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By Polo Field on August 28, 2013 - 13:50

It's time for another Month in Review, last time we asked for a time when you have gone above and beyond for a friend.

I really liked Joey23451's answer: 

One time my friend Nikki broke her index and middle fingers on her right hand. She refused to stay home from school, but she needed someone to help her write. Every single day for 2 weeks I wrote for her in class, we had the same schedule. I also had to do my own writing. She still thanks me to this day. I loved helping her, she's such a great friend!
Great response Joey23451!
Now, here are some highlights of August:
  • Star Wars - Death Star and Tatooine Quests
  • August Clothing Catalog
  • August Furniture Catalog
  • Puffle Digging - Favorite Foods
  • Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Party
  • My Penguin Update

Let us know your thoughts!

We'll pick one comment to feature in the next Reviewed by You. If your review is featured, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

-Club Penguin Team





So far, August is one of my favorite months this year on CP! The Star Wars Takeover and the Summer Jam are some of my favorite parties this year! I also like that puffles can find their favorite foods. I am so excited for the My Penguin Update with the igloo feature! Too bad I don't have an iPad. Will My Penguin be available on iPhone, iPod, and Android before the year ends? I hope so! *crosses fingers, I mean flippers* Great job CP!


Out of all the great parties and different Stuff that's happened this month I think the best one is the teen beach movie summer jam its so cool I can hang out with McKenzie and Brady well playing Rocking tunes on my guitar.

Cuddly 16:

Wow! This is all very exciting!!! I love club penguin and all this events sound so much fun! Thanks club penguin team for making children happy! Go CP!!! I love these events!!!$$$ Waddle on!!! - Cuddly 16


I also think August was spectacular. I really My Penguin on Android to happen too! Club Penguin rocks!

Stay Cool,


the star wars party was fun. i liked trying to help club penguin get rid of the dearth star. i like the clothing catalog this mouth. i like u brought back hidden items too. the stuff for your igloo catalog was nice. it had so many summer stuff in it. and with that catalog u can have a great beach party at your igloo. i like that when u take your puffle for a walk u can get food now too. and when u give your puffle the food they will not need too eat for a long time.


This has been the best CP Summer ever!!
All of the parties are something I liked and have always wanted to have a party from :)
Can't wait for the Ipod and Androids to get the My Penguin game.
And on-top of all that our puffles dig up cool stuff now! Like yesterday my puffle dug up a pair of shoes! SO EPIC!

Snowy Guy3:

I agree August has been great.

Snowy Guy3:

Yeah August was awesome but let's kick start September with a party at my igloo on Monday September 2 at 3 PST on White Out. It will be the best party ever!


I absolutely loved August on Club Penguin! It was amazing to be in the Teen Beach Movie Party. The furniture catalog was great! I loved how you started to add secrets back into the catalog! Even though I've never seen Star Wars I was having a BLAST battling it out with Lightsabers!


I hope so too! The team might work on it, but 4 now I will use my dad's iPad :(


Good month


i can't wait for my penguin update


me too :)))))


I really enjoyed this year on cp the updates and parties have been awesome I must say the teen beach movie party has been my favorite!

Waddle on!

Boba 126:

I loved August, so many epic updates, igloo parties and fun! The way Club Penguin should be. I can't wait for our beloved Captain Rockhopper to return next month with the Medieval Party! Epic! Waddle On!


Seems like a great friend 2 me! :)




So the My Penguin Update is coming out tomorrow :O


when will my penguin come for the kindle


im so glad about the update


I think the sta rwars takeover was such a creative idea good job CP but it was so long try tlo make your takeovers a little shorter but other than that i was in takeover heaven. the August Clothing Catalog was ok could use more secreat items. puffle digging i knew was good but club penguin you went over the top for this one nothing to correct absoulotley perfect!! i really like the teen beach movie summer jam party it is pretty cool good job. the my penguin update is good

Waddle on!! :D


Wow cool well I love to appear in the club penguin blog but for my bad luck I live in chile :C


you ARE on it, man! :D


I enjoyed the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Party the most because of how much it reminded me of the Water Party in 2007. The Water Slides were my favorite, I went down them a few times with penguin friends. Puffle Digging some food for my Puffle saved me lots of coins, plus the food is very different from what you can buy in the Puffle Catalog. This month's clothing were fantastic! Great summer styles to wear when you waddle out to the cove to meet your friends.


the water slides were my favorite too


Its a great way to give a introduction to the party.Well done buddy!!!!

Blue 71154:

Really want that
Blue 71154

Kc Sunshine1:

My favorite time in August would totally be the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam! It was the best news to hear in club penguin since I joined last year. My favorite part of the Summer Jam was getting to collect cool beach items, getting to hit the road and having the feature to ride motorcycles, cars, go carts and toboggans (sometimes I did that XD) and my absolute favorite part was getting to meet Mack And Brady!
Waddle On Cp!
Kc Sunshine1

Blue 71154:

Really need coins. Been checking out this forever!

Penguin name-
Blue 71154



The STAR WARS party was nerdyness. I love star wars and club penguin so it really was the best of both worlds for me. I really appreciate you guys working at club penguin. You all are so creative making new items and parties for all of us. I just want to say thank you for all you do it's really awesome. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yeah i agree. i like Star Wars too!

Leo Proxy:

Well I Love Star Wars! Once,I Had A Playdate With My Friend James. You Know,He's A Starwars Lover, Just Like Me!


