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By Polo Field on July 16, 2013 - 14:27

Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked, whats your best puffle or pet joke?

I really liked Jujugins' answer: "My joke is a pet joke. i think it is quite funny. here it can dogs stop a video game? THEY PRESS THE PAWS BUTTON!"

Great joke! 10,000 coins to Jujugins!

Hope you are all gearing up to save the galaxy! In light of this epic party we want to know, what has been your all time favorite party so far?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



i argee i loved the Hallween party too i wanted to be a ghost so bad! but i got a merbership at the end of the party it was sad i codent be a ghost still :(... Waddle On Cp Team! P.S loved the party ;)...


My all time fave wuz the Operation Blackout party. It was epic fun saving the island! And I really liked the underground EPF hideout! And I'm really mad at Herbert for changing the tour guide script. Operation blackout was really fun! And I have to admit. Herbert's lair was relaxing.
Peace out Cp and WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cutie8494 signing off!


Your my freind right?


Ok. I already left a comment but I also LOVED the Holly wood party!! I mean with the clothes, igloo items, awards, movies, and penthouse iggys, wuts not to luv?! I absolutely <3'd that party!!!!!!!!!!!
Peace out and WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!
Cutie8494 signing off!


I enjoyed monster university because, it had a lot of costumes and you could play the scare games. I also like how you can scare penguins. Go OK!!!!!

Waddle On


My all time favorite party this year would have to be the Monsters University Takeover. I got to compete with friends and have fun doing it. I met many friends that were on OK and they helped me with the game so I would do good. Thanks for all the hard work you've put in for millions of kids to have fun. Keep up the good work! P.S- Coming from an older penguin I think you've tripled the awesomeness on the parties.


My name is Peacetink and my favorite party was this years puffle party because the of the hotel


My fav was the MU party! It waz cra zay! I got the trophy


Hey CP fans! Get ready for one of the ultimate party's ever!!!!!! THE STAR WARS TAKEOVER!!!!!!!!!! And see ya next time

And keep cool

Kai the nin:

Hey guys! All around the island I've been investigating everywhere I go!!!!!!! And guess what I found !!!!!

Millions of penguins and storm troopers! Speaking of party's there is a great party coming up! STARWARS TAKEOVER!!!!!!!
Stay smooth and see me on the server avalanche


Well my favorite party was the Dinosaur expedition, Haloween party, the Holiday party, and the Puffle party. The Dinosaur expedition because I can turn into dinosaurs, the Haloween one of turning to a ghost to get items at places, Holiday party of transforming to a race car, Reindeer puffle, and a Icy guy, Puffle party is because I like puffles and you can get the new Rainbow Puffle! :D


If you ask me, I think mine is the music party in 2012. I loved that party! I liked how people could meet Rocky and Cece. Also, how we could listen to Cadence and the Club Penguin Band. The decorations were great too! And in that party, the Dance Club got a total makeover! We could go backstage. And also, there was a clock at the Snow Forts so we could tell when the concert starts. There was alot of people there. If it wasn't for that party, i wouldn't have met Cadence and the CP band!


Also I liked the Card-Jitsu Party!


My faverite party was operation blackout, temple of fruit and the puffle party 2011. Beacause club penguin makes cool partys.


I do not know actually well here are a few:
The Ultimate Jam 2012
The Temple Of Fruit Adventure Party 2012
The Fair 2012
Operation Blackout 2012
Well P.SClub Penguin when will you have a Medevil Party or another Ultimate Jam cause I loved those parties!!!!!!


Dear CP,
I personally think that you should of had the Ulitmate Jam this year instead of the Star Wars party because most parties these days only appeal to boys not girls
Kind Regards,

cutepie teal:



acually no. lots of people love the parties, so it's okay for them to have those parties.


i totally agree. I love all the originals with a twist every time!


My absolute favorite party is the carnival!!!! I am pretty sure I played every carnival game a bajilion times and bought every prize possible! I hope the rainbow puffle will be in the puffle circus!!!!


i liked the haloween party IT WAS AWSOME



i liked the Christmas party 2012 because we could help each other and give others food water and a home

and you could ride a sleigh thanks Club Penguin Team

waddle on



rocket flyer:

my all time favorite party is the puffle party so fun you can walk your puffles to the hotel and groom them and there all sparkly clean and shiny waddle on club penguin :)))))))))))


They are all so fun! I loved Operation Blackout because fighting off Herbert is fun, but the EPF will never be the same. I also liked the Make Your Mark Party because who doesn't love a concert experience Club Penguin style? I also love all the Halloween parties because there never seems to be a shortage of ghosts to find, fight off, or even become! I'd have to say my favorite party of all time is the Christmas party because of the festive music, cookies, and the opportunity to make a change.


My favorite party of ALL TIME was the Festival Of Flight In 2008! We got to go up in the clouds and see another one of Gary's Crazy inventions! And there was many awesome outfits! I met Gary for the first time, got my awesome JETPACK which i like to use sometimes, and the invention was SO CRAZY! And also it was very fun for almost all of the penguins on the isalnd.

- Magictrixie


I loved the Operation Blackout! It was really cool to be able to save the island from the evil Herbert!!! And it as super neat to see the true identity of the Director, I had no idea!!!!!! I am excited that "The EPF will rise again!!!" Waddle on!!!!


I also really liked the party, Dig out the dojo, which was from a while ago! We got to see what the dojo really was and even meet sensi for the first time! It was soooooooo cool! I can't wait to see all of the future CP parties! Waddle on!


Hi my favorite party was the Prehistoric: party because I love Dino's and I solve studying them and how they got to be extinct but they are so awesome I liked the cave man costumes and how members were Dino's even though I wasn't a member I still liked it and I liked the Dino hoodies they looked so real the eggs were fun digging it took forever to find a certain egg but it was fun looking

I loved the prehistoric party it was so fun!!!!!!!


I think my favourite party was probably the prehistoric party. I loved changing into the dinosaurs and the areas that you could be in!
I was also wondering if you could bring back the water party please??


my favorite party were all of them they were all fun and make club penguin 1000 times better plus club penguin makes the best party's in the web


Everything was AWEEEEEEEEESOME!! I luv ALL the parties!! U guys do an amazing job on parties! My fav was probably the Operation Blackout cuz I SAW HERBERT THERE!!! :D Plus ur a spy and u can do all these COOOOOOL stuff!!! That's my favorite I guess but like I said.... EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!! Peace out pplz!! -cheesehead67 :P


I just loved the holiday party because of Coins For Change- it feels great knowing that you are helping others while having FUN!


I like the operation blackout party and the snow party that we had not so long ago. I like the operation blackout party because they gave you gadgets I was afraid they would take them back :( .And the snow party because I was so exited that a snow element would be in addition with the dojo PS nice decorating on the dojo CP. And I'm already for the starwars party check my penguin out. Hope you Pick me. :)


My favorite was the Fashion Show Party.I liked it because you get awesome furniture and clothing and you get to show off your style! That is why the Fashion Show Party is my favorite.


My favorite party has to be this years puffle party i was literally woke up about 6 am to get Skittles my rainbow puffle and i Love how they fart sparkles XD.



