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By Polo Field on June 3, 2013 - 13:38

Last week we asked what is your best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far?

I really liked Agent Hush's answer:

My #1 strategy is communication. Sometimes I'll flash a power card on the screen so that my teammates know that I'm waiting to use my power card for a combo. Also, if there are two snowmen within my range, I'll move towards one of them so that my fellow ninjas know that they should attack the other one. However, the GREATEST key to communication is to know how far your teammates can move, how close they have to be to attack, and how hard they hit. NINJA VANISH!

Very good strategy Agent Hush!

As for this week, with the announcement of the Disney/Pixar Monsters University Takeover coming to Club Penguin. We want to know...what is your favorite subject in school and why? Leave your comments below (50 - 75 words please!)

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



My favorite subject is reading and math because to me I think it's a great experience to the brain.
- Vortexpro


My favourite subject would be art and literacy and P.E one because i'm sporty and love all the activities two literacy because i love making up awesome stories as i wanna be an author and finally three because i love expressing my thoughts and feelings into my drawings and i can do that on Club Penguin with what i wear and i am looking forward to monsters university party it is going to be epic!

Fun Gal124:

My favorite subject would have to be math. Science is a close second. They are both linked, so they can be alike at times. No matter what subject you enjoy, keep learning and waddle on!


Dear Club Penguin,
I like everything because every single subject is good for our brain but my favourite is maths!
Maths is my favourite because it really helps me for becoming a doctor.
I always wanted to be a doctor to save the world people die!
And also I really like science because it tells me about the world and experiments which is really fun.
I love schools,university!
Waddle on!


I do not have A favourite subject but my favourite subjects are Art, D.T and Literacy beacause they're all creative and I love making and writing things. I can't wait for the partay to start!!!!


My favorite subject is scaring- um, math, because it's fun to do and it helps me become a better monster- uhh, penguin. I remember taking my first steps into Monster U- I mean, CP High... I'm not a monster, haha?
Aces84311 :)


My favorite subject is math because it is easy because I know all my stratgys for math.

Penguin Name: Zyjay626


My favorite subject in school is Math. Although not favored by many, it is a subject that does not only require computing, but it also requires you to think outside of the box. This is why I love Math. It makes you use your mind and with this, you get to make different applications outside of the classroom. How cool is that :)))!


My favourite subject in school is art because I get to draw whatever I want(unless the teacher says to draw something specific) and I also love art because sometimes we get to draw characters that we saw in movies or games(puffles!) or we draw characters that we would want in our own movies. Basically I love art because it lets my imagination show on paper and also my creativity.


Science because it really interests me, I love learning about vertebrates, and invertebrates and doing cool experiments


My FAVORITE subject in school is math! I know most of my classmates think that's CRAZY, I love it and I don't care what they think! And, I am great at math too! For this test called the Math Olympiad, I scored in the top 10% out of 100,000 people worldwide, but mostly in the U.S. I didn't get the highest score in the school, but I was close! Oh yeah! And, I was in this special program at my district's middle school, which is grades 7&8, but I was only in 6th grade! I <3 MATH! WADDLE ON!!


My favorite subject in school is science. I like science because you get to learn about the world around you, as well as the history of science, and what's inside of you.


My favorite subject is art , I love all different ways to paint and blending colors and all the new techniques you learn. I also adore drawing and I also want to become and animator for movies and cartoons. I think art is important because without art club penguin wouldn't exist or any other games people play.


My favorite subject has to be maths! Even though so many people don't like it, I think it's such a good subject! It helps your brain and helps you think quickly. I love doing my mental maths test because I always get 20/20
I also like writing. I wrote a poem about a puffle and its owner having a lovely time. I entered the poem in a competition in the UK and I won! I got it published. I'm very happy! I love maths and literacy I cant decide which is better!


My favorite subject in school is reading. Because, reading can lead you to life-lessons and more! Just by reading a little kid's booklet can show many things in life you should enjoy! Reading is my favorite subject, because reading a book is the most fun-filled adventure you can go on. Waddle On CP and keep on reading!


My favorite subject is physical education and sporting!I like it because I playing football!


My favorite subject would be math because it helps me on the other subjects at times. It is also really challenging to do and sometimes it can be fun. :D


History is the best i think.


Math is the best subject of them all because Math is all around you ! Math isn't just numbers , it's everythhing ! You use Math all the time ! Even when you cross the road ! It's vital for keeping alive and thats why it's my favourite !


My favorite school hour is Geography because i study for the people in others country's , my teacher is so smart because he is my history teacher he said to us a lot of story's from his life he is about 40-50 years old , i play clubpenguin from 2011/December and i play it 5-6 times a week im so interested for the party's and i want to look the new treasure book to unlock some new and funny's costume's for my light blue penguin :)




I LOVE art! It's so fun to use my creative juices and make an amazing masterpiece! I really enjoy colouring with my coloured pencils and markers so I can make a new piece of art that has never been experienced!

I also really love math! it's fun to do, and I like trying to challenge myself with difficult problems. :)


My favorite subject would have to be Literacy. I love learning new words and learning how to make sentences flow together. I also enjoy reading, all the different stories full of so much imagination. Literacy is what kept me enjoying school so long, but summer isn't going to stop me from reading and learning new words!


My favourite subject is History because the teachers are awesome and funny! I also like Geography and Philosophy though.


my favorite subject in school is art because i love to draw and make stuff, this party will be great because i love to make up and draw different monsters and i also loved the movie 'monster inc' so i cant wait to see the new one!!!!!!! one year you should total make an art party that would be soooooo much fun!!!!!!!
Waddle on!!!

Clover 2001:

My favourite subject in school is art. I love art, as really all you need is a pen and a paper, and off you go! Also, no one can judge you, as its all about being creative. This is the only subject in my school which doesn't go by the book! I love art and I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do!!!


my favorite subject in school is history because it is very important to know what happened before you so that you can understand why we live in the world that we live in today. if it wasn't for the people who made a difference before our time, we might not have the same opportunities or live in the same place. That's why my favorite subject in school is history

Rawr Is For Epicness:

My Favorite subject is Reading. Reading takes you threw different worlds.It's like the milky-way in a way. Plus the more you read the more knowledge you get.So Read on XD

-Pepepop45 :3


To me, History is a really important subject. Not only do you learn more about yourself in the process, you learn about past mistakes so you can learn from them. History is relevent to everyone because how you came to be here is all to do with History (plus the history teachers at school are SOOO funny!) I also enjoy Geography and Philosophy (RE).


My favorite subject in school is reed write ink (RWI) and literacy. Because my teacher is soooooooooooo nice she is called Ms.Coles
we have nice work, fun games on whitebords but...


