and u use your mind to think of interesting ideas. My last favorite subject is writing because writing stimulates your mind to become a better writer. ~twinkle190~


ICT you get to go on computers and sometimes go on club penguin and try to find mastcots!


I love SCIENCE! It is so fun! You get to do so many cool expirements! One time in school we acctually made carbon dioxide ice (dry ice). I think everybody should try SCIENCE! It will be so fun for them.


I like math the most because many of my friends don't understand it, and since I do I can help them!


i have lots of subjects i have science reading math art so basically about everyone


My favorite subject in school is language arts because it helps you build your reading skills so you can read about different topics so you'll be smarter!


My favorite subject is math. I am a total math lover. I beat everyone in my class at a specific math test! If you ask me to do extra math homework, I would totally accept it. You've never seen me not do my math homework(except if I forget). I HEART MATH!!!


I really love math. Algebra is my favorite. There's a lot of tricky words in algebra. It's as fun as if you play a game! And there's puzzles too. But I am a total puzzle lover so I don't mind. Again, math, I think, is REALLY fun and my favorite subject!


My favorite school subjects are reading and gym because I love to read all the time. And I love gym because gym is so much fun and our gym teacher is really fun. We get to play really fun games in gym and once a year we get to have field day where we can get wet in some games.


My favorite subject is art ! You can express your feelings and thoughts in one picture. there is more to art than just scribing on a piece of paper!


I like math best because its easy and fun, if you know how to do it. Math is also in many different types of jobs, so its a good subject to like and be good at.

gloria sky1:

My favourite school subject would have to be art! I get to express all my inner thoughts and do whatever I want!


My favorite subject is gym because it gives you a chance to exercise your body. You can do things like jumping jacks, sit ups, push-ups, and more. Gym class can also help you with your hand-eye coordination. When you improve your hand-eye coordination, you can improve on lots of things, like throwing/catching a ball or swinging a bat. That is why gym class is my favorite!

Abby Girl761:

My favorite subject is music well it's like making art but first you plan to make the art/music then you make the art/music fianlly you can show your art/music. And in class if you're learning about music PAY ATTENTION TO THE TEACHER beacause they can acully hep you with your music and you dont have to pay (lol XD) and in our class its music week and today we brought in musical insterments and played and I learned some new notes!! :D


Computer Science. I like it because one day I want to make video games. There are a few other subjects you need to know in order to do it, like math. Think of it as Lego bricks. You need one to build more on to it.


my favorite subject in school is listening and following directions it will help you in your grades and get good grades too


My favorite subject in school is math because it is the easiest subject for me. If some people think that its hard then my teacher always shows us a shortcut and still get the right answer. Also math is needed almost every day. For example, when your playing a game and you lose points you use math. WADDLE ON!


My favorite subject in school is math because it is easy for me. It was like i was gifted in it. I like it because if its too long to do, my teacher might show me a shortcut. Also if it is really hard, i still like it because i like to take challenges. My name on Club Penguin is Blastcharge1


I like lots of subjects at school but my favourite yes u guessed it its MATHS!!!! Also second favourite is SCIENCE!!!!!! Especially astronomy


My favorite subject is reading!Reading is so pengtastic! You get to learn so much AND you don't have to rot you brain watching TV to learn all about the world and also TV might lie but some books give you hard cold facts!So I recommend you hit the books!(not really!Just read them!) ;D

POLka Dots84:

My favorite subject is totally history. I love to learn about the past! There's so many different time periods like Victorian times, Midieval times and so many more!! Theres so much to learn!! School is awesome! ;) Waddle on!

Polka Dots84:

My favorite subject is totally history. I love to learn about the past! There's so many different time periods like Victorian times, Midieval times and so many more!! Theres so much to learn!! School is awesome! ;) Waddle on!


My Favourite Subject Has To Be MATH! because you learn how to add,take away,devide and best of all learn times tables.
Math is very useful so Monster University Has To Include A Math Class!


i love mosters universe


my favorite school subject is Theatre because its such fun learning new stuff about broadway and our shakespear e.t.c. and we play games and watch videos. I also have very fun and loving class mates.


My favorite subject is social studies because in my class we get to watch videos, use computers, and make projects about what we are learning in class.

fredo peng:

My favorite subject history because i am doing the Ancient Greeks and its really exciting,intresting and awesome

5150 popo:

My favorite subject is technology. I like learning about how you can do different stuff on computer. Club Penguin was also made by computers. On emails are technology. I spread news about Club Penguin on my email too. technology is the world around us and its new every day. It is so enjoying and that is why I love it!


my favorite subject is math because it's easy to understand for me. At first I wasn't very good at it but after help from some friends now i'm a top student in math. my best thing is division and that was my worst at first!


my fav subject is Lunch because you get to hang out with your friends and eat lunch. My FAVORITE! Lunch is really fun! You also get to have recess! Sweet! Playing is fun at recess because there is nothing better than getting Active And having Fun


I agree Firebowl34


My favorite subject is math because it gives me an awesome challenge and sensation to learn more. Another favorite of mine is Science because we learn about bugs and layers of soil since these topics are new to me.

Waddle On CP!


my favorite subject in school is math because we learn things while having fun and because you ALWAYS use math in everyday life.


My favorite subject is science because I want to be a scientist when I'm older.

Enter nickname:

My favorite subject in school is history because we can learn about something very simple that has a very important backstory . I also like history because sometimes if the true backround of something is a mystery then there can be many ways of how it happened.Though we NEVER will know the right one.


My favorite subject is math! Math is logic! I love all the things on Club Penguin that have to do with math like all the Field Ops game! My favorite game is bits and bolts because you can multiply and add! Math is my favortie subject!


My favorite subject in school is Social Studies. I love to learn about my state and country and all it's history. It probably wouldn't be a fun place to be way back in time. But still, learning history is great. I can also learn from the mistakes people made back then and fix them. And of course I love to learn about other things in Social Studies, like Geography. I find Geography very fun if you like Social Studies as much as I do. I am always prepared when it's time for Social Studies.


Science or history. I like it both because history has loads of stuff from the past and science is quite interesting considering the fact you learn new things and how to do it. Also I agree with Discopop's idea.


My favorite subject in school would be hmm,...... READING!!!Because reading helps your brain grow and helps you read better and faster and also read BIGGER words! It will help you in the future too..TRUST MEH! Waddle on CP! ;)


I like writing because you can write about any thing and it doesnt have to be real it can be in all types of different styles like letters or stories. There isnt a limit anything is possible like a purple tap dancing can be adventures scary sad happy ;many things are possible. :-)


I love English, Drama and Art! I love English because I love reading, writing stories and club penguin os usually my inspiration! I love Drama and Art because I am very artistic! X.


