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By Polo Field on July 16, 2013 - 14:27

Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked, whats your best puffle or pet joke?

I really liked Jujugins' answer: "My joke is a pet joke. i think it is quite funny. here it can dogs stop a video game? THEY PRESS THE PAWS BUTTON!"

Great joke! 10,000 coins to Jujugins!

Hope you are all gearing up to save the galaxy! In light of this epic party we want to know, what has been your all time favorite party so far?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



My favorite party that I had participated in would have been the Summer/Water party back in the early years of Club Penguin. Just thinking about how long ago it was makes me feel old :D. The Summer/Water party had many cool features such as water slides all over the island, as well as swimming pools, with a feature that allowed you to spray water at penguins with a hose. Come to think of it, it was one of the best FIRST party of my Club Penguin history.


Festival of Flight, BY FAR. It was so amazing to see everything from a different perspective! All the natural water was gone, and you could see huge icicles hanging from the island! The Dance Club was also cool, because you could look down and see the clouds, and the ocean beneath. But most of all, I enjoyed the hot air ballon to the tallest mountain. And I finally got a jetpack!


My favorite party so far is Operation:Blackout and Card Jitsu Snow party. In operation:black out we get lots of spy gadgets, know who is the director, and meet Herbert P bear. In Card Jitsu snow party, we can play the new Card Jitsu series, meet Sensei, and team work in card jitsu snow. Thanks for all of awesome party in CP. Can't wait for Star Wars Takeover party. Waddle on!


My most favourite party of all time was the Hollywood Party, I LOVE the Hollywood party because I can pretend I am a celebrity, Preform shows to entertain Penguin and Best of all earn awards and prizes! I kept on winning best hair.


My favorite party is the Make your Mark: Ultimate Jam because there were many mascots to meet like Cece and Rocky, Cadence and the Penguin Band. Although I did not get to meet any of them, I still had loads of fun because there were awesome new clothes and penguins were still able to get the mascots' stamps. The decorations of the rooms were great too, and I loved Cadence's new song, The Party Starts Now.


Though many parties have been made to make us have fun, and ejoyment, From the bottom of my heart, I think the Water Party has been my all time favorite. I remember that funny crab cracking the glass in the pool, causing us a huge wave of water invading Club Penguin in the underground. The water party made everyone smile, since it was summer. The sensei did have one good time throwing water balloons at us. I thank Club Penguin for those awesome days. I hope one day, those days repeat again. :)


My all time favorite party this year would have to be the Monsters University takeover. I would get to compete against friends and have fun doing it at the same time. I can't wait for the more adventures in Club Penguin in the future. Great job with all the work you've done keep up the good work!


I think My favorite Party Would Have to be MUSIC JAM! I Loved All the different stages and V.I.P Places! It Was Amazing last year and I REALLY Hop you have one this year. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! I Also LOVED The Summer party and the medeival Party! They were all so amazing..But Now the parties are kinda Boring..Please bring back Summer Party, Music Jam, And Medeival Party :D


Ooh! My favorite was the Halloween party in 2012! Omi g! It was so creative! Me and my friends all got to explore the haunted house and turn into ghosts! It was so exciting! Wooooooo! :) Wadle on club penguin and may the force be with you!


My Favorite Party was Rockhopper Adventure, because we traveled away from club penguin and went to differnt islands. It was so fun exploring something new. I got a new pin, I got new Costumes and Had tons of fun.


I really loved all of the events in Club Penguin but if I had to choose one from this year I would have to pick the Puffle Party! I think it was really cool that another building was added to the Plaza! It was also really cool that the puffles had a place to relax. The best part was that members could adopt a Rainbow Puffle!! I named my Rainbow puffle Skittles because skittles has a lot of colors.


I haven't been on cp for that long so I have only experienced a few party's but my favorite one has to be the Monsters university party. Wow can I tell you cp looked exactly like the places on the movie and the costumes were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I love being Abel to scare all of my friends as my favorite characters including mike and sully. I think the fraternity houses look great and i absolutely loved this party keep up the good work CP waddle on!

6671 Penguin:

My favorite party so far is the Card-Jitsu Party. Why because, the all new Snow Dojo was sweet and I also like the battle of Tusk, it was a real challenge. I got lot of gadgets like the card-jitsu snow outfit, the snow gem, and many more. Cant wait till next party


My favorite party was the Music Jam! Because the diffrent parts of the island is so fun to go to. It's also cool to watch penguins perform on stage. The diffrent stages were cool. I loved it. Waddle On!


I thought you wouldn't ask. My favorite party of ALL TIME is ultimate music jam. It was so cool. I wish i had met cadence though. Anyway i thought it was flipping awesome! Plus what is that red light in the telescope on the beacon!? Waddle on!


Hey greenagrena!

the red light in the telescope was from the party where we got to go on Capt. Rockhopper's ship and build a beacon for him so that he could maneuver around that place with out bumping into any icebergs :)

Waddle on!


that was the beacon rockhopper and his crew made in 2011


The Red Thing In The Beacon Is From An Old Adventure Party. It's Where I Met Rockhopper, Actually =D


i know it was my first party


that guides the ships to safety that was a party and rockhopper came


My All Time Favorite Party So Far Was The Jungle Party Because We Got To Explore All Around The Map And Discover Secrets It Was Really Cool


It hasn't happened yet... But I know it is going to be the Star Wars Takeover Party... Because I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, and I also love Club Penguin... So two of my favorite things, combined into one... It couldn't be better! Until next time, WADDLE ON!


My favorite party is the Expidition Party because I like how it's like a challange to climb up the mountain! Also I would love to see the water party and it would be my FAVORITE for sure! Waddle on!


Sai :

My name is sayuri but ya you know you can say my name is sai if you want ok


I know right! What if they made a Harry Potter Party... Then my life would be complete.


yes i totally agree that would be awesome


i disagree i liked the prehistoric party the most.


I think it's something from old Club Penguin . Because the rubber ducky is from my brother's friend's old account Firepie27 it was RARE! It had that rubber ducky and i saw something in the 2nd picture that reminded me of old club penguin -_- -Nyan1147


My all time favorite party so for goes all the way back to 2006 when we had a party we don do any more called," The Feasta Party." I loved the cool outfits and the piñatas. I still have a little sombrero hat from the party.

Enter nickname:

I have that hat tooo!!! you mean the reeeeeally tiny one? I forgot where I got that haha


my fave party was the summer kick off party in 2007 because you could get those so good items i wish we could have that party again

kim seangyu:

i think my favorite party is hollywood party, it was so awesome!! the limo, the award show. i liked it!



my favorite is the christmas party it was awsome i liked the toy store and you could be a raindeer puffle it was epic


I heart the Puffle party! It is the best becaus endow, my favorite online pet is a puffle and I was soooooo excited when I got my rainbow puffles! Im so glad the puffle hotel is still here so I can have more rainbow puffles! Puffle Party is the best!!!!!


abigail2abby,hey i heart the puffle party too ! i didn get a rainbow puffle =[


Wow! There are so many parties, I can't Pick Just one! My top 3 are,
1. Medieval Party 2011
2. Fall Fair 2011 (Wow, I really like 2011 LOL)
3. Rockhopper's Arrival Party From 2008
Those are My Top Three :)
WADDLE ON!! P.S. Can't wait for medieval Party 2013!!!


My favorite all time party has to be The Hollywood Party! It is my favorite because I have always wanted to be an actor! It's my DREAM! The party really made it seem I was a famous actor! My favorite movie to star in at the party was the action movie! I loved all the costumes we got! My favorite costume we got was the golf cart! Also, The Awards Show was AWESOME! It's cool how we all got 15 seconds of fame! Thanks for an awesome party Club Penguin! Waddle On!