August is one of the best months so far this year. I was so excited about the Summer Jam and The Star Wars themed party. Im sure everyone enjoyed it. You have the most creative ideas ever (other than my friends of course!)

Waddle On

Kc Sunshine1:

Plus I loved the water slides :)


The water slides where the best part!


starwars because lightsabers and teenbeach movie cause of water slide


I have a white iPad Mini!!!!


This month=AMAZING! Best stuff Club Penguin has had all year! (Ididn't care for the Star Warstaakeover that much though... lol :P) Waddle on CP!

Kendall A423:

The Star Wars Takeover was great!Meeting Darth Herbert was awesome, but he WAS a little rude..;) The clothing catalog was cool! There was many new clothes and we had secrets in it again!The furniture catalog really got me in the mood for the summer jam! I love swimming around in the pool :)Puffles digging food makes it so much easier to get food for them! They my penguin update is cool! Igloos and 3D avatars! Teen Beach Movie party was awesome,from waterslides to Mack and Brady! August is a hit!






I really enjoy your work. keep it up!! by the way, I love card-jitsu and hope you can improve it. cant wait for the mypenguin update.


I really love the Summer Jam I've been on as much as I can so I dont miss any thing! also I cant wait till the Update comes My Penguin will be as good as Club Penguin it self! I love walking puffles and its so much fun seeing all the penguins do so as well since there used to be lots of puffles in igloos not out now its opposite! the Star Wars party was not what I imagened but just as good! I always look forward to the catalogs so I can make somthing from cool costumes to epic igloos:)!


Everything in the month august was great but I do have a suggestion for you you know the furniture catalog it changes every most people like me get soo excited for it and when it comes out there are only a few furnitures are available so i was thinking that maybe you can start by putting more furnitures it would really be way more awesome if you can do that if you could thats GREAT but if your not sure take some time ill be waiting on the whats new blog or the newest furnitures so byee

Glitter Roll:

Awesome Idea!*Glitter Roll*


I really enjoyed the clothes and furniture, and I think my puffle liked them too! they were AWESOME!!!! The story at the top reminds me how I helped my friend know what the homework was for school. he asked me what the homework was, and I told him what we had to do. I am sure he's very grateful. I also enjoyed the parties. My favorite party as the star wars party! it made me happy to know that my favorite movie series is an awesome take-over. you guys do a great job. THANKS FOR THE FUN! MORE,PLZ


I love this month great stuff has happened in my life this month anyways to club penguin! I really love the star wars game on the quest my favorite game was the x-wing pilot game! I also loved the august catalog it has some radical summer clothes and for the furniture catalog i love the summer items like the pool and other items! i also love the puffle foods but make it easier to find! I also love the new update on My penguin! My Favorite this month is meeting mack and brady! Waddle on! (=^.^=)!


i cant wait for the my penguin update although I REALLY love the Teen Beach Movie Takeover!!! great idea! McKenzie AND Brady are sooo awesome!!! I also LOVE the furniture catalog ideas! I was surprised when the clothing catalog came out (I wasn't reading the news) and thanx so much!!


I really liked the new My Penguin update! Thank you Disney! I <3 the 3D in it and the igloos! Thanks!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sea star4:

My favorite highlights in August is Teen Beach Summer Jam, and the update to My Penguin. I chose Teen Beach Summer Jam because the Club Penguin Team really hit it off with the street and wave that you could drive, walk, or surf on. And you would've thought that no one could think of that! And I chose the update to My Penguin because the 3d technology we have now has been so cool and is being brought to My Penguin!!!
Sincerely, sea star4


This Month = SPOTM= Super Parties of the Month! And i need a !Pad for the aplication My Penguin ;) Good Luck all!


This month has been a spectacularly an awesome and amazing time. From when you go on quest to save the world from Herbert on the Star Wars Takeover, to the Teen Beach Movie party. This party is so cool as you can interact with Brady, Mackenzie, and even Cadence. One thing I just can't forget is that the clothes are at a way more fashionable level than ever before. I can't wait for what's going to happened next. Waddle on Club Penguin as you are doing a GREAT JOB!


is that a picture of jetpack adventure on ipad


This month has been great! I love the summer jam. I also think that the Puffles digging up their favorite food is cool! I cant wait for next month. I bet its going to be awesome


You found like a great friend :-)


I liked the teen beach movie summer jam party! I like the motorcycles and everything! good job cp! it was creative! the highway was epic and so was the surfing! the waterslides at the stadium are cool too. one of the most creative cp partys yet! waddle on!


ummm cp I tried logging in and I was in my iggy talking to my friend and it said connection was lost and I cant get back on! whats happening!

Glitter Roll:

Heya!  If this is still happening, send a message to CP and the'll be able to help. :)

*Glitter Roll*


the teen beach movie theme is awesome


When does the my penguin update come out? I am dying in suspense! Also this month has been so full and fun and I especially loved the piffle treasure! It was a nice surprise to get a bunch of cool stuff for free!


That is very kind of you joey23451!


The star wars takeover was too violent (I didn't care for it) This month's clothing catalog was good! I liked all the beach outfits! There could have been a bit more secrets though. The August furniture catalog was okay... I liked the swimming pool item!
The puffle digging is really cool! I think the sock thing that the orange puffle eats is a little weird though. I like the Summer Jam party! I don't know about the app because I don't have an iPad.


