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By Polo Field on July 2, 2013 - 16:12

Last week we asked, which personality from the Monsters University characters do you relate to and why?


I really liked Chingu123's answer: I just want to say that I loved the movie Monsters University, even better than Monsters Inc! I probably mostly relate to Mike Wazowski, "The Overachiever!" When I see a goal to set, I hurry after that goal, and even achieve more, like with stamps in Club Penguin! Thanks for the awesome party! Waddle on, Club Penguin, you're the real overachievers :).


Thanks for the compliment Chingu123. Glad you are enjoying the party!

For everyone else out there competing in the Scare Games. What are your favorite parts of the party so far? What's the scariest monster costume you can create?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



My favourite par of the party so far is definitely the scare games! I love these special games just for parties. This one is my favourite! I enjoy seeing if I can scare the robot penguin in time and also avoiding all of the obstacles on the floor...they need to learn how to tidy their room!

sensi wu:

my favorite is team OK because even though there not as tough as all the other teams if team OK works together NOTHING can stop them!




My favorite part of the party is being part of a fraternity. I am in Team OK! I think the scariest monster costume I can create is Mike with green dragon feet. LOL!
Waddle AND scare on!

Dywane Jr 3:

My favorite part of the Monsters Universality Party is you can compete in the scare games to get the highest score. It is very competitive to try to win the games. :D


Yeah this party is AWSOME! So "we" are hosting a party on ice age at the dance club! Hope to see you all there, Waddle (and ROAR) on.


I think I like costumes. The houses. Are good too! Waddle on, cp! You guys are tops!

Simpkins star:

I loved the movie and think that big monsters are scary but if I had to be a little monster in order for it to be scary it would have to be aggressive and dark by that I mean not light colors

Snow World33:

My favourite thing is the Scare Games,
because there are seven different obstacles.
And that robot really needs to clean up his messy room!
There is Jack-in-the-Box, Mini Balloon, Choochoo train,
Flying Army Soldiers, Peanut Jar Snake, Toppling Peanut Jar Snake,
and lastly, the hardest one, the DeathCopter!!!!
Thanks for making such creative ideas Club Penguin you rock!!!





I'm with ya snow world33

Go ok




Ok. Oosma kappa


The scariest costume i can create is called the thieving sheep, it is a sheep that is also a criminal! It wears a sheep costume and shoes from the fairy fables play. It also has a tech book 3000 from the spy gear link on the spy phone, it uses the tech book 3000 to hold money he stole and weapons. It also wears a mask over his eyes top look like a thief. Last he wears a jetpack to fly away from enemies.


Go OK!!!!!!!!




pinky emma2:

i love the games are ant they cool wish they wernt gone they were so much


Now, I've never really been into monsters INC. Now being in the scare games I feel more connected to the characters in the movie. I have the ultra-safe chat turned on so sometimes I don't get to experience the full outlook of things but, right now I've had a lot of fun cheering on my team and other teams too! I've also learned about respect because even though my team isn't in first place I really am proud of my team and certainly proud of the other teams too! Thank you Club Penguin!


I like your spirit, 3blake3! Waddle on, and maybe we could be friends! I'm ultimate safe-chat too, but I'm having a blast this month! Did I mention, my birthday's tomorrow?


Well I'm on all teams but my favorite part about the WHOLE party is meeting new friends in this party and getting to know them!!! And the ultimate scarer will be a monster with six arms with razor like claws with two legs like Art's plus he would have three giant eyes!! LOL!!
Waddle ON!!! = D

Cokacola 101:

Well done CP the party is
awesome you guys ROCK!
I visited all houses in Fraternity Row.
I like the JOX house best but I'm really
in OK because Mike Wazowski ans Halley
are in that team in the movie.

HOT Fire34:

the party is super AWSOME
and the scariest costume is hardcrabble shes pretty scary. Im team OK because they try there best and stick together to win
the scare favorite part of the party is the houses
I checked every one well done!


Daffodaily add me plz and have a nice and safe life :)


I love the party!!!! My most favored part is "The Scare Games" it's a fun way to do a composition in a monstery penguin way

Keep up the good work CP!!!!


Jimayacoboy :

My favorite part in the party is so far is all the kind of wings you gave us because it looks awesome when you put it on


I'm in team OK. I think Team OK fits me, because, I'm not tough at all, and I like to just work with my team!

Ryan ( Need4spee67 ).


Can I make a party using my iPad

L U K E 5 8:

that does sound awesome Tech! how about we have a scary costume competition sometime? Waddle on!

Nolla6 68:

I LIKE ROR their house is AMAZING....But im a nonmember
So im not gonna decorate my house with ror things. WADDLE ON! FAME GUY-NOLLA6 68 - KING COOL


Guy's we can vote but we don't need to fight! I think people should like it if they don't like your team or not.

Nolla6 68:

Im a member now XD

Nolla6 68:

PS the scariest costume is............................. Art as a boa on Sculley!!!




you have got that right why is their room so messy!!!!!!Their mom is going to be mad at them. I love the scare games I relate to the python nu kappa girls , be nice and scaring the night away! :D






lol agreed


My favorite part of the party so far is how you could actually scare people with the event costumes. My best monster mash-up costume has the body of Space Squid, the head of Hardsrcabble, around its neck is Tusk's cloak, and it holds a shovel. I call him 'Squidolofulous'(Sk-wee-did-off-oh-lus). He digs up graves and scares the skeletons inside to practice his scaring skills.


JOX! Not OK! Lol, do you watch Ninjago? I guess so since your name is Sensei Wu. GOOOOOO JOX!

Elite Zero:

My favourite part is the Scare Games!
I got past the last level with the green
helicopter chasing you!!! But all you have to do is
wait for it to stop moving, and then it will charge at you.
then you jump and run to the robot's bed and the helicopter
comes back when you scare the robot. And my best monster combo is
either dragon costume and feet with monster wings, Percy costume with alien mask and dragon
feet or blue head fin with dragon and UFO mask. And so that's my comment


Good tip for other players, thanks Elite Zero!


My favourite part has to be dressing up! I am cheering on for PNK! The scariest monster costume I could create would be a pink dragon that could eat fireballs!

Waddle on!




My favorite part is seeing how many people are helping their team like going to the clubrooms and giving out advice or playing the scare games every day. My favorite part is all the teamwork, and how everyone is helping!!!!
The scariest monster I can create? One that's 15 feet tall( yes, FIFTEEN ) With spikes down its back one that oozes slime ,and has two monster tentacles and three red eyes. Whoa I just scared myself!
( you can use my monster to scare Herbert away!!!! )


I like to be creative and make my own monster to scare and that's my favorite part.


My fav part of this crazy party was scaring penguins!! :) I love the ! Around the penguins! And the shriek of the penguins you scare is hilarious Waddle on Club Penguin!!!





My favorite part of the Monsters University party is EVERYTHING.


my scary costume has a blue body, a green head, horns, and yellow wings!




My favorite team is the pnk.They are so good at scaring.


I think all teams are asome!


