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By Han Polo on July 23, 2013 - 20:22

Last week we asked, what has been your favorite Club Penguin party

I really liked Adri6363's answer:

My favorite party of all time was when Club Penguin had the Hollywood Party. It was totally fun! I played every single day it was on and it actually kinda made me feel like a superstar. I wish sometimes that it can come back. Also it was fun to get awards and get your own 15 minutes of fame! Riding limos to living in fancy penthouses, I think it was to best party ever!! Waddle On!!

Alright Star Wars fans, give it to me straight...what are you most looking forward to at the upcoming party?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

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I can't wait for the light sabers and costumes!

May The Force Be With You.
Jedi In Training.

Zack 7227:

i can't wait to see a X-wing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Waddle puff dar vader his mask isn't the. Same and. The real dar vader is skinny


I am looking for the costumes and challenges, cause I love when on August 28 you get to pick a ship between the X Wing fighter ship, and the TIE Fighter ship, it's almost like you have to pick between the Rebel side, and the Dark side.

Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!


i'm really excited about the challenges WADDLE ON


Wut is the waddle on


Actually, I made a mistake there, instead of August 28 I should have meant August 8... Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!!


it's hard to say


I am most exited to work the hardest I have ever to get enough coins to buy every single item you can get! I am so exited for the light saber duels! I might even possibly play every day just to be here. This will be the best party that has ever came to club penguin!! This is gonna be great! -Spectra600

Rock the field:

I am looking forward to getting a light saver and all the costumes and the x wing and looking forward to also saving the galaxy and getting free items and being a Jedi master and well just having a blast and exploring all the rooms and having fun and it all hapens tomorrow and playing the games in the party


Hi! I am most looking forward to getting helmets and the mini games. There's a mini game with light up swords?! Cool. B) Sorry I know nothing about this movie. But I do know a lot about dogs! Did you know you should never hit your dog or else it might become afraid of you? Read that one in a book. WADDLE ON




I am looking forward to battleing the empire and saving the galaxy also club penguin.Waddle On!


Being able to defeat darth herbert! maybe.....


well... tomorrow I am going to get my light sword and bash all the bad guys butts and save princess cadence and make club penguin a safe place and become a ........ JEDI MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWWWW YEATH :D WOOT! I know this party is going to be awesome cause star wars is awesome l o l I wonder.... what will the next party be? I am ready! :) WADDLE ON BEST CP TEAM EVERRRRRRRRRRR WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :D :)




Getting darth vader costume so i can say i am your father no! Thats no possible ! lol and i will feel like im the boss of the universe and feel like im in the next movie

Fj :

Fj penguin name is fig1128


I totally agree too


I really look forwards to the costumes and the puffle outfits


The challenges, games, and costumes are what I am looking forward to although hopefully we get the awesome ships.


I'm looking forward for the awesome new planets we can go to! I can't wait to go to Tatoonine! May the forces be with you...

Penguin Jedi, Asena1234


I can't wait for the costumes and I will get to meet so many new people the costume all seem really cool though like Princess Leia and darth vader even puffle clothing


I definitely look forward to becoming a JEDI MASTER! I mean, who wouldn't? And like Obi-Wan said to Luke: (paraphrased)
"Jedi are the peace-keepers and guardians of the galaxy and generals in war" ~Obi-Wan Kenobi
Thanks for the amazing party CP!!! :)
Padwan in training


I love the next party because I love singing I am a good singer (not so much but I think my voice is good)I know that the party is: Summer Music Jam I know it has a sense with singing from the word "Music".I hope that CeCe and Jones will be there.

That's All

Waddle On


All I love in Star Wars Takeover that members can be a Jedi Master,Fight and battle other penguins
and members can buy R2-D2 hat for their puffles I also love the Kloo horn and the Bandfill Its for everyone:Non-members and Members
and also I like Luke Skywalker :)

So That's All
Until Then Penguins
Waddle On


I totally agree with Adri6363's awnser that the Hollywood party was involved with out of the box thinking because it was SO COOL!!!

Yours truly -szaz12345


I know right

Cuddly 16:

I know the party is about to end, but in the beginning i was so excited for the party even though Im not really a Star Wars fan. After I really got interested and I really liked it. I think I might be a Star Wars fan now thanks to the Club Penguin team. I think I want to watch all the star wars movies with my family and my two awesome hugest star wars fans in the world. Thanks Club Penguin Team! Waddle on!


ya me too




I am looking forward to all the costumes and weekly challenges. Cant wait!


I am looking forward to all the costumes and weekly challenges. Cant wait!


same. I can't wait for the rebel trooper costume :D they are my brother's favorite character.

Dojo Boy9000:

Im mainly excited for the different areas and planets we will get to explore. This is never before heard of! This will be awesome!


I can't wait for the summer party to come back because I love the summer and I think the summer party would be a great way to end the summer. I just love the sun and going to beach and I hope they make the beach have more water for the summer. And I think club penguin should make a beach ball for all the penguins to hit the ball that would be so cool. Happy Summer everybody and love it while its here.


LOL I'm with u I LUV summer! It's my fave part of the year (with Christmas an exception)! Waddle on!


I'm with you on that! The Summer Party is my favorite, save for Christmas. What would be really cool is if they make the beachball a multi-player game for the Summer Party only, or maybe some sort of ticket thing (almost like the carnival) that you could earn from it.
But for the Star Wars Take-Over, I'm really looking forward to being able to dress up like Chewbacca and battle Herbert. Of course, I'll be super excited to fight with a light-saber, too!
Jedi In Training


Battling with light sabers and traveling through different worlds!! SLICE PORTAL SLICE PORTAL. LOL!

Logan Music:

I look forward to being on the Dark Side with Darth Herbert. It's going to be so much fun!


Me too. I can't wait!


I am looking forward to the new different worlds! Waddle on CP!


O_O I'm gonna watch out for you.... ;-)


Yeah, me too! I literally jumped out of my seat when it said the words," DARTH HERBERT"!!!!!! Herbert has finally returned!!!! Yeah, even though I AM going to be working for the good side, it's good to finally have our villain back! I miss saving the island and kicking evil's butt!!!!!


lol darth herbert

ps add me slevin3


My favorite part of the Star Wars Takeover is... Everything! Perfect and great respect to games, items, rooms... How I wish they had done something like this for months... I have fun, really. Being a Jedi fighting in space is excellent!