This was one of my favorite months yet! It all started with the Star War Takeover, when we defeated the evil Darth Herbert. Then we got ready for summer to BEGIN! We surfed in the blue ocean and rode motorcycles like there was no tomorrow! These things are what makes Club Penguin so great!

Waddle On!

Melvin 505:

Summary of Review: Some months were better, but I think CP made a lot of progress over the summer. The parties, though not top notch, were interesting and interactive. next time I'd like to see something classic, a true Club Penguin Party with a new individual idea. Love new MP stuff, but I personally feel there is too much development over there. Why not introduce some new features, and change while preserving the beauty of CP? I'd like to see some more action over at the EPF. Oops outta words!


My opinions on everything this month :P
Star Wars - Death Star and Yavin 4 Quests: They were too short, and the party was too long.
August Clothing Catalog - The best this year :)
August Furniture Catalog - I definately loved it a lot :)
Puffle Digging - Favorite Foods - A really cool feature. They are just hard to find lol
Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Party - The best party this year! I especially loved the waterslides!
My Penguin Update - AMAZING! SO MUCH FUN!

Keep up the good work CP!


Hey CP!

Right now i'm listening to your new song, Party In My Iggy! It's so awesome! I repeated it like 100 times it's so cool! :D

Anyways, August has been AMAZING! It was probably my FAVORITE month on CP this summer! Thank you for the awesome Summer Jam, I thought that i wouldn't like it, but I LOVE IT!! IT'S SO COOL! So AWESOME JOB! Keep up the good work, CP! :)

-Joeypengie :D

P.S. I can't wait for the medieval party!!! :D


I've never really looked at the blog until the My Penguin APP, because I wouldn't take time out of the Club Penguin experience. But viewing from iPad makes it so much easier, which is actually where I sent my comment from! The app update is going to be EPIC! And I love the 3D graphics too! So much more modern! One great part of a very penguiney Augest. :)


So here is m y favorite thing this month and why. Hope you like it!!! I like the clothing catalog. You guys that do all the drawing, you must practice a lot! I like to draw and I'm good at it but that is way better than me!! I can't even draw a puffle. I try but it always looks like a furry circle with eyes and a mouth. XD I'm better at drawing penguins and puppies!! WADDLE ON


this month has been great! i really love Cp and all the parties/new items they have. I especially like the star wars takeover, too! i hope clubpenguin never ends! it's the best online game ever!!! :D but what would be REALLY awesome is if you had a thank-you party to EVERYONE that plays clubpenguin! :D but really Cp itself is awesome, but i think it would be cool if you danced like cadence did on "the party starts now'' on your channel. Clubpenguin 4 life!
waddle on!
p.s. your awesome!

ice cone620:

I Love what's happening too and keep it on clubpenguin! Waddle on c: :D


August was THE BEST!!!!!! From saving the island and defeating Darth Herbert to, surfing along with Mac and Brady and biking with Lela and Chee Chee! Don't forget waddling around and getting AWESOME stuff that my puffles dig up! I have to say I never thought I would like the Star Wars take over because, I have never seen the movies before! But I really liked the theme! As for the Teen Beach Movie take over, I loved it surfing and biking, super fun!! Thanks for another great month! Waddle on!!!!!


I really like when the puffles dig for their favorite foods. That means all their health will go up! That way I don't have to keep going to to my igloo to take care of my puffles. I also am really happy that the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam is here! My favorite rooms are the water slides and the highway. I am so happy we had a great August, it seems like July was just yesterday! I can't wait for September also!! WADDLE ON!!!


so far i love playing club penguin all the new things and partys i had so much fun with the strs takeover the teen beach movie party the new items the mypenguin updates great i love it trying cloths on playing with my buds its FUN WHAT WILL YOU DISCOVER NEXT SEE YA!


My puffles LOVE it! I'm started to think that they are the beach type. :)


when will my penguin be on the androids and galexys + other devices


Clubpenguin Has been going through many changes.. Which Is good. The events here that were here this month! They have been A Joy to Clubpenguin! Clubpenguin to me, It is definetly Been great. So Many changes! Wow.. Just Wow!! These are Just amazing Events that have Been Added to CP, And I am grateful for that. It's a moment where u experience Fun.. With everybody that you enjoy with. It is Awesome to know that CP Has been Through Many changes. But for me, I enjoy all of them the most.


I loved collecting the items from the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Party! AWESOME! I <3 CP!
August 28, 2013 Wensday 9:09.


i already know how to answer... TEEN BEACH MOVIE PARTY! :-D :-D :-D :-D


I liked everything the catalogs puffles digging for things,coins and the parties!


I think the my penguin app update was one if the biggest thing and having 3D characters really surprised people and me!!mMaybe in the future you guys can make 3D models on the computer version. :)


I don't have an iPad so I don't know about those updates but everything else is AMAZING you should do more parties like the teen beach summer jam Star wars wasn't my favorite But that was cool too Puffles digging up their favorite foods PERFECT Puffles should dig up even more stuff, But when the puffle digging came out that was a great way to get people to take care of their puffles PLEASE DO MORE STUFF LIKE THIS!!! :D Can't wait to see what u got in store for us!


I cant what for the Midevil Party to come . (Because it was my first party!) Waddle on CP!

Kon Tikki:

August has been a really amazing month, cant wait for whats to come in september!

