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By Polo Field on July 16, 2013 - 17:27

Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked, whats your best puffle or pet joke?

I really liked Jujugins' answer: "My joke is a pet joke. i think it is quite funny. here it can dogs stop a video game? THEY PRESS THE PAWS BUTTON!"

Great joke! 10,000 coins to Jujugins!

Hope you are all gearing up to save the galaxy! In light of this epic party we want to know, what has been your all time favorite party so far?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



I would have to say the Music Jam, It has always been my favorite, I love dancing to it, and I love getting the items
I just love to dance

Bolha Pão:

My favorite time is to stay in Challenges Ninja! My favorite is the Fire, but Snow is my second favorite as it has super cool outfits! I wanted Challenges ninjas stay forever! Waddle on!


i won star wors


Music/ Ultimate Jam, the one that ISN'T RETURNING THIS YEAR! :/


I don't have a favourite party in particular, but out of all the parties I've been to (every single one since August 2006!) each year I love the Halloween Party and Christmas/Holiday Party. The decorations are amazing and they're the biggest parties of the year no doubt. I love all the effects, designs, and items. I can't wait to see what's in store for this year!


Personally think the Halloween party 2012. Because you got to turn into a ghost and spook people around the island! Waddle on!

Wii Mario 01:

Good topic idea! my favourite party so far would be the Hollywood Party earlier this year! I liked how we could take ride on limo, a fashion show in the Clothes Shop , Attending the awards show! But the best bit of this party was the movie studios! I enjoyed working in the High Speed Getway set! I also met Cadence, Aunt Arctic and SENSEI for the first time! As I revived their stamps as well! I hope you bring it back next year with new movies to work for! Waddle on! Wii Mario 01 :D


My favorite party so far is the Hollywood Party! I felt like a SuperStar,everyone was taking pictures of me and it was so Cool.


I loved the Music Jam party because I got to meet Cadence and her band and what was the best it was about music and you know I just LOVE music and dancing and I also met my first mascot! It was fun and the outfits were AWSOME!
waddle on!


Kallie Jo:

Probably either the April Fools Party 2008 or the Underwater Party (2008). I loved the rooms during the April Fools Party 2008, as I remember pretty much all of them were decorated, and the Iceberg was a pan with ice cubes in it! The rooms were decorated so creatively, and I loved it. I liked the Underwater Party 2008 a lot because, well, I love water! I remember the Night Club being totally underwater, and the speakers were floating! It was so cool. Also, I simply can't forget the Water Party!


For a while, my favorite party has been the Underwater Expedition 2012. I really loved the feel of the party, and being able to explore places that we've never been before. That's been my favorite for a while, methinks. What about you?


my favourite party so far is the puffle party


My favorite party so far was operation hot sauce because we got to flood Herbert's lab and we got to defeat Herbert again.

St Michael3:

My favorite party of all time was the Holiday Party! I enjoyed this party because you can change into different things like a reindeer puffle, a toy car, or even a penguin that can shoot ice! There were awesome decorated rooms and I even enjoyed the music! The best part was that all the penguins were in a joyful mood and were all being nice to each other! -Waddle On


Operation blackout!

operation blackout= because its around the holidays blbla then BOOM! HERBERT TAKEOVER! Also it has a twist

Icystorm 9:

I really liked the Underwater Expedition. Even though it was very scary when the island tipped, it was still fun. I liked seeing everything underwater or at least tipped over. I also liked cleaning up the trash at the dock. This was also where I did my very first Field Ops. It was a memory for me that I will never forget. Thank you for creating it! I hope there will be more parties where the island is filled with water sometime soon!


That's a hard question since I like all the parties. I enjoy the April Fool's party and it's randomness. And the Medieval party since that is the only part of History that actually seems interesting (I don't like history). I like the puffle party because I love puffles and since 2011 (I think) there was always a new puffle to discover. I love the Takeover parties because we expirience something different. Without Star Wars party I would've never watched Star Wars. So thank you CP and Disney =)


My all time party is the Medieval Party, it has lots of different activities like Passing the Ye Knights Quests, getting lots of free outfits, challenging Scorn and getting to the Sky kingdom!



My favorite party would have to be The Music Jam party there is always fun things to do and awesome suveniors keep up the good work! WADDLE ON


My favorite party was the fair! I liked it because we could get new items and play new games!! Me and my friend were trying to see who had more tickets! I would love to meet Rookie!
Waddle on CP


Hey cp team
i think my favorite party so far is the medieval party! i thought is was awesome and really fun you can defeat dragons and play princess and prince with your friends also i like the catalog too! also my fav party is ultimate jam but mostly i love the medieval party.

Cp name~ kimmy506


The Marvel Takeover
because it was awesome to make your robot and you can where a lot more superheroes and villains.


My favourite party so far has been the Festival Of Flight party back in 2009. It was my first party and always has had a special place in my heart. I remember just learning how to use the propeller cap and learn stuff about Club Penguin, I met 2 penguins (I don't remember their names) but they were very helpful to me and showed me how to do more things than I even had thought was in Club Penguin!


hahaha that joke was funny!!!
lol hay heres one joke I made to!
What did yoda use to save his friends life r2d2:
A life sabor!!!

Kelly Ann:

i have to say my favorite party is the holiday Party because you get give coins for change which i find is really nice that club penguin does that and we can meet rockhopper who is my favorite mascot and that party returns every year so that means i can look foward to donate more coins and see the new stuff that club penguin adds.

Waddle On CP


I like all of them. There all cool and very creative! I hope we have great parties in the future.


My favourite party has probably got to be the music party because it was great to be able to play our own instruments and the VIP passes were awesome! Also, it was my first ever party on Club Penguin which made it all the more special! Thank you CP you're awesome! This Star Wars party is going to be THE BEST! Waddle on!


the best party so far on club penguin is... I can't really decide which is the best but I really liked all of the parties whit a portal to box dimension. but I think that all of the parties on club penguin is very good. but if i must choose one its the puffle party in 2010:)


My favorite party of all time was the HOLLYWOOD PARTY!I got to see Herbert,Cadence, Aunt Arctic, and Gary!I got 21 new items from that party.The best part of all was that I pretended to be famous with a bunch of my friend that was my favorite party of all time!!!!!! #WaddleOn

zoom zoom103:

I have a few favorite partys
1st the ultiment jam
2nd the adventure party
3rd I love operation blackout
4th the medival party
I love these partys a lot they are the coolest partys ever
if you want I have some ideas for new club penguin partys my first idea is lilo and stitch some penguins could be stitch and some lilo and our mission is to deafeat dr. hamstervile and we can get updates about new experiments around the island from jumba and we can collect all 624 experiments


Nice joke Jujugins! That made me laugh! LOL! Here's my joke...What do you call a pig that knows karate? a Pork-Chop!


My ALL TIME FAVORITE PARTY is the one I had the most fun at. That would be the Midevil party. There is so much to do AND almost every room is decorated.


My favorite party was........
The card Jitsu party!(2013) Polo field and cp team, I look forward to Card Jitsu Shadow!
Penguin name: Rickey82672


First to post! WOHOOO!


Definitely the second marvel superhero takeover! It was a great party for non members and since I am a non member it was pretty good!
Waddle on!
P.S. please post!


i think all the parties are the best!

you can be a movie star, dress for halloween, you can get a rainbow puffle, and more!


My favorite parties would be tied between Ultimate Jam and the Underwater party. It was so fun to be able to go to all the different rooms and have such awesome music playing (with the chance to meet Cadence!), and I also loved being able to dance and waddle around underwater!