Mine was the Operation blackout party! We got to see the directors identity, meet Herbert, Get all these cool gadgets and the mini games for Herberts lair was awesome! The music was awesome aswell. I loved that party so much I want it to happen again! Waddle on CP!


I liked the party in October 2011 where there was the cute candy ghosts and you had to get the clothes and then you could see them and you had to touch them and shoot them!!! I can't really remember though.


My favorite party so far is the Christmas party last year when Rockhopper came. You can donate Coins For Change to help the world, get free stuff, play special games(Although I forgot what their called.), and look around at the Christmas decor! It was a great party.

Waddle on! :)


i did christmas party last year too,and loved it.

Fire HFB:

My favorite party so far has been the Music Jam. I think the CP Team put a lot of effort into it because All of the rooms were redecorated, you could go on the roof of the Night Club, and there are LOADS of exclusive items for the party.


wow we haven't had a summer party for a long time

Waddle On
From Beagleboyify


I love all the parties! But if I had to choose a favorite it would be the Medieval Parties. You can become a knight and fight for Club penguin and save the princess and fight Dragons! Then you gain coins and neat furniture. I also had a Lord of the Rings themed igloo party from it! :)




My all time favourite party was the Puffle party because it added the rainbow Puffle and the hotel witch I think was very cool and I loved the Puffle out fits that is why I liked the Puffle party.


My all time favourite party was the Hollywood party because it had the cool out fits like the squid the stunter and the under dog out fit that is why I liked the Hollywood party the most. :)


same i liked that as well


My favorite party so far has been the Marvel superhero takeover.I think it was an awsome party because we got all new costumes and the superheros won! and i thought it was pretty cool to meet aunt artic. Waddle on


My favourite party was the Puffle Party. The reason why I liked that party so much was that you get awesome Puffle items, cool party rooms and an epic Training Room. It lets me spend much more time with me and my Puffle. I can't wait for the next Puffle Party (if there is one) and get more epic stuff and hang out with my Puffle, my friends puffles and my puffles friends. Waddle on :)


By far, Operation: Blackout has been the best party/event on CP. When I heard that Gary was kidnapped I was hoping that there would be a huge in-game EPF mission. Turns out I was right! Anyway, I enjoyed the Blackout because for the first time you could meet Herbert as a mascot, which was pretty awesome. Also, I liked breaking into Herbert's lair. I got a surprise when Aunt Arctic was shown to be The Director, and I'm still wondering who that agent is that Herbert is afraid of...

Corney 33:

I'm a really old penguin but my favourite party has got to be the Penguin Games party held in 2008, it was like the Olympics! I still remember it, we had to complete 3 events-the swimming event, the marathon and the three lap race! They also gave out a gold medal when you had completed all three events! And there was also blue and red face paint for the two teams-blue and red team! The face paint even has a special action when you wave! I hope CP holds a similar party again, I really miss it!

Snuffle Star:

What a hard question! I have loved all the cool parties you guys come up with! I think my favorite would either be the Holiday Party or the Medieval Party! I Love the Holiday Party because it's lit up and very decorative, and you get to donate to Coins For Change. I also love the Medieval Party because of the quests you can do and how you got to shrink down to a fairy. Plus you can fight a dragon! Way cool!

Waddle on Cp!

Darth Pang:

my fave party was the island adventure 2012 because the tribe's and rockhopper and hula dancer's waddle on =D


Well I have to choose. My fave is the Fair and Holiday Party because they both have cool prizes!
Waddle on everyone!


Wow; this is probably one of the hardest question in the CP history! But I have a COUPLE of parties. (Sorry; I couldn't decide!!!!!!) First I LOVED the operation: blackout party as some others said, and i loved the holiday, Tyrassic, puffle, and Hollywood party! Oh, and don't forget about the epic MU party!!!!

Waddle on, CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Husky Nick5:

I'd have to say the adventure party because you got to go through a huge tunnel to survive and it was very challenging.


I gues the monsters university cause I've been playing club penguin for a month but I can't wait for Star Wars takeover, obviously.


My favorite party was the Hollywood party. I didn't get given an award I was not a member but I liked to be a director and go in the limo and to watch people get awards I thought it was a great party.Waddle on

Rocet man:

did you see me get an award?


My fave party was the Operation Blackout. I liked it because you go to sneak into different areas of Herbert's area and how once you had done all the rooms you got to find out who the director is. (I also liked the music!)
I also liked the Adventure Party: Temple Of Fruit. I liked this one because getting to the temple was AWESOME, because you could pretend to run from a giant watermelon! LOL.


I would say, I love all the parties! But this year had the most terrific ones. The Card-Jitsu Snow, Operation: Blackout, Monster's University Inc. and the Puffle Party are some of which I like the most. And now, there's a Star Wars: Takeover party going to come. I must say it's very tough to pick ONE best party! :)

Waddle On CP! :D


Oh yes, and how could I forget!? Hollywood Party too ;)


my favorite party has to be 101 days of fun it was so fun doing stuff 101 days in a row and also hanging out with my friends so cool.


My All time favourite party was the 2010..... I think, Christmas party! I got my ice skates on a went for a skate it was so fun and I loved the winter fashion they released during the party!
All the shops had great decorations, and great pins were hidden too!


My favourite party so far was defiantly the Water Party way back in 2008. I loved all the water there was everywhere, especially the big water slide there was coming down the ski hill down into a big swimming pool at the ski village. Also the iceberg - it was turned into a big whale! I've been really disappointed that it hasn't returned since then, and I have literally begged those crabs by the pool to crack the glass again so we could have another!


The party I enjoyed the most was the Puffle party in 2012 because it was fun living in a puffle's life and waddling and bouncing as puffles exploring all the party rooms! Keep it up CP!


i think it was the medieval party 2012 because i like the middle ages and fighting scorn,the dragon king, was incredibly AWESOME.
i also like the exclusive items you can buy during the medieval party like the thunder sword.


my favourite praty is the puffle party because we can turn in to our puffles


My favorite party since i joined was of course the puffle party!! I loved turning into a puffle, and the costumes!!
It was epic!!
Waddler2037 :)

Lake Blue1:

My favourite party has got to be the Holiday Party 2012. It was really cool how Club Penguin allowed you to turn into race cars, reindeer puffers, and frostbites. It really sparked your creativity and opened up a lot more ways to have fun. But what I really loved was donating to Coins for Change. It's really great how Club Penguin is donating a million dollars to helping different causes in the real world. It's what Christmas holidays give you. The spirit of giving and helping others.


I loved the April fools party last year!it the best because all the box things.


Those were dimentions!

Kirre pingu:

My favorite so far is the hollywood party, only hangging around in the limo in a hot bath, staring in three different movies. I was so happy when i won the the gold award, it was so awesome! i got all the awards, became a superstar, and got my own villa! I liked it very much when we saw who won, always waiting if one of us will win... ! Those pictures are showing a summer kickoff party that was cancelled a long time ago, but the second is definetly music jam! This means Summer music jam! Awesome


My favorite party by far has been the Holiday Party of 2012. I really loved all the new items that we could get, and I was amazed at how many happy penguins were enjoying their presents, like I was. I am wearing my Arctic White right now! I found that it goes very well with my Snow Ninja outfit. But the Coins For Change program convinced me that this party was the best. I donate 10 000 coins every year for CFC. I am really glad that Club Penguin does such a charitable thing every year.



this is to paclici im just saying you have a great spirit and all VERY nice of you that you gave 10 000 coins and do i want to win sooo BAD but i think you should:) good job waddle on paclici by the way im perry38888


Yeah in that holiday party I LOVED making those cookies in the cookie workshop! For causes and I liked delivering presents on santas sleigh!


