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By Polo Field on July 2, 2013 - 16:12

Last week we asked, which personality from the Monsters University characters do you relate to and why?


I really liked Chingu123's answer: I just want to say that I loved the movie Monsters University, even better than Monsters Inc! I probably mostly relate to Mike Wazowski, "The Overachiever!" When I see a goal to set, I hurry after that goal, and even achieve more, like with stamps in Club Penguin! Thanks for the awesome party! Waddle on, Club Penguin, you're the real overachievers :).


Thanks for the compliment Chingu123. Glad you are enjoying the party!

For everyone else out there competing in the Scare Games. What are your favorite parts of the party so far? What's the scariest monster costume you can create?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



well I just really want to say that I love the party and my best costume would include vampire teeth and wings and the were wolf costume and im looking forward to the star wars party I hope we can get light sabers and x wings I hope there are 6 chapters and if there are im looking forward to number 3 because me personally I just love the third movie and I hope we can change the color of the light sabers if we can get them and I hope that we can get the cute r2 d2 puffle hat thanks and waddle on!


I have several favorite things about the party so far, but the one I like most is definately the scare games. I love games that either get released into the game or games only for the party. I wanted to ask you guys if you could change the scare game be sort of like from the movie. The scariest monster costume I can come up with is combing the Jonny mask , Art face item, and Sully body item. It makes me look huge!! Nice job on the party! My name on Club Penguin is Tecon. WADDLE ON!!


I am like the pink team because we work together
and my 2nd favorite color is pink
waddle on !!!


I absolutely love the Monster Inc. University party. My favorite part is probably the awesome costumes. I love that you can roar and scare people in them :D I think the scariest costume I can come up with would be my skelaton pirate mask with my vampire teeth, and a blue Sulley body costume holding a graphook I got from the Herbert takeover party. That would probably scare the flippers off of a penguin :)


Awesome theme, .I think that a lot of the themes item are awesome!!!!!!!!!! I am saying that the theme is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the scare games and the theme is AWESOME!!!!!!! WADDLE ON PENGUINS!!!!!!!!


OMG! MU party is so awesome-est party! You guys will sad if you ignore this party. My favorite part in party is maybe the scare games, fraternity house, and the pizza parlor. My favorite costume is Percy Costume, Mike costume, Sully costume. I though all costume in this party are awesome. Waddle on CP!
P.S:To unlock Percy Costume write DISNEYMU in unlock items online.


My fav part of party is the scare games!! Its so fun and why are penguins so messy? The best costume i could make is sally mask, Mike body outfit and last but not least raven wings!! Scarerific





My favorite part of the party is to scare the noise out of the robot by opening my mouth and go ROAR! I am in team OK because first, their color, green, is my favorite color. Second of all, they are the scariest team on the whole university, and finally, they use their powers of scaring, caring, and cooperation to win the scare games! Thanks, and Waddle On!


i like geting the scare points its a fun game and i found some secrets the arcade has 1 campis has one and the scare class has one the arcade mikeaphone sings party starts now when some ones on the matt the scare thing dose a thing when doing a scare campis when the tellascop is clickt on an eye will apere for a whill and last but not least the scare class dumby when doing a scare at it it will screm and the scare points will apere at top the scareyer the costrom the biger the reslts waldle on

Thomas 308:

oh this is arely good scare costrom the 3 eyed mask the yellow wings and the purple dragon costrom and feet


i like that u can scare and that theres even team houses thats really cool and i dont think scary i just like the monster costumes because they are exactly like the actual monsters from monsters university so thats preety cool and i like that theres a competion to win the trophy but i dont care if my team loses because i know we all tried and worked hard and did our best to win :)


My favorite part of the monster party is picking a team for the scare games I like being on the OK team. I combined different costumes to make more penguins scream. Club Penguin's parties I always look forward to.


I love the fraternity houses (GO JOX) and how they had their own music and interior design. I like how PNKs was a tea party, RORs was a dance floor, OKs was a living room and JOXs was a hangout. The scariest monster costume would be if you mixed the sully body and art face. that would creep me out!! Thanks for the party!
-JOX fan A.K.A sisalou


The Monsters University Takeover is absolutely amazing, and it has become almost impossible for me to pick a favorite thing about this party. But I have seen a HUGE growth in teamwork on Club Penguin. It's so much fun watching people work together for their team. The scariest costume I could create would most likely be Sully's body, Hardscrabbles wings, a dragon's head (fake, of course), and Art's costume. Club Penguin, you have outdone yourself! Sincerly, Redroserain


My favourite part so far is the scare games. I love to scare the CP robot. Whenever I click the space bar and it stops at green I laugh out loud and the costumes are amazing. The scariest costume that I could make would be - wear the blue fin and then u wear ROR costume and then the big ears and dragon feet.

