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By Polo Field on July 16, 2013 - 14:27

Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked, whats your best puffle or pet joke?

I really liked Jujugins' answer: "My joke is a pet joke. i think it is quite funny. here it can dogs stop a video game? THEY PRESS THE PAWS BUTTON!"

Great joke! 10,000 coins to Jujugins!

Hope you are all gearing up to save the galaxy! In light of this epic party we want to know, what has been your all time favorite party so far?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



I've been playing Club penguin for almost 3 years now and so far my favourite party was the Prehistoric Party in January 2013. It was cool because you can dig up for eggs and transform into dinosaurs! You can roar and some can fly it was cool and creative my friend met Gary. This was cool and fun! Keep up with the good work waddle on! ~Lulu5000


I guese my fav party of this year is the prehistoric party. Because we can transform in to dino's and we could win items and by awesome items. And travel back in time!


That's Hard! CP has had so many fun parties! But if I had to choose, It would be the Medieval Party of 2012! It was fun because we had 3 Quests! Which meant, completing a series of requirements to defeat a fire breathing dragon, Battling a Hydra with different powers, and defeating Scorn, the Dragon King. It was super fun! Waddle On!


For me I liked most was the hollywood party because we could be famous, or that party were super stars! besides ... I like being famous ... xD


My favorite party was all the party of all the year,you make the best parties of all
Thank you for every party and party item,

Waddle on And Keep making the best parties ever and party catalog.:)


My most favorite of all is the Make Your Mark Ultimate Jam. I think it was my favorite because of the new updates from the Music Jam, getting to meet Cadence, and having Bella and Zendaya play on CP!!!!! This party was genius. The most epic party EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU CHOOSE MY COMMENT Club penguin, I really love you guys so much.
Until Then, Waddle on!!!


My ALL time favourite party was the fun fairs that we would have every year! It was really awesome how we had to play games and earn tickets! And its awesome how lots of things involved non-members! But the best part was using the tickets to buy the WICKED items! -Like the plush teddy bear or turtle, and those clown outfits were adorable! I'd love it if we had more of these!



I liked the make make your mark party,I think it was cool because you got to meet rocky and cece,you were able to see cadence perform in the concert with the band,you could also collect special items that let you perform different dance moves-WADDLE ON! -mrcool76407


My ALL time favourite party was the fun fairs that we would have every year! It was really awesome how we had to play games and earn tickets! And its awesome how lots of things involved non-members! But the best part was using the tickets to buy the WICKED items! -Like the plush teddy bear or turtle, and those clown outfits were adorable! I'd love it if we had more of these!



I don't know, but I have love so much the parties. I think my fav one was the
Christmas party of 2012 because we could transform into thing like jack frost,raindeer puffle, and I don't know it was so much fun.I loved the coustom, and my other one is thehallow eve party 2012 because we could scare, catch ghost and transform to a ghost so much fun and the other one is the MU party because we could buy coustom and scare penguins and the mini game.
I just don't know what say and waddle on CP.


My All time favourite party would have to be the fun fairs that club penguin would always have! We would have to collect little tickets from tricky games and buy the most coolest clothes and items! MY favourite part was always going to the stall and buying cute little things to keep! I really want club penguin to do more of this kind of stuff :'( I really miss the old Club penguin..But apparently the future is always a better place, So I can't wait to see what the future holds!


Water party or summer party :)


I don't really know.I mean,all of the parties were great.I choose...EVERYTHING.


I loved the Xmas party 2012. I love to help out homes and frost.but I love helping humans .


My most favorite party was the Hollywood party.i loved it because your friends get to cheer you on when you get your trophy and be famous.Also, there's great clothing to express yourself!!! It's also the perfect time being yourself and hangout with your friends.theres also limos and awsome stuff.


Hmm, there's too many to choose from! But one party I liked was the Monsters University Takeover. Best. Costumes. EVA! I've been interested in the Monsters Inc. movies since the first one came out! Wait, am I going off topic? I think I am, so BYEZ!


for me the best party so far was: The music jam on the track (2012) had as many characters as the cadence, the penguin band (concert, minus the cadence) and two characters who are not the club penguin: the rocky and cece's the pace was very cool, chilled out many clothes, raising the penalties, the tests for doubles, the items had to dance with especias to get clothes, new bands formed and LOTS of music

David Storm1:

Ya im preparad i got 5000 codes for 20000 coins.


My favorite party has been the piffle party because I love puff less i have all of them exept the rainbow puffle and you got to be your puffle. My penguin name is Grandmamae
Waddle on club penguin


I really liked the club penguin adventure parties it was fun to see club penguin decorated like that.It was also fun to see it change every year.


I miss the original all party is about a takeover..... I like this parties, but i want something more like the old Club Penguin creative...


My all time favorite party so far is the EPF Blackout! You got to actually find out who the director is and you got to destroy Herbert's plan to destroy Club Penguin! Awesome! Intil next time, Waddle On!


I liked the halaween party in 2012 because it had cool costumes but there one thing I wasn't a member at that time but the party was still so much fun so that's all I wanted to say so GO CP!


My favorite party that I've got to attend so far is the Medieval Party because it is really adventurous and I think that Scorn looks really well done. I also like those adventures with the red fire and the 3 headed one that breaths fire and freezes parts, too, and the rare party item catalog at the Clothes shop. I also like how there is royalty and you can just do the adventures with the red fire dragon again and again. I also like the costumes because they look so cool!

pokeguy 38:

My faveourite party is operation hot sause because you get to meet other agents like psa missons exept in gameplay.Also you use gagets and pick up clues.Plus the diderector gives you orders face to face.


My all time favourite party was the Hollywood party because I loved the Limo and you got to go on film sets. I also liked when you got to take pictures of superstar penguins like a real paparazzi. I really liked the catalog items because they really fit into the theme. I also liked the penguin style catalog since the clothes were really awesome. I liked the awards show the best because it was just like a real awards show. Waddle on and I am looking forwards to the next Hollywood party!!


My all time favorite so far is the ultimate music jam:I really loved the part when cadence performed of all the penguins and the penguin band.And we got new clothes they were awesome!And some of the clothes you can dance a speaial dance!But I mostly like the boom box dance.I liked the party starts now song that came out!And I saw Cece and rocky from shake it up!I did not know there were so much people the wanted to see cadence and the penguin band!I saw cadence perform a lot of times.Waddle ocop


My all time favorite so far is the ultimate music jam:I really loved the part when cadence performed of all the penguins and the penguin band.And we got new clothes they were awesome!And some of the clothes you can dance a speaial dance!But I mostly like the boom box dance.I liked the party starts now song that came out!And I saw Cece and rocky from shake it up!I did not know there were so much people the wanted to see cadence and the penguin band!I saw cadence perform a lot of times.Waddle ocop


My All time favorite so far as been Monsters University. I think it was an awesome party because there were a bunch of teams and a lot of costumes and it was really fun. Also, I really love the movie to so it made me happy to play it and act like one of the monstersfrom Monsters University on Club Penguin. Thank you and Waddle on!

Lolli Chill:

My favorite party was the Winter Luau because it had free colorful Hawaiian Leis. The were pretty and had a stylish look. I also liked the dance your penguin did when you wore the lei. I thought the hula dance was cool and other people thought it was cool, too. If club penguin made another Winter Luau, I'd totally be partying with my friends!

ash kid413:

JORGEMOO you said waht i was gonna say! D:


My all time favorite party so far was the Fruit themed Adventure party!! It was the very first party i have been too!! I loved to earn the epic fruit costume. My favorite costume probably was the grape costume! I loved to go in the temple of fruit and earn costumes!

Waddle on!!!!!!!!


i loved the snow card-jitsu party. it was so awesome! Me and my friend craz11 love card-jitsu, so when snow card-jitsu finally came out, we were so excited. Plus, i mastered every element, but snow. so when it came out, i was finally a true ninja! card-jitsu is awesome, and i can't wait to see what you come up with next! until then, waddle on!!!


My all time favorite party is the Holiday Party (especially from last December). I love how we got to celebrate the holidays by eating nice, warm cookies and giving Coins For Change. I also loved when we could even MAKE the cookies in the bakery and turn into Jack Frost and freeze penguins. That was fun! The best part was when I got to meet Aunt Arctic without any help! I was very surprised how I found her on my own! Thanks, CP for giving awesome parties!


