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By Polo Field on July 16, 2013 - 14:27

Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked, whats your best puffle or pet joke?

I really liked Jujugins' answer: "My joke is a pet joke. i think it is quite funny. here it can dogs stop a video game? THEY PRESS THE PAWS BUTTON!"

Great joke! 10,000 coins to Jujugins!

Hope you are all gearing up to save the galaxy! In light of this epic party we want to know, what has been your all time favorite party so far?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



its hard to say which party i enjoyed so far since i wasnt here from the beginning but ill have to say Operation Blackout i enjoyed the new gear and the story and how we stopped Herbert but now were gonna have to soon stop Darth Herbert what ever he is up too we will stop him


My favorite party was the card jitsu snow party! i liked the part when i got my first ninja item A.K.A the snow headband! i played card jitsu snow once and it was so fun!
but i wonder why i still havent reached any progress.
Anyways, Bye!
P.S i think that the movie saga was awesome and the elemental items too!
and the extra things from the snow ninja items is cool!
are they for the future card jitsu? card jitsu shadow?
i looked at pictures and sensei siad shadow will rise someday. Bya cp!

Agent R 5813:

I loved the Adventure Party in 2011those brown puffles gave great challenges. Waddle on!


i like all of the parties because there something cool EVERY TIME! So as there be many more awesome parties out there that i cant wait to explore!

sea star4:

I think the Monsters University party was for me the best. Because we all could pick witch team we could be on, and we could be on multiple teams. But the best part of Monsters University Party is that in the end everyone got a trophy pin, not just the winners. Good job Club Penguin Team on giving everyone the trophy pin!!!

Ben Did CPhh:

Music jam. im really sad the star wars takeover replaced it. same with the midevil party being replaced by the marvel takeover.


IT was SO the musical jam because Rocky and Cece were introduced to club penguin and it had a cool back ground and the animated cadence and the band music every few mins. SO cool dude. its my FAV. I aloso love the rad threads


IT was SO the musical jam because Rocky and Cece were introduced to club penguin and it had a cool back ground and the animated cadence and the band music every few mins. SO cool dude. its my FAV. I aloso love the rad threads sorry typo with nick name


My favorite party was the Ultimate Jam party in July, 2012!! I also liked the Hollywood Party in February, 2013. Hmm... I also liked the Halloween and Christmas Parties (2012)!!!


I think that all the parties are pretty awesome but if i had to choose jjust one party it woulld have to be the water party.Reasons why
i think that the water party is better than the others because when it came out they had a bunch of cool designs all over the island, plus they gave you free floaties. well i thank you for reading this and i hope to be picked
sincerley frozenjr

Kallie 5269:

I personally like the Marvel Superhero Takeover parties. I started liking superheroes last year, when I went to Universal Studios and this party was happening. The party helped me like Marvel, and I just think to myself that each takeover is better than the last. Next year, I would LOVE to see the takeover X-Men based. They have the coolest costumes and powers, and I'd really like to see the costumes actually emit the power, like Wolverine's claws and Nightcrawler's teleportation. BAMF!


My all time fave party was probably the Hollywood Party! I loved the limo with the pool and the DJ table! It was a nice touch with great detail! I also liked the Club penguin awards! I didn't win one, but it was still awesome! Waddle On!

Lego fan7:

I think it was the change from penguin chat 3 to the club penguin beta test party because every party that CP has had wouldn't of happened if there wasn't the first party to hit CP even though every other partie that they've had was amazing (Operation Blackout
Was my favorite) ;) Waddle on.

Lego fan7:

I think it was the change from penguin chat 3 to the CP beta test party because none of these awesome parties could happen without the amazing first party even though it wasn't the biggest with light sabers, a polar bear/ mascots, elements, Puffles, missions, or any of that stuff it still seems like the best party/anniversary CP has ever had (I really liked Operation Blackout) Waddle On. ;)

Apple 1116:

I think the 2012 halloween party was epic!!! we got to turn into ghosts, there was even a haunted mansion!!!
Thank you for the great party!


