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By Polo Field on June 17, 2013 - 15:50

Last week we asked, how many stamps have you earned so far and which was the hardest one to get?

I really liked Pantherxx12's answer:

STAMPS ARE AWESOME!! Since they arrived in July 2010, I have earned 191! I met every mascot, and I got most of the game stamps. I of course am still working to earn more and more stamps, which makes it so awesome!!! :) So far, the hardest stamp I have earned was to throw a party with 30 penguins in my igloo. It took a lot of advertising, and even some bribing. LOL! It was so hard to get that stamp that it took me about 2 hours to get it done! But the fun party made it worth it!! Nachos anyone?.

Well done Pantherxx12, that's awesome!

As for this week, for some countries it's getting closer to summer. What is your favorite summer activity and why? Even for those players that aren't in the summer season, feel free to give others some great ideas of activities to enjoy.

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



My favourite summer activity is meeting new friends and getting to know everyone at sports i do!


One of my favorite Summer activities is swimming. I can do it for hours! But once I'm done, I'm exhausted and very hungry. But it's totally worth it. LOL!


My favorite summer activity is going to the beach,Because its fun going to there and you will get splashes!


my favorite summer activity would have to be camping. my favorite summer activity is camping because i love sitting around the camp fire with my family and swimming in the lake with them is great too. also when you camping you can just sit back and enjoy nature and everything it offers. whenever i go camping im ALWAYS happy. i have been camping sense i was a baby and I hope I never stop camping.

Blu 29:

My favorite summer activity is going to camp, Because I can play loads of different sports, Make new friends, and just, well HAVE FUN!


i have never been to camp before

Mace Man:

My favorite summer activities is the beach and my pool and go on trips and I am on one at new York
And socker And of corse back flipping off sand dunes


This probably sounds weird, but my favorite summer activity is the computer, and writing stories. In summer, I also like to make videos on my cameras.

As for the stamps, I have earned 143 stamps so far. And I have 30 Pins.


I like the same except stories


Where I live, summer is really not that fun ( there are barely any pools ), so I just use technology, draw, and read the stories that I write. That's why I love school so much, and like the last day of School I'm like yay it's summer!! But then the next day I'm like uhhhhhhhhh, I don't know what to do, and I always want to go back to school.


My favorite thing to do in the summer is pretty much hang with my friends and family and BBQ and go to the beach and pools and other water places:))


same with me


sorry need4speed67 it might not be a lot of fun with out any pools and ask your parents to make you a pool and good you love school :)


love the beach you rock beach


I like going to the beach because its so relaxing and gets you away from stress


I like going to the pool because I spend time with family and friends

Alex woods:

My favorite summer activity would have to be going to the fair or a carnival or checking out new club penguin parties and clothes!!! And getting excited for new editions to the website!!! :)

Mace Man:

I have 200 pins and 300 stamps I am a legend


I like going on vacation on huge boats I love going to Mexico and the islands and I love the fancy food have you ate snails it's pretty good there are pools , and I love to meet people from other places. It cost a lot but its worth it


I love hanging out with friends and family, and going to camps and trips. Just hanging out with friends can make your summer great!
I hope a good penguin gets that 10,000 coins. I hope everybody has a great summer

Doodle 369:

My favorite summer activity is swimming and spending time with my family

Husky Nick5:

My favorite summer activity is golfing because I get to spend more time with my dad and have fun


My fav thing to do in the summer is too hang with friends and read!!! I love too see my friends in the summer so we can hangout and have fun!! My friends are always there for me ; ) Now for why I love to read!! I started to read Harry Potter and its great so far!! I love all the action in it and how it brings my imagination!!! (I'm on Chamber Of Secrets a.k.a 2nd year) I just LOVE summer and all the things I can do with no stress!! WADDLE ON CP!!! = D


My favorite summer activities is going to disney land. I like it there.well.. I never been to disney land. But i got it on XBOX 360 connect and I had a wonderful time.
thanks cp for asking this question!


I really hope there's more beach themed stuff cuz i love the beach sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite summer activity is camping! I like camping because you can do things like roasting hotdogs or getting chased by a bear!LOL!!! Making s'mores ,sleeping in a tent,and even hiking up a mountain!I hope you guys agree with me!And if you want to,tell me what YOUR favorite part about camping! And of course........... Waddle on CP!


My favorite activity is to make water balloons and have a water balloon fight with my friends.


Me too


My favorite summer activity is going to skate Parker's and going to pool party's


My favorite summer activity is going to the beach because I can put my toes in the ocean water!


My favorite activity is going on vacation because I get to hang out with my family

Pie man:

I like pie


My favourite summer activity is swimming as well as Ocean6100 I don't do lessons anymore my sister made us quit LOL!!


me too one time I swam for 9 hours


First is summer yea yea yea:)
My summer activity is vacation time so I can go on trips spend time with my family.
And I get to see all my other family people that live in other states
I also love love love the beach because I have a paddle board so I can go paddle boarding over the waves please follow me my penguin name Is lolo0628 no capital for the first l thanks :) xd




Me to.I like meeting new friends but I don't have any on here


Yeah I agree it is fun to meet new friends! And I meet ALOT of new people because I do a marathon every month I just did one on June first so, that's my favorite summer activity to run in marathons! :) :)


Yep i love swimming it's the best i could do it all year if winter was not cold


My favorite summer activity is go to beach


My favourite summer activity is playing at the seaside with my family and friends because we make up fun games and even make sand castles! I bet everyone else will go sometime.
Waddle on!


My fave Sumer activity is swimming too!


my favorite thing to do in the summer is plain with my friends, swimming oh and im going to europe to meat my cusins but my cusins do live there they are just taking a trip

Chico Girl63:

Mine is the oppisite, stay inside, play cp and watch TV! PLUS EAAATTTTTT!!!!!


Hmm, my favourite Summer activity is to listen to old songs and have a really loud music jam! I love the "Puffle Shake!", it always get's me moving! LOL! Nacho's anyone?


My favorite summer activity is riding my bike and scooter at parks! I like being athletic and riding my bike or scooter is a great experience - having fun and working out!


I absolutely LOVE taking hikes and especially hikes that leads to lakes because first hiking is fun and you get lots of exercise. It's even funner with lakes because I get to swim and fish.
IT'S FUN!!!!!!

ash kid413:

mine is swimming! i was just in my pool and it was warm from the sun light i like to surf and swim i do cannon balls and help my brother learn how to swim its fun! fish crackers anyone?


No thanks, I don't eat fish!


I'm first!!!! So the hardest one is meeting mascots :/


Add me polo!!!! I'm ur 1 fan


My favorite summer activity is drawing. I love to lay up in my room and listen to music and just draw. I'll have my fan on or have my windows open and let a cool breeze come into my room and I just draw and draw and draw for hours on end. It's really relaxing and it allows me to have some "me" time! Drawing is, without a doubt, my most favorite summer activity.

Bubsey Good:

My favorite Activity for Summer is definitely swimming! Because you feel good in the pool in the summer! And sometimes we pretend to be penguins!


I can't choose one


My favorite summer activity is getting wet on a trampoline! You just turn on the sprinklers, bring a water gun and READY SET SQUIRT!
It's so fun and then we drink Lemonade after and chillax!