I think that the fruit party was cool I liked how you had the different fruit tribes. My FAV part was all the Tikis they were greatly drawn like EVERTHING on club penguin. Also I liked the new game yall added Smoothie Smash its a hard game! I like the game when you can serve Herbert, Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper! BIG PIRATE FAN!

ash kid413:

my fav party is prehistoryic party you get to be dinos and throw up on people and you get to eat steak :D and the volcanos are awesome thumbs up for everything!

ash kid413:

sorry for my bad grammer D:


I love the Underwater Expedition during January 2013. That party has really good music, and it brings out Club Penguin's true self. The Underwater Expedition just makes me happy, and that was when I met my first mascot: Rookie.


I don't have a favorite I like well love all of them I cant choose just one that's too hard


My favorite party was the Holiday Party. It made me feel good to help make difference in the world with my coins. Thx Club Penguin for giving us the opportunity to help change the world! ;)
~ Ezekial4


even though I haven't been here super long my absolute favorite party was the super star party because it was super cool event with the limo and an Oscar party was held and movies to star in. it by far was the best I have attended.


My all time favorite so far has been the Prehistoric Party. I liked that party because you get to dig up dinosaur eggs in a mini game. Another thing that I think this party is cool is that you can turn into a dinosaur. My favorite dinosaur that liked to turn into was the Triceratops. Mostly because its featured actions like stomping and barfing on penguins. I guess this is all I can think of. Waddle On CP


Best party ever has to be the Halloween Party of 2007. First party ever for me and the first showing of "Night of the Living Sled". Such great times! Back when Club Penguin was so much simpler as well.


my favorite party so far is the Christmas party, I think is awesome because Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, and it's really fun to dress in Christmas outfits, and I love coins for change, sending presents, baking Christmas cookies, everything is just so colorful and cheerful. Waddle On!


my favorite party was the Summer party in 2006. I really want it to come back. As well with the music jam and the medieval party


My favorite party of all time is the.....Beta test party and that date's back to 2005 it was oldest party i been to on Cp. Also beta hat item was my FAVORITE item of all time. : D


My favorite is all of them!
I love how you put forth all of your hard work to get in all the fun and detail in the game!
Your hard work really shows in each and every party. All of them are unique in their own special ways.
All of your parties are equally the same amount of awesome! I just can't choose one.
Waddle on, Mainman177


well i like all the partys and club penguin and disney done there best of all time so i just say i like the make your mark eltment jam and i like the underwater party i like them so much onlymissed 1 i say i like all the partys club penguins makes the best

kat cp1:

who will? :3


My fav party would probaly this is hard all of them are awesome I cant chose one but i can chose two (I think,LOL) they would be the Make Your Mark with CeCe and Rocky,and I so cant wait for the Star Wars takeover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wow i cant choose just one hmmm maybe the water [party maybe and also the puffle party


well I only have been around in club penguin since the end of november.But I would have to say the 2013 puffle party with the rainbow puffle.Waddle On!

kat cp1:

that seems to recreate some of the more antiga rooms where everyone can have items that if one of the games most outstanding on the island would be the star but the awards are for all (members and nonmembers) #Waddle on

Penguin 92909:

My favorite party are the Puffle Parties. I like that in the Puffle Play Room we can become Puffles and see what it is like being a Puffle. Also, I like that CP released the Rainbow Puffle. And I LOVE the addtion of the Puffle Hotel. I take my puffle there every day.


My favorite party has to be the Music Jam 2012! I loved Cece and Rocky's costumes and all the outfits!!!
I also REALLY enjoyed dancing my heart out ;) !!!!!

Cp4evA XD:

Prehistoric partyyy I LOVED IT!! Especially the song


So far my all time favorite party was the Marvel Super Hero Takeover party because you get to dress up in different types of Iron Man armor and you get to dress up as other Marvel Super Heroes. The entire island was decorated to look like a city and each day you get different kinds of gloves where you can throw special snowballs at stuff. You also get to create robots. I really liked that Super Hero Bounce game because once I completed it, I got a Super Hero Hoodie. That party was awesome!


Same here! Especially about The Director's true identity. Who knew it would be Aunt Artic?


I Like The Fair, Medieval,Water Party and Ultimate Jam best because they are all fun and exciting and meeting mascots too!

Saul Blue 1:

my favorite is mu takeover you can be mike my favorite is team is oozma kappa it was fun and waddle on


My favorite was the April Fool's Day party from a few years ago. I have the Box Dimension portal box and T.V. Box from that party, and I really liked the Dojo all sketched out with the giant pencil in it. That was the first time I met Rookie. I remember getting his background it, was super cool!!!


my fave was the Medieval party (it hasn't been around since 2011 i think) but it was my fave cause we got to be princesses and knights and we got all swords and we got to fight dragons and we were also wizards. :) it was fun at the last Medieval party because we fought scorn :) memories...
Waddle On Cp!


my favorite party was the puffle party because we got time to play with our puffles and take care of them :) i fell thts nice! waddle on my user:lostmice1 its ok if u dont pik me! i wanted fun <3. so its ok if u dont pik me but i really liked and also i liked the ranbow puffle waddle on!!!!

Enter nickname:

i really liked the puffle party and i thought it was fun hanging around with our puffles
username:lostmice1 :D


Hi cp my favorite party has been the fair and the music jam and is THAT A MUSIC JAM RIGHT THERE!!? I'm hopping it is!

Tom Tom5150:

My Faverite party is the Puffle Party 2008.I think that after Star Wars Is a Camp Lakebottom Party.


My Favourite was the Beta testing party in 2005 I had a Whole Different username then, I still remember the login screen. The graphics weren't as good then I remembered before you log in it comes up with a RocketSnail logo.
I hate how penguins don't know who Billybob is now (Billybob createdCp)


My favorite party Marvel Takeover because you can stun robots with awesome gloves.


My favorite party of all time has been the Medieval Party 2012. I really liked this party because there was lots to do. There were a lot of party rooms and it was so fun to battle Scorn and do the Ye Knights Quests! I also love the decorations for the party and was the most decorated party of all time! It was also really fun to hang out in the special tree fort party room... I hope that the medieval party returns some time this year and it is even better with some last year favorites! Waddleon:)


My favorite party so far was the Puffle Party, it was so much fun to be at the puffle hotel, doing quest, being with your puffles, and finally getting to adopt a Rainbow puffle. Waddle on!


Ive been playing cp since February so I only been in a few party's but my favorite party of all is the Puffle Party of 2013!!
I love it so much cause you get be a Puffle!! And do all those quest to get the amazing Rainbow puffle I also met most of the friends I have today so thats why I loved that party!!! Waddle On CP!!!!!!!


Well my favorite party for CP in ALL is kinda a hard choose so I would probably say the SuperHero Marvel party from last year! Why you may ask? Well I loved the party because I am a fan of marvel,CP and both of them combined? Perfection. Just Perfection. Now my favorite thing about the party was that you could be superheroes! I loved being awesome super heroes like SpiderMan and CaptainAmerica! Anyways my penguin name is B0ssgaming1 Thanks for reading Waddle on!


I know exactly what the blue lei is coming!


The old parties are the best and I think Clubpenguin needs to be old again!

princess1 01:

The best party was the puffle party! That party showed the most about how our penguins can show how much they love animals even if they are virtual! The puffle party was the best way to get animal lovers to show their inner-self! I think its also cool how at the stage they always have a yellow puffle! They are everywhere!


The best was Medevail party! I love how you got to do quests and get lots of gold! Even a sky kingdom! And a valcano where you could hide or have a picnic! The second quest battle was hard., But fun!

Ashtonpf :

Well if I had to chose well I would have to chose umm all of them the monster university, party PUFFLE party ,operation black out and so many more I love all party's I am a party penguin keep making more party waddle on club penguin



I like every single party. I like exploring around the new decorated place


My favorite party of all time has always been the great Christmas party of 2012! Just celebrating the joy and happiness of Christmas gives me a warm feeling in my heart. All the penguins gather around the tree and sing Christmas carols awaiting for Santa's visit. Me and my friends come to my igloo and celebrate Christmas together. We get out the tree, ornaments, and a big shiny golden star that sparkles in the night. Me and my buddies are looking forward to singing and spreading joy again!


Hey Club Penguin I got a question when is the Star Wars Party going to be ? I so ready ! : { )


I see the water party, the funny thing is I sent fanmail to you guys about the water party and how it should come back and there it is :D I miss the water party as well as the Medieval and Music Jam parties.