Didi Pengy:

The party is REALLY cool.
Ummm...I love especially how each room is decorated(the details are so carefully drawn,as always) , sometimes I log in only to see them.
The most scariest costume I can create...?The question is a little hard,because there are SO MANY variants. But how imagination has no limits.... I think a giant gingerbread monster, with three eyes and yellow dragon wings might scare someone...or could make someone eat him( in the worst case, lol ) .


My favourite part of the party so far would probably be the minigame. I like it because it can be challenging and i have also finished it twice. I don't like the helicopter in the last level though.


my i made is combo with the horn and the ok sweter and i it was so cool.


I love the JOX house for the MU takeover! Even though I'm an OK, not a JOX, It still rocks! I love when 2 penguins go on each side and then the ping pong table does ping pong! The scariest costume is Sulley's head with a PNK girl's body item. It's like, Sulley the girl!

sonic hedge4:

dude first LOL, then i am going to try that right know.thx for the tip


I would turn light blue and put on the puffle hoodie (only availible on my penguin).


My FAVORITE part of the party is seeing every kid that's playing is having a BLAST!!! Thank you Clubpenguin Team for making every kid around the globe who is playing Clubpenguin happy! I know you have made me happy,too! In this party there are so many things that you have never seen before that makes a penguin so JOYFUL!!! But, they could have never been that joyful if it wasn't for you guys. I truly say thank you. And i mean it. Thanks for the EXTRAORDINARY party! Waddle On CP Team! ;))


My favorite part of the party has been all the scary costumes! I plan on seein Monsters University today, so the Scare games better be as scary as they have been during this party! The scariest costume I can think of is probably Sulley's head plus body with Hardscrabble's wings and feet! I hope team OK wins the Scare Games!
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My favorite party of the monsters university is the scare games and the classroom but in the scare games the child should clean its room so we can just Walts right in and scare it! And I like the classroom because I make new friends and I like to watch ppl well I pretend to study XD ( btw excuse my spelling if I'm spelling anything wrong ) and the scariest costume I can Create is I think the randy head and outfit then the two headed guys in the background and then some dragon feet. scare on.


My favorite part of the party is the scare games. They really need to learn how to clean their rooms! I think the scariest costume that i can come up with is Sulley's body with Squshy's mom's head. LOL! I really like the clubhouses. My favorite is OK. GO OK! Can you guess which team im on? Lol. Waddle on Cp!


My favorite part of the party is the Lecture Hall and how you can practice scaring and the only way to get all the bars is teamwork. I also think the fraternities are really cool because you can really feel like you're part of the team. I think the best costume is Johnny because he is really intimidating. Great job on creating the party! Waddle on!!


My favorite part in the MU party is I'm going to say the scare game you guys made!It looks like it took you guys a long time to make.The graphics,movement,scaring!But all and all you guys did great and i cant wait for next year i don't know if were going to have the party again but i hope so!


The thing I love most of the party is that you can play awesome scare games and earn points to buy awesome items from the movie!!
Even all the rooms looks really the same just like they appear in the movie! Also if I would create my own monster costume it would be: Sulley's body, PNK head, Butterfly wings and red dragon feet!
The party is awesome I am really enjoying it!!
Waddle on!!


I love the scare games the best and scaring penguins! and the scariest costume is a pnk mask and a dragon bottem. see you out in the scare cp!


My fave part is... I couldn't pick one! Its really challenging to try and beat the teams in front of you 1st place or not and to express yourself in a scary way!


The Best part About this party has to be the Growl!! (Pizza place) Monsters go there to hang out, chat, and show off there inner monster!! the scariest costume I have seen so far has to Sullys body, And a moose hat! lol!!
Scare On!!!


my costume is rad awsome i have rainbow hair,sully suit,grabble wings,black glasses,and a pink penguin favorite of the part is the timing in the scare game and the dorms.the timing helps u learn which is a big thing a love.


My favorite part of the party is everything! Club Penguin has really done great for its first MU takeover. I love all the designs. The scariest monster costume I can create is something light and really have something that can bring a louder scare. :D :D :D.


my favorite part is the mini game because you have to be skilled at getting to the other side of the room and click the mouse at the right time, any way, the scariest monster costume I can think of is a reindeer head, some glowing cat eyes, a cow body, some batwings, and some red dragon feet. LOL. waddle on CP


My fave part is the scare games!And my fave costumes too!Im on team ROR.waddle on club penguin!


Well,my favorite game in Monsters Universety is the Scare Games!Even if you don't get the best score you get another shot at it and I like that Cp:DAlso the scariest costume I can make is the James B.Sullivan costume!I like that costume because when u wear the body part u turn HUGE!And he's the best scaring major ever!!U are also all little(or big) monsters inside!Waddle On,


My favorite part of the party is how you can get new costumes everyday and also when you play the Scare Games you help the team that you are voting for win! I want every team to win because it just feels right and i feel like its not fair to the other teams to lose, That is a little thing that i like to call "team work". Waddle on!