The Music Jam


My FAVORITE party was the island adventure party in 2011! It was so nice to take a break from the cold and have a fun warm, tropical themed party! My favorite part was fighting sailors with the pirates along with Rockhopper! I really hope it comes back this August!


my favorite party's are all of then they are all fun, existing, and awesome they make club penguin a hundred times better


My favorite party was the Holiday party 2012. Getting to explore the island and eating cookies all day. Turning into Puffles, Cars, and Frostbites. Going on the ship and playing a special event for the Scavenger hunt. Then discovering the awesome white penguins! But now my new favorite party will probably be the Star Wars party. I can't wait to use lightsabers and challenge my friends to a duel. Waddle On!


My all time favourite party was the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, it was loads of fun . Before the party, I don't think anyone would like the party, but when it started it was awesome, we got to meet mascots, we got the purple boombox, the pitch perfect shirt, that hat too, with that cool microphone. It was awesome that we got to meet the Penguin Band, and Cadence by just going on that room, where he ad to wait 17 or 20 minutes for them to come, this was pretty easy for everyone to get te stamps




My favorite party is my birthday party we had this year! It was a penguin party!!! Penguin cake, goody bags and favors! I love penguins and club penguin

agent starcone:

operation blackout, if that counts as a party


Hey Club Penguin! MY favorite party of allllll time (I joined in 2010) would have to be the...... Make your mark: ultimate jam!! It was EPIC! I loved everything about it! Cadence's first song was amazing, the rooms were decorated awesome, and we got to meet Cece and Rocky!! My favorite room in that party was backstage, it was so spectacular. Waddle on cp, and keep the awesome parties coming!

Moshi Man8:

The Hollywood Party was the BEST party so far. You could be a director or an actor or actress in 3 different movies. Each movie set had costumes for members and backgrounds for everyone so everyone can have fun starring in a movie and earn a prize for acting in the movie. IT WAS EPICLY AWESOME! Waddle On!


(From this point forward, the following information if highly classified) My absolute favorite party I've been to in Club Penguin history has to be Operation Blackout last year! I've been on this island since 2007, and Operation Blackout was the most thrilling! I loved the Herbert Style catalog, I really liked how a new member of the EPF was captured every day, meeting Herbert in-game was epic, and the video that played after you destroyed the Solar-Laser was my favorite part! Bye! Waddle on!


The puffle party because of the epic puffle hotel and the totally cool rainbow puffle


The Special Agent Party when Herbert destroyed the EPF hideout.


My favorite party so far was by far the Summer kickoff party '07. I liked it a lot because it was my first party and it allowed me to become familiar with Club Penguin. I got a lot of cool free things to wear and I still wear them to this day!

Other than that, I like each anniversary parties because they all remind me of all the fun I've had on club penguin in the last 6-7 years. WE get a cool party hat each year too!


There has been so many fun parties on Club Penguin that it's really difficult to pick just one. However, I find the Holiday parties such as Halloween and Christmas parties to always stand out and be the best. My favorite Club Penguin party till date is actually the Holiday Party from last year. I think that it's really great that we got to transform into different things and have fun ice battles with friends. I hope to see this year's Holiday and Halloween Parties stand out as they always do. :)


I would say my all fav time party is the musin jam! It's always in near my birthday LOL. I love how it's decorated and the casa fiesta. I dance to casa fiesta on cp! When is it next coming out?


Well I can't just pick one party so im telling you my top 3 favorite parties
3.The halloween party. So much fun dressing up in a scary costume and scaring other penguins and I love how its always night time when it's on
2.the Hollywood party it was really fun how you can star in movies and be a super star and win awards
1.the holiday party. I think it's super fun how the island gets festive for the holidays and I love coins for change and helping the planet
I also love the fall fair


My Favorite party its The Puffle Party!!! i think because puffles are so cute and the decoration was so creative and fun! you can get items for everyone and really cool puffle costumes, enjoy all rooms for each color of your puffle and more. It was really fun! i love each of the details! can't wait for next year's puffle party!


I think my favorite party was the blackout party because I love Herbert and I love to play missions


I think the best party yet was the MU party. Also, I think it would be awesome if you could have a party where you where in a time machine and you can go to any time and if there was a party you never got to go to you could go to it.


I think my favorite party so far is the Marvel Superhero Takeover. I thought it was really fun to command robots to try and take over Club Pen..... I mean, I loved how fun it was to put on my superhero suit and fight off the bad guys with awesome power gloves! I also enjoy how much decoration had been done to the place, like how the forest became a picnic area/zoo. But my favorite part was probably all the different things that could be destroyed or fixed! Waddle on CP!

Tire 243:

my favorite party so far is the Christmas party because that was the first party my penguin has been to.


My favorite party is always the Halloween Party because you get to do a scavenger hunt and last party we even got to be ghosts! I wasn't because I was a Non-Member then ;) . The rooms are so fun to go in and are decorated nice!


My favorite party was the Monster University because it was fun and I learned a lot of interesting things! :D

Greeny Mk:

my favorite party was the music jam party of 2010 because i was a member for the first time i started december 25 2008 i loved how you could go backstage it was very awesome!


Well, I loved the Medeval party. It was very cool to go into that maze and find our way! The quests were cool, too! I loved when you could fight the dragon!! This party was my favourite!!!!! :) Waddle on!!


I LOVED the music jam that accrued in 2008! Great music! ;) Great decorations! Great Penguin Band! Great Free Items! I just miss it!


There have been so may parties!It's so hard to choose my favorite one!I think my favorite has got to be either the Halloween or Christmas Party!The Halloween Party is always so fun!I especially liked last year's Halloween Party with the ghost hunting!I always like they Christmas Party because......well I don't really know why!Maybe it's because I just love Christmas!Or maybe it's becuase we donate coins for wildlife,safe homes,and for health!I think that's really nice.I love all the parties!


My favorite party is defenetly without a doubt the music jam! I love it SOO much because I love playing my guitar! I have been going to that party for 3 years now. I think it has been getting better and better each and every year! I can't wait to see what y'all have in store this year!




My favorite party was this year's puffle party. I just love puffles soooooo much!!! :D I also enjoyed the opening of the puffle hotel with my two puffles, Zipedee (blue) and X-treme (red). It was also fun to see my friends' rainbow puffles. I still can't believe that they fart sparkles! :/
I'm looking forward to next year's party! WADDLE ON, CP!

Shao Khan:

Hey there Cp! I think my favorite party has been Halloween Party 2012 Because we got to turn into ghosts and look for keys it was sooo fun! I also thought the masion was a little creepy with the music and all the ghost that pop out of no where lol!That was the best party also those pictures is that the August party???? WADDLE ON!

We Like Ike7:

My all time favorite party on cp, since I've joined, would have to be, the 7th Anniversary Party. It's my favorite because I was able to meet you for the very first time! It was awesome to meet you for my first time ever! Hope to see you at the 8th Anniversary Party too!


My favorite party so far was the puffle party because of the grand opening of the puffle hotel. I
also liked the fun penguin gear that members and non-members could buy! GO CP!!!


My favorite party is the Medieval Party! I had actually created my penguin during the first one and when it ended I got very confused (Until I looked at the past newspapers).

Cr Beak:

Cowboy Party 2007! I loved that party, everything was so westerny and you could see people lasso'ing ropes, the night club had hay in it, and it was probably the only time that the cowboy costume was available. (Correct me if im wrong) I loved that party! Wish it would come back... *Hint Hint*

We Like Ike7:

My all time favorite party on cp, since I've joined, would have to be he Fall Fair 2012! It's my vfavorite because it was the first time I met Rookie! What made it even better, Rookie signed my flipper at the party!


I like your hat.