My all time favorite party was the water party in 2006 it was so epic it was really Fun and Epic i wish you could bring it back i had so many good memorious . Until next time Waddle On :)


My favorite party is the holiday party because I like earning coins to donate for coins for change


my all time favorite party is the hollywood party because there's a limo that everyone can ride throughout club penguin and better yet a carpool! and also you get rewards if you're a member like the phone. and the last favorite thing about it is that you can do movie shoots. i can do a movie with my own stunts. that's the best part of the party in my opinion. Waddle on


I think my all time favourite party would be the Prehistoric Party! I loved being a cool dino, go back in time to the cavepenguin age, And BARFING UP ON PENGUINS! LOL! I loved the dino dig as well. it was so fun! And the little resturant place too, Awesome! :)

WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN! You are the reason these parties ever...EXISTED!


Well, i havent been playing club penguin that long (only since january) but i really like it! I probably wouldnt have even known about this awesome game without my friend Blueslimey2! If u see this, maybe give him 5,000 coins? Anyway, my favorite party was definatly the prehistoric party, which was my first party, even though i wasnt a member yet! Though i wish i was around for the Temple of Fruit, Fun Fair, Haloween party, Operation Black-out, and the Holiday party!Oh well!
Waddle On, CP!

Ninja WFs12:

I'm just new a few months ago so I didn't have a favourite party but I heard of the Puffle Hotel Party before I started online.


my fave party this year is the puffle party or the music party!
your parties rock Club penguin!
waddle on!


My FAV party was the Hollywood Party it was cool how you got the awards, like They get a little time to say something! I also Liked how penguins could get to do a scene in the movies. Waddle on!


Hi cp its me grooviegril6! and um i think my favorite party would probably be the Phrehistoric party cos you get to play a game to find eggs and cool stuff but it was really hard to find the black aand red one!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the phrestoric party !! and the last thing that was the awsome about the party was how we coul discover different dinosaurs!!


My all time favourite party is such a good one! If you were around way back, does anyone remember the Water Party? Where you got an umbrella hat and I THINK that shell belt thingy. I STILL have them!! That party was great. It had waterslides, a GIANT octopus in the Dojo and and and you threw water bombs instead of snowballs! It all started underground when a rogue crab tapped the glass and it cracked and flooded! The pool was huge then! But knowing us, we just turned into a water party! Wooooot!


My all-time party is "Ultimate Jam", because it had many cool items, just like that hoodie where you do that dance. The party made me so WOW! Oh and I even got to get the stamps of the penguin band. IT'S LIKE I MET THEM(without a playercard). It was very fun and dazzling! :D


My favorite party has to be the Marvel Takeover parties, I think it's an awesome party because we could dress up as our favorite superheros and villains and save Club Penguin! Waddle on, -Lulu98052.


my all time was the fruit party because i liked looking at the fruit costumes like an and watermelon and pineapple


Winter Fiesta! My penguin iball was not there that day but I had this other penguin on aha! I love it cause I love sombreros :D


Wow! My favorite part of all time? That's so hard to choose! I'd have to go back to the Festival of Flight party, though. I loved being able to fly around on my jet pack and going up in the hot air balloon! :) It was one of my first parties (if not my first; I can't remember), and that's part of what makes it so great, too. When I remember what made me like CP so much, one of the first things I think of is the Festival of Flight. Thanks so much for all your great parties!:)


My All time favorite so far has been the Operation: Blackout Party, i think it was an awesome party because we got awesome Gadgets like a Grabbling hook and a Laser to Cut through a Door, Also i think it was cool how we go to meet herbert. P Bear during the Party, and last thing that was awesome about the party was how we discovered the Director's true Identity. Waddle on


I've been waiting for this question! My all-time favourite Club Penguin Party would have to be The Fair in September. I always enjoy the carnival games that remind me just of a real carnival. The Puffle Paddle is my favourite puffle game by a long run, I always keep my favourite puffle for falling (which is the yellow). I also love the puffle show. Who doesn't love seeing a orange puffle in a tiny clown car?


I loved the second Marvel Superhero Takeover because we got to dress up as some cool heroes and villains. I even got to stop a penguin burglar from robbing the pizza parlor!


My all time favorite party is the puffle party, because you can get a puffle costume also, Because the grand puffle to open and you can get special Puffle 'Os . Also that you can adopt the rainbow puffle.


i think the adventure party of fruit was the best party were you Rockhopper came with a bunch of fruit and feed the VOLCANO.


the party is a summer jam


So far, it has been the Marvel Superhero Takeover Party of 2013! I love how heroes had special suits and gloves with different parties! Villains could also make robots, and some gloves could restore the city! And my favourite bit was that each part of CP could be destroyed in a certain way, and heroes could defend the city by blasting robots! WADDLE ON CP!!!!

Papy Kimmy:

I loved the water party we had where almost the whole island was underwater it was awesome! All of the penguins working together to help save the island was a great sight! I loved how we all used our imagination to make the party even more fun! We definitely need to have another water party!


MINE WAS MONSTERS UNIVERSITY I LOVED IT <3 <3. i loved MU since i was a little girl and i think CP and Pixar animations did a AWESOME JOB decorating and planning and i got my first party stamp too!!!!!!!! to be honest i have only been playing cp for a few weeks and i <3 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE FOR MORE. WADDLE ON MY PEEEPS SAAAAAAN

Penguin 6616:

My favorite party was the Halloween Party where we got to go into the haunted house. I liked reading the news about Gary's great great uncle a ghost!!! It was fun putting on the Halloween costume and shooting those blue things at ghosts!!!! And you could also find the secret door to go the room where you could turn into a ghost. The ghost were really scary. I liked the eyes in the house to looking around at us penguin ghosts! And I liked the ice berg with the big Halloween face glowing!!


My favourite party all time would absulutely be the Holiday Party 2012 (or maybe even Star Wars Takeover)! I liked it becaouse of the really good decorations.

Name: Lovngpenguin.


My Favourite part so far has been the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013. I got to use awesome power gloves and got to control Robots! Iron Man is also my favourite hero and I loved that you got the iron man mark 42 armour as a costume. I also had the chance to get aunt Arctic's give away background and add her as a friend. I also got the super hero outfit and hero outfit with the villains outfit. I think that was the best party Ever!Waddle on Penguin Name: Jibril


Hello penguins!My all time favourite party are operation blackout and operation hot sauce both... but I think operation blackout is better because its like solving a great puzzle to stop Herbert, operation hot sauce is also good.WADDLE ON!


I LOVED the Marvel Superhero Takeovers because I love Marvel(Spider-Man the most) and Club Penguin!!! My two favourite things combined!!! I love dresing up as cool characters like Spider-Man and Captain America! I dress up as Marvel heroes even when the party is not on! I loved the mini games in the 2013 Marvel Superhero Takeover and how you could get the white hero hoodie if you reached space and finihed the hero mini game! The power gloves are also cool!
Keep up the great work CP. Waddle on!


Hi penguins.I like operation hot sauce because its with new gadgets!


my all time favorite so far has been Hollywood Party it was cool because we were superstars and we could meet aunt arctic and candence and other cool mascots and the movie costumes were VERY cool and that we could take pics of superstars and there was lots of free items and lots of cool items and last cool thing about the party is the awards show i really liked the trophys .Waddle on


My best party I been to was the Adventure Party 2012 it was my favorite because that there were islands and cool shops or not at some items for cool stuff! metting Rockhopper was the best. It was really hard to find him but I did do it! The ship anamations were
so cool that I had to beat the islands and when I got to to the last island it looked so cool that I thought that it was left behind by other pirates it also sent a chill down my spine. Great work Club penguin! What else will you do??

Didi Pengy:

The Prehistoric Party was DEFINITELY terrific; it was like how in CP were two dimensions,one normal ,and the other full of dinosaurs and cave-penguins! Well,I'm really very fascinated by dinosaurs,everytime I like to read more and more information about them,so the party delighted me.On the other side, Operation Blackout was one of the best EPF missions ever !Every day I was sitting on the edge of my seat to find out what will happen! Especially the end amazed me.So I can't decide between these.


My favorite party so far on club penguin has got to be the music jam 2011 because I met Cadence and G Billy! Also because Billybob extended it by a nother week.My favorite part in music jam 2011 was Casa fiesta because i just loved doing the conga in there!
The coolest room in music jam 2011 was defenetly the dock because the back stage was so so so cool!I loved the entrance to the back stage to!The dock had an epic stage it had a huge dance floor and the music was so catchy!


Medieval or Operation Blackout.


my fav party would have to be the medival 2012 because i get to defeat scorn with my sling shot and my magical cape. boy did i love that party so much.

