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By Polo Field on August 22, 2013 - 09:46


The party is on! Let's get surf crazy! But before you do... check out this video from our friends at Disney Channel to see what's in store.

Let us know what you think of the party so far!

-Club Penguin Team



Summer Jam is so fun! I think this might be my favorite Takeover!


I think the party is amazing its the best takeover in cp !!!!

ella star5:

lol i agree best takeover EVER! i am a biker and surfer i make it to every performance and almost have all the outfits i love brady and chee chee and i love driveing on the highway with my bike thats the latest update see you later cp by ella star5


I hope they make hotel Transylvania one that would be cool!!!!


i dont think so. hotel transylvainia is not owned by disney

Tyler Heller:

It's not really a Takeover, it's a normal AWESOME! party.


I want to buy a member ship chothes Can you put surfs up party again


I feel you this video was the greedy I love it!!!!!


Cowabunga!! I loved the sneak peaks but one thing can you give the servers dates and times that Mac and Brady are gonna be on thx
Surfs Up!


Luv the movie but sadly im not a member (sad face)

Enter nickname:

Yeah, I want to meet 'em.


I wanna meet them so bad


This is so awesome! I'm going to login now! Ok bye guys!
Waddle on, Club Penguin!

pies awesome:

hi clubpenguin some penguins dont have the nonmember surf clothes it says it is 4 members ONLY could u try 2 fix that might be a glitch idk


Hey CP Team, I BEG You to make the My Penguin app available for iPhone so I Can play on my phone . PLEASE And AWESOME Party!


Well, it is epic! I loved watching Mc Kenzie and Brady sing their awsome surfing song! But unlucky for me: No membership! But having a great time with gnarly waves!
Rock on Surf Dudes!


Can we download teen beach movie club penguin game in the iPad?

Moonsun Rf:

: On the Party, I really want find the most desired item, the Inflatable Duck (or Rubber Duck). It's an item that, for a long time have not appeared again on Club Penguin. I think, this party might have the Rubber Duck! I wish conquer that "Go Swimming" Stamp! =D


i love the teen beack movie summer jam i especially like the bike road


woooooow awesome and spectictacular

Katie Roxie:

i love the party but on non member accounts, it is still on star wars. that is the only flaw so far and i love the surfing and biking movements! SO COOL!!! And Mack and Brady are awesome!!


Waddle On!

sea star4:

Surfs up is my favorite party so far!! I love that you guys created a highway for bikers and a wave for surfers. I really want you guys to keep that stuff. And what server and time is Brady and Mac gonna be on. And why can't we get on that stage in backstage, but one time someone got on the stage, but the rest of the people cant get on the stage. Why is that? Surfs up is the best party ever!!!!!!!!!!

Katie Roxie:

its not really a glitch i cant really explain it ive tried doing it. its really hard its all about timing. Waddle on!

hi hi hi hello!?!?!?!?!?:

I saw that too sea star 4 but its unfair that members get everything non members don't get proper clothes I know it unfair but it's the truth they paid for membership it's fair to them more to us I'm sure in the future it will change trust me just wait and watch. oh CP please think about the non member kids my 5 year old sister plays CP and she wanted to cry I'm just saying that she log off and still didn't touch the computer. please do something!?!?!? thanks, WADDLE ON :)


I met them but they play every 20 mins in big Mommas shack


Love the idea


so cool and i love big mommas too!


Yay it's Teen Beach Movie I like the party!
Waddle on Teen Beach Movie!


I love teen beach movie


It's so awesome but when i go backstage i never see Mack and Brady but i love when they perform in Big Mommas thx


I love this party it's one of the bests, other than the old CP parties like the water party;)
Waddle On...


what I really like about the party is that you get see mac and brady, you get to dress up as your favorite charters, and you get to hang out at Big Momma's


I really love the party! But, I really want to meet Mack and Brady and I can't find them backstage.
Surf's Up!


the party is fun but i have not seen mac and brady on stage yet. i love the water slides.
thanks cp for this great party

Cool Kid 448:



i got a another question can u guys make a party where we travel through time. for example we can go to the first ever party in club penguin and get all the free items it would be cool if we get to know the history of cp!


The Prehistoric Party in January this year was sort of like that, Gary had invented a new machine that brought us penguins to the prehistoric times! And, thanks to dino eggs you could dig up, members like me could transform INTO dinos!
Waddle On!

Cool Critic:

But, I have to say I agree with Tech70, because he has a point in that this is the best summer party EVER!!!!

Cool Critic:

I'm going to Disney on the last day of the Summer Jam, couldn't they have had that big party then?


That sounds awesome!!!


that all these promotional parties must be good for business. ;) and its awesome!


Hey,Club Penguin team,I have a idea in case if you guys are planning to make another Marvel Super Hero Takeover.Here are some items for everyone:Spider man's web shooters,A new police and robber costume(literally)and S.H.I.E.L.D agent costume.For members,there could be last year's items,the Star Booster Iron Man suit,the Romeo Iron Man Suit,Power Man,White Tiger,the Beatles (It that needed to correct that)and the Rhino costume.That is all :).


