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By Polo Field on June 3, 2013 - 13:38

Last week we asked what is your best Card-Jitsu Snow strategy so far?

I really liked Agent Hush's answer:

My #1 strategy is communication. Sometimes I'll flash a power card on the screen so that my teammates know that I'm waiting to use my power card for a combo. Also, if there are two snowmen within my range, I'll move towards one of them so that my fellow ninjas know that they should attack the other one. However, the GREATEST key to communication is to know how far your teammates can move, how close they have to be to attack, and how hard they hit. NINJA VANISH!

Very good strategy Agent Hush!

As for this week, with the announcement of the Disney/Pixar Monsters University Takeover coming to Club Penguin. We want to know...what is your favorite subject in school and why? Leave your comments below (50 - 75 words please!)

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


Peanutsmooch :

My favorite subject is probably all of them. Math helps us in the future with saving money and other things. Science teaches us about the solar system, animals, and the environment. Reading and English help with your language problems. Art gives you a chance to be creative and express yourself. Last but not least, gym gives us a chance to run around and play sports. Well waddle on!


My favorite subject is reading because I taught myself to do it & realized it's worth the time to learn. Everything's easier when you know how to read! It's a great thing to do when you need to calm down! Reading can take you to different worlds and lands that you didn't even know existed! That's why reading is my favorite subject!


Hello CP! My favorite school subject is Math. Math makes you think hard, and it's VERY helpful in life. WADDLE ON, and have a great summer!


My favorite subject is Science because it is cool the way you can expirement with chemicals.


My favorite subject is math. Math is very fun and I am very good at it, and I am a learning at a high level of math. I'm going to study calculus maybe next year because it is so fun to know all this stuff. :) I also teach my friends how to do certain math problems.


My favorite subject is math because I love my math teacher he is the best . I like learning fractions and we do multiplication times tests where we try to solve 100 facts in 5 minutes 4 minutes and 3 minutes. Now over the summer I am using these paper with 100 facts that the teacher said to do that is why I love math.


My favorite school subject is reading because Iam in the extended program.Words just make sense to me.I have never been posted before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like math and reading! I like math because I am good at it and reading because I really like to read.


I like science because you can use potions and do experiments you can do amazing like robots teleporters or a bionic dog well with science you can do everything and use your imagination


My favorite school subject is Math facts because it helps me learn my division


My favorite subject is reading. Also if you are homeschool, and you tell your parents about the books on club penguin. Then you might be able to do those for school, too!!!! =) =D =D =D =D =)


This is awesome


I adore Art and I love literacy because you can use your imagination to write stories, I also love art because it is fun when u get a pencil and paper and you can use your imagination in art too, when you are drawing weird and wonderful whines and colouring and painting. To me school is pretty if we get to do them lessons!!



Reading because you come up with characters that make the story real and make it interesting


I like art and writing because you can use your imagination when ever you want! You draw, doodle and sketch anything you want! Art is fun and I like it soo much. Waddle on!! :


i love science and math! i want to be a nurse so that's why!


Well my favourite is Geography because we our doing Water (not the ninja!) and it is FAB!



I love writing! I am on my third writing spiral. Lots of kids in my class are jealous. I LOVE WRITING! It is also very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sydi fliper:

I like gym because its easy and good for you. No point of gym when you are scareing.


My favourite subject at school is maths - I like chalanges! Maths is easy for me but there is millions of things I don't know but I shall learn!

dolly 51096:

My favourite subject is art because I can ralax and my teacher said I was artistic


My favorite subject is art because you don't have to do boring things like sitting there and writing the same thing over again. You do things like drawing something cool, molding something cool with clay, painting something cool with paint, and so much more!

Sydi Flipper:

I love gym class the most because it is a lot of fun and you get to exercise. Exercise is important to keep your body healthy. There are also lots of fun games like freeze tag and dance tag. We get to try out different sports like soccer and basketball and see what we like best.


My favorite subject is...... ART! In Art u can basically do whatever you want!
You can Draw, Paint, And maybe give an Art lesson! I like helping my
Friends out with drawing. Sometimes we have these Art Contests
There so fun! I guess this was my dish on Art Waddle On!


I love ALL the subjects but my favorite has to be writing. It brings out the imagination and creativity out of people and what other subject could do that? I put my pencil on my paper and i just write WHATEVER!I LOVE WRITING!
Waddle On!!!


My favorite school subject is science! It's fun to learn, and very interesting! We learn about the earth and it's features, how electricity was discovered, Newtons laws, AND SO MUCH MORE!!! We do FUN experiments too! I love science and I always will! :)


I love science because I find it fun with all the experiments and I find the information interesting too.


I like art because I can draw the things I like and the things I see. At least once a day, I'm always drawing new things.


