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By Polo Field on July 30, 2013 - 08:32

Greetings Penguins!

We are going to try something new with Reviewed by the end of each month we are going to do a Month in Review! As you know, we love getting feedback from our players so this will give you the chance to let us know your thoughts! We want to know what your highlights of the month were and what you would like to see in upcoming months!

To refresh your memory here's a list of some memorable moments in July:

  • School added to Club Penguin
  • Puffle Treasure Hunting Items
  • Furniture Catalog
  • #WaddleOn Series Begins
  • Penguin Style
  • Star Wars™ Takeover Begins and Tatooine Quest Launched

Looking forward to your feedback!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team



This was a AWESOME month! Cannot wait for more exciting events! :D

Kallie Jo:

This month has been a very fun and busy month in Club Penguin! So many new things. I hope to see maybe a new minigame soon, and I'd like to see some epic items in a new Treasure Book. As for the party in August, I've heard many things about it being sort of a summer party, and I'd like to see lots of water, activities for us penguins to enjoy that go along with the summer, and traditional summer items in the Penguin Style (like the blue or red swim trunks, or maybe even the blue/red sunglasses).


I liked school because I love school and my BFF came over and I asked "Did you see the school yet?" She ran in the house and she started screaming once she saw it! I also like waddle on. I think I've got a new favorite webisode series! Now what I'd like in the future. Once you started doing waddle on it made me think "They should make a club penguin movie" Also I think there should be a puffle pound for penguins that lose them or put them back in the wild. WADDLE ON


First, i think that this was a good month in Club Penguin i liked the school. Second, i also wish that they had a new building or something new for August. Last, i would like a new party for August. I enjoyed the month of July and look forward to the brad new month of AUGUST. Waddle On


i know but do you know what is comming after star wars

thanks please reply


its going to be the summer party


Next month can we please do moshi monsters because I love moshi monsters it is so cool


yeha yeha


WHY would we do Moshi Monsters? If you want it then GO ON REAL MOSHI MONSTERS!




ya know what club penguin?? We should not do a Moshi Monsters takeover we should do a......................................
REGULAR SHOW TAKEOVER , its on cartoon network everyday and if the party was real I would definitely have to be the mascot for Mordecai and my best friend can be Rigby [ Mordecai is the blue tall bird and Rigby is the brown raccoon ] well guys i hope u will watch Regular show its utterly hallarious and cool but anyway guys meet me at the teen beach movie takeover! bye!


That'll be nice!

Mary water:

Club penguin has inproved alot I wasn't here for monster University cuz i was not here and i love how
puffle search for coin and items the Waddleon# episode ARE AWESOME i laugh super duper hard i couldn't stop laughing
it cool with all the penguin styles one of my friends said have you seen THE school i was like what school?? in real life when i saw I FREAK out i was like O_O:O:DDDDDDD i dont like star wars but i love the party so much and the costume Thanks
Club penguin You improved byee


me too I wasn't here for the MU party everyone would be playing while im on the airplane staring at the window


I hope after the Star Wars theme club penguin will give penguins who did not start in 2003 could get the stuff from 2003-2013 it would be cool because penguins would be able too get it and not ask (hey where'd u get that?)


NO WAY! I had the same idea! It would be awesome! Also there should be a trading post where penguin can trade there items!

Torres 126:

Trading and buying from other penguins could be nice. However to buy it from a catalog would make items unrare.

Torres 126


I WAS THINKING THAT SAME EXACT THING! I think it is an awesome idea, having a trading post. Only members could trade with members though, non-members couldn't get the things that members get. I LOVE IT! ;)


That ain' t fair!


I agree! The Trading Post idea is AWESOME!!


that would be cool pinkpen50 I've always wanted some rare


CP started in 2005.


hello my friends!!!


I like the star Wars takeover is awesome!



Hi pang wins


Mine favourite part was the Star Wars party it's just so cool and I have always wanted to be a


This has been an AMAZING month! I definitely love CP University but I wish there was more classrooms and maybe different kinds of classrooms like a science lab or maybe a band room (add more instruments you could buy) I also have been loving the Penguin Style catalog but i do wish they didn't stop the Secrets I always loved trying to find them. I also wish you would add more clothes. Right now there is only 2 girl outfits and 2 boy outfits. Maybe you could start updating the catalog more often?


Yeah I totally agree! They should also update the treasure book. And I heard there is gonna be a Angry Birds party for August. Can u bring back some of the rare items????? Plz!!!!

Waddle on.

Te Jr:

yeah I agree too. There aren't enough outfits in the catalog oh and they should sell books at the university. Plz start selling the books!!!!!!!


I loved July even though i missed the MU party in Mid July it was a great month love the Star Wars takeover i think they should have a sports party at the stadium. Also i think they should put a BBQ at the cove. WADDLE ON


Hey! I forgot to mention some things. In the future, I'd like to see more comics, more coloring pages, and some new mini games! What was the first mini game ever in Club Penguin? I've always wondered that. WADDLE ON


It was Hydro Hopper+Mancala.


Your right


When is the spy pace gonna get repared


School added to CP = Awesome opportunity!

Puffle Treasure Hunting Items = A mystery for how it got underground. My negative about it is that your Puffle will always look for treasure when walking them & the fact that it can make holes in unusual places (A hole can be made on a a picnic table showing there is a large gap; unrealistic)

Furniture Catalog = EPIC

WaddleOn = Amusing!

Penguin Style = AWESOME but the models in the pages need work


~Perapin :)

Ally Light:

Personally, I think not the models in the catalog need work, but the catalog itself. They should make more pages in the catalog. I also really think that they should make the clothes in their old style. You know what I mean?


I love club penguin this month and it has been awesome! I would like to see more rare items in Puffle Digging because most of the time when you do puffle dig you find coins. I would like to see more rare items in catalog like red/blue glasses, the rubber duck to swim with, earmuffs, and the one color sweatshirts:)! Waddle on!

Rock the field:

I totally agree with u I would like to see in the treasure book a jet pack n a Hawain grass skirt and I would want in the Summer party if there is even one a water slide and 4 free summer Igloo items blue dolphin a red umbrella and a beach chair like the one in the beach 2 of them and a bucket of snow green bucket and a blue small shovel and I have high hopes for a summer party and a swimming game your penguin is in a swimming contest and you have to keep pressing the up arrow key


Hey CP this has been an AMAZING year for me you know i love my puffles mostly the blue ones but i would love it if some igloos come with a play room for the puffles , I would suggest some more un-member stuff like clothes,shoes and igloo stuff like chairs and tables. but i LUV cp plz check my iggy sometime! oh i almost forgot HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY! -Cece30812


ii love club penguin i was maybe thinking you could add some roads like for normal club penguin and penguins could buy a car a they could buy a garage to put there car on and instead of the map you could get in your car and you could drive it any where and you could bring stuff like a surfboard with you yah i think that would be cool well until then waddle on


i would really love if they brought the diva glasses back to the catolog


I love the Star Wars takeover!I have watched all the movies twice AND have a game about Star Wars.This is my favorite party ever!


i love that club penguin added a school because u make new friends at school so ur bound to make more friends on club penguin. In the upcoming months i would like to see some new rooms added to the school like a gym

waddle on


Hey Polo Field!
I am really loving the Star Wars Takeover, especially when we can battle with lightsabers, and ALL of the other parties!
Also, all of the catalogs are really awesome, but there could have been hidden items.
The Waddle On series was so funny, I almost thought I would fall of my chair I was laughing so much!