Its a nice party and all but i've seen lots of non members have the surfboards, but its only for members o.o Is it a bug? Because The surfboards is supposed to be for the non members too... Because i am beginning to think its a bug


well i tried to go backstage to see Brady and Mack during before and after the show even during and they were not there how come?




Surfs Up! I love the party so far! Can't wait for the rest of the party! It would also be gnarly if you made stamps for seeing Mac and Brady perform! Beyond the Reef!



I love the party. I'm a biker AND a surfer! But I agree with Staediva1 it would make me happy. Thanks and WADDLE ON AND SURFS UP!!!!!!!!


I agree with Staediva 1.
Surfs up!
( Waddle on)


Love the movie teen beach you should watch it.


Wow looks so cool!


I think it's the best takeover yet also!! I just really wish that the outfits weren't members only. I am not a member and I really want to purchase the outfits.


o_o Is it just me or does Brady look like Austin from
Austin and Ally? (just wondering) -Meteorstar


hi people btw when are we able to meet mac and brady ?????????????? all my 499 friends have but me and all the penguins i know have when and how do i !!!!!!! i live in florida not Canada what time Floridian or Chicago either~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi people btw when are we able to meet mac and brady ?????????????? all my 499 friends have but me and all the penguins i know have when and how do i !!!!!!! i live in florida not Canada what time Floridian or Chicago either~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh and also i love the party but the sad part about it is when i get a bunch of people to come meet Mac and Brady and they don't show for like an hour and then everyone leaves :(
Surfs up!


how do you surf?


I love Teen Beach Movie takeover! It's da best! By the way, Cadence will be on Saturday, August 24 at 6:30!


This is awesome I loved the party it was fun and I loved the performance with Mack and Brady it was amazing and I loved meeting them backstage it was awesome and I hope this party comes next year!

Matthew 94:

When I go into the bike place It won't load can you fix it


Star wars was cool but this takeover is the best


Wow. I admit this has to be my favorite party on CP besides the holiday party which Im looking forward too. I didn't even imagine it to be this fun! I am having all sorts of crazy adventures like surfing with other penguins and there puffles and dancing at big mamas! Yeah! This party is totes awesome! Id like to see a sports party here in the future though. If you do do the sports party have teams like on game day such as blue,red,green,and yellow and make girly outfits too! Thanx 4 reading!


brady and mckenzie are never in backstage never


The Summer Jam would have to be my new favorite party! It's been so fun seeing Brady & Mckenzie, getting the backround, and since I'm going to get a Membership soon, I want to get the lots of the costumes!

Thanks CP For the Party! I'm enjoying it already!


my favorite part of the party is everything the peformence the rooms the surfing the biking!!! ITS JUST SO COOL!!!!!but the thing i love the most is surfing and biking! you can surf or bike!!!!! JUST SO MUCH FUN keep it up club penguin!!!!! WADDLE ON!!!!!!!1


I like this takeover but you guys need to add nonmember items in the catalog but keek up the good work!


when are mac and brady gonna go in the vip area . i've been waiting a long time.


uhh tell the mack and brady meeting times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is completely off topic, but it would be so cool if you could sell clothes you don't like very much that you bought to like a secondhand place fore coins. (You could have a limit e.g. 3 clothes a month???)
Stormmie. =]


by the way at members backstage can u put a sign saying when they will practice backstage plzzzz!


Surf's Uppp!!! The Teen Beach Movie takeover is so fun, its a great way to celebrate summer and just being able to chill with your friends! I really like how chill the party is and how there are so many different places to visit. One thing that I would change it I wish that CP would have decorated the Pizza Parlor and Coffee Shop because they could have turned that into a real cool surfers and Bikers hangout! Also it would be better if there was more water!
Waddle On CP!!!!!


I love it! its better than i thourght it was.


Luv it! I luv the party so far! Can't wait to meet Mckenzie and Brady! Waddle On CP! ~Your friend, Samantha9011


This is the BEST TAKEOVER IN THE HISTORY OF CLUB PENGUIN!! Except that you need a bike to ride on the road, unlike the giant wave. Plus, Big Momma's was full, but I'm still gonna get in their anyway.

P.S. I agree with Staediva1: I just HAVE to see Mack and Brady.


its not the best if you have only seen one takeover..


when i was online i went to backstage (members only,sorry! :( ) and i saw in vid that we cant meet mac and brady backstage,but couldnt see them after the main show :( polo feild fix this plz!!!(or whoever edits CP :P )


Hey CP I am in LOVE with this party!!
At first I was a bit confused about it but my buddy online (lozy11) guided me around and trust me, it was a splash!! (See what I did there, he he)
Anyway, I think my favorites gotta be the water slide, it's pretty average compared to the other awesome stuff but I really like it
But there's one problem.....I'm finding it a little too impossible to find Brady and mack backstage, a little help please? :-)


OH i thought they only perform in the section for everyone! well i agree with staediva1 could you give us the day, sever , time, and langue it would help! surfs up! ;)


OMG THE KIDS HAD BLUE LEIS! are we gettin them?