Waddle On!
- Kon Tikki


Okay, now I change my mind on my favorite party. So far, I can't choose on which one i like. I love all of them and I can't wait until the new update. The team has come a long way... My suggestion it that you should have a video of all your favorite parties ever. Put all those parties in one video and make that an Club Penguin Most Memorable Parties yet...just a suggestion

I'm so proud of you all. I can't thank you enough for everything.


Pg Biel:

All those stuff make me HAPPY! My Penguin is number ONE! Puffle treasures are number TWO! Teen Beach Movie number THREE!
I love the clothing of CP. I can laugh much with mimics! And go to the road with cars! About furniture, oh yes, I like MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH!! Furniture + Clothing = Much much much fun! With both mixed, we can be kings and live in our castle, make a theater of animals, be a snowman and live in snow... and MUCH MORE! But I don't have much stuff about Star Wars. Waddle On!


I like everything!!!!!!!!!!! waddle on Pingu50678


THATS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!! When will it be out?


Wow,these were great parties! even the teen beach movie party which was going to be boring.Anyway...WADDLE ON or NOODLE ON!


I have loved the month of August! The teen beach movie party has been my favorite party of all time! I love digging for puffle food. (The puffles favorite foods are sometimes really funny!) I also enjoyed buying the clothes items for August they brought back some rare items and new ones. I was overjoyed. What more can I say? Club Penguin this month and every month has been awesome! And I can't wait to see what's in the next months to come!


CP's parties, and updates are awesome, and really EPIC! Hmm.. they're all so epic, I can't even choose only one that's my favorite! I really loved all of them, especially the puffle digging & the Summer Jam!




Leila Jang:

I liked the parties because it wasn't like the normal penguin parties.
Also the clothing catalog and furniture catalog is just AMAZING. I especially love the swimming pool. I really wanted a swimming so bad XD
I really like about the puffle digging since I didn't go on a walk with my puffle for so long and now, i go on a walk EVERYDAY!!
Thank you cp and WADDLE ON :3

artkid01 :

my favorite thing about august was the star wars party. it was SO AWESOME!!! i also like the igloo furniture catalog. i dont care for the summer jam though.



Hi cp! I think it would be fun to do some of the really old cp parties again. me and my friends liked those kind of cp parties the best! ;)


Well everything is so awesome i dont know what to say! Wanna konw the truth? August left me speechless! IT WAS TOO EPIC!!!!
Stay number one on my list cp!
Waddle on CP!




I loved all of those parties,clothing items,and igloo items.I loved most of the parties so far,and can't wait for the Medivil Times party!!!I loved the Star Wars Takeover and the Teen Beach Movie one was pretty awesome.Some of my favorite parts of August are:The Teen Beach Movie and the Star Wars takeover parties ( like I said b4).The clothing items rocked because you guys are bring aome of the old clothing items back.I also love how puffles can dig for exlusive items.August ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! :):)


Oh and I love how the My Penguin app is going 3D!!!!!


This month was so AWESOME! The Teen Beach Summer Jam was off the chain! Meeting Mack and Brady was so spectacular, i was like Oh. My. Gosh. IT'S THEM! So excited for Rockhopper to come back for the Medieval Party! Also excited for game updates.... making all the penguins 3D! Can't wait for next month!


I love August. Star war takeover was awesome. Then, the Clothing Catalog makes me surprise with cool summer clothing and secret. The furniture catalog is so amazing! I love the swimming pool and all other items. But what i like most about August is SUMMER JAM! It is incredible. I like all things about it: Party with Brady, Mack Kenzie and Cadence at the backstage, slide at the waterpark, wear like Surfers and Biker, surfing and riding with friends. So far, August is the best month this year

Riley Black:

I loved this month I really much

Jilly Can101:

I think August was amazing! My favorite parts were the Star Wars Takeover party, the Teen Beach Movie party, and the clothing catalog! The Star Wars Takeover was fun for me, since I never watched Star Wars before, and I got to experience it for the first time on Club Penguin! The clothing catalog was cool too, and the furniture catalog! I think you did a good job on adding more hidden items! Those are always fun!


I cant waiting My penguin app updating launch party

Amber 711:

August was awesome! The Star Wars Takeover Party was every bit as awesome as myself, or anyone for that matter, could have hoped for. The ability for Puffles to dig up their favorite food will save everyone a bunch of coins, and the My Penguin update makes me wish even more that it was available to Ipod users. The Summer Jam looks cool, too. All this makes me so glad I came back to Club Penguin.

Viper 2002:

My penguin app is awesome it have so many thing they added lots of things this time the cp team was very creative and made the app awesome and in no time this is the best summer ever clubpenguin has given me yes!

Choc Is Fun:

The Summer Jam is so far an amazing party, the songs are amazing and right now I am having a swim school at my igloo! Club Penguin has made a big effort! My user name on Club Penguin is Choc Is Fun


I have LOVED the summer jam! My favourite movie ever is Teen Beach Movie so I loved it! I have every Teen Beach Movie song now! Summer jam was the best idea CP had!