Rent33 out

BIack Ninja:

My favorite subject is Science because you can use it for a lot of things. You can use it for building jet packs, freeze rays, heating rays,
a teleporter, or a flying robot to do what you want. You can improve technology with Science. Ninja gone

Lenny Thai:

My favorite subject is Math. Why you ask? Math is awesome. There are bunches of things you can learn from math. When you grow up, you need EVERYTHING you learned about math. Like when you paying for something, counting your earnings, cooking (measuring),when your using a clock, or counting how many veggies you eat which is healthy to eat the right amount! This is why I love Math. Because Math, can help you, your entire life. And hey; I got a 100% on my report card this semester.


My fav subject is art because I'm very artistic and it's really fun seeing other people's artwork. I also love social studies because we're doing ancient civilizations! And it's ancient history like when club penguin opened this site to the world!

Thalia K:

my fav school subject is definitely science because you get to do hands-on projects or be in a group and do tons of fun research. plus you get to make things blow up. ;) Waddle on, y'all!

/lowercase for style. 8)


My fav subject is gonna be science. My new science teacher has a pet lizard named Rango. He is sooo cute! I also love science because it has to do with animals and how questions are solved scientifically. That is my favorite subject.


Enter nickname:

Math because i love hard problems Agent alex24


my favorite subject is math. I love the logic and hardness of it. Also... it is what I do when i'm bored.





My favorite subject is definetly math!! I love it when I get an awnser right, and everything justs fits together, kind of like a puzzle!! Since I like math, I'd probably make a good scarer! Because scaring uses math too! Scary Monster + Human Child = ENERGY FOR THE MONSTER WORLD!!!!!! So scaring shouldn't be too hard for me. Now, if only I could get scaring lessons from Sulley......


My favorite school subject is math because I find it a lot easier to understand and concentrate on. Also, when I grow up I want to be a mathematician so I must continue using math.


Eating and drinking during class because I'm bored and have nothing else to do XP


Mine is dismissal, where you learn about leaving school.


My favorite subject is science because I think it's interesting and it's life. I also like reading, but I have to read something I like, so i like science better. I also can't wait for the Monsters University Takeover. It sounds awesome! :)


WOW! I can't wait till June 27! Its about time they put a Pixar movie on CP. I wonder what this CP party will look like? We just might see the monsters form the movie! X D


I LIKE EVERY SUBJECT! you should make each and every place something special. like the dock can be a place for art or something, and the town can be a welcome place. then there can cool billboards and everything a real university would have.


Recess! LOL My favorite subject is probably reading or social studies. Reading takes me to so many worlds ( I love Harry Potter so much I read the series 4 times!) and social studies lets me live in the past for a bit and learn how our world is what it is like today. I am always reading new books on fantasy and history, so both subjects tie in together! KEEP CALM AND READ!
WADDLE ON! ~ Cuddles140


My favorite subject in school is Music class! My dream is to become a musician. I sing pretty good but , I am way to shy to even show any one my great voice. My parents love my singing and my piano playing. I don't just sing, I play some instruments too. I play the piano and guitar bass. I have sang in front of a bunch of people at six flags , the music was already on so no stopping it now. Well thanks for listening club penguin. Your AWESOME!


My Favorite subject would have to be art because i love to draw pictures of club penguin and other stuff i also kind of like all the other subjects. =) Mjjrrb905 =)

pink sherbet:

how could u ask such question? they are all equally awesome! reading is the base of everything and lets u go to new worlds and have new life just by words! writing is built off of reading and is dazzling fun! math is a workout for your brain and stretches it to new places in life! finally all specials(art, music, and gym) are epic because they give us little fabulous breaks from our academics!


Well my favorite subject is Reading! And the reason is(actually the best reason) is if you are reading a good book you will lose yourself in the pages and become part of the story and want to read it over and over and over again. And I always get an A in it as well so that's why.


Awesome i love all the brill monster inc news! Oh and my fave subject is Hmmmmm i'd say math
If its not to much to ask for, can u guys put diva sunglasses in the catolog? Thanks!!!!
Waddle on cp!!! :D ❤


My favorite subject is Social Studies because my teacher always made it enjoyable! It also gave me a reason to learn about my history. I love to also incorporate club penguin in social studies because of all the changes from EPF, puffles, and the themes.... My teacher is always making social studies alive to me and make it like comedy. By making it alive I mean by doing roll play or plays! Thanks so much and my penguin's name is Saralinda20.....

pink sherbet:

in my comment i forgot to add science and social studies are spectacular cause u get an epic vocabulary and get to fun experiments.


the subject I like the most is art because I am good at drawing ect

Skipper H20:

My fave subject is reading because my class does a thing called DEAR. DEAR means Drop Everything And Read. You read for about 30 minutes or more. My school's goal is to read up to 1,000 minutes.


Hi penguins, I have to, unbelievably, say that my fave subject is math! My teacher is awesome and 5th grade math is "easy"

mster shi fu:

i love math because it is fun and i love to learn,uh LOT ;)


My favourite subject is Tecnoligy. We go to the library and play on computers.


My favorite subjet is math because its so fun and you could do a lot of pages to do
And waddle on cp

Mazo 2001:

That's a really tough decision but I would choose Science for many reasons. One of them is because of seeing the reaction, like a baking soda volcano goes BOOM or when you hard boil an egg and see if it will bounce. Another reason is working on the experiment because it's cool to do all the 'messy' stuff! My final reason is definitely teamwork! Seeing who does what and even if your experiment fails you can still have a laugh with your friends. Waddle on CP!!!!!!


I enjoy art the most because I can express myself however I want without having to worry about getting things right. It is fun and a great way to relax after maths.


my favorite school subject is some how math i like math because you can add or subtract or divide or multiply and now that i am in second grade i am starting to learn multiplication and division so now i know my 11 times tables like 11 x 12 = 132 so thats why math is my favorite subject

mr smarty co:

My favourite school subject is Reading because there is this cool program (on the computer) called Reading eggs and you get your own character and get to read and all that.


i like reading because when i start to read it takes me to the story's world. Another awesome thing is that my friends and i made a base under a table called the mole hole it is so cool! I also love how peaceful it is when you read at home. Im reading Warriors: Fire and Ice right now. it is a great book.



Science is my favorite subject. Approximately 6.9 billion people live on this tiny planet-- we have scientific reasons to explore this planet. We have so much to discover, so much to learn. The more we discover, the more scientific results. That's why Science is my favorite subject.


explosions are awsome, but the best is reading. reading is one of the most important things to know, because words are everywhere. on signs, billboards, menus, packages, magazines, books of course, and many, many more things. but reading is in so much more than practical life. in stories, in books that take you into another world. books have their own magic. their the best.


Social studies because I like what happened before now. Gogogo1023 out.


