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By Daffodaily5 on August 16, 2013 - 04:49
Bluebellgb has been on Club Penguin for a long time, knows a lot about the history of the Island and loves to get together with friends to tell stories. Brill!
Contact us if you know someone who should be POTD!
-Club Penguin Team



Wow! What kind of stories do you tell?


Hi what's up? (: Good job
I wonder what stories you tell. You Rock!

Memeve :

I love club penguin and every time I'm here I try to make it the best
Cuse I do not get much time to play but I love it its like a second world


That's such a cool igloo! I really want to be Penguin of the Day, I've been playing Club Penguin for a long time too!

Bye CP!





wow such a long time


well what do you think about the new party then


Cool! congrats Bluebellgb!
#waddle on!


Dalmation564 always helps and talks to his friends. He can make anyone feel better. He always gets in the mood for every single party and always has fun. He is really good with conversations and making people laugh.


I want his iggy! It's sooooooo cool!


Congrats! I hope I can hear a story from you sometime! ;)


Wow! Congratz bluebellgb! I wish you have an awesome day of yours! I've been thinking.... Does it feel good when you be the penguin of the day? I wish someday i can be the penguin of the day. Well you really deserve it! You've been playing Club Penguin for a long time! I just signed up 1 or 2 weeks ago. Ha ha! Club penguin is fun!!!!!!! Bye! Keep up the good work!


l 0 1:

Welcome to cp then :D


cool! he might have been one of the first penguins on the island to take part in the beta test party!!! Im not though one of the first penguins on the island I wish I was . Anyway telling stories sounds fun. hey Bluebellgb why not you tell us a story


He should be pinguin of The day .
He helps all his friend evrywhere AT&T The dojo in a house with mini games he creates awsome houses


:( when can I be penguin of the day

- Sunshine7303


Wow it's always cool to see the penguin of the day on here! I'm writing this from the my penguin app and I love being able to throw snowballs at your friends. I wish there were more games but other than that I love this app!


I love this game


Im so not ready for POTD because i haven't played clubpenguin for a long time. But i really liked it when i was little! I hope i can become POTD some day..


I love Club Penguin with all of the stuff to do. I wish I was penguin of the day.
It would be so awesome!


My friend Cutepop5549 gives you awesome surprises and plays with everyone

awesome penguin:

i nominate Andywaddles1 for an awesome biker costume and a chill biker/surfer hangout


I would love to be POTD!! I have told a lot of my friends about CP and they joined! I just got a membership and its really cool! Me and my friends always call each other and get on CP together! It's really fun!! ;)


Vote lovley2234 as potd
She is very nice she gives me post cards say your a great friend and when she's see me she starts to make me laugh and when she wears her mp3 and I say something she's like what! That makes me laugh and her house is so so so so cool she's my BFF so vote lovley2234 !


Hey..that looks like my friend's igloo and i feel like that guy is my friend
Cya later CP!


I want to be potd! I am a tour guide and I have 69 friends! Two of them are in the real world. My favorite color is blue. I love gymnastics.


Congrats, I would so love to hear a story from you. You look like a really cool person and I hope I can meet u sometime!


WOW! I love your igloo! well congratz on being penguin of the day! I hope to see you around so u can tell me some awesome stories about the party's of Club Penguin that I've missed and u haven't Anyways , Bluebellgb, # waddle on!

Penguin blogger 45:

I think jinjuuriki should be penguin of the day. He's been on since 2006. He's always nice and always plays card jitsu with me and other friends. When he was a member on his other account he created sick igloos.


Add me :)


Dalmation564 is a really great penguin!He always has a good time and knows exactly how to cheer you up!He really deserves it!!!


Wow! That's awesome! I was one of the first penguins too! But I think my friend finnley4 should be POTD cause he has always been really nice to me and always wear super cool items!


Your igloo is cool


Cookieball2 is very kind nice and make friends feel better and always by their side and never let his friends down.

Waddle on!


I have a best friend called Larry24,I know her since long time ago and I think her iggy and her items are incredible :D


Hey it would be really cool if my BFF Gemma2323 could be penguin of the day
because she has a ice cold igloo, she's kind, loyal, generous and very honest. She has a cool dress-up and can make anyone happy who is sad!!

P.s please club penguin make her the penguin of the day!!!! I would be very grateful!


The igloo is so cool I want to be the penguin of the day.

TheBajan CAN:

Friendly2319 has been an awesome friend lately!!!!!


Congrats!! Love your igloo!
It's awesome that you're rare!


Vote sports1001 for POTD!!!! Shes my bff!!!!!


Wow! That is awesome! I wonder if i can see him around and ask him to tell me a story!


Cool like lots


IVE BEEN TO HER IGGY BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


please vote waddles0724 for POTD she is so awesome shes SO ready for the summer jam party shes so awesome she cares for all 20 of her puffles shes nice to all of her friends she has SO MANY friends she has a pool in her iggy shes so awesome i hope shes the next POTD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THANK YOU rainbowyoshi!!! I hope your POTD too!!!!

( :

Skittles :

I love this game it is so fun


Cool awesome terrific


i have an amazing friend named koolkat568! i think she deserves a potd!