It's really hard to pick but if I had to pick one I'd pick the medieval party because we got to fight dragons! And last year there was a cool game!(Also because I can pretend to be a princess trapped in a cage LOL.) WADDLE ON CP!!!


I LOVED the Operation Blackout party because that was the ONLY time you could EVER meet Herbert! Also, it was cool that the director was revealed to be... Aunt Arctic! That was the most EPIC party ever! Last but not least, I loved it when you had to go through all of the 5 bases and there also was a GLITCH where you could get to the laser before it was released!! I never did the glitch but I did see people to the glitch. Best party EVER!!! Thanks for this party Club Penguin. You are Epic Win :)


It was operation black out because we had to hack Herbert out and we had gear that could also make us walk on lava

P.S. How come Herbert had lava in his fortress I mean if he could have warmed himself with something that runs on lava or he could have put lava close to him.


my fave was the second superhero takeover party. one word. AWESOME.
by the way,add me as friend. :)


My favorite party was the puffle party because it teaches everybody to take care of their puffles. Also I liked the Christmas party because we could raise money to help people in need and the igloo items were pretty awesome!


My favorite party was the Halloween party because everyone could dress up in a scary costume, decorate their scary igloo, and etc. I also liked it because Cadences new it came out, Ghouls just want to dance!


My favorite party was when Herbert and Klutzy had made a laser maze and how there were a bunch of different winter sports like SnowBoarding and with the Ice Hockey at the Stadium! It was so fun getting in shape and helping the EPF agents! Waddle on!


My faveorate party was the music jam. Music is prity much my life , So it was great to have that in CP . WADDLE ON!!!


My answer is special, I loved all the partys since 2 years they are all awesome and very funny. Every party is different then the other
but I loved the coins for change party because I love to donate coins for good reasons and to help the world by donating. But i think it Will be good to have a new party that anyone has seen treasure hunt party! It will be fun and every penguin would like to find the amazing treasure hided!


I like the Fall Fair! I got to meet Rookie, you can play lots of cool games and earn tickets, you don't need to waste your coins on the party idems, and most of all, PIZZA CONTEST! Last year, I ate a whole lot's of pizza! When the family gets pizza, I eat so much pizza and I stop eating when I get full! But my penguin is always hungry for pizza! I hope the Fall Fair comes back this year! I love it so much! Oh and BTW, I love bumper cars! Bump, bump bump! :D WADDLE ON CP! Pingy26200


My favorite party was the Medieval Party. That's because we got to live in a fantasy world, slay dragons and go on epic quests! I sure hope we get to do another Medieval Party again soon!

Girly Girl S:

Hi Club Penguin team! its really hard to chose my favorite party, because every party you do is AWSOME! but the one I enjoyed the most was the one where we sailed on Rockhoppers ship and left the island, because we got sail with Rockhopper and help him out and go on one of his adventures. Can you do that party again?

- Girly Girl S


My favorite party of all time was the Water Party 2008. I remember playing with friends in the water. I also liked the Music Jam 2008 because I got to pick up some maracas and go on a music tour with friends! Last but not least, I loved the Festival of Flight because CP was lifted out of the water, and into the air!

Waddle on!


Ive heard from my friend that these pictures were from a summer party that was on cp a long time ago and i believe it will come back for another year! I am happy to hear that a really old rare party is coming back! Also Waddle on CP


MY favorite party was the Hollywood party I loved the paparazzi limo and dubstep puffle it was fun going to award show even though I did not get one it was fun watching my friends get them I loved the srtting to it my favorite set was cp high over all I liked the limo waddle on!


I can't Wait For The Star Wars Take over. :) My favorite party would either be The Marvel super hero party or operation Blackout


My all time favorite party was the Adventure Party : Temple of Fruit! It was SOOO fun playing the king and being a hunter,throwing fruit at each other .Then we got the game Fruit Smasher!! Good thimes,good thimes!! And we could meet Rockhopper! Iremember everything!! :D


I like all the April Fools Day parties! Like one time, a whole room was just white and all you could see were the penguins! And another time, the Dojo had a giant pencil in it! And then, I remember all the weird boxes all over the place. Some had puffles jumping out of them, some could fly, some even melted into snow! Those were definitely my favorite parties.