I like reading and here`s some reasons why, when someone needs help reading something you can help, or when you want to cook/make something you need to read the instructions, or when a pet is lost you can to read the name tag,or when you want to know what a penguin is talking about, the more you read the more you can read faster. So that`s some reasons why I like it and I hope you like it to! And you know what they always say... WADDLE ON PENGUINS!


My favorite subject is reading and social studies because if you cant read you cant read books, advertisements, or magizines. If you learn history you can change bad things going on in the world.


My favorite subject is science! Specifically Geology. I love studying rocks and minerals!


my favourite subject is chemistry because you get to learn all sorts of formulae like how to make reactions and make things bubble so it would be better if the island had a lab in the university


I love math,ss,tech,gym,art,and music because i love it


I have to say, my favorite subject in school would need to be math. Its just fun when I do basic math like 3 times 2 or something. But its the topic that is really fun to do games with and study with. Now I need to go study...


I really like school and reading! But my favorite subject in school is definitely geography and science. I like learning abut our ecosystem and the human body! I love Geography because I like learning about people and different places! What are you guys' favorite subject when you guys were in school?


My favorite subject in school is Math. Math is my favorite because every other subject has only one correct answer. But you can do math in many different ways! I don't think it's a coincidence that Bits and Bolts is one of my favorite games! Someone that is good at math would probably be a pretty good EPF agent, Gary's #1 assistant!


My favorite subject is Science because its something you learn with every subject. Reading,Math and History too,! Ever since I was in Preschool I wanted to be a Scientist! I walked up to that stage yelled into a microphone that this is what i wanted to be when i grow up! I was proud. I'm going into forth grade this year and I will get to learn more Science! Plus most of the stuff we use today is made from Scientist, in fact what I am typing on is Science! GOOOOO SCIENCE!!!!!

Astro Master:

I love Math. It's used all around us and we never even know it. Everything involves math.


I really enjoy Creative Writing. At our school, you get to learn about different types of poems, and then write some of your own. Or sometimes you can write short stories, or do acrostics. I like writing short stories, whether it be about clowns, a president or a pair of shoes. When I get an idea for a story, I just have to scribble it down somewhere. And Creative Writing is the perfect thing for that!

Green ball27:

My favorite subject in school is math. For some reason math is one of my top grades. Math is anything. You see math as long as you go on. Math is my favorite because it's dealing with numbers and if you learn math real good, some people may think your smarter then them. LOL. Also because you get to do math in many different ways. Like for some reasons lets say your trying to solve a math equation. There are many different ways to solve it. Some people like it one way while others like it another


My favorite subject would have to be social studies! A lot of people probably wouldn't agree with me, but it is a fun subject. I'm really good at geography and memorizing country flags, and I like to learn about other parts of the world that I don't know much about. It's also interesting to learn about our worlds history and get an idea of what is was like back then. Over all, I like most every subject, but social studies totally tops the others when it comes to my favorites (except art :))


my favorite subject is science! its science because you learn about A LOT. like how the earth was formed, or how chemical reactions happen, or how AWESOME my teacher was!!!!!!!!!!! it was a great opportunity to learn everything she taught us!

p.s. cant wait for the MU takeover!


Em Prin:

My favourite subject will HAVE to be science! One, I enter the science fair every year. Two, I just about get A's in every class. And three, it is just so fun! WADDLE ON! Em Prin :)


hey everyone thanks for commenting! no, im not a club penguin team member, but i bet they all appreciate it!


Jump start:

My favorite subject is math because you get to add and subtract it is fun


Hmm... My favorite topics are Social Studies and Science! I like them because you learn about things on earth and out of the world for science! Social Studies Because you learn about the history and legends of the countries and your own nation! I think these subjects are out of this world!! You would get a S.C.A.R.E Scholarship at monsters University!

Mr danny5:

I like math because I love to regroup. :]


I like art as my favorite subject because you can express your self though feelings and emotions. Plus you can learn somethings from it
like math. I think it is pretty cool but I do not know about you?You know art is a part of animation. So Club Penguin could not be made without art. I even use Disney Create . Well I hoped you liked it . Peace Out Club Penguin !!!!!


Well, we have specials in school and my favorite special is computer because I can go on Club Penguin! My favorite subject is spelling because I always get a score of 100 on every test. So far I had a 100 on every test since the start of 4th grade! Now 4th grade is almost over, I better get spelling!

Bad thing I need to say bye to my friends...:(

So long!


Hiya peeps,

I love school there is so many subjects to choose from! Why just pick one favorite subject. My favorite subject is all the subjects. School is an exciting building to learn from so my favorite subject is all of them.

Yous Truly,

Gary Thunder:

The subject in school that I like best is Social Studies! The reason why I like it is because sometimes I come up theories that also happend in history! Also it is just so fun to learn about history! Sometimes I find some stuff about people in history that i did not even know! For example, Tomas Jeffreson (One of the presidents of America) had Autism! Sometimes I want to know about my ancestors that were in American history! That is why I really like Social Studies and I hope you like it to!

Evie Mcphey:

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I wuz v only one who made up theories for special dates and figures for history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, they're more like conspiracies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kibbles rocks:

I'm in 4th grade so cut me some slake.But,I would LOVE to be in "Forend-Languages"!
So you can see how different,PLUS if you go traveling you won't be in a awkward silents!:P


Math is my favorite subject due to the fact that math is everywhere. In everything you see math is involved. You can see math from ice cream shops to road construction. School is very important always do your best and you will have a great future.


My favorite subject is probably English/ Language Arts! I love to read and write my own stories and learn new writing skills to try different types or writing and grammar. English also helps you when you are older! I LOVE ENGLISH!


My favorite school subject is buddy reading. Buddy reading is my favorite subject because you and your buddy get to work together and discuss the answers with eachother. Plus you can help your buddy!WADDLE ON -Louissimms21 I Love School and cp!


my favorite school subject is math because it makes me smarter


life science and sport


my subject that i love the most is reading,math,science,art, and technology because it is alot of smartness without it MY LIFE WOULD BE RUIN!!!

Marble head :

I like social studies the best because you could learn the history of this country.(Club Penguin.)


My favorite subject would have to be Health Class and German. Health, because we get to learn about the human body and German, so if German tourists arrive, we can say things like 'Wat ist _____' or "Guten Tag!'
-Jake30201 :)


My favorite subject is math (especially algebra.) It feels great when you get a tough problem right. You use it every day and it's necessary if you want to pay for something. I am also very fond of reading but math is great for setting goals.