Waddles Jr7:

Honestly... I like them all!!! But... I'm gonna have to go with....The Ultimate Music jam (shake it up party)! That was an awesome party- Cadence first song came out, I got to go to her concert which was so fun! I like it cuz' every 30 minutes you could meet Penguin Band and cadence! Keep bringing the parties!


My favorite party was the 2012 Halloween party because you could turn into awesome creatures.


My favorite party was the 2012 Halloween party because you could turn into awesome creatures.


Are they bringing the back the Summer Water Party? By the looks of the pictures it kinda looks like it.


My favorite party so far... Hard to tell! But after thinking, i love April Fools party! I've been playing Club Penguin for years, and each year the party is better and better. I met Rookie two times, I laugh with friends in igloo parties, visit the box dimension (it's awesome), and have fun telling jokes in the Town. Hope you make the party better each year! Waddle On!


Hello, I'm Spongebob739. I have a couple of fav parties! One was the puffle party when rainbow puffles came around. Also the christmas party! Turning into a riendeer puffle was so much fun. I liked alot of parties. Waddle on CP!


Hey everybody! My favorite party would probably be.... um is it okay to choose two? Well I can't pick one of my two favorites so I guess I'll do both. I liked last year's Christmas party. It was so fun to transform into racecars! (I got my membership for Christmas so I didn't have it until later) I also liked the Halloween party. I wasn't a member then either so I was kind of bummed I couldn't buy any scary costumes or turn into a ghost. To nonmembers: You will get a membership one day!WADDLE ON


Of all time, my favorite party has to be the Marvel Superhero Takeover. It was just so much fun sneaking into lairs, battling robots, and arresting criminals with my friends! The fun of the party went on until the very end!


My favorite party so far had to be the Medieval Party. I personally thought it was SO much fun dressing up as a knight or princess and going on quests! That party made sure you were being occupied and having fun at the same time! I have to say that out of everything happening during the party, slaying dragons was the best part!


My favorite party so far is Operation: Blackout. I got to dress up as Herbert to complete the missions! I even met him on the first day of the party in his Paradise! The music for the party was so epic that it gave me goosebumps! I even liked it when Herbert took over! The Penguin Times Issues were soo funny xD We should have more parties like this!


Well, I liked a lot of them!! But my all-time favorite would be the Puffle Party 2013. Then pretty close to it is the Prehistoric Party. Will there be a Prehistoric Party in January 2014? PLEASE!!!!


My favorite party so far is Coins For Change because you donate and I love to donate. I also donate money in real life with my own money. Thats my favorite Club Penguin Party.


I thought that was a funny joke!


The best party I went to was in 2012 the music jam party because that's when I met the penguin band and cadence and it rocked so that's my favorite party so far!!! Thanks club penguin for the awesome parties in the past!!!


I've been around since 2007, so picking an all time favorite party is really difficult XD but I guess it has to be the the Halloween Party 2009. I remember me, my brother, and my friend went on and got dressed up in our costumes and made our igloos like haunted houses. We then went over to the night club and started dancing and told everyone to have a great Halloween. My friend moved away later that year, and it was is a nice memory to have of us all together. That's why its my favorite


i think my favorite party was the phistoric party it was epic my favorite part was that u could go travel back in time!!!!! WADDLE ON CP!


I like the fair games where you get tickets and buy plushness and clown outfits! It's fun and funny and I wish we could have another one this yer!


My favorite party was the Christmas party when rockhopper visited because it seemed a little more festive with him there that was my favorite party. :D Waddle On


i loved all parties but if i had to choose a party it would be adventure party of 2012


My favorite party was the MU party. I loved getting scare points and hanging out at the Growl. My other favorite was the Music Jam I loved seeing Cadence and the Penguin Band. Hope you make lots more parties like these!


um.. my favorite party is the dinosaur party! It was so cool member get to be dinosaurs! Non members get a costume from finding the eggs of a dinosaur


One party I really like is the puffle party you come with up with awesome new things every year!!!!!


Hey Polo Field, I have a new Puffle Joke,

Q: What will happen If a Puffle have a Club Penguin?


my fave party of all time is the 2012 temple of fruit. why? because that's when I first joined club penguin, and it just has some sentimental value. And any time I hear a sound track from that party, I refuse to waddle out of the room NO MATTER WHAT!!! I wasn't able to see rockhopper, but it was still the best party of all time to me, and I really hope we do it again! : ) ; )

18 polly 18:

My all time favorite party so far has to be Operation: Blackout in November 2012 ! It ha to be my favorite party for 3 reasons. reason 1 is Herbert was the mascot and he was the first mascot I meet. Reason 2 is I liked all the stages you had to do to save the island. Reason 3 which is final reason is I just loved how all the rooms where like before and after the blackout.


My all time favorite party so far is the MARVEL Advengers party! I saw the movie with my dad and loved it! I decorated my igloo for the advengers party and it rocked!


I like a lot of the parties! there are so many too chose from! I have a couple of favorites like the medieval party, the fruit party, the club penguin awards, the Hollywood party, the music jam, the Christmas party, the prehistoric party (turning into dinosaurs was awesome!), and the monsters university takeover! I am really looking forward to the star wars takeover. I haven't watched star wars yet but now I might watch it! Maybe I will like it! Club penguin, you make the coolest parties ever!

Magic Wombo:

Well, I would say this is a hard one. I really liked the Hollywood party,February 2013. I also really liked the fruit temple thing party sometime in 2012.I would have to say my number one party would be the Puffle Party 2013.Wait,no it was the Pre-Historic Party January 2013.Or the Christmas party 2012 was fun with the potions so you can turn into the car or the reindeer puffle or the frostbite dude.Well i really like the monsters university one so im excited for the new Star Wars one See ya CP

Guide Cp:

My all time favorite Club Penguin party well there are alot to chose from but my favorite is the Card-Jitsu party because we got to meet Sensei,see alot of areas that represent the Card Jitsu types : Fire , Water and the new type Snow and all the games avalible for Non-Members. It was an epic party for one and all to come ,Card-Jitsu Snow is still open. this is guide cp,sighning out.


My favorite party has always been the music jam, it's great to see so many different types of music and varieties of rooms on club penguin, it just warms my heart.


Hmm my fave party? I loved the Hollywood party, it made you become a superstar and a director! also you get many many many items during that party!


My favourite party of all time on Club Penguin is.... Camp Penguin! In Camp Penguin, there were so many fun stuff to do, there were tents, events, and much more! It was also rememerable because camp penguin was the first party on cp attended! :) waddle on penguin pals!


My all time favorite is the pizza party at the cove! I liked to bust out my jukebox and break dance till I break out! Then i chill out with my bud's with a slice of pizza. I'd love to answer anything else.


My favourite party of all time on Club Penguin is.... Camp Penguin! In Camp Penguin, there were so many fun stuff to do, there were tents, events, and much more! It was also rememerable because camp penguin was the first party on cp attended! :) waddle on penguin pals!


My favorite party is Monsters University because it looks exactly like the movie, and you teamed up with Pixar to make it, and I think thats really cool. Also i did really good and i love to scare! sorry if this was long but i am happy
waddle on cp,
Ninjaaiden13 :)


My favorite party would have to be the Fashion Show party, which was in 2012. I loved trying on clothes and being a V.I.P. I got to strut the walkway and show off my skills! But the best part about it was being able to let everyone see the real me, and to let the truth come to life.

cooldude ak:

This years puffle party because of the puffle hotel. Its a place where you can spend some time with your puffles. My name is cooldude ak.


My favorite parties are the puffle parties!!! I love puffles! They are soooooo cute!
Waddle on,


My favorite all time party? I'd have to say the Marvel Super Hero Takeover. It was fun being a super hero or bad guy and playing the awesome games! I made a bunch of friends in the Hero Tower and Carrier and we defeated the mighty super villians!! Yahooo!