The best party club penguin has had and it will always be the best party is the Hollywood party because all penguins have the chance to get great items in the penguin style and could star in movies such as si fi adventure and we got bronze silver and Gold awards as well as Meeting aunt article candence sensai BEST Party Club Penguin has Made!!!!!


My favourite party was the Music Jam. I liked how the Penguin band plays every year, the fact that members could get VIP passes and all the style of tunes!


My favorite party every year is the medieval party because when I created my penguin I joined at the medieval party 2011 so when the medieval party comes it always brings back happy memories!


my favorite i think that is going to be star words because club penguin never was in space before. I think i am going to love it....!


That was the 2011 wilderness expidition or the puffle party 2011


my favorite party was when the brown puffle came


My favourite party so far was The Puffle Party because all the puffles and penguins were having fun. Waiting for the New puffle hotel to open was very exciting! When it had finally opened Lots of penguins took their puffles in and had a great time. If you could find her you would meet PH The puffle Hunter and get her autographed background! I Loved how every room was decorated in a puffle way. I Forgot to mention the NEW Rainbow puffle!!!!!! Waddle on CP!!


My all time favourite party so far was the last Christmas party I loved sharing all those hot chocolates with your friends and getting to turn yourself as your very own reindeer puffle and a mini race car plus Christmas is my favourite season of the year so I really enjoyed it I wished it never ended!! I also love making those cookies and the bakery it was hard work but it was all worth it!!!! WADDLE ON!


My favorite party is the Music Jam Party 2012 because I get to meet Rocky and Cece and Cadence also! I really like how they dress! I also like how you can wait for Cadence to sing! You guys should do that again!


The Make Your Mark Party was my fav too! It was totally epic that you could see Cadence and the Club Penguin Band perform, meet Rocky and CeCe, my favorite characters, and they also gave a lot of free stuff.


the party's that I liked are the monster university party, the avengers takeover party, and the operation blackout party, and I'm going to like the star wars party so much until then waddle on.


Okay CP I Really Liked Operation Blackout. You Could Throw Giant Snowball In The Herbert Costume. We Found Out The Director Was
Aunt Arctic. The Lighthouse Was A Hospital And A Fire Truck Was Cool, I Really Liked Operation Blackout Gadgets The Music Lockdown
I Loved The Party You Did A Great Job And I Will See You Guys Later

Waddle On!

Cjvan04 Out!

Kelsey Cole:

My favorite party is the Halloween party because of how we got to go out into the haunted house and search for those keys i also liked when we got to turn into ghosts and scare others and also complete what to BOO tasks. bye.


I have several favorite parties, but what I like the most is the Holiday parties. Not only we get to spread the joy of Christmas, but we also get to do our part in Coins For Change! The music for the Holiday Parties are soothing too! Waddle on CP! May the force be with you! ;)


One party I really like is the puffle party the puffles a are so cute!!!!! And you come up with cool new things every year!!!!


I like the card jitsu snow party because I'm in to card jitsu and its pretty easy to defet tusk


My all time favorite party so far has being Music Jam 2012 Because there was a VIP Room And your could get The Penguin Bands Stamps and cadences stamp too! And You Could Meet Rocky and CeCe!


i loved the dance off party last July you could meet Cece and Rocky and who can resit the concert of Cadnce and her band that place
full in the 5 minutes you would get in and have to wait 25 minutes but it was well worth it the spot light is on you dance off those
outfits were so cool and the dance moves just made them cooler and that was my favorite party

Ally Light:

My favorite party is definitely the 2007 water party! Firstly, I remember the HUGE bucket in the mine. Penguins were all gathering under it as the bucket took them by surprise! Later at the cove, there was a refreshing 'Iced Treats' stand. Perfect after waddling all around the island! Next at the nightclub, there was a big sign that read ' Dance and Splash! '. It was so awesome how the speakers were inflatable!. My favorite part of the party was the water slide at ski hill! That's it for now!


I couldn't have summed it up any better


My all time favorite party so far has being Music Jam 2012 Because there was a VIP Room And your could get The Penguin Bands Stamps and cadences stamp too! And You Could Meet Rocky and CeCe!


My all time fav party was the marvel super hero take over. It was AWESOME how everybody geared up to try to save ( or destroy ) the island! The costume were so cool too!! My fav was Wonder Woman! That's why the marvel super hero take over is my ultimate fav party.


dude it was marvel not dc

Kallie 5269:

Uh... Wonder Woman is DC. The girl you are talking about is most likely Sif, a Norse Gods fighter and friend of Thor's


My all time favorite party was the Puffle party in 2013, I loved the Puffle hotel and the Puffle costumes. Although I am not a member, I still enjoyed it. Waddle on club penguin!


I think operation blackout because I loved how it started,(Gary goes missing) then how it actually happens, Herbert takes over the island, and how you had to stop him! I also loved the ending video, I've never seen jet pack guy smile before! and all their expressions in those tubes...


I LOVED the Prehistoric party!!! Turning into a dinosaur, getting caveman clothes, traveling in a time machine, and playing dino dig was super fun! That was really a cool party. I hope that next year we will get to participate in the prehistoric party again. Waddle On!


my favorite is water party and I got a joke what is a bunnys favorite type of music


my all time favorite would have to be all the summer parties because everything is water and beach fun!


My favorite one out of ALL of them was the Coins for Change 2013! Out of a lot of other really cool parties ( There has been A LOT ) I loved Coins for Change 2013 the most. One because we could turn into Reindeer puffle, A racing car and a Frost Bite! I loved how you could freeze people. But what was REALLY exciting was that we reached over 1,000! That is a lot of donations! That is why Coins for Change 2013 was my favorite party yet. I hope there is more!

Pony Eee:

I have to say my favorite party EVER has to be the Winter Fiesta! I loved seeing the pinatas and Mexican themed decor all around the island! Sombreros, maracas, and ponchos were big, and they were the fashion craze of the party. The music was great and taking part has to be one of my all time favorite CP memories overall. I wish I could see it all again some day...


My favorite party was monsters university takeover.Im a disney/pixar fan so i was happy.I think you should do a toy story takeover. Im loving the disney takeovers your doing. Keep up the good work and waddle on!



My all time favorite party has been the fairs. All the games are super cool and very real, but then you get to redeem prizes with the tickets you earn in the games!! That's totally ace! Also, I love all the different activities and decorations. The box dimension is epic, and I get a chance to meet my favorite penguin, Rookie! The fairs are super silly and fun(:


I think out of all the parties I like puffle party because you could choose your puffle at the tent and I loved the yellow puffle with the
mustache . I could not wait to meet PH!!! (puffle handler ).I loved the new puffle hotel and you could transform into a puffle.
waddle on!!!


my favorite party is prehistoric party because i like dinos and it was kinda cool how we want in past when g invented the time mcine


My favorite party was the marvel superhero takeover because I liked dressing up as a superhero and saving people, and I also loved dressing up as a villain and making robots. Also, the igloo for the party looked really cool! I can't wait to see all of the future cp parties!

Emma mark:

I love them they are cool back rounds I love the color and the summer feeling <3 Emma mark


My favorite party is the adventure party 2012. I loved the four fruit tribes, and the concept of throwing fruit in the volcano. The costumes, they were so cool. The temple of fruit was awesome.