My all time favorite party was the The Festival Of Flight back in August of 2009. I really loved soaring the the skies of Club Penguin Island in the Hot Air Balloon, and the magnificent view from Tallest Mountain. Also, watching the island float from the iceberg, looked epic! Meeting Gary was also another thing I enjoyed. I also loved the decorations like suns, clouds, and propellers all over the island. Redeeming the Green Propeller Cap was cool as well. It was a very enjoyable party. WADDLE ON


My favorite party is the adventure temple of fruit party!
Its my favorite party because there's different fruit sides like watermelon, apple and pineapple.
When i go online i always play with my friend and i was the queen of the watermelon and my friend was the king
of the apple . We got team members in our team and we have fruit fight and if one of us gets caught we gotta
go to there jail. And also we go on Rockhoppers ship.Fav part was when rockhopper was on the server and sitting on me


I liked that party too purple 1 535:

Elite Zero:

I think I like the Monsters University Party
the best because the Scare Games are
so creative with the moving toys, especially the
soldiers, peanut can snakes and helicopter!!!
It was awesome!!!!!!


My favorite party is the one where i had too find the hot sauce that was stolen by Herbert p bear and the pizza party in the cove.


i loved the ultimate jam because I LOVE CADENCE ps i love u cadence


Hi CP! My favorite party was... well all the parties were AWESOME! But I think my favorite would have to be the Holiday Party last year, it was so much fun! I really liked the bakery and getting those pins! I love going to Rockhopper's ship and playing the sled game and playing Treasure Hunt, I got all the stamps and I hope all the penguins loved the party to!

Thanks CP for that awesome party! And I look forward to the Star Wars party to!


I love all the Club Penguin parties! I've been playing CP for 5 years now, so there were some parties which I've forgotten, and sometimes I miss out! I loved the Monsters University party though. It was really cool! I actually watched the movie only after the party, so playing CP was like a trailer of the movie! The Scare Games was really fun and I liked how we got to choose a team and try to keep scaring to make our team win. As well as getting points to get items. It was great! WADDLE ON!

Alex King Ny:

My favorite party was the beta test party in 2005. Even though i wasn't there it's my personal favorite party since it was the first official day of release for the full club penguin!

Ninja Yelow:

My fav party was Prehistoric Party, we could go to the past and we were able to see how Club Penguin looked like in the past and we could be Dinosaurs and cavemen also cavegals, LOL, CP Team has given allot of hardwork for this party and it was so beatiful. The nature was so wonderfull in the past. Thanks CP Team for letting us see the past lives, I LOVE CLUB PENGUIN! Dinosaurs were so BIG and we could see them this year with our own eyes, I'm sorry for those who missed this party! WADDLE ON CP!


I think this party is gonna be the Music Jam Party, I hope that Cece, Rocky and Candace will be at the party too! Also my favorite parties is the Operation Blackout, Operation Hot Sauce, (I think that was a party) Puffle Party, Medival Party, Avengers Takeover Party, Holiday Party, The Fair, Halloween Party: I love it when I am a ghost or a hunter, Hollywood Party.Well all of those parties, and we get to unveil the secret of who is Director! Waddle On!


I love the Christmas party because its very original and not a lot changes but its the best time to get presents.
And I love the fair because it very bright and colour ful just like my penguin!!!(:


My favorite party so far was the unlimited jam and the Hollywood party. I liked the unlimited jam party because you got to meet Cece, Rocky and Cadence. Another thing why I liked the unlimited jam party was because you were able to go to a stage and hear Cadence preform her new song!I liked the Hollywood party because you got to get an award at the stage. I like how when they give you the medal they announce why you were awarded. So those are the parties I really enjoyed an had fun at.Waddle on


Well,that' s a really hard question! But,if I had to choose one, I would pick the holiday party of 2012! I loved the holiday party because I loved turning into a toy car,a reindeer puffle, or a forst bite! It was so fun! I also liked the "Santa's sled" because I got to earn little colorful light bulbs for my head items! It was so cool! You guys were so creative with that party! Great job on the holiday party!


My favorite party is the Puffle party.Its ultimate!!. You can get the Rainbow Puffle and you can also be ur puffle!

By icu18



Every single party that you made was the party's I had in my life but the favourite one was Halloween party 2012 because you could turn into a ghost and press d to scare people :)


my favourite party is the medieval party because of 3 things: 1. it is every year so that's great 2. the furniture is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! 3. the map and rooms are the BEST so all I can say to the cp team is WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favourite party was the music jam 2012 I loved it! I can't wait for it to come again (hopefully) in 2013. I am a member but if you we're a non member you got loads of free stuff, peace out cp :).


I love the Holliday party but I didn't see it i joined in April 2013 but I know it's fun
Waddle on!


Well now this is a tough question! To tell the truth, I loved all the parties with all my heart, but if I had to choose, I'd say Operation: Blackout or the Hollywood Party. Even if I wasn't a member, I liked them! Saving the team, defeating Herbert, then hanging with Dupstep puffle and watching celebrities doing awesome stunts is an awesome feeling! I enjoyed them so much! And I believe I won't be disappointed with the Star Wars Takeover either! Let's save a galaxy!

W.A.D.D.L.E. O.N.

Evie Mcphey:

I'd have to say Marvel Super Hero takeover! I LOVE super heroes!!!!!!!!!!!


That's difficult! There have been so many fantastic parties I can't choose one
I liked Operation Blackout last year and I enjoyed the Halloween Party for 2012
But I liked the Adventure Party 2012 and I love all the Coins For Change.
I liked the superhero parties 2012 and 2013. And I like the Puffle Parties.
But if I had to choose 1 I'd choose operation blackout cause it was really cool how G
And Dot and Rookie And the Directer and Jet pack guy got frozen and how
You had to rescue them.


I think my all time favourite party would be the Hollywood Party! I loved how you could star in movies and get the golf buggy when you did all three. And then there were the awards... They were great! I won a bronze for Best Dressed and a gold for Best supporting actor. I became a superstar! Waddle on CP, you're the real superstars.


my favorite all time party is the..Halloween Party!! Why because you get to go trick or treating at the snow forests and dress up as a spooky whitch, goblin, ghost, and even a vampire ain't that really cool club penguin had lots of great parties since 2006 but the Halloween ones are always my favorite!!- Matt79233 =^·¤·^=


That's ahard choice but I think Monsters University has been the best party, It was fun and we got to dress as our favorite character from Monsters University! I thought that was really cool.


That's a hard choice but I think Monsters University has been the best party, It was fun and we got to dress as our favorite character from Monsters University! I thought that was really cool.


Hi Club Penguin! I'm Pinky75337 and my favourite party of all time would have to be the puffle party! It was so fun how there were all different puffle rooms that you could take your puffle to! You could even transform into a puffle yourself and see everything from a puffle's point of view!


Well it was really hard choosing but now I've decided that coins for change is the best party in all of Club Penguin. For a start, you got to help donate to charities who really need it. And not only that, but you also got to choose which charity you donate for. You could choose from protect the earth, building safe places or providing medical help. Personally, I chose to donate the most to protecting the earth. Thankyou and waddle on club penguin!

mei 1 mei:

My all time favorite party was the water party! Too bad you guys took the party away... :( But I can understand that it always get too crowded :)

Orquidea 123:

I loved the water party 2, hope they put it AGAIN in another date PLEASE D:


my favourite party has been the music jam. it was an awesome party. i got to meet Cadence,Frankie, Billy Bob and lots of other stars. I earned many stamps. Me and my friends had a showdon on who could dance the best. The disco costumes were cool. The beatbox was great. And cadence's musice was GROOVY. It was a fantastic party.


My favorite party was the Hollywood party cuz' I loved riding in the limo and cheering on others for their awards! I wasn't a member at the time, but I loved going onto the 3 stages.


I mean frost bite...



Awesome guy 145:

My favorite party was the puffle party because the puffle hotel opened.


My favourite party of all has to be the april fools party, there are lots of fun party rooms to explore! I really hope the april fools party will come next year!


I loved loved LOVED the MU takeover. I was on team oozma kappa. The scare challenge was awesome too. The fraternity house was just like the one in the movie. I think that it's the best takeover EVER!