My favorite party so far was the Underwater Expedition in January 2012. My favorite part was the maze. Every single time I got mixed up and it was so fun trying to solve it with my friends. xD I also really liked how like half of the island was underwater and the other part was tilted. :) I also met Rookie for the first time and since he's my favorite mascot, that was really special. WADDLE ON! :D


Awesome! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!

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CP has had a lot of parties and all of them were epic so it was hard for me to chose. But then 5 hours later i figured that my all time favorite party so far was............ THE PUFFLE PARTY! I loved it because members[like me] can complete fun missions then collect coins then finally adopt a rainbow puffle! Then even after the party finishes, the puffle hotel is still there so u keep on adopting rainbow puffles! That's my all time favorite party that CP has had! GO PUFFLES!

obon asaduzzaman:

I want 10,000 coins now


Hey Club Penguin, I enjoyed some of the really old parties which I enjoy'd challenges like the exploration party, anyways I love exploring and going through the forests and just figuring out those risky moves that could affect your work, which makes you want to try again and again and when we do it... you guys just make us feel amazing. My point is I LOVE parties with games, old items, mazes, and challenges I look forward to the Star Wars Party, WADDLE ON!


My favorite party was the Make Your Mark the Ultimate Jam because the party had awesome music, cool moves, new outfits, and a bunch of theme's that I really liked.


My favorite party so far is whenever Rockhopper comes. It's always so exciting when he comes because you could go exploring in the Migrator, go on a search to try and find him, and sometimes just sit back, relax, and play Treasure Hunt with some friends. It's always a party when Rockhopper comes along.


I liked the Medieval party a lot! I like it because we get to bring out the prince/princess part of us!


ooh, thats a tough have to say the music jam 2012! it was GREAT! I saw the penguin band for the first time, and G! it was a whole week full of fun partying, and there were lots of t-shirts for everyone! it was the best party i have ever been to. i hope we do the music jam again this year!


ooh, thats a tough have to say the music jam 2012! it was GREAT! I saw the penguin band for the first time, and G! it was a whole week full of fun partying, and there were lots of t-shirts for everyone! it was the best party i have ever been to. i hope we do the music jam again this year!


My favorite party is the Medieval Party


My favorite party is the Medieval Party


Hello. This is Yoshi39le. My favorite party so far was all of the puffle parties. I like them because I love puffles and I thought they had cool decorations and I liked the puffle themed rooms!!!!


I think my favorite party has been the Pre-Historic party! I loved this party because we got to learn about the different dinosaurs there were back then, and it was a great experience to buy old caveman, (or cavepenguin) costumes, and even turn into dinosaurs!


My Favorite Party... Its Not Like The Other Partys On Club Penguin But It's Birthday Of Club Penguin! My First Party Hat Was 4th Birthday Of Club Penguin!
That's One Of My Favorite Partys. <( :D


I've always liked puffle parties, but not as much as the one in 2013. First of all, the puffle hotel was created! I also loved spending time with my puffles there and doing things with them. Also, the rainbow puffle was discovered! I don't think anyone didn't care about that! You also got to be your puffle! I loved going everywhere as a puffle and had a lot of fun in the play zone.

Aop Penguin:

My all time favorite party was the Festival of Flight. Everything was so awesome. The music was great and the night club was so cool, being able to switch from sunny to stormy skies. I also enjoyed taking the Hot Air Balloon to the tallest mountain. The Hot Air Balloon ride was fun and it was the second time I ever met Gary. I loved being a pilot for the balloon!


My all time favorite party would have to be the 2012 Ultimate Music Jam Party when CeCe and Rocky visited the island. The costumes and outfits for that party were so stylish, the music rocked, and i met Cadence and The Penguin Band at their EPIC concert in the snow forts!


Each party I went to was a blast in its own right. In fact, "BEST PARTY EVER!!!" was the quote stuck in my head when I first experienced Puffle Party 2012. And then the other parties came along, also seeking my attention. Sledding down Mt. Tallest. Beating Scorn. Finding Gariwald. So far, the bar has been raised again. And again. And again. But NOTHING in my eyes would compare to Operation Blackout. From the Director's identity to the gear, this CAKEWALK of an adventure has won me over 110%!

Kato Yee:

I gotta say,my favorite Party would have to be the Earth Day Party 2012 because it is a very special day for our Planet! I love how it is decorated and you can dress up as Animals from across the world! I also love Recycling,it's awesome picking up things and keep our planet clean!


Wow! The Summer/Music Jam looks like it's gonna be awesome! It's epic to have a Club Penguin party because over the few months there has been a lot of takeovers! By the looks of the picture with the water slide in what looks like the Forest, it looks like the Forest will be updated soon! Can't wait! I wonder if we will have the Fall Fair, it would be spectacular if we did!
Waddle O
Waddle On
Waddle On!!

pie lover 66:

The puffle party is my favorite party!


My favorite party was Monsters University takeover beacause, I LOVED dressing up as a monster, learning in scare school, and playing hide and go seek, there were much more hiding spots! And my favorite part, the scare games! Earning points for my team, the game was really fun as well, I got to the last level with those soliders. Anyway, I hope the rest club penguin parties are going to be a blast!

Waddle on!



My favourite party was the holiday 2012! I liked being able to raise money for coins for change's 3 epic reasons! It's was also my first club penguin party too and I liked baking the cookies. The reason why I liked the best was being able to pretend to Rockhopper's crew members on his ship! :)


Most certainly the Prehistoric Party!! Not because of the dinosaurs, but because of the time trekker! Building a tmie machine has been a dream for a long, LONG, time. It was also fun to exlore the island in the B.C ages. I had to run from dinosaurs, collect eggs, and operate a time machine. It was a blast.

Have an excellent day,


Well it's hard to say I haven't been able to experience ALL the parties because I joined club penguin a few months ago. But out of all of them I think my favorite one is the well I can't decide which one, they all have pros and cons, but I just can't decide but I guess I'll just say the one I enjoyed or had the most fun with so far, the Hollywood party I got to feel like a movie star and a director it was the one that made the most happy!! I can't wait to read everyone's fave Waddle On :) !!!!


My All time favorite so far has been the Operation: Blackout Party, i think it was an awesome party because we got awesome Gadgets like a Grabbling hook and a Laser to Cut through a Door, Also i think it was cool how we go to meet herbert. P Bear during the Party, and last thing that was awesome about the party was how we discovered the Director's true Identity. Waddle on


I agree on you choice Jorgemoo! IT was awesome!

Enter nickname:



dear cp,
If I were to pick one party that was my all time favourite, I think for me, it was the the ultimate jam 2012! To start off, you really got to meet Rocky, and Cece! and that was a truly amazing experience for me! let's not forget, Cadence was singing my fave cp song, the party starts now! and last but not least, truly, it was a great way to just hang out, singing, and dancing at my bffs iggies! As you can see, I truly think the ultimate jam, was an ultimate blast!


Dear jorgemoo, (cool name!)

Wow! Great description! My favourite part was when we discovered the directors identity! that made me fall out of my seat! Maybe next time Herbert will learn a lesson ( klutzy's too cute to teach him a lesson!)

waddle on cp and jorgemoo!


Yeah Operation Blackout was AWESOME!

Blake cool:

I think it was the ultimate jam last year because we got to dance it up and i got 2 meet cadence and the band it was AWESOME!


I agree, I also like the Monsters University party learning on how to SCARE.



I thought the party was awesome to. I mean, who knew the director was aunt arctic!?


