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By Polo Field on July 16, 2013 - 14:27

Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked, whats your best puffle or pet joke?

I really liked Jujugins' answer: "My joke is a pet joke. i think it is quite funny. here it can dogs stop a video game? THEY PRESS THE PAWS BUTTON!"

Great joke! 10,000 coins to Jujugins!

Hope you are all gearing up to save the galaxy! In light of this epic party we want to know, what has been your all time favorite party so far?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



My All time favorite has been the Operation Blackout Party.I thought it was an awesome cause u get all kinds of gadgets like the laser one or the Grappling hook. I loved meeting Herbert during the party i just walked by the plaza and boom i saw that huge and evil bear.My most favorite thing during the party was the ending video it was cool aunt arctic said we saved club penguin and showed her identity.I knew it was gonna be her.Anyways thanks for the awesome party and remember Waddle on

Lego Rules2:

My favorite party so far has been 2013's Marvel Party. It was so awesome to get SIX iron man themed costumes right in time for Iron Man 3! The super powered gloves were awesome, the special hoodies epic, and the robot minions just plain brilliant. I had so much fun with it that I am so looking foward to next year's Marvel Party! Waddle on.


Both of my favourite parties I loved are the Holiday Party 2012 and the Halloween Party 2012. I loved the Holiday Party because you got free gifts whether you were a member or not. Also that you got to get a free backround, turn into racecar, reindeer puffle or the thing you can freeze other penguins(btw I can't remember the name of it) or get to ride Santa's Sleigh and get baubles for your penguin. The Halloween Party was cool because the mansion was awsome and you got to become a ghost.


I liked the puffle party because you could turn into a puffle and do tricks and the rainbow puffle was realesed!

Pinky D36:

My definetly all time favourite was the Adventure party I apsoloutly loved it.One of the reasons I love it so much is because we got the blue parrot item now that item is one of my favourite items in the whole of CP.This is my favourite party as well as one of my first parties and Ill never forget it.


I like the cadence party it was my first and it was pretty cool


mine was the music jam because every year we get to meet cadence and penguin band we do rock things we form a band and we make teamwork!

Angela Lili1:

I have one word to describe this monsters university party and the word is WOW!But i'm not sure if WOW can describe this party enough incredible!All these changes the new items i coudn't imagine this party more fantastic!I LOVE CLUB PENGUIN!


The Nickname is my penguin account. Anyway my favorite party was Hmm. There were great parties but my most favorite was when Rockhopper came and it was the grand opening of Smoothie Smash. I can't wait for Star Wars to come.





My favorite was the monster university because you had two choice scare penguins with the costumes or do the game that u scare the robot penguin.the decorations where great the university and the monster like science fair.and they gave away free stuff for the non-members.last thing I liked the calendar your counting yours days for sure they will make more good party's .this is the best so far (my opinion).make good ones like these.thank you for making this game for us I play it a lot


My favorite party was definitely The 2013 Operation Hot Sauce.


My all time favorite party has been the MU party,it is amazing how you get to scare all the penguins and play in the scare games,i mean what website has that!And you get to get the costumes from the characters and how you guys transformed the snow forts into a university,that is awesome and you get to pick your own team and you have all the teams houses there too and no mater who won everyone got a trophy.Waddle on Clubpenguin


My favorite party was the Music Jam!
I loved meeting the penguin band and seeing them play at the iceberg!
Also I liked all the cool items that came out then!
Waddle on Cp!


My All Time Favorite party has got to be the Music Jam because its shows the start of summer and i love it because we get to jam with other penguins and rock out to the penguin band and cadence


My favorite party was the Water Party! I loved the giant purple octopus. It kinda scared me XD


My all time favorite party so far was probably the water party, I loved it because it was just so fun! I mean it was like a water park on Club Penguin! It is hard to imagine that penguins would be playing in the sun with water and snow on the ice cold ground! In the water party of 2008 I remember the mega whale next to the iceberg and I also loved all the cool free items and the fun filled water activities! I hope we can bring back the water party and slide down giant water slides! Waddle On!


My All time favorite so far has been the Music Jam 2012. i think that was one of the best partys ever because we cound met Cadence. Rocky and Cece.The penguin band and it has my favorite song The Party starts Now. we got alot of stuff on that party we got the boom box we got the break dance hat the blue shirt we got the microphone and lots of stuff,we saw cadence and the penguin band live it was awsome Thank you for the best party ever. Waddle on.


Hey CP,
My all time favorite party has GOT to be The Holiday Party,to be specific I would say The Holiday Party 2012!Because not only it was fun turning it into Reindeer Puffles,Toy Cars & Frost Bites(BTW I froze about twenty penguins everyday :D)but also got to help other kids who are less fortunate than us around the world,through Coins For Change.Well this is my favorite party!
Waddle On!

sea wars:

My favorite has to be the 2011 medieval party because of how we got to defeat the three headed dragon!

Tommy Man4:

My favorite party would have to be Adventure party: temple of fruit.
I liked this one because you had a scavenger hunt/puzzle/maze and you got costumes for completing the maze


My Favorite Party So Far Would Have To Be The Water Parties From A Few Years Back, And Judging From The Pictures It Seems We May Have Another One Soon!! :0D
I Loved The Water Party Because There Is So Much Activity Going On! You Can Slide Down The Water Slides At The Ski Hill, Or Go Bang On Some Bongos And Dance To Your Favorite Tunes!
I Hope The Water Party Does Come Back ;)
Waddle On CP! (Please Post I Have Never Been Posted Before)


I would have to say the Water Party of 2007 was the best Club Penguin party by far. Since it was my first cp parties I attended, it still is one of the best! It was exactly what a Summer party would be. Water rides, decorations, fun music, and WATER BALLOONS! Also, there were a ton of free items during that party! I'll never forget how much fun I had back then!


my favorite party of all time was the 2013 puffle party. Because there were so many things that happened. Like the grand opening of the brand new puffle hotel, and getting the brand new rainbow puffle. After getting my rainbow puffle, I decided to name him color. It was also nice to transform into a puffle again, like last year. Club Penguin, keep up with the great parties and waddle on.


my favorite party in club penguin was the fair because we got to play fair games it was like a real fair !


my favorite party in club penguin was the fair in 2012 !


My favourite party has to be April fools day, because the themes are so imaginative compared to the others. And the wackiest one HAS to be April Fool's party 2008, but I do love the box dimension


My favourite party was the medieval party where we got awesome items that you could probably never get again one of my favourite item was the skyward staff!
Waddle on Cp.


HI everypenguin! I've loved all the parties so far (probably because club penguin makes the best parties!), but my all-time favorite was probably the puffle party! i loved the puffle zone, the ability to turn into your puffle too! and all the funny jokes, and especially the costumes! but the thing I loved the most about the party is.... (drum roll please) THE PUFFLE HOTEL!!! the puffle hotel is SO awesome! I love when CP make new things!
waddle on!
P.S. i love the new CPU too!


My favorite would be the Hollywood Party. I loved pretending to be famous, and acting in movies. It was so fun! I also loved that I got an item I've always wanted; the clapperboard. I also liked the Operation: Blackout Party. That's where I met all of my great friends that I know until today.

Waddle on CP!


That question is so hard but ,I would have to choose the Dinosaur party it was so epic! Also during the party I met Gary! He is so epic!!
Plus I loved it when we got to turn into dinosaurs it was awesome, and I found it cool when we got to throw up on penguins. Anyways.... Waddle on Club Penguin! ;]


That question is so hard but ,I would have to choose the Dinosaur party it was so epic! Also during the party I met Gary! He is so epic!!
Plus I loved it when we got to turn into dinosaurs it was awesome, and I found it cool when we got to throw up on penguins. Anyways.... Waddle on Club Penguin! ;]


My favourite party of all time would be the Monsters University Takeover party because it is the first time we are having a pixar-related party since Club Penguin was founded. I collected all the costumes and masks of all the characters from the movie, including Mike Wazowski! I hope the Star Wars Takeover is epic because I'm playing Angry Birds Star Wars in honour of it! Waddle On CP, and may the force be with you!


My favorite party yet was the Coins for Change 2012 Party! I loved Cadence's new song, Cool in the Cold! I also love donating coins! You guys ROCK!


The Music Jam and the Water Party


I loved the Marvel party because we were superheros or villians and got to play games


my favorite party was when rockhopper came to the island it thought it was so cool an i love a good adventure plus i coud have a chance to meet him.


Mine is the 2012 Fair party. Nothing is more fun than a Puffle Circus and bumper cars.