Hope you like my feedback,
from Coollegoguy4.

Rock the field:

I would want to ad a game to the red box in the up stairs night club


I wouldn't be falling off a chair im on the top bunk :) so I hope it doesn't get TO funny
Waddle On

Sunshine 869:

I love the club penguin websites because there is always something fun to do.Like the monsters university or the Star Wars penguin stuff.I recommend this impeccable game site because it is so fun.

Sunshine 869


To: coolmuffin
What a good idea! A gym sounds great. WADDLE ON coolmuffins! PS I'm sending you a buddy request so reply back your penguin name!
From: Lillianna564


This was a month to remember!


It was! I loved the new university and I LOVE THE PARTY but one thing I am a little disappointed about is the EPF headquarters still isn't fixed. It took like 2 weeks to make a hotel but it take 3 months to rebuild a small little building? anyway you guys still rock! just fix the EPF though ;)
Waddle On

Torres 126:

Not three months. TEN MONTHS!!
Torres 126


I'm a giant fan of EPF also.
I can't wait for it to be fixed.


i want u to remove school in august!!!!!!!!!!1


I know right? It is summertime. Remove the school in august. Why can't you put it on September?


I love the #waddleon series! Especially the red puffles XD HE`S SO CUTE SO CUTE WHO IS HE IS SO CUTE!


IKR! Btw they should make more episodes I've been waiting for more since foreves!


I guess you could say the highlight of July 2013 would be my Birthday, but apart from that, the new Waddle On series has been EPIC! And the school is one of the most fun places to be... on Club Penguin! July has been awesome! Waddle On!


I loved the AMAZING Star Wars party! I have always loved Star Wars and CP and I was sooo happy when I found out about this! I also loved the school, I sometimes dress up as a teacher and help penguins! Last of all, I really enjoyed the new catologs! They had sooo many neat and stylish things! Keep up the good work CP!!!

May the force be with you, Turtlethor.


I LOVE the Star Wars Party so far! And CP University is pretty cool too. Wayyy better than using the Stadium!


This month has been probably one of the best months ever on the Club Penguin island! I loved the release of the Waddle On series and loved the release of the Star Wars Takeover! I enjoyed the fact that we got to waddle on Darth Herbert's home planet; Tatooine! I hope to see more mascots waddle around the island in the future months and would love to see a summer themed party come to the island soon!

What a great month!


I think that you guys should have a free party for non members where they can do all the stuff that members can do and the can keep there stuff forever so it is just a day where everyone is a member


I think that there should be a puffle themed peguin style catalog unless you had that during the puffle party waddle on and first


I think so too


My favorite part of the month was when they announced the Star Wars Takeover. It's soo cool to hold a lightsaber and defeat all those storm troopers. I think they should do an Indiana Jones Takeover because I really like all the movies and it would be really cool to see the whole island like a safari. Waddle On CP!

Acdc Fan13:

July has been an amazing month this year! I love the new puffle digging activity and the Star Wars party has been epic! (I've already gotten two items from digging with my puffle and I have almost all of the Star Wars outfits!) I love the new Waddle On episodes... SO CUTE! Anyways I can't wait to see the new party for August and I can't wait to see the Death Star and defeat Darth Herbert. So long!

-Acdc Fan13

Anna Zander:

I hope to see a 2013 Medieval Party soon!


Anna Zander, I couldn't agree more! I <3 mediaeval party! I believe that the summer party is the teen beach movie thing on Disney? I didn't watch it but someone said it was for a Disney summer movie! I saw a commercial for it while I was browsing the TV, and thought that could be it! Oh and Cp, July was the BEST month since the Hollywood party! Keep it going Cp ;) waddle on!


I loved this month with the Star Wars Party and the #WaddleOn series I'm staying on Club Penguin no matter how old I get....
,Waddle On
from Sabanim101


Hi everyone! :D
I hope Medieval Party and Fall Fair come soon


What was my favorite part of July? Hmm that's a hard one. I think my favorite update in July was the Club Penguin University added. I love all the new room updates! All of the interactive things outside is really cool too, I can finally play volleyball! However, I do wish the university was a bit bigger. Maybe in the future you could add an art room or a gym or even a library! You could also add some fun mini games in the University or add a feature so that we could graduate.


Would you like a bigger penguin style catalog! Because July was too small! And would like more old items. Thank you. Waddle on!


EXACTLY!! I've bought every single thing on the penguin style catalog for girls and I need more stuff I went on my penguin on my iPad and got the exclusive items but still need more I even got the cheer leading stuff and everything so please make the catalog bigger pleasee

halfheart :

Can we have a haloween party early

Torres 126:

Nah. Then it's not a proper party. I hope it's combined with the Anniversary Party (If there is an anniversary party!!)


I love the release of the #WaddleOn series! It is so funny and entertaining! The new University was a big step. Many penguins where kinda nervous about the change, but I can safely say that the Club Penguin University is a "waddle" in the right direction. The Puffle treasure was defiantly a brill idea! From what I've seen, everyone loves bringing their Puffle out to play now! The Star Wars Takeover is super fun! I am so glad it finally came out! The clothing catalog has some....


So cute


I LOVE the waddle on series it is hilarious!! :D
Waddle On!!! :D




please change the treasure book each month, im happy about everything else though its been awesome


July HAS been an amazing month. My top fav is the star wars take over. Star wars seems to take over every game! But #WaddleOn! is a terrific, cheesy yet funny comedy show! Hopefully Ep#4 comes out soon, and funnier than ever!


July HAS been an amazing month. My top fav is the star wars take over. Star wars seems to take over every game! But #WaddleOn! is a terrific, cheesy yet funny comedy show! Hopefully Ep#4 comes out soon, and funnier than ever!

Dr Freddie P:

i love all the new features and changes you made to cp. it has been epic .i still can't get over the fact that we can battle with lightsabers in starwars takeover and blasting stormtroopers in the new minigame. the waddle on series is hilarious and i love cp university. ihave been waiting for that since i came to club penguin in 2009.The furniture catalog is better than ever but i will like to see more new items in the next penguin style.All in all it has been a great month.Thank you cp team

Dr Freddie P:

i love all the new features and changes you made to cp. it has been epic .i still can't get over the fact that we can battle with lightsabers in starwars takeover and blasting stormtroopers in the new minigame. the waddle on series is hilarious and i love cp university. ihave been waiting for that since i came to club penguin in 2009.The furniture catalog is better than ever but i will like to see more new items in the next penguin style.All in all it has been a great month.Thank you cp team


Even though I missed the beginning of this month on Club Penguin, I enjoyed it! I wish there will be a Medieval Party 2013

Torres 126:

Hpm. Don't forget the Music Jam!!!!!


Star wars defeintly star wars!


I hope in the future we can turn tiny and maybe a party in which everyone's a member for 5 or so days?