Your right

booy 6:

my fav is art cuz i can draw what i want
its so much fun to do and when your done you have it for ever :D


Lunch is my favorite.

bigboi 04:

my favorite subject is spelling because in school spelling is my fave subject in school id always get a good grade and it helps me figure out words that I don't know how to say because I can look in my spelling book and look for a spelling part and it helps me spell in club penguin


My favourite topic is ICT because we get to go on scratch and make video games, I tried to make card jitsu snow last time, and it worked brilliantly, I hope that I can create water and fire too, it's hard to program but definitely fun to play.
Waddle on! Wenlock12 xx


My favorite subject has to be reading and science because I love reading new books and discovering more detail and history about the book and I like science because I love learning new things about plants, animals, and people.


my favorite subject in school is science. I like science because of all the experiments. like how scientist find out about medication to cure our sickness. and science experiments for fun like vinegar and baking soda. and science connects with math alot. i'm so glad science is a subject.


Well, I don't like school that much, but my favorite subject is math. Math is very important because almost everything we do has to do with math, but we just don't realize it! And, I think math is kinda fun. I like working the problems out and stuff like that.

Waddle on,CP!



my favorit school subject is scinece it is super cool and you get to discover things more than any subject i love that subject


My favorite subject is (drumroll).... ALL OF THEM!! Some subjects include history, math, science, art, reading, writing, P.E, making new friends, and most importantly ...TEAMWORK. With all of this stuff and more, we can do anything! If you stay in school and learn, you can acomplish anything you want. I think smart kids can help kids who cant do well in a subject. WADDLE ON EARTH!


My favorite subject is art! It's just inspireing to me. I love drawing painting sketching coloring and designing! We have the best art teacher ever! One of my best drawings was the disco animals. Without art my life wouldn't be the same. In kindergarten I was artist of the month in april. I love drawing at school and home and any where. I love drawing games. But I'm sad MY ART TEACHER IS RETIRING

From sunshine8993
:) :$0

bigboi 04:

forget what I said because I don't think what I just said makes sense


I like reading because when I dive my nose into a good novel I feel like I've entered a whole new world, plus we use reading in so many everyday activities.

Dilan Huss:

I think I like maths because you need maths in everything so I like maths the best I even use maths for card jitsu


My favourite school subject would be story writing because you can go creative plus gets your brain thinking and you can do almost ANYTHING.Thats why my favourite school subject is writing stories
Waddle on cp!
From Cutie889sa


My favorite subject in school is science, because it will help you a lot to know how there is day and night, how long it takes the moon to rotate and the Laws of Physics are good to know too. Without science, we wouldn't know how computers are made or anything, so there wouldn't be CP without science!!!!


My favorite subject in school is Writing because you get to write stories. Whenever I'm bored, I write stories about Club Penguin. I'm even in the middle of writing one. A little bit of imagination can make a big difference.

red bird 2004:

math and reading:math,i love 2x6 reading: i get to wight : }


Do you expect me to choose one subject?! Well... I love art and music, no doubt about it. So why? You may ask... I love art because it is fun and easy for me and music is plain fun (not when I can't do something though). The main reason that I like these subjects are because... Uh... You don't do as much thinking and concentrating like the other subjects!


My favorite subject would have to be Reading! It's fun and takes you to a whole new world! It's like exploring a new place. And, you need it for everyday things.


My favorite school subject is social studies I have an A+ in it and it is fun and easy to you should do it is AWESOME!!!:)


My favorite subject is totally Social Studies! ( even though there's nothing social about it ) I love that I get to learn about the history of the world and all the presidents of the United States so far! I also like learnig about the time Aberham Lincoln was alive. I like the way he helped free the slaves even if a war started! I also think the wayHarriet Tubman helped over 300 slaves become free! I like IDR ( Independent Daily Reading ) because I get to read anything I want to read.


I like social studies cause I just really enjoy learning about things, people, and places from the past.


I like computers! In MY school it has that. So cool, this is ALSO a computer site! Oh! But there's more! I am in first grade! Like other schools, it has rules. We have computers because it makes you LEARN

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!


I LOVE math cuz its fun and you get to sometimes color in your math books ( grade 1, grade 2 grade 3). Also sometimes in math you get to use yummy food like cookies and pie to divide, multiply, subtract and add, so yeah that's why i think math is fun


i like math cuz math is important in ur daily life,also math can help in ur life like how many feet are in a yard or something.Math helps in many ways.Math is in our daily life,math is everywhere in our daily life,we use math every time if nobody knew.


My favorite subject is art because it's my passion and I'm an artistic kind of person and I LOVE drawing club penguin stuff! To me art is the best subject EVER! Plus, when I'm bored, I'm either playing club penguin, or drawing a picture. Whether I'm drawing stick people or a realistic palm tree, I call it art. From: rosepinkhear


i love school and my favorite subject is math. i like math because you will need for the future like fractions and multiplication. If school wasn't invented we wouldn't be so smart and building would need math.


My most favorite subject is MATH! It will help me know how many coins i need to buy things in the catalog. Plus, it's easier with numbers with math! And if there were no math, how would we count how many players we need in a game! Class dismissed


My favorite subject is art- I'm a creative person, and have been in art class since I was 4. I also LOVE Physical Education because i'm also a really sporty and brave girl, and I love after school cartooning. What do you like, daffo? 00

Goaliequeen3 :

My favorite subject is so art. I love art because I love to style, create, and use my imagination. WADDLE ON @ CP - goaliequeen3!


the study of mythology is cool because of the powers

Evie Mcphey:

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV MYTHOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mainly 'cos it's based in ancient history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject is theatre, I have always loved acting, I'm planning on becoming an actress, I'm not shy to say something in a script and I love it when I make people laugh in a play with a weird voice or a weird face. It's a really creative and fun subject, there's a reason why I love it so much...


oh,thats a hard one because i love all subjects.But,i would have to say math because we use math in our daily lives ALL the time,even when your not thinking about for an exampl,cooking,working at a store sometimes,and even working in your house to!
waddle on CP

ipad guy 717:

my favorite subject is science because i love learning about the human bod. Heres a fact if you stretch every blood vessel in your body and lay them on a table they can reach to 60,000 miles the can go around the world a couple times and an average brain can think up to 75,000 thoughts a day and if your really smart you can think more than 100,00 thousand thoughts a day!! i love learining about the human body so thats why my favorite subject is science


Fascinating! Science is an interesting subject :)

Enter nickname:

do you learn about the respitory system?