SUMMER KICKOFF PARTY!! If not that, I would have to say the April Fools party with the Box Store.


My favorite party is monster university party! I think it's a wonderful party and i just love it.The scare games were so awesome and the roars and battles between the Four Teams-OK , PNK , ROR & JOX were soo awesome!!! and The version of club penguin in a University is also soo cool! I love the idea of the party and all the teams and mainly THE TEAM HOUSES' were soo cool! Currently Now, i'm looking forward to club penguin: Star Wars the way my penguin name is Lovely49939 .Waddle on


I've been waiting for this! I joined somewhere in between 2008-2009 so I got to see the festival of the flight party! Although I wasn't a member, I thought it was awesome how perfectly everything was designed. I loved the music it was so fitting and relaxing but fun! I got the propellers cap and had to have help of a fellow penguin to show me how to fly with it. It was the best party ever!


My favorite party so far has to be the 2012 Ultimate Jam Party, because we got to meet Cadence and The Penguin Band. Also the girls from Shake It Up came to the party! I liked buying new instruments from the little shop in the Snow Forts, I still use my instruments! I really liked getting my first boom box and special dance uniforms, I always get comments on them! It was an awesome party! I can't wait for the next Ultimate Jam!


The halloween party that party was the best with all the keys and ghosts and seeing garys father and dont forget cathing ghots


I think that my fave has to be the Medieval Party, because no matter how good an Igloo castle is, it's more fun to slay dragons and get treasure when you actually get to do it interactively!
Please please PLEASE bring it back!


my FAVORITE party so far is the marvel superhero takeover because i like all of the costumes! my favorite part is meeting aunt artic i was really happy when i met her!!!!!! WADDLE ON!



Without a doubt mine's the Summer Party! Sadly not much penguins have been on cp when it was on in the earliest cp years. I wish they would have another summer party where you could get the same items as you could such as the blue and red leis and the rubber duckies! (hint hint!) Waddle on!


I think the Monsters Unirverstidy Party I liked it because you get to scare and a penguin in a Sulley Costume Scared the living Puffles out of me!....No really i had my puffles with me!So my puffle got Scared he found some tresure!Amazing!Whoever that was thanks!I got 100 coins! -Max12772


My favorite party is the puffle party cause you got to turn into your puffle and got to play with your puffles and have a fun time and we got to meet PH. Waddle on


My favorite party so far is the Festival of Flight because you got a jetpack and a hot air baloon ride! P.S. PLEASE DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite party has to be the Holiday Party because, you got to transform into toy cars, reindeer puffles, and most awesome, the Freeze!(sorry i forgot what their called) I also loved the song " Cool in the cold " BEST song i ever heard! Apparently i didn't get to buy most of the awesome costumes cause i wasn't a member :( But i still had loads of fun!!! Hope you guys bring it back ;D! Love you guys and i will always waddle on! I'll also tell my friends to join the club!


My favourite party is the Hollywood Party because I got to act in lots of movies. First movie I acted in was Penguin High 3. In Penguin High 3, I always used the name, Scott but some people already have the name, Scott. It was the best movie ever. There was also this prom and we went to an igloo and pretended we watched us in the Penguin High 3 movie. Next movie I acted in was Return of the Space Squid. I was the prince and I had to save a princess from the evil squid.


my all time favorite is the original adventure party because I got to use my penguin to show how I act because I am adventurous


My All Time FAVORITE is all the EPF Parties because they always had a cool story and fun puzzles!


Hello Polo Field! My two favorite holidays I did not play, but I was pleased to see videos and photos. The April Fools Party (From 2008) and Water Party. In my opinion, definitely the best forces. I hope you come back with some old parties because the parties this year were not as fun as the last year (I started in May 2012 but created the Reidoclub2 in junho0. Well, that's it. And I'm super excited for the Team beache Movie Party (I think this is the name). Well, so long, and Waddle on!


I'd have to say, the Shake It Up Ultimate Dance Party because,
1. We got to meet Cadence, The Penguin Band, and Rockie + Cece(if i spelled their names wrong, please don't comment on that)!
2. Next, i got this sweet Keytar.
3. I got an Ultimate Dancer's Jacket.
4. Also, it's my #1 FAVORITE because that party was my 1st one AS A MEMBER!!!!!!
I hope I get picked! Waddle On C.P.P.s!!!!!!


My all time favs is gonna have to be the underwater party it was so much fun ! go to go underwater find a maze to do and the island was about to sink its gonna have to be my fav i keeped on playing again again again all night i wonder if theres gonna be more ?
If there is im gonna get my flippers ready to go !
Lolz xD

Amarpreet124 waddle on or flipper on !


My favorite party was PUFFLE PARTY 2013. I actually missed it, but 3 things:
1. Rainbow puffles gonna rainbow (In other words, they're AWESOME!)
2. Puffle hotel is awesome because it takes care of yo puffle for free
3. The puffle hotel also has the best music of all the rooms in CP.

mercy mercy:

My favourite party has to have been the first one I ever took part in, the lime green party in 2006. I know that most penguins probably won't have heard of it but for me this was most special. I saw how awesome club penguin really was and all the cool events I had to look forward to. It was amazing seeing all the penguins wear the new lime green colour and lime green capes. I don't think I could have asked for a better party to start Club Penguin!


My favorait party is operation blackout because its the event that ive been waithing for and when it started it was better then i thout

Blue 28z:

Picking one party out of all time is like a mum picking her favourite child: you can't. There are so many amazing original CP parties in the seven years its been running. My top three personal favourites were 3) Puffle Parties 2) Holiday Parties and 1) MUSIC JAMS! CP is doing a great job and I can't wait to see what has to be offered in the next 6 months of 2013. Waddle On!


My all time favorite so far has been the marvel takeover because we got to dress up like the avengers,spider-man,nova and iron-fist.

madison roo:

My all time favorite party was the tropical party{August 2012} when we fed fruit to the great Kahuna, met Rockhopper, played smoothie smash, and had a great time!


My favorite party so far in 2013 is the Monsters University party last month. The reason why I liked it was the detail. The many Rooms such as the gate at the snow forts looked the same from the movie, and the scare games was the best 3D detail I've seen scenic I join club penguin in December 2012. What I liked the most, Building looks. Most areas such as the town and the plaza where updated for the party.


My all time favorite party was the Adventure Party of 2011! We got to go on a quest to find the missing cream soda with the pirate himself, Rockhopper (And Yarr!) And those who completed the quest got 4 pins, and a Pirate Hat! We also got to explore the Tropics all around us, singing with unique birds, beating bongos, and just plain exploring! Ah, the memories of the Adventure Party!


I liked Operation: Hot Sauce the most! I thought it was funny that there was hot sauce all over the pizza parlor.
My favorite part was at the end when there was a pizza party and rookie was there! All the missions were really fun. Waddle on!


My favorite party has been the Puffle Party! It was so fun to see the new Puffle Hotel. I loved going on the quest to find the rainbow puffle, but my favorite part was getting to actually be a puffle!


WOAH! Cool Sneak Peeks! I really hope it's a Water Party! Or maybe and End Of Summer Beach Bash!

I wuv puppies :3 :

I haven't been to it but my favorite is may be the bata party because it started it all and it was the first!!!
-Kibbles rock

Commander jw:

I agree i still got all the stuff from blackout


I liked ever party i ever got to see when the superhero takeover went away i was confused at operation blackout meeting herbert was cool and prehistoric was awesome and i turned into dinosaurs club penguin holds alot of memmorys for me so i cant pick just 1


My all time favorite party was the monsters university takeover party because we got to compete in the scare games and get a trophy. We also got to visit the decorated homes of the competitors. I loved the party because of the costumes i got all the costumes and it was so much fun getting the scare points. i filled up a whole tank and even more than that.


My Favorite party so far has to be Make Your Mark Ultimate Music Jam, it was really cool to meet the Band and Cadence, when i heard Rocky and CeCe was coming to the party i was so excited. I also liked the items you got like a boombox microphone and the other items it was really good fun. I really didn't want it to end because it wasan AMAZING party!! WADDLE ON :D


My all time favorite pary was the dinosaur party in january because you can turn into dinosaurs and cavemen and i suggested a dinosaur party.


How about any of the parties that don't include advertisements of any kind :)


my favorite was one i diddnt even go to the water party and submarine partys i wish you could have them again...