Well summer this year where i live has been pretty boring. My friends live in other neighborhoods not that close. But when i get the chance I LOVE to bike. It isn't hard, the reasons I love biking are I love the wind in my face I love moving my legs, but most of all I just like to go fast and hear nature at the same time, biking is peaceful i wonder what everyone else likes.......
Waddle on everyone

Enter nickname:

My fave Summer Activity is relaxing in a pool.It is so fun cause you can splash at pepole bring noodles to have a noodle fight!Dive underwater!The best thing I'm doing at summer is going to swim at a University (U.O.P.!)!It's some kind of program.I hope everyone at club penguin enjoys their summer!Thx for asking!


I love summer because you can do anything you want to like you host a party like I just went to one!Another thing you can do in the summer is you can be creative by painting or drawing a picture(it is really fun to do that!).Summer is really hot outside and when it's hot ,I have a water fight with my sister!Plus you should ride you bike.I ride my bike a lot in the summer!One more thing that's really fun in the summer...HAVE A SLEEPOVER WITH YOUR FRIENDS!I love having sleepovers.I love summer!!!!

Blue Kid 707:

My favorite summer activity is playing club penguin!Its just so fun playing lots of games,taking care of my puffles visiting houses and buying new clothes and furniture! :)


To answer your question, I must say that my favorite summer activity would be swimming! I LOVE to swim. I love is SO much , I swim almost every day! To me, swimming is more than just excersise or a perfesinol sport, it's just a really fun hobby! I mean, there are SO many games that have are made for the water! Marco Polo, Holler, and many, many more! So, that's MY favorite summer activity!

Emperor pegi:

That must really have been hard!


My FAVORITE activity is to go to the beach! One day i went with my mom and my dog Snoopy. We played fetch, frisbee, and swam in the water! Also when i go with friends, i like to play volleyball,soccer, and swimming contest! Usually i lose! lol. The beach is just a great place to have fun, meet new friends, and just relax and get tanned!

Rock the feild:

I love to go in the pool but when I want to just be in the water my sister try's to dunk my head underwater and try's to teach me how to swim but it is really fun and I go in water


my favorite summer activity is playing outside with my friends I love riding my bike and scooter and playing baseball. i practice every week!


swimming and fireworks are my definte favorite activites.swimming in the pool on hot days to cool off or just no work out in the pool.fireworks are fun to watch and while waiting i get to play at the street fair.


Summer is getting close! and we all are so happy, in the Summer Vacation , We will go to the beach and maybe Traveling, i cant wait!!, also Me and my friends will hang out together, Go to the Movies at night, visit each other houses, i guess it will be the best Summer Vacation Ever!


I think my favourite summer activity would be when I go camping after the day of school and then go swimming where I am going camping. This year when my school year ends I am going to my ants place. And I am going to ride the side car of my steps dads motorcycle all the way there. And that is in a week and a haft what is on the 27. So that means I am bring my lap top for the monsters party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry, I spelt haft instead of after.


I like that to


My favorite summer activities are going to the beach and back flipping off sand dunes and cannon balling into my MEGA POOL!!!


My favorite summer activity is swimming because when I am in the water, I just love the feeling that I'm floating! Wanna splash?


I would love a water slide at the party it will be so cool and there and be a hot tub in the snow dojo lol


My favorite summer activity is making homemade Popsicles. It's really fun, and its a lot cheaper than buying them at a store! I really encourage you to try making some, I'm sure you'll love it!


I do SO MANY things in the summer. I'm booked pretty much every weekend this summer! But, if I had to pick one thing, I'd choose the summer camps I go to. I think they are my favorites because I get to meet new people and try new things. But, sadly, it's only a week long.
Signed, Isabella190


Summer!!!!!!!!!!! I so love summer!!!! I love the heat I love to swim! sometimes I even love sun burns! sometime:/ only sometimes:/

18 polly 18:

My favorite is tennis because it is a easy sport to do and you can get a good workout. Also it is a really fun sport to play!

18 polly 18:

My favorite is swimming because you don't really need to do anything special and it is easy to swim Also it is a great way to cool off on a hot day!

Gabby Rocks:

my favorite summer activity is spending time with friends in the pool. i live in florida so it gets VERY hot. it feels so good to cannonball in the pool on a hot summer day. i love doing contests to see who can do the most creative jump in the pool. my favorite was the ninja chop. HIYA!!! sometimes an ice cram truck comes we run to the truck and we are sopping wet. i get cry baby watermelon flavor and my little brother gets m&m ice-cream. WADDLE ON CP!!!

18 polly 18:

My favorite is going to a amusement park because you can meet a lot of new people and go on new rides. Also going is really fun and on fast rides you can cool off on a hot day. My top 3 amusement parks in order so far: Walt Disney World, then Canada's Wonderland, and finally Darien Lake.

18 polly 18:

My favorite is swimming because you don't really need to do anything special and it is easy to swim. Also it is a great way to cool off on a hot day!

18 polly 18:

My favorite is going to a amusement park because you can meet a lot of new people and go on new rides. Also going on rides is really fun and going on fast rides you can cool off on a hot day. My top 3 amusement parks in order so far: Walt Disney World, then Canada's Wonderland, and finally Darien Lake.


I like playing sports outside in the summer best because it's just what I'm good at, but it's even more fun to play outdoors than indoors like most of us do in the winter if they want to play sports.


i dunno but i guess it's the time sign up for instruments and sports durring your break which for me is something like two MONTHS! you can sign up for instruments like cello, piano, bass, saxophone, tuba, trumpet, guitar, drums, and other stuff like that. you can also sign up for sports like volley ball, basket ball, soccer, football, running, and other stuff like that. you can also sign up for other stuff if you want. till then waddle on!


I like walking on the beach with my family and my cousin from Florida!! It sooooooo fun!! Even hanging out post the pool with my friends!!! Waddle on!!!! ~emmz~


Personally, my favorite summer activity is to play in the pool with my friends, and go on vacation!



My favorite summer activity is going swimming at the pool or the beach. I like to go swimming at the beach or the pool because the cool water feels very nice in the hot weather.Also when I go swimming all the bad things and worries just slips out of my mind and I have a great time specially when there is ice cream : )


I LOVE going on vacation on the summer! You could go anywhere you would like and have a great time!! The beach is my favorite so you can go see the ocean and dolphins! If I could find Club Penguin on the globe I would so go there on vacation!!! (: Vacations are the best!


That sounds awesome! I want to do that too.


My favorite summer activite is the pool. Cool warm pool and why thats my favorite activite well the pool is like a water that never ends you can swim swim backwards and if your like me in the pool i like to swim like a squid or do alot of cannon balls SPLASH!!!!!!!! lol. and my second favorite thing in the pool is a POOL PARTY!!!!!!!Yep if you went to my igool i had a pool party i really work hard on i likje pool partys cause the music and contes its really FUN!!
waddle on!


My favorite summer activity is swimming! It's so fun to dive in and feel that refreshing water! It cools you right off! The best part about swimming is hanging out with your buds!


My favorite summer activity is playing outside because it's always nice to get some fresh air and have fun. There's so much stuff you can do during summer like playing an epic game of baseball or just chilling at the beach.

6671 Penguin:

I LOVE SUMMER. Your out of school and there's so much things to do. I like going swimming because its a good exersise and fun to do. You can do so much activites in the pool. Like water polo, marco polo, colors, sharks and minoes, basketball, and more. Its really fun and i want more people to do it because it's a great sport. Its fun to teach but it's funner to play it.