My tiggy:

Club penguin team,club penguin players I love club penguin even know I live in a small country New Zealand I still love it I get all the toys books and everything else I want to work for club penguin when I'm older if there was a club penguin studios in New Zealand Christchurch I will I can't describe how much I love club penguin I play every spare second on the computer my club penguin toys drawing club penguin I just want to say thank you club penguin team club penguin players thank you. M.T


My favorite party is April Fools,I think it was cool and funny.I like the box dimensions and all items.Also I like too meet Rookie in the party.Waddle on


My all time favorite so far has been the music jam 2011 and 2012 because we got new items like shoes, clothes, hair and instruments and we got to meet during the party cadence, rocky and cece. we saw cadence and the penguin band perform and if we were members we could go back stage we got items for dancing on the stages around the island i though the best part was getting rocky an cece to show up. waddle on cp


My favorite all time party is music jam. But this year so far I really enjoyed the prehistoric party. It was awesome how we could switch between modern and old club penguin.

Jtp uk:

Marvel superhero takeover!! I destroyed/ saved the world at least twice!

Dj Powwow:

The Sneak peek looks like a Summer or beach party! that looks like my favourite one so far! But my favourite Would be Maybe The Ultimate Jam cause you Can collect items day by day and Get a Purple boom Box I Love music as well


my all time fave is the puffle party it is a good way the have fun with you puffle you can get puffle costume and match with your pet like red and red and i like the puffle hotel and i like the rainbow puffle a lote i have all the puffles and my cp name is adamg217


In my opinion, the April Fools parties are the best! Especially in 2008, when the night club was pixelated, the iceberg was a bowl of ice and the forest was upside-down! I was really confused and I couldn't stop laughing! You also got some swirly glasses and a propeller hat which enabled you to hover above the ground! How amazing is that?!

Taffy Pengi:

I like the music jam party because of all the catalogs. I also like pretending to be a rock star at the docks. Waddle on!


I loved the party where we went of with Rockhopper to sail the seven seas and hunt for treasure in 2012. The items rocked and and I even got a membership just to go in that cave room and is was really cool I loved the way you all set is up as a viking feast.P.S. i've meet R.H. two times!! BYE AND WADDLE ON !!.

Raven 10:

My favorite all time party is the Music Jam of 2009 because that's when I first started playing a lot of Club Penguin. My first item was the Blue Headphones. I really loved all of the parties before the takeovers started too.

rider blaze:

Mine was the cristmas party it was so awesome!


Mine would have to be the Operation:Blackout party, by far. I liked it because you could use loads of cool gadgets, for example; the Grabbling hook and super cool Laser. Also, we could discover the director's true identity and meet naughty Herbert. I loved what all the different places had been transformed into ,plus I watched the trailer and think that was cool too. Go CP! Waddle on!


It's took me so long to decide, but I finally settled on one- the Marvel Superhero Takeover! I wasn't a member half the time but became one in the middle of it. I really loved fixing the cities, robbing banks and I even found a rare item in the bank- a sack of money! I also thought it was really cool how the Non-Members got to dress up as a policeman or robber OR they can fix the city! I also think that having hero and villain lairs was awesome. Also liked the mini-game thing! Waddle On!


I have only been on club Penguin since October 2012, but in that time my favourite party was definitely Operation Blackout! I was a non-member at the time, but I was still happy since I could still do so much stuff, like getting all the spy gear and finding out the Director's secret. That is why Operation Blackout was my favourite party. Waddle On!

Hot Pepper54:

Hmm. Difficult choice because I loved a lot of club penguin parties like the penguin play awards in 2010. But also the marvel superhero takeover from 2012. However my favourite party of all time has to be the Christmas party from 2009. That's my answer to my favourite all time party. What's yours? Waddle on

Blue Kid 707:

My favorite party so far is the Monsters University party,it was just so cool! I also like it because there was scary costumes that can make a roar and there was even a mini game!Also there was great changes like,the pet shop had a green puffle eye,the snow forts was changed to the Monsters University entrance,inside the coffee shop and pizza parlor were different and finally there was a secret place between the snow forts and the plaza! Waddle On! :)


well I just joined cp but I have to admit that the Monsters University party was amazing! So far my favorite too. It was a small adventure having to look for hidden locations. By the way, CAN'T WAIT FOR STARWARS!!!!! You are all so talented. THANK YOU!


my fav party is "The Party Starts Now." because really like cadence


My favorite party of All-Time was the medieval party 2012.I liked it because there are quests and you do not have to wait for them.You can also battle the ultimate dragon,Scorn.There are a lot of cool items,and the entire island was decorated.Waddle on!


My all time favorite party so far would have to be the Prehistoric Party. It was so cool how we got to travel back in time and members could even become a dinosaur! Not every party is as special as that one! Waddle on!

Puff puff 65:

My favourite was the water party back in 2007 i have so many memories from it


Ok my party is the Marvel Super hero Takeover 2013 because there was AWSOME OUTFITS such as people from Iron man 3!!! And there was AWSOME GLOVES and AWSOME NEW PLACES. Thanks for your time.


My favourite party has to be Operation:Blackout. Because all the gadgets we got were so cool and I met my very first mascot
at that party. Also we find out who the Director is. It also had a pretty cool video at the end.


My most favorite party was the marvel super hero takeover party 2012, it was a amazing party because we could get awesome powers like the electric gloves and lava gloves. It was cool that we could look like our favorite super heroes like spider man, thor, and captian america. the last reason why the party was awesome is because we could fight a giant robot. so waddle on cp.


my favourite party of all time would probably have to be the 2012 medieval party. i liked it because there was lots of fun quests to do and lots of cool costumes to collect. i also liked how they decorated the rooms, it looked like we had traveled back in time! i think club penguin should defiantly have another party like that.
waddle on :)

Apple 1116 :

my favorite party of all time was the christmas party in 2012 because we got to turn into frostbite penguins reindeer puffles and race cars.
every day of that party i donated 500 coins! donating to make a difference to the world is very important! and i love the sleigh game where you drop presents! thank you for the best christmas party ever!!!

Waddle on!


I really loved all the parties SO SO much, but i LOVED the water party. Maybe you guys could make a water party. It would be the best month in Club Penguin 2013. Please reply back.



Whoops it says my name is Poodle9, sorry about that my name is Poodle92 :)


I Loved All The Parties That The CP Team Have Made Because Its Fun To Have A Party Every Once In A While.My Five Top Favorite Parties Are:

Puffle Party
Operation Blackout
Hollywood Party
Christmas Party
Monsters University Takeover

But My Favorite So Far Was The Christmas Party Because You Could Be A Car A Reindeer Puffle Or A Ice Monster

Waddle On CP!


My Favorite party was the April Fools Party last year because,I really love how people laugh and smile and tell jokes around the island and thats what I do best, telling jokes.The best thing about the party was finding new friends,its easy to find new friends around island when people have a great mood like happy,joyful,etc. and its really fun to waddle around finding Rookie because, he is my fan,my favorite mascot,so this is why I like The Aprl Fools Party,well then,Waddle On!


My favourite party so far was the "music jam party" i really liked the cool items for nonmembers and members, all the decorating was awsome, and i also got to meet four man band and cadence, it was awsome when i met them


My all time favourite so far would HAVE to be the Fall Fair 2010. There were so many different costumes, like the Rooster Costume, which I adore! My favourite game at the Fair would have to be Puffle Paddle, which for those of you who don't know is a game where you keep up as many puffles off the ground using a paddle. With lots of different prizes to play for, and so many decorated rooms and games, it made the perfect party for me.
I hope to see it hit Penguin Island again soon!


My all time favourite party has to be the Prehistoric Party. You could transform into a prehistoric era, play a new game and even transform into a dinosaur and go to the present era of Club Penguin! Waddle on!


Well,mine is the Operation Blackout Party because it was the first time Herbert ruled CP and some EPF agents were kidnapped and put into a big freezing glass container including the Director! And there was an agent(you know who you are) that Herbert couldn't even successfully kidnap! If it weren't for the teamwork of our fellow EPF friends and that Agent,we would still be under the rule of Herbert P. Bear!

Waddle On!


My favourite party was the Music Jam 2008 because it was my very first party and it was awesome because I've got some cool and rare items from this party! I met there the Penguin Band for the first time and the rooms were very nice decorated! Oh, I almost forgot, waddle on!

Creative Ben:

My favorite party was the super hero takeover! I got to be iron man and the villains nearly destroyed the island! But we were lucky to save the island! Waddle on!

007 jojo:

THE FIRST WATER PARTY! That is my favourite and i would really love to see it back again and see all the new penguins reactions to it! Like the squid on the old dojo!