Great joke! I get it, PAWS button!!! LOL! :D


My favorite party was the Christmas party because my favorite holiday is Christmas so I really enjoyed the party and also we could become a racecar


I love the puffle party the best!!!It was awesome being a puffle and the puffle hotel with the rainbow puffles inside AND THE COSTUMES WERE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hello my penguin name is hibob13 and i liked the card jitsu snow party


All of the Club Penguin parties have been so much fun, but I think that the Shake It Up Party was super awesome! There we ace costumes and everyone got to watch Cadence preform her first song! The whole island was "jazzed up" for the takeover with lights and music and it was all just really, really amazing!


the one i like most is the Christmas party it is because it is the most loyal party of all it is because you donate coins be helpful to one other and hey most favorite part is present's

Sebee 6:

My favorite party of all time would proubably have to be one waaaaaaaay back in 2009 which would be festival of flight because people or "penguins" discovered flight and it was when I started cp. Waddle on CP!


Water party please do one ,there great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is so the Hollywood party! It was epic! When can we have it again? Sometime this year?




Or a medieval party would be good!


My faveret party since I came to club penguin would be the puffle party, under water party and the Madeval party!


I like Music Jam and the Medival party because the decorations and the colors and its also because of the goals we have to do in the parties.My favorite things about the parties is when we get to meet and great Mascots and the events that happen in the parties also the free items. But this year there was no Music Jam or medival party... i miss those parties.. Now all of the parties are based on Movies and TV shows..Im starting to think you guys are running out of Ideas.. Just my opinion no hate.


My favourite partys must be: 1st, music jam 2nd, fair party 3rd, hollywood party and runner up must be marviel party and i like a lot of the old parties.


My Absolute Favourite Has To Be The Fair Because You Got To Play Cool Minigames And Win Tokens To Buy Rare Clothing Items Like The Teddy Bear , Lollipop And Candyfloss !


My favourite CP party has to be the medieval party because I REALLY loved that you got really cool stuff like the sword where you danced and then a beam went into the sky and the adventures you got to do in the 3 tunnels AWESOME, I also loved defeating the dragon using water as its enemy, I love all the CP parties but the medieval gave me so much excitement that I was nearly bouncing off the roof! Loved being a princess, fairy or knight and being in role play CP you did well
Anna out!


my favorite party is the PUFFLE PARTY!!!!!! YOU CAN BE A PUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my absolute favorite? thats a hard one, because i think every cp party i have ever been to are awesome! but if i had to choose just one, it would have to be the hollywood party. i had so much fun riding around in a limo and i felt like a super star!
- Bullet18 :)
Waddle O
Waddle On
Waddle On C
Waddle On CP
Waddle On CP!

Card-Jitzu Penguin:

The only party I have gone to yet is MU takeover.
Still, I liked it, and I am a huge Star Wars fan too.
So make way for Star Wars!


My favorite parties was temple of fruit 2012 and operation blackout because temple of fruit was my first party and it gave away a lot of free items also it encouraged me to eat more fruits. Operation Blackout was also my favorite because its finally something that CP's never done before the first party ever extended by one day.
Waddle on!

Cutie 8494:

Ok ok. I know I've answered this question several times but I've made up my mind. I LOVED last years Christmas party. I especially loved Cool in the Cold! I t gave me such a taste of holiday cheer! Whenever I hear it I look forward to Christmas and get all warm and happy inside! Also Christmas was the first time I ever became a member! I loved changing into a frostbite, a reindeer puffle, and a toy car! And I spent almost ALL of my coins in cons for change!!!!!!


My favorite party so far has to be the Monsters University Takeover! I loved that party so much because it was like nothing Club Penguin had ever did before and it was a good change.

Waddle On Club Penguin!


My favorite party of all time is operation blackout where herbert ruled the island and the EPF had to save cp.


My favourite party is music festival 2012.Because I like the music met Cadence, find Cece and Rocky, had their funds, we danced, we had exclusive accessories, Cadence went to the concert, came a new song The Party Stars Now, sing, had a nice decoration, Zendaya Coleman and Bella Throne CP worked as female penguins!. was sencacional.