I mainly, look forward to the tasks and costumes, to do and get. I'm excited for these mostly because, I can't wait to dress up as the Darth Vader! I also look forward to the tasks. They're going to be spectacular to do and recieve Rebel costumes for out work. Waddle On!


I am really excited for this party! I'm a really big Star Wars fan so when I heard Club Penguin was going to have a Star Wars Takeover, I jumped up and down! I was really excited! At the party, I can't wait to become a Jedi Master, get all the costumes, visit all the planets, and have fun with my friends! Darth Herbert is going DOWN!! Waddle On!!!!




I'm looking forward to getting all of the new costumes! I can't wait to dress up as Princess Leiah!!

Blue Kid 707:

Im looking forward to fighting with lightsavers getting costumes like dark vader chubaca and artbtu! waddle on!


Wow! I can't wait for the Star Wars Takeover! Star Wars is my FAVORITE! I love Star Wars! I can't believe Star Wars is coming to Club Penguin! Thank you so much Club Penguin Team for making this Star Wars Takeover possible! You guys are the best! And as always... WADDLE ON! :D


I look forward to meet Herbert P. Bear and also to the new rooms of the party.

Melvin 505:

I'm really stoked for the party it's just... I have NO idea what I'm waiting for. Something to do I guess?

It also might matter that I've never watched a SW movie before...


i cant wait new costumes and new star wars mazes im a really huge fan of star wars an club penguin and goergo lucas confirmed
star wars V II is comıng on 2015 disney bought star wars last year and i cant belive star wars party on club penguin i cant wait costumes , rooms and others i cant belive and club penguin company do a secret unlock items code code is starwars but you entered you cant get any items untıl star wars party you can saw this. It's going to be so much fun! Waddle On !


I Think That The Jedi Master Will Be Epic To Me And Geting To To Deefet Herbert Epic!


I am looking forward to all the costumes and weekly challenges. Cant wait n im sure star war will be great


I'm Mainly Looking Forward To Complete Challenges To Defeat Herbert and Save The Galaxy. I'm Also looking forward to Start Like At Episode 1 To Episode 6. There are even MORE Stuff I'm looking Forward to. I'm Looking Forward To Do Like A Clone Wars Task To Face Herbert As Count Dooku! Theres even MORE things!! I'm looking forward to The Costumes like C-3PO,Darth Vader,Luke Skywalker,Han Solo,Droids and A Secret outfit: Han Solo(Medal Ceremony). May The Force Be With You Spectacular Jedi Knight..


I'm looking forward to going to the Millennium Falcon and using it as a scene set for my movie! :)

~Perapin :)


yeah i will be there!


im looking forward to the feeling to feel like i am in the star wars movies i love that it will be based episode 4 i really hope that r2d2 is a costume and a puffle hat because i love r2 he is the funniest droid to me ,and im looking forward to have all the star wars suits even if its a girl im going to take it THIS WILL BE THE BEST PARTY EVER :) WaddleOn.


I'm looking forward to the new costumes, lightsabers, dressed up penguins, and new challenges

Water Ice 20:

I am looking foward to everything on this party! Specially the part of thousands of penguins wearing costumes and pretending to be the character they are dressed up as. Everyone showing their Club Penguin spirits! I am really exited for the new tasks and getting to dress up as one of my favorite characters! Its going to be so much fun and one of the greates themes Club Penguin will ever have! Especially since me and my friends love Star Wars! And i bet most of you penguins also do!
Waddle on!


I think I am most looking forward to battling all the enemies, especially Darth Herbert! And if she's not held captive, tell princess Cadence that she doesn't have anything to worry about, cause I'm totally going to kick the fur off of Darth Herbert and his stormtroopers! I also can't wait to get my own lifesaver. Do you ever wonder how they glow? But I hope everybody is as excited about the Star Wars Takeover as I am! Be prepared at all times! May the force be with you!


I'm looking forward to have an amazing party with my favorite movie! I am really excited to meet penguins with every style of Star Wars! I'm going to have an great time exploring all around club penguin party. Have Fun! Waddle On!




I'm looking forward to the costumes, tasks, and lightsabers because I believe that the costumes will look awesome in me, and the tasks I am thinking its gonna be really cool. I am thinking that you could gain cool items when you finish each task! I am wondering if they will might have voices. The lightsabers, I'm thinking its gonna look really cool! The lightsabers could have a special dance! That would be really cool!
Waddle on! :)

Blue 199:

Hi im Blue 199. I cant wait for the party. I am looking forward to all the costumes and weekly challenges,Battling with light sabers and traveling through different worlds, and I look forward to being on the Dark Side with Darth Herbert. It's going to be so much fun! But im not really in his side its just fun to do it! I just cant wait! Everyone is talking about it. I made my friends like clubpenguin and they love clubpenguin now and we are talking about it! Waddle on!
Your best Fan!:)


I look forward to fighting Darth Herbert!! Also I look forward to getting all the unique costumes!! I absolutely LOVE the parties that are interactive like Operation Blackout!! It would be cool if they did it like that with every party!! It would be even better if we could choose evil or good like we did in the superhero takeover!! I love club penguin parties!!! Waddle on!!


the quests, costumes, and being able to become a Jedi Master


I can't wait for the cool costumes, (especially Darth Vader's costume), battling with lightsabers, choosing which side of the force to be on, and the experience of a new party!


I am looking forward to becoming a Jedi and Destroy Darth Herbert and his evil plans and to save princess Cadence and also the weekly challenges! WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!


I am looking forward for the Costumes because will be really uncommon costume! They have all the characters from costumes. I will do the all the weekly challenges and they mini games it will be really fun! And yeah I will make a plan with my team to defeat EVIL DARTH HERBERTTT! But Until then....Good Luck I mean.. Waddle On!

Poprocksing :

I'm really looking forward to all the costumes and to save club penguin.


Im really looking forward to the costumes and the awesome challenges cp has to offer.


Defiantly going to other planets like tattione and the Death Star, also I am looking forward to becoming a Jedi. I apsaloutly can't wait cuz this party is going to be EPIC!!!!!so in till then WADDLE ON!!!