Are you the Littlemix the dancers


My favorite part about the Monsters University takeover was being able to walk into the decorated rooms and feel like I was part of the movie. Also the truth is it is really hard to pick the scariest costume. Club penguin made such great costumes they are all equally EXTREMELY scary!! P.S. Waddle On club penguin


My Favorite Part Of The Party Is Working Hard To Win The Trophy On July 6th. I'm Scaring HUGE Crowds And Playing Lots Of Rounds Of The Scare Games Mini Game. Cause That's "OK" , Isn't It? I Love The Epic Costumes And This Party is Brill! Can't Wait For The Next! ( I Don't Wanna Spoil For Some Readers) And My Name Is Kileyiceburg!


that's cool that your a *ok fan *but im all about the PNK!!! I also love scaring big crowds in like the town and on full servers! the more the merrier!

6671 Penguin:

Well, first of all I loved the monsters university movie too and it was better than monsters inc. But my favorite party of the monsters university party was the scare games! I like to scare a lot of my friends. It's just like scaring friends on club penguin. I'm working on to win the trophy on July 6th. I love the epic monster coustumes. I scared monster crowds. Can't wait for the star wars party coming in July. Go team ROR!!!!



6671 Penguin:

Well, first of all I loved the monsters university movie too and it was better than monsters inc. But my favorite party of the monsters university party was the scare games! I like to scare a lot of my friends. It's just like scaring friends on club penguin. I'm working on to win the trophy on July 6th. I love the epic monster costumes. I scared monster crowds. Can't wait for the star wars party coming in July .Go team ROR!!!!

nICK r 11:



I like the costumes,the scaring game,the buildings, and all of the decorations


The new monster university party sure is amazing everything is so cool I love the monster themed stores. But my favorite part has to be the ferternity houses, I love all of the houses OK,JOX,ROR, and PNK they are all amazing they are so fun to go into. My favorite houses are the Ok house and the PNK house, I love the OK house it's like an exact replica to the moms house in monsters university great job CP. The PNK house is amazing because it filled with everything pink even the people! Thnxs


the houses are my fav part they all got a crazy style ok house is comfy little cozy home jox team is messy party penguins ror is dancey party pnk is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY pink

until next time waddle on fusiaberry


love the Monsters University party.It the best! anyways the outfits are super cool.Perfect for scaring jobs lol .Go Team OK And PNK!


Thanks so much Club Penguin for selecting my comment! This was my first time mentioned on the blog! And guess what! My birthday is July 6th! That's the day the winner is announced of the Scare Games! Cross your fingers for Oozma Kappa! We're OK!


I like,everything's so awesome,but the best part is that I can get scare points to earn stuff!So yeah,about the scary costumes.
The scariest costume is bats!I mean that almost everyone is scared of VAMPIRE bats!
Anyway,have good luck scaring penguins...but don't scare yourself! ;p! Waddle on!


I think I like the Scare games the most. Tip-toeing through the room, then jumping on the meter and scaring the doll robot is so fun! I like combining Sulley’s body with Squishy’s face because Squishy is so funny and cute, and the Sulley body makes you huge. I absolutely LOVE this party and also can’t wait for the STAR WARS party!!! Waddle on!


Well, 1st I would like to say the theme was a great pick because some kids can't afford to go to the movies and see the actual movie like me and i know some other kids too but when i told my friends to go to here they told me it was the best game they ever played so i tried it and i loved it almost every day i would wake up and automatically try and earn a new outfit ! My favorite parts of the game is the experience and the games ! Scariest outfit i can make is sully's body outfit and the king !


Well, everything! The scare games, the costumes, the University! It's really cool how you play the scare game and earn scare points instead of using your coins! So creative! The costumes are awesome! I have every single item! I am always hanging out at the University and being at school! It's just fun to let our imaginations come alive in Clubpenguin! This is one of the best parties yet! Thanks for a once in a lifetime party and opportunity!


I like the PNK the best because I'm a girl! And I think the scariest person the
The movie would be Sully. Because he is just scary looking.So I love love love
Clubpenguin so much if I could see you guys in person I would just hug you!


I just want to say that I'm REALLY enjoying the party so far! Because my favourite part so far is competing in the scare games! I'm supporting PNK. What team are you supporting for Polo Field? The scariest costume I can create is... Using Sully's body, Squishy's Mom's head, Art costume (neck item) and Just normal random cool shoes (I don't know which ones xDD) So that's it! Waddle On Polo Field And The Rest Of The Crew At CP! Enjoy the rest of the party! I hope PNK wins! GO TEAM PNK!!


My favorite thing about the party is the fun that all the penguins have when we are all together! I also really enjoyed the houses fr each team. A really cool costume that I made up is the purple hair with the pop-out eyes, the OK sweater, and the yellow fins on the side of the head. Thank you Club Penguin for this wonderful party!


Monsters University party costumes are really cool!!!! First it takes time for the exciting costumes to be available, but I mostly see everyone use Sulley and Mike to scare everyone! Nothing beats Club Penguin! Parties and virtual costumes are so attractive which makes Club Penguin the most attractive game ever! Club Penguin is the best game because of the MU party! Thee best costume is Sulley because if you keep on scaring he'll get bigger! Thank you Club Penguin! Go OK!!!!!!!