When was the party I guess I missed it


That was also anouther cool one but I like medieval party better


Cool that was EPIC great job Jorgemoo!

Cobalion ( Stinkywiinky is my real penguin name! )

Shy Suzy:

Hi! My favorite party of all time had to be the Beta Test Party. This party was I think the first party that Club Penguin ever had, and it honestly was very fun for all of the members that first joined Club Penguin. After that, more members joined, and new things came after that, and eventually, here we are now, still celebrating many parties, and continuing to cherish and celebrate what happened at the party, and what things came after the party as well. Sounds deep, but it's okay. ~Waddle on~


i agree but i never got to meet herbet p bear
and i liked the part when we got to know the director was anut artic


i agree i like that one but i do have another one

Panda girlss:

Yeh that was awesome Jorge moo


I have a joke for you guys hope you like it

Ok there are 2 olives , on of them fell off a tree what did he say.



Haha funny joke Cloe7o2! :D


Hiya my name is caiden and I cant wait for the club penquin starwars takeover i love clubpenquin


It's on❤

Zapper Cast :

I agree Jorgemoo! It was cool how we were able to meet Herbert .P Bear and discover who the Director really was!




yep its so cool Punkypie5

Stinky 39675:

My favorite party was the Marvel Superhero Party even though I wasn't a member back then. I like it because you get to throw different types of snowballs when you get the superhero gloves.I also like it because you get to get cool costumes. That is why the Marvel Superhero Party is my favorite party! WADDLE ON!!!!


i would say i dont know because i did not play cp but just know and i think my favorite will be monsters university even though that was the time i did not play cp but it looks fun? WADDEL ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i agree it totally makes up for the very long absence i had from club penguin SERIOUSLY I DIDN'T LIKE MY VACATION


I agree too


The puffle party because we show our love in that party.

Sayuri :

Good good man


I adored the Tropical Party of 2012. It was just perfect. All the fruit kingdoms, the Temple that leads to the BIG BIG KAHUNA, and that fruit mini game where you throw fruit into the lava pit. I just loved it. I hope it comes back on.


I agree with u Awesome 16425! The tropical party was indeed the best! How we got to eat all that fruit. It was epic!


I agree with awesome16425.




I agree(although I wasn't there at the time) I heard it was an amazing party!
Waddle on CP!


I disagree. I honestly think that the all time favourite party would be the Hollywood party. You got to go in a limo and star in all different kinds of movies. Also you got tons of cool outfits and stuff. Waddle on CP!


I agree!!!!


I agree with you. That party was so epic!!!


yea I agree


There were just so many parties that I loved!! If I had to choose one it would be the Hollywood Party! It was just so fun!! You got to ride in a limo, act in movies, directing movies, and get awards and prizes!! It was awesome!


I loved the Hollywood party to it was my faveriet




I have to say that the blackout party WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best party OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I REALLY agree with you!!!!! It was the BEST BEST BEST party!

Snoop123 :

This party will be WAY WAY more awesome!


I love the summer party it was awesome and cool even I wanted to make my house like the theme!


My all favorite party is the puffle party because you can abopt a rainbow puffle. Waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) ;-)


Aprilfools party I think everything is funny i love the box dimension

Penguin name fig1128


Not trying to be mean but I didn"t really like Operation Blackout. The music was like eh and it was sooo sooo dark... I still did it though. I was hoping to meet Herbert but I didn't get too. I think the only part I really liked was finding out the director's true identity. Don"t worry AA, your secrets safe with me! WADDLE ON


I CANT BELIVE THEY REVEALED THE DIRECTER! ITS... Oh right, a secret, im just gonna say it starts with an A...
Waddle on CP

stuartm :

medieval party because you could kill the dragons and get armour


I think this party will be as awesome as the medieval party maybe a little more awesome!


I'm right behind you stuartm the medieval party is my favorite I love the three headed dragon the best WADDLE ON!!


Yeah Jorgemoo The operation Blackout party was great but the Marvel Super Hero takeover was cool too!!!!!


Can you be my friend :(


Awesome joke


My all time favorite party was operation blackout i really liked it when we took down Herbert. I really liked the klutzy and Herbert costumes. I loved the video when it showed us who the director is. I really enjoyed getting the items. i loved meeting Herbert and destroying the security terminals. I liked our base during operation blackout. Because we got to throw snow balls at the three Herbert s when there eyes went red. I really liked this party I wish it could come back again. Waddle on CP


I liked the Bollywood party it was Awsome and it was the best party in the world i Won an Award


I haven't Ben to one


I really liked the temple of fruit party. The fruit was so tasty!


I agree with you


They are all great party's.I think I agree with Jorgemoo.Blackout party was awsome.


mine is the holyday party and operation blackout party YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111


My all time favorite Club Penguin party so far was the April Fools Party 2012! This is my all time favorite party because I loved going into all of the different rooms! My favorite room was the Illusion Room! Everything was in black and white. It had a whole bunch of steps amd stripes too! It was so fun to waddle my orange puffle around CP during this time! We both enjoyed this party for sure!


My favorite party of all time is the Tropical Party of 2012. It feels like it was decades ago. The event costumes were very fruity and the cave that takes you to the BIG BIG KAHUNA is just so fun to complete! Plus I like how the Coffee Shop, Gift Shop, and the Night Club were decorated almost the same way.


I really like the Fall Fair party,there is lots of games and tickets to buy stuff!
and the puffle show is epic!!
lots of fun :)


Its a really funny joke. I am ready for star wars to come. I'v been training my pufle so hard for this star wars thing. So it's a big deal.


being on club penguin from 2011 i liked the brown puffle party i mean we got to go to new parties of cp that was i once in a life time chance. i mean you never get to rid that small of a boat i mean and it is one of the puffles that is very rarely called a new puffle so i think being a penguin back then is rare and cool. i got to get a item that help me out i mean yes operation: black you need items but it was diffrent. it was a diffrent time and i saw them before the new puffle look.


I think the best party is the holiday party last year! I liked that you got to transform into a ice penguin and freeze stuff or turn into a reindeer puffle and people that are not members can turn into a toy car. I liked that you actually got to make cookies. And i liked that you got to go in santa's sled and if you deliver all the presents you get a free item. I also liked that the beach looked like the snow forts but cooler. I also liked the money machine i used all my coins on it. waddle on!


I think the holiday party last year was the best of them al!!! I chose that because you were able to transform into a ice penguin and freeze stuff or a reindeer puffle and if you're not a member you can turn into a toy car. And you got to actually make the cookies. Also you got to ride in santa's sled and if you delivered all the present you would get a free item. And i liked how the beach looked like the snow forts but cooler. And i liked the coin machine i used all my coins on it. waddle on!

kandie doo:

my favret party is the unlemte jam party, because it had a lot of mascots and it was my first party ever! if it wasn't for that party, I wouldn't have noticed cp and there Disney ads! sure the party got knocked off by a month, and my birthday party is gonna be at the star wars party, but I don't mind cuz its a EPIC film! I hear theres like 6 films? it would be so cool if ppl came to my party! I might tell ppl in nacho army, but I wanna do a video! btw, yes its my first birthday! out of words bye


I've only been a club penguin person since March & I only had membership for mu. So I'd say the Card-Jitsu Snow party because I got the headbands for all elements. I also liked the new Card-Jitsu version. I liked the way the new special rooms. Around the end of the the party I found a secret or hard-to-find entrance in the cove leading to the ski villiage. I liked the ninja hq because you can throw exclusive snowballs like the giant snowball or the fire ball which are awesome. Thx club penguin:)

Red 227:

My favorite partys are endless but If I had to choose one, I'd pick Festival of Flight. Hot air balloons, Lightning in the nightclub, The floating island. It was great. (PS, I had a different penguin at the time)


