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By Daffodaily5 on August 30, 2013 - 04:07


Ryuga14 loves Club Penguin so much that he wants everyone to join the fun! He introduced his cousin to our island and shares all his CP secrets and tips with them. He is the perfect role model! 

Do you know someone who should be Penguin of the Day? Contact us!


-Club Penguin Team


Kit Kat:

Well done


I suggest Loulou7112 for penguin of the day! Because she is fun, kind and helps other penguins around the island. She is also a great friend.
Plus throws great igloo partys.


Yes well done you
good job i wish i could have an igloo like that nice work.


Check out Fabulous131! She's always making people feel at home with her home-style igloo!


congatulations ryuga14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hello CP!

My name Alexandru131. I wish I Penguin of the Day. I want to make it and my friend Davidusk.


I think the beta hat should be penguin of the day he gives tips and likes learning about the history of club penguin he has been trying for months to be penguin of the day


That Isn't A Bad Igloo!


We'll done :)

Ponywell 222:

Great job Ryuga! Nice hat by the way! :D
waddle on!
P.S. post this or I will eat you! mwah ha ha ha


Awesome, he seems like a pretty cool penguin! WADDLE ON!


What??? huh>???? a nonmember got penguin of the day ??
Love it!! now i could have a chance on getting it! (not)


Good Job! You sound like a good penguin!



I vote Mash2311 . She always looks out for other pengiuns and is one of the biggest CP fans I know. She can't wait for coins for change as she will have a lot of coins up her sleeve! Mash is loyal and is trying to become a tour guide. VOTE MASH2321


She's a loving penguin who always lookes out for others we love her so much and she love to be nominated as penguin of the day! We love you Mash2311

Giratina 58:

I want be the penguin of the day. my friends in real life play this game, and is so funny, i wish be the penguin of the day


Hi, I am 354t's sister, and I think he should be the next POTD. He showed me CP and now him and I play a lot. His igloo and outfit are awesome and well designed.
Anyways, please think about having 354t being the next penguin of the day.


I nominate babymariods to be Penguin of the Day!!!!


Check out Pinkypie6484 she is my sister and loves cp!! Her iggy is grand and is super nice and amazing!! : D thx


can i be penguin of the day is my birthday tomorrow :)


Hey Guys Werewolf8580 is a great person or shall I say penguin.

He always has a whistle on his neck in Party's because he told me that he will blow when someone is not doing what the rules tell

He's an awesome person and his igloo is cool he has a whole puffle center! And his favorite mascot is PH.


I think the next penguin of the day should be hoops07 he is super nice and is always sharing his cp secrets to me and his friends he also invited me to get an account too!

Check out smore:

She just started looking at this site but she loves looking at penguin of the day they are her role models and she is trying so hard and is so nice please make her penguin of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Non members! Finally! I asked you to do non members for days now do frogfish37


When I started in clubpenguin a. Few moths passed a. Told my cousin about it we play clubpenguin every single day I still played I taught him every thing I know

Ivy Swift:




Ping pong:



Great job Ryuga!


You should check out zznq07. she is really nice.


can i be penguin of the day
i have cool clothes but i am not a member
but i have a puffle and his name is seaside
also i have a question when penguin of the day is there any prizes


I wish i could be Penguin of the day, I introduced my cousin to play this game, too


Ooh that's what I did a year ago with my cousin! Btw I wanna recommend Lexitoy1 (my cousin I mentioned) she followes the rules and helps by trying to friend EVERYONE!


Wow he's awesome


Good job!


has anyone noticed that rockhopper is come soon?


I think my best friend Oswald75 should by the penguin of the day because he likes to play with his friends and he's really nice


I came back from holiday today :D hopefully my puffles didnt run away


Well done


Congrats !! That's really nice of him to share secrets and tips about club penguin !!


Hi Club Penguin,


I LOVE PUFFLES and pie ;)


Please make me penguin of the day I love Club Penguin


I think he deserves it, and I would like to put in zucol12345 because she's my cousin and she loves cp!!


