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By Polo Field on June 11, 2013 - 05:45

Last week we asked, what is your favorite subject in school and why?

I really enjoyed Pingafass123's answer:  

My 1# favourite subject is of course ART! I love art because you can just keep drawing and sketching and there's no right or wrong! Your an artist in many ways and art is fun! Every thing is art and it's just so fun creating master pieces and beautiful drawings! My art teacher always says " never give up everythings art''! That is why art is my favourtive subject!.

There's so many ways to earn stamps around the island, with new ones always coming along.  How many stamps have you earned so far, and which one was the hardest one to get?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team



Smoothie Smash was the hardest I guess?


I do not know but the hardest is in the ninja one which is win 50 games I think or 20 but I was so happy to see I have the stamp! and one more stamp then I will have all the ninja stamps


the sensei stamp is


i agree,armymedic


I would say the Puffle owner stamp because you have to spend a lot of your Money to buy six teen puffles my username is JAKE EB

Doodle 369 and Cutes 3212:

JAKE EB is right but I got a lot of stamps and this was doodle 369

Cutes is watching TV in the family room


The sensei power card stamp was the hardest because you would have to be lucky to get it.There is actually a chance to get
it now since card jitsu snow came.


The hardestst isnthe surf board one some of them are easy and some them of hard and when i got up to the survival i still cant beat it i know all of you guys and my subs and my viewers and my followers and my friends got it but people never give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i will never give up for you cp


I have earned about 165 stamps so far. The hardest one to earn was definitely my Berg Drill Stamp even though I didn't tip the Iceberg- but I did get 30 drillers to help me out!

Waddle on!


I have 90 stamps because ,I was playing games.


I think jet pack is the hardest


I have about over 130 stamps the first one was
I think secret passage to the underground
the last one berg drill or special forces... $_$
the first pin was bunny rabbit pin the last was neon flamingos
gotta go bye!!!!


i have 119 stamps and the hardest one to get is meeting sensei and meeting rookie


i think level 5 is the hardest


I'm a member so I was able to get around 50 stamps but the hardest one would be to get 10 penguins to smile in a party room because they all have so many different opinions and in fact, I'm not sure I even have the stamp yet!But I love the smile on my face when I find out that I got one to decorate my stamp book.I just wish I could smile like that on picture day!lol;)


Cooba5, when a mascot comes, say smile for whoever the mascot is! Then tons of people will smile! That's how I got mine!


I have around 150-170 stamps(without being a member) and the hardest stamp is to get 10 black belt ninjas in the ninja hideout. Since the hideout is no longer there, I can't get it. I was lucky that I got the mission stamps before they were removed.
Username: Ssr3fn


The hardest stamp for me is the System Defense for agents. It takes a lot of skill to master and get all of the stamps.


I have about 187 I think and the hardest stamp I had to earn was win 3 rounds as a water ninja in card-Jitzu snow.It was hard but thanks to my practice I got my whole snow ninja outfit.So if you want to earn a stamp on a game that is hard "Practice, Practice, and Practice" that is my moto.Waddle on club penguin peace!


my hardest one would be become a ninja because i trained so hard for it and it was almost impossible to be sensi.To be hounest i only have about 20 stamps. but for those without a ninja stamp good luck and try your very best and someday you will be a true ninja.
lots of hugs laylayamy5 and her puffles.


i won 3 rounds as a water ninja in card-jitzu snow,and got it. but it's so hard to get the Water and Fire and Snow Stamp. i am a ninja=]

Josh Zikry:

So far,I have collected 150 stamps in my stamp book.And my hardest stamp to get is the Be in same room with a mascot.Its very hard cause I never met a mascot in all server.I very confident that I will earn this and I always say"Never give up"to my self in my igloo.I hope I can get this stamp soon.Waddle on!

Agent Russel:

The hardest stamp to get is to find Herbert. Its hard because he wants to take over club penguin with his minion Klutzy. Also all the epf agents want to get him and make sure he doesn't take the hot sauce like he did in the last mission:).The second reason it is hard to get him is because that all penguins will be on the one sever to see him. The last reason is that Herbert has very high tech obstacles so you have to try hard to get through and believe in yourself. Good luck agents! Enjoy CP


i have got 224 stamps . the hardest stamp was food battle . please give me 10000 coins


The hardest for me was the fire sensei sensei battle


I have 50 stamps


wow thats A Good Guess! you might Win!

Blu 29:

I guess I have about from 15-20 stamps, the hardest stamp was the evil robot one, man, That one was hard!


The Full Health Stamp in Card jitsu Snow was the hardest one to get because, the villains attack you, but the snow ninja can heal the ninjas. That's the hardest stamp to get.


what is funny with that is I got it in my first try


same thing here
my name is Lillaona


I have 202 so far. The hardest stamp to get was the Klutzy stamp in System Defender because, Klutzy puts a BUNCH of robots that they crash my computer.


My hardest stamp to earn was to win 3 rounds as a water ninja in card-Jitzu.I had a hard time but thanks to my Practice I have my full snow ninja outfit!So if you are stuck on a stamp you want to get on a game practice practice and practice and you will get the stamp.Waddle on club penguin peace!


I already have the fire suit :) Next water then snow


I already have the fire,water,snow suits!ha!beat me if you can in the normal card jitsu because I have all the power cards!and I have the sensei power card stamp also I met cadence's band in the music jam! Please add me polo field!


My hardest would be getting the Dessert Chef extreme stamp in Pizzatron 3000! I had to be work really fast in order to get all the pizzas done in time, but with some practice, practice, practice, I got the rhythm and earned the stamp! Right now I have 317 stamps! :)

~Perapin :)


I think the hardest stamp is caring for 18 puffles. I have it.


i think the sensei stamp was hard to get because i can never find him anywhere. Sometimes i ask people where he is but they always seem to lie.


Maybe you're on the wrong server.


What server is sensei on?


I have 120 stamps and the hardest one to get was fire ninja because I'm really bad at card jitsu fire.


Did you beat sensei ? I am a fire ninja and I beat sensei.


I am fire water normal and almost snow ninja


The hardest stamp to earn I would say is the Sensei badge because he doesn't come around that much he comes around at card jistu party's and other times in the year


i have collected 221 stamps and the hardest one is to win 9 cards in card jitsu before winning ;i have collected that stamp

Bad Kitty 31:

I have 142 stamps! My hardest stamp to get for me was the Fly Fisher stamp, because it toke me 12 times to get that stamp. A lot of the extreme tamps I got like the Bonus Win stamp on Card-Jitsu Snow. I was a piece cake. I got that stamp on the first time I played Card-Jitsu Snow.
.P.S. Here is my penguin name Bad Kitty 31:)


coin dig




I have about 127 stamps. And the hardest to get would have to be getting to a full health bonus round in card-jitsu snow!


Poffy Puffy:

Umm how many stamps do you have 1999bloo?


Hi just in case I win which I won't even though I need the money cause I'm poor (sigh) my name is Tootsie44457
Honestly I think the hardest stamp to get is the beating sensei stamp because he is really good and you have to beat him and I keep trying but I haven't beat him YET I wish I could though. I haven't even gotten my black belt yet or the fire ninga thing, water ninga or snow ninga to me that MUST be the hardest thing to beat. I mean think about it really you would have to beat that!!




honestly I think all of them are hard but you know hard work pays off so just keep trying and you could achieve anything you want. Club penguin I love you guys and your in my heart. BYE!!!!!!!