My Favorite Was The Old Water Party! I Loved The Blow Up Octopus In The Dojo! That Was Really Fun. I Also Liked The Old Music Jam!
I Loved How The Town Was Decorated! I Love Old Party's. Please Bring Some Back! That Would Be Great. I Also Loved The 2012 Halloween Party! I Liked How You Could Turn To A Ghost! Is Was Spooktacular! I Also Thought The Prehistoric Party In 2013 Was Cool Too! I Loved The Decorated Rooms. It Was Roarsome! WADDLE ON CP AND MAKE MORE AWESOME PARTYS!


puffle party 2012. it was so fun as for the first time we could turn in to a puffle!!! and it was not a party that you need to come evry day to get to a new room. but this party you could if you want to walk around all day. also puffles are so epic i LOVE them. PH is also my fav mascot . and now puffles are even better as they get you coins and items. and also you can make so many ideas for a new one. in march 2013 i sent in the idea for the puffle covered t-shirt and they put it in!
han7ram :)


my all time favorite club penguin party is probably the St. Patricks Day party in 2007. This party brings back memories like how every thing was painted green and the old penguin band performed at the night club. But my favorite part about the party is all the green clothes like the green hoodie, shamrock hat, and the accordion that was being given away. The St. Patricks Day party in 2007 has to be my favorite club penguin party of all time.


Hands down definitely absolutely Operation Black Out! It is probably one of the first times in club penguin when something 'BIG' happened and i LOVE that E.P.Fagents got to know who the director is [Aunt Arctic] i hope Herbert will be back someday and maybe open his own H.P.B inc. [Herbert p. bear incorporated] that would be so hilarious! but definitely Operation blackout is totally the best party ever in the history of club penguin parties!


i also think that this party is another tropical party!


My favorite party was the 2012 Christmas party it was the coolest because rockhopper came and you got special gifts for every one even non members and special cookies you eat and turn into reindeer puffles cars and frozen penguins and freeze people waddle on... Gavin 2030

Gavin2030 me:

The 2012 Christmas party because rockhopper came and so many cool things like Christmas presents each day and special cookies that turned you into reindeer puffles, cookie cars and frozen penguins and freeze people lol I am Gavin2030


I like the Hollywood party because i felt like I was famous


My favorite party was the monsters university party because I liked how we all worked as a team and we got to wear awesome monsters costumes and One of my favorite parts of the party was when we all could play the scare games and we got to get the trophee.


Ok, that's a good question and a hard one, no lie. But if I had to choose just one party out of all of them, it would be Operation Blackout. EPF Agents got to find out when of the best cp questions of all time. We got to use cool gadgets and play with our friends. Best of all, we got to beat Herbert again! That's why that one has been my favorite but second would be piffle party for the hotel and rainbow puffle! Waddle on CP! -Sup791

Iron Hulk 1:

My favorite party so far has been The Marvel Superhero Takeover because I LOVE marvel comics and everything about them :D


Rockhopper's quest of course. Visited dangerous Islands with migrator. It's most enjoyable adventure in Club Penguin!.


My absolute all time favorite party is the Christmas Party 2013. I loved it because we could transform into race car, frostbite, and a raindear puffle. i also loved that if you are a frostbite and you throw a snowball at something it freezes. That's awesome! But best part about the party was that you could give to the needy by coins for change. It was so fun!! Waddle on!!!


Wow so hard! I think my favorite is the christmas party! I like helping the community with the coins for change! I also like going on CP every christmas to get my item and redeem my membership card! I think our best christmas was last years. i liked turning into the cars,reindeer puffles, and the freeze penguin. it was also my favorite year because we raised the most coins ever for coins for change! have a nice day and waddle on!

chillly 2005:

im very happy of the star wars party i cant wait to get a lightsaver and fight my way to help the island! but my favorite party was the monsters university and might be the star wars party i have a joke for both partys anyway "what do saved penguins called there hero? "a life-saver! and next one " "what do monsters call spagetti?" "wormgetti!" lol they are made up i like how DJ Candence is princess leia! i think its pretty cool! CP team
waddle o
waddle on!!

Dome C:

Hey Guys! When I first saw this, I immediately "Ultimate Jam". There is no question. There was epic music, really cool outfits (not to mention dances) and being able to meet not only the Penguin Band and Cadence, but also CeCe and Rocky from Shake it Up was such a brill experience. Well, Gotta Waddle! May the Force Be With You


Probably the medieval party from last year. I love all the medieval parties and Halloween parties too, so they're close too. I hope we have them this year!

Fluff Nuckle:

My favorite party so far has got to be... well... I LIKE THEM ALL! But I gotta say, the Hollywood Party was pretty epic cuz we got2 dress up as celebrities and act in movies and I love acting! But I also like the April fools Day Parties too, cuz they're just wacky and fun and its always a party when Rookie visits. The Puffle Party 2013 was also EPIC! We discovered the Rainbow Puffle! Sweet! Operation Blackout was fun 2 cuz we gotta break into Herbert's Lair! I just can't decide! Waddle On! Go CP


My Favourite Party has to be the April Fools Party! Its so much fun to get Wacky and dress Crazy! With all the propeller hats and Insane room designs every April Fools party is one to Remember! :D


I believe my favorite party of all time has to be the 2013 Marvel Takeover! It was awesome that we picked a side for us to be on. I loved the two minigames that were in the party. They were very fun! I also love how we could interact with the surroundings by destorying and building them. That the best part of the party! Keep up the good team CP team!


My Favourite Party has to be the April Fools Party! Its so much fun to get Wacky and dress Crazy! With all the propeller hats and Insane room designs every April Fools party is one to Remember! :D


my all time fav party is the STAR WARS party because I really love Star Wars and i cant believe its going to be a party here in a few days!!! im so excited cant wait for it


So far the best party was for me is the halloween party cuz we get to transform into ghost and haunt penguin and also hunt for ghosts and also I thought it was the best party because we get to find out that garys great great grandfather,Garywald lll is a ghost!

Waddle on! :)


I LOVED the CJ snow party, because Non -Members could play Cj snow, the epicness of the designs for decorations, and much,much, MORE!!! Waddle on penguins!!!!


My favorite of all was the 2009 cp's first Winter Fiesta! The front of the Night Club was made to look like El Dorado, the fabled city of gold. It was possible to walk on it into the Night Club! everything was so much fun :D

cool boy7941:

my favriot party was the card jitsu - party 2013 I got to go on an epic battle I never wen't on before I always wanted a card-jitsu snow


Well they all are awesome but if i had to pick one id pick the april fools party of 2012. I love all of the wacky room and especially the box dimension! I also like it because you can meet Rookie. Rookie is my favorite character cause he's silly and fun just like me! I also love how every year you can get a different color propeller hat! Waddle on!

super mom:

this is a cool game for kid is ia aaaaaawwwwwwwsssooooommmmmeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was looking at the pictures and I have a lot of guesses: Picture 1, some kind of beach party or hawaiin party OR water party! Picture 2: a hawaiin party or a mexican party! Picture 3: Some cool waterslide for a beach party, a epic water party OR JUST FOR FUN XD!



My favorite party of all time was when Club Penguin had the Hollywood Party. It was totally fun! I played every single day it was on and it actually kinda made me feel like a superstar. I wish sometimes that it can come back. Also it was fun to get awards and get your own 15 minutes of fame! Riding limos to living in fancy penthouses, I think it was to best party ever!! Waddle On!!-Adri6363


My favorite party was the second Avengers party.


My favorite party was the second Avengers party. I liked it because Tony Starks house was awesome, and the hospital at the lighthouse was cool. The last thing I liked was the zoo and the gloves that you could destroy or fix things and the robots you could walk around.