Whew! This is a really hard question, because I haven't played though many full parties, and all the parties are so awesome! It's probably either the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2013, or the Halloween Party 2012, or the Holiday Party 2012. Yes, I think I'll go for the Holiday party, because of the cool Advent Calender which gives you lots of rewards over time, the awesome cookies which transformed you into things, and the way that your cookie money went straight to coins for change, WADDLE ON!

Ninja Yelow:

My All Time Favorite Party was The Great Snow Race of 2011, because we could get items for snowboarding and a Safety Hat also an EPF Agent Helmet. We could go to the top of the Toughest Mountain and slide down to the start :) and we could go to Herbert's Secret Lair and stop him from destroying our Island by putting him in a deep, very very deep, hibernation. Operation Hibernation was a success and everyone had a great time we could get new Party Stamps for the party and it was great. WADDLE ON!


My favorite party was the cardjitsu party because we got to see sensei and he also opened up some member games to non members Epic! And I got to be on fire side of the island cause I was already one.
Waddle on!


My all time favorite party was 'Make Your Mark : Ultimate Jam' . I love this this party because it was the biggest music jam ever and Cadence , Stompin' Bob , G Billy , Petey K came to visit club penguin island with Rocky and CeCe - Stars of Shake It Up and everywhere it was only about music and dance .

Bot Cp:

My favorite party so far has been the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam. Getting to meet up with Rocky & Cece on Club Penguin was fun. It was fun as penguins will able to attend the concerts by Cadence and the penguin band. The fashion catalog was very cool with a lot of awesome styles. The dailies were cool as we get non-members get Purple Boombox, Music Spaltter Hat, Pitch Perfect Shirt while members get Golden Microphone and Hip Hop Hoodie. I liked the party theme song. ~Waddle on


The parties is SUUPER cool!!! I like ALL parties, and all is super, but my favorite party is the Card - Jitsu party. I like ninjas, and all 4/5 card - jitsus. My favorite card - jitsu is snow/shadow. In 2014 year we will know. Sorry if i have errors. Good luck for all players, who wants to get 10, 000 coins!


My favorite party was this year's Puffle Party. Because it has bonuses! First, the Puffle Hotel (by the way is my most favorite place) is release!. Second, the MAJESTIC RAINBOW PUFFLE's released! I love those cute beings. Plus, you got to meet PH!

Vera Cruz123:

My pet joke is : Where do a mouse play ? It play at the mouseplyground!


My all time favorite party so far was the Adventure Party 2012 with the volcano big big Kahuna! I really liked and enjoyed that party because I like friuts and Rockhopper! I met Rockhopper a lot of times! This was awesome, he is very friendly. I think that was the best party ever! In this party I dressed with a grape with goggles! It was awesome! May the waddle be with you.


My favourite party so far has been the music jam. We got to meet Billy Bob, Frankie, Cadence and other stars. It was awesome. Dancing with our best friends was great. Me and my friends had a showdown at the night club. I won. It was all because of cadence's GROOVY moves and hip hop music. I got many character stamps. The disco costumes and the beatbox was very cool. In short it was a fantastic party. WADDLE ON! CP, really looking forward to this party.


My favourite party so far has been the music jam. We got to meet billy bob, Frankie, Cadence and lots of other stars. Awesome because we all got to perform and show off our dancing skills. I also got many character stamps with this party. And dancing and singing with our best friends was really cool. Me and some of my friends had a showdown at the night club. I won it was all because of cadence's GROOVY moves and hip hop music disco style clothes and the beatbox was great. It was a great party.

Flash 790:

My favorite party was the pirate themed Adventure Party. Because everything looked like it was from the 1700s and I became friends with Captain Rockhopper. I also liked the Temple of fruit, me and my friends had a lot of fun in there. We had a race through the whole temple and ran like mad through the entrance to avoid the watermelon seeds! Waddle on! :-)


My favourite party ever was the Festival of Flight. I loved everything about it, especially the balloon ride. I wish it would be brought back one day!


My favourite party (forever) is definitely The 2012 Adventure Party. Rolling huge watermelons, Banana,Pineapple land, Apple land And Last But Not Least And i'm pretty sure u all know Watermelon land! Who couldn't love the temple of fruit . Also who loved rockhopper put your hands up. Lava fruit volcano move ill defeat it but hey its just fruit :) Oh and by the way love smoothie smash i love smashing with my but!!!


My all time favorite party so far has to be Operation: Blackout, even though I became depressed during the party, it was really enjoyable because it was like a life-size EPF. The gear we had to use was incredible and going to to keep track was really clever too. It showed how close Club Penguin was to becoming a frozen wasteland. Also you guys reached the biggest amount of logins in a single party from Operation Blackout! The music was also something special too.


My all time favourite music jam 2012 because i was a new player and i had a 7 day free membership card so i got to meet Cadance for the first time.Waddle on!!


I very loved the super heros takeover , it was very fun to do heros fight vs robots , and I loved all the powers there , and also the costumse were aswome


My favourite party so far has been the Hollywood party, since you have a variety of things to do on the island. You could chill out and take a ride on the limo, earn trophies and awards. Collect the music items, along with gearing up on new clothing and equipment. Including the new pins and new items, which included: The Scary Octopus Costume and the Golf Cart. Along with all the different types of Acting props and accessories. It was Epic! This party was by far the best for me!


My favourite party was the Prehistoric Party, Apart from entertainment, it was also educational. It tought us all about dinosaurs. We got to discover one of the oldest secrets on Club Penguin. I learned that the 'bump' on the top left of the Iceberg was actually a megalodon's fin!


I like the water party in 2007 and festival of snow! it was really fun parties that I want them back! I like the water party in 2007 much you could see nice decorations, new free items, and it was one of my best parties because I got the most friends at the party! and the festival of snow had to make their own statues of penguins and puffles, and it was fun to see all the statues! I like ochså sports day 2006 and the summer party 2006! I like many 2006 and 2007, parties!


my FAVORITE parties (I like two parties) would have to be Operation: Blackout party, it was AWESOME! We saw the truth behind the Director, beat Herbert, and also we used our secret agent abilities to track and find Herbert, I also liked the Monsters university party, I learnt so much from that on how to be scary! Waddle on!

~Queenbee4379 :D


I think the best party yet was the puffle party where you could turn into puffle a nd purchase the rainbow puffle although I think the Star Wars party will be the best party ever , waddle on CP

From Dynomo4

Melvin 505:

I agree with @Jorgemoo, Op. Blackout was my first party and all time favorite. Despite the fact that the decorations weren't much, This party was also one of the few last "original" parties, unlike all of today's takeover's. Let's hope someday the magic of Old CP will return!


I think my all time favourite party has to be the Wilderness expidition 2011.I loved the way there was loads of puzzles in it and when I went across the bay and found the brown puffle I was so happy! Waddle On!

Pengy 61:

My all time favourite party is the Make Your Mark Ultimate Music Jam Party Because You Had To Complete Tasks and Even Meet The Penguin Band, Rock, Cece and Cadence. Also there was a concert where you could see them perform it was epic!

Tlast Peng:

I like the Medieval Party most, because i love medieval stuff. Also there are a lot of puzzles to solve and lots of penguins wearing knight costumes. The decoration is really cool, too.

Jammer Dj:

Hmm, that's a very difficult question as each and every one of your parties are totally awesome! But my favorite would be the Music Jam party in 2010! Music, fun with friends; plain awesomeness! That's also when I got the idea of my username. The Backstage and the Penguin Band rocked too! I'm pretty sure there are amazing parties coming up ahead though, so my opinion might change very soon!


My favourite party was Water Party.
I think it was an awesome party because of old spirit and summer climate.
You can enjoy sunbathing .. and eat grilled fish !
I loved waterslide ! Had fun with it.
That was one of the best party ever.

Best fishes from loyal penguin,


My all time favorite party so far was the Puffle Party 2013. I think it was awesome because the rainbow puffle finally came out, the grand opening of the Puffle Hotel, the fact that you can also TRANSFORM into a rainbow puffle and being able to transform back into a penguin in the Puffle Playroom because you cant be a penguin again in the playroom last year.



I like the marvel superhero takeover it is cool being a superhero , cool snowballs , and marvel stuff


Mine would have to be Holiday Party 2013 because of the free items for everyone and how we could have fun and at the same time, help with charity and good causes!


My all time favorite party so far would be the Mountain Expedition event which happened during the August of 2010. I liked how there were obstacles on the way of reaching the Mountain Top. One of the rooms I like would be the Supply Camp as it looked really fascinating, just like a real one! Chopping the wood with an ax left around was an ingenious way of lifting the other side of the plank of ice. I liked this party rally much and hope some sort of event would return.

Waddle On!