My favorite and "coolest" activity is go swimming and I like it but whenever I go like for example the beach which I lease go to ( because I get my eyes burned) it has lots of water and there's lots of different types of water sat and fresh water well guys I'm going out and good summer(P.S. i know every one is going back well see you in third grade in events and other stuff BYE!);)


My favorite summer activities are EVERYTHING! My favorite summer activities are everything, because you have the whole summer to do as much stuff as you want, like swim, go on vacation, play with your friends, and of course play Club Penguin! There is so many fun things to do in the summer, so don't waste your summer watching television, make sure to get some fresh air outside, be active, and HAVE FUN!

Prince Gassy:

My favorite summer activity is swimming of course! When I started swimming I was a little scared becaused I never went swimming before and who knows if your going to dround in that deep water.When I finally started to swim it was awesome because it's like floating off the ground.If you don't get summer than here is something you can do when you have summer time because it's SUPER AWESOME:) If you have a pool in your neighborhood or you have your own go ahead and go swimming.


Summer is my favorite season! My favorite summer activity is swimming, of course! I love to go to my friend's and relatives' houses to swim. Just last week I learned how to do cannonballs :D! I also love to do other stuff too. I like to swim like I already said, play piano, just hang out, or maybe have barbecue! Summer rocks!


My favorite summer activity is hanging out with your friends because school was in the way so now that means, summer has made
you hang out with friends and school is not in the way!!


My favourite summer activity would have to be just relaxing. You know, taking a break and letting myself soak in the fact that school is done. No more work, projects, assignments. And no more waking up at like 6:00 a.m. in the morning! Playing some video games and watching t.v. on the couch. And how I could I forget playing club penguin!


My favorite summer activity is going swimming or going to the beach. I love the water! I like doing cannonballs and deep diving and I can hold my breath for 6 seconds! Last summer I even learned how to do a handstand underwater! Me and my family have water gun fights and I love getting my brother soaked! Summer is the best! But what I'm looking forward to on club penguin this summer is the awesome parties, especially the monsters university party! [wink wink, nudge nudge] See ya later CP!


hello CP! I just want to tell you about my club penguin experience! i loved club penguin ever since i first joined last year my first membership as a big thing for me i could do everything i wanted to! i bought everything! and i absolutely love my puffle cheese ball he is a orange puffle and he is super cute! we do everything togeher1 he ,loves the puffle hotel! the first day it opened he loved it we went to the spa and ran and we got our hair done! he loves the great food!


Finally summer is here! I'm SOOO excited to waddle around in club penguin with all my friends. During the summer i enjoy swimming and chilling on the beach. Got to work on my tan am I right? Hope you all have a great summer and hope to see you around CP! Waddle on~ Hudson1000

blue pengu4:

My favourite activity in the summer would have to be ROLLERSKATING! I find it really fun to do and its always fun to learn new tricks on the skates! It's also great exercise and you get to hang out with your friends and maybe you could teach them some tricks even!



My favorite activity to do in the summer is going to the pool and of course, playing club penguin!!! The reason I love to do these is because their fun to play. The pool is a fun place to play because you can dive or do cannon balls!!! You could even do a water squirt fight!!! The other reason I like playing club penguin is because you makes ton of friends, play awesome mini games, and care for a puffle!!!! My two puffles are Blythe and Bloom

And don't forget to WADDLE ON!!!!


my favorite summer activity is swimming and going to the beach. why it is so fun when you swim you fell like a mermaid cool right. i like to go to the beach to swim and bogey board in the waves it is so fun so ya i like to go have fun and swim and go to the beach i know anyone up for fishing and pizza lol so this is mray89 saying waddle on bye * waves *


My favorite summer activity is to hang out with friends and have parties on Club Penguin! With all the extra free time, there is endless possibilities on what I can do on Club Penguin such as finishing my stamp collection or earning coins! I look forward to this year's summer. Waddle On!



Well i gess going to the beach and going swimming.


OOOO I love telling about what my favorite thing to do and why in summer its ssooo cool.My favorite thing to do is GOING TO THE BEACH and why??Cause i get to wet my pants in the ocean and see far away if theres pirate ships pluse i get to build a sand castle and collect sea shells!!!!!:)


My favorite summer activity is taking the time off and just going on club penguin having a super mega awesome excellent time just chilling with friends and going to the most rad parties of the year..... The monthly Summer parties (June and July parties)!


In the summer, I like to chill out with my friends and family! We will like sometimes go to the $1 movies at the Avenues. We always have fun! I always have fun with my friends like having a water gun fight, or playing Wipeout on my Xbox 360 Kinect. But, best of all, getting my friends interested in Club Penguin. I am working on trying to get one of my friends to join Club Penguin. I am really close. Only a few steps away! Well, that is what I do over the summer!

Penguin Name: evan41223


I love to go to Hawaii over the summer so I can see my family members again and my dog plus when i'm there I get to see my cosines that and I get to see my best friend how I left when I moved and that's my favorite summer activity.


my favorite is water balloon fights because its gonna be really hot so ill be hit bye water and wont be hot LOL


I say the best thing to do in summer is GO TO A WATERPARK so you can wash off that summer heat. -Owenkatsuma


Mine is to go swimming. I like trains.


Summer is awesome! I love going on aesome vications and all, but the best thing about summer is that I get to go outside and chat/play with my nearby friends (like Mcover2000) FULL TIME!!! We like to ride our scooters/bikes together, play frisby, play horse, and all around HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Lucy flower2:

Relaxing on warm nights with my family. Not just at home but the pool roocks as well! Anyone want a splash!


My favorite summer activity is going to parties and going biking! Going to parties is a fun activity because you can have fun and play games , play with your family members , and just have fun! Also, hanging out with friends is also a fun thing to do.


My favorite summer activity is basketball. It is my favorite because you get to hang out with friends while playing and maybe even have a little friendly competition! It's also a fun and easy way to stay healthy and have some fun in the sun outside! It's also great practice so if you enjoy basketball you can play it and practice all summer and try out for a local team in the fall!!! Those are the reasons basketball is my favorite sport!!!


My favorite summer activity has to be surfing with my family, why you ask? Surfing brings my family together so we can have laughs and fun instead of fighting for the front seat in the car LOL!! So we have laughs by when i fall my brother laughs his heart away and fun by just seeing that huge wave coming for you and then you start paddling and jump up and then you feel the breeze in your hair and the thrill of balance so thats my activity!!!


I like biking too


I like going to the beach and going to the basketball court and playing with my friends. And doing tae kwon do.


My favorite Summer Activity is swimming, because it strengthens the muscles in your arms and legs! I also enjoy splashing my friends!
Swimming also helps if there's one day when just can't stop sweating XD Sometimes it's hard to go off the Diving Boards... Lol


My favorite summer activity is going on vacation because I get to see so many AMAZING stuff! Like shows and stuff! I also like vacation because in the car, I watch a movie most of the time! Last time we went on vacation, I watched "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick rules".
Well that's all I got. Good luck to every penguin who is trying to win! Waddle on!


Any activity that can get you smiling is the best to me. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, waste your summer sitting bored at home. Visiting a new country, spending a day at the amusement park, or hanging out with friends or great ways to make an awesome summer. This is YOUR summer; don't let it go to waste!