My all time favorite so far has been the Halloween party, i think it was a fun party because i got to turn into a ghost and scare penguins around the island. I also liked that people got to meet Gary the gadget guy at the party and see his grandfather as a ghost. It was really cool when you get to capture ghosts and get items from the catalog. I had a lot of fun at the Halloween party and i cant wait for the next one to come.Waddle on

Dj James 10:

Hmm,It is a hard question I like all parties but I had a great time at Holiday Party! Because I could help others donating my coins
For Coins for change and being with Rockhopper!


I always loved the summer parties. The music was always so relaxing and my favorite has to be the Water Party 2007. I loved all the water slides and the theme itself was just awesome. Even the back story behind it was really creative. A crab knocks on the glass in the pool cave and it ends up being a flood and we throw a water party to drain it out. I wish this party would return because I would love to experience it again.


I don't really have a FAVORITE but I really liked when the island was tipping and I liked the Halloween party, and the party with all the dimensions :D. Waddle On! <3


The puffle party it was fun to be a puffle and dress up like them and for thinking would i do this agein on club penguin but then it was time to choose a rainbow puffle and then i was surprised that i did it agien so i was happy then it will be good waddle on.


So far this year my favourite party has been the Hollywood Party, Puffle Party and the Card Jitsu Party!

Waddle On!


I would have to say besides Operation: Blackout, that my favorite party was the most resent halloween party because I finally got inside the mansion and got to scare the pizza's out of other penguins hands. I loved all the different passages in the mansion and dressing up as the penguin version of the ghost busters, so much fun. Can't wait until the next one.



My All time favorite party of all time was Puffle party, I think that party was fun for non members and members because non members got coins and members got a rainbow puffle


My favorite party was the dinosaur party because we got to turn into dinosaurs! It was really fun to go back in time. I hope we can do it again!


My favorite party so far has been the april fools party because I like to jump in boxes to new worlds I wanted it to be on this year but it was not that's my favorite party and ill never forget it


Mine has to be the marvel superhero takeover! I love dressing up as my fav character Loki!

Earthy 500:

Operation Blackout. Of my 6 years in CP this party has had one of the best soundtrack, suspense, storyline and items for all penguins! The part that was the best was annoying Herbert. I still remember when I asked Herbert to dance, his reply was 'My video is on the website and thats all!'. I remember watching him run from the town to the HQ back and forth trying to get rid of penguins following him! Aunt Arctic the Director? That was a great finale: ...The EPF shall rise again!

Barbie 2004:

My favorite party till now is Music Jam. It's just because of my favorite celebrities: Cadence, The Penguin Band, Rocky and Cece! When I was a member I had really suitable clothes for this party. My favorite part is when Cadence sings her famous songs like Party Starts Now! That is my most favorite song ever. Just wish I could get their autographs! Now I am looking forward to the upcoming Summer Music Jam! Hope I get the autographs. Even if I don't, it's just time to enjoy! See ya later buddies!


I think its rockhoppers quest because you geton other islands than Clubpenguin!
You also needed to turn on RH's boat yourself!
It was really much fun and i met RH!


My fave was the halloween party 2012. I loved where you had to find all the different keys in different rooms and when you found all the keys you got to go to the treasure chest in the first room and get the ghost hunter goggles. When you had got them you could go looking for ghosts in the building . When you had found all the ghosts and caught them you got a free ghost hunter jacket. Waddle on!


It's really close but the winner is .... temple of fruit! the innocent juice costumes were great and it was fun feeding Big Big Kuhana though I wish it could of exploded with fruit costumes. Then it would be even BETTER!!!! Waddle on club penguin, but could you make a temple of and have vegetable themed costumes!


My favorite party was the Monsters University Takeover because I liked the free costumes and I liked the glasses emote.

Pink Bunny10:

I think that the Hollywood party was the my favorite so far. It was so fun doing the movies and riding in the limo! And all the glam party's were epic!

Waddle On CP!


My favorite party so far is the Monsters University party, where you can play in the Scare Games, dress up in costumes, go in the OK,ROR,PNK, and in the JOX house, and my favorite part of the Monsters University party is when everybody wins the Scare Trophy!!!!!!

Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!!!


I think that the Prehistoric party was best because You could dig for eggs, turn into Dinosaurs, win a cool costume and meet Gary The Gadget Guy. I met him there!!


i love the rare items and i miss old cp!!


My favorit party so far has always been the beta test party.
man those were the days i started meeting friends,
I checked out all of the rooms,
sometimes i meet like 10 friends a daynow i have 289 friends i think. :-) :-)
daynow i have 289 friends i think. :-) :-)


Actually,i have more than one favourite party and they are....Dance party, Puffle party and mostly important....MARVEL HEROES TAKEOVER!!!! I love it because its great watching my favourite superheroes as penguins!

Rupert654 :

it looks so cool the star wars takeover
waddle on

Cool Conman:

My favorite party was the Marvel Takeover Party. It was cool because you had a chance to save Club Penguin from the evil Loki! You could even dress up as your favorite superheroes! Waddle On!!!


My favourite party has to be the April Fools party because it was great how we could go through tubes to get massive then tiny, and how there were loads of different rooms in the box dimension like the upside down room and the awesome rookie BG! Although I really enjoy all of the club penguin parties because they are so original and there is always tons to do! ~Ttttc~


My All time favourite party so far has been The Halloween party 2012, I thought it was EPIC and that I loved it when we all turned into ghosts and stuff and my favourite room in that party was Gariwald VIII's Mansion. I loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that i rate it 100 out of 100
I also liked the Monsters University party with the party of the scare game!


i loved all the parties until may 2013

Pingi Grace:

My Favorite Party was The Marvel super hero's party. when we got to go in the snow forts and there was this building for members and you can destroy the penguin robot! the second marvel party was alright when you could go to Tony starks, S.T.A.R.K building also the S.H.E.I.L.D Helicarrier That one was awesome where you could suit up and you could play the game where you jump around getting hyper crystals. Also The villains one that was awesome where you could build robots Awesome. Waddle On Cp!!


i have been around since may 1st 2013 so i've not been to many parties. the only ones i have been to part of marvel superhero takeover, card-jitzu,and monsters university favorite is card-jitzu because they let me play card-jitzu fire,water,and snow, let me have cool items and change the dojo!(p.s. the dojo looks cooler).waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorites are the water party (I wasn't there when the first water party arrived. But it looked like fun!), Operation Blackout, Hollywood party (i wasn't a member that time.), Puffle party when we got to adopt a rainbow Puffle. But, I want a request. We should have a party throwback year! All those old parties that I never got to see since 2005. And we would be able to get the items we never got before.

Po is beast2:

I think my favorite party was the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam becuase this awesome limited once in a life time party was special for this happy waddling penguin to encounter such a special time to celebrate with everybody, I met Cece and Rocky and also Cadence. When I partied on the traveling limo my mind thought that this would never get better until i arrived at the V.I.P room which made the party better than I thought it could get.
W O . N


My favorite party is the Fall Festival. There are many fun things to do, cool items, and many other stuff! Also, on my birthday, I met Rockhopper! Also, I get to see all my friends I tripped! Get it? But I also agree with Jorgemoo about Operation Blackout. And the ANNIVERSARY PARTY the one day we say happy bday to CP. P.S. Can you make a Game Day party, like on the Wii game, that would be epic, but of course not just 1 day. Waddle on! Also, idk how to get the stamp remote upload.


My favorite party has been the Music Jam! I love the Music Jam because music is my thing and I love it. It was also really cool because u could meet Cadence!!!! She is one of my favorite mascots! Thanks for your time. - Bubbafish2 ( Waddle On)


My favorite party is the April fool party 2008 because it was my first party. I was a non-member and I got my first hat ever (Red Propeller Cap)Sadly I didn't know where the cove was so I didn't get the swirly glasses.Yet it was my first party ever and my first hat ever plus it was very fun and April fool party 2008 got me hooked to Club penguin! So that's why April fool party 2008 was my favorite

Cobalion (Stinkywiinky:

That was very good I loved Operation Blackout too. I like how you described it to me so I could remember. Wasn't it great fun how Herbert popped in all the time and the costumes fooled him! And the Director is... Oh yes it's a secret. Anyway you've been on for a while if you remember all the way back to November and December!