My favorite party is the Water Party 2008. Not just because i had fun waddling around the island, picking cool items, enjoying the terrific party rooms and meeting some new cool friends, but because it was my very first party :)
Of course, many other parties, like the Festival of Flight, Winter Fiestas and Music Jams are fun and cool as well, but to me, the 2008 Water Party will always remains my favorite.
I hope there will be new Water Parties in the future with new features :)
Waddle on!

Enter nickname:

Wow, that's a hard one! Since I came here in 2011, I've had lots of fun busting Herbert, turning into a ghost and scaring my friends, and even having a fun April Fools party! But the party that I think is really fun when we have The Holiday Party. We can turn into cars and reindeer, and even donate virtual coins to help animals and people in need. And the best of all, we can open presents every day!
Until then...#WaddleOn!



my best party was the bollywood party or the celebrity party which was held in feburary end . I liked this because we were given awards made of bronze , gold and silver and i liked the red carpet and all the penguins were looking so beautifully dressed like real celebrities and all the places in cp were well decorated and the big car. It was the best party on cp i have ever had .


my best party was the bollywood party or the celebrity party which was held in feburary end . I liked this because we were given awards made of bronze , gold and silver and i liked the red carpet and all the penguins were looking so beautifully dressed like real celebrities and all the places in cp were well decorated and the big car. It was the best party on cp i have ever had .


My All Time Favorite Party is The Medieval Party.I love being a knight and travel aroung the kingdom.

Tiar lakar:

the best will be the star wars take over i am waiting for the take over

Yubstep 101:

IDK. I've been part of the CP community since 2007 (6 years!) but I personally like all parties. Some aren't really parties, but they're still parties, if I'm right.


My favorite partys are Operation Blackout party, Marvel Superhero Takeover parties, Medieval parties, Holiday parties, Card-Jitsu parties & the Star Wars Takeover party. If they made the Marvel Superhero Takeover different like making it to the DC Superhero Takeover.


my all time favorite so far has been has been the puffle party, i think it was a fun, and funny party.even you get to met ph shes so cool but not everyone gets to met her also some videos show the rainbow puffle farting :) thats just so funny even when your puffle plays its looks like is a flying puffle and when you did you 4 tasks you get the rainbow puffle but i wish the non members can get it :( but when you are done you get the food bag. Waddle on


My all time favorite is the card jitsu snow party because if we keep defeating tusk we get cool items like that awesome cloak
Waddle on


If I had to choose ONE I would choose Hollywood Party because you could star in movies.But the AWARD SWOW was something to make your eyes POP!


My favourite party has to be the Prehistoric Party I loved the way you could play Dino Dig and search for eggs and when you find them you get to transform into a Dinosaur WADDLE ON

Enter nickname:

Know this doesn't have to do with the post but read!

All those parties like Marvel and Star Wars
Do you need new ideas?
Why don't you make a blog post asking us for ideas?
Why do you need a syoryline for every party?

All those new designs
Why are you removing the snow?
Isn't this isle covered in snow?
Where's the snow on the top of the buildings?

Why are you changing all the mascots?
Why do you have all that wigs?
Don't you remember wigs?
And free items in boxes?

Waddle on!

Luismi C3a:

Know this doesn't have to do with the post but read!

All those parties like Marvel and Star Wars
Do you need new ideas?
Why don't you make a blog post asking us for ideas?
Why do you need a syoryline for every party?

All those new designs
Why are you removing the snow?
Isn't this isle covered in snow?
Where's the snow on the top of the buildings?

Why are you changing all the mascots?
Why do you have all that wigs?
Don't you remember wigs?
And free items in boxes?

Waddle on!


My favorite party has GOT to be The Halloween Party. It has so much to look and think forward to. Also, my first account made in 2009 was made when The Halloween Party went on :)


I liked the party when the snow dojo came out and we fight the snow monsters and final battle we get fight tusk and Sensei helped us


Well, my favorite party of all time would be "the Medieval party,"because there were always this feeling when you know you are saving the kingdom and your the hero and of course the decorated places where indeed very awesome, it almost felt like I just went back in time. It was great sadness to me when I found out there were no Medieval party this year.


My favorite party so far was the holiday party I love it because I get to help people to build houses and help protect animals to. Also I can help make people feel better when there sick. I feel so good for donating my coins to the poor :) .And we also got a new penguin color white too! The holiday party is best in my list! :D


It's hard to say-I wasn't in Operation Blackout, but it sounded like an AWESOME party. And the Ultimate Jam, too. But, my favorite party I've actually been to would be Operation Hotsauce. I think this Star Wars party will be my next favorite!

C Rockhooper:

My favourite party so far is the under water party because there was an awesome mase and at the end you get a prize of a Submarine. When I was doing the mase, I actuality met Rookie! Waddle on cp!


my favorite party was so far monsters inc. party because there were lots of costumes you could get

Jake Mac2:

I love all parties, but my all time favorite party has to be the 2013 Puffle Party!!! I loved the Puffle Party because we got to spend time with our puffles!! I liked taking my puffle to the Puffle Hotel to groom him, feed him, etc. When I completed all the achievements in the Puffle Hotel, I got to fly up to the clouds and get a rainbow puffle!! Also, the different rooms were decorated for all the different puffles!!! That's why my favorite party is the 2013 Puffle Party!
Waddle On!!!


The Halloween party is my all time favorite because you could be a ghost and scare people. one of the coolest things were seeing Gary's great grandfather in ghost form! so cool.


My favorite party so far has to be the Halloween Party in 2012! We discovered the mystery of Gary's Great-Grandfather and found the answer to why he vanished! He had made a machine that turned penguins into ghosts, then he tested it on himself. We went into a spooky mansion and found the keys to the locked coffin. When we had the glasses, we found a ghostly door and solved the mystery! I even met Gary while Trick-or-Treating! Everything was awesome! WADDLE ON!!!

Kc Sunshine1:

My Favorite Party Yet Was The Make Your Mark Ultimate Jam, I Liked It Because Each Day We Could Get New Groovy Dance Items And Everyone Could Watch Cadence Perform Her New Single "The Party Starts Now!" And Last But Not Least We Could Meet Two Characters From My Fave Show Who Are Rocky And Cece! Waddle On Club Penguin


My favorite party of all time would have to be the Water Party. It's a classic, and it was jam-packed with summer fun!


Since i first joined club penguin back in 2007, my favorite all time favorite party i ever was experienced was the "penguin play awards" back in 2009. That was one of the best parties within meeting famous penguins and everyone getting all dressed up in suits. And the best part is, i met all of them!


My favorite party so far is Operation: Blackout, because you get gadgets to get past security terminals. It was also the time when I joined Club Penguin in the middle of the party. The last thing is that I discovered the Director's true identity.

Pachi Pachi2:

I missed most of the parties due to Hiautus, but my faveorite party would either have to be the 2009 Festival of Flight or this years Phehistoric Party. Both of them were so much fun! I was able to fly without leaving the ground in the Fest of Flight, and got to see the Iceberg before it got white (ok that made no sense). Waddle on!


My joke is with puffle and penguin. One day I was playing Club Penguin and appear a penguin who slapped me and put me in a cannon. Then launch me in the game and sat on my computer to play in Club Penguin Puffle Launch. But this time I was the puffle.


My favorite parties are all of them they are the best memories well for club penguin! Even the secret agent missions I was not here when the others happened like case of the missing puffles all missions from 2005 -2011 but all the others I know so waddle on CP thank you for all the parties even the Star Wars


Operation: Blackout was my favourite because I love the EPF and we found out who the Director was(The one I always suspected) . My second favourite is the medieval party (Which was sadly missing this year, please bring it back ) and my third favourite was the adventure party in 2011. I'm really looking forward to the Star Wars takeover. Thanks for making so many parties.


My favorite party has been the Water Party! My favorite thing there was the big octopus at the Dojo. Another awesome part of it was when you took a hose and squirt another penguin! Maybe the party could come out again in August! Lastly, I liked the big sea creature at the Iceberg.


My all time favorite party was problably The Great Snow Race, (Operation Hibernation). It was cool to try and Hbernate Herbert! It was also fun to rode the extra-big sled race!


My favorite party is Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013 Party. It was very good and the costumes was ultimate cool. This was the best party ever.


the flight festival and music jam the flight festival was a really fun party with lots of things to do and the music jam is great because you can meat pb and cadence witch will get you to play a lot and look for them plus everyone likes music . PS i see that herbert and sensei are going to be at the party dose that mean we can meat them ? Waddle on


I think my all time favorite party has to be The Fair because i really love the games, especially the game Puffle Paddle, i would really recommend that game for loads of tickets! It's also a really fun game! My favorite prize prize for non members has to be the paddle ball because i really like paddle ball. Since i wasn't a member that time, i couldn't buy the member prizes, but the prize i would've liked was the candy apple!And, I liked the circus because it was open to everyone!