My favorite subjects are Maths, Reading, and ICT because Maths is quite challenging at times (and I like challenging things) and we use maths throughout our lives, even sub-consciously. Reading because i love getting lost in a book that you forget everything around you! Once u start u cud be in a deserted island for one day, and then decide to become a agent and go on secret missions the next! ICT, because it's easy and I'm very fast on a computer/laptop.


Reading and art is fun and all but my favorite school subject is writing. Sometimes in school you are given a topic. I think that is just blah! That's why at home I write my own stories. I want to be a writer some day and right now I'm working on a story about a frying pan named earl! Maybe some day i will right a story about my experiences on cp. WADDDLE ON!!!!


I like french a lot i am bad at it but i like to know other languages so i could move to francs when i am older. I also love gym to keep me active, because i have diabetes and i have a bit of a stomach because of the needles. But then i like music, my music teacher at school teaches us recorder, then i have privet drum and piano lesions. I cant decide i have so much more but the worst is grad 5 and up health. And the party starts on my last day of school. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject is math. I just love adding numbers, it makes you feel more smarter! Plus, math isn't that hard, you just have to try! I love how it gets more harder the questions, I like more challenging stuff!
Math is awesome<3


I like music because you can learn how to make music.


I like science. You can make craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy experiments and learn cool things like space.


My fav school subject is science! Mostly because we learn about lasers and explosions and chemicals and atoms and isotopes and my fav ............SODIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject is Writing, because with writing you can express yourself in many different ways. My favorite way to express myself is by writing poetry. My teacher also gives us writing assignments about famous poems. My favorite recent one has been about this very famous poem named "The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll. We were asked to draw our monster,write a description of it and write a poem of the monster in gibberish.

Bumblebee 19:

Math is my favorite subject. Why you ask?
1. There lots and lots to learn like mental math, Algebra, charts & deciphering them, percentages, fractions, decimals converting fractions to percentages to decimals, area & perimeter, and so on and on and on.
2. You might use math every day like when you're a mathematician, or even adding up product prices.
3. So many things are connected to Math, like Art, Science and Handwriting!




little soxo:

gotta be free period.then i can go to play club penguin on the school computer! or eat food!or maybe practice scaring for the scare games... waddle on!

Fluff Nuckle:

My favorite subject in school is science because I find it really interesting to learn about how everything works in the world. It's really cool to learn about all the different states of matter, the structure of an atom, all the different layers of the Earth, and the animal food chains. I think it's also cool to learn about how light waves bounce off of certain surfaces and how clouds form. But the topic that I'm most fascinated about is outer-space. There is just so much to explore! Waddle On!


I like reading because a lot of stuff has words and if you can't read your not going to be able to understand it. Reading is very IMPORTANT even to poor people. Mostly of all about reading is that you need to know about what your reading about and understand it.


My favorite subject in school is art. Art is very important to me because it gives you a chance to be creative! Creativity is really important for your mind, and if you are creative, then your life will always be colorful!

Waddle on CP!

Mitza asta:

My most favorite subject is Art! Love Art so much because I can be as creative as I can! One time I was having so much That I accidentally covered someone in paint! I hope I get reviewed! waddle on!


My fav subject is sport deffinitly :)


My favorite subject at school is math, because it is fun and easy. I also happen to be good at math which makes it more enjoyable. Another subject I like is science, which is the reason why I want to become a scientist when I grow up, since the two subjects I like (math and science) have a big role in the career of being a scientist.


My favorite subject is science because you get to learn all about animals and dinosaurs plus sometimes you get to see animals and sometimes touch it. In science it is also technology robots, computers, phones, you name it and by the way I'm going to a camp that you can make your own video game well not any video game your own video game and you can take it home. So bye waddle on


My favorite school subject must be between home economy and language! And I suddenly got a great idea! Why don't you change home ec. Into "home ick."? You guyz are awezum!! WADDLE ON


My favorite school subject is math. I just like to mess with the numbers! Here's an example: 19x11x9=1881=64=24=8! Try to find the pattern. Here's another example:11x11=121x11=1441x11=15851=320=6! Same pattern only more complication!See ya at Monsters University!

Bumblebee 19:

Math is my favorite subject. Why you ask?
1. There lots and lots to learn like mental math, Algebra, charts & deciphering them, percentages, fractions, decimals converting fractions to percentages to decimal, and so on and on and on.
2. You might use math every day like when you're a mathematician, or even adding up product prices.
3. So many things are connected to Math, like Art, Science and Handwriting!




I love science ever since I was a kid I watched television and I saw a baking soda volcano ever since I have been wanting to do one I also love learning about the solar system my favorite planet is Jupiter I mean how cool is it to be the biggest planet of them all and learning about rocks igneous limestone THE CRYSTALS IN THEM its amazing


Science. Is cool!