From Cobalion! (Stinkywiinky is my penguin name.)


my all time fav party would be the Puffle party 2013 because we finallly got to meet the rainbow puffle. Also we got to turn into puffles. It was also very decrotive and the music was very fun. this is why Iiked i the puffle party

Chilly 82970:

Well, I have two, the Music Jam and Medieval Party, but my all time favorite is probably the Medieval Party because it has knights, and dragons. I think knights are awesome because they have that shiny armor, and dragons because...well? Dragons are so COOL! I also love it on how we could be a peasant, or maybe a hunter or a princess. It's a fun party because people can pretend and role-play.
Waddle ON! =)


My faverite party was the Festival Of Flight. It was in August 2009, what I loved about the party was the Hot Air Balloon Ride, it was amazing to see the beautiful view from tallest mountain and Gary's invention to lift up Club Penguin! I also liked to see that to play hydro hopper you needed to go down a tube to take you to the water! And another thing I liked was meeting Gary. I love how he talks in a smart way. I really enjoyed this party! The Star Wars Takeover is coming, can't wait!


I think i might like the star wars takeover the best, but besides that I like the marvel super hero takeover.


My all time favorite so far is the Carnival Party, we got to play awesome games to win tickets so we can trade them for fun prizes. And I loved the circus because the puffles got to do their special talent for our amusement. The best thing about the Carnival Party is that we got to meet Rookie the funniest EPF agent ever.


The prehistoric party because you can go back in time where the dinosaurs exist and you can turn into them! Waddle on


My favourite party has to be The April fools party which was in 2010. I liked it when you could get tickets and win prizes. plus,you can win the purple propeller hat.


my favorite party is the holiday party! i love to go and meet Santa in the coffee shop then there's the awesome frost bites and rain deer puffles but as i am a member i surprisingly likes the racing cars!but the best part is to celebrate with your bffs!:D
i love club penguin!

moshi 98246:

my favourite party has been the April fools party I got to meet rookie which is obvious because he is a total joker and fool around :D


My ABSOLUTE best party was the April Fools of 2009! I remember how all the buildings turned into boxes, the boiler was replaced with hot water and the box store where you could buy small boxes, big boxes and box dimension boxes to travel to the box dimension for the first time! I went there and made some wacky/nice friends and we went around the island going CRAZY! I enjoyed it so much that I HAVE to tell everyone! This is NOT at all recent but I remember it like yesterday!
Waddle on everyone!


well...................that's easy alll of them they're all great parties except for the few very few i missed but the ones i exprienced were awsom you know he on party the that would blow us out of the galaxy willl be start wars and so may the force be with you


Keep sending ideas penguins!

Cobalion ( Stinkywiinky is my real penguin name! )

Amalia 16:

Hmm..My favourite party is Halloween Party from year 2012.
There we transformed into ghosts and scared penguins. Some penguins was ghostbusters and catched ghosts. During the party we can met Gary Gadget Guy and Penguin band and Cadence released new song 'Ghosts just wanna dance'. It was awesome party ! I hope that in this year's Halloween party we can turn to ghosts again!
Waddle on Club Penguin!


My all time fave was the Hollywood party,it's like you get to be real super stars but not in real life only in club penguin.I liked it because you get to have awards and really cool outfits.Also the stuff you get like the star background,the slide phone,and the ring which was kinda big.Plus it was really nice to see Cadence and Aunt Artic there.That was party I really liked so far.


My most favorite party was the 2012 halloween party. I thought it was cool because you could go on a quest and look for Gary's great grandfather that ended up being a ghost. Something I thought that was funny was that when you looked through a telescope in one of the rooms you saw a vampire puffle. I thought that party was really scary and I hope future halloween parties will even better.
WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jengofett 7:

My all time favorite party is the Make Your Mark Party! I like it because we got to see ALOT of mascots like Cadence,The Penguin Band, and Rocky and Cece!( I met all the mascots in that party) Also I like the items like the gold microphone and the orange hoodie and I like the instruments as well as the decorations! :) - Jengofett 7




My all-time favorite party has been the Mountain Expedition™. I think that it was awesome to climb up a mountain, with many unusual things along the way. Plus, we got cool outfits and our Stamp Books! My favorite item from the party is the Red Flag, because if you wear it alone, you penguin puts it down! This has been the best party that I've been to! Thank you and waddle on!™


1st one looks like a summer party 2nd one looks like a music jam 3rd looks like a water party?

Red Whaley:

I loved the Puffle party.I could care for my puffles while having fun.I liked the one in 2013.I turned my penguin into a Puffle.It was amazing.If anything I say,puffles are so cool.I am glad they had a Puffle party.Puffles should have their place because we do.I met PH to.She told me a great story.Amazing party idea club penguin


My favorite party was the music jam 2011 because all of my friends would go to the snow forts and we would have a competition to see who's rock band was better.

Avalanche 10:

My all time favorite so far has been The Temple Of Fruit party, where we got to feed BIG BIG KAHUNA, go through the temple and dodge arrows, light up the way, avoid the cage and the giant watermelon. Plus Smoothie Smash came out. And the 2013 Puffle Party where the Rainbow Puffle actually became real and not just made up. Plus the Puffle Hotel came out.

Sylie Cute:

my favorite party is the monster university party i loved scaring my friends and they laughed so much but i also loved the scare game go ozzema kapper i loved the trophy two


This penquin here is ready for the Star Wars party already!Exclusive iPad outfit! My favorite parties were the Card Jitsu Snow party and the prehistoric party. My friend Molson89 and I had a great time a the prehistoric party. We were searching for eggs everywhere! During the CArd jitsu party, Molson89 got membersip and we battled in Fire together. We finally went to the Snow Dojo and battled til we had seen some of Sensi's past.We had a great time.


my favorite party of all time is the Halloween part why you ask? cause it has scary movies like the sled movie and there's a mansion and all that cool stuff so my favorite party is the Halloween party.


My Favourite Party is the water party the party shown above it was extremely fun and rare items were nearly everywhere around the island i loved it so much and the waterslide was epic not to mention the epic octopus sprinkler in the forest and there was really cool music in each room it was a really rare party and it was awesome id be surprised if it did not come back to the island. Waddle on


There are too many parties to pick a favourite but if i had to pick one it would have to be... Sorry they are all too good I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waddle On!


May favourite was Dinosour party because we got to be awsome dinos
thx for all the good parties cp
Waddle on


My All time favorite party was the Hollywood Party! I liked how you got to earn cameras and a golfcart and awards. It was so cool to ride in the limo and take pictures! I also liked how the sky got dark and had stars and how you got to be in movies!


Good and Hard question i'd have to say my favorite party is the holiday party! First reason is because the holiday party is the time of the year where we donate coins to people who needs homes and to help nature! Second reason is because 12 days of free presents for members and non members! The last reason is the decorations. All rooms look so beautiful and the northern lights in the map looks enchanting! i hope you will choose my question! Noodle On!


i have to admit it is the Halloween party because it is also club penguins birthday Halloween just reminds me that club penguin is the best. ( also i get to meet Gary and watch night of the living sled)


My All time favorite party so far has been the Card-jitsu Party 2013,I think it was the best Card-jitsu party ever. Instead of battling each other you help each other defeat the snow minions.The suit is much better than the others because there are extra item s to get.Waddle on #Ninjaboy822=D


My favorite party was the Puffle Party! At this time of the year, and the ONLY time, you can see exclusive rooms decorated with puffles! and even FEED them! now, THAT was one of my favorite parts! Next, play with the puffles by going to a decorated room! like, going to play pirate at the cove, skate with the blacks underground (and have a cook off), and dance ti'l you cant dance anymore with the purples, and then have ANOTHER cook off with the browns upstairs... and challenge em'! PIE FIGHT!


I really enjoyed the Mountain Expedition in 2010. It was really fun because of many awesome activities. One , you get to climb a mountain. Two , many free items were released that were really awesome, and third was that you got an EXCLUSIVE stamp after climbing the mountain. The Mountain Expedition was a very enjoyable party and was in my opinion , my favorite party. Waddle On!


My favorite party, by far has been the music jam party 2010 'cos that was the party i started in! It was my very first day on the island and I was looking around the island and I was thinking ''Wow! This place is amazing! it has music, stages and bongos at the surfing place!'' and I was convinced that was how the island looked. But the next day, everything had changed! At first I thought they had changed the island completely but when i read the newspaper the headline was 'Music jam was a blast'


My fav party so far has GOT to be the Ultimate Music Jam with Cadence, Rocky and CeCe.
I like how the members got to meet the band, and how everyone got to see Cadence perform her hit song, "The Party Starts Now!"
I also like when the limo came around to pick up us penguins. That was ACE!!!
Waddle on!! : )


WHY ARE YOU NOT SHOWING MY COMMENT??????????????????????????


I always loved the original Music Jam party! All the music and fun! But I also loved all the different Holiday Parties! Although I joined right after the Camp Penguin party....I think it looks super fun! The Operation Blackout Party was awesome too! I can't decide though...they all are so fun!