(P.S. Or you can just log onto Club Penguin....)

cyclones 20:

My favorite summer activity is to walk my dog, play baseball, and of course meet up with friends on club penguin and outside. Friends are one of the best things in this world because there always by your side even when times seem low.


Well, my favorite summer activity is to...Go outside! Play, run around, get dirty! Lol. Go to your friends house! You only have three months! Use your time well! You dont have all year! Why do I like to go outside? Because! You can do AMAZING stuff! Go on a walk! Go hiking! Go to a river! Go fish! Then again, YOU ONLY HAVE THREE MONTHS! So you your time wisley! Sensei does. Lol.

Roxanne 1:

My favorite activity is going to the beach with my Family because we can build sandcastles together and play ball and get wet too it is so fun!

Roxanne 1:

My favorite summer activity is going to the beach with my family because we can build sandcastles together,play ball,and get wet.It is so fun!


Wow they are many to choose from but my pick would be water parks! I mean who does not like water rides
you get to splash in water every time and every ride is awesome!!!


my favorite summer activity is swimming with my best friends especially improving my skills we challenge each other to swimming all the time thx for reading even if you don't put it on the blog shout out to my friends who help me all through the way


My fave summer activity is.... SWIMMING!! its just so cool that you can go under water and surf! swimming is just so awesome! i mean theres water parks all over so, why not dive in?


eating ice cream on the beach is the best you can get!!!!


Deffinatly swiming because it cools me down from the scorching sun Phew, anyone want icey cold and clean water?also golfing becuse it helps me enjoy some of the light i am starting to hit off the tees! Happy Summer everyone! stay cool and enjoy your time. Till then Waddle on Club penguin happy summer club penguin team :D


My favorite summer activity is defiantly swimming. Its great exercise and great fun.It makes me feel like I'm floating, much like in the "festival of flights" which was a bunch of fun!

Lilly bug 23:

My favorite summer activities is the swimming with my friends! I enjoy inviting my friends over and go swimming,We even sometimes have a water gun/balloon fight!Summer is already here for me and we are already making plans to invite friends and family over to do that!I'm very excited!LOL!

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!


My favorite summer activity is defiantly swimming. Its great exercise and great fun.It makes me feel like I'm floating, much like in the "festival of flights" which was a bunch of fun!


My favorite summer activity is going outside with my friends. Because when I'm with my friends we
always go outside and play different games and go to the playground if we want! We also do is
go outside and lay down and talk about when was our favorite thing to do at the summer.
After were down playing outside we go inside and get a ice-cream.Our favorite thing to do is
playing outside and do a little play for all of us.

Puzzle Mint:

My favorite summer activity is going to different places with family and friends! I love going to the beach to swim and play and have picnics with my family and friends. Whenever i go somewhere i always meet new friends! Just like what happens on Club Penguin! Its always great to meet new friends. You might even become best friends. That is my favorite activity of summer. Going to different places with family and friends and meeting NEW friends :)

Puzzle Mint
Waddle On!


that sounds fun


I really like summer camps. And I also really like going to visit my relatives on summer vacation. I also love the nice weather, I live in southern california so it's nice weather all year 'round. I also like getting back in school because I get to see my nice teacher!!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah 5 5 5:

My favorite summer activity is swimming in the pool! Because I love feeling the sun on my face while splashing around!
Waddle on everyone!


I love summer!It's fun and a great time of year to go to the pool and of course,waddle around meet new friends!LOL!I love going to denison skating rink.There you can meet new friends,have fun with old and new friends and have totally epic parties!So why are you still reading this?Get out there and go to your local skating rink or your fave hangout!


Hey club penguin here are some stuff i like to do in the summer, i like to go bike riding ,swimming ,and hiking . Thanks for everything
doing a great job ,but please bring back some old items. Thanks for every thing WADDLE ON

Enter nickname:

And nice


well i really want to watch thinknoodles graser10 poonchCP and stacys dream also i would love to play cp and i went this really cool water park and went down a really cool slide there so thats wqhat im gonna do
waddle on fusiaberry


Hayyyyy my tag is tywxwxz no caps but my idea is to hag with my friends on club puguin i love card justu and just having a great time with them and im always in the mode to make new friends


My favorite summer activity is swimming because you can do tons of tricks underwater and above water.


My favorite Summer activitity is to hang out with friends. Sleepovers, swimming, whatever, even if it isn't something I would usually do myself, my friends make it fun and show me how to do whatever it is. But the reason I chose this was because I barely get to hang out with my friends out of....... (dun dun dun) SCHOOL!!! I'm glad they let us have a break. I also like swimming. Us penguins need to stay cool especially during the summer! ;)


I gess going to the beach and swimming


My favorite summer activity is playing club penguin! Because it's the BEST game in the world, and I also like hanging out with my friends! Also, if you can't go to beach in the summer, well you can in club penguin! :D (*FOR FREE!) Cheese anyone? :P


My favorite Summer activity is playing football with my dad. Because i love when he throws it to me and when I throw it to me. My penguins name is Jonathan254.


I LOVE SUMMER! Especially playing in water all the time. Its soooo fun! At around 6:20 the sprinklers come up and waters the plants but in the summer instead of the sprinklers watering the plants they water me and my friends. Theres a line full of sprinklers and me and my friends go into the sprinklers. We get all wet and then we play water gun tag. When we go inside we dry up and then go back out to play some other games without water.


My favorite summer activity is either camping at this place where if you go on a small hike, there is a waterfall you can slide down and just play in the water, or playing with my friends. Maybe even both at the same time! ;)
Waddle on!


My fav summer activity is going to the beach!! I love surfing the waves, and I go with my cousins all the time which makes it 10x funner!! We go to the beach all the time, and going on vacations with each other as well!! We also make sand chairs which is really comfortable, plus we eat fish 'n'chips which is yummy as always!
Waddle On!


When it's summers it is always hot, even on Club Penguin! There's so many fun things to cool off! My favourite is probably surfing,because in summer most of the time is fine weather.I love other activities that have you moving around.Waddle around CP, have a great summer!

Cupcake 1134:

I love summer for lots of different reasons. But I'm always at the beach, or at the pool! Swimming is my favorite sport, and others should do it more often! I also have picnics, and build things in the sand. (Last summer, I made the Grand Canyon with my friend.) Summer is great!! Enjoy the sun!! :D


The pool opening :D. And probably summer break...if I had it.


Some great summer activities that I love to do is hang out with my family,have sleep overs , and play sports that can make your summer vacation fun. When your stuck in the house some things you can do is read, go to the park,and go swimming which I think is extremely fun well those are things that I think are fun to do. Even when your not in the summer time just hang out and have fun and enjoy life. WADDLE ON CP !!!


SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love to go swiming everyday because it is like being in outer space.No gravity underwater,no gravity in space.SWIMMIING EVERYPENGUINS.


My favourite summer activity is water fights! I like it because you can hang out with your friends and its so much fun, especially on a really hot day! Its so exciting when you hide behind walls and blast people with your water guns but then they pour a whole bucket of water on your head! Waddle On!


My favorite summer activity is to have fun with my family because when your in school you don't have time to do your favorite activities because you have tons of homework or you have to study for a big test and you want a really good grade on it. But when it's summer, you don't have to worry about having good grades because you can do anything you want (and have fun!!). Bye Bye, School!!