I absolutely can not wait. I hope we fly up into space and land the death star and defeat Darth Vader and i'm going to dress up as Han solo


I'm most looking forward to battling DARTH HERBERT with a lightsaber

P N Gwenn:

I really want to buy all the costumes and help my friends pretend to be a rebel and really be a spy for Darth Herbert..... Live Long and Prosper! I mean May the Force be With you.
P N Gwenn


Defeating Darth Herbert, and becoming a Jedi, and saving the universe! Its going to be the best thing ever


I look forward to the new party design!I think there'll be some awesome new rooms based on Death Star and...other stars!I Also really love the costumes...I really like dressing my penguin with a LIGHT SABER and DARTH VADER MASK and some Summer flippers.You can't do this every day,huh?Oh,stay,you can!It's CP! =) Well,I think that I'm looking forward to all.I heard that there will be some cool new challenges and this makes me excited.Waddle On!


I am excited for lightsabers and the different experience of seeing club penguin at a galactic war with the Empire.And meeting HERBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would really like something with R2D2 because he is my favorite character!

Waddle on!!!



Battling Darth Herbet and travelling around the universe and completing tasks in the Star Wars world to take down the dark side and become a Jedi Master, and I have always wanted a lightsaber!


I am looking forward to seeing C-3PO. He is my favourite character in Star Wars. He RULES!!!!!!!!! Go C-3PO


I'm really looking forward to finally getting Star Wars costumes because I have been waiting for this party since I started CP. Waddle On!


i just cant wait for the party im really excitied about all the coustumes and being a jedi


I want to fly an X-Wing fighter!

Jilly Can101:

I've never seen Star Wars before, so I'm really looking forward to experiencing it for the first time on Club Penguin! I think Star Wars will seem pretty cool!


i am looking forward to the star wars party as for the first time ever theres my fave movie series costume! also its epic as there are lots of mascots at the party! and u can 1. play a new game 2. do a quest like on rockhoppers quest 3. all new costumes and theres worlds that are not just a new room! and u can earn items from episode 4 'a new hope' and members can get and do even more!



I excited about everything really i love all partys. My favorite is holiday party. Great way to end the year!


The best part will be the role play with loads of quotes from the actual movies!

OH! WAIT I WAS WRONG! the best part will be the lightsabers! gjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj woooooooooob wooob SLASH


I am looking forward to just having fun in the party, I love all of the other parties but by far the Star Wars Takeover will the best



I'm looking forward to the millennium falcon landing at the dock and the new items in the clothes catalog .

Duncan 8114:

im looking forward to geting the R2D2 hat for my puffle because he is my favourite character in star wars and all the amazing items to get i have been saveing up 10000 coins by playing on the my penguin app and i love to get some more coins to buy items!


I am looking to becoming a Jedi and defeating Darth Herbert and the empire! I also can't wait to wear the Chewbacca costume! Hope you guys keep making awesome parties!


i think this s the chance to see cadence and herbert


Han Polo LOL!! Awesome, polo!

Gogo 13:

im looking foward to the storyline and the epic costumes


I am most looking forward to probably getting the costumes and waddling around in them.My second thing I am looking forward to is traveling to all the planets and doing tasks their to save the galaxy.I am looking forward to these three because I like waddling around on Club Penguin.

Jasmine 7655:

I'm really looking forward to the challenges as I love challenging myself! I am also reeeeeeaaaally looking forward to the costumes as me and my friends are going to put on a Star Wars play for those who wanna watch! I bet the rooms are gonna look epic too... I just can't contain my excitement! At first I really hated the sound of a Star Wars party but Cp is really drawing me into the party! Thanks a lot and Waddle on!


I'm just looking forward to the ENTIRE takeover in general! I love Star Wars!

Waddle On and may the Force be with you!


I'm looking forward to dressing as Darth Vader, approaching a penguin dressed as Luke Skywalker, and saying "Luke, I AM your father."


I look forward to becoming a Jedi master and to meet darth Herbert . AWESOME!!!!


I'm kinda waiting for the weekly challenges and the island to change. Even Darth Vader is awesome!!! Just wish that we meet Candence or Sensei cause they are a bit cooler as they party and Sensei is at peace! :P I just know one thing...... Candence is the princess. I am also looking foward for the games and costumes as they're cool specially for Star Wars! Even I want to see the characters because I'm collecting stamps. I've got at least 156 stamps! Pretty excited. :D :)
Till then,Waddle on.


I'm looking forward to the costumes! I'm not really into Star Wars, but I like all the costumes. Usually I do one person roleplay at parties while wearing the costumes. Can't wait for this epic takeover, Polo Field (AKA Han Polo; may the force be with u....)

Sidney 101:

I cant wait to tackle down Herbert, and his evil forces, and probobly destroy the death star obvcourse.

Boba 126:

I'm most looking forward to piloting the Millennium Falcon, then landing in amazing new worlds and dimensions - so much to discover and uncover! Then using team work to battle threats we may find in these new world and defeat the dastardly Darth Herbert!

Rockor king :

I cant wait to see Darth Herbert say... LUKE... I AM YOUR FATHER!


im looking forward to distroy darth herbet and save princess candance!Waddle on!


I'm so excited for the new Star Wars takeover. It sounds like so much fun! I'm sure my favorite part would be battling Darth Herbert with my light-saber. I just can't wait and thank you CP for planning this party!

Potter 2000:

I'm looking forward to become a Jedi master or a Sith lord (if possible). Oh it's gonna be the biggest Club Penguin party ever made! You rock guys!


i cant wait till i can take flight and destroy the death star and also drees up as other 20 new coustumes. what is your favourite coustume cp?
cp i am your father
waddel on penguin name is josh1205 add me


I am looking forward to in the starwars party is.....LIGHTSABERS and the fact I have been wating for this my whole life! Waddle on! Eheheheheheheehehe

Green Screen:

Since you're basing it off of Episode 4, I assume there will be a Darth Maul costume, which makes me really happy! Also, I'm really excited to be able to battle with other penguins with Lightsabers! In fact, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've seen little bits of the movie on a TV Channel before, so I think I pretty much know what's going on. Waddle On! P.S. Thanks for releasing all these great parties!