I like every party!


I like the MU party!


I personally love the music jam party because the idea of chillin' out with some other penguins I find is really got, show them your best moves and even start a band! I just love it! Waddle on Club Penguin!


Hi I have a joke to really get u. Here it is........want to here a constructions joke? Sorry, I'm still WORKING ON IT!

lil wayne 20:

my favorite party was the Halloween party 2012 it was AWESOME!! during the party I really liked being able to get non member stuff like the ghost tracking goggles and being able to meet Gary. the other parties are good to but this party was my all time favorite!!!!
waddle on


I do love all the great parties you make, but if I had to choose my favourite, it would have to be The Fair!!!! I love that you can get tickets to buy cool items! I also love the fact that there are different mini games you can play during The Fair too!! But one of my favourite parts about The Fair is that it's mostly in September, so that you can just relax and forget about school. Waddle On Cp!!!!!!!!!


my fav party is the underwater expedition because it was the party that was on when i first joined


I liked the fruit theme the most. I liked the way you could dress up as fruit! I also liked the way everything looked! It was awesome!


I say the Ultimate Jam was the best party ever!
Only because I am all about the music and bling bling, and they
had that both there!


I loved the Music Jam Party of 2012,because I met Cadence and all of the Penguin Band(I tried to meet Rocky and Cece but I could not:( ).


my favorite party was all the halloween ones . i love them because every year you guys make differnt backgrounds and i lovbe it! so there is my favortie party


I like the most parties on club penguin, but there is one that gives club penguin the perfekt feeling... And that is the holiday party. Almost the whole Island is covered with decorations that gives the right Christinas spirit. But my favoriter part is the coins for change. That lets us help many children out there, and after the party, club penguin posts the video to see how happy the children get. It fills my heart with happiness, and that is what christmas all about... Happiness and love<3


My favorite party is Operation Blackout,we could use gadgets to defeat Herbert and save the island.I am also looking forward to try some of the things we could do in the up coming Star wars party.


My favorite is The fair because non members get to buy cool stuff and the cars and games.


Upcoming Star Wars party. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May the Force be with you


My favorite party would have to be the 2011 and 2012 puffle party's because I loved that you could transform into a puffle for the party.
Waddle on cp!


I really loved the adventure party! Because that was my first time meeting a famous character, Rockhopper!

cool boy7941:

I liked all the partys they were all soo much fun until next time....... waddle on!

Dudu Boy :

My fave Party is Card jitsu Party beacause i like to play the battle in the stadiem I like to play card jitsu Like Ninjas vs Snowman but i like playing that ok and i have a question when Card jitsu Shadow will out?


Well it's hard to chose but if I had to pick one it would be the water expedition party it was crazy amounts of fun and the Star Wars takeover is going to be the best


I think that my that my favorite party was Operation Blackout, the Christmas party, the Puffle party, and the Star a Wars party that's coming up i'm so exicted


You asked for my fave party? I gave you two answers. Now I have two ideas for future parties. First, I think there should be a Harry Potter party. Second I think there should be a Percy Jackson party. I hope you like my ideas!

-Peace out and WADDLE ON CP!

-Cutie8494 signing off!


My favorite party would have to be the Medieval Party. I like how they had the so many quests and all the secret stuff open to the members. I would be deeply grateful if the Club Penguin team made a third medieval party.


Probably the holiday party! I love meeting rockhopper, donating coins for change, and decorating my igloo for Santa to come! I also love getting the daily presents like the Christmas couch and ornament chair! Thx so much club penguin for these epic parties! My penguin name is Speedy2515.
Best Fishes, Speedy2515


My favourite party so far is the Water Party in 2008. Back then, there were many original room design and they are themed so nicely according to the party! There was even an on-screen hose to spray the screen with! I truly enjoyed the party and took all the free items like the rubber ducky! Even till now, I am still swimming with it over at the cove!

Starfire 777:

The Holiday/Christmas party. I'm not Christian but those parties were so nice. :D


man it's so hard to chose but probably last winter when we gave coins to change and transform! thanks for that party!


My Favorite party is the april Fools party's waddle on cp


Hmmm, well over all I really liked the Hollywood party. I enjoyed being in the movies and watching the awards get passed to talented penguins. I love all the penguin parties, but the Hollywood party is my fave!!!!
Waddle on CP!


Oops! I also for got! I also love the Make Your Mark party!! I loved meeting Cadence! So again, waddle on CP!


I kind of like all of them, but here are my top 3. My fav party ever had to be to the Halloween party, it was the first party I ever went to since i started the game in October and i met Gary there! My second fav party was Operation Blackout, I liked how you had to break in to the sectors. My third fav party was the Hollywood party. I liked how you could get the awards and one was funny because one penguin was given an award for best hair he didn't even have hair! Also i met Aunt Arctic! Byee


I've had an account since November 2012. I didn't get the Blackout idea, so I would have to say Card-Jitsu Party 2013, but I think the Star Wars Party 2013 will beat it. WADDLE ON PENGUIN TEAM, Blue4sq


I think it would be puffle party that was the best because we could Change into puffles it was the best I wish I was a member when it was going on. I can't wait for the Star Wars party it's going to be awsome!!!!!!!!!!


My FAVE party was the Music Jam because people could meet Rocky AND Cece! It was awesome! Plus you could be a movie star and win awards! You could also ride in a limo and be poporazie!


Hey polo field and club penguin.
My favroite party wastwo uv them it's the music jam 2012 and the Operation: Blackout Party.
And why i like those two well i like how you guys did the music jam on 2012 it was awesome and it was fun meeting cadence and the penguin band but i didn't get there background or add them as my friend but it was cool seeing themI just did not see cece and rocky.
And the Operation: Blackout Party was epic its like my funsest party but i didn't see herbert.
Waddle on!


I joined in May before the card-jitsu party and i know about only few parties but with the help of many videos, I have managed to get all the information in Club Penguin. My favourite party is the Holiday Party (as by collected information) because we can donate many coins that we can for the health of citizens and children in many parts of the world, And the most important part is we can donate with virtual coins and not the real ones!
Waddle on CP!


That is a really tough question but,I would have to say the Make your Mark Party.I liked that one the best because of all the excitement and fun at the party.I mean well you got a chance to meet Cadence,Rocky,and Cece.Even better was Cadence came out with her first song and everyone got to see her preform in a concert.You also could go backstage for a chance to meet Cadence.There is more awesome things about the party but,there is to much to say.


card jitsu snow party! best ever!


Although I am a very old penguin and have been to many Club Penguin parties, my all-time favorite Club Penguin party has to be the
Monsters University Takeover Party! I liked how each penguin competed in fraternities/sororities in the Scare Games! The Scare Games was the cutest and the most fun game I have ever played at Club Penguin! It was SCREAMING fun!


its the limo it was fun going places and one time when aunt arctic was on even when the room was full it somehow warp me to the plaza where i met her :)good times


My favourite party was the water party 2008.I loved the water party because all the water slides around the place were really really cool.I especially liked the one at the ski hill!


My favorite CP party of all time would be the Festival of Flight, a 2009 party. It was so exciting! Gary the Gadget Guy had lifted the island into the sky! You could ride in a huge hot air balloon to the tallest mountain in Club Penguin and collect a jet pack when you got there! It was awesome to go in the underground pool because you would see the sky out the window instead of the ocean. Gary invented the Cloud Maker 3000 that made funny shaped clouds! It was definitely a party to remember!


My favourite party has got to be the card jitsu snow party. Also are those pictures a sign of another water party?!


my favorite party so far has to be the monsters university party because we got to dress up like the monsters, scare one another, compete in the scare games, and most importantly have a whole bunch of fun which is what club penguin parties are all about.

waddle o
waddle on
waddle on!