My favorite part are the scare games!They are so much fun!And the scariest costume is sulley head,teleknesis mak,a sword,monster feet,and last but not least,Johnny Worthinghton costume.Goosebumps!

Fire Guy333:

My favorite parts of the party would have to be the houses Were the teams are. Because i love how they decorated and how it's we're you team can relax. Club penguin group you party's get better every time!!!! Waddle on!!!


My teams are ok and ror


My favorite part is the scare game. Its fun because I can tell if i get 100 % by the scream. I also like flying through the whole level when there is not air balloons. I don't care if i win the 10,000 coins that much.


I loved how you really make a difference with your teams score by competing in the scare games. It's amazing how we are able to use teamwork to change your fraternity's score! The scariest and biggest costume I can make would be Art Costume with the sulley body and then this one eyed alien mask I had unlocked a while ago, and claws as my shoes. I was sure to scare penguins all around me when I pressed d!

co co pop 13:

Ok is the best ok go go go ok is my team from the start even if we lose which wont happen I would say ok it my team ok ok ok Waddell


I favourate thing was all the costomes


If I had to pick a favorite part it's a tie between the scare game and the fraternity houses.I think the games are amazing because I like the obstacles and how you did it.I also like the fraternity house because you didn't see all the fraternity houses in the movie M U.You only see 2.The scariest costume I can create is the Claire mask with the other part of the sully costume and dragon. - zizabella P.s Thank you for doing this party.M U is my favorite movie.


Well I love the monsters university, but my favorite part is seeing how creative everyone can be making their own monsters with the costumes. But the scariest one I can make let me think........... oh I got it!! It's the sully body and the Claire head piece. Well that's all I got.

Waddle On Everyone


I love Monsters University!!! go team Jox


Dude guy Wie :

I LOVE the scare games, and you can get outfits and bonus stuff, without using coins! Also, you can compete for any team you want , and if you change your mind, you can compete in another team no problem! I also like the houses for the teams, but I think ok's is the comfiest! And like everyone says, monsters university is better than monsters inc.! Go team OK !!!!!!!! Also, I like that you can scare people! Ever since I've played cp, the parties hit better and better! Go OK, once again!


lot of penguins

Koopa Fan:

Cp Did a great job with monsters university party and disney pixar did a great job making the movie But the One thing i like about this Party The Most Is The costumes disney made those monsters and cp changed it a bit to make it fit for penguins! Waddle on Cp!


i think my favortie party of the MU party is everything because its so fun you get to go to growl, hang out with friends at the clubs like the PNK team, ROR team, JOX Team, OK Team! And i love haning out at school. thank you for doing MU Party i met a lot of great new friends. Im working really hard helping all teams to win. i cant wait to find out which team won!! anyway i think the scariest monster is james B sullivan, i love how you guys put him huge!


First of all, the monsters university party was absolutely fantastic! My favorite part was definitely the scare games, it was so much fun! It felt like I was in the movie, Monsters University. Also the catalog had lots of references from the movie, which was awesome! I think the scariest costume I could come up with s a beard, a rainbow Afro, and Sully's body with flippers. LOL!!!!
Waddle On CP!!! Love your work!!!

Baby Beau:

the scariest costume would be: sulley body, art costume, purple dragon feet, and pumpkin head all together.


My fav part of the party was to...
And my fav costume was the Mike costume!


My favorite part of the Monsters Univerity theme is all the costumes. I really like Sully's costume. It makes your penguin bigger than the other penguins. It's the best theme so far. I haven't saw the movie but I sure want to!!


Oh, I forgot about the 2nd "Question"!
My scariest costume would be a Sulley head and some kind of black body,and the feet Mike has.


monsters university is great movie and club penguin truly
lets it come to life the growl is soo like the movie and so is the OZZMAKAPPA AND ROAR OMEGA ROAR hang outs I have to say great job CP I have played CP for almost two years and by far this the most realistic theme yet and the squishy costume is soo like the movie and I LOVE what you did with the puffle on the pet shop and I cant wait for CPU

IN THE MEAN WHILE WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonic hedge4:

The Mu Party is really cool,My favorite Part about the MU party is the Scare Games because i like how it relates to the movie,the art looks really cool,and the way our penguins are turned to monsters Is EPIC. The Scariest Costume Is The Sulley Costume Because He is so big, He is like a mountain with fur who doesnt work out.He even scares the scary out of me


My fave part of the MU party is the scare games! I love how u don't have 2 make the results end up the same as the movie! The fate of each team lies in ur hands! I also love the rush u get as u jump over the toys without waking up the robot penguin. Let's just hope it's not a light sleeper. The scariest costume I can think of is made up of the scariest monster on the MU campus, Hardscrabble (I got chills just saying her name) with a mask of the #1 scariest scare major, Sully.
- Peaches12102

Calvin U N:

First of all, I LOVE the Monster's University party! It's great that school is here to stay!! My favorite part of the party so far is the experiences. For example, I was teaching a scare class the other day and everyone just seemed so happy! I also love the scare game! I wish it was here to stay! The scariest costume I can create is a ninja-vampire-dragon. It is awesome! It's the costume I'm wearing on my penguin!! It has a ninja mask, bat wings, and a dragon costume. Anyway, waddle on! (-:


My favorite part was the scare games I am a master! And my monster costume would be a purple octopus with shark teeth and one eye also an AMAZING roar!