My all time favorite party would probably end up being the Card Jitsu: Snow Party. I really thought this party was cool because I thought Snow was a really cool game and I had a lot of fun playing it with my friends. It was also the first time a saw Sensei in the game so I was finally able to get his background. Overall, I also thought that the party had a really nice design to it in all of the rooms. Waddle on!

Pie 100:

My favorite party EVER was by far the Winter Fiesta!!! I always love putting on a sombrero and eating nachos with my friends!!


My favorite party so far is the ghost hunt party back in October because the change machine to become a ghost was really cool but personally I was a ghost hunter myself. Everyday I went and hunted ghosts in the scary house, I got so many coins from that. Plus you got to see the ghost of Gary's uncle. I'm pretty sure that it was Gary's uncle it has been so long since the party.


I always love the Holiday Parties!! I love riding in Santa's sleigh and meeting Rockhopper and Yarr!!


My favorite party (so far) is the snow dojo party. I was always interseted in the dojo and loved ninjas. Now I have been better than ever at the games thanks to the snow dojo. It is really cool how not only is it for snow, but for all elements. I really like the ninja hideout because of the things you throw in each area. Chill Club Penguin



My favorate party was the avenger party. Because of all the cool costumes and the robot maker. It was cool how the city could be destroyed and fixed again. I really liked the gloves that you could unlock from the really cool game. Since you could choose to be good or evil , there was a war between the robots and hero's . Waddle on.

Flappers2070 :

For Club Penguin that they have worken so hard for the parties i liked every party!!!

But one problem: I dont know which party is my fav. LOL

So...I Liked Christmas Party 2006 before a had this penguin....


My Favorite party was the Earth Day party! It's the day we help the earth to be clean and Green! :D


My favorite party was Operation Blackout. The story line was awesome, the gadgets were amazing, We could walk on lava, see in the dark e.t.c. and we could meet Herbert. I threw a snow ball to his face!!! And at the end we finally found out who the director was...... I loved it!!!!


i personaly think that i like the music party because, you got to see cadance perform live with the CP band! And the Cece & Rocky costumes! I just loved it !!!!!!!!!!! :D well...

N :D

Keroro 12506:

My all time favorite parties is, Puffles Party, Holiday, Halloween, Prehistoric , Card Jitsu, Monster University, Ultimate Jam and the Newest one is ( may I get a drum roll please? ) Its...... Star Wars Party Coming Soon!!!. Thanks for the Drum roll and bye!!! :)

Keroro 12506:

My all time favorite parties is, Puffles Party, Holiday, Halloween, Prehistoric , Card Jitsu, Monster University, Ultimate Jam and the Newest one is ( may I get a drum roll please? ) Its...... Star Wars Party Coming Soon!!!. Thanks for the Drum roll and bye!!! :)


I think my favorite party was the Holiday Party because you can donate coins for things around the world and host Coins for Change parties. But I think my 2nd favorite will be the Star Wars party. Can't wait for it!


My favorite part so far has been the party of card jitsu snow seemed great because they gave me tapes of snow, fire, water to combine ninjas costumes. was great for the dojo upgrade because now they can get without being a member penguins

wanted ju867

My favorite part so far has been the party of card jitsu snow seemed great because they gave me tapes of snow, fire, water to combine ninjas costumes. was great for the dojo upgrade because now they can get without being a member penguins


my favorite parties were :
-Puffle party
-Underwater maze
-First Day Of Cp Party!
-and best of all


My favorite party would have to be the Island Adventure party where there was so much fruit involved and crazy cool coustumes!
it was so brill!! BTW I love #WaddleOn! Waddle on Club Penguin!


My favorite party was definitely Operation: Blackout. This was my favorite party because it was the first time in a while that the EPF got to go on a huge mission. I loved the outfits and I still wear them to this day. I thought that it was awesome that we could finally meet Herbert as a mascot! My favorite part was that we finally discovered the identity of the Director. I loved this party so much, that I have started to write my own story of my penguin's experience in it. Waddle On!


My favorite party of all time would be the underwater expedition party from 2012.I love that party because of two things 1, it came out a day after my birthday and 2 I loved the idea of a underwater maze it was fun to go through. W a d d l e o n (:


Wow! It's hard to pick a favorite party when all of the old ones were so great! If I had to pick just one, i would narrow it down to the water party of 2008. It was such a blast! All of Clubpenguin was covered in water and there was penguins serving ice cream everywhere. It makes me sad that Clubpenguin doesn't throw parties like this one anymore. Dont get me wrong, the takeover parties are okay. But nothing really compares to the old Clubpenguin parties. We miss the old parties dearly.

Sponge Geek:

My all-time favourite party is definitely the Festival of Flight, 2009! I got to meet Gary (I still have the background!) get a cool Green Propeller Cap and a Jet Pack to make me look like Jet Pack Guy! I liked getting to meet Gary for the first time! This is one of the first parties I remember, and it's the best to me. I especially liked the fact that the Island was in the air for it, and that you got to go to the Tallest Mountain! It was so fun, I wish we could do it again!!! Waddle on, CP!!!


Hmm... if I had to decide on my all time favorite party, it would be Holiday Party 2012. I felt good about myself donating lots of coins to help those who need it. And I also LOVED being a frostbite, I froze my friends. I liked being surprised each day logging on receiving Christmas Gifts. I enjoyed spending 2012's Christmas with my fellow penguins. :)

Waddle On! =) ;)

Penguin - Charizard132


My favorite party was the camping party of 2007. It was awesome! I loved that the Pizza parlor became the mess hall. I wish you could bring back the old parties again. Im not a fan of the takeover parties.


I agree (although I wasn't there at the time) I'm not a fan of the takeovers either!

P.S add me Queenbee4379

Chocolates81 :

One of my favorite parties is Operation Blackout because everyone got super cool stuff like the Plasma Laser, Deflection Vest, Grappling Hook and more. I like how the island got darker and colder as well as the puzzles on the security terminals! Herbert was meetable for the first time, the Director's identity was revealed and everyone got an igloo item at the end, which was very nice of the Club Penguin team.
Waddle On!


I really loved the Ultimate jam party. I really liked that you could meet Rocky and Cece and if you went to see Cadnce's 'The Party Starts Now' you could actually get the stamps for The Penguin band and Cadence! I also liked helping out my friends on finding Cadence if they didn't know where she would appear and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PARTY STARTS NOW

P.S as I wrote this I has the song stuck in my head LOL!


I really liked the 2012 medieval party. I really loved fighting Scorn and saving the stone penguins!

cooldude ak:

My all time favorite party is this years puffle party. It was an awesome party because that you could turn into 1 of your puffles. I love the puffle hotle. It is a place where you can where you can play with your puffles. And the best part was that you get to find your own rainbow puffle. My usearname is cooldude ak. Waddle on (:


Oh and one more thing, will the Summer Jam party happen? Or was that canceled.

Kallie 5269:

I am really sorry to say that I think it has been canceled... I miss it too...


i think i was the movie star party thingamagig because limos drove you around there was movies to star in you got cool clothes and igloos and items and also they clothing was awsome.


candy pom23:

My favriout party was 2013 hollywood party, all the fame made my heart beat 2,4,6! dont know how you can top it! (need to do another!) so anyway Waddle on! (cp you rock!!!)

Ken Dodd:

I Think The Puffle Party Was Awesome I Loved How We Were Able To Adopt A Rainbow Puffle Even we Were Lucky That PH Was Giving Us A New Background Also The Party Was Good For Puffles They Must Have Loads Of Fun It Was Cool How We Could Visit Her Igloo I'd Also Like To Thank Polo Field Spike Hike And Daffo All The Parties Are Well Done And Great Thnk You So Much


I think it would be Candence and rocky and CeCe! Because I always love dancing and I watch shake it up all the time! And try learning the same dance moves!