Ive been a Penguin for a year and I think the best party was the ultimate music jam. It was fun because we got to meet rocky and cece and cadence and the band. Although I wasn't a member then I still thing it was fun!


I really like the 2013 Puffle Party because we got to have the new Rainbow Puffle! I also loved the tasks we had to do to earn the
puffle. Plus we could turn into our new Puffle!


My favorite party so far has been the fair!!! I love going to the booths and playing all the fun minigames where I get tickets to buy crazy wacky costumes!!! I also love going to the Puffle Circus!!! It always makes me laugh at the puffles doing goofy acts:)!!! WADDLE ON!!!


My all time favorite party was the April fools party a couple years ago. It was so fun traveling the box dimension exploring crazy worlds!


My favorite party is the medieval party. I first like getting gold, but I mostly like how it got us ready for herbert's sneak attack.


my favourite party was the water party when the crab cracked the pool glass.


My favorite party would be....MUSIC JAM! I love Music and EVERYONE else has a favorite different type of music. So this party is simply PERFECT to EVERYONE! I loved meeting Cadence and the Penguin Band. Hang out in Backstage. And DO MUSIC! It is an awesome rocking summer! And Club ROCK!


My favorite party of all time is definitely the Music Jam. I loved going around the island playing and listening to themed music in every room. My favorite rooms were the Cove and the Fiesta room. The tunes in those rooms were fantastic! I hope you guys can bring that back! Thanks CP.


I have to say Music Jam 2010 is my favourite party! It's my favourite party because of the awesome clothes, music, back stage partys, seeing all the stages, like the western stage, meeting Cadence, and having lots of fun :) Thanks.

Waddle On!



I've been on Club Penguin since 2008 or 2009 (I honestly don't remember) so I've experienced a LOT of parties, but I can still remember Card Jitsu Party in 2011. It was the first time non-member (like me) could try Card Jitsu Fire or Water. I remember half of CP was water themed and other half was fire. Back then there was no snow so.... I remember failing at both fire and water (lol) but still having fun. I still have those free fire and water headbands in my inventory. Brings back memories :)


Hmm..... this is a hard question, but if I can pick one party I think it would be the the ''Fall Fair'' because it's really fun playing games and earning tickets, I also really like the puffle circus because it's really fun watching the puffles do tricks and I also like trading in my tickets and getting items.



Hmm... I have not been on Club Penguin for that long but the holiday party is my fave! In 2012 you got to turn into a frost penguin, a reindeer puffle or a car. Also you can meet Rockhopper. Too bad I haven't met any famous penguins yet. Waddle on!


My all time favorite party was the water party from 2008! It was my favorite because it was so much fun with all the water! I remember the water bucket at the mine, the big whale at the iceberg and the giant water slide! I wish we could have a back in time party to remember all of the old parties and stuff! I loved the giant octopus in the dojo and all the cool and neat free items! I really loved hanging with my buddies in the pool and having fun in the sun!
Waddle On!


Cp is all awesome, but I would have to go with the medival party or adventure because......A. Its when I met my first mascot.....B.They are well decorated....C . they are extremely unique.I thing we should have only 3 takeovers a year..... then 5 returning and 4 new ones.


My favorite party was the 2012 christmas party I loved it when all the penguins could turn into ice monsters I also liked when you could turn into puffles.and that is the best party i went to so far waddle on.


Today is my birthday, and my favorite party is the Marvel superhero takeover 2013, because we had to go in the hellicarrier and have super powers that were fun. Also we had to control robots to do our bidding.


I really liked this year's Marvel takeover. I loved seeing the secret hideouts, making robots, and being a villain. The best part was ....My sister was a hero. Uh, we cracked up when we found out we were enemies.


I think the best party so far is the holiday party last year! I loved that you got to transform into a ice penguin and freeze stuff or become a reindeer puffle or if you're not a member you can become a toy car. I also liked that you got to actually got to ride in santa's sled and if you deliver all the presents everybody can get a free item! I really liked that the beach looked like the snow forts but cooler. I also liked the coin machine i used all my coins on it (100,1000000000) waddle on!!!


My favorite party is the Halloween Party because there is soooooo much candy.


Me is the operation Black out because there was a lot of action, there was the new personage Herbert P.Bear and the room was well decorated!

PS I hope to be selected!


My favorite party was the 2012 Halloween party. The party rooms were so cool! I also liked catching the ghosts. The costumes were really cool too. Thanks Club Penguin Team for all the great parties!



I really liked the Camping Party in 2007. My friends and I would go camping together in the forest, fish at the cove, swim in the underground pool and then go eat dinner in the mess hall! The next time we'd see each other, we'd do it all over again!


April fools because rookie is my favorite mascot and puffle party because me favorite thing in cp is the puffles!


My most favorite party so far has go to be the Holiday party!! Because we got to turn into cars, puffles, and more!! But what made it so EPIC was the fact that Rockhopper was there!!! We had an AWESOME time baking cookies to donate money to Coins for Change!! Also, members even got to freze their friends!!!!!!!!


my favorite party is the anniversary parties because the anniversary party is just one more year added to the list of fun and i love reading the new clubpenguin year books


the puffle party becuse members could turn into puffles and we could adopt rainbow puffles. It was fun.


I would say my all time favorite party is the Hollywood party and Music Jam! I adore music with all of my heart, so I love to rock out at these parties! The Music Jam is so much fun; meeting Rocky, Cadence, PB, and CC! Also, the main focus is music and that's what I love! The Hollywood party was extremely fun. We got to act out on different sets and get awards! There was a limo, and the party focused on fame! Each of these theme parties mean something to me and that is why they are my favorite!

Some Air:

My favorite party was the Explorer Party. We got to build stuff, go through mazes, and discover the brown puffles! I named my first brown puffle "Nerd".


My favorite all time party so far would have to be......the Christmas party! After all its the best time of the year! I love all the outfits and costumes at the gift shop and the furniture items! And how all of club penguin is decorated in lights! Seeing all of that makes me happy. And I know its the middle of July and the Christmas party is still quite a ways off, but it still makes me excited thinking about it! I cant wait for it to get here! Waddle on club penguin!


I like the Holiday Party 2012 because I was a member and I got some of the coolest items EVER! :D


My all time favourite is the Halloween Party because we celebrate Club Penguin birthday and we cannot wait for it for next month. :D


My favorite party so far was Operation: Blackout.
It was really fun snooping around Herbert's base and we got to know who The Director WAS!
It was fun meeting The EPF's nemesis, Herbert.

Gustavo G843:

It's The water party Cool :)

Moo mui:

My favrouite party so far was the prehistoric party because it was so fun turning into dinosaurs and I loved the clothes and furniture !
also digging for eggs was very fun working with your partner was even better! I loved playing it with all my friends!
That was my favrouite!


I feel I have liked all the parties just the same cos' there all unique and special in their own wacky ways!!! Till next time C.P Waddle on!!! ;-)


My favorite club penguin party is gotta be the Circus one with the games and prizes were you play games to earn tickets and
if you have enough tickets you can buy some prizes! Last year i believe there was a clown suit in the prize booth , it was so fun
to try it on and joke around with my friends its was a blast! I hope we have a circus this year if so you will see me there!
Im sure there are many adventures to soon come!
Waddle on Club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The summer splash party 2009 was amazing! because it was simple and you could drag a hose from the corner of the screen which was really fun! the simpler parties were great because everywhere would be decorated and it was just a box of free items for everyone!