My favourite part of the party is the scare game! It is very enjoyable to play and I like waking up the penguin. But sometimes I ... Don't ... Well I fail! Which is kind of bad actually ! Oh well ....


First of all, I love the scare game! The scare games are really fun. Second of all, I love the costumes! My favourite costume is George (a monster on the JOX team). I also love scaring people but sometimes that annoys some people but it`s still awesome. I love the JOX team because they make lots of messes and they have a ping pong table. The scariest monster costume I can create is a monster with 3 eyes, the eyes are red, his fur is purple, wearing a JOX coat, 2 horns, and gold teeth.


The most epic part of the scare games is the cool costumes you can create and play around in with friends. The scare games is challenging but it a fun and enjoyable way. I love how you can slowly seek up on the CP doll and try and reach the bed with waking the doll.

I love making new monster and creeping up behind other penguins and shouting a huge Roar! The best costume I made was Muma Sully, I was dressed in the sully outfit holding a handbag wearing make up and necklace. It it so much fun!


I really liked everything about this party, but if I had to choose one it would have to be the scare games. I LOVE the scare games and the obstacles are so creative with the Jack-In-The-Box, mini balloons, choo choo train, flying army soldiers, peanut jar snake, toppling peanut jar snake, and the last one also the hardest one the death copter. I LOVE club penguin!


My favorite part of the scare games are buying new outfits, scaring penguins for my team OK, and scoring a whole lot of points for OK. Waddle on, penguins! -Dariusbear23


My favorite part of the party is the scare games! I love all of the games cp has had in their parties, especially this one. It's fun to try and get your favorite team to win. I think that that the Sulley costume is pretty scary. :D GO OK!!!


What I like about the scare games is that they are beatable. Another thing I like is that you do not have to pick one. I leaned that the hard way


My favorite part of the Monsters University Takeover has to be the Scare Games itself! I love playing it it is super fun! And my scariest monster costume would have to be Hardscrabble!!! Keep up the good work CP!!! Waddle On!!!



Kool Katz3:

my favorite part of the party is the party game because it is fun and the scariest costume i can make is sully costume with art costume and don mask and scare trophy. (i added the scare trophy because only the scariest monsters can get it)


MU party is awesome! I can't choose what is my favourite part. Because all MU party parts is so awesome. But I very like the scare games and the scare games trophy. I can meet Sully and Mike everyday. The party is look like the MU party. Thanks to make this party CP team! Waddle on!


I have really loved the monsters university party because its like a Halloween just for club penguin where you get to scare people and earn costumes and stuff. I really also loved the puffle party when you got to ride in the EPIC limo and pretend your fames. the puffel party was fun because its like a big day for only your puffles and turning into your puffle was fun to!the worst outfit I cane up with was a mix with mikes head sullys body and ugly shoes! bye CP *team PNK!!!*


I really love the monsters university party. its like another Halloween but just for CP. I also liked the Puffle party when you got to turn into your puffle and the grand opning for the puffle hotel. I now have about 3 rainbows puffles.* sold the others*the scaryist costume for the MU is a mix of Randys head, Arts body, and Randys body! GO TEAM PNK!!!


I like sulley costume you get to be big a scaring.

Pinkie 9786:

My favorite part of the party was the fun and excitement everybody had to have their team compete with all the others. It really takes a team to make a great party no matter what team you are in. We are all different and that's what I like about the world. I also like how hard everybody is working to win the trophy on July 6th. If we all work together I know we could win gold one day. The scariest costume I made was the blue bird nest head with the PNK body costume.
Pinkie 9786


There are alot of penguins there!!!!!

Pnk rocks:

I like how everyone is tring their best to win points for their team and having fun :D


I like the mike costume because i like mike wasoski. I remember he tried his best in the scare games .even though he was bad a scaring he still tried and scared the child.just like I try hard.he also used his knowledge to get out of the human world just like I know a lot. You just have to believe. In doing things to accomplish your goal


I love it


i knew how the oozma kappas won
cause they had the top score and i know lots of people played the team and they weren't scary in the movie


First of all, I loved the movie monsters university too!! Now, my favorite part of the monsters university party was the scare games, because after you play you get scare points for your team and with your scare points you can buy monster costumes from the movie like Sulley and MIke! The scariest monster i could create is one with lots of horns and super sharp teeth!! Also, one more thing.... GO OK!!!
WE'RE OK! WE'RE OK! OK is so gonna win the scare games! (again) XD


Hey 6671 penguin will you be my friend


Hey 6671 penguin will you be my friend


My fave part of the party is the teams houses. I love the pretty pink PNK's house it was FA-BOO! Oozma Kappa's house looks like the great same house just like in the movie ( I went to see the movie). JOX's house was a cool place for the cool kids and finally, the scary huge housed family ROR! ROR had a monsterous place that I could stay there all night! The scariest monster I can create is a goop monster with the fangs and with the rainbow hair item and the ipod as hand item! Waddle On!