Hmm! That's a hard question to answer. I like The Ultimate Jam 2012 because you got to meet a lot of CP characters, including Rocky, Cece, and Cadence! There was also a lot of music and dancing going on! That's my favorite party so far! Waddle On, Cp!


Hmm pretty hard thing i need to answer i think mine is the 2012 holiday party it was fun and awesome because we turn into reindeer puffles toy cars and even the frost bites! its fun as a reindeer pufffle because when you dance you get a red nose! to bad you can't stay like one for a long time well that party is my fav hope billy and happy come back soon!


Kiki Iceburg:

My favorite is the prehistoric party , because the dino dig was fun. Also I thought the time traveler was really cool. Finally I thought the costumes were awesome!
~ waddle on!


My favorite party of all time was probably the Puffle Party because the members got to adopt a rainbow puffle and since i'm a member i adopted like five! Also you got to be turned into one of your own puffles!! Plus it was fun watchig my puffle eat,sleep,workout,and get washed!!!
Best Fishes,


Well, I have a few favorite parties! I loved the Water Party because it was so cool to go swimming all over the island! I loved the Music Jam because I love music and it was awesome to have a whole party devoted to it-- plus I started my own band! I also loved Operation: Blackout because it was so much fun to beat Herbert-- and to find out the Director's identity! My absolute favorite party was the Festival of Flight because it was so exciting to fly over Club Penguin!


hi guys! Here are my faves. April Fools Party, Medieval Party, Summer Party, Dino Party, Operation black out, Christmas Party, I like The originals. Plz next year bring them back! its the only reason i get a membership!! Oh and those pics DEFIANTLY look like the summer party is coming up in august. YAY!



Well I have to say the summer party is my favorite.It has always my favorite party though it was only for two years, it was always awesome! It was a way to celebrate a great time of water and the summertime.You got the a lei, sun glasses, all summer in a great awesome island. So that was my favorite party out of all the amazing parties on the island.
Well Waddle On :)


The best party iv'e been to so far is... hard to chose. I know it's going to be star wars take over but as of right now, Operation Blackout takes the cake. I loved how you had to solve fun puzzles to get cool gear, and how at the end of the mission you discovered the most secretive secret in all of club penguin. It was that--- [ Classified ]


I liked either the Music Jam parties, or Operation Blackout. Anything like those is what I desire. I guess Star Wars takeover could be exciting. Carabao88 here for 5 years on Club Penguin.


Wow awesome :) now back to the game ! player since 2005 and back today :)


My favorite party was the Music Jam.


Soo i like the monsters university party! :) but i missed the puffle party 2013 :( well ill do 2014 puffle party :) and in my other account i love the Standert safe chat :) bye also WADDLE ON! :)


I have a few, actually. The medieval party, for all the costumes and the quest, Operation blackout, you did great on that one! And last but not least, The puffle party. How did you get us to turn into puffles? Anyway, love your new show #waddleon! Keep waddling on.

From, kiki21970


I sorry I cant answer that because I love all your partys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waddle on and thank you cp people for making it happen

Meadow j:

my fav party was like the water one when the pipes broke and cp was flooded i LOVED that!!!!

Waddle on!!!!


I think my favorite party was the puffle party i found it really cute!!! i loved when they could do the race that was epic my black puffle always cheated lol! i think i have all the puffle posters!!! my favorite puffle is RED!!!! AND IT ALWAYS WON THE RACE ( not like my black puffle.) Well thats what i think : ) waddle on!

nemo bob:

i liked operation blackout


Hard to choose... April Fools Party, Medieval Party, Music Jam Party (2011, I missed the 2012 one :( ) Christmas Party, Adventure Party, Underwater Adventure Party. My all time favourite would have to be the Medieval Party. Waddle On CP!
- Caitlen17


P.S. The Halloween Party is also one of my favourites!
- Caitlen17


Island adventure. I loved that party it was the best one ever especially in 2010

Pony tail 9:

mine is the snow jistu party because it all i play in club penguin if i want to play a game or just regular card jitsu.

baby jitsu:

music jam 2012. never known a party like it. best party cp ever had since i joined in 2010. it was epic meeting cadence, rocky and cece!! also loved seeing cadence perform her song too(the party starts now). please bring that party back. the fruit party was cool too. loved the quest for the fruit outfits!! please bring them two partys back!!
waddle on, baby jistu!!