My fave part of the party is scare hall. My friends and I are always getting our learn on!! I also like the costumes! The scariest costume I can think of is a black monster with 8 eyes that are red, arms that have sharp claws, and tall skinny legs. Waddle on CP!!! Lots of love from Zoey3195!!


I love monsters university it is a lot better than monsters inc. loved it

Monsters University!!!!!!!!!!
Oosma kappa OK Oosma kappa OK. You guys are ok


I love the PNK costume! They are pretty on the out side but are ready for anything on the inside.


The teams and these outfits are great! My favorite team is Ok and ROR thanks for the awesome party from your biggest fan!


My favourite team is OK, beacause green is my favourite color :D


I loved the part in the game that you scare the fake kid I get on the square then stay there for a sec and then roar really loud that I get it filled all the way and I'm on pnk team.the scariest thing I could make would be a CDA head a sulley body a flower basket in there hand and a pair of white flip flops my name is Grandmamae

Bubblez 5678:

I love the scare games to, my favorite obstacle is the jack in the box, it's challenging and fun.


Rock...on I think this idea of monsters university is epic who ever made up monsters university rocks and the movie is totally cool to.
ok is awesome I like it because with them it's all about team work at the end in the beginning mike and souly have a little competion so they almost let there whole team. But the best part is when the became a real friendship team.will have fun waddling around mu thanks you guys rock!!


my favorite part in the scare games is walking around the island and seeing all the awesome decorations! cant wait for the starwars party! even tho I`m a nonmember and probably wont be able to do much. Its still fun. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm sure you all will be great at scaring!


My favourite part is the scare games . I like it because the way your penguin tip-toes in the bedroom and the way your penguin scared the
penguin in bed. :)


I like party ......


I forgot to play club penguin today:(

Ulysses 1235:

Ur right ooze makapa is not strong but they have great courage


My favorite part of the monsters university takeover is all the EPIC costumes you can collect with your scare points. I also think it is so cool that you can scare other penguins when wearing the monsters university items.


My favorite part of this party is the coustumes I think detail on these is amazing plus most awesomeset in them is you can roar.
Btw I'm jammerz78 online please friend me

Daisy57471 (Penguin name):

Ok, if I had to choose................. You know how the Sculley (The blue guy) costume makes your penguin bigger than before? I would definitely do that! I would also do the art costume with the Sculley costume with out the Sculley mask. Then I would do a backscrabble mask with a witch hat!

Waddle on CP,
your penguin friend,
-Daisy57471 :)


I agree with u I am a ok member and I will always be a ok member!My friends turned into my enemies!



I am a ok member and I will always be a ok member! I heart u cp!




Pretty weird
Sensi Wu x 0


I think that MU is a sad and funny movie and I wouldn't had treated mike the way the other monsters treated him so HEARTS TO MIKE


My favorite part was scarring the litte robot things


My monster costume would be the purple guy from OK with an old wolf mask from the animal party last year!


What party

Icy Coco:

I love scaring other players! I've been sitting and scaring Club Penguin players for over three over and even more! I just scaring, in real life too! Hehe! I hope you are all enjoying the party as much as I do, because it's a blast! Remember to scare Penguins! Oh, and also, go team OK!


The best part is by far happening everyday at the sororities when many penguins come more and more together by showing off the scare costumes and "frightening" each other!!!


go OK !


GO PNK!!!!!!!!


I like the scare games the best. But the train is a little annoying. And the falling soldiers had a GPS so they can track me down... And snakes in the cans (never made it past the first snake). I also saw there was a helicopter (probably will never reach anything past the soldiers). As far as the costume I don't know. There are a lot of cool costumes around the island. Mixing a lot of different costumes would be quite cool. I should try that later.


the scariest monster costume was the mike costume becaues it is realy cool and i love mike it kind of her very big and scary


Hi. I love the whole party, especially the different Teams that you can be on. I'm part of all of the teams so I can help the struggling teams. The scariest monster costume that I can create is my current one with the Swamp Monster Costume and the Battle Cape as I look very intimidating. I also have one of the new hats.


I really Like how you created this kind of avatar game it is awesome I have pyjamas and pillows i have been on her forever and i never knew it would get this far i remember Beta Party at the coffee shop and it was just awesome I LOVE YOU GUYS



hey polo whens the next time you will be online im really looking forword to meeting you please respond asap


I can relate I always aim for alot higher than what I expect!

Zachary Ts:

Go ROR awesome picture

Penny Guini:

Hey skipper I'm that random girl from weeks ago stars friend lol hi! Penny Guini
And congrats chingu!!




awosome party and thank you club penguin i love this game <3


I like it so much W A D D L E O N


dragon suit with fangs
and wings horns and


also the team house's are my favroit party of the party

rad red2:

hmm there is really no best part to the party! first there are the fraternity houses. they are so amazing! you can make so many new friends there and they are so amazingly decorated! don't tell my team but i think the JOX house is best! on the other hand there is the classroom! i made an amazing friend there and we stuck together since that night! then there are the scare games! they give you a chance to have fun and work together with your team to win the trophy! scare on CP!


I just want to say my favorite part is the houses!They are so amazing but the scaring game is amazing!I also like the cool costumes.Club Penguin did an awesome job on those.If I can choose one I would choose the houses!! Those are my favorite things. :)


my best monster costume ishandscrabble wings,sulley costume,and squishy mask


I think the party is so cool!!!!!!! It is so fun to play all the levels to scare the kids!


My favorite part of the MU Takeover is the Scare Games. It's fun, and it helps the team I'm on. The scariest monster costume I can create is the PNK mask with the outfit to hide my scariness behind a smile.


my favorite is scaring other monsters and the scariest monster costume I can create is bat wings, pnk mask, ror jacket, and vampire teeth.


This years party was GREAT!!!!!Even though my team didn't win,I still enjoyed it!


My favorite part of the party is earning points at Scare Games because I love working teams together and buy some Monster Clothes.

A blue derp:

My favorite part of the party so far are the costumes! I really love the costumes so far! Can't wait to see what CP has in store for us in the Star Wars party!

-A Blue Derp


Hmm my favorite part is the houses because they are cool espically the ROR house that one me and my friends party there all the time even though were ok. The most scary costume I could think of is sully with wings with art and a CDA mask on then I can scare and be scary so thats the most scary costume I could think of.

Waddle On ClubPenguin Team and penguins.


My favorite part of party so far is probably the Scare Games! It's fun to compete with the other teams, and its fun to choose what team your on! Also, I like the mini game that we can play, as we can see if we can really scare people. Waddle On!
P.S Lets go team OK!

Ari 8:

I love the houses!!!,they look awsome and friendly penguins cheer for there team :) i feel happy for cheering penguins .that makes me want to cheer!!!!.the scare game looks awsome,so 3D looking.and last but not least the pizza parlor! I like the karioki stand.itds the party starts now song and its my favorite song. keep scaring penguins and waddle on!! from :Ari 8


i know dont you love the houses!!!!!!!!!!!!!Most of all the Scare games are my fav!