Inez Anais:

Well i think the best party has to be the medieval party with all of its cool stuff. there have been alot of good parties too but thats got to be the best. i always like to cosplay with my friends or by myself and have adventures. my favorite part is the dragon!!! ah good times, good times.


My favorite party was the Kingdom Party 2011, I think it was 2011 or 2012.. I don't remember, but it was one of them..I loved that party because first of all, it's in my month: May!! Plus I remember all those fun times I would pretend to be a princess or a princess/knight at the ski lodge, since it was a palace, and people would always have "balls" Lol!!! <--- woah long sentence!! My Point is : I just think it was really fun pretending to be a princess or a knight or a princess/knight Lol!! :D


My favorite party was the Kingdom Party 2011, I think it was 2011 or 2012.. I don't remember, but it was one of them..I loved that party because first of all, it's in my month: May!! Plus I remember all those fun times I would pretend to be a princess or a princess/knight at the ski lodge, since it was a palace, and people would always have "balls" Lol!!! <--- woah long sentence!! My Point is : I just think it was really fun pretending to be a princess or a knight or a princess/knight Lol!! :D


Well, I have got to say these are my favorite parties from each year-Tie: Wilderness Expedition and April Fools Party(2011),5th Anniversary Party(2010), Puffle Party (2011 and 2012), and Operation Blackout. Waddle On!

Ray Norshine:

My all time favorite party would have to be the April Fools party's because they are so.....weird and I love that! Everything is backwards and out of order I think it's so much fun. Too bad we don't have April Fools party's like the old ones anymore but they were still awesome! I loved them and they were just so fun! So that's my all time favorite party!


I think my favorite party was hmmm I don't know!Club penguin makes it wayy too hard too choose which one but my top three would be the medieval party 2012, the music jam 2012,and the april fools party 2011.Thanks Clubpenguin for making CP the best it can be!
Waddle On!


My all time favorite so far has been the unlimited jam and Hollywood party. I like them both because for the unlimited jam I liked how we could meet Cece and Rocky and Cadence. It was AMAZING! And what I liked for the Hollywood party was how you can go to the stage and get either a gold medal, a silver medal, and a bronze medal. I like how they announced name and what you won for. So those are the two that I really liked and had fun. Waddle on


My all time favorite so far has been the unlimited jam and Hollywood party. I like them both because for the unlimited jam I liked how we could meet Cece and Rocky and Cadence. It was AMAZING! And what I liked for the Hollywood party was how you can go to the stage and get either a gold medal, a silver medal, and a bronze medal. I like how they announced name and what you won for. So those are the two that I really liked and had fun. Waddle on


Man It was hard to choose but I think Operation Blackout was really fun. I think that was my third party on Club Penguin. I really liked seeing the Game On commercial on Disney channel. I really really liked the ending video! it was so cool when The Director revealed herself as Aunt Arctic! That was such a surprise. But yeah that was an awesome party! Good job, keep it up CP! Waddle On!



My favorite party so far was the christmas party because you got free gifts everyday :D!!!! And i also have suggestion for septembers party maybe an music jam again. CP we should do that again i wish. Maybe you can for me!!!!

Waddle on penguins!!!!



My favorite party was (The Prehistoric Party) its was awesome because we got to go back in time i liked how Gary made the time trekker it was awesome and cool and we transformed in to dinosaur. I also liked it because the party was on my favorite month we also got to meet Gary i got his background and i added him THANKS :)


I Have to agree with Jorgemoo the Operation blackout was my favorite but my all time favorite was the Scare Game's i mean cause you could dress up like the person you really like ~Taylor



My all time favorite party HAS TO BE The Fair its the only party that has bearly been changed over all these years you guys can make it better just don't change it its the best party I have seen and its been around for so long I love it.


My Favorite Party right now is the Halloween party because we turned into ghost! (SO ACE! ) and we went into the EPIC haunted house too! club penguin please make more awesome parties!

Your Fan, Pinkyrose059


For me was the..Holiday Party 2012! I liked how you could bake cookies for the ole santa claus! I also loved how you could donate to Coins For Change!!! It was the best party and on Christmas.I got my membership!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i loved the ninja takeover party i love the backstory with the sensei and i love fighting snowmen but this is a qustion for you guys what a bout a kingdom hearts party on the island now that would be as cool as dj dance on the dance floor so can you make it happen anyways waddle on!


You guys are remaking the Cove? epic! I can't tell what the other two are but you guys should remake the boiler room, pool, ski lodge or forest next! Waddle on CP!


My all time favorite party was the prehistoric part, or the dinosaur party. It was cool because you got transform into dinosaurs!!! Also once you got all the eggs, you get a Dino outfit!! And you could have met Gary!!! But the best thing was the you could cross both dimensions as a Dino, the penguin world, and the Dino world!! You also got to vomit on penguins, and feed a Dino! And the outfits were so 1,000 B.C. ago! The prehistoric party is my favorite! Waddle on


(Thinks) Oh my favorite CP party is the star wars party! (:-) ! I'm soooooooo happy!

From, Articwolf125
Waddle o
Waddle on
Waddle on C
Waddle on CP
Waddle on CP!


If had to pick just one all time favorite party, then the fall fair would win by a long shot! I just love walking around the island and playing the great games! Or, if that's not your style, you can chill in the puffle circus. (I do a little performing myself as a juggling clown) Or, if you're the ultimate collector, you can win all the great prizes which are new every year!

- Swimy4

Pinky Spoty:

My favorite party was the Make Your Mark party. I loved it because you could see Cadence sing and you would get stamps for seeing her and the rest of her band. You could also see Cece and Rocky from Shake It Up and that would was really cool.

Alex Ctl:

I think the Festival of Flight and the Water Party were both fun and awesome! All the rooms were decorated, and the ideas for these parties were very creative. I didn't like any of the advertising parties. This "Star Wars Takeover" looks okay, but I wish Club Penguin would make more fun and original parties. I do not want any more advertising parties. They ruin the fun and originality of Club Penguin. I'm sure that many other penguins agree with me and I hope Club Penguin makes this come true!


I loved all parties but the one I LOVE the most is the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam. Since I am a girl I love girl things. I signed up for Club Penguin when the Marvel Party 2012 was on. I missed all other parties before but I found one party that stands out the most. I'm not saying the other parties are bad, I mean they are great but the Ultimate Jam was still my favorite even if I didn't get a chance to meet Rocky and Cece.

Kinshold 11:

My absolute favorite party was "The Penguin Games" party! Most people do not remember this party since it was back in 2008, but over all the years I have played, this was most fun!! Getting to run a marathon across the entire island was so awesome! Then swim three laps at the pool and Running three laps at the iceberg all to win a big shiny medal was SOOOOOO fun!!
Go Blue, Waddle on!!!


i've always loved the medieval parties; they are the best! it has such a magical, kingdom-like feel to it and i love the music!
i also like the last christmas party because it was the first party i ever had on club penguin
i really like the club penguin parties, so keep them coming!
waddle on, club penguin!

dude guy wie:

i think my favourite party from all time has been... THE BETA PARTY!!! IN 2005!!! no, just kidding. anyway, my favorite party has been, probably, the brown puffle expidition. i like how you had to solwe puzzles and earn a brown piffle! so awesome!!!