What subject: My favorite subject is everyone of them! Why: Because every subject is very interesting and fun to do! Having a favorite subject also convinces you to do better in it.


my favorite subject is art because it is a nice way to relax and take a brake for studying .


My favourite subject in school is gym because I am very active mostly everyday I run one or two laps around the school sidewalk, I like all kinds of sports too, that's why I like gym. I also like reading. I like reading mystery and fantasy books Because I think they are very interesting. I'm mostly into goosebumps and fablehaven series, they are very good books! Then I like art because I kind of suck at drawing but I like creating things. I made a toy in gr. 6 it was awesome! I LOVE CLUBPENGUIN!


My favourite subject in school is art. I started to like art when I was very little and now I have come up to this point to be a GREAT
artist . It takes some time to be a great artist like me. You need to have a steady hand to draw,paint,colour and sometimes write.
Tip:Look at some pictures by some famous artists and see what they achived,what colours they have used and what they have drawn.
Waddle on CP!


My favourite subject at school is reading because it transports you into a magical world of imagination. It grabs you by the scruff of the neck and dosn't let you go until you are well and truly hooked. Waddle on CP!


My favourite subject is computer.Computer is so much fun and it is the reason why i met clubpenguin.Then there is emails and games and so much. i also want computer to be a part of my profession.

Popstar kate:

Have any of you watched the real movie


My favourite subject is maths because I am so Awsome at it I even know 247x5=1235 check on a calculter still correct and it has heaps of fun adventures and it comes to your job (EPf agent!) and it can make your brain smart just like wimp to famous and I think maths would be Awsome to teach children when I grow up! And we all have to start off some where so don't feel bad if your bad at maths


My favourite subject at school is art because you get to express your feelings and thoughts through drawing and painting. My favourite thing to paint is penguins of course...... :D


My favourite school subject would be art because its fun and I love it!!!!!!!!!!





My favourite school subject is probably D.T. I don't know whether every country or school does it but its so EPIC cos you design stuff like hats, mini chargers, mini laptops and loads of awesome things. I'll be honest daffo when you asked me this I though nothing I hate school but then we did D.T. In school for a whole 2 awesome weeks.

Waddle on


I love recess!!!! And science


I like art because you can express your creativity and who you are


I enjoy any subject in which I help my friends. They are really nice and I like helping them. They also help me when I breed help. Thanks to all of you!


My favourite subject is General Studies, or Liberal Studies. I like it because I can learn a lot of knowledge about everything in the world, or learn about current issues, such as environmental protection problems, or political issues etc.


hi I am 8 years old I love math and swimming I swim for 1 hour a day people call me small but I am tall but that does not matter because it is like are to people that matters more u what to be nice to peole u can have fun with ur BFF so be nice to people my peguin is petroula2 thank you have a nice day


I like reading


Well, schools out. So, who cares.


My Favorite is Virginia Studies. I get to learn the history of Virginia and it's really fun. Like reasons the Civil War started. Who won the Battle between the Merrimack and The Monitor? Answer: It was a draw. And a lot of historical events happened in VA. Especially how Jamestown was founded in 1607 and how it started the whole nation of the USA.


I like writing because I use MY imagination. When your reading a book have you ever stopped reading it and thought of what you thought should happen? My writing teacher wrote a book (she really wrote it) and she let us write the rest. You can use your imagination however you want!


My favorite subject is Art. I like it because you can be creative and inspiring. One minute you can be making a little doodle that can evolve into a world famous masterpiece. The possibilitys are endless. You can use your head and use spare parts that you find lying around the house. As I said possibilitys are endless! I know some people think that art really isn't a subject but think about it ever heard about Andy Warhol, Sonia Delauney?
Luv Tasha111 <3


My favorite subject is arts! I don't just mean drawing, (even though thats cool too) I love acting and singing. I love acting because I think of it as pretending to be someone else and seeing something from someone else's point of view (like a bad guy's). I also love using my powerful voice in singing (although that usually gets me a meanie part ). It counts as a school subject because some schools have drama classes.


My fave subject in school would have to be math even though I hated math last year, but now I love it and I'm also in the advanced class too, but that doesn't matter right now . I also think that my other favorite subject in school would be band, because I get to play my Alto Saxophone too, and it's really fun and I met a lot of new friends!!!!!!!!!! :D<3

Isabel 98765:

My favorite subject in school is reading, because I can read a whole world of adventures! Either a determined pirate sailing the seven seas, or a damsel in distress waiting for her prince to come save her, everything is interesting! I learn new strategies to help me find clues to solve the mystery, or a way to find out how to pronounce a hard word! Also, I have the opportunity to read whatever I want, when I want! I wish I could read everyday!!