What im looking forward too is probably....
Everything!! I'm just so excited as we have never had a big party like this.
Waddle on,


i am looking forward to the chewy costume i love him so much that little fluffy ball of hair


I'm mainly looking forward to the amazing adventures and costumes! I'm so excited to try on all the costumes, I would especially like to dress up as Princess Leia! And wouldn't be awesome to be a Rebel and fly around in a space ship! Also I'd love to dress my Orange Puffle as Chewbacca or maybe even R2D2! Saving the CP Universe is going to be a waddle-tastic adventure!


i look forward to dressing up as darth vader!


i would wont new GIRL CLOTHES i have not see before and the missions


I am mostly looking forward to, well everything!! The Star Wars party looks like an awesome party to get many costumes and win epic battles! But the most thing I am looking forward to is traveling planets! It looks like each planet has there very own map! That's 4 maps!
Club Penguin has a map, Tatooine has its own map, The Death Star has it's own map, and Yavin 4 has it's own map! Very cool! I can't wait for the Star Wars party! This looks like a really cool party! Talk to ya later! Bye! :)


Do you mean 15 seconds? Oh and the part I'm looking forward of the Star Wars Takeover is battling Darth Herbert! We get to use light sabers and meet Herbert (Darth Herbert)! Sensei (Jedi Master) and Cadence (Princess Leia) too of course.

Mr Awesome M:

Going in space!!!!!!! Seeing Club Penguin for outer space!!!!!! Helping Princess Cadence!!!!!!!!!! Fighting Dart Herbert!!!!!! I feel like all of them would be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm really looking forward to fighting Vader and the Emperor, doing the weekly challenges and (If you can get the costume) dressing up as Jedi Grand Master Yoda and Supreme Commander Gial Ackbar. I can't wait.

Waddle On,


I'm looking forward to battling with light sabers and defeating the dark side. I have loved Star Wars since i was little now its coming to my favorite virtual world!! :D I can't wait to fight beside Luke skywalker! I Hope its as good as the Official movie Waddle On!
~Dodoebird :D


Well CP, I'm looking forward to saving the island, hoping to dress as Obi Wan Kenobi Or Luke Skywalker! There my favourite Star Wars characters!! And fighting the enemies with Lightsabers! I'm so looking forward to the party CP! Waddle On CP!! You're The Real Overachievers! ;-)


I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, and I have to say I'm mainly looking forward to the costumes and tasks! I really feel like this will be the best party EVER on Club Penguin (the trailer looks awesome)!


I'm super exited to battle with light sabers! It sounds so awesome! It it would be EVEN MORE AWESOME if we could use the force! I'm going to become a Jedi master and when I am, I'm going to face Darth Herbert and then the EMPEROR! I'm everything in battles, including the X-wing and TIE Fighter battles in space! Anything to do with battle, I'm in! WADDLE ON!!


Well, I'm a ninja, so I think becoming a Jedi master would be pretty cool. And as an EPF agent, I'd love the weekly challenges to help save the galaxy. And earning points with games sounds fun! I've never seen Star Wars, so I don't know how many costumes I'd like, but I think I'll love the Princess Leih costume. And I might be able to meet Sensei, Herbert or Cadence during the party, since they have big rolls. So, really, I'm looking forward to the whole party! Waddle on!


STAR WARS PARTY? I Have Been P,laying On Another Game A Long Time But When I Saw The Star Wars Commercial I Felt Like I Really Wanna Play
Club Penguin For A Long Time

Mr Black 12:

I look forward to meeting all the mascots! They are always my favorite part of the parties!


I am looking forward to being a jedi master!

awesome dude:

I'm really excited to play the party's mini games,dress up as darth vader, and battle with light sabers!

baby jitsu:

the costumes look awesome!! Also i love star wars, so i cant wait to play the tasks. but the darth vader costume looks brilliant!! cant wait!!

waddle on!! (or should i say may the force be with you)

-baby jitsu


I am really looking forward to the lightsabers, weekly challenges and battling Darth Herbert :D


Cool but who is Han Polo? Is it a nickname to polo field or a blogger?


I would love to beat Dark Herbert with my laser We will fight during 2 hours!
I really like when the good one beat the evil one!
and my nickname will be the megare ( my name mega with fire megare~)


What I'm looking really forwards to, is being a true Jedi. I'm already getting into the mood by doing lightsaber fights with my little brother :)!! I can't wait to try and defeat Herbert, and trying on all thoes costumes :)!! Just listening and looking at the sneakpeaks, this party looks like a blast! DOWN WITH DARTH HERBERT!!!

May the force be with you club penguin!
Waddle on!


Im looking forward to the costumes and daily challenges.I saw that there was a han solo game where you shoot stormtroopers


The thing I am looking most forward to in the Star Wars takeover are the missions. Not only do you get to stop Darth Herbert, but you also get costumes


Woah! After I saw that video of a seek peek of the all new Club Penguin and Star Wars takeover, it looks like this is going to be one of the biggest parties in Club Penguin! I'm mainly looking forward to playing the mini games, and collecting the epic costumes that the
brill team of Club Penguin make!!

Arr Two Dee Two:

X wing game


Jabbas palace and rancor because I like them. jabba is cool and he eats frogs {yuck} and he has guards and the rancor trap. waddle on! I love you cp. it might not be there.


I'm looking forward to the lightsabers!


Who could choose I've been waiting for this for years the costumes look awesome the tasks seem extremely fun the story matches up with the movie while still adding the Club Penguin influence. The whole party is playing out to be the best party ever. Even now just speaking about it is making me get jittery and excited. lightsaber battles will be going on everywhere and I can also say that I am mostly looking forward to becoming a Jedi master and the journey to becoming one.


I look forward to becoming a Jedi and getting to do daily challenges! And battling the forces of EVIL!!!!!!
I can't wait for all of the costumes and to get a ride on the meliniom falcon for free! LOL!


Look! Polo changed his author name to Han Polo :)


To be honest, I am looking up to Darth Herbert (Yes I hope to be as evil as him) and I want to help him and I hope to be Darth Maul (If they have a costume) I think it's about time we had an evil person, don't you?


Everything!!!!!!! I can't wait,to meet Herbert again, but as Darth Herbert! I would love to dress as every character and battle penguins to be a Jedi and the weekly challenges and going to different worlds!

Waddle On!