I Have About 30 Or 40 Or Maybe 50 And The Hardest One Was The Fish One Because It Took Me About 5 Days To Get All The Stamps For That Game :).


Oh also I have about 230

Khancena :

My hardest stamp is meeting all the famous penguins like cadence,rockhopper and each of them only come like once every year and so far I met cadence ,rockhopper and PH


I've only met Cadence, The Penguin Band and that's it.


I have around 98 or 100 stamps. The hardest one to earn was the Be in the Same Room as Sensei stamp. It was an extreme stamp and there wasn't any clues to finding out when he'd be online in-game. It's my fave stamp, too!


The hardest stamp I earned was Epic Volunteer and I have 311/345 stamps.


I'm not sure how many stamps I have, I think I have 315... The hardest one to get in my opinion is the Ninja meeting, the hardest one I have gotten would probably be Igloo Party where I need 30 penguins in my Igloo.


At the moment I have collected about 190 stamps! My friends and I love to go around Club Penguin and earning stamps! The hardest one was meeting Aunt Arctic, I always wanted to meet Aunt Arctic. One fine day my friends and I decided to go looking for her in various servers, we found her in Yeti(English). I was very happy, my wish had come true! That stamp is now my favorite one too!


I have a total of 276 stamps and they were all pretty hard to obtain. I think the stamp that was hardest to get for me has to be the Card-Jitsu Snow "Final Battle" stamp as it took me ages to defeat the master of snow! I wonder what stamps there'll be in the future...


Hello Club Penguin ,
i have one hundred and sixty six stamp and i had fun to get all of them but the most tough of them was Aunt arctic!
,Because first of all we need to know about the timings she is visiting, second convert the time zones from the time zones give to your zones, And then be there at the timings you got after conversion and it may also be in different language server but then its fun to do this :)


probally the sensei stamp and I have 72


IDK how many stamps I have ^_^


I have 306 stamps so far. I think the hardest stamp is the one that you have to beat survival in catchin waves.
But when I finally got it I had one live left not zero!







ahmed 7569:

I have got 195 stamps out of 345.My first stamp was 'Stage Crew'. My latest one is 'Final Battle'. It is quite fun collecting them. The hardest one was 'Ace Angler

Pen Quen22:

Since now I have 189 stamps and proud. All of them needed some try, little or much, and I'm happy I did it so far. My harder stamp to earn was the Max Flips stamp. I remember every time I tryed to do the flips, I was falling to the water the wrong way and lose one heart. I tried once, twice, when I deciaded to do it with a different way. I sped up and jumped into the air. I moved the mouse fast doing cycles and I finally did it! I felt so happy! Since when, I love catchin' waves.


I think the hardest stamps to get are the cart surfer stamps because cart surfer is very hard. I think so because I always lose before I get at least 50 points.

ahmed 7569:

now I have 202 stamps


the stamp i find hard is the mascots. its really confusing!


i have earned 251 stamps and the hardest one by far was the full house stamp in card jitsu


I agree!


i got 88 stamps and i think the hardest is ;to log in with a penguing 365 days old because u have to wait one whole year.


The stamp, Happy Room I was trying to get everyone to smile so everyone in The Dance Club smiled, it was back in 2012.


Of course it's the master of snow!!!! it's because tusk was soooo hard to defeat!!!!!!! And I love you club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


¡A W E S O M E!

Waddle puff:

Hmm my hardest stamp to get was the " meet Sensei stamp' It was really hard and its the most recently earned stamp aswell!


I've gotten 112 stamps so far! I think the hardest stamp I've ever gotten was "Track Herbert" from the System Defender game. Herbert is very sneaky and clever, that's why we need a great group of secret agents like the EPF. Oh, and don't forget, watch out for Computer Hugs!


Well... I have so far earned 161 stamps. I think the hardest one (but the most surprising one) was finding Aunt Arctic! Oddly enough, I was just standing in a room and all of a sudden it shows that I meet aunt Arctic! I was really surprised and I looked around, sure enough she was there asking people to help with the next weeks newspaper. There is another stamp that was really hard to get, the three gems stamp.
it took alot of training at the Dojo, but I got them! That's all! ^v^ - Cat

Waddle puff:



I have to many parties to have the Party Stamp!


The hardest stamp i find to get is the Extreme Football team one! My favourite stamp is the dancing one, as you all have a great time getting everyone to dance, or just doing it by accident!


PE Because my most fun thing is sports so it must be PE


So far I have earned 146 stamps. The hardest one to get was the Berg Drill stamp, because you had to get 30 Penguins to dance while wearing hard hats at the iceberg. However, it was lots of fun working together with everyone to earn it!! :)


I think the hardest stamps to get is meeting all the famous penguins in Club Penguin. You have to look all around Club Penguin to meet them and when you find them in places like the Snow Forts, it usually gets full. But I think meeting Sensei Is the hardest because he doesn't come around occasionally.


I have 175 stamps ,imlove earning stamps because it means like a gold star for me!


Hi Tennet6 here I,ve got 348 stamps and the hatdest one to get is to be in the same room with gary


Hiya! Big party's are one of my hardest Stamps! I got to say when you invite people to your igloo it's not that easy. But I will tell you what's easy my recycling stamp because I love helping people and the world! The one I like having fun is fruit fight! It was awesome! I am trying to get my sorts day stamp! I hope I get it!
Waddle on!


Hey Polo !
Well, I have earned approximately 325 stamps so far. The hardest one was to don't catch any coins in Jet Pack game. I was always trying to win that ! very hard, isn't it ?! Watching guides, videos, strategies to win… don't even win… Finally won that by letting my sister playing xD


I have got 132 stamps. It was very hard to get them . I worked very hard for that . TRY TRY and ONE DAY YOU WILL SUCCEED





And I have earned 32 Stamps and the hardest one to get was probably hmmmm...... The Sensei Stamp because sensei never really goes on to club penguin. And he also goes on every couple of years!


I have earned 111 stamps the hardest stamp to earn I would have to say was the stamp of meeting Sensei .this was the hardest one to earn because Sensei was in a very croweded room and server and it was very hard to get in.




STAMPS ARE AWESOME!! Since they arrived in July 2010, I have earned 191! I met every mascot, and I got most of the game stamps. I of course am still working to earn more and more stamps, which makes it so awesome!!! :) So far, the hardest stamp I have earned was to throw a party with 30 penguins in my igloo. It took a lot of advertising, and even some bribing. LOL! It was so hard to get that stamp that it took me about 2 hours to get it done! But the fun party made it worth it!! Nachos anyone?


Congratulations on winning the reviewed by you contest!!!


I have 106 Stamps and the hardest one i tried and succeeded got is track Herbert in system defender


cool enjoyable but how did you get to ask ? was it only in america ? were're england!


I have earned 258 stamps and the hardest one to get was Final Battle in card-jitzu snow because I couldnt beat Tusk for a long time and he has so much health! It also took a longer time for me to get it because I was playing on my laptop when I beat him and my laptop is zoomed in so I couldnt use a power card!


I have earned 134 stamps but my hardest stamp was, Earn Defeat the Master Of Snow. Its hard to defeat him because of all kinds of powers he has, like the ice icicles, or his massive stones that push you backwards. Or even when he makes the battlefield shake! But I really like the help from Sensei when you're almost out of heath. That's my hardest stamp I've ever earned.