I have loved all of these changes! My only requests are that you make another recycling center something, It could be a room in the new school! Also i'd like there to still be secrets in the catalogs, I really really like the star wars party though and i'm ready to meet/defeat Darth Herbert!! I also love waddle on, you will think this next joke is hilarious,
Waddle on!


This month I really loved the release of #WaddleOn because its like Club Penguin's own tv show! I'm also really enjoying the Star Wars Takeover and excited to see what will come next!

There's millions of things we would like to see on cp, so I think you should just suprise us all with something special!(:


My highlights of the Month was basically everything you guys mentioned at the end. What I would REALLY like to see is the Medieval party come back (one of my favorite party's), and the Music jam to come back, this year.


you should put more secrets in the catalogs



you should put more secrets in the catalogs



It was a great month for Club Penguin. Can't wait to see what's coming in the next couple of months!

mightyice2 is cool:

today's my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Torres 126:

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!


I'd highlight either the school or star wars takeover and as for the future I wanna see a toy story party! I got the idea while watching Toy Story and I think a Lotso would dance and then strawberry's would float in the air and maybe a Minecraft party witch loads of people might request!


The game's awesome! Though I only play the game on the mobile.


I want to see old parties back like festival of flight, music jam, the fair and the medieval party! I also want to see RH back, we haven't seen him since Christmas! I hope he hasn't been removed... :(




i can wait wat is gonna happens next

Ralye wow:



Im very happy with the work CP has done! Especially that games come with the partys now and they are in 3D.But if I have to decide a favourite it would have to be The school as penguins would crowd into the stadium so well done!In future I would very much like to see more puffles and more puffle games!Also,not to be greedy with power,I would also like it if there were tips on tipping the ice berg.



Im very happy with the work CP has done! Especially that games come with the partys now and they are in 3D.But if I have to decide a favourite it would have to be The school as penguins would crowd into the stadium so well done!In future I would very much like to see more puffles and more puffle games!Also,not to be greedy with power,I would also like it if there were tips on tipping the ice berg.



I hope next month it's a summer theme party


This month:

SCHOOL - I liked it, but I am sad the Recycling Plant got torn down
PUFFLE TREASURE - I love this feature!!
FURNITURE - I wish they weren't ALL Star Wars themed
#WADDLEON - I LOVE IT! I hope it is on forever!
PENGUIN STYLE - Was OK this month...
STAR WARS - I was upset there were no decorations on actual Club Penguin... sooooo I was upset. But I liked battling Stormtroopers :P

I prefer original CP parties than takeovers, l would have preferred a regular Space Party :\

cutepie teal:

Dear club penguin,
i would love to see the temple of fruit party again. i want more rare items from when club penguin was first invented so maybe in august we could have a party in memory of old club penguin.MOST IMPORTANTLY I WANT AN IGLOO CONTEST FOR THE MUSIC JAM!!

cutepie teal:

new postcards would be great also


I hope after the Star Wars theme club penguin will give penguins who did not start in 2003 would put everything in 2003-2013 clothes, igloo stuff, and more up for sale then in 2014 they could stop doing it. It would be kind of club penguin because me and my brother just started in January .
Thx for reading u can add me as a friend,



it was an ok month. getting rid of the recycling plant was VERY dissapointing. I like how the puffles dig up treasure and #WaddleOn.The Star Wars party decorations are nice but you can't do much. Although I do like how you can battle with lightsabers.


It was such a awesome month. My favourite parts of the month were Star Wars takeover, Penguin style, Waddle on and club penguin university.


I am new but overall this probably might be the greatest month in cp history
the schoolhouse was a great add on to cp at the beginning of the month
next there was the puffle dig which got me really excited
after that the waddle on show
then the new furniture and clothing came
finally it was the star wars takeover and with that the month of July ended
next month I would wish to see the furniture and clothing catalog with everything for everyone and there be batman party

Torres 126:

Congrats for just joining. But it's not the best. PS if you need friends I have sent you a request.
Torres 126


I like the puffle treasure the best, and I would like to see a futuristic themed party! :D <3


Wow! its been a really productive month!!! I love everything that you guys did this month,first of all, #waddle on is super funny!! u did an awesome job on the school, the furniture and clothing catalogues are super cool and stylish, i love digging up puffle treasures (my purple puffle FABULUS dug up some pretty awesome stuff),AND u got the star wars take over!! which btw is pretty cool!! Oh and my fave thing was #Waddle on starting i must say , LOL


This month was epic! i think we could get some trading clothes and shoes and stuff going on. That would be fun! And mabye gift giving!
reply your comments please! i would like you penguin feedback! waddle on!


I think we should have a huge mall Added to club penguin with tons of little stores like a pet store with Stuff for your puffles and pet puffles, and a sports shop and a acade, and Restaurant with lots of clothes catalogs every month that would be cool for club penguin

If you agree with me comment I agree kitkatcole if you agree

Waddle on kitkatcole cole
Ps. Friend Request me


Maybe you could add a crane game to the arcade! You could pay coins for a chance to pick up an item and keep it! :)



Hey Polo Field and Club Penguin.
Man this month was the most awesome month i ever had in Club Penguin!
It was really fun when school was on Club Penguin everytime i go to school and somtimes there were FOOD FIGHT!!!
And i liked when puffles find coins and Treasure it was really epic!
And how can i forget about the #Waddle on Series it so funny!
And last but not least the penguin style i like how the hair and shrits are but can you guys please start the secrets in the penguin style.


The puffle digging is so cool. I was just walking my puffle and he grabbed some cool stuff. I already have a pirate flag, black puffle painting, bunny slippers, and a tiara( I'm a boy). I love going to the school to talk throw paper and throw pizza. The igloo catalog has some great stuff, but there should be a Star Wars igloo besides the Death Star. The waddle on series is so funny. My favorite is when the Christmas penguin is running from the ornaments. I like the two squids also.


July 2013 was the best month I ever saw on CP! The #Waddleon# is just too funny to watch and im glad that you made it!
Next month I really want the island to be expanded so we can fit more attractions.
( Hints for attractions: statue of CP, airports,London Eye and CP opra house)

See ya!
from Przemek 7


My favorite part of July was taking my puffle Lilac to Tatooine and I LOVED the WaddleOn series! Maybe we could have the fruit party again this year or we could have another adventure with Rockhopper soon! (I loved the one with us building the beacon!)

Waddle on CP!

Elizabeth465Enter nickname:

I loved the school! But I do agree that I would love to see new parts in the school. I would love to see a new party that decorates CP. But the puffle treasure dig rocks.


Great takeover theme I love club penguin

Cool 193:

I liked the Star Wars takeover I am a big Star Wars fan and I would like to see the skylander takeover and I bet that other kids would want to see that too

Some Air:

I agree with Anna Zander, there really should be a Medieval Party really soon. I love the Waddle On series, maybe you could make a movie theater so we could watch the series and some other club penguin shorts? I remember before in club penguin, there was an old newspaper. There were puzzles that you could solve! Could you guys bring the puzzle back in the newspaper? The puffle digging thing is cool! Non-members can get some rare items too!
~Some Air

Cool 193:

I liked the star wars takeover I am a big Star Wars fan and I would like to see the skylander takeover and I bet other kids would want to see that

rad red2:

this month has been one of the best months in CP history! i love the new school! i used to use the monsters university school to meet up with my best friends! but now the school is here to stay! i also am wearing the new outfits every day! and tatooine is pretty awesome! i finished my mission pretty fast so i had to wait a while for the next mission. and the puffle treasure hunting? its awesome! i have found so many rare things like an eye patch! and the waddle on series is so funny! waddle on!