You know. I think all of the teams should get in the university as long as they try hard. ROX PNK OK and even ROR should get in no matter what they look like or how rude they are. Dont judge them. Think about Mike in the movie how he got in to team OK. He didn't pick that name. He stood up to a whole bunch of monsters and even their principle. The scariest monster EVER! Trying to get back in the school because if you won the scare games... you would be a scarer. They all have the right to scare.


I love the university! I think it's just adorable, and it's also cool that we get to explore it. The Scare Games is a big plus too, along with competing with the other fraternities! I think that the scariest costume you can make is probably with a Sully body piece, a One Eye CDA Mask, and an Art Costume. It looks pretty creepy, if you want to try it out! Go CP!


The part when the monsters and guest comes to our house of ROX TO PARTY ON AND GET THERE GROOVE ON. And the other part of the party i like is when the outfits comes out so i can try on new outfits and costumes.And the costume is that the ROR jacket and a vampire
I really like the ror jacket and the team ROR.


My Favorate thing so far would not be the costumes, the rooms, or the scare games. It would have to be, the simple decorating and animation. I mean just glancing at the drawing of the rooms, and admiring the scare games animation, just makes me remember how hard you guys work, and that makes me admire it ever more!!! My scariest monster creation would have to be..... The Timmy and Timmi Costume, The PNK Mask, ANd The Art Boa. It makes me a Three-Headed Furry Monster!
Waddle On, Rozy1000<3


I like costumes


my fave part so far is the abillity to join ALL TEAMS and i also like the ROR (Roar Omaga Roar) house even thought i'm realy for PNK! LOL

you'r friend,




What I Think about the party is that it is better than any party that club penguin has ever had!!!!!!! The scariest monsters would have to be a monster like Sully and Mike. It was fun to answer those Questions!!!!!!!!!


my fav parts of the party so far is the scare games. its like a another Halloween but just of cp! the trophy on the 6th was epic just like the party. just like sully says " YOU GOTTA REACH DEEP IN AND LET YOUR SCARY OUT" I scared circles around huge crowds. the worst costume is sullys head, arts body, hallbowalkers body *idk what it is* and that's it.. bye cp! best party ever


I think monstersuniversity is better thanmonster inc. :>:>:>:>myfavorite part is that you can join all teams :>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>my scariest mu coustome is george mask +hardscrable coustome+mu trophy+whitesneakers=superscarycouatome:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>::>:>:>.


My favorite part of the Scare Games are helping my team out, scaring my way to victory, and achieving the trophy for OK. I also like the costumes, like Sulley's body, which is cool because you look like you're big. Also, when you have Sulley's body with a puffle, it's almost as big as a normal penguin, wow! And go OK! -Dariusbear23


My favorite part is scaring people and having fun! I think the scariest costume ever is Hardscrabble head and wings with Sulley body because it looks like Sulley's turning into Hardscrabble!


I love the monster costumes, which is why I think nonmembers should be able to get more costumes than they currently are. Please consider letting nonmembers like me more amazing things that members do. Thank you!


my fav part of the party is the scare games ! It is fun scaring the penguin dummy . I also like supporting my fav team OK! They are so funny ! keep up the great work! WADDLE ON :D


I'm soooo PNK




My favorite part of the MU party is the sorority homes, because you can talk to your group and get ready to go to the scaring games and cheer each other on! I also enjoy the scare games! It gives another way to play on CP. My favorite costume is the "Squishy's Mom" costume and the scariest would be the "James.B.Sullivan" costume! I love Club Penguin and hope you never stop! All of the parties cool, and this one is one of the best!!!! Waddle On CP!
*Cheeky 43649*


My favorite part is the daily costumes that don't cost coins (but instead, they cost scare points) and the igloo furniture that transforms my igloo into the ultimate scare school for my buddies! My all-time scariest costume is a Johnny head, an Art costume, and a Randy body. I showed it off to my scare students (I lost).
Thanks for making one the best parties I've ever seen!


My favorite part of the party would be... everything! The cool costumes, the scaring games, and all the fun! I filled up the scaring meter in a day! Scaring monster crowds look fun. Go Ozzma Kappa(OK)!!!!!! Waddle on!


My favorite part of the party are the Scare Games! It's really fun and I'm on OK! I filled my meter in a day and those MU costumes look scary!
The scariest costume I could create would be Sully's size mixed with Mike's huge eye, a darkish black color, and huge, sharp teeth.
Waddle on, Club Penguin! Go MU!