Rico 7817:

I have 233 stamps altogether, and I have to say the hardest one to get was probably soccer team, it may seem easy to some but since I have no patience, I thought it was quite hard! Ahaa lol :D


That is soooooooooo cool! I can't wait to collect them all!!!!! :.> Waddle On CP!


I have 26 stamps. The hardest stamp that I have ever gotten is my 3 Gems stamp. I just love whenever I look at it because I know I worked really hard to get it. The moment I got that stamp I was super excited! I mean not to many penguins have it. I think it's the most awesome thing in the world to have the 3 Gems stamp. That stamp means I'm a SUPER PENGUIN NINJA!!!


(^v^) YOU ROCK CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!! /
<( )> ``````````````````````````````````````````````
( ) F.Y.I (Made a dancing penguin)


I'M THE FIRST COMMENT! (If you pick me delete this. thx!)

I think the hardest Stamp to get is the Sensei Stamp because he NEVER goes one and that he is REALY HARD to find!

Waddle On CP! ;)


I'm the first comment!

And I have 92 Stamps. I would say that the hardest stamp was hmmmmm... probably the Sensei Stamp because sensei rarely goes on and that he is REALY hard to find!

jackie 147 2:

I've earned 158 stamps and the hardest i got is berg drill! it is so hard to get but when i logged on they were there i didn't even had to bring them and floor filler was on the same day!


I have 112... I think! My hardest was my get all the gems it took AGES but its the one im most proud of as i spent hours playing around with my friends on the practice mats. Then i finally challenged Sensei.


I think the Soccer Team stamp was the hardest to earn. Out of my 232 stamps I have earned up to now, it was the hardest to get (it's an extreme stamp). To earn the stamp you have to rally up at least 4 other players that are wearing the same jersey. My trick to earning it was wearing the Goalie Jersey item so I could get players from the red, blue , yellow, and green teams! I suggest for you to earn this fun stamp before the soccer field goes again! Good luck!


I have 190 stamps on Club Penguin. The most difficult was to get the stamp "full force" of Card Jistu Snow , in which I was trying to win for two weeks!


so I've earned 203 stamps and the hardest one for me to earn was aqua grabber mullet


I have 218 and I think the hardest one for me to get was the Part Host stamp! Getting 30 penguins in my igloo was super tough! But I worked really hard the make a igloo I hoped everyone would enjoy! And it took me several times to get at least 30 penguins in my igloo, but with the help of my friends, I finally got the stamp, I always try to my help my friends get the stamps they want too! Your friend Febrianne


I have 185 stamps. The hardest one to earn was the three gems stamp because it took a very long time to become a fire,water, and snow ninja. And you also have to be a ninja to complete your training to be all of the ninjas. Speaking of which I have an account named Cardjitzusno.


I have 185 stamps. The hardest stamp to earn was the 3 gems stamp because you have to become a fire, water, and snow ninja. If you get to be a regular ninja with a black belt and have beaten Sensei and all three elements mastered I would think of you as an ULTIMATE NINJA!!!!!

mii is cool:

actually i heard theres ONE MORE ninja to earn and it might be real it might not but i heard theres gonna be a SHADOW NINJA if you dont believe me i have a card jitsu power card that actually HAS A SHADOW NINJA IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enter nickname:

Well, I have 250 stamps and the hardest stamp was Puffle Care. Adopting and caring for that many puffles was hard at first then i realize that it was easy if I took my time out with hanging out with my friends and playing games. I really learned a lot about puffles during that time. I was proud to show it off my friends. They was surprise to see I took care of that many puffles!



I got 96 stamps and i am really proud of it, because it took me time to make this happen, but when i saw the "Remote Upload" stamp i guess this was the hardest, because you need a Wii to collect the stamp, and not all penguins have Wii.


I have earned 89 stamps so far and the hardest one to get was: " Wanna Join My Band? "


I think the hardest stamp to get is:
Wanna Join My Band?


I have 322 stamps! Maybe ,,Survivor" was the hardest to get. It's fast, you must be with silver surf and don't jump about wave. You must be very careful and do zig-zag between icebergs :)

Tanqterr :

Well, I have 250 stamps and the hardest stamp was Puffle Care. Adopting and caring for that many puffles was hard at first then i realize that it was easy if I took my time out with hanging out with my friends and playing games. I really learned a lot about puffles during that time. I was proud to show it off my friends. They was surprise to see I took care of that many puffles!



i have 900 and something stamps but the hardest one was for Aunt Arctic i didnt even know that you got a stamp i was so proud.

codyboy2004 :

they have not even came out with 900 stamps they have only so far came out with around 300

Mr bluewing1:

In all my years of playing club penguin I have earned 216 stamps. It took time and skill to earn all of these stamps. But there was just one special goal I've always wanted to reach. It was to collect all three elemental gems and become a card jitsu master. It took years of hard work and patience to achieve this goal. Then when card jitsu snow came out I saw the new stamp "3 Gems". I trained hard and finally got the snow gem, my last one and along with my hardest stamp to get.


I have 240 stamps. The hardest stamp I got was probably the Two Close stamp for Card-Jitsu Water. It is really hard to get because you have to get close of the waterfall twice. A tip to get this stamp would be to only attempt to get it if you can tell that the other players are going to fall off of the waterfall. This allows you to achieve the stamp at your own pace. Just don't fall off ;) . Waddle On!

Pen Quen22:

Since now I have 189 stamps and I'm proud. All of them needed some try, little or much, and I'm happy I did it so far. My harder stamp to earn was the Max Flips stamp. I remember every time I tryed to do the flips, I was falling to the water the wrong way and lose one heart. I tried once, twice, when I deciaded to do it with a different way. I sped up and jumped into the air. I moved the mouse fast doing cycles and I finally did it! I felt so happy! Since when, I love catchin' waves.


I have earned 170 stamps so far, and for me, the hardest one to get was the Full House stamp. I had to fill my igloo with items! Surprisingly enough, I got the stamp earlier than I expected, but it was still a little difficult to drop ALL that furniture in there! Now ever time new furniture comes, I have to use an other igloo, or just delete an older item from my main igloo and replace it with another one! I love to show off this stamp!


I have 140 stamps in my stamp book. The hardest stamp for me was was The stamp Aunt Arctic. It was hard to meet her in the HollyWood party and i didn't meet her. Then at the Marvel Superhero Takeover it took me about six days to meet Aunt Arctic. Then I got to meet her and it took so long. Then I got to meet her more. So the tricky part as meeting her the first time. So that is how many stamps I have and what stamp was the hardest ( Or took long) to get. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN.


Hi polo field I think the HARDEST stamp to get is deafeating tusk stamp I'm sorry if I ruined the suprize for the penguins who Don't know tusk yet!

I think that was the hardest stamp because you had to beat a lot of the snow men and have a good penguin team
But thanks to ALL the penguins who helped me I finally had beaten tusk!!!


I Agree With You Coolshawn821 Because Ive Been Trying For Ages Now And Still I Havent Go That Stamp! Also I Deafeted All The Snowmen In The Bonus Round But I Still Havent Go The Stamp.