I'd have to go with the Holiday Party. It's just so wonderful being able to donate to coins for change, dress up as elves, and spread holiday cheer :)

Waddle on Club Penguin!


The best party I ever been to was the Water party. Splash here, splash there! I just couldn't get enough of this water fun world. The slides, the swimming; the laughing and cheering, it was amazing! I hope we have another water party soon too, anyway the Water party is my pick and I mean it! Not only did we have fun but our puffles too! Waddle on!


Hmm, That's a tough question, I can't remember the first ever party I attended to.
My favorite parties were The Music Jam and Holiday Party, mainly because of the soundtracks. (Oh and donating coins too.)

A party that I would LOVE to see, would bring back retro ClubPenguin! I seriously would pay to see that!
The old newspaper, old rooms, old outfits, Everything that would bring back old ClubPenguin!

Anywho, those are my favorite parties what's yours?
Stay Frosty penguins and Waddle On!


Camp Penguin and the Festival of Flight were my favorites. They were by far the most unique and only happened once, and I wish they would be brought back.


My favorite party in club penguin has to be either the puffle party or the Monsters University Takeover


my fave party is the music jam or ulitimate jam because i love cadence and rocky and cece!!! AND


MU party was the best for me


Is that the water party?


It would have to be the Hollywood party


My favorite party is the puffle party it has new puffle every year new things to explore new things you turn into a puffle more levels to play and play with my PUFFLE WADDLE AROUND AND MEET NEW FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite party i have to say is the puffle party because PUFFLES ARE SO DARN CUTE!


Maybe the Halloween party but i don't know there all good partys.


Mine would definitely be the Marvel takeover this year. I LOVE Marvel heroes like Captain America, Iron fist, and Ant man! It's just fascinating to learn about there powers and origins and they're battles.


my favorite party would be the club penguin olympics party. I still wonder how did the team keep track of your progress on the races? this party had a temporary ( I wish it was permanent) gold medal for doing the race from the ski village to the cove, the 5 swimming laps, and another race I forgot. Either way, this party was a very good party in my opinion. Others may disagree, but might understand my opinion. this party came in at 2008(?), and some people don't know about this party. WADDLE ON!


OHHHH this is really tough but overall i have to say the medieval party in june 2012!! it was awsome with the quests and the awsome costumes. the designs for the plaza the town and every were were just amazing!!!! and the costumes were so cool!! i loved the great variety. the quests were also awsome especially the one were you battle the three headed dragon!!! I also loved battleing the dragon!!!!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!! :)


Wow that's a tough question! I actually have two favorite parties! I like the Holiday Party because you could make yummy cookies and donate and help make a change in the world! I also liked the Halloween Party because you gotta admit ghost hunting is pretty awesome! Thanks for all the parties, and of course waddle on!


My all time favorite party is... The MU party! I had fun playing the scare games, scaring my friends, and and just hanging out at my team's clubhouse! Also I have some very exciting news! During the party I had my birthday! I also went to the theater to see the movie just last Tuesday with my grandparents and aunt! That's why the MU party is the BEST PARTY EVER!!!!!!


My favorite party was the Hollywood party.Clearly it was one of the best parties on Club Penguin.Also WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite party was probably my first ever: the Water Party of 2008. Wow, that seems so long ago! I joined Club Penguin during that party, and it was just so cool! The summery music, all the water, and the free items were also really cool! I still kinda miss the Splash Club to this day... good memories.

The Hulk Fan:

My favorite party? This is tough. I like them all the same but the Prehistoric party is really good. I liked how we could turn into dinosaurs and dig for eggs. Also, I liked that there was a different world that was club penguin in the past. That is why I liked the Prehistoric party.


My favorite party has been Rockhopper's Quest for a long time. I just love that you were able to go on an adventure on his ship!!! Even though Rockhopper's Quest has been my favorite party for a while, I think the Star Wars party might top it!


My favourite party so far would have to be the Puffle Party! It shows the unique features of each Puffle. And when you go to rooms dedicated to each colour, it's like your own little play house!


My favorite party is the Puffle Party. It was so cool! I picked that because penguins could turn into puffles.


My favorite party is the coins for change party I like it because we get to give to children all over the world I had fun making cookies it really warms my heart to hear all the money we made for medical enviorment and housing that is why it is my favorite party!


My favorite party so far is the Hollywood party because, I got to star in three movies,in every movie I did I got a free prize. I also got three awards gold, silver, and bronze. And my favorite thing about the Hollywood party is the awesome party limo.


My favorite party was the puffle party because we get to turn into puffle and THERE SO DARN CUTE I CAN'T RESIST THEM!!!!!!! Plus I like that every year there's a new puffle
Waddle o
Waddle on
Waddle on c
Waddle on cp!!!!


Nice, I was laughing for so long. Who else likes that rare background on the left? I hope it comes out thanks to this joker! Keep those jokes coming!


I love the monsters university because it makes me feel happy because I love to scare in real life and that they made this party it made me very crazy happy and I just love the movie and I couldn't wait to become the monsters and to really scare on my fave game every. So my family was really getting annoyed from me because all I talked about was monsters university haha. but now its over and I brought all the costumes and I can't wait for the movie to go out on dvd. GO MONSTERS U.

corn pops8:

Ive liked all the parties since I started. I will have to pick the Underwater Expedition 2012 or the Dino party 2013. Some other parties I have liked were the old medieval parties. also the first Marvel Superhero Takeover.
I will comment some new parties I will suggest for the future. One party I would love is a Bring-Back Party. It would be a party that cp bring back stuff from 2005-2009. Items, parties, furniture, rooms. Another idea is a Ancient Greek party.KEEP CALM AND CLUB PENGUIN ON!


My all time favorite party so far was music jam because i met Cadence and i like the song called Party stars now it rock,it had cool music,area and we get to get a item boombox. meet the Club penguin band. awesome.


I love the holiday party because I enjoyed making cookies and it warmed my heart giving coins for enviorment housing and medical I love helping others :) Waddle on and congrats whoever wins! Waddle on My fellowvpee


I loved the holiday and hollywood party the best hollywood because of aqwards glitz and glamour the holiday party warms my heart giving coins and loved cookies these are my fav even though I like all waddle on and congrats to who wins! W wa wad daze waddl waddle waddle o waddle on!


I say Operation Blackout, It was a Chance to meet Herbert and save the Elite Penguin Force Again, Can't wait till the Star Wars party!


One of my favourite "past" parties would have to be ( The Underwater Adventure)! Although it was in the past, it doesn't mean it wasn't fun! I enjoy underwater mysteries, and that party was full of them! When the party began I felt this exquisite sensation of fun, and I couldn't wait to try out my new Mer-Man Costume! I think the Underwater Adventure was extremely fun, and I wouldn't mind having another "Underwater Adventure" during summer!

Mary Sue1:

My favorite party would have to be the Music Jam of 2012. I loved how Rocky and CeCe came! It was so much fun to listen to all the cool music. It was even cooler how Cadence wrote her very first song that same month! So awesome! I know we won't have one this year, but a Star Wars party will be epic! Waddle on!
-Mary Sue1


My favourite cp party of all time was the Summer Party 2007! It was the first party on club penguin that I experienced and it was heaps fun! I remember the old dojo was flooded with water and there was a giant purple octopus. There were also a few ice cream stands around the island where I served penguins ice cream. It was one of the best cp parties but it never came back after that... :'(
Waddle On Club Penguin, and May The Force Be With You! ;D

Agent 47774:



my favourite party was the Operation Blackout because we got cool outfits and when the EPF got destroyed everyone were fighting with Herbert and saving all of our EPF commanders who go trapped by that pesky polar bear EPF PARTY

THE OPERATION BLACKOUT came on -2012 [i forgot the month(:p) cant wait for the EPF to get fixed and cant wait for Star Wars party


I LOVE all of the parties ever, and I have no favorite in particular. I do like the Rockhopper, Halloween, and the Puffle parties! I did go on vacation from CP for about a year, and I'm sad because I missed so many cool parties! (and do a harry potter party!)