Dunk 96:

WAIT!!! the BEST part is when you can TRANSFORM into them! and have a "BLAST" with the rainbow puffles! now, WHO could forget the puffle play zone!?!?? squirming through tubes, goin' all silly ways... ...relax in the puffle "Relax "O" Tron"... ...swimmin' in a GIANT "Puffle-Shaped" pool... ... AND drinking out of a "GINORMOUS" drinking bottle! LOL! I just can't get it off my mind!


Maybe we should get a "Despicable Me" party... BANANA.


My all time favorite so far, has been the Underwater Expedition. It was an awesome party! I think it was fun,and I liked the
labyrinth! I found Rookie the first day of the party. And I liked very much the idea of cleaning the dock.


My favorite party was the card jitsu snow party because all of card jitsu was unlocked to non-members and we got to meet Sensei, earn the snow ninja costume and get other items by playing card jitsu snow! :D


i have been playing club penguin since 2010 my favorite parties are the card jitsu parties in 2011 and 2013,because we now get to play card jitsu water, fire, and snow WITHOUT BEING A MEMBER!! I also like the card jitsu parties because we get a chance to meet sensei, Battle in the stadium, And Last but not least my favorites HAVE FUN AND BE A TRUE NINJA !!! WADDLE ON


My all time favorite party always has been the fair! I know it comes more than once, but it is awesome! i love the games, prizes, and all the fair themed furniture! BTW Cp can you make a paint splattered clothing catalog, and furniture catalog? I'd love that!!! Waddle on!

Cyclones 20:

My Favorite party would have to be Festival of Snow. It was the very first party on my very first penguin I had was Icebear6. I remember all the stuff that was there. All the Ice Sculptures or Penguin Mascots it was just amazing to me. Now I'm here today to tell you thanks for giving me a game that would inspire me with new ideas you all come up with. And the new penguins I meet. It's just a great experience I had.


My Favorite party was the Quest for the Brown Puffle. I loved it because we could get a brown puffle for THE FIRST TIME EVER and how you could get UP TO 99 BROWN PUFFLE HOUSES! I also loved how there was something (I'm not sure if it was a glitch or not) that could make you COMPLETELY INVISIBLE!!! Waddle on.


My favorite party was the music jam with cadence,it was really awesome to see her at the concert and go to the VIP lounge and I also did love the past music jams with all the music in almost every place u went! That's all from me, waddle on cp!


i think my favorite was the holiday party 2012.non-members could transform into cars and i transformed into a frostbite.i also met rockhopper (for 3 or 4 seconds) =D


My favorite party so far has been the Temple of Fruit. The reason why is you got backgrounds and costumes my favorite was watermelon costume. I hope u do it again!



My favorite party would have to be the puffle party! Everywhere is so colorful. Plus theres a circus which i love.
Waddle On
Go CPU!!


I absolutely love the fair! When I first started play Club Penguin it was easily my favourite party. Even non-members could earn lots of cool things and no one has to pay anything, because you use tickets from awesome mini games. My favourite game was Balloon Pop. I spent quite a while on that game.


My favorite party was probably The Holiday Party of last year, because we got to see Rockhopper and Aunt Artic, and donating to Coins for change was really heart-warming and awesome. We got to donate for different causes and showed we can make a difference, and have fun at the same time. Plus, the cookies' abilities were awesome! And riding in Santa's sleigh was another cool feature, too! W A D D L E O N!


My favorite party by far was the Hollywood party! I had a blast! I really felt like a movie star! I loved all the movie sets so you could pick which movie star you'd want to be, preppy and hip, wild and dangerous, or even out of this world! It was definatly the most fun I've had in a long time!!!!

A8 Pink:

I really like the music jam party. Why? Its because I just love all the music where ever I go! I like to dance all around where I go. I even enjoyed being with penguins with the boom boxes. Get ready for my most favorite part (drum rolls)... Meeting the penguin band! They just make great music! I like how on the iceberg everybody waits for them on a drifting iceberg. They start playing their catchy music and we all screamed for them. Sadly, they left fast. But it was good we met them!


My All time favorite so far has been the Christmas party because im so gald we raised money fore people all around the world. That was so cool.And the last thing i'm so suprised how much money we raised. Witch was...Provide Medical Help:$308,614... Buliding Safe Places:$295,926...Protect the Earth:$395,460


My all time fave from what I've been to was the superhero takeover! Every penguin is super in their own special way, you don't need a cape and mask for that! All you have to do to be a superhero is just be you! When all of the penguins get together to save their island when it's under attack, not only does it show even the smallest can make the biggest difference, it makes for one great party!
Waddle on CP!

s bob rocks:

my all time favorite was the prehistoric party i loved it! i though the emote with the u-nibrow was so funny!!!! i used it all the time i got into the act to i acted like a cave pookie and a dinosaur and i loved the pictures of young garyin the news lol WADDLE ON!


My favorite party is the Water party 2008, because I LOVE waterparks, and fun! I also loved the free Rubber Ducky item! I really, really want the water party to return someday! It's a great way to cool down, don't you think!?


Well, I personally think each and every party has something unique about them. They are all so special and are always well designed and have the best of party items as well! They all are one of a kind! But, if I HAD to pick a favorite It would be the Music Jam! I love the Music Jam because I LOVE music! When I'm not practicing my violin at home, I'm listening to music and on Club Penguin! I thought it was overall the most unique party. :D And I loved how each room had a different theme! EPIC!!


I think the fashion party was the best because it gives penguins a chance to show their style and be creative,giving them a chance to show their love for fashion! It may take time to make an outfit, but its worth it when you finally walk down the runway!!!!! Waddle on and love fashion!


My fave party that I've been to would be Operation: Hotsauce. I'm a totally committed EPF agent, so that was the party for me. I loved using the Trace Tracker 3,000 (and I still use it because that ring is cool!) and breaking in to Herbert's lair. And the way I defeated him was funny! Getting medals and that backround was pretty nice, too. And I love a good top-secret adventure! My next fave party will be the Star Wars Takeover since agent can save the galaxy! Waddle on, CP!


My all time favorite is totally the phistoric party it was so awsome my favorite part was that we can go to the present and back and also that we can turn into dinosuars and scare people. Waddle On CP


Ok, uh, that is hard.... Okay, I love love LOVE the Marvel Party, AND the Medieval Party. I give both a 10/10. The Marvel Party is fun, The costumes are awesome! (And the rooms!) As for the Medieval Party... Think about it, last year was Scorn, and those other challenge rooms, (love the hydras!) Um, one more thing.... Anyone got a Lightsaber? 'Cause I'm ready for a new best party!


MUSIC JAM! 2011 :D


My favorite party is finding the hot sauce that was missing from the pizza place and then go too the pizza party at the cove and pizza was everywhere kinda of in the cove.Waddle on :)

sensi wu:

I think that the best party ever made in club penguin is the... HOLIDAY PARTY! because we got to dress up as puffle raindeer and race cars! and because of... Cadences cool in the cold music video!waddle on club penguin style!


I Liked the Water Party In 2007,So Many new Summery Furniture came out then, and The Catalog Clothes Were Awesome, and i loved the surfboards that Came Out! Waddle On!


My all time favorite party was the medieval party because there were so many cool things in it; like defeating the dragons, getting all the knight armor for your penguin, and the rooms decorated as if it was the medieval times.

master ryan4:

My favorite party was the card jitsu party because we got to play a new card jitsu game and after the party all penguins got to go to all the dojos and get to teach tusk a lesson >:)


I do think that all the parties were fun so I couldn't chose. So thank Club Penguin for all the awesome parties and their very cool takeovers the make for all us penguins! I can't wait for the Starwars Takeover and I am glad that we have great moderates at the Club Penguin Studio. Thank You
- Waddle On!


my favorite all time party is.............


I loved the shake it up takeover. I mean we got to see Cadence! The music, the dancing, it was all a thriller! What fun.


well I found the best party so far has been and always will be Christmas because Christmas spirit grows in us when we donate virtual coins and the disney club penguin and make real turn for some good causes, some not the best causes.


My all-time favorite party has always been the Christmas Party. It's just so festive and beautiful! I especially love the clothing and furniture and making my whole igloo all Christmas-ish. Another party I like is the summer themed one. I wasn't on CP by then, but it seemed so fun! I would really like if CP would bring those type of parties back, it would be so cool!

Until then... waddle on!
-Puffy ❤


i really love the music jam party because i love music and how the penguin band comes and performs on the iceberg. Waddle On penguin





Halloween 22:

Mine would be the Hoilday party because I like giving coins to people in need + Making a miracle for other people on the holidays since its better to give that receive.