Waddle on cp!


i have got 134 stamps and i think that the party host stamp is hard because you normally would get 15 or less penguins in igloos.

codyboy2004 :

I have 210 and do not get me wrong but that is one big number and I worked really hard so try your best and you may get there. So the hardest one for me to get was the one where you had to get all there gems ( fire,water, and snow ) that one was really hard. There are also a lot more hard stamps to earn out there too. Good luck on getting all stamps : )

St Michael3:

I have 177 stamps and the hardest one to get was the party host! It was really hard because I had to keep asking penguins if they want to come to my igloo and I said it was really cool! I just kept on bugging them until 30 penguins were finally in my igloo and I achieved the stamp!! After that I had 30 new awesome friends added to my buddy list!

Enter nickname:

I have got 176 stamps.There is a lot of hard stamps and I am very happy because i have got some of them.The hardest stamps for me was "full dojo" from Card-jitsu, and "pizza chef" from Pizzatron 3000.If i gotta chose one of them it was gonna be the "pizza chef " stamp.It took me two days to get it.But... I did. penguin name:jikata 31 Ii


Well I have 133 stamps, and I think that meeting Herbert at Operation Blackout was the hardest stamp for me. Because he always moved place to place and you could never know where he would move next! But I found him a few days later in the Coffee Shop. :) Waddle on! -Dixon1127


I have 103 stamps n my stamp book. The hardest one I have would be Full Health. This is when you need to reach a full health bonus round on Card-Jitsu Snow. Here is a tip I suggest on being the snow ninja because you can heal the other ninjas and yourself with power cards. Although dont waste all of them because if you do you can't heal yourself anymore. WADDLE ON


I'm thinking its the thirty Penguin drill at the ice burg i did it but it was really hard one of the hardest stamps ever!!!!


I have over 100 stamps! The hardest one to get was the 'Final Battle' stamp for Card-Jitsu Snow. Battling Tusk was very hard because he had about 3 times more life than your average Snow Minion. But with help from my fellow Ninjas and Sensei, we defeated him, and as a reward we got his cape! P.S. That was also when I got all 3 elemental gems and ended my Card-Jitsu quest.

Enter nickname:

i got 160 stamps they were really hard and the hardest stamp i ever done is the thirty penguin drill at the ice berg thing it was hard thirty penguins had to be there it was so ruff it was also the hardest one ever in penguin history i think me and the other thirty penguins only got it


My hardest stamp is to make 40 candy pizzas without any misstakes! I havent got that stamp at the moment, but I wii try again. My thought is: Don't cede! :)


i have 181 stamps and the hardest one was be in the same room as cadence


I think the hardest stamp to get is light speed launch. { Complete all 36 levels in under 18 minutes}. Thats what I think the hardest stamp is.


Stamps Are Really Fun To Collect And Are A Great Way To Pass The Time, I Have Lots Of Stamps And I Love The Snow Card Jitsu Ones Because I Love Ninjas And I Love Snow :) . Also Never Give Up When Your Trying To Get A Stamp, But Remember To Have Fun! Fun Is The Key To Getting A Stamp, And I Love Earning New Stamps Every Day. By The Way, I Have 92 Stamps And My Hardest One Was Card Jitsu Snow Bonus Win Stamp Because It Requires Luck, And A Good Team!

Waddle On Cp! :)

Taffy Pengi:

I have 226 / 345 stamps. The hardest one in my opinion is capturing Mullet in Aqua Grabber or the Ace Pilot stamp. I have both of them and they take HOURS to get! I tried to get mullet but couldn't find him at first. I eventually found him and when I tried the Ace Pilot stamp I had no energy! It took about 5 hours to get both of them but it was worth it!!!


the hard stamps to get for me is meeting famous penguins

Jonah Simm:

I have 241 Stamps, and the Hardest stamp I ever earned would have to be Be in the Same Room as Aunt Arctic. Back at the 6th Anniversary, I waited and waited for her, but she never came. But luck had my favor at the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2012. My sister found Aunt Arctic, and I quickly logged in and finally met her and got the coveted stamp! I was so happy, I literally did the happy dance (although that's a little embarrassing). To everyone who hasn't met Aunt Arctic, good luck!


My penguin is Typhodgone91. I have 184 out of 345 stamps. I really care about others especially the poor. It took me a lot of days to earn the Epic Volunteer stamp (Give a 10,000 coin donation to Coins For Change). It was my hardest stamp. I am very proud of it.


My hardest is to meet Gary.I have got 306 stamps.Hardest for me was and Surf Lesson on Catchin' Waves.But there is no needing how much stamps have you got.YOU MUST ONLY HAVE FUN.For that I love club penguin.Everyone are having fun!

Little Yoshi:

I think I have around 90 stamps! The hardest stamp to earn was the ''Have 40 pieces of furniture in your igloo!'' stamp.
Little Yoshi


the hardest one i think is party host having 30 penguins in your igloo

Agent R 5813:

The hardest one for me so far is being in the same room as Aunt Artic. I got lucky at the launch of the My Penguin app. It was so coolt o see her when it wasn't a party! Waddle On Team CP!


i almost have all the stamps i have 320 some waddle on cp team!


I have like 300 or 290 or something like that. I got this on stamp by playing cart surfer with a black puffle and i got two stamps the first one was from was recovering from a wobble and the 2nd from recovering a wobble with a puffle that's like the two hardest stamps ever!


I have a lot of stamps, I forgot how much I even have! But the hardest stamp for me to earn was a Smoothie Smash stamp. It was so hard to stay in survival mode for eight minutes!


The HARDEST stamp for me to get was puffle boost in jet pack adventure. I was playing jet pack adventure almost every day for about month and finally got it! My penguin was about a month old when I got this, though. I have another one that was difficult, too. In card-jitsu snow I was trying and trying until FINALLY I got the stamp when you complete the bonus round. And those were the hardest stamps for me! WADDLE ON!

pc cool4:

I have 83 stamps. The hardest stamp to earn for me was to catch 15 gray and the mullet.




for me it was very difficult to find the band penguind stamp since they almost never come to the island if much come once a year and is very hard to find but find them cuaando'll love the sound of when you win a stamp and think never gonna stop iS GREAT!

- jhon1199


I got 156 stamps. The hardest for me was the Aunt Artic stamp You have to keep looking at trackers some are right some are wrong sometimes you know were they are but the room is to full or your to late. Then at the Marvel Super Hero Take Over I got to meet her I was so happy but it took sooo long. Along the way i got to meet more famous penguins. So thats how many stamps I got in total and the hardest stamp for me . Waddel On Cp

June 11, 2013- 8:45


I think smoothie smash is hard because I still get suck!


the hardest stamp i think is party host have 30 penguins in your igloo waddle on cp team!


the hardest stamp for me was meeting Sensei it took forever but i finaly did im sooooooooooo happy !!!!!!!! Waddle on cp


I have 203 stamps and even though he's a yellow stamp I still do not have Rockhopper from any of his parties and he hasn't been on clubpenguin for almost half a year.

I've been shifting between member and non-member and have been trying to collect them all. And because of all the member shifting I can't get the ones I really want display to others.