Probably either Music Jam 2012 or Tropical Party 2012! Because I love music, music is like my inspiration! And I just love the water!


Personally, I think I like the CP Sports Event A LOT. Although it hasn't happened in recent years, I really enjoyed it when it WAS around. I really liked the olympic sized swimming pool and marathon that took place in Club Penguin. There were also two teams we could be a part of which I enjoyed quite a bit. Although I'm not a fan of sports, Club Penguin helped me appreciate it better. At the end of the day, I even won a MEDAL! I think Club Penguin should bring that event back. :)


All the parties cp has had are all soo awesome it's super hard to choose, but out of all the great parties from cp I choose the music party!! Cuz my favourite penguin candence came with my favorite stars Rocky and Cece! And they even released the song "party starts now" i still listen to it all the time! The best part is that u could c the penguin band and cadence play in a concert together, but I also do look forward to coins for change at Christmas party cuz I luv helping others :) I luv both!


I loved the Water Party in 2007. The first Music Jam was really fun, too.


I have 3 fave parties that i would like to see again:
1. Water Party
2. Fiesta
3. Music Jam
i miss them all!!!


My personal favourite party was definitely the Hollywood party. Not only did we get the chance to meet 4 awesome mascots (Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Sensei and Gary), but we got to live our dreams as movie stars! I loved experiencing high speed getaway set and performing all the stunts. Then as a reward, I was given a great new background, speaking of which, the mascots all had new ones! I loved this party the most because I got to travel to Hollywood from my own room and be the star of a movie! :)


'OMG OMG OMG AFTER 2007 ITS BACK!! and my fav party was Water parties too bad i was never there D: but if i was I WOULD LOVE IT! and i mean like squid in the dojo? LIKE A SQUID! that was best times evar i never was there but like again if i was it would be awesome but still it was gone for like 2010 and never returned and i mean like the iceberg AS A WHALE that was funny when i saw it but the second party i loved was the halloween party 2011 the iceberg and lab!

Alhashimi1 and Smily mily83:

Well for me ,I do like the black-out party and i felt like a real SPY but in my opinion the MUSIC JAM PARTY 2012 was epic when we got to meet real CeCe and Rocky(Bella and Zendaya) and the band which was so rare ! And I still remember Cadence concert for her fist album. My cousin and I used to wait for every concert! and If it was full we go change the server as fast as we could .
Now that I what we call epic !!!
~Alhashimi1 & Smily mily83 :D
WE hope u do it again this year :*


cp did a good job on all of the partys my fav is the hollywood party i liked how the town looked it was epic and i liked that music jam party too cuz of cadence my fav cp mascot:) oh and i like the puffle party 2013 cuz of the hotel and you could be a puffel lol i guess i like them all but a old cp party would be EPIC cuz i miss the old cp oh and i like the howaween 2012 party cuz u could turn in to ghost. waddle on-perry38888(p.s i type way way way too much LOL)


hey its me agin just wanted to say amazing job cp with every thing could u have anthor music jam this year plz plz plz or an old cp party i don't want to type to much like i always do lol waddle on- perry38888 (by the way im like poor on cp lol) im typing to much agin XD waddle on agin

Sir blue3:

My favorite party so far is the first puffle party :3 it's when I came to clubpenguin, also I like its music


My favourite party ever was Operation Blackout because it was life changing on Club Penguin and we found out who The Director is. Still not telling. In 2nd would have to be The Holiday Party because I have found my home, the frost bite palace. But I had to move out because my puffles love it! Then it would be Halloween party because I love the haunted house. I have also got 2 ideas of my own for parties. Firstly, a Doctor Who party where the Daleks have invaded CP and we need to save the island.


Secondly, a JESSIE party where the kids are on the loose and we need to save the kids before Herbert kidnaps them


My favorite party was the Medieval party. I loved it because it was full of adventure and we had to defeat the dragon Krone and we even had to do tasks in three paths and in the end we had to defeat the fire, the water and the snow dragon. It was so much fun. And not forgetting the dresses were out of this world, the igloo furniture too. And because this party was so interesting I became a member at the same time. I loved that party. ~ Lourine3


I LOVED the Hollywood party!!! I think it gave penguins a real chance to shine!
It made everyone feel special and excited, because we could be super stars
and show everyone what you are really about! Almost every room was
colourful, and you could win a spectacular reward! That's why I think the
Hollywood party was the best! Waddle on penguins!


I havent been on cp for very long but I think that my favorate party of them all has got to be the Marvel Super Hero party 2012.It was the fist party ive ever experienced and by far the best. I didnt like the 2013 version though,it was way diffeent. WADDLE ON!


I loved the hollywood party because of the award show,limo,choosing our career as a director etc I just loved it it was AWESOME!!


My favorite was the Dino Party we got to turn into dinosaurs and travel through time in Gary's time-machine and you had the chance to get that awesome hoodie

Buzz Offer:

I like the Operation Blackout party, it was so cool! Plus, you get to complete missions which need equipments and I admit, that's so COOL!
Waddle on guys!


I like the old CP parties because they were so fun and rare. I wish you could bring old parties and items back.

rad red2:

thats one of the hardest decisions i have ever made! hmm i would have to say the FIRST marvel super hero takeover even though i was not a member! i was always hanging out at the burning building in the snow forts saving people in the building! it was really fun and i kept teaching people that you don't need a power glove to be a hero! waddle on!

Kc Sunshine1:

Speaking Of Party's Can Club Penguin Have A Teen Beach Movie Party This Summer I Saw The Movie Last Night And It Was Awesome Bikers v.s. Surfers Then Mack, Brady, Lela And Tanner (Maia Mitchell, Ross Lynch, Grace Phipps And Garrett Clayton) Help To Bring Bikers And Surfers Together And All Save Big Mommas. Hope You Have A Teen Beach Movie Party!
-Kc Sunshine1


my favourite party was rockhopper's quest.It was cool.we could go to islands like dinosaur island.i got a life vest wihch is superb.i want a rockhopper's quest 2013


I have to say,Operation Blackout was REALLY FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MY favorite party was the coins for change 2012 I liked it because it warmed my heart giving coins for enviorment housing and medical I loved making and turning into cookies Waddle on and congrats!

Lenka 457:

Summer party, Water Party and Music jam are the best parties, please we want this parties ! :)


my favourite party so far was the music jam 2010 because it was my first party i ever had on club penguin i can still remember it!

Anna Zander:

If could pick two of the parties, they would definitely be the Medieval Party and the Halloween Party. They both have such cool furniture! I like the Medieval Party because of the awesome costumes and all of the fun quests, but I like the Halloween Party too. It gives you lots of Halloween spirit! I also like all of the fun costumes! But if I had to pick one, it would be the Medieval Party. It's just so much fun! And I just LOVE decorating my igloo like a Medieval Castle!


defnetly the dinosaur party when we turned into DINOSAURS!ROARRRRRR! and monster university party MONSTER!ROARRRRRRR! P.S. mediavil party as well KNIGHTS!CHACHING YOUR DEAD!