I wish there was a lesson for Cp, but there isnt:(. My fav lesson is probobly P.E because it makes you healthy and fit so you can make the most of your life! Waddle on!

Jango5 Dark4:

My favorite subject in school is science because I like to learn about what we (as penguins) have discovered about the natural and man made world around us.


Can you keep my secret? -> When i grow up,i want to be a cake chef.I will make cp's cakes.Also i will make a pony cake!Man,i like ponies!Every cartoon i like when i make a delicous tasty choc moose cake...Yummy ~


Math people think it is boring but I think of my thoughts math! I like it because it has so many twist and turns like a maze and I like mazes it makes me angry some what but I still like it and of course I want to be a teacher I have to control it but it is my. Favorite subject


i really like reading because it teaches you to learn words and helps you to pronounce big word like Olympic!


My favorite subjects in school is art and math. I love art because I get to be creative with what I make and use my imagination. I also like math because when I do a math problem, it feels like I'm solving a puzzle!
-Waddle On!


I like the boston bruins and I am a video gamer

thx puffachu
p.s friend me


my faveret subject is math because I think it is realy fun to do and it gets my brain thinking and I realy like numbers and all of my teachers have made it be a lot of fun that is why I like math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subjects in school are math,science,social studies,and basically all the subjects.I like math because it is the mos important subjects in life and for the future.I like science because we learn chemistry and all the other elements(my fav is the periodic table btw),.So basically there is a reason for every subject.School is very important as much as cp is to everyone.
Waddle on!

Dano Pengo:

my favorite subject is art at math but ill talk about art. i love too draw and paint sometimes. i like too draw Club Penguin stuff like puffles and penguins. i even try too draw the map so i can play with it in the house. but i`m not done....YET! i draw mazes good. one time i made a maze very hard and my friend did not even solve it . that`s all.


mine is science because it is so awesome and we would not be living without it cuz every thing we need would be all gone inclouding oxygen!


My favorite subject is art because you can use your imagination!! You can draw or paint something you made up, something you see, something you had a dream about, or whatever! You don't even have to draw in art! you can assemble a 3D creature, do origami, or make a stick man! Art is super-duper fun!!!!!!


My favorite subject would probably have to be writing. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Writing lets me use my imagination and creativity in so many different ways! Whether I'm in the mood to write a fantasy, mystery, a true story, an adventure or just a plain old silly story, I can always write whatever I want. Writing is a great way to express how you feel and sometimes I find it easier to write something than to say it. That's why writing is my favorite subject. Waddle on Penguins!


My favorite subject is history cause its fun to learn about what happened back then, its fun to learn how they survived back then,
and how they were fighting for our freedom and that's important to have freedom, and its also fun to read about things that happened back then like titanic.


My favorite subject in school is Art because you get to express your feelings into the the piece of art and you get to relax your self while doing art.


My favorite subject in school is either math or science, because those are the two subjects that you really need to learn when in school. If I had to choose 1 it would have to be MATH because I am really good at it and advanced in it too. I even do extra credit !



Honestly I would have to say, my best subject at School would have to be History. With History there's always new things to learn and inquire, without History who knows what our world would be today!? History is what made our generation even better! So next time you're learning about History, just acknowledge that without History behind us.... there would be no us; and consider that one day our generation will soon be History.


my favorite school subject is reading because i love reading and i love reading stories in our reading text book i think its fun because we read a different story each week. :) :) :) :)


I love math because there a lot to do in math and it helps you went almost anything.Even I once teach my friends some math facts like
120 x 121.To find out or check your guess look below but is in word.I hope you can read.



I, of course, LOVE science! It not only can help in life, but also Is VERY fun to do experiments with!


well, i LOVE reading, science, and social studies cuz they're fun! i also LOVE music and art! i dont really like math... lol nice picture by the way LOLZ! im excited about the party! i LOVE monsters inc! but this is monsters UNIVERSITY. im sure id like this too. LOL

Tuff Person: can do cool experiments.


I have a lot of favourite subjects art, history, english, math. But I have one that would beat them all... Science. why because in science you can find out what sinks in the water and what doesn't and you get to do experamints like mixing water with another liquid to create somthing much different and that is why sience is awsome


I have 2 favourite subjects, English and Science. I think English is fun and it can really help make you logical, because you have to explain stuff and learn how to get information from a text or story. It also helps you learn more about characters in the story, and why they did certain actions. English can improve your vocabulary, in writing or reading. Most People think English is hard, but if you learn to love it, it's easy!!!! It's a lot of fun!


my favorite is science because i can learn about the mystery of nature and animal with awesome scaring characteristics

Lady GIJO 4:

My favourite subject is Theatre Arts (my elective) I love it because we are making masks. Mine is a Cleopatra giraffe - it looks really cool, it has gems on it and everything!