My favorite school subject is math.I like because you learn about addition,subtraction,mutiplication,and division.My favorite thing in math are division,area,and adding fractions.

Mary Sue1:

My favorite subject in school is math, because it comes into your everyday life. Just say I went to the store with 20 dollars. I found a Club Penguin toy, and it cost 5 dollars. I would subtract 5 from 20 and get 15. Math is so helpful! If you know math, then you can do anything! It's so cool to see that math is everywhere! So to make a long story short, my favorite subject is math.
~Mary Sue1


My favorite subject is art. Art has always been a passion of mine. When I have a blank canvas or paper, that creative spark in me goes wild! I have a private sketchbook that nobody can see. I am also one of the best artists in my grade. I think art is a great way to express yourself and let your imagination free. WADDLE ON! :)


I would absolutely say writing because it's fun to be creative. I always adored it since I could write. It's a way of expressing myself, and people get inspired by you!!!!

Kendall A423:

Well, my favorite subject in school is Science because there are so much interesting things to learn about! My favorite thing to learn in science is the Solar System! And the science projects are awesome! You can learn about so many things in just 2 hours of paying attention in Science!


I like art because Its the one way I can express myself since I can't do that a lot. I love to draw stuff like ninja's and animals and even my family members.




My favourite thing to do is learning about weather i think it is fun and you get to no all kinds of stuff so you can study tornados

Henry 55555:

my favorite subject in school is math because 1 time my teacher let the class do oragami math it was fun. And another time we got to eat treats and did math with the treats before eating them.


I love science beacause i learn lot much beacause the world and the nature is important and i learn much more things when i study science.


my favorite subject is reading because reading helps you see everything has letters and reading has letter.A lot of thing you have to read it,that is why reading is my favorite subject.WADDLE ON PENGUIN.

sky man 103:

My favorite school subject is to learn and have fun because there is very interesting things to know about the world and the universe of math science writing social studies reading and so on : P


My favorite subjects in school are lunch and recess because it's just so boring having to study and listen to what the teacher teaches you all day.

If you are talking about the learning kind of subjects, I would say Language Arts. I LOVE writing. In fact, I'm writing a whole chapter book and I've done over 12000 words in it so far. Plus, I'm not copying other books!

You can also get a bunch of money when you publish a book too. I bet you, CPTeam know Tracey West. She's probably RICH now!!


i like math and since. it is fun but you don't need to know math or since to scaring so ya tomorrow is my last day so i am going to miss my teacher i love since so waddle on :)


My favorite subject in school is social studies because you get to learn about history and i love learning it also is because it helps us learn more to prevent things from happening it also gives me a lot of idea's for when i become an inventor when i get older . love: candycorn825

Angel 1230:

My favorite subject in school is Art because it is fun. It is filled with painting, drawing, and imagination.You see, in Art there is no right or wrong. My favorite type of Art is abstract. Sometimes I wonder what other people like in Art. My favorite painting is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.


My favorite subject at school is science bcuz i like learning bout the earth and the human body , don't u. Like learning about how our pulmonary or circulatory system works , or how the sun moves around the earth and the rest of the planets ? I know I would so GO SCIENCE ! SCIENCE RULES! Thanks forgetting me give my opinion club penguin. And if its bot science guitars class is next , but plz don't put ib or myp classes bcuz they are hard . I know what else u guys can put Spanish classes. :)


I like art and reading and science. I like art because you can just draw something abstract and nobody will ever think anything bad of it. I also like math cause well I just like it and I like science cause I like learning how to save the planet and learn about animals such as penguins! ;)


Hiya! I love math! Well, If we didn't have math, we'd be dumb! Math is my fave because it makes me really think about stuff! Waddle on!


my favorite subject is probably science there is a lot of things you can do with science! I think I want to be a scientist when i grow up WADDLE ON CP!

Awesome bird 8:

Math is the best because math is useful in every day life like buying something


math and siences


My favorite subject would be writing. I usually write about my adventures in Club Penguin or stuff i did over the weekend. The day after Card-Jitsu Snow came out I wrote a story about me (Icewyy) and my friend mastered Fire and Water, then we had to master the power of the flurry! I'm still writing the story and I'm almost done. By the end of the next writing time we have I am positive I'll be done. Club Penguin is my favorite keep up the good work :)

Icy Feet1233:

I love Language Arts, because it feels so accomplishing when I learn a new word Reading is also my favorite hobby. Rainy day = Read, Bored = Read, Angry = Read.

Sienna R 10:

I LOVE SCIENCE!!! SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE!!! I LOVE Science because you can learn tons of stuff just by taking one class of it!
Thanks For Reading This!!! ;-)


well, my 2 favoret school subject's are seeing my frends, and... RESECE!


My favorite school subject is history because you get to learn things about the past and know when CP was invented!


Choosing a favorite subject in school is Mission Impossible.
Math- Allows you to dive into the complex human way of thinking! A lot of jobs include numbers, from cashier to president!
Lang/Reading- Shows you the amazing language that we pulled out of our ears! Every job needs you to speak some language!
Science- Understanding the defined way of life! Some jobs may require an understanding!
History- Who doesn't need to know the past?


My favorite subject in school is history. All it really is is a bunch of stories that really happened. A lot of the things we learn in history class are really interesting and some even inspire me. The awesome thing about history is that there is so much to learn about like explorers, war, survivors, and even ancient civilizations like the Aztecs. History class is my favorite part of the school day and I think it is important for kids to learn it.


My favorite subject is Social Studies by far. I like Social Studies because I can learn about history in the USA (That's where I live.) My grandfather was a high school teacher for Social studies, maybe that's why I like it so much. Another reason I like Social Studies is because it is like taking your mind on an adventure to the past. It is important to know history. Give Social Studies a chance. I'm sure you will like it.



my favorite subject is reading because I LOVE!!!! READING i read everyday
also i have another one its writing and at school we are writing about famous people in massachusetts and my favorite person was the
(john f. kennedy) so i am SOOO HAPPY i picked him.


My favorite school subject well ALL OF THEM.I love to learn and I love school.Math teaches the power of numbers which will always come in handy.Reading is just something awsome to do.The more you read the smarter you grow ,the smarter you grow,the more you know,the more you know,a more powerful voice.Lanngue /arts well learning diffrent langues can help in life.Writing well without writing we couldn't type.Gym is fun.Art can be fun.Music can be fun.I miss school!


my favorite subject is art. I just love to draw. every day at school when its free time i draw. I also go to art class. I draw penguins and their puffles and some other stuff too! I even made a art club. WADDLE ON!

David Zx2:

hello my favorite school subject is art because we Asher draw ings with which we can express or paintings or sculptures also so is art


Hi Guys,

My favourite subject would have to be Drama!!!