That's a tough question.

zoom zoom103:

1 my fav part of the party so far is getting costumes from the party its cool to see the outfits
2 maybe sully suit then power gloves and a different head




monsters university is a great party because the scare games are so fun and i like scaring people with the costumes.Thank you for making this party cp and waddle on everyone


Monster ink and club pungiun is great together rock on


My b day is on the eleventh and i don't have parties, but on this blog can you wish me a happy b day. It would mean alot.


I can't guarantee that we will be able to, so I will say Happy Birthday right now! Hope you're enjoying the party!


i think the best part about the party for me so far would be "The Scare Game"beacause you get to sneak up on the scare dummy like the movie.And the best scaring costume i can come up with is Hardscrable's wings,Sully's body,And red dragon feet ,and Squishy's head.Waddle and scare on :p.-biggmikeg1


My favorite part of the party so far, has to be all the team rooms! They are decorated in such an awesome way! And, they are always filled with supportive penguins who like to help their team every chance they get. Also, my scariest monster costume has to be a Sulley costume ,Mixed with a Art costume, And bat wings, And to top it off, The funny purple hair! Thanks Club penguin! You are such talented people! Sincerely, Babygirl4587


My favorite part of this AWESOME party, is the Scare Games!! It's so fun to gain points for your own team! Also I LOVE that we can buy the different crazy costumes with points, and not coins! My scariest monster. hm.. I used the Sulley body part of the costume because it makes your penguin bigger! :D Then, I used The Art one, and it was soo funny that it actually was a face item! I also added the scary wings to it! And I added the my rainbow puffle, and it looks GIGANTIC, like penguin-sized! LOL


The party is amazing! There are many things that I like, but the best thing for me it is Scare Games ! Design and party rooms were also very nice and party game! Most often walking with Squishy suit, Sully mask and purple dragon feet! The party is very interesting and fun, but I know the team of Club Penguin will invent more new and even more awesome! Waddle On!


Hey Club Penguin! Some of my favorite parts of the M.U. Party so far is the Scare Games! When I play in the Scare Games it's really fun and I just get out there and SCARE! I just try my best and everything goes fine! I also love the costumes! It's so cool that when you put on a costume and dance, it Scares instead! I think that's really cool and its awesome that I gives 5 extra scare points! I'm loving the M.U. Party AND the Monsters University Movie!

Kendall A423:

Hey Club Penguin! Some of my favorite parts of the M.U. Party so far is the Scare Games! When I play in the Scare Games it's really fun and I just get out there and SCARE! I just try my best and everything goes fine! I also love the costumes! It's so cool that when you put on a costume and dance, it Scares instead! I think that's really cool and its awesome that I gives 5 extra scare points! I'm loving the M.U. Party AND the Monsters University Movie!


Hi CP. I just want to say that I love the party so far. Out of everything, I have to pick the Scare Games as my favourite. I like it because it is sort of like an obstacle course, not trying to hit the jack- in- the- box or pop the balloons. Out of all of the 6 days in the party, I manage to get over 4000 scare points. I hope that you guys can make it a mini-game sometime

The scariest costume I can think of is Slenderman. That guy can sure creep me out sometimes.


I just want to say that I would create a monster and it would be called the scarlatina! he would have purple spikes ll over his back and his whole body is grey and he's got orange eyes!
My most favourite thing what has happened since the party began would be scaring other people and doing the scare games!
Go Team PNK!


i like dressing up and scaring around the island! its also fun to hang out in the team houses, thumbs up PNK members! the scariest costume would be Sully body and the alien head, ROAR! and heads up to Jox, your points are looking a little SCARYce! lol
XD always, pingu69888


My favorite parts of the Monsters University Takeover is the Scaring Program & The Scare Games! The Scaring Program is my favorite part because it feels like your in the movie. Oh, and it looks exactly like it in the movie! The Scare Games is also my favorite because it is really fun and extremely awesome! The scariest costume I can make is a invisible costume { like Randall } and I can scare them that goes over the Scare Meter! Waddle On, Club Penguin, stay awesome!


my favorite part of the party is seeing all the scary monsters that penguins create!


Hellooooooo club penguin!!!! I'm actually going to enter myself into the contest. This scare game party is awesome!!!!!!! My favorite part? MY favorite part is hanging out with my SCARY friends. Now that the party is on a lot of penguins are checking it out and some of those penguins are my friends! Now about the costume.I'm pretty proud of my flying,sushi eating squid werewolf!!!! Well club penguin, thats all i got for now. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!

Cyclones 20:

My Favorite Part of the Party is the Scaring Game. You really have to think about what you're doing and the hardest level I was on was the last one with the green toy helicopter. It was really hard until I figured it out after losing so many lives. When I beat it I felt great so thank you Club Penguin for giving me a challenge this summer.


My favorite part of the party is the Scare Games. They are so much fun and I love trying to get the most scare points for Team OK. The scariest monster costume I could create would be a four-eyed yellow, slimey monster with no legs, six arms and dark yellow polka dots on its back.


I go for pink it the best song I like the pnk furniture that I in the pink team


My Favorite Part Of The Party Is The Scare Games And Scaring. My Scariest Costume Would Have To Be A Mike Costume With A Sully Head And Monster Feet.


well...I would take the blue fuz monster and green monsters body then a black mask. that would be scary.


I think any costume in the catalog is scary because you can be scary no matter what you look like! I love the party to! Waddle On!


hi polo my favorite part in the party it's the meet the mascot for the badge and the decor waddle on. pouffy4


Me my favorite thing so far is the party that can scary penguins, a house for each team and can win the Cup. I can create the most feared monster costume it will be equipped with missiles and will be the strongest in the world, hands off his will with hair and his head would be round like a circle.


my penguin name is knexlover and i think the big monster on campus is my favorite character on this party


I luv monsters inc


WOOOW !!!! I'm in the picture (down-left), my name is Neoricardo. Thanks Polo (:

big ki:

My favorite part of the party is when you where the mike costume you can scare penguins almost everywhere.


my fav part is scaring all penguin randomly it just like gets a fun feeling and the houses are cool but PNK is so pink! And because of teams penguins are getting new friend!it is really fun the party.Awosme that 2 parts of Disney came together.

<3 <3 club penguin


My favorite part is competing in the Scare Games!


I luv it's sooooooooooooo awesome! :D

Minecraft unique:

Cp name: Nemo23456. The party is so cool. My favourite part of it is that we all get to participate in the scare games as teams. We even get a little place where you and your team can stay in. Waddle on cp!


How can we come to the party?! :)


Hey! My favorite part of the parties so far. . I will just talk about the parties of this year. I actually really like the hollywood party because I like hollywood and I like to be famous. The adventure party I really like adventure. Halloween party we had a chance to be ghosts and I really liked to be a ghost. Music Gam party I met the penguin band for my first time and I love music. Marvel Super hero you had a chance to be with the vilains. Monsters party I like to scare and I like the movie.


My favorite part of the Monsters University party is that you can be on whichever team you want. I also like that you can scare other penguins in costumes from the movie! WADDLE ON CP!


My favorite part of this party is how generous Club Penguin was!
On this party there's not a just member room.
So, even non-members can scare all over the island.