I have a lot of favorite activeties! I love going to the beach and playing with my friends! I always bring my beach ball! If I cant go to the beach I play outside with water guns! And once we had a WATER BALLOON FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I was in third place but it still was awesome!!! My first favorite activety was going to the beach with my friends its awesome I love summer!!!!


My favourite summer activity has got to be table tennis! My reason is that you have a nice competition of where the ball lands using your rackets. It is also a fabulous game and I just think not too many other sports can really beat it! Also another reason is that you hit the ball and they hit it back! like ping pong, It is so fun ... Just don't hit the ball TOO hard, it might just hit the net...



~Perapin :)


I totally agree with you!!! Winter is So much better than summer, because there is snow, christmas, and it's a perfect time to have fun!!!


For me my favorite part of summer is that we're on vacation and go to sea. There is cool and I love the water: D! My view of the sea and excursions in summer is Excellent 6! I love it and I hope to do a beach party in Club Penguin and win stamp for super crazy penguin in the beach...xD!


my favorite summer activity is to write daily diary with pictures of summer holidays of june (in india,there are school summer holidays in june),i like to write in diary about club penguin and other things too.


Even though where my penguin comes from it's winter and cold outside, It is great fun jumping on a trampoline and going to a local playground and having fun there.

Waddle On!


My favourite summer activity is to be with my friends (in real life and in Club Penguin). I'm always outside with them - we go cycling ,or go just for a little walk around the city (our city is small). We also go out and make picnics. It's so fun :)) With my friends in Club Penguin we like to go play games, earn stamps or train out jutsus. We have much fun :))) Join us if you want ^^ I swear that this will be totally cool and fun :))


Well, I'd say my favourite summer activities have got to climbing up trees with my mates! It's so much fun under the sun! I also love checking out all of the awesome club penguin parties! Oh, and I'm Team OK! Waddle On!

17 Spear:

Hello Penguins
My favourite activity in summer would probably have to be jumping into my pool and having a slurpee to get me nice and cold.

Mr Wizard3:

When it is summer I like going swimming or going to a safaripark maybe?Its my birthday next week and im going to have a party.m doing bowling then Frankie and Bennys!


My favourite summer activity is beach swimming because you can get active while having fun with all of your friends and also explore underwater! :) It is enjoyable for everyone and you can also build up confidence and make friends. My favourite swimming style is freestlye because it is nice 'n' easy and you get to whiz around the sea like a boat! I also like swimming because you get to have the perfect summer experience with your friends and socialise!! That's why I LOVE summer!!!


My favourite summer activity is to just hang out with friends both online and offline. Online we play find four, sled racing and we even have crazy costume partys. Right now we are also having a compettion on who can meet all the mascots first (I am winning at the moment).And offline my friends and I climb trees and just hang around and chat. That's what I will be doing this summer. Thanks Cp team.


My favorite summer activity is swimming because it is fun to have race's and dive in with a diving board you can also trow a beach ball and have fun.

Waddle on CP!


I honestly think summer is the season to have FUN IN THE SUN! During summer there are so many things you can do....! Like, Going down to the beach or going for a nice stroll in the park. There's many fun foods you can have to celebrate the warming weather; during the summer I love to have Slush's, Ice blocks and plenty of ice cold water! The summer is filled with many activities and the one I enjoy most of all is going outside to play a game of Baseball with my friends.


My favourite summer activity is to play at the sea!Why?Because its so fun and when my friends are there we play with water balloons!And we play with the crabs at the sea!We fishing too.

Cheeze Mad:

I Always love a slush puppie on a hot day! because the hot weather at the beach is sometimes too hot!!! But a nice slushie can cool me down in no time... THANKS CP


Summer is amazing! It actually makes me excited for school. Anyways, the best summer activity for me is visiting other places. It's always nice to see landmarks or other countries during the summer, especially going to beaches, parks and even malls. In fact, every summer vacation, there's always a time when I go to another country or on a roadtrip. It's really fun and I enjoy it so much. Hope you enjoy your summer everyone!


I live in India. Here, it is already summer. For summer i like to do origami. But, reading books is more preferable. I'm gonna read a book now, so, bye.


What is your favorite summer activity and why?
Well you know summer means sweat.So the best way for me is to go to beach and relax because you can relax there and you can forget all your tensions and even its so much fun to swim. ahhhhhhh :D i love to swim during summer because it freshens you up and you feel as good as new what a feeling it gives well if you don't have have a beach in your city then you can go to your areas pool.Don't forget that if you cant swim then take an air tube. : )


Swimming is my best summer activity as it keeps me cool during the hot weather .


My favorite summer activity was,is and will be relaxing in the beach (even though that is not an activity ) because the rest of the year I spend my whole time doing homework or studying or doing sports. In the beach I can relax, drink a fruit juice and even sleep!


My favorite summer activity is swimming!
Aww the cool, refreshing pools! Slashing around ... annoying my mum!
But mostly I love the excersise I get from swimming I wish CP could throw a swimming teamed party!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wadle ON!


That's an easy question. Out of many summer activities my favorite one would be… EATING ICE-CREAM!! Many flavors from chocolate to vannila. They are all awesome. My favorite three flavors are chocolate, vannila and biscuit. Even better if you put sprinkles on top. And maybe some whipped cream. And let's not forget about chocolate topping too. I always like to try out new flavors. Every ice-cream flavor is amazing =)


Well, since I live in Australia, its winter right now but my favorite summer activity is having sleepover bashes and eating heaps of icecream because you can cool off and you can have fun with your friends.


I think going to the beach because you can go surfing or play in the sand or swim and they are great activities


Wow. Summer is awesome. My favorite activity is swimming in the beach, watering all my plant because the day is so hot, and other thing that make me fun. But in my complex, we all always do at music competition, music party, dance party, and plant 1000 tree activity. That all activities is so fun and I will let you try that all. That's why my favorite season in the world is summer. :)


my favourite summer activity is to swim at the swimming pool because I am swim very-good and I love the water.


So far I think going to Disney ,cause I remember when I was little I met Rockhopper there! Also......NO SCHOOL!!!!


My favorite thing to do is play with my puffles because puffles are awesome


I love summer! It's one of the best parts of the year! There are lots of activities to do in summer and my favorite one is... Going Swimming with my brother, sister, mother and friends! Why I find this interesting is because I can spend more time with my loved ones. I usually spend an hour almost everyday at the pool. Another reason I like swimming is splashing my sister with waves of water! Waddle On!


I personally don't have Summer breaks but if I do have Summer breaks, maybe I'll just be relaxing at home as you don't get many chance, away from school homework and scoldings from teachers. LOL! :P Or maybe I can play some more Club Penguin! :D

Pie Pen4:

What i love about summer is swimming and sports. They Get you active and they are very fun. Another activity is play on club penguin! Why? Because Club penguin is EPIC!


My favourite summer activity is going to camps and spending time with my family because I don't always have the time to play with my family and to cams to meet new friends and do fun things.