I think the Star Wars party is my favorite because it is the one that you can get the best costumes it was awesome!!I played everyday and I can't wait to see what's new on the party!


i cant wait. my penguin still is less than a year old. but you never disappointed me so im looking foreword to the whole party but im especially eager for taking down Darth Herbert with the epf and resistants


I' really looking forward to party it self. from all I' seen it gonna be awesome. I love cp and star wars so I'm gonna love this party. Rock on cp. ps. this is my very first post so please show some support.

cool boy7941:

I'm looking forward to the new places every time theres a new room I get super exited waddle on!!


im looking forward to defeating darth Herbert and the empire and victory


I think lightsabers would be extremely cool to use on Darth Herbert (Get It?). Its funny really, I've never watched any of the movie myself but they really good!



I can't wait because my two favorite things come together.


I am looking most forward to the weekly challenges because I'm a non-member so I can't really wear a bunch of costumes.


All parties on clubpenguin are great! But for this star wars party it would be cool to have costumes and stuff just like the monsters university party!!!


Probably my favorite party so far has been the Underwater Expedition 2012. For some reason that party has always been special to me. I liked all the sound effects and blue water graphics... it was a really peaceful and amazing party, and again, that's been my favorite party for a while now.


I'm looking forward to all the little missions that Princess Cadence (LOL) is going to give us. I'm also excited to meet Darth Herbert in person, though I better have my Lightsaber ready in case there's need for an ultimate battle! ;) This party is going to be the best one in a long time, methinks. Waddle On!

pop i like:

What i look forward to in the upcoming party is decorations and costumes because i have always been a big fan of star wars and club penguin.

peng anurav:

Well, my answer is a bit different.
I am looking forward for a party that can't be on CP. I think there should be a backup party which will contain all the parties which ever happened on CP. There would be the name of the parties in the place of servers.

I am sure there are billions of users who will be EXTREMELY happy in this party and everyone would love to experience their GOLDEN MEMORIES again with their old and new friends both. Please CP make a party like this if you ever read it


I am looking forward to using light saberes and having fun as I do at ALL the club penguin parties
keep up the good work club penguin


I am most excited for light sabers! I cant wait to use the force and help the rebels defeat darth herbert! I am also excited for all the waddletastic costumes, along with all the fun day by day challenges! I think this will be a party to remember :)

Cr Beak:

I'm looking forward to finally having Herbert visit for the first time since Operation: Blackout! I'm also looking forward to see if he has a new background for this party! It would be so cool if he had a new Star Wars themed background... Although I'm pretty excited for the costumes too. :D
#Waddle On!


im looking forward to that evryone can get points to get the daily challenge rewards and get a chance to meet herbert


Its obviously the costumes dressing up like Darth Herbert, Han solo, Luke Skywalker and so much more! And you can battle with Light sabers and the mini games ,I can't wait! Club penguin you really outdid yourself.


I'm looking forward to becoming a Jedi master and defeating Darth Herbert! I also can't wait for the costumes and weekly quests. I he this is gonna be another great party like the previous ones. Waddle on!


I personally am looking forward to becoming a jedi because because we can acutally complete Things we do each day. Also because it could be like 15 minutes of saving the galaxy and stoping Darth herbert! Until next time waddle on!!!


I cant wait for everything lightsavers flying spaceships going to space bete the darksid and the darkstar and restore freedon to the galexy and costoms and becomeing a jedi master.


id love to be a jedi, be a hero and save the galaxy. im also looking forward to get costumes and lightsabers AND FLY AN X-WING
are you kidding me! thats awesome! and best of all... USING THE FORCE! it would be epic! i hope there's a luke skywalker costume and double lightsabers! i have noticed that sensei is ben kenobi (a.k.a obi-wan kenobi) and i have already met him but i dont have him in my friend list so i want him in it and his new background..
waddle on, may the force be with you.......


I'm looking forward to defeating the evil empire and saving the galaxy


Hi! I'm really excited to go do a lightsaber move, and meet Luke Skywalker!

(PS I think there should be a party where the non members get do the member things!)


Well, there are many things I look forward too! But if I had to choose one thing, I think it would be traveling to other worlds and completing fun tasks there! Waddle on CP!


i am looking forward for me to become a jedi master and defeat darth herbert.its going to be so much exicting.

waddle on


Everything but mostly the cool costumes and the places you can viset! Waddle on! And may the force be with you!




I am really excited to see the adventures to do. What I really want to do is go to Tatooine! Me and my dad have always loved Star Wars,
and when he heard about the party he exploded! He asks me every day if it already started! Cannot wait for the futuristic experience!
Waddle On CP Friends!


I can't wait to become a Jedi! In real life, I have always thought about what it would be like to be Luke or Yoda, and now with the Star Wars Takeover, I can be a Jedi! It will be so much fun to get my own lightsaber! I can't wait to defeat Darth Herbert with my cool new Jedi skills! Thanks so much for this party!
Waddle on you must, yes, and fulfill your destiny!


I'm really looking forward to completing the weekly quests, holding back waves of imperial fighter ships, and especially the lightsaber battles. It's fun to actually fight imperials with glowing rods that resemble swords, instead of simply pelting each other with snowballs, which have no real effect. PEW PEW KA-SLICE PEW KA-SLICE KA-SLICE!
Waddle On Everybody!!!


I can't wait till We go into space and Fight With Light Sabers! Then we can become A Jedi This has to be the most AWESOME party WADDLE ON!


i'm looking forward to the part when i get all the costumes and i can make a cool rebels costume.





i am pretty much ready for all of it witch means coustumes, games and decorations and star wars is just one of my favorite things thank you cp formaking this party


i cant wait to get all the costumes at fight with light sabers. i also cant wait to join the dark said. mwahahahaha


I'm looking forward to saving clubpenguin and the world, also the costumes and the tasks!!!



I'm looking forward to saving clubpenguin and the world, also the costumes and the tasks!!!



Like many members, I'm looking forward to all the costumes. It's just the originality and all the possible combinations of the costumes that makes the parties so exciting. And non-members don't have to miss out either, because there's always a free item a some sort at every party.


EVERYTHING! I love all the new costumes (a lot of work has been put into them, I can tell) , the new areas, and the tasks look fun as well. But I think my favourite thing has got to be getting a lightsaber, a Jedi cloak, and becoming a Jedi master and duelling my friends!