My favorite part is going around club penguin and deciding which costume is the best. Although Its been hard because all the costumes are so great.


my favroie costume was the cda costume i remember when monsters inc they were in the movie


The Monsters University Takeover in Club Penguin is SUPER STRONG!!!! And I have to say, I love the movie! My favorite part about the Takeover was the Scare Games! It is just like in the movie in true Club Penguin fashion. The scariest costume I have seen was the Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan costumes. They can really scare because they are OK! The takeover is like two of Disney's favorite francises coming together!


Great party so far CP! My fave part is probaly the coustumes. They are so creative and have a fun element to them. The scariest coustume I can create is probaly The monkey feet,( from the last play), Art, Random hair,and Glasses from Squidzoid.WADDLE ON ! :)


my scary costume was a ghost and dragon costume i scared some penguins and some thank its roarsome! WADDLE ON CP!!!


I created my own costume I wanted to be creative so I put a purple hair style a purple scarf a pair of purple shoes and a PNK outfit on so I can look cooler than cadence


My favorite part of the party is definitely the Scare Games. I think it's so fun trying to sneak around trying to avoid toys. I think the hardest object to avoid is the army men. They always take me by surprise... lol! I like dressing up in a purple dragon costume with Squishy''s head. Sometimes I hide behind a bush so they only see my face but then I come out and they see my purple dragon body. That always surprises them! WADDLE ON!


My favourite part of the party is scaring and trying my best to win a trophy! I like all the teams equally, and I really like their personalities. If I could make the most totally-scary costume ever, It would be a scary clown outfit with bat wings! That would be thrilling! Oh yeah, and the costume would have big, scary eyes! Now THAT'S scary!

Waddle on!



P.S We should have a Spongebob party! :)


My favorite part was the parties and really feeling like I was in the movie! I cannot wait to see the next theme! Mabey the owners of this website could make the new theme, teen beach movie from Disney channel! That would be pretty cool! But like the question, I most relate to squishy. The young one who loves staying up late and is like woo hoo yay I'm at a party past curfue!!!


In Name of the scare games I'm hosting a party at the dance club on ice age, put on a snazzy outfit and Cmon!

Dizzy Lolo:

The best outfit I have created is a GIANT penguin, when you put the Sulley body outfit and keep your hair you change to a giant penguin :)


I like the scare games the best. But the train is a little annoying. And the falling soldiers had a GPS so they can track me down... And snakes in the cans (never made it past the first snake). I also saw there was a helicopter (probably will never reach anything past the soldiers). As far as the costume I don't know. There are a lot of cool costumes around the island. Mixing a lot of different costumes would be quite cool. I should try that later. <3 <3 thanks for all the good work u did xD :D


I love the MU party!! My favorite part would have to be............ SCARING!!! I can put on a monsterous costume and scare my friends or other teams! and I Love competing in the scare games, I'm on OK, And We are in the lead! *Does happy dance!* My scariest costume is probally, squishy's mom! Just kidding! Its a mix match of lots of things!! like the teachers wings, and lots of other scary items!!!! I love the party!!! Your penguin buddy, wiggly11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)


Hey CP!!! My favorite part of the party is the Scare Games! Why I love the Scare Games is because you can pick your own house to compete for and earn Scare Points. And the obstacles make the Scare Games really fun so you if your not careful you can wake up the robot and I'm glad it isn't really easy. Another reason is you can buy cool costumes with Scare Points and scare instead of playing the Scare Games. My favorite costume is Art! You guys really made this party fun and cool! Thanks Guys! :)


First, I just want to say that I love the movie.
My favourite part of the party is competing in the Scare Games. It is so much fun to see the look on the robot penguin face. Also, I love the decorations for the rooms., especially the PNK room. You guys make the best designs ever.

The scariest costume I can think of is a Sulley body, with Hardscrabble's wings, and the PNK mask


My favorite part in this party is The Scare Challenge. I think the scariest costume is the Hardscrabble mask, the Hardscrabble costume, and the Hardscrabble wings!


My favorite part of this party was The Scare Challenge. The scariest costume that I could come up with was Hardscrabble Mask, Hardscrabble Wings, Red Dragon Body, and Red Dragon Feet.


I think my favorite part of the party is The Scare Challenge. My scariest outfit would be : Hardscrabble Mask, Hardscrabble Wings, Hardscrabble Stomach, and the Red Dragon Feet.

Blu 29:

My fav thing about the Scare Games (ROAR) is scaring and scoring points for my fraternity! and my monster look is with slick hair, fangs, the OK shirt, and dragon claws!


My favourite part of the party is the scare games! I love earning points to get all of that stuff!! I think the scariest monster we can create is sulley and mike merged together into one monster. That would be ROAR-SOME!


Well, my favorite part of the party is being a part of the OK team. I feel something small should stand out big, and that what the OK team is doing. There friendly to all, and they have more then cake, they have an opportunity to win the scare games!
Waddle on Club Penguin!


THIS IS MY FIRST COMMENT!!! My favorite part of the party is being a part of a fraternity


My fav part is choosing a team because it is fun to reaval against other monsters and of corse Team Ok!!!!!!!!


I would create a three-eyed monster that has two heads and the first head will have green fur(I like green!) and the other one purple fur! They would ugly, slimy, and the scariest monsters in the world! Oh, and my favorite part? My favorite part is scaring everyone! Waddle on!


My favorite part about the MU takeover is the scare games, because you get to be on a team.


My favorite part of the party is the scaring because when I watched Monsters Inc. I wanted to scare but my mom would not let me
scare my brother. Now that I get to scare on Club Penguin it is mega fun and a great experience!
My scariest monster costume I can create is when I put on Sulley's body, Johnny's mask, and Hardscrabble's wings!
BTW: I love this party and I hope it never ends!
Waddle On!! :)

Kc Sunshine1:

My favorite part is competing in the scare games on the different teams and trying on the new "Monsterous" costumes. The Most Scariest Costume I could create was The PNK mask the sully costume the blue flippers from the stage catalog and the fairy princess wings from the catalog in October. Waddle On Club Penguin!!!
-Kc Sunshine1


I agree
Penguin name : krupali


Nice Suggestion! :)


My favorite part of MU Takeover is getting to scare penguin then after having a nice laugh. Also, getting to have our own team's houses! (BTW go team OK!) The scariest I can come up with is wearing the Huge puffle costume from the puffle party and putting the Christmas light on your head and the puffle looks evil. It sounds wierd put no joke! Try it polo! P.S. redjack5


My favorite part is... Well, everything! It's so fun being a monster, roaring and everything. There was some friendly competition as well! That's good. The best monster costume would be... A mix of every type of monster! That would be AWESOME!! Waddle on!

Short Leaf:

my favorite part of the party is the scare games of course! I'm getting really good at it, and i'm super glad its here! as for the second part of the question, i like dressing up as Art-chef-fish-Squishy and a penguin with bunny slippers! all at the same time! thanks for the brill party!


this party has been awesome and i love everything! but i have to say my favorite part would be the scare games! its
just like the movie!!! (the farthest i can get is the trains!)Now my scariest outfit would be a mixture of the sulley mask,
the terry and terri outfit, the art costume, monster feet, and finally scrabble wings!