August, three words. BEST MONTH EVER!!! I especially loved the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Party! I was so excited there was going to be a party based on my favorite movie! It was super fun because I got to be all my favorite characters like Mack and Lela. There was also Big Momma's and the surfing wave and biker street. Nothing could not go wrong with those. Same with the water slides! I also liked getting to meet Mack and Brady. Best month ever CP!!!
Waddle on! :D


August is one of my favorite months in cp! One of my favorite highlights is the My Penguin Update. I love it! 3D penguins, igloo visiting, new games, and lots of other stuff is all you can get. I really enjoy the 3D penguins. You can use emoticons and moves just like online. Also, you can throw snowballs too! I really love Jetpack Boost, with Gary telling you how to get his new invention. And I really enjoy Bean Counters and the new graphics! Please add more games and additions. RMA signing out!


I am LOVING the summer Jam! And i loved how your puffles could dig up their fav foods-It's delicious,& Nutricious! XD! My puffles have dug up a LOT of different foods, but only 1 was one of my puffles favourite! I only have 4 puffles because it seems really hard to look after TOO many!! The last time i took the risk most of my puffles ran away so then i was left with 2 for a LONG time! XD Waddle on!! ;)


The best bit about August was the new features, in My Penguin you added Igloos, full 3d avatars! (Great job cp team!), new games: bean counters (you kept quiet about that didn't you?) and Jet Pack Boost. I also liked the puffle digging updates, and the Star Wars party. The Summer jam was good too, I guess, but It wasn't really my cup o' tea!

Great work Club Penguin Team!



my friend had a black eye and he can't see nothing till his eye is better in September so i led him around and write for him i hope he get better soon my best friend mehdi

darksonic567 :

i enjoy teen beach movie summer jam


I really enjoyed defeating the death star and I also found out that the Everyday Phoning Facility was completely renovated. I enjoyed being with my friends pretending to get calls from EPF agents and thinking that Herbert has done something to one of the computers it was so cool. Maybe next month there should be :
. More rooms renovated
. Rockhopper to visit a little more often
. Medeieval party
. Private chat to your friends
Thank you Waddle On :)


About the my penguin app the igloo one, when ever i want to change my clothes it doesn't work for me so can u fixes this problem thxs


My penguin is AWESOME!


I think this August has been great in CP! One of my fave things is the Teen Beach Movie party because it's so much fun! I love going to Big Mommas to chill out and go backstage. I have also enjoyed playing on the watersides too. The best part is, I get to see my friends, have fun, and not forgetting to go on the My Penguin app too!
Waddle on CP! :) -Pinkuin0403


plz plz plz plz make a boat party with boats to discover new islands and members can buy places or parties on there island.members can get up to 500 different islands. islands get a free coin factory so you can name your coins your coins can be used on different islands that want to use your coin.and these things stay forever. what a good ida hope you use it waddle on club penguin.


I think puffles digging up foods was the best idea because they wont run away as quick.Plus if you get one for a puffle you dont HAVE maybe another puffle likes it!


Theese 2 months were the best, that is maybe cause i play only three months. when i heard from the star wars party i thouth that that party wont be so great cause star wars is not my favourite movie. but when i had become a member i was imaginated. :) :) :)

WADDLE ON!!!!!! Club Penguin

Dj Spike 2:

This month on club penguin has been amazing! Such a jam packed to! With the summer party and the epic Star Wars takeover. There is one thing I like so much about club penguin, and that's how there is always something to look forward to. It's rarely a penguin gets bored on club penguin!

Daisy 7654:

Hey there polo I just want to let you know but I can't opened the clothing item because is not working.
Waddle on
Club penguin


My penguin update today! Sweet! Saw in the 6th waddle on u put the my penguin update in. Kinda like a review! Teen beach movie summer party is one of my favourite parties this whole year. I've been a member since march 12th 2013 to bad my membership expires on the 12th of Sempember. :( well no more story telling Waddle On CP!!!!


August on the Club Penguin island has been epic, we got to enjoy summer jam parties in super cool new places and the Star Wars takeover was a blast!
CP has not disappointed us during another truly awesome month at Club Penguin!!!!
Penguin name is Eissac


i love playing club playing 1 year and i have a question !!!! is it only in mobiles 3d penguins. or its gona be in computers soon ?


This Aughust was AWSOME and I just loved the summer jam party I hope though. That next year the summer party comes earlier so it lasts longer I have a good feeling about September and can't wait for the medival party I've played as much CP as I could this Aughust and it also made my birthday extra great when we had the Star Wars takeover because I managed to meet new people like always.i can't wait for September!


I think August has to be your best month all year, starting with the Star Wars Takeover, it was really interesting with how the team kept the environment of the film so impressive that it feel's like you're actually there. As for the Teen Beach Mobie Summer Jam, the creative backgrounds and colourful atmosphere made it one real awesome summer party. And the new update for My Penguin, I have to say you out down yourselves with this one. The month has been so amazing that I can't to see more!


I never thought Club Penguin could get any better but it just did well i was never a member but being a non member makes me feel proud the new jetpack boost was rad the summer jam party is a summer bam party!And I think my penguin app new animation is fantastic well I gotta waddle on to feed my puffle Blazer!Have a great waddle day!