Wow that reminds me of my science teacher I miss her :(


My favorite subject of all time is definitely vocal. I am a vocal major at my school and I just can't get enough of it! I am also in the honor choir at my school! Also this year my choir was invited to be a featured choir at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C! I love vocal because it has created so many fantastic opportunities for me! Without my vocal classes I don't think I would be complete!


I like social studies the most because ice always enjoyed reading about Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology in the Percy Jackson and the Kane chronicles books, by Rick Riordian. The books help me understand some of the names and events included in my studies. Waddle On!!!


Flipper Five Haloguy119!! Rick Riordan is my absolute fav!!!! He teaches history and fantasy all in one in his best selling series!!! Go Mythology!!

P. S. Haloguy119, I will friend you! Please accept the request from Admaster512!! WADDLE ON!!


My favorite subject is all of them,they are all important because they help us grow mentaly and to be able to know what is right and what is wrong,without them what will we do? I don't know the answer but i know that we should apreciate each one of them and our tearchers,we should thank them for what they had teach us.

Have a great day
redgo2(p.s. my acount is in the spanish languege)


You're right


yea i agree! that was amazing! of what he said! I LOVED IT!!


I like Science best! It is so awesome that you could even make explosions everywhere! Others think Science is hard but they are wrong! Science is for those who are smart just like me! SCIENCE IS THE BEST SUBJECT EVER MADE ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MY FAVORITE SUBJECT IS MATH. If you ask my friends they might say I like math too much. Math is my favorite subject because math is fun. Multiplacation , division, addition, and subtraction, They might not seem fun to you but they do to me. Once when we were learning about ordered pairs in math we got to play battle ship!


I like math because I really want to be a meteorologist when I grow up!


I love science because i get to have fun projects in 5th grade i get to blow things up build rockets and fly them its fun!

Dee Jaay :

My favorite class is math class because at my school, we do fun math.


My favorite school subject is science. Why, because science is a subject where you can do some very unique and exciting activities! Like with magnets and chemicals, although you must wear safety gear for stuff you may get hurt. Stay safe and Waddle On!


Social Studies brcause I have the best teacher and it is so interesting. I wish I could be in his class next year too. I also like science because it is really interesting to learn about atoms and other things.


I really like reading as one of my favorite subjects. The other is Social Studies. I don't know why. ( I'm in third entering fourth after summer break! ) And everyone reading this, have a good summer and day! Peace ;), Love <3, Be Happy :D, and Waddle On :), Kowlski2


I love reading because it makes you smart also writing it helps me get my grades up my most favorite off all is science it the projects they are always fun!


Well, my favorite subject in school was always art. I always had an artistic feeling in me and I felt, in art class, that I could exspress it. So my favorite class in school was, and will always be art, because I still love to do art, and both me and my teachers see that. I feel very passionate of this subject, and so it will always be a favorite. :)


I'd say reading I helps your grammar and you can go on a adventure at the same time

Amie Pond:

my favorite subject is... MATH multiplacation actually cause everytime i practice I get faster and faster at it now what is 12 x 11=? easy 132! see? and i sometimes at home or school i challeng my sibling or friends! but i sorta like social studys too i like learning history like about texas the alamo well bye waddle on cp

Enter nickname:

My favorite subject math. Math is fun for me. Not many people like it so I am proud. Every year I am excited for school and I think kids should have fun in school know madder if it is in real life, a game, or even on a website. Math is fun and when I learn shapes and cool new things it makes me excited to learn. Thank you school


My favorite subject in school is art because it lets you use your imagination and creativity. Art is a great strength to me and all of you guys. You use art to create club penguin and to style your penguin.
Waddle on,


Hi I'm fusiaberry my fav subject is art why? Because you really get to express your self and how your feeling and just be happy you really show how your felling and it's just so fun and you just be yourself and get out what's inside yourself and it just takes to a whole different world and its so peacfull and you just show who you are and you just draw when your mad you can just get it out on paper and just show how you really feel inside and be who you are in art WADDLE ON!!!!!

Enter nickname:

My favorite subject in school is science. I like science because I'm usually the first in my class finished with the project. I like this because usually my teacher lets my help my friends with their projects. I really like helping them because if they don't understand it, I can always easily explain it to them. I do really love helping my friends because when I don't understand something, they help me. Thanks to all of you!


My favorite subject in school is technology! Its my most favorite because I like learning about computers and playing on them like playing Club Penguin!


In school, my favorite subject is band. I love to learn new songs and play on my instrument. Our teacher is really funny and he tells us awesome stories about band. I play the clarinet and to me it is really fun. The songs we play tell a story. We played a few songs that were in some movies. Like Pocahontas. We perform at concerts. At first you get really nervous but later you get used to it and it doesnt bother you anymore. This is why my favorite subject. WADDLE ON ~Sushi3008


I love READING. Reading is so interesting. You'll use it for the rest of your life. Its like math but without numbers,but with words. IM SO EXCITED FOR THE MONSTER UNIVERSITY PARTY. Waddle On Everyone. '[:)


I language arts because I luv to read


Math, science, P.E., library, and that should be it. I'll post more if I think of any.
Waddle on club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject is math because i learn alot of new this and have fun too!

Wreck Ralph:

I think that Math would be the best subject ever because it is important and it may be needed anytime like buying many things and you need to know how much or if you are a cashier and not needing to use the thing for seeing how much, or if you went to many places and spent a lot of money then somebody asked you, " How much do you have left?" And you don't know how much do you have and you do not know how much using Math is better. Wreck Ralph.


My favorite subject is everything because I love to learn, but my very very favorite are another languages and social studies .


My favorite is History, it"s know the history of Mexico


Hey Club Penguin! My favorite subject would have to be English. I really enjoy learning all about grammar and how its used in texts. I also love typing up small stories on my computer, which strengthens my learning in this subject.

My penguin name is George69453 and thank you.


Well realy I love anything at school because I love to learn a little bit of anything , but realy one of my favorite subjets is learn new languages such as spanish or italian. Also Iike social studies beacause for my is important to learn more think about our history, our origin.I love this one because when I grow up I be a diplomatic.

Waddle on!


Math, science and art are close friends to me in school


But I'd have to say that I really enjoy Band/Music also because currently I'm studying the clarinet and piano, and I am having a blast with both.


Well I have a lot of favorite subjects but one of my most favorite ones is gym! Gym is my favorite because it gets you moving active and the best part is gym is fun! Not only that but as studied gym and exercise makes the brain active and ready to learn! It also wakes you up!!! - Pluto10500


my favorite school subject is concert band it's very fun and it teaches discipline. Its also fun to hear other people play their instruments, but the best thing about band is that you perform in front of the whole school.