Cool 193:

I liked the Star Wars takeover and I thank kids would want the skylander takeover


I have loved everything in July but most of all, the star wars party. Dressing up as star wars characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo. ( My Favorite one is chewbacca. )

PS. Maybe you could finish the EPF? ( just saying! )


Ah Yes The Good Days So Fun!

Bloomcicle :

I'd love to have it where outfits, wigs, and other membership stuff, make it so like free members get stuff to, i think it would be fair for us freebies to get nice things right?, why would you have non-members to have just backgrounds, it would be super nice if you had that for the rest of the time Club penguins still exist's, if you don't wanna consider it, thats kinda sad to think that furniture should also be for non members to, make the things you sell like that please.


I think that Rookie visited should be added.


Hello I'd like to see a new catalog with some items that haven't been seen for a while.I LOVE the Star Wars takeover it rocks.
Also could you please make igloos have two stories.
Waddle on!

Bloomcicle :

Also i'd like to see that all players, (non paying or not), get a chance to play quest's and earn all the costume parts just for playing, why do non- members get a single storm trooper helmet and the rest is for members?, see this is kinda what i mean. -_-


I really liked the penguin school, but I was thinking you could classes there by playing games and earn fake "Penguin Degrees." ( Like ranks, like Dojo ). Also, I don't have a membership, so I think that maybe you could make a contest where all penguins can design clothes or accessories. Every three months, either penguins or the CLUB PENGUIN STAFF can vote on three favorites, then those three costumes will be put in Penguin Style for ALL penguins to buy. Plus, the winners get 5,000 free coins.


My highlight of the month was the waddle on videos! Luved them! is the best game I have ever played!


I really want to see a new mini game or to cause some puffles have games but others don't


BEST. MONTH. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd luv 2 c a pookie party and, when the movie, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters comes out, a Percy Jackson party. Also a Planes party! But this month was so far my fave!
Cutie8494 signing off!!!

Green guy:

Love Star Wars takeover hope you do something like this again :)


I love everything about this month ( encluding my birthday :D ) and i was hoping for an epic party mashup! Like for example, another takeover mashed with an expedition!!! I also would like another minigame added to the upper level of the nightclub. Thanks Cp!


It was a pretty awesome month. I didn't laugh at waddle on though, My big time favourite was the starwars party by FAR! intact... FAR FAR FAR away is our island.

waddle on.


Hello club penguin. I would like to say the month was very blah. Nothing good in the catalog I liked when you could buy things right off the penguin. Also nothing older like maybe add the boa the rare one AND REALLY NO MORE CHEATS jeez club penguin not impressed:|

Mr Bp13:

I LOVED July in CP! The school is fun, the party is awesome (especially the lightsaber battles), #WaddleOn is brilliant, BUT puffle digging items is GREAT!! I got a jetpack and lots of rare items! Thanks for the great times!
~Mr Bp13


Hello, Polo Field!
I have a question my question i
How do penguins get to get on #Waddleon?Oh and awesome clothes and tell DaffoDaily5 I said what up!!

From Ttylxoxrap!


I loved this month! I've been playing CP for 4 years and this year and month has been the most exciting! First the new school, a COMEDY video season, and puffles digging! Keep on improving, CP, and WADDLE ON!


1) School: I thought the Penguin University that was added was epic! Many fans were asking for a School and here it is, I love how the back door of the school leads to the Stadium.
2) Puffle Treasure Hunting items: Just when I thought collecting coins was good enough, being able to find items is epic!
3) Furniture Catalog: I love the Star Wars films, and I loved the new items you could buy in the catalog, I especially loved the music added too!


This month was incredible! Although some people hate the Star Wars party, they don't appreciate all the hard work you guys did! Puffle digging for rare items is great! i love getting some of the classic items! Waddle On is pretty goofy, just hoping it was longer though, and the penguin style is great i love the outfits in there! I just wish the furniture catalog had some old items and not all star wars, but its still good! I wish the recycling plant came back some how, CPU is better though!


4) #Waddle On series begins: I laughed so much at the first three episodes, please continue them :D
5) Penguin Style: Great new items, I almost bought everything from the catalog.
6) Star Wars™ Takeover Begins and Tatooine Quest Launched: I am having so much fun with the takeover so far, I love all the costumes and the Jedi journey! I have the new Darth Herbert background, and I thought that was amazing too! Can not wait until we get to travel to the Death Star to defeat Darth Herbert!


4) #Waddle On series begins: I laughed so much at the first three episodes, please continue them :D
5) Penguin Style: Great new items, I almost bought everything from the catalog.
6) Star Wars™ Takeover Begins and Tatooine Quest Launched: I am having so much fun with the takeover so far, I love all the costumes and the Jedi journey! I have the new Darth Herbert background, and I thought that was amazing too! Can not wait until we get to travel to the Death Star to defeat Darth Herbert!


Thie highlights for this month were school added to Club Penguin, Puffle treasure hunting items, furniture catalogue and much more. I think that you could do a music theme maybe? Also if your not a member you can't really buy much stuff so like make nonmembers able to get more puffle choice coluers , each maybe the could have 5 (for example) free clothes/furniture items to pick but still ROCK ON CLUB PENGUIN!!¡¡!!¡¡

Enter nicknamelilly89124:

Id like to have Cecelia and rockey come back for a dance part theme or a Hollywood party because it was really fun


Will there ever be a Phineas And Ferb Takeover?
Will there ever be a Gravity Falls Takeover?
Please answer to my question Club Penguin Team!


I would like to see a new party in the next month and more episodes of #Waddle on its really funny!

Waddle on cp!


I think Clubpenguin should bring back more old items for the catalog! The old items were very awesome. Like: The Be-fluttered hair, 3-D glasses, etc. like all those goodies! And I think there should be way more old items your puffle can dig! Like those old hoodies, and some other old stuff. I hope Clubpenguin can do that! :)


I think Clubpenguin should bring back more old items for the catalog! The old items were very awesome. Like: The Be-fluttered hair, 3-D glasses, etc. like all those goodies! And I think there should be way more old items your puffle can dig! Like those old hoodies, and some other old stuff. I hope Clubpenguin can do that! :)


I like this new thing, keep it up!


This month has been a very fun and busy month in Club Penguin! So many new things. I wish there was a new tresure book with a lot of new items! WADDLE ON!

Enter nickname:

I hope they will be another Music Jam in the summer. I really loved this party along with the music and I also liked hanging out with cadence. I hope we can have another :)


Even tough I just started playing this month,it has been a very fun month! This was a good start for me! I even asked another penguin if all months on club penguin are just as good and he replied They get even better! I've been able to make so much friends and do so many things! Can't wait to defeat the Death Star! (Star wars is my favourite movie!) that's what made me join club penguin in the first place! I hope we can have another party based of another classic movie!