My favorite party was the fair. What I liked about the fair was that in the 2011 fair was when I first met RockHopper so another reason is it has been a party that is always been around. And it has more items for non members. One of my favorite parts was the puffle circus and i'm really looking forward to see the rainbow puffles talent.
P.S. I saw you are bring back some old partys and so awesome ones like music jam I thought that music jam was gone.
Waddle On CP Team


My fav party is the Ulimate Jam party its always epic and i like music :)

8hot dog8:

My all time favorite party was the music jam of 2012 because absolutely LOVE music and we got to meet CeCe and Rocky. I also liked how we got to hear Cadence perform with the Penguin Band. (They are one of my favorite Club Penguin Mascots.) And the decorations were really cool also! But it is super hard to choose because I also liked the Operation Black Out because we got to meet Herbert and the April fools party of 2012 because it gave me a LOT of ideas for pranks! But I think the SW will win!


I honestly have no idea what my favorite party was. THEY WERE ALL SO GOOD! Club Penguin never fails to continue to come up with fantastic party ideas that everybody enjoys! If I had to choose, my favorite would probably have to be the Puffle Party. It was awesome being a puffle and getting to hang out with my puffle friends!


My all time favorite party was: Music Jam of 2011!! The reason I LOVED it was because we got to meet Cadence and her band every 10 minutes or so! I was so excited as soon as I got those stamps for it was my first time ever meeting someone so famous. Plus, we got to hear her first single: The Party Starts Now which ROCKED!!! Non-members and members also got star pins and a boom box, while the members got special clothing. Lastly, if you were lucky, you got to meet Rocky and Cece ! Waddle ON !!!


I loved the MU party and I was a huge star wars fan when I was younger, I'm waiting for the star wars party!


My all time favorite party was the Water Party. I love going to water parks and then i got to go to one on Club Penguin! WADDLE ON!!!!!!

Tk Star123:

My favorite party of all time is the medieval party, because the whole island gets decorated with the "kingdom" theme! It also gives me the chance to work on my knight skills. The medieval party is was also fun because everyone was role playing and getting into the action by pulling off their coolest prince/princess outfits! But, the most fun of all during the medieval party was defeating the dragons during the 3 quests! Waddle On!

redbird 2004:

my all time fav is the puffle party you can tern in to ... PUFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay


this is epic

Kate 7161:

My favorite party since I have been on club penguin is defiantly the fair party which happens every year. I like the fair party because you just get to have fun, play games, be silly, earn tickets and get prizes, see rookie, see all puffles do an act in the fair tent, buy silly costumes from the clothing shop like horses and cows,get stamps, and finally sometimes other special players might show up to the party like Aunt Arctic, Rock hopper, and Defiantly Rookie. Waddle On Club Penguin!!!


My all time favorite party so far was the great summer party of 2006 i remember it like it was yesterday it was so epic it was so cool how we had barbecues it was it was so cool how there was a octopus in the dojo the size of town center,and also we got to play cart surfing for he first time it was so legendary


My all time favorite party was the Unlimited Jam. Getting a chance to meet CeCe and Rocky, was a chance of a lifetime! Having Cadence sing and dance was an AWESOME experience! Getting to earn lots of new stamps and see new places was great! That party had great music and great scenery. You did an awesome job with that party! All these parties are great! Keep it up!!


Hmmm......... My favorite partys would either be the Ultimate Jam or the Halloween party 2012! I loved both those party because they were the same as the ones before them but with just a TON more epic-ness!!!


I loved the 2012 Holiday Party! Coins for Change was lots of fun and I loved getting the feeling that I was helping others. I also enjoyed decorating my igloo with all the new holiday furniture. Waddle on everyone!


My favorite party of all time has to be the Fall Fair. I think it was the best party because we can play games that only come out once a year. Also that we get to watch The Great Puffle Circus and that we get exclusive prizes. My very favorite is the ball pit on the iceberg. Waddle On!


My all time favourite was the puffle party 2012 where then was the first time we got to transform into our puffles! EXTRORDINARY! I sure hope the star wars party goes better than all of the previous parties! I told my friends and they think its amazing! WADDLE ON MY PENGUIN FANS!! Also I wanna say hi to my friends Stig65,Robot44654 and Mrpingoo89! An extra waddle on to them! Bye!


My favirote party is the Music jam! We could play instruments, dance and sing! We could also meet Cadence and th Penguin band. It was amazing because i got to do all 3. Waddle on Clubpenguin!


My all time favorite party has to be when CP climbed to the top of the mountain. I loved the hidden ice cave, the cool outfits, and we all got to get a cool background at to topic the mountain .


My all time favorite party was the Monsters University because there were a lot of characters to play as . Also I liked how you were able to go inside the fraternity houses. Last but not least I loved the Scare Games. It was really funny creeping up on that penguin robot kid and scaring him. Waddle on CP.


my all time favorite party so far has been the monsters university because you can scare people and the scare games


My favorite party would be Operation:Blackout.That party was so exciting because everyday we got different tools and gadgets to stop Herbert's plans of taking the Sun's energy.The best part about it was that we got to meet Herbert around the island and the most part of all that people have been waiting for an answer for years is The Director's Identity.


Just when I get off from school and think there are no more difficult questions, I get one! My favorites are probably the Adventure Party and the Medieval Party because it's fun to be a fair princess, a brave knight, a wild pirate, or a pretty mermaid! Those are probably my favorites, but I love all the parties! ;]


Cool to the second picture is the inlet of the Music Festival.

From Thomascaph. Happy Slip


Hi cp Imma great fan
My favroite subject is music and I love hanging out with friends and partaying!
So Id definitely go for Music Jam. I go for music jam because its such a great party and I love disclosing with my friends!
Thanks cp
~Pinkpeguin9 (pinky)


Monsters u I like the new game we all got to play it was very fun. The outfits they were so cool.


My favorite party is probably this year's Marvel takeover! The first reason is because it had new features this year and it fun to have superpowers this year! So yeah, that's why I loved this year's marvel takeover!


My favorite so far is this year's puffles party because we added a new addtion to the puffle clan: Rainbow!!! Also we still had a chance to turn into puffles and treat your in the brand new puffle hotel!! Thank you Club Penguin, for the best parties! Waddle On :)


If I had to pick a favorite party, it would have to be the 2012 Halloween party because the haunted house was super scary and really fun to get lost and try to find my way out. I espically liked playing hide and seek with my buddies and their buddies. I made a lot of great new friends that way, and the costumes looked like the penguins stepped out of a spooky movie! I also enjoyed trick or treating at the snow forts and spooking my friends while being a ghost.
Waddle on Club Penguin!!


My all time favorite party has to be the music jam i have several reasons why they are amazing.The beach for example it where you can strut your stuff on the page and when they are done you can interview them.Also the dock because before your performing you can go backstage a chill like a pop star and i love the decorations they are amazing and so cool which makes the party even more fun.Thanks Club penguin waddle on


My favorite party so far this year has been the Temple Of Fruit party!I think it was the best one so far is because we could throw fruit!I threw fruit all over the Gift Shop!My name on CP is Samuel719


I like the medieval party 2012! I really like the maze! And all the decorations! I really like all the stuff! I don't know what to say.


Epf party


My favorite party so far is the Halloween and fruit party.I am so exited for the star wars takeover!I love club penguin and star wars so much.Its A TRAP!!!Waddle on cp!!!