Waddle on!


I like to keep my brain full of ideas! thats why i like them because not even just good for you! it is fanastic for you! you can love enjoying some art science and more! now that schools over we can make little classrooms in our igloo's on june 6th! we can have fun like we are teachers! i think this would be a good idea for school items! i had fun at the hollwood party where we could get school items too! i love school alot! club penguin is so creative ! - marfandpeace waddle on! :3


Well I have a LOT of favorite subjects. It's really hard to decide but I guess it's Math because I like it a lot and we use it everyday. My favorite part of math is division and multiplication because it is really fun





My favorite subject is chemistry, computation and history because they are special courses so learn to be better every day greetings club penguin team
Ps: please post my comment


My favorite school subject is deafeningly READING! I feel like I lose just lose myself in whatever book that I'm reading. Reading is also one of the most important subjects in school because without good reading skills it will be very hard to find a really good job/career when you grow up. Well anyways, reading is my favorite school subject especially since it's always been something i'm good at.



My favorite subject is reading because i am the BEST reader in my class at my school and i laways got hte words read right and i lvoe school and its Good to learn of reading and its very fun u get to partner read iwht friends on storys and u do tests on ur current story ur on its one of the best subjects ever in school and ive always studied for lots of reading tests and reading is really fun and learning for u i hope u get to be great readers
Teddy11202 Waddle on!!=)

Kelly Ann:

I would have to say that my favorite subject in school would have to be math.It really helps me right now and it will when i'm older! I like how it trains your mind for problems and how to solve them quickly.

WADDLE ON P.S. : I can't wait for the Monsters University Party :-P


I love science, its fun because you can test stuff,and you can find out how it works.




The takeover has different mascots. Like Mike Wazowski and James Sullivan.


My favorite is science because we get to open frogs and do cool things and ware lab coats and googles


I like lunch is boring and mostly school is LAME.....Peace out.


I like P.E because then we get to play a lot of games like dodgeball and kickball!


And we would almost be nothing without Social Studies. And I can't do art so I don't like it. But I'm good at math. It's like Im the detective in training!

Geri N:

My favorite subject is science because you get to learn more about life.


I love science. It would be so cool if club penguin would let us do science experiments like Gary! Lets go science!


My fav subject is........ ART




I like writing the best because we write stories and I love to use my imagination.

Optimus 231:

I like Gym because i just like playing dodgeball.


My favorite school subject is Math. Math is very important in your life, it is used everyday.
It can also help you with recipes, building and even can help you with your coins!
Math can use some varieties in Science and some other subjects you learn in school.
But for now, Scare to get a good grade!


my favorite subject in school is math because i love adding to sums together and getting all of my sums correct :)


my favorite subject in school is P.E. i like P.E. (physical education)because i love playing games with my friends and i love to run
did u know that when we run our hearts beat faster so that means that we are getting the right energy?


My favriote subjecit is math cuase its easy.My frist time i was a little shy but then i kept geting it how was math like 5+10=15.But then et got harder like 9 x 12=?.Then i kept practicing and i got it right and even on the crct or fact test i pass and im going to fourth garde.If i didn't parctice i would of stayed at thrid grade.
Thats my best subject.
Waddle on!

Reading Gal1:

I absolutely love to read! I have loved reading since I was a little kid! I love all kinds of books. I like Sherlock Holmes, The Sisters Grimm (by Michael Buckley, I like NERDS (also like Michael Buckley). I like the book The Penderwicks and the book Whatever After. You get the point I LOVE to read. I am entering a contest for reading too.


I LOVE math and science! I love to learn about Astronomy, Chemistry, Ecology, and also to learn new ways to solve math problems. I am really awesome at memorizing things too. I also LOVE orchestra. I play the cello in the advanced Orchestra at my school. I am in second chair and I have played for about 3 years now. It is sooooooooooooo fun! I really actually love all the subjects but my favorites are math, science, and orchestra. (To everyone: study for your tests and pay attention in school!)


my favorite subject in school is history because i love learning about Americas past presidents and learning about our past leaders and who made a difference like Martin Lluther king jr.


My favorite subjects art ,drama and math
Art:I'm not sure why but I like drawings and we do lots of things and we hear music wile we draw
Drama:we see movies and we act I love acting I wish I could be an actor when I grow up and we can pick groups however we want
Math:I think it's kind of easy and more multiplication i am really good and love it
All are important for when we grow up





My favorite subject in school is math. That is my favorite subject because I get to solve head-scratching problems. Also, math helps me to find out things. Math also can help me with some of my missions! I also like writing because I have my own things to write and I have a creative mind. Once, I wrote a story about puffles and I described how fuzzy and furry they were! This is why math and writing are my favorite subjects!


Waiting the club penguin catalog and this activities.................


I messed my favorite subject is math!

Tanqterr :

Well, my favorite subject in school is science because I can learn all about the whole in a different way! From the basic units of life to the whole world! I can even learn how life always started! Its so much still to learn but there's so much I want to know about this world.
Waddle On Cp.


My favorite class, is Social Studies! I love to learn current events, and past events, and about the whole world! I think its better because it covers several different subjects, in one thing!


My favourite school subjects are art, english and drama. I always get good grades for english, and art and drama are some of the few school subjects in which you can express yourself in and they are just so fun! Also, I want to be an actor, an artist, an author or an illustrator when I'm older so these subjects help me a lot! :)
Waddle On! ~Freezer84668


My favorite subject is science. I get to do fun projects, and I love learning about all the planets. I just love flipping open the textbook and reading whatever paragraph's in front of me. I still don't understand how the whole human body works, but there's so many other things to learn in science, like matter, and space science. Also, science is all around you, like when you're looking into the stars, boiling water, or planting a flower in the garden. Waddle on CP! ~Hooray76400


my favorite subject in school is either art or gym... ART because in art class you let out your inner self, and you make a lot of effort to create a feeling in a painting that can be awesome. GYM because in gym class you play awesome games and still work out in a fun way. Because of these subjects in school, my day at school feels like 30 minutes instead of 8 hours. i love those things.


I like drama because my drama teahcer is EPIC and we learn lot s of new things everyday. Words, techniques, shouting, we learn it all even math equations. I love being up on stage to xpress my self :D


I like math. I like how you learn how to multiply, divide, subtract, and addition is my favorite. I like adding the three digit numbers and I also like dividing. I like how you always know right away because it is basically the opposite of multiplication. Multiplication is fun because (well I can't really think of a reason for that :D) subtraction is fun too!