Out of all Club penguin parties, I think the Christmas party in 2011 was the best because there were a bunch of free items and the decorations were spectacular! Also, I enjoyed meeting Aunt Arctic and spending time with my friends in the Christmas themed Club penguin world!


My All time favorite party so far was the Music Jam! i got to collect stamps so much stamps! really really cool! and i got to meet candance!
i liked most of all was the member lounge very impressive!


Hmmm... that question is very tough! Probaly my favorite party was the Wilderness Expedition in 2011! I will never forget it because it was very fun to actually have a jouney through the wilderness to find the pieces from the machine. We also got to make the machine take us down from the cliff. After off the cliff, we got to build a ship to the other side. And to top it all off, we got to find the Brown Puffle! I haven't seen CP make such a awesome party like it! Waddle On!


My all time favorite party was the holiday party 2012!! i actually liked all the holiday parties but every year they out do therself.
My FAVORITE thing about the party was how you could turn into reindeer puffles and toy cars and frost bite penguins! i also love to donate to coins for change and can you do the turn into stuff for coins for change every year?!! i love that feature
My penguin name is Dukey3


my favorite party is the the fair party it was alot of fun playing games,meeting rookie,earning tokens.Penguins around the island have also talked about the 2006 summer party i would really like to join that party even though i started in 2012 July i would like to get the blue lei .





I want the old parties to return like the Earth Day Party.


That is going to be the Music Jam or the Pirate holiday! I hope I can meet either Cadence, G Billy, Petey K, Stompn Bob, Franky or Rockhopper!
I'm so excited. I like you guys!
E973 the penguin.

Padre Pio:

YES!!!! I loved this party. This was my all time favorite when I was a little kid. My favorite party was the water party. I loved it because the items where amazing. I also love how you could use the hose. That's why I love the water party.

Yoshi Buddy:

I Absolutely, Positively LOVED the Hollywood party because of the cool neon backgrounds, and the awesome scenery at every place on the map! The items were exotic! For instance the boom box was so cool that I just had to play every day to get the rest of the awesome prizes that were handed out! I loved how we got to meet Cadence and her band during her "The Party Starts Now" routine! This is for the Club Penguin Staff..... A special thanks for making Club Penguin the best website in the world!:)


My favorite party was the medieval party. I loved how all the rooms were decorated and how we got to fight scorn. I loved the cloud kingdom with the free staff and the the cool knight costumes. I also liked how you could do the quest and each one had an awesome knight suit. Waddle on!


My favorite so far has definitely been the Superhero parties i loved those i really hope we have another one next year becuse dressing up as my favorite superheros is so fun (Ironman is the best btw) till then though Waddle on :)


My favorite party of all time was the Christmas party 2013 because we could eat cookie, get elf suits, ride on Santa's Sleigh, turn into Reindeer Puffles or Frost Bites or a Toy Race Car. But the best part about it is the Coins for Change. I've been stocking up coins from Sushi Drop just to donate coins for Coins for Change. If I win the 10,000 coins, then I would just donate to Coins for Change. (:

Waddle on CP!


My favorite party is the Monsters University party. You get to use points instead on coins to buy the costumes. But what I didn't like was that non-members were not allowed to get any costumes. So next Monsters University party, can the non-members please get some body items. Also, that we never got to meet any mascots during that party, I still think that Monsters University Party was my favorite.


My all time favorite party was the Under Water Expedition Party. It was so cool and mysterious how the island got flooded. Everything was AMAZING but if I had to pick one favorite thing, it was the underwater maze. That was so cool and beautiful! I liked the prize at the end. Waddle On!


I liked the puffle party when you could turn into your favorite puffle! I could go from Blue to red in just 1 minute! I liked racing with my friends on the track as a pink puffle! And riding a skateboard as a black puffle! Or throwing the best puffle party you can! And best of all meeting PH :)! Waddle on CP!


My favorite party so far has been the puffle party! Because I really think our puffles deserved that treatment! Plus I really loved the rainbow puffle! And I loved the rainbow outfits!

Awesome G:

My favorite party is the PUFFLE PARTY !Becuse everything is re-designed and looked really really neat.I'm also proud of all club penguin team and keep doing the rally good work :).Good luck creating the Star Wars party!


My favorite party has to be: Music Jam of 2011. The reason I LUVED it Sooo much is because we got to meet Cadence and her band every 10 mins. Or so ! Plus, we got stamps for meeting famous people like Cadence, and since I was a member then, I got to get Rocky and Cece's clothes from Shake it up! Lastly, we got boom boxes and prizes everyday for five days for non-members and members! I wish we had that party again!!!


My favorite party was the monsters university it was so detailed and everything! Keep waddling.


I really like the adventure party because I am a big fan of pirates. I loved all of the weird plants and the cannon battle.

Genral Nova:

My super Favorite party was the Carnivoule it was soo fun i loved the puffle paddle


My favorite party so far was the Hollywood party. My friend Violet pink 2 and I really hope you guys make another Hollywood party. The reason that it is my favorite is because I like to act and sing like celebrities. I also liked the costumes that I got from that party and how we could just take a car from one place to another. Thanks guys for the Hollywood party.

Waddle on cp team!


My favorite party was the Hollywood Party. When I wasn't on the red carpet I was staring in a new movie! I really liked all the party clothes. I also liked the limo. I totally felt like a movie star.I also liked how everyone got a award. Waddle On!


Water party and music party!


My all time FAVOURITE party so far for me has to be " Temple Of Fruit " When non members could recieve a Grape Costume And Members could enter the temple and get a watermellon and a pineapple and also an apple. But sadly i did not meet Rockhopper :( . But this is why Temple Of Fruit Is my FAVOURITE party


My favorite the medieval party 2012. For me, it was so fun to dress up as a beautiful princess and be saved by brave princes from the fire of dragons. I also liked the fact that at this party there were a lot of items, almost all the places were decorated, many party rooms and we could meet Gary. But the best of the best was that I could defeat the miserable dragon Scorn (even if I am a girl).
P.S. The funniest room was the mine with "Princess only" written on.
Thanks for the party! :)


My FAVORITE party so far has been the Operation Blackout Party. Although it was absolutely FRIGHTENING for the families, and residents of our home, Club Penguin, we pulled through, and stopped Herbert in his unBEARable plot! It was definitely fun, as an agent to race to bring back our sunlight!

Best Wishes for Coldest Fishes,



My all time favorite party was Halloween Party 2012! We got to hunt ghosts and turn into ghosts! The mansion was amazing and it had nice music. I liked how we had to search for Gariwald VII. I hope it returns! The costumes were cool and the night of the living sleds were funny and I loved the live version. We got gary searching for great uncle and he found him in his cool secret ghost lab!


My favorite party its the puffle party, because puffles are the best thing in world! haha, also the decoration its really fun and creative, you can dress like puffle and get other exclusive items.
it was really fun when we can be puffles and know how is their life!
in this party i really enjoy all the details, the hotel, the cool rooms every each of them with cool decorations...
i really enjoy the party! cant wait for next year puffle party


club penguin team is this the water party? i hope it is i think one of my all time favorite parties is the medivel party cause we got to battle scorn and we got a free pin and members got to go to the land of colores think and get the septer and light the rainbow and more awesome stuff my penguin name is Rohit68 i also have more favorite parties plz chose this!


My All time favorite party so far is the Puffle Party, i think it is a awesome party the plaza was decorated and there was a new building called the puffle hotel, inside the hotel was three floors, the first one is the lobby, then the second floor is spa and the gym, and the last floor was the roof, on the last floor has a cannon that shoots you into the cloud forest and adopt the rainbow puffle. Waddle On.


My favorite party was the water party because you could have fun in the sun. My favorite sport was water polo and it was there! It was like the start of a new era for me. Also it was very hard to choose from. From 2005-present.This why water party is one of my favorite parties.


my favorite party was all of them! they were amazing!


My favorite party has always been the Island Adventure Party because I have always been about exploring. I also loved that we got to see Rockhopper!



My All time favorite so far has been the the second Marvel Super Hero Party because there where awesome coustumes and you could contoral the robots and get gloves that could fix things & break things and earn some suits that everyone could have. WADDLE ON


My most favorite party of all was the Puffle Party! It was very fun! There was the new room called the Puffle Hotel, with the amazing elevator. A new rainbow puffle to get by doing a special quest. You could earn items from the Puffle Quest like Puffle Handler items. You could meet PH. Also, you could change into your favorite puffle. It is always fun every year with all the beautiful decorations. My most favorite part is you can go to all the different types of puffles's rooms. That's why!