Hi I'm Tyler11345 and my most favorite party on club penguin is the 2013 puffle party! I like it because you get to experience what it is like to look and feel like a puffle! Also I loved how to puffle hotel opened and we could head into the clouds to adopt a Legendary Rainbow puffle! I would really love to see the puffle play zone with more rooms and more play items! It was also great that each puffle had its own area around the island. It brought other blue puffle lovers together, like me!


My best party has to be: Operation blackout, I loved this one because it can make the older audience have fun and also let's people of club penguin....Well not people but more penguins get into action and do their duty! I also loved the gadget's to cut open the door. But the best part was the disguises. I use them with my friends and pretend that I AM herbert.


My all time favorite party so far would have to be the Hollywood Party! I thought it was SO fun & cool that we were able to become movie stars and/or paparazzi!! The outfits were also super cool & I LOVED the limo! It was also cool that a bunch of mascots like Cadence, Gary, Aunt Arctic, and Sensei were able to come! It's definitely my all time favorite party so far!!! Waddle On!

~ Jade048


My favorite party is the midevil parties(; I think it's awesome how they decorate exactly like old times... Also, the maze is amazing!! I love dressing up as a knight to go save the princess and fight the dragon!! The midevil party rocks!!

royal ward:

my favorite party is adventure party!!!!


My favorite party was the the monster university party you got to pick a team and scare people with suits and play a awesome new mini game.There were a lot of suits to buy with the point it was an amazing party.Plus after that party Polo Field gave us a new club penguin university.THANK YOU Polo Field.


Dear CP,
My favorite time was in the old cp and it had rare items and lots of the things then have been changed. I was thinking we could have like the old cp castles or the fair. I pick those because it has all these fun items, games, and castles! I really wanted to bring it back for the people that didn't get to have that fun time.Thanks these are just some ideas.Waddle on


My favorite party so far from 2009 is the medieval party. The party was very fun and I loved the puzzles. I loved the Animation of the dragons. They we're very cool. I also did like the operation:Blackout part because it's kinda the same but I love the medieval party better because of the dragons and the free items like the swords and the igloo item of coins. I hope it comes back again :D




My favorite party so far would have to be the Monster's University themed. 1 reason would be that it was based on the movie and clubpenguin did an amazing job on that part, and also i really enjoyed the monster games it made me feel like i was in the movie. Thirdly i really liked how we got to come back everyday to purchase coustumes with our scare points. Finally, i liked how clubpenguin had the teams houses. I espeacally enjoyed team OK ( ozzma kappa)'s house it was exactly like the movie!


The Prehistoric Party and Operation: Blackout Party were the best!
What is better than transforming into a huge dinosaur and being fed large chunks of meat from your pals? I also love history!
Operation: Blackout had a very good story to it, great costumes and clothing, amazing features and rooms, and a chance to meet Herbert!
Keep up the good work on the parties!~ Parties make me stay here every month


My all time favorite party was the Make your Mark Music Jam. I think it was awesome that you could meet CeCe and Rocky, audition for a band at the dance club, and best of all, I LOVED the concert Cadence gave for "The Party Starts Now". I got the stamp for Cadence and the Penguin Band, which was AWESOME!


My all time most FAVORITE party so far has GOT TO BE the Hollywood Party! We got such glamorous outfits, and we even got to take PICTURES of other penguins, and for taking pictures we got prizes!!!!! At the snow forts there were different scenes, and in those scenes we got to complete different tasks and earn prizes for that too!!! But my MOST FAVORITE part of that party was getting to ride in a LIMO!! The limo was so EPIC!!! That's my most favorite party so far!! Waddle on!


so far my fav would be the dance jam cause i loved that members could get the golden mic also i enjoyed meeting the penguin band and candace!!!!!



Cutie Funny:

The Ultimate sports PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best party ever! We got smoothie machines and snowboard parks and hike up Tallest mountain! And slide down! The ultimate epic party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waddle on!


I can't decide. They were are so COOL!


i loved the water party and loved all the water and it was fun and the free items i miss the old times waddle on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite party on Club Penguin was the Rockhopper Party because it introduced Rockhopper and Yarr to Club Penguin. Waddle on




My all time favorite party was the Christmas Party 2012. We all worked together to bake cookies and earn coins for Coins for Change. We transformed into Race cars, Reindeer puffles, and Ice monsters who could freeze penguins! And who could forget the new hit song, "Cool in the Cold" by Cadence and the Penguin Band. In the end, we earned 340,000 for Medical Care, 360,000 for Saving the Earth, and 300,000 for building save places!


My all time favorite Party so far has been the Holly Wood Party. I Absolutely LOVE That party. That is because i really Like how they had asked these funny questions like best hair and best dressed. Then if you follow the questions you would be on the stage holding an award. Also i liked that sometimes right as you enterd you would get the award


My favorite party would have to be the upcoming Star Wars takeover party because you get to battle Herbert as Darth Herbert! You get to be a jedi and fight against the Death Star! I love how you can travel to different worlds and meet Herbert, Cadence, Sensei, and possibly Jet Pack Guy! I would love to see Jet Pack Guy as a mascot!




My favorite party was the halloween party! I loved the ghost transformation and the epic mansion with hidden keys. Scaring people with friends was a great and hilarious activity! And gary had interesting secrets.



defiantly Operation:Hibernation, Operation:Blackout, and The Fair
P.S. my Cp name is Joguy04 and the order I said them in was third fave, second fave, fave


my all time favorite party ever was the underwater expadition party were rookie made a mistake and bought to many anvills that endded up sinking half of the island.

waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp
waddle on c
waddle on
waddle o


My favorite party was the Water Party! I remember the fun slides and the giant squid at the Dojo. It was fun to play in the water and waddle around. The last party was in 2008! Maybe the Water Party will return someday! Club Penguin parties rock! Waddle on!


My favourite party is the holiday parties, even though I recently joined club penguin I know the holiday parties are awesome!! Looking forward to finally coming to one this Christmas. :)


I like the Hollywood party because you were able to ride the limo with Dubstep


My favorite party so far has been the Hollywood theme party. I loved how you could take pictures of penguins and earn different kinds of cameras along the way. They had awesome costumes for members and cool outfits for nonmembers too! Members can become pop stars too! Waddle On!


My favorite one was the 2012 music jam party with Rocky and Cece was because we got to meet new famous penguins got to go backstage and got to get epic merchandise Hope u guys post this PS make more awesome partys waddle on!

Dark Spyro9:

My favorite party was the rainbow puffle party. I loved getting to turn into puffles, it was so cool! And I love the hotel design! Club Penguin Is Awesome!


I think all of the parties I've been to are the best. But if i were to choose 1 it would be the 2013 piffle party because i got my rainbow puffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My all time favorite party was the halloween party ( 2012 ) I think it was an awesome party because we got to turn in to GHOSTS! it was pretty spooky and fun also we got to ghost hunt!





That party was great and the costumes are amazing!!!!


My favorite party at Club Penguin is the Christmas party at 2012.I think it was very exciting because we could transform in to an ice penguin or in to a puffle or in to a car,but that it's not the only thing that makes that party special for me.I like too the fact that we could give gifts on the Santa's sleigh and take special gifts every day.That's why i think that the Christmas party at 2012 was a really cool event.Wanddle on


My favorite party so far has been the 2012 Puffle Party! What's better than turning into your puffle? And the Puffle Hotel is SO cool! I also really liked how you could be launched into the clouds and instead of you picking your puffle, your new Rainbow Puffle would pick you! And it's so fun that you would have to do tasks with your puffle to get into the sky! Definitely the BEST Puffle Party yet! Go Rainbow puffles!!!!

ghost town1 :

I think the Holiday Party was the best because you could give to Coins For Change and turn into a race car, a puffle raindeer, and icy penguin! And we could meet Rockhopper! and i could freind and get the background too!