My favorite subject is art.It let's you express your creativity! I may not be good at it,but art never has to be perfect! Thanks for the question Cp team! Waddle on!


my favorite subject would have to be social studies because you can learn about the past and how everything was back then and it also has to relate to scaring too!!!!School is fun but I can't wait until summer 4 days away!!!CLUB PENGUIN ROCKS


My favorite subject would be Science! Especially Science about the Space and Universe! Its incredible and surprisingly the Universe. There over MANY planets, and unknown living creatures out there! Its impressive and really cool learning about the Sun, the Solar System, and many stuff MORE! The limited imagination of the Universe is well...actually UNLIMITED! The Universe holds MANY secrets and surprises we didn't even KNEW about, not even the scientists! Its incredible and interesting about it!


My favorite subject is ,math because we need it later on in life like for business


history because i like to learn a lot of history

48 Red Rose:

I enjoy all of my subjects in school, but my absolute favorite is SCIENCE! Science is amazing because it is involved with every living thing on earth. I get to learn about why our bodies function the way they do. Also, science is a big part of the career I want to do when I get older! (Marine Biologist) :) k well waddle on penguin buddies!


My favorite subject in school is Art. I like Art because you can draw anything you want in your mind.
I think maybe in Pixar monster university they maybe think monster were real or maybe they think that monster will
come in the future...


I would pick art to be my favorite subject! Because, i love making my own art and design! Or i get to learn more art stuff for more designs! And one time i was so creative,i thought..."why not make a baby version of a character...on regular show" then i made it perfectly! And everyone in my class loved it!!


Why shouldn't THEY be the monsters in Card-Jitsu Snow?



My favorite subject in school is science because once my class made a volcano. It was SOOO cool when it exploded soo high ~Anabelja8

Corn Sky:

I Really Like History class. Because why I Like History is because i have good teachers and friends in my class. History is so fun and easy.


My favorite subject is literally science because in science,I find ALL kinds of great stuff!!!If I never ever learned science,I would have never learned all of the astonishing things I had learned!I would have probably be less smarter and I will not want that!!!Plus,without science,I would have less knowledge.

P.S.People think that science is boring,but it's not!OK?


My favorite school subject is music. Music is my favorite school subject because I am in band so I understand what the music teacher is talking about. My music teacher makes it fun to learn for me and my friends. Also my music teacher is funny and has a fun game for us to play almost every week.


My favorite subject in school is Art. Yesterday, June 3rd, we made kites! Today we got to fly them and put longer strings. I love all our art protects! We do like 3 every month. I also like math, but that's a WHOLE NEW STORY and ill tell it I guess. I've always loved multiplication and division. Math and Art are awesome! School is great and fun!
Your penguin,
Maxine324 P.S. Waddle On Club Penguin!

Lego man1045:

I've got to give it to robotics class. I have so much fun since my dad has his own business "fox data" and I also like Lego and they have lego robotics!Now that's what I call having fun In school!!!!!!

Agent Kr:

In school, my favorite subject is literature. I love literature because I love to read! I can read very quickly, and have many books. I also love literature because we all read things every day. For example, everyone reads in Club Penguin! We can use literature everywhere we go and in everything we do!

im a unicorn:

my favourite subject in school would probably science because i love doing experiments and i like learning about the animals, plants, and ecosystem. i also like the subject art because it makes me think of different creative things and colorful things to do.

agent P206:

My favorite subject is history because everybody like wars so I love war games like black ops2 so that is why I love history but club penguin will always be my favorite game!


my fav subject is drama since I go to an art school and we get to learn stage design what the difference is between a dialogue and accents. also we get to perform monologues and skits. plus the fact that I get to perform with my friends and I have the best theater teacher ever!


My favorite subjects are math and computer science. Math because it is so easy and fun, especially multiplication. Computer Science because it is interesting to learn how to program. In computer science a language I want to learn is C++, and I want to write computer programs for Club Penguin.

-chill ;-)


my favourite subject is drawing and maths because i like to draw club penguin things and i'm really good


i like science it rules i like it because you get to make expariments on stuff i love science when i grow up i want to be a meteoroligist who studies weather i would love to be on the news and do the weather but totally science rules


My favorite subject is lunch because I get to spend time with my friends and have a break from all that learning.
(P.S I don't live in America)


My favorite subject at school is everything it gives you the skills you need like P.E helps you get fit, mathematics helps you be smarter you can be good at so many things reading,writing,science and so much more.If you do good you you might have a brighter future, a good job.We learn whats right and whats wrong,if we don't what will we do?We should thank our teachers for teaching us.School makes the world a better place.


My is music.


My favorite subject is all especially science and social studies cause you learn about the history also school helps you when you grow up cause if you dont go to school you will dont learn anything when you grow up and cant have a job cause you need to learn before getting a job and school is really important you cant answer anything and you also can help others cause sometimes other people has having a hard time at subjects you can help them so they can be smart like you



All subjects are my favorite theres no subject which I dislike . I always study every subject thorrowly . And in every country people has their own national language which they learn and like it much better than other languages or subjects. But I think every subject is nice and why they are taught in our schools? ,so that a student could know about everything like our past, present and the most important future, surroundings etc. so all subjects are taught for our good and success


Hummmmmmm. I guess my favorite subject would be.... a tie between Science and English. They are just both so fun! Science because in this past year I studied earth science, and it was so amazing to see how everything in the solar system works. English, well, mainly because that is what I get the highest grades in!! LOL!!!
~ Pinkpink2258


my favorite subject in school is reading. I like reading because its good for ur brain. in our school we have AR reading and we have to reach a goal. I am the first to reach it. I have been reading two grades above my real grade. I LOVE READING my username is coolz2014

Pingu Gupta:

Computers as i love doing research and playing club penguin on a computer!!
Please post more blogs cp!!??
Waddle On!


very simple, maths and physics with computer studies the three most easiest subjects


My favorite subject has got to be PE, the one school subject that is just as fun as reassess. You can shoot hoops with a basketball, do a few jumps with a jump rope, play football or capture the flag, all that fun stuff. It gives you a monster workout. Scare on monster university.


my fav subject is reading beacause it'll help you write in way.And give great information about really important stuff or we could read just to have laugh. you could alsolearn about the history of our country and other countrys


maths because i'm on the top table & im a 4a level when I'm in year four highest in the class


My favourite subject is art because I get to unleash my creativity!!! And whenever we're doing group work I get to share my creative ideas with my friends!!!! : )

peng anurav:

My favorite subject is third language because I love to learn new languages and I will use them when I will go to other countries for education. Awesome fact-Sometimes to learn new languages I change the language of Club Penguin!!!