Pen Quen22:

Here in Greece, summer is quite hot, but also it's so beautiful! I love walking on the seaside feeling the sand on my feet or swim with my friends and diving in the sea to find some extraordinary treasures! Of course, I must tell that I like to relax at the balcony and read a book. But I would NEVER leave my laptop, so I take it out too! There are many activites I love, but my favourite is exploring! I explore with my friends and we search for many adventures, because it's a wonderful world! :D


My favorit time of summer is going to pool because i get to make new friends and see my old friends. so thats why m favorit time of summer is going to the pool!

waddale on club penguin!


My absolute FAV thing to do in the summer is to DRAW! :D actually, that's my favourite thing to do ALL the time, every season! each summer I put up all my drawings up on my wall, so that by the time August comes around, You can't even see the purple wallpaper underneath! One of the things I really like to draw is penguins! XD
Also, one of my other favourite summer activities is NOT going to school! XD


I enjoyed the most in summer is when i go to the mall.Even if i dont buy anything,I just enjoy waking around.


if I could do this summer activity I would do it I would like to skydive I would jump out the plane sore through the air.


My favorite summer activity is swimming because it's fun. I can dive, do a handstand, and do a front walkover underwater. SWIMMING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kc Sunshine1:

My favorite summer activity is going in the pool and going in the inner tubes or rafts and squirting my sister while she squirts me with squirt guns. The reason why this is my favorite summer activity is because is may be a really hot day out and I would just want to cool off and relax, until my sister squirts me.


I love this game:)


I think there should be a swimming laps stamp! Waddle on! :-)


I really love the summer.I love going to sea and mountains,eating cotton candy and ice-cream,going to beaches in the town.Now,when I write this,outside is very hot.I love the summer,because is a great time to play games like football and volleyball,and Club Penguin too.My brother loves the summer too!I and my brother love drinking juice and fizzy drinks with ice,when we are under umbrella in a hot day!


Woo! First comment. Where I live it's currently winter, but my fave summer activity would have to be swimming. Cooling off in the nice water is definitely COOL! It's the best way to start summer!


I enjoy spending quality time with my family. We usually go on a vacation during the summer. Also, I LOVE swimming in summer! It's my favorite thing to do! I swim very impressively, and so do my friends. I spend the day in the sun, in the water, or in the house! But no matter where I am, I'm in summer! HUGE Tip: *Do Not Get Sunburned!* (I did and it hurt real bad!) Oh, and FYI, keep sunscreen in your bags or anything at all times! Swimming is my favorite thing because I can exercise and cool off


I enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family (even if they are annoying). During the fall and winter I'm always doing school and work, and if I ever do have time, my friends and family always have something else to do. That's why I'm taking advantage of the time I have to be with them.


I love summer and a holiday always leaves the familes of the sea loves playing in the water to build castles that's I'm very good and I like play volleyball in the water and on the beach. Summer is a great


I really like to swim, play soccer and a water gun battle with my friends! And how could I forget, playing Club Penguin, of course! These have always been my favorites because last summer I had soccer and this year I got swimming and other things! And Club Penguin because my friend had it so I made an account too! I do have more coins then her, but she has more stuff and probably more stamps.


i play soccer in the fall

cool boy7941:

on hot days i like to go to the water park so i can stay cool.


Yeah summer! I love summer! My favorite summer activity is SWIMMING!!! Swimming is my favorite activity of summer, because I really like the water, and I get to excercise with my family and friends! What's better?!


I really just like sleeping in late and playing club penguin. for the past two days I've been on here two hours or more. In summer i do really like to just hang around with my friends and swim. On club penguin play at the soccer field go to lots of parties. i love you guys so much waddle on club penguin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ]


I also like to go to camp!!!


My favorite summer activity is to go camping and be able to spend more time with my family! Camping is fun because you can ex plore the great outdoors and make smores! Spending time with my family is so fun because we can play games and you can catch up on each others lives. Waddle On!


My favorite summer activity is having a BBQ because you get to hang out with friends, have good food, and catch up with relatives you haven't seen in a while. Waddle on CP.


My favorite summer activity is having a BBQ because you get to hang out with friends, have good food, and catch up with relatives you haven't seen in a while. Waddle on CP.


My fave summer activity is to go to the beach with all of my friends. Why? Because it is better than going to a pool where there is hardly any room for a whole bunch of people, while a beach has a LOT of space and it has sand to have sand fight,sand castles,forts,bury people in sand and lots more! Also the beach water is fresh and not cleaned with chemicals... Also it is another way to get a GREAT tan (not sure what that has to do with this but okay...)
Waddle On!

Jr Piplup1:

My favorite summer activity has to be the fair that comes into town at the beginning of summer because of all of the rides and the games.


EThe activity i really love during summer is play,play and just PLAY. I always go with all of my friends together by going to swimming pools and beaches. I love the fun and laughter we can have during these days, I nearly forget about club penguin and enjoy with my friends. Being with your friends is great too!!!! I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!!


SUMMER IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! My favorite Summer Activity is going to camps, hanging out with friends, and one of the best parts... USING THE COMPUTER!!!!!! I like this because hanging out with friends could find you more friends. Camps because you get different stuff to do like different kinds of games. And computer because like it says " Waddle Around And Meet New Friends". Because thats what I do!

Peach 2077:

I think the best activity for summer is lying around doing absolutely nothing! :D


Hi my favorite summer activity is swimming because its really fun to go on the water and the funny part is I don't know how to swim but I still love the water and when I'm on cp my favorite place is the cove and the pool they are great places to swim for my penguin :) that is why swimming is my favorite summer activity.


My favorite Summer Activity is going swimming the reason why I like swimming is because since there is a lot of heat from where I live I can cool off and swimming is a great exercise for our bodies and because it is a really fun sport to do.


I love to go to the beach. I like the sand, the waves, and the boardwalks! I'm going to the beach in a week. I can't wait to go to the boardwalk that's on the beach. I want to make a really big sandcastle.


A good summer activity could be just hanging out with your friends! Because I bet everybody knows how fun it is to laugh and hangout with your pals! :D I hope everybody has fun this summer!
-AquaBand (there are some numbers after AquaBand but iy might be 123 I actually forget them since this is a new account, I have another one, Ellai23 or Ella123, it's hard to remember)


My most favorite summer activity is when my family travels up state to go swim in cool waters of one of the Great Lakes!I've heard that there some spooky ghost ships at the bottom of the lake.The reason why I like to swim in the lake during the summer is because we get all wet!And I can't wait for my upcoming summer!So past the beach ball!
From your wettest friend:King4849

Polka Dots84:

My favorite summer activity is going to the beach with my family! I love to go swimming, make sandcastles, and collect shells! My family always has a BQQ cookout. I love going to the beach with my family because I can spend time with them and have fun. Waddle on and I <3 summer!


My absolute favorite summer activity is pool plunging. It definitely takes practice, but it is very refreshing. You just have to relax, close your eyes and jump. It's awesome!


Hello! My favorite summer activity is to go swimming in the pool! Its really fun to splash around and have fun! I like it because sometimes summer can get very hot! Swimming always cools me down when I am really hot in the summer! I have never been in the ocean but I've heard its really cold, it would be great to go in the ocean on a REALLY REALLY hot day! XD, talk to ya soon! WADDLE ON!



~Waddle On! :)


I like to go the beach for the summer time close to the hotel so that I do for summer fun. :> by mario71106.


My favorite summer activity is hanging out with my cousin. I like to keep in touch with my friends by calling them and sometimes play with them in Club Penguin. I play Club Penguin with him almost everyday. I mostly like going to the mall with my family and sometimes meet new friends or I asked them to buy me more membership.