My favorite party was the adventure party because last year we got a new game to play and i also got to friend Rockhopper. i also liked the part how there was different fruit tribes and how we had to go into the temple of fruit and stop the cursed kahuna.


My all time favorite party so far is the Medieval Party! I love how the island transforms into a kingdom! All the items that you can get are really awesome! I love dressing up as a princess! Waddle on!!


hello my favorite party was to party Puffles that was where we discovered one of the most famous myths club penguin :D


My favorite party has to be the puffle party because its the party that come once a year and goes where we can actually bond with our furry friends the puffle because that is there special party where they are in comand insteed of penguin where even the shiest puffle can show its true colors.


I think of the best parties were festival of flight cuz the island was IN THE SKY and I really liked the penguin play awards cuz it had voting your fave play and we got awards and the clothes were really nice,too! (I haven't been in either parties but my cousin has and he said they were awesome and also I read about them in the yearbook)


I think the best party was the April fools party because I met happy77 and I like the box costumes and the cream soda dementions to get them WE WANT MORE APRIL FOOLS PARTY'S!


My all time favorite party so far would be make your mark ultimate jam party I loved it most because all the cool music the cute outfits I loved How You Could Get A Outfit That Looked Like Rocky's and CeCes! and you can go into a VIP room where you might have the chance to meet Rocky, CeCe, And Candence! That's Why I think the Make you Mark Ultimate Jam Party Was The BEST Party So Far!


my favorite party has been the festival of flight. i loved how you could go on the hot air baloon ride and get a jet pack!!!
Waldle On!!


My favorite party so far was the puffle party that celebrated the new rainbow puffle. It was really fun going into the box dimension and the orange puffles must've been having a good time because they looked super happy while they ate their cookie mountain! Another awesome puffle example is becoming your favorite puffles! (My personal favorites are white,orange and rainbow). I loved the design for the rainbow puffle adoption center by the way.Well I'm about run out of space so,waddle on!


My favorite one is monster university! That is my favorite but I love all of them equally.

Christy Jade:

My all time favourite party is the holiday party 2012 because its the party where all the penguins get together and celebrate!!! I also enjoyed the new things that came out on that party!!! like transforming into puffles, racecars and freeze penguins, getting extra emotes at parties, and the release of colour white!!! But what I enjoyed most was to have a happy holiday!!!


My favorite party so far was the latest Marvel Superhero Takeover. I loved putting the bad guys in jail, using the power gloves, and I even got to be the boss of the whole Aircraft Carrier ship for a day! It was so fun!


I Have lots of favorite parties but the most awesome of all has been April Fools, it was really, Really, REALLY Cool! One of my favorite activities was walk in circles with funny clothes to make people laugh or play hide and seek in the box dimension!, or tell jokes to random penguins :P, I'll miss the April fools party. Well WADDLE ON :P


My all time favorite party would probably be the April Fool's Party 2010 because I think it was so funny that the mine shack was the spinning arrow room. Plus, the forest was upside down, buildings were half drawn, and it was completely random! Absolutely the best party ever!


My favorite party has to be the 2009 Christmas party because you could sent presents by mail also it was my first party

E L I M:

My favorite all time party was the Coins for change party because we get to donate our coins to change the penguin island for more things! and we got to meet rock hopper and many other things. Intel then waddle on!


i liked the halloween party 2012 because one of my favorite games is all about solving puzzles and well, catching ghosts and the fact to transform into a ghost is pretty awsome and it is near my b-day


My favorite party its... the puffle party!!! i think because the decorations are so creative and fun too!, you can take your puffle to the specific color room!! i really like all the details in this party like: the hotel, the mini game that you can feed the puffles etc.
also the best part was that you can be a puffle! it was really fun! now i know how is the life of a puffle!

I really enjoy this party! i cant wait for next year puffle party! haha

Waddle on!


I liked the underwater party it was a thrilling adventure through the underwater island!


My favorite party was the monster university scare games . since you could play scare games, and costumes that u brought with your scare points !


hey I want to go to the fruit party never I was new


My favorite party was the April fools party.I thought it was cool how we got to go in the box dimension to enter different random rooms!Also I like how rookie showed up and lead a crowd through all the different rooms,like a tourist!


My all time favorite party so far was this year's Puffle Party. The Puffle Hotel opened. (which my puffles and I absulutely LOVE), and we got launch into the clouds to meet the rainbow puffles. I love how a puffle hopped out and chose me. I named mine Tie Dye :-). I also liked meeting P.H. in the Puffle Hotel. That was amazing because P.H. rarely makes appearances on Club Penguin. Waddle on!


My favorite party of all time were the Water Parties in July 2007 and June 2008. The first one was my first party and it was amazing. A crab broke the glass in the Cave and water spilled out, so everyone decorated the island to use up the water. The second one was even more awesome than the first party. Brand new decorations were all around the island, the Night Club became the Splash Club, there was a pool in the Ski Village, and the Iceberg had a huge whale!


My favorite party was the Music Jam 2009, because it was my second ever party, and I have fond memories of it. Sometimes I still wear the headphones I got from it.

Waddle On!



The Marvel Super Hero party was AWESOME! I was super duper excited about it. You may not have noticed, but I was all over it. I loved the power gloves, and getting the costumes from a bunch of different heroes! And I have to say Avengers is a great movie, and getting their costumes was sweet! Every penguins dream! It was so cool, and it was absolutely an amazing party! I'm getting excited just saying this! Really though, it was a lot of fun, and I hope the Star Wars party will be great too!


My favorite party so far was Operation Blackout it was AWESOME!!! I liked meeting Herbert and getting to use awesome gadgets like laser beams and saving Club Penguin from Herbert! Also I like finding out who the Director was. Waddle On! -Swbmmm

cool boy7941:

my all time favorite party so far was the marvel super hero takeover to suit up like loki , iron man, captin amarica and if there's a marvel super hero takeover next year (in 2014) can there be x-men suits next time?


My all time favorite party so far personally has got to be the Shake It Up party because you got to meet Rocky, CeCe, and Cadence. Also, I love music, dancing, and the TV show " Shake It Up" so that party was pretty much perfect for me. My last reason why I liked that party was that you got to learn cool new dance moves if you've met Rocky and CeCe and you got awesome new items like a purple boombox or a golden microphone. I hope I have made my point why I like the Shake It Up party. Waddle on!


My favorite party has been the Card-Jitsu Snow party because we got to go into an epic battle! Everyone got to train in Card-Jitsu Snow and me got to meet Sensei! Waddle on!


My favorite party was the Christmas party. It was cool to donate coins to different causes around the world. Plus it was cool to see the Ice Palace at the Dock. Waddle on .


I'm with jorgemoo! the operation blackout party was awesome! but i heard hat lots of rare parties have been really fun in the past! I would really like to do the underwater party some time soon the pictures i saw looked fun!

Brownie Play:

My favorite party was the latest, the MU Takeover. I love the scare games game where you have to get to the fake child and scare it. I got the most out of my friends too! I also loved how they changed the pizza parlor into that place called the Crunch, and how if you stood at the kareoke place it would play a familiar song!


My favorite party has to be the Winter Fiesta. It was my first party and at first I thought the entire thing was permanent and Club Penguin would never be the same again! Still, though, I was able to enjoy it. I still have the teeny sombrero (that was a free item) and other things from the party. There were no special games, just décor throughout the island, but honestly it is probably the third most-fun party I've ever experienced!

Jackie 1414:

I liked the adventure party 2013 I liked how the new game came out and I liked the fruit temple and the fruit tribes.


My all time favourite party has been Music Jam and it has been ever since i have been on cp. The thing I love about music jam is all the instruments and outfits. Waddle on cp.

Brock 77:

My favorite party Club Penguin has had so far was the Prehistoric Party, it was TOTALLY awesome how to could turn into the different dinosaurs and ROAR at other penguins. I also really liked how when you threw a snowball as a dinosaur you barfed on other penguins! Gross but also a genius idea. Waddle on!

Mazo 2001:

That one is really hard. I've been stuck between The Penguin Play Award 2010 , Medieval Party 2010, The Island Adventure Party 2010 and The Stadium Games 2010 but I've decided my favourite was The Island Adventure Party! I remember being at the ship battle and the tree forts and doing the Paper Boat Hunt! All the rooms were so well decorated too! I remember the Hidden Lake being kind of like a mermaid hangout! It was a really fun and I hope you guys do it again!
Keep Calm and Waddle On!