My favorite was the show was a show estrelllas by scheduled WITH penguin band candence and I like making music and meet challenges wings Stars: Cece and Rocky ma what I liked was the music and dance catalog, house and dance party at The bailaton with my friends and Candence and most winged Great Disco Dancing with Dupted Puffle.


my favorite party so far is the latest medival party. i liked how he got to fight the dragon and go to the cloud kingdom. i loved it. the challenges were also really fun. i cant wait for the next one

Amy 19987:

My favorite Club Penguin party of all time is the April Fools party! I love the randomness, the jokes, and the box dimention! Oh, and don't forget Rookie! It is super fun and I love all the rooms. Thanks Club Penguin for the awesome April Fools party! You guys rock!

Waddle on!


I have loved many, many parties but my favorite has to be... The Medieval Party!!! I had lots of fun seeing
knights, going on quests, slaying dragons and saving princesses! The rooms were fantastic and eye-catching.
I loved the games we could play. And penguins were so creative!! Plus we all got a chance to meet Gary.
Waddle on!

Gogo 13:

i think out of all the ones i've been too i would have to say the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam party with cadence and the penguin band playing every 20 mins.


The kermes was funny that the Espetataculo the Puffle Met Cafe and I met Rookie and ate pizza and dancing and horses Dome, Occupy KERMES catalog and was fun and I liked Humorous and do somersaults with rookie win the contest and sometimes dance Pizzas on the disc type and play 3D games and win lA Kermes Airline Blogs.

Enter nickname:

My favorite party of all time was the 2013 Avengers Takeover Party! It was awesome because we could choose to be a hero or a villian and do awesome stuff according to our side. Heros could get crystals to power up their gloves, which was so fun! Also, villians were able to build and customize their very own robots and take over the city with them! I really loved the 2013 Avengers Takover Party. Waddle on CP Team and penguins! :)


I Really liked the Music Jam Party.This party has been amazing.The cool idea was with Rocky and Cece. It really speaks the truth of music cause they love dance! I also loved that you let us watch Cadence and the Penguin band! It was great so everybody could get 5 stamps. Getting that cool background of Cadence lit up in neon colors was nice. Until then Waddle on Cp!

Dragon90920 :

My favorite party of all time was the 2013 Avengers Takeover Party! It was awesome because we could choose to be a hero or a villain and do awesome stuff according to which side we choose. Heros could get crystals to power up their gloves, which was so fun! Also, villains were able to build and customize their very own robots and take over the city using them! I really liked the 2013 Avengers Takeover Party. Waddle on Club Penguin Team and penguins! :)


Of all of the parties I've been to, I would have to say the Halloween Party is my favorite.


Party, huh? After a half hour of thinking between one party and another, I have decided that my FAVOURITE party so far was the
Prehistoric Party! I enjoyed getting my flippers all sandy and digging for Dino eggs!!! I remember the first egg I discovered... It was a T. rex! I was so excited so I turned into one! I LOVED stomping around the prehistoric CP and ROAAAAAARRRING! It was fun going to get a bite to eat at the dinosaur feeding place :) I hope there are more parties like this next year :)


Well , l liked all the party's , but my favorite one was the holiday party it was so much fun!


Wow! I think my all time favorite party would have to the the Medieval Party! One, I love all the costumes, and I like that most of the rooms are always decorated really nice! But the best part about it is that I joined CP in 2010, and when I joined the Medieval Party had just started. So, The Medieval Party is like my anniversary party :)

~Lily41516 :)


My favorite party has to be the Medieval party, since penguins have a chance to be Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Knights, and even funny Jokers. We could go through mazes, fight dragons, and even obtain armor to save and protect the island.


MY favorite party hands down is the Monsters University takeover. I liked it so much. I loved the fraternity/sorority houses, the Growl, the scare contest and the costumes. I am a girl but i rocked the Jox sweater. We kind of lost badly but its O.K I had tons of fun! plus i had so much fun scaring people (me and my friends in real life and a whole lot other people call it trolling!) i kept on getting scare points. Trolling forever, Sisalou


My all time favorite party would have to be the Sports Day 2006, It was my penguins first party and at the ice rink it was teams blue vs. red. You would have to get the hockey puck into the goal. The coolest thing is the scoreboard would actually keep score of how many points each team had.


I think the best and my favorite party was the Hollywood party because you get a camera and take pictures to get a special item and you get a golf cart! You also get to met almost ALL the mascots. The Hollywood partys decorations were EPIC. I also really loved the part when you go to the award place and they choose you randomly to get an award. The phone and the other prizes were cool. My favorite part was when you got to RIDE A LIMO. Best party ever. Waddle on cp

- Awesomesiraj OUT


My favorite party ever was the Summer Party, I love the theme, I love summer, and I love the summer styles in the catalog. Im excited for more parties to come! :D


My all time favorite party would have to be the Sports Day 2006, It was my penguins first party and at the ice rink it was teams blue vs. red. You would have to get the hockey puck into the goal. The coolest thing is the scoreboard would actually keep score of how many points each team had.


My most favorite party of all time is Operation Blackout. The theme was just awesome, and we discovered why the Director was: Aunt Arctic!


My ALL TIME FAVORITE was the Adventure Party a few years ago! The whole party made CP look SO GORGEOUS! I especially LOVED that little stream that came from the forest, I think. And the jungle, don't EVEN get me started on it! I LOVED IT! Almost all the rooms were SO pretty... You guys should really bring it back, please! WADDLE ON!


My favorite party so far is the Hollywood party because i loved the part when we got to ride in that limo it made me feel like a celebrity and because when i got nominated it felt awesome because it was my first trophy i ever got and my user name is coolman12010

Enter nickname:

My favorite party so far was the Puffle party 2011, because I just love puffles!!! I also really loved the festive music and how each different color puffle had its own room! Waddle on!


I think it would have to be the Music Jam in either 2009 or 2010. I loved the stage and also got to meet cadance and pneguin band. I liked all the introments too. It was just a great party


My favorite was the water expedition in January 2012, I loved the maze and the water, and I got to meet Rookie. And dressing up like a mermaid was a lot of fun! Best party ever, club penguin! You guys rock!


All of the partys are GREAT! but my favorite is the April Fools party! I love the Cream soda demension! The Zany one IS pretty zany! I liked the challenge in the Cream soda demension in 2012 because it was fun and easy! We'll
, took me like like, nineteen times or like fiffteen. All the dementions are AWESOME! Even candy land! :P when I just threw the chocolate, I was BROWN! the joke one is pretty funny too! Only twenty seconds to tell a joke! Waddle on!


My favorite party is Medieval party!! I love that party because the rooms are amazing and creative. Everyone is acting like a outlaw,wizard,dark royals,light royals, plain royals, all kinds of things not just one...but thousands!!! I also like the quest you get every year and then the other three you can do. The free items are so cool and are fun to find and worth the quest!! I love the rooms and it keeps me busy for weeks! I have the most fun in medieval party and enjoy it the most.Waddle on :)


My all time favorite is Medieval Party. I think it was a brill party because we got amazing costumes like armor, royal outfits and outlaw costumes. The rooms were creative and fun, the whole island was a ye ole kingdom and woods. Most of all, the quests were brill and you found secret items along the way.Also, everyone was dressed up from wizards to a royal evil wizard outlaw dragon! Thousands of costumes to choose.Is the medieval party coming back? Waddle on CP!


My all time favorite party would have to be the puffle party this year because if you were a member you could adopt the rainbow puffle and I was a member. I got three. I also liked that we could bring our puffles around to there party spot and get a stamp. Waddle On!


My all time favorite party would have to be the puffle party this year because if you were a member you could adopt the rainbow puffle and I was a member. I got three. I also liked that we could bring our puffles around to there party spot and get a stamp. Waddle On!


My all time favorite party this year would have to be the Monsters University takeover. I got to compete against friends online and have fun doing it at the same time. Thanks Club Penguin for the awesome experience over the years. Your doing great keep it up!


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