My favorite part of the party is the scare challenge because you can scare the people in the bed. The scariest monster costume i can create is probably Art mixed with the creepy lady.



I like the scare games because you get to prove your the best! Thank you Club Penguin for bringing this party to the island. You guys are number #1! Thank you also to Disney-Pixar for making this awesome movie! Waddle On!


My favorite part of the party so far is going to the actual monsters university! It looks so realistic! I also like the cool costumes we can collect with our scare points! The scariest costume there is , is for sure squishys mom! Nah! I'm just kidding! Its really hardscrabble! With her wings and scaly skin she'd scare me to pieces!


My favourite part of the party is how longer and a bit more fun then the movie , you can also be the monster so yha, AWESOME! So now the scariest costume I have made is Hardscrabble wings with the space monster from February' s party, the super hero mask that puts the purple loupes that go around you from May's party and the brown hair with the bone from the January's party. It looks cool and scare like, so bye.
From: iheartcows2


You want to know what MY favourite costume is? Well, I've gotta say, my fav is the 'OK Sweater' It doesn't allow me to scare other penguins but I get to act casual and show my support for OK at the same time! It also makes feel like a leader! I would like to thanks the person who came up with the idea.
Waddle On!

Prince Gassy :

My Favorite part is that even if you lose it doesn't matter because you get many costumes and you have a lot of fun during the Monsters Uniniversity.If you won be nice and be a good sport and say nice things like good job and you did good.My mom and dad say that saying nice things to each other can make you very close friends.


My favorite part of the Monsters University party is the remodel of the Pizza Parlor! I LOVE to waddle on over there, sing a round or two of "Aah Eek" and order a monster cheese pizza. My scariest costume is the Sully Costume+Johnny Mask+Hardscarbble Wings+Ancient Dragon Feet.


How to say wich is my favourite part? I can't say, because everything is awesome. I think the closest to my answer would be that my favorite part is Monster University party. Scare games, party rooms, cool clothes, scaring other penguins, even the one-eyed puffle pin are unique and original. Thanks for the awesome party CP Team :)


My favorite parts of the party is the houses and the costumes! The costumes are so cool and very creative. It looks so realistic from the movie. The houses look awesome! The rooms and everything about the houses are exquisite!




Jengofett 7:

My most favorite part of the party is of course the scaring and the decorations! The decorations really caught my attenion when I first saw the party. The scariest monster that i would create is a monster with 18 tentacles with green and red fur with really long and sharp nails also two long horns from its forehead and it would have 70 spikes on its tail and the ablities to transform to anything it wants and the biggest monster on campus! Waddle on - Your biggest fan of all time, pal Jengofett7


My favorite part about the takeover is all of the fraternity and sorority stuff. Because in the newspaper you actually get to find out more about the sororities and fraternities if you haven't seen the movie so it gives you a good perspective on how to choose your sorority or fraternity. Being apart of a group is really fun. I also like all the costumes so you can dress up as your favorite character from the movie


Yo CP! My favorite part of the party so far has definitely been the cool costumes! I've been wanting to dress as Mike and Sully since the party was first announced! Also, the scariest monster I can make has Johnny's head, Hardscrabble's wings, and Randy's body, so I'm a horned, winged, four-armed, ROR-supporting beast! Waddle on!

Enter nickname:

Im Only Doin Whats Your Scariest Costume CP.Anyways,I Like To Use Sulleys Body,Hard Scrabbles Wings,Bombs Hat,The Purple Dragon Feet,The Yellow Wings (Face Item) Then I Finish It Off With The Ozze Gloves Showing Ozzma Kappa.

Waddle On!

Cjvan04 Out!


I Relate to randy and sully because sully likes parties so do i and randy can be sneaky so can i love monster university, Monster inc was good but monster university is better in my opinion. Thank you and keep up the awesome party ideas


Ooh! My favorite part of the party is playing as Squishy with my friends Mike, Sulley, Terry- err, Terri (LOL), Art, Don, and "my mom"! My scariest costume is, well, being Squishy! From the Monsters University movie, Squishy's turn at the Scare Games was very scary! I love the Monsters University Takeover and playing in the Scare Games >:O


I love the new party! My favorite part of the parties that you get to dress up as monsters And go around the island scaring penguins. By the way I can't wait for the new party coming up it sounds awesome!!!!! Waddle on cp!!!!!


Hi, my favorite part so far in the Scare Games is that you can earn scare points and represent your team. I think the scariest costumes are the costumes where you can scare people and get more Scare Points! Thanks for listening. Waddle on, Club Penguin, you really FRIGHTEN up my day!

Mama Goo:

I really like that they all have there own houses and party places. It's fun to see that Club Penguin added more places that are all from the movie. The scariest thing I have made is Art costume with a Items for Everyone mask from day July 1. This is the best party.Waddle on!


I love the scare games, and the costumes for nonmembers (like me...) the only thing is I wish you could have more events in the scare games. other than that, its great! I cant really create many costumes, but the one I can create is purple penguin, purple monster hair, pink nonmember shirt with flowers, yellow wings, and card jitsu fire shoes. it looks better than it sounds though.


My favorite part about this party is the Scare Games. Not only does it gives you points to buy costumes, but it adds the points to your team! My scariest costume is wearing a purple dragon suit plus a mask equals SCARY! Waddle on CP!


My favorite part of the party so far is the scare games because its super duper funny when I accidentialy hit too many obstacles , I run off !! . LOL. The scariest monster costume I can create is the PNK cheerleader head item and the octopus costume from the Hollywood Party with my pink MP3 player . When I wear all of these items I look so scary . When I first put them all on , I scared myself !!! LOL. And you guys really made the party look fantastic. Keep doing what your doing!. Waddle on!


has any body been roaring with the art costume. cuz i can't.
waddle on CP!!!


LOL i'm so happy I love to scare the robot and real penguins I cant believe OK is wining its every ones favorite team mostly is OK my favorite part is scaring and my SCARYEST COSTUME is a space A suit and monster hat


I really love the party so far
My favorite parts are earning the costumes
I really feel like the characters in monster's university


My favorite part is competing in the scare games, and also getting scared myself a little bit too! The costumes are amazing and I think the scariest would have to be James P. Sullivan's because he's the top scarer himself.. Though the real monsters are us, because most of us are awesome scarers!


I like ALL of the parts of the party, but if I HAD TO pick one, It would be the team rooms! They're so cool and they really express what the teams personalities are like!! Plus, You could have team meetings in there!! I'm on team PNK, but I'm SUPER jealous of ROR'S room!! It's got a dance floor and all!! It's so super cool!! This party is AWESOME!! thanks for throwing it Club Penguin Team!!(o:



Ok so Hi everyone :D
Mine was when you do scare games AWESOME!!!!!


my favorite part of the party is everything! the houses,the places,the Scare games!its all so MONSTEROUS!but the most SCARIEST costume is the sully body then the purple dragon feet the purple dragon head and the yellow wings and last a black mask but everyone has a different taste in clothes i have three tastes cute random and lots of times pretty! but the best thing to do is to have fun!WADDLE ON!