I absolutely LOVE playing the scaring game. I like how the robot penguin's emotion changes depending on your timing. I like it when I hit the green part of the bar. It's REALLY funny! The robot screams like CRAZY! Jumping over the obstacles can be challenging too. I wish the penguin would have a cleaner room though (it would save me a lot of time)! The scariest thing I can think of is wearing a first aid shirt, an eye patch, and a leg cast. Then I'd surprise it with a purple dragon costume!


My favorite part is the scare games! I think I'm amazing and, I can scare my sister in real life too! Lol! The scariest monster I can think of is a 15 headed monster with long claws and big fangs! It will also disappear and be very big! I wouldn't want to find that in my room! I watched Monsters University and it was awesome! I also own a Monsters Inc CD. My cp name is Allyoak. Well, waddle on penguins!

Popcorn Luv7:

My favorite part was trying to scare penguins by jumping over jack-in-the-boxes and going under hot air balloons. I wasn't that good but it was still fun trying it. :p My favorite costume would be the Squishy costume. Squishy is awesome and I would love to dress like him. Go Squishy!


My name is Grandmamae and I love love love love love love love the scare games the obsticals on the floor and the higher levels have a lot and I mean a lot of obsticals and I won 575 points in the scare games today it was awesome please pik me I'm poor please pik me

Ana123 :

I will


my favorite part about the party is scaring penguins and having fun with my friends oh and i think the scariest costume is handscrabble.


I guess that I could make a costume of a monster called Roar Rose. She will be in the team PNK and she will have yellow hair. And pink skin! And a purple skirt!




This is amazing


My favorite part of the party is the team houses because each one has the personality of the people in the team like ROR has the party room, OK has the chill baby sofas, PNK has all kinds of stuff for fashion girls, and finally, JOX with an awesome ping pong table.
Finally, the scariest monster costume I have made so far was James's head and body with bat wings which looked super scary, but I still don't know what he should hold in his hands?
Waddle On!!!


My favorite part of the Monster University party was the great sportsmanship showed between rivalling penguins. Even though Team OK won, everyone can still collect a Scare Games trophy for participating. Also, I see penguins cheering for their team everywhere (Go OK!).
The scariest costume I can create is the Art Costume. When you look at it, the costume seems normal; a work of art. However, when you get close, it scares you! As they say, looks can be deceiving, or don't judge a by its cover.


Okay So, I love to dress up in the costumes because you can use them again and again for any day when you are feeling scary! I think the scariest and best costume you can where is the Sully costume because you look bigger then everyone else when you are wearing it and also Sully is 1 of the main characters.This is just my opinion though so you can disagree!
Waddle On My Friends!
Love your friend,
Rainley1! :)

Emma 143 :

I think the monsters university party was so realistic it was like walking into the real movie. It was fun getting to play some of the scare games. but it is hard trying to pick out the scariest costume because they are all so unique and scary. I wish these event didn't have to end so soon :( it was such a fun event I really hope we have more movie themed party's !! At first before the party started I wasn't so sure about these party but know I think it is awsome Waddle on-Emma 143 :)


I really love the wacky but fun scare challenges! One time I was going for ROR and I played the game...-starts laughing- I was just sneaking up on him and when I got him I got right into the green! He woke up and was like WAK!!! ROFL! I will never forget that day...-ROFL again-...


My favorite part of the party is the scare games because it has cool obsticles like running train toys and air bloons
and it also shows has the robo penguin with funny moves :-) waddle on!


My favourite part of the party is teaching other monsters how to scare in the classroom. I love Disney Pixar and when I heard about this I was more than excited for the party, but I can't wait for the Star Wars party, even if it isn't my taste and I think plenty of people will be logging on during the party. OZOOMA KAPPA FOR THE WIN! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!


I would just like to say what an amazing movie Monsters University was and the Scare Games party was Scare-tastic! My favourite part of the party was playing taking part in the Scare Games and cheering on my team, OK (Oozma Kappa). We worked really hard and I was so happy when I received the trophy. It wasn't about winning, it was about taking part and having a great time, which is exactly what happened! It was Club Penguin that put the scare into us!



My favorite part of the Monster's University Takeover was the Scare Games! I'm on OK and I'm so happy that OK won the Scare Games! I also liked how you can dress up as the monsters in the actual movie! My monster costume was Percy with orange wings, cool shades, purple dragon feet, and a JOX cap( I know I'm not on JOX). Waddle on Club Penguin, and I can't wait for the Star Wars Takeover!


My fav part of the scare games is learning how to scare and dressing up as a monster, my best team is pnk!. I really made fun scaring other monsters & penguins! i even was scared myself!, the really cool thing for non members was that they could take part and get outfits and things. If i was to create my own monster i would start from scratch for my feet Bunny slippers, the neck Spiky neckless , face Yellow Face paint , hair short green with a bone through the middle , body ghost outfit!