It is a great activity that lets people act and express themselves in there own way. It is also alot of fun doing role plays and the occsional game. Drama also helps my dream of becoming a actor closer and closer. I think all schools should so drama to let kids be themselves!

Corey123 :) WADDLE ON


I like gym. The reason why is because you build up muscles and you get enough strength in your lungs. Scaring involves alot of roaring and other noises. Also, you could tell big monsters trained and little monsters with skinny arms didn't. Training also could help so the monster could be fit and ready to scare. If a monster wasn't big, hairy, and scary, the penguin wouldn't be afraid and laugh. If it was, the penguin would scream and run away. That's why I like gym.

- Shelby103

Dj Powwow:

My favorite School subject Is Reading books And fun friday P.E its P.E but it has games in it And i love art :) And writing but i need something to write about so i guess my favorite is Fun friday P.E :) Waddle on cp

Dj Powwow:

Well i guess i only liked those stuff, I love history The mostt! :D

Dj Powwow:

On cp i would like reading! i love reading the club penguin books And i loved playing paint by letters and My puffle :( why is paint by letters gone and my puffle gone? i loved those games!


My favourite subject at school is Language because my teacher lets do work on the computers at the lab and after we could play games. The only sad thing is we can't check Club Penguin... :( oh well but yeah. Thx for the update CP team!! Waddle on!!!! -Angel2024


My favorite school subject for my current grade (6th) is well I like a lot Science, which helps us get better cures and new items, I like math because it is fantastic and helps science, I like history/social study's because its just so cool, and I love ART it is so fun getting to design new stuff.


My favorite subject is writing because you get to use your imagination to write what you want. In my school we are writing realistic fiction stories and it is so much fun! You can also write different genres that you like like, mystery or action or comedy its really up to you when you write


Mine is all! and most of all.. FILED TRIPS! filed trips are fun because you get to learn new things! and this month were going to watch this!! My whole school is coming too!! Math:Math is fun! My teacher makes fun games at math! we get to add subtract times divide and other things! (you get to be even smarter!) History: I love history! It's so.. INTERESTING! And the rest.. THERE SO NET! I love school! Well Waddle on cp!:D

Lolly 44:

I looove Social Studies because I am really interested in history! It is one of the things we make every day. ;)

~ Lolly 44
Waddle on!

Lake Blue1:

My favorite subject is lunch. After a long day of learning, you finally get to sit down, relax, and fill your stomach that has been growling all day. Plus, you get to chat ith your friends and go out and play! What other classes do that?


Reading because it feeds your brain.


My favorite subject is math or art. I like math because I am in Honors Math, and I like to multiply numbers. I also like art a lot because my friends think I'm a great artist. And I LOVE to draw. I drew many pictures of stuff from video games, mostly Pokémon, and I also like to draw things that have to do with SpongeBob. I like computer class too because I love technology and I like to play games on computers, like Club Penguin. Those are my favorite subjects!

Sonic Hedge4:

My favorite subject is writing.
Writing is my favorite subject because I can use my imagination and be creative.
I love writing speculative prompts because in those prompts someone gives you a beginning and then you can use your imagination to finish the story and the possibilities are endless
Waddle on


This is a tuff one but I would have to say I love ALL school subjects. The reason I enjoy all subjects is because I think each subject has something new to offer you and they are also fun in there own way.


I love Social studies because I enjoy learning about different cultures throughout history!


I like history because when it's about my state, a lot of times I'm like "hey! I've seen that or I heard about that!" it's really cool to already know about it and connect it with my experiences. it's also interesting to learn about my states history from the beginning of time (Indians) to present day 2013.


i like science because of all the chemistry waddle on! from repsy


My favorite subject is English. I love to write stories, and it's so fun to read in a group (sometimes it's boring, though). I also like Art. It's fun making paintings and crafts, and we usually get double Art, so we can work for a long time! Information Technology is coolio, too. All those computers... and we can play Club Penguin if we have extra time!!
elddaw no (waddle on backwards)


My favorite subject is Art.It's my favorite subject because I have always loved to draw ever since I was young.And I'm really good at art and sometimes it's very challenging but fun.


I like math becouse when the kids dont like math but they have a problem that invoves math and you hear them you just pop up between them and say 23 or 97 or 65


I love all subjects in school I can't tell you how much I love school. I am sad because there is only 1day left of school. If I wold pick one subject it wold be social studies because of economics project we get use money to buy things that we make. P.S we use fake money.


My favorite subject is computer class because Me and some of my friends can go on club penguin. And I really really love technology. Third grade is getting really hard!! Well, at lest at my school we get a half day of school in two weeks!!!!! I cant wait!!!!

Agent 11234:

I like gym because you get to play kickball.

P.S. I'll be having a water vs fire party for the rest of the week(I'll be advertising in the town).


My fave subject in school is reading. Because reading is the key to everything and reading is fun! I LOVE reading!


My favorite subject in school is art because I really think I get to express who I am in drawing. People say I'm a pretty god drawer but I want to be more than pretty good and in art class I can do that.i can express who I am and just have fun


Anyhow,my favorite subject is geography . We first learned about USA and states. Surprisingly it says club penguin and uk. Awesome . I like geography because I am a genius in the whole grade. So I get mostly 100percent. And I have a map collection. I have millions and millions of maps. I love geography also because I like nations and wars from past. My favorite place is Antarctica because books about this continent are to interesting and this is why I love geography.
W A D D L E. on


I really love math and i past the stAAr test to for math and reading i got better grade on the math test but i dont like math i love it i honnor it and im good i math and i got promted to 4th grade so happy but im going to miss my friends from school


Hey I am HARRY12642 on Club Penguin, and my favorite subject is Math because I think it is fun and I am good at it.


OMG!I CANT BEALIVE IT! I was the first penguin in seeing the june 6 2013 catalog!!!!!!!!!! OMG CLUBPENGUIN ITS UR BEST YET! THIS IS SOO AWESOME!


Spanish all the way! We get to play games all the time!


Well come to think of it... I think.... I like Science and Math because they are all so easy!
What I like about science: I think science is good for plants and other things. We actually did space plants! Some did earth!
What I like about math: We did some cool math problems to do with fractions and decimals! Did you know my mom said that my math teacher won an award for being the best math teacher in the state?
Bye! And most of all waddle on!


My favorite school subject is reading because reading books is kind of like an adventure to me because if you are really concentrated in reading the book then it draws you into the adventure, add me on club penguin I'm ktbaby07, C'YA!


I absolutely love science. When I grow up, I wan to be an orthopedic surgeon. ( bone doc). Either that or a game programmer I also love math!


