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By Daffodaily5 on August 19, 2013 - 07:02


When it comes to Club Penguin, Dexter12311 is a team player – and not just for Team Blue! He’s known for throwing awesome parties and helping fellow EPF agents on top secret missions!

If you know someone who should be POTD, contact us!


-Club Penguin Team



Cool! I nominate Sweetlolly28 for POTD :)



stwvie weevie:



First comment! I think you should give a POTD to peach48522! She always makes igloos that always have a different theme. Shes team blue and she loves the EPF, and her favorite color is orange. She thinks that for the aniversay of club penguin you should bring back rare items like the HD TV. peach48522 is a great penguin.


hey i am friends with peach48522 ! to she to could be penguin of the day


congratz! well done for being POTD

waddle on! -wildnicole12






Nice Prehistoric igloo! I still miss that party though..


Wow cool igloo man so cool
Cool and


Good job Dexter12311! I think I should nominate myself because today I was at the Pizza Parlor when I saw a sad penguin named Dippy. He didn't have type chat, so he couldn't read what I was saying. Normally, penguins will just ignore players who don't have type chat. But I stood up and went over to Dippy. We became friends and did all bunch of stuff together. Then he left for some reason, but I'll never forget! Waddle on!

Destiny 8705:

Good Job! You did a wonderful job...Waddle on!


Can you guys (meaning cp) nominate rosa40333 she is really cool and I love her iggi. She always adds a twist to her outfits. OECD again thanks! And waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am a wolf:

i nominate Srijanrocks2 for potd


i think you should POTD djkyle, he helps penguins and hes part blue team! his fav color is yellow and throws awesome igloo parties ;) waddle on!

Alien X 1:

Daffodaily5: Please i want to nominate Jona46007 he is a good friend,funny,happy,makes me laugh please he is a good penguin!


Can I please be penguin of the day? I am always nice to my friends in and out of Club Penguin. I host these parties that get lots of people! I also did a 5K run earlier this year that supports veterans.


Go Dexter! Great job of being penguin of the day, and keeping Herbert away! You look like a really cool penguin and I'd love to be friends with you!

Enter nickname:

Thank you for nominating me! I hope you all be nominated some day!!! Thanks so much and if you see me around or if I see you we should be friends!!!


You're a great friend. #greatguy


Iggystans should be potd he plays games with every one and has a good sense of style he also tells people about club penguin

Some Air:

Congrats dude!


Congrats! I think my biddy greeen9 should be POTD hes very kind makes amazing igloos and helps friends in need.


Can i be your frend in cp


I think polarregion should be penguin of the day for being helpful and helping loads of people to find puffle treasure!


i think the next POTD should be lily24216! her fav colour is purple. she throws great parties and she's an awesome penguin!
waddle on


thanks bubblegum7 but i think u should nominate urself ur fun nice helpfull and daring


I think ekul7489 should be the POTD


Man, man. I am so happy for you! I hope the best for ya! Keep it up and you WILL be rewarded. I'll come to one of your parties sometime! It'd be great. Have a great day and Waddle On!


Congrats I really woul want to be one potd but I'm glad for you congrats again


Cool! I nominate you-Lina4576 because you seem like a really nice person (penguin). Thanks for supporting me !! :) Waddle on!


Awesome! :)

captain gutt:

arrr i vote for rainbow fan


I'm gonna nominate zwii2
Because she is really good at planing parties and a best friend


i think you should give the POTD to my good friend fishie 200 for being a great friend and making some rocking good igglo partyes and having a great time as an epf agent!


Awesome agent!


Your cool
Want to be my friend


Hi dexter 12311! It must be fun being penguin of the day!


Billvero should be POTD Because she always cheers people up and throws awsome party's she very kind!!


I think Frederick416 should be nominated because he is the best on Club Penguin as being a EPF agent and being nice to every penguin online. For the creators of the game i have noticed a problem, when I enter my igloo or another penguin enters my igloo they go to the top left corner of the igloo. For about a week i was avoiding this problem but it is annoying me very much. Please fix this problem.


Cool iggy! Who else saw Herbert 7 his paw print?


you should post meas a POTD because today earlier i donated money to some charity to help homeless children find good and caring families. Im also good at being a EPF agent too i completed all Missions and most field ops also im great with my BFFS we always have fun together and Waddle on Penguins! =)

Jake snake:

Make jake w72 the penguin of the day hes a great freind and loves to throw parties


I've been trying to throw party's can you give me any tips?


Team blue?! Im on Team red! Well cool iggy anyway!


Cooldude7647 is a awesome penguin and hes flipperific!!! alot of people are talking about him he makes the best fast food iggy's! and he also helps and works for the epf I Nominate cooldude7647 for the penguin of the day!!!


Nominate cooldude7647! he makes the best igloo creations.... well sorta! WADDLE ON!


im with everyone else. cooldude7647 should be nominated for his best igloo creations!


Hi Guys! cooldude7647 should be the nominated one for POTD his igloos are AWESOME! anytime hes online and he throws a party there's over 36 people in his iggy. he should be nominated. Btw waddle on episode 7 should be made soon!


I think 2345pinky should be POTW she loves looking after puffles,playing with other penguins and making sure everyone is having fun,she also loves to watch the shows from the stage and encourages penguins to try new things

Stinky 39675:

That must be a kingdom igloo! Ace!


You are such a good penguin maybe sometime we can have a party a your igloo




I nominate Brave Peach for penguin of the day because one time before I was a member,I was at the pet parlour trying to get adopted. I was wearing the clothes that non members can wear but no one would adopt me then some girl came up and said that I didn't look good and people only wanted to adopt member penguins! I was really annoyed but to shy to say anything but Brave Peach came over and told her that she didn't care if I was member or not and she said she'd adopt me! Shes the best pal ever!


Hey guys I'm summer91349 can you please nominate my best friend Dessy9876! please she's my BEST friend and I'm begging you please!!!!!


Omg! Awesome name dude! Awesome igloo too ;) I nominate my friend Clumsiecutie to be POTD!

Kenpo daddy:

I would like it if you could give izzyman2 and Cupakeluna a shout out. They both just became tour guides!

Enter nickname:



I think you should give POTD to joshduffus12 for being very nice to me and he has a great igloo and is a Epf Agent!!!


Hey CP! I think you should nominate Davis 2 for POTD, because he's a really friendly penguin and always helps those in need of help.
He also tells great stories too! Waddle on!

peppa 43:

i nominate smidgit123 for POTD. ;D


Hey please make me the penguin of the day! I would really appreciate it!! Thanks bye! :)

Dragon 362:

Please make my great freind jake w72 the penguin of the day hes a great freind and he likes making new igloos


Good job


Good job dexter waddle on


I'd like to nominate Phant0mL0rd because he's very helpful and he gave me the tour of the whole Club penguin world!

Bubble Z:

J E N N Y 4


Awesome look!! I love your house!


I think u should give POTD To lillybilly90 shes so nice and she loves team blue we play sled racing together and she loves hanging out with me and she helps to save club penguin! she loves havin penguins round at her iggy to party and we do it all the time!

Destiny 8705:

I know Dexter... he's like my best friend. He is also very funny. :-)

Destiny 8705:

I think Cutecat12453 and me should be in POTD cause whenever there is a sad person we go to help them or make them feel better. Me and Cutecat are like a little team. We always make ppl laugh. Thats what we do! ;-)

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