My favorite party was the water party! It was a great party because everybody hung out and were being their selves. I loved splashing around with my friends and going down the water slide. I really miss that party and I think CP should bring it back. If they did bring it back, it would be better then ever :) Waddle On!


My all-time favourite party was the Box Dimension April Fools party! All those awesome rooms in the Box Dimension made it the best party ever!!!


My number one favorite has GOT to be, the Medieval Party!!!! I actually felt that the dragons were going to POP out of the computer screens and CHARGE!!!!! I absolutely LOVED that PARTY!!! It had princesses, princes, knights, mystical creatures, dragons, it had fantasy in it, it had it ALL!!!!!!!! I loved the graphics!! I loved the challenges that us penguins had to face! It was just..... BRILLIANT!!! Thanks a million, Club Penguin Creators! :)

Paint Blue:

It is so hard to choose a favorite because they were all so good but if I had to choose a favorite it would have to be the Puffle Party in March 2012 because it was so much fun turning into your puffle. The Make Your Mark Ultimate Jam in 2012 was really good too.


My favorite party of all time is the halloween party,because you could get costumes, trick or treat and be a ghost or a ghost catcher.


My favorite party was the Hollywood party I got to go in the limo and I got awards I felt like Victoria justice it was so fun I hope they wil another

Bloom 4917 :

My favorite party was the puffle party and the Hollywood party I liked the puffle party because u got to turn into a puffle it was so fun and I got the rainbow puffle. The holly wood party was so fun I loved the limo it was amazing and the clothes also the awards

litil big:

festival of flight is the best


My favorite is a tie between the operation blackout party because we got lots of really cool gadgets and the medieval parties because you can go on quests to save princesses or to fight dragons and have lots of cool costumes!!

Waffle Camp:

My faverite party is the music jam 2011 and the operation blackout because we got to have battle of the bands and we got grappling hooks for operation blackout and we got to meet herbert p. bear.


If i had to choose it would be the star wars party even no it isent on yet i just really love star wars and because of the awsome cloths
By by


My favorite party was the Marvel superhero party! I would play everyday and felt like saving the world, doing bad stuff for fun like stealing and making giant robots that shot lasers


There wasn't an April fools party 2013??




My FAVORITE party is make ur mark ultimate jam,BUT i like much MORE the halloween party 2012!!!!


My favorite party of all time is the Hollywood Party. I liked going to the Awards Shows and also taking pictures of the "celebrities." It was so much fun! I also thought that the clothes were very "stylish." I'm glad that Club Penguin came up with the Hollywood Party!



My favorite party has to be the puffle party because it was fun to see everybody dress up as a puffle.


i <3 the music jam parties. the clothes are awesome!


My favorite party is Adventure party 2011, because i like pirates and soldiers and pirate mission ''Cream Soda Scavenger Hunt,, and i saw Rockhopper


My favorite party is the puffle party!!!!!! I LOVE puffles!!!!!


But Star Wars is my favorite too!
Waddle on
Ps I love cp a lot


besides the star wars takeover my favorite party was the Hollywood takeover.


I think the best party was when Cece and rocky party ! And for a new feature for clubpenguin could be trading items so everyone could get cool different items.


Beaky head:

I think the best party EVER was operation blackout because of the cool gadgets, rooms and the music
Beaky head over and out!


Definetly the prehistoric party because we could turn into dinosaurs

May Heyy:

WAIT A MINUTE are those pictures there because maybe in August will there be a water party or maybe thats just for the fall



My favorite party was CFC (Coins For Change) because :
1. We helped the world ;
2. We could transform to ice penguins, deer puffle and cars ;
3. Get badges of CFC.
I wish CFC of 2013-2014 will be better.



this one!


I loved the Water Party! Please bring it back!