My favorite subject in school is writing. Writing is my favorite because I get to let my imagination run wild! It's so fun to create new characters and put them in funny situations! Or even take your favorite characters and put them in a new exciting adventure!
Waddle On!! -Phineas350


My favorite subject is computer lab, because that's what made Club Penguin


Agent P 5000:

I Like Math But My Favorite Thing To Do Is Writing, Because I Can Write Stories Of My Imagination And My Friend Always Wants To Read It So I Pick Writing


My favorite subject is.....................RECESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow I Love The New Ninja Game. My Favorite Subject In School Is Reading because It Helps Me Learn And My Imagine


reading and writing and since
reading is becuaes the posabilaties are E.N.D.L.E.S!!!!!!!!
writing is same resone for reading
and since is becuase some times it can get a littel messy.


My favorite school subject is SCIENCE!!! I like learning about all sorts of things in Science: dinosaurs, space, nature, you name it! I also love doing experiments in Science Class. They're so much fun! That's why Gary is my favorite mascot -- he's a scientist! When I grow up, I want to be a scientist too!


I LOVE MATH! My most favorite thing to do in math is solving for X! Solving for X can be challenging, but fun! I think math should be fun for everyone!


My favorite subject is science. We get to learn about life, physics, earth, and health. My favorites are health and life (because we get to learn about penguins in life science).


my favorite subject is Gym because we need exercise and when we play dodge ball i like helping other kids waddle on


Definitely science it's so fun!


My fave is reading because you can learn so much from it and its fun to do in your free time

Enter nickname:

I think Physical Ed ( P.E. ) is the best school subject. Its fun and you can learn many other sports. It keeps you healthy while having fun. You can also learn how to kepp you body active. Its a great subject that almost everybody enjoys including me. :)

Luke 997:

mine is social studies we are learning bout George Washington it is soooo much fun


my favorite subject is history and math! i like math because when i learn new stuff I'll need it when I'm older. i like history because its cool to learn about the past!


my favorite subject in school is math! its cool to learn new things so when your older you know how to do it! I also like because its fun helping my friends!


i like computer class! I like because we get to learn what to do on the internet like not pressing side ads. I also like it because I can go on Club Penguin!


My favorite school subject is recess because it is a break from working, and is a whole lot of fun.


I love Spanish because I speak it a lot with my family and it was the first language I learned. For the penguins that speak or know Spanish, el espanol es genial! (I just said Spanish is awesome!) Waddle on, mis amigos (my friends).


I say my favorite subject has to be science.I like everything about it. Science is good for your brain. It teaches you the world around you. Science is my favorite subject.

Jilly Can101:

My favorite subject is language arts!!! I LOVE it because I get to be creative with my writing, and I get to create my own stories. So basically, language arts is like my "art!"


I like all subjects in school because I love to learn!! Knowledge is power and if I do good in school I reward myself by going on Club Penguin!
Waddle on!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject is History. I enjoy learning about the past and what led up to out lives being the way they are now. I also really enjoy learning about the different wars that have happened throughout time.


I used to like Maths but now I'm interested in reading and writing. So basically I like English (though I'm horrible at it XD) but I'm planning to improve! When I grow up I want to write stories and that'll be a great experience for me. Maybe I could write as good as Harry Potter LOL


I really like English because it's a language which is super popular.


My favorite subjects science. I love doing experiments and being creative, which is also why I like art.


My favorite subject is Math because every time you get an answer to an equation, you just want to jump for joy and you are motivated to try even more! :D

Waddle on!


My favourite subject is PE because you to run around like a monster and also you can sneak up on people.



I love club penguin by the up way but I wish people that aren't member can still participate in lot of things or be able to get cooler clothes but I love science I just love doing labs , I wish MU was real sp I could do that I think that would be so fun


Come on, given the choice, no one would go to school, but my fave subject at the moment is history. We're building model castles and the prize is a huge bag of sweets :D


My favourite subject is maths. It's all a big code that needs to be cracked, but you have to gather clues along the way. I like to think that studying and taking exams is all part of getting to the middle of the mystery and solving the crime!


Reading I loooooooooooooooove reading
Waddle o
Waddle on


My favorite subject at school is science! Unlike other subjects, it teaches us how things in our life work, like why my electronics collect more dust then anything else. It teaches us about safety such as 'blue flame' is more dangerous then 'yellow flame'. Science helped me way more then any other subjects. Now I know more then I used to, I could help around the house more! It can SAVE lives! Now, more people live longer all because of science


Home tehe


My favorite subject is history because 1. we can know about the past . 2. we can know how this world developed . 3 . how our ancestors lived. 4. what mistakes did our ancestors and do not repeat .


My fave subject is reading because I love to do it at school and at home.
Waddle on


I love maths as it is very fun and interesting. You get to solve many problems and I think that is kinda fun for me!
Waddle on!




I like ALL of them but my favorite is art because i like making like bottle rockets and others


I Enjoy art because...
A dvance you need to take inspiration from other artists or people and bring their style into your art
R ealistic you need to make your art realistic choose realistic places or odjects so it's professional
T alent you need to practice so you get really good at painting or drawing etc


I like all subjects, especially SCIENCE! I'm always wondering about how stuff works and why. Like how stuff explodes or... HOW HERBERT BUILT THE SOLAR LASER!! If I see something in a game that doesn't make sense at first, I figure out what happens and stuff like that. I'm always looking for answers to my questions so that's why I like science! ;)


my favoirte subject is history


My favorite subject is biology, coz biology deals with animals ,plants and life on earth. I like to learn about all these things.

Waddle On


My favorite subject in school is science. There are so many science topics to choose from! From Bioligy to astronomy, there's always something great to talk about! The one thing I love about science is space. Space is amazing from stars to planets to galaxies! You can learn so much about space, there's practically no end! Literally!! This is why my favorite subject is science!


Its not about liking subjects or hating them . Its about how much interest you have in that particular subject.




I love writing! I do it when I have spear time. I have the most creative stories but, they are quite childish, if you know what I mean. My dream is to become a world famous author XD!!




Gym. because You Can Get Healthy And Most Of All Active.


Hi CP team MY FAVORITE subject is P.E. because i get to out outside and run around with my peeps! ---super steven

Kc Sunshine1:

I like reading because you get to pretend like your a character in the story and whats happening in the story and if its a book with no pictures you can draw them in your head.


My favorite subject is music because I can sing my heart out , play instruments and rock on with my BFF 's. Peace out yo
; )


All of the subjects are my favorite because every subject have some thing I love example music I love rocking out with my BFF 's .
I say all of the subjects are the best each and everyone. Well bye for now ; )

equinox 77:

I like science because you get to experiment and its super fun! stay in school!


My favorites are maths and science since they are needed for almost all the jobs like the making of club penguin


My favorite subject is reading because you feel like your right in the story and it gives great, interesting, and worthy for test facts


I love history because you get to learn a lot of fascinating cultures, wars, people, religion, etc. You also get to learn about your town, city, state, country, and continent.