I love the scare and costumes of the game! They make the party worthwhile. And my OK fraternity is in the lead. Can't wait for the 6th!
SCARE ON CP!~Mathewton1


My favorite part is that we can scare for fun. And the Most Scariest Costume I could create was the the JOX
costume the purple dragon legs and the blue ear wings.Thanks for the awsome party its one of my favorite
partys ever.



I'm in team pnk and ok I think it's cool your can dress up up and scare people and also play the scare games it's my third favourite party
Penguin name : krupali


My favorite party so far is get to wear the Sully costume and get some more items from the monster catalog. Thanks for a great costumes to get Club Penguin.The scary costume i will create is to have Sully , blue shoes and flys into the sky and have super power to make them strong. Thanks from the OK team. Also sully carry a torphy.

I wuv puppies :3:

My favorite part was showing girls (PNK) are with laser coming out it`s hands and it flies!!!!!!AWWWW YAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!



My favorite part is when scare those sleeping Club Penguin robot. LOL! I love when my penguin-monster failed to scare the robot and my scariest monster costume is Jox Costume with Horns and Purple Monster Do , Ghost Glasses , Tusk's Cloak , and Chinese Dragon's feet ! We know Tusk is scary , so i add Tusk's cloak to my costume so Tusk can scare , too! Waddle on CP! Scare Squad , Let's Scare!


OK OK Go team OK!

Hey Guys Its Adamasway!
My Favrotie Part Of the party to far its the teams and i am so sorry to Team JOX That they has not that much members I would get a +500 Plus bot Members
My Fav Part Of The Team Is The House!
Okay bye!


I love the party.I think the houses are just amazing and I love the scare games.Though I'm a little disappointed not many rooms are decorated and there are no mascots.I cant wait for July 6th to win the trophy for Team Oozma Kappa (OK) I love all the costumes.The scariest costume I can create is the Squishy Mask with the Squishy Mom Dress and the Yellow Wings.SCARY.


There are so many things about this party that make it special! If I had to pick only one, my favorite would probably be the GIANT penguins! The puffle you walk around with also becomes huge! I wonder if those creatures like being bigger than us? My favorite costume would be Sully's outfit plus blue dragon feet. It matches perfectly, and the costume itself is fluffy!

Blue Kid 707:

My favorite part so far is that we don't have to waste coins! Im save up for the new catolog thats coming so excited!Another favorite part of the Monsters University party is that you can play an awesome mini game! I think the scariest costume I can make is art with a sully costume!Thanks for the Monsters University party and I can't wait for the Star Wars party!Waddle on! ;)


Well its pretty simple, I just get Sully costume on, get my underwater jetpack on, and then get the June 2 wings and masks on. Keep up on the good work Club Penguin Team, and Waddle on to you and friends!


My favorite part of the party is definitely competing in the scare games! GO OK! I think the scariest costume I can create is Mike with Sully's head coming out of his eye!


My favourite part is when you scare the penguins in fun :) and I like the games it fun so you better start waddle in cp it's the best game in the whole world and I like how they done the costume and the pizza shop and coffee it's AWESOME so W A D D L E O N C P N O W!! so hope you like my post -atara1233 :)


dear cp will we be seeing another medieval party and also could we have a despicable me party as well and one more thing i love the mu party-josh1205


My favourite part is the costumes because I would like to see the movie and the costumes show there Cool personalities. The scariest I can think of is Herbets face the body of Sully the arms of Squidzoid and the feet of The Hulk


My favourite part of the party is the curiousness of which faternety is gonna win...I'm really excited to know about that! Any ideas?i guess it's gonna be OK because currently they are on the top right? Well I am very very very excited and I hope you are too! :D..which team do you vote for?


my favorite part of the party: EVERYTHING! club penguin will be awesome forever! my monster is a hairy dinosaur, i have a skull as head, and red dragon feet, and a sulley costume for my roar, i have a penguin neck, and i have a extra face in my mouth that eats the food for me, the skull takes the food and gives it to the face, but the rest it does is talk and burp!


My favorite part of the party is to scare, scare and scare even more! I joined JOX and wear a PBB (Percy-Bigfoot-Batman) costume. Sometimes even I get scared of my outfit! The party is great and keep the good work! Waddle On!

i wuv puppies :3:

1.My favorite part is maybe showing girls (P.N.K) are equal to boys in all ways but one!
2.The scariest monster costume would be a two-headed griffon that shots out lighting!OMG!!
-Kibbles rock


I am L-O-V-I-N-G the MU[Monster Universty P-A-R-T-Y.I love the scare games , I go for team PNK!.My scariest costume I could make is a costume with the PNK teams face , with sulleys costume , the wings and everything that's scary .GO TEAM PNK!Good job CP keep up on the good work.

CP Lover 1:

My favorite part of the party is to dress up in scary outfits! I am a Double-winged-Clown-Dragon. ROAR!
Waddle On!

Tim Tam1:

Well, my favorite part was being a team and competing in the scare games! I picked Team Jox because they really do ROCK, even though they are coming last in the scare games, they are still the best team EVER! Hopefully we can become number 1 soon. The scariest costume I can make is having a randal head with a Sully costume and dragon feet. It's not really THAT scary but it is the scariest costume I can make. :)

Scare on fellow penguins!

Enter nickname:

So far I've really enjoyed all the different activities provided around the Clubpenguin Island, it's great how you can join all teams, to help build & progress points for the direct teams. I like how we earn and collect items on the way. Also the most scariest costume I could create would be an OK Alien Ears that can travel through time & schools, ROR Fire-breathing beak along with a Magical PNK purse which could invent all kinds of monster's equipment, Lastly I would have a JOX cape.


So far I've really enjoyed all the different activities provided around the Clubpenguin Island, it's great how you can join all teams, to help build & progress points for the direct teams. I like how we earn and collect items on the way. Also the most scariest costume I could create would be an OK Alien Ears that can travel through time & schools, ROR Fire-breathing beak along with a Magical PNK purse which could invent all kinds of monster's equipment, Lastly I would have a JOX cape.


Hi! My favorite thing about the party is the Scare Games. Even though it is fun, the robots do need to clean their room. My best outfit I could create is Mike Wazowski with a Sulley head. Waddle on penguins and the team, and keep up that good scaring!


My favorite part of the party is the teams houses. I only joined OK cause they look good and or team house is puffle friendly thank you club penguin for such a wonderful party. also check out my costume hes purple with lots of legs and hes got the OK cap on.


My favorite part of the monsters university takeover is playing with my friends and hosting the scare games at my igloo. I like hosting the scare games at my igloo because even though nobody comes, I feel proud of the work.

~ Lillyian100


MU the movie is similar and diffrent to club penguins MU takeover. I love how we get to scare that robot penguin and earn points for our team either OK, PNK, ROR, our JOX. Another thing I love is that their is lots of teamwork in the games and we work together like a family. Finally the Monsterific Costumes! I think Sqishys costume is the cutest and Hardrabbles costume is the scarest to me personally.
Thank You Club Penguin and all my friends!
Waddle On!