Music Jam with with awesome and new stuff . The reason why is because the music jam is my favorate party. WADLE ON !

FYI can we remove Herbert after the Star Wars takeover?


its been awsome in july ! I would like another operation to come.And the transporter to be fixed and bring back the black sun glasses. can u also please make Jet pack Guy and Dot famous penguin with stamps?


I really hope there will be a Music Jam this August because I really enjoyed this party with the music, The cool items and hanging out with Cadence and my friends. I would be really happy if there was another Music Jam :)


I think this month has been chill, but it had been fun to because of the star wars party and the new igloo catalog!


Once I saw this post, I immediately ran to my computer to see the new school!!!


thin month was my favorite because i'm a star wars nerd. So i was glad you guys gave us the star wars party. It really let me unleash my nerd side of the force.


I love the Star wars Party so much. But I would love for there to be a Adventure party wen Rockhopper taks Penguins one a cuast To other islands

General amc:

I hope there's a medevil party 2013


I really liked the star wars party its so epic ive spent so much time playing it! I am really happy that puffles can dig for items and coins I loved walking with my puffles but almost no-one else did but now almost all do! I really enjoy the new uni as I met rookie there and its cool to have a new room! the woddle on series is epic I look on the blog every day to see if theres a new one out! the penguin style and igloo catalogs are epic as u can mix all the items together!



I really liked the star wars party its so epic ive spent so much time playing it! I am really happy that puffles can dig for items and coins I loved walking with my puffles but almost no-one else did but now almost all do! I really enjoy the new uni as I met rookie there and its cool to have a new room! the woddle on series is epic I look on the blog every day to see if theres a new one out! the penguin style and igloo catalogs are epic as u can mix all the items together!


Pancake Puff:

Hi CP! My favorite part of July was the start of Waddle On. It's so funny! WADDLE ON

Blue Flitty5:




This month was, totally EPIC! I'm loving the #WaddleOn series it has to be the best part of my day whenever I watch it! and I'm hoping to get membership before the star wars takeover is over so I can me a jedi! In August I'm excited to see new items in the penguin style catalog and whatever other things your planning! I love how CP is such a large part of my life and I hope lots of people feel the same way!



GREAT month!
I would love to see a summer party before the summer ends!
I know it's not Disney, but the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary is coming up, and I think Club Penguin could do a great theme with that, there would be LOTS to do!


I would love to see some of the older things in the catalogs!
Beacause I got a membership right after it was gone!
- Enb2005;)


This month has released 2 huge things - puffle digging items and #Waddleon. The furniture catalog was average along with the furniture. The Star Wars Takeover was surprisingly better than I imagined because I don't watch Star Wars. Next month I want the Summer Music Jam party to be epic. And I hope you make a #Waddleon Star Wars special. That would be so cool!


These two monthes(june&july) were pretty busy; with all the NEW updates! During August, I would like to see a summer-themed party(like last year’s Music Jam), summer-back to school outfits(PLEASE put MORE outfits, a couple isn’t enough) some house-hold appliances or things that would be usually in a house(windows, paintings..) for the furniture catalogue, it’s been a while since there was a basic theme to it!
Thank you so much for all your hard work, C.P!
Waddle on!!!


This month was good I really like the school and meeting rookie and how you puffles can dig up coins but there wasn't that many things for non members. I love the Starwars party Star Wars is one of my favourite franchise but again there wasn't much for the non members. I would like party that lets you go to rockhopper island and lest ALL penguins buy a bout and sail off some of the rooms can be the rockhopper cave and rockhopper s house Of course rockhopper would be able to meet and Aunt Arc

jackie 147 2:

hey but i know this is crazy but i want a future party SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my top 2 fav's are the Star Wars Takeover and Puffle digging

I mean I have never watched Stars Wars and I still think it's pretty awesome I love all the costume the lightsaber battles and the defeat Stormtroopers and I can't wait for August 1st and 8th for more stuff.

puffle digging AWESOME not only can puffles help you collect coins in games but now just by walking them they can find you treasure seriously my puffle found me 2000 coins




Hey polo field there are a few stuff I want next month to happen here are some stuff first new treasure book second music jam party and third new igloo well that's all. Plus I have a question for the WADDLE ON how do we get in WADDLE ON I would like to. WADDLE ON by coolman12010


I would absolutely ADORE a My Little pony Equestria Girls takeover!!!!!! That would be " Twenty percent cooler!" And a Despicable Me Takeover!

Marble head:

Hey club penguin I need to tell you what I thought of July. First of all I loved it but I especially loved the release of the Star Wars Takeover. I thought it is fun logging in everyday and dueling with penguins to bad it's not forever. And the school was awesome its fun to chat and make a school complete. Overall the month of July was great I hope you guys can make next July as good as this one.You guys rule!

Marble head:

Good idea in October Gravity Falls Takeover Goode idea eh?


My favorite highlights of the month was the Waddleon Series, the school added to Club Penguin, and the puffle treasure digging. I would like to see a Water Party in the upcoming months and the puffles finding a rare pink boa.


I know I already commented, but seeing igloos with two stories would be EPIC! Someone else mentioned that in their comment. Also, some more rare parties, and rare clothes in the catalog.


It was an amazing month! The school was super fun, puffle treasure IS THE BEST THING EVER!! I hope they all stay!! The things in july werw awesome!! the best thing ever was puffle treasure because i got the diva glasses!! Thx!!


Wow! We penguins had some fun this month. I've got so many things puffle digging! The Star Wars Takeover is awesome, and I've got so many cute outfits with Penguin Style! In August, I want an epic party to end summer with a bang! New styles are necessities, an awesome party is something I need to have, and I would do anything (okay, almost anything) for and awesome August!


I am loving the Star Wars party!!!! I can't wait for the Death Star!! I also love the new puffle treasure thing.I would really like another POP STAR PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!


The Mine area looks SO much better with the School! The School is also fun! The Star Wars Takeover is really fun, as well! I really don't want anymore takeover parties even though they're fun. I want more parties like the Music Jam, Hollywood Party, and maybe Operation: Hot Sauce. Waddle on!


Hi guys!
i liked the star wars thing but i want a party like beta test or something like that

Thanks !


I loved july!!!! how about more igloos
- more outfits and update them more often
- more furniture
- more classrooms in the school
- a new puffle like a gold or silver puffle
- also one thing I have been wishing for the most is for their to been another animal other than the puffle
-lastly I want you to bring back HOLLYWOOD PARTY it was AWESOME how about a fashion party
hope you consider my ideas thnx p.s love club penguin and pleeeaaassee use one of my ideas :]


hi everyone i havea suggestion well i think that we should be able to call buddies on out spy phone we just type in there name and i starts to ring or somethinmg like that WADDLE ON!

Melvin 505:

Well, personally, you might have done better. The school could have gone into a seperate room and not replaced the plant, even if it was typically empty (maybe you could have replaced it with a new Greenhouse?)
The catalog could have had older items rather than making new ones EVERY SINGLE TIME. And each time I hope for new NMer items, but what do I get? Nay.
PLZ post, the comments section is where EVERYONE can share their opinion.