Thanks for the chance to write later comment reader


Dear,Club Penguin i have something to say to you guys personally I do not love stamp's am sorry but its true like i do like them but not that much like 10% I hope you guys don't get mad at me for saying this.One more thing i think i have 179 stamps thanks for reading :D


I have 111 stamps and my hardest stamp to get was to be in the same room as Aunt Artic


I have 136 stamps. I think the hardest stamp to get that I have is a Treasure Hunt game stamp called Gem Pro because the Treasure Hunt game doesn't come to Club Penguin very often and it is sometimes hard to find gems in the game and very hard to find a couple of gems in only about half a dozen (about 6) moves.



Well I have 245 stamps, the hardest has definitely been the sensei stamp because he almost never joins all the others on the island


I don't know how many more stamps will be added to the collection in the future, and I don't know when I will earn the rest of them, but so far I own 315 stamps in my stamp book. The most difficult one to get was the Party Host stamp in the Activities section of the book, in which you have to come to your party in your igloo when there are a total of thirty penguins inside, and that's why it's the hardest one to receive.


That is correct.

Heart Gal Go:

I have 35 stamps, And Meeting Sensei stamp was HARD! Luckly i met him 4 times.


i meet aunt arctic like rockhopper

cool boy7941:

i have exately 154 stamps


At this point I have a lot of stamps (173)! And they were all hard hard HARD to get. But the most difficult, the hardest of the hard, would be... THE... SENSAI... POWER CARD!!! Yup, one day I went to the dojo to master Card-Jitsu... I went onto a mat and waited for my opponent to come... we battled... then halfway he dropped the power card! UGH! Too POWERFUL! Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the penguin who gave me this stamp!


By the way, I was at the snow dojo one day and it suddenly gave me the "3 Gems" stamp. Well I have NO gems. Why did I get it?


I have soo many stamps.I have 254 stamps!The hardest one to get was the Full Dojo and I got it!It is pretty awesome to get ninja stamps isn't it,guys?*NINJA VANISH*


i think the hardest stamp to get is the defeat the master stamp because you need to defeat tusk and that is really tricky.

Enter nickname:

I have earned 198 stamps. The hardest one for me to get was Track Herbert. You get that by playing Systems Defender. I love that game and it took me a very long time to complete that level, and when I did I was so happy!


I have 102 stamps and I think the hardest stamp to get is the defeat the master stamp because you need to defeat tusk and that is really tricky.

18 polly 18:

I have earned a total of 253 stamps out of 345 so far. 3 of them where the hardest ones for me to get. 1. Epic Volunteer because 10,000 coins is a lot! 2. Sensei card because I never saw it until a bought a pack when Card-Jitsu snow came out and I got the card. 3. Full health because took a while to get the full health bonus round and then it took forever to get everyone at full heath before the bonus round started so I could do it.


I got 156 stamps. The most hardest stamp for me is to meet Gary hes hard to get because he does'nt really come to Cp alot. Then you have too keep lokking at trackers some are wrong and some are right or sometimes I know were he is but the room is to full but finally I meet him at the Pre-Historic Party I took me so... Long to find him. So thats how many stamps i got and the stamp that was difficult for me.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013- 8:45

WADDEL ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):)


i have 162 stamps and i think the hardest stamp is Play it Loud because u need a lot of penguins playing a different instrument


I have 214 out of 345 stamps. I think that the hardest stamp is the "Final Battle" stamp, defeating Tusk. Tusk is very hard to beat. you have to use a lot of team work. but i'm glad that Sensei is there to help you.


I have 145/345 stamps and the hardest one to get was the be in the same room as Aunt Arctic. That was a really hard one to get because I heard during the Marvel Superhero Takeover I heard that Aunt Arctic is somewhere on the island. I looked all over for her and I finally found her at the town. I was really supriced when I found her.

Mr Twinkie:

I have 193 stamps and the hardest one to get was to survive 8 minutes in smoothie smash survival. Eight Minutes!!!!! I actually did it!

bluey feet:

The hardest one was passing in puffle rescue when i did not die for 10 levels and it was also the under water room.

bluey feet:

i have 166 stamps also and another one was waking up very early to meet aunt arctic and another one is meeting cadence.


I got 150 and the hardest is the characters stamps I got the penguin band stamp and the cadence stamp but that was in the music jam in 2012 when she had a concert I got the trackers app on my I pod but I did not see anyone but that is ok by .


I think that I have like 22 stamps. The hardest stamp for me was the ninja one. It took me FOREVER to get that one and losing battles wasn't helping either. It took me a year to get it. But I just kept trying and then I got it. That was my hardest stamp to get and I'm glad that I finally got it!


I believe i have in between 50 and 80 and the hardest one was be in the same room as Rockhopper because he comes like 2 or 3 times a year


I've got over 170 stamps, and I love getting them. My friends and I can't wait to get a new one for our stamp book.
I think the hardest one was the complete amulet stamp. To get the water gem you need to be fast, to get thr fire gem you need to be lucky, and to get the snow gem you need luck, speed, teamwork, and strategy. To get all the gems you need patience and practice, like Sensei said: " There's a long jurney to become ninja, grasshoper!"




Hiya!! I have about 236 stamps. My favourite one (and the hardest!!) was the football one. Where you had to have 30 people in their football outfits in the stadium. I think it's hard because you have to get all those people to dress up in their uniforms at ONCE!! But I'm sure that we all had an amazing time getting the stamp and putting it on our stamp books!! (I love how you can put stamps on your stamp book!!)
Your stamp collector,
Tuftypink!! WADDLE ON!!! :D

Alec Jr 5:

I have over 150 stamps, and I get over 5 stamps in a day! I think the hardest stamp to get since I was on Club Penguin, was the Chef's Hat stamp in Pizzatron 3000. I had to keep trying over and over to make 20 pizzas without making any mistakes. It took me almost over a week just to get that stamp! I had to just keep trying and not give up. The most frustrating part of getting that stamp was when I was on my 19th pizza, I would make my first mistake. Then, one day I finally got the stamp!


It is hard to meet mascot's and get item's u need for a stamp.


I have 134 stamps and the hardest one to get is the sensei stamp. You don't get to see Sensei everyday and i am hooves9402


I have 168 stamps but I think the hardest to get was be in the same room as Aunt Arctic because she is usually writing stories for the newspaper. But I hope yall return parties and events for we can earn the stamps that have to do something with it. And I need to figure out how to get the Strategic Master stamp in System Defender. And the stamps for missions you can't get anymore so yall need to some thing about that. Also I heard that the older stuff is coming back. NINTINDOMAMA'S BACON VANISH!


I currently have a total of 306 stamps. I plan to get all stamps in the future. The hardest stamp I got is "3 Gems". It took time to master all the elements. Beating Water Sensei, Fire Sensei, and Tusk. The hardest was Water Sensei. Tusk so easy to battle. I actually defeated him in a battle! I'm looking forward to see what stamps in the future Club Penguin is going to add.


i got 176 stamps and the hardest was be in the same room as herbert because he was only at the operation blackout but i did meet him on big serf at 5:00 HES GIANT!


I am new to Club Penguin, and I love it! I currently have 12 stamps and just let me say they are the most fun EVER to collect!! The hardest one would be Flawless Victory in Card Jitsu. It was so hard to get 3 without my opponent getting any! I tried and tried, and I got two stamps at once! I got the Blue Belt stamp AND Flawless Victory! Waddle on ;)


I have about 210ish stamps. The hardest one to earn was a Smoothie Smash stamp. Staying in Survival mode for eight minutes isn't an easy thing to do!