August is a great month. It's last month of my summer vacation. And the teen beach movie summer jam. I was wondering how we get on to the backstage in Big Momma's. I've seen penguins doing it i asked them they said it might not work so i dont know.
Waddle on

Panda 875:

I love cp and August was an amazing month the update is awesome now I suggest another update to the penguin app maybe u could let the penguins got to the town and everywhere in the app it will be like cp on the go with 3d characters. And I love the 3d characters cp u r a hard working team.

darkblueaqua :

I really super liked the the new update on my clubpenguin we can visit each others igloos and chat it's way better than any other app plus this month on clubpenguin super gr8 with the summer jam my fav party ever Waddle On Cp :)


The things that happened in August were FAR OUT! XP Anyways, The star wars party was epic! I Got to meet Darth Herbert! I'm a HUGE Star wars fan. And I Was so excited! The Teen Beach Movie Party was Awesome! LOVED IT! I met Cadence! AGAIN! :P The August catalog was the BEST SO FAR! I Love the Electric Tunage! It looks really good on my penguin LOL. Even though I Don't have an iPad I Bought my friend one. I wanted him to be happy. :) The Update seems really EPIC! Noodle-I mean Waddle On!


This month was awesome! I LOVED all the themes (especially The summer jam) This month has flown by so fast!!


Just got the my penguin update its great! but for some reason the igloos arent working.


August has been by far on of the best months of this year on Club Penguin. The Teen Beach Movie Smmer Jam feels like an original Club Penguin party and not just a takeover. The new myPenguin app is one of your smartest ideas yet, so if yo came up with that, I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Everything this year so far on CP has made it one of the best years I remember since joining in 2008-2009. I can't wait to see whats in store for the rest of 2013 and upcoming 2014!


This summer I had SOOOOOOO much fun!! :) I loved checkin out Death Star,playing the flying game,and so much more at the star wars party! I've been looking forward 2 this party for ever since I started CP, so I'm sad it's over.This summer jam is awesome!! I got the background and saw the show at Big Momma's. I love the surfing and riding, and it looks so much like the movie!Puffles are digging up so many great things! My Penguin is totally fun!The catologs have cool stuff!! Summer isn't over yet!


This month was great! I loved everything! Ok so here's what I did.
. Made Teen Beach Movie iggy.
.Bought LOADS of clothes.
.LOVED Starwars Takeover.
Can't wait to see what's gonna happen in September! Hope everyone has a great time going back 2 school!!
Waddle on C.P!


This moth hade been a great month all thes epic new updates and i love the my penguin app i like that you can see what your penguin looks like in 3D. i love the summer jam i love the water slides and i like that you can meet Brady and Mackenzie back stage. This is one of my favorite months in Club penguin keep up the amazing work and waddle on-perry38888


You chose me??? I might be the happiest penguin in the world. I told Nikki all about it and she came on the site just to see if it was true :)
Thank you so much club penguin, you're the BEST!!!!!
Now I can get a bunch of cool stuff for my new igloo!
Waddle on,


August is 1 of my fave months since starting CP! I'm glad that you listened to the last Month in Review & put more clothes in the catalog, and brought back old items. I love that Puffles can dig up their fave foods. Makes it easier to take care of them! I don't have My Penguin, but from the looks of it this update is AMAZE! I'm SO loving the Teen Beach Summer Jam! I'd like to see next month is secrets in the Penguin Style. I also want My Penguin coming to the iPhone someday. Waddle On!


What I have loved about August,was first the teen beach movie summer jam!It was very fun!Even I was not a member and couldn't dress
Up like the characters,it was ok because I had fun!And what I have also loved about August was the new my penguin update!It was SUPER
Awesome!I could not put my iPad down!From 3-D penguins to bikers and surfers,This was the BEST summer ever!!


I Just LOVE everything in Club Penguin: the parties, the clothes, everything you can think of! But there is one thing I love more then anything in Club Penguin: furniture. Everyone has made some AWESOME igloos and I want to be like them. It isn't easy, but every month I find something to do with the new furniture. So I'm glad that the new update for My Penguin is out; It will help me! Waddle on!


This month was AMAZING! I loved the ending of the Star Wars Takeover (can't wait for the sequel!). I'm also amazed at what you guys have done for the Teen Beach Movie Party! Can't wait to see Rockhopper, the Medieval party, and see if Rockhopper comes with a new quest! :)
Waddle on CP!
Blairblossom :)


I'm so lovin my penguin! So much better! I wonder what the next update will be like! :)


If your asking me to pick my favorite,I can't!Let's see...It was really fun to fight The Dark Side in the Star Wars party,but there's nothing better than catching a wave with your friends,or grabbing a bite to eat at Big Momma's!Although my puffle really enjoys finding his favorite food...the Penguin App is amazing!!As for August clothing and furniture...I can't decide!!!Can't wait to see what CP has in store for us next month..Waddle On!


I Gotta Say, July And August Have been the best Months For Me Playing Cp. When Puffle Digging Started I Dug Up Sunglasses, Tiara,And A Wand! And This Has To be The best Catolog Months. You Brought Back Bathing Suits! (it Been Like A year!) And The Teen Beach Movie Party! I Hope I can meet Mac and Brady, Ive Been Trying! And All Party Items Are Totally Fab! Last Two Months=Amazing!

Click 104:

This month was the most fun on club penguin. It's partys were amazing and I look forward to more fun partys in the future!


omg Joey23451 i know how you're frined feel :( i broke my arm 6 times and i had to stay home for school to, one time i broke it on the first day of school in 3erd grade im was so scared to go to 4th grade lol but i did it :) 4weeks of school done. WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!


I think that the new update from my penguin was the best!!! I love the 3d penguins!! The new igloo only for the app is amazing!! I still have a lot to explore but I think it is probably one of the best club penguin updates after the in-game update for the game to make it have higher quality graphics!!