My favorite part of the Monsters University Takeover is the Scare Games of course! I love having to dodge and avoid lots of tricky obstacles like the balloons or the trains! The scariest costume I could create is the dinosour feet with the Sulley mask, and a Claire outfit with the Librarian's wings, also with the blue bracelets, the scrunchy one and the other with the spikes! I love you Club Penguinm team, always thinking of GREAT parties for everyone to enjoy. Waddle On Club Penguin!


so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I want to know where the
handouts are.


My favorite part of the Monsters University Takeover is dressing up as monsters from the movie and being a MONSTEROUS SIZE! And July Fourth is going to be a MONSTEROUS day for the U.S.A... Independence Day!!! So to celebrate, I made up an all-American monster! With a Don Mask (Red,) Brock Suit (Blue and White,) a Red Cape, and Red Dragon Feet! It's scary, but honoring the U.S.A at the same time! Scare you later!


My favorite part of the Monsters University party is scaring other penguins with monster costumes. And I also love getting new outfits! My scariest costume would be a mix of different characters with horns, lots of arms, and fur. But my favorite costume would have to be the PNK outfit! This party rules, thanks CP!


just to put out there you made the squish costume and squish's mom costume awesome. You put a lot of work in to it, But the favorite thing in the MU would "beeee" "hmmmmmmmm" Oh yeah ready Club penguin its OK Go OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a weird scary costume would bet the blue big head with the feathers thing the put that purples dude that looks layed back where his eyes are tired on my penguin the to top it of the sully body!!!!!

Enter nickname:

I believe scariness is not only "one" feature but a mixture of features, when I search for a scary in me I try to put different costumes and items together to create a really SCARY monster, once I find the perfect scaring outfit I get to Monsters University and test out my new scaring skills! ROAR!!!


The best and the valuable part of the party is enjoying the party...I mean you guys(CP crew) put a smile at every penguin's face,that includes me :) and of course a surprising and scary face.The party is always a party!The features of this party are great,I mean the games,the monster costumes,the university school,it's like were back to school....the thing was,or in other words,is that I enjoyed the party,and of course the other penguins.Oh ya,my favorite costume was Terry and Terri.



Marble head:

The thing I like the most about the MU party is the rivalry and the school. I like the school because you could play as a student and I like the rivalry between teams because its just fun. But the most scariest outfit I could make is Sully as a rich monster!


I loved how the costumes were designed and how you can earn points for your team. One cool costume I made was I wore Johnny's ROR costume, without the mask, then wear blue sunglasses and a cap and you look like one tough penguin.


I like every thing about it, but, I'm still looking fore the hideouts.


So far my favorite part of the party is pretty much everything! I like the decorated rooms, they have details that were really in the movie!
I also like the scare games, they are not to hard but not something that you get perfect on every single time. I also like the costumes because you can scare extra with them! Finally, I like the music at the party. The music for the frat and sorority houses match perfectly to what the movie characters are like in each house!

By Cecedancer18


My favorite part of the party so far is getting to buy all the awesome monster costumes! My favorite monster costume I created was Sully's head on the ROR jacket! I'm a huge ROR fan!


My favorite part of the Monster University takeover is being able to "scare" friends! It's so fun! My favorite costume that is scariest
to me is probably the Sully costume and it's so cool because it makes you really large and his costume is scary! I also like doing my own scary oufits that I made up with my own items from other months in Club Penguin! Go team OK!
Waddle on Club Penguin pals!


my favorite part of this party is to be a part of it.As i was supporting all the teams but OK more i think that this party wanna tell us scare is fun the ones who are scared will also have fun.The scariest monster costume can be creepy doll make up blue lagoon hair sword in hand yeti paws and of course sully costume.Screams come true.


i don't have the outfit but Id make Justin Beaber . just kidding :) Id make a serpent (snake)with 20 heads each 2 ft tall and the monster is 1000000 pounds each head has a different ability such as fire breathing, toxic spitting ect. it could also fly and has razor sharp claws


Club Penguin Monsters Takeover is the most awesome event I have ever participated in! My favourite part of the party is when we get to play in the scare games especially when you see that you have clicked on space at the right time to t=know that the scare jar is full with points! The best part is when you use those points to purchase the awesome costumes! The scariest costume I came create is using Hardscrabble's Mask, Hardscrabble's WIngs and Chet's costume! Hope that you like my idea! Thanks!

Pin Pin Pon:

My favorite part would have to be being able to roar and grow in size! And the scariest monster costume would have to be dark wings, vampire teeth, creepy hair and a red and black sweater! Waddle On CP Team!


my brothers are scarier than anything


My fave bit of the party so far is scaring the robots when their sleeping! i also think the houses are FANTASTIC!! I love scaring other penguins around me. If I could make a scary robot i would would make it have laser eyes,i would give it a evil laugh and evil clothes which have a penguin with a cross on it,i would make it have blood dripping of his head,ears,arms and clothes.That would be my worst night mare!It would also have stink bombs!! ^-^Too scary!




My favorite part of the MU party is the scaring games. I can't wait to see who wins!

L U K E 5 8:



Only one word can define the Club Penguin Monsters University Party. Excellence! I mean, my favorite part of the party is nearly everything! I mean the rooms and the games! They're so great and so modified!

Melvin 505:

My favorite part? Definitely how everything is interactive. What I enjoy about games is how you can actually pretend that it's realistic, which is why I love role playing with other players! My best costume? I put on the Three Horned Green along with the Celadon Alien Costume, with the little cast foot item from the Hollywood Party, and then a Lime Green color to make a furry green (and blind) monster!

Mew Mew 124:

The party is AMAZING! You worked really hard on the costumes for this. The scariest outfit I made? Purple dragon feet, black raven wings, and an OK sweater! Once again, the party RULES! It's amazing!

Scare on!


I love that instead of just play the scare game you can just scare other players on club penguin. The scariest costume I could make would be using the blue squid costume from shadow guy and gamma gal. Next I would use the one eyed mask (needs to be unlocked). Next red hulks hair and tusks cape and a book for studying scaring. And last is scorns dragon feet (I think this is the best party in club penguin yet!


My favorite part of the party is hmm.Everything is awesome i like how you guys did inside and outside monster university. plus i like how you did the little houses for the teams it looks awesome.And my scariest costume is the purple hair with two eyes and the percy coustme and the fire shoes it's not for sacring i just wanted to put style for but in a monster.
That's my favorite part of the party and scariest costume
waddle on!


my favert part is the team hidouts i hop ok


My favorite part of the MU takover is that i will have more chances to get party stamps.My scariest costume is: purple dragon feet, johnny costume, handscrabble wings and sulley mask

Puffle 109:



I like the SCARE GAME!! The little dragon character is so cute! Keep being the best!
Yours penguinly,
Jengawabble1 :)







my favorite part of the party is being abele to use scare points to buy stuff and not coins and I think the best monster costume is sully mask with brock shirt. waddle and scare on!


My favorite part about competing in the scare games is winning points for your team. I feel so good after words and my tank is full! I'm on PNK and my team started out in 3rd place and now we're in 2nd. One more to go! My most monstrous costume is wearing the James Sullivan costume because it makes you bigger than everyone else. But always wear the PNK mask for the top! :) Thanks for the awesome party Club Penguin!