My favourite subject is history. The reason being I can hear all about what happened back in the day, and also art I love practicing drawing because Ill be able to draw polo field,sensei and them vip's! (Very important penguins)


My favorite subject at school is science, music, and history. Science is because it tells the studies of the Earth millions of years ago, music
is that it's my special talent and I can draw very good, if it is traced, and the last one is History because it tells the past of it's years. I LOVE Club Penguin & I like to participate in all of it's parties.

Waddle on, CP! ;)


my favourite school subject is science.i like it because i like club penguin when i was in class 3 i read about penguin they have flippers they live in the snow and then i searched on the net to find more about penguins then i saw this website and exactly came about to know what is a penguin:D But i did not know that penguins can wear fashionable dresses!!!


My favorite subject is art because I can show my imagination and skills. Also i'm the best artiest in my class so I can help others with their art. P.S I have an awesome art teacher so that's a bonus!


In my opinion, science. There are lots of subjects IN science, and there is much to learn. Some of the science studies I like are: technology, archaeology, geology, and chemistry. Once I learn this stuff, I usually teach it to my friends. Also, lots of research and reading!!!


Waddle On
Waddle On!
Waddle On ; )
Waddle On!
Waddle On


I like math, gym, art and science ! :D


My favorite subject in school is reading computer PE I love reading alot because I love to hear story like magic tree house.
I also love computer because I can play games and learn alot about computers and have fun playing computers in school.
I also like PE because I like playing games with my friends at school and it is very fun
From, meta09




I don't really have a favorite subject in school, but if I had to pick, I'd go with English. I love it mainly because the English language is fascinating! You get to learn about all different sentences and punctuation. I also had vocabulary words and spelling words. That's what got me in the position to win the spelling bee! Lastly, English is a great subject to have in school.


I like math because you learn to do geometry, adding, and subtracting!


My favourite subject is Art, because it's when you let go of all the things around you and just paint! Even if there are people around me, it still feels really nice to move my hand freely. Art is something I can express myself from.
Thanks for reading!



my favorite is maths because there's different ways to do it.

tula 15:

My FAVE subject in school is Writers Workshop because I love to write about my life and silly stories even scary stories! I'm in the third grade . I'm going to miss that subject!


I like every subject because they help me learn


My favorite subject at school is science. thats because we get to do expiriments . we learn about the world . we get to learn anout life of organisms. in this world there are many things to discover. there are many things in this world that are amazing to discover. we could learn so many stuff in that subject.


I love all of my school subjects! I love them all because I know in the future they'll help me a lot! When I grow up I wanna' be a Computer Engineer or a Graphic Designer! And the reason I love all of my subjects is that just in case becoming Computer Engineer doesn't work out, I'll be able to become anything else that has a good rank because I'll be fully educated! I love learning new things and from my experience I learn that everyday we learned something new. Anyway, For now...Waddle On!


My favourite subjects are swimming, maths and ICT. I like swimming as you get lots of fun in the pool. I like ICT as you learn lots about the Internet and you can play awesome games like club penguin. I like maths as it's simple(for me) and I like it.


I like Art because u can use your imagination to create anything I like drawing cartoons like club penguin WADDLE ON


I love art cause it is something different Cause you create your own style it is a bit like fashion :-)


My favourite subject is English . English combines two of my favourite things, reading and writing together. It also has group work, which is an important skill to learn. I suppose Math is good as well, except it gives me too much homework! I also love lunch. I get to spend time with my friends, and talk about random stuff. I also get to eat!!! :)
Waddle On Cp!


My favorite subject is reading because if you read a lot you will get better at it and I love reading!! :D


My favorite subject would have to be reading because without reading we couldn't do math,science, social studies, or writing. I love reading so much that if you wanted me to read over 20 books for the summer I'd do it. And each summer I always, Always enter the summer reading program. My favorite genra for books is mystery. I just Love Mystery books. Its so exciting to me to find out who stole the giant pearl?, or who's the cat burglar trying to steal the veil of light.
Waddle on!

Jobros1 Fan:

I have many favorite subjects in school but the one that i love the most has to be Writing,Because u can let your creativity burst out and you can write about anything you can possibly think of! Its so much fun to think of an idea of something and then put that into Writing!! With Writing theirs no limits to what you can think or what you can imagine!!
Love.Waddle. Dream
Jobros1 Fan


My favorite school subject is writing. I love writing mysterious stories, funny stories, and poems. I love writing stories about cp too! Me an my friend have been working on one all year!


