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By Daffodaily5 on August 27, 2013 - 04:04


From his secret base igloo – complete with globe bean bag! - Dawg5 is an eco-friendly champion who’s always telling people to protect the environment!

Contact us to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Day!


-Club Penguin Team



Great job and CP staff there is a glitch with secret base igloo!


Yeah, when you enter, it makes you outside the igloo! But cool igloo bro.!


Great work Dawg5!


Thats epic


everyone vote for coolman12010 he rocks


Hi I luv your penguin


Good job!


When the field-opps will be online?


Cool igloo!


dear Daffodaily, i just had some suggestion about club penguin.First of all cp user should be able to let other penguins in their iggy even if they're not a member. I also think that non members should be able to buy more clothes not just the same ones each month!
I hope you think about my suggestions! thanks!
- fooofooo2002


you should really consider mrgranger for penguin of the day he is always being help full and has three sick igloos one is a forest ones a dragons lair and ones a pirate ship. i hope you make him penguin of the day!!!!!! ;)


i am great friends with mrgranger and i think he should be a penguin of the day he has cool igloos and loves history so he is stoked for the medeval party he is also very kind and loves to help in things like finding mascots. i bet he would be super happy to be penguin of the day!!!!


1st comment eh?


Nice job bro!


Will you be my freind please I dont have any

Mangomaria :

Cool blog guys!


How do I get puddles?


I think I met him before...


yay! someone else supports the earth! im not alone! :D


Congratulations on becoming penguin of the day, Dawg5!


Wow he really deserves to be penguin of the day also I nominate my 4 friends. Waddles16782 always makes great plays with me and they are fun. He also is really nice. Bubbles13919 is really friendly and nice and she cares for her puffle. I Has A Derp is always ready for parties and is really nice and respects other people. Pengurina has great creative igloos and is really nice and friendly.


I luv how he protects the environment!


Heyo! i would like to nominate my wise friend Olleh Ih Because she is full of happiness she is very nice she accepts everyone she meets. She loves changing outfits and also creates new ones she always can make something out of nothing! shes a great friend when one of my friends or me is down shes right there helping and is anything she will be honest just to help out! she loves old songs ! shes just a amazing friend to me and others Hope she gets to be penguin of the day! ~Rawr :D

LexiQueen5 :

How do you nominate someone?

Glitterbug K:

Hey LexiQueen5! If you would like to nominate a penguin pal, please Contact us!


That s awesome !!

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