I loved all the Adventure Parties! All the sunny beaches, tiki masks, jungle parties, fruit fights and overall tropical-ness made me adore that party to no end! I thought it really brought out the fun and friendliness of true Club Penguin. I also enjoyed Rockhopper and Yarr visiting and speaking in pirate-language while telling cheesy jokes. For me, no party compares to it!




my favorite party is holiday party and here is my favorite party list

Snowball0089 Favorite Party list

Number1 Ultimate jam 2012
Number2 Operation Blackout 2012
Number3 fashion show 2012
number4 adventure party 2012
Number5Medival party 2012
Number6Holiday party 2011
Number7Hollywood party 2013


My fave is the Hollywood party!! Of corse, it was fun acting,making speeches, winning awards, dressing up,and looking at the rooms!
Hollywood is fun In real life,and clubpenguin! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!


i made up my mind finally i think the best party was the music jam2013 BEST PARTY EVER i like it because you could get VIP passes and go back stage and meet the penguin band but my fav part is when is you can meet CADENCE my all time fav cp masscot sadly i never met here amazing job with all the partys im looking foreword the the star wars party waddle on cp-perry38888(ps could you have a anther music jam pleas)


My favorite party and the best is the Hollywood party. It was fun getting a camera a working our way up to a special prize. It was EPIC when you got to meet mostly all of the mascots. It was fun when you got picked randomly to get an award. The phone and other prizes were cool. My favorite prize was the golf cart. The most COOLEST thing in the party was when you got to ride a limo WITH A POOL. When I got to the stage in the snow forts I couldn't stop smiling.WADDLE ON cp.
-Awesomesiraj OUT

Mary Sue1:

My favorite party of all time was definitely the Music Jam of 2012. It was so epic! I loved how Rocky and CeCe came! It was so cool. It was even cooler how Cadence wrote her first song and even preformed it with the Penguin Band! We've had so many great parties so far and I know that there will be plenty more great ones, too. Waddle on!
-Mary Sue1


My fav party was the Hollywood party I loved club penguin high and liked going to award show even though I didn't get one it was fun watching my peeps get them the limo was so cool with cozy seats a dj booth a coffee stand and pool! I thought I really was in hollywood! Waddle on!


My fav party was the Hollywood party I liked it cause I got to see all the movie set and take the awesome limo with a pool and dj booth to awards show even if I didn't get award it was fun watching my peeps get one :) my fav part was limo Waddle on Cp!


My favorite party was the Christmas Party in 2012!
I like it because you could turn into a race car, a reindeer puffle, and Jack Frost!
I loved the Jack Frost one because I could Freeze other people!

Waddle On!


My favorite party so far is monsters university. The reason why I like it so much is because there was so much to do and so many new games that you could never run out new games to play and new places to visit. That is my favorite party so far but I am looking forward to the Star Wars take over, I will be on every day! Waddle on!!!


my fav party is obviously the halloween party from 2012 it was awesome the haunted mansion of the uncle garywald that you needed to get the keys and in that party you could become in a ghost, in that party it was the first time I became a member and I started to buy things like crazy I bought puffles, hats for my new puffles , clothes, then I played a lot of minigames because I wasted all my money, In that party I understood that I shouldn´t waste all my money like acrazy


I totally loved the island adventure/ fruit party. The costumes were amazing and, I was so glad when I found out that the game " smoothie smash" was here to stay! Sometimes I still dress like grapes! LOL!!!
Tascha111 ;) p.s make a Harry potter party!!!!


I cant chose they were all so great I cant pick


Well I have three all time favorites!:
#3: The Fair in 2011. It was fun and I always LOVE to the see the puffles perform in action!
#2: The April Fool's Party in 2011. Ok, you all have to admit that it WAS a great party! It had a ton of great rooms and it was so crazy and fun!
#1: MUSIC JAM IN 2010! It was SO FUN! So many rocking rooms, THE PENGUIN BAND was there, AND BACKSTAGE PASSES! HOW AWESOME?!?!

Those were my favorite parties! Bye for now!
Waddle On Cp!


I have ten favorites from least favorite to most greatest favorite
10. April fool's party 2012

9. the three headed dragon fight

8. all the fairs

7. Holiday partys

6. Medieval partys

5. Operation hot sauce

4. puffle party 2013

3. adventure partys

2. Hollywood party

1. my all time favorite OPERATION BLACKOUT


My alltime favourite party would be...rhe Underwater Adventure where...I met Rookie!
I also liked in the party that there was a maze.
Okay it was a little bit tricky but i managed to get to the underwater cave thats where i saw Rookie and got aclothing item called a submarine!


My MOST fav party is the Make Your Mark Ulimate Jam Cause Cadence and The penguin band gave a preformance we got to meet like TONS of celebs!Cadence The Penguin Band Rocky and CeCe :O LOVED the party and the FIRST cp song came out <3 IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!Can you do a diffrent Disney Tv show this year?If you do IM SOOOOOOO EXCITED I LOVE WATCHING EVERY DISNEY TV SHOW ITS LIKE AWESOME!!!!Ty for taking your time to read this :)


My fave party SO FAR is the Hollywood Party bcuz I FINALLY got a chance to accually BE famous. Well, thx Polo Field for asking everyone that question. Will u plz send me a friend request? My penguin name is: Hope623 thx :)))))


The Summer Party of 2006 always makes me so nostalgic. I joined during this party. Though it was simple, I still loved it. It's hard to pick a favorite among all the ones that followed, so. Summer Party 2006. That's the first thing I thought of. I'm an oldie.


My all time favorite party so far was Operation Blackout


Wow! My favorite all time party hmm 1-5
1-Cave Opening 2006 when the mine opened my first party
2-Summer party 2006-2007
3-Sports party 2006
4-Water party 2007 and 2008
5-Fall fair!!!

also please publish comment on here i never had a comment before


my favorite party is the holiday party. I like it because i get to help Santa deliver presents, donate to charity, and turn into a race car! love, Tetyana14

Princess Acs:

I loved the 2012 Halloween party!


My favorite party was the Underwater Party! Awesome seeing Rooky!

Yarn Owl:

Definitely the Medeivel Party!! Is there anything I could love more than dragons?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I also love the costumes!!

penguin20414 that is my username:

Picking one party is a very hard choice all the partys club penguin made are AWESOME but since i have to choose one it would have to be the Ultimate Jam party because you can meet rocky and cece and CADENCE and you get these new clothes that can make you dance diffrent and I also saw a CONCERT WITH THE PENGUIN BAND AND CADENCE the party was awesome CLUB PENGUIN IS AWESOME Waddle On!

Orquidea 123:

My Top 6 favorite partys:
1-. Medieval Party 2012
2-. Water Party 2012 :FAV <3
3-. Halloween party 2012
4-. Ultimate Music Jam 2012
5-. April Fools Party
6-. Operation balck out
That is All Bye :)


My Favorite party was the winter luau in January 2006, I enjoyed doing the hula dance while wearing the red lei


My favorite party was the super hero takeover 2012. Its my favorite because you could be a Supper Hero, Villain, or Citizen and you could get a police and robber outfit if you were a non member and you could get cool pins and backrounds! ; ) Waddle on CP!! - PinkPenugin


I REALLY, REALLY Loved The Pre-historic Party. Being A Dino And, Well, UHH, It Was AWESOME! (I Was Even OK With Barfing Snowballs. O_O)
I Also Love The Medieval Party. I Enjoy It SOO Much, I Will Miss It If It Goes.
Lastly, and Most importantly, The First Water Party. Where Do I Begin? I Just Loved It So Much. I Was Extremely Upset when I found out there wasn't going to be one in the future... (If My Memory Serves Correct) These Are My Top 3 Favorite Parties, WADDLE ON CP!
Love, Chilyblufeet


Although I wasn't here then, I think the Water Party 2007 should come back to CP, even though this is for the Underwater Pool window fix. Maybe the secret door to the Hidden Lake will be open to everyone Key or not just for the party. Waddle On, CP!