I like all of my subjects in school, but only one stands out to me: writing. When I write anything, I'm suddenly anywhere or anyone I want to be. I can express any and every feeling I have on paper. Writing gives me the amazing feeling of being free, which can turn anyone's day upside-down, no matter what. While other subjects are fun, I think writing is the very best subject of all :)


Maths is my favourite subject

Having lots Of fun

My second favourite subject is scaring
Seeing the childrens faces
Clubing in a bedroom
Always have a big roar
Running children screaming
Interesting things you see
Nothing beats it
Good laughs all year round


my favorite school subject is reading because you can go on an adventure . learn and show off your knowledge of reading and have fun . waddle on !


mine is reading. it helps you read things like signs,messages,and ceral boxes. it also helps you read a book and toy boxes and more!!!!!!! its a and ancient reading too. in like B.C something,it was wrote with inc and paprirus another word for paper. and also my other subject is writing I love to draw things and pictures of ships and disneys cruise ship The Disney Dream cruise. it will be usefull for me soon well that's my paper WADDLE ON DUDES!!!!


My favorite school subject is science because I learn new thing every time you go into science it like the world just opens up to me.


i love art its just so well awesome! i love crafts A LOT i mean A LOT i love to be creative and if not art library i love to read i LIKE gym but i don't LOVE it tho


I love art and science.As you can see I'm a kind of a creative penguin.I love art because you can learn a lot of stuf through your mistakes,and I like science because I can always make something new.

WADDLE ON From Slipydoo


My favorite subject has to be Reading! It`s so fun and you get to learn new words and challenge your learning. I also love that sometimes when your reading a chapter book you can picture the characters and setting in your head, also when I don`t know a word i can look it up in a dictionary for help :) Reading is Power, Power is Knowledge. Read each day to learn something new and exciting


Well my favorite subject at school would be maths and history maths because I'm so high above the normal penguins / people in my class and history because i love to learn about the wold


Hello CP ! I 'd love to tell you all my three favorite subjects but since i think i should only pick one i would say reading ! I could read a bit since i was young and now reading has became a hobby for me . I have read hundreds of books and i have lots more to read ! I used to go to the library a lot and I'm going to do that again !


my favorite subject is reading i love to read about many different things including penguins, giraffes, and dogs. i love reading all the club penguin blog posts and i love reading the club penguin times. i also love reading disney stories including the monsters inc. books, toy story books, the mickey cartoons, and the disney princess books. my favorite book ever is WONDER by R.J. Palacio. reading has been my favorite subject since 1st grade. that concludes why reading is my favorite. waddle on!


I can't wait for the Scaring Games!


Hmmmm, I have to say science! We are working with chemicals and things and it is so cool!
Waddle on, CP!


I like art because we did fun projects, it's an easy class for me, I like drawing, and I love it when I get that burst of inspiration like fireworks in my head. ZOOM! It goes in the air, and it literally blows my mind! And I am in awe of the beauty it makes. I love art, but lunch and recess are good too ; p Waddle skedaddle on!


I like math because right know I'm learning decimals so easy but also I like division multiplication decimals addition and subtraction my teacher also likes math at the begging of forth grade I hated math but know at the end of the school I like and love math because you should know that math is going to be a big part of your life when your and adult and you have to pay for things example strawberries are $2.67 ( just a guess ) you have to know how to get 67 cents 2 quarters 1 dime 7 pennies.

Cxjan j:

That movie monsters university sounds cool.Iwant to watch it

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I think I already commented, but I just wanted to say, even though I like art most because I love drawing, all of the subjects are awesome! They help other subjects like math and science, and they make us smarter! And more smarts is gooder right? But grammar, me nots knows when me is gonna use it.

Greenie G :

My favorite subject in school is science! I love to learn about our earth and how to help it! The way I see it is you can't help something if you don't even know much about it!

Waddle on!!


My favorite subject in school is art! I love art! I love being creative! It's so fun to draw Clubpenguin characters and animals!

Waddle on CP!!!

Pandee Love:

! first is history! I like history because it helps me learn about culture and over events in the past ive been so interested in the war in the 18 hundreds. now its English! I am japansese so its hard for me to talk. but when I learned about English I was so good I got an A. even doe I am different my friends and family encouraged me. well now its time for reading! like a said im japansse so its hard for me to talk its also hard for me to read. but I got better thanks to all teachers. waddle on


My favorite subject in school would definetley have to be science! You get to learn so much! You can learn about chemical reactions,our earth, the universe, animals. So much! I would say that if their is one subject that you must know, it would have to be SCIENCE! Without it we would not be able to survive! Science is endless! There is still lots more to learn about this universe,galaxy,planet, and the people and animals in it. I do not know what the world would be like without SCIENCE




My fave subject in school is reading and math. I love reading cuz you can learn some cool things that you don't know. I like math to and I'm learning my times numbers.