My favorite part of this month was being able to witness the first Star Wars party. Keep the good party ideas flowing!


i have only been on Club Penguin since Feb 2012 but this by far is the best month yet!!!! Between the Star Wars party, the mine makeover, and puffle dig there is absolutely nothing you can do to make this month any better!!!!!


July was a pretty awesome month! I have to say, The school was great, Puffle Digging was so fun, and the Star Wars party is really amazing. The team has done a amazing job this month and so far, I love Puffle Digging! July is a month to remember in Club Penguin history! July was a really great month!
Waddle On!

zoom zoom103:

ok school bad at first sight but its cool but y in july I would wait till augest or September when were going BACK to school
star wars not a fan but better than I thought catalog u made a come back in good fashion best of the year waddle on good iggy catalog haven't seen it yet puffle thing LOVE IT!! :D its great now I would love to see a totally spies party and lilo and stitch and sam and cat and gravity falls partys ill tell u more if u want WADDLE ON :)


I would like to see the recycling place brought back without replacing any thing


I love every event in Cp in this July!Also I love the Club Penguin Univeristy, Star Wars takeover!


hi! club penguin has really improved this month! I like the new penguin style, but my favorite was the Waddle On shows! I also like puffle digging! ! the school is cool, but I miss the recycle center. I cant wait for more adventures! I thing soon you should have a old club penguin party! where you bring back old stuff and bring back the old town and stuff. oh! and maybe another wilderness expedition! oh and maybe a sky party! where you can travel in a plane and explore the clouds! waddle on!


yea I have a idea for a game! someone else said it so whoever did great idea! its a crane game where you have a chance to win rare items and coins! it could be the rainbow puffle's favorite game! actually, I HAVE been waiting for a new game, because there is an unplugged one in the arcade W A D D L E O N C P !


There should be a new island. To get there you would have to take a boat, located in the dock. It would open up another level to CP, and have all new non-member games and items, and a puffle park where your puffle can run around while off it's leash. Also players would be able to play with and feed buddies' puffles.


I like the way u guys do the waddle on series, using new material and recurring jokes. Also the Star Wars takeover is epic so far with the battle against Darth Herbert. for an up coming party u should do another time travel party like the prehistoric party, but this time, the time rift will take penguins to the FUTURE!
Waddle on CP team.


I have an idea for that... A BACK TO THE FUTRE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! This month was great! My favorite part was the Star Wars party. Me and some other penguins got together and flew the Millenium Falcon. Waddle on CP, and keep up the great ideas!

Your pal Iceberg279


It would be nice if u could bring back sone rare items and the next party should be like an animal party.


I like how u work on cool things in the party and in the future i hope u guys will make new clothes for the non-member :)

Noerbert :



Hi in the up coming months I would like to see if you could make rainbow puffles to become none member to please thanks. n-n ;* ; )


it been a amazing moth but I really miss the old club penguin one thing is cuz of the clothes I think for the penguin style you should have some old clothes like the black hoodie or the green hair. stuff like that and for the next party u should have another music jam or some kind of summer party u guys do a amazing job like with the waddle on series its so funny u should have a Disney cartoon party with Phineas and ferb and mickey u know those guys I love all ur work waddle on cp team.


I love the Star Wars Takeover! I hope there is a Perry the Platipus Takeover! If Disney ever buy the Hobbit or he Lord of the Rings, I hope you guys make a takeover for that! I love the new Waddle On series! It's just sooooo funny!!!
Keep up the awesome work CP, until then:


i miss the dump place and the garden outside . i hope a water party never seen one but herd of it


I REALLY miss the old club penguin :(. I don't really like Star Wars . Y'all should make the party's for boys and girls. I really don't like the clothing catalogs this year . I miss the old clothing catalogs. And the furniture is not that great. I wish the clothing and furniture catalogs were more similar to the style and furniture catalogs during 2005-2011. What I am trying to say is is miss the old Cp. :-(


Is there going to be a Music Jam Party in August?


I think there should be more secrets in the furniture and clothing catalog and also you can create your own catalog. :)


Penguin style


I like Waddle On Series,You guys make it so much funny.Whenever i am sad or tired i just refer to see something funny.And now the funny waddle series is on! So i say thank you to all of you! For making me feeling good.I wish good luck to all CP Updates.
Until then..........waddle on!


Hey there Polo-Field!!! Really love the new idea of a monthly review! XD For this months review I would say it has been a adventurous and abnormal month. I absolutely love the #Waddle On Series. I mean, whoever though up this idea in the Club Penguin must be truly talented!! [Maybe u could add a 'what puffles are really thinking' section!] For the future i adore the fact of having a Puffle Post where penguins can collect there puffles if returned to wild.


Amazing star wars party this month and nice features with the new items coming out in the treasure book. I would like the next party next month to be a fiesta party which you can get a sombrero and poncho in.
Waddle On.


Hello Club penguin!I have so much to say!!
I loved that you made school that everyone could learn about club penguin.
Starwars takeover was an epic idea!!
Im sorta in a hurry of all the new stuff you made,i feel like you people out there are just giving us all you got!!

It has been a great month!
Waddle on!


This is a list of Positives and Negatives
Positives: I love everything you guys have done over there in the Uk keep the good work comin!
Negatives: I miss the recyciling plant what happend to it and where is the community tree also we cant grow plants anymore.

Question:Did I here something about a Despicable Me 2 party?


Club Penguin sure is trying new things, from Puffle Dig, the #WaddleOn comedy series until the once believed as 'dream' Star Wars™ Takeover, which excited us alot. The Furniture catalog was full of surprises! Maybe it's time we update the Treasure Book? Or a brand new minigame? The summer party sounds exciting! I hope the Penguin Style holds some Hawaiian styled clothes, maybe the Rubber Duck collection?


i didnt like anything! I LOVED EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE MONTH THAT HAPPEND! i didnt like this month! I LOVED IT! it was awesome! too bad the EPF isnt rebuilt! (i mean inside)


I like the Star Wars Takeover and meeting Darth Herbert. There were surprises when I first flipped through the Furniture Catalog. Smiles were on faces when penguins' puffles started digging up treasures, old items and coins. Next time, maybe return fewer old items?


I LOVE July it was AWESOME...
3 days ago was my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!


I have something for the catalog. So are you looking for the real summer looks? I have some ideas. So for the girls your looking for summer dresses so girls like pink, purple and yellow so maybe do a pink summer dress with yellow dots that's one idea. Now maybe have a purple skirt that's another idea. And a t-shirt that is yellow just yellow. Now their girl clothes you can have in the next summer catalog. See ya bye!!!!


whaddabout tomboysssssssssssssszzzzzzzzzzzz

Membership obsession:

Can all the penguins train to become a Jedi Master for the last two weeks of the Star Wars Takeover?


I loved the #waddleon series. It was hilarious! I loved it. But maybe penguins should get to see penguins like Rookie and Gary and Candace
more often.


Hey, Cp
What I Would Like To See In Club Penguin Is A Old Day Party. The Party Is A Day Where Old Items Come Back And The Old Style.
Cp, Could You Make These Items Be Able To Be Digged Up When You Have A Puffle?