I am mainly looking forward to becoming a jedi master.


Okay Han Polo Im Real Excited For Herbert To Come In A Darth Vader Suit,Its All Epic I Am Real Excited For The Games Flying Places And DRum Roll Please, Being A Jedi Master I Was So Excited For The New Episode Of Star Wars And Now You Guys Are Doing A Star Wars Takeover. Im Real Happy

Waddle On

Jedi Cjvan04 Out!


I'm looking forward to seeing all the fans and their star wars spirit


I have loved STAR WARS for as long I could remember. So I would love to be apart of star wars and I cant wait to be in A NEW HOPE which is my favorite out of the trilogy. I AM GOING TO LOVE THE COSTUMES! My favorite characters are Han Solo LUKE Skywalker princess Leia Chewbacca C-3PO R2-D2 Darth Vader the Emperor and Jabba the hut.SO THATS WHY I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE STAR WARS TAKEOVER SO MUCH!Waddle on!


I look forward to fighting Darth Herbert! He will pay for destroying the EPF! Oh! Uh.... the EPF? I-it's my.... private school! Yeah, my private school.... (not really)


i cant wait for the outfits and dressing up as han and getting a lightsaber i think that this will be awesome also i like the idea of making cadence leia i cant wait!

Air Raider:

I'm really looking forward to doing the lightsaber battles and even visiting the planet Tatooine and i'm really excited for the takeover to come!

Waddle on!


I'm looking forward to become a jedi master and use the force to defeat Darth Herbert!!! And wear an epic jedi cloak and use lightsabers too!!


I really look forard to weekly chalenges, helping Princess Cadence, and becoming a jedi penguin, I can't wait to battleDarth Herbert, and seeing all the hard work cphq worked on this epic and awesome idea!
Waddle On! I'm really excited I can look like Princess Cadence and other costumes.


GAAAAHH!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO BECOME A JEDI! IT'S THE WHOLE REASON I GOT MEMBERSHIP!!! I found some cool hair in the iPad catalog so I'm going to mix and match clothes to look like Anikan Skywalker. I'm excited to see what i'll be able to get in these next few weeks. Waddle on!!! #StopTheEmpire


i'm really looking forward to seeing Dark Vader and saving the world and i'm excited for the awesome task that earn you Costumes like the rebel costume and seeing all the light sabers awesome i call the pink ! and i will really look forward to seeing Club penguins really awesome decorations that they always have! cant wait! and as always,
Waddle On!

Asa Man:

i look too see meny jedi!
and to pilot starfighter!


Where do I start? I can't WAIT to travel to other planets and unlock cool new items and mission tasks!
Oh and how could I forget? TAKING DOWN DARTH HERBERT!!!!!! :D club penguin for the WIN!!!!
Your pal,


I'm looking forward becoming a jedi and deafeting darth herbert


I like that picture


Where do I start? I absolutely LOVE the Star Wars Movies and the 4th one is one of my absolute favourites! Bringing Star Wars to CP is brilliant! I want to stop Darth Herbert and be in the Rebel Alliance! Going to all the planets and defeating the Death Star will give me such a thrill!! I am so excited to help Club Penguin with the Death Star!
Waddle On!

E Pinguinn:

I am looking forward to saving the galaxy and becoming a jedi! Sounds FUN


Where do I start? I absolutely LOVE the Star Wars Movies and the 4th one is one of my absolute favourites! Bringing Star Wars to CP is brilliant! I want to stop Darth Herbert and be in the Rebel Alliance! Going to all the planets and defeating the Death Star will give me such a thrill!! I am so excited to help Club Penguin with the Death Star!
Waddle On!


I'm looking forward to see the millennium falcon arrive at the dock!


light sabers!! waddle on :)


i'm looking forward to see hon solo! and chewbacca they are so awesome! may the force be with you!


well i would defeat darth herbert and the weekly chanlenges


I cant wait because we get to go to space!! One small step for penguins, Thats one big waddle for penguin kind!! lolz!! I cant wait to get lightsabers too!! We can defeat Darth Herbert!!! May The Force Be With You And Waddle On!! Monkey87153


I am really looking forward to the challenges, the costumes, and the Jedi training!!! Even though I am a girl and haven't even seen ANY of the Stars Wars movies, I am more excited for this party than any other party! I really want to dress as R2D2 or C3PO or ( the most OBVIOUS) Princess Lea!!!!!!!! I just cannot wait for tomorrow!!!!! In a far away galaxy, there was an island called Club Penguin, how was under attack by the evil Darth Herbert........
Thanks for the party!!!
Waddle on!


I've never seen the movie but i wanna be lea too

Tyler Heller:

I'm looking forward for the party a lot because it's really enthusiastic to play Club Penguin, I think the part I'm most looking forward to, is rescuing Princess Leia (Cadence)! WADDLE




im looking forward to saving the universe it going to be epic! waddle on!


I'm most looking forward to getting to go into space and more things I don't know about! But the best is hanging and having fun with my friends and going to fight Darth Herbert! Intil next time...


Clubpenguin fan:

I want the carnival party to come back and the summer every one was fun!!!!!!


I look forward to all the weekly challenges and costumes! I Cant wait to see penguin celebrities and some new ones to! It would be so awesome if you get to actually get to battle Darth Herbert! the new items look amazing! Waddle on C.P!


I cannot wait for the party! Particularly the lightsabers, blasters, etc. armory; and as well for the costumes, including the tie fighter and the X-wing costumes. This will be an amazing party!

And as always, WADDLE ON CP!!


I think the thing I looking forward, For is using the FORCE. I'm amazed by this because you get to move objects with your MIND! It cool, because you can SENSE everything that going to happen before it HAPPENS something like SPIDEY-SENSE .Then,LIGHTSABERS these high-advance technology that can slice through anything!. Great for blocking lasers shooting you. That what I look forward to this just UNEXPLAINABLE cool party! Waddle on!


I can't wait for all the challenges and the costumes. I'm always ready for a good challenge.


What I am looking forward to are the weekly challenges because I like a good challenge the difficulty against me so I look forward to that the most I also look forward to the Jedi Battle since they are so cool but what I look forward to the most is the battle at Rebel Base since I saw the movie and it was awesome!
Waddle On.