Waddle On!!


my favourite subject is Chemistry because of its good elements like oxygen which helps us in survival of life and there are also many elements which are very injurious to health. And the almighty water is also getting polluted and trees and environment gets polluted so we need to plant trees. I am working to break the pollution existence.


well i'm not in school at the moment but my fave subjects are easy: art and reading ;)


My favorite subject everything because the four subjects:language arts,social studies,math, and science are somethings teachers teach us.They teach us these four subjects so we can get ready for the real world.math explains taxes and adding and measurement.Social studies teach us about the cultures of each country and teaches what's inside our body and nutrients.language arts teaches us reading and learning new words.we should thank the school and all of our teachers for teaching us


I Like History Because You Learn About The Romans In Year 3 And Vikings. I Also Like P.E Because It Always Makes Me Sweat We Do Gymnastics. My Last Subject I Like Is Art Because You Get To Paint Sketch And Draw. Please Let Me Know If I Win By Replying!

Ayaan Khan:

my favorite subject is science because i love to learn how things work i even learned at what speed light travels it travels at 300,000,000 km per second and 270,000,000 miles per second to i learned what dinosaurs lived at which age and how were dinosaurs extinct and animals keep themselves warm during the winters and cool during the summers i even learned about the human body.


My favourite subject is art. It surprising I am good at it but I love it because you get to make awesome stuff and the art your teacher has ready for you is awesome too! For example- we are doing a unit on China and we made paper lanterns to go around the room!


My favourite subject in school is science. Though my class is just two year away from being seperated from each other because of the different ways we will choose to go, we still have lotsa fun especially in science period. Maybe this is because our science teacher gives us the time of our lives. It might also be because i am really good at the subject and i get really good marks so my teacher is really proud of me. :)


My fave subject is all of them! You get to learn so much!I love P.E because you get to be so fit and healthy.And writing is fun!You can make up any writing you want!And math well its hard for me but Fun!And art you can make anything you want.And libary is fub! you can just read and learn!


I love arts so much, because they open a door to a brand new realm with creativity anD fantasy. Arts are royal, great and perfect when you are in the middle of a boring day. I have the worst memory ever. Yesterday we had arts lesson, but I was sick so I couldn't go to school! Bad huh? I hope so... But these lessons are amazing... Even in one subject I needed to work ALONE by myself to complete a HUGE statue! I'll never ever be sick again, or else you'll miss arts lesson... WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i ADORE English. It is cool and easy and i love the stories which make it more interesting!


I love maths and science because there is no memorizing.But I do not mean that I do not love other subjects,so WADDLE ON!


Mine has to be tech because we get to make thing called podcast and we get to use a pc and iPads


My favorite subject is social studies because, well, it's fun to learn about the wars and the different countries. Also social studies is my subject that I get 100% (A+) it's just awesome to learn how they made the world with different countries. What I like really like about is its suprising stuff that happens like when England took over he U.S.A for a while and then U.S.A takes over there own country.
Waddle On!!!
P.S. Can't wait until Monsters University Takeover Party!!


I like art because it allows you to use your imagination and creative skill. I like to draw because you can show your talent in a cool way. I like to see what my friends could do and they like to see what I do. art is a subject to do any thing you like and what you love


Bluey Ploey:

I like every subject. But mostly science and math because I want to be a astronomer.


Well, I am Topper13009 and my favorite subjects are science and math because I had a great 4'th grade teacher named Ms. Young and because math and science is so easy to understand!


Umm so many good things It is so maths because I love the way it challenges you an I love reading because it take you to a different place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep on readin everyone

phoebe angel:

i love english and scince to learn more of smart stuff


I like Music because I get to hang out with my friends, I'm gonna be a singer in the future, every time me and My BFF sing on the stage everybody claps, and sometimes we watch movies.

Bug finder 1:

MATHS MATHS AND MORE MATHS I love everything in maths the way it challenges you and how if you try you can learn... MATHS is very helpful in life don't forget that maths is important even when it is boring.... Keep on dreaming and wishing

Enter nickname:

I love reading because it takes you to many different places even though your not their

Artpenguin :

My favorite school subjects are art and math I like art because its fun to draw and make crafts I like math because it is fun to solve problems in adition subtraction division and multiplication


My favorite school subject is art because I LOVE painting and sculpting a lot of things!!! Last week I made a vase and my teacher said it was so nice and I should be an artist when I'll grow up! :)

Waddle on!!!


I also got into a music university in New York


My favorite subject in school is art! It is where I can be creative and be myself. My parents tell me I have been an artist since I was born. I even hope to be a famous artist someday!

Waddle on!

Rose 990:

mine is maths i love it because its easy and every thing (almost) needs maths like how mush coins you need to get a carpet.I love all of the topics in maths.
i think my maths teacher is the best in history:P

waddle on clubpenguin:3

from Rose 990



My favorite subject in school is art. My favorite thing to do when i'm bored is sketch or paint and we actually get to do it in school! To me it makes school more enjoyable, because teachers never let us draw during class on the back of a worksheet. Art really gives us a chance to show our skills and even help people that need help with anything! Art really gives a chance to show off your inner artist and that's why it's my favorite


my favorite subject in school is the one you need the most in the real world, MATH!!! I love math because every topic is so interesting.
there are so many things to lean and keep with you. why would you not want to learn them all. each day at school we have math at the end of the day. I always with it was closer. I am in advanced math class so everything I learn is a little harder. my topics are money fractions multiply divide and so many more. but I love money most. we should thank everyone.


My favorite subject is Math, because it is fun and exercises my brain. You need to know Math in life, especially in business. I'd like to run a bakery when I grow up and baking has a lot of math in it so I enjoy that subject a lot. If I have a hard time solving equations I'd love to solve them by using my imagination. Waddle on CP!! :) - Seastorm4

Crazy 4 Toad:

I think my fave subject in school has to be Science not only because it's fun ;) it's also because you learn all kinds of new and cool things!!!

Crazy 4 Toad Signing off!

Waddle On!


My favorite school subject in school is art! I love to draw all kinds of still life. I also like to read and Im glad I dont have the same librarian Mike and Sully have at MU!


The party is going to be epic I can't wait for it.

Dj James 10:

That is a hard question because I like all subjects every subject is important but I think it should be Mathematics,but there are also many other great subjects! Waddle on :)


my favorite subject in school is spanish, i love spanish because i love learning new languages because when i travel to spanish countrys i will know what to say and do


My favorite subject is science because i can learn about the earth and space, and i also learn about special periodical events likes comet appearances and planet alignments, also events that happen after a long or short time like solar and lunar eclipses and also polar shifts, and natural disasters.