This month has been Amazing! From the new My Penguin update to the Star Wars takeover, I can safely say this has been on of Club Penguin's best months ever! The furniture and clothing catalog have totally improved. There has been TWO parties this month: Star Wars and Teen Beach Movie takeover. They were both amazing and I personally think the Star Wars plot was super cool. The Puffles getting to dig for their fav food? Brill! Although I am wondering about that sock.... :)


I love club penguin even my sisters do its very very to


Hey CP Team! This month's party is so awesome! I may not be a member but I'm still having fun! I'm also excited for the Medieval Party too! So far I haven't attended any of the Medieval Parties yet. Some of my favorite parties of the year are The Hollywood Party, The Puffle Party, The Super Hero Takeover, The Snow Jitsu Party, and The Star Wars Takeover & The Summer Jam! You are the greatest! Keep on coming up with great ideas! :) :D
Flap your flippers and waddle on!

Yours Truly,


This month was a REALLY COOL MONTH!! I like the Star Wars Death Star. I like that we got to explore the Death Star, destroy the Death Star on Yavin 4, and save the galaxy from the evil Darth Herbert!! The clothing catalog had the hottest styles, and I would like to take a lick from that ice cream. YUM! The furniture catalog was ACE! The pool, the diner, the girl styles, and the MUSIC!! That is a style for Teen Beach!! Teen Beach Summer Jam was SO COOL! This month is the best!! Yay!!


This month has been the BEST month so far.I think you should make a water park or a playground,either one would be cool.Oh I just remembered,can you change the forest into the water fall with slides and ships that spin around.I been wondering,why can't you change the puffle catalog monthly?I like the update for the my penguin app.I think I know why the my penguin app is not for the other devices,because it is too tiny to see on.Well until next time...WADDLE ON!!!!!!


Hello I just need to say that club penguin is lookin clean as I can see.but,still recycle,and throw away trash we want the cp world to be clean and free of trash so start recycling and cleaning today!this is by: Pookie514 the member girl!


the new my penguin app is A to the amazing! its loaded with epic new features like being 3d! epic huh?

if only you could get it on the amazon app store. i sure hope so!


Cool but when will we have our 3 D club penguin


Wow I can't wait for this



Ice Fire 13 :

So cool

Fire Bolt 66:

The summer jam was my favorite.

Tim Tam1:

Wow! That must of hurt! But you are an AWESOME friend, wish you were mine! :)


august is when you start school for me so i don't get time to play club penguin and the parties are kill'in it, so august is ok for me

Biscuit Is:

August of 2013 on Club Penguin was EPIC! I loved the Star Wars party. It was my favorite party ever on Club Penguin, I even met Darth Herbert! I liked the clothing catalog, I got swimming trunks woo-hoo! I loved the pool in the furniture catalog. My puffles even swim in it! I am really happy puffles can dig up there favorite food now. I have 20 puffles and it saves coins and time! The Teen Beach Movie party for the summer jam was a really great idea. 3-D penguins for ipad sweet! August rocked!

Honey Bear21:

This month has been awsome!although I didn't like the Star Wars takeover but the teen beach movie is so much fun. I also like the music jam or the fair more than the m.u party and star wars.

P.s Pls do a iggy competition soon !!!!!!

Waddle on


My favorite thing this month would have to be Star Wars I didn't care for anything else took I don't know why but I love it because its my all time favorite movie in the whole world!

Waddle on!!



So far the Teen Beach Movie party has been my favorite event in August, but the month was super packed with fun CP events. THANKS



Like I'm a true fan of puffles,I liked that Puffles can dig now their favorite food! Is just like a true dog,a dog digs his bone and then he looks
for it! I like too the new version of My Penguin ,cuz I've been waiting 4 iggys to come out on this app.Thank you so much for ur hard work
u do to make CP more fun everyday! Until then , Waddle on! :D


Is cool game


i loved the puffle digging and the teen beach movie party i liked the bikers vs surfers i loved the surfing and the biking big mama's amazing! but still when do you meet mack and brady i haven't meet them and the party is almost over :(!


I think August was a PHENOMENAL month! My most favorite thing that occurred in August of 2013 was the My Penguin Update, because not only can we edit our igloos, but have a RAD real life-looking, 3D penguin! I could stay playing My Penguin for DAYS! Another thing, I loved was the last bit of the Star Wars takeover. We blew up the Death Star in Yavin 4! And finally, I also loved the Penguin Style catalog for August 2013, we were rocking in our bathing suits! WADDLE ON FOREVER!!!

Cool Critic:

Hi. Dear CP, does anyone know if you could friend a mascot? If you can, can you tell me How? I check the blog every day so just write it under this post. Please!

Best regards,
Cool Critic.


I loved August! I like how you brought back the catalog secrets. I also loved the parties , I loved the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. I've been here for years but my old account got deleted. So this is my favorite month this year and i hope you have more great things in store for Club Penguin. Waddle On CP!