My favorite subject would definitely be READING!!!! Because in reading you can take yourself ANYWHERE that could be really awesome, and my teacher recommended this book for me, and i read it and i LOVED it :). I also love writing (especially fiction!!) because you can write about ANYTHING you want!! Plus, you can get inspired by AWESOME books!!! And last, but not least..I love Science because it's awesome to see what you can do with it :).


My favorite subject in school is art. I love art class because I get to sit next to my best friend AND we have a super nice teacher! We have done so many cool projects. I made greek pottery and an egyptian cat. Then we made a coat of arms. We also made cave art. I wonder what our next AWESOME project will be in my favorite subject ART CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

berry silly:

my favorit pert of school is gym and art.


My favorite subject is science,composition,and math. The reason why is because, science is very interesting and i love working to see different DNA, composition because I can't stop writing and it is so fun to see what I can come up with, math just to see how to get answers of things.


~ littleh321


my favorite subject in school is math I really like that subject because its one of the things i'm good at even though I don't have to try to hard. And my math teacher has a bunch of math games for my class and I to play and on Friday he lets us go on the computer and do work but if we finish we can play what ever game we want and I usually pick club penguin. waddle on :)


I think every subject is my favorite because every work is interesting but when you are forced to do it you feel that you are not interested but when you have some talent you feel it interesting even you are forced to do it.


Cool I know the movie is coming out and I can't wait! Waddle on!


But the green monster does he have brases?


Maths because it is really easy to count

Kristin :

This movie is a must see


my favirote is science and English


Of course math!! It's so fun! It can help you with a lot of things!


technology duh!!! XD. why do you think i play club penguin so much!!!!! (thats right technology is a subject!!) i payed to go to technology club!!


My favorite subject in school is definatly art!! It is always so fun and I always look forward to doing it. There's no right or wrong it is just, do whatever, and its great. Everybody will be happy with it because its different and your style, nobody has the same style as you. All you really need to do in art is, be yourself!!


My favorite subject in school is science because I get to do all these wacky experiments and all these chemicals. I also help my friends because there all like "hey can you help me" so I 'm like ok. I hope you enjoyed my answer Waddle On Club Penguin. (=


My faviorte Subject is Lunch


My favorite subject is art because you get to express who you are show your art.


My favorite subject is math because you get to learn all kinds of math and use it every day.


my favorite subject is writing because you can write wonderful stories so other people can enjoy and think about your feelings about things or they can read what comes from your heart and makes your imagination special, that is why writing is my favorite subject is writing.

greenagrena :

my fave subject is science, because it has the planets in it, and then i like music because it is art you can hear. Rock on club penguin!


My favorite subject is math and social studies. My over all favorite subject is science. It totally rocks especially because of the teacher.math is okay and social studies is an easy a for me.


I like science. But if I could name 2 subjects it would be science and math.


I love science because I love animals and I'm good at science


it writing because you can right how was your life and talk about club penguin and video games.

Orange joel:

I like reading because I can ge alot of nolge


My favorite subject is math i like to count!


My favorite subject in school is art because you express yourself with colors and patterns I just love when I get a chance to sketch or paint so I can express myself and show my creative side and who I am.


My fave subject is ALGEBRA 1 OR 2, GEOMETRY AND MATH!!!!!


I like lunch because I don't need to do anything except eat


I love art i am an cartoonist and that why I like club penguin so much those cartoons and I watch Disney Chanel witch is a great I can draw so much cartoons and love to draw cartoons I write comics and books like wimpy kid and my ideas first I draw and then I snac those paintings and writing and I clean my writing and then print it so I draw with pencil but when I print my drawing or writing I can't erase my drawing with eraser so I love to draw I like art and the prehistoric art like trex .


my favourite subject is science becaues we learn about animals,earth,sun,moon etc and in school we do experiments like the oil does not
mix with water and solid mixes with water and the diagrams like we draw earth and label it and colour it and the subjet is just awesome i am sure that most of people like it its no #1 subject for me and you. thank you. :D

rayan 599:

my favorite subject is science because we have to do experiments and testing and learn a lot that is why i love science

The Exclesio:

I love reading Monster University

Happy Red 3:

My favourite school subject is Art. I chose art because in art, there is no right or wrong answer at all. You use your creativness to create new types of things. You use your imagination, and place it on the paper. You can basically draw anything you like, freely. My favourite type of art is solo-art, so you get to create what YOU want and what YOU enjoy.


My favoritos subject Is math because its fun to add ,mulltapli,división,and subtract.


Well my favorite subject would have to be art!Its so much fun and you express your feelings by making art.You can calm your self down by making art paintings.Well that's what calms me down.And that's my favorite subject in school.Bye!