OMG i already try the water slides


I luv the water slides, costumes, & getting 2 go biking. I also luv the shows, & meeting Mac, Cadence, & Brady around the island ( but I'm still working on that LOL!) This would b my 1st Jam, and I think it's the 2nd best Jam EVER!! ( 1st is Ultimate Jam) P.S. I've never been 2 a Medeival Party before, so plz have 1 this year!


This party is so cool!! The way Mack and Brady look are so cool! Having fun!






This will be the most funnest time of clubpenguin!


i saw this commercial last night while watching the UP movie on Channel 290 on my TV ps i LOVE the party and the movie its the best in the whole world Waddle on =)

Wild44866 :

OMG I saw Brady and Mckenzie perform twice this is the best takeover ever thank you guys for making it!

Enter nickname:

I also loved going to go biking its so fun and the waterside and when you can go surfing thx again for making it!!!!!!!!! I also got to dress like Mack!


I admit, this is an awesome party! I think the MU party was a little bit better. But, if i had to choose costumes, I would choose these costumes.


I think you guys should keep the highway. It's a really cool way to get around the island!


THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think it's awesome, you guys did a great job


This party is awesome!!!! I hope they do something like this again! :D
- Luke50728

Rain Drop:

hi club penguin people so i was thinking you could have a transformers party? please reply :)


i agree it could be about age of exctinction


I LOVE TEEN BEACH MOVIE!!!! I think this will be the greatest takeover yet! I wish it could go on forever love all th cute outfits it's great thanks for doing this Club Penguin


CP plz let the highway be there forever you have to keep it its awesome!!!!


That is the best video ever, I can't wait to meet Brady and Mackenzie!!!!!


need membership


the movies great but im not a member sooooooo unfair:(


I've been having a blast at the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam! Now I know some of the characters, since I haven't watched the movie.
I am a surfer AND a biker! I'm usually biking around on Brumby, so see if you can find me! Waddle on everyone!
P.S. For those who don't know, Brumby is a server.


After the party keep the road I LOVE it!

Big j:

Totes cool


the motorcycles and the highway MUST STAY. please.


It's OK.





I love the waterpark in the Snow Forts! You can actually ride down the slides at jump into the pool! You guys should keep that design! It would be so cool after the party if the underground pool turned into a waterpark like this!


This party is AWESOME!! I wish I could see Brady and Mack in CP!!
Waddle on, CP!!


A Teen Beach Movie party was an awesome idea for a party on CP! I'm loving it so far it is so awesome!
Waddle on,


This is the best takeover yet! Except I would love to dress up as giggles or struts but can't because I am not a member! You should change that!


Well I wish I could meet them backstage..... I'm not a member and I have like a jillion coins. Wish I could spend it on something nice...♥♥♥

Ming Mong2:

This party is WHITE HOT!!!
Its the best (or one of the best) takeovers in CP!!
Although I don't think of it as a Teen Beach Movie takeover.
I see it has 'The Summer Jam' That's cool isn't it? Huh?
Ok whatever.


I think the party is awesome! Great job!


this has been the best club penguin


Its epic guys if u have not already checked it out then U MUST DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can only buy A Membership if I work around the house just to buy A Membership for Culb Penguin


I hope they make hotel Transylvania one that would be cool!!!!


Thanks CP for the non member girl outfits for the party!


I'm Crazy about teen beach movie! I love Lela she's so pretty!


This is the best takeover yet


Its really cool i am lele chee chee and the blonde be hive i wish theymade a hotel trasvainye

Corn Sky:

Why didn't you release an Inflatable Duck during the party? I'm so disappointed.


I love the party so far!


I think the party so far was awesome! I can't wait for the Medieval Party next month!


Hiya! Pretty cool takeover isn't it? Well, surfing is great because of the MONDO waves, and also biking because you can also drive cars from The Fair. And, if you saw the sneak-peek, you would know about the waterslides. If you are having trouble finding them, go to the Stadium. The CP University Stadium exit is locked though, so students, study hard!


Hey, I was wondering about when I can meet and see Mack and Brady on Club Penguin I. Real life? That is my only concern. Me and my sister have been tracking them down. One time we almost did it. When we got in, they left. Other than that, I love this party. I really highway and the beach. The highway is awesome. Get to ride in a bike, and the beach changed into a gas station. I love that.


Teen beach movie is AWESAME! My fav part was when Lela fell.

Maxim 82:

Woo hoo!I can't wait and I wonder when rockhopper comes.


when can i meet Mack and Brady?


I really want to meet them BEST take over


i love you Brady!! <3


that party was awesome surfs up

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