My favourite summer activity is hanging out with my friends .Me and my friends have the best time . We usually go to the mall ,get ice-cream, shop (window-shopping),go bowling ,watch a movie (with extra big caramel popcorn) and of course do some activities and eat KFC and Mcdonalds .
I don't know what I would do without my friends . Friends are AWESOME !


in summer i like to feel the hot summer temperature and swim in the pool.some times when it rains i go online and play club penguin but on awesome days i love to go to disney parks i ride lots of rides there like barn stormer but best of all SPACE MOUNTAIN! i like to swim in the pool and chill because swimming is awesome.p.s. i want to be your friend polo.waddle on club penguin!

rad red2:

hmm. well thats easy! all of them! but if i have to pick one i would say hanging out with friends and family by the beach. its my favorite because i spend time with my friends and family. we would go swimming, build sand castles and sometimes we actually have a snowball fight in the sand. we call it a sand ball fight. when i spend that time with them its the highlight of my year! waddle on CP!


My favorite summer activity is going to the beach.The beach is my favorite place to go because you can play in the sand and you go swimming.Swimming is great because it's fun and you get to get exercise.Another reason I like to go to the beach is because you can play vollyball vollyball involve great exercise to:)Those are some of the reasons I like the beach.

Hang Ten Penguins

the excelsio:

What is your favorite summer activity and why?
My favroite thing is to play and relax with club penguin


I'm the first comment! My favorite summer activity is just letting it go and enjoying the summer. 'Cause let's face it, summer is always gonna end. Just not today! So I just enjoy time with me, my family,and friends. We'll never get this summer back! So just enjoy it! Just enjoy it while it last. WADDLE ON! ~ Mathewton1


My favorite summer activity is to go on long car trips to different places because I like to look at nature on the way to the place I'm going to. This year I'm going to Michigan.


My favorite summer activity is swimming because this year im old enough to do a mile swim and i need to practice. I swim in my grandmas pool to practice and so far i have swam a half mile. One more half to go! Waddle on Cp penguins!

Ayaan Khan:

well i just love summer break we can feel the fresh air outside. i usually go swimming to refresh myself from the heat or i go to the beach on a nice sunny day.The tides come on the shore it,s a great experience every summer but the best part is we get a free time away from studies so summer is the best


Cool name! I see you like ugly dolls too!


My favorite summer activity is playing on the beach. I like playing on the beach because you can build sand castles, go on a sand bar sometimes, or you can even do both. This is just the start there must be millions of more things to do on the beach.

Mtr Tiny:

My favorite summer activity is definitely swimming I love sneaking up on people when there on there floats! I swim under the float and then flip them over from underwater XD! I also like to ride my bike and leave skid marks on this one driveway where there's no house in front of it.



My favorite summer activity is going on vacations! It is so cool having the feeling that you have nothing to do the next week! I also get to stay up late! But it is sometimes hard to convince my mom to take a friend. My favorite place to go on vacation is Hawaii because i get to play in the GIGANTIC waves! One second. I have to go grab my swim suit.


My favourite summer activity has to be having a day out with my family to a theme park and going on some really cool rides! I love being able to have so much fun with my family and I wish the day would never end! I also love going to the sea side and relaxing in the sun while playing in the water with my younger brothers - it's so much fun! :) Waddle On!


My FAVOURITE thing about summer is DEFS going to the beach and building sandcastles or going to the local pool!
I always look forward to splashing into the crisp cool water after I leap off the diving board! Another activity I LOVE to do is go to amusement parks! I love to ride the roller coasters and feel the wind in the face! I always love summer because it's my chance to do
so many things I can't do while I'm in school!
Waddle on!!!!!!!
Thruthenite :)


My favorite summer activity is either swimming or taking care of my garden in our backyard. I like swimming and I'm hoping I can get a pool soon! And of course I LOVE playing Club Penguin!


Possibly going to the beach.If that does not work try canoeing or explore a cave or a forest or climb a mountain.


Well I'm going swimming a lot and I think everything is fun and on Wednesday June 19 I'm going to Hawaii it's awesome I'm living in Hawaii and next time u post it I hope I'm in there I like to help people too so my favorite activity is anything

Shad my love:

I thnk that pantherxx12s answer was amazing an my favorite activitie is going to the beach. I love to go to the beach because I think of that activitie as a time to spend with my family and just to relax and have fun with my sister Poka Pop.
Thank you !
~ Shad my love


I love going to the beach because its fun to play in the water and in the sand.also most beaches are really pretty,


I think my favorite summer activity is sitting outside under a tree and reading one of my favorite books because it's really relaxing! Harry Potter's what I usually read. What if CP turned into Hogwarts! LOL! I would love it!


It's my fav. Activity to go swimming, i love swimming because when it's hot the pool definitly helps cool you off. Have fun this summer everybody! <3 katie77luv!

Tanqterr :

I really love summer! Its the best season of the year where everyone can do lots of things like barbecue, go camping, catch fireflies and more, But my favorite summer activity is swimming. Why? Because its very hot in the summer and its the best way to cool down. You can catch some of those tiny fish at the beach while you have fun with your friends! Waddle on Cp~


My favorite summer activity is do a music competition, watering all my plant, feed pets, plant tree, go to water park, and other fun things to do in summer. But my favorite is sneking up the people from underwater when I trip to beach. I swimming under them and I will grab their feet and all people will run from the water. LOL. They though that is shark. And I ever fooling people when I make a jellyfish from a plastic and give that to people. And the people is so scary. Waddle on CP!


SUMMER ACTIVITIES ARE AWESOME!! Since I am doing so many of them,I have done 50 activities all this year and the previous one. I met so many experts in 20 activities,and I got most of them doing well. I of course am still doing more and more activities, and its good :) So far the best one of them was Football the awesome game ever! It took 3 months to the teacher to train me to a expert LOL!.And now I am a expert :) It was really hard, but I trained a lot. But the training made it worth it


My favourite thing to do is playing outside in the nice warm sun. I love going swimming and surfing at the beach!


I think my favorite activity is just hanging out with friends and playing games. I have sleepovers with my friends. My friends email me a lot and we try to schedule stuff. I usually get emailed by my friends and classmates. I try to call people from my family since I don't get to see them very often.


My favorite summer activity is karate. Even though it does not sound like a summer activity i think its perfect for summer. You know why well in winter its cold and you have to walk with you uniform on with something underneath it. In fall its pretty windy. In spring it rains to much. Even though its hot in summer the uniform has more cotton so its not that hot. I love earning different belts like in Carjitsu. It teaches you lots of moves like punches and kicks its lots of fun. Waddle On Cp


Hey daffo
Kidgamer here , when you asked what my fave activity in summer is, we'll in London summer isn't until July so , it took kinda a long time to find out but then I remembered camp like baseball, football stuff like that. THEY ARE EPIC especially when it's with my friends or playing club penguin all day and NIGHT and did you know big foot 5 o'clock there was an attempt to tip the iceberg there was like 45 penguins it was AWESOME

Waddle on
Peace out daffo :)


Hi polo field! My favorite thing to do in the summer is swim. I love it so much and can do it all day, as long as I have snack breaks!LOL! TTYL, bye!