Dome C:

Hey Guys! For this party I am excited abut everything: The Costumes, the igloo item, the challenges, the rooms, and the story! Ladies and Gentlemen: May the Force Be With You!

Frosty Cool7:

What is Star Wars?

Just to give you some common logic is that most kids don't know a thing about star wars.



P.S. my brother adors star wars :o! lol
WADDLE ON!!!!! :)


Shun the none believer!


Just so you know most kids do know about starwars it's the "Thing"


Apparently someone doesn't know "most kids".


That is realy awuesome my favorite party is Halloween because you can transform into ghoust
That Was my favorite part


It is only 1day for the star wars takeover


I'm looking forward to get costumes of Darthvader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Ben Kenobi, C-3PO and Chewbacca and I'm going to be my Puffle an R2- D2 hat this is going to be the best party ever can't wait to defeat Darth Vader and go into the death star. I'm going to be a sith lord like Darth Vader or be a storm trooper. Waddle on Club Penguin and may the force be with you.

Penguin C6:

I am very interested in all of the costumes! EPIC! And helping save Club Penguin from getting destroyed by Darth Herbert.

Frank 36912:

I am looking forward to, following the storyline of Star Wars, and being able to play as the notable characters of the series... I am also just looking forward to the lightsabers! Until next time, Waddle On!


I'm looking forward to seeing the costumes and the party rooms, especially Tattoine and the Death Star! Also, it would be AWESOME if we had Princess Leah costumes ;)
All Out!


We will duh what's Star Wars without princess Leah



Water mln:

Can u club penguin make clubpenguin for ps vita plz plz plz I hope u read. This and keep goods waddle on cp :)


I'm looking forward to the lightsaber battles,it will be so much awesome!I also look for space battles,where the Rebel Alliance will destroy TIE Fighters on their X-Wing fighters and together destroy the Death Star!I hope we get to travel in space on the Millenium Falcon and facing Darth Herbert to bring him to justice!Waddle on!

Cyclones 20:

I really want to do a ton of things at this party so here is a list
1. Become a rebel and Defeat Darth Herbert
2. Meet up with Princess Cadence and Jedi Master Sensei
3. Use the Force to tip the iceberg
I hope I can try to do all of these at the party and like everyone says Waddle On!




I'm mainly looking forward to learning about Star Wars. I haven't seen any of the movies and I really want to learn the characters and other things abt it. I can't wait. I mean, life's abt learning! Waddle on!


I'm looking forward to...well, everything! But if I have to choose, it's DEFINITELY visiting the death star! It's just so cool!


I'm looking forward to the costumes, games, and possibly a ride in the Millennium Falcon! This is truly the most excited I've become in a while! I'm a big Star Wars fan!


In the Star Wars takeover I'm looking forward to all the special costumes and the R2D2 hat for your puffle. Since I am a big fan of Star Wars I look forward to going on the missions with my friends on Club Penguin. I will defently be breaking my bank for all of the outfits available. I can't wait for the Star Wars takeover!




I am looking foward to see the death star and herberts new plan. also as an EPF agent thinking of how to defeat herbert this time.


I'm really looking forward to actually being like Luke Skywalker (my favorite character). It would be really cool just like in episode IV to be in the scene when Darth Vader says his well known quote: "Luke... I am your father!" lol its going to be a blast! literally =D. Can't wait for the party and waddle on cp!


I am so looking forward to earn a light saber and duel with other penguins.I'm also very excited to complete the challenges in the Millennium Falcon, Death Star and Yavin4.I hope we can use the Tie Fighters, X wings and other space ships to travel through space.I wonder if we can use the Force.That would be really cool.I hope in the end we can duel Darth Herbert.And also be in the Dark Side and if we can than we can duel Luke SkywalkerPenguin.I wonder if we can ownour own R2units that'll be cool


I am most looking forward to becoming a jedi, defeating Darth Herbert and his Empire, and seeing all the cool decorated rooms and maybe dressing up as Luke Skywalker and living in my custom-built Tatooine house!

May the force be with you CP!


I just cant wait to meet Darth Herbert its gonna be a blast also I wanna see what costumes will be in store for us. waddle on cp :)

Tanqterr :

What I'm mainly looking forward to for the party is to become a jedi. Being a good guy is better then being bad because sometimes you dont get treated well but battling with light sabers, games and the costumes, ITS TOO MUCH this is going to be the best party of the year!!


EVERYTHING!! I love star wars so becoming a jedi master=AWESOME.Defeating Darth Herbert AWESOME.GOING IN SPACE SO COOL.THIS WILL BE the best party Ever!!!Waddle on and may the puffle be with you


I hope a lot that Disney adds it's magic touch for the next movies to the party!


I think the best thing is becoming a Jedi, so you can have awesome fights with light sabers. May the force be with you!


I can't wait for the star wars with weekly challenges and the third challenge is at the rebel base + Dark Herbert and new costumes like princess Leia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON!

cute pepito:

I look forward to going to the death star to fight darth herbert and meeting princess candance and obi wan (sensei)
I also cant wait to play those games with riding the space ships and fighting with lightsabers.I hope there will be a free green,red or blue lightsaber that when you press the dance button when wearing nothing expect the lightsaber you will swing the lightsaber to look like your fighting someone else.Waddle on Han Polo and Club Penguin.
Cute Skywalker out!


I just cant wait because the costumes look epic but I don't think i'll be wearing the Princess Leia's costume... cos i'm a boy lolz. but the games and challenge's are the one's I can't wait for because they look epic, and I would like to meet Death Herbet, Cos a polar bear in a Darth Vader costume would look epic. And my fave part is is is.............................. ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lolz. Waddle On!


I've been looking forward to EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!


I'm looking forward to Everything you guys have done, I can't wait for the challenges, and the costumes, and the new rooms, basically, Just everything. You guys always seem to surprise me, the way you come up with ideas for the parties, it's just amazing. I can't wait to see what you did with club penguin tomorrow.
:) #Can't wait!!


i am most looking forward to the challenges every week on different planets and the way you can battle with lightsabers. Also i like the 20+ costumes available in the party.