PS: I don't like Star Wars so I won't be at the Star Wars Takeover


Oh boy, I'm going to go all the way to Music Jam '08. The beginning of DJ3K I'll never forget (my favourite game!) All the genres of music were really set up well, and I actually met the Penguin Band! Plus, I'll never forget the silly Orca-Straw at the Ski Village!


I think the 2011 summer jam party came. It was not just because Cece and Rocky came, but the fact that we got some pretty cool clothing items. I liked the orange sweatshirt the best, but the other clothes items were just as awesome! With that in mind, I suppose you could make a 2014 summer jam party remake of the 2011 one, because it was pure awesomness!
I hope other people agree that we need a 2014 summer jam party!
Waddle on, CP!


mine was the make your mark ultimate jam! plz bring that back! <3 lolipop1086


Well,my favorite party was the 2012 Halloween Party,and the Monsters University Takeover Party,but mostly the Monsters University Takeover Party.


My favorite party on club penguin has got to be my FAVORITE AND FIRST PARTY EVER IS the midevale party sorry i spelled it wrong but i was reading matt's comment and i never knew that you guys ever had that party,but the party that i really really want badly is a
pokemon party because i am a very HUGE fan of pokemon. Waddle on cp and i hope yall have a rad summer


I disagree, The monsters university takeover was awesome!!!! You could get special costumes from the movie. I loved the real movie too. It was sooooooooooo EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My user name is Alexis88846 and waddle on!!!


jack: I can't believe we escape that bear :rick: guess we bear ly made it


I enjoy the puffle party the most because it is the party that lets us show our affection to our puffles. But the best thing about last years puffle party is that the CP team created the puffle hotel!! Now we can exercise TOGETHER with our puffles, relax with our puffles..
and SLEEP with our puffles! Which helps us bond with our puffles more.


The Shake it Up party was awesome. Cadence was so cool she danced and sang The Party Starts Now. I liked it when the activity of the day went up because you got to go around the island and dance on the stages. I had a lot of fun. I hope they have the party again soon.

Hockey Pro6:

My favorite party of all time would have to be the Western Party 2006. There were so many fun things to do like dance with the Penguin Band! I also loved the Scavenger Hunt afterwords where you had to find the Penguin Band's lost instruments, and when you found all of them you got a cool background! Anyway, waddle on CP!


That was my favorite as well


My fave party was the Ultimate Jam!It was so jammin' to meet Cadence and The Penguin Band.Another thing was getting to get lots of merch',counting down for Cadence.What was most special was meeting CeCe and Rocky in penguin form!I wish we had a party like that again! Wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddllllllllllllleeeeeee Oooooooonnnnnnnnn WADDLE ON!


That's a hard question! If I had to chose it would be.. Puffle Party 2013 Hollywood Party and the Holiday Party 2012. jedda3434 out :)


My favourite party is the Monsters University one because you go to play the scare games and scare other penguins. it was great !!


My favorite party so far was the Hollywood party because of the movies and awards. I was so excited when the screen said ioyo3.
It was really cool getting costumes and doing stunts. The best was when I had to jump out of a building.


My fav party was the hallween party it was epic


my fave is the marvel takeover because i got to dress up as my fave hero Spider-Man.


My all time fav party would be all of the Halloween parties because you got to dress up and scare your friends or find candy around club penguin or become a ghost! That's my fav part(ies)!
Waddle on cp!

Yellow 48:

My favourite party of all time was the Holiday Party 2010. It was the 1'st party I was actually in, and where I met my first 2 friends. Also, the music was great. I liked the items as well.


Best party so far from my experience is make your mark:ULTIMATE JAM 2012 !!! I liked it as it gave so many items to penguins and of course !!! The party was like ,the party starts now when cadence waddle in turn the music loud of club penguin i got so much inspiration from this that i started writing songs on my own i think there will be a day when Cadence will sing my song !!!!


My fave party was the medival partyin 2012, because of how the town was set up and all the costumes and missions. Plus that was my first cp party and when i got membership for the first time!


My all time favorite was the 2012 Haloween party it was so cool to get all the scary costumes and do the trick or treat quest and get the background and go in all the rooms and get to go into the member only floors when i had the money to buy the membership.My ULTIMATE most EPIC favorite part of all time was being in the same room with Gary the gadget guy himself. P.S. please post i have never been posted before.


My all time favorite was the 2012 Haloween party it was so cool to get all the scary costumes and do the trick or treat quest and get the background and go in all the rooms and get to go into the member only floors when i had the money to buy the membership.My ULTIMATE most EPIC favorite part of all time was being in the same room with Gary the gadget guy himself. P.S. please post i have never been posted before.

mr chilly604:

operation (BLACKOUT)


The Shake it Up party was awesome. Cadence was so cool she danced and sang The Party Starts Now. I liked it when the activity of the day went up because you got to go around the island and dance on the stages. I had a lot of fun. I hope they have the party again soon.


I think my favorite party was the hawaiian party!
It was a very long time ago and there was grass skirts and all kind of fun things to do and get!
It was just amazing!


The Water Party from a few years ago that was the best with the pool party in the dojo and the dance and plash at the dance club and the whole ice scating rink was a giant pool It was by far the best!
Sincerly : Sabrinas6


I think the Medieval party 2012 was best. It was my first party. I loved how there were 3 quests and you could get lots of gold!


my favorte party was in January 2012 the underwater where penguin got to explore the mystery underwater

Love Chillyboo

Jboy Mark:

My all time favorite party was the 2012 medieval party. IT WAS SO FUN! i loved the knights quests!


I think my favorite party was the 2012 August party! It was so cool earning all the fruit costumes and picking your color for the teams! I also saw Rockhopper at the party and that was my first seen character so that was really cool. I also liked going through the valcano. All the booby traps were fun! And that is my all-time favorite Club Penguin party!


Hollywood party was the best :D


My fav. Party was operation black out! I really love all the epf games and missions. I love how we get to see the true identity of director. I was wondering that for a while, and u guys finally got my anwser to that. I love all the cool gadgets you get like the grappple hook and lasers and much more. Even though i dont have the items on my redbird account i have it on pinkbird8451. All your partys are amazingly fun!




The puffle party because members could turn into puffles and we can show how much we love our puffles.


The puffle party because members could turn into puffles and we can show how much we love our puffles.


My favorite party was definitely the Music Jam. I loved all of the amazing themed party rooms, like Casa Fiesta. I also loved the fun, crazy outfits, the awesome musical performances, the cool prizes, and being able to meet Cadence and the Penguin Band! I had a blast at the Music Jam, and I really hope you guys do it again. Waddle on, CP!


my favorite party was the summer jam party of 2011 it was so fun i loved the dancing items .Waddle On


my favorite party is music jam.


I have a joke about my pet here it is How do cats say if its perfect or not they say its purrfect


My favorite party is the Monsters University takeover! I really liked the design of the costumes, such as mike and Sulley. I also liked the 3D design of the "Scare games". I picked Oozma kappa 'cause I saw the movie SIX days before the party started.


Dear Polo Field,
My favorite party was the Monsters University Takeover Party! I got to dress as Mike, Sulley and other monsters! So much fun!!!




op blackout was my favorite


I say the puffle party becase you can turn in to a puffle


My favorite party is the puffle party. It is my favorite because u can turn into a puffle , and see what it is like to be one of our furry friends. Also u can do a bunch of amazing things with your puffle. And last but not least each room of the island is transformed to match a kind of puffle.



well i think the star wars takeover will be fun but my favorote party so far was the hollywood party or card jitzo party this year


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