I have 100 to 175 and the hardest one to get was beat the master of snow it took me 5 times to beat him when i finally beat him i was surprised why tusk would do that to sensei :( that is not true friendship if one would betray the other its not senseis folt its tusks for acting like a spoiled kid.


My hardest one was getting a four ninja combo in Card-Jitsu Snow, mostly because you don't know when you team is going to use a power card. My second was the Complete Amulet stamp, I found out if you see a penguin's playercard and they're wearing the completed amulet, you get the stamp either way. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonrocks55 Out.

sb 133:

I have about 230 stamps and I think the hardest stamp I got is the Ace Pilot stamp in Jet Pack Adventure

Enter nickname:

I Have between 220 to 225 and I think the hardest one is the stamp of 3 elements because that stamp takes his while and in card jitsu snow with the videos its so hard... :D


I Have between 220 to 225 and I think the hardest one is the stamp of 3 elements because that stamp takes his while and in card jitsu snow with the videos its so hard... :D


I have 80 stamps. I think the hardest one was the recycling one. Do you know that one where you have to recycle 10 items. well I kept recycling my mail and after I recycled 25 pieces of mail. I still didn't have the stamp. so I said "what's up!"then I figured out that I had to go to the recycling plant and throw snow balls into the machine. Boy did I feel like an idiot ;) waddle on club penguin


Well so far I have 325 stamps, each of them were hard to get but my hardest stamp to get was the no coins stamp in jet pack adventure, it was very hard to get because I had to repeat and repeat levels for hours


famous penguin stamps


So far I have 174 stamps and I think the hardest one was Puffle Boost in Jet Pack Adventure which is the one where when you run out of fuel and then your green puffle grabs some. I spent HOURS on Club Penguin earning it!


The hardest stamp was definetly the meet the band. I met them during the cp concert on the circus party! WADDLE ON CP!


The hardest stamp for me to get was the stamp for mastering all the elements in card-jitsu. I had play card-jitsu allot intill i mastered ALL
the elements . Snow was the longest because there were 24 levels in card-jitsu snow!


At the moment, I am proud to say that I am a non member but still manage to get a total of 219 stamps! The hardest one for me to get was the "Full Deck" stamp in Card-Jitsu.


my hardest stamp to earn would be dance with 30 penguins wearing hard hats at the berg because I had to ask everyone to go to the berg and send mail it was hard work but hard work pays off. from webler2 and I have 142 stamps

Joyce Heart:

I have 160 stamps. I don't know which one is harder, donating 10 000 coins, alas I forgot the stamp name, or in the Game Day , the Goalie stamp, which means winning without a puck in your net, is harder. I guess I should say the donation of 10 000 coIns, since I could always get the Golaie stamp any day, but I DID donate my coins and savings for a good cause! Use them well!
Any way, waddle on!


I have 275/345 stamps. The hardest stamps is the pizzatron stamps.


My favorite subject is Maths because in Maths you can learn how everything goes together and we also learn how to find out many new things just by knowing a very small amount of information. Most people do not like Maths but I think that in Maths you can express yourself by using your ideas.


You do realise this is Reviewed by You: Stamps...


Te hardest stamp for me to earn was the one in jet pack adventure where you have to do it all without getting any coins


I have 328 stamps out of the 345! Getting stamps is so much fun on Club Penguin! I just hope you guys can add more stamps to every game! That would be awesome! The hardest of all stamps would be the 9 card stamp from Card-Jitsu. It takes such a long time to get, and I still didn't even get it. You would not believe how many try's I've done to try to get it. Waddle on Club Penguin!

green peg 33:

I have 90 stamps.The hardest stamp was the ice master stamp.WADDLE ON CP!!!

Toby McEwan:

The power card 3 combo in card jitsu snow


I have 135 stamps the hardest stamp I earned final battle for snow it was hard but what ever you put heart to pays off -flufy66

Mtr Tiny:

I have 163 stamps and the hardest one to earn was definitely the defeating the master of snow! which I earned today! I'm also very proud of my meeting Sensei stamp (which was also very hard to earn)



I got about 88 stamps! The hardest was to get 3 combos in card-jitsu snow(on My Penguin)! I haven't got that for DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please post! I'VE NEVER BEEN POSTED EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waddle on CP!


my name is redsantino11 i have 165 stamps.The hardest stamp for me was the card jitzu water master one. Because i wasnt good at the game it took me like 2 years to get but it was worth it .Because i got to bend water and was closer to be a full card jitzu master.

Chacha Chris:

I've never been posted, ether. But I think I might get posted for this. I think # combos was ridiculously hard to get!For one, I only had two snow power cards. Second, I really couldn't create combos with any other element! Plus, I like snow and ice. It just describes me.

kandie doo:

170! the hardest one for me was meeting the carichters, so little chance! I still need to meet PH and aunt artic. it would be cool if there were a director stamp!


I earned 203 stamps. The hardest stamp I earned was the Heal 15 stamp from Card Jitsu Snow because it was difficult to do that without the snowmen attacking me.

mii is cool:

i have 107 stamps and the two hardest ones i have that i had to get were Full Dojo which is realllllllly realllllly hard to get and Two Close which was just as hard!


I have earned 183 stamps! The hardest are always the mascot stamps.


I love stamps! There so cool. You get to show off to your friends what you have and what you don't have. You can also have competitions to see who can get all the stamps. You can even decorate your stamp book! That's awesome! It's hard to earn stamps though knowing that you have to wait for the mascots or if you have a club penguin game! But that makes it even more fun! I love to compete with my friends to earn stamps! I love the Stamp Book and I hope they always keep it! It's awesome!


I have 119 stamps. The hardest stamp I earned was capturing the mullet because you don't how to the mullet's attention. Turns out it's the fish that takes the mullets attention

Bebe One Two:

I've earned about 100, and the hardest? I'm not sure. But it's been very fun trying to earn stamps and showing off to my friends! I get to compare and share secrets about earning stamps! I also loved creating my own stamp book cover! I think the stamp update was one of the best additions to CP! ~~BB12~~


Well the hardest stamp would have to be getting the snapshot stamp. its where you bring a camera to the ski hill. This is hard to get
because the camera item is not always available to buy. Also there maybe events where the camera item is available but only members can get it so that means no non-members can't get it.


Right now I have 179 stamps and I think the hardest one was Island Guardian. It was so hard to get 50 EPF medals. I got most of them by Operation Hot Sauce and I got some of them by Spy Drills.


I think that the hardest stamp to earn is DEFINITELY the tip the iceberg stamp. It seems IMPOSSIBLE to gather so many penguins! There are so many people to meet and places to go to! However, once you find a few friendly penguins, anything is possible!!!XD


The hardest stamp for me to earn, was probably the stamp where every player plays a power card, in Card Jitsu Sow. This one was hard for me because it isn't easy getting a power card at the same time as everyone else. Snow and water only get one card, while fire gets two. If snow already used their card, you can't get the stamp. I think that I did pretty good at this one, without using communication!


i dont really know however sensei card 1 was kinda easy plus i have so be where


The hardest stamp I got was the Trick Master stamp from Cart Surfer! I had to practice a lot to figure out how to figure out ALL of the tricks! "Practice" makes "Perfect"! Remember, its just like Aunt Arctic, "It dosen't matter how much coins you get, it matters how much fun you have!". You have to practice a lot if you want to try to get a hard stamp! Also, Cart Master was hard too! EXTREME!