Snowy Guy3:

Igloo party!!!!
When Mon. September 2. 3pm PST.
Where Snowy Guy3's Igloo
Server White Out.
Come for the best Igloo party ever.
Waddle on

spike rock20:

my favorite was absolutely the star wars party i love star wars and cp. It was amazing how both came together. It would be awesome if you would add cp toons like angry birds.

penguin name = spike rock20


This month has been the BEST month so far! I really enjoy going to the Death Star, playing that game too! I love your catalogs. I hope to find the foods for my puffle, I even get excited when the treasure chest pops up! And my favorite party so far was the Summer Jam! I got the two backgrounds (the Summer background and the Sunset background) I got all the free items, went backstage and watched the Big Momma's performance! And I also hope to get the App!
Well done!
- Meld246

Sugar plum52:

One time in gym my friend fell and thought she broke her arm. I went to the office with her and help get a bag of ice and the school nurse. Luckily her arm wasn't broken. That was the time I helped a friend.


This month well I Loved the puffle digging my puffles love it and well I think we are lucky to have puufles and uppies and kittys I love Cp
and are pets thank you Cp we love you and thank you penguins for a loely month later Limey2405


My favourite part of August? There is no limit to what I can say!!! A cool part was discovering that puffle a could dig up coins and food! Sadly none of my puffle a like stinky cheese. Phew! A cool part of August has been the rad beach clothes! Everyone commented on how awesome I looked! I also absolutely LUVED the furniture! I now have an indoor pool! Now for my probably favourite part of August! The paartay. So awesome! Now I just have to wait for the medival party...

Sarina 2864:

August was clearly my favorite month of cp this year! The Star Wars takeover was an awesome idea! Its too bad I didn't meet Darth Herbert, the good news about that is I didn't have to hear his screaming! The August catalogs are great, but I do wish the club penguin team could bring some old stuff back. I have to say that the puffle digging was such a good idea! The teen beach movie party was awesome! And, there's no other way to say the My Penguin app was such a huge success! Waddle On CP! :D <3


You really put everything there was to put.


my favorite part of August was TOTALLY the my penguin update. i was at Best Buy looking at computers to replace the one i'm typing on, (this computer stinks) my mom let me go wherever i wanted so i didn't have to stay with her, (the store was little enough not to get lost)i was playing club penguin on a windows 8 touchscreen computer, then i went to the blog and, i found out about the my penguin update!! when we went home i updated it really fast!! and it was the COOLEST THING EVER.waddle on!!


Just like in party time, all the time, party's are the icing on the cake. It's great that club penguin got inspired from teen beach movie!


I really enjoyed the Star Wars party because sSar Wars is one of my favorite movies. It was so fun to be able to become one of the characters from Star Wars too! I am also enjoyed the teen beach movie summer jam!! I loved the movie and it was really exciting to be able (like Star Wars) to become one of the characters! I probably enjoyed the water park! It was a really fun month!!


Hey club penguin don't mess this up or make it a takeover but i have a idea for a party club penguin could you please make a pirates of the carribean and lone ranger party plus i don't know about you but that movie was so awesome i love the disney infinity game you rock. Waddle on


I like how update they my penguin . They. sould update my penguin more offen.

Waddle on Cp

P.S Cp rocks


I really liked the my penguin update and other things also.


I really like the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam. My favorite part was running and driving on the hi-way


Hey CP this month has been great with the star wars takeover and then the teen beach movie takeover it was EPIC!!! I didn't really like teen beach movie but you guys made it fun. Also I've just had a great idea for a party in October! This year is Nintendo's year of Luigi and they celebrated it with a new game called
Luigi mansion dark moon. So my idea is you should bring along the green fellow himself and go catch some ghosts!

P.S please make the my penguin app for more devices


I would like for the top of the EPF to be rebuilt. Maybe you can even create the shadow dojo! Well y'all have did an awesome job on everything in club penguin. I wonder if there could be a penguin jumping update to the app?


I loved the teen beach movie summer jam so much! Biking down the highway was definily my favorite. I wish they never had to take it away! I wish the medieval party would come sooner cuz I'm so excited! I'm Thirstycamel.


Nice TeenBeachMovieSummerJam I Really enjoyed bringing Teen Beach Movie On Club Peguin Great Job

Waddle On




The party was so cool i had fun and my favorite parts of the party were the water slides and the wave

the bets1232:

well i think on the teen beach the moter bikes on road was awsome so update and road
wadele on

Candy 1427:

Thnx so much CP! I had loads of fun, and I even bumped into some of my friends! I even saw backstage, Ross and Maya! I got their backrounds and had an awesome time. I also loved the Summer Gam Catalog, it was filled with the clothing from Disney Channels Teen Beach Movie! Everyone pretended to be the characters, it was really cool. I wonder wat will CP do next, until then, WADDLE ON!


it was very thoughtful of joey to help his friend


I really loved the teen beach movie summer jam.
I also would like if you would have more penguins come on once in a while.
like Brady, Mack ,and like Clarence!
Thanks Club Penguin you rock! Love Gabriela3263


I really enjoyed the summer jam,it reminded me of how great club penguin can be:) I also have about 15 puffles and whenever I go walking with my puffle it finds me lots of treasures. Like this one time it found me a golden star necklace it was so awesome! Now about that summer jam, I loved the water slides that they had I went down it with a lot of my friends:) I bought the water slide exclusive igloo I know a lot of penguins love it!! That's why I love summer jam. Plus they had awesome outfits!

Moo moo. :

They should make one thats lemonade mouth


Dude this has been the best summer because of club penguin or I will do nothing at home xD


I love cp and I am so looking forward to being able to do math again and to meet my teacher! :) thnx for listening to meh I luv cp CX

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