My all time favorite party of all time it is Ultimate Jam 2012, it was awesome because you can meet Cadence, The Penguin Band, Cece and Rocky, and in every room its a party, so party everywhere!
Waddle On!


My favorite party was The journey of rockhopper to go to 3 islands and an old viking place and setting up the beacon


My favorite party was the Halloween Party in 2012 and we went to the haunted mansion to search for Gary's great uncle and we can turn into ghost and scare the penguin away


My all-time favorite party was the Monsters University Takeover! I liked scaring and collecting costumes, so I really look like a monster. The movie was great, and so was the party. I loved how the team houses looked like they did in the movie!

Waddle On CP!


My fav party so far would be the music jam!!!!! I think meeting cadence rocky and cece was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the costumes!!!!Getting to see cadence and the penguin band live was sooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!! I couldent wait for the party! it was hard to have it leave:( Plus it started when I got on CP for the FIRST time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! until then waddle on Club Penguin team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite party is the medieval party. I like going on quest to slay the dragon.
At the end of the third quest there were dragons which got us ready for Herbert's sneak attack.
at the end of that we got Dragon furniture and an EPF badge.


My favorite party was the 2012 Holiday Party. It was great to be able to give so much to Coins for Change, and I thought it was great that CP used Cookies to help too. Freezing people was pretty funny! I also loved the music for the Holiday Party. My favorite piece of music was down at the dock. That Christmas medley was AWESOME. CP does great music!

Waddle on!



My most favorite party in Club Penguin uptil now is the Operation Blackout Party.
Because it had a lot of activities!!


My all time (from the operation blackout to now) favorite party was the 2013 Puffle Party. It was fun being a Puffle!


My favorite party is the Holiday party of 2012. It was so cool donating my coins for Coins for Change and getting a bunch of free items,also I like to transform into a raindeer puffle. Raindeer puffles are so cute! :) P.S. WADDLE ON On on ......


Why did the money play with his friend ? Because it likes to monkey around

Polo 5678:

Mine was hot sauce operation and puffle party 2013


My favorite party of all time was probably the Penguin Play Awards. I liked how the Plaza was decorated to look like a street straight out of Hollywood. I would always like to be a fancy waiter at the Pizza Parlor, or play the piano. But my favorite part was the stage, where everyone would get their awards and give speeches. And, backstage was cool too, because you can hang out with all the celebrities, give interviews, or grab a snack! That's why I LOVE the Penguin Play Awards. Waddle on!


My favorite party so far has to be... The Hollywood party! I Loved It!!!!! You could Star In Your Own Movies, And Become a Star, and ride In the Limo! I loved the limo! Dubstep Was A tag-a-long On The Limo! And I loved That Members And Nonmembers Could get A whole bunch Of Costumes! I Loved Getting Awards too! I won The bronze Award for best Hair! So I loved The Hollywood Party!!!!! -Wiggly11, Waddle On!


My favorite party was.... Operation: Blackout! I loved how we got actually save the island because sneaking into Herbert's base was sneaky. I also loved meeting Herbert P. Bear in-game, not as a sprite. And I also loved seeing who the director was all this time!



I like operation blackout too, but my favourite party was the marvels superhero party #2.Its cool how you can dress up as famous super heros and villans , how there were power gloves and how there were robots you can control and have beside you.Kinda like a pet.waddle on.
p.s. My favourite marvel superheros are deadpool and iron man


My all time favorite party has to be the Puffle Party or Hollywood Party! I love these parties because you get to experience the life of a puffle and a star actor! Being my puffle Starry was a lot of fun, then just a few months before, I'm a star actress! It's a lot of fun on Club Penguin, with parties. I'm really excited for the new Star Wars take over! I'm sure it's gonna be SO epic!!!!! Waddle on!

(My penguin name is Sundancesun! Oh, and waddle on Club Penguin! Love this game so so so much

Popsicle 35:

I absolutley love every party Club Penguin hosts! However, the one that stands out to me the most was the Fall Fair 2009! It was my first Fall Fair and I enjoyed it so much! I got so many cool prizes and I met Rockhopper for the first time!


My favourite party is the Medieval Party | Everytime they got something special for us, like last year the giant dragon that you could fight with and get a special item and also there was ALOT of content so you could not be bored that quickly. I'm waiting for next medieval party because its AWESOME. Waddle On CP!


I LOVED Operation: Hot sauce. IT WAS SOOOOOO COOL!!!!! I loved how you had to throw pizza on the on/off button! And I cant bleve that Klutsy pressed "off"! Plus it was my first mission with The E.P.F!!!!!!!!!!! Bye. Oh! and 1 more thing: Waddle on. ;)


My favorite party was the music jam party

Verde Sal:

The Fall Fair is always a blast for me! Great memories all come back, because my first party was the Fall Fair back in 2007. Good times... :)

Waddle on!


Ok my favorite party has been the ultimate party in July last year. It reminds me when I first met my first five of the famous penguins and had a great time at the Candace countdown where she and The Penguin Band played their hit song" The Party Starts Now". And that's my favorite party on Club Penguin EVER.

Verdy um:

My favorite was the Great Snow Race in 2011, climbing trought the Toughest Mountaun, also the Ice Cave was my favorite party room,and the confidential thing (sorry agentes only) was the best part, along with the race, this party is for me, one of the best of time, Waddle On CP!


I really liked the Marvel super hero takeover because it was the first to have TONS of interactive features, like fire trucks you could blow up or trash cans you could freeze. In the latest Marvel super hero party, everyone wanted to use the new power gloves to blow up the donut sign on the coffee shop!!!


To be honest the parties are starting to get a bit over the top and they have deteriorated as well the previous party was not the biggest success as many people weren't really joining in. and some of the all time classics are starting to fade away like Music Jam, Medieval Party and etc. Although there are some good ones (really good ones) still hanging about like the Puffle Party . In my opinion CP should take it down a notch as it is getting to babyish. The Holiday Party Rocks through!!!!!!!!!


Hiya my all time favorite party so far would have to be The puffle party of 2013 i loved it because we got to be a puffle and not only that but the rainbow puffle was discovered to. so yay. I like all the parties but the puffle party of 2013 is my all time favorite. So waddle on, Club Penguin waddle on.


My favorite party so far was the fourth medieval party i loved how we battled the dragon king and when we beat him we got a special scepter thing. I was dress as a forest elf ,it was an awesome party ,you guys need to make another one.
-waddle on club penguin team
p.s. the sword was amazing
p.p.s. every room mostly every room had a part ( even the mine)
p.p.s.s. never been posted


The music jam is a personal favorite of mine and it will always be. Club penguin has had hundreds of parties over the years, but nothing could top music jam. I love how the penguin band changed over the years too. For example, their music, appearance, and interaction with fans has just gotten better and better. Music is very important in my life, and so is club penguin. Those two together are perfect for me, a club penguin member. Thank you club penguin! Waddle on!


My favorite party I would have to say would be the Christmas parties because we can donate coins for real life money to help certain things like spending it to plant more trees in forests to protect our planet. Waddle on!


I liked the Puffle Party (2013). It was EPIC! It was the Grand Opening of the Puffle Hotel, We got Epic New Clothing, and we got to Adopt a RAINBOW PUFFLE!!! I even meet PH and got to be her Buddy! I Even met a Famous Person making a Video Thanks to the Puffle Party! Hope more EPIC Partys Come.
Waddle On! -Jasmine3843


Well if i say so myself my all time fave party was The Prehistoric Party, It was cool when you could dig eggs and use it to transform to a dino. I Can't forget the caveman! It was cool go to back in time and act and play like caveman,i hade fun whit my friends.Also,It was get to awesome get to meet Gary the gadget guy! (:


defenently the knight party


Since 2010 I have been playing Club Penguin, and I have had A lot of parties which I have always loved them! I would say maybe the Puffle Party, because it was really funny one, with all those Puffles around the island, and the most new exciting, the Rainbow Puffle. This was one of them. Of course, every Single party of you, is always getting better and better from the last ones. Keep your hardwork moderators, you are doing a great job! #WaddleOn

bunny 2012:

My favorite has to be blackout. Not only did we save all of club penguin spy style but we met herbert and LEARN WHO THE DIRECTOR WAS!!!