Sonic 306:

What I am looking Forward to for to the Next Party is..... Everything! The Costumes! The Party! The Herbert! I cant wait to meet DARTH HERBERT! I am really forward to this party for a long time NOW! I can't wait to defeat Drath Herbert and the Death Star! Even though I am going to be on the good side!


I'm looking forward to the challenges and the Star Wars oufits during the takeover! :)


I'm looking forward to the costumes... but most of all.... THE ADVENTURE! Discovering new planets sounds fun! Death Star seems fun to explore! I'll be dressing up as Chewabacca, how about you? :D


1st off I'm a girl and what i'd like to see is all the mascots in their costumes. Also, i'd like to take down Darth Herbert by myself with the help of Sensei Yoda, Princess Cadence, R2D2 (puffle version), C3P0 (penguin version), and finally (my favorite) Chewpenguin (penguin version of Chewbacca). As you can see i am a Star Wars fan! #WaddleOn! :)


I can't wait to defeat herbert! I'm so pumped!


Ya know I really like club penguin and Star Wars but with yhem together I think that this is going to be the best takeover ever!!!!!


I am looking forward into fighting with lightsabers and getting princess leah waddle on


I hope they will do another one next year!!!!!!!


What I'm looking forward to the most is seeing all the rooms. I think it's going to be so cool going into the Death Star and the Rebel Base. :) I also can't wait to defeat Darth Herbert. I hope if we catch him, it'll teach him not to mess with us penguins anymore. Waddle On!


I am looking forward for club penguin star war takeover because i can get new star wars costumes, become a jedi master,and stop darth herbert.


I am looking forward to using the Lightsaber. Although I don't watch Star Wars™, Swords are my favourite weapon and Lightsabers are Swords. I just hope they're free. Waddle on, C.P.!


i like every little bit you put so much effort and it turns out great and also i think it would be cool if you decorated the dojo and when you played you would hold a light saber the left hold red right holds blue and my penguin name is zachy818 friend requiest me and
waddle o
waddle on
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!11!


i cant wait until i get to battle darth herbert! i am a star wars fan, and i've seen three movies if it!


sorry just in a battle with darth herbert so i am looking forward to well um i ges evrything!!! i can't wate to go bravley ware no penguin has hone before so i cant waght!!

waddle on


I am so excited about Star Wars arriving to Club Penguin! I even watched all the movies (Star Wars chapters 1-6) before the party! I am mostly looking forward to dressing up as my favorite Star Wars characters like Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and so much more!!! Thanks! May the Force be with you!


i am looking forward to getting new stamps discovering new areas and becoming a jedi knight


C-3PO: No! No more adventures!!!
R2-D2: *Whines*
C-3PO: Don't bother changing my mind because it's not going to work.
R2-D2: *Raspberries*
C-3PO: How rude.
R2-D2: *Bleeps*
C-3PO: Oh, all right. But let me warn you, if those Stormtroopers just happen to find us, it'll be the end of us. You'll see.
R2-D2: *Beeps* *Bleeps*
C-3PO: No, I don't like you either.

Yarn Owl:

Probably looking forward to becoming a Jedi Master.


I'm looking forward to become a Jedi and stop Darth Herbert! I also look forward to completing the tasks! This party looks very fun! Waddle on!


the lightsabres, and defeating darth herbert


I'm looking forward to putting the R2D2 hat on my puffle AWSOME he's my fave puffle, R2D2 is my fave, And I cant wait to become a Jedi or Rebel I'll play as both but it's gonna be an epic party i'm gonna earn a ton of coins to buy alot of costume's! I just can't wait to get my flippers on a Light Saber! But this is gonna probally be my 2nd fave party my fave party was the Holly Wood party! But it is gonna be an epic party! Waddle On!


I can't wait for the challenges to defeat Darth Herbert. Also, I'm looking forward towards the costumes and to see how the CP team decorated the island to the Star Wars theme. I can't wait!!


Looking forward to battling Darth Vader.

Vader Darth6:

Im TOTTALY looking forward to destroying the DEATH STAR!!!!!! Ive always wanted to do tht wen i was a little kid, and wen I started playing cp, I REALLY wanted u guys to hav a sw party!! Now tht dream is finally coming true!!!!! Well, WADDLE ON U GUYS!!


im looking forward to be able to go on different quest and it would be cool to be r2-d2 if we can so see you soon i hope to see you soon



i am looking forward to all the space ships! and you get to be a jeti master cool!:D and star wars costumes so cool! without club penguin i would be so bored! :D with movie star planet and nick and disney channel club penguin is the life! WADDLE ON!


i have all the star wars movies and series!!! and i can't wait for the party!! waddle on!!!


The part i am looking forward to the most is ... THE R2-D2 puffle hats. I hope they are for everyone because i am not a member :( I also am looking forward to lightsaber battles and beating Darth Herbert once and for all! I hope he and Princess Cadence make an appearance on club penguin!
#Waddle On!


i have all star wars movies and series!!!!! i can't wait until the party!!! waddle on!!! ps can the next party be turbo the sanil that wishes he was fast and it came true!!!


i want to meet Darth herbert that would be cool.The new clothes are awesome.I am really looking forward to luke skywalker costume.I would go for Anikin skywalker but he is darth Vader now :(


I am most looking forward to all the costumes!!! When I first joined club penguin I was obsessed with Star Wars and I always wished there were Star Wars costumes. So now I can't wait to dress up as a Jedi penguin! .....or Sith
Waddle On Club Penguin!


I am looking forward to do all the challenges and the free items because I am a nonmember . I'm also looking forward to save Princess Cadence! I will save you! And that what I'm looking forward in the Star Wars party I'm so happy for a new party!


Being a jedi!!!!


Im really excited about this party I hope we get light sabers and jedi cloaks squee im so excited!!

PS i probably sound like a nerd but i LOVE Star Wars =) WADDLE ON CP!!


Everything I love Star Wars and can not wait till it comes go club penguin waddle on!!


CP if u get this message I'm really looking forward on doing the lightsaber battle it'll be so awesome!


I'm looking forward to everything, because u guys made it. U GUYS R AWESOME!!!!! I LUV CP!! (And Star Wars LOL)

Len Guy:

Everything! Especially Darth Herbert! I LOVE Darth Vader, and I love Herbert. It's a win + win situation.


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