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject is science because there are so many interesting facts and things to learn and the day i started liking science is when I got very good marks and a lot of good compliments.I loved science that very first day

My username is Brian12340

I hope I win :


I like History, because my favorite teacher teaches it, and also I can learn about different places around the World. I love reading Biographies of Heros, and learning about different cultures. So therefore I think History suits me best.


My favorite subject at school is Home Economy,because we learn how to be disciplined,we learn what should we eat to be healthy,but most important,we learn how to socialize.


My favorite subject is social studies. the reason is because its very easy, and it is easy to know. i am very interested in history the most.


My favorite subject marketing and business


History because you get to learn about the past! Like right now we are learning about the French Revolution. I think that it is very interesting! I also like it because my teacher is very chill so that we can learn at our own pace and level. Even though I have to take a test on it today, i know i am going to pass it because my teacher prepared me well. GO HISTORY!!!!


Evie Mcphey:

I absolutely LUV HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure why, though... Probably 'cos i find it interesting and funny at the same time!!!!!!!!!


scaring beacause wene your doing it to litte kids its soooooooooo fun!
keep wadddleing on CP!


Every subject is my favorite. They are all important. But, I think I like anything that has reading. Because I'm the fastest reader in class. Since 1st grade! Always when we need to read some stories, I stop reading first. I like it, because I'm good at it. I'm getting better at Math too, so I also like Math I guess.


My favorite school subject is Geography because it's fun to learn States/Provinces/Countries! Also, there are these awesome games called
Stack the countries and Stack the states. My teacher has it on her iPad. Waddle on and See Us Soar


My favorite school subjects (I have 2)Are:
1.Physical Education : Because Its fun and it makes you Active and:
2.Social Studies : Because We Learn About History And The World.


I' d have to say my favorite subject is math. You learn lots of news things and, when it' s not hard it's fun! also you learn lots of new websites that can help you in math. I kind of had trouble deciding between math and science. science was always awesome for me and, you got to play lots and lots of games.


my favorite subject is science because we do fun expeirments and they are realy fun waddle on

Soap 16:

I like History, because its fun to study about the history of B.C. and A.D. We had studied about Egypt when school first started, We learned how to make mummies, a pyramid, and a lot of stuff. China, we got to make Fans, do Chinese writing, and we got to see how China is in the past, and the present. So History is my favorite school subject. (i might become a scholar when i grow up :D)

Soap 16, Waddle On!


My favorite subject is history because we learn about things we have done in the past. It would be great to be in a history class on Club Penguin because we could go in Gary's time machine and go to that time period. We would have fun and learn at the same time!


My favorite subject is definitely math! Since I like math, I'd probably make a good scarer. Because scaring uses math too! Scary Monster + human child = POWER FOR MONSTERS INC!! So if your good at math, you'll be a top scarer! Now, if only I could get some scaring lessons from Sulley.......


I love every subject,because they help us know what goes on in the world,how things happen,how to do stuff,what to do in a situation,and lots of other stuff.Lets say when you grow up you want to be a popstar. If the worst thing happened you might not be a popstar,and it would be nice to know a bunch of other stuff to try for a new job. :)


My favourite subject is art . i love do any kind of art . i mean like it is my way to relax just to pick a pencil and draw and draw . personally i hope their will be a new special penguin who features art (like Cadence or Sensei ) and with it a new artist type game .


I like Geometry because you learn all the angles and shapes all how many feet


Well, it's hard to choose but i will choose Reading because it gives you interesting stuff that you don't know and also practise to spell the words. And it even gives you interesting knowledge. Reading make you smarter and smarter.
Waddle on!


My favourite subject is socializing with other pupils in my year because it helps you in the future and you don't have to be really good at it or really bad. You can just be yourself and relax. It doesn't take much effort. Also, it helps you when you log onto Club Penguin because you can just chat and have fun.
Waddle On, Penguins!
PS: My Club Penguin username is 7upromana01

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Mine is History because it's really cool and it has tons of interesting things to learn from he dinosaurs (world evolution) to the present!!


My favourite subject in school is P.E! I love P.E because you get to master all sorts of flexibilities. In P.E so far I've learnt gymnastics, throwing and catching, balancing and pathways. It keeps you fit, energetic and healthy. The whole school should thank the teachers for all there hard work and effort. I also like english because I've learnt lots of interesting topics in english. Such as greek mythology, myths and legends and non-chronological reports. p.s my penguin name is Sparkle 9136


I love the subject geography.I like it because it is easy to remember the key words in it.Like in biology or science there are so many scientific words like locomotion,electrostatic force and blah blah too must not know what are the meaning of these words.I also like to do PT because there you can play games!!
waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by the way sorry i wrote so many words!


My favorite subject in school is art. I love expressing myself and being free as I paint my own world. Whenever I paint, I feel transported to another world. I love to blend colors to make new ones. And best of all, I get to share this experience with my best friends. I love walking into the classroom to see their smiling faces. I love to chat as we create masterpieces. I LOVE ART!


My favorite subjects in school are Science, Math and Spanish. Science because we do practicals, work with chemicals and you get to discover so much new! I really like Spanish because the teacher motivates me and I just love her. Me gusta mucho la clase de Español! Math I love because it all seems so logical to me! You can help people and you get help back. That’s what school is about.

Big Sweetie:

My favorite subject is art fundamentals! Art allows students to express themselves. It also has people use their imagination which allows no limit to be given! Of course, other subjects are important too; like literature teaching how to better understand text is very important and math which is used just about anywhere. Oh, and my runner up subject would be orchestra because of being able to understand and play beautiful music! It will be fun to see how many subjects will be in the party! :D


I have two favorite subjects Science and History. I like history because we get to know what happened in the past we get to know people like Martin Luther king or Rosa parks. The reason why i like science is because we get to experiment in many different ways. I love to learn and nothing could change that i'm happy i'm a proud supporter of Club Penguin Noodle on. i mean waddle on.

god gift:

My Favorite subject is geography, because in that subject you get to learn about our planet Earth, different countries, which I am really interested in..

stephzoom 2:

I like quite a few subjects.... I'm in high school but I like English, Art, Food tech/cooking and Music. My favourite out of these is probably English or Cooking. Part of my school is also a language collage and luckily I quite like languages as well, My favourite language is probably French because I find it easy and have been doing it since primary school

Emma Ryan:

My favroite subject in school is science you can create anything you want but you just need to use your imagination. You can create slime and the body facts!!!
Waddle on


My favorite subject is reading because I love to read. I have already finished my summer reading


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