My favorite party overall has been all the parties its so fun to meet mascots and get cool rare items. Parties are also awesome because you can turn into ghosts at Halloween and become a dinosaur at the prehistoric party and you can become a star and a monster! If i had to choose a 1 favorite party i would pick the puffle party 2013 because we could got rainbow puffles and go to the puffle hotel!


Wowowowowowowowowowowowowow! So cool!

Lily P1:

My favored party is April fools party!From Lily P1


My all time favourite party was the Music Jam Party! It's my fav because you get so many items and they are really cool! And that you got to meet CeCe and Rocky! It's soo cool! I also liked the room how they looked. That's why it's my fav party!


well hmmm um A i now i love the tempal of frute party and dino party thay both ROCK BIG TIME !!!



My All Time Favorite Party is...........Christmas Party because we do Coins for Change.


Puffle Party!


The Hollywood Party! It was cool being the paparazzi, but I LOVED being the STAR!


My all time favorite party was the adventure party temple of fruits!!!! I think this party was awsome because you got rule all your different kingdoms! And make a fun battle.

Marge Grundo:

My all time favorite party was the water park party, because of the items non members got.


My favorite party was Operation: Blackout Party it was so fun i mean awesome how we got to meet the director and the cool video clip once you destroy the machine oh that at was so fun! I was looking down when all of the sudden it say that Herbert P. Bear was in the same room as me it was crazy!!! So ya that was one of my favorite parties I have more but i can only pick one. Waddle on


My all time favorite party so far has been the Adventure Party! It is so fun to complete the scavenger hunts Rockhopper gives us to help him find items or lead us to treasures! It is so much fun to explore the island and the Migrator. Waddle on CP!!!

Jake Eb:

My all time favorite party is the Puffle party 2013 It's my all time favorite because when I first started club penguin it was the first party I ever been to in club penguin. my username is Jake Eb


My favorite all time party is th Hollywood Party!! I loved the limo! Inside was a swimming pool and awesome. The clothes were sparkley and they really stood out. There's also a camera and if you take loads of pics you can become a director! I love that party a lot-but I also love......the party when Cece, Rocky, and Cadence appeared! (I forget the name of the party) Meeting Cece and Rocky is like a one time thing. Seeing cadence is concert was to cool. And the outfits were super cute. Waddle on!


My all time favorite party so far has to be the Medieval Party! I love all the costumes you can get during the party and there is so much to do. Last year the party rooms and the quest we could do were a lot of fun, and it was cool how we got to defeat Scorn. All of the Medieval Parties have been awesome!
Waddle on!


My All time favorite so far has been the Festival of Flight. It was an awesome party because Club Penguin went to the sky (except the iceberg). Also we could went into a Hot Air Balloon and I met Gary in that party. But, it was my favorite party that it will not be anymore in Club Penguin. Well, Waddle On!


my favorite so far is MU my penguin name is winterise the trophy is epic the costumes are epic the places were epic the scaring was epic every thing was epic


My favourite party has to be the operation blackout. That's because we got cool items to help us defeat Herbert and broke a record of the most penguins online in one day!! Also the EPF was destroyed and the clothing catalog had Herbert's head replacing all of the penguin's faces. Finding out who the director was was very surprising too. All together though, that party was AMAZING!!!!


My all time fav parties were from 2012 and 2013 parties the most! Why? Because they are more modern and new and longer! But if I had to choose only 1 party it'd be the Holiday Party 2012! There are many reasons why it's my favorite, one reason being is because we got a brand new color being the Arctic White color! Another reason is because we got awesome stuffed toys, such as the Rockhopper stuffy and the teddy bear. Also Rockhopper came and so did Aunt Arctic! Finally we got daily gifts!


well i would have to say the Puffle Party because we got to turn into the one and only RAINBOW PUFFLES and we got the chance to ACTUALLY OWN THEM and it was the grand opening of the Puffle Hotel! then we go new AWESOME furniture WOW so i was smiling all through the puffle party!


I have allot of favorite party's on cp but my favorite is the puffle party 2011 but we should do a sonic the hedgehog party since sonic lost worlds is coming out in october


I liked the mideivel (wrong spelling) party! It was fun because you got to be princesses and knights! (;
Otherwise, my favorite parties are the ones I haven't been to yet! :D


My favorite party has been The SuperHero Takeover , its my favorite because we all get to dress up as heros and save the day! The thing i liked most was the mini game to build up power points!! Catch'ya later CP!!


My favourite party of all time, if not an ACTUAL party, would have been Operation: Blackout. You get to destroy Herbert's plans, get spy gears, and know who the Director of the ### is! (That's classified.)


I agree with Jorgemoo. Operation: Blackout has yo be my favorite party. Like Jorgemoo said Operation blackout gave you great items for nonmembers. I thought that was great cuz I was a nonmember at the time and so was my brother. I also got a chance to meet Herbert. P Bear witch I did. That was epic. I'm gonna go on CP right now and have my puffle get me coins. Waddle on.


my favorite party of all of the years of club penguin was the beta party even if it was only in the town theb beta party was the first party of club penguin and should not be forgotten since day one


This is really hard. I would probably have to say the Halloween party. I liked the Halloween party because members could dress up in cool trick or treat costumes and if you weren't a member you got this cool ghost costume. At the snow forts there were little houses that you could pretend to trick or treat at. But the best part was the big haunted house with secret passages ways and you could become a real ghost.


My all time favorite party was the adventre party where the Brown Puffle were discovered. I liked how you had to search for the paths with screws, springs, and gears. I thought it was cool how you had to work the machine that alowed you to get down to the port. One of my favorite things was when you got to build the boat to get to the island of the Brown Puffles. That was my favorite party of all time.


My favorite party was the Ultimate Jam Party because you got to meet Rocky And Cece and they looked the exact same from the television show Shake It Up. I love Disney and I love Club Penguin. My other All time favorite party was Monsters University because you got to dress up as all the characters from the movie. Plus, you even got to dress up as the CDA( Child Detection Agency).


Yo Polo! I haven't been around very long, so my favorite party was this year's Marvel Party. I loved the sweet costumes a lot, and I am a big fan of Marvel! But there are two more parties I have to mention. One is this year's Puffle Party. We got a new puffle and a new building in the same party, plus it is a party all about puffles, which I love! The second is our most recent party, the Monsters University Takeover. I loved the costumes and the scaring game, plus I loved how CP was designed!


My favorite clubpenguin party since 2009 is the medieval party because there were many puzzles it was the first clubpenguin event I ever did. Really good graphics of the awesome dragons. I also liked the medieval party because it gave you endless of coin piles which you could use as a decoration. If there was anouther event like this I would go to the store and buy a clubpenguin membership! :D




My favorite part of all time was the water party with the purple octopus in the dojo and with water balloons everywhere. I miss those kind of parties.

Pan V:

I really liked Monsters University Party. Because it was exciting and now we have many new items to our Invetories. Also we enjoyed the scare games. We hope to enjoy your new features to Club Penguin.


If I had to choose one, my favorite party would have to be the 2013 Puffle Party. 2013 was the first year I had a Puffle, and I thought it was a great way to celebrate! Also, the Puffle Hotel was super brilliant! I loved all the challenges and what a great idea for a rainbow Puffle! Can't wait for next years Puffle Party! Waddle on, Club Penguin!!!! :)

Kendall A423:

I absolutely loved the Ultimate Jam 2012 because it was awesome that Cadence, the penguin band, and rocky and Cece came to visit the party! I loved the awesome costumes and how you got to see Cadence's concert for the song "the party starts now"! And the backstage at the concert was really amazing! It was my most favorite party ever!


my favorite is that fruit party I forgot what was the real name but that was my favorite because I like to eat fruits like grapes pineapples and apples and also you get to have mask paints and cool the costumes and my favorite it that party is the apple one

waddle on


My favourite party, would probably be the puffle parties. I liked when we could get some free items and the rainbow puffle :-)


My Alltime Fave HAS To Be The Mu Takover.IT WAs My Fave Because You Kan Scare Others,Get Cool Costumes AND Play In The Scare Games.

Waddle On!

CP :)


I like the Puffle Part so far! I think it was cool how we got to meet PH! Also, we got to turn to puffles and see how cute their lives were! We also had the chance to get a rainbow puffle and the Puffle Party was the grand opening of th Puffle Hotel!


My favorite party so far was the Hollywood Party! I LOVED this party because you could be the director of a movie (which I love doing), or act out to be a superstar and I loved the idea of and awards ceremony where you could get awards. Also the costumes there were AMAZING! My favorite costume there has to be the evil squid!


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