My all time favourite Party is the Prehistoric Party. It was very nice and we also got to ride in Gary's Time Travel Machine.


I really enjoyed the Hollywood party because I found it fun watching people take pictures of other penguins, and at the awards show when people could go up and take there award :)


My favorite party has been the Fall Fair, Its just so much fun to earn tickets and see the puffle circuse i love the Fall Fair there are cool prizes and everyone can earn prizes i love the games like puffle paddle i cant wait for the fall fair.......WADDLE ON CP :D


I truly couldn't choose all parties on club penguin have been awesome and super fun. But I have loved Star Wars ever since I was a baby and I caught a glimpse of it at both of my grandmas houses because my grandpa's loved it too. So i would have to say that I think that this party (Star Wars Takeover) is going to be THE GREATEST, FUNNEST, AWSOMEST, COOLEST MOST AMAZING, BEST PARTY EVER IN THE HISTORY OF CLUB PENGUIN. Now you know


Well this is my first year on club penguin but so far my favorite party is the rainbow puffle party. because there is now a rainbow puffle. and the puffle hotel too.


Hi! My ALL time favorite party(s) are the Medieval party and the Christmas party. I love the medieval party because I love dressing up in the pretty dresses and then taking up my sword and gliding to the rescue! ;) I love the Christmas party because its so fun to see all the Christmas cheer and i like donating to Coins for Change! :) Waddle on!!!


my favorite party was The 2013 Puffle party because what really stood out for me was the puffle hotel and the rainbow puffle! the rainbow puffle is so awesome


Well, I REALLY Liked the good old water party. I miss it SOOO Much, And I Have Too Many Reasons To Say Why I love it. here's My top one. It was my first party ever! The first day I joined CP, I was there. I also loved the Medival party (I hope last year wasn't the last) and The Pre-Historic Party. Being A Pterodactyl Is fun, Escpecially When You Get To Go To Places You haven't been able to get to. t-Rexes are my fav., So Anyway, I Love These 3 Parties the most. waddle on, Cp!!!
:D Chilyblufeet


My favorite was the Temple of Fruit I thought it was awesome espesally cause rockhopper was there even tho I did not get to meet him I went on his ship and it was awesome.

Ash kid413:

I think mine is the star wars party i think it will be cool you might get to use lightsabers go into space! and stop herbert and get over +20 costumes Waddle On.

loving mom1:

I liked the puffle party because we could turn into a puffle and see which rooms would go best with the color puffle. Waddle on


My favorite party was the Hollywood Party 2013 because not only were there cool items and cool mascots to meet but, there was also awesome cool movies to act in! I also liked the limo because it was AWESOME! But most of all THE AWARD SHOW! I thought it was awesome and i won a lot of nominations like "Best Crash Landing" and "Best Hair". So i think the hollywood party was the best so far.
Waddle on!
~ Unop987


Hey guys! My All Time favourite party so far has been :The Rain Party! I think it was a fun party with cool rain boots, rain coats and fun games! Can we redo this party please??

Ninja Yelow:

That was Celebration of Water in 2010. Glad I helped :D


My All time favorite party so far was the Prehistoric Party. It was full of past education and we didn't even KNOW! My most favorite detail of the party was the time machine. Nice invention, G! I also liked how it has the same game as in the Migrator, except you dig for eggs instead of treasure.

T Puff:

My favorate party of all time is the Hollywood party i liked this party because of all the different scenes in the snow forts. I all so liked that you can actually can ride in a limo


i liked the ninja party because CardJitzu Snow came out And the elemental Dojos were opened to non members

Waddle On CP!!!!!!!!!


My favorite party was the Halloween Party. I thought it was fun and mysterious.

Waddle on!


My favorite party was the mid evil party.I loved how you could go though a maze to battle dragons,and dress like a knight or princess.

cutepie teal:

The most EPIC party was the temple of the fruit party! awesome backgrounds and costumes plus you get to go on rockhopper's ship AND HUNT FOR TREASURE. BIG BIG KAHUNA THE HUNGRY VOLCANO WAS AWAKENED feeding him fruit to win AMAZING TREASURE. i hope everyone enjoyed this party i know i did! WADDLE :D


Yeah the Temple Of Fruit Party was soooooooo much fun because I loved how the island was divided and the costumes were amaze balls I wore my Apple tribe one on Halloween!! P.S I met Rockhopper squeeeee


I agree with Jorgemoo. My favorite party was Operation Blackout. I loved the cool gadgets, awesome backrounds, the mission itself, and that a ton of people joined the EPF. I also like how we got to take down Herbert and see who The Director is. I can't wait for the Star Wars party! I have seen the movie and I love it! I also love what great ideas you have for parties! :)


My favorite party was the Puffle Party, because as all of us know, puffles are a penguin's best friend. In that party we duscovered a "brand new" version of these puffles finally after many rumors! I mean can we believe it? Finally rainbow puffles are released after 8 years of rumoring? Doris1907... FAZAM!


My favorite party of all time is the Hollywood Party. I loved how we could be suerstrars, ride in a limo and have paparazzi taking photos of you! I loved the movies, and the awards! I won a gold award, and a golf cart! Keep making parties like this, CP!

soap 16:

My Favorite party is the 2012 Music Jam, it got a MAJOR upgrade to the new penguins, Cc and Rocky. I didn't get a chance to find them though. My Second Favorite party will be... Operation Black out, because doing those kinda of missions were fun.

My All Time Favorite party is... This years Star Wars Party! I'm having a feeling that this party will be my first favorite yet!

May the force be with you, and Waddle on!


I have two favorite parties because they are both so fun! The first one is the medieval party because I love dressing up! And my other favorite is the fair especially playing game, winning tickets, and of course collecting prizes!
Thx for so many other fun parties too!
-pengiemoo :)


My favorite party was the Holiday Party. I think it was pretty neat to transform into Club Penguins version of Jack Frost. It was fun to also turn into a toy car (I own a collection of those) and turn into a puffle reindeer. I liked how you can freeze fellow players. It's really fun to start a war with them too. We also broke the coin for change record, by donating 1 BILLION coins. Lastly, the release of the arctic white color was the highlight of this party. You guys made Xmas AMAZING


my all time favorite party has been the Halloween party because i really enjoyed scaring many penguins as a ghost and eating cake from the club penguin's anniversary party!Waddle on and enjoy the star wars party that starts next week!


My favorite party ever so far was the Puffle Party 2013. This was my favorite party because there was a new rainbow puffle that could toot out sparkles... Who doesn't love that?! Anyways.... Another reason why I liked it was because we got to take our puffles out to show off :P

But, the best part was hanging out with friends and their puffles.



Hi CP . My favorite all time favorite party was the Club penguin beta test party because it was the start of this awesome game we have today ,club penguin , But i was also a little sad during the party because Penguin chat was no more. :-(. But without penguin chat , we wouldnt have CP . So Thanks CP Team for creating Penguin Chat and Club penguin. Waddle on

Kallie 5269:

Wha?! What's Penguin Chat?! I've been in Club Penguin ever since 2007, and I don't remember that at all!!

baby jitsu :

i think penguin chat was out in like 2004 and ended 2005 when club penguin debuted.


My favorite party was definetly the Feista party! summer, (i think its been a while) and sombreros, and so much more it was super fun!!


the puffle party i liked the rainbow puffle


My favorite party was hallowe'en party 2011 I found Gary alot of times and the candy hunt that was awesome.