Medieval is very very very very very awesome. But Halloween comes in a as a very close second place! I like Medieval the best because for some reason I've have always liked Medieval. Halloween because I met Gary last year!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waddle On Everyone!


my all time favorite party was the hollywood party because you got to meet GARY ,CADENCE ,AUNT ARCTIC,AND SENSEI. you also got to walk the red carpet that was fun and cool. and got bronze,sliver,and gold awards. also when you got chose for a award you get a speech. and you can emote and you get the also get the golf chair and be a director to. waddle on!!!!!


All of them! I just cant pick 1! They have all been well ... AMAZING!!!! Its been soo fun gathering new items. I even met rookie in April!As i said, ALL THE PARTAYS HAVE BEEN EPIC!!!

Jilly Can101:

I can't pick just one favorite party, so I'm choosing two! My TWO favorite parties were first Operation Blackout. I haven't really done a lot of agent work, but Operation Blackout was epic! I especially loved how the island got transformed - that was great work! The second one was the April Fool's Party! I'm a pretty content and thoughtful penguin, but on the April Fool's Party I got to show my random side! I think it was funny how there were fart contests, and I loved the box dimension!


My best party moment was the April Fools Party of 2009 that was the time when I joined Club Penguin from that day that was my best party of all my Club Penguin times and so far i´ve actually liked some other party´s that Club Penguin has done, that time I always have the red propeller hat on me so I can remember the best party that I had so far.


Hey guys my favorite party so far was the Adventure party! Asking why? Rockhooper is there and last year we had to feed the big statue of different types of fruit and I remeber other one that we had an adventure with Rochooper sailing to different islands and getting prizes I remeber that red gemstone that is glowing on the Lighthouse's telescope the red sparkly thing thats what im talking about. I love CP!
Waddle on Jessica90018.


My All-Time Favourite Party Of All Is The Puffle Party!! We Get To Transform into Puffle And Have Fun And Stuff. Waddle On Club Penguin!!


My All Time Favorite Party until now has to be the Prehistoric Party this year!! I was so pleased to hear Club Penguin was going to have a dinosaur party because ever since I was little I loved dinosaurs and they are my life. It was so cool how we could turn into Dinosaurs and ROAR!!!! Until Then, Waddle On.


my favorite party was the music jam of 2010


My favorite party was the Monsters University party because it had houses, a school for penguins to know each other well and the scare games. And the best part of the party was that the scare games winner, OK, got the trophy, and deserved it. Thanks for reading this. Waddle On guys!!! :)


ULTIMATE JAM! i mean cmon! who dosen't like meeting cadence a disney super stars?

Dodo Kitty:

My favorite Party Has been the Super Hero Takeover Party!! That party is my favorite party because During that party, You can dress up as super Hero's and Even Villains! And You can Save Club Penguin!! That's why The super hero takeover has been my favorite party in club penguin so far!


My favorite is the April Fools Day Party because its so RANDOM my favorite part about It's the BOX DEMENSIONS they are so EPIC AND AWESOME! I mean who doesn't want to do anything Epic! it's also great that you get to meet rookie during the party and another cool thing is the scavenger hunt it gets your mind going and makes you think, and you can get prizes along the way! the last thing I love about the party is what all the places look like its so hilarious! I love it! Keep it up! waddle on!


My favorite party of all time is the Christmas party because we can celebrate a nice holiday and give to coins for change. Giving to coins for change is fun. I also like meeting Rockhopper. He was the first mascot I ever met. I just wish I could do that again.


I think my all time favorite party was the water party in 2007. It was so much fun to have an epic pool party with all of your friends all over the island!!! It was fun just to relax and get splashed wherever you went!! But I saved the best for last- the giant inflatable whale!! It was so much fun! Waddle on cp!!!

Pengy 83902:

My favorite would be the Halloween party meeting Gary's great grandpa and turning into WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And trick or treating it was my first Halloween in Club Penguin! And I can tell if Club Penguin keeps this up we are going to have to have lots of great parties! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Larry Limas:

My All time favorite so far has been the Beta Party, it was EPIC! it marked the beginning of a big project, and is now considered one of the best online games in the world! It's called ... CLUB PENGUIN! Thanks CP! Waddle On!


hi culb penguin team this blog is a really great thing if we could rate it i would rate 9 and 1/2 out of 10


My favorite party would be 2 of them. Water party '06 and Music Jam '09! They were really great parties!! I love every party, but these two are really special to me. Oh, and I can't wait for the Star Wars Party! WADDLE ON!


I realy like all the parties they are all so creative in the activities but realy I think cp could do better on the medavil party but my only problem with it is its kinda boring you slay the dragon and that's it I've Ben on cp for years now and I realy apreatiate the hard work people have done to make it all possible thanks for it all

Waddle on


my all time favorite party is ..........................STAR WARS PARTY I know that it has not happened yet but I know polo and friends will make it great just by thinking how great the 2013 parties are so up updated I have a good felling about this mean wile




I like the music jam because I have loved music all my life and I love the cute outfits!!!! Waddle on


My fav was the Hollywood party. All the Penguins looked glamorous! Everyone loved getting their trophies.


my favourite party was the puffle partie because I lovedturning into a puffle and most of all the RAINBOW PUFFLES I got three:\

Awesome Chad:

My favorite party was the Marvel Superheros party because of the cool outfits building robots awesome gloves and 2 new games!


My All time favorite party is the Ultimate Jam. It was one of the best Music Jams yet and I really liked DJ Cadence and Penguin Band in concert. It was also my most highly anticipated event since the EPF took over the PSA. I didn't get to meet any of the characters, but there's still plenty of chances to meet them again in the near future.


There were so much parties that I don't know which one. But I got three.
1. Island Adventure Party. You get to do the ship battle stuff.
2. Card Jitsu Party. Ninjas are all over the Island with the elements Fire, Water and Snow.
3. Holiday Party. I love donating to Coins For Change and see the Lighthouse full of coins.
Those were my favourite parties. Waddle On.


favorite party's: February dance party. I like all the lights and cameras and how colorful it was. I especially liked the limozine. Greatest part was getting on the set and being in a movie. I also liked going to the stage and getting an award, it was great. Also seeing Cadence was cool. Waddle on


My most favorite party EVER is the Hollywood Party!!! It was really AWESOME because we got such glamorous outfits, and we even got to ride in a limo!!!!!!! The snow forts had all different scenes, and in the scenes, we got to complete different tasks, and earn prizes for completing those tasks! Also, everyone got to take pictures of the penguins with glamor, and we got prizes for taking the pictures!! It was the BEST party in Club Penguin history!!! Waddle On!


i liked all of them but there were my favourites and the ones the really stood out
- the holly wood party
- the ultimate jam
- the music jams
- the puffle partys
my penguin name : krupali


My all time favorite party is the MU party! I really like the party because of that party is a one of a kind party that will might only come one in a time! Also you can play the Scare Games and scare other fellow monster penguins! The clothes and the way the island was decorated was SUPER AWESOME!! MU was a awesome party and I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did!! Waddle On and Have Fun Penguins!


My all time favourite party was Operation Blackout because we got to use cool and awesome gadgets to defeat Herbert P Bear and we had to use our brains to figure out how to use the grappling hook and how to cut through a door using a laser. I also liked finally knowing the Director's true identity and it was awesome fun. It was funny because everything turned into Herbert, Club Herbert, Herbert Times, Tour Guide script etc. Waddle on Club Penguin and keep doing awesome parties!!


I like the Temple of fruit party! There are so many activities! You get to throw fruit! And... I just love it! for me ;)


My all time favorite party so far was operation blackout I like it because you got gadgets and other cool stuff and you had to solve puzzles. It was a great party if i say so my self. one other cool thing is that we got to see the directors identity i never knew it would be aunt arctic! - puffy8808


I LOVE any party related to summer: Water Party, Camping Party, or anything with sun, water and fun!

Chowder 1789:

My fave party was the April fools party :D I Liked it because it was so funny and the new dimensions were awsome!Waddle on!


I loved loved LOVED the card-jitsu water party because you were so interaced with the party!And you when to different places by the water!And the snowballs turn into water balloons!AND all the water gear you got I think we got to try out card-jitsu water and I love it!That part was so cool!And I also loved when I got to meet the sensei!This one is my favorite one so far but it will stay that way for now! Waddle on cp!


My favorite party was the holiday party in 2012 and I loved how you can turn into frost bites and race cars and the raindeer puddles but most importintly coins for change that's my favorite party so far.


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