M G Penguin:

My favorite subject is Mathematics. Because EVERYTHING includes it, every little thing we do. I love solving Math sums. Life is not possible without Math. Even in saying I have 500 friends, 43 postcards and 10 puffles, I have to use math! Also because I love logic and reasoning. In Math, you will always get an answer to a question WHY? And I love to ask questions. In a way Maths is like Club Penguin.... So much to explore! :)


I really like science because you can do cool expierements like a volcano or a stink bomb or even ANYTHING! Waddle On!


My fave subject in school is art because you can be really creative and sketch and paint a bowl of fruit or of a penguin. You can also paint a picture of someone in school. Art just make you more imaginative and it lets you express your feelings more. C: Waddle On, penguins!


My favorite subject in school is Social Studies because I like learning about the world's history and other cultures around the world. It is really interesting. But I am glad school is over! Woohoo! I can't want for the Monsters University party!!!!! :D My penguin's name is Vladgirl. :D Waddle on!


I like art because drawing is one of my favorite things to, and I love it when I get that burst of inspiration and we did fun projects! You can't go wrong with art ( unless you don't have an eraser ), but lunch and recess are good too ( : Waddle skedaddle on!


My favourite subject at school is art because I love drawing and you can just be creative. you can just let your pencil draw a really squiggly line and you can still transform it to the best picture EVER!!!


Music and art because you can ecspress yourself in both of them!


my favorite subject is science because of the experiments



My favorite subject in school is History because I LOVE learning about the American Civil War, World War I, and World War II. I love learning about the past and my ancestors. And I don't take History yet, in the fall I will. But I will get an A++, because I grew up learning about the Wars.


Science! I just LOVE science! Anywhere from space to animals, science is AMAZING! It's just so much fun to learn about different animals, and stuff about space, and everything else science has to offer!


My favorite subject is gives me a chance to express my love of music and BE an artist., not only dose it help exspress my self but it helps give me a learning experience of a life time, music is my life.

Abi 1977:

Well I don't really like math( what am i saying I hate it!) my favorite would have to be, Recess,Lunch,Break,and sometimes P.E.


My favorite is science.I love Bill Nye The Science Guy.It's old,also it's from Disney.


my fave subject is art and d.t . Can i be like spike hike and polo field cos EVERYTHING they do is soo cool*

* Send me a postcard if so my penguin is a purple dragon that has a crown on its head.


Mine favrotie Two Would be Writing and Maths For writing One time we tryed to work on an ad for club penguin!
And Maths Yea Maths Is Very cool this time were working on mesureaing And My Great Teacher Mr wright Helped Me But when i did a sheet I GOT ONLY 1 RIGHT But whatever
Waddle On and i have Plans For this party!


My fave subjects are literacy/english and swimming. Probaby the thing I like about those subjects is there's not just one way to swim,there's loads. it would be boring if there was only front crawl! Same kind of thing with literacy and history, i suppose!

Little Yoshi:

This is has NOTHING to do with the question but you should have a Gravity Falls party!!!!!! I love that show and Club Penguin would look AWESOME with the Mystery Shack,The City,The arcade and Waddles!!! That's just my opinion you don't have to do it. If you want to add on you can. :)


My favorite subject is reading. When I read its like my sanctuary. It's like no one else exists but me and the book. While I am reading I sometimes think I am that character and I don't even relize that I'm not. I love reading!


Ok, I love all of the subjects in school. Most people would say reading is there favorite subject. Well they're WRONG!!! It is true reading is important. It is still not the best. The best is science. It is the only subject that you learn about electricity. If there was no science, we wouldn't be able to write this short paragraph.


I love P.E because it is very edgucational!!
Also cuz in Summer u normaly go outside!


My favorite subject is PE (physics) because basketball is awesome so is baseball tennis and golf. then after all that work i rest playing club penguin


Math has always been my favorite subject. I love it because its mostly logic (I love thinking stuff out!). Statistics state that on average kids that like math also like science. That's also one of my favorites. Waddle on!


My favorite subkpject in school is Music, because I get to have fun and interact with other people in our band. Also I love helping people when they can't quite get something. I love being a role model to my classmates.


My favorite subject is history because I am really interested in learning about the past and the rest of the world. I also enjoy the fact that all of the events tie into each other. Also, my teacher is really awesome and fun, so it is easier to learn. Waddle on CP!


My favourite subject would have to be umm....... ART! It might not be considered as a subject but i consider it as one. I mean art is class and you get to be really creative from being messy with clay to being colourful with crayons. I would seriously take pity on anyone that doesn't art at there school or has never done art. So anyway my favourite subject is absolutely positively defiantly has to be and forever and ever will be ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON!

mi a2:

I love reading and writing. When i read i feel like i'm in the book. When i write i putting your thinking out on paper.


I really like drama, mainly because I want to be an actor when im older! and if I don't get that job (or maybe even if I do) I might work for club penguin! waddle on


I also really like reading. im currently reading the lord of the rings! I feel great when im reading because its fun and your learning at the same time.


My favorite school subject is art.My favorite subject is art because I can just get so creative with things.When I'm try to think what I should do in art something pops in my mind automatically like,BOOM!Art is just so fun and creative.


My favorite school subject is art.My favorite subject is art because I can just get so creative with things.When I'm try to think what I should do in art something pops in my mind automatically like,BOOM!Art is just so fun and creative.


My favorite subject is definitely writing. Stories can take you to places that you can't imagine! I also like writing because I feel that it's a good way to express my opinion while entertaining my reader. In fact, when I grow up, I want to be either a lawyer or an author, where good writing skills are needed. Waddle on Club Penguin!



I like Social Studies, Mainly because I love learning about the past, the battles that occurred, and everything else that began to shape how our America is today!


I love Science! I just love figuring out how things work, and learning about animals especially! Its so cool to find out how an animal survives in the wild, and just how one species can affects the entire ecosystem!


my favourite subject in school is Maths because i love learing new things and working out the problems


my favorite subject is social studies because i like learning about what life was like before i was born,and what people did back then


music is my fave you can play instruments and make some of our own songs up


I like math because if math wasint invented we all would end up with no smart in our brains.And I LOVEEEE Math so much my teacher put me on a Math Online Program called First In Math its funny and friends think im really smart....And remember you allways need Math or you wont be smart.waddle on cp.


My favorite subject in school is math because math is really easy to learn. It's not really hard at all. Math also uses quick thinking, word problems, math strategies, and once you learn the strategies, math is no longer a big deal in life for you. Sometimes in math, you even play fun math games! Go math!

Rudolph Snow:

Well,my favorite subject in school is English. Because I LOVE writing stories of my own,and I like acting with my friends! English is awesome because sometimes we get to watch movies in lessons! It is lots of fun to learn about.