April fool party


My fav has been the Hollywood party because you got to have AWESOME costumes like the space squid.
I also think this picture is the summer ultimate jam party.
Waddle on


Hey Daffo
This is an old one so old Rsnail was still playing CP 7th anniversary party. It was EPIC but it is hard to compare with all the AWESOME CP Parties. The reason I picked one of the anniversary parties was because most of the penguins I met have left I mean ive seen penguin come and go. And cos of all the awesome stuff that you cant get anymore. I treasure those party hats.


My all time favorite has to be Operation: Blackout. It made me exited to know we were finally going to be in an actual mission to stop Herbert from messing up Club Penguin. It made me feel like we were actual agents, and it was really cool to use all of our gear to get to the next rooms. We even got to see who the Director REALLY was.


My favorite party would have to be the Super Hero Takeover. I love super heroes and it was super cool being able to dress up as my favorite one. I wanted to see the party so bad I started playing club penguin again after I took a long break from playing. Waddle on!


Operation Blackout 2012 and Halloween Party 2012 of course. :D


Hey Club Penguin, my favorite party would definitely be the puffle party, it was so much fun! My favorite takeover would have to be The Monsters University Takeover, I enjoyed scaring penguins so the different teams could win and I liked all the costumes. The Star Wars Takeover seems like a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it. WADDLE ON!


My all time favorite party is the Puffle party! You get to have a good time with your puffle or turn into a puffle! Also it was great when I got my rainbow puffle. All the time I thought rainbow puffles were a myth...But their not! I had a great time at the hotel and being a puffle.



Mya B:

The monster university party was full of fanged ,fantastic fun! To see all the teams cheering and working together was awesome!!! I was sad to see the party end but there is always that one penguin in a monster coustume! Club Penguin Rocks!!!


Medieval Party was fun. I am such into it! Even meeting Gary.


My favorite party is probably the puffle party and the grand opening of the puffle hotel and that u got adopt a rainbow puffle and to groom, feed, and exercise puffle!

Blu 29:

I'll say... I liked Operation Blackout too... I loved the ending... (Cant say!)


My favorite party was many years ago and that party was the Festival Of Flight. I think it was a amazing party because you get to ride a huge hot air balloon, get cool stuff like a jet pack, balloon wings and other stuff, and when you go to the iceburg you can see Club Penguin in the air by a balloon, and when you go to the forest youll see a huge machine that controls the balloon and the best part is if your lucky you get to meet Gary The Gagdet Guy ! Waddle on


i liked the music jam 2012. i liked the fact that cece and rocky could be met. in fact, it was my first party ever!
waddle on!


My Favorite Party So Far has To be The Puffle Party 2013 ; I Think its a Great Party because we Got the Puffle Hotel Were we can take care of our puffles so i liked that AND What i Also thought Was cool we Got A New Puffle : The Rainbow Puffle AND the quest to get the Puffle AND the outfit for members Was fun !!! Waddle On .


I agree I loved the puffles that were scattered all over the island


I think my all time favorite party is the Holiday Party.What i like about it is that we get free items,igloos,and items.I met my first favorite penguin there at that time.I always donate. a million coins for every cause.That was the best party of all time.

My tiggy:

My favourite party was operation blackout because we got to do puzzles we got to meet Herbert dress up as Herbert and klutzy and Herbert put his face in every catalog and every week it got colder and colder and club penguin got covered in snow and every day we got new missions and there were videos like Herbert style and Herbert got to make his own newspaper and at the end we got to see who the director is and then we are rebuilding the everyday phoning facilty it was really really fun


My favorite Party is probably the Puffle Party. I love ALL the years. We found new puffles, got a new building, and LOTS of awesome stuff! We could also meet PH, which was cool. Waddle On CP!!!!!!!!!


My favorite party has to be the puffle party because its the only and best party to reconize our puffles for being special in their unique way ,Also i like how they get there own little room to represent each color and i love this party because its the ultimate way for a puffle to show their true colors.
Waddle on


ultimant jam is epic cuz rocky and ce ce came and pb a,cadence at the count down


The most eeeeeexxxxxxtttttrrrrrreeeeeemmmmmeeeee party is... The party that introduced fire, water, and snow cardjitsu! It was awesome because I like being introduced to those new types of cardjitsu.I also think its cool on how there is so many people to play cardjitsu with, I really like that party c 8 waddle on!

fire man:

My favorite party so far is the new Star Wars paty!!!!


My all time favorite party has to be the Card-Jitus Party because you introduced Card-Jitsu Snow and we could dress up as snow,fire,or water princess.


My All time favorite is Music Jam! :) It's the first penguin party I ever went to and it was amazing! :) Everybody can connect through music! :D Waddle oN! ;)


I agree with you,That was my all time favorite


my favorite so far is a old party the clubpenguin summer party


My favorite all time party? Talk about most of Club Penguin! The Halloween party is the biggest party of the year! It came all year. Plus, the scavenger hunt! I love when I go into the haunted house! All the creepy things and ghost. Plus, it was the Halloween party when I joined! That's my favorite party of all time :D!

-Waddle on!



my favorite party is the hollywood party because u get trophies and get in awsome limo

Polar P 1234:

My FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE party ever was by FAR the medieval party!!! I love exploring every party room! I think it's cool we can battle a DRAGON


My Fav Party Would Of Had To Been.... So Hard To Choose! There Were SO Many Awsome Parties! But My Fav Would Of Had To Been The Make Your Mark Party! It Was Fun Meeting Cadence! I Wish I Would Of Got To Meet CeCe And Rocky You Should Make A Stamp For Meeting Them If They Ever Come Back, So That Was My Fav Party! P.S. I Can't Wait Till The Starwars Party Is Gonna Be The BEST Cp Party! Waddle On -Hope6780


My fav party would be the Halloween party or the puffle party.... Well there all so fun!!!!!

Fire burst:

My favorite party was Star Wars party I love it !!!!!!:)


MY favorite FAVORITE party of all time was the Christmas party 2013. It was awesome. My favorite parts were the sleigh that you shot presents and the cookies. The reindeer puffles were cool to. The party rooms were sweet. Best party ever!!!!


My favorite party was the Puffle Party.I liked it because, not only we could we earn the Rainbow Puffle [F.Y.I. I have 2 Rainbow Puffles], we also celebrated our furry, most enjoyable puffles. And also the puffle hotel was great too, now me can groom our pufflles!!!


My all time favorite party so far has been Operation Blackout party because there was something new to do every day. It is awesome to get in the way of Herbert's plans and find out Aunt Artic's biggest secret.


I agree.


My favorite party was the medival party, with the 3 robo-dragons, the red,yellow, and blue ones. Thanks CP for being cool and nice, waddle on!


I lovedthe Avengers take over. That was so fun.


All the partys Club Penguin makes are cool, so i like all!!


I think that EVERY party is AWESOME. I couldn't decide in between Halloween party 2012, Operation Blackout, Prehistoric party, Ultimate Jam, and Puffle Party 2013. Ghosts, meeting Herbert, Dinosaurs, Rocky and Cece, and BEING PUFFLES! Waddle On!


cool thing ya did XD


I loved the Hollywood Party. I liked all the parties, but this one was my favorite because of the fancy clothes for the party, the limo, and the awards!!! :)


my favorite party is all of them there are so many awesome parties like the special once in a life time parties like operation blackout, that one party where you cold climb the tallest mountain, the festival of flight or the catd jitsu parties or the annual parties like music jam, club penguins anniversary, the medieval party or the puffle party or the movie based parties like the super hero takeover,monsters university takeover dont forget the holiday parties. until the next party waddle on


Definitely the Halloween Party. I loved how you could turn into a ghost. I didn't get to though coz I wasn't a member.


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