I suggest loulou7112 because she helps me with throwing igloo parties and she so nice and friendly1

anna123 :

I also vote for Awesomecs for penguin of the day! She is so friendly and she helps me with igloo partys. I think she deserves to be penguin of the day!


I wish that my friend kwoo2004 could be penguin of the day because shes the bestest friend and shes always kind to penguin/people.


You should check out my sister, Purpledot10. She loves clubpenguin and always tells me about the latest events on clubpenguin!


if you want to vote me as POTD I will be great>:-D


i have a amzing friend her name is riverso and shes allways there for u she lets me in her videos and she is the best friend you could ask for and she has the best igloos ever so make riverso the penguin of the day


Hey CP lovers!!!! Maybe you could take a look at Icybad2007! She is really sweet like sugar, her Puffles are just adorable, and her iggy is a cozy place to go! GO CP!!!


Vanessa 23255 helped me and showed me around when I just entered she is a great help and should be penguin of the day.

Unicorns and magic:

Hi! I think Park19194 should be penguin of the day. She's so sweet and she's been on for a long time. Being nice is her specialty and her igloo is fabulous. Haha so check her out. She's a very cool penguin if you get to know her. She's never been banned once. And she's been on for almost 2-3 years. So check her out if you get the time. She likes to hangout on Abominable at the coffee shop with her friends.


Please check out my friend Roxy Luv 9 she's really cool and such a nice friend, she always has the best parties at her igloo and is nice to everyone hope you choose her for penguin of the day because I really think that she deserves it thx for reading :)

perry jolie:

wow you did a great job

Kadra02 :

I wish to be penguin of the day because I gives tours to people that are lost, I love meeting new people and I go on club penguin alot of the time and try to make new friends at party's , I like to learn more about Club Penguin in the future, I think this is why I should be penguin of the day :)


Heyyyy, my igloo was EXACTLY THE SAME, when I was a non-member!!!!! My bff on CP and in real life should be penguin-of-the-day because she is so sweet and likes collecting stuff when there is a party! She is just a really nice person.
Well Done for getting POTD, please add me, I'm Jenster83


Congratulations! Please be sure to check out 17 Twister !
17 Twister is a great loyal friend. She has an awesome igloo and is always trying to think on the "bright side"!


I think Teart should be penguin of the day. She showed me club penguin and gave me a tour. She also showed me this app, and showed me how to play the games.


Check out Buzz Myers!! He is always sharing cp secrets and tricks with me and his friends!! He is always telling his friends about how much fun he has! WADDLE ON!!


Hey CP their is a girl who is my friend on club penguin but olso is a good friend of mine in real life! If u can I would like her to be penguin of the day. Her name is Ginger0609.Thx!!! Byee


i think Samantha2036 should be penguin of the day because shes really funny and i always hang out with her


I introduced my sister to cp her username is louisa95442


That's awesome!

Waddle on!



Well done Ryuga14 :)


Hiya cp! Congrats, but i think u should make supstar23 POTD because she is understanding and she always talks to people who are upset. She gives great advice, and helps out when ppl are being mean to other ppl! She is a great penguin and my best friend! plz make her POTD it would mean a lot to her!


Dear club penguin I think my BFF hann2001 should be the penguin of the day because she is so kind to everyone she meets and always manages to make people laugh. So please make her dreams come true and let her be penguin of the day xxxxxxxxxxxx ps: you have to make her penguin of the day please please please. Like a Disney motto "dreams come true" so let this penguins dreams come true.

Dee dee :

Check out monster6766 she's the bestest friend to have and her iggy
is poppin


Way to go! I really like how you incorporated all the non-member furniture items to make one amazing igloo!
Keep it going!

Koolness 1:

Can my penguin be penguin of the day? It's name is Koolness 1!


Cool! :)

Super j:

Rockawayaj fin should be penguin of the day


Check out my igloo it's boss my names danteythebea I made an awsome igloo


Checkout NK2727 she always makes a really great friend and helps everyone when they are lost


Check out Daphne224 she has a really good taste and loves to help others.She always lends stuff to her friends and helps out


I really wanna be penguin of the day!


thats a deja vu cuz my nephew introduced me to cp #Waddle on


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I think forandude should get this award

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