I Lilly I:

I like maths because you get to learn stuff and be clever


My favorite subject is art because I am really good at it and I like to do crafts and I like to paint .Sometimes I even doodle on my homework.And when drawing whatever you are drawing it like it turns in to your world.Plus I have been doing art for a long time.By sierrafrosty


my fave thing at school is indoor recess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject in school is music and art because you can be super creative with anything you like like making a penguin out of clay to playing a sweet song on the ukelele. You can choose to do anything when you do art and music because your the one who gets to choose what you want to do!


My favorite subject is art because i love painting, drawing, and learning new techniques. Also I think art is important because without art club penguin wouldn't exist and the other games we play. Also we wouldn't be able to design some of the things we use in everyday life. Because of art that's why animators can make amazing movies and cartoons and short films that we love.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Drama class! I love to act and I have a huge imagination. Actually right now I'm on summer vacation, but still, I can't wait to go back to Drama class next year! GO LCA CLASS OF2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sydy flipper:

2018? But it's 2013!


mine is math because you need math in your life for counting change ,dollars , toys ,and more .that's what i think .


my favorite subject in school is writing because being creative is fun for me. I always make up fun stories and sometimes I put my friends in my stories.


I love art and science. Because in art you can express who you are In pictures and well sometimes word and club penguin inspires me by using their time and cool art to create an amazing video game. And science I like the experiments. WADDLE ON!


My favorite subject is math because you have to think really hard to do it, and I think i'ts fun. But since thers ony ONE right answer, it's even harder. Some things are hard like 4+5x2. You do the multiplication first, hard right?


My favorite subject in school is writing. It is my favorite because I get to enhance and dump my imagination on a piece of paper.You get to write different types of literature like poems,letters,stories,and more.I hope you all enjoy writing too. Just remember to DO THE "RIGHT" THING AND WRITE ON!(and WADDLE ON)!


I like art beacause I can make really cool pictures and sculptures!!


Me my favorite subject is home and Technology. I like to make things from wood and paper. I like and what we're talking about nature and other things. I love the subject and will hardly ever find a more interesting subject of home and Technology!


My favorite School subject would be all of them because without your Math, grammar,or science this game not even be possible.Math you need to have to make sure you have the right change or to add how about when you need to enter those computer programs manually? So there fore I say that every school subject should be everyone's favorite. ~ Page34
(what about when you need to find the tax on a video game xD just saying)


i really like technology,art,P.E,media,music and math plus reading!!!!!


My favorite subject is reading. I always love reading great adventure books. Anyone who doesn't like to read I recomend reading as much as you can intil your bored and have your parents set up fun projects. After a while you will love to read books. Oh and don't have your parents pick the book or it won't work unless you pick comics and easy readers. WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject in school is math. I just love the complex questions the teachers give us. Doing fractions might be my most favorite about it. It involves division which this online world provides! Waddle on!


My favorite subject in school is science, because we learn so many interesting things about planets and nature!!! I also like math, specifically algebra, because playing around with numbers is super fun for me.


i REALLY WANNA see that movie i may join team PNK cause its PINK! my fave subject is science and lang. arts because in science you can experiment and i <3 lang. arts b cause i can read new versions of stories! i can wait 4 the scare games! GO TEAM PNK!!! (p.s i wonder how the are in the movie ?!) GO CP GO AND STAY COOL PIXAR!!!!


My favorite subject is reading! I love reading books, because you go to a whole other world, and there are so many adventures in books! I personally like historical fiction, and Dear America books are amazing because there about young girls back in historical events. I also like to read books about tweens( being one myself) because there funny and are just enjoyable books to read. Sure, i may not love every book I read, but from time to time I read a book that is so terrific and heartwarming.


I love science and history and literature...well I pretty much love school. Except math. I've always loved reading, and I'm very curious so I love to learn about what happened long ago that shaped our lives today in history, and I love to experiment in science. Learning in general is such a privilege, though. There are many who don't have the oppourtunity to learn so we should be thankful that we get to. : )


I like math. I like mathe because it is very fun to learn and you can use protractors which is fun too.math is the best subject you can learn.i'm I right guys, hello anyone, well that's it for now. I'm out in a flash


I like computer because we get to play games Like club penguin.


My favorite subjects in school are P.E. because our coach makes games really fun some are hard and some are easy my favorite game in P.E. is " Stuck in the mud ". I also like learning about Georgia history I think its really cool to learn about the past of where you live now. I absolutely LOVE reading I was top reader in kindergarten and second grade, We had an award ceremony at school and I was 7th best reader in second grade. I don't like math very much but I do like to learn about it . So Bye


I like writing because i love to write words down on paper.For examples write things down about me and my life, write down who inspired me to be who i want to be when i grow up.P.S please post this i have never been posted before. :)


I'm Widget9 and my favorite subject in school is Math. I love to learn new things everyday. It's my favorite subject because I like math and some other people don't like math. I have a different opinion for everything also math. Math can be hard work but once you get into it you'll figure out a lot of things. That's why I'd like to get my scare on for math.


Hey guys!My favorite subject in school is sleeping in class!JK!!My favorite subject in school is reading!I love reading because you get smarter,you learn new words,and you can challenge yourself by reading a BIGGER book!Also,while you read you can pretend your in a other world!See ya!


I like reading cause it's not so hard and when you need help people just tell you the word when I'm in school when someone is reading out loud and there stuck on a word like big one's like there impossible to read we just tell them and if your really good everyone will want you to tell them the word and if there's a bad reader you basically get to read for them I for one think reading's fun! That is why I like reading.


I have to say my favorite subject is writing because your imagination gets set free to discover new things and write about flying cars or houses that float in mid - air so with writing your imagination can shine bright and stop hiding in corners of your mind.writing also is a great hobby to pass time because it exercises your brain with courses of how to spell and what words to use instead of simple words like big so that's my favorite subject.


My fave subject is art.I have started drawing at age 6. It is also pure imagination. you can draw puffles, dogs, well, everything with no one holding you down! how cool is that?

Spider2458 :

My fav subject in school would be....SCIENCE! I real love this subject, well, it shows how the world works. Why things are this, and why things are that. And what is really brill (Yeah, I'm going Daffo) is that I learn a lot about space, which I love. Planets and galaxies and stars and..... Well others. Waddle on CP!


My favorite subject in school is defenitly reading. I have the second amount of books in the class read(53, the highest is 54) I have read books of all genres and have a goal in my reading this year. My goal is to prove that boys can be just as good readers as girls. Some may agree with me, but some may not. A girl in my class has 54 books and I am hot on her heels! I also read two years above my grade level.
Waddle on!