I'm a fourth grader and my favorite subject is math. I like math because it is fun to learn all these cool strategies. My favorite thing I learned in math class this year was long division. Math to me is like sliding down an awesome water slide.


My favorite subject is physical education. It's all about teamwork and fun! Plus, it's hard to sit at the desk all day!


I love math because it is easy to understand, simple, does not change, and is literal. Gerarald42221


Well my #1 subject is... Math.
Because its my favortie (just kidding)
The real reason because its my childhood memory.
Sometimes i think of counting, it reminds me counting thestripes on a tiger on a pic :D


that to me is a trick question, because I LOVE ALL the subjects, and I don't have a favorite because I just said I love all the subjects.
the reason I love all the subjects is because there all so fun. and If you took one of the main or non-main subjects out of history, then the world would forget most of what's important to the world. and some people would forget what there important talent is. So that's why I LOVE ALL the subjects . waddle on Club penguin.


I play an instrument, violin, and I like that because I get to learn new music. I also like art too. sometimes my friends come over and we just sit and draw. so I guess drawing. yea art is my favorite subject


My favorite subject in school is science brace In science you can learn things like the solar system, the Antarctic , health, chemistry and so meant more!


I love P.E.because it is awesome and you get to play games


I science because it it scary. I also love clubpenguin .


My favorite subject is art,writing .art is my number one because I can draw cp stuff and send them to the clubpenguin headquarters !!!writing is also very cool because I can write interesting things about CP!! And more!!!!!anywho that's the subject and remember to WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is cupcake the world biggest fan of clubpenguin woot woot!!!!!!!!no one can top me!!!!!!


My favourite subject in school is History! I like it because it is interesting and fun to learn! I would like to learn more about the early settlers last time. One of them is made $3000 selling fruits and vegetable. $3000 is a huge amount of money last time!


My faveret is reading this is a message from ack fun fact (likes video games) real life


Math because it's my easiest subject


I absolutely love Design and Technology because while everyone does what the teacher say I try to make my projects original and well, ME! It is one of the subjects were I get to express myself through my work.


I love music class! I enjoy music a lot! At school i play the flute and not only do i love to play my flute, i like to sing,music class has been the best for a long time for me!!
waddle on


my favorite subject in school is reading writing and mathematics


My favorite subject in school is art. It is because I get to express what I feel or how I feel while drawing.


My #1 favorite subject in school is by far band!!! I love band because it teaches us how to make our own music! I found that after I learned band I found my true self within the music! Musice is my heart, my sol and my joy! If there wasn't music I would be able to make it through life. Just listen, musics all around us! Even birds have a tune to share!!!!!


My favorite subject is science. Science is fun it's like an adventure going through space and explore the place. It's fun and is quiet interesting.


I like math because you get to use really cool tools to help you


My is math because you could know about money, numbers and other too.

Dawkta Leki:

I love art because it is so fun & I love being creative & it always looks cool, pretty & beautiful .


my favourite subject is science because we learn many things for ex: in biology you learn things about the body and many other things and in chemistry you learn about elements and formulas and how to balance chemical equations. when i was about 8 years old there was books about science in the shelf so i took one and started looking through it carefully

Caren Dot:

My fav subject is music!its whr i get 2 practic my 1 strength and thats SINGING!!! 8D


My favorite subject is reading because it is easy and I love books.I even scored the highest AR points in my classroom.I hope you penguins are reading!Bye for now!



I think art and reding roks

42penguin :

i really like lunch recess and home time we all have alot off stress and only little time for it to be gone


I like gym because you run around and I like to run around and it so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite subject is Reading. It's fun because you need to know how to read otherwise you won't be able to earn stamps on Club Penguin, and sometimes you won't even be able to play games. Reading is really important.

Karisa kat1:

I like science the best because you get to do experiments mostly valcanos bu it is still fun.


Mine is ....... Reading and recess I can't pick one. I like reading because I love to read. I love recess because its awesome.

Magenta Lama:

My favorite subject is Math and social studies. I like math because of all the numbers that you can do so much with, and i like social studies because you ca learn so much about your country and stuff you would have never known. Thanks for all you do Club Penguin hope you have a great day. WADDLE ON!!!!!


I go for social studies why? Cause I can learn about nature ad culture


I like science cause we can make alot of kool projects


My favorite subject in school is math because math is very useful and when you mix it with humor it can be a lot better than folding paper airplanes under the table and crossing your fingers that the teacher isn't going to catch you. All that hard work learning math will pay off in the future.


I love English and Reading and working with my teacher and i love go to club penguin when i go to home!


I like sience because you get to do fun expiriments and learn about the outdoors. Sometimes we get to build a volcano.Also you get to get with friends and discuse what we learned.


i think science cause u can blow things up


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