My fave activity is probs hanging with my friends and playing with new ones on Club Penguin. The girls and I always practise dancing at my house and we share secrets and have sleepovers. In the Summer we practise is the Park and in CP I just clown around with my friends or practise the Cheer Dance. My friends go on CP and we give our accounts names and we search them. I have LOADS of friends in CP that I know in real life. Summer is awesome and we should live it alwayz! :D Btw dancing is awesome


my favorite activity is busy playing club penguin and making new friend in CP i like the songs of club penguin and the spy drills is just awesome followed by the new arrival of snow ninja this was the best summer vacation ever with club penguin.


My favorite summer activity would be going to traveling and going to the beach I just love to travel because you can see new things and be outdoors and meet new people! I also enjoy going to the beach because I love the smell of the sea and I also love the feel of sand in between my toes and I enjoy swimming as well and in the summer time I only have two rules ONE:have fun! and TWO: "DON'T forget your sunblock :)


One of my favorite things about summer vacation is a break from math!!! But I love going to the pool, even if it's a lesson. I find it an activity that lets you have fun and work on your water skills. Also, I love hanging out with my friends all day. We always have so much fun! Waddle on CP!!!


my favourite thing about summer is going to the beach and playing beach ball

Dejia :

My favorite summer activity is going to the beach with my family and just hanging out and having a great time. I love going to the beach mostly because I love the nice warm wheather and when the ocean breeze softly hits your face. Its just feels so good to spend some quality family time together, especially since everyone has been busy all year now is the time to relax. So that is my favorite summer activity. Waddle On.
~Dejia :)


Sumer activities are the best!!!!!!!!!
I've done a few. Since I don't have a phone I have to travel to my friends house to play out plus there really cool because they live near a park which has a brand new skate park for bikes scooters and so on. I don't get to see them much but we do try to schedule sleepovers and going to each others house every once and a while.


I love Summer! Its my favorite time in the year! My favorite summer activity is to READ!! I love to read. I visit the library, pick a good book and READ!! I always borrow books. My favorite author is Charles Dickens. I read books in my room or in the park(as my mum forces me to get some fresh air!). "Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body" so READ ON, LEAD ON!!
Penguin Name: Typhodgone91


My favourite activity is probably football or basketball. Although i do like cricket i do prefer football. Or i just play with my mates in the local park and try and do a drop in on my mates scooter!!! STILL CANT DO IT!!??
Im british so its brits football,


My favorite activity is throwing the football with my dad. Because i'm going to play football when it comes!


I LOVE football too!


And i like hanging out with my dad and talking to him.

Galaxy Star3:

My favorite summer activities are swimming and tennis . Im gonna go to summer camp this summer . But i like drawing and running to . it wad be really awesome if club penguin did a sports party in summer . Peace !


JDL3417 here! There's so many summer activities that I like, for example, playing soccer, summer camps, vacationing,but my favorite summer activity is to go watch a movie with my buds probally because I like hanging with my friends, and an awesome way to hang with my friends is by watching a movie, like Monster University which I'm really excited about! JDL3417 out!
-Waddle on!

Lego man1045:

My favorite summer activity is going to the Ohio river with my friends and I have so much fun like bike rides and tubing.we always have so much fun playing at the ohio river.we also like playing spy games and eating hot dogs anyone?


Usually in the summer I stay s lot out, playing with my friends,going in the beach, playing in the park... But also uniting myself with the nature like drawing and reading outside or even training my fav sports like swimmming or dancing!


SUMMER IS AWESOME!!!!!! There is no more school (sometimes I miss it though)! Sometimes the weather is hot and humid but sometimes it's great! My favorite summer activity is going outside because I like to look at nature. I want to see how nature changes over the past seasons. The trees change, animals come out, the sky is brighter than ever, etc! I would camp outside everyday in my backyard if I only had a tent. Enjoy summer while it lasts! :)


its REALLY REALLY hot in the summer where i live


My favorite summer activity is snorkeling in my aunt's pool. I think it's so fun to swim and see stuff underwater for an extended period of time. It makes me think I'm a fish just doing my daily activities. (Because all fish do is swim - lol!) Waddle On!


my favorite summer activity is when I am chilling at the pool and seeing my friends Ava and Sarah and getting a tan
why because I never get to see them a lot and there very nice friends to have.


My favorite activity is swimming. At the pool you could meet new friends. I love going to the pool because my friends and I would play Marco Polo and its super fun. Sometimes I scare my friends by popping out of the water. We would splash water at each other. The best thing is that I could hang out with my friends.


because I like summer and I'll wing beach sand like acer igloos with my cousins ​​I get beach wing and see how the sun sets slowly and abeses I play beach com wing friends but I care my mom and dad


My favorite summer activity is riding my bike or jogging with my big sis (:


Hi! My favorite summer activity is going to the beach and relaxing all day in the light of the orange sun. I also like to buy an ice cream and swim around in the sea.
From Coollegoguy4.


Swimming because I like being in the cool water after a blazing hot day!


i think my favorite part of summer is no school! school is really stressful for me because i am in middle school and we switch classes every hour or so. another reason i like summer is because we can go to the fair. the fair is fun because we can ride on rides and play games.


My favorite thing to do in the summer is probably hang out at the pool with my family and friends while we sip lemonade. I cant swim that good but I try! My brother is a great swimmer though so he shows me how to swim when I need help. This summer is going to be a BLAST!!!


my favorite summer activities are swimming in the pool and going to the beach! and i like to eat a lot of ice cream when i am very hot someday


i am going to the beach on monday


My favorite activity of summer is playing sports, hanging out with friends and family and the best of all enjoying my time with my pet turtles that i really love. SUMMER IS JUST SO AWESOME! It makes me feel so relaxed everyday. I feel like i need to go to something every week like swimming or having to do piano lessons with my best friends teacher. I make sure that I have a great summer before school starts or else i cant have fun anymore. So thats all ill do during my summer vacation. Thats all


My favorite summer activity would be swimming.
First, I love to go swimming with my family and friends.
Second, i love to tan when swimming.
Third, Swimming is every where in the summer. Why would've you go swimming.
Let us swim more in club penguin.


how long is your summer break?

Pinkie 10:

I love summer! It is a time to just take a break from school and chill!!!!! In summer I like to go to the beach with my family and take a swim! At the beach I just like to hang out and talk with my family! I love the ocean because it is so fun! Waddle on and have a great summer!!!!!


My favorite Summer activity is turning on the sprinkler and jumping through it in your clothes! LOL! It makes you feel nice and cool:) It's the perfect Summer activity to do with your friends!


Summer is the AWESOMEST season ever! You can do so much in the summer. For example, my favourite activity to do in the summer is just having fun with my friends and family! Even on Club Penguin! It's because it's so much fun to go on vacations with family and play outside with friends. I wish summer never ever ended. It would be awesome if the summer fun never stopped but I could still play Club Penguin after school so the fun won't stop! Waddle On!


My favorite summer activity has to be swimming with my friends. I have a swimming pool so I invite my friends over and we like to pretend there's sharks in the water or we play Marco Polo. We have races to see who can beat the other to swim across the pool. And we also all play CP so we even continue the party online here too! Have a great summer everyone!


David 9998:

my favorite summer activitey is going to camp playing and having fun with friends also playing video games that includes going on club penguin!

from:the penguin David 9998


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