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By Daffodaily5 on August 22, 2013 - 05:28


When someone’s igloo needs more likes, SeaMaster495 turns up with a bunch of friends to give the likes a boost! Looks like he’s redesigning his own igloo right now... I wonder what it will be?

Contact us to nominate someone for Penguin of the Day!


-Club Penguin Team



I can't wait either!


your my bff


Sounds like really cool Dude


That's awesome


I think 02cupcake should be penguin of the day because she's very nice and helpful. She shows new penguins around.


Wow cool WADDLE ON


i think my friend Bignatex should be the POTD because he is very kind to his puffles.


hi um my bff and brother angry bird64 for should be nominated he loves his friends take cares of his puffles and loves to partay!!!! he also made a big donation to the christmas party

Pop penguin :

Wow cool blog seamaster cool that you get to be penguin of the day I'm new to club penguin what do I have to do to be penguin of the day ????. Maybe we could play some time ...


Hi Daffodaily5 Do You Remember Me On Master Defender By The Way Can I Be Added In The Competition Of Penguin Of The Day

Ice princess:

Hi sea master how do I be a penguin of the day how?


Your cool


My friend Jenncutie808 should be POTD. She is kind, and caring for others. Every time there's a non member, she says Hi! add me! Your AWESOME! That's how nice she is. When I met her, I was a non-member. She thought is was new, and then I told her I lost my membership and she didn't care if I'm a non-member or not. That's what makes her the BEST friend a penguin could have. I think my friend Jenncutie808 should be Penguin Of The Day!!!


My friend Lexi558 is new to CP yet she already has 12 puffles!She loves the little guys and spends ALL her time playing,taking care of,and buying new puffles!She really deserves to be POTD
Please think about it!!!

Kiahm :

I nominate pink8602 she is sooo nice a tells ppl tips she is even the captain for the CPU cheer leading squad she started. She has a party igloo and a relaxation igloo. She stands up for anyone she sees being bullied.


Plz make pink8602 POTD she is so kind and nice. And has an amazing fashion sense. She leads the cheer squad for CPU
She stands up for me. And she troughs amazing penguin party's at her party igloo. She deserves POTD


She even helped me find the black key


My friend broomo is really kind he likes to spend time with his friends . He also likes to throw awesome parties. He is a very nice friend. Can you think of checking him out for Penguin of the Day please?

Idaho Pony:

Im going to nominate chloeonice to be POTD because she is my cousin and really fun to hang out with on CP.


Hi hey I'm lost can u show me around?


Hi Riperip,

Be sure to waddle online and find a Tour Guide to show you around!

Waddle on,



Hiya! WOAH! Sea master very helpfully of igloos and friendly too! Fantastic guy to be the penguin of the day! Oh and look he's redesigning his igloo wonder what it will be maybe try and guess I thing it will be a teen beach water park igloo what do you think! Oh and I think Sawaira should be the penguin of the day because she is always nice to people and always shows people around when their new she always helps too ... Bye hope you make her penguin of the day bye.


I think it would be cool to be Penguin of the Day.


Waddle on


Awesome seamaster498


Well done SeaMaster495 x :)

Captin pants:

My friend ignitor10 is awesome he has a SICK IGLOO who tuns of people like espechaily me cause this guy is one awesome dude

Sonny Downey:

This guy called pavan is AWESOME!!!!!! And his club penguin name is ignitor10 and he helps everyone and sad people to cheer up


I wonder what his igloo will be?


Hey umm... I'm Mistedrose12. I would love to be POTD because I love my puffles, always is kind to my friends, and if someone is getting bullied on CP , I come to their rescue. So just saying something . Daffodaily5 I love you're blogs and stuff .

From: Mistedrose12


Hi, congrats for getting this award! I hope you had a good summer! And hopefully you just haven't finished your igloo yet! lol

Super penguin 7:

Hey there's this cool penguin named Sara857. She is so awsome and her igloo is twice as awsome

Sa Sassy:

I wanna be POTD Because I am nice to others and I Love pookies!


I think that you should pick jordan mahon to be penguin of the day because does a lot of care for her puffles!!! She even sets up play dates for mine and her puffles! And shes a great friend.... and i miss her... Thanks CP!
Wacky Fun
Lovin it!


I love club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cool seamaster. Here's some one who is very nice to people she show's new people around she's a great helper her name is Sawaira hope you make her penguin of the day and hope you have good idea"s for club penguin byee!


Hey Penguins! 

It sounds like a lot of you have friends you'd like to nominate for POTD. We'd love to hear your stories. Write us at support. You can contact us here

- The Club Penguin Team

Enter nickname:

If only I was penguin of the day on that day. That was my birthday. Well done anyway sea master you truly deserved it more than me. Well done and congrats again!

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