The hardest stamp was full dojo and I have 117 stamps and me and some of my friends got the 3 gems stamp but were not all three ninjas.


The hardest stamp is serving Herbert on fruit smoothie because I can't make that many smoothies so one day I finally made so much I got to serve Herbert! Also they should make a stamp were you need to send in at least one drawing or a stamp were need to have to send a postcard to a friend.


Hey its me HARRY12642 and I have 156 stamps, I thought the hardest stamp to get was the stamp which told me to get the fire, water, and snow gem, but I liked playing Card - Jitsu, it is my favorite thing on Club Penguin and I am always looking for a good battle.i have bought many power cards in the Card - Jitsu catalog in the dojo. Thank you Club Penguin for Card - Jitsu.

blue pengu4:

The hardest stamp I probably earned had to be the five elite medals one. It takes me a long time to finish missions so I'm proud of this stamp! WADDLE ON CP


I got 133 Stamps and The Hardest Stamps I earned is Epic Volunteer,Max Energy,Too Close,Skipping Stones,Puffle Boost and Gem Pro. So W-A-D-D-L-E O-N!


The hardest stamp to get is probably earn an EPF medal because for nonmembers, some Field Ops are really hard to do. The new EPF game made it easy though. Waddle On! Paratrooper


I have 104 stamps out of 345 stamps. The hardest stamp is to conqer the island Green because no one knows when Game Day is and It is hard to conqer the island Greenteam

Bubsey Good:

The hardest stamp to earn was Ace Pilot. It's really hard to dodge coins in Jet Pack Adventure and make it to the end!


i think donating 10000 coins is a pretty hard stamp but when you think about how your helping its worth it your saving and helping lives i have earned the stamp already and i still donate my coins cuase its a good thing to do and thats why i think its the hardst stamp to earn but nicest


I have earned 274 stamps. The hardest stamp to get was Ace Pilot. It took me about a week to get! But I kept trying and trying until I finally got it. You know what they say, practice makes perfect. :)


103 stamps and my hardest is finding mascots of club penguin


The hardest to me was the "Close Call" in card jitsu water because u must have an opponant that is either unresponsive or is bad at the game my opponant was unresponsive so then I attempted it then I won that stamp!


The hardest stamp i would say would be Meeting rookie. Its super hard because he only appererd once and well hes not always on.


hullo! i have 241 stamps and the hardest one to get by far was spot the shark pin because i worked for about 10 days to figure out how to even see the shark. with the help of my firends (and the silver surfboard:) i was able to figure out how to spot the shark and BOY is that shark fast! waddle on!


I have 120 stamps . I think the stamp that gave me the hardest time was to clear 28 stones of any element in a match in card jitsu water.


So far, I have earned 335 out of 345 stamps. (I am still working on earning more stamps!) There are many challenging, but fun stamps, but I would say that the most difficult stamp I have ever earned is the Dessert Chef stamp from the game Pizzatron 3000. It took me many months of practicing, but all that effort was earned. I enjoy a challenge and I hope the CP team will come out with more stamps to earn!


the hardest stamp for me to earn was the card jitsu snow heal 15 stamp but i finally got and now i have all the card jitsu snow stamps really happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the hardest would be the maze stamp isn't mazes hard? thats why! plus there are speacial ways to get out of mazes and you may never know it! they underwater party rookie brought anvils right? well when i went in tho maze it was frustrating! but i figured it out. waddle on CP!


I have 127 stamps but the hardest was Island Guardian.


Hi there Polo Field, and Club Penguin Team, im not a member. I have seen penguin member's stamp books and i have seen how many they have. Almost all the ones that i have looked have less than 100 stamps. I have 147 on my penguin and I am not a member. The hardest stamp that I have won is on the game Ice Fishing, Afishionado: Catch 45 fish without any mistakes and thats it.

Im a fan since 2010 and 120 days . . . . . . . . . Goodbye!


So far, I have about 163 stamps. Some of them involve games I already did. Some were even from Club Penguin: Game Day on Wii. The hardest stamp of all is from System Defender (one of the game collections that I finished). The hardest stamp was the Track Herbert one. Herbert's forces are too fast and hard for my shooters to keep up. But now I finally got the stamp! Herbert actually has some skills, but like Jet Pack Guy says, his inventions suck.

Viola 1:

Look Pinklemon227, I have the game of Club Penguin Game Day on Wii but I dont have the stamps 'cause the card that me and my brothers had got lost and if we had it I would have had all those stamps about two almost three years ago...just so you know... :]

s a5:

I have 229 stamps. the hardest is to get was fast food because it was very heard to get all the puffle os and the time trail part was the hardest. Another relay herd stamp was 3 gems. I do not relay have all 3 but it was hard geting the the fist two gems.(I got the stamp because of a bug).



Chacha Chris:

The total stamps I've earned so far is 204 stamps total. What I believe was the hardest stamp for me to receive was in Card-Jitsu: Snow. It's called 3 Combos. To receive # Combos, you must play three Power Card combos in a single game. It was very hard for me to receive that stamp because I used to have only two snow power cards. Plus, I'm best at creating combos with the snow element. Buying new cards online meant spending 1500 coins! I played Club Penguin: Game Day and that stamp was mine!!!!


i have 114 (alot of them) the hardest was probly the aunt artic one it was hard but still fun trying now im working for construction


I have earned 193 stamps.But getting those stamps was HARD.Having to go to every sever to find the famous penguins,and everything.It kills you.But the hardest for me was the card jitsu fire Strong Defence.I had to battle my sister 5-7 times to get it.Also,before I was a member,the snapshot one was the hardest.You need a camera,and since non-members can't buy it,I was longing to get it.But,now I have my dream stamp(s).

Jay Dx 675:

So far i got 189 stamps and i would say the hardest stamp for me was reach a full health bonus round for card jitsu snow but now i have all stamps for card jitsu snow ,but i wanna thank the CEO for creating this awesome game thank you so much



Mr Black 12:

The hardest stamp to get that I ever got was defeat Tusk! I had to try at least ten times! My fellow ninjas always deserted me and left me and Sensei to fight him! Waddle on Club Penugin


I have never been a member before,so i take every chance i get.Right now I have 210 stamps.It took me a few years to get them.There are a lot of hard stamps that I earned,but the hardest is the Final Battle stamp of Card Jitsu Snow.Tusk is a very hard opponent but i managed to beat him.It is also my latest stamp, for now.I hope I can earn all of the stamps!


I have about 160 stamps. I think the hardest stamp for me to get is Fly Fisher because you have to get 63 fish in 5 minutes and it takes me like 10 minutes to get 40 fish so I have no chance of getting it, maybe a little chance. I hope other people don't have trouble getting that stamp. That's why I think Fly Fisher is the hardest stamp to earn for me!


I've earned 112 stamps so far and I am working on earning all 345.And out of all 112,the hardest stamp I've earned so far is the Skipping Stone stamp.(The one that says, "Clear 28 stones of any element in a match.")


I have around 115 stamps, and I feel the hardest stamp to get are the mascot stamps. With those stamps, everyone is really excited to meet them, and all the rooms are full. But while I learned a few tips to meeting them, those stamps aren't AS hard to get, but they're still pretty hard to get. To sum it up, the mascot stamps are the hardest in my opinion.