I love writing mostly because I get to write fun letters , reports, and others. Its a very fun subject for me because I wanted to be an author when I grow up. Its an awesome subject to learn if you love books. I love art too because I can express my work to everyone at my school. Its really fun because you get to do different colors, textures, and pictures by your own.


My favorite subject is Science because I love learning experimental things and I love mixing things into beakers. I think I have found my calling in life as a neuroscientist because I like seeing what makes people tick and see why they act a certain way!



I like to do reading because their are so many books to read and you can read everywhere you want and it is so cool



Awesome! I'm writing this on my penguin!



who needs school hahahahahaha


My favorite subject in school is math. This is my favorite because it,to me,is the most important in life. You need to use it when you go to the grocery store to find out how much you can get with a certain amount. Also you use math to find out the right size of anything. Finally you must use math to get any job involving technology. There's my favorite subject. Waddle on !


I like Science the best because #1 We usually watch a lot of videos :P #2 The Experiments Are So FUN!!!!!


I luv monster inc but too bad my DVD of monster inc doesn't work it's busted :( but I still Lu monsters inc
Until later waddle on cp :)


I like math Becuase You Can Make math fun like You just bought Ten candy bars Then Your Freind Wants Five You can do 10-5=5 Then you give your Freind 5 Then Both of you are happy And Math brings you far in life like Making A Internet Game Like Clubpenguin.


My favorite school subject, is math because I love numbers, and I just enjoy it. I like all kinds of math like algebra, geomeratry,and more.


I like to read because I am really good at
It and sometimes it tells you a story that your exited to read when you look at the cover


I like to read because I am really good at
It and sometimes it tells you a story that your exited to read when you look at the cover

Gator W:

I like art because I get to express my inner self!


Hey Club Penguin!
My favorite subject at school is art!
I like art because I can express myself and be really creative! Also, no one can tell if you're doing something wrong or not, because it depends on how YOU look at it. And you've probably heard of the saying, "A picture tells a thousand words". So art is really fun and its nice to get down and dirty painting, sketching, and using markers!!! Go colors!

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!


My favorite school subject is math because i always get A`s in it my last day of school was yesterday i kinda miss school though!
P.S. please post this I have NEVER been posted before.P.P.S. I Miss my friend Nolan he is really nice and he got A`s in math too well se ya!....

Waddle O
Waddle On
Waddle On!
Waddle On! :
Waddle On! :D Bye!


My favorite subject is science because we get to dissect different kinds of things #frog #owlshairball #fish


Well i like physical education I like it because i want to stay fit and i can play sports that are new to me and sports that i know such as football. Physical Education helps me set my goals in life, it helps me know how to stay healthy and lastly it helps me use the number one rule in playing a sport. TEAMWORK


My favorite subject in school is reading because with books, you can travel anywhere without spending a single penny! Good books suck you in and leave you with a better view on life and a better person for reading them. Getting good grades for doing what I love is the best part about reading!
-Read On


My favorite subject in school is reading because I enjoy diving into different worlds that are shown in books. My favorite type of book is fantasy.




I love Literature Studies! It's great to discuss stories with my classmates and share projects! Waddle on!


My favorite subject is art

Kk Kylee:

My favorite subject in school is writing, and reading!! I like reading and writing because for writing I could create my own story, and I just LOVE that feeling when you feel like you're a different person and you just write the script into the book or paper! And for reading, I just LOVE it!! But it's really fun just reading a story, and if you get deep enough into it, it feels like you're right in front of what's happening in the book.


My favorite subject is Social Studies. it is especially because i am in a french class. Social Studies in french is F.U.N!! I like it because you get to learn about like "First Nations" and Countries, and Oceans, and things like that. and the best part is...


Waddle O
Waddle On
Waddle On C
Waddle On CP

Sk8er Man2:

My dad is from France. Bonjour et au revoir. (Hello and goodbye)


Flippers Down. My favorite subject is Math. I find it easy although sometimes I find it hard. My friends come to me during break time to ask me about math and just knowing I helped someone makes me smile. Some people find math hard but really, all they have to do is focus and think positive. So yeah, my favorite subject is math! Thanks for reading. Waddle On!!


My favourite subject at school is sport because you can run around and vs other schools and even go to other city's. my fave sport is soccer cause I'm really good at it.


Pe because u have focus to scare grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


My favourite subject in school is ART's [drama/drawing art] I like acting because you can express your feeling same with art like making sculptures my teachers love them and i've one three competitons to do with it. I hate math but It's a big part of life in CP and off so I make sure it gets done. I enjoy reading good books too. Until next time WADDLE ON!
PS I the great puffle switch is awesome!


I can never decide between Science and History for my fave subject. I like Science because I always get As in the tests. I like History because somehow I love to hear stories about battles and wars in the past.


For me my favorite subject is ICT. Cause sometimes if you finish the work fast, I can play games in the Internet and play Club Penguin with my friend. And, I showed my friend the game and they sign up their own. It made more penguins will join Club Penguin so we will not be boring. We can also find the way how to scare friends in internet so we can scare friends in the Monster University party. Waddle on CP!


my favorite is English so we can speak nicely.

Punky pig :

Favourite: English because we are learning about Shakespeare and his plays.
Worst: science and French because I don't particularly like the teachers.

My opinion <3


I LOVE science because it contains my other fave subjects(math and english/reading) and I want to be a chemistry scientist or invent teleportation,just like Gary did.WADDLE ON CP!!!


My favorite school subject is grammar because I like to read and write stories!!And make scripts for Club Penguin based series!!Also I like to help other people improve there stories!!


My favorite subject is science why? because you learn the future and i want to be like gary the gadget guy its so fun and you get to have lunch and fruit and learn something new back in the past and they are so cool and don't forget the queens birthday! oh and don't forget school holidays are coming up soon. and that it :) OH yes waddle on! ( sorry with the mistakes very sorry ) Bye! :)


My favorite subject is science because you learn about our world and ways to improve it!


I love Maths because I love solving hard problems and helping my friends do Maths! I also like English because I like learning about Grammar and its really fun! But out of everything... I LOVE SCIENCE! We do lots of wrapping and see if things soak,leak or repel! I just love going to school! Not because its fun but because I like learning new things!! My teacher makes the magic happen in class!

Thank You For Reading This!


My favorite subject is Zoology, because you get to learn more about the animals in the primitive days and how they became extinct. And in the modern world most animals became smaller compared to the bigger animals in the primitive, and you get to learn how the class of Mammalia take care of their babies compared to the class of Aves, they find food for their chicks and leave them unguarded. And you get to know how many chambers of hearts the animals have. And we must take care of the animals. :)


My favorite class and subject has to be music. You get to dance and make music. And I always go crazy in music class so it is really fun! Waddle On Clubpenguin !


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