My favorite party so far is the Fun Fair! It has a puffle circus, games, prizes and more! Oh, and best of all, everybody has FUN!
Waddle On CP! :)


I absolutely LOVE the Medevil Party! You get to fight dragons, dress up, and most of all I get to be as geeky as I want because that's what parties are for!


Hi!! My all time favorite party was definitely the Ultimate Jam 2012 because I LOVE how Cece and Rocky were there and the clothes I totally loved! Thanks, Maddie81438

Pink Kellie :

That's a great question! From all the party experiences I've been to the one I enjoy every year is probably the Holiday Party! (Or Christmas Party) Its just so fun how there's an igloo contest and you even get to count down to Christmas! How fun is that? You also get to help SANTA deliver presents to all the good girls and boys! Thx Waddle On!!! :)


My favorite party was definitely the Make Your Mark : Ultimate Jam Off 2012 ! We bought rare guitars , and watched the penguin band perform , and met Rocky , Cece , And Cadence! It's either that or the Adventure Party 2012! Big Big Kahuna , Pineapples , Apples, And Watermelon! I want the Old Parties To Come Back :(


my favourite party is the holiday party 2012 my favourite thing about it was being a frostbite!


i love the hq is fun.


May favorite party is probably the all of the halloween parties!!!! It might be late to answer the question, but i'm a fan so why not answer them? In the halloween parties you got the chance to enter a haunted mansion get some scare bear costumes, and trick or treat!! Who doesn't like candy! :D I really look forward to the fun activities of clubpenguin! I sure wish to meet the team one day!!

Penguin: Okayu

Chocchip 25:

I've been playing Club Penguin since I was 4 years old! I have been to most parties and I have loved them! But the most fun party ever is..... THE SUMMER PARTY :D I LOVED THE WATER HOSE! I loved the big purple octopus in the dojo! I loved the decorated dance club! I practically loved everything :)
~Chocchip 25 OUT!


i liked the halloween party in 2010

Bloom 4917:

My favorite party was the puffle party it was so fun I like when we got be PUFFLES please can u make an adventure time party


Hi Cp, My favorite parties were probably:
3: Every Music Jam (That i've been playing for.)
2: The Halloween Party With the Creepy Maze (I forgot which year.)
1: The fruity one in 2012 with the Big Big Kahuna! :D
1:(Again!) Every Fall Fair (Because mah birthday!) :D(That i've been playing for.)
I also think there was another Really really old one I forgot which would of been number 1 as well :(
P.S my username is Sophie41112.

Pickles 5962:

my all time favorite party was probably the carnival party because theres games and a circus and so many costumes and prizes i can't just pick one!! i usally buy all the stuff no doubt about that!! i love you cp!!


can you please please please please pleaseeeeeeeee bring back the hawaii party please i really want to get the red lei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. thanks for bringing the green hawaiian shirt


My favourite party was the puffle party because you got to dress up like your favourite puffle and let them be them!!!

Ghgirl Abbie:

My all time favourite party was the carnival one! Where you had to earn tickets to buy cool items & clothing, please bring that one back!!! :)


prihistoric party duh best party ever

Sporty Moi:

My favorite party OF ALL TIME has to be the Holiday Party! I attended the 2007 Christmas Party, and that was one of the BEST memories of the old days. I loved the decorations, and the holidays just seems to be more.. joyful.


I don't know what to choose the water party the summer party or the save the migrator party ok the save the migrator project it was so fun i really coudlnt belive i saw him crashing into an iceberg and play aqua grabber or whatever it is.
Waddle On! ~ Rc523


Well, I really like a lot. But my two most favorite parties were the Music Jam and The Water Party. Those were really fun parties! Oh don't forget the Puffle Party!


You should bring back the Water Party. I loved all the underwater nature ('cuz I looove nature)


Gee! I would have to say probably the first party ever launched on Club Penguin... The Beta Test Party! Ahhh it brings back so much good memories of old clubpenguin :)

Pepper Mint:

Another thing LOL. Maybe we should do another beta test party this year and decorate the island the EXACT way it used to be when the original beta test party came out. And we can sell super rare items and wear them for old times sake :)


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