Nick R 11:

it is a pretty hard desicion but i would have to go with ''log in with a penguin 365 days old or older'' cause it takes exactly 1 entire year last year was so memorable like the jam the superhero takeover the temple of fruit the halloween party the operation blackout and the holiday party


Well, most of the stamps I have recently earned mostly relate to the Snow Ninja Games! I think they were very intresting to me :-D
Anyway, I think the revive other ninjas stamp was pretty hard because when ever I tried to revive a peer (ninja) and I had low health ,
and I was near a strong enemy,when I tried to revive them I wouldn't get a chance and I would get finsished off by the snow minion.
But i'm soo happy I finally got the stamp though :-D
This was by Lilazs9011


I have 303 stamps. It was very hard to get that many stamps.But sence I play club penguin alot I tried to get these stamps.I would say the hardest stamp to get would be the one where 30 people half to visit your igloo at one time.You have to say hey everyone Rochopper is at my igloo or something that sounds exciteing like EPIC waterslide at my iggy swimmers needed.Mabey you penguin's that are tring to get this stamp should try saying something like that. WADDLE ON GUYS!!!

kevin56578 cp:

I currently have 195 stamps and the hardest stamp to get was the full dojo stamp because the cards needed to be one color to get this.


I have about 101-102 stamps. I think the hardest stamps to get are the character stamps, the ones where you have to be in the same room as a Club Penguin mascot such as PH, Cadence, or Gary. I think it's the hardest because they only appear on special occasions or parties and sometimes your not logged on to Club Penguin when they show up.


I have 119 stamps. The hardest stamp I got was meeting Aunt Arctic because you don't know when (time) or where (server) they are in.


So far I have about 250 stamps. That might be a lot for you, but it's not enough for me. I just want to try and get all the stamps! The hardest stamp to get was the "Meet Rookie" stamp. Luckily, my friends and sister helped me. We went on a pretty packed server and waited in different rooms for about 20 minutes. We persevered through it and it paid off! I found Rookie in Town and I quickly notified my friends. I was so excited to finally meet Rookie! I hugged and thanked my friends. It was cool!


I have 154 out of 345 stamps. I think the hardest stamp would be "Pizza Master". You have to make 40 pizzas with NO mistakes! I'm still working on it, but I KNOW I can do it! :D


i have 79 stamps. The hardest one was the dance party stamp. It was sooo hard. But one day i was in the town and a penguin that came out from the nightclub said"come inside for a stamp!"When i went inside i saw about 30m penguins dancing. after i got the stamp, i celebrating with..............of course: A super dance party. and that is how i got the dance party stamp.


Honestly I have not earned many stamps,but I'm very proud of myself for being able to get the few I have.
The hardest to get was..I don't remember!But truly honestly I loved earning each and everyone of them.


I have 140/345 stamps I think the hardest one I got is Berg drill why? Because it takes a bit befor you get the stamp and also you need to go for an example to the town to get people (penguins) to go over to the berg and out on their caps and drill into the berg and you need pretty. Good amount of penguins o to this you can't do this by your self and a like two other friends ou need more then that that's why I think why the berg drill is the hardest stamp I have my name is cevr9 Waddle on


The hardest stamp for me to earn would probably be the character stamps. Because you only see mascots at party's and they are sometimes hard to find. You can see them sometimes at party's but not all the time. So that would be the hardest stamp to earn for me.

Payton the puppy:

I have 189 stamps and my favorite one is probably the one where you have to make a certain amount of people smile, it is a fun activity. But my least fave one is spot the shark on catching waves I mean I don't even know how!!!!!!! CP is life. My penguin name = pfw123

Mew Mew 124:

I guess it would be Meet Aunt Artic. Meeting Herbert was weird: I was just standing around at the Beach and he came on!

Sonic is fun:

I think the hardest stamp is beating tusk and its extreme for a reason because it is so hard!!! Because water only does a speck out of tusks life so imagine how much damage snow fire and sensei does but I'm a snow ninja so ill give a tip for people that aren't use teamwork so if a ninja is down dont attack go backand revive the fallen ninja and you will be fine remember TEAMWORK !!!!!!!


I have 144 stamps The hardest stamp is going to the bonus round with full HP its zoo hard I try'd my best to do it with my team mates and WE DID IT.I think Everyone wants to know about how to get the the bonus round with full Health.I know everyone might have a hard time getting this stamp GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Sony Dude:

I think the hardest stamps to get are the ones where you have to be in the same room as a penguin celebrity like Cadence, Rockhopper, and Sensei. I honestly have no idea how many stamps I have, but its definitely more than 20. Most of the time I just waddle around playing games, looking for pins, and trying to get those stamps (How do use a camera on Ski Hill? Is it a clothing item or something?). They're all pretty simple, you just gotta figure out how they work. But SOME of them are pure luck.


the hardest was getting gary's stamp. i tried finding gary, but i couldn't catch up because my computer was getting slow because there was so many people on the server!


it was hard to get the full dojo

Zapper cast :

i have earned 144 stamps so far ( I think. ). But my hardest stamp to earn were to meet Rookie and Herbert P. Bear. i got them both on OPERATION:Blackout last year.

artkid01 :

I have about 163, and i guess the hardest to get was the test bot level in system defender. Something i really like about stamp books is decorating the cover. im always changing the ones my cover =)


I have 102 stamps! the hardest was to earn the party stamps. But I'm glad I earned them, they represent great Club Penguin memories that we will remember later. Some are rare, and once you have them, you can't help but feel proud of yourself. And when another great party comes around, you can help a new penguin get the stamps you have.
Keep creating more stamps! Waddle On!


I currently have 200 stamps. In my opinion, the hardest stamp I earned was Fast Food (Pufflescape extreme stamp) since I had to keep trying and trying again to get the one puffle - o that I would miss. In addition, I had to muti task on some levels to get all the disappearing puffle - o's! Anyway, I am very happy that I have the stamp!!


the hardest stamp are the famous penguin stamps. the stamps I got so far are Rockhopper, Rookie, Herbert P.Bear, Candence, and PH .
only five stamps. That's because I barely see other famous penguins. So famous penguin stamps are the hardest to get but still are fun getting.


I have around 300 stamps and I think the hardest ones to get are the "Be in the same room as" ones, because I've only met Candance and The Penguin Band.


Hey Polo Field! So far I've earned over 200 stamps in the last couple years, and I'm super happy about myself. For me, the hardest stamp to get was the Party Host Stamp. Without my luck and apparently having a great igloo, I would've never gotten that stamp, even until now. But even if you don't have it, you aren't a bad party thrower. You might have had thirty penguins in your igloo before stamps!


I have 341 out of 345 stamps! I LOVE earning stamps! It's one of the reasons why I'm playing Club Penguin. There were a lot of tough stamps, but I gotta say, the "Fruit Smasher" stamp were I have to smash 50 correct fruit in a row was the HARDEST! It took me more than a week just to get the stamp! I hope Club Penguin will release new stamps. There should be stamps for Bean Balance! Waddle On!


Hey CP Team The Reviewed By You is Stamps.I have 119 stamps I got over the last six years. I think the hardest stamps to get are the character ones because you need to know when to get to the room or the spot where the character is. It's hard because once penguins know a character is somewhere on the island the place gets filled so you cant get in there anymore.Thats my hardest stamp to get.Bye!!!!!!


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