Wow that's cool as I might get member ship and buy everything because I have a lot of coins :):):D


Wow! Congrats Bluebellgb!
I wish I was Penguin Of The Day.
I try hard to cheer up penguins to get on Penguin Of The Day.
Its nice to see other penguins try hard to help others.
Other than that I got a reccomendation for Penguin Of The Day.
Who I want is Limemonster9.
Shes kind, nice, and always gives a helping hand!
Shes a great EPF agent too!
I know that cus I was with her on a mission...

Add me, Semper5010!


I think my best friend Sugar Cake3 should be POTD. She has been on cp for AGES maybe 2 years or perhaps even 3!!! She is my best friend in real life and she introduced me to cp. Now we are both ADDICTED to it! Whenever i ask how many coins she has its always over a million!!! She has almost all the stamps in her stamp book, well over 150! She has the COOLEST igloo ever and she is a great owner to all her puffles. She should definitely be POTD. Playing is NOT fun without her!!!


I love this picture of you in your house I wish I had enghoth to make my igloo look like that

Icebabyx :

Me icebabyx I am willing to help anyone who needs help and I always follow the rules all my friends say I'm a great friend please choose me


Congrats! It's always nice to see old penguins who still play CP! I have been playing for four years myself, and still enjoy it :) Waddle On CP!


he's my friend....................................


My Friend Billvero Always HElp people out when they are lonely and sad she cheers them up and she throws awsome party's and contests!!


Hi Billvero Is a great friend she is so nice!!! She helps me when I'm sad she throws awsome party's and she's very cool :) she should be penguin of the day!!

pj4406 :

Nice job you got penguin of the day.


I really do think penguin, Evolutionjti, should be POTD. He shows all of his dedication to Club Penguin in so many ways. He has been on since July of 2007 and hasn't quit. He stills wants to continue to enjoy it and when he gets older, he wants to work for Club Penguin. Thats how much he loves it and thats why I think he should be POTD.



Anonymous :

I think that cams6281 should be the potd she\he is an amazing penguin and cams6281 a lays helps me out!


niceeeee I like your room


I think you should nominate carlo17233 for penguin of the day because he always is frequently playing club penguin he is always earning coins in fact him and I are trying to get 59900000 coins also check out his igloo it's sooooo cool. Also check out my igloo. Anyways waddle on cp


My friend Lexi5558 just recently started playing but she's so nice and funny!She is always there for you and loves her puffle!


Wow his iglo is so rad


my friend bellie14 would make a great potd shes kind and careing and has a epic fruity iggy


my friend yellowguy is an amazing friend he is great at all the games and says hi to everyone so I think he should be penguin of the day

Enter nickname:

Hi I love club penguin it is the best game I have ever played


i want to vote waddles0724. shes really nice to me.


Hey guys!can you please vote for waddles0724? thank you!

#Waddle on!


thanks so much rainbowyoshi, waddleg1217, friend02! thanks to you all! i hope I am the POTD like you guys want me to be!!! ( :


Yeah i voted for you a lot!!!! ( :


yea i saw your comments!

Stinky 39675:

My friend Kristian 59 shares to anti member penguins how to have fun on cp. He's not a member too! He shares the anti member igloo design's. His igloo is awesome!


i have too ive been on for 1995 days and in Four days my Penguin will be 2000 days old yay finally to the next thousand! Waddle on PS one day u should post me cus im friendly to everyone and my BFFs cus they treat me fairly and i do it to them too so One day u should post me Waddle on my Fine Feathered Friends! =)




Wow congrats!!Like they said i wish i can hear your story's.I'v been in club penguin sense May or June.I'v been working hard on my igloo i hope i get penguin of the day soon!!!!

Waddel on Club Penguin!!

Polle 3010:

Loves geting. Together with frends


Me I am the penguin of the day this is so cool

Cutie pie 88887:

I love club penguin it's the best site ever I have a Been to Mao and it was fun then we had to go home but it was fun. Loved it I go again if I want to go again. I do want to go again.


I think the penguin of the day should be my best friend Gina27526 because she donates many coins once she donated 30,000 coins and she bought everything from club penguin. All the clothes, CDs, Dojo items and etc.

Thank you please elect her as the POTD ( Penguin of the Day )


Wow that's really cool! If I see him on cp I will ask to hear one of his stories! Ps I think the great snow race, and the penguin play awards should come back to cp along with the storie writing contest from the book room. I wasn't there for the last two parties I mentioned but they sound really cool and I had a lot of fun with the great snow race so plz bring it back this winter


i think that Lizzy4728 should be the POTD because she is helpful,nice,she helps with new peguins like i was please let Lizzy4728 be POTD thanks #WADDLEONCP


I like him i wish he could my friend


ive always wanted to be penguin of the day! and i love stories too! BTW rad igloo good choise CP TEAM waddle on!... P.S the party looks awesome..... :D # - Ibbysue - # :D


My friend Samantha3124 is so awesome! She is a really good friend and always helps me out when I need her.
She also gets into the spirit of every party and is really fashionable!

She also has a great igloo.


Club Penguin is so fun. But I haven't figured out how to get friends on there yet.


great job!!



I've been playing on club penguin since the first year it started. I love it!!! And I absolutely love the new features like this app. I can't wait for more features to come!!!


Awesome house

Zoee dance:

Love your house it looks so awesome
I wish I had a house like that

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