1. Angel Wings
2. Black Hoodie

My Thoughts On Club Penguin Are This. The Old Style For Club Penguin Was A Bit Better Than The Style Now.

Kc Sunshine1:

I think we should have A TEEN BEACH MOVIE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!! it would be awesome we could have new surfboards Mack, Brady, Lela and Tanner outfits!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!
Waddle On Fellow Penguins
Kc Sunshine1


I like how you guys remodeled Club Penguin in all, but in my opinion at least keep something from old CP and don't remodel it. I really like new CP. But nothing can beat what old CP was and what Rocket Snail created. Please consider my thoughts at some time in Club Penguin History. I just hope it's there before I grow up and will no longer be interested in this game. I am currently 11. In seven more years I will be 18. I am growing up and putting my expectations about bringing old Club Penguin.

Ayaan Khan:

hey i have found lot's of glitches on club penguin when you wear the lightsaber and preparing for battle click some place where a penguin cannot go and it will go there like the roof of the coffee shop


This has been a good month i have done so much in the month.I have had a pizza fight in the club penguin university with my friends then i had a competition with my friend to see who could collect the most money with your puffle in 1 hour.Also i checked out the furniture catalog to see what new designs you have came up with.I also watched all of the #waddleon episodes that made me laugh so much.I would like to see more movie parties because its fun and act like characters so waddle on cp


I can not weight any longer.
Bring the next one to me


Ummm... July I had lot of fun. School was great. That monster game was great! Puffle treasure hunting items was great. Interesting. Furniture catalog I don't see because I am not a member of cp. penguin style was cool. And star wars is very interesting!


This month has been crazy for me, it's been so fun. My memorable moment from this month has to be when all my close friends randomly logged on at the same time and we had a party in my igloo. My best friend A Rod22 AKA Skittles turned into a snowman and we tried to keep him frozen by putting his in a fridge with a fan to keep cool. We danced on tables, dressed up as fairies and wizard and had loads of laughs. I wont forget this month and hope to see awesome parties in the future.



Enter commentsi loved this month but since I'm not a member I couldn't do much.
Can the prehistoric party come again? I might become a member soon and I finished all the quests.
Also golden piffle party Ect. Thanks!


Dear CP,
I know I already commented, but I have lots of things to say. I personally think and agree with my friend on CP, that the new igloo catalog was for boys. I only really found one thing that interested me, but didn't enough to buy it. I know you guys are very hard workers and I appreciate CP, and everything you do. However, I feel like I loved old CP. I remember as a little child watching my sister play CP. It looked so nice and I loved CP when I got on. I just miss old CP.


I would like a Cartoon Network party with all there different kinds of shows...... CP hope u like my ideas waddle on!!


can you have a planes from disney party in augest?


I have loved everything about CP in July!! The Star Wars Takeover has been epic, the new fashions have been stylish, the university is really fun, #Waddle On is soooo funny, and hunting for items with my puffle has been cool! In future months, I hope that we could have a Harry Potter Takeover as I (and a lot of other people I know) am a big fan!
Waddle On!
~ Coralie1708


Congrats Club Penguin! I had an epic birthday month, thanks to you! I am Star Wars' BIGGEST fan, and Club Penguin's BIGGEST fan too! I can't wait for what you have in store for us! I also am excited to wear my Jedi robes to the Halloween party! Waddle on, everyone!

Ally Light:

Firstly, the Star Wars Party is brilliant! ( Maybe even better then the movie itself ) What I really want to happen in the upcoming months is that you bring back old items! You could maybe even do a party where you could bring back some old memories. Thanks.


I love the #WaddleOn series! It is so funny! The Puffle Treasure Hunt is ace. From what if seen, penguins now love to bring their Puffles out to play! The Star Wars Takeover is so Brill! I love the Penguin Style, but I was hoping that there would be some Star Wars stuff in there, too. The Club Penguin University was a big step. Many penguins where nervous about the big change, but I think it is a "waddle" in the right direction! Over all, this, month has been Awesome!! :D


I think there should be another sports day party because on my other penguin that party was SO fun and you can do sports like swimming and racing

Mya650 and Cooper653:

in August i'd like to have hidden things in the Tresere book! like 3D glassas,backgrounds and other stuff like dat. i'd also like to be in #waddleon!

Mya650 and Cooper653


This month has been exciting and brilliant I love the star wars party can't wait to get the other costumes and my puffles have been working hard getting me money and clothes and furniture. The new school is great I chucked a pizza at my m8 in the canteen and the furniture catalogue has really good star wars furniture my favourite piece of furniture is the gnk power droid.


Here is my review :)
1 Cp university- i like it a lot but i wish it would be put in September when school actually starts :)
2 #Waddle on is hilarious! :D
3 the clothing catalog is cute i bought almost everything! but i do wish old items would be brought back;)
4 the star wars party is fun but i wish there would be more cp parties not take overs:) (but it is still super duper fun good work)

Loogo 131:

I only have one idea for an upcoming event, how about a party where klutzy takes Herberts place or one where Herbert beat the EPF and Clubpenguin island was wreckage?


I hope club penguin have a chocolate party in the future I have sent a few emails to the club penguin team telling them all about clothes, furniture, a chocolate island where members turn into a melted chocolate monster, new Puffle hat which is candy cane horns and I even made 2 new minigames for the party the first is a candy shop and second is a sundae game where you can win a sundae costume not to mention a treasure hunt to find 5 items to get a chocolate bar costume. Waddle on cp


This month was awesome, I loved every single bit of Club Penguin ever since I started last year. I really like the #Waddle On series and the Star Wars takeover. I don't care what you guys are planning next, Club Penguin will always be awesome!

Waddle on, Club Penguin!

Enter nickname:

This month has been very exciting. My favorite is the star wars takeover party! I just don't like the last level in the stormtroopers game. I have played that one level over 50 times, trying to finish the game. I get so far and then I just die. The game takes at least 5-6 minutes to play. And I want to know why it is so hard to win. But all in all a lot of fun!


i was thinking about the star wars party and thought, what about the other sci-fi? dr who, men in black, and star trek have been left out! just remember, dont mess up the time-space continum!


I want to see anothere starwars party but its based on episode 5 the empier strikes back

Tio Angel24:

I think that this month was great in CP
I think that more features Could be added for nonmembers such as new clothing items every 2 months? Even just a new color. And I think that nonmembers should be able to use their former clothes from when they were members or be allowed to buy member clothes and not be able to use it until they get a membership. Or club penguin could add a thrift shop catalog where you could trade in clothes for coins and then other penguins could buy it. Waddle On!


Oh my god I love club penguin so much! All the stuff that's happening is so exciting! I really like the star wars because it involves herbert and i think that saving the world from herbert is soooo exciting!!!! i also think the school is really cool because you can acctually become a teacher! and i love how every day the blackboard in the classroom changes so you get to teach them knew stuff!!!! i cant wait to see what else you guys will come up with! waddle on cp!!!


I'm not a huge fan of the school, but I think a lot of other penguins like it! Is the Recycling Plant coming back? This month’s catalog items are fine, but the new penguin anatomy is ridiculously skewed. Penguins don’t have hips like that--please fix! My last complaint is that the Star Wars takeover is too confusing! The graphics are great, but I just don’t get it because I never read/saw Star Wars. But on the plus side, #WaddleOn is pretty funny, keep that up, please!