My favorite part has to be the last part of the scare games, because, you see Sulley tried to help Mike and when Mike found out.... he wasn't happy he thought he was scary. I thought Sulley was really generous to help out Mike but Rule #1 NO CHEATING!! And I thought
he was helping but... I don't like cheating. On the other hand.. Great job Sulley! And if it was a favorite character contest I would pick Mike and Sulley -Happy Scaring!- Rennolds2


Wow! This Party Is Awesome! (Thank You Clubpenguin Team!) I Love To Scare A Lot Of My Best Friends!! The Costumes Are Epic And There Really Colourfull I Like The Way You Get Diffrent Costumes Every Day! Im On Team PNK! Goooo PNK!!!!!!! I Love Playing The Scare Games Game I Like It Because It Gets Harder And Harder And More Challangeing! Im So Excited For The Star Wards Party When The Monster Universty Party Has Ended Will We Have A Clubpenguin University! You Do Awesome Partys! And Waddle On!



Nick R 11:

so far i like ror and jox. GO


I really liked the part when everyone played the scare games and scare the robot. What I really liked was when Club Penguin let non-members play the games an get free items for everyone I hope Club Penguin have more parties like these sometime again. I can't wait until the next party keep up the good work Club Penguin Waddle On !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fether09 :

Well i don't really have a favorite thing about Monsters University party! Because its all just too cool to choose a favorite thing! I really love it all


my monster i created was a alien dragon feet monster eye alien monster rock star & my fav thing about the puffle is that you can play games with it & my fav puffle is all the the puffles i use to be a member now i can keep thank you but i don't have the rainbow puffle.


U know wat sucks I can't say whatever I want cp what's the deal with that




The scariest costume I can make is a pnk cheerleader costume.


My favorite part is playing the scare game




Fist of all, I really LOVED this party, but my favorite thing was the scare games. Club Penguin made the obstacles so interesting. There was, Jack-in-the-box, mini hot air balloons, choo choo train, flying army soldiers, peanut jar snake, a toppling peanut jar snake, and the last one the death copter. The scariest costume I can make is a pnk head with sully's body and a pink purse. I hope there will be parties just as awesome as this party :)

Pablo Rules2 and Freddigirl:

We love how the costumes look like the characters in the movie. We like scaring other penguins and playing in the scare games. We also like seeing the other penguins dress in scary costumes. Our scariest monster is the green head with three sharp horns, the brown wings, Sully's body, and purple high heals.


My favorite part of the party is that you can go everywhere and scare penguins. The scariest costume I have has a fin head with 3 eyes, a secret super hero mask that's unlockable, a cloak from the medieval party, an alien suit from a play, and is holding both a pumpkin and a Polly horse. SO SCARY!


My favorite parts of the party is everything! The costumes, scare games, trophies, everything! It's really fun and thanks for the MU party. I collected all the monsteriffic costumes and my team OK won! And the scariest costume for me is any one that's big. Gigantic costumes are scary cause you know how you'd feel if you saw ginormous living creatures! Bye


I am mostly like arty creative and wild!


My fave part of the takeover is you get to scare people. My monster is a Sqgrizotro [sq-gri-zo-tro] it has the head of a zombie, body of a griffin, arms of a squid, feet of a troll.


My favorite part of the party was that everyone got something out of it true friendship
Because I made friends with everyone on my team PNK
Sincerely emmabean2005
Waddle on!!


Hi Club penguin! Im Kitteno04 and I think my favourite part of the party is Scare Games! Its very cool I like the detail CP put into it and its very fun and cool. And I think the best monster is a purple monster with horns and three eyes, and four arms, with a small spikey belly. And dont forget the shoes - Bumpy purple shoes, the shoe is dark purple and bumps are light purple. I love CP!!!!
Waddle On, Penguins!
~ Kitteno04


Hay guys if you want to see me I'm on club see you later penguins.


My favourite place was the PNK house.


I made a scary costume with unlock items online




the coustumes are great i love them but i Can't wait for the star wars party coming in July


I think I relate to Sulley because I just go with what's going on and I am willing to cheat to win. My favorite part of the scare games is when they do the hide and sneak. I like hide and sneak because I like to hide from people but then I try to follow them without them seeing me. I think Monsters University is better then Monsters Inc. because there are more characters in Monsters University then Monsters Inc.

Deaven & M:

LOL that's a lot of penguins!!!!! Go PNK!!!!! Monsters university!!!!!


I can't belive ok won I knew they were gonna win GO!OK! EAT ON THAT ROR!


hmmmm, the scariest monster costume?....... The head of Randy, orange wings, body of Johnny, purple dragon feet, and hand item is puffle o's bag. I call him Ranonny dragonwings and the puffle o's are made to turn puffles to scary puffles, he flies over and gives them Scary O's* also he digs with his huge claws and scares zombies.

*Scary O's are puffle O's that turn puffles scary. I made them up.


Go team long as they work to get her and do there best! They'll win here and there and do there best the will win!
Lets hope we win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How do you get them furry monsters inc boots? I really like them. ♥


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