The MU party are the goodest party of ever!=)







Hmmm, I have to my favorite part of the Party is seeing all the scary monsters. Ahhh! So scary. From Mick to Scully I cant tell which is more scary. And the scare games. I love playing on the different teams and seeing which team is me so far my team is OK. I am so good at the scare games I never got red. My scary costume I had made would be during this monster party was a goust suit, with wings in the October 2012 catalog, A PNK mask, and some rainbow boots just to make myself colorful.


I know some of you penguins might not know me. Im new to club penguin. But what i would say is that my favorite part of the party is all the costumes. I love how club penguin made all of them i like the sully costume and mike. And one of the other parts that i like are the scare games and the wining tropy part i know all of you cant wait untill july 6. If i was going to make a monster costume i would make it the size as the hole island to club penguin gets to where a monster costume. Bye :)


My favorite part of this party is competing in the scare games because if you play the game your contribution goes a long way.The scariest costume i can create is first is dressing as a dragon and holding a spear as its weapon.
Waddle on CP


I don't really have a favorite teem I love all of them!! XD
The scariest costume I can come up with is the Sully costume with a moose mask with purple dragon feet and wings from June 2 and a purse! LOL XD!


Hmmmm my favorite part is probably the feturnetys because they all represent a different team and their personalities. The scariest costume I could make would be Art on my face, Sullys body, and dragon shoes!!!


My favorite part of the Monster University is the houses for the teams. All decorated rooms are awesome too. I know the club penguin team worked extra hard on this party. I know everyone is grateful too. Thank you so much.


scariest monster that i can think of is a 3 headed monster with dracula wings with a crazy-scary face with drool coming out of its mouth


my favorites are when people create their own costumes. (i started the purple dragon mixture thing!) i used a hero mask, a purple wings headband, the orange wings from the scare points catalogue, and purple dragon costume.... but other people have so much creativity, they make something plain and boring, awesome and colorful! i love seeing the creativity in all the penguins, and cant wait for what they do for the star wars takeover!


Is it ok if i have TWO favorite parts? My favorite part is the hideouts and the team itself! Everything so far is going well...Waddle on!
[or scare on]

Ice Cream 56:

My favorite part of this party is SCARING! I love helping PNK catch up. My monster costume is a dragon with two pairs of wings and a three eyed face! Waddle on, cp!

- Ice Cream 56


My favorite part of the party is the scare games.I like sneaking up on the robot and buying monster costumes with my scare points.

My my costume is weird but that's what makes it scary.

Keep on waddling!


My favourite part of the party so far is when you get new outfits and you can play new games! The scariest costume I made is: vampire fangs, with handscrabble wings, Johny Mask, Chet Costume, the pot of GOLD and purple sneakers to add style to my monster!
And i hope that OK wins! YAY FOR OK!


Hello club penguin I like team OK I have one thing to say for the Star Wars party could you make the part when you vs herbert can you do the bit when dearth vader when he say I am your farther

Ice Fishing Master:

My Favourite Part of the party is, Everything.
The Costumes, The Scaring, the sillyness, like i said, EVERYTHING!
I can make a scary costume anyday. Like on Halloween. I think I'll dressed up as Sully from Monsters Inc. And I would becrazy scary! I thought if I mixed and matched some of my favourite things and personalities from the costumes in the party, I would look hilarious! And I totally did, no question. That's why I am so silly. Waddle on!

Penguin Name: Galexy9845 :) :P ^ ^ LOL Bye


My favorite part of the party is the rooms i love the soroity and fraternity houses and i also love love love the costumes they look just like in the movie u guys didnt forget anything right to the last horn! The scariet costume i could create would involve a puffle it would be sully with more horns , more fangs , enormus wings and a giant puffle ! thx for the party so far it has been waddletastic ! Thanks WADDLE ON!

mr manunited:

im in OK, ROR and JOX.
the scare games are epic, i love earning points to get the items but i can only get one a day because i'm a non-member


My favorite part is the scare games! I love to master the art of scaring and earning my team some points while I'm at it! And I also like that I can use the scare points to get scary costumes! RAWR!!!


I love monster university theme.I think it is awesome!!!!!! I love the items. They are awesome!!!!!!!!!


My favorite part of the party is when i can SCARE my friends and have them SCARE me back. We get a lot of giggles by doing that! If I had to create a scary monster costume, then i would just use the Sulley costume because he is one of the scariest monsters ever!


I really like the scare games and how you can compete for different teams. I also like that it is an actual competition with a real winner. I also think the houses were well done being based off the movie. The music is great! I love the song "We're All OK"! The scariest costume that I made a monster costume using the crab monster's body, red hulk's hair,a red mask, giant clawed feet, and huge bat wings. This party was great. Keep it up CP!!!


I also like the attention to detail and the similarities from the movie.

Dunkin 123:

My favorite part of the Monsters U party was the JOX fraternity home . It seems like there's always a party their .In my opinion the scariest costume and personally my favorite had to be the Terry and Terri costume . I just love those two and loved waddling around the island scaring other penguins. From, Dunkin 123 WADDLE ON


I made the weirdest monster costume . I was wearing the Majestic Makeup,Terri and Terry costume,Sliver Stilettos,Squid Hug, and Pink Monster Fins. It looks like eyelashes and fins are floating in mid-air.


My favorite part of the party is definitely the fraternity houses. It's so roartastic that the houses look EXACTLY like the ones in the movies. The scariest costume I can create is Claire's mask with Hardscrabble's wings and Chet's costume. Freaky!


My favorite part was everything! This is my favorite party yet! The scariest costume i can make was one with wings the bird head and a hoodie.


I would like the costumes when come to mike sulley brock hardscrabble too I squishy mask with hardscrabble wings and the suit


I really enjoy this party its like we are exactly in the movie! Thank you so much for this party! I love everything about this party this is my favorite party! I LOVE how you made this party! Thank You!!!!!

baby beau:

the scariest monster costume would be: sulley body, art costume, purple dragon feet, and pumpkin head all together.


Hey guys! The Monsters University party is rocking awesome! My scariest costume would be the purple dragon feet, the Claire costume, the Handscrabble wings, the black and white mask, and the punk style hair. I chose the punk style hair because every monster has to have some fashion! Thanks for the Monsters University party! Waddle on! - 4455bendy

Mr Smart 333 :

fav part of the party is scare games and my costume would be dca helmet sulley suit bat wings art face item and dragon feet



I don't want to brag but mine is pretty scary it has Hardscrabble wings and Johnny suit and head. P.S. art's costume isn't very cool.


My favorite part about the Monsters University Party is being able to play in the scare games and get the costumes from the movie you really did a good job this time club penguin waddle on!


The party is like so awesome :DD
The costumes are totes awesome and fashionable, for a monster :3
The houses, ROR, OK, and PNK are great!You get to hang out with friends and get your scare on! :P
Anyway, i thought the party was great and i hope to see parties as great as this! :)
Waddle on!!


well, there's a lot of good scary combos in the monster outfits what i did is alien mask Johney outfit dragon feet and the double o well i use it as my head item a lot and i like the way others do it to they do look scary alright


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