Lego Rules2:

My favorite part of July 2013 on Club Penguin was the first week of the Star wars takeover! I was so exited when I got my lightsaber, loved shooting stormtroopers, and the Darth Vader costume rocks! I can't wait for week two of the star wars takeover! WADDLE ON!


be a good idea for transformers party, what I think because I love transformers




The Star Wars Takeover is the best moment introduced this month, and I think it's the best party of 2013. I also like that many old items were re-introduced since we can get them through Puffle Digging. I'm hoping for some old items to return in the later months, and I also can't wait for Server Jumping to be introduced (hoping at least by the end of the year maybe).

Waddle on Polo Field and CP Team!


my favorite part was the waddle on series
]it was so funny i loved the part in episode #1 when the cristmas tree was running away from the balls


AWESOME cantnwait for more


this month was so cool!!!!!I loved all of it!I loved the StarWars party!I think in October there should be a gravity falls party or a alien invasion one!


Maybe but gravity falls would be kind of odd


Hello Guys! I Was told about the 'favorite moments in july' Thing going on! Well i Would Love tot ell what was my favorite moment in July on here. I Loved meeting new friends! That's all i'm About. I Love getting new friends. Also, I Liked it when i got to Meet Rookie to! it was really Exiting because he is one of my Favorite Mascots.


The Star Wars Takeover is EPIC.
I also love the new Waddle On series, the Puffle Digging part is really cool too.
But the catalog is missing something: SECRET ITEMS. It will be more exciting with secret items.
The new school is great too, but I'm kinda sad when the recycling plant is replaced.
The thing I didn't like about this month are two continuously takeover parties. I would REALLY love a classic Club Penguin party rather than a takeover party.

Cyclones 20:

Can't wait for whats in Stores for THE FUTURE!

Pingu D13:

ClubPenguin Gives me a lot of fun and sad moments CP brings people together and lets them have good times-Pingu D13


I think when you click on a friend thats online and then you click ? it should tell you which sever they're on AND where they are on the island (or not!)



First, I would really love to see the fair again, I really think it's a cool party, the fair is awesome! And I really liked this month yea, I loved the school part! I think it's awesome that you put a school, I mean clubpenguin is suppose to be a community for penguins all it was missing was a school! Cp (clubpenguin.) is doing better than ever!


My favorite part of this month was the Star Wars party for sure and btw in the upcoming months I would like to see like a old cp party whee some old clothes come back.
Waddle o
Waddle on
Waddle on!
Waddle on!!


I love waddle on


My Favorite part of July would have to be the #Waddle on series. Because it's so funny!!! I was like rolling on the floor laughing! [So was my brother!] I loved it and I hope it keeps on going. #Waddle on! [LOL!]


I wish I could adopt more than 20 puffles!!!!!!!!!!!


My favourite part of the month: The new puffle digging by FAR!
Now for what I want to happen in August: A brand new feature I have always wanted since the day I logged on to cp was to be able to SEND coins to other penguins! And how about having a party in August that takes place in the future!

Rico 7817:

This month has been great, I especially liked puffle digging! :D


I want a halloween party that acts like the sequel to the 2012 party and the story is that some of the ghosts from the 2012 party escaped from the mansion and went to another mansion and get help from a mad scientist named professor penguino and he creates stronger versions of the ghosts and turns frankensteins into zombies,there should be a zombie defense game and another party game where you and professor are in a electrical beam gun final fight.


I also want a party called operation: robot attack and its when herbert creates a robot army and supersizes protobot and forces rookie and gary to tell him the secret code to role club penguin or they will be caged and get pack guy and dot and the director are on vacation.there should be arobot destroying game and at the end of the last level you come face to face and fight protobot,after destroying him he drops the cage and the epf is free and everything goes back to normal.


well I would say that this was the best month in the history of club penguin!!(so far..... to be continued....) and I like the school, but the recycling plant should be like a hidden room or something like that. and the puffle digging ROCKS!!! the furniture was also pretty awesome, but my favorate was #waddleon! its so funny! :D

Lilyjenny :

In August there should be a pool in the furniture catalog, more mini games like angry birds but it should be called angry puffles, for the school there should be a uniform and more classrooms, and for puffle treasure there should be like more better items instead of coins like a puffle treasure t-shirt.
Waddle on CP


July was an awesome month! I have two favorite things. First is the opening of the School. I really enjoyed meeting Rookie, and now he's on my Friends List! Second is the premiere of #WaddleOn. It's SO HILARIOUS! To go with these two highlights, I have two suggestions. One: we need to finish rebuilding the EPF! Otherwise, Herbert will just wreck it again by the time we're done! Two: where's Rockhopper? He must have found something awesome to be gone so long! #WaddleOn! :D


I loved... well... EVERYTHING about this month!!! The university opening, the star wars party, Even the new series! You come up with great ideas club penguin! Thank you very much!




It Was a exciting month


Hey CP team, the highlight of the month for me was when the puffle dig update was finished and puffles could dig treasure, and the waddle on series started. I hope you'll keep making more episodes. I also hope you'll make another time travel party, but this time, penguins will go to the FUTURE! Another idea I have in mind is a Sonic The Hedgehog party with the blue hero.


after the surfing party we should have a harry potter party plz do it cp I love playing cp :p your fan cataclsm


i dont like the star wars party.


I think there should be a trading box AND some new items FOR NON MEMBERS should also come up in the future in the catalog! Aaaaah how I wished I was a member :(. :D
Mumble29342. WADDLE ON!!!!!


I really liked July I can't wait for August because of the maximum summer fun! I wonder what September has in store for us... I hope that the old hoodies like the black,purple and blue hoodie come back in the penguin style catalog. :3 waddle on!


Cool awsome news


I like the idea of the trading post for members. Also I think you should bring back the hoodies.


I love waddle on the series begins because episode 4 is so funny at the part wear the penguin has all the baby s come to him because there all scared and he shouts POKIE TRAP!!!!!it made me laugh
waddle on!!!!

colerfull 25:

deer polo field,
i would like to see rockhoppers ship come back permantly also i think you should start puting some older items back in all the catologs i really don't like the new items to much and the PSA i think it should come back i have the PSA games for my ds and i really like them and the game treasure hunt i would really like to se it come back oh and start making party's kind 'of older style i like the older party's better than the new ones and of course waddle on!


I love it, but I' do agree with other penguins about how we should have more rooms in the school. CP rules, rocks and is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There should be your own stamp book for the iPad. Because, I play Snow Card-Jitsu and I don't know if I got an award or not. Please, club penguin, add a stamp book for My Penguin App.


Club Penguin Makers can you guys please add the Black Shades, and The Sunstiker to one one the Puffle treasure hunting items? If so, Thank you guys very much!

Tinker pinker:

I totally liked everything about this month especially the Star Wars theme I can't wait for the next theme SURFS UP !

Tinker pinker:

I LOVE THE TRADING IDEA ! But I don't think it should be just for members because some things that nonmembers have members don't have,sometimes because